Gungrave OD

For Playstation 2


Version 1.2a

By NightingaleNT



Hello! This file should be useful in answering your questions regarding
Gungrave: Overdose. First of all, a few pointers for you if you have never
actually played OD or its predecessor:

If, at any point in time in your life, you have played games like "Yoshi's
Island" or "Mario Paint", this game is not for you.

If you have any objection to the death penalty, this game is not for you.

If you hate senseless killing and explosions, this game is not for you.

So, if this looks pretty good so far, you're all set to play! Let's get started:

Version History:
Initial release; This FAQ is probably filled with holes. THAT'S why     you
e-mail me!
    First Edit. Added stuff to Extra's/Customize/cheats.
    Updated controls.
    Updated Boss section of stage 8.
    Updated mini-boss section of stage 9.
    Added an new "Information of Gungrave OD" section.
    Second Edit. Updated info on demolition shots.
    Updated important info on customized/extras.
    Added contributions section.
    Fixed the STUPID wordwrap and tweaked a few strategies.
---The Basics---
   Demolition Shots
---The Walkthrough---
   Brandon Heat (Beyond the Grave)
   Notes on Jyuji Kabane
   Notes on Billy
   Information on Gungrave OD


Left analog: This controls the characters movement throughout the game.
Right analog: manipulate camera angle.
D-pad: select demolition shot.
X: Jump. By combining the left analog and X, you will jump in whatever
direction you are pushing.
L1: Lock onto target.
L2: flip character 180 degrees.
R1: Switch target.
R2: Similar to pressing X and circle. This not only stuns enemies, but damages
them as well. Be careful, though, as using this takes a fraction of a
second...and you might need that whole fraction to live.
Square: Primary weapon. This will shoot whatever long range weapon you have, be
it twin guns or an electric guitar...

Both Billy and Grave can charge their weapons when you press square, but
Billy's attack will do more damage. Also, keep in mind you can jump in a
certain direction AND shoot at the same time. The bullets will come out much
faster as you are jumping, so do this when you're on the move. (Don't stop to

The final thing to know about shooting is that you can increase the amount of
bullets released each second if you stand still and constantly press Square.
You will see your character begin to dance around and shoot at anything that
comes by without even requiring a lock-on. You can change direction by moving
the analog stick around, but you CANNOT move when engaged in this mode, so
don't do this too often, or you'll wake up dead.

Update: Jacky Bryant has informed me--among other things--that if you hold
"down" while firing rapid-fire style, you can shoot differently. Other than
destroying the control panel in stage two, I really don't now how this is
useful, but I guess it's something to keep in mind.
Triangle: This will be your savior! Press triangle to unleash one of your nine
shots, selected by moving around the d-pad.

Circle: This button has quite a few functions. First of all, pressing this once
without pushing a direction on the stick will result in Grave using his melee
attack. If you push forward and press circle three times, Grave will do a
three-hit combo, with the third hit being a charged up shot.

Something else Jacky pointed out to me: If you press backward and circle at the
same time, you can use your weapon as a shield! Be careful, though, as your
life and shield bar will still drain, albeit a little slower. The boss of stage
six is really the only place to use this, but even then his gun is so powerful
that it becomes unwise to just sit there and take the ass beating...especially
on kick-ass mode. Also, Standing in once place and rapidly pressing circle will
result in a constant stream of melee attacks. Doing this will Billy is...a
little strange...

Demolition Shots

A big part of the fun of this game rests in the demolition shots. Each
character can have up to nine shots; three for each category. When you view the
demolition shot select screen, something that has an outlook similar to this
one will appear:




The first row, which contains one, two, and three, are all the same kind of
demolition shot for each character. That is, the character is facing whatever
direction you have him facing and will launch an attack that will go in a
straight line until it hits the wall, damaging whatever lies in its wake. the
first position, "one", is there from the moment you start the game. this is the
weakest straight demolition shot, and requires only one complete gauge to use.

Before I go any further, I figure this would be a good time to tell you about
the gauge itself. The only way to fill it up is to collect a certain amount of
beats. ("Beats" explained later) After you collect so many, you will see the
blue bar that was increasing disappear. After this happens, one of the four
slots that are adjacent to the gauge will
turn from black to yellow, meaning you can now perform a level one demolition
shot. To perform a level two demolition shot, you must fill up at least two
slots, and for a third level shot, three. There are a total of four slots, so
if you fill up all four and use a level three demolition shot, you will have
one left. Basic math, right?

Anway, after the first level--or any level--you will be awarded a new
demolition shot...if you had a good enough of a performance to earn one. It is
possible to earn all nine in just the first time through the game, but you must
do very well on each stage to earn them. I earned them in this sequence, but
it's been confirmed they aren't all earned in this order.However, you must
complete the first column before earning anything in the second column.




So, back to where I was before I distracted myself...you start off with
Position one. After you have done well enough, you will receive the second
shot, which is in the second row of the first diagram I made (and
coincidentally in the second row in the second diagram). This shot you've just
earned is your first "group" shot...it will inflict damage to enemies all
around you, regardless of your position...but is weaker than your straight
shot. Again, you will receive a level two version of the shot, as well as a
level three later on.

Using a demolition shot will replenish a portion of your shield. A level one
shot will heal about half, level two; 3-4/5, and a level three will completely
heal your shield.


"Beats" are what fuel the demolition gauge. In order to have a high beat count,
you must kill/shoot enemies in an UNINTERRUPTED fashion. Beats are very
important to getting a high score at the end of a level, so try to get that
number as close to 999 as possible.

Remember, if you pause your attack for a few seconds, the flame on the number
of your beats will slowly start to disappear, meaning your time to add to your
current beat count is going fast. To keep your beat count going when there are
no ememies around, shoot the wall, pillars, groceries, tombstones, my
ex-girlfriend (please), or whatever is in sight to keep the beat going until
more enemies come. In every room, there's something to shoot at besides
enemies. However, once the enemies are gone, and the room's decorations are
gone, your beat count will go as well if you don't move on to find something
else to shoot.


Art points can be irritating to get. Keep in mind, they are just as important
as beats. Why? Because the final tally of points at the end of the level gets
some sort of multiplier at the end of each level on a scale of 1-9, and you
don't want art to bring down your chances of getting a new demolition shot at
the end of the level, do you? BTW, art points and beat count are tallied in
separate columns, so don't think your excellent beat count will ride on into
your poor art count.

Now, just exactly what is art? It's something no one understands but bleeds our
government out of millions of dollars each year. However, as far as Gungrave OD
is concerned, art is something a little different, and can be accumulated in
two different ways:

1) The easiest way. Each time you use a demolition shot, you gain art points.
It may only be five or six, but on long levels when you use a lot of DS, those
can go a long way.
2) deflect a missile using your melee attack. This will only give you one or
two points each time you do it, but the missile goes right back to sender,
dealing damage.

But no matter how cool or artistic you are, the maximum amount of points you
may accrue is 200. Try and shoot for at least 100 for each level, and you will
earn DS' on basically each level (Assuming you don't suck in other categories).


Yet something else you will be graded on at the end of each level. The way to
get jackpot points is ONLY done by using a DS. The more people you kill, the
higher the jackpot. My personal best is 540...if anyone has reached 999, let me
know. Also, when you use the status affect DS, Jackpot will be counted by how
many beats you had while in that status.

Like anything else in this game, use a level three DS for best result ^_^

Note:A big jackpot can restore your red lifebar...how much depends on how high
the jackpot is.


You will be graded on how long you took to finish your killing spree. Try and
keep it under 10 minutes to get the maximum point multiplier.



You will also be graded on how many kills you had. The maximum number varies
from level to level, but just kill everyone (don't bust a move, bust a
GENOCIDE) and you should get the maximum amount of points.



If you find yourself low on shield--the long blue bar, NOT the ds blue bar--or
just out of shield, find a safe place. Don't jump, don't shoot--although you
can hold a charge--just sit still or walk around and your shield will
automatically regenerate. HOw cool is that? This is one of the better
innovations of the game...and it also takes away any excuse you have to die.

Unless you are recharging your shield, always stay on the move. Those who stay
still get hit, simple as that. Also, don't feel the need to use the lock-on
function all the time. The game knows who to kill, just look in the right
NEVER EVER CONTINUE. If you die, just load from your last save point. If you
continue, allof your kill count and beat counts for the level so far will be
wiped and you will NOT likely receive all of the DS' on your first play through.

This walkthrough will be of great help to you IF you are on kick-ass mode. If
you're playing any other mode, even hard mode, I doubt you really need any help
(You have no excuse fordying on easy mode! That's why they call it easy!).

Let's start out with Brandon Heat, aka "Beyond the Grave." At this time I will
remind you an angel dies for every second that goes by that you haven't watched
the anime. It's just incredibe. Anyway...

*THIS WALKTHROUGH WAS WRITTEN IN KICK-ASS MODE. The techniques used here should
be applicable for ALL modes of play, though.* You start off right in front of
the house where Grave was sleeping. No need to do anything
special, just stand there and get a beat count going. After the wave of baddies
die, there is a CGI sequence featuring the reunion of Brandon and Mika.

You find yourself in a graveyard (appropriate, no doubt) surrounded by enemies.
No worry, these guys are the weakest of the bunch. Just try and get uesd to the
gameplay as you navigate around the area.

After you've killed them all, you will be told to "go." An arrow will appear
under Grave telling him to move. You will come to an alley with a fallen tree
in it. use your melee to make quick work of it, and move on.

After you turn the corner, you will find the first swordsmen in the game. They
can block your bullets, so you can

A) Wait until they stop blocking, or preferably
B) Melee attack

Your melee will go right through their block, so don't worry about them too

In the next area, you will find the first rocket guy. Here you can rush him and
melee him to death--as his shield blocks your bullets--or practice your rocket
deflection and wait for him to lauch a rocket at you. When he does, use your
melee to  deflect, thereby racking up some art points.

Go down a few more corridors until you reach your first giant. Honestly, I
can't figure out Why the mofia spends so much money on tailoring these guys
nice suits. It's a waste of money and time, but I guess no one wants to see a
naked giant (think he's anatomically proportional?) You'll notice he takes a
few more hits to take down, and he's more powerful, but you can make short work
of him anyways.

Wander down a few more corridors. Eventually, Spike will mention something
about using DS',so no is the time to start playing with that.
To rack up a high kill count, stick around and kill everything until they stop
coming. Otherwise, use your newly acquired skill to bust the gate open.

Congratulations! You just made it through training mode. Although, it really
isn't much of a victory. Seriously, if you died during this training
stage...you're going to have problems. Come on...if I can do it in Kick-ass
mode, can't you do it on easy?

A few CGI's later, and we find ourselves at...
Stage 1: Gargoyle Hotel

When you first enter the hotel, there are targets on either side of you,
guarded by rocket guys. Take out anyone in your way (The premise of the game)
and destroy both targets. Then, destroy the front desk and head up either
staircase. When you ascend, kill everyone around you. After they're dead,
someone will shoot a missile at the statue directly in front of you, which
falls right smack in your direction. But because you're dead, getting hit in
the eye with a 700 pound statue doesn't really hurt that much, so...

In the parking lot. Keep going, killing everyone in the way, until some cars
come by. Kill the goons inside and keep going. Watchout for a giant hiding in
an alcove on the right immediately following this incident and hit him with a
DS (or not, it's up to you).

Keep going. You run into a few more cars. Take care of them, the pink things
that got out, and move on. You run into your first red giant. These guys can be
pretty devastating with their machine gun, so take them out first.

Move on. By the time you get to the part where the cars come out of the
wall--which should kill everyone inside anyway, but nevermind--you might have a
beat count going around 400-500, depending on the difficulty level and your
skill. That alone should get you the point multipliers for the level you need.
Advance past them to get to a save point, and
enter the main part of the hotel.

When you first get off, another rocket attackk occurs, limiting your movement
around the hotel. Get out into the main area and turn left. Keep going until
you get to another corner, and go down the hole in that corner to find yet
another elevator shaft. Kill the bad guys and get on.

When you get off, go out into the main area and turn left. run/jump over to the
rocket guy and melee him to death and proceed inside the hotel room. Once
inside, watch out for another rocket guy and his friends. Then, shoot through
the wall. Careful! There's a rocket guy on the other side, waiting for you to
bust through. The best thing to do is to rush him before he can let a shot off
and continue on your way. Turn left down the hall, then take a right. You'll
have a fair share of guys to kill on the way, so have fun. Watch out for guys
hanging off the ceiling...Go into the elevator room and do that thing you do
best. Get on the elevator and continue. Save.

Get off the elevator and kill the guys in the room. The next room can be kind
of tricky. You can do it however you want, but I did it like this: I rushed the
guys that were on the stairs and killed everyone in my path. I went all the way
back to the other side and hung a left, coming back around to where I started,
killing everyone in my path again. I continued around this time, making a
complete circle. By the time I was done, everyone was dead, and I was unharmed.
And then...


Helicopter: This guy is pretty easy. Just unload whatever DS' you've saved into
him--make sure to lock on first--and let him have it. If that doesn't kill him,
them start hitting him with charged up shots or normal bullets. When he starts
going back and forth with the gatling gun, just start diving to either side and
you'll miss all the damage. Just watch
out for the missile he sometimes launches...it can be nasty. I believe
he only fires one missile at a time, after that you're safe until he
hides and comes back.


Continue. Walk down the hall and into the elevator. When you get off, there
isn't anything special...just kill until you get into the room with two
stairscases. To be safe, just run up one staircase and down the other, over and
over again, until there's only the red giant left. The odds are, he'll be
inbetween the two staircases so you can recharge your shields if you want. When
you're ready, take him out, and go through the door to find the most innovating
wheelchair you've ever seen...


You're going to want to take out those nasty gatling guns first, so move in
circles--a technique you will use throughout the whole game--and hit his guns
as he's turning to face you. Then, he'll start using his missile lauchers on
the head of his chair. If you're an agile fella, you can just avoid this whole
mess and aim for the guy head on. Don't shoot any part of the chair, especially
the back. It won't do any damage. Shoot the GUY.

Eventually, his chair will overload, and you will land in a familiar area.
Right off the bat, avoid his sliding advance on you, lock on, and start
shooting/using remaining DS. He will start shooting at you and walking around,
so just jump around him and keep firing.

Eventually, you'll get him. Watch as he goes out the window...and EXPLODES?! I
guess carrying C-4 in your suit wasn't such a good idea after all, boss.
Anyway, sit back, listen to the cool music and watch one of the coolest scenes
in the game. Save.



Hopefully, you did well enough to unlock Bullet Dance, as you'll be needing

You start off in...a shopping mall?! Whatever. Start killing everything, and I
mean EVERYTHING. The walls, the pillars, and even the guys on carts sliding
around with machine guns. Creative, aren't they? All it doesn't for them is
make their death "faster", but oh well...
If you get a beat count less than 350, you've done something wrong. Eventually,
after the  rolling guys are through, a rocket guy and giant will come out. Kill
them, and go to where they came from. Take a right. Kill the guys that tried to
set you up and head down the stairs. Advance a bit, and...


Disco comes back alive with this weird-ass boss. use your new group DS to clear
out the wreckage, meat, and the stray guys so you can concentrate on the roller
baddie. You can try and shoot him with your single DS as he's rolling past you,
or you can jump up to him as he's take his turns and melee him. Either way, he
isn't too hard. Save.


New area. SLOWLY advance and kill the guys as they jump out of the boxes. Take
the first right you can. Watch out! Unless you want to get hit by some
construction equipment, charge up your shots and let it have it until it's dead.

Go past the wreckage and turn left, killing everybody in your path (From now
on, let's just assume that so I don't have to keep saying it). Jump up on the
stacks of boxes, and then turn right and look over to see a whole row of boxes.
Get too close, and a few giants and their friends pop up. When they're dead,
Jump over and proceed.

Lots of giant killing to do here. Be fast about it, though, because there are
three strategically placed rocket guys on top of boxes. You can ignore them if
you so desire, and move on.

Once you do, hang a fast left and charge up your gun. Press L2 and release your
load on the oncoming forklift, and do the same to the lift that is
perpindicular to the lift you just killed.

Go down the alley that is across from where you first came in to find a dead
end. No point in going down here...just more kills for you. Go down the only
path you haven't been to yet and kill everyone down there to proceed through
another gate.

Try not to get hit by the oncoming cars and proceed to kill the occupants.
Clear the area. Once it's all clear, run over by the doors to the warehouse
closest to where you first came from. It will open. Kill the guys that run out,
go in, and save.

Get ready for one hell of an ambush! There are two ways to do this without
getting hurt. The first is that you just stay right where you are and keep
tapping square until you start dancing, and just start picking them off (don't
lock on, just guide the analog stick) or JUMP rush into the center of the area
and do your group DS. Either way, this was pretty easy.

Things will clear out until you get to the stairs, where you will be enemy
rushed heavily. Run up the stairs and destroy the target, which opens the
passage to the other side. Run back down and go across, but watch out! You've
got some Taliban on your tail! Suicide bombers will start rushing you, and you
don't want them getting near you, right? Shoot them dead before they can get
close and go up the stairs. Kill everything in your way and advance to the next
part of the stage.

Start off by going down the stairs and killing the miscellaneous forklifts.
Watchout for suicide bombers, there's going to be two of them hiding out here.
Advance when told to--after you've killed everything on that side--and advance
to the miniboss.


I don't know who that old steroid-ridden guy is, but that asshat stole the
RX78-gpo2a's Nuke launcher. Bastard. (Gundam 0083) Not too hard, if you watch
yourself. Kill the goons that surround the platform you need to get on. If at
any point in time you need to hide andrecover your shield, go the the edge of
the platform on the LEFT of where you came from and you'll be safe from the old
guy's attacks. Just kill any little guy that comes along to bug you there.
Other than that, it's a little safe spot for you. Cool, right? It won't happen
again...for a while, anyway. If you have any spare DS', use them on him to
drain his life pretty fast. Or, if you're just in a pinch and need the shield
FAST, fire a DS at anything, even the wall. You don't need a high jackpot to
regenerate the shield. (A high jackput CAN restore life, however)

Oh, and if you feel so bold, try reflecting his missiles with your
melee. It'll not only distract him, but it'll do some damage.


Okay, remember when I said you'd want that first level group DS? Well, now's
the time to use it! Enter the big room with all the machine guns and jump into
the middle of the whole thing. You might take some damage, but your shield will
regenerate when you use your DS any way, so it doesn't matter.

If you don't have the second DS, or don't have the gauge filled up enough to do
it, then just take out the targets on your immediate left or right.
Advance--SLOWLY--down one side or the other of the room and take out the
machines one at a time. If you take too much damage, just go back to where you
came from and hide until your shield regenerates, and continue on. Kill them
all and continue.

In the next hall, rush the two rocket guys before they can fire a rocket. Get
inbetween them and do a melee attack, killing both. Continue.

You find  yourself in another big room. In here, use another DS--you more than
likely earned another one from the last room--and take out the machines. If you
don't have the second DS, just quickly kill the targets surrounding you and
slowly advance on the machines again. Be sure to kill the target that is inside
the semicircle of machines, or else you won't be permitted to advance.

When you finally do, you will be in a narrow corridor with slot machine guns on
each side. Just stay next to one wall and fire at the other side's machines
until they die, and repeat the process for the other side. Advance.


This guy is pretty easy. Start off using your group DS--you are REALLY hurting
if you don't have this spiffy thing--and clear the area. Otherwise, just pick
off the individual goons and chase the boss around the table, hitting him with
normal shots. Don't stop moving, and
occasionally use your melee to successfully beat this guy.



This stage starts off very linear. Just follow the path, and be careful not to
eat rockets along the way.

Eventually, you will be outdoors and on some narrow stairs. Quickly ascend the
stairs to kill the guys sitting there. Avoid or shoot the barrels coming at
you. Then, unleashing your level one DS group shot to kill the guys shooting at
you from another building. If you do it right, the building will collapse.
BUT YOU SUCK AT LIFE AND VIDEOGAMES) So, I'm just going to assume you have the
group DS by now. Bullet dance is going to be VERY useful soon...

More linear combat. Be careful of guys hiding in cracks and small alcoves
adjacent to your path, but other than that just keep on truckin'.

You will come to another door that leads outside. Get your shield primed up
before you go out there, because you might have a tough time keeping it in this
next battle...especially if your on kick-ass mode.

First of all, go up the stairs and clear off everyone on your side, including
the ever annoying rolling barrels of doom. Then, aim yourself over to the other
side, where guys are shooting at you. Press L1 to strafe, and jump and fire and
press right on the analog at the same time. Not only should you avoid taking
damage, but you'll take out a few guys on the way down the stairs (Don't worry
about falling off the building). After you've recovered, either stay down there
and heal your shield, or go back up to get some more guys. After they are all
gone, another wave will come. The two guys that come across you can melee to
death pretty easily--although you may lose some shield from the guys across the
street--and repeat the jumping technique I mentioned earlier. Another wave of
guys will come. Repeat the process and continue.

When you get into the next room, kill all the bad guys and start going down the
hall. Uh-oh! when you try to go down to the next area, a fence drops, and guys
start popping out. Immediately jump back and either stay in the same place and
dance around shooting, or run into a corner and fire at anyone that "comes out
of the closet."

When you can finally go up the stairs, watch out! A rocket guy tries to stuff
you one at the top of the steps. You just stuff him one in return and move on.

The next area is your first bloodbath, so bring some soap and some ammo.

When you first get out, get into the center of the rooftop and start dancing in
circles, shooting anything you swing across. Eventually, it will get really
crowded, so use a group DS every once in a while. Also, it will become unsafe
to stay in one place and shoot rapidly so use the strafe-jump-run-shoot
technique. Just outline the top of the roof, basically, and keep firing. Be
careful about stopping in a corner, though, because the rocket guys seem to get
you one up the butt if you do that.

I CANNOT stress to you how much fun this level is with Jyuji. Just slice,
slice, and slice some more until your beat count gets to 500 (or more).

EDIT: YOU ARE GOING TO DIE if you are on kick-ass mode with the above
instructions (not the jyuju part). What I mean is, using the first level group
DS WILL GET YOU KILLED due to the fact that this part of the game is so
radically difficult on kick-ass. If you want to live, you will HAVE to use your
status affects...I reccommed you use the first level status DS so you can save
your gauge that way. Also, if you ARE playing on kick-ass, that means you've
all ready beaten the game once, so you SHOULD have it. Also, when the guards
come--the big ones--make sure you
use a charged up attack on them, especially while using your time DS.

After that button-mashing fest, save your game and take a break. Go jogging;
I've heard good things about it (but I don't do it enough, so my six pack is
slowly fading...sad...).

Advance through the narrow corridor and into the big room. Uh-oh! Your trailer
is about to get assaulted! Go in for the kill.

Attack the little guys first, and save the big guy for last. If you've lost any
of your shield in the process, just kill every guy but the big guy and lock
onto him BUT DON'T SHOOT. Just circle him and wait for your shield to
regenerate, and THEN proceed.

A few green giants _< Oh
well, that's what you get for being ignorant....(contributed by yangfeili).

Also in that same topic, GraVe gave a link to a site (www.agscc.com) that
supplied the
following AR2 codes:

Gungrave OD (NTSC/J) CB codes.(M)

FA2A006F 32F89F00

2A2F35E1 100000A0

2AE735FC 3442800B
2ADF35BD 10000008

2A1B35D0 56D69876

1A5B2BD4 00000004

2A4F3640 34020708

2ADB2179 34010001
2AC72179 A04100C4
(the above refers to "options" and "data", no idea what it meant)

1A9F3473 00000303
2A532AB8 01010101
2A5F2AB8 01010101
2A5B2AB8 01010101
0A972262 00000001

Okay, the above code gets all the extras and customizable stuff. Good luck
figuring out what the rest of them do...I've been told they all WORK, but not
what they do.

Keep in mind, you've all but killed the replay factor here if you use the codes
to unlockall this stuff. You really should do it all yourself.

By the way, all these codes are for the Asian release. Not guaranteed
to work on the American release.



Yes, there is an English dub to this game! Unlike in the first, the
characters speak English.

This game doesn't have Graveyard finishers like in the first
game...technically. The finishers are in CGI. As soon as you drain a boss of
his life, there's a CGI sequence of the boss getting OD'd on death. Interesting



I was browsing through your GunGrave OD FAQ on gamefaqs, and I happened across
your strategy for beating the last boss.

Now, admittadly, the last boss is a joke, but there is an easier way
to take down the first two targets. (I'm not sure about Kick-ass mode,
but this is how it works on normal.) The two things worth mentioning are
that, 1.) garino abuses the time freeze. I, for one, find this irritating,
although some people don't. So, if you're like me, than it's good to know that
using a level one time DS will cancel out his, and everything goes back to
real-time. 2.) The targets have a shield around them, so you can't shoot them.
that's why your beat count doesn't go up when you fire at them. You can just
unload DS after DS to break the sheilds, but there's away to take the sheilds

When the battle starts, you see three floating prism things. It's
hard not to see them, because they don't stop shooting you. Shooting them
doesn't do much, because they just come back after you destroy them. (I'm sure
you've noticed this much.) But if you look closely, one of the prisims is a
different color - destroy that, and the sheilds around the targets go down for
a few seconds - you can use a demolition shot, if you can pull one off before
they go back up, but I found it easier to use a level 3 time DS and just shoot.

From Rober Provencher.

I don't know about that...on kick-ass mode, using time DS is wasting the DS
gauge. I still recommend that you save up the gauge and hit the targets on
either side  with a lvl 3 single shot DS, but that's just me. Do what you like

First off, thanks for writing a guide, it really helped on those hard boss

I just wanted to give a few techniques I used to further help on a few areas of
the game  that you, and others, may find helpful.  Obviously, if you don't want
to use it, that's fine, just wanted to let you know and hear your feedback on

First off, the Stage 4 boss fight.  If you go into the room and approach the
door, without actually triggreing the boss fight, you can go arround the room
and destroy every pillar (including the center one) without breaking the beat
count.  This not only gives you about a 350 beat combo, it also fills alot of
your DS shots if you're short. Why destroy the pillars? because they give you
the same cover wether they're destroyed or not.  But there's another reason.
Sometimes the bots try to chase you, which I'm sure you've noticed.  If you
stand behind a smaller pillar, with the bot on the other side, you can actually
fire shots on it and hit it almost every shot if the pillar is destroyed, plus
it won't be able to hit you!  This really helped me out alot, so I think it's
worth a shot if you're curious.

The second thing I wanted to say is pretty petty and not all that important,
but still worth mentioning I guess. On Stage 8, when the helicopters come out,
I found a fun and easy way to fight them. If you stand on a downed tank while
it's away and then lock onto it when it comes back, you'll have a nice
opportunity get a ton of normal shots on it by diving sideways and shooting.
Grave gets in about 2-3 times more shots off on it due to his added height,
which comes to about 15 hits in about a second.  Like I said, petty and dumb,
but man it's fun.

Th last thing I wanted to share was that after reading the last boss section of
your guide, I had trouble at first because I didn't know how to damage the
targets on either side.  You have to destroy the floating prisms to lower the
sheilds, and their color coded.  I'm sure you probly knew this, but you didn't
put it in the guide.  That's what triggers the black mirrors, which gaurd the
targets.  Not a big deal, but it might be
worth putting in.

That's all I have.  Thanks again for writing a great guide to a great game!

From althean_genesis@yahoo.com



Here's all the stuff that doesn't have any other place to go.

-Gungrave, the orginal game, isn't quite up to par with this one. If you
disagree, you're simply wrong.

-Gungrave has an anime out. So far, I've seen 23 of the 26 episodes and I must
say that I'm now back into anime because of it (I lost interest for a while).
It's really worth a try.


^Has all of the episodes--fansubbed, of course--so you can download them right
away. Also, they have a show called "Naruto" there as well. Ignore that, as
it's a remake of Dragonball Z. Just like DBZ, it is currently enjoying
popularity that it doesn't deserve.

-AonE is also subbing Paranoia Agent. That's a great show as well. Try it.

-Speaking of killing all sorts of people while being outnumbered, I'm all for
gun control. Personally, I think only the police and the military should be
allowed to possess firearms of ANY kind. You don't need a gun. You may think
you do, but you don't.

-Some guys are more prone to this kind of game than others. Not sure why. Not
too many of my friends are into it, but those that are are pretty hardcode
about it. I guess it's like the Yankees...you either love them, hate them, or
don't watch baseball (I am a member of the
third option). And that's right, I said guys. Someone said on the Gungrave OD
message board that she was female, but I don't know about that. Every girl I
know--at least the cute ones--really hate this kind of stuff. To prove me wrong
about that, send topless pics to my e-mail address, and I'll believe
you...what? >_>

If you've never been there, go there now.

Has all sorts of anime DVD's available. That's where I get mine. They've got
Gungrave, too ^_^ They also have two other shows I recommend: Shingestutan
Tsukihime and Get Backers. All good stuff.


Gungrave: Overdose FAQ/Walkthrough