a guide to attack def...ect

           in this guide is:
             1.what wepons can attack under water
             2.enemys (no bosses)

                                      WHAT WEPONS CAN ATTACK UNDER WATER

1.beam kirby: no
2.burning kirby:no
3.lazer kirby:no
4.fire kirby:no
5.stone kirby:no
6.fighter kirby:no
7.bomb kirby:no
8.tornado kirby:no
9.wheel kirby:no
10.ice kirby:no
11.spark kirby:no
12.missile kirby:no
13.smash kirby:no
14.throw kirby:no
15.hammer kirby:yes
16.parasol kirby:yes
17.sword kirby:yes
18.cutter kirby:no
19.cupid kirby:no
20.ufo kirby:yes
21.master kirby:yes

enemy:    threat level:     wepon:        power given:
roly-poly         3                   roles               none
chip                   2                 hops                none
sword knight    5                   sword            sword
giant rocky        6                   jumps                 stone   
bronto bunt       5                   flys                      none
scarfy                 1                     hovers                 cant be sucked
rocky                  1                      sits                      stone
shooty                4                          drops bombs         none
foely                   5                           is a bomb             bomb
lazer ball            7                         shoots lazers        lazer
blipper               4                        swims                     none
waddle dee        2                        walks                       none
glunk                   3                         shoots                    none
heavy knight      7                          sword                     sword
sparkey              5                             spark                      spark
ufo                     ???                            ???                           ufo
flamer                 7                               fire ball                burning
haley                   3                                flys                         none
noddy                   0                               sleeps                      sleep
weehil                  4                                  drives                    wheel
prank                    3                                 pulls pranks           none
droppy                  6                                     copys                   none
cokin                     6                                      cooks                   cook        
sorar                     3                                        flys/shoots           none
waddle doo           4                         lazer                        beam
twister                  4                             tornado                 tornado
minney                  1                         small                         mini
hot head                5                         fire                              fire
boxin                     4                           boxin                      fighter
snooter                  5                            walks/runs             none
batty                      4                           flys                            none
dark mind             20                        ??????                        ??????



            beam:B= beam
            fighter:tap B=punch,hold B for 1sec=small blast,hold B for 2sec=big blast
            bomb:B=throw forword,B+down=throw down,B+up=throw up,B and down same time=set bomb down
            tornado:tap B=twister down,tap B+ hold B=twister up
            wheel:B=ride,B+A=ride and jump

              note:this is not complete yet so i will add more
email me things you want me to change or add at playstation2@rochester.rr.com