Instructions and FAQ/Guide for the videogame Sonic Riders, by final_lap
version 1.5
Last revised: July 1, 2006

Disclaimer: This document and any portion of it may not be redistributed, 
copied, or sold in any way without explicit permission from me.
/end Disclaimer

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This guide was made with the Gamecube version of Sonic Riders. It can be 
presumed that most of the information in this document is compatible with the 
Xbox and Playstation 2 versions of the game, but that is not guaranteed.

Past updates to this guide:
 - Rewritten for clarity and accuracy.
 - Added Storm's Missions
 - Added Wave's Missions
 - Added 'Gear Listings' section

What this guide is missing:
 - Course maps of Digital Dimension, Babylon Guardian, Sega Carnival, and Sega 
 - Jet's Missions for 'Mission Guide'
 - general placement of robots in Egg Factory map


Less technical info will be here, such as what Sonic Riders is, obligatory 
rundown of the game modes, and a list of characters.

____ 0.0 - Just what in the dickens is Sonic Riders?
____ 0.1 - Save Data
____ 0.2 - Game Modes: Free Race
____ 0.3 - Game Modes: Time Attack
____ 0.4 - Game Modes: World Grand Prix
____ 0.5 - Game Modes: Story Mode
____ 0.6 - Game Modes: Mission Mode
____ 0.7 - Game Modes: Tag Mode
____ 0.8 - Game Modes: Survival Mode
____ 0.9 - Shop
____ 0.10 - Extra and Options
____ 0.11 - Characters

How to play, and comprehensive explanations of game mechanics and many gimmicks 
including character types, turbulence, ramps, tricks, and air. This section 
covers many basic aspects of the game that for some reason are not explained in 
the game or instruction booklet.

____ 1.0 - Learn to Play NOW
____ 1.1 - Pre-Race Countdown
____ 1.2 - Movement and Turning
____ 1.3 - Air Meter
____ 1.4 - Boosting
____ 1.5 - Braking
____ 1.6 - Sliding
____ 1.7 - Slide-Boosting
____ 1.8 - Advanced Sliding
____ 1.9 - Jumping
____ 1.10 - Long Jump and High Jump
____ 1.11 - Ramps
____ 1.12 - Tricks (Stunts)
____ 1.13 - Automatic Trails
____ 1.14 - Tornado Trap
____ 1.15 - Item Capsules
____ 1.16 - Yellow Item Capsules (100 Ring Item)
____ 1.17 - Rings and Leveling Up
____ 1.18 - Attacking
____ 1.19 - Turbulence System
____ 1.20 - Riding Turbulence
____ 1.21 - Grind Rails (SPEED-Type)
____ 1.22 - Flight Ramps and Air Rings (FLIGHT-Type)
____ 1.23 - Breakable Obstacles (POWER-Type)
____ 1.24 - Out of Air and On Foot
____ 1.25 - Choosing your Character and Gear
____ 1.26 - Dash Plates
____ 1.27 - Air Pits
____ 1.28 - The Clock

Piece by piece ASCII representations of each of the game's courses, with brisk 
walkthrough, and advice for Speed, Flight, and Power types.

____ 2.0 - Explanation and Map Legend
____ 2.1 - METAL CITY
____ 2.2 - SPLASH CANYON
____ 2.3 - EGG FACTORY
____ 2.4 - GREEN CAVE
____ 2.5 - SAND RUINS
____ 2.6 - NIGHT CHASE
____ 2.7 - RED CANYON
____ 2.8 - ICE FACTORY
____ 2.9 - WHITE CAVE
____ 2.10 - DARK DESERT
____ 2.11 - BABYLON GARDEN
____ 2.12 - SKY ROAD

Explanations of the different types of missions, and tips for getting those 
pesky Gold Medals.

____ 3.0 - Explanation and Types of Missions
____ 3.1 - STORM'S MISSIONS, Gold Guide
____ 3.2 - WAVE'S MISSIONS, Gold Guide

A listing of all the different Extreme Gears and a synopsis.

____ 4.0 - Gear: Basic Info
____ 4.1 - All 54 Extreme Gear




____ 0.0 - Just what in the dickens is Sonic Riders?

Sonic Riders was released by Sega and Sonic Team in February 2006 for Gamecube, 
Xbox, and Playstation 2. It is a mascot-based racing videogame featuring Sonic 
the Hedgehog and other characters, with an emphasis on abusing shortcuts and 
riding the turbulence left behind by other racers. Characters race using 
'Extreme Gear' which primarily take the form of high speed hover boards.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Riders are property of Sega.

____ 0.1 - Save Data

For the Gamecube version of the game, saving your Game Data takes only one 
block of space on the memory card. You can save multiple Game Data on one 
memory card, allowing other players who use the console to complete the game's 
challenges for themselves. Each Game Data is updated automatically as you 
complete races and unlock stuff.

You can jump from one Game Data to another by accessing the Options menu from 
the title screen.

Ghost data is saved seperately. On a single memory card, you can record and 
save one ghost for each course in Time Attack mode. Each ghost uses 14 blocks 
on a Gamecube memory card.

There are 16 courses in the game, so saving a Ghost for each course and saving 
Game Data would take a total of 225 blocks on a Gamecube memory card.

____ 0.2 - Game Modes: Free Race

Selected under 'Normal Race', Free Race pits you against computer controlled 
racers in single race on any of the courses you have available. Up to three 
other players can join you via split-screen. If three or four players are 
playing, there won't be any computer opponents.

____ 0.3 - Game Modes: Time Attack

Selected under 'Normal Race', Time Attack puts your character alone on any of 
the game's race course for the standard three laps. Upon completing a Time 
Attack, the game prompts you to save your Ghost.

Your best time record is saved automatically saved as part of the Game Data as 

The only difference between courses in Time Attack and the other modes is that 
in Time Attack, all the Item Capsules that give a random item are fixed to give 
+30 Air each time. If you are using The Crazy or Chaos Emerald, they give a 
certain amount of Rings instead.

NOTE: Ghosts are saved seperately from Game Data. Each ghost takes 14 blocks on 
a Gamecube memory card. You can only save one Ghost for each course. There are 
16 courses in the game, so saving a Ghost for each course and saving Game Data 
would take 225 blocks total on a Gamecube memory card.

____ 0.4 - Game Modes: World Grand Prix

Selected under 'Normal Race', World Grand Prix consists of five races on 
different courses. You can choose the Heroes Cup, or the Babylon Cup as it 
becomes available. You get points from each race depending on your placing. 
(first gets 10 points, second gets 8, and so on) The winner of the Grand Prix 
is the one who has the most points at the end. Two people can play World Grand 
Prix with split-screen.
You may also get a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal depending on how many points 
you have by the end. For each of the two Cups, a Gold medal may require a 
player to get a full 50 points. See the 'COURSE MAPS' section for help on 
winning all the races in each cup.

These gold medals need to be attained to unlock all the missions, characters, 
and gear hidden in the game.

The Heroes cup contains the courses Metal City, Splash Canyon, Egg Factory, 
Green Cave, and Sand Ruins. The Babylon cup contains Night Chase, Red Canyon, 
Ice Factory, White Cave, and Dark Desert.

You can also alter the Rule Settings for World Grand Prix as you can in some 
other modes. However, none of the settings seem like they would benefit you, so 
I would recommend leaving them.

(TIP: If you are having trouble getting the gold medals, I recommend reading 
over the information I gathered in the 'CONTROLLING YOUR GUY' section of this 
guide to make sure you know how to take advantage of all the game's gimmicks. 
After that, check out the course maps and walkthroughs to utilize the best 
shortcuts in each course.)

____ 0.5 - Game Modes: Story Mode

Story Mode runs you through the story of Sonic Riders told by cutscenes, broken 
apart by races. The races tend to have little to do with what's actually 
happening in the story, but even I don't mind. At first, the Heroes story is 
available, and completing it will unlock the Babylon story. Each race in this 
mode challenges you to finish within a certain place, usually 1st place.

Completing both Story Modes is the basis for the chain of unlockable modes, 
stages, characters, and Gear available in Sonic Riders.

Heroes story stages:
1. Metal City (Sonic)
2. Splash Canyon (Tails)
3. Egg Factory (Knuckles)
4. Green Cave (Tails)
5. Sand Ruins (Sonic)
6. Babylon Garden (Sonic)

Babylon story stages:
1. Night Chase (Jet)
2. Red Canyon (Wave)
3. Ice Factory (Storm)
4. White Cave (Jet)
5. Dark Desert (Jet)
6. Sky Road (Wave)
7. Babylon Guardian (Sonic)

____ 0.6 - Game Modes: Mission Mode

As it becomes available, you can try the challenges in Mission Mode. 
Apparently, Sonic and friends get hax0red a mission notebook from the Babylon 
Rogues and are so bored that they decide that they will beat them to each of 
their errands. When you unlock Mission Mode, Storm's missions are available, 
with Wave's missions earned later down the line. Complete them all to play 
Jet's missions.

Each mission generally asks you to perform a certain task within one lap in a 
specific course, using a given character and board. You would have to do the 
task, and then complete the lap. You are rated with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold 
medal upon completing each mission.

The types of missions include:

 - Collect X pieces of junk. (rated by no. of junk collected)
 - Grind X many times. (rated by no. of grinds)
 - Go through X many Air Rings. (rated by no. of Air Rings)
 - Knock down seven obstacles in succession. (rated by time it takes you to do 
 - Tag a robot before it reaches the end of the course. (rated by time it takes 
you to hit the robot)
 - Complete one lap without using too much Air. (rated by amount in Air tank)
 - Complete one lap under a certain time. (rated by time)
 - Win a race. (rated by placing)
 - Collect X many rings. (rated by no. of rings)
 - Get X points from doing tricks. (rated by no. of points)

But no matter what the mission criteria is, you are also required to complete 
the lap within a time limit.

Getting a Gold medal requires a good rating in whatever it is that type of 
mission rates you by. For example, in the ring collecting mission, it doesn't 
matter how fast you do it, just how many rings you collect. You can take as 
long as you want, just as long as you reach the finish line under the time 
Jet's missions are unique because most of them have Jet racing you, even when 
he isn't part of the mission. In those cases, you automatically fail if Jet 
crosses the finish line before you do. If that wasn't bad enough, Jet can even 
interfere in the junk collecting missions by taking junk for himself! Yea, no 
doubt about it, Jet's missions are CRAZY.

In some of the missions, an unusual item is hidden in them. It is a glowing 
purple box. Grabbing these items and completing the mission allows you to be 
able to unlock unique Extreme Gear through a menu in Mission Mode, the Treasure 

____ 0.7 - Game Modes: Tag Mode

Tag Mode is a split-screen race in which two teams of two players each race 
across three laps. The players on the top two screens compete against the 
bottom two. For each person less than four playing, a computer controller racer 
takes the spot. Both racers on a team share the same Air meter.

Both racers on each team have a radio trailing them. The reception of the 
radios between each other is displayed over that team's Air meter with a 
colored symbol. Air refills slowly, and it refills faster depending on how 
close the two teammates are to each other.

If the teammates distance themselves too much, the lead teammate is zapped and 
stays zapped for a considerable amount of time.

As a weightless multiplayer extra, Tag Mode features "dumb-downed" versions of 
the game's race courses, in which /all/ shortcuts are sealed off, and character 
type abilities are disabled. Players are allowed only to choose the basic Gear.

____ 0.8 - Game Modes: Survival Mode

Choosing Survival Mode actually reveals two completely different contests. The 
Race Stage version is a competition for up to four players. The goal is to grab 
the Chaos Emerald and earn a point by carrying it through a gate. When a player 
runs through enough gates with the Emerald, that player wins.

In each course, gates are placed at certain points. A Chaos Emerald appears in 
one of them. The racer who grabs the Emerald is 'it'. This racer moves more 
slowly and his air is quickly depleted. Once the player runs out of air, that 
player is zapped and loses the Emerald, at which point the Emerald respawns at 
the next gate.

The other racers can attack the racer with the Emerald, stealing it from them.

As a weightless multiplayer extra, the Race Stage variant features "dumb-
downed" version of the game's race courses, in which all shortcuts are sealed 
off, and character type abilities are disabled.

The other variant of Survival Mode is Battle Stage, which is a free-for-all 
fight for up to four players. Rather than playing on the race courses, Battle 
Stage has three arena type courses to compete on.

The variety among the list of exclusive item pick-ups available in the stages 
are surprising. This is also the only mode in the game with its own unique 
stages. These facts make it not so easy for me to simply write this off as a 
forced, weightless multiplayer extra. But in any case, I am not covering this 
mode further. However, be sure to check out the Battle Mode stages by yourself 
in full screen glory. They are kind of cool.

____ 0.9 - Shop

In the Shop, you can buy more Extreme Gear using the Rings you were awarded 
from playing and completing races and challenges. Also, rings you have when you 
finish a race are added to your total count for the Shop. (NOTE: I don't think 
all game modes add to your Ring count. At the moment, I just know that 1-player 
Free Race and Grand Prix modes definitely do.)

At first, only boards are available in the Shop. Skates become available as you 
unlock Shadow the Hedgehog and the Darkness skates. To unlock skates, complete 
Heroes Story in Story Mode. Bikes become available as you unlock Dr. Eggman and 
the E-Rider bike. To unlock bikes, complete the Babylon Story in Story Mode.

Even more Extreme Gear will be available later as you complete more of the 

Most of the attainable Gear in Sonic Riders is bought from the Shop. However, 
not all of the Gear in the game is accessed here. Some of it has to be unlocked 
my completing races or missions, or by 'repairing' Gear through the Treasure 
Menu in Mission Mode.

____ 0.10 - Extra and Options

Accessed from the title screen, Extra allows you to listen to the game's music 
and CG cutscenes you have seen already. You can also see your time records, and 
see all the Extreme Gear you've attained, cataloged by number.

When you view your records, press L/R to scroll through your records in each 
mode. (World GP, Free Race, and Time Attack modes) Only your best lap time and 
best overall time is displayed for each course. Using the control stick, you 
can select one your record to see what character and Gear was used.

From the options menu (also accessed from the title screen) on the Gamecube 
version of Sonic Riders, you can:
-Switch on or off the controller rumbling.
-Choose audio setting out of Stereo, Monaural, or Dolby Pro Logic II.
-Choose a language for the subtitles.
-Jump to another Game Data, or delete one.

____ 0.11 - Characters

These are the playable characters in the game. Every character is either a 
Speed, Flight, or Power type. Speed Type characters can grind on specific 
rails. Flight Type characters can use fly at designated Flight Ramps and Air 
Rings. Power Type characters can knock down small obstacles and certain walls.

 Sonic is an adventurer who loves competition, always looks out for his friends 
and never gives up. When his status as the fastest in the world is contended by 
the arrogant Babylon Rogues, he must once again show us that dreams can come 
true and that hedgehogs can fly.
 - Type: SPEED
 - Starting Gear: Blue Star
   Extra Unique Gear: Blue Star II, and Chaos Emerald
 - Lv.1 Attack Mode: no difference
   Lv.2-3 Attack Mode: Spin Dash
 - Available from the start
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/4/3/2
 Other Technical Info: Sonic's spin dash attack seems to take less time than 
other attacks. Also, when Sonic is leveled up, he seems to equal Shadow in his 
boost length.

TAILS THE FOX (full name Miles "Tails" Prower)
 Sonic's young friend can spin his two tails to fly like a helicopter, and 
happens to have a talent when it comes to machinery and computers. Tails is 
determined to help Sonic and Knuckles beat the Babylon Rogues by tweaking out 
their Extreme Gear.
 - Type: FLIGHT
 - Starting Gear: Yellow Tail
 - Lv.1 Attack Mode: Holds an electrical cord
   Lv.2 Attack Mode: Swings an electrical cord around him
   Lv.3 Attack Mode: Holds an electrical cord
 - Available from the start
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 4/3/2/3
 Other Technical Info: Tails boosts over longer periods of time than normal. 
For this reason, he is apparently the best Flight-Type character in the game.

 Sonic tamed this loose fuse a long time ago and they've been allies ever 
since. Knuckles used to have a mystical duty to protect the Master Emerald on a 
floating island, but now nobody blinks when he tags along for each of Sonic's 
new adventures.
 - Type: POWER
 - Starting Gear: Red Rock
 - Lv.1 Attack Mode: no difference
   Lv.2-3 Attack Mode: Fists become bigger
 - Available from the start
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/3/4/2

 This outgoing lass is always keeping up with the latest fashion, just as she's 
always trying to keep up with Sonic! (I guess there's a little Amy in us all.) 
Wherever Sonic appears, she isn't that far behind and always manages to sneak 
herself in each Sonic release one way or another in her quest for her crush.
 - Type: SPEED
 - Starting Gear: Pink Rose
 - Lv.1 Attack Mode: no difference
   Lv.2-3 Attack Mode: Holds her famous "Piko" mallot
 - Available from the start
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/4/3/2

 This easily agitated, arrogant 'thief by day, speed demon by night' has a way 
with handling Extreme Gear. He is the leader of the Babylon Rogues (himself, 
Wave, and Storm) and pilots a spiffy flying ship to go with his job, which he 
rightfully earns for his boarding skills and succulent love-making.
 - Type: SPEED
 - Starting Gear: Type-J
 - Lv.1 Attack Mode: no difference
   Lv.2 Attack Mode: Jet spreads one of his 'wings'
   Lv.3 Attack Mode: Jet spreads both his 'wings'
 - Available from the start
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/4/3/2

 Wave is the clever mechanic who designed the Extreme Gear used by the Babylon 
Rogues, and isn't afraid to use trickery and sabotage to win. She may seem 
annoying, however she is in fact a sensible and responsible ally, and may 
advise Jet on their missions, should he decide to listen.
 - Type: FLIGHT
 - Starting Gear: Type-W
 - Lv.1 Attack Mode: no difference
   Lv.2 Attack Mode: Wave holds a wrench
   Lv.3 Attack Mode: Wave holds a bomb
 - Available from the start
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 4/3/3/2

 Storm gets excited easily, jumps to conclusions, has a short attention span, 
is clumsy, and isn't too smart. However, he is skilled and very strong. Jet's 
the one who can keep him under control. Storm is loyal to Jet, and often refers 
to him as "boss".
 - Type: POWER
 - Starting Gear: Type-S
 - Lv.1-3 Attack Mode: no difference
 - Available from the start
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/3/4/2

 Cream the Rabbit is a very young and innocent princess who is accompanied by a 
Chao named Cheese almost everywhere she goes. Well, he isn't around now, but 
appears in some of Cream's attacks. Anyway, I'm still wondering just WHEN is 
her bedtime??
 - Type: FLIGHT
 - Starting Gear: Smile
 - Lv.1-3 Attack Mode: no difference
 - Complete Hero Story to unlock Cream.
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 4/3/2/2

 Rouge is a sassy treasure hunter who used to work for the goverment as a spy, 
and has once conned Dr. Eggman and Shadow by pretending to be their ally. She's 
obsessed with jewels, and at one point she dueled with Knuckles over the Master 
 - Type: FLIGHT
 - Starting Gear: Temptation
 - Lv.1-3 Attack Mode: no difference
 - Complete Hero Story to unlock Rouge.
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 4/3/3/2

 Shadow was created by a scientist to be the Ultimate Life Form, but the 
government forcefully shut down the research and sealed him in a capsule for 
fifty years. When Dr. Eggman recently awakened him, a deluded Shadow wasted no 
time being cool and blowing things up.
 - Type: SPEED
 - Starting Gear: Darkness (not exclusive to Shadow)
 - Lv.1 Attack Mode: Stands upright holding a glowing orb
   Lv.2 Attack Mode: Forms a could of light in his hands
   Lv.3 Attack Mode: Stands upright holding a larger orb, with ELECTRONS
 - Complete Hero Story to unlock Shadow.
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/4/3/2
 Other Technical Info: Shadow boosts over longer periods of time than normal. 
For this reason, he is apparently the best Speed-Type character in the game. 
(with Sonic being a close second)

DR. EGGMAN (formerly Dr. Robotnik)
 Dr. Eggman might have taken over the world a long time ago if weren't for 
Sonic the Hedgehog. The crazier his schemes get, the more thrilling the 
adventure for Sonic and his friends.
 - Type: POWER
 - Starting Board: E-Rider (not exclusive to Eggman)
 - Lv.1 Attack Mode: Holds a megaphone
   Lv.2 Attack Mode: Holds a cartoon punching glove weapon
   Lv.3 Attack Mode: no difference
 - Complete Babylon Rogues Story to unlock Dr. Eggman.
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/3/4/2
 Other Technical Info: Dr. Eggman can't use boards or skates, only bike-type 
Extreme Gear.

E-10000 G
 (I call him E-Green.) For one of many identical robots with little backstory, 
E-Green doesn't seem like a terribly exciting character. Anyway, it should be 
noted that his head looks like as if he was wearing a baseball cap backwards, 
indicating that he is STREET.
 - Type: POWER
 - Starting Board: E-gearG
 - Lv.1-3 Attack Mode: no difference
 - Rack up 20 hours of play time to unlock Green Robo.
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/3/3/2
 Other Technical Info: E-Green can't ride bikes or skates, only board-type 
Extreme Gear.

E-10000 R
 50 Hours?? Just for some dumb robot? For his sake, let's hope Sonic Riders is 
that good. I'm still unsure what's so special about this guy. Well, he /can/ 
take his own head off during a race. I guess that's kind of cool. Hehehe.
 - Type: SPEED
 - Starting Board: E-gearR
 - Lv.1-2 Attack Mode: no difference
   Lv.3 Attack Mode: Holds his head over his shoulders.
 - Rack up 50 hours of play time to unlock Red Robo.
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/4/3/2
 Other Technical Info: E-Red can't ride bikes or skates, only board-type 
Extreme Gear.

 Nights (also spelled 'NiGHTS' by many fans), a creature of the dream world, 
starred in a Sega Saturn game by the same name. Revered by fans as well as the 
game's creator, Nights is clearly not too good to serve the shameless role of a 
bonus playable character in a Sonic racing game.
 - Type: FLIGHT
 - Starting Board: Night Sky
 - Lv.1-2 Attack Mode: no difference
   Lv.3 Attack Mode: Gear disappears and Nights flies
 - Do all of Jet's, Wave's, and Storm's missions to unlock Nights.
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/4/3/2

 Aiai is a monkey who stars in the Super Monkey Ball series for Gamecube, 
arcade, and other systems, which are all about his two favorite things: 
Bananas, and being trapped in a ball. Aiai competes in Sonic Riders looking for 
more sharks to jump.
 - Type: POWER
 - Starting Board: BANANA
 - Lv.1-3 Attack Mode: Gear disappears and Aiai runs inside his ball
 - Do all of Jet's, Wave's, and Storm's missions to unlock Aiai.
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/4/3/2
 Other Technical Info: Aiai boosts over longer periods of time than normal. For 
this reason, he is apparently the best Power-Type character in the game.

 Ulala starred in the Space Channel 5 games for Dreamcast and Playstation 2. 
With the story taking place in futuristic spacey world, she is a TV news 
reporter who dances and shoots aliens during broadcasts. What she's doing in 
Sonic Riders is anybody's guess.
 - Type: SPEED
 - Starting Board: Channel5
 - Lv.1-3 Attack Mode: no difference
 - Do all of Jet's, Wave's, and Storm's missions to unlock Ulala.
 - Dash/Limit/Power/Cornering: 3/4/3/2
 Other Technical Info: Ulala can't ride bike-type Extreme Gear, only skates and 




____ 1.0 - Learn to Play NOW

These are the basic control to get you started playing Sonic Riders. (This 
refers to the Gamecube controller. To find out what buttons do what on your PS2 
or Xbox controller, use a little guesswork.)

Once off the starting line, characters in Sonic Riders roll along ALL BY 
THEMSELVES. You don't need to press forward on the Control Stick or hold any 
button or nothin'.

(Riding on your board consumes Air. Watch your Air meter on the bottom left of 
the screen. If you run out of Air, you'll have to continue on foot.) 

Turn using the Control Stick.

By pressing L or R shoulder button (doesnt matter which) while turning, you 
will Slide, which allows you to turn more sharply. Sliding consumes a little 

Hitting Y or B gives you a Boost of speed. This takes a bite out of your Air 

Press and release the A button on a ramp to jump from it.

Use the Control Stick while in the air to perform tricks. Performing tricks and 
landing correctly gives you Air.

Speed-type characters can grind on certain rails. Press A to jump, and after 
jumping, press A to land on a grind. Sonic and Jet are Speed-type characters.

Flight-type characters can fly off certain ramps and go through Air Rings. 
Simply ride over these ramps to begin flying. Use the Control Stick to go 
through Air Rings to keep flying longer. Tails and Wave are Flight-type 

Power-type characters can smash through most obstacles just by riding through 
them. Doing this refills air. Knuckles and Storm are Power-type characters.

____ 1.1 - Pre-Race Countdown

Each game begins with all racers on foot behind the starting line. At this time 
you control your character with the Control Stick. (up/down to move, left/right 
to turn) A clock counts down from about five seconds, and when it hits zero, 
the race begins and everyone is allowed to pass the starting line. As each 
character crosses it, they will start riding their Extreme Gear.

Until the clock finishes counting down, racers aren't allowed to cross the 
starting line. If you do, you get zapped as a penalty, and everyone will pass 
you. While the clock counts down, a glowing green line spread across the width 
of the road moves from behind everyone to the front, reaching the starting line 
just as the clock hits zero. This is intended as a guide.

To get the most speed off the starting line, your aim is to cross it with a 
full running start right after the countdown finishes. The green line is 
extremely helpful, so use it. There are also markers placed on the ground 
indicating the distance between that and the starting line.

Your speed off the starting line isn't too important for a normal race but is 
probably something a Time Trial junkie might want to get the hang of.

Your character quickly accelerates into speeds much faster than the green line 
moves, so make sure you're a good distance away from it before charging the 
starting line. It's a good idea to back up as soon as the countdown begins, to 
give yourself more room to adjust your momentum in the case that you begin 
running too early.

Your entry across the starting line is rated based on how long it took you to 
cross it, and how fast you were moving. The top three ratings in order are 
"Good", "Excellent", and "Unbelievable".

____ 1.2 - Movement and Turning

After crossing the starting line, each character is propelled forward by their 
Extreme Gear, whether it's a board, skates, bike, or whatever. You don't have 
to press forward or any button, characters in this game just roll along ALL BY 

You can turn left or right by using the control stick.

NOTE: Normal turning in this game is very tight. It's basically used to adjust 
your position for the most part. Navigating actual turns on the course should 
be done with help from Sliding.

As you move forward, your character gradually accelerates to their maximum 
speed. Turning gradually reduces your speed at a slow rate.

Your turning ability depends on your speed. The slower you go, the better your 
cornering is.

____ 1.3 - Air Meter

Notice that at the bottom right of the screen there is a meter. This indicates 
your fuel, which is called 'Air'. Just riding along consumes Air at a slow 
rate. There are many ways to refill Air, but there are also some abilities that 
you need to take advantage of that consume a lot of Air.

You start the race with a full tank, but when you run out of Air, your Gear 
stops working. You are forced to continue on foot until you get more Air, 
directing your character with the control stick. Your character moves slowly in 
this state and you can't get more Air as easily.

When you are running low on Air, your meter becomes orange instead of blue, and 
will begin beeping. In this state, you don't have enough Air to boost. If you 
lose more Air, it will eventually turn red, and in this state, you begin to 
lose some speed. Run out, and you will have to continue on foot until you 
refill some Air.

In Sonic Riders, it is important to keep an eye on your Air meter and try to 
exploit as much of it as possible, at the same time aiming not to run out.

Besides riding, Sliding and Boosting consume Air. These are very important 
abilities. Sliding is necessary to navigate the course, and you need to Boost 
to win races.
These are actions that refill amounts of Air:
-Landing from a jump. (even more Air for each trick you did whil jumping)
-Rotating the Control Stick during Automatic Trails
-Grinding (SPEED-Type characters)
-Flying (FLIGHT-Type characters)
-Busting through obstacles (POWER-Type characters)
-Getting Air from Item Capsules

____ 1.4 - Boosting

Hitting either B or Y will execute a Boost. Each Boost takes a chunk out of 
your Air meter.

Boosting jumps your speed up for a short time, before gradually crawling back 
down to what it was before.

Boosting is also how you initiate an attack in races. After boosting there is a 
period of time before you can Boost again. In this time, approaching an 
opponent will cause you to attack them. (I call this state 'Attack Mode')

The speed of your boost depends on the level of your character as well as your 
Gear. On an average Gear, Level 1 characters boost at about 200, and Level 3 
characters can boost as fast as 250. Also, leveled up characters hold their 
boost speed longer.

Boosting will be the primary way you will exploit your Air. If you have more 
than half of your Air meter full, you should probably boost. If you are 
approaching an area where you will refill a significant portion of your Air 
meter, it's probably a good idea to boost right away.

NOTE: If you were in a boost, falling/landing from a drop in the road kills 
your boost. You return to normal speed and can boost again.

NOTE: Do not boost while Sliding! If you do, your boost is locked into whatever 
your speed was at the time. Very bad!

____ 1.5 - Braking

Press the L or R shoulder button (It does not matter which.) to brake. You 
can't be turning when you brake, or else you will Slide instead.

Braking is not often practical and can be ignored for the most part. Generally, 
it may be used to control your speed to help navigate into specific areas, 
after being knocked off course by an opponent or turbulence. (The best place in 
the game for braking that I know of is in Egg Factory, to help maintain a low 
enough speed to keep the rotating machines from hitting you off the course.)

NOTE: Holding down A (which is the Jump Button) slows you down so it /sort of/ 
can be used as a brake! The difference is it doesn't bring you to a complete 
stop, and releasing it causes you to Jump.

____ 1.6 - Sliding

While turning, press L or R shoulder button. (It does not matter which.) This 
will execute a Slide. While sliding you begin to turn very sharply. To release 
the Slide, simply let go of the L/R trigger.

(BEWARE: You have to be turning when you press L/R, or else you will brake 
instead. It's easy to forget and accidentally press L/R right before you begin 
to turn, which will mess you up. Be careful!)

While Sliding, your Air is consumed more rapidly than normal.

Sliding is the most important maneuver in Sonic Riders. You will need it to 
navigate not some, but PRETTY MUCH ALL of the turns in ALL the courses in this 
game if you don't want to hit walls or fall off. This is because normal turning 
is very tight.

The normal way to use Sliding is to simply Slide into a corner, and release the 
Slide when you are ready to exit that turn. But Sliding doesn't have to be used 
just to handle corners -- it can also be used to complement your normal 
turning. Try gently tapping L/R trigger or just pressing it for short amounts 
of time. Using Sliding this way allows you to adjust your direction and 
position faster than you could by turning normally.

____ 1.7 - Slide-Boosting

Holding a Slide for about one and a half seconds gives you a boost of speed 
when you release the Slide. This does not make you go as fast as a normal Boost 
would, but it doesn't consume any extra Air. Players who want to push their 
game to the max might try to Slide-Boost whenever it's practical to do so.

The best way to hold a Slide long enough to Slide-Boost is to use the control 
stick to adjust how sharply you turn while Sliding.

(EXPERT ADVICE: Good players may try practicing Slide-Boosting on a straight 
road! This is useful when you want a small burst of speed without using as much 
Air as a normal Boost would.)

____ 1.8 - Advanced Sliding

Try using the control stick to change your angle during a slide.

As you can probably tell, continuing to press the control stick in the 
direction you were turning when you started the Slide causes you to turn very 

However, centering the control stick during a Slide widens your turn.

And then, holding the control stick in the opposite direction causes you to 
practically stop turning altogether.

In other words, you can pretty much freely adjust the width of your turn during 
a Slide with the control stick. This makes it easy to hold a single Slide 
during longer or wider turns, instead of having to doing multiple short Slides 
to avoid hitting the inside walls. This is very practical for Sliding more 
efficiently and easier in general. And, since you are holding Slides for longer 
periods of time, you can Slide-Boost more often. The only disadvantage is that 
by Sliding more constantly on turns, you consume more Air.

However, on some corners, you may be able to save a little time and Air by 
splitting up your Slides. I'll explain: After about half a second of Sliding in 
one direction, your character stops turning as much. Therefore, starting a new 
Slide completely will continue turning your character even faster. You gotta be 
quick with the shoulder button to take advantage of this. (Playstation users 
probably have it easier here, since their button is smaller.) Try experimenting 
with it once you get the hang of basic Sliding.

____ 1.9 - Jumping

Jumping is primarily used to jump from ramps. If you jump when not on a ramp, 
your character does a pathetic little hop and slows down.

Press and hold down the A button, then release it on a ramp to jump. Jumping 
this way can get you to distant or overhead items or platforms.

When you land, you refill some of your Air. During a jump, you can performs 
tricks which increase even more Air if you land correctly. The longer you held 
down the jump button, the faster you can perform tricks in the air, allowing 
you to perform more tricks. To perform a trick, simply move the control stick 
in any direction while in a jump. Your character will spin in that direction 
and perform a trick. If you are upside down or in the middle of a trick when 
you hit the ground, that is landing incorrectly. (ouch) Landing incorrectly 
slows you down and only gives you a very small amount of Air. But if you land 
normally, you get more Air and are sent off at a speed depending on how many 
tricks you performed.

When you hold down the A button, you begin to slow down gradually, and the 
thrust of your Extreme Gear begins to fizz. When the thrust turns red, that 
indicates that you have charged the maximum amount. At that point you move very 
slowly. Charging your jump to the maximum is normally necessary to reach 
certain platforms and items. Careful timing is needed to charge your jump at 
the right time, so as to spend as little time in this state as possible.

NOTE: If you're not on a ramp, jumping just makes you do a little hop, like I 
said above. This move is sometimes practical. The most obvious use for it is to 
jump onto grind rails if you're playing with a Speed-Type character like Sonic 
or Jet.

____ 1.10 - Long Jump and High Jump

To reach the shortcuts from certain ramps, you will have to know how to 
properly perform long jumps and high jumps.

To do a long jump, you have to hold the jump button down, and charge your jump 
all the way. Then release the button at the edge of the ramp while holding 

To do a high jump, do the same thing, except hold backward instead of forward.

You will have to specifically perform either a high jump or a long jump to 
reach certain shortcuts.

NOTE: On some ramps, you may not have to charge your jump all the way, or not 
have to release the jump at the edge of the ramp, or not have to move the 
control stick, and STILL be able to reach the shortcut. This mainly concerns 
Time Trial junkies who want to find ways of cutting a second or two from their 

____ 1.11 - Ramps

Ramps are the enablers for jumps, and may give you access to higher platforms 
and items. Many times, you have to use one to proceed on the course.

There are three kinds of Ramps. Mandatory ramps, optional ramps, and halfpipe 

 1) Mandatory ramps are the most obvious. They are usually brightly colored and 
cover the entire width of the track. You can't go through without taking them. 
When you reach the edge of a mandatory ramp and haven't jumped, it will make 
you jump automatically. They are usually a main part of the course and take you 
across something to the next trail.

 2) Optional ramps are ramps that only work if you jump from them yourself. You 
will ride over them as if they weren't there unless you press the jump button. 
They are usually used to reach items or higher platforms. Optional ramps may be 
small, not easily noticeable, and may not even look like ramps. (For that 
reason, it may be difficult to tell exactly where these ramps begin and end, 
making it easy to press the jump button at the wrong time and missing them. 
Trail-and-error and memorization may be needed to master certain optional 

 3) Halfpipe sections are only placed against the walls. Instead of pushing you 
forward when you jump from them, they bounce you off. If you don't jump from 
them yourself and ride off the edge, you jump automatically, kind of like a 
mandatory ramp. You may be able reach grind rails, Air Rings, and items from 
halfpipe sections. (Note: Grind rails are very easy to reach from halfpipe 
sections and can always be reached without jumping.)

Performing high jumps or long jumps off ramps may help or may be required to 
reach certain items and platforms.

(In the 'COURSE MAPS' section of this guide, I marked all ramps in the maps 
with R's.)

____ 1.12 - Tricks (Stunts)

Once you're in the air from a ramp, you can perform tricks. Every time you 
press the control stick in a direction in the air, your character rotates in 
that direction and performs a trick at the same time.

The name of the trick scrolls across the top of the screen for each trick you 
perform. The amount of degrees you spin in the air is displayed on the bottom 

The speed which you perform these tricks depends on how much you charged your 
jump. Not charging your jump at all will usually not allow you to perform more 
than one trick in the air, because it will be time to land before you can do 

When you land, you get an amount of Air depending on the number and quality for 
your tricks when you land. You also are graded with a stylized letter, with 'X' 
and 'SS' being among the best grades. In certain missions in Mission Mode, you 
also get a point rating, which can be anywhere from 1-10 points.

The speed which you are sent off when you land is affected by how many tricks 
you performed. If you perform too few, you will to have to accelerate a little 
back to your normal speed. Doing enough tricks will put you at your normal 
speed, or maybe even a little faster, before going back down to your normal 

However, if you land incorrectly, you get no points and less Air than if you 
would have performed no tricks at all. You also have to accelerate from a very 
low speed. Landing incorrectly is when you are upside down or in the middle of 
a trick when you reach the ground.

Performing a lot of tricks is pretty simple. You're actually able to do quite 
well at tricks just by rotating the stick. As long as you charged your jump, 
and keep moving in the air, and land correctly -- you're good to go.

Just keep in mind that you can start a vertical trick while doing a horizontal 
trick, and vice-versa. Merging tricks this way is as almost as good as doing 
two seperate tricks, but it takes less time. (I say almost, because doing them 
seperately is worth even more Air. If you have time while in a jump, seperate 
your tricks!) So, in other words, try to alternate between vertical and 
horizontal directions on the control stick.

Diagonals: A diagonal trick takes about as long as a vertical/horizontal trick 
combo, but usually doesn't refill as much Air. Not only that, you can't bail in 
the middle of it if you think you're too close to the ground. I don't do 
diagonal tricks on purpose anymore. I recommend avoiding them altogether.

The only part of the game where you really need to get the tricks down is in 
Mission Mode. No sweat, since even getting the /maximum amount/ of points on a 
single jump is actually pretty easy.

____ 1.13 - Automatic Trails

At one place in each course in the game, your character is pulled along a 
certain trail or gimmick automatically. I'll just call them Automatic Trails. 
During an Automatic Trail, an indicator will appear on screen that tells you to 
rotate your control stick. While that is on-screen, continually rotating your 
control stick in circles will refill your Air and slightly increase your speed 
on the trail.

Some Automatic Trails allow higher speeds than others. For example, rotating 
the stick in Babylon Garden allows you to increase your speed to high levels. 
On the other hand, rotating the stick in Green Cave barely seems to affect your 
speed at all. However, Air is refilled the same quickly on both of them and 
only depends on how fast you are rotating your stick.

Don't be fooled -- They look different, but all Automatic Trails work the same 
say. All you have to do is rotate the stick. Other than that, you're just 

 Listed here are what the Automatic Trails are in some of the courses:
Metal City: rail lift
Night Chase: rail lift
Splash Canyon: river rapids
Red Canyon: river rapids
Egg Factory: rail lift
Ice Factory: rail lift
Green Cave: giant insect
White Cave: giant insect
Sand Ruins: crossbow charge
Dark Desert: the crazy room!!!!!111

____ 1.14 - Tornado Trap

Pressing both L and R shoulder buttons at the same time causes your character 
to spin around and leave behind a small tornado. Opponents who come in contact 
with the tornado lose all their momentum and come to an almost complete stop.

This is a risky move, because using this attack slows you down and takes a bite 
out of your Air. However, it can be quite devastating. From 2-player races, I 
have observed that this attack interrupts your own turbulence trail and can 
affect opponents who were riding it. So, the ideal time to use it is when the 
racers behind you are riding your turbulence.

____ 1.15 - Item Capsules

Throughout the courses you may find Sonic Adventure style item capsules. If you 
aren't familiar with them, they basically look like capped bubbles. Normally, 
they are spread in a row across the width of the road. Item capsules have a 
card floating inside them indicating what they have. Capsules with a question 
mark "?" in them give you an item at random.

(NOTE: In Time Attack, all Item Capsules with question marks are replaced with 
ones that are fixed to give you +30 Air. If you are using The Crazy or Chaos 
Emerald, they are fixed to give a certain amount of Rings instead.)

Running over an item capsule gives you an item, and a card appears on screen to 
let you know which item you got. Destroyed item capsules respawn in the same 
place soon afterwards.

Here's a list of all the items you can get from Item Capsules:

 - AIR: A card with a small tornado graphic indicates an Air refill. A number 
on the card indicates how much Air you got.
 - RINGS: A card with a ring indicates a Ring pack. A number on the card 
indicates how many Rings you got.
 - INVINCIBILITY: A card with with a glowing, rainbow-colored ball thing 
represents the Invincibility item. When you get them, you become SUPER for a 
short perioid of time in which your character glows and the music is 
interrupted for a new beat. During this time, you can't be attacked and can 
bust through obstacles without slowing down.
 - MAGNET SHIELD: This is represented by an electrical looking circle. For a 
period of time after you get this, an electrical energy covers your character, 
attracting nearby Rings like a magnet.
 - SPEED SHOE: A card with a Shoe represents the Speed Shoe item. This locks 
your speed at about 200 for a short perioud of time. The problem is, if you 
were going /faster/ than 200, the Speed Shoe SLOWS YOU DOWN! To make things 
worse is the fact that 200 is fast only if you don't know how to play.
 - BOMB: When you get this, a large black cartoon bomb rolls down the course. 
The bomb hits racers ahead, knocking them off balance. (The bomb can hurt the 
person who threw it, so watch out.)
 - SLOWDOWN: A card with a Shoe shackled to an Iron Ball represents this item. 
When you get this, your speed is considerably reduced for a short time. (If you 
don't count the Speed Shoe, this is the only negative item.)

Invincibility, Magnet Shield, Shoe, Bomb, and Slowdown items are only attained 
through random item capules. (Capsules with a question mark in them) Normal 
item capsules always give either Rings or Air in a fixed amount.

Besides normal item capsules, most of the courses have at least one Item 
Capsule that's larger than the others, and it's yellow. I'll call these Yellow 
Item Capsules. A Yellow capsule always contains either 100 Rings (yay!) or full 
Air tank refill (meh!) ... Yellow item capsules don't respawn.

(NOTE: After running over an item capsule, you can't get another one for about 
2 seconds. This applies even to Yellow capsules. If you touch one in this time, 
it will just disappear and nothing else will happen.)

(In the 'COURSE MAPS' section of this guide, I marked Item Capsules with o's)

____ 1.16 - Yellow Item Capsules (100 Ring Item)

Each course has at least one Yellow Item Capsule. They are larger than normal 
Item Capsules, and are colored yellow. Unlike normal items, Yellow Item 
Capsules do not respawn once a racer gets it.

Yellow Item Capsules always either contain 100 Rings, or Air Max which 
instantly refills all of your air. Getting the 100 Ring Item is one of the best 
ways to do well in Sonic Riders, since it's the fastest way to level up.

Locations of the 100 Ring Items in the courses:

- Metal City -
 This one is near the start of the course, on the higher level. There is a 
small sign floating above the road. Jump into the left side of it and you will 
grind into the 100 Ring Item.
- Splash Canyon -
 This appears in the first lake, on the right side behind a waterfall.
- Egg Factory -
 Placed on the left side of the path of the rotating machinery. (Slow down to 
avoid getting pushed off the course.)
- Green Cave
 Flight-type characters will have to fly under the 2nd Air Ring to reach the 
stem that leads to it. You can also reach it by doing a trick off turbulence on 
the right stem.
- Sand Ruins -
 In the end of the desert area, and on top of the structure where the Flight 
shortcut ends. Non-Flight characters can reach it by doing a high jump from the 
piece of ruin that falls into the sand from the left.
- Night Chase -
 This appears after the intersection and can be reached by the halfpipe section 
on the right side.
- Red Canyon -
 At the end of the course, in the lake, on the left side, in plain sight.
- Ice Factory -
 Look in the same place as in Egg Factory. It's near the machines, except they 
are not rotating this time.
- White Cave -
 Flight-type uses the ramp at an unusual angle to reach the stem with the Item 
on it. It is also possible to reach the stem by jumping from behind the Flight 
- Dark Desert -
 On the first right hairpin, use the turbulence to break through the ceiling.
- Babylon Garden -
 On the left side, use a ramp to jump over the gap that was blown off and grab 
the Item in the air.
- Sky Road -
 On lap 2, a part of the course is blown off. Use the ramp before the gap to 
reach the Item above it. (The ramp is placed right after double turns and is 
very annoying to get.)
- Babylon Guardian - 
 N/A. (No 100 Ring Item in this course.)
- Digital Dimension -
 In the 'heaven' part, hug left to see it before a Flight Ramp.

(In the 'COURSE MAPS' section of this guide, I marked Yellow Item Capsules with 
either a '3' for 100 Rings, or 'Y' for Air Max.)

____ 1.17 - Rings and Leveling Up

Besides being able to get Rings from Item Capsules, individual Rings are spread 
across each of the courses, normally in rows. Rings respawn just like normal 
Item Capsules.

Collecting Rings allows you to level up, which increases your abilities for the 
remainder of the race.

Collecting 30 Rings upgrades your character to Level 2. (Lv2)

Collecting 60 Rings upgrades your character to Level 3, (Lv3) which is the 
highest level.

See the top left of the screen to see how many Rings you have and your current 

When you level up, your character sparkles and a short jingle plays. Your Air 
tank is filled to max at that instant. (This means leveling up can also be used 
as a way to refill air quickly.)

Leveling up is EXCELLENT! For each higher level, your boost speed is increased. 
Your attacks are also more devastating. The dramatic increase in boost speed is 
the reason that leveling up is so vital to doing well in Sonic Riders. Average 
gear boost at a speed of 200, but when you level up to Lv2 they boost at 230. 
Level up to Lv3, and you will go 250 when you boost.

Getting attacked or falling off the course will bring you back to Lv1. So be 

AIR TANK: When you level up, your Air tank increases, however, you consume Air 
more rapidly and Boosting consumes more Air. Despite this, leveling up is a big 
advantage because it's easy to refill Air quickly.

NOTE: Many characters at higher levels appear differently when they are in 
'Attack mode'. For example, Sonic enters into a good ol' fashioned spin dash, 
and Jet spreads his 'wings'. Besides simply looking cool, this is a useful 
indicator to see if your character is in Attack Mode or not.

____ 1.18 - Attacking

When you Boost, your character is ready to attack for a few seconds until you 
are able to Boost again. Let's call this 'attack mode'. While in this state, 
simply approaching the side of an opponent may initiate an attack.

The intensity of the attack depends on whether you are Lv.1, Lv.2, or Lv.3. 
While at Lv.1, attacking an opponent slows them down, steals Air from them, and 
makes them lose their Rings. (In other words, attacking LEVELS DOWN!) At higher 
levels the attack may also paralyze the character for a few seconds.

Each character has their own attacks -- Knuckles may a throw a punch, Jet slaps 
you with his wing, and so on. But this is just eye candy. All character's 
attacks have the same effect as far as I can tell, and that effect is dependent 
only on their level.

The attacker and the racer being attacked can't move for a second or two. Both 
racers have to wait until the attack animation is played out before they regain 
control again. For this reason, I don't recommend attacking in complex parts of 
the course.

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Since boosting puts a racer in 'attack mode' for such a lengthy 
span of time, it's often that two or more attack-mode racers come in contact 
with each other. When that happens, I don't know how the game decides who gets 

To avoid your attack from backfiring, I recommend keeping side-distance from 
other racers, and to attack only from behind.

____ 1.19 - Turbulence System

At many times, racers create turbulence behind them. Turbulence in this game 
takes the form of a halfpipe shaped road made of wind. You can mount an 
opponent's turbulence from behind where it begins, or by falling into it from 
above, or by pushing in forcefully from the side. While riding turbulence, you 
are automatically sent along it at a steady speed, and you're able to increase 
your speed on it with tricks and bobbing.

Turbulence is not always formed in the same shape of the route the racer who 
created it took. In some parts of courses, turbulence is formed in the same 
position every time, and is created after a racer passes that area. (For 
example, the lead racer takes a certain hairpin turn on the inside. But the 
turbulence on that hairpin turn is always formed near the outside edge.)

In some areas, turbulence never happens. In other areas, it happens very often. 
And, in some areas, two turbulence trails can happen at the same time.

To a trailing racer, turbulence can be an excellent way to catch up to the 
lead, but it can also be a nuisance when you don't want to use it. The lead 
racer or racers can interrupt their turbulence by jumping from a ramp, flying, 
or grinding. It's also possible to make your turbulence lead off the course. 
(For example, in Egg Factory, Flight-Type characters turn right and ride off a 
Flight Ramp. Everyone riding that turbulence will follow it in the same path 
and fall off the course.) There are definitely at least a couple of places 
where you can sabotage your own turbulence this way.

In the courses Babylon Garden and Sky Road, at a specific place there exists 
permanent turbulence. These are part of the course and are not created by 
racers, and will not disappear. These turbulence trails are much wider than 
normal turbulence, and movement on them is much stiffer.

____ 1.20 - Riding Turbulence

You can increase your speed on turbulence by two ways. The first way is 
bobbing. By riding left and right across the center of the turbulence, you can 
increase your speed up to a certain level.
The second way is to perform tricks. To perform a trick from turbulence, you 
first have to look for red arrows to appear along the edge of the turbulence 
trail. When you see them, riding to the edge will cause your character to jump 
up and perform a trick. You don't move as fast when you jump this way, but when 
you land, you refill some Air and your speed on the turbulence trail is 
increased. (By doing tricks, you can reach higher speeds on turbulence trails 
than you could by bobbing. However, you can't go faster than a certain speed on 
turbulence, so doing too many tricks is a waste.)

Red arrows usually appear on turbulence whenever it turns. The arrows will 
appear on the outside of the turn. Arrows may also appear on both sides of the 
turbulence when the trail moves up or down. Arrows always appear below areas 
that can be reached by doing a trick from turbulence.

When you reach the end of the turbulence, your character will dismount gently, 
and gradually return to normal rolling speed. If you reach the racer who was 
creating the turbulence this way, often your character will push that racer out 
of the way.

You can dismount turbulence manually by pressing both L and R shoulder buttons 
at the same time. Your character will spin around and get off the turbulence, 
and will return to rolling speed. For a few seconds after you dismount 
turbulence this way, you can't ride turbulence again and will be able to move 
through all turbulence trails as if they weren't there. (Note: When you do 
this, your character looks like as if he/she was creating a Tornado trap, but 
really isn't, so you're not losing Air.)

In a few specific areas, there are rooms/platforms that can be reached by doing 
tricks off turbulence. When your character leaps to do a trick in these places, 
he/she will go through the ceiling and land in a new place.

____ 1.21 - Grind Rails (SPEED-Type)

Speed-Type characters are able to grind on rails. Sonic, Jet, and Amy are 
Speed-Type characters.

Grind rails will appear as floating rails. The beginning of the rail will be 
lit in a blue light. The end of the rail will have a red light.

To land on a grind rail, you first have to jump. Then, after jumping, tap the 
jump button again in the air, and your character land on the grind rail. You 
then begin to grind automatically along the rail at a specific speed. You can 
jump from the rail at any time by hitting the jump button. While grinding, your 
Air is being refilled.

(You can press the jump button any time in the air -- It doesn't have to be 
right when you touch the rail. As long as you press it in the air, before you 
reach the rail, you will land on the rail automatically.) If you didn't press 
the jump button in the air, your character will fall through a grind rail as if 
it wasn't there.

Besides jumping onto grind rails from the ground, many rails are also reached 
by ramps or simply by falling onto them. Simply hitting the jump button in the 
air will cause you to start grinding along a rail when you fall onto it.

While on a grind rail, your character moves at a specific speed along it, 
depending on which rail it is. One rail may take you along it at 180 speed, and 
another may be set to take you at 240. The rate that your Air is refilled 
depends on how fast you are moving on the grind rail.

In many cases, grind rails are placed next to each other in sequence. You are 
able to jump from one rail to the next. Keep an eye out for the red light which 
indicates the end of a rail, as well as the blue light which indicates the 
start of a new rail. In many cases, not landing the next rail will cause you 
fall off the course.

(In the 'COURSE MAPS' section of this guide, I marked all grind rails in the 
maps with lowercase g's, with the beginning of the rail marked with a capital 

____ 1.22 - Flight Ramps and Air Rings (FLIGHT-Type)

Flight-Type characters are affected by Flight Ramps and Air Rings. Tails and 
Wave are Flight-Type characters.

Flight Ramps are ramps marked with a yellow pattern on them. They're not like 
the other ramps in the game, because nothing happens when you jump from then. 
However, riding over them as a Flight-Type character will cause you to fly off 
of them. While flying, your Air is increased very quickly.

While flying, you are being automatically propelled forward in the air. 
Pressing down causes you to go up, and pressing up causes you to go down. You 
can turn left and right.

Usually, large floating rings are placed after a Flight Ramp. I prefer to call 
these Air Rings. Going through an Air Ring pushes you in that direction. Air 
Rings are always set up in sequence to be a shortcut, or to take you to a 
shortcut or an item. Only in a few specific cases is it practical to stray from 
the path of Air Rings. You usually have to steer your character a little to 
make it through the Air Rings.

After flying for a period of time without going through an Air Ring, your 
character slows down and begins to fall.

Some Air Rings have to be accessed without using a Flight Ramp. These are 
reached from a ramp or halfpipe section. Going through an Air Ring causes you 
to begin flying.

(In the 'COURSE MAPS' section of this guide, I marked all Flight Ramps in the 
maps with F's. I marked the paths that the Air Rings lead with a's, with the 
first Air Ring of that path marked with a capital A.)

____ 1.23 - Breakable Obstacles (POWER-Type)

Power-Type characters can break through certain obstacles without losing speed. 
Knuckles and Storm are Power-Type characters.

This is the simplest character-type ability to use. Simply go through an 
obstacle, and your character will smash through it, and regain some Air. 
Smashing through multiple obstacles in succession refills even more Air then it 
would if you smashed things one by one.
The only downside to this ability is that when you're approaching a bunch of 
obstacles, it may be hard to see where you're going. Practice and course 
memorization can negate this drawback.

Not everything on the track can be affected by Power-Type's ability, but most 
small obstacles and designated barricades can.

Some of the obstacles you can destroy and the courses they're in:
 - cars, trucks (in Metal City and Night Chase)
 - barrels, signs (in Splash Canyon and Red Canyon)
 - robots, cans (in Egg Factory and Ice Factory)
 - signs, grapes (in Green Cave and White Cave)
 - statues, stones (in Sand Ruins and Dark Desert)
 - pillars, rubble (in Babylon Garden and Sky Road)

(In the 'COURSE MAPS' section of this guide, I marked all smash-able obstacles 
in the maps with B's.)

____ 1.24 - Out of Air and On Foot

When you run out of Air, your character dismounts their Extreme Gear and begins 
running on foot, just like in the countdown before the race. When this happens, 
you have to control your character just like in the countdown, so you have to 
press forward to keep moving. You remain in this state until you refill any 
amount of Air.

Your character accelerates slowly in this state, and can only run as fast as 
150. However, if your character was moving fast when he/she ran out of air, 
your character will retain some of that speed, but quickly slows back down to 
150. Your cornering suffers too, because you can't Slide.
Running out of Air isn't devastating, and there are plenty of ways to get back 
some Air even in this state. The most obvious method is to go to an Air Pit. 
When an Air Pit is near you when you are out of Air, an arrow actually appears 
on-screen to point you in its general direction.

You can still refill Air in other ways as normal, so Air Pits aren't necessary. 
Going over a mandatory ramp, a halfpipe section, or an Automatic Trail refills 
Air as normal and gets you back on your Gear. Also, Power-Type characters can 
refill some air just by running into an obstacle, just like always. You can 
also refill air by getting Air from an item capsule, and getting enough Rings 
to level up.

While out of Air you can mount turbulence and ride it just as if you had Air. 
You can perform tricks from turbulence to refill Air.

Some things you can and can't do when out of Air:

 - You can't jump manually. On mandatory ramps, however, you will jump 
automatically when you reach the edge.
 - You /can/ go through Air Rings and land grind rails. (Normally it's not 
possible to reach them without jumping, although in certain places there are 
ways of reaching them regardless.)
 - You aren't affected by Flight Ramps. (aww!)

At times when you are out of air, some things like bumping into a wall or 
falling will cause your character to get back on his/her Extreme Gear for a 
short time. This is a result of lazy animators. (In this game, there are no 
animations for characters getting bumped while not on their Gear. Good work 
Sega!) You are still out of Air, so don't be confused.

____ 1.25 - Choosing your Character and Gear

Each character is either a Speed, Flight, or Power type. Speed-Type characters 
can use grind rails. Flight-Type characters can use Flight Ramps and Air Rings. 
Power-Type characters can break through obstacles.

In addition, each character is rated in Dash, Limit, Power, and Cornering. The 
rating appears as a number of stars. For the most part, it appears the ratings 
are misleading. I won't cover them further. I strongly recommend ignoring them. 
(Many players have avoided the strongest characters in the game because they 
went by the ratings, and not the abilities that the characters actually have 
that are unlisted.)

With that in mind, I'll go over the noteworthy, confirmed differences between 
the characters:

 - Sonic, Jet, Amy, Shadow, E-10000R, and Ulala are Speed-Type characters.
 - Tails, Wave, Cream, Rouge, and Nights are Flight-Type characters.
 - Knuckles, Storm, Eggman, E-10000G, and Aiai are Power-Type characters.
 - Eggman can only ride bikes.
 - E-Green and E-Red can only ride boards.
 - Ulala can't ride bikes.
 - Every character comes with their own starting Gear that only they can use, 
except for Shadow and Eggman.
 - Sonic is the only character with more than one exclusive Gear. Besides his 
starting Gear, Blue Star, he also has Blue Star II, and Chaos Emerald.
 - Sonic's spin dash attack seems take up less time than the attacks of other 
 - Some characters have higher max rolling speeds than others. Another FAQ 
writer, WtR_Flash, has confirmed the maximum rolling speeds for all of the 
characters. (Note: Boost speed is the same regardless of your character. Your 
boost speed depends only on what Gear you use.)
 - Tails, Shadow, and AiAi boost for a longer period of time than all the other 
characters. For this reason, these three are quite apparently the BEST 
CHARACTERS IN THE GAME. (When Sonic is leveled up, his boost length seems to be 
on par with Shadow's. I haven't confirmed if any other characters are like 
this. But at level 1, there's no doubt that Shadow, Aiai, and Tails have the 

After selecting a character, you then choose an Extreme Gear to use. Extreme 
Gear's stats are merged with your characters and can alter your maximum rolling 
speed, cornering, and so on. Besides that, some Extreme Gear can affect boost 
speed, air consumption, add character abilities, even TAKE AWAY your ability to 
do certain maneuvers. There is a vast selection of Gear with different 
abilities. Some examples of Gear:

 "Destroyer" - This Gear grants Power-Type abilities to Speed-Type and Flight-
Type characters, allowing them to smash through obstacles.
 "Air Tank" - This Gear has a larger Air tank, but has a lower boost speed.
 "Trap Gear" - Using this, you can drop Tornadoes without using Air, but you 
can't boost.

To learn about the effect of all the Extreme Gear in the game, see the 'GEAR 
LISTINGS' part of this guide.

____ 1.26 - Dash Plates

Dash Plates are those gray plates. Ride over them for a boost of speed. They 
push you forward in the direction they are pointing at a certain speed, 
depending on which Dash Plate it is. (for example, one Dash Plate may be set to 
200, while another at 180) After about a half second, you regain control of 
your character and then, your speed gradually crawls back to normal.

The secret: if you are going faster than the speed of the dash plates, then 
running over them will actually /slow you down/. (what a rip off) Advanced 
players may want to avoid dash plates at certain places for this reason.

(In the 'COURSE MAPS' section of this guide, I marked all dash plates in the 
maps with D's.)

____ 1.27 - Air Pits

Air Pits are those orange things. Can't miss 'em. If you are out of Air, an 
indicator appears on screen if you are near an Air Pit, with an arrow pointing 
you in its general direction.

When you run or ride over an Air Pit, you come to a complete stop as your Air 
is quickly being refilled. You can dismount an Air Pit at any time by pressing 
the jump button, or wait until you refill your entire tank and dismount 
automatically. You don't have to accelerate from an Air Pit, because it pushes 
you off at rolling speed.

If you know what you're doing, you will generally never need to use an Air Pit. 
But, never underestimate them! Remember, they refill Air pretty quickly, push 
you off at a good speed, and you can get off at any time by pressing the jump 

(NOTE: Air Pits take longer to refill your Air if you are leveled up, because 
your Air tank is larger.)

(In the 'COURSE MAPS' section of this guide, I marked all Air Pits in the maps 
with P's.)

____ 1.28 - The Clock

No real strategy here but I wanted to address this:

In all modes of play in Sonic Riders, the top center of the screen will have a 
clock counting how much time has passed in the race. It's a pretty useful thing 
to have in Mission Mode and Time Attack, but in split screen races it is a real 
nuisance. That annoying clock is in the same place, even in multiplayer.

In 3 and 4 player split screen races, the top two players will share the burden 
of the clock. But it's not such a big deal then.

In two player split screen, the top player has his view ahead obscured by the 
clock. It's quite an embarassing downfall of multiplayer mode. If you must play 
2-player, I recommend making sure that the more experienced player uses the top 
screen out of good sportsmanship, or try to use any other method to make it 
fair. (Maybe take turns, or give it to the loser of the last race, or make it 
so you can't pick stronger characters or gear unless you use the top screen, 

Prepare for the clock, before it prepares for YOU.




____ 2.0 - Explanation and Map Legend

Here I placed ASCII representations of courses featured in Story and Grand Prix 
modes, and advice for each of the three character types Speed, Flight, and 
Power. (I will refer to them by those names. Example "Power should use this 
shortcut.") These are representative maps, which means they are not totally to 
scale, so you may have to use a little imagination. However, they will include 
placement of boost plates, items, and many other course features. I made these 
with the presumption that you have played these courses before. The purpose of 
the maps is to present all of the paths and items available in each area.

For each course, I will cover the entire course seperated into 2-6 or maybe 
more sections. Many parts of the course are multi-tiered and may contain 
several roads directly on top of another. In these cases, I represent each 
level seperately, and mark which ones are the higher and which are lower, and 
where they lead and from where they start.

I marked course features like items and ramps with characters. Here is a list 
of what each character represent:

 'START' 'END' or 'FINISH' - Starting/finish line
 'o' or 'ooo' - Item capsules
 'RAMP' or 'R' - a Ramp (any type)
 'D' - Dash plates
 'B' - an obstacle or robot that Power can destroy
 'X' - an obstacle that can't be destroyed
 'G' - start of a grind rail (blue-lit rail)
 'ggg' - Grind rail
 'F' - Flight Ramp
 'A' - beginning of an Air Ring path
 'aaa' - Air Ring path
 '3' - Yellow Item Capsule containing 100 Rings (yay!)
 'Y' - Yellow Item Capsule containing Air (booo!)
 'e' - In Egg Factory, these mark the path which the rotating machinery goes 
 '^' 'v' '' - I put them on the maps to tell what direction you race in, 
and therefore which direction to read the map. (I may place other words or 
indicators on the map that will be self-explanatory or explained in the 

Further explanation of my method for mapping grinds and Air Ring paths:

A simple grind may look like this:
Gggggg    g    gggg

The capital G notes where the grind rail begins. Here is what a double rail 
might look like:

      gggg               ggg
Gggggg    g    gggg  Gggg

In that case, you would have to quickly jump from the end of one rail to make 
it to the next. Otherwise, you'd fall off the first rail. I confirm these 
instances in the walkthrough for that section of the course.

Ggggggggggggg                    Gggggggggggggg
                       -OR-                Ggggggggg

That represents a two rails with the second starting alongside the first. You 
have more time to jump to the second rail than you do in the last example. I 
confirm these instances in the walkthrough for that section of the course.

        |        |
 Ggggggg|        |gggg
        |        |

That represents a grind rail going under a piece of the track and continuing on 
the other side.

All these are representations of grind rails, and so I wont actually shape them 
in the same directions they go in the course. I will only try to put their 
starting and end points in the right place, because as I figure it, that's all 
that matters.

I did Air Ring paths much in the same way. I won't mark the Air Rings, only the 
first Air Ring with an 'A' and then smaller a's going along to the point where 
the Air Ring path ends. In some cases, however, you can deviate from where the 
Air Rings lead for practical results. If I catch these instances, I might mark 
where the alternate route leads with a single small 'a', like this:

F Aaaa

That lone 'a' means you can abandon the flight path and land there. When these 
show up, I may go into detail about it in the walkthrough.

Well I hope that didn't take too much of your time. 8|

First course:
Metal City

____ 2.1 - METAL CITY

It's recommended to boost wisely in this wide open course. You should also to 
take the higher level from the ramp at the end of the course, in order to skip 
the Automatic Trail and save time. Definitely go for the 100 Ring Item at the 
start of the course, on the higher level.

Power: Power has the advantage in Metal City. Power has a steady supply of cars 
and trucks to bash for most of the course, whereas Speed and Flight have to 
deal with avoiding them. Power should take the road on the road at the 
intersection, going through the truck trailer.
Flight: Flight should go through the Air Rings both times in this course. The 
first path of Air Rings has a item in it with some rings. A nice bonus! The 
second Air Ring path is at the intersection.

Speed: Speed may not even want to bother with the grind rail on the lower level 
and stay on the higher level instead. But Speed should definitely try to take 
the rail off the halfpipe section at the intersection.

Here's the first section. As with most of the maps here, they are read from the 
bottom, going up, and then whatever directions the road goes.
          _________________________                 __________________         
         /                         \               /                   \
        /                           \             /                     \
       /                             \           /                       \
      /                              |          /                         \
     /           gggg  Ggg           |         /                           \
    /            g    _  g           |        /               _             \
   |             g   / \ g           |       /               / \             \
   |             G   | | g           |      |                | |              |
   |                 | |             |      |                | |              |
   |                 | |             |      |                | |              |
   |                 | |   D D D D   |      |                | |   D D D D    |
  -->--           - Robot Conveyer Belt >>      
     |       _       |                     POWER SHORTCUT
     |      | |      |              ____________________________
     |      | |      |             |            D      D       D|
     |      | |      |             |     _______D______D____    |
     |      | |      |             |    |                ___|   |
                 ^^^^              |DDDD|            >>         |
   (to A.T.)      (from            |    |            >>  ______P|
                 generator         |    |
                   area)           \    /

Loserville is an annoying part of the course that takes more time than the 
other two paths. It's pretty easy to end up going here on accident and one 
usually takes this path if they don't know any better. Anyway, this is just a 
left hairpin turn into the Automatic Trail that takes you back to the 
beginning. There are a couple of robots hanging out, and purple robot parts 
being dragged across from the conveyer belt on the top. It's tricky just to not 
get hit. You had to take a ramp to get here, and an Automatic Trail to get out, 
so it's very slow.

I put the rest of the Power shortcut starting with the same hairpin turn from 
the last section. The rest is just one more high speed stretch, a left turn and 
a ramp. The ramp puts you in the same place the Automatic Trails take you. Not 

Green Cave

____ 2.4 - GREEN CAVE

Flight: Flight has the clear advantage in this course since only Flight can 
access all the stems, which gives it access to the best shortcut, and also the 
100 Ring Item. Flight should get the 100 Ring Item using an unusual shortcut on 
the first lap. You should have no trouble winning a race in Green Cave as 

Power: Power has fun and effective shortcuts, both of which are placed behind 
the signs on the walls. Go through the signs to jet through areas specifically 
for Power.

Speed: Speed could be better in this course, especially considering how 
difficult it is to land a couple of its rails here. The two rails on the spiral 
turn are okay, but the one later in the course is kind of short and awkward to 
land. There is also a hidden rail in this course, which is the toughest rail to 
land in the entire game, but thankfully, it's quite a good one. Only experts 
should attempt to land it!

Other than that, all racers should do the high jump at the ramp before the 
webs. It's an easy and effective shortcut that you'd be crazy not to take.

The first part of Green Cave takes you straight and downhill, off a ramp.

     |           S           D                R
     |           T >         D                R
     |           A >         D                R
     |           R >         D                R

You land on the next section, shown below. (Read from the bottom, going up.

                             /            \
                            /              \______
                           /                \___  \
                          /         _        \  | | < A.T.
                         /         //\        | | |
                        |         |/ /|       | / /
                        |         B / |       |/ /
                        |         B/ /  DDDDD  \/
                        | g       | |           |
                        | g       |
                        | g       |
                        | g       |
               ggggggggggg        |
            __g_________|__ooooo  |
           /  g            \      |
          /    ggG ggg     P\     |
         /            g      \    |
        /          _   g      \  /
       |          / \  g       |/
        \         \_/| g       |
         \           | G       |
          \          |         |
           \_________|         |
                     |         |

(I should point out that the grind path I laid out here for the second rail is 
not the actual way that rail goes in the course. The beginning and end of the 
rail is in the right place on this map, but the rail in the game actually stays 
on the road as it spirals, not off the track like in the map.)

Speed should take the grind rail and jump to the second one from the first.

(COOL NOTE: The neat thing about that grind rail is that you can land the 
second one without jumping! Simply hit the jump button /as soon/ as you fall 
off the first grind, and you'll connect the second one like magic! Practice it 
a little. It's so fast and cool! yaaay)

Flight and Power will have to Slide around the entire spiral turn. (This is a 
good place to practice Slide-boosting.)

When the course evens out, note the sign on the right side of the road with 
arrows painted on it, before the hairpin turn. Power needs to ram through it, 
to go through a weird and short Automatic Trail that takes it around the 
hairpin at a high speed. Yes, there are Dash Plates here, but it's still an 
A.T. so be sure to rotate that joystick for the extra Air. (NOTE: Be sure to 
point your character into that wall and not just turn into it, or else you'll 
bounce off it. You know, kind of like a rock skipping off water. Or a space 
shuttle vs. the atmosphere. You know what I mean!)

Speed and Flight will have to Slide around that hairpin turn, into the next 
section. Here's the next section, starting with the Dash plates from the last 
section. (Read from the bottom, going up.) Here is where it starts to get 
CRAZY. Check this out:

A.T. to            |_______________________
shortcut <          _D___aaa___________o_  |
         <  _______|       a             | |
            _______        aaaaaaaa      | |
                   |__________    a      | |
 A.T. to <          _D______  |   a      | |
 normal  <         |        | |   a      |o|
  path   <         |________| |___a____  | |
         <          _D______| |___a__  | |a|
            _______|        | |   a  | | | |
            _______         | |   a  | |
A.T. to  <         |________| |___a__| |_____
shortcut <     3    _D___a__| |_o_a_a| |_____
            _______|        | |   a  | | 
                            |o|   a  |o|
                            | |   a  | |
                      ^^ VERY REPRESENTATIONAL ^^
                            | |   a  | |
                            | |_  A  | |
                           |    |   |   |
                           | R  |_F_|   |
                           |            |
                           |            |
                           |            |
                           |            |
                           | P oooooo P |
                           |            |
                           |            |
                           |            |
                           /\  D D D D  /
                          / /|         |
                     (from      ^ ^ ^
                      A.T.)   (from last section)  

The first section is pretty straightforward. Speed and Power will have to take 
either of the two stems on the side to progress. For some reason, the left stem 
has a ramp placed before it that mostly serves to slow you down if you don't 
avoid it. For this reason I prefer to go right. The right stem also allows you 
to access a higher stem by doing a trick off turbulence.

(Once the stems begin, then it gets complicated. I tried to map it as best I 
could... in 2D... and in ASCII. Needless to say, this particular map only 
loosely represents the positions of everything in the actual game, but I think 
it does a good job showing everything hidden in this area.)

Flight can just embarrass everyone else and take the Flight Ramp in the middle 
to gain access to an impressive shortcut.

But beyond that, Flight can ignore the later Air Rings and take a different 
path to access a secret fourth stem, that has access to a 100 Ring Item. To get 
to that one, take the first Air Ring off the Flight Ramp, but try to descend to 
avoid the second Air Ring and land on the nearby stem. If you are led to a 100 
Ring Item, you know you landed on the right one. (Time Attack Tech: This stem 
actually seems to be the fastest out of all four, even after you get the 100 
Ring Item.)

(Non-Flight characters can get the 100 Ring Item by doing a trick from 
turbulence, from the stem on the right side.)

If you practice flying around in that area, you can land farther up on the 
stems. Going under the second Air Ring can gain access to any of the landing 
points I marked on the map on the 'a'. It doesn't seem worth the trouble, but 
for some reason there are items further back on those stems. (This course was 
clearly designed by devious people!)

Depending on which stem you took, you will be dropped off in different places 
after the Automatic Trail. The normal stems lead to the normal path, whereas 
Flight's stem and the 100 Ring Item stem lead to a shorter path.

NOTE: The Automatic Trail in this course doesn't give you much of an 
opportunity to increase your speed. You're pretty much locked at 146, and 
spinning the stick can make it alternate from 146 to 148 barely a difference at 
all. For that reason, you can choose to stop rotating the stick on this part 
once you already filled your Air. (EXTRA NOTE: I've seen myself go up to 150 on 
this part, somehow.)

Here's the next section. (Read from the bottom, going up.)

                      (high jump
                     to reach webs)
                        ^^  ^^
                       |      |
                       |      |
                       |      |
                       |      a
                       |      |a
                       |     g| a
                       |     g|  a
                     _/       gg  a
                  __/      DD | g  a
                _/          _ |  g  aa
               /P        __/| |g g    aa
              |        _/   |Y|g  g     aa
              |       /        g   G      aa 
              |       \________g_______     aa
              |                        \_R    a
              |             D             \R   a
               \        ____D_______        \R  a
                \       \      g    \_       \R A
                 \   G   \     g      \       \R
                  \   R   \    g       |       |R
                   \   A   \   G     _/        /R
                    \   P   \      _/         /
                     \   E   \  __/         _/
                      \   S   \/ o        _/
                       \    _/B  oo     _/
                        \  /B     oo _P/
                        _\/B        /
                      _/           |
                    _/              \
                   /  D     __       \
                  /    D   /  \       \
                 /      D /    \       \
                /        /     |P       \
               |        |       \_       \
                \        \__      \  ^^^
                 \_     D   <        (from
                   \_  D    <        Flight
                     \____  <         stems)

The two paths quickly meet up. On the left there will be another painted wall 
just like the one before, and once again Power can break through. Beyond it is 
the grape zone, which is full of obstacles that Power can smash. Just like last 
time, remember to point into that wall. It's a bit harder here since you're 
normally coming from a right turn.

Just beyond it, way down in the pit on the left, there is a TOP SECRET GRIND. 
It's out of sight unless you deliberately look for it, and impossible to land 
consistently without blatant memorization of its location and quite a bit of 
practice. Although, if you can hit that rail at will, you are a grind ninja!

From the secret rail, you can land the second rail without jumping. I prefer to 
ignore it, it seems plenty fast enough to just land back on the road.

The second rail can be mounted from the course as normal. This is good for 
Speed players who aren't ambitious enough to get the secret one.

Anyway, there is a halfpipe section going up along the right side of the left 
turn. Flight can gain access to an Air Ring, to ensure its dominance in this 

(Note: There is an unusual stem branching out from the last turn with an Air 
Max item on it. It can be reached by going off the edge of the normal track 
over to it. Power should be able to get it easily coming out of the grape zone 
since he/she would be at the right angle.)

Doing a high jump off the ramp will get you straight to the spider webs above, 
which take you back to the finish line after a dramatic leap over the jungle's 
canopy. Otherwise, you have you go through an additional part of the course, 
which I like to call the Hairpin of Shame.

Either way, you fall and land in front of the finish line.

Hairpin of Shame:

  >    |                  \
  >    |                   \
  >    |______________     |
        ______________|    |
       R                   |
  R                   /

Sand Ruins

____ 2.5 - SAND RUINS

Flight: Flight has it the best in this course, since the Flight Ramp takes it 
right into the platform with the 100 Ring Item on it. Flight can take the Air 
Rings in the cave as well. Really, Flight's shortcuts cover a lot of distance 
in Sand Ruins.

Speed: Speed should totally ignore the grind rails in the desert and take the 
dash plates instead, or simply boost. In the cave, however, the first two rails 
are worth taking, but ignore the third.

Power: Power /seems/ underpowered in this course, and barely even has a 
shortcut. The underground tunnel in the desert is too slow, and other than 
that, all there is besides that is a couple of dumb statues in the cave. At 
least Power doesn't have to concentrate too much in this course. In any case, 
that seems all there is to Power.

Speed and Power can get the 100 Ring Item on the platform in the desert, but 
they will have to do a well-timed high jump from a small piece of ruin.

Here's the first section. (Read from the bottom, going up.)

                  ___/           \
              ___/                \
           __/                     \
         _/             ___         \_                 ___
        /              /  Y\          \               /  Y\
       /              /     \          \             /|RR| \
      /              /       \          \           / |  |  \
     |              /         \          |            |  |
     |   P ooooo DD|  SHIFTY  |          |            |  |
     |             |  SANDS   |          |            /  /
     |             |         /  ooooo P  |           /  /
     |             |        /DD          |           |  |
      \             \______/            /            |  |
       \              BB               /
        \_                           _/           UNDERGROUND
          \__                     __/
             \___             ___/
                 \___ D D ___/
                     |   |
                     |   |
                   __|   |__
                 _/  ^^^^^  \_
                /    START    \
               /               \
              |                 | 
               \               /
                \_  P     P  _/
                  \_       _/
                    |     |
                    | ^^^ |

Out of the coliseum, you enter a wide desert area with a mound of shifting 
sands in the center. (The shifting sands make you go veeery slow, so you're 
supposed to go around either side.) Power can break through the slab in front 
of the mound of shifty sands to access an underground path. The path leads to a 
ramp, which takes you /over/ the Air Max item, and on your way to the next 

If you're not Power (and maybe, even if you are) then you want to go right and 
run over those Dash Plates, and head straight for that ramp. Going left is a 
less direct route, so it doesn't seem practical.

Off the ramp, you fall into the next section. (Read from the bottom, going up 
then right, then down.)

                          g            g
                 gggg Ggggg            gggggggg
                g  _g__________________________g____
               g  / g     ggggggg    P          g   \
              g  /   ggggg                       g   \
             g  /            D   D   D   D            \
             g /             X   X   X   X             \
             g/        XX                      X        \
             g             _________________             \
            /g            /                 \             \
           / g           /                   \   oooooo    \
          /  G          /     aaaaaaaaa       \             \
         /             /   aaa     ____a______ \       RAMP  \          \ \             \
     /             /                  \_RRRRRRRR_\ \__RRRRRRRRR__\

Okay, in this section the sands will be shifting at certain parts. 
Specifically, at the two turns in this section. The sands will be pushing you 
toward the inside. Compensate so you don't fall in.

A simple and effective route through this area for any character would be to 
stick to the left and go inside the pillars, running over all four pairs of 
dash plates. (Before that part, there is a piece of ruins in the way, so you 
can't go straight through. You will have to go either left or right around it. 
Either way is fine.) After that, simply continue normally.

Flight should definitely take the Flight Ramp at the beginning of this section, 
on the right side. Following through the Air Rings would place you on the 
higher platform, giving you the 100 Ring Item. The higher platform also grants 
you the option to access the higher level of the next section, should you want 
to go there for some reason.

Speed has access to a grind rail at the start which pointlessly leads halfway 
through the dash plate area. However, at the rail's peak you can jump to a 
second rail which goes around the roof of the dash plate area. /Both rails/ are 
a waste of time.

Both ramps at the edge of this section leap you across to the next section. 
However, doing a long jump from the /higher/ platform can put you on a higher 
level in the next section. (Although the lower level is just fine.)

A piece of ruins falls near the end of this section, creating a small optional 
ramp. If you do a high jump off it, you will get to the higher section. Non-
Flight players can use it to get the 100 Ring Item up there, but you gotta be 
careful to be in the exact position to get the Item when you land up there, or 
else you will pass it.

Below is the next section. It is three floors on top of each other. I put each 
floor seperately side by side. Each floor is read from the bottom, going up. 
The one of the left is the lowest floor. The one of the right is the highest.

                               |P        P|
                               |_        _|
                               |          |     |  ^^  ^^  |            |           |
      |          |            (from downhill)          |           |
      |  ^^  ^^  |                                     |  D D D D  |
      | (uphill) |                                     |  o o o o  |
      |_        _|                                     |           |
      |          |                                     |        a  |
      | g  __    |                                     |_________a_|
      |g  /  \   |              __________                        a
      | g \__/   |             |RR  RR  RR|                        a
      |  g       |             |__      __|                         a
      |   g      |                |    |                             a
      |RR  g   RR|              __|____|__                            a
      |RR   g  RR|             |   |                           a
      |      g   |             |__________|             ___      ___  a
      |       g  |             |   |            |RRR|    |RRR| a
      |    __  g |             |__________|            |   |    |   | a
      |   /  \  ggggggggggggggg|    DD    |gggggggg    |g  |    |   | a
      |   \__/   |             |__      __|       g  gggg  |    |   | a
      |          |                |    |          g  g |   |    |   | a
      |          |              __|_BB_|__        g  G |   |    |   | a
      |          |             |   |        g   |   |    |   | a
      |          |             |__________|         g  |D D|____|D D| a
      |          |             |   |          g |            | a
      |          |             |__________|           g|            | a
      |          |             |   |           G|g           | a
      |          |             |__________|            |g___________| a
      |          |           gg|          |gggggggggggggg             a
      |          |           g |RR  BB  RR|                           a
      |          |           g |          | Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
      |          |           G |          |__                       a
      |__________|           __|DD      DD|FF|        ______________A_
                            |                |       | RR          RR |
       LOWER FLOOR          |                |       |                |
   (you fall/grind here)    |                |       |                |
                            |                |       | DD          DD |
                            |                |       |                |
                            |__            __|       |__            __|
                               |          |             |          |
                               |          |             |          |
                               |          |             |  o o o o |
                               |__________|             |__________|
                                   ^^^^                     ^^^^
                               MIDDLE FLOOR             HIGHEST FLOOR
                              (from desert)    (long jump from higher platform)

Middle floor Speed: Speed can land the grind rail on the left. It goes straight 
up and attempts to drop you off on the highest floor. From that rail, you can 
land the second rail which takes you all the way to the end of this room, at 
the bottom level. Near the beginning of the 2nd rail rail, you have two chances 
to land on a THIRD rail which abruptly turns back right and drops you off on 
the highest floor a little further down. The third rail is a joke, so I'd just 
land that second rail and stay on it.

Middle floor Flight: Flight can use the Flight Ramp which jets you to the end 
of the section on the highest floor.

Middle floor Power: Power has to just go straight through the middle and smash 
the occasional statue. Watch out for the platforms that move side to side. I 
marked these platforms with the word ''. This is actually a pretty 
direct route even though there isn't much stuff to break.

Middle floor Ramps: The first row of ramps on this floor take you to the 
platform above on the highest floor, just as the row of ramps at the end of 
this floor take you to the platform above at the end of the highest floor. 
Remember to high jump off either row of ramps otherwise you won't reach the 
higher level.

Highest floor Flight: Flight can do a jump off the right ramp at the beginning 
of this section to reach an Air Ring. (High jump works.) The Air Rings meet up 
with the ones Flight uses from the middle floor, and take you to the same 
place: the last platform on the highest level.

Highest floor Ramps: The ramps on the first two platforms on this floor can 
take you to the next platform if you do a long jump. Otherwise, you fall to the 
lower level. The ramps on the last platform in this floor don't lead anywhere 
so I recommend skipping them unless you're short on Air.

Lower floor: You end up on this floor if you used the grind rail, or if you 
fell. The only ramps on this floor appear at the end. The ramps allow you to 
get to the middle level ramps, which in turn can get you to the highest level. 
I just ignore them.

At the end of that section, the lower floor goes uphill and becomes the same 
level as the middle floor. All the floors converge to this this road. You lose 
a lot of speed on that uphill. I recommend boosting in the middle of it to keep 
the loss of speed to a minimum.

Here's a side view representation of the end of this section.

__          ______
__|        |______|

__________         ___________ ---> to next section
__|__|____|     __/
      | |    __/

Below is the next section, starting with the Air Pits from the last section. 
(Read from the bottom, going up.)

                         |             |_____
                         |              _____
    _____________________|         ____|
   |              P    o          |
   |                   o          |
   |                   o          |
   |         __________o__________|
   |        |_-statues-_|__________
   |                              |
   |                              |
   |              D    B          |
   |______________D____B_         |
                         |        |
                         |        |
                         | D D D D|
                         |        |
                         |        |
                         | o o o o|
                         |        |
                         |        |
                         |P      P|
                         |        |

Anyone can take the dash plates on the left, but Power can hug the inside even 
more aggressively and go through the block.

The inside of the hairpin turn is occupied by statues. At times, the statues 
will sink into the ground, clearing up the inside of the turn. (They raise and 
lower exactly like the pillars in the first desert area.) Keep an eye on the 
statues and take the turn the earliest you can. I haven't confirmed what causes 
the statues to raise and lower. (I've been told that Power can break one of the 
statues. I'm too lazy at this point to confirm this.)

After the hairpin, the road becomes crooked on your way to the final room. Try 
to go in straight at an angle, so you don't have to turn.

In the last room, you are loaded up on crossbows. This counts as an Automatic 
Trail. If you spin the joystick enough times, you land on top of the coliseum 
at the beginning of the course. Otherwise, you land in the sand before the 
coliseum. (Landing on top is better. And yes, I had to check. :[

Night Chase

____ 2.6 - NIGHT CHASE

This is a grueling but deceptively short night course that's covered with 
police cars over the course's long, otherwise blank stretches of road. For that 
reason, this course is biased in favor of Power, while being quite frustrating 
for Speed and Flight. Speed and Flight's only hope is to ride the turbulence of 

Power: Power once again owns this course and has a shortcut on the right side 
where the intersection is. This time, however, Power will ride inside the truck 
trailer and crash through only the front of the truck.
Speed: Speed has two slow rails accessed from the back of the truck trailer, 
but that's the only worthwhile shortcut for speed, if even.
Flight: Flight's Air Ring at the intersection is awkwardly placed /after/ the 
crossing, but is a worthwhile shortcut anyway.

To succeed in Night Chase, you got to stay on the higher levels at all times. 
Also, it doesn't hurt to get the 100 Ring Item from the halfpipe section on the 
right, after the intersection.

Here's the first section of Night Chase. (Read map from the bottom, going up.)

          ___________________| COP  |                     
         /                     CARS |              
        /                      vvv  |             
       /                             \               
      /                              |            
     /                               |             
    /              _____   DDDDDDDD  |       _____________________              
   |              /     \           ||      |                    D > (to
   |    g        |_______|          ||      |                    D > lower
   |    g   ggg                     ||      |                    D > level)
   |    g  g      _______           ||      |              ______D >
   |    g g      |       |           |      |             |
   |    g g\     |       |           |      |      a      |  
   |    g|g |    |                          |      a      |
   |    g|G | B  |                          |      a      |
   |    g|  |    |                          |      a      |
   |    g|  | B  |                          |      a      |
   |    g|  |    |                          |      a      |
   |   g |  | B  |                          |     _a_     |
   |  g  |  |    |                          |    ||a||    |
   | g   |  |    |                          |    ||a||    |
   |Pg   |  | B P|                          |    ||a||    |
   | g   |  |    |                          |    ||a||    |
   | g   |  |    |                          |    ||A||    |
   | g   |  | B  |                          | DD ||_|| DD |
   | G    \/     |                          |     \_/     |
   |             |                          |             |
   |      FF  B  |                          | DD       DD |
   |             |                          |             |
   |             |                          |_____________| 
   ^ LOWER LEVEL ^                          ^ HIGHER LEVEL ^
                                              (long jump)                       


         | RAMP |
         |      |
        /        \
       /          \
      /P          P\
      |            |
      |            |
      |            |
      |  ^^^^^^^   |
      |            |
      |            |
      |            |

Off the initial ramp, if you don't jump, you will fall in a gap and will be 
pushed up by air which lands you on the lower level. So... JUMP! And do a long 
jump to reach the higher level.

Doing a long jump off the ramp lands you on the easy and effective higher 
level. Here, a couple of dash plates send you well on your way toward the right 
turn, before falling and hitting off of a large billboard.

On the lower level, there are three routes each for Power, Speed, and Flight. 
They are all clunky and not very impressive. Power takes the right alley which 
is dotted with machinery it can destroy.

Speed can take the rail in the left alley. If you missed the rail, you are 
stuck to roll through the rest of that alley, littered with pipes that you have 
to avoid. If you land the rail, you /may/ want to try to jump to the second 
rail, which leads straight right through the shortcut. (NOTE: Half the time, 
it's impossible to reach the second rail, and you just land on the first one 
again. Argh. By the way, I think your ability to jump this rail depends on your 
Gear's cornering.)

Flight can take the Flight Ramp on the middle, and has to maneuver carefully up 
to the Air Ring in the higher level. Be careful, since the ceiling doesn't open 
up until further down. Wait until it does before going up.

There is a purple tunnel cutting into the inside of the hairpin on the lower 
level. Players unfortunate enough to be on the lower level in the first place 
probably want to use that tunnel. This is the same shortcut the grind rail goes 

At the end of the hairpin on the outside is a tunnel in which cop cars 
continually come out. They start moving on the course all the way to the 
intersection. Cop cars come out at routine intervals from 1-3 cars at a time, 
usually in a triangle formation. They may also move left or right a little 
every couple of seconds.

Here's the next section. (Read from the bottom, going up.)

                       /             \
                      /               \
                     /                 \
                    |        _         |
                    |       / \        |
                    |      |   |       |
                    |      |   |       |
                  __|      |   |       |
               __/         |   |       |
             _/            |   | oooooP|     Trail
   |         __D________/
   |        |_____________________
   |                             P|
    \                             |
     \                 D          |
      \________________D_         |
                         |        |
                         |        |
                         |        |
                         |        |
                         (high jump)

This route is simple and fast. It's clean, too, since there's no ice, and has 
lane dividers on it. (looks cool) The downside is that you don't get Air as you 
do from the character-type shortcuts on the lower level. I usually am running 
low on Air by the time I reach the Automatic Trail from here. Anyway, be 
careful not to fall off the edges, especially the inside of the hairpin turn, 
which are not protected by barriers.

Below is the lower level. (Read from the bottom, going up.)

                                / o                 \___
   (to Flight                  /  o                     \__
      area)      Automatic      |______________      |
         _____________|     |
        /                   |
 aaaA  F   D               /

Just your plain ol' secret hairpin. There is a Flight Ramp here with yet more 
Air Rings. These Air Rings take you to the same place the Automatic Trails take 

So, the next section is where all the paths so far will converge. Below is the 
next section. 
                            __/          o                         |
                          _/             o                    B   P|
                         /               o                         |
                        /             X__o________________         |
                       |        X  __/               _____|        |
       ________________|      3  _/                     D B        |
A.  > |     o       P           /                    ___D_B        |
T.  > |     o                X |                     _____|        |
   aaaaa    o               ___|                     RRRRR         |
    > |_____o_______P______|                                   B   |

Here is where the generator from Egg Factory is. It's not moving this time, 
thankfully, but the 100 Ring Item is still there. Cool. (MULTIPLAYER NOTICE: 
When we played this course in 2-player, the 100 Ring Item wasn't there.)

After you pass the generator, the floor will begin to get icy again.

Here's the next section starting starting with the same box turn in the last 
section. (Read map from the bottom, going up.)

                      (back to start)

                          \       \
                           \       \
                            \    g  \
                             |    g |
                             |    g |       
                          __/    g  |
                        _/      g  /
                       /     Ggg__/
        billboard -->/aaa  g  _/
                     /a   g  /
                    / a  g  /
                   | a  g  |
                   |a   G gggg
                    a       \g
                    a\       g
                    a \      g\
                     a|      g|
                     a|      g|
                      a      g\
                     | a     g |
                     | a     g B\
                     |RA     g B \
                     |R ooooog B B\
                     |R      gR|\ B\
                     |R B    GR| | B|
                     |R       R| |  |   vvvv
                     |R       R| |DD| |      |
                     |R       R|_|BB|_|      |                     
                     |                       |
                     |                       |
                     |    B              B   |
                     |                       |

Power can take the very inside of the turn for a small shortcut and some 
smashable objects. This is kind of hard to reach because it requires a very 
sharp turn. But you should try to make it -- You want boost feul for the 
winding stretch.

Speed can land the grind rail from the halfpipe section on the right. From that 
rail, you can land a second rail, and then a third which drops you off right 
before the ramp at the end of the road. It might be a good idea to fall off as 
soon as you have enough Air, and just boost the rest of the way.

Flight can get to the Air Ring from the halfpipe section on the left. Follow 
the Air Rings to the Eggman billboard, and hit it to return to the track. Don't 
miss the billboard, or else you'll fall off the course.

After you leave that room, you begin going down a winding road with no ice on 
it. Boost! The ramp at the end of that road leads you back to the start of the 

White Cave

____ 2.8 - WHITE CAVE

Power: Power can smash a couple of random rocks in the pipe, but other than 
that it has only one shortcut, which is behind a sign.

Speed: Speed has a difficult grind rail accessed right after the jump from the 
first ramp. You have to act quickly to land a second rail over an open pit. You 
will need practice, but it's a pretty good shortcut. Speed has yet another 
grind rail later in the course, it's easy to land and very effective.

Flight: There is a Flight Ramp at the end of the long halfpipe, and it can be 
used to access a 100 Ring Item if you go on it at an unusual angle. After that, 
it can be used as a plain shortcut. There is another Flight Ramp placed later 
in the course. Flight probably edges out the others because of the 100 Ring 
Item alone.

Once again, all racers should do a high jump at the ramp near the end of the 
course, to get to the spider webs and skip the Hairpin of Shame.

Here's the first section, read from left to right.

     |           S                         P                    R
     |           T >          X                    X            R
     |           A >                     X   D                  R
     |           R >                X        D                  R
     |           T          X                    X              R

You wanna avoid the trees (marked with 'X') and still get those dash plates.

Doing a long jump off the ramp will get you to a mini-halfpipe with some rings 
items on it, and somewhat easier access to a grind rail.

Below is the next section. (Read from the bottom, going aall the way up.)

            Automatic Trail
              |         |
              |         |
              | o o o o |
              |         |
              |         |  ___________
              |         |  ___a_______>> A.T.
              |DD     DD|    a
              |         |   a
              |         |  a__________
              |   BDDB  | a __a___3___>> A.T.
              |         |a   a
              |          A  a
              |           \a
              |    B     FF\
              |             |
              |             |
              |     B       |
              |             |
              |             |
              |     B       |
              |             |
              |             |
              |     BDDB    |
              |             |
              |             |
              |             |
              |             |
              |  g   DD     |
               \ g         /
                |g        |
                g         |
               g|         |
              g |         |
             g  |         |
            g   |         |
            g   |         |
            G   |         |
                |         |
            g   |         |
            g   |         |
             g  |         |
              g |         |
               g|       DD|
                g         |
                |g        |
                | g       |
               /  G       |
              |           |
              |  |     |  |
              |  | ooo |  |
              |  |     |   _______       _|
                      />   |       |     |
                     |     |       |     |
                     |     |       |     |
                   __|     |__   __|     |__
                  |           | |           |
                  |           | |           |
                  |           | |           |
            RED > |    g      | |           |  < YELLOW
       (left wall)| gggg      | |           |    (floor)
                  | g         | |   D D D   |   (only Flight goes here!)
                  | g DDDDD   | |     a     |
                  |_g_________| |_____a_____|
                    g  ^^             aaaaaaaaa
                    g     g|___________| a \     \    |     |L   /     /< E
                     E   \     \   |     |U  /     /   L
                     D    \     \  |     |E /     /    L 
                           \     \ |     | /     /     O
                            \     \|     |/     /      W
                             |                 |
                             |    D   D   D    |
                             |  D           D  |
                             |D               D|
                             |                 |
                             |                 |
                             |                 |
                             |                 |
                             |_____       _____|
                                   \     /
                                   |     |

The walls and floor are color coded for each character type. Speed should stick 
to the blue floor and go down the center. Be quick to land the grind and you 
will sail to the end of this room. (Don't jump too late. The rail quickly 
ascends, so you won't make it!) If you miss the rail, you are shamefully forced 
to use the ramps on either side, taking the slowest route.

Flight should take right wall and take the Flight Ramp. The Air Rings lead all 
the way to the end on the floor. (the floor at the end is yellow)

Power should take the left wall where it can smash some stones, getting access 
to the dash plates behind them. Other than that, Power doesn't really have any 
shortcuts in this room and will have to use ramps the rest of the way. The next 
ramp takes you to the ceiling.

(GAMBLER RUN: If you're not using any shortcuts, you will have to use the 
ramps. It's recommended to go on the right wall (yellow) and take the ramp 
there. The left wall (red) has too many obstacles, and the floor (blue) 
redirects you to one of the walls (red/yellow) anyway, so floor/blue is just a 
waste of time. Again, go yellow.)

After taking the ramp from either wall, you end up upside-down on the ceiling, 
and you will have to take the ramp from there to end up on the left wall again, 
which is also where the grind rail ends.

Then, after some distance, the left wall (red) and the floor (yellow) soon 
converge, and the left wall will begin to be blocked by a part of a tunnel. If 
you're on the left wall, you will have to be prepared to move right a bit, to 
get on the floor and avoid a collision with the ceiling.
After the left wall and floor converge into that tunnel, you are then upon the 
Automatic Trail and are transported into the desert village before coming back 
to the coliseum. Below is the next and last section.

 A.  |            F Aaaaaaaaaa                         |    |
 T.  |    D                \  aaaa                     |    |
 >>> |    D                 \     aaa                 _|    |_ 
     |_____Gggg_____         \       aaaa            |        |
              g     \DD       \          a           |        |
              g      \         \_________a____       |        |
              g       \        o|    |   a    |      |        |
              ggg Gggg \      o |    |   a    |      |      DD|
                     ggggggg o  ggg  |        |______|   DDD  |
                         \_go___g____|        B_D_o_B  DD     |
                           g    g    |        |______|        |
                           gggggg    |                        |
                                      \                      /
                                       \_                  _/
                                         \__            __/

From the Automatic Trail, you are landed in the town in front of some dash 
plates. Flight can take the dash plates, and hit the Flight Ramp on the left, 
and fly to the place before the hairpin.

Speed can immediately go right and avoid the dash plates so it can land the 
grind rail. The rail goes over some rooftops and ends before a second rail 
which you can jump to from the first. Landing the second rail will take you on 
top of a bridge. Before falling off the bridge, quickly turn right to face the 
hairpin turn. Otherwise you will hit the building on the inside.

Power can break through the inside of the hairpin turn by smashing through a 
door. You'll get a Ring +10 item and be dashed right into the next set of dash 
plates, sending you well on your way back to the coliseum before everyone else. 
Be sure to break through the left side of the door a bit, to ensure that you 
get the ring item. (It's easy to miss the item by going too much right.) 
Anyway, this shortcut is so incredible -- everyone else will still be on that 
turn when you pass the finish line.

Babylon Garden

____ 2.11 - BABYLON GARDEN

Not much way to get ahead in this course besides character-type shortcuts. 
Although you should try to get the 100 Ring Item in this course and hold it, to 
abuse the boost speed benefits over the course's straightaways.

Speed: There is a grind rail accessed from a halfpipe section on the first 
curve. The later one appears right after the Automatic Trails. Both are 

Flight: There is a Flight Ramp before the loop, and an Air Ring from a halfpipe 
section later down the course, after the Automatic Trail. Both are worthwhile, 
but the second shortcut skips the 100 Ring Item. It's always best to get the 
100 Ring Item first!

Power: Power has its own passage before the loop. The next shortcut is an 
underpass accessed from below the starting line, so you can't use it until lap 
2. But it's probably the best shortcut in the course.

Here's the starting line which, incidentally, is above the rest of the track. 
Once you leave it, there's no way to return to it. There are two finish lines 
in the two floors below this platform. (CRAZY)

     |           S                                     R
     |           T >                                   R
     |           A >   B                                    R

Unless you're Power, get out of the center, or else you'll hit the obstacle 
right out of the starting line.

   /           R
  /  gggggggggG R
 /   g           R                           LOOP!!!
/    g  _         \                           _____
|    g / \        |                          /    /\
|    g \_|        |_________________________/    /  \___________________
\    g   |        | gggg __D      P             /aaaaaa                 \
 \   gggg|        |gg   |                 _____/a\________               \
  \      |        |     |__               F_Aaaa_________/ ________       \
   \_____|        |________D______P_______B___B__B__B__B_B/        \       \
         |        |     ^^                                          |       |
         |        |      |__ (Power shortcut                    ___/       /
         |        |            exits there)                    /          /
         |P      P|                                           |        __/
         |        |                                           |PoooooP|
         |        |                                           |       |
       --LAND HERE-- (you land here from start)               |       |
         |        |                                            \______/
         |   __   |                                           
         |  |  
         |        |              |      ___D___ >
         |        |              |     |_____
         |__END___|              |           |
         |  ^^^   |               \_____     |
         |        |                     |  B |
         |        |                     |    |
         |        |                     |  B |
         |P      P|                     |    |
         | oooooo |                     |  B |
         |        |               ^^ POWER SHORTCUT ^^
         |        |

The ramp after the starting line leads you to where it's marked 'LAND HERE'. 
The finish line before it is what you'll be crossing each time you finish a 
lap. Notice the Power shortcut that's behind the landing spot. It can't be 
accessed until laps 2 and 3. (Well, you /can/ turn around and go in it, but 
it's not practical obviously.)

Speed can go off the halfpipe section to land a grind rail. This is a nice 
grind and takes you around the 270 degree turn and drops you off in front of a 
dash plate.

As you approach the loop, Flight and Power have their own sections that 
basically exist so they don't have to go on the loop. Speed is forced to take 
the loop, which automatically carries you around it and onto the next part of 
the road.

Around the next hairpin, a Babylonian aircraft blows up the road, which is 
permanently replaced with turbulence. Be sure to stay on the left side a 
little, to avoid missing the turbulence and falling off the course.

BOBBING: Move left and right across the center of the turbulence to increase 
your speed. The control is stiff and unresponsive on this turbulence, so don't 
go too far to the side, since you may not be able to get back down. Red arrows 
may appear on the left side of the turbulence in later laps. Sometimes it 
appears on the right side, too. (I haven't yet confirmed what affects the 
position of the red arrows. I think it has something to do with racers' 
positions on the turbulence from the previous laps.)

After the turbulence ends, you fall on one of the aircraft and begin riding it. 
This is an Automatic Trail, and annoyingly, it's a very long one. For that 
reason, how fast/consistently you spin the stick really affects your time 
across this part. Don't hurt yourself!

You get dropped off in this secion. (Read from the bottom left, going around 
and then up.)

                   |R                \
                   |R                 \
                   |R_________         |
                        ______/        |
                       /              /
                      /              /
                     /        ______/
                    |        /
                    |       |
                    |       |
                    |       |
                    |       |
                    |a      |
                    a       |
                   a|       |
                  a |____   |_
                  a   3  |    \ 
                  a  __  |     \
                  a |RR|_|      \
                   a|            \
                    a       |\    \
                    |A      | \    \
                    R       |  \    \
                    R       |   \    \
                    R       |  (from turbulence shortcut)
                    |       |
                    |       |
                    |      g|
                    |      ggggggggggggggg
           _________|__DDD__|________     g
        > |           P             Ggggggg
  (from > |   D    D                  \
   A.T.)> |   D    D                   |
          |___________P________        |
                    |       |  \       |
                    |        \_/       |
                     \                /
                      \              /

At the beginning of this section, before the turn, you can perform a trick off 
an opponent's turbulence to access the platform above, which is a cool 
shortcut. It eventually merges back with the main road in the place shown on 
the map.

Otherwise, you begin to take a spiraling right turn. Speed can land a grind 
rail that's just barely sticking in from outside the road's barrier, just as 
the road turns right. (You have to jump late to reach it. It's easy to jump too 
early, and then land and hit the wall because of it.)

After the road straightens out: Flight can reach an Air Ring off the halfpipe 
section, which takes it over the gap in the road, but it takes you over the 100 
Ring Item.

There is a gap on the left which is caused by a missile fired by an aircraft. 
You can avoid it by going right, or you can jump over it with the optional 
ramp. A long jump from that ramp will get you the 100 Ring Item floating over 
the gap, and get you across.

After the next hairpin, there is a ramp that takes you back to the beginning of 
the last section, before the finish line.

You can do a high jump off the ramp to access the higher level. (Don't, it's 
just a waste of time.) Here's the higher level.

       |          P                   |                                R
     > |               D              E >                              R
     > |               D              N >                              R
     > |               D              D >                              R

There is a finish line here, too. It's in the same place as the one on the 
lower level. It doesn't matter which one you cross. However, up here you have 
to take another ramp just to get back down. The ramp lands you in the lower 
level where it says 'LAND HERE'. (This means you'd also miss the Power 
shortcut. Doesn't matter, because you probably don't want to be up here 
regardless of what character you are.) Booo.

Oh, and here's the turbulence shortcut from before:

                    | ^^  ^^|
                    |____    \_
                      3  |     \ 
                     __  |      \
                    |RR|_|       \
                    |             \
                    |       |\     \_
                    | ^^ ^^ | \      \
                               \      \
                                \      \
                                 \      \
                                  \      \ 
                                   \ DDDD \
                                    \      \
                                     \      \
           __________________________|      |
          |                                 |
         _|                |
        | |                                 |
        | |_________________________________/
        |                             \
        |______________________        |
                    |       |  \       |
                    |        \_/       |
                     \                /
                      \              /

Sky Road

____ 2.12 - SKY ROAD

This course also has a permanent turbulence trail just like Babylon Garden, but 
this time it's an optional shortcut and isn't required to complete the course. 
(Although you want to use it, because it owns.) Any character can improve their 
game in Sky Road by taking the turbulence trail, and the higher level before 
the spiraling tower. On the turbulence trail, doing a trick off the side gives 
you a big boost of speed.

Speed: The first rail can be landed from the ramp off the starting line. It's 
an impressive grind that goes around the spiraling turn. You can mount the rail 
normally at the start of laps 2 and 3. The other rail begins over a gap before 
the last spiraling turn and takes you around that, too.

Flight: An Air Ring appears over the first gap where the turbulence trails 
ends, after the second spiral turn. Since it appears right after the turbulence 
ends, it's difficult to get if you are coming from the turbulence. When you hit 
lap 2, you approach a part where walls split the road into 3 parts. Going left 
leads to a Flight Ramp with another effective shortcut.

Power: Where the gaps for Speed and Flight are, in the middle of the road, 
Power can knock away some rubble to access an underpass. Also, when the walls 
split the road into 3 parts, going down the middle reveals another good 
underpass. These are effective, the only problem is that they don't refill 
nearly enough Air.

Sky Road is more or less the only course in the game in which the 100 Ring Item 
isn't practical. You can forget about leveling up here, and simply focus on 
landing all the shortcuts to jet around this deceptively short course.

     |           S                                     R
     |           T >                                   R
     |           A >                                   R
     |           R >                                   R

That's the starting line. You leave it and never return, completing the laps on 
the finish line directly below it.

You land on the next section. (Read from where it says 'LAND HERE' going up, 
then around, then right)

      /           \
     /             \
    /    ggggggg    \                         
   /    g  _    g    \                        
  |     g / \    ggggggggggggggggg                   
  |      g\_|        |___aaaaaaa__g___________
   \      g |        |   a  __D aa gg P       R
    \      g|        |   a |                  R >  (long jump
     \      g        |   a |__                R >  to turbulence)
      \_____|g       |___a____D_______P_______R
            | g      |   a ^^                                 
            |  g     |   a ^^(Power shortcut exits             
            |   g    |aaaa    from underground tunnel here)    
            |P   g  P|   ^^ (Flight shortcut exits from
            |     g  |       under road)    
            |      g |                                
            |       g|
            |        |              |     |___
            |__END___|              |         \     ^^^
            |  ^^^   |               \_____  B \     a
            |        |                     \    |    a
            |        |                      | B |    a
            |        |                    aaaaaaaaaaaa
            |P      P|                    A | B |
            |        |                      |   |
            |        |                  |FF|| B |
            | oooooo |                  |  ||   |
            |________|                  |       |
       (from Automatic Trail)          (from above)

You land where it says 'LAND HERE'. The shortcuts in this section are already 
behind you, however, you are actually able to land the grind rail from the ramp 
you came from. For that reason, Speed can get already get ahead at this point. 
In later laps, you can simply jump on the grind rail where it begins.

The grind rail goes around the 270 degree turn in the /opposite/ direction and 
lands you right in front of the ramp to the next section. Cool. (Advanced Tip: 
I jump off the rail a little early, to be able to fully charge my jump off the 
ramp. Otherwise, I get sent flying into the ramp and have no way of charging a 
jump long enough to reach the turbulence afterwards. And that's terrible.)

LAPS 2-3: The Power and Flight shortcuts lead to an area under the road. Flight 
is led into a Flight Ramp which leads to a billboard after the 270 degree turn, 
which pushes you toward the next ramp. Power goes through an underpass with 
some smashables and exits from below just like in Babylon Garden.

The ramp at the end of this section leads to the next part of the course. 
However, doing a long jump will reach a higher level. This higher level is 
unlike any other in the game -- it's made entirely out of turbulence.

First, here's the normal road: 

                                                 /           \
      ______________                            /             \
     /              \                          /               \
    /                \                        /       _         \ 
   /                  \         (lap 3)      /       / \         \
  |          _        |_____________________|_______|__/         |
  |         / \                 |R  Y    |    P                  |
  |        |  |        ______    \______/                       /
  |        |   \      /      \                                 /
  |        |    \____|R___3___|_______________P_______________/
  | oooooo |                                |       |
  |        |            (lap 2)             |       |
  |________|                              (to next section)
^^ (from ramp) ^^

The two areas in the straight are just flat road, but in the later laps they 
are blown away by aircraft and turn into gaps with optional ramps in front of 
them. These ramps are the only way to reach the Yellow Item Capsules overhead.

At lap two, the first marked area will be destroyed. At that point, the 100 
Ring Item is attainable. (It is very tricky to get since you are just coming 
out of two consecutive turns. It's easy to fall in that gap because you 
literally don't see it until it's too late. And on top of that, reaching the 
100 Ring Item is a stretch. Very sucky.)

In lap 3, both parts of the road are destroyed, so unless you want to jump over 
the gaps, you'll have to snake around them.

After another 270 degree turn, you go into the next section.

But first, here's the shape of the turbulence road you would be on if you did a 
long jump properly from the last mandatory ramp, two sections up. You probably 
want to be here every time, it's just so much faster.

         ^___________       _________^_^
        ^            \_____/            ^
       ^                                 ^
      ^       ____             ____       \
     |       /    \___________/    \       |
     |      |                       |      |
     |      |                       |______|
     |      |
  (from long jump)

I put arrows there to indicate the red arrows that allow you to perform tricks. 
You really should try to get a trick in on that first turn to drastically 
increase your speed on the trail. Avoid doing a trick on the second turn, since 
you are getting off right after that anyway.

Warning: The movement while on large turbulence is stiff and unresponsive, so 
it's more difficult to reach the red arrows to do a trick. Try to move right a 
little when you get on, so you can then swing back to the left in time to reach 
the red arrows.

Sometimes, arrows will appear on the inside before the first turn, allowing you 
to increase your speed even earlier. (Not sure what causes them to appear.)

Both the previous section and the turbulence trail converge in the next and 
last section. (Read from the bottom, going up.)

                                        __g__________ g
                                       / g           \g
                                      / g             g
                                     / g              g\
                                    | g        _      g |
                                    | g       / \     g |
          __________________________| g      |__/    g  |
         /                     P    | g      |      g  /
< to    R                      ggggg| g      |gggggg  /
< A.T.  R                        aa | g      |       /
        R______________________P__a_|_g      |  ____/