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    OO*  '@#@  "        `#''''O   @;;   .O;;; *8`."; ^O" @O   ;O
    OO'   '@"@   ^       OO  'OO  ;;;. O"@@O```@@v# %O@. "; ;'';
    OO"    "";  ;O       OO    O; O;O OOO```88∑.##"#@@∑.88 ;"".*    "
  .Â¥;@`.   @O"';OOO  ";  OO  .OO  OOOoO.@``888%%%OO%%%%.@"8 8@b  .".
   `OOÂ¥    OOO ;' 'O  .  @O¥¥O"   OOO  OO.`88%OOO""OOOO%8@"8∑∑∑'"@O.
    OO;  `OO. ;OOO'OO    @@ OO   'OOO  "OOO %%.'##""O"%%%@@888;'∑Â¥
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           `". .      ,OO   '    Â¥'''` ."`''';" ***`````' """""##∑.
        ;;;.`.@#@   `.       .      ∑'  .""'..  ∑'@O  "". `##"#∑∑'".
       @@@;`. @@'    ;@@.    O"       * ;; `.`@"  'O "##"   ##;'  '@@@;
     @@@@  ¥;;;@    ;@"@"                `..` ;@.  "  .OO'  ##;    '@;;.
    @@@@   OOO'; ",  .@@@@;   ,  .OOOOO.     ';@;' '   ""   @#;     .@@@;
   """"'  @@O  O       `"O"    .O'Â¥    'O.    @O'      OO   @@"     "&&@#
  .OOO;    OOO'         OO'   .@@``     @@.   OO;     ;@@ ".@@O      OOOO"
 'OOOOo            .∑∑. OOÂ¥  .OO'∑  .   'OO.  ""       @@ ∑Â¥OOO`∑    "@@@.
  OOO O          .Â¥OOO.`OO..Â¥OOO   @O`   OOO`.OO .     @@  `OOOÂ¥     .@OO@"
  "OOOO         ;OO Â¥ ``OO∑∑`.OO;  `.Â¥  ;OO.Â¥ OO       @@   @@O      .OOO'
   OOOO'       ;OO; O   O;    .@@       @@.  .@@"      "O   OOO      OOO;
    OOOO'     .'@; ,O@  ';     .O'.   .O"     @@;     .@O   OOO     .OO;  "
 ;;   OOO"  .Â¥O@@      ""        "OOO"O       .OO.  .';OO'  OOO     OOO  .∑
        OOO"O;O'      "".∑∑∑..∑   ;@    '      OO,OO'."".  .OOO.  .OO.' *'"
                    .;OOO`.`OOÂ¥          ∑"        *;    .;OOOOOOO@"    ô

  D A R K  C L O U D  F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H  (c) 2001 AdrenalineSL
                         Dark Cloud FAQ/Walkthrough
                      For the Playstation2ô (US Version)
                          Written by AdrenalineSL
                        Last updated on June 3, 2001
                             FAQ Version 0.26

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|                                |
|  IN THIS DOCUMENT...           |
|                                |
| Introduction..............1.00 |
|   Pre-Release Details......... |
|   Story Behind this FAQ....... |
| Game Basics...............2.00 |
|   Basic Controls.............. |
|   Playing Dark Cloud.......... |
|   Exploration Mode............ |
|   Battle Mode................. |
| Story.....................3.00 |
|   Characters.................. |
| Walkthrough...............4.00 |
|   Chapter One................. |
| Rebuilding Help...........5.00 |
|   Norune Village.............. |
| Bestiary..................6.00 |
| F.A.Q.....................7.00 |
| Contact Information.......8.00 |
| Legal Stuff...............9.00 |
| Outro....................10.00 |
|   Acknowledgements............ |
|   Final Words................. |
|                                |

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                             1.00 Introduction
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The time has come to finally play this amazing game after waiting many, many
moons for this game to come out. It's about time! I really don't need to
elaborate much on this. I will assume you know the drill. For those of you
who know me, welcome back! I just hope this FAQ will once again heighten your
enjoyment of this game. I will guide you once again through a world of chaos,
tranquility and non-stop adventure! Please sit back and enjoy your stay. Keep
your hands inside the FAQ at all times. No troublemakers allowed. Have a nice

Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Sony's first game ever to grace the great
Playstation2 console: Dark Cloud. I'm sure those of you who are reading this
are all very excited to lay your sticky hands on this game, as we have been
waiting for countless days for the final release of Dark Cloud. I somehow
felt I was obligated to write a detailed walkthrough for this game, as there
are, or rather, were currently no guides for it. What a shame. Wait, that
means you'd have to depend on me. Uh-oh. ^_^ Well, I'll try my best to bring
all the wholesome goodness to you. I honestly hope that this guide will bring
the best out of your experience with this beautifully-made game that is Dark
Cloud. Have fun!

What you'll find in this guide is a full-detailed walkthrough and additional
in-depth information on other aspects of the game. Each event written in this
guide does contain story spoilers. So if you don't want to know, don't read
more than you need to! As with all other guides, the intent is to act as a
reference for when you get stuck, or just want to pick up all the goodies
you've missed on a second playthrough. Or maybe you'd like to use my guide as
a basis of your own. Who knows! That's fine with me as long as...well,
nevermind. This is an introduction, so I won't push it too far. :) I hope no
one took that seriously.

Needless to say, I'd have to remind you of one more thing before we move onto
the rest of the guide: There will be tons and tons of story spoilers. Not
like there's much of a story anyway, but please read at your own risk! Plus,
reading spoilers against your will result in severe depression and a loss of
excitement from this awesome game. I shall not be held responsible. Other
than that, this guide is at your disposal. :) Please, I would love to hear
any sort of feedback on this particular guide. I feel the need of improvement
here. :)


Now let's talk about the game itself, Dark Cloud. It strikes me as a Strategy
type game, rather than a Fantasy-Role-Playing title. But then again, never
judge a game by it's title, eh? With all the hype raving about, you'd
probably have high expectations for this game. Now that Dark Cloud is finally
out, some expectations have been fulfilled, and some have not. Although, very
impressive in the basic elements of game play, it still isn't visually
refined compared to others (Bouncer, for one). While many say that it is
plainly a Zelda rip-off, others say it is in a league of its own. So which is
it? You be the judge!

The Japanese version of Dark Cloud was released in mid-December of the year
2000. Plans for a release in the US had already been slapped down and it was
foreseen to be coming out Spring of 2001. It was expected to be shipped to
America by January 16, 2001, but due to unknown motives it was pushed back
into February, and then further into March. Finally, the definite release was
by the end of May. But during the time of anxiety, the definite release date
remained unknown, but gamers eagerly awaited it's arrival. Finally, after
endless months of lies and hype build-up, it came. And now feast your eyes on
the first AWESOME Action/Adventure game to grace the Playstation 2 console!

The reason for the belated release of this game was that apparently, Sony had
decided to make last minute adjustments to the game, making it very different
from the import version. For those of you who have played the import version,
I urge you to play through US release of Dark Cloud. You may, or may not find
the additions interesting. If anything, I honestly think the US release is
the better.

The most intriguing aspect of the game, as you all hopefully know, is the
ability to create vast 3D worlds. The game allows players to use their
imaginations to build ideal worlds from a three-fourths overhead perspective
and then roam through them in 3D with full real-time 360 degrees of movement.
That aspect is basically what makes this game so unique and notable. Other
than that, its game play and the likes are akin to other games of its genre,
namely Zelda 64, or Zelda something.

The similarities between Dark Cloud and Zelda 64 are quite noticable.
Features such as the Z-Target system exist in both games, although it is not
called that in Dark Cloud. All the fighting is going to be on the current
screen in real-time, like Zelda. No annoying random battles. Whoopee! The
dungeon sequences also play like a slight variation of Zelda 64, which is not
entirely good or bad. It really depends on the player I suppose. Once you
begin the game, you begin at a dilapidated village (or the remains of it) and
your objective is to restore the village to its glory. Pretty dull? We'll

So now we know a bit about the game before actually playing it, eh? It is
definitely one of the better games up to date. And for those of you who care,
SCEI is calling this game a "Georama RPG," which typically means a
geopraphical drama RPG. Although, I refuse to take DC as a RPG when it is
apparently an Action/Adventure title. If you're a die-hard Action/Adventure
fan, then you'll probably follow my perspective. Let us all pray that Sony or
one of them game people'll produce more games like this.

                       -+- Pre-release Details -+-

I have researched all over the internet and looked through magazines to bring
you a little bit of enlightenment. Of course, there's always the Japanese
Version, which I don't plan on playing to look at, but I wouldn't be able to
present to you the same goodness and stuff. As I was saying, I've looked
through lotsa resources and I had been able to compile enough information to
make the small paragraph(s) you see here.

I'm sure all of you readers have heard of the unique feature where you can
create your very own virtual world with Sony's new Georama land-creating
feature. You can create mountains, rivers, entire cities and villages,
canyons, and even your choice of weather. If you don't like what you've
built, you could be evil and destroy it; then you may rebuild it like a good
samaritan. The nicest little thing in this game is that once you've built
your ideal "world" you could switch to real-time and explore. This single
feature will probably deliver the most replay value. You'd be having so much
fun, playing the actual game won't mean a thing to you.

Its key features include real-time transitions between modes of play, third-
person presentation, amazing graphics, and the already explained "Georama"
feature. There are basically three modes of play: Creation, Battle, and
Exploration. Simple, yet satisfying. Don't forget the unlimited coolness!

                       -+- Story Behind This FAQ -+-

I must admit that I've had my eyeball on this game for some time now and over
the months, I have been debating whether or not I should write a FAQ for this
game. I guess that question has been answered. Well if I didn't, you wouldn't
be reading this right now! I was bewildered by the fact that there were no
FAQs or any relevance of a guide for this game. I thought to myself _Why? How
could Dark Cloud not have any FAQs at all_. Surprisingly enough, it's been at
least 5 months since the Japanese version of this game had been released, and
there were still no signs of anyone doing a FAQ for it. Either that,  or they
are all waiting for the US release or something,  which I guess is a rational
intent. So as days, weeks and months dragged by and the release of Dark Cloud
was drawing nearer and nearer, I finally plucked up the courage to write this
FAQ! Yay! The goodness of this game was incentive enough to inspire me to
write the best guide I can for Dark Cloud. Besides that, I also want to prove
I can write efficient and comprehensive guides like Kao Megura, although just
not as good.

This FAQ will probably be one of the most intense guides I've done up to date
and will be a very challenging project to complete. I'd be glad to have it
halfway finished, as my work ethics aren't as good as other FAQ authors. I
usually have a habit of getting lazy, which isn't a good thing kids! So I end
up pushing myself to finish it reluctantly. Bah, but I hope all that will
change with this game. I'm just glad that there are great FAQ authors on this
site to refuel my determination to write good guides. Even those few arrogant
authors have kept my determination strong and blazing. To name a few I'd like
to thank: Croco, Kao Megura, ATadeo, Dingo Jellybean, and Dallas. That's only
a random few I picked out from the top of my head. There are, of course, more
but right now, I'm tired and irritated; somehow my mind has created some kind
of mental block to keep me from thinking at this moment...bleah....You really
don't want to read this do you, or are you that bored? :)

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                             2.00 Game Basics
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                             -+- Controls -+-

                        _____                 ______
                       | L1,2|               | R1,2 |
                       -------               --------
                      /   _    \____________/        \
                     |  _| |_    ___    ___     /\  _ |
                     | |_   _|  |sel|  |str| []    (_)|
                     |   |_|    __   __   __    ><    |
                     |         /  \ |  | /  \         |
                      \       | AL |----| AR |       /
                       \     / \__/      \__/ \     /
                        \___/                  \___/

 |  Controls:                             Action:                          |
 |                                                                         |
 | Left Analog Stick.....................Run/Walk/Climb ladders/Move cursor|
 | Right Analog Stick....................Not used                          |
 | Triangle Button.......................Open Menu/Place/Buy/Sell items    |
 | Cross Button..........................Confirm selections/Action button  |
 | Square Button.........................Use active item/Use menu ("!")    |
 | Circle Button.........................Close menus/Cancel selections     |
 | L1 Button.............................Select weapons/items/Switch Target|
 | L2 Button.............................Not used                          |
 | R1 Button.............................Block attacks/Select weapons/items|
 | R2 Button.............................Adjust Camera/First-person view   |
 | Start Button..........................Confirm selections                |
 | Direction Buttons.....................Move character/cursor/Actions     |
 |                                                                         |

This section introduces the player to the style and unique game play features
of Dark Cloud. As with all games, it takes a short amount of game play to get
outright comfortable with it. I will provide you with detailed tutorals and
hints to help you get over the learning curve with a snap of the finger. But
if you're just lazy and do not want to read through this thing, then there're
always those in-game tutorals you can look forward to. Either way, you're
going to have to live through exploration drills and combat training. I guess
if you are familiar with RPG or Action/Adventure elements, it would be easier
for you to get the gist of the game much quicker than those who have not been
exposed to such games as Dark Cloud.

I recommend you play at least 15 minutes of Dark Cloud to get acquainted with
the controls. Then with this guide, you can read through it to boost your
understanding of the game. But really, these topics are here to help clear up
any confusion or misinterpreted ideas while playing through it. Since this
section is full of terminology from the game, it'll really help ease the
strain on your brain if you've played through soome of it. It's not necessary
to listen to my suggestions; you can do what you want. If you think you can
handle it, skip this section and go on right ahead to the walkthrough. Anyway
for those of you who would like to stay and read this, I'd say, by the time
you're done reading this section, the controls and game play strategies will
become second-nature to you. :)

Well, let's just say, there are neither any significant differences nor simi-
larities. The key word being significant. There are however slight variations
of each that make them two completely different types of genres and simultan-
eously, the same. Confusing, no? For one thing, RPGs involve a much more
deeper storyline, than a simple Action/Adventure game. Take the Final Fantasy
series, for one. Each of the Final Fantasy games has a story of its own.
There are no continuations of prior games, but that is not what the case is.

What I'm trying to convey is that if you've played a RPG before, then you'll
know how its storylines are much more convoluted than a save-the-world-from-
the-clutches-of-evil type thing you'd find in a typical Adventure game. There
are of course, different type of Action/Adventure games which I will not even
proceed to list. But anyway, I may not be doing too good of a job trying to
clear things up about these two different genres. Have I lost you yet? To put
things simply, Action/Adventure games usually have RPG elements, vice versa.

This title was classified into several genres, making this title an enigmatic
game. I'm not sure what it is anymore, but I would personally put this in the
Action/RPG category since that's what it really is. It has intermingled RPG
and Action/Adventure elements, like Zelda. Playing these types of games can
sometimes be challenging, but fun and really worth your time. Depending on
the pace you take to play games, you can finish this game within a nice fixed
amount of time. Although, I think it's best you don't overwork your poor eyes
and fingers. What, me? That's my business, mind you.

Remember, playing games is not the case of beating the game before your peers
do. True, you may want to flaunt all the knowledge you know about it, and
spoil it for your friends (why would you want to do that, you evil person),
but by speeding through Dark Cloud, you won't be able to capture all of its
great features and the storyline Sony has worked so hard on just to impress
us (and make good sales). And what's great about these genres is that as the
player, you get to be the hands of god in the game by controlling the hero
through an epic adventure that can change the fate of the world. Sounds fun.

So do you know what it takes to be a hero? Well, for starters, you might want
to consider your controls and Dark Cloud's game play elements. :) I'm just
going to cover what I feel is important to know in the game. The menus and
stuff, I'm sure you can figure out on your own. If not, you have that manual
to help you, right? ;)

I will be comparing Dark Cloud with many games, but mostly the Final Fantasy
series and Zelda. If you are offended in some way (I don't know how), then
don't read my guide. Don't laugh; some people are paranoid like that. Mostly
those Square fanboys though.

                         -+- Playing Dark Cloud -+-


Dungeons are typical segments found in many games. Without dungeons, you will
have to slog through a repetitive pattern of "Explore" -> "Talk" -> "Save
People" -> "Get the girl". Sounds a little humdrum, no? Well, it is! Having
dungeons in a game is indispensable for players such as me. I'd be dying of
boredome, otherwise. So it appears that the Dark Genie has transformed once
peaceful environments into vast dungeons congested with monsters looking for
a buffoon to accidentally stumble into them, unarmed. Dungeons are especially
essential to Dark Cloud since they contain the valuable Atla. Don't know what
an Atla is? Read below.


These things are round, magical spheres that behold the ever-so important
pieces of your homeland. In the split second of total destruction of Toan's
home, the Spirit King safely tucks them away in these spheres. If you're
sharp, you will have known that they are called Atla. Each Atla contains a
piece of the lost Western Continent, which you will need to diligently find
to restore order back into the world. Atla can contain people missing from
villages and foundation parts such as trees, fences, roads, bridges, rivers,
etc. Of course, you can't just walk and pick up these Atlas. You'd need a
special device to not only let you obtain the Atla, but also help you find
it. Well, this item is given to you by the man himself so I won't delve into


This neat thing was undoubtedly culled from Final Fantasy IX's ("!") action
thing. Maybe this is one of the features that have been added into this
version (don't send hate mail if it ain't). Well anyway, it works generally
the same as the one in FFIX; assuming, you've played it. :/ Uh, ok, for those
of you who haven't the slightest idea what it is, think of it as a treasure
detector. When Toan is in front of a treasure (or whatever), the ("!") will
appear. This hints that Toan has hit the motherload and should be prompted to
hit the X button. Upon doing so, Toan will dish out the treasure and add it
into his inventory. This also works with the Atla. Sometimes, when the ("!")
icon appears, it either means you've found treasure OR Toan has to do a task
or use an item to trigger the next event.


In Dark Cloud, you will make new friends and have them join your party. But
the downside to this is that only one character may appear on the screen at
once. No worries though, you will be able to switch characters in and out of
action. Your allies have special skills that can help you progress in your
epic quest to save the world, so it's essential for you to use all your
allies to get the real gist of the game. You can switch allies by holding the
Directional Left pad and Select simultaneously.


As in all games, you will be required to talk to people to obtain potential
valuable information. In addition, they may give you presents. :) A neat
feature in Dark Cloud is the ability for the people to actually notice Toan
approaching them. For example, invading into someone's house will cause the
inhabitant(s) of the house to notice you and confront you (nicely, or in a
quirky demeanor). Often a PROMPT BALLOON will appear overhead. Prompt Balloon
provide options for you to respond to the person, or action. Press the Action
button (X) to scroll through the dialogue screens. Just remember, it doesn't
hurt to speak with everyone you see. ;)


This is actually pretty self-explanatory. I mean do I really need to hold
your hand through walking around as well? All you need to do is move those
fingers to move your character around. While in exploration mode, you may be
able to find valuable items or clues to help you progress in your adventure.


This feature was definitely borrowed from Zelda: Majora's Mask. It's arguably
the same thing. Dark Cloud's world DOES gradually change to reflect the time
of the day. As you lounge around, time flies by and before you know it, it
may be nightfall. People interact differently at certain times of the day,
like in Zelda:MM. Talk to them at a certain time of the day, they might give
you presents, or just talk to you. It is dependant on the time of the day. I
repeat, the time of the day. The tough part is to now figure out how the heck
you're going to know how the people will interact with you the way you want
them to during what part of the day. Morning? Noon? Night? Never? That is the
true meaning of exploration.


If I haven't mentioned this before, I will mention this again: Dark Cloud and
Zelda:MM are rather akin to each other. This Person Left Arrow concept was
also present in the Zelda game. The blue arrows are used to indicate there is
a person in the distance that can be spoken to. As you approach the person,
the alert changes to the name of the person. If you find this annoying, you
can turn it off via the Options menu.

                            -+- Exploration Mode -+-


Chests can be found in various places and may appear at random. Most chests
can be seen on the casual screen. When you've found one, simply walk up to it
and open it using the X button. However, some chests are "trick" chests. They
contain harmful traps, kinda like Vagrant Story's trap floor panels. It's not
possible to watch out for them until you're caught in one.


Most doors in town are unlocked, but some require special keys to open them.
Where do you find these keys? Monsters will usually drop them upon defeat,
and you may sometimes obtain them through friendly conversations with the
locals. Keys can also be found in chests. You can usually tell if a door is
locked when they can't be opened with the X button. =P


Believe it or not, this is the first game I've seen that requires Toan and
co. to keep their bodies properly hydrated with water. Water, in this game,
can replenish your health, water meter, and stuff...So a good thing to keep
in mind is when you come across a spring, drink up and call upon your other
party members to drink their fill as well. Don't be a water hog! If there're
no springs or water-related things around, just pray that you've remembered
to bring along an available water flask. If your character becomes dehydrated
his HP will gradually decrease, and like humans, they become weaker in combat
and other actions.


The map, like any map, lays out the current area for you. Voids will fill as
Toan explores the area and discovers new areas and such. Sometimes you can
find map fragments in chests. Map fragments help patch up the holes and dis-
close other areas of the dungeon, or whatever. It immediately gets added to
the map information displayed. When reading maps, you may find many icons and
color-coded shapes. These shapes and icons are meaningful if you know how to
read the map properly. These are what those symbols mean:

  "Pink arrow"    ñ Toan's current location on the dungeon floor
  "Green dots"    ñ locations of Atla
  "Green squares" ñ Floor entrances
  "Yellow square" ñ Floor exits
  "Red dots"      - Symbolize monsters. When they begin to move, they're
                    coming for you. Beware.
  "Yellow dots"   - chests and objects that can be accessible
  "Blue Circles"  - Water sources where you can quench your thirst
  "Small Circles" ñ Mystery circles. These cause either good or bad status
  "Pink ("?")"    - designate entrances to the secret areas

                              -+- Battle Mode -+-


Naturally, your life meter is the most essential stat to watch for. Always
remain vigilant to this meter. The life meter is marked by a heart and is the
top meter of all meters in position. It represents how much damage Toan or
some other ally can sustain. Technically, the higher the better chances for
survival. Of course, each ally has their own life meter, meaning it may come
in different lengths. If the meter depletes to 0, the character is K.O.ed and
cannot perform any further actions. Life can be restored using curative items
or by nice, refreshing water from a local gutter.


The duration of your weapon is dependant on how you maintain it. Weapons have
feelings too, you know. You should never overwork your weapon, or it will not
only break, it also means that you've wasted your effort in trying to streng-
then the darned thing. As you strike with a weapon, be it a slingshot or some
huge club, it will begin to lose its proficiency and its WHP will decrease.
If, or when all WHP is gone, the weapon breaks and disappears from your
inventory. However, the character's default weapon will remain no matter how
badly you abuse it. :) The Weapon Hit Point meter is marked by a sword. With
the use of the Repair option, only then can you help maintain its edge. You
will need to have some Repair Powder handy first to be able to use the Repair
option. So the tip of the day is to have Repair Powder in abundance! Doesn't
hurt to have extras of everything.


The ABS meter is vital to upgrading your weapon (if you want it upgraded). As
you continue using the same weapon (without wearing it out), the ABS meter'll
increase. Once it reaches the heightened point of the meter, you can upgrade
your current weapon by selecting the UPGRADE option in the weapon menu. Cool.


In Dark Cloud, not only do you need to worry about your HP, but you have also
got to watch your Thirst Meter. Both these meters are pretty systematic and
they pretty much work in the same way. However, the depletion of the thirst
meter does affect your HP meter. If your warrior is dehydrated, his HP will
start to decrease. The thirst meter is represented by a line of water
droplets. As Toan, or other allies, grow more parched, the droplets'll begin
to fade away. When this happens and you are near the end of your water supply
make excursions to a nearby river, stream, gutter, puddle, etc., or hunt for
one. Like normal human beings, water is a vital ingredient to life. Period.


Active Item Slots are those three squares at the top of the screen. You can
set up your items here for instant use, without having to open your inventory
menu. You can quickly use these items by pressing the [] button. Use the
Direction buttons to move between the items. Items can range from offensive
items to auxiliary items. Go figure.


The speed meter does not determine how fast your character can react, but
rather how quickly he can swing the sword, or weapon. The greater the speed,
the more combos he can pull off. And we all know how devastating combos can
be if used correctly. If the speed meter is empty, you must wait patiently
for the meter to slowly refill again. Speed increases as you allocate certain
attachments to a weapon. The speed meter is displayed at the lower left
corner of the screen. Speed also changes dramtically as your weapon grows
stronger. Stronger is better.


Depending on your recklessness, you can either receive little (or no damage),
or major whallops. Each time you or the monster receives its share of pain,
the "damagee" will be distinctly identified in a red light and the amount of
HP lost will be displayed.


In contrary to primary attacks, which do moderate damage to your foes, each
character can execute special attacks called charge attacks. Though, it does
not hold a catchy name, it's exceptionally powerful, mind you. To properly
deliver these deathblows, press and hold the (X) button until the character
basks in red light; then release the button. This should have the character
go on a frenzy of attacks. For each character, he or she will perform their
own signature moves, or different types of charge attacks:

    |   Toan    | Jump Slash and Windmill Slash   | Xiao apparently doesn't
    |   Goro    | Spin Smash                      | have a charge attack. I
    |   Ungaga  | Tornado Spin                    | could be wrong; correct
    |   Ruby    | Charge Magic Bolt               | me if I am.


Like the Throw command in the Final Fantasy games, throwing items at enemies
in Dark Cloud can be beneficial, or sometimes rueful. To prepare an item for
throwing, place it in one of the Active Item Slots for convenient purposes.
Only throw items if you have surplus quantities of that item, unless it's a
useless item then uh, use it. To "auto-throw" an item at an enemy, you must
first have your ideal enmity locked-on target. Next, select the item you'd
like to pelt your foe with, and press the ([]) button to throw. To manually,
aim and throw is a bit trickier. Select an item from the Active Item Slots or
whatever, then press and hold the ([]) button. A sniper like light'll appear
to help you aim your shot. When you've got your victim down, release the ([])
button and watch 'er go! A nice thing about throwing items is the exchange
between the monster and you. It might drop attachments that will aid you in
defeating monsters of the same attribute later.


Team work is what everyone needs to get through grueling tasks. With a one-
man party it's impossible. Be a team player! Anyway, to switch your allies in
and out of the role, press the SELECT button and a circle of all your party
members will appear. Use the Directional buttons to choose between members,
and press the (X) button to confirm your selection. However, in some areas,
you are prohibited to use any other ally. These such areas are called Limited
Zones. The hell are these Limited Zones?


Limited Zones are randomely placed in floors of dungeons. These place morbid
restrictions on the player such as using a weapon can reduce ABS instead of
the other way around and getting thirsty quicker. These are pety examples of
Limited Zones. Simply put: They aren't fun.


Throughout the game, enemies you encounter will challenge you into a simple
Duel. During Duels, the player does not have complete control over the
character. It doesn't take brute force and strategy to win these battles,
but rather it takes a precision of timeed buttons. Kinda like Squall's
Renzokuken in Final Fantasy VIII. When a duel is about to commence, a ("!")
icon will appear overhead. At the start of the duel, a blue bar appears at
the bottom, and scrolling white block will appear on the left side of the
screen. As we digest this, controller button replicas start to appear on the
right side and work their way to the left side. As the buttons overlap the
white block, press the buttons according to the buttons displayed on screen.
It takes a little practice to master it. Winning Duels award you with nice

                 -+- All You Need To Know About Weapons -+-

A fighter is only as good as his weapon, or something. You will need weapons
to battle those hostile savages skulking in dungeons. They can be either
extremely tough or ridiculously easy. Dark Cloud features an intricate weapon
system pulled out of Vagrant Story (this game took a lot of elements from
other games huh?). You don't just go to a store and by weapons like you would
in most RPGs, you laggard. This system lets you customize your weapons, as
well as develop them into much more lethal weapons.

To maintain your weapons, you must never ever let them break. That's one very
good reason to have plenty of Repair Powder in stock. The only way to forge
powerful weapons is to let them "mature". When the time comes, you can choose
to upgrade it. However, just a routine of slashing and hacking isn't going to
bring your weapon's strength and endurance very far. To make it absolutely
strong, attach various stones to it to maybe even let it evolve into a rare
and valuable weapon that can probably outstrip others. You'd like that right?

Know your weapon. By now you should know that your weapon is your new best
friend. Don't leave home without it. But even if you have a weapon, is it
strong enough to vanquish evil from the face of the earth? Not if it is weak
and stodgy. First, you've got to consider its typical characteristics:

ATTACK (AT)     - the attack power of the weapon
ENDURANCE (ED)  - higher endurance = longevity of weapon
SPEED (SP)      - higher speed = able to deliver more combos
MAGIC (MP)      - higher MP = the greater advantage of the elemental and
                  attribute aspects

You might want to use items that can definitely boost those stats up to be
the cream of the crop around these parts. Next, there are those elemental

Monster ñ COUNTER       Wind        - THUNDER    Tip: Use the attributes in
Fire    - ICE           Evil/Undead ñ HOLY            CAPS against each of
Ice     - FIRE          Thunder     - WIND            the six different ones.

Then there are monster categories: Beast, Dino, Metal, Plant, Sea, Sky, Mage,
Stone, Undead, and Mimic. So theoretically, if you have something that can
overpower each one of those gits, the more damage you can deal to them. This
is true isn't it? You can count on meeting all these types of monsters as you
play through Dark Cloud, so be prepared.

Usually, you'd find them in dungeons as you explore it, or monsters you will
have defeated should drop them on occasion. Actually, if you use a special
item on a monster and defeat it, it will almost always drop an item that can
be used as an attachment. You can also find nice attachments as compensations
from grateful villagers. Play the fishing game and accumalate points to trade
in for decent items.

TIP OF THE DAY: Performing Status Break on old, redundant weapons will net
your fairly valuable attachments to add to new weapons. Recycle. Reduce.
Reuse. If you develop weapons properly, it may come to be an unattainable,
fantastic, super-strong weapon.


Some weapons if developed correctly can perform special abilites during
combat. Such include:

Heal        -  Recovers HP
Steal       -  Mug enemies of their belongings
Big Bucks   -  Double the money dropped by a monster
Poor        -  Enemies may sacrifice less money
Durable     -  WHP loss is retarded
Fragile     -  WHP loss is much quicker
Quench      -  Character feels less dehydrated
Thirst      -  Character feels dehydrated
Poison      -  Damage to the enemy may sometimes cause Poison status
Stop        -  Damage to the enemy may sometimes cause Stop status
Abs Up      -  Absorb 20% more enemy magic
Critical    -  Damage to the enemy is amplified
Drain       -  Damage to enemy may sometimes drain its HP and transfer it to


This is pretty simple and doesn't need a long explanation. There are in-game
tutorals if you really need help. The only thing you'd need help on is how
you'll want to place the houses and stuff so everyone'd be happy. Anyway, to
open the Georama window, press the SELECT button to toggle Georama mode first
then press the (/\) button to open the menu. You can use this mode once you
have collected enough Atla in dungeons to rebuild _something_. Pop into the
Georama menu, and start assembling pieces of the world.

When assembling villages, make sure you have the proper foundations for such
tasks. Select the object you would like to plant into the ground. Press the
(X) button for bird's eye view of the land. Experiment with the buttons. If
you mess up, you can always level the villages and rebuild them. :) Remember
to keep everyone happy.

Tip: Wander through town chatting with everyone to find out what they want in
their house, their landmark, and everything else you need to know about their
ideal house.


Yadda, yadda. I'm getting restless with these game basics. Let's get on with
the meat of the game. If you really don't understand Dark Cloud's elements,
it's best advised you keep playing to get used to it, or you return the game
and get your darned money back.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                          3.00 Story and Characters
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Oh boy, for the millionth time in all of video game history, the hero must
once again save the world from complete destruction by an evil genie (now,
that's a first.). It's your typical save-the-world-from-the-forces-of-evil
type game afterall.

400 Years Ago

The King of the Eastern Continent watched heartbroken as the Western Wizard
Army prepared its magical deathblow to his staggered and suffering forces.
The King sat alone by the light of the two moons contemplating the end of his
Kingdom and the destruction of his people. At the moment of his darkest
anguish, a shrouded mage appeared. He offered the King an unholy victory born
from the blackest witchcraft. Desperately, the King accepted and, as
promised, the West miraculously fell in defeat. But soon, to his ever-lasting
Anguish, flames consumed the King's beloved Eastern Kingdom as well.


In the western village of Norune, music floats across the air on a clear warm
Night bathed by the light of the two moons. The villagers dance and perform
around the comunal fires in celebration of the Harvest Festival. Not far from
Norune, a more ominous dance plays out. Within the Dark Shrine, hypnotic
rhythms pulse off heavy granite walls as bewitched mystics focus their energy
On a gigantic urn in the center of the shrine. At the foot of the urn, stands
A Flag, a cold-faced military man who is the one responsible for unearthing
This dark treasure. He hides his anticipation as the ceremonial dancers sway
And chant to free the spirit trapped in the urn. This dance in the Dark
Shrine is not a celebration of life, but a blood ritual of resurrection, the
Rekindling of a long imprisoned and horrible force.

The contents of the urn begin to swirl, and then pulse upward as the spell
Shatters the seal. An enormous being emerges from the urn. Known as the Dark
Genie, he is free for the first time in 400 years. Flag's stony glare turns
to a fear as the monstrous blue-tongued creatures gazes down at him. But he
Still manages to pronounce himself as the Genie's master. The Dark Genie
agrees, and then quickly devours on an unfortunate priest. The suffering of
The Western Continent was about to begin.

In Norune, a young boy named Toan looks for his friend Paige among the crowd
Of performers. The faces of the dancers glow in happiness. But in the sky
Above, the Dark Genie with Flag in hand arrives like a lunar eclipse. In a
Moment the Harvest celebration ignites into an inferno. Toan makes a futile
leap to save Paige from a collasping tower. As his village crumbles, Toan's
World goes black.

Toan awakens alone and confused to see an ancient man standing before him. He
is the Spirit King, one who can join all the spiritual forces in nature.

In the last split second before Norune and other villages vanished, the
Spirit King casts a magical spell. Everything was encased in magical spheres
Called Atla. Atla containing every person and piece of Norune are now
scattered over great distances. The Spirit King sees a brave heart in Toan
And grants him the power to rescue and restore his homeland.

Challenge the incredible power of the dark evil that, even now, is turning
what remains of the land into vast dungeons. King deeds and bravery will win
you allies while spirit magic charges your weapons with astounding power.
Resurrect your shattered world.

(This was lifted exactly from the instruction booklet.)

                      -+- My Interpretation of the Story -+-

Ok so the milieu of the story takes place on an unspecified world, with two
moons and magical creatures you'd usually find in fairy tales; it's much
different from ours, that's for sure. While it resembles a plot clipped out
of Aladdin, the world of Dark Cloud is actually much more than turban attire
and oversized flying dogs. Now I won't blame the people who translated Dark
Cloud for trying, but they did a poor job in the story (bad grammar and
faulty idioms). Actually, I'm one to talk, aren't I? Well anyway, it appears
that this king 400 years ago, could not bare to watch his kingdom in ashes.
His anguish was great enough to bring forth a dark power that can grant one's
wish. Of course, the king wished for the safety of his kingdom and that is
what he had gotten. The king breathes a sigh of relief and starts to kick
back on a fortunate victory.

Blessed with the retentive memory of his easy-earned victory, it was a only a
matter of time before his kingdom was once again engulfed in flames. From
this, we learn that with one's selfish and greedy desire comes consequences.
Now, we all know this is a foreshadowing sentence. Someone 400 years later is
going to come along and stumble across this urn in which this Dark Genie is
concealed in, and release it to bring forth his most lusterous desires. Argh.

The clock fast forwards to the present, which was not stated. In the rural
village of Norune, the villagers amass to celebrate the Harvest Festival. As
you probably would have guessed, the Harvest Festival is a time of rejoice
and anti-haggling over frivolent matters. A time to thank the gods for
another successful year of abundant crops. In this particular village, this
is where all the troubles play out; where it all starts. The player is intro-
duced to his game companion, Toan, a young audacious boy who wears spandex.

Elsewhere, in a secluded area where the Dark Shrine bare its ominous shadows,
a wave of a more sodden mood is given off. Not the mirth atmosphere like the
one in Norune Village, but a more sullen and creepy aura fills the warm air.
An army of what seem to be armored mages pray and perform rituals for the
figure at the foot of the urn. Who is he? Only but the most ridiculous name a
video game character has ever been bestowed, Colonel Flag. Apparently, they
have all gathered to perform a ceremonial resurrection of a dark god known as
the Dark Genie.

After what seems to be hours, the seal on the urn begins to wear off and the
evil being slowly emerges from the urn, as if in a trance. Moments later,
the plump genie overshadows the entire room. In trepidation, the Colonel had
enough courage to squeak out a few words. A few words that can mean the total
destruction of the world. The Dark Genie acknowledges and in a blink of an
eye, devours an unfortunate priest. Being entrapped in a bottle for 400 years
helps work up a voracious appetite, no? :)

Meanwhile, back in Norune, Toan searches for Paige in a village teeming with
dancers and jostling people. Suddenly, the shadow of the incoming Dark Genie
covers the night sky and fills the land with complete darkness until...BOOM!
A sinister destruction follows; subsequently, Toan's village merges with the
flames. Everything is in chaos; people screaming for their lives and chickens
clucking, trying to find their pens. In all the carnage, Toan makes a heroic
dive to save Paige from an early death, but to no avail. Everything dies out.

Toan awakens to find himself in a strange place with an elderly man standing
before him. And who might he be? The almighty Spirit King to say the least.
He has apparently saved Toan's hide from hell and recognizes his heroic
antics to save his loved ones. You ask yourself _why me? Why am I the only
survivor?_ Surprise! You're not. Apparently, the Spirit King made last minute
efforts to save the village and other parts of the world and encapsulated
them in balls (that resemble dragonballs). Encased in these balls are your
fellow cronies and parts of villages-trees, bridges, cats, fences, people,
rivers, the works-Your role is about to be foretold. The Spirit King bestows
you the power to rehabilitate your world from its utter destruction with the
help of a few allies of course. You must now venture to different dungeons
and seek out these balls called Atla. Though, it's not just a picnic in the
park, you'll meet much stiff resistance, and by showing true gallantry, only
then can you survive and restore Toan's homeland back to its pristine state.

With all this "dark" talk, it's no wonder this game is called Dark Cloud. :)

                             -+- Characters -+-



    Toan is the main protagonist of the game. The big, not-so-beefy tyke
    that's going to save the world from the sinister of evil.  He's been
    granted with the power to recreate the world from these little teeny
    balls called Atla. Encased in these Atla're pieces of the lost world
    Toan must restore. With the Atlamillia,  only Toan can capture these
    lost fragments and endure the dangers of perilous dungeons they have
    been stashed away in.

    Let's see now, Toan has a wimpy-build,  looks too young to assume he
    has even gone through puberty yet, wears oversized shoes and gloves,
    and  plus he has a flair for that silly turban on his head.  Not the
    greatest image of a hero, huh?  Well,  if the Spirit King decides to
    instill the fate of the world  on this boy,  then I guess it doesn't
    hurt to believe in him.  Afterall, we'll be controlling him. Eh, eh?



    Xiao is, or rather,  was a stray cat founded by Toan while exploring
    the Divine Beast Cave.  Xiao takes an immediate liking to Toan after
    he rescued her. Xiao follows him home to his village and gets turned
    into a cat warrior. Being a half-cat, half-human creature, she packs
    quite a wallop. She flings her slingshot like nobody's business. She
    is not, however, fighting material, so it's best advised not to rely
    on her too much.  She may  lack in the looks department but she sure
    is sweet, sometimes.

    Having two fluffy ears, claws and a tail does make her act in a cute
    demeanor.  My impression anyway. Since she can steer clear of danger
    with her long-ranged shots, she is highly recommended for long-range



    Goro's a chunky looking feller who can maul things like a hot knife
    in butter.   He is  just another one of those strong, but brainless
    companions you'd find in any game.  His attacks are devastating and
    can easily wipe out fairly strong monsters. Because of Goro's bulky
    built, he can  be a nuisance to control.  He lives in what seems to
    be a cozy treehouse adjacent to Poacher Village. At first,  he does
    not join Toan on his quest,  but rather  he wants to challenge him.
    Looks like making friends isn't that easy afterall.

    Goro wields a ridiculously huge, wooden hammer and wears a bearskin
    over his head. Talk about a fashion statement. He has, like about a
    hundred rolls on his arms, legs and his beer belly. But he's an all
    around good fighter uh, minus the speed and intelligence.


 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                           4.00 Walkthrough
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I highly advise that you not use this walkthrough for the whole experience of
Dark Cloud. Unless, you've already beaten it, then whatever. It is much more
compensating to you, if you figure out these puzzles, defeat bosses, discover
secrets, and et ceteria on your own. However, if you're really desperate then
I can't stop you now, can I? My talking here is just like an old man droning
on about his childhood, isn't it? You don't care! Fine, be that way. Spoilers

Spoilers will be arriving uncontrollably, please buckle your safety belts to
reduce the impact. You have been forewarned...

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> THIS IS YOUR FINAL WARNING... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

*                      WHAT? YOU'RE STILL HERE? FINE.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WALKTHROUGH IS COMMENCING <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

It has begun!

Carefully take the disc out of the slick, new package and place it gently in
your PS2. Start it up and listen to the soft droning sound of the smooth PS2.
Clean your grimy hands, and pick up the controller. Stop squirming around! I
know you're excited! Watch the nice intro and whatever. Come off it and let's


The opening movie is based on the story foretold in the manual, or by me, if
you've read my interpretation. Name your character "Toan", or name him some
other appropriate name. His name could be "SweatSocks" for all I care.  The
movie opens out at the Dark Shrine, where an army of dancing who knows what,
is performing some kind of resurrecting ritual. It's pretty long, so you can
stop killing your controller now. Let's skip ahead, as you can watch it
without by guidance, or do you...? Anyway, meet Toan (I will be using the
default names, thank you very much.) and his mom, although it doesn't state
her name yet. Toan's gotta hurry up and finish his meal, or he's gonna miss
the opening ceremony. Just as Toan starts to marvel the feeling of a joyous
atmosphere,  the Dark Genie appears in the sky and a sinister ballet ensues;
dancing and prouncing about all the while shooting destructive beams from his
body parts. Here, the whole story and the Toan's true destiny'll be laid out.

When you regain control of Toan, you'll find the land completely devoid of
life. Run forward and the Village Chief's house will loom into view. It has
miraculously escaped the mass annihilation of all things. Er, anyway, speak
to the Village Chief. He will immediately instill the duty of having you go
to the Divine Beast Cave to check up on good ol' Dran. He gives you the Cave
Key which you will need to unlock the huge stone doors. And for being great
Survival buddies, he fills your item bag with useful items you'll need during
the excursion to Dran. Afterwards, check the closet behind the chief to find
a Prickly. Leave his house.

Note: You can come back anytime to have your bag refilled with useful items.

Head northeast towards the entrance of the Divine Beast Cave. Use the Cave
Key the village chief gave you and press on. Know that I will not be able to
guide you step by step through the dungeons. You're going to have to pull
through this yourself since the dungeons are randomized. Meaning, everytime
you enter the cave, you'll be at different parts of the floor.


When you first enter, the only accessible floor at this time is, of course,
the first floor. So we'll start here and work your way up and stuff. Don't
worry too much about dying. The first time you get Koed, the Fairy King will
come to your aid and impart Georama knowledge into your pea brain with the
help of a Manual. So, everytime you die, you'll get transported outside with
some items lost.

There are a total of eight Atla to collect here, some of which include Macho
and his house. You can choose to start building his house if you'd like.
Start hunting for that Dran's Crest and pick up the nice items along the way.
Don't forget to fill up on your water supply. Just look for a blue stain on
the map and that should be your water source. Be sure to pick up the Tram Oil
for "back room" purposes. It should be on this floor; correct me if I'm wrong

Another eight Atla to gather here to add to the ever growing collection.  Be
sure to plunder all the chests for weapons and stuff. Since the dungeons are
so randomized, it's kinda hard to tell what you'll get and stuff.

After snagging the six Atlas here, you should have a total of 22 fragments of
your village. Hey, you're getting there! If you're getting restless, you may
go back to the empty lot and start rebuilding your town with what you have. I

On this floor, you'll encounter the first duel with a skeleton. Simple enough
isn't it? Probably not for the first time. To pull this off in succession,
follow the scrolling buttons and hit them as they pass through the white line
on the left. This mini-game takes precision timing and may need a little
practice. Don't fret if you've lost. The game will allow you to redo it again
and again.

You might want to build up your weapon on this floor,  as it proves to be a
nice battle ground. Don't forget to search for those Atla. There're a total
of five on this level.

Collect seven scattered Atla on this floor and just fight your way to F7. You
might catch a glimpse of a kitty cat.

The 7th floor is the first to expose you to these Limited Zones. This one
causes ABS to reduce as you strike with your weapon. So a good idea is to
put it away and avoid any battles. Oh, the Dran's Crest. This is going to be
tough, especially since you want to upgrade your weapons. Just blindly pick
out a few victims and hope that it will drop the Dran's Crest. There are
also eight Atla to find on this level.

On this level, you'll run into a mysterious young man. He'll challenge you to
a duel. This is a dud, as you can't win. Toan will just fall and be at the
mercy of the white-haired guy's blade. What's this? Toan fell deliberately to
protect a poor cute cat from danger. Before the mysterious man leaves,  he
tosses some Changing Potion to you. Is this out of kindness, or is it filled
with poison to suck the life force out of you? Oops,  Toan isn't supposed to
drink it. At this point, you may want to return to the village and trigger
Toan's event with the stray cat. Use the Changing Potion on the little gal.
It'll join you afterwards. From here onwards, things will be much easier for
you to handle.

As usual, just collect the Atla on this level. There's nothing exciting or
unusual to take note of.

Fight. Collect Atla. Progress. Same old, same old. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Is
that simple enough for you to follow?

Encounter yet another Limited Zone. Only this time, Xiao can only be used on
this level. Therefore, if you haven't recruited her, yet. Now is a good time
to do so. This is pretty hard, since Xiao is physically weaker than Toan and
cannot sustain too much damage. Your number one priority is to find a Dran's
Crest and move on. This is based on luck, I guess. I personally, had a hard
time with this level.  You might want to consider emptying the chests first,
then move onto finding the Crest. If you're still having trouble, upgrade her
weapon and come back later.

Same old, customary routine. Collect the Atla and move onto the next level.

Collect Atla and grab some goodies from chests. Then move onto the next level
if nothing else.

One floor left before facing the big guy. If you're weapon isn't at LEAST a
Dagger+5, you're in bad shape. So, if you haven't been diligently training
your weapons, you'd better start now. Also, try to stock up on Repair Powder
and the sorts. Gather the remaining Atla and move to the final floor of this
dungeon. Whew! You might want to save.

Meet Dran, a lively, cheerful guy...that's about to tear your body apart! Get
it together and fight!


For the first boss, he is tough if you don't know what to do. If you do, that
is wonderful. To make this puppy prowl, use Xiao to fling a slingshot at him
in the face. He'll get irritated and drop on the ground.  Switch to Toan and
let him have it with a few pokes in the eye. Having item Dran's Feather could
somewhat help you in the fight. Wouldn't use it though. Just remember to keep
Xiao a good distance away from him to avoid any damage to her. Repeat this
method several times over and the possessed Dran will finally give in.  Use
Repair Powder if you need to.

Upon defeat, Dran will offer to help you in your quest to rebuild the world
and save it from the Dark Genie's grasp, or whatever. Dran will give you the
World Map. Great. Time to completely rebuild the vilage. See the Rebuilding
Help section for details.

When you've done everything there is to do in the village, go visit Dran and
he will bestow you with your first charge attack: WindMill Slash. It'll come
in handy (to get this attack, you must have 100% in all three categories in
the Georama Analysis menu.). Now that you've taken the first step to a whole
new world, it's time to migrate to the next village that is Matataki Village!

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                           5.00 Rebuilding Help
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Find out where and how to build the homes for everyone you come across. Can't
figure it out yourself? You sad little man. Oh well, that's what this section
is for. Don't know what to do, come here to find out. This is only pertinent
to the Georama mode only. I will guide you on how to rebuild the alternative
village that everyone wants. Of couse, it's your job to collect all the Atla
first. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to work you laggard!

I will, to my best ability, try to lay out a bird's-eye view of the village
once it's been properly assembled. Meaning, you can use these neat ASCII maps
as a quick reference as to where all the houses should be properly set. Lost
you yet?


                         -+- NORUNE VILLAGE -+-

Well, naturally, you'll need the Atla you've gathered from the Divine Beast
Cave. Don't have it? Go back and get it! Sheesh. Anyway, as you may have
suspected, the object of surpassing levels and villages is to first rebuild,
and I mean completely rehabilitate Norune Village before moving onto another.
Well, even if you wanted to, you can't anyway. So I guess you're stuck with
good ol' Norune until you've, or rather, Toan has helped the poor mendicants
of the village. :)

Ok, I think the first couple of Atla you can amass could be enough to rebuild
Macho's home, but I hate going through the trouble of telling you which huts
to build in order. Therefore, I'll just randomly tell you what you need, and
how you're going to renovate your fellow neighbors' huts...err, houses. Then,
you could just seek out which you need help on and shoot. :)

 | LEGEND:          |
 |  _               |
 | |_| = WindMill   |      Please spare me the comments on how ridiculous
 | (_) = Tree       |      these maps look. Unless you want me to use every
 |  #  = Bridge     |      friggin' detail, it may look even more screwed
 |__________________|      up. So retain your complaining, ok?

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - -
|                          Laura's house_____           _________          |
|                   ___________      ________\         /         \         |
|   _________      |           |    |         |       |           |        |
|  |         |     |___________|    |_________|        \_________/         |
|  |_________|               \___Claude's House         \________Paige's   |
|    (_)      \__Alnet's House                                   House     |
|    _____________________________________________     _____________       |
|   |     #                 #        RIVER        |   /             \      |
|                                               | |   |    Pond     |      |
|                                               | |   \_____________/      |
| (_)   Chief's House  (_)                  (_) | |                        |
|      /  ________           |ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØ| |                        |
|  __ /  |        |          |     _____________| |_________________       |
| /  \   |        |          |    |             |                   |      |
||    |  |        |          |    |             |  _________________|      |
||    |  |________|          |     ØØØØØØØØØØØØØ| |                        |
| \__/    \_______Your House |__________________| |  (_)   (_)      _      |
|         Dran's Windmill_____/                 | |                |_|     |
|                                               | |  (_)                   |
|      (_)                                      | |              ______    |
|    ___________________________________________| |             |      |   |
|   |     #                 #       RIVER         |             |      |   |
|    (_)                                                        |______|   |
|       _______                                Macho's house____/          |
|      |       |                  ___________                              |
|      |_______|                 |           |                             |
|       \_______Gaffer's Buggy   |___________|                             |
|                      _          \_____________The Hag's house            |
|                     |_|                                                  |
|                                                                          |
|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |

Well, you can't blame me for trying. =P Let's start with your house, since it
is your number one priority to keep your mother happy 'n stuff. Be her little
angel and start building! Plus, Toan can count on sleeping in his own bed
tonight if you do things correctly. Hell, the villagers'll become so content,
you'd forget they were there.

Items needed:
- Chimney
- Keg
- Llama
- Stray Cat
- Toan's mother, Renee
- Upstairs storage

How to build it: Since your mother, or rather, Toan's mother would like the
sun shining brightly on her, the first thing you would want is to make sure
the house is facing the east. That way, the first thing Renee will see when
she wakes up is the sun.

Rewards: If Toan has rescued that Stray Cat back in Divine Beast Cave, then
it follows you home. From there, you can change it into a fearsome feline
warrior. It will join your party; her name is Xiao, but "Kittycat" is a nice
name too. :)

Items needed:
- Alnet
- Alnet's younger brother, Carl
- Cabin
- Lamp
- Llama
- Stairway

How to build it: If you have talked to Alnet lately, you'll know she detests
the Macho brothers. Actually, detests is such a strong word; dislike is the
better word for it. To keep her happy and comfortable, position her house as
far away from the Macho brother's house as possible.

Rewards: Alnet gives you a fishing rod for being so kind. Too bad you're too
young for her.

Items needed:
- Annex Room
- Barbell
- Fence
- Lamp
- Macho
- Macho's big brother, Komacho

How to build it: Notice the muscular build on the brothers? Well, they'd like
to keep their shapes that way. And how? Only by letting them work out with
those vicious monsters in the Divine Beast Cave. Place their house near the
entrance and it should be more than enough to keep them happy, that is until
they lose a leg. Their insatiable appetite for muscles and less brains gives
monsters a slight advantage over them, yeah? :)

Rewards: Komacho offers Stone Breaker as recompense for your carpentry antics
and stuff. The Stone Breaker is effective in one of the floors in the Divine
Beast Cave.

Items needed:
- Bench
- Cabin
- Candy Box
- Claude
- Fence
- Lamp

How to build it: Knowing Claude, he'll love to eat Alnet's cooking. Why not
make them neighborly neighbors?

Rewards:  Here is an example of the time sequence in Dark Cloud. Since people
react differently at different times of the day, you may want to visit every-
one during the morning, afternoon and the remaining part of the day. Some of
them may give you gifts. Claude is a great example. During the morning, he'll
feel generous and give you item Candy; at night, he will feel even better and
give up some Cheese. Great! Oh, don't bother during the afternoon, though. He
is sleeping at that time. :P

Items needed:
- Cabin
- Fence
- Lamp
- Paige
- Paige's father, Pike
- Wheels

How to build it: A place next to the fishing pond is more beneficial for Pike
than for Paige, since Pike loves to fish. You may learn a few things from him
you know?

Rewards: Paige knits a new and bigger pouch for you. Now it can hold up to 60
items. Whoop!

Items needed:
- Auntie Laura
- Cabin
- Fence
- Gina
- Lamp
- Tricycle

How to build it: Laura can't stand the noise coming from the Village Chief's
house. A good idea is to keep it a distance away from the chief. Poor guy.

Rewards: If you've gotten the Tricycle just like Gina asked for, she'll love
you more than ever and also hand over Dran's Feather. Aww, isn't that sweet?

Items needed:
- Light
- Sign
- Supplies
- Gaffer

How to build it: Gaffer will be content with where ever you put him, just as
long as his shop will be swarming with customers. He's an easy-going guy eh?

Rewards: Nothing special. But since you've helped reopen his shop, he will be
more than willing to sell you items or vice versa. Selling items you've found
in the cave is not a bad idea to accumalate those Gilda!

Items needed:
- Bench
- Cabin
- Fence
- Jar
- Hag
- Lamp

How to build it: The hag has an unusual liking to watch big Dran's Windmill
blades. It gives her sick pleasure.

Rewards: The Hag will offer to keep any unnecessary items you have as storage
and stuff. Nice place to drop off any redundant items, or items you'd want to
use later.

Items needed:
- Dran's Blades
- Dran's Horn
- Sign
- Torch

How to build it: Placing it in the center of the village will serve as a nice
monument of uh, something.

Rewards: You get to fight the boss! Yay!

Items needed:
- Ladder
- Windmill Vanes

How to build it: You can actually place these anywhere in town, just as long
as no one complains.

Rewards: None.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                              6.00 Bestiary
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Location: Divine Beast Cave

Bats are the most annoying in the Divine Beast Cave. It can afflict poison on
you forcing you to give up Antidotes. But they're typically weak creatures.

Location: Divine Beast Cave

These guys are pretty easy despite its size and its massive club. Once you've
got it locked on target it will attempt to hit you, and then run away. So,
you could always just slash them silly while chasing them. They're pretty fun
to play with. :)

Location: Divine Beast Cave

These guys work kinda like Statues, but not quite. Use the same tactics here
like you did with the Statue. Try to refrain yourself from using combos on
these guys as they can retaliate quite well with attacks of their own. They
are slow, yes, but their attacks hurt a lot. Think of "hit and run" attacks
with this deadly foe. Jump in to attack, then quickly get out of the way.

Location: Divine Beast Cave

These guys are a pain. They disappear and apparate elsewhere. Always dodge
its purple fireballs. I don't know what they do, but I was to weak to stay
and find out at the time. :) You can only hurt him when he is on the ground.

Location: Divine Beast Cave

A pretty tricky fellow. These guys can suddenly lunge at you when you least
expect it. 'Specially if you're opening weapon chests. Dance around him and
stick it to him when his guard is down.

Location: Divine Beast Cave

A skeleton wearing a trenchcoat. A former member of the Trenchcoat Mafia? :)
He's kinda annoying, but simple to defeat when you've dealt with its brothers
(Skeleton Soldiers) enough.

Location: Divine Beast Cave

A smaller and weaker version of King Mimic. These guys can suddenly lunge at
you when you least expect it. 'Specially if you're opening item chests. Dance
around him and stick it to him when his guard is down.

OPAR (28 HP)
Location: Divine Beast Cave

Probably one of the tougher enemies in the cave. It's sluggish demeanor at
first seems to be no apparent threat. That is, if you don't get too close.
It will squash you flat like pancakes. Just avoid these guys if you want to
save the trouble.

Location: Divine Beast Cave

Like a rolling Dodongo from Zelda, Rockanoffs can be damaging if you stumble
onto its path. Its momentum can knock you off your feet. Work around it and
give it a nasty poke in the back.

Location: Divine Beast Cave

These undead zombie dudes love to come in packs. Don't get surrounded by them
or you'll be eating dust all day. They're pretty slow, so you can hack at
them faster than them ever lifting their swords.

Location: Divine Beast Cave

Try to refrain yourself from using combos on these guys as they can retaliate
quite well with attacks of their own. They're slow, yes, but their attacks
hurt a lot. Think of "hit and run" attacks with this deadly foe. Jump in to
attack, then quickly get out of the way.

Location: Divine Beast Cave

Taunt the doggie by letting it see you. Until it starts to chase after you,
it won't take any damage; not at all.

Location: Divine Beast Cave

Beware of its spinning attack. It's exceptionally strong, 'specially since
you're pretty weak at this state. Never let it use its attacks. Just keep
pounding away at it. But, of course, unless you enjoy dying, I won't stop

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                     7.00 Frequently Asked Questions
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This is the section what we authors like to call, the FAQ section. :) FAQ is
an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions; that's what this document really
is. Well this section is comprised of all the most frequently asked questions
that have been e-mailed to me or whatever. To be able to make it to this list
means that the question has been asked 8+ times, which is pretty frequent no?
I've compiled enough questions to hopefully, answer your question. This way,
you can do both me and yourself a favor by looking for your question, before
resorting to e-mailing me. Chances are, it's here. If not, only then can you
e-mail me and expect a reply back. It has to be a rational question though.

 Q: What the hell is that logo thingie at the bottom of this page?

 A: The hell that thingie at the bottom of this page is the album cover of
    the Deftone's CD: Adrenaline. That was the name of their first album
    and my alias just happens to be named after it. So I thought it would
    be nice to make a logo for myself and to "brand" my FAQ. Ok, if you
    can't really tell what it is, it's a bulb syringe of some sort. That's
    pretty much it. The other reason for adding the thing is to take up a
    little space. Mwaha!


 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                          8.00 Contact Information
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                        -+- Simple E-mail Policy -+-

If you have any further questions concerning the game, or as to why stealing
is bad contact me via e-mail. I will accept any type of mail including
criticism, add-ons, corrections, tips, suggestions, weird comments, etc. I
will NOT accept threats of any kind and never, never send any perverted
comments you perverts! And as always, you will be credited for your
delightful opinions and such. Please subject your mail so I know what the
deal is. If not, it will be DELETED. Also please use proper English with
correct grammar and such. It annoys me when people tYpE lIkE dIs. That's a
no-no. If your English is just horrible and I can't understand a thing you
said, then it'll have to be deleted sorry. If you have AIM, feel free to drop
me a line if I happen to be online. I also have ICQ, but I rarely use it.
Um...that's about it.

If, however, you have e-mailed me and you have NOT gotten a reply for a few
days now and you don't know what the hell you did wrong, there may be several
logical reasons for this. It will most likely be one of the reasons listed

- Your e-mail was probably ignored due to the irrelevant content and/or
  ambiguity. In other words, be more specific. Don't give vague information
  (ex: "How do I get the thingie on the wall?") That's a big no-no. Use this
  outline: Name of the game, Site you found this FAQ on, Blah blah , Add a thanks.
- If you've asked a question that has already been covered in the guide, but
  you are too damn lazy to look. Your e-mail has most likely been ignored.
- I'm probably not able to get online and check my mail for the following
  reasons: 1.) My computer is broken 2.) I have been grounded 3.) I don't
  feel like it. 4.) I'm being lazy (which is quite frequent)
- You've sent an e-mail in another language. It's annoying. I've gotten
  quite a few of those.
- You've probably asked a question for an entirely different game that I've
  never heard the likes of, or have never written a FAQ for. How on earth did
  you get my e-mail address anyway?!
- You have probably been rude. Actually, if you were extremely rude, I would
  probably reply to your e-mail swearing you off the planet. Not really, but
  it depends.
- I have a social life too. Please be patient. Thank you very much! ^_^

But, however, you have not recieved a reply back for weeks and weeks to come,
and it did not land on anything listed above, then send the e-mail again
(provided it was a question not answered in the guide.). I probably did not
recieve it.

                           -+- Contact Clients -+-

                         GameFAQs board: Adrenaline
                 E-mail address(s):
                          MSN Messanger: see above
                       AIM: reddmaggot, globaLX eniGma
                                ICQ: 70967247

This is getting ridiculous. I am constantly being IMed, but that's not what
bothers me. What bothers me is that certain ignorant people (quite a large
number at that) keep IMing me for no apparent reason and end up asking me how
the hell I got on their buddy list. This is so stupid. If you're going to add
me to your list, please note it so it would save you and me the trouble of
clearing up this misunderstanding. Don't mistaken me for someone else. The
MSN Messanger and ICQ names have been created for the sole purpose of
welcoming readers of my FAQs. My AIM screen name is my social one with my
friends and readers, or whatever. When you do IM me please state that you've
gotten this screen name or whatever from the FAQ, or I may mistake you for
one of my friends that is messing around with me. I'm generally nice most of
the time, but if you're just plain rude and demand an answer from me, then I
will ignore you. If I don't answer you, do not say "hello?!?!". Be patient.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                             9.00 Legal Stuff
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This document is (c) 2001 AdrenalineSL

All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and in part
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Information on this document is copyrighted to proprietary material to S. Lee
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Stephanie Lee is in no way related to Sony Entertainment of America or any of
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If you have any errors or inaccuracies to report, contact the author.

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                                10.00 Outro
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                          -+- Acknowledgements -+-

Thanks to Stephanie Lee for investing so much time into this guide. If it
weren't for her, you wouldn't be reading this guide! Plus, the fact that she
worked and saved her money to get this game. The least you could do is read
through the whole FAQ to answer your questions, and e-mail her and tell her
how good of a FAQ it is. ^_^

Thanks to Sony Entertainment of America for releasing this wonderful game,
even though it had been delayed forever!

Thanks to ATadeo for helping me get my FAQs onto GameFAQs. He is such a sweet
pea. ^_~ He makes good FAQs such as his kick ass Chrono Cross FAQ. Go read it
now if you haven't!

Thanks to CJayC for accepting and hosting my FAQs and for maintaining one of
the best websites on the net! Down with ripoffs!

                            -+- Final Words -+-

Woo! I had fun typing this. A little more challenging than what I had done
with my previous work, but fun. This has got to be one the most intense FAQs
I've done up to date. I've been working my butt off trying to make this
guide live up to your expectations. Please respect my intellectual property
and investment of time! If you don't like how I write ñ then go write your
own FAQ or something. I would love to hear any feedback on this particular
guide. I just hope all my efforts and hard work were not put in vain. A big
thank you goes out to the big guy, CJayC for hosting all my FAQs and allowing
me to bring this FAQ to you fine people. ;) I would love to hear all kinds of

Let me say that I really appreciate those of you who have read, helped or
simply respected this FAQ. Any FAQ author can share an equal amount of
satisfaction with me, as I worked very hard on this and I still do. If you
have any questions or information that I've missed please don't be shy about
e-mailing me. ^_~ I don't bite. It goes without saying, but only FAQ or game
related questions or requesting permission to use this FAQ, please! Only
relevant tidbits! If you want to hold a friendly discussion with me, feel
free to do so. You can contact me via any of the contact clients: AIM, AOL,
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And remember, any type of extreme threats (like slitting my throat), or just
plain stupid remarks will get your name on my hitlist. I will take your e-
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addition to you being such a jerk, I will add you to the "Butt-munching,
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can happen to you is have your e-mail address blocked. If you decide to email
me under multiple addresses, your e-mail will be proned to be deleted. Aside
from that, I would love to hear from you!


                               MUCHO GRACIAS!!!

                                        /^  ^^    ///
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                     O(@@ 6@e    /RG(t////~t%K^/ //^/
                      DeFtones   @#(((^  ^//~6K%^^^^
                                R@G%/~     //(CK@
                               @@B6((~/ ^^^~/~t%@
                               @@R6((~((/%/~(/CO@   /
                        ^^ % /(OKeC%tCC6C6666OG%~// /
                      / ^(t/~%G6(tC%(%tC%%C6%%///////
                    ^  ^%/(%KCC(((%((/(/(~// //^//~//
                       C/%R@(t(/^        ^^   / / ///
                   ^/^(t#@(((/^  !~AdrenALiNe~!
                   ^%%@@(~/~/^          ^    ^//^// /
                    /(//////// ^  /  / R~%G^C~Gt~/^ ^
                     // ////// / ^^^///////G/ ~/ ///^
                     /// ^//^/// / /   /^ / ^//// ///

                       _Adrenaline_ Deftones 1995
                 The Unofficial Dark Cloud Strategy Guide
                      Copyright © 2001 Stephanie Lee
                                June 2001