PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- THE LOST VIKINGS TRANSCRIPTS by Rick Furr April 12, 1994 with additions and corrections by Col. G. L. Sicherman, June 16, 1995 THE VIKINGS' STORY It was a day that the members of the Viking village looked forward to every year. On this day everyone in the village celebrated the fall harvest with contests of bravery and skill throughout the afternoon and a grand feast at dusk. The most anticipated event of the day was the hunt. In this competition, the best huntsmen from the village venture into the wilderness, to see who could catch the most game for the evening's feast. By noon, all the participants had arrived at the starting point of the hunt, except for three Vikings who lived just outside the village. Since their tardiness was nothing new, the decision was made to start the hunt. without them. Upon hearing the horn, indicating the beginning of the competition, Olaf the Stout and his two buddies, Baleog the Fierce and Eric the Swift, simply rushed into the forest to prevent the others from having too great of a head start. Meanwhile, the infamous intergalactic zookeeper, Tomator, piloted his space craft to Earth through a fiery vortex that appeared high above the fjords of the Baltic Sea. Tomator was sure that he could find adequate specimens for his zoo on this tiny planet. He commanded his ship to begin its descent as he made preparations to go on a hunt of his own. As Olaf the Stout, Baleog the Fierce and Eric the Swift walked home from the feast they were still bragging over their triumphs in the hunt. When each brother had finished claiming that he was a better hunter than the other two, they retired to their cottages, oblivious to the strange flying object that had appeared directly over their village. Tomator brought his craft closer to the ground, trying to locate the three specimens that he had previously chosen. He had noticed them earlier, when they appeared to be the victors of some primitive ritual of skill and strength. After a few minutes, Tomator's computer located the selected humans and began to teleport his unsuspecting captives aboard his ship. Eric, the swiftest of the Vikings, was awakened suddenly to find himself suspended above his bed and being pulled upward. Despite his efforts to resist, he was drawn through the top of his hut and into the night sky. Next, Olaf the Stout and Baleog the Fierce experienced the same fate as they too were pulled from their beds, toward the strange metallic object in the sky. With the acquisition complete, Tomator took his craft out of orbit. Due to a short circuit during the teleportation process, the Vikings materialized in the corridors of Tomator's ship rather than in his specimen room. Now the Vikings only hope to return home in the use of their skills and the strange vortices that can carry them through time and space. Your story begins with three Lost Vikings aboard Tomator's ship, and only with your help and expertise can they find their way back home. You must guide the Lost Vikings through the complex maze of Tomator's space craft. Use Eric's speed, Baleog's weaponry and Olaf's defensive abilities to help return these poor lost souls to their village. NAME: Erik the Swift AGE: 19 HEIGHT: 5' 8" WEIGHT: 160 lbs. SPECIALTY: Scouting, Speeding EQUIPMENT: Running Shoes, A Strong Head OCCUPATION: Mercenary, Track Coach, Stuntman, Pizza Delivery HOBBIES: Sprinting, Rock Climbing FAVORITE AUTHORS: Dr. Seuss, Friedrich Nietzsche FAVORITE MOVIES: The Running Man, Running Scared, Run Silent, Run Deep, Logan's Run, Running on Empty, Nuns on the Run, Running Brave, Eric the Viking FAVORITE BAND: Rush FAVORITE MEAL: Fast Food AILMENTS: Athlete's Foot, Frequent Headaches FAVORITE PETS: Cheetahs, Jaguars, Falcons DESIRED BIRTHDAY PRESENT: A Football Helmet FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Groundhog Day FAVORITE QUOTE: "It is better to run and jump away from enemies than it is to let them smash you into little pieces." COMMENTS: The tactical genius and self-proclaimed leader of the party. Eric is the swiftest and most agile of the Vikings which makes him an indispensable part of any expedition. His wit and resourcefulness are often key to resolving difficult situations. However, he has a short attention span and gets easily agitated by sitting in the same place too long. In fact, his patience is often times too thin to tolerate his two brothers. Despite these shortcomings, he proves to be a valuable companion on any adventure. STRENGTHS: Eric is the swiftest Viking. He can outrun any enemy and leap high into the air. He also has a head of stone which he can use to bash open walls. WEAKNESSES: Erik has no defensive capabilities, which leaves him very vulnerable if he goes out scouting by himself. His speed can also be a liability at times if you are not careful. NAME: Baleog the Fierce AGE: 25 HEIGHT: 6' 0" WEIGHT: 220 lbs. SPECIALTY: Combat, Chopping, Slicing, and Dicing. EQUIPMENT: Bow, Arrows, Swords, Attitude OCCUPATION: Mercenary, Corporate Raider HOBBIES: Body Building, Knife Throwing, Bowling FAVORITE DRINK: Fruit Punch PREFERRED VEGETABLE: Squash GOALS: World Domination, Bowling League Champion FAVORITE MOVIES: Sparticus, Rambo II, Conan the Barbarian, Pumping Iron, The Terminator FAVORITE EXCLAMATION: Yo! FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Iceland FAVORITE VOWEL: A FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Labor Day FAVORITE BAND: Aerosmith FAVORITE QUOTE: "Enter the mill and you will come out floury and baked" - unknown Danish Baker PRIZED POSSESSIONS: Sword shaped letter opener, Long Underwear COMMENTS: Baleog's enormous ego is tolerable only in light of the martial skill he provides to the expedition. When he's not accusing his brothers of being lazy or weak, Baleog can often be found sharpening his sword and contemplating his strategy for world conquest. Nonetheless, despite his sometimes less than pleasant company, Baleog is a fierce foe to any that stand in a party's way. STRENGTHS: Baleog can attack with his sword and shoot arrows. He can also use arrows to activate switches that are a long distance away. WEAKNESSES: He has not yet mastered the art of defense. Therefore he usually hides behind Olaf's shield during battles with formidable foes. NAME: Olaf the Stout AGE: 23 HEIGHT: 6' 2" WEIGHT: 320 lbs. SPECIALTY: Defense, Aeronautics, Comedic Relief EQUIPMENT: Shield, Belly, A Silly Laugh OCCUPATION: Mercenary, Winchell's Poster Boy HOBBIES: Para-Sailing, Bungee Jumping FAVORITE FOOD: Meatloaf, Sprinkled Doughnuts ULTIMATE FANTASY: To be a Sumo wrestler FAVORITE INSTRUMENT: Tuba FAVORITE MOVIES: Fat Man and Little Boy, Little Big Man, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Breakfast Club, The Naked Lunch, Lunch Wagon, Dinner at Eight, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, My Dinner with Andre FAVORITE RELATIVE: Uncle Beorn FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Thanksgiving Day FAVORITE BOOKS: ABC-123, Green Eggs and Ham FAVORITE QUOTE: "Life is just a big banana. Be careful not to slip on the peel and all will turn out fine." - Uncle Beorn FAMILY: Married with two children FAVORITE TOY: Yellow Rubber Duck named Elvis COMMENTS: This jovial Viking, with his hardy constitution and steadfast resolve, can be counted on in any situation. His appetite for adventure is rivaled only by his passion for pastries. Unfortunately, he is often seized by unprovoked laughing fits, making extended travel with him somewhat tiresome. His hulking presence is, however, greatly appreciated in the heart of battle. STRENGTHS: He can use his shield to block enemies and their shots. Can also hold shield above his head and float long distances, which gives him great maneuverability. WEAKNESSES: Has to wait for Baleog in combat situations and his shield can not always protect him and the other Vikings from certain foes that have jumping capabilities of their own. Eric: My name is Eric the Swift. I can run like the wind and leap tall huts in a single bound. It is time for me, Baleog, and Olaf to go hunting. Wife: Have a nice day, honey. Olaf: I am Olaf the Stout. I can block anything with my shield. Baleog: I am Baleog the Fierce. I am the toughest Viking in the land. No one can defeat me. Eric: Another successful day of hunting. Life is good. I hope I never have to leave my beloved village. Wife: My hero! LATER THAT NIGHT... START SPACESHIP #1 STRT Eric: Uh, guys? I have a bad feeling about this... ? You can get hints if you stand next to these buttons and press 'A'. Eric: All of us must reach the exit to escape. Press 'L' or 'R' to switch to my buddies. Baleog: What are we doing here? Olaf: I dunno. Eric: Will you guys just shut up and follow me! #2 GR8T ? To select an item, press 'select' and then move your flashing box over the item. Press 'select' to exit. ? To use a selected item press 'X'. ? Press 'A' to push buttons, flip switches, and talk to other characters. Aftiek: Bzzdt...Help! Aftiek: Help!..Bzzt! Olaf: You look awfully happy! What are you? Aftiek: I am Aftiek. Are you the janitor? Olaf: What's a janitor? And how do I get out of here? Aftiek: You must destroy the ship's computer. Olaf: This is not a ship... ... and what is a computer? Aftiek: Never mind, you must find bombs to blow it up. Eric: Hey, Aftiek. What were you saying about a computer? Aftiek: You must find bombs to blow to it up. ? Stand on the elevator and move up and down. ? Baleog the fierce is a stud. He can use his arrows to toggle switches, as well as to defeat monsters. To shoot an arrow press 'Y'. Aftiek Bzzdt... Bomb!! ? To trade an item, press 'Select' and the press 'B' over the item. Now give the item to a nearby Viking. Press 'Select' to exit. Aftiek: Croutonian security will be looking for you. You will only survive if you work as a team. Eric: Stick close to me, I will lead the way. Olaf: You wouldn't know which way to lead if you had a map. Baleog: If you two don't stop fighting, I am going to have to brain you both! #3 TLPT ? Eric the Swift has a tough head. He can bash enemies and knock down certain barriers by pressing 'Y' while running. ? To operate the Teleporter, stand in it an press 'A'. ? To unlock a keyhole, the correct key must be used. Stand next to the keyhole, select the correct key from your inventory, and press 'X'. ? Olaf the Stout can use his shield as a hang glider. While falling, position the shield above his head by pressing 'B'. Aftiek: You must be one of the aliens that the Croutonians have all been talking about. Olaf: Who are these Croutonians, and why did they bring us here? Aftiek: Tomator, the evil Croutonian ruler, is collecting... ... unique life forms to display in his gallery. Olaf: Sounds like a great guy. Aftiek: Do not expect an invitation to dinner. ? Olaf can help Eric to jump higher by letting him stand on his shield. Eric: If I bash one more wall right now, my head will explode! Olaf: I got dibs on his helmet. Baleog: Okay, but I get his boots. Eric: It's great to have such good friends. #4 GRND Olaf: Are you guys sure we want to go in there? Baleog: Maybe it leads back home! Eric: There's only one way to find out. Let's go! WARP PREHISTORIA Olaf: Hey Eric, watch this. Pretty good, huh? Eric: Yeah, good and slow! Watch this. #5 LLM0 Eric: That was intense. Baleog: Yeah! What a ride! Olaf: I think I'm going to be sick. Eric: It's nice to be outside again. Olaf: Those red lizards were kind of cute. Baleog: Yeah, when they weren't trying to eat us! #6 FL0T Eric: Who were those weird looking guys? Olaf: I don't know, but did you check out their hairdos? Baleog: And people say we need haircuts? #7 TRSS TreeMan: What do you think you are doing in my tree! Identify yourself intruder. Eric: Eric the Swift at your service. or Baleog: Baleog the Fierce at your service. or Olaf: Olaf the Stout at your service. TreeMan: I see...and why do you wear such a funny looking costume? Eric: I am a Viking! TreeMan: Of course you are! Well, you are on private property, Viking. You must leave at once! Eric: Tell me the way, and I will be gone. TreeMan: You will find a key to the bridge in the tree on the other side of the waterfall. Now go! TreeMan: I have warned you to leave and yet you return. You have all the information you need. Eric: Please tell me again. I won't forget this time. TreeMan: Once again, the key to lower the bridge... in the tree on the other side of the waterfall. Olaf: When we get home, we need to get one of those. Baleog: Giant snails? Eric: Treehouses? Olaf: No, those cool waterfalls that hover in mid air! #8 PRHS Eric: Are you guys holding up okay? Olaf: I'm having a terrible time. Baleog: Not me...I haven't ever got to clobber so many cool monsters. #9 CVRN Baleog: I'm surprised that bubble held you up Olaf. Olaf: Watch it, I'm very sensitive about my weight. Eric: How did I manage to get stuck with these two? #10 BBLS Olaf: Now we all smell like swamp. Eric: Boy, do we need baths! Baleog: Baths! Vikings don't need no stinking baths! Eric: We don't need no stinking Vikings either! #11 TR33 [Not in the Nintendo version] Olaf: Do you think anyone would mind if we took one of those red lizards home as a pet? Baleog: Then I wouldn't get to clobber it. What fun would that be? #12 VLCN Eric: Hello there. CaveGirl: Thank you so much for saving me. To escape from this place you must find the key and drain the volcano. Eric: Where's the key? CaveGirl: You must go back down and bash your way into the mountain. Eric: Could you be a little more specific? CaveGirl: I will use my psychic powers to destroy the fireballs inside the mountain. Eric: Thank you for your help. CaveGirl: That's what I'm here for. Olaf: Maybe there's a different way to get back home. Baleog: Got any ideas, Olaf? Olaf: Uh, well... Eric: Time's up. WARP EGYPT Eric: I'll go first. Baleog: Why don't you let Olaf go first and protect you with his shield? Eric: Are you kidding? I am a master at avoiding traps. Baleog: Nice catch, Trapmaster. #13 QCKS Eric: Now where are we? Baleog: Looks like desert. Eric: I can see that, Sherlock. Olaf: I think I'm going to be sick. Eric: Boy these monsters are getting tough. Baleog: Don't worry guys, I'll protect you. Eric: We're doomed... Olaf: Game over man! #14 PHR0 Eric: What is it with these Egyptians... Baleog: Their tombs are full of traps. Olaf: Why can't they keep their big traps shut! #15 C1R0 Egyptian: You clearly do not belong here, friend. Eric: Thanks for the news flash. Egyptian: I see that Tomator is up to his old games. Eric: You know of Tomator? Egyptian: Regretfully, yes. You must find him and destroy him. As long as Tomator lives, you will never return to your own time. Eric: Where is this Tomator, and how do we find him? Egyptian: You must keep moving. When you find him, you will know. CODE: Up-Down-Up Baleog: I wonder if this is King Tut's tomb. Olaf: Who's King Tut? Eric: Some guy Steve Martin wrote a song about. Olaf: Oh, that's right. #16 SPKS CODE: Scarab Male/Female Scales Eye Eric: Great work guys. Baleog: Yeah, what team work. Olaf: Maybe we'll get called up to the majors... #17 JMNN Eric: Decent flying, Olaf. Olaf: Great fighting, Baleog. Baleog: Yeah, and no one made dumb mummy jokes! #18 SNDS [Not in the Nintendo version] Baleog: This would be a great place for a beach resort. Eric: Except that there's no water. Baleog: Oh yeah, I knew something was missing Eric: It's a good thing your sword is sharper than your wit. #19 TMPL [Not in the Nintendo version] Olaf: Well, what's next? Baleog: We need to find a way Back To The Future. Olaf: Can he say that? Eric: Sure, copyright rules don't exist yet. #20 TTRS Eric: Well, where do you think we will end up this time? Olaf: Oh, somewhere surrounded by monsters... with nasty traps every where we turn. Baleog: Yep, that sounds about right. WARP FACTORY Baleog: Come on over, Olaf. Olaf: No way, I like it over here just fine. Eric: I think I see some cream pies over this way. Olaf: Wait. You know you guys will never survive without me. #21 JLLY Olaf: What do you think those pounders do? Baleog: Smash big fat Vikings into little flat Vikings? Eric: Let's try not to find out... Baleog: Eric, why are you always in such a hurry? Olaf: You need to relax a little sometimes. Eric: My father was a runner and so was his father before him. I guess you could say I was born to run. Baleog: Oh Eric, that was bad. #22 PLNG ? To operate the crane, press 'A' to enter or exit, then move the magnet left or right. Press 'B' to turn the magnet on or off. Olaf: If Tomator is so evil, then why does he leave these... Bombs and machines for us to use? Baleog: No one else in videogames wonders about that stuff. Eric: Yeah, quit being a trouble maker, Olaf. #23 BTRY Baleog: Sometimes I get so mad I want to clobber something. Eric: But you do that all the time, Baleog. Baleog: I do? Olaf: All the time. Baleog: Oh yeah, right. #24 JNKR Eric: Do you guys have the feeling we are being watched? Olaf: Yeah, almost like someone is controlling our every move. Baleog: You two are just paranoid. Olaf: Oh yeah, well who is that person staring at us now? Baleog: He's right! Let's get out of here! #25 RVTS [Not in the Nintendo version] Baleog: Do you guys know what they make in this factory? Olaf: Cream pies! Eric: The sad thing is that I think he's serious. #26 CBLT Eric: Can't you guys walk any faster? Olaf: I'd like to see you lug this shield around for awhile. Baleog: Yeah, or a broadsword and a lifetime supply of arrows. Olaf: We'll see how fast you walk. Eric: Uh oh. I think I hit a nerve. You guys just take your time. Olaf: That's better. #27 H0PP Eric: What a challenge! Olaf: How on earth did we survive that? Baleog: We have guts and courage. We're Viking heroes! Olaf: And then we woke up. #28 SMRT Eric: Monsters! Traps! Is any reward worth this? Baleog: If we make it back, maybe they'll make us into a Saturday morning cartoon. Olaf: Wow, I wonder how I'd look on TV... #29 V8TR Baleog: I wonder where we'll end up this time. Eric: Maybe it'll take us home. Olaf: Or maybe it will drop us in a black abyss... Where we will fall endlessly and no one will hear us calling out for help... ...Forever. Eric: Olaf. Always the optimist. WARP WACKY Olaf: This sweet chocolate scent is good for my sinuses. Eric: Yeah, I noticed some on your finger. Olaf: Some friend you are. Eric: You know what they say, you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friends. #30 NFL8 Eric: I don't think we're in Kansas any more, Toto. Baleog: Where's Kansas? Olaf: And who's Toto? ? Press 'A' to operate a pump. To manually deflate, press 'B'. Baleog: Those pumps make me dizzy. Eric: They make you look like Olaf. Olaf: And they make your voice sound funny too. #31 WKYY Olaf: Wow! Look at all this candy! Baleog: Olaf, put that candy back. Olaf: Come on guys, it's for my kids. Eric: Yeah, right. #32 CMB0 CODE: On-Off-On --> Off-Off-On On-Off-On --> On-On-On Off-On-On --> Off-On-Off --> On-On-Off Eric: Oh no, I just thought of something terrible. Olaf: How can you think of something terrible in a place like this? Eric: If we don't get home soon, we will be late for supper! #33 8BLL Eric: This wallpaper in here is awfully strange. Baleog: What do you think Olaf? Olaf: Anyone for a quick game of checkers? #34 TRDR Olaf: I don't know if we can make it much further. Eric: Of course we can. We're Vikings! Olaf: Thanks, I feel better now. #35 FNTM Olaf: Wait, Let's just rest here for a while. Baleog: He just wants to stuff his face with candy. Eric: Let's not slow down now. I know we're getting close. #36 WRLR Olaf: Well, we're making progress... Baleog: I'm sick of spikes, I want monsters! I want monsters! Eric: Stop whining! And I thought those walls were giving me a headache! #37 PDDY [Not in the Nintendo version] Olaf: Is it my imagination, or are things getting weirder? Eric: You don't have an imagination Olaf. Olaf: That's funny, I could have sworn I had it when we left... #38 TRPD Baleog: Whew, that was close! Eric: Yeah, but we're safe now. Nice work men! Olaf: Well, here we go again... WARP SPACESHIP #39 TFFF Baleog: We're back in space! Eric: Good, now let's find this Tomator character. Olaf: Yeah, if he doesn't find us first. Tomator: So you're back aboard my ship. Olaf: Why don't you let us go back home, Tomator? Tomator: Silly Vikings, don't you know that... All evil space aliens need innocent prisoners! #40 FRGT CODE: Off-On-On Tomator: Now I have you where I want you! Baleog: Standing next to the exit? Eric: Quick, let's get out of here. Olaf: Wait, that's what he expects us to do. ...or maybe that's what he wants us to think he wants. Now I'm confused... Let's just go. #41 4RN4 Tomator: Welcome to the arena! You three have survived longer than I expected, but persistence alone will not save you now. Farewell my friends... ...Ha ha ha!!! Baleog: Hey, Tomator, why don't you come out and show yourself? Olaf: Shut up, Baleog! What are you trying to do, get us captured right this second? Baleog: No, but this guy is getting on my nerves. Eric: Enough chatter, let's move out! Tomator: Not so fast, Vikings. Baleog: We're ready for you, Tomator. What's the matter? Are you afraid? Olaf: Baleog, I really think you need to rethink your strategy. Baleog: Come on Olaf, who does this guy think he is? Tomator: I am Tomator, supreme ruler of Crouton, and you are my prisoners! You will not escape. Tomator: And where do you think you are going? Baleog: Out the exit, Tomato Head! Olaf: Please let us go back home, Mr. Tomator. Tomator: But you haven't even seen the ballroom yet! Eric: You two ought to be diplomats. Olaf: Very funny. Eric: Shhh. Quick, let's hurry out the exit before he finds us. #42 MSTR Tomator: Grrr...The three of you have been a constant... headache ever since I brought you aboard! Olaf: Does that mean we can go home now? Tomator: Umm....OKAY. NOT!!! Eric: Now this is an alien that I can't wait to bash!!! Tomator: Well, I'd love to chat, but I've got mean and evil things to do... Have fun. Ha Ha Ha!!! Baleog: Whew! That was close! Eric: Now let's jump into that time door and get the heck out of here. Olaf: Wait. I think I can fly this ship. Eric: No way, Olaf! You can barely fly your shield. Olaf: Trust me. I'll just turn this knob... Flip the switch... And press this button. Ship: Self destruct sequence has been initiated. 5 seconds till self destruct... Olaf: Guys, I think we should take the time door. Eric: Good idea. Let's go! WARP HOME Olaf: This forest looks familiar. Wife: They've returned! Wife: Hooray! Wife: Yea! Child: Da Da! Eric: We've been to many strange and exciting places. But nowhere so wonderful as home! Olaf: Look what we brought back from the future! CONCERT Watch for the Lost Vikings II GAME DESIGN BY SILICON AND SYNAPSE PRODUCERS ADDITIONAL ARTWORK ALLEN ADHAM STU ROSE ALAN PAVLISH TODD CAMASTA STEVE NGUYEN CHERYL AUSTIN SPENCER KIPE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER BRIAN FARGO SOUND AND MUSIC CHARLES DEENEN LEVEL DESIGN DAVE BEAN RONALD MILLAR ALAN PREMSELAAR GLENN STAFFORD PC PROGRAMMING RICK JACKSON BRYAN WATERS PATRICK WYATT PLAY TEST JACOB R. BUCHERT, III ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING JEREMY S. BARNES MICHAEL MORHAIME RODNEY N. RELOSA FRANK PEARCE PETER RICE ALLEN ADHAM CHRIS BENSON ADDITIONAL SNES PROGRAMMING MORE PLAY TEST PATRICK WYATT THEODORE BANCROFT JIM SPROUL SCOTT CAMPBELL MICHAEL STRAGEY DEAN SCHULTE JOHN PHILIP BRITT STEVE NGUYEN AND EVERYONE ELSE ARTWORK JOEYRAY HALL THANKS TO RONALD MILLAR SCOTT BENNIE CLYDE MATSUMOTO SCOTT MILLS SAMWISE DIDIER JASON MAGNESS Additional grunts, groans and other sounds provided by M.C. Olaf and the 2 Short Crew. FAILURES On retries 5-8-11-15-50-51 1 Eric: Not this level again! Baleog: Now look here, player, we're tired of this level. No more mistakes, okay! Olaf: Don't be so hard on the player, Baleog. Human beings are very sensitive. 2 Eric: Well, if at first you don't succeed... Baleog: Be happy you have another chance? Olaf: Baleog, that was profound. 3 Olaf: We're back where we started! We've been given another chance! Baleog: More monsters to fight! Eric: More treasures to find! Olaf: More food! I'm starving, let's find something to eat! 4 Eric: Not third place again? Failure is so discouraging! Baleog: Cheer up, Eric. Maybe this time we won't fail. Maybe we can just settle for some minor setbacks. Olaf: What a deal. 5 Olaf: Hey! Haven't we been here before? Eric: Of course we have! And we'd better improve or we're not going to get out of here. Baleog: If they'd have more monsters for me to clobber, things would be going a lot better! 6 Olaf: What happened? Eric: We failed again. Baleog: I hate it when that happens. 7 Eric: Is it my imagination, or have we been here before? Olaf: I'm getting rather attached to this place. 8 Eric: This place looks familiar. Baleog: Yeah, It's like we've already been here. Olaf: Repetition can make your memory a little funny. 9 Eric: We've come back here so many times! This is a disgrace. Baleog: But we've clobbered lots of monsters, haven't we? Olaf: Give us a break, Eric. This is a tough level! 10 Eric: I have a strange feeling of Deja Vu. Olaf: Deja Vu? Eric: That I've been here before in a previous life. Baleog: Actually, we've been here lots of times. Eric: That would explain it. 11 Baleog: No, not again! Do you realize how long we have been stuck here? Olaf: Maybe we should buy a home here. Eric: This doesn't look like a place where I'd want to live! Olaf: It was only a suggestion. 12 Olaf: I'm tired, Eric. We've been through this level too many times! Wake me when we finish it. Baleog: Good night, Olaf. Have nice dreams of gliding over monsters. Eric: Good night, Olaf... Wait a minute, we need you to finish the level! Olaf: Oh, sorry. 13 Olaf: We've been here before. Eric: Yes, we have. Will you two please be careful? Baleog: You've made mistakes too, Eric. Eric: Oh, that was low. 14 (Always on the 15th Retry) Thor: This is the voice of Thor, Viking Lord of Thunder. I am real angry with you guys. Eric: How have we displeased you, Oh mighty voice of Thor? Olaf: Why can't I see you? Thor: Would you want to be seen with Vikings that have failed 15 times to get through a level? Eric: But... Thor: In my day, Vikings were faced with much tougher levels, and we always got past them on the first try! Olaf: Always? Thor: Do you doubt Thor? Now go out there and find the exit!!! 15 (Always on the 50th Retry) Olaf: Congratulations! You've just won the 'Too much time on your hands' award. Baleog: And you have waaay too much time on you hands. You've given up 50 times just to see if there are any more messages! Eric: Well, I'll save you a little time... This is the last message you'll get. Baleog: Yeah, so you might as well just play the game. Eric: It's actually pretty fun, you know. 16 (Always on the 51th Retry) Eric: Now, didn't I just say that there were no more messages? Olaf: You don't follow directions very well, do you? Baleog: This time we're serious. Stop giving up, okay? Rick Furr