M        @MMMMMWS
                        MMMMMMMMa    :MMMMMZ
                        0  .SMMMMMMMMr  iMMMM0i
                        M        iBMMMMM7  WMMM;
                        M            ZMMMMM  MMMMZ,
                     7X:B               MMMMM ,MMMa;
                  i@S               ..    MMMMZ @MMW,
                XS;            .   .:,,,.  :MMMM XMMM2
               Wi               ,.. ,::,,,   @MMM :MMMZ
             ;a   ...           ,,...i::::::  2MMM aMM@B
            20..,..  .     .,...,i:,.:iii:iii. 2MMM @MMX
           ;2,:i::,.,. ...  .,..  .:,:ii;iiiii. MMMM MMM0
          i@,:i::i:ii:,,...  .,::,.:i:,:;r;rr;r. MMMZ.MMMW
          M::iiiiii:,:::..  .   .,,,.i;:rrr;;;;i iM@M BMM8:
         M7;rrrr;;ii::,::.........,:,i;ii;rr;rr7r MMMZ,MMMB
  Ma2222SXXSSSSXXri ,aaSiirr;ii;;r777X7X772SXXXSSSiaMWB7MBBM
  MMW2SSSSSSS7;. 8MMM:   M;7777777rrr777r7SXXXaa22XZMWB7M@@W7
    BMZ222SXr,;BMMMi    i0;777777777X7777X2SXXaa22Xa@WB7M@MM7
         MWaaaaaaaaZZZaa222aaaaaaa2aZaaaaaZaZZZZZZ0800 MM07MMMMM
        M@ZZZaaaaa2222222aa222222aaZZZ8ZZZZZZZZZZZZ00M; MMaiMMMMX
       WMaaaa22222aa22222222222aZZZZaZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ88BM .MMZSMMMM2
       M2SS2aaaaaaaaaaaa2aaaaaZZ8ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZaZZZZ88WM  MMM iMMM.
      M0S2aZZZZaaaa2a2aaaaaaZ888ZZZZ88Z88Z888ZZ@MMMMMMMMM   MM. @MMM
     .i.,,,,,.  W@WW@@@@WWWWWWMMMMMMMMMMMMZ    ,S
               .r.    .                   ;
         MM2722 .....     ..............   Sra0MS

                      Knight Rider

Guide v1.0

=Table of Contents= [TOC]

Table of Contents  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . [TOC]
    List of sections of this guide. Use the find function of your browser or
    editor on the abbreviations in brackets to jump to a section.

Notes  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . [NOTE]
    A few quick notes about each of KITT's abilities and the game itself.

Campaign  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . [CAM]
    A walkthrough for the main game(story mode).

  Mission: Training  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  [TRN]
    Five tests of your ability to use KITT.

  Mission 1: Badlands .  .  .  .  .  .  . [M1]
    Tail the bank robbers' getaway car.

  Mission 2: Camera Obscura .  .  .  .  . [M2]
    Check the security camera, stop the download, and fight a truck.

  Mission 3: Camera Obscura part II  .  . [M3]
    Stop the fleeing car.

  Mission 4: A Knight's Tale  .  .  .  .  [M4]
    Scan buildings and escape the self-destruct sequence.

  Mission 5: Original Sin  .  .  .  .  .  [M5]
    Investigate a strange signal and beat KARR's time.

  Mission 6: Original Sin part II .  .  . [M6]
    Win a race against KARR on the test track.

  Mission 7: Original Sin part III  .  .  [M7]
    Follow KARR as he escapes.

  Mission 8: Slingshot  .  .  .  .  .  .  [M8]
    Fight Goliath.

  Mission 9: Chopper Chase  .  .  .  .  . [M9]
    Pursue the helicopter along a dangerous path.

  Mission 10: Chopper Chase part II  .  . [M10]
    Track the helicopter to the end of the canyon.

  Mission 11: The Bad Son  .  .  .  .  .  [M11]
    Do some platforming as you look for Garth.

  Mission 12: Tunnel Vision .  .  .  .  . [M12]
    Investigate a warehouse and outrun an underground flood.

  Mission 13: Tunnel Vision part II  .  . [M13]
    Avoid more traps and continue to outrun the water.

  Mission 14: Last Knight Standing  .  .  [M14]
    Fight KARR.

Mission Mode .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . [MIS]
    Replay levels from Mission Mode.

Options  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  [OPT]
    A quick run-down of the options screen.

Highscore .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . [HI]
    A very short description of this option.

People, Vehicles, Organizations  .  .  .  [CHARS]
    A little extra background info.

Tricks and Cheats  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . [1337]
    Messing with the game for fun and profit. Only without the profit.

Credits/Legal  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  [WHO]
    List of thanks, sources, and copyright info.

=Notes= [NOTE]
Make sure to turn down the sensitivity in the options. At the max, an analog
joystick acts like digital controls, and that just doesn't work in a driving

-Ski Mode-
This works even at a dead stop.

-Turbo Boost-
A.K.A. "jumping", this ALWAYS MOVES YOU FORWARD. Even when you're backing up or
sitting still, jumping causes KITT to move forward. This is important for
precise jumps.

You need to be at a complete stop to use this. Also, you have to hold the scan
button down until the scan is complete (the bar in the top-left of the screen
shows the progress of the scan), then release the button when the scanning is
complete. If you keep the button held, the game sits there until you release
it. There are 2 types of scans: Medial, the regular building scanner, and
Interstitial, used for computer access. Interstitial requires you to be closer
to the objective, but is faster. You don't get to pick which one you want to
use; the game is preprogrammed to require specific scans for each situation.

-Super Pursuit Mode (SPM)-
Ever seen the series? Or at least the intro to the game? This is when all those
fins extend from KITT and super speed kicks in. You know you want it. Of
course, you won't get it until 2/3 of the way through the game. Hold down the
SPM button while driving forward to transform KITT and gain super speed. The
view does a little fish-eye effect for emphasis.

While this game doesn't require the cd after the install, you won't see the
videos without the cd in the drive. To enable the movies without requiring the
cd, copy all the files in the video folder on the cd into
[install folder]\Data\Video. You can probably skip the French and German ones
unless you really want them. You could learn ever-so-useful factoids from them,
like that the game is called "K2000" in France.

-Saving Games and Configurations-
The game automatically saves after a successful mission. All 8 save slots and
all configuration info is saved to [install dir]\Data\Common\savegame.usr,
which is only 1.3KB.

=Campaign= [CAM]

This mode has 3 difficulty levels. This guide was written during a playthrough
on Medium difficulty.

Mission: Training                      [TRN]
Objective: Pass all tests
Drive over and into the semi nearby. Bonnie will tell you to do a speed run
around the track.

Test 1: Speed Run
This is the hardest timed test. Why they made the first so hard, I don't know.
It's not impossible, but you'd think the first test would give another 10
seconds leeway. Yeesh.

Back out, then drive around the semi and along the track to the start point.
Don't stop at the goal; buzz through at top speed so you won't waste time
accelerating. A timer appears with about 1'50 on it. You have to make one lap
around the track in that time. The only real obstacles are more of the triangle
barriers you passed through on the way to the start, so just keep your speed up
and try not to lose control. When Michael says "There's not much time left",
you're down to 20 seconds. You should be in or just past the last set of
triangular barriers (the ones you drove through on the way over from the semi)
when he says it. If you aren't, you probably won't make it. You'll have 10
seconds or less on the clock when you finish this test.

If you don't make it, keep going at top speed and try again. If you did make
it, Bonnie will tell you to return to the semi. In that case, turn around
(it's shorter than continuing around the track) and head back to the semi.

Test 2: Ski Mode
Back out and follow the arrow to the test area. Activate ski mode (I used the
left side ski mode for this test) and drive across the narrow beams by keeping
your two wheels centered on it. There are ramps to get you back up if you fall
off. If you're having a lot of trouble, you may have to exit the campaign mode
and adjust the control sensitvity in the options. When you get to the end,
Bonnie again calls you back to the semi. Drive forward and through the gap in
the left wall to get back to the race track,  then turn left to get back to the
semi. Or, you could drive back across the beams, if you're crazy/bored.

Test 3: Turbo Boost
Throw it in reverse and follow the arrow once again. The path is
straightforward here. To make close jumps more easily, come to a complete stop
in front of to the platform you're jumping onto. Just don't make it too close,
or you'll hit the edge of the platform and bounce backward.

Jump onto the left platform, then up to the second level. Back up a bit, then
hit the gas and jump to the next platform. Do the same thing to reach the end.
Pass the goal and Bonnie will tell you to return.

Test 4: Scanning
Bonnie tells you to scan for a computer. Drive over to the bridge where you
started the speed run test. To the right is an area with a few buildings. In
here you should see 3 boxes showing you important goals. One of the 3 (which
the arrow is guiding you to) is a lighter shade of green. Stop near that
building and scan it. The arrow changes to point to the next building to scan,
so scan that one, then the third building. Now you're told to use interstitial
scanning, which is the same except for requiring you to be closer to the scan
target. Follow the arrow to the computer. Get within 20 feet of the target and
scan it. The second computer is inside a nearby building. Drive around to the
front of it (the side facing the track) and in the open door. Scan it from less
than 10 feet away. Now return to the semi.

Test 5: Obstacle course
This is the last test. Drive back to the bridge again(she just had to make you
drive all the way to the semi and all the way back, didn't she). This is like
the first test, only you'll use ski mode and turbo boost during it. Dash
through the start at top speed to receive 2'00 on the clock. KITT will suggest
turbo for the barrier that soon pops up. Jump it and continue on. Soon KITT
recommends ski mode. Drive on 2 wheels through the gap in the barrier ahead.
You can cheat this part a bit by jumping into the grassy area to the left. This
lets you cut a corner and skip the next jump. You shouldn't have a problem with
time on this test, so it's hardly necessary. If you stick to the track, soon
there's another obstacle to be jumped. Not a problem, I hope. After that, it's
the same as the first speed test. You should have plenty of time to complete
your lap.

Mission 1: Badlands                    [M1]
Objective: Stop the getaway car
The distance indicator shows the space between you and the robbers. They'll
keep about 90-100 feet away most of the time.

Back out and take off after the robbers. Watch out for the expanding red domes
you'll see along the edges of the road. Those are the trigger areas for mines.
You can take a few hits, but it's best to avoid them. All you have to really do
is try to keep up with the thieves' car. Ignore the occasional explosions
around you and keep the pedal floored. The thieves like to veer off the road
sometimes, and may drive around the backside of buildings along the way.
They'll be back on the main drag soon enough, so stick to the road as much as

Don't be afraid to jump cars along the way. There's a group of 4 vehicles
partway through this that blocks your way. That's a particularly good group to
jump. When you find a smoking rig lying in the road, jump it instead of driving
around it like the robbers do. Soon there's a train crossing the tracks. I
found that if you're driving too fast, you'll get there before the jumpable gap
in the train is in the right place. If you miss it, quickly back up, then hit
the gas and jump it. The train won't move out of the way, so you don't have a
choice. After that is a truck with several crates on it parked in the road. The
enemy car avoids it, but you don't have to. Jump through the crates and keep up
the chase. Soon you'll reach a police blockade and the mission will end.

Odd, the getaway car has something similar to KITT's molecular bonded shell
(MBS). It seems somebody has access to it...

Mission 2: Camera Obscura              [M2]
Objective: Investigate the crime scene and check the security camera
Devon tells you several banks have been robbed recently, where the thieves
smash down the wall of the bank and take off in a fast getaway car. He wants
you to check it out.

Back out of the semi and face the opposite direction that the semi is facing.
Follow the arrow and just enjoy the scenery as you cruise over to the bank.
Take note of the walled off area you soon drive past on the left. You'll be

Drive up to the bank and Michael will say it's time to scan for clues. Scan the
security camera and you'll learn somebody is downloading the feed and replacing
it with static. You have 1'40 to stop that download.

Return to the walled-off area I said to note earlier, and drive through the
opening along the road. Angle slightly to the right and you should see some
gray boxes on the ground. You need to jump on the boxes with the red stripe on
them, then onto the roof next to them. From there you can drive over as close
as you can get to the Micro Jam and scan it. KITT traces the transmission to a
car "back there", and Michael says to "deal with him later", and "first,
these". I guess there are 2 vehicles, and "these" refers to the guys in the
truck that comes after you here. Run into the enemy truck to damage it. Try to
keep it away from your sides and just keep hitting it in the doors. Head-on
collisions seem to hurt it quite a bit, too. Keep it up until the truck's
damage meter is full. Mission complete.

[If this glitches and the truck happens to spawn outside the little arena here,
you'll have to restart the mission. I had it happen once, so just a warning.]

Mission 3: Camera Obscura part II      [M3]
Objective: Stop the getaway car
Again, you're chasing a fleeing car. This time, however, you have to deal
sufficient damage to stop it within 1'55. There aren't many tips I can give.
Just keep up with it and hit it when you can. Use jumps along the straightaways
to close the gap(the boost you get from a jump pushes your speed above 160 mph
for a short time, which really helps here). Hitting the car from behind will
hurt it, but that also makes it pop up and over you, which makes it hard to
hit. Instead, try to sideswipe it for more damage.

When the car's finally damaged, Michael suggests scanning for clues. You'll
find out that the car was heading for a building owned by G-Industries. The
place happens to be just a little ways down the road, so take off and
investigate. When you arrive, scan it to find that they're applying the MBS to
other cars, including something larger than a normal car...

More immediate is the warning that a virus in the data is destroying it. You
need to backtrack past your start location to the semi. Race back and watch for
the green square indicator. The semi is behind a church.

Mission 4: A Knight's Tale             [M4]
Objective: Investige G-Industries
[This is the same level as Mission 4. You'll be checking a different area of it
though. The original area where you jumped on the boxes and fought the truck is
to the right down the road, but that's not somewhere you need to go for this

Follow the arrow to an area with several buildings and a wall surrounding them
on the left. As you approach, but before you get to the wall, watch for some
metal boxes on the left side. Jump on those to get over the wall. Scan the
large building. Now drive past that building and head right to find the wall
that runs along the road outside. Follow the wall to find a narrow gap. Use ski
mode to get through that and a second one just beyond it. Scan the next 3
buildings as you're led to them, and Michael will discover there's a computer.
Look around by the building you just scanned for a ramp that heads up and in
the direction of the arrow. As you climb it, note the other ramp ahead and to
the left. You'll need to remember about that one for later.

Jump the box on the ramp and drive through the building. Jump to the rooftop.
The guardrail will keep you from dropping off the back side. Look for the next
white rooftop with another guardrail, and jump to it. Then turn and look for
your destination. Jump over to the tower and scan it. Now drop down and drive
back through the ski mode gaps. The door to a building you scanned before is
now open. Drive in and scan the computer.

There's just something about "Self destruct sequence initiated", isn't there?
Only 30 seconds to get away, too. Anyway, back out quickly and head to the
second ramp I said to take note of earlier (on the left, past the closer ramp).
Drive up it and jump through the wall at the end.

Mission 5: Original Sin                [M5]
Objective: Investigate the whereabouts of Garth Knight
So Michael's double, Garth Knight, is back. He has either repaired or rebuilt
Goliath, too.

As the mission starts, KITT notices a signal on the FLAG frequency, and says
that it has to be checked out. You have 1'25 on the clock and an arrow pointing
the way. Time to get moving. Follow the road and jump the truck parked across
the road around 40 seconds in. Stop close to the antenna and scan it. You'll
find out that the signal is from KARR, and that he's kidnapped Bonnie. Yes, a
car kidnapped a person. Laugh later. You have to race back the way you came and
beat the time KARR has given you (3'30) so he doesn't kill Bonnie.

Head back and jump the truck again. Around 3500 feet left, a piece of the right
lane is blocked off, so drive around it. Other than that, just avoid the
traffic and the occasional parked truck and you won't have a problem.
Supposedly you're racing KARR's time to complete this course, but if that's
true, KARR must be slow. Unless you screw up royally, you'll have a whole
minute left on the clock when you finish.

Mission 6: Original Sin part II        [M6]
Objective: Beat KARR on the test track
Back to the speedway. Go as fast as you can around 2 laps to save Bonnie. Use
turbo boosts (jumps) along the straight stretches for more speed. KARR slows
down on some of the triangular barriers, which helps you. He speeds up if he
falls behind, but slows down when you're trying to catch up. Weird. Anyway,
keep your speed up, try not to wipe out too often, and jump when it's safe. If
you're feeling adventurous, you can even cut across the grass on some of the
corners. Whatever it takes, get to the finish line ahead of KARR.

Mission 7: Original Sin part III       [M7]
Objective: Follow KARR
Drive after KARR. Avoid the rubble from the explosions in the tunnel(which are,
I assume, triggered by KARR). When KARR swerves off to the right, he's avoiding
a train. Go straight, jump the flatcar, and keep going. Soon you'll cross a
bridge, and an explosion will erupt from the center. This causes a large piece
of the bridge to fall out, so jump it. If you don't make it, you're taken back
to the beginning of the bridge to try again. There will be a large chunk of
debris in the way though, making it difficult. It's best if you make it the
first time.

Further on is a ramp on the right side leading up into a building. This is
probably to help you avoid the truck that pulls out into the road below, but I
didn't try it. Drive around the truck and continue your pursuit. Next up is a
bomb that takes out a section of the roadway on the left. Drive between the
boulders and the dropoff or jump the whole section. Continue on, and when you
see KARR veer off and into a mineshaft, follow him to complete the mission.

Mission 8: Slingshot                   [M8]
Objective: Battle Goliath
Garth fires an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse - does nasty stuff to electronics)
at KITT in the storyboards, and it temporarily disrupts his MBS. Until it
restabilizes, you need to avoid Goliath. Drive around staying away from it,
while listening to the pleasant music that in no way fits a dangerous battle.
Yeah...anyway, avoid Goliath for 1 minute by driving around the perimeter of
the arena. When the time's up the MBS is back, and KITT tells you to hit
Goliath on his sides. Easier said than done, as Goliath is fast. KITT has a
smaller turning radius, so use that to your advantage. Get past Goliath and
drive in a circle. Keep turning toward it and eventually you'll be able to dash
over and hit it in the side. Try this near a wall to get Goliath stuck for a
couple seconds, during which you can get a free hit or two in. Do enough damage
and it's Mission Successful.

Mission 9: Chopper Chase               [M9]
Objective: Follow the helicopter
Take off through the gap and just go. It's okay if you're ahead of the
helicopter. Avoid the mines scattered around the area and jump the rocks when
necessary. Bombs explode along the way in several places, sometimes throwing
debris in your path. Dodge as much as possible and keep driving. Use the map if
you get confused in the little towns along the way. Drive on through 2 tunnels,
jumping rockpiles in each one. After the second tunnel is the remains of a
bridge where you'll have to jump to get across. Avoid a few more mines and
drive off the next ledge to complete the mission.

Mission 10: Chopper Chase part II      [M10]
Objective: Follow the helicopter
More of the same. Stay within 1000 feet of the helicopter the whole time to
pass this mission. Dodge as much as you can and try to keep up with the
chopper. KITT will warn you of a dangerous dropoff you'll need to jump. Once
across, keep going until you see a fence in the distance. When you approach,
the mission ends.

Devon tells you they know where Garth landed, and that Bonnie can now install
Super Pursuit Mode.

Mission 11: The Bad Son                [M11]
Objective: "Get to the choppah!!!"
Sorry, little Predator moment there. Turn left and follow the road, passing the
parking garage you jumped into at the end of Mission 4. Continue on until
you're travelling between 2 walls. Drive through the opening in the left wall
when it appears and bear right. Jump on the crates and from there onto the
roof. Drive straight across and jump onto the next rooftop. Drive around to the
bottom of the sloped roof and jump up on it. Jump over to the helipad, and,
assuming you don't overshoot and fall off, scan the chopper to shut it off.
Scan it again to learn that Garth is no longer aboard.

Drop down and head back to the boxes you jumped on earlier. Get onto the roof
by them, then turn toward the back of the compound (away from the road) and
jump to the building with the railing and the 2 air conditioners on it. Turn
around and look back toward the road, but angled to the right a bit. Jump to
the rooftop and put your brakes on to keep from falling off. Use ski mode to
cross the steaming pipe. Jump on the sloped roof, and from there jump over to
the next building. Make sure you aim for the air conditioner, and not the open
area of the roof. You won't be able to stop if you jump toward the gap.

Use ski mode again to cross the pipe above the road. Once across, fall or jump
down, find the targetted building, and scan it. Drive over and scan the second
building, then return to the large blue crane by the building you scanned
first. Jump on the crates by it, then onto the low roof nearby. Cross this roof
and jump into the barred window of another building. Jump out through the other
window and into the next area. Scan the 2 buildings, and KITT will discover
magnetic shielding.

Head toward the wall along the road, and look for some crates near a roof. Jump
onto the lower crates, then the upper, then the roof. Jump to the raised
section of the roof, then to the roof across the road. Turn a little to the
left and drop down, then drive around to the back of the building. KITT will
detect a person on the floor above. Drive down the ramp and underground to the
other side. Get to the top crates, then turn left and jump into the wall. A
section will break away, and the mission ends. Finally.

Mission 12: Tunnel Vision              [M12]
Objective: Investigate the abandoned warehouse
Ever notice warehouses are never abandoned with bad guys around?

Drive around the right side of the yellow-striped boxes ahead, and follow the
maze around to the left. Use the mini map if you get lost. Find the target and
scan it. The next target is inside a nearby building. Circle around and find
the open door, then drive into the building and onto elevator inside. The
elevator takes you underground, and KITT says it must lead out under the ocean
bed. When the doors open, move forward until you hear from Garth.

Water starts flowing in, and you have 1'15 to get to the flood gate before you
drown. Time for some Super Pursuit Mode. Hold down the SPM button on the
straight areas, and dodge the various obstacles and jumps along the way. When
you get to the goal the timer resets to 1'40, in which you need to reach the
next flood gate. If you're using SPM, get to the side of the passage when you
see the blue electricity on the floor. If you're not a super speed when you see
elecricity, jump it instead. There's a large hole in the floor under each bit
of electricity. The path splits slightly too, with an upper route that
presumably skips a few obstacles. It's no big deal if you don't take the upper
road. Get to the gate and receive a new time of around 40 seconds.

Don't use SPM in this little section. Dodge the columns and jump the 2
electrical gaps and pass under the gate for 45 seconds on the clock. Avoid
another column or 2, then get ready for a long jump. Get to top speed (but not
with SPM, since you can't jump in that mode) and don't jump too early, because
you're jumping a longer gap this time. Pass through the gate to finish the

Mission 13: Tunnel Vision part II      [M13]
Objective: Avoid the traps and investigate the tunnel
Enter the elevator to be taken further underground. As soon as you exit you get
45 seconds on the clock. Get going. Avoid the obstacles and jump the
electricity. The second leg of the trip gives you 28 seconds. This is quite
easy, and is more of the same. Part 3 give you 1'40, and is mostly the same as
the others. There's a double jump around 800 feet from the end that could be
tricky, since you have to let your turbo meter charge a little before you can
jump a second time. There's another pair of gaps just before the flood gate,
but you're given more space between them, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Next is a section to be done in 38 seconds or less. Keep driving and avoiding.
Either you don't get a new time for the next gate, or it's the same as what I
had when I passed under it (20 seconds), but you don't have time to waste.
Dodge and jump, and you'll soon enter the next section with 30 seconds. The
next gate won't add time again, so keep going until the timer disappears and
KITT says you've reached the end of the tunnel.

Mission 14: Last Knight Standing       [M14]
Objective: Stop KARR and Garth
This is like the first truck battle, way back at the end of Mission 2. KARR is
supposed to be the same as KITT, but apparently Garth is a horrible driver. You
have a much better turning radius, and KARR takes forever to reach full speed.
What's more, he only does it when you've run away across the arena, and of
course he's easy to dodge. Just get into the old circling routine, where you
hold left or right all the way to keep turning toward KARR. When you have an
opening, bump him in the side for damage. Fill up the damage meter (his, not
yours) and you've beaten the game. Yup, that's it.

KARR's down, and the oil refinery is blowing up around KITT and Michael. KITT
dashes for the exit as the whole place explodes and KARR falls into the ocean
and starts to sink. I'm sure both KARR and Garth are dead. After all, how often
to bad guys come back?...

=Mission Mode= [MIS]
Here you can play any mission that has been successfully completed in campaign
mode, and on any difficulty. High scores are recorded for the Highscore mode
described below.

=Options= [OPT]
Change the button layout. If you're using a joystick, the left and right
steering actions are automatically mapped to left and right on the controller.
No choice. Button 0 on the controller acts like Escape in the menus, so you
can't assign a command to it. Ignore the Night Vision command, since oddly
enough it's never used in the game.

Choose the level of detail, resolution, video card, and color depth you want to
run the game in. Use Low, 640x480, and 16 bit to speed the game up if it's

Adjust the music and sound effect volumes, pick 3d enhanced audio, and choose a
speaker setup from stereo, 4-speaker surround, or headphones. For the enhanced
audio, EAX is used in Sound Blaster audio cards, and A3D is used in Aureal and
Diamond Monster cards. Sound Blaster cards can also use A3D, but have better
support for EAX. Use Normal sound if you're having framerate problems and are
trying to make the game run as fast as possible.

=Highscore= [HI]
Shows the highest scores for each level of the game, plus the 3 highest scores
for the complete campaign mode. Random names fill up the empty slots on the
charts. These are probably names of the staff, but without any kind of staff
roll, there's no way to know.

=People, Vehicles, Organizations= [CHARS]
FLAG (Foundation for Law And Government)
Organization Michael and KITT work for; the "good guys".

Michael Knight
Driver of KITT. Main character of the game, series, and movie. Works for FLAG.
Also bears a strong resemblance to a certain Baywatch lifeguard. Must be a

KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand)
The main car, driven by Michael Knight. Can balance on 2 wheels, jump, use
speed boosts. Basically, abilities that should come standard on every car.

KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot)
The prototype for KITT. Has all KITT's abilities, but not his moral code.
Basically like an evil twin. Speaking of which...

Garth Knight
Looks like Michael, but has a moustache and beard. That means he's evil.
Seriously, don't trust people with facial hair.

Garth's rig. Has a molecular bonded shell, and is seriously tough.

=Tricks and Cheats= [1337]

First off, there are no known cheats for this game. One trainer (an outside
program that you run along with a game to cheat) is available that claims to
give you infinite time, but it doesn't seem to work with the US release of the

Game Text and Lost Levels Info
The files used by the game are installed in a Data directory, and many of them
are raw text files with a different extension. You can find all sorts of neat
bits of info in them.

For example, it seems 3 levels were removed before the game was completed. In
[install folder]\Data\Text\English\langstrings.ini is all the text for the
game. Between The Bad Son and Tunnel Vision are titles for 3 levels that don't
appear in the game, called The Knight Train. Perhaps this is where you were
intended to use the Night Vision option.

You can also look at the numerous spelling and grammatical errors in the game
in that file. All the text from the cutscenes is there, plus some that wasn't
used. The Knight Train seems to have involved Garth putting explosive chemicals
on a train with the intent of blowing them up when the train passed by FLAG HQ.
It seems you had to stop the train in part 1, then get ahead of the train in
part 2 in order to get Michael on board. Was there an on-foot section planned?

Another couple of amusing points of interest: Some of the strings in the 520's,
as well as 902 and 903, quite clearly come from the PS2 version of this game.

Debug Mode?
The question mark is due to the fact that I have been unable to activate any
debug mode, though there obviously was one before the game was released. The
same langstrings.ini from the last section mentions it, and Application.ini
(in the install directory) has options related to it, but switching them on
doesn't seem to activate anything new in the game.

Change KITT's Appearance
Admittedly, I didn't try a lot with this one. The character models are stored
in .NIF files, so by copying some of them and renaming them, you can change
(for example) KITT into KARR. Other replacements are possible, though as I said
I didn't experiment much with it myself.

Alter KITT's Stats
Look through the following files in [install folder]\Data\Vehicle:

Use a plain text editor (Notepad or Wordpad will do) to open any of them, and
edit the variables inside. I tried upping the damage multiplier in kitt_0.ini,
and KITT seemed to cause enemies vehicles more damage, though it's hard to
tell. If you're looking for more to do after finishing this game, mess with the
physics in the files listed and some of the other ini files in that directory.

Misc Level Changes
In each directory inside Data\Tracks is a set of 4 ini files, one for each
detail level. In those, you can do weird things like change the fog color (I
haven't tried it, I don't know if it really works, but it should) or make the
cars drive on the other side of the road. For that, look under [WaypointSystem]
and change BritishMode to 1 instead of 0. More fun is under [Traffic], where
you can change Enabled to 0 and remove the traffic from any level that had it
before. Some vehicles that are programmed to sit in specific spots will still
be there, but the random traffic disappers.

Enabling Super Pursuit Mode Early
What's this, an actual useful cheat?

Open up (install dir)\Data\MissionScripts. In here are the programmed events in
the game, conveniently stored in basic text format. Open any ".ms" file that
has a 1 at the end (eg.,, etc). One of
the sections will be labeled "MONITORS". A few lines below that you'll find

monitor entry
	// only one chance to fire this monitor, so let's do it!
	condition( always() ) ;
		enable_ski_mode() ;
		enable_turbo_boost() ;
along with some other stuff. (If you opened the first training script, you
won't find the ski mode and turbo boost lines. Just note where they are in the
other files.) Add the line "enable_spm() ;" after the turbo boost line to
enable SPM in that level. Put it in the number 1 script for each mission up
through 11 to use SPM early. (Missions 12 and later already have SPM enabled.)

Thanks to for the trick. I can't
read German, but the basic idea comes across anyway.

=Credits= [WHO]
 ======= - For the enable SPM early cheat

Jonathan Mathews  -  For ASCII Generator, which made the text Knight logo

CJayC  -  For

=Contact and Legal issues=

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together. Please put "Knight" somewhere in the subject so your
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