KING'S FIELD - FAQ v1.0

                            By ZyXx (jockej@kuai.se)

|                              -= MAGIC SPELLS =-                              |

  Five classes of magic spells are found in the game: Fire, Wind, Earth,
  Water, and Light. Spells are learned by finding crystals of these types and
  using them. The spells are learned in a fixed order, four to a type,
  regardless of which particular crystal you find, i.e. the first fire crystal
  will give you Fire Ball.

  Offensive spells have to be "equipped" and are used by pressing the triangle
  button. defensive spells are accessed through the "Use Magic" menu item.
  Some have a "permanent" effect, such as the healing spells, while others are
  of limited duration.

  Fire Magic
  What:  1. Fire Ball  - offensive, 3 MP
         2. Fire Wall  - offensive, 9 MP
         3. Fire Storm - offensive, 15 MP
         4. Flame      - offensive, 35 MP

  Where: * Top of lighthouse on the west seaside

         * Top of lighthouse on the east seaside

         * In the fire caves, there's a room with 4 unlit lamps and nothing
           else. Light these lamps with the Fire Ball spell and a fire crystal
           will appear.

         * Over the lava pool leading to the dead cyclops, north of the
           entrance to Necron's coliseum

  Wind Magic
  What:  1. Wind Cutter    - offensive, 3 MP
         2. Missile Shield - defensive, limited duration, 5 MP
         3. Ice Storm      - offensive, 14 MP
         4. Freeze         - offensive, 26 MP

  Where: * North of the start point, across the bridge by the waterfall

         * Room with 2 salamanders, southwest corner of Harvine's castle

         * Silver chest (Harvine's key) in Royal treasure house

         * Behind Harvine's portrait (attack the picture to access)

  Earth Magic
  What:  1. Earth Heal - defensive, heals 60 HP, 3 MP
         2. Stone      - offensive, 7 MP
         3. Earth Wave - offensive, 15 MP
         4. Meteor     - offensive, 28 MP

  Where: * Chest in Small mine

         * Pit below bridge leading into the North Village, in a chest requiring
           a gold key. Make sure you can survive the drop (~100 HP), have a
           working gate/key combo, and at least the 10 MP to use it.

         * Termite's nest (the queen coughs it up once killed)

         * Earth cave (boss earth elemental coughs it up)

  Water Magic
  What:  1. Dispoison   - defensive, 4 MP
         2. Resist Fire - defensive, limited duration, 6 MP
         3. Water Fall  - offensive, 12 MP
         4. Seath       - offensive, 32 MP

  Where: * Through hole in termite's nest

         * Old Hand's cave, behind the water fall- requires a skull key.

         * Elf graveyard- drop down the wells in the miner's graveyard

         * Elf shrine

  Light Magic
  What:  1. Light          - defensive, limited duration, 6 MP
         2. Breath         - defensive, heals 150 HP, 10 MP
         3. Lightning Volt - offensive, 18 MP
         4. Flash          - offensive, 24 MP

  Where: * Secret room west and down the stairs from Underworld Prison #1.

         * From Fai.

         * Room you go through on the mine car ride to the Big Mine- press X
           when in this room to hop off.

         * Research offices of Necron's coliseum

|                              -= MAGIC SWORDS =-                              |

  All of the magic swords have two magic attacks. In order to use the sword
  magic attacks, both strength and magic power have to be 60 or greater and
  the Power and Magic Gauge must be full. Also you can't wear conflicting
  items like doing a flame sword's magic when you wear the ice armor.

  Type (A) - [], Wait 1/2s, /\
  Type (B) - >