KING'S FIELD - FAQ v1.0

                            By ZyXx (jockej@kuai.se)

|                              -= MAGIC SPELLS =-                              |

  Five classes of magic spells are found in the game: Fire, Wind, Earth,
  Water, and Light. Spells are learned by finding crystals of these types and
  using them. The spells are learned in a fixed order, four to a type,
  regardless of which particular crystal you find, i.e. the first fire crystal
  will give you Fire Ball.

  Offensive spells have to be "equipped" and are used by pressing the triangle
  button. defensive spells are accessed through the "Use Magic" menu item.
  Some have a "permanent" effect, such as the healing spells, while others are
  of limited duration.

  Fire Magic
  What:  1. Fire Ball  - offensive, 3 MP
         2. Fire Wall  - offensive, 9 MP
         3. Fire Storm - offensive, 15 MP
         4. Flame      - offensive, 35 MP

  Where: * Top of lighthouse on the west seaside

         * Top of lighthouse on the east seaside

         * In the fire caves, there's a room with 4 unlit lamps and nothing
           else. Light these lamps with the Fire Ball spell and a fire crystal
           will appear.

         * Over the lava pool leading to the dead cyclops, north of the
           entrance to Necron's coliseum

  Wind Magic
  What:  1. Wind Cutter    - offensive, 3 MP
         2. Missile Shield - defensive, limited duration, 5 MP
         3. Ice Storm      - offensive, 14 MP
         4. Freeze         - offensive, 26 MP

  Where: * North of the start point, across the bridge by the waterfall

         * Room with 2 salamanders, southwest corner of Harvine's castle

         * Silver chest (Harvine's key) in Royal treasure house

         * Behind Harvine's portrait (attack the picture to access)

  Earth Magic
  What:  1. Earth Heal - defensive, heals 60 HP, 3 MP
         2. Stone      - offensive, 7 MP
         3. Earth Wave - offensive, 15 MP
         4. Meteor     - offensive, 28 MP

  Where: * Chest in Small mine

         * Pit below bridge leading into the North Village, in a chest requiring
           a gold key. Make sure you can survive the drop (~100 HP), have a
           working gate/key combo, and at least the 10 MP to use it.

         * Termite's nest (the queen coughs it up once killed)

         * Earth cave (boss earth elemental coughs it up)

  Water Magic
  What:  1. Dispoison   - defensive, 4 MP
         2. Resist Fire - defensive, limited duration, 6 MP
         3. Water Fall  - offensive, 12 MP
         4. Seath       - offensive, 32 MP

  Where: * Through hole in termite's nest

         * Old Hand's cave, behind the water fall- requires a skull key.

         * Elf graveyard- drop down the wells in the miner's graveyard

         * Elf shrine

  Light Magic
  What:  1. Light          - defensive, limited duration, 6 MP
         2. Breath         - defensive, heals 150 HP, 10 MP
         3. Lightning Volt - offensive, 18 MP
         4. Flash          - offensive, 24 MP

  Where: * Secret room west and down the stairs from Underworld Prison #1.

         * From Fai.

         * Room you go through on the mine car ride to the Big Mine- press X
           when in this room to hop off.

         * Research offices of Necron's coliseum

|                              -= MAGIC SWORDS =-                              |

  All of the magic swords have two magic attacks. In order to use the sword
  magic attacks, both strength and magic power have to be 60 or greater and
  the Power and Magic Gauge must be full. Also you can't wear conflicting
  items like doing a flame sword's magic when you wear the ice armor.

  Type (A) - [], Wait 1/2s, /\
  Type (B) - ><, [], Hold /\

  Flame Sword
  What:  This weapon belongs to the element of fire. It was made by Tsedeck,
         the Mage who was a magician serving King Harvine.

  Where: Found in the fire caves, behind a secret door southwest of the room
         with the silver chest and hidden trapdoor.

  How:   (A) Multiple Fireballs - 16 MP
         (B) Fiery Cloud        - 18 MP

  What:  This sword was presented to King Harvine III by a foreign king many
         years ago. This sword (Wind Sword) has the magic power of wind granted
         by King Harvine.

  Where: Found on the small islet north of the eastern lighthouse. To access, go
         through the cemetary of Harvine's military guard and up the long flight
         of stairs. Look down and to your left- there's the island. Jump on to
         it. Be prepared to take a lot of damage and exit via one of the gates.

  How:   (A) Wind Cutter    - 10 MP
         (B) Green Diamonds - 12 MP

  Spider Sword
  What:  This weapon belongs to the element of earth. Because of its' (sic)
         attributes, this sword (the Earth sword) weakens all magic defense,
         except of the earth defense, when it is used. When equipped, MP

  Where: In the earth caves, the elemental near the golden tree regenerates if
         you kill him, leave the area, and return. Kill him many, many, many
         times. Then kill him some more. When done with this, kill him many more
         times. At this point, you may wonder if there's more to this, and there
         may very well be. So kill him some more, and pray.

  How:   (A)                  - 18 MP
         (B)                  - 22 MP

  Ice Blade
  What:  This sword used to belong to the Ice Warrior, Kal Fargus, and is made
         of ice crystal. It is a very powerful weapon made of wind and water,
         but with it one cannot use fire magic.

  Where: In the ice caves (boss ice elemental coughs it up).

  How:   (A) Exploding Crystals - 21 MP
         (B) Homing Crystal     - 27 MP

  Seath's Sword
  What:  This sword was granted to Merlin, the High-Elf warrior, by Seath. The
         sword was once almost destroyed, but was completely restored by the
         High-Elves artisan, Ivil Napaja.

  Where: Found in the Elf Shrine. The (B) attack isn't actually an attack but
         rather makes you invincible for as long as you hold down the triangle

  How:   (A) Beam of Light - 17 MP
         (B) Invincibility - 0 MP

  Moonlight Sword
  What:  The sword belongs to the element of light which has been called the
         Holy sword. But it was made by Guyra to entice the warriors to hunt
         for it. The strong warriors would then have enough energy to rebirth

  Where: Either skirt around Guyra, or move "through" him to get to the sword.
         Then die with at least one dragon crystal to take you back to Seath's
         fountain. When equipped, HP regenerates.

  How:   (A) Pillars of Light I  - 22 MP
         (B) Pillars of Light ][ - 38 MP

  Dark Slayer
  What:  This sword is made of the Dark Crystal which was granted by the White
         Dragon, Seath. It is made of four attributes: fire, wind, earth, and
         water. This is the only weapon effective against Guyra, who has the
         light attribute sword. When equipped, MP regenerates.

  Where: Leon Shore makes this sword in exchange for the Dark Crystal. It takes
         him awhile to complete it, so check back every level-up. Upon returning
         to him, he'll inform you that Necron has stolen the sword and you must
         kill Necron to regain it, unless you've already killed Necron, in which
         case it'll be inside his house.

  How:   (A) Wind Blast  - 15 MP
         (B) Wind Pillar - 17 MP

|                                 -= ARMOR =-                                  |

  Blood Crown
  What:  This item looks like an old crown, but it has magical powers. When it
         is equipped, it will your make your magical interval last longer.

  Where: On the way to the fire caves from Base No. 4, you have to cross a
         wind bridge. Drop into the pit and follow the passageway to a chest
         protected by two salamanders. HP decreases when equipped.

  Lightning Helm
  What:  This helmet automatically attacks enemies standing in front of you
         with lightening (sic) bolts. This helmet was used by the Great Demon,
         Galth Fee.

  Where: Not as funny as it sounds. In Galth Fee's grave room (to the north of
         Necron's coliseum), there's a secret door in the southeast corner.
         Press the X button as you move through the room behind the door to
         pick up the helmet.

  Seath's Helm
  What:  This helmet was granted to the High-Elf warrior, Merlin by Seath. The
         helmet automatically recovers HP.

  Where: Found in the Elf shrine, in the room where the Dark Crystal is found
         (one of the Refma coughs it up).

  Ice Armor
  What:  Armor that used to belong to the Ice Warrior, Kal Fargus. It is made
         from ice crystal, and because of its attributes, it has a great
         defensive effect against fire.

  Where: Found in the ice caves

  Dark Armor
  What:  The armor used by the Great Demon, Galth Fee. One who uses it will be
         surrounded by darkness and unable to use the light magic.

  Where: Found in the dark cave.

  Seath's Armor
  What:  The armor granted to the High-Elf warrior, Merlin, by Saeth (sic).

  Where: Found in the sealed rooms near Seath's fountain (the main one; only
         accesible once in possession of the Dark Slayer sword).

  Moon Guard
  What:  This shield has the magical power of the holy moonlight. It will
         automatically recover HP when one equips it.

  Where: Can only be purchased?

  Crystal Guard
  What:  This shield belonged to the Ice Warrior, Kal Fargus, and is made of
         ice crystal. Because of its attributes, it has great defensive effect
         on fire.

  Where: Found in the ice caves. After killing off the Tarn, you gain access
         to a new room after the ice thaws.

  Skull Shield
  What:  This shield once belonged to the Great Demon, Galth Fee. When one
         equips it, the shield slowly takes away your HP.

  Where: Found in Galth Fee's room. Press X at the foot of his grave.

  Seath's Shield
  What:  This shield was once granted to High-Elf Warrior, Merlin, by Seath.

  Where: Found in the sealed room north of Cliff Lore's house, Central

  Demon's Hands
  What:  The Great Demon, Galth Fee, once equipped these gloves, and they had
         a great defense. However, when you equip them, they are very heavy,
         and the attacking interval will be longer.

  Where: Found in the "Space for completion" (poisonous) area, south of
         Necron's coliseum.

  Ruinous Gloves
  What:  These gloves were granted to the High-Elf Warrior, Merlin by Saeth
         (sic). They have great defense against poison.

  Where: Found in sealed room south of Leon's house.

  Ruinous Boots
  What:  These boots were given to the High-Elf warrior, Merlin, by Seath.

  Where: Found behind Cellfy Foss in Base No. 4. Hack at him until he moves
         enough for you to squeeze behind him.

  Death Walkers
  What:  These boots once belonged to the Great Demon, Galth Fee, and have
         great defense. However, when you equip the boots, they are very
         heavy, and it is hard to move quickly.

  Where: Found at the end of the hallway extending west from the Elf shrine
         entrance. The hall dead-ends at two lamps. Go up to the lamps and
         press the X button to pick them up.

|                             -= HEALING ITEMS =-                              |

  Earth Herb
  What:  Replenishes 40 HP

  Where: Most everywhere from stores to defeated monsters

  What:  Cures poison and gives a small amout of HP

  Where: Most everywhere from stores to defeated monsters

  Blood Stone
  What:  Cures all condidtions except poison

  Where: Stores and Barrels and a few defeated monsters

  Moon Stone
  What:  Replenishes 30 MP

  Where: Stores, Barrels and defeated Refma

  Dragon Crystal
  What:  Fully heals all MP and HP

  Where: Gold trees will grow them if you wait, other scarce places.

  Blue Potion
  What:  Heals 100 HP

  Where: Has to be drawn from blue fountain into a Flask

  Red Potion
  What:  Heals 50 MP

  Where: Has to be drawn from red stream into a Flask

  Green Potion
  What:  Removes all conditions

  Where: Has to be drawn from green Stream into a Flask

  Gold Potion
  What:  Heals 100 HP, 50 MP and removes all condiditons

  Where: Has to be drawn from the center of Seath's Fountain

|                             -= SPECIAL ITEMS =-                              |

  Scorpion's Bracelet
  What:  When you equip this ring, the probability of being poisoned is

  Where: There are at least two to be found: o One is in an empty house in the
         East Village. Upon going through the doors east across the wind
         bridge from Base No. 2, go left, up the stairs, right, and then left
         into an empty room. The back wall has a secret door. o One is at the
         end of a bridge to nowhere that overhangs the mine cavern. Go through
         the second of the rhombus-lock doors as you enter the Big Mine area.

  Seath's Tear
  What:  If you equip this tear, and also possess Figure of Seath, you will be
         able to substitute the statue for your life (if killed).

  Where: Teo Budwell presents this to you after you rescue him from the poison
         caves and meet him back at his home in the East Village.

  Seath's Bracelet
  What:  This item was made by the High-Ef artisan, Ivil Napaja. With this
         ring, this will increase your offense power.

  Where: Found in one of the Elf graves in the Elf Shrine.

  Earth Ring
  What:  This ring was made by the warlock, Shaddam, who was the greatest
         magician in the three countries of the Northern continent. When worn,
         your magical power will increase.

  Where: Found in the earth caves. Magic power is increased by 8.

  Psycpros Collar
  What:  This necklace was worn by the one-eye Giant to restore the strength
         of many years ago. When equipped, physical strength will be regained.

  Where: Found on the skeleton of the dead cyclops, north of Necron's
         coliseum. HP are lost when equipped. Strength power is increased by

  Amulet of Mist
  What:  This amulet was granted to the High-Elf Merlin by Seath. When
         equipped, this amulet raises your magic defense and allows you to
         escape from difficult status quickly.

  Where: At least two can be found: one in a chest in the Elf Graveyard, the
         other in a secret panel in the back of the rooms just north of the
         entrance to Necron's coliseum. HP regenerates when equipped.

  Lightwave Ring
  What:  This ring changes an ordinary arrow into a light arrow, which will
         make an ordinary bow or Arbalest more powerful.

  Where: At least two can be found: one in the locked chest (gold key) inside
         the northeast tower in Harvine's castle, the other in a secret room
         just inside the entrance to the Fire Cave, to the right.

  Truth Glass
  What:  This mirror reflects all truth of men, monsters and places. It is
         said that there are seven of these mirrors.

  Where: At least two can be found: o Behind the golden tree in the termite's
         lair is a secret door. Through the door is the chest that contains a
         truth glass. o Chest (Magician's key) in the dark caves.

  Seath's Plume
  What:  With this plume, it is possible to use magic without MP, for a short

  Where: Many to be found.

  Demon's Pick
  What:  With this item, you can gain MP, for a short duration.

  Where: Many to be found. Note that "MP" here means magic power. Use
         increases your magic power by 30. Multiple uses are not cumulative.

  Harvine's Flute
  What:  If this flute is played at the pillar of winds, the bridge of winds
         will appear and guide the explorers.

  Where: Given by Fai, in exchange for 3 crystal flasks.

  Ground Bell
  What:  This bell will help you find the special crystal, as it will ring
         when you are near it.

  Where: Given by Harris Carvitto, in the miner's graveyard near the east
         seaside (requires you to be a certain level?).

  Figure of Seath
  What:  If you wear Seath's Tear, it can protect your life.

  Where: Many can be found o After crossing the bridge to the east seaside,
         you'll head north towards Leon's house. The second doorway on the
         left leads you to a broken bridge. Jump down off this bridge to the
         landing below and search the cave for a secret panel. o One is in the
         Shore house o One is in Leon's jail cell o Leon will also make them
         for you, and place them on the fountain near his house.

  Dragon Stones
  What:  This key is needed to release the fountain which was given by Seath.
         If three stones are gathered there, the water will flow from the
         statue of goodness in the middle of the fountain.

  Where: One from Earnest Clyde in Underworld Prison #1. One in Old Hand's
         cave, behind the waterfall.

  Star Gate - From the dead soldier of Verdite west of the first save point.

  Moon Gate - From Fai, in exchange for a Figure of Seath

  Sun Gate  - Chest (Harvine's key) guarded by two salamanders outside the
              Royal Treasure House

  Gate Keys
  Star Key - Chest in the Small Mine

  Moon Key - In a guidepost near Seath's fountain

  Sun Key  - Top the northeast tower in Harvine's castle

  Pirate's Map - In a chest near the landing from which you drop off to the
                 Pirate's Cave

  Miner's Map  - At a miner's grave on the way to the East Seaside

  Necron's Map - From Fai, in exchange for 3 flasks

  Jail Key
  What:  The key that Necron once owned.

  Where: Room west of Prison No. 1, down the stairs. One of the guards coughs
         it up.

  Pirate's Key
  What:  The key to the pirates' room and treasure boxes.

  Where: From Sandler Amgun when you rescue him from the termite's lair.

  Skull Key
  What:  Key of the cave hidden behind the waterfall.

  Where: Found in the pirate's cave, in a locked chest (pirate's key).

  Magicians's Key
  What:  The magician from all three countries came here long ago to hide
         these items. This key will allow you to unlock the valuable items
         hidden in the treasure boxes.

  Where: Tsedeck's jail, near the military graves. Go to the East Seaside and
         come back to the main island across the first bridge after crossing.

  Harvine's Key
  What:  The key to the ruins of King Harvine III and the treasure boxes

  Where: In the Big Mine, near Dalf Vice (the clown that lost the key).

  Shrine Key
  What:  This key, made by the High-Elves, is needed to open the temple.
         However, you need two of these keys in order to open the door. You
         need to match the drawing by locating the key stand.

  Where: One in Harvine's castle (a chest in his room) one in the caves behind
         the large Kraken (one of the smaller Kraken in the back coughs it

  Elf's Key
  What:  The key of the Dark Elf's Pedestal

  Where: Found in the Elf caves.

  Dark Crystal
  What:  This crystal was given to the High-Elf Merlin by Seath. This item is
         needed to create the dark sword in order to defeat Guyra.

  Where: In the Elf shrine. Need to exchange the Elf key to get it.

|                            -= COMMON MONSTERS =-                             |

  Head Eater
  Look: Green Plantlike creatures with what appears to be an quartered water-
        melon for a head.

  What: Attacks with its large mouth, which has poisonous stingers. These are
        a different species from the ones in Verdite, and they are more

  Xtra: Attempts to poison when attacking

  Tips: Their head can pivot at fairly odd angles so try to stay behind them
        and hack away

  Green Slime
  Look: Small green jellylike puddles on the ground They live in groups and
        reside in dark and damp places.

  What: They have "counteractive water" inside their bodies, so that poison
        will be recovered whenever someone touches them. They can be damaged
        by fire magic more than by swords.

  Xtra: Cures Poison

  Tips: None really needed, if you have trouble with these you might want to
        return the game.

  Poison Slime
  Look: Look similar to green slime but have a Red tint to them.

  What: Same Species as Green Slime, but they have poison water in their body.

  Xtra: Poisonous

  Tips: None really, look down and swing

  Necron's Soldiers
  Look: Evil looking Knights with brown jerkin and an very long polearm

  What: Soldiers who were manipulated by Necron. They have lost their souls
        and their minds, and they can only attack. There is no way to help

  Xtra: None

  Tips: Don't try to take these head on. Get them to follow you in one
        direction and as soon as they commit, fade either left or right and
        turn quickly and their back will be turned to you

  Look: Look just like Necron's Soldiers but have bows instead of polearms.

  What: Former soldiers who were manipulated by Necron. All they can do now is
        continuously shoot their bows.

  Xtra: Higher level archers shoot paralyzing arrows

  Tips: They do have to ability to accurately track you so don't move
        predictably, either bob and weave until within melee range or use
        ranged magics

  Look: Look like seahorses with a hard shell.

  What: A flying creature with a hard shell. It is extremely ferocious.

  Xtra: none

  Tips: Avoid them when balled up and spinning otherwise they are fairly easy

  Look: Look like brown overgrown fire ants.

  What: An insect type monster. There are millions of termites swarming around
        each nest.

  Xtra: paralysis

  Tips: Make an extra effort not to get hit since they will paralyze you and
        continue to attack relent lessly. Try to run in attack and get out
        before they lift their heads up. The game suggests using arrows, but I
        found this to be inefficient and too difficult to bother with.

  Look: Look like giant mosquito's with green eyes.

  What: Insect-type monsters that have excellent eyes and ears and attack from

  Xtra: poisonous stinger

  Tips: These are extremly difficult to hit with weapons and are usually too
        bothersome to waste time with. I found that Stone magic is a great way
        to knock them out of the air and usually kills them

  Look: Blue fish that are found only in the ocean.

  What: Grotesque and ferocious fish that live in the sea. They attack in
        packs whenever anyone gets close to them.

  Xtra: none

  Tips: Don't bother them, and they won't bother you

  Look: Black Squid that wander around the coastal areas.

  What: The ruler of the North sea. With its giant legs, it drags ships into
        the water. Before growing up, this monster is small and not very

  Xtra: none

  Tips: Run in quick and give em a good whack this will make their heads
        slowly deflate and fade out, use this time to rotate yourself to their
        back and kill them from behind.

  Look: Well, they look like skeletons with swords.

  What: Necron granted wicked souls to bodies that were already dead. They can
        be revived until they are completely destroyed.

  Xtra: none

  Tips: Waste no time in front of these guys, they have a lunge attack with a
        very long reach and start swinging like mad when you're real close.
        No matter what level you're on, deal with them carefully.

  Look: Look like a long faced classic ghost

  What: Ghosts that appears in certain areas. If they touch you, you will be

  Xtra: paralysis, darkness, and slowness

  Tips: They can move long distances quickly, but are easily fooled by
        obstacles and tricky walls and get stuck often. They will make you
        slow so be carefull

  Look: Headless skeletons with a sythe in their right hand

  What: A Death created by the Mage of Fire. He has high intelligence and
        posseses many kinds of magic. A large psythe can paralyze your body.

  Xtra: curse and occasionally shoots ghosts

  Tips: Watch out for their curse spell, other than that their attacks aren't
        too damaging but will become a serios threat if in groups.

  Look: Big, brown, two-headed snails

  What: A ferocious creature which eats everything. It has a strong defensive
        ability and its shell can't be damaged.

  Xtra: none

  Tips: They have a ranged attack so tread carefully. They rotate extremely
        slowly and its best to dodge their magic and run by them, then turn
        around and regain you strength meter and attack the side of their

  Look: Stationary red salamanders

  What: Ornaments which are made by the Mage of Fire, Tsedeck. After losing
        their power, the ornaments attacked with their fire magic.

  Xtra: none

  Look: Look like purple eels with fangs.

  What: This monster lives in the mines and attacks suddenly from its dark
        hiding spot. It can see in the dark.

  Xtra: possibly darkness, seldom encountered.

  Tips: Wait until they charge at you with their mouths open, dodge to the
        side and spin around fast and you should catch their tails
        disappearing into the darkness. Chase them down and hack away.

  Earth Elemental
  Look: Look like grey dinosaurs with long necks.

  What: Uses stone ball magic. (that's all they tell you) They are dinosaurs
        with freeze attacks and are located in the Heart of the Earth.

  Xtra: none

  Tips: Don't waste time with ranged attacks, just work your way past their
        magic and start swinging.

  Look: Blue faced floating heads with a strange pattern for hair.

  What: The soul of the High-Elf, which is protecting their Dark Crystal. It
        doesn't remember what it once was, and attacks those who come near it.

  Xtra: Takes MP away unless there isn't any, then it takes HP.

  Tips: Fight them similar to the way you fight ghosts and they shouldn't pose
        any real threat.

  Log Stalker
  Look: Look like walking trees.

  What: A heinous monster that attacks people. It used to be a dead tree
        before it was given a soul by Necron.

  Xtra: none

  Tips: They have ranged magic, so keep on your toes. They also attack fairly
        quickly so try to run in, strike and run out.

  Look: Looks like a green jumping coffee table with red eyes

  What: An animal which evolved only on the island of Melanat. It attacks its
        prey with its sharp fangs and strong legs. Sometimes it jumps on its
        victim and crushes it to death.

  Xtra: none

  Tips: No really effective ones, just watch out for when it jumps at you.

|                              -= MAJOR BOSSES =-                              |

  Look: Very Large Black Dragon

  What: The Black Dragon who is opposed to the White Dragon, "Seath." Guyra
        broke a black crystal which controls the powers of nature. He created
        the "Moonlight Sword" to make his chosen warriors fight for his

  Xtra: none save his powerfull magics

  Tips: Fairly weak after all the bitts are taken care of. Then just use
        powerfull magics to kill him (Flash is usually best to use)

  Look: Little yellow ball of light

  What: Guyra's final guard. It sucks in all magic.

  Xtra: Engulfs all magic shot at Guyra

  Tips: Magic is useless so just wait until they are low enough and
        hack'em up. You can coax them to come close to you by shooting your
        magic which they will immediatly move in to engulf, then kill them.
        Make sure to kill all of them before trying to kill Guyra.

  Copper Knight
  What: This monster was created by the Mage of Fire and the King of Winds to
        guard the King's treasure.

  Xtra: none

  What: The Mage of Ice, who was transformed by a man in the darkside This
        creature used to be an Ice Warrior know as Kal Fargus, who owned a
        Coliseum. Tarn kept all of the equipment that he used before.

  Xtra: none

  Earth Elemental
  Look: Identical to the common one, just bigger.

  Demon Lord
  What: A monster created by a man in the darkside, Necron. This Creature has
        a high intelligence and posseses high level magic

  Xtra: none

  Large Termite
  Look: Looks just like small termite, only larger.

  Xtra: paralysis?

  Tips: Stand just outside termites nest, use range magics and arrows to kill

  Large Kraken
  Look: Just a very large Kraken

  Xtra: none

  Tips: Find a place on the shoreline where he can't hurt you but you can
        still hit him with ranged attacks He has approximately 25 billion hit
        points, so it will take some time.

  Dias Bagil
  Look: This guy is actually Necron, Red armor and carries a halfmoon blade.

  What: Attracted by a man in the darkside, this man came to the island. He
        calls himself "Necron." He is known as the best warrior in the world,
        and he owns the Coliseum.

  Xtra: Lots and Lots of Magic spells

  Tips: Stay close to him so you are immune to his Earth Wave, and if he
        launches a Flash spell, it will hit both of you. Alternate between a
        powerfull magic and Sword slashes to keep him busy.

|                            -= MAIN CHARACTERS =-                             |

  This is a list of some of the more important characters in the game. There
  are many more that have smaller roles and I have left you to discover them
  on your own.

  Who:   A fortune teller who can see all over the world with her crystal
         ball. Nothing about herself is known except that she is female.

  Look:  Lady wearing blue cloak with a Red hood, holding crystal ball.

  Where: She hangs around in three different places near the Central village.

  Dalf Vice
  Who:   A Descendant of King Harvine's brain. Dalf came to the island to
         hunt for treasures with the 'Harvine's Key," which was handed down by
         his ancestors. Now he is working in a mine because he lost the key.

  Look:  Standing, using hammer and chisel and is wearing a blue cap.

  Where: In the Big Mine

  Fai Fadlin
  Who:   Fai has come to the island with his friend, Dias. Ever since Dias'
         sister Nola came to the island, Fai has been trying to send her back
         to the continent.

  Look:  Tall man garbed in mostly white, back is usually turned.

  Where: Technically not in the South Village, he is at the end of a narrow
         rocky passage just to the right of the small mine entrance.

  Mark Wozz
  Who:   He was egged on by the Thief Gill to steal. Mark escaped from his
         country and came to the island. He had opened a Key shop for treasure

  Look:  Old man who plays with file and a key, wears specs.

  Where: South Village in his own shop.

  Raffy Foss
  Who:   A grandson of Celffy. Raffy only deals with goods of little value
         because he is not trusted.

  Look:  Wearing a purple hat and a brown jerkin, sitting and has pointy ears

  Where: South Village in his own shop.

  Leon Shore
  Who:   He came to the island with his mother from the village of the High-
         Elves. There were many talented craftsmen in High-Elf, but Leon
         exceeded all of them in talent and ability.

  Look:  Watering garden at his mothers house, wearing brown pants with a
         yellow sleeved green shirt.

  Where: East Village outside of mother's house.

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