From: "Joseph Peitler" 
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Subject: The Incredible Hulk: the Pantheon Saga (SS,PSX)
Date: Saturday, March 24, 2001 10:37 AM

   _____  _   _  ___   _  __  _   __  ___   ___  ___  _  ___  _    ___
  |_   _|| |_| || __| | ||  \| | / _\| D \ | __||   \| || D \| |  | __|
    | |  |  _  || __| | ||     |( (_ |   < | __|| D || ||  < | |_ | __|
    |_|  |_| |_||___| |_||_|\__| \__/|_|\_\|___||___/|_||_D_/|___||___|
   _____     _____     _____     _____     _____          ____    _____
  |_____|\  |     |\  |_____|\  |     |   |     |       /|    |  /____/
  |     | \ |_____| \ |     | \ |     |   |_____|      / |____| /    /
  |_____|__\|_____|  \|     | | |_____|   |     |     /  |    |/    /
  |   |       |   |   |_____| | |     |   |_____|    /   |_________/
  |___|_______|___|   |     | | |     |   |     |    |   |         \
  |     |\**|_____|   |_____|_|_|_____|   |_____|____|   |____|\____\
  |     | \*|     |   |               |   |_______|  |   |    | \    \
  |_____|  \|_____|   |_______________|   |_______|__|   |____|  \____\
  \*****\   |\****\   |\**************|   |**********/   /****/  /****/
   \*****\  | \****\  | \*************|   |*********/|  /****/  /****/
    \*****\ |  \****\ |  \************|   |********/ | /****/  /****/
     \*****\|   \****\|   \***********|THE PANTHEON SAGA***/  /****/

The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga
for Sega Saturn & Sony Playstation
Walkthrough: Searching for Secrets
Version 0.5--03/25/01
by Megnetto, the classic gamer--
This Megnetto document is a 2001 copyright that should not be duplicated, 
reproduced, or distributed outside this website mention here without notice, 
written permission and proper ID from the people who want this to the 

Even though I gave a low rating on my review to this game (the Saturn 
version), I decided to make a guide for it for the people who bought the 
game anyway.  Here is where you find where all the secrets are in order to 
get 100% at the end of the stage.  More secrets mean more points.  There are 
also strategies on how to play it.  I used the Sega Saturn System to play 
the game, but it should work on the Sony Playstation version as well.  This 
guide should cover all the level difficulties in this game.

If you have a password worth posting, send it to me at this address.  Please 
tell me what Stage the password is, the Difficulties, and what it contains.  
I'll put it here in the next updates, along with your name for credit.  
Thank you for your time.


       a) Moves
       b) Object Pick-Ups
       c) Advice
       a) Level 1:  The Landing Bay
       b) Level 2:  Pantheon Battle Ground
       c) Level 3:  Ecosystem
       a) Level 1:  Main Entrance
       b) Level 2:  Underground Dungeon
       c) Level 3:  Piecemeal Main Hall
       a) Level 1:  Ice Flow
       b) Level 2:  Freon Cave
       c) Level 3:  Ozone Cannon
   7.  STAGE 4: THE U-FOES!
       a) Level 1:  Destroyed Ecosystem
       b) Level 2:  Destroyed Landing Bay
       c) Level 3:  Agamemnon's Inner Sanctum
       a) Level 1: The Maestro
       a) Final review.
       b) Hulk's music.
       c) Hulk in the media.
  FAQ updates:
    Version 0.1--03/13/01:  First attempt.

    Version 0.2--03/18/01:  Played STAGES 1 & 2 in Medium difficulty.  Added 
more info, passwords and credits.

    Version 0.3--03/20/01:  Played STAGES 3,4,5 in Medium Difficulty.  New 
passwords and info.

    Version 0.4--03/21/01:  Discovered new info, including correction for 
STAGE 2, Level 2 and a SECRET AREA for STAGE 3, Level 2.

    Version 0.5--03/25/01:  Played the game in Hard difficulty.  New 
Passwords, corrections and info.  Added advice to section 3 and final review 
in section 9.

If you don't have the instruction manual to this game, here are some things 
you'll need to know before you start:

  a) Moves.  For basic moves, please refer to the CONTROL PAD SETUP in the 
OPTIONS MENU.  Here is a list of Special moves that are not listed there:
      Shoulder Charge--Run, then press Kick*
      Sonic Clap--Special Move+Kick
      Floor Smash--Special Move+Jump
      Vortex Spin--Special Move+Punch
      Use Emergency Team--Special Move+Block
      In-Game Option--Start
*You can get up to five hits with the Shoulder Charge, but if an flying 
machine come towards you or an opponent like Ajax or Ironclad charge at you 
at the same time, you get only one hit, stop short and possibly get damage.

The Hulk has three jumping styles:
    Short Jump--press Jump, then directional button.  This is used when you 
are very close to an object and want to jump on top of it.
    Long Jump--press Jump plus directional button at the same time.  This is 
used when you want to jump from platform to platform.
    Running Jump--Run, then press Jump and directional button.  This is when 
the distance between two platforms are longer.
The longer you hold down the Jump button, the higher you go.  Also, You can 
change direction in mid-air.

  b) Object Pick-Ups.  This is what you are getting when you find these 
secret places:

   Life Boost--Shape like a Atom in a Blue Ball.  Restores Partial Health
   Gamma Boost--A Green Ball with 2 Rings.  Charge Gamma Energy Level.
   Super Gamma--3 Blue Bars with 2 Rings.  Max out Gamma Energy.
   Double Damage--Red Ball with 2 Rings.  Twice the damage inflicted.
   Pieces of the Time Machine--4 Boxes that are collected for the final 
   Emergency Team--Neon Hand. Use this to summon one of the 4 members of the 
Pantheon Emergency Team.  They will assist in their own ways:
        Ajax-Charges in the direction the Hulk is facing.
        Atalanta-Provides air support.
        Hector-Stuns all enemies on screen for a short while.
        Ulysses-Protects Hulk.
Please use the In-Game Option to decide who to summon before using the 
Emergency Team Move.  You can only hold up to three Emergency Team icons.

  c) Advice.  If you are planning to play in Medium or Hard difficulties, 
here are some advice to help you:
     1)  Try to rely on regular moves such as Kick and Shoulder Charge, 
instead of using the Gamma Energy moves, like Ground Smash, all the time.  
They won't deplete your Gamma Bar and there might not be many Gamma Boost 
icons in the area.  Save your energy till you face the bosses or more than 4 
enemies at once.
     2)  Don't try to grab the Super Gamma or Double Damage icons when you 
first see them.  Wait until the enemies are in your sight and coming after 
you before taking it.  That way, you can use it's power to its fullest 
     3)  Try not to use the Emergency Team icon unless you already holding 
three of them and there is another one lying around near by.  Like the first 
advice, don't use unless the enemy is upon you.
     4)  If you are low in health and there are no Life Boost icons around, 
go to an isolated area, where there are no enemies, and wait for your health 
meter to slowly recharge itself.
     5)  Most of all, be patient.  You'll lose energy trying to rush the 

(Here, in the next 4 stages, I will reveal passwords in the Easy, Medium, 
and Hard difficulties.  The first set I found on the internet, which usually 
contains no Gamma energy or any special items for the Hulk to start with.  
The next set that have the stars (*) besides them is what I got when I 
played the game which does contain some objects and energy.  You can use 
them or make your own.)

    a) Level 1:  The Landing Bay--You must find 6 elevator buttons before 
you can leave the area.

When the game starts, have the Hulk go over towards the right to the open 
little room.  You can use the Shoulder Charge to take down the glass walls 
and possibly the robot.  There is a red/yellow/black button on the wall.  
You must punch it in order to shut down the force field on the left side.  
When the button becomes black, leave the room and go up.  In the center of 
the back wall, between the two lifts, there is a different looking button.  
Hit that and it causes the lift on the right to go up a bit.  You can use 
the Uppercut to take out the robots, but be careful because of the lag time. 
  Kicking them is better than simply punching them because you push them 
away and they get destroyed faster.  When you fight and destroy them, they 
leave objects such as Life and Gamma boosts to pick up.  Ignore the flying 
saucers if you see them for now.  You can also get the objects on top of the 
big monitor located in the middle of the room.  Bring two metal boxes, place 
them one on top of the other, near the monitor and use them as steps.  After 
that, go up the stairs on the left, run past or jump over the land mines and 
head over the next elevator button.  Punch it and run down through the aisle 
of laser fire.  It's best to be jumping while running through there.  When 
you get at the bottom, don't worry about the red button with the green arrow 
on the right side.  That controls the direction of the laser fire.  Instead, 
hit the yellow/black button to open the door on the left.  Run past it and 
go up the corridor.  Turn left and run past the mines to the end.  Ignore 
the flying saucers unless they got a fix on you, then use the Sonic Clap.  
Hit the yellow/black button to deactivate the force field.  Jump over the 
railing, go down and left.  Hit the third elevator button, then go up and 
hit the yellow/black button in the middle of more laser fire.  That opens 
the double doors up further.  Go through there, hit another door button 
ahead, then go up towards the glass walls, where there are two robots there. 
  Smash both and hit the forth elevator button.  Go down to where the black 
button is and make a left.  You should be in a room where there are both a 
fifth elevator button and a yellow/black button.  Hit both and leave.  Go 
all the way down through the laser fire.  Turn right and go through the room 
with the land mines.  Go through the door and back up through the first 
laser fire.  Keep going back to the second elevator button and there should 
be a new opening next to it.  Go through it and hit the last elevator button 
on the back of the room.  SECRET AREA #1:  Before you leave, position the 
Hulk in the center of the yellow/black lined square on the floor and use the 
Floor Smash.  It should create a hole underneath and reveal pick-ups objects 
there, Super Gamma included.  NOTE:  in the Medium and Hard difficulties, 
there are robots in the hole.  Leave the room and head right.  Jump off the 
ledge and take the small elevator up.  When you reach the top, go right 
towards the big door and go through it.

   b) Level 2: Pantheon Battle Ground--you must fight the first 3 members of 
the Pantheon in order to advance.

When you go up towards the left, stop when you see the flying saucer.  
Follow and use the Sonic Clap on it.  Go up to the back where there 5 
yellow/black buttons beside the force field door.  Hit them all (the middle 
one you have to jump, then punch).  Go down and left till you see another 
flying saucer.  If it close, punch it a few times.  Otherwise, use the same 
tactic as before.  Then go up and hit the last button on the left of the 
door.  With the force field down, go through, dodge the laser fire and pick 
up Gamma Boost (if you can).  Turn left, run through mines to the glass wall 
and smash it.  Ahead of it is where you face Hector.  He uses a mace to 
attack you and his version of vortex spin with it.  Simple punches and kicks 
will take him down.  NOTE:  In the Medium and Hard difficulties, when 
Hector's (and Ulysses') health is low, Atalanta comes and attacks.  She'll 
shoot fire, then leave.  You can't fight her because she's too high, but if 
she gets low enough, you can jump and kick her.  She'll leave immediately 
when that happens.  You can smash the computer monitors around there to 
reveal pick-up objects (Super Gamma included).  Run through the door on the 
right and either jump from pillar to pillar or run through the acid lake (it 
gives minimum damage).  Go up the platform and face Ulysses.  He uses a 
shoulder charge move with his sword and shield and shoots laser from a 
distance.  He's quicker than Hector, so run around and use Shoulder Charge a 
lot.  When he's low on energy, kick him a few times.  After defeating him, 
the wall in the back will open, revealing objects and a button.  Hit the 
button to open the elevator, then go through the acid lake and back to the 
area where you fought Hector.  In the back, there should be a lift.  Get on 
it and it will take you to the top.  When you get off, Atalanta will be 
there.  She is mostly in the air, shooting fire arrows and at times do a 
flying kick towards you.  When she's not attacking, she flies up, out of 
range and sight.  When she's at ground level, use the Shoulder Charge.  At a 
distance, either use the Sonic Clap or jump up and kick her.  She's very 
hard to hit, so be patient and use the pick-up objects hidden in the 
machines.  SECRET AREA #1: During or after the battle, there is a 
yellow/black button on the left wall.  Jump up and punch it.  Go down to 
Hector's area.  There, in the center surrounded by pillars is a square hole 
with pick-up objects (Super Gamma included).  Go back up the elevator and go 
through the exit in the back.

   c) Level 3:  Ecosystem--Defeat Ajax in order to get all Pantheon members 
for help and to finish this stage.

The floating ball-shaped robots are harmless, unless they get close to you.  
Just throw wooden blocks at it and pick up objects.  Ajax is at the other 
side of the area.  He has a good reach, mimics the Hulk's Shoulder Charge, 
and blocks a lot.  You must strike after he takes a swing at you to give 
damage.  Then keep your distance and use Shoulder Charge and Vortex Spin.  
They work best.  SECRET AREA #1:  Start at the right of the ridge, go up and 
left.  Pass the 2 tall trees that block your view of the Hulk.  Hit the back 
wall near the second tree where the floor is flatten.  There is a secret 
room and pick up objects.  Don't worry about the yellow/black button on the 
back right side of the area.  The Ecosystem rains when you hit the button 
and serves no other purpose.  Inside the waterfall have also pick-up 
objects.  After defeating Ajax, either go to the left, where the double 
doors are and touch Agamemnon, or go to SECRET AREA #2:  Go to the left of 
the waterfall.  Keep going left, pass a tree towards a bush.  Go through it, 
towards the TV screen.  When you land, move left quickly because you're 
standing on a land mine.  There are 2 pick-up objects and mines.  Go left 
and into an opening in the back.  Then you will be transported to a bonus 
area.  There you have to jump from one cliff to another in order to get 
pick-up objects in 90 seconds.  NOTE:  in Medium and Hard Difficulties, the 
time is shorter.  2 Emergency Teams and score point items included.  You can 
go to SECRET AREA #1, then go straight to SECRET AREA #2 without even facing 

5.  STAGE 2:  THE SCOTTISH CASTLE  Password: 603EE0C530
     Difficulty Easy: 70000F630A  *A04EE0D330*
              Medium: 60080FFB85  *2006A76E10*
                Hard: 80100F8401  *40880EF2C0*

    a) Level 1:  Main Entrance--You must defeat the Mystic Monks in order to 

A few things about the Mystic Monks.  They keep a distance and throw laser 
blasts.  Sometimes they can bump into you, but do little damage.  You can 
use any special attacks on them or simply corner and punch or kick them.  A 
word of warning:  the black monks dissipate when they die, but the purple 
ones simply melt into a puddle, only to rise again a bit later.  Be aware of 
that.  SECRET AREA #1:  At the start of the game, have the Hulk walk down 
till he can't go any farther.  If you look on the left side of the wall 
closely, you'll see an extended wall coming from there.  Position the Hulk 
near there and hit the left wall.  You should create an opening where you'll 
find a Mystic Monk and a few pick-up objects (Emergency Team icon included). 
  Collect them, go to the gate and hit the button on the left side to open 
it.  When you go through, you'll see 3 or more Mystic Monks and 4 glowing 
red squares.  These squares are where the extra Mystic Monks come from.  Use 
the Floor Smash a few times to destroy each of them or wait for Piecemeal to 
shoot at them.  Don't bother to jump up to the surrounding walkway ledge 
where Piecemeal is at.  You can't reach it (crazy, isn't it?).  SECRET AREA 
#2:  Use the Floor Smash to hit the center of the area where a big green dot 
is.  It'll create a hole full with objects.  You can use the hole to lure 
the Monks into it and trap them there.  The open door on the left has Life 
Boost while the open door on the right has Super Gamma.  SECRET AREA #3:  On 
the right side of the wall, behind the last pillar holding the wooden 
walkway, next to the breakable stained glass wall, there is an hidden room.  
You must smash through the wall leading to it.  Objects including a piece of 
the Time Machine are in there.  Leave, go to the back gate and wait till it 
opens.  You're done here.

    b) Level 2:  Underground Dungeon--Search and release the prisoners held 
by Piecemeal.

Jump from platform to platform to reach the other side.  You can run the 
Lava Lake too, if you must, but be careful.  It causes more damage than the 
Acid Lake in STAGE 1, Level 2.  Go through the hallway with the stained 
glass windows till you reach the room.  Smash the glowing red square in the 
center to prevent the Monks from coming.  SECRET AREA #1:  Take one of the 
stone blocks and place it on the back wall under the black cross.  Jump on 
top of it, then jump and punch the wall.  It will reveal a room with Pick-Up 
Objects (Super Gamma and Double Damage included).  After collecting, take 
the 3 stones and place them on top of three of the four squares on the 
floor.  Leave the forth square located on the lower right side expose.  Have 
the Hulk stand on that one. and the gate on the right should open.  Run 
through the gate before it closes and stop at the ledge.  You are now in the 
second Lava Lake room.  This one has two openings, one on the back and one 
on the far right.  Right now jump across or run VERY quickly towards the one 
on the right.  When you get through, use the Sonic Clap on the Mystic Monks 
and the Floor Smash on the glowing red square up ahead.  Don't go through 
the back opening located behind the glowing red square, but instead, keep 
going right.  There you'll find a prison with 5 square buttons on the floor 
near it.  First, hit the top left button, then the middle, then the top 
right one.  The cell doors will open, releasing the prisoners and one Mystic 
Monk.  Go to the top/back cell for the Life Boost, then go to the bottom 
cell.  There is a button on the lower right side of the cell.  Hit that and 
it will open the gate located in the back where the Emergency Team Icon is 
held in.  After that, there are two ways to end this:
1) Go left to the back opening that you passed where you smashed the second 
glowing red square.  Go through and you'll reach a third Lava Lake.  Go 
across to a platform where there is a Double Damage icon and get it.  Jump 
from there to the steps on the right.  When you walk up, Piecemeal will be 
waiting.  He attacks you with his tail and his version of the vortex spin.  
Use Shoulder Charges and Punches on him.  If you are trap in a corner, use 
the Vortex Spin.  Hit him till his health is gone and runs away.  Follow him 
to the exit.
2)  Keep going left till you reach the second Lava Lake and go through the 
opening in the back.  Keep going till you reach the stairs.  When you go up 
to the top, you will be transported to a room where another piece of the 
Time Machine is at.  Keep running towards the TV screen till you come to a 
stained glass window.  Smash it and jump down.  SECRET AREA #2:  Go left to 
the opening before the first Lava Lake room.  From there starting left, go 
to the second stained glass window.  Jump and smash it.  It will reveal a 
Gamma Boost.  But when you reach for it, you will be transported to another 
Bonus Area.  Different location, but same object.  Get as many items in 90 
seconds (or 60 in Medium, 30 in Hard).
There is also a third option by combining the first two, like get the Time 
Machine piece, then go back and fight Piecemeal.  It's up to you.

    c) Level 3:  Piecemeal Main Hall--Seek and defeat Piecemeal once and for 

When the game starts, go left pass the wooden block to a button.  Hit it and 
the gate on the left will open.  Go through and keep going till you find an 
opening nook block by a wooden barrier and guarded by a Mystic Monk.  Smash 
both then hit the button and grab the Gamma Boost.  Go back to the center 
opening and hit the third button to open the right gate.  Go through and up. 
  On the way, there is a forth button sticking out of the right wall.  Hit 
that and it will open the middle gate located in the center where you began 
(you must hit the second and forth button for that to happen).  SECRET AREA 
#1:  Keep going till you find an opening on the left covered by a wooden 
barrier.  Smash the right wall opposite that and get Pick-Up objects.  You 
can keep going to the end of the hallway and get a Life Boost and a Super 
Gamma found in one of the wooden boxes.  Smash the barrier and go through.  
Piecemeal will be waiting on the right side of the big center room.  Wait 
till he comes to you and strikes, then use the Vortex Spin on him.  That 
works best.  SECRET AREA #2:  Smash the wall located on the back right side 
of the center room.  That will reveal a small room with Pick-up Objects 
(Emergency Team icon included).  You can smash the wooden barrier in the 
back to get the Super Gamma in the wooden box.  Most of the of these 
breakable boxes contain a Pick-Up Object.  SECRET AREA #3:  From the center 
room, smash the wooden barrier on the left and go into another hallway.  Go 
down to the front.  Smash the wall on the left side till you hit the one 
that reveals a small room with objects.  Go back to the center room and head 
towards the opening down in the middle.  Go through till you reach Agamemnon 
and touch him.

6.  STAGE 3:  TRAUMA AND LAZARUS  Password: B08E0F0802
     Difficulty Easy: A0000A352F *8033343DC4*
              Medium: 90080ACDAA  10C82E5E54 *4063398197*
                Hard: B0100A5626 *50A2371A1F*

    a) Level 1:  Ice Flow--follow the trail leading to Trauma.

Two things: One, you can use the same tactics that you used on the robots in 
STAGE 1, Level 1 to take on Trauma's troops, but watch out for their 
grenades.  Two, try not to use the Sonic Clap or the Floor Smash because it 
will cause heavy ice to fall on you.  You could receive damage and also get 
knock off into the water or in the line of fire.  Don't worry about falling 
in the lake, though.  You'll lose a little energy and be taken back at 
certain starting points.  Just follow where the trail takes you and go 
through the obstacle course.  There are no secret areas here, since most 
objects are at plain site and no mini bosses to take on.

    b) Level 2:  Freon Cave--Rescue Atalanta and defeat Trauma.

When you start out, four Trauma's troops come at you, with Trauma shooting 
at you from the background.  Use Vortex Spin to take out the Troops, or 
Ground Smash, but watch out for falling ice.  Have Hector or Ulysses help 
you in this.  Then start attacking Trauma.  He'll throw laser balls at you, 
but stand his ground.  After a while he'll use his own version of Ground 
Smash to disappear.  Watch out for that because it causes damage.  If you 
reduce Trauma's health by hitting him, it will remain that way till you 
reach him at the end, unless you die or fall in the water once.  Then his 
health is restore if that happens.  Start jumping from platform to platform 
and go to where there is a big confined area with falling ice.  Attack the 
Troop and punch the button at the back.  That will give a big step on the 
right to get out.  SECRET AREA #1:  When you get out of the area, two Troops 
will attack you.  Take them out, then do a Ground Smash in the center.  A 
hole with objects including Super Gamma.  After that, there are more 
platforms to jump to.  You can take the "high road" or the "low road".  To 
take the high road, make a running jump from where you are to the small 
platform high in the air located in the front near the TV screen.  When you 
jump to safe ground, beat up more troops.  SECRET AREA #2:  Smash the wall 
on the back after that.  Small room with pick up objects.  Carefully, drop 
off on the right side and start jumping through the moving platform.  You 
meet Trauma again.  Hit him till he disappears (he won't use Ground Smash 
for that this time).  Go down the step and run across the bridge.  SECRET 
AREA #3:  On the first flight of stairs, hit the side of the wall.  Room 
with objects.  Go up the stairs, beating the Troops along the way.  Be 
careful not to fall, because there are no guard rails of any kind.  When you 
reach the top, you find Trauma again and Atalanta, who is encased in ice.  
Use Shoulder Charge to break the ice she's trapped in.  Trauma still has his 
laser blast and ground smash, only this time when he uses the latter, the 
floor in his area gets shorter, making it less room for the Hulk to move 
around and more chance to fall off.  Either defeat him and free her or 
release her first and she'll assist you in fighting him.  She will fire 
close to where you are standing for a little while, then go away.  Then use 
Shoulder Charge and Vortex Spin on him if he is not already defeated.

    c) Level 3:  Ozone Cannon--Destroy Lazarus and his weapon, before it's 
too late.

Ride the big ice raft like before, jumping, ducking, taking out Troops and 
picking up objects along the way.  When it stops, get off and go on another 
ice raft.  This time, you can control the direction of the ice raft by 
positioning the Hulk to face a certain direction.  If he faces left, the 
raft goes left.  Try to keep the Hulk center and avoid the floating mines.  
Get hit by them more than once and the raft sinks.  SECRET AREA #1:  Direct 
the ice raft to the right.  Pass through one of the two openings and go all 
the way back to the ice ledge.  Jump off and hit the wall in the back.  Two 
Trauma's Troops and objects wait for you.  Get them, go back to the raft and 
go forward.  Jump over two bridges and duck under one when you get to them.  
After that, there are four ice walls ahead that you have to maneuver around. 
  One from the left, with objects, Two from the right and one more from the 
left.  After passing the forth one, go left till you see solid ground.  Move 
the raft to the left, then up to the forth ice wall to secure it.  Jump to 
the forth wall, then jump on top of it.  Go to edge on the right.  Make a 
running jump to the third wall ahead.  Repeat this move two more times to go 
to the second and first wall, where the objects are.  Emergency Team icon is 
included.  Collect them, then jump back the way you came to the raft.  Go to 
solid ground on the left and jump up the falling platforms in the waterfall 
till you reach the top on the left.  After beating up a Trauma's Troop, drop 
off the ledge on the left.  When you land, the countdown begins.  You have 
60 seconds to destroy the Ozone Cannon, or it's "game over" (45 in Medium, 
30 in Hard).  Lazarus is there to slow you down.  His special moves are 
multi-punch and a kind of Ground Smash which leaves a trail of fire to the 
target, so watch out for that.  Sometimes the fire trail can go up in the 
air, grab the Hulk, and pull him towards Lazarus.  Quickly use Shoulder 
Charge and kick him when you're close to him.  Use the Vortex Spin on him 
and the machine at the same time if you can.  The Cannon is shaped like a 
"U" and there are three sections of the cannon, left, middle, right, you 
must destroy.  Hit every part of each section so that it will show dent 
marks.  Keep hitting till smoke rises on top from every square on each 
section.  When that happens, smash that section till it explodes.  You must 
get all 3 sections to explode.  Use Ajax and Atalanta to help you crush the 
machine, defeat Lazarus, and leave this stage.

7.  STAGE 4:  THE U-FOES!  Password:  000026B698
     Difficulty Easy:  C000010759 *10F1337568**100B3B2801*
              Medium:  B008019FD4  80D82E206E *F0D7981F73*
                Hard:  D010012850

    a) Level 1: Destroyed Ecosystem--The U-Foes have invaded the Mount.  
Your mission: stop them.

You're in the same area as in STAGE 1, Level 3, except for two things.  One, 
the place looks like a bomb hit it.  Two, it's occupied now by a couple 
flying saucer-like robots.  They throw grenades and seeking missiles.  Just 
simply use Shoulder Charge to take them all out, to preserve Gamma Energy.  
All of them must be destroyed in order for the double doors on the left to 
open.  SECRET AREA #1:  Go to the lake and stop on top of the little water 
fall.  Carefully drop forward and you should land on the ledge, where you 
find a Gamma Boost behind you in the waterfall, a Life Boost on the right 
and a Double Damage icon on the left.  Be careful of land mines and don't 
jump too far or you'll fall off.  Go left, then back into the little room 
and you'll be transported back on top.
NOTE:  Like the one in STAGE 1, Level 3, the button on the right side serves 
no purpose.  Also, I found out that if you hit both sides of the door 
frames, instead of being dented or smashed, they show two black boxes with 
unknown symbols on each of them.  It serves no purpose and it might be a 

    b) Level 2:  Destroyed Landing Bay--Face Ironclad and X-ray.

Same area you start out in STAGE 1, Level 1.  Right away, Ironclad comes 
after you.  He has a charging uppercut and his version of the Ground Smash.  
Take him down using the Vortex Spin.  Hit the button on the bottom right 
cubby hole, like before to take down the force field.  Go left and up the 
stairs.  SECRET AREA #1:  Break down the double doors in the back using the 
Shoulder Charge more than once.  Be careful of the explosions when the doors 
finally open.  Go in and use the Ground Smash in the center of the yellow 
lined square on the floor.  Warning:  don't hit the button on the back left 
side.  It activates the force field in the hole you just made.  There are no 
pick-up objects in the hole, but you can trap Ironclad in it and hit the 
button.  That'll finish him for sure.  Leave, go left and down through the 
aisle of laser fire.  Go left, through the door and meet X-Ray.  Like 
Atalanta, X-Ray uses quick air attacks on you.  He'll go down, attack, then 
fly out of range and sight, then go back down again to attack.  He shoots 
laser bolts and does a flying vortex spin from time to time.  Your special 
moves have no effect on him.  The only way to hurt him is by throwing metal 
boxes at him.  Just hit him with an throwing object a few times and he'll go 
down.  If you ran out of metal boxes, there is a way to get some from 
Ironclad's area.  Take one from there and throw it through the laser fire 
aisle.  Take another one throw it from the same area.  The second one should 
hit the first one, causing it to go all the way through the aisle.  You can 
throw as many as you like that way.  You can use the Pantheon members to 
help, if you have any Emergency Team icons left.  There is a button located 
on the back left room on the upper ramp, but it serves no purpose.  Go 
through the opening on the left.  Go up the alleyway, dodging laser fire and 
hit the button to open the double doors ahead.  Go through them, towards the 
other metal pillar with another button (it does nothing either).  Jump down 
the big hole behind it.

    c) Level 3:  Agamemnon's Inner Sanctum--Fight Vector.

This is a new area.  Looks like a roman palace.  There are two man-made 
lakes on the left and right side of the room.  There is a stairway leading 
to the upper floor.  There are 4 flying robots, two on both ends of the 
second floor, two hovering over the two lakes.  When the game starts, Vector 
will be standing over the right side of the upper floor.  SECRET AREA #1:  
Go right and walk alongside the stairs to the back.  When you get there, 
smash the wall on the left, under the stairs.  Little room with objects, 
Super Gamma included.  SECRET AREA #2:  Go pass the stairs to the left side 
of the room.  Walk up through the lake on the left side to the back wall, 
under the second floor.  Smash the wall on the right side.  Little room with 
objects, Super Gamma included.  There is also a Super Gamma on the left side 
of the upper floor, located on the lower left side corner.  Vector is not 
that hard to beat, but he has three powerful moves to watch out for.  One, 
he shoots out a long red beam in one direction.  You can go around him and 
attack him in a different direction when he does that.  Two, he has the 
ability to throw blocks at you telekinetically.  When he does that move, 
there is a force field around him, so you can't hurt him.  Three, and this 
is the cheapest move, he becomes a human torpedo and flies toward you a la 
Superman or Raiden.  If he hits you, he'll push you back, giving you damage. 
  He'll quickly stop and fly at you again.  If he traps you in a corner or 
wall, he'll repeat his moves SUPER QUICK, that you'll die in a matter of 
seconds.  Try to get get out of his path when he does this move or use 
Vortex Spin to stop it. Use Shoulder Charge when his back is facing you and 
Vortex Spin at him up close to defeat him for sure.  Ulysses is a big help 
in this, if you can summon him.  After that, meet Agamemnon and touch him.
NOTE:  There is a double door in the back of the room, but it's just for 
show.  Also, there is a forth member of the U-Foes, Vapor.  For some reason, 
she does not appear in this stage at all.  Maybe they didn't figure out what 
to do with her on this game and omitted her.

8.  STAGE 5:  FUTURE IMPERFECT  Password: 40074DFF12
     Difficulty Easy:*C0B6429230*
              Medium: F01005616D  00D02702BA *70D82D11C0**9017646F33*
                Hard: 101005F9E8 *90D004E97D*

    a) Level 1:  The Maestro--One simple rule, take him out or die trying!

The Hulk has been transported into some kind of museum in a alternate 
future.  There are statues of the Pantheon members and Hulk's enemies shown. 
  First, there are no Pantheon members to contact, so the Emergency Team 
icons are useless.  Second, there are no secret areas here, so no extra 
objects to take.  The Hulk is on his own.  Go to the doors on the lower 
right side and they will automatically open.  There the Maestro will "greet" 
you ("Dr. Banner, I presume.").  He's the Hulk of the future, so he has the 
same special moves as him.  He only use the Vortex Spin and Shoulder Charge. 
  Also, he carries a big Gamma gun that causes heavy damage when fired.  Not 
only that, if you hit him a couple of times, the statues of Piecemeal, 
Ironclad, Trauma, and Lazarus come to life.  They have the same moves as 
their counterparts.  The best thing to do is hit Maestro till one or two 
statues appear, then quickly attack them.  Don't attack Maestro until the 
statues are destroyed, otherwise the rest will come and gang up on you (In 
the Hard Difficulty it won't matter, because all of them come alive after 
hitting him a few times).  Hit the statues till they freeze, then kick them. 
  They will explode, revealing a piece of the Time Machine or pick-up 
object, if you already got a piece.  Hitting Maestro and the statues with 
Shoulder Charges and Vortex Spins work best.  Use Sonic Clap and Ground 
Smash only from a distance and if the enemies are within range.  The Time 
Machine itself is in the next room on the right.  There is a blue square on 
the floor.  When the Hulk goes on it, he's teleported to a different 
location.  Without any of the Time Machine pieces,  it just sends him to the 
center of the museum.  Good thing to use, if you want to get away from the 
bad guys and take a breather.  On the back wall of the Time Machine room, 
there is a control panel showing the flashing picture of a Time Machine 
piece.  Go up to it and pause the game.  High light the Time Machine piece 
the control panel is showing and un-pause.  You can tell if you pick the 
right piece when the picture stops flashing.  Underneath the picture are 
three buttons.  Hit the buttons in the right combination so that the piece 
image on the screen becomes orange.  The next time you step on the blue 
square floor, you'll will be transported in one of the three rooms located 
high above the area.  There, you'll find pick-up objects and another Time 
Machine control panel.  Do the same on it as before, then go forward, drop 
down to the main area  and go to the blue square floor again.  Repeat this 
till you use all 4 pieces of the machine.  Maestro has the last piece, so 
hit him till he freezes, then get it.  When all 4 pieces are used, a button 
will be revealed on the right back wall next to the control panel in the 
Time Machine room.  The machine is ready.  Push Maestro to the blue square 
floor.  If he moves again, hit him till he freezes once more.  Once he's on 
the top of the blue floor, hit the button.  He'll disappear and so will the 

                          ----Hulk's ending----

[Maestro appears in the desert, standing next to a giant, missile-shaped 
device.  He looks up and sees the countdown to zero and hears the alarm.]

Announcer:  "Hulk sends Maestro back in time to ground zero."
Maestro:  "Banner!"

[Maestro falls to his knees, then collapse to the floor.]

Announcer:  "The Hulk's now Maestro's ARMAGEDDON!"

[The device explodes, sending a yellow/green shockwave.  If you look at the 
bottom left corner, you'll see a person getting hit by the aftershock and 
flying into a ditch.  Guess who that is?]

                                  THE END

              Credits (to the tune of "Ain't no sin" by Des Tong).

                                PRODUCED BY
                                DAN LLEWLLYN
                                BRIAN SCHORR

                               CR SUPERVISOR
                                Trevor Bent

                              PROJECT MANAGERS
                                Chris Gibbs
                                 Fred Gill

                                LEAD CODERS
                                Lyndon Sharp
                               Andrew Wright

                                Fred Gill
                                Jon Howard

                             ADDITIONAL CODERS
                                 Pete Long
                               Andrew Wright

                                 Des Tong

                               Sound Effects
                                 Will Davis

                                 Mike Hehir

                               CREDITS VOCAL
                                Chris Warne

                                 Ian Wilson
                                Brian Schorr

                              Hulk Animations
                                 DAVID WEST

                                 DAVID WEST
                                 JOHN DUNN
                            VINCENT SHAW MORTON

                             Maps and Textures
                                 JOHN DUNN
                               RICHARD PRIEST
                            VINCENT SHAW MORTON

                              Movie Sequences
                                 DAVID WEST
                                 JOHN DUNN
                               RICHARD PRIEST
                            VINCENT SHAW MORTON

                              Graphic Engine
                              Andrew Wright

                                 Lead Test
                                Chris Dolman

                                 Jon Brown
                                Andy Elwell
                                Gary Reaney
                                 Jon Story
                              Kristian Davies

                                TESTING U.S.
                                 Frank Hom
                                 Phil Baker
                                Mike Schmitt
                                  Tom Marx
                                Matt Miller

                             MARKETING MAESTROS
                               Steve Starvis
                              Lydia Stojanovic
                              Nicola Whitehead
                                 Andy Watt

                               MANUAL LAYOUT
                               Brian Schorr
                               Lee Wilkinson
                                 Jon Story

                              Justin McCormack
                               Dana Moreshead
                               Lisa Leatherman

                                 THANKS TO
                               Steve Bennett
                               Julian Thomas
                                 Tony Heap
                                 Jon Baker
                                Martin Smith

         all the animations shown here in the titles were out-takes.

                                  THE END

   Special thanks to:
-Sega, Eidos Interactive and Marvel Entertainment Group for making this 
-Stephen Davidson's short FAQ for research.
-The following people and websites who have posted my FAQ and its updates:
   Al Amaloo at Game
   Jeff "CJayC" Veasey at
   Dave A. at Cheat Code Central
   Christian Wirth at
   Allen at Cheat Planet
These are the people who I gave this guide to.  If you see this on any 
website that IS NOT listed here, please tell me.
-You, the reader, for looking at this and sending me passwords.

I hope this guide help you in some way.  If you have any questions, 
comments, or discussions about this FAQ, please don't hesitate to write to 
me at the address shown.  Watch out for my reviews of other games on Sega 
Saturn, Atari 2600, and video arcades on this and other websites.  In 
closing, I leave you with this:

a) Final review.
I must admit, I enjoyed playing this game.  It was fun discovering the 
secret areas (not all, I had help), learning the jump move a bit better, 
defeating Maestro and his cronies, finishing the game and seeing the 
credits.  Several years ago, I wrote a review for the Sega Saturn version of 
this game on GAMEFAQS and gave it a 4.  It made me wonder why I gave it such 
a low score, since I now really like playing this game.

That is, till I played it in Medium and Hard Difficulties.

Then, it all came rushing back to me.  The distorted perspective graphics, 
faulty controls, bad collision detection, no memory save, and, worse of all, 
misuse of a major famous character.  In the comics, he can leap over a 
mountain in a single bound, yet have problems jumping from platform to 
platform.  He had to hit buttons to open doors, instead of simply smashing 
through them (he did charge through one door in this game, but he needs to 
do more of that).  After reading this guide and/or playing this game, you 
figure out how lame the programmers made the Hulk.  They would have said 
that this is the LIVE ACTION TV version of him, but I don't think that's a 
good idea.

Even if they improve on the graphics and controls, trying to finish the game 
in Hard difficulty is next to impossible.  Not only the enemies are tough to 
take down, but also there are less pick-up objects in this level as well.  
If I didn't use my Gameshark code card, the Hulk would be destroyed in a 
matter of seconds, being ganged up by flying machines and bombarded by 
grenades and missiles a lot.  Added by lame controls makes this game worse, 
frustrating and irritating.

I wish I can say that this guide is complete.  I found all the secret areas, 
except the ones in STAGE 3, Level 1 and STAGE 5, which for obvious reasons, 
didn't have any to begin with.  There are still unanswered questions in this 
game, mostly from STAGE 4.  Like, what are those symbols in Level 1 mean?  
What do the two buttons in Level 2 do?  What's behind the door in Level 3?  
And, where's Vapor?  I thought that they all might be a connection.  Reveal 
the symbols, hit the buttons and the door will open into a bonus area, where 
you face Vapor, but it didn't happen.  I also noticed that the Emergency 
Team icons the Hulk has are smaller in STAGES 4 and 5 than in the previous 
stages.  What's up with that?  Either the programmers didn't complete STAGE 
4 with the objects in question or thought that the game was hard enough and 
just left it as it is, which is just as well.

In the meantime, I'm raising my grade for this game to 4.5, because I 
enjoyed it a bit more.

b) For people who like The Incredible Hulk The Pantheon Saga:  There is an 
audio music version on the console CD that you can play.  Just don't play 
Track 1 because it's the game load.  Here's the track list.

  TRACK  |  DESCRIPTION                                        |  TIME
    02   | The Landing Bay                                     |  4:02
    03   | Pantheon Battle Ground                              |  3:18
    04   | Ecosystem                                           |  3:47
    05   | Main Entrance to the Scottish Castle                |  3:58
    06   | Underground Dungeon                                 |  3:44
    07   | Piecemeal Main Hall                                 |  3:30
    08   | Ice Flow                                            |  3:33
    09   | Freon Cave                                          |  4:08
    10   | Ozone Cannon                                        |  2:53
    11   | Destroyed Landing Bay                               |  3:54
    12   | Destroyed Ecosystem                                 |  3:56
    13   | Agamemnon's Inner Sanctum                           |  2:57
    14   | Future Imperfect: The Maestro                       |  3:45

c) Hulk in the media.
The Pantheon Saga was not the first video game starring the Incredible Hulk. 
  His first appearance was in around 1984, in a game called QUESTPROBE 
ADVENTURES.  It was designed by Scott Adams in Adventure International and 
it was made for certain computers such as Apple, Atari and Commodore.  It 
starred an alien named the Chief Examiner.  He kidnapped the Hulk in order 
to put him through some physical and metal tests, so he could get 
information on his powers and abilities.  This is your basic early PC game, 
called interactive fiction, in which you have to type in commands and action 
words in certain ways in order to advance.  There was suppose to be 12 games 
starring other Marvel Superheroes after this, but they made only three 
before Adventure went bankrupt.  You can check out this and other Scott 
Adams games at these addresses:


If you want to play these games to see what they are like, check out these 
      under "text adventure".

Then in 1994, US Gold made a game called THE INCREDIBLE HULK for Super 
Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Game Gear systems.  In this one, The Leader plans 
to take over the world, and sends out Rhino, Absorbing Man and Abomination 
to slow the Hulk down.  Hulk can change into Bruce Banner by using pick up 
objects in order to get into secret areas the Hulk can't fit through.  This 
is your typical beat 'em up platform game which suffers mostly from bad 
controls and terrible use of the characters.  You might find this game in 
the used section in certain stores.

Then, around 1997, Hulk appeared in a Capcom game called MARVEL SUPER 
HEROES: WAR OF THE GEMS.  This was made for the Super Nintendo System and 
included other heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and 
Wolverine.  They must stop Thanos from collecting the Infinity Gems and 
ruling the world.  He sends out Dr. Doom, Magus and a bunch of evil clones 
that look like other Marvel heroes to make their task difficult.  Like the 
1994 game, this was a platform game.  Later, Capcom put the heroes and 
villains in another game simply called, MARVEL SUPER HEROES.  The concept's 
the same except this is more like Street Fighter 2 fighting game, having the 
Hulk face not only Dr. Doom and Thanos, but also Spider-Man, Wolverine and 
other heroes. It spawned off other fighting games the Hulk appeared in, such 
because it was so popular.  You can still play them at arcades or buy them 
in stores.

Before the Hulk appeared in video games, he starred in 4 TV shows, starting 
way back in 1966.  It was produced by Grantray-Lawrence and it had the Hulk, 
along with Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Sub-Mariner together as a 
weekday syndicated series called MARVEL SUPER-HEROES.  Each show had 13 
episodes with three 6-minutes chapters in each of them.  The Hulk stories 
were taken directly from early Hulk and Tales to Astonish comics.  They used 
a process called Xerography, in which artwork were transferred from comics 
onto animation cels.  But it was poorly done due to the cheap look and 
limited animation.  Despite it lasted only a year, it had success and a cult 
following, mostly because of the exact comic adaptation.  It showed no 
credits, so I don't know who provided voices for Hulk, Banner, etc.  Now 
it's on syndication and a video tape featuring two episodes is out.

Then in 1977, Universal pictures decided to make a live-action Hulk show.  
It starred Bill Bixby as David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk.  Because 
of a very limited budget, they didn't have super-villains or special effects 
that would match those in the comic books.  So they rewrote the whole Hulk 
saga.  This time, David is a scientist, researching as to why people became 
super strong in certain circumstances, i.e. a mother lifting a car to save 
her son.  Before this, he tried to save his wife trapped inside a burning 
car, but didn't have the strength to save her.  He discovered that high 
Gamma radiated sunspots gave the abnormal structure.  With that, he went 
into the Radiology lab and bombarded himself with Gamma radiation.  But the 
dials weren't labeled correctly, so he got more than he bargained for.  He 
didn't realized this until he hurt himself changing a tire.  Then the 
transformation began and the creature was born.  After that, he and his 
assistant worked for a cure, but because of an indirect action from a nosey 
reporter, played by Jack Colvin, the lab exploded, killing the assistant and 
causing David to fake his own death.  The TV Hulk was not as strong as the 
comic counterpart and didn't talk, but he had rapid healing powers to make 
up for it.  The series was similar to the show, THE FUGITIVE.  David goes 
from town to town, searching for a cure, helping people, and avoiding the 
police and Jack McGee, the reporter.  The stories were personal, 
down-to-Earth dramas and the series was successful because of it.  It ended 
in 1985.  The show returned, starting in 1993, this time as three TV-movies. 
  The first two introduced two other Marvel superheroes, Thor and Daredevil. 
  The third one finally ended the series once and for all, as the Hulk truly 
died in an exploding plane, and Banner saying, "I am free."  You can find 
the episodes and TV-movies on tape and in reruns.

In 1982, Marvel Production decided to make another Hulk cartoon series, 
after his successful appearance in SPIDER-MAN AND HIS AMAZING FRIENDS.  At 
first, it was called SPIDER-MAN/HULK HOUR, before it became just THE 
INCREDIBLE HULK. The animation was a big improvement over the 1966 show, but 
because of strong censorship, the stories were weak, silly and even 
childish.  One example is when the Hulk change back to Banner, his clothes 
"magically" appear on him, good as new, with no explanation as to how it 
happens.  Lame villains, such as Waldo and the Spymaster didn't help either. 
  The show only lasted for a year with 13 episodes.  Some of them are on 

Next, the Hulk appeared in two episodes of MARVEL ACTION HOUR (1995).  One 
was in Iron Man, the other in Fantastic Four.  Marvel and New World 
Animation decided to make a third show.  It was shown on UPN network and 
this time, it had well-known actors such as Matt Frewer, Mark Hamill, Luke 
Perry, John Vermon and Lou Ferrigno to provide voices for the characters.  
Not only was the animation great, but so were the stories.  The themes 
contained parts from the comic and from the live-action show.  Some Marvel 
heroes, such as Thor, Iron Man, Thing and Ghost Rider made appearances to 
make this show better.  The first season was a hit, but for some reason the 
second season's tone was changed.  The She-Hulk became a main character and 
the show was renamed, HULK AND SHE-HULK.  The show had a lighter tone, 
almost campy.  Like She-Hulk visiting her high school reunion, Leader 
attacking a fashion show and Gargoyle falling in love with She-Hulk.  Banner 
could also change into both green Hulk and grey Hulk, but the story as to 
how and why never really surfaced, like Banner being abused as a child.  Too 
bad, it would made great drama.  The show ended in 1998, with only 21 
episodes.  One of them, "The return of the Beast" is on video tape.

There is talk about a movie version of the Hulk, but whether it will be 
released during this writer's lifetime remains to be seen.  I don't know 
anything about it nor I'll report anything at this time because it might be 
rumors.  Check out any or all Hulk's websites if you want to learn more 
about it.

"I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him."--Booker T. 

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