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Update Journal 3. Helpful Advice 4. Counter Strategies a) Elves b) Dwarves c) Men d) Goblins e) Mordor f) Isengard 5. Strategies a) Elves b) Dwarves c) Men d) Goblins e) Mordor f) Isengard 6. Author Contact Info 7. Credits 1. Introduction One of the reasons Battle for Middle Earth II is so fun is its online feature. Sometimes, though, you can get baffled by a better player, so a bit of help doesnt hurt. The key to online battle is countering, so that will be touched upon first, then regualar strategies. Your strategies are just as important as mine, so feel free to critique this FAQ or to submit a strategy to me. My contact info is right after the guide, so dont hesitate to e-mail me. 2. Update Journal V 1: This strategy guide launches! V 1.1: A few strategies are added; preparing for the 1.03 patch and some major updates; changed the title art slightly. V 1.3: Strategies have been added and old ones have been tailored to conform the recent patch. 3. Helpful Advice I was on the forums when I heard someone ask how to build the perfect army. To quote myself, I said, "Bear with me. This is a metaphor with world war one. Each side was building their militaryand thought they had the perfect army and that they were unbeatable. Then war came. You know the rest. What I'm trying to say is, if you think about a perfect army you might just get a quite imperfect army. Like, this elf guy gets alot of units, but particularly archers, and thinks "I am unbeatable." His opponent spys on him and just happens to be men of the west, so he builds rohirrim and theoden, with some gondor tower guard and ithilien rangers thrown in. The rohirrim beat up the archers like a school bully and proceed to destroy the base. Try to get the exact opposite mentality- I CAN'T build the perfect army. If I try to, Ill get burned so bad I'll need lotion. Instead, I'll see what army hes building and kill HIM. Back to the metaphor. This reinforces the point. What if the Allies knew there would be trenches on the western front in world war one? They might just attack the southern front. Just like if you know a dwarf player is going guardians. Build archers galore." 3. Counter Strategies a) First, what makes elves powerful? Their archers. Period. They have weak melee units and archers are their main focus. Elven archers are powerful, made infinitely stronger by Silverthorn Arrows. This is the toughest aspect of the Elves to overcome. Here are a few strategies that take this into account: Cavalry is very fast and can get to an archer battalion before theyre defeated, even if the enemy has silverthorn. Try having fodder in the front to divert the enemys attention. Usually, an experienced player will guard their archers with pikemen, so the best fodder is warriors. The resulting confusion will allow your cavalry to flank and defeat the archers. If you want to, you can also use catapults, trolls, and the like. Silverthorn Arrows were meant to be a mid to late game upgrade. When the Elves head straight for it they stifle their economy and have the ability to build few units. So a good strategy is not to let them get the upgrade. A rush can do wonders, and if youre lucky itll destroy their entire base. One of the best suited races for a rush against elves is dwarves. They have the best warriors and have the best chance of winning against the Elves. Heroes are more resistant to arrows than would be thought. Throw one or two of these into your army and you have a little more force. But remember that even a hero can't stand up to an army alone. My best advice for anything is to have a healthy, strong mix of warriors, archers, pikemen, cavalry, dont forget siege, maybe add a hero, and your army is that much harder to beat. b) Dwarves have many strong points that make them a faction to reckon with. But to reckon against- thats another story. They have the strongest warriors, good siege weapons, and unique units. But one of their key weaknesses is their inability to travel quickly on terrain. You need to exploit this weakness to take the battlefield. Guardians are the strongest warriors in the game. A single battalion of guardians will defeat a single battalion of goblin warriors, elven warriors, gondor soldiers, etc. Well, this can be overcome. Use cavalry such as rohirrim or spider riders to take out guardians. Be sure to flank them (hit them from the side or back) or they can still beat the cavalry. This is where it gets complicated. Theyll probably start making phalanx. These pikemen will take out your cavalry unless youre careful. You should run away from any phalanx you encounter. If they give chase, then run into your archers, which will take out the enemy phalanx. Catapults and battering rams are easy to counter when attacking on their own, but mixed into an army they become a huge pain. To counter catapults, take some of your cavalry (one or two battalions) and go around the enemy army to the catapults and take them out. If phalanx are protecting them, bring archers and soldiers in. Battering rams will die when the rest of the army is taken care of. The battlewagon is one of the most versatile units in the dwarven army. It can have a flag, a hearth, men of dale, or axe throwers. But it is cavalry, and it?s fast, so be on your toes for these. The most effective counter is to send pikemen after them, but avoid sending a single battalion after a retreating battlewagon, or it will most likely counter an army. Do not put your pikemen in porcupine formation, though. If you do this, the battlewagon can stay there and have men of dale or axe throwers pick off your battalion. Dwarves can make walls that can be upgraded. To punch through these, youll need catapults/ents/trolls with some protection. Before the dwarves can get there, the wall will have a massive hole. Dwarves are not the fastest race. Use this to your advantage on the attack and the defensive. For example, you can send archers to harass an army and run away when the army gets close. Repeat and repeat and repeat. When you attack their base, target mines so they cant reinforce their base quickly. On the defensive you can send units around the army to attack it from the back and slow them even further so you can bring forces to defend that section of your base. You can also attack their base when theyre attacking yours. It will take a lot of time for their army to reach your forces, in which time you?re chasing THEIR army. c) Men can be very hard to beat if theyre played right, but its easy to countermen if you know what youre doing. They have several things that you should worry about: rohirrim, trebuchets, and tower guard. But if you blend your forces you can overcome this. Rohirrim are perhaps the best cavalry. They can switch from spear to bow to counter pikemen, and they can take down flying units with their bows. Ordinary counters dont work. Combined with trebuchets that bombard any archers attacking the trebuchets and tower guard to defend the catapults, it takes a lot to take the Men of the West down. To do this, you need a healthy mix of pikemen, archers, and warriors. Divide your pikemen into two groups. One protects archers and one protects warriors. Have your warriors attack the trebuchets/tower guard. With them preoccupied and eventually destroyed, your archers and pikemen will have no problem driving the rohirrim back and eventually taking the fight to their base. Another thing to watch out for is the ivory tower in the late game. Later in the game, the opponent will have created ivory tower. This means that he can attack wherever he chooses with this increased vision. One good way to keep watch is to set patrols with cheap units. This way you?ll be forewarned and can move forces to protect your base. Men can also create walls that can be upgraded. This means he can set boundaries on his base and create arrow towers and defensive trebuchets on the walls. Walls are frail, and do not take a lot to take down though. Usually three catapults/ents/trolls with some protection will do. When an army is in front of the wall, bring an army of your own with the siege equipment. You could even use your siege weapons on a crowd to take out a lot of men. d) Goblins can be a pain. They have several attributes that make them dangerous and possibly one of the best races. Their spider riders, warriors, and half-trolls are strong, and Drogoth can even squeeze off a fire shot before he is killed by archers. Spider riders, like rohirrim, can switch between spear and bow and so pikemen alone will not kill them. You need pikemen and archers both going after the spider riders. Keep a few pikemen to guard the archers while the rest go after the riders. Their spider riders will be forced to retreat. Combined with an army, you can go all the way to the goblin base. Goblin warriors are not strong in the guardian sense. They are strong in the sense that they can use poisoned blades to give them an edge. To keep your troops alive, have a medic (battlewagon with a hearth) or a well/hearth/mirror and heroic statue to retreat to. Once a battalion gets a banner carrier they have more chance for survival because they can replace dead troops. Half-trolls are pikemen, but dont let that fool you. One might think to use warriors to counter them. That will not work for every race. Half- trolls are very strong and are slightly les skilled at taking down warriors than guardians are. To be sure, back up warriors with archers when you face these nasty things. Drogoth dies quickly to arrows, but to be on the safe side, make sure you have a lot of bows when you are facing a player using him. Drogoth can make a sizable hole in an army if you arent careful. If you see him, try to spread your troops out to minimize loss by fire breath. e) Mordor has a few strong units and a few weak ones. Their strong units include trolls, mumakil, and their flying heroes. Their weak units are their infantry units. To counter their trolls and mumakil youll want archers and pikemen. Mumakil and trolls will die quickly because pikemen and archers are strong against both mumakil and trolls. Their infantry may be weak but Mordor has a lot of it. Try to get units out as soon as possible. Preferably archers and warriors, then get pikemen to counter trolls. Their flying heroes are a menace to an all melee army, so make sure to have a diverse army. They die pretty quickly to archers, so youll be fine with archers, soldiers, and pikemen. Get some cavalry to hook around a Mordor army and kill any catapults. Once these catapults are taken care of you can use them to help destroy the enemy army. Be sure not to run them in to easterlings. f) Isengard is one of the best factions in my belief. They have wargs, good infantry, and siege weapons that are better than average. Their weakness is, well, ok theyre well rounded but they can be defeated. Your main priority when the game starts is to build warriors and archers. After you have a somewhat large force build pikemen to defend from wargs. It is all the better to have cavalry to help take out infantry, but dont waste all that time and oney by runnin your cavalry into pikemen. Your next worry is siege equipment. You want to build catapults/ents/trolls to take down siege equipment. Watch out for mines. If you find a mine, keep ALL SOURCES OF FIRE AWAY. Do not attack it with any fire arrows, fire catapults, even wild men of dunland with torches shouldnt be near. Take a catapult that doesnt have fire or an ent or troll and clear the mine. Ballistas are taken out by catapults/ents/trolls. Battering rams should be attacked with siege equipment or regular units, because theyre slow and usually wont make it to your base before being destroyed. 4. Strategies a) Elves Elves have several strategies that can make them formidable. One is having archers and sentries, and another involves heroes. But for now lets focus on the archers and sentries. Elven archers are the best and protected by sentries, they cannot be taken down by cavalry. This means they can take down warriors, cavalry, other archers, and pikemen. But they can be taken down by siege weapons, which out- range archers. To make this an even more potent combo, you can add ents. Once the opposition has siege weapons, you should have ents. These can be stationed with your archers and take down any siege equipment challenging your archers. The other good thing is that now this formation can move forward to the enemy base and destroy building because of the ents. Elven heroes are some of the best because of their durability. With their healing powers they can stay on the battle field even longer. While you defend with lancers and archers, use spare resources to construct heroes. My personal favorite is thranduil for his stealth ability. He can shoot down a few soldiers, run to a safe distance, then do it again. If you're lucky, itll go unnoticed too. But thats only if youre really lucky. When you have a force of heroes and some archers and cavalry go to your enemys base with your heros and cavalry at the front. Where there are pikemen use heroes and anything else use cavalry. b) Dwarves Dwarves have a host of strategies that help them achieve victory. Of these are the guardian rush, the battlewagon the mighty catapult, the regular catapult, and wall building. The guardian rush is a feared tactic. Use this wisely and youre almost ensured victory. To execute this, build a mine and hall of warriors at the beginning of the match. Then build another mine and some guardians. Do this as quickly as possible. Now, send your guardians at the opponent while building mines to help your economy. Keep a constant flow of guardians out of your hall. If things are going well you can build a mine near the enemy base to quicken the arrival of reinforcements. Start mixing your guardians with ranged units. Gloin would be a nice addition to your forces if you had the money. In your enemys base the main priorities are the barracks and the fortress. With these two down there will be much less resistance. Then just wipe up the remaining buildings and you defeated your opponent. The battlewagon is speedy, versatile, and powerful. It can take out warriors, archers, and if used properly, pikemen. As the only dwarven unit faster than a snail, these can really help out. Mixed with the rest of the dwarven units, this can provide even an unfair edge. Upgrade it with men of dale and you can take out pikemen from a distance. What makes this eveb more so is they can shoot while the wagon is moving. Axe throwers are more potent but have less range. If you have around five of these with axe throwers than harrasment gets kicked up a notch with the ability to take out a building by circling it constantly so you dont get caught. With a hearth they can act as a mobile medic, and the banner provides leadership that can make or break a battle. Their ability to launch oil casks mean that you can puncture holes in the enemy army. The mighty catapult is a catapult to be used as a strategy to help your forces. It is not a game winner. The principle is to use extra cash to build the mighty catapult on yoour fortress, from which point you use it on targets such as structures. If you have really good aim you may be able to hit a moving target. You can use it to break blockades and the like. But dont plan on using it to win the game. Use it in combination with another tactic. Dwarven catapults are nothing short of powerful. They do twice the damage of an average catapult. Upgraded they do even more. Use these bad boys to take out not only structures, but any stationary target, such as archers. But do not fire near the front line or you will most likely take out some of your own troops. Good catapult usage can turn around a battle, even if it doesnt seem so. Walls are a good strategy for dwarves because they can build add-ons to walls. To do this effectively, you should build mostly alternating axe towers and catapults. Its your choice whether to build a postern gate or a defensive gate. The defensive gate takes up more room , but has more health. Postern gates take less space, but have less health. I usually pick defensive gate, but its still your choice whether or not you want to tack on that extra defensive tower or catapult. Know that walls are expensive and should be a late helper, not an early game breaker. c) Men Men have a few things that make them a well rounded champion. First, their rohirrim are the best cavalry in the game. Their hero Theoden only reinforces this with his level 4 ability-glorious charge. The ivory tower is a great late game scouting tool, and ithilien rangers can help whittle down any army. Rohirrim are versatile because they can switch from spear to bow. This means that they can overcome pikemen. When encountering pikemen and archers, its best to run away. If you run in the direction of the enemy base, you escape defeat and you can take down some of their buildings. Also, you can divide and conquer. What happens is you take your rohirrim army and split it into two groups. Take these two groups and move them to seperate sides of the pikemen and archer formation. Now attack the archers with some rohirrim switched on bow. If the enemy doesnt have many archers, then they could be all focused on one of the groups of rohirrim. This allows for the other group to take the archers from behind. Then retreat to a safe distance and take down the pikemen with arrows. If possible, put Theoden into your rohirrim group. When he reaches level four he gets glorious charge. When you activate it Theoden and cavalry around him only take 10% of their normal damge. They arent invincible but it sure increases their odds against pikemen. Beware attack trolls even so. Ivory tower, like the mighty catapult, is a late game helper. Build it on your fortress and you get greatly increased sight and an ability which reveals the whole map for 30 seconds. This means you get more forewarning about attacks, so you can reinforce the area it looks like they will attack. Also, you can use the ability to spy on your enemy and pick where you want to attack: the least reinforced area on the map. Ithilien rangers have the ability longshot. Use this effectively to size down an army that doesnt really like you. Use it when the opposing army is crowded to get maximum effect and remember that one longshot doesnt always kill a battalion. Do more than one on an area to make sure those cockroaches are exterminated. d) Goblins Goblins, like men, have awesome cavalry that can switch from spear to bow. Their warriors and half-troll marauders are quite strong when used right though. Mix it in with Drogoth and you have an army to behold. For goblin spider riders, use tactics like men but I would like to point out that fire arrows can make arrows that much more damaging. Remember to keep an updated army so you wont find yourself inlficting too little damage too late. Goblin warriors and half-troll marauders can be a potent combination because the marauders are strong enough to beat some warriors and the goblin warriors have something called poisoned blades. This helps give an edge in combat when you use it to drain enemy health. And with the strong marauders you can take down many a foe. Drogoth can help these two strategies by helping take down an army. His abilities should be used on crowds for maximum effect. Beware: Archers hurt him bad. e) Mordor Mordor has one claim to fame: its rush. Use cheap orcs to quickly assail the enemy and overwhelm them. Like the guardian rush, build an orc pit and a slaughterhouse first then orcs all the way and more slaughterhouses. Eventually the enemy will be overwhelmed if you play it right. Target the barracks and the fortress. After theyre down take down any other buildings and you win. To add to your rush you can quickly build a troll cage and use it as a siege weapon. Even so, a troll is no good at attacking a base down if there are no troops to help protect it. A healthy mix of archers and warriors is best. But be warned. A troll cage could divert money for a lot of orcs. Your enemy could catch you with your pants off, so to speak, unless youre careful to keep a reserve of orcs while youre building your troll cage. Other than the claim to fame, though, mordor can play dirty. See, you can build a lot of orcs, no joke. So when youre on your way to the enemy base, why stop all of your orcs for fewer but more superior units? Just halt some to engage the enemy and have the rest just keep right on their way. f) Isengard Isengard has several strongpoints. Wargs are good cavalry, even better when sharku is around. Also, the explosive mine and ballista are excellent siege weapons. Wargs are different from rohirrim in that they can't swith to a bow and that they can use howl to get more damage done. Sharku should be with your wargs to make them stronger. When Sharku gets to level 10, he can kill a unit and get stronger for a while. Also, whenever you charge at an army, flank. Don't charge head on or you might lose. So attack to the side or back. The explosive mine is powerful when used right. A mine can take down a fortress by itself. To ignite it, use either a berserker with a lit torch or fire arrows. Even Saruman's fireball ability will do. When you transport it to the site, though, protect it. They are hard to spot among uruk-hai and crossbowmen. Then, just deploy it and set it off and bam, there is an insta- demolish. Ballistas are good because of their range. Protect them and the enemy base wont be able to counter. The ballista has the longest range so siege weapons wont do the enemy any good. 5. Author Contact Info You can e-mail me at s3steve2020@yahoo.com with strategies, corrections, or anything else, but please dont send hate mail. Youre just wasting your time trying to get me to take down this guide. 6. 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