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                                      SUPER ROBOT SPIRITS

Console : Nintendo 64 
Genre : Fighting/Action 
Difficulty : Variable 
Move List Version 0.54 
Created 7/29/98  Updated 8/07/98 
Author : Loserb 
HTML version available at :

This is a preliminary Move List for Super Robot Spirits straight out of the Instruction Manual. All 
move names and character voices translated but there is more to come as I found out that there is 
more moves in the game that was printed in the manual. Also, there must be a secret character in the 
game and the Devil Gundam (and Judecca?) are playable so I will update this move list as soon as 
information is acquired. If you want to criticize me or add to this, please contact me at or 

In this fighter, the battles are split into air-to-ground or ground-to-air. You can fly or land 
using the top L and R buttons. You can fake them out by pressing up immediately after pressing L or 
R in the air or down when you're on the ground. Take note that when you fall from the sky or after 
being thrown you also take damage from hitting the ground. Also You can only block normal moves like 
punches and kicks, but not SPECIALS! When you see one coming, sidestep it or fly/land. DODGE IT 
COMPLETELY! And another thing, when performing SUPERS and certain SPECIALS, not only are you 
temporarily INVINCIBLE, you will also inflict DAMAGE if you are close to them. You are extremely 
open to throws though. 

Start Screen 
After watching the opening storyline and animation you will be presented with the Start Screen. 
Press start and you will be presented with these options : 

Story Mode : Fight opponents in an order depending on who you are and learn why you are fighting. 
VS Mode : Slug it out with another player and find out who throws a mean laser sword. 
64 Mode : Beat the computer in no particular order. 
Guts Mode : In other words, Survival mode. 
Time Attack Mode : Finish all nine stages as fast as you can, you only have one round per stage. 
Training Mode : Enhance your skills here. Press start and you are given these options: 
Normal mode : Play as Player 1. Press the Z button to make 2P crouch, jump, fly or land. 
Key Sosakiroku : At the bottom of the screen, you will see the words "Training Robot Use 2P" and in 
the black box is the word start (in Katakana.) At this point, you will be able to use 2P. When you 
press the Z button, the computer will record your actions for five seconds. The computer will keep 
repeating those actions until you choose normal mode again.
Character Sentaku : Change your Mecha. 
Training ni Modoru : Return to training. (if you already recorded the movements and accidentally 
pressed start, go here to continue) 
Title ni Modoru : Return to title screen. 
Options : See below. 

Options : You are presented with these options, 
Game Options 
Sound Options 
Ranking Options 
Memory Clear 
Key Config 
Return Everything to Default 
Return to Title Screen 

Game Option 
CPU no Stuyosa : Computer Difficulty, how good are you exactly? 
Down Count : Select how many rounds to fight. 
Time Limit : How long do you want to fight? 
Damage Meter : How much damage is inflicted. Default is medium, left is high, right is low. 
Spirit Charge : How much spirit is used in a special move. Default is medium, left is small, right 
is high. 
Explanation: when set to small, you use more spirit than normal, less when set to high. Don't ask 
Judge Voice : 1 is Yosuke Akimoto (Master Gundam), 2 is Megumi Hayashibara (Rei Ayanami, Atsuko 
"Nuku-nuku" Natsume) 
Return to Default 
Return to Options Screen 

Sound Option : 
Sound Mode : Stereo is default. 
Music Test : Listen to all the background music. 
Sound Effects Test : Check out all the sound effects. 
Volume Control : How loud do you want it? 
Sound Effects 
Return to Default 
Return to Options Screen 

Ranking Option : Its all in english anyway so i'll skip this. The last option in the bottom is... 
Return to Options Screen 

Memory Clear : Erase all records. Message reads: "Hontoo ni yoroshii desu ka?" 
                        hai: yes 
                        iie:  no