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                                      SUPER ROBOT SPIRITS

Console : Nintendo 64 
Genre : Fighting/Action 
Difficulty : Variable 
Move List Version 0.54 
Created 7/29/98  Updated 8/07/98 
Author : Loserb 
HTML version available at :

This is a preliminary Move List for Super Robot Spirits straight out of the Instruction Manual. All 
move names and character voices translated but there is more to come as I found out that there is 
more moves in the game that was printed in the manual. Also, there must be a secret character in the 
game and the Devil Gundam (and Judecca?) are playable so I will update this move list as soon as 
information is acquired. If you want to criticize me or add to this, please contact me at or 

In this fighter, the battles are split into air-to-ground or ground-to-air. You can fly or land 
using the top L and R buttons. You can fake them out by pressing up immediately after pressing L or 
R in the air or down when you're on the ground. Take note that when you fall from the sky or after 
being thrown you also take damage from hitting the ground. Also You can only block normal moves like 
punches and kicks, but not SPECIALS! When you see one coming, sidestep it or fly/land. DODGE IT 
COMPLETELY! And another thing, when performing SUPERS and certain SPECIALS, not only are you 
temporarily INVINCIBLE, you will also inflict DAMAGE if you are close to them. You are extremely 
open to throws though. 

Start Screen 
After watching the opening storyline and animation you will be presented with the Start Screen. 
Press start and you will be presented with these options : 

Story Mode : Fight opponents in an order depending on who you are and learn why you are fighting. 
VS Mode : Slug it out with another player and find out who throws a mean laser sword. 
64 Mode : Beat the computer in no particular order. 
Guts Mode : In other words, Survival mode. 
Time Attack Mode : Finish all nine stages as fast as you can, you only have one round per stage. 
Training Mode : Enhance your skills here. Press start and you are given these options: 
Normal mode : Play as Player 1. Press the Z button to make 2P crouch, jump, fly or land. 
Key Sosakiroku : At the bottom of the screen, you will see the words "Training Robot Use 2P" and in 
the black box is the word start (in Katakana.) At this point, you will be able to use 2P. When you 
press the Z button, the computer will record your actions for five seconds. The computer will keep 
repeating those actions until you choose normal mode again.
Character Sentaku : Change your Mecha. 
Training ni Modoru : Return to training. (if you already recorded the movements and accidentally 
pressed start, go here to continue) 
Title ni Modoru : Return to title screen. 
Options : See below. 

Options : You are presented with these options, 
Game Options 
Sound Options 
Ranking Options 
Memory Clear 
Key Config 
Return Everything to Default 
Return to Title Screen 

Game Option 
CPU no Stuyosa : Computer Difficulty, how good are you exactly? 
Down Count : Select how many rounds to fight. 
Time Limit : How long do you want to fight? 
Damage Meter : How much damage is inflicted. Default is medium, left is high, right is low. 
Spirit Charge : How much spirit is used in a special move. Default is medium, left is small, right 
is high. 
Explanation: when set to small, you use more spirit than normal, less when set to high. Don't ask 
Judge Voice : 1 is Yosuke Akimoto (Master Gundam), 2 is Megumi Hayashibara (Rei Ayanami, Atsuko 
"Nuku-nuku" Natsume) 
Return to Default 
Return to Options Screen 

Sound Option : 
Sound Mode : Stereo is default. 
Music Test : Listen to all the background music. 
Sound Effects Test : Check out all the sound effects. 
Volume Control : How loud do you want it? 
Sound Effects 
Return to Default 
Return to Options Screen 

Ranking Option : Its all in english anyway so i'll skip this. The last option in the bottom is... 
Return to Options Screen 

Memory Clear : Erase all records. Message reads: "Hontoo ni yoroshii desu ka?" 
                        hai: yes 
                        iie:  no  <----- Default button. 

Key Config : How this works: First, hold the button you want to change, It will be highlighted on 
the screen. Next,
press left and right to change the configuration. When you decide to change it, Remember the Kana 
for the buttons or else
return it to default. 
From top to bottom of the Key Config screen the buttons are: 
L button: Field Idou : basically fly up or down. 
R button: Field Idou : basically fly up or down. 
C button up: Spirit 
C button down: Spirit 
C button left: Spirit 
C button right: Spirit 
B button: Punch 
A button: Kick 

Move list: 
Directional Pad Movements:             Buttons: 
t,t = double tap                               P = Punch 
t,T = tap and hold                           K = Kick 

HC =  Half Circle                           S = Spirit 
QC = Quarter Circle                        Throws = (P+K) 
F = Forward 
B = Back 
D = Down 
F = Forward 

Battle Commands: (for everybody) 
GROUND                             SKY                               DOWN (you can combine 
directions i.e. U+B, etc.) 
t,t F = Forward Step                t,T B = dash back              Hold P to stay down 
t,T F = Forward Dash              t,T F = dash forward           Hold B = roll back 
t,t B = Backward Step                                                    Hold U = roll right 
t,t D = sidestep left                                                       Hold D = roll left 
t D,U = sidestep right                                                    Hold F = roll forward 
t,T + P = Dash Attack 
t,T + K = Sliding Kick 

Spark = S  damage is minimal but you can knock them back when close, knock them down from above. 
Strong downward attack = U or UB or UF + S 
Ground-to-air attack = QCF + S 
Air-to-Ground attack = DF + S 
"Change-of-Field" attack = Press L or R to Fly/Land, Immediately press P or K. You can also control 
where you land by
pressing left or right. 

Other Basic Moves: 
From a crouching position, release D, press K or P while getting up. 
DF + P     DB + P 
DF + K     DB + K 

To stay in the air after getting hit by projectiles, hold PK when hit. This will also release you 
from S weapons. 

Color Change: 
Press A for original colors , C for alternate colors, start for second alternate color. (see bottom 
of page) 

Return to Start Screen: 
Press and hold L and R buttons to return to the start screen from the Character Select screen. 

Move Pause Menu Screen: 
Use the Analog Stick to move the window that appears when you press start while playing the game. 
MOVES LIST (in order from the character select screen)

Series : Choki Taisen SRX 
Height : 19.1 m 

Weight : 60.2 t 
Pilot : Ryusei Date 
Seiyuu : Shinichiro Miki 

Hon Slash = F + PP F + P 
Hon Slash Spin = F + PPK 
Snake GT =  D + P 
GT Hammer =  FF + P 
Drop Hammer = FF + KP 
Double Spin Kick = Hold  D + KK 
Fulchun GT Knife =  DB + PKS (????) 
Hoil Spin Shuffle = Throw 
Cold Metal Knife = Throw (from behind opponent) 
GT Shoot (air and ground) =  B + S 
Lead GT Shoot = PS 
Combo GT Shoot = PPS 
Combo GT Swing Shoot = PPPS 
Random Shoot (ground-to-air) =  QCF + S 
Nendo Shoot (air-to-ground) =  DF + S 
T-Link Knuckle (ground-to-ground) =  DB + S - to Cancel =  DD

Series : Muteki Kojin Daitarn 3 
Height : 120 m 
Weight : 800 t 
Pilot : Banjo Haran 
Seiyuu : Hirotaka Suzuoki 

Trip Samba =  FF + PPS 
Fan Charge =  BF + PS  (tap P or S to continue, DB + S to wing back) 
Javelin Rush =  B,DF + SPP 
Cross Javelin 1 =   B,DF + S, F +  S 
Cross Javelin 2 =  B,DF + SP, F +  S 
Cross Javelin 3 =  B,DF + SPP 
Rolling Daitarn =  QCF + K 
Daitarn Sliding =  QCB + K 
Back Javelin =  B + S (when back is facing opponent) 
Blind Javelin Throw = Throw 
Rolling Jaaman = Throw (from behind opponent) 
Fake Throw =  B + Throw  (builds up one spirit bar)
Haatoru Fan =  BF + PS, F +  S 
Daitarn Snapper (ground-to-air) =  QCF + S - to Cancel =  DD
Daitarn Missile =  B + S 
Daitarn Hammer =  FF + S 
Zanba Nage (air) =  FF + S 
Javelin Swing (air) =  B, DF + S 
Leg Cannon (air) =  D + S  (ground) = when opponent is down, D + S 
Daitarn Fan (air-to-ground) =  DF + S 
Daitarn Crash (air-to-ground) =  U + S 
Sun Attack (air-to-ground) =  HCF + S 
Sun Attack (ground-to-ground) =  HCF + S  (not exactly a SUPER, but when done correctly, will take 
out 3/4 of a life bar) 
To Use Sun Attack air-to-ground: in air  HCF + S,  U + S 
PP, B + P, B + S     PPP, F + S       DF + SS      DF + SP   FF + PPPS  DF + PPPP, DF + S  FF + PPP, 
DF + S, FF + PP 
PP, B + PS 
Series : Chojuuki Shin Dancougar 
Height : 34.6 m 
Weight : 114 t 
Pilot : Shinobu Fujiwara 
Seiyuu : Kazuki Yao 

Danku Cross Upper = PP, DB + P 
Danku Straight = PP, DB + PP 
Danku Chop =  B + P (second chop : P) 
Fist Crash Straight =  FF + P 
Crutail Press =  F,D,DF + P 
Armor Breaker =  QCF + P 
Beast Hunting =  F + P (after one Danku Chop) 
Jaki Up Throw = Throw 
Double Back Breaker = Throw (from behind opponent) 
Danku Ho =  QCB + S 
Quick Danku Ho (ground-to-air) =  QCF + S 
Danku Ken (air and ground) =  FF +  = S - to Cancel =  DD
Danku Gun Pod (air-to-ground) =  DF + S - to Cancel =  BB
Danku Koga Ken (ground-to-ground) =  HCF + S  - to cancel = DD 
Danku Ho Formation (ground-to-ground) =  HCB + S 
Unlisted Moves: 
QC back to down + S (ground-to-air) = Eagle Flight 
PP, DB + P       DF + PPP          DB  + PPPPThrow       QCF +  KP 

Series : Kidou Butoden G Gundam 
Height : 16.2 m 
Weight : 6.8 t 
Pilot : Domon Kashuu 
Seiyuu : Tomokazu Seki 

Force Pressure = PPP, DF + PP 
Spear Pressure =  F + P (????) 
Shining Slant Knuckle =  DB,F + P 
Sniper Blade =  DB, F + PK 
Hijuchi Uraken Seiken Zugi = DF + PP,BF + P 
Hovering =  QCF + P 
Thrust Straight =  BF + KP 
Thrust Force Pressure =  BF + KPP, DF + P 
Rouga Hochuu = Throw 
Ryuga Rakusai = Throw (from behind opponent) 
Shining Vulcan =  DF + S 
Shining Shot (ground-to-air) =  QCF + S (4th shot) =  F + S 
Shining Finger (ground) =  BF + S 
Shining Finger (air) =  HCF + S 
Shining Shot (air-to-ground) =  DF + S 
Shining Beam Sword (air-to-air) =  FF + S 
Diving Shining Finger (air-to-ground) =  U + S (not exactly a SUPER, but when done correctly, will 
take out 1/2 of a life bar) 
Shining Finger Sword (ground-to-ground) =  HCB + S 
Other moves: 
FF + P, B + P, FF + K 

Series : Kidou Butoden G Gundam 
Height : 16.7 m 
Weight : 7.2 t 
Pilot : Tohou Fuhai 
Seiyuu : Yosuke Akimoto 

Sempu Ga Kaisho = PPK 
Sunshi Honsho =  DB + PP 
Kankazon =  D + (P+K) 
Sho Oukaige =  B + (P+K) 
Hyaku Rekyaku =  B + (P+K), FF + KKK 
Syakutsutai =  DB + (P+K) 
Senbutenjuu =  PKK 
Tenshin Kaku Taisen Kyaku =  F + K, FF + KK (????) 
Yoso Tosatsu Kyaku = Throw 
Tenchi Orai = Throw (from behind opponent) 
Ankokutoi (ground-to-air) =  QCF + S - to Cancel =  DD
Ankoku Zejuu (Darkness Finger) =  BF + S 
Zenbeki Chijo Jou (air-to-ground) =  DF + S 
Zenbeki Chijo Jou (air-to-air) = FF + S 
Cho Kyu Hao Denei Dan (ground-to-ground) =  HCF +S 
Seki Ha Ten Kyo Ken (air-to-ground) =  HCF + S 
Other Moves: 

Series : Sei Senshi Dunbine 
Height : 6.9 m 
Weight : 4.4 m
Pilot : Joe Zama 
Seiyuu : Shigeru Nakahana 

PDK Combo = P, hold  D +K 
Under Splash =  D + P 
Upper PDK =  DB + PP, hold D + K 
Aura Sword Slash =  FF + P 
Aura Sword Thrust = QCF + P 
Raging Claw Splash = PP (from a crouching position, while getting up) 
Raging Claw Spin Tail = PK (from a crouching position, while getting up) 
Raging Sword = S (from a crouching position, while getting up) 
Buster Edge = PPP(in air) 
Fly Over = Throw 
Aura Sword Grand Slam = Throw (from Behind Opponent) 
Wire Claw (ground-to-air) =  QCF + S - to Cancel =  DD
Aura Giri (ground-to-ground, air-to-air) =  FF + S 
Aura Giri (air-to-ground) =  QCB + S 
Aura Shoot =  DF + S - to Cancel =  BB
Aura Shot (air-to-air) =  B + S 
Aura Shot (air-to-ground) =  D + S 
Hyper Aura Giri (air-to-ground) HCB + =  S (air-to-air) = hold  F
KKK     PK, F + P      B + PPPP       B + PPKPP        DB + PPK, F +P 

Series : Sentou Mecha Zabungul 
Height : 18.6 m 
Weight : 124 t 
Pilot : Jerome Amos 
Seiyuu : Shinya Ootaki 

Ofuku Binta = PP 
Spearhead = PP, F + P 
Climber Kick = tap  U + K 
Back Guillotine = KK, B + K, B + K 
Drop Kick =  BF + K 
Bazooka Press = Throw 
Drift Turn = Throw  B + (P+K) 
Bombing Overthrow = Throw (from behind opponent) 
Catch-the-Fall = QCF  or QCB  + (P+K) (opponent must be in the air) 
Giant Galliar Swing = B,DF + (P+K) 
Galliar Bazooka =  QCB (aim, then fire with S) 
Idiom Launcher (ground-to-air) =  QCF + S 
Boomerang Idiom (ground-to-air, air-to-air) = FF + S 
Galliar Vulcan (air-to-ground) =  DF + S 
Missile Nage (ground-to-ground) =  HCF + S (FF to dash, hold U to throw up,  D to throw down) 
Note: Walker-Galliar can only stay in the air for at least 15 seconds. 


Series : Cho Denji Machine Voltes V (five) 
Height : 58 m 
Weight : 600 t 
Pilot : Kenichi Gou "Steve Armstrong" 
Seiyuu : Yukinaga Shiraishi 

Shirabaken =  DB + P 
Double Knuckle =  (press down, release) PP 
Bomber Knuckle = QCF + P 
Lander Typhoon = KKK 
Middle Lander Ipponeki =  DF + KP 
Asokuzushi =  DB + K 
Eyeful Lander =  F + K  (after PP) 
Ipponzeoi = Throw 
Cho Denji Kataguruma = Throw (from behind opponent) 
Voltes Bazooka =  B + S 
Middle Voltes Bazooka =  BB + S 
Chain Knuckle (ground-to-air) =  QCF + S - to Cancel  =  DD
Gattling Missile (air-to-ground) =  DF + S -  to Cancel =  BB
Cho Denji Goma "Ultra Electromagnetic Top" (air-to-ground) =  HCF + S 
Cho Denji Wave "Ultra Electromagnetic Wave" =  B + S (in air) 
Grand Fire =  B,DB + S 
Tenku Ken "Lazer Sword" (air-to-ground) =  U + S - to Cancel =  DD
Tenku Ken Straight Slash (air-to-air) =  FF + S  (after Tenku Ken) 
Cho Denji Ball "Ultra Electromagnetic Ball" (air-to-ground) = (after Tenku Ken)  QCF + S 
To use Cho Denji Ball V Slash: (in air)  U + S,  QCF + S, U + S 
Unlisted Moves: 
(press down, release) KP,DB + PP, DF + P, BF + P         KKP 
KKPThrow     KKP, F + K, DF +  S 

Devil Gundam
Series : Kidou Butoden G Gundam 
Height : 23.9 m 
Weight : 41.2 t 
Pilot : Kyoji Kashuu 

Mega Beam Cannon: BB + S 
Charge Punch: QCF + S,PPPPPPPP, F + S

Devil Finger : BF + S 
Devil Finger Chop : FF + S 
Ground-to-Air Shot : QCF + S 
Air-to-Ground Shot : DF + S 
Air-to-Air Multiple Missle : BB + S 
Devil Fang Smasher (air-to-ground) : HCF + S 

To access Devil Gundam : Beat Story Mode with every Robot. Next, play Master Gundam in 64 Mode. Beat 
it in very hard mode without continuing or losing a round. He will be in the space to the right of 
Voltes V. If that doesn't work, wait until the total play time reaches 30:00:00. 
Note: He is Domon Kashuu's brother.  Domon was searching for him in story mode until he found the 
ugly truth. 
Series : ???? 
Height : ???? 
Weight : ???? 
Pilot : Rebi Tooraa 
Voice : Ai Orikasa (Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo), Farrah Griffon (V Gundam)

This Boss is a pain! Its slowdown city when you fight her, especially when you are using a slow 
robot like Dancougar. 
She is really quick, has an infinite spirit bar, and almost completly invincible when she does her 
SPECIALS and SUPERS. Don't try to fight her hand-to-hand unless your fighter is quick like R-1 and 
Shininng Gundam. The trick is to build up your spirit bar by doing jumping back kicks. Be careful of 
her charge and flying charge (when you are in the air.)

Her fireball will hit you in the air when it explodes. Stay away from her when she does her SUPER. 
If you can, get behind her but she will be invincible for most of the time. Only a few SUPERS can 
penetrate her SUPER like Voltes V's Tenkuu Ken. 
Strategy : Bulid up your spirit bar. Flying in the air will gradually build it up but jumping back 
kicks will do it much faster. When It's full, fly up and wait for her to shoot  her fireball and do 
an aerial SUPER but time it right because she will be invincible for a short time. Listen for her to 
speak, because she will do a SPECIAL. When you are in the air, watch her when she flies up. When she 
does, fly down! Don't fly near or above her or she will jump and knock you down. If you figure out 
her pattern, you can beat her with anybody without using any SPECIALS at all. 

You should go to my home page and look at the html version of this guide if this text version is 
confusing at:
Next Update: 
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Brave Fencer Walkthrough: Chapter 4
 By Jackal

  Ok, let's get started.  When you first get back to town go to the
village leaders home and talk to his wife.  
Choose the 1st option, then the 2nd.  She will tell you to climb down
the well by the church. But before 
you do so, go to the "Pawn/Expert Opinion Shop" and let him take a look
at your items.  I sold
everything that I could sell to him, don't worry, you can't sell
anything that you need.  If you want to you 
can go to the castle and talk to the people.  The only new skill that I
got was from a knight, the 36th person 
down, in yellow near the bottom of the list. After that climb down the

  Once in the well go to the water symbol and use the skill on it.  
 This will empty one half while raising the level of the other.   
 Enter Ed and Ben who start freaking out when they find Musashi there.  
After they leave:
 Go get the chest
 Go back past the water crest and use your water skill to get to the
chest on the islands
 Go get the Panda/rabbit hybrid
 Enter the cave and get the chest near the end and look at the fire
 Leave the mine and go talk to the village leaders wife

  She will send you to get the "Gondola Parts".  They are back in the

mine shaft underneath the fan and 
through the right side.  But there are a few things I will ask you to do
before you head down there.  She 
mentioned that you need to talk to some "carpneters", I think?  

 First, go into the forest with the water circle and use the crest. 
Take the item from the chest
 Go to the Pawn shop and you will get a set of goggles
  Leave the town and go to the Twin Moutains, around the corner, past
the ghost where you got the crystal   
earlier.  Engage the waterball and run around the corner to the landing
and get the doctor.  Do it again and  
keep going to get the hybrid if its there.  To get back go across not
back the way you came.  You want to
get to the next mountain, up to the area where you caught the raft the
2nd time, go all the way to the right 
where the flower and the very long pole are.  Jump on the pole, climb
it, and stand on the top.  Do a 
double jump to the right and keep holding to right.  You should land on
a ledge with a crystal and another 
pole.  Get the crystal and go back to town. 

 Go to the castle and you will talk to the old man
 Next talk to the 13th, 18th, and 27th persons 
 Save your game!  If your using GameShark codes, turn them off!  You'll
have to do this part on your own.
 When you enter this side of the mine absorb a snake, you'll be able
cure yourself from poison
 In the room at the end take the 3rd wheel from the left and go back to
the fan area
 There is a crystal on the other side if you missed it earlier
 Go into the left side, cross the 1st conveyor, to the second platform.
 Run and jump toward the screen to another conveyor and go get the
 Go back to the castle

  You will talk the old man and he will send you to bed.  When you wake
up the town will be on fire.  
Put out all of the fires and the villager leaders' wife will talk to
you.  In the morning go and talk to him 
and he will give what I think is a "calender"?  The his wife will come
out and give you something, too.  
Afterwards head to the forest were you crossed the spikes to enter the
"Wandering Woods". I'm sure 
you've seen the pipe over head, the chest on the rock, and the crystal
on the other one.  If you haven't 
gotten them yet this is how you do it.  Absorb the pink flower and
"pogo" right up the slope to the crystal.  
Get the crystal and the chest go through to where the path is blocked,
you will be able to get pass now 
by shrinking the giant snail.  Get the crystal and the chest, engage the
bubble and run out to the crest it 
the water and do what you did before.  Drop down and get the "Power of
Hell!"  Well, its not really 
called that but get it and get ready for a scene with Kojiroo. Defeat
him and save the Princess.  I used 
my first sword skill and just kept charging it up, piece of cake.  Take
the Princess home.

  When you get back to the castle you will have a conversation with her
and the old guy(her dad?) about 
your next quest to the "Knight's Hideout."  I call it the "Ice Palace". 
Choose the 1st option.  When your 
done talk to the 7th, 12th, 19th(choose #2), 21st, 24th, 26th, 31st
persons.  The doctor is #37 and will 
refill your bars.  You should now have a new sword, fight combo,
directions to the "hideout", and full 
health bars.  SAVE YOUR GAME!!!  

  Go back to the "Wandering Woods", this time you won't need Fido to get
you through. When you first 
enter there will be a wooden sign in the middle of the screen.  From

  Go left to the next screen, you'll see a big rock.  Go up to the next
  Go up one more screen and you will see two rocks, make a right by the
small one to the next screen.
  At the 4 trees go up 2 more screens, it should start to snow.  Make a
  Go around the big rock and the tree and go up 2 screens, it should be
clear, make a left.
  Go around the big rock and the tree and keep going up(about 3 screens)
to the Ice Palace.
  Choose the first option to enter.

  After you talk to the "mystery woman" it's time to get down to
business.  There are 4 doors in the
 hallway, 3 are open, 1 has a "Red Eye" on it.  There are blue flowers
here that give you an "auto-map" if 
you absorb them. Don't bother tring to climb the stairwell, you can't
right now.  The chest is a Memory 
Box if you know how to use it correctly, I don't.  The first door that
you want to enter is the 2nd one on 
the left.  There is a "Blue Eye" door inside, you can't open it yet so
go through to the next room with the 
Penguin Guards pushing the ice blocks.  Look out for the
"Electro-Musashi's"!  They mimic your moves 
(you go left, they go left, you jump, they jump).  Something else that
you to know:

      Absorb:                                      Power gained:

   Blue flower			Auto-Map
   Electro-Musashi		1 Musashi decoy time bomb
   Plant				Still that strange glow?
   Kung-Fu Kats			A power dash
   Big Grey Goon			A power toss (right out of the screen)
   Penguin Guards			Can not be absorbed
   Blue Armored Smasher		Armor (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

The Red Eye Door:

  Ok, the Penguins won't attack you in here but you need to be careful
so that you don't keep getting smashed.  
Stand between the two blocks and when the next pair fall you have to
jump on top of one and ride it doing a 
running double jump to make it to the other side. Piece of cake, right? 
It may look hard but you can do it.  
Look out for the Penguin on the other side doing the same thing.  There
is a door to the right side of him 
that's hard to see make sure that you go in and get the crystal on top
of the crate.  Be carfeul not to fall on the 
other side of the crates or you have ot go around and make the jump
again.  Once you have the crystal go 
back to the penguin and through the door behind him.  This room is full
of Pen Guards, just kill them all and 
you'll get the chest with the "Red Eye" key in it, leave and go back to
were you got the crystal and jump all the 
way over to the other side.  Now go to the hallway and open the "Red
Eye" door.

The Blue Eye Door:

  Now that your through the Red Eye door you will face a few
Electro-Musashi's, Plants, and a Grey Goon.  
There are icicles on the floor that will do damage, but you can melt
them if you want. Then plants shoots 
pellets that can freeze you so be careful.  Make your way around to the
next room with the Grey Goon, 
DON"T KILL IT!!!  You need him, but kill the Plant at the other end. 
You'll notice an upper level over by the 
Plant, this is where the Goon comes in.  Go in the corner by the ledge
and let him throw you in the air, now 
guide yourself onto the edge and go to the next room.  You will now be
in a maze.  Find the crystal and make 
your way to the left side wall.  You will encounter the Kung-Fu Kats and
the Armored Smasher.  When you 
get into the room on the left side kill all the enemies and get the
chest with the "Blue Eye" key inside.  Now 
make your way to the far right side of the maze but before you go out of
the door absorb the Armored Smasher.  
You run into a barricade of spikes, just hit the "O" button to activate
the armor and run through them to the other 
side and get the crystal.  You can take the easy way back by just
jumping down from where you are  or you can go 
all the back through the maze.   Go to the "Blue Eye" door and open it. 
Get the crystal, use the ice blocks to 
get to the upper level and go through the door where a Electro-Musashi
awaits.  Jump across avoiding the 
Goons, go get the chest.  Jump down.  You can now climb the slick

The Green Eye Door:

  Go through the first door on the right side, climb the pole and jump
onto the ramp.  Run up and over it, get the 
chest and go up the next ramp and into the door.  You will be in another
maze.  Make your way to the left side 
were you can jump on top of a smaller block and then the bigger ones. 
Now start making your back to the right 
side.  Make sure to get the chest and the crystal.  Once you get to the
far right absorb an Electro-Musashi, 
you'll need it.  Go into the next room with the Goon inside, once again
DON"T KILL IT, yet.  Unlike the other 
2 rooms you can't just kill the enemy to get the chest, it's how and
where you do it.  Here is how you do it.  
When you enter the room let the Goon chase you all the way to the other
end.  Now stand on the green eye and 
when he get almost on top of you hit the "O" button to drop the decoy
time bomb.  Run over by the sign and just 
wait.  When the decoy explodes it will kill the Goon and give you the
chest with the "Green Eye" key.  Now 
make your way back to the left side, climb onto the blocks and find the
green door.  There is really nothing to 
do her but get through the room and back to the main hall.

Crest Guardian: The Frost Dragon

  It's almost over now.  Make sure that you save the game.  I went all
the way back to town to save because the 
Memory Box never seems to work for me.  If the women in the #19 position
didn't do anything for you the first 
time, she should give you something now.  Go back to the Ice Palace.  Go
to the door with the 3 color locks (Red,
Green, Blue).  Musashi will say something.  You have to deforst the door
first before you can open it.  Once your 
on the other side go to the back of the room on the 1st floor and get
the chest. Now go to the top floor and you 
will see 2 post and a Memory Box by a door.  To open the door you must
ignite the 2 post.  Go inside a Musashi 
will look at the painting on the ceiling.  Now go to the statue and
activate it, you will now be in the Lair of the 
Frost Dragon.  You will see some icicles in your path, melt them and
proceed.  When you start the battle with the 
dragon remember that you are not suppose to defeat it here.  Cause some
damage to it with you fire and will 
knock off part of the wall on the other side and a arrow will let you
know that's it's time to move, fast.  You will 
know when the dragon is about to charge you because it will scream
before it does.  Just hold R1 until it rushes 
you then shoot fire and run just before it hits you. After a few pass
you should cause enough damage to make it 
break the wall to the right.  Now you'll have to be quick!  As your
coming up on the icicles you should be hold R1
and start melting them as soon as you can, the dragon will be breaking
off the bridge behind you.  Make it to the 
landing and know it's time to kill the dragon.  It will dive into a hole
a when it comes back up it will attack you 
in 4 styles and in this order:

  Lunges at you
  Shoots Ice Balls
  Shoots a huge Ice Beam
  Body Sweep

When it lunges at you, jump out of the way.  Avoid the Ice Balls by
double jumping out of the way.  After the 
Ice Beam it lays it's head down on the ground.  Hit it with fire then,
but don't get to close or you'll be frozen!  The 
body sweep happens so fast that I haven't been able to avoid it.  Here's
the strategy:

   Go to the left side of the screen and let it shoot ice balls at you
over there, but start jumping toward the middle.  
When you see it charging up for the Ice Beam move to the middle and just
when it releases it run  the right 
corner near the dragon but against the wall.  You should be safe there
and you can start charging up your fire. Then
shoot the dragon when it lays its head down.  After doing this a few
times the dragon will collapse, now you have to 
hit it in the head with your sword in order to damage it.  Then it will
do the body sweep.  Try to keep the pattern up
and you should be able to defeat to Frost Dragon and Chapter 4.

Post it where ever you want, just give me some credit. 
Thanks and enjoy.

*************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************