January 18, 2000, Version 0.2  , Jamie,   Jaceves840@aol.com

Rocket: Robot On Wheels

The reason for this walkthrough is pretty simple.  No one else has done 
one, and that may keep a lot of people from playing this game.  It's 
pretty easy to get stuck, not knowing what to do next.  This is a great 
game, and the best way to experience it is to try to solve all the 
puzzles yourself.  This walkthrough is intended to be used as a last 
resort, when you absolutely have given up all hope of finding the ticket 
for yourself.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments on this 
game, and if you're writing with a question, please include what level 
you're asking about, and which of the tickets you're trying to find.  If 
you happen to know how many tinker tokens are required to get certain 
moves, or start certain vehicles, please let me know and I'll post it 
and give you credit. 

Version history: Version 0.1 completed 1/18/00.  Pretty much added all 
the tickets I had.  Version 0.2 (1/21/00), added last of the tickets in 
Food Fright, added some token help.  Version 0.3 (1/22/00), found the 
last tokens and tickets, finished the game, saw the ending and credits.  

Section 1.  The moves
Section 2.  The Items
Section 3.  Whoopie World
Section 4.  Clowny Island
Section 5.  Paint Misbehavin
Section 6.  Mine Blowing
Section 7.  Arabian Flights
Section 8.  Pyramid Scheme
Section 9.  Food Fright
Section 10.  Jojo World

Section 1.  The Moves

A total mastery of rocket's moves is required to get most of the 
tickets.  Visit Tinker frequently, he'll upgrade your moves for a 
certain amount of tinker tokens.  

(out of the manual)
Run:  Move the control stick in the direction you want rocket to move

Jump:  Press the A button to make rocket jump.  Hold the A button for a 
higher jump.

Pick up:  Press the B button to turn on Rocket's tractor beam.  You must 
be near an object to pick it up.  Once an object is picked up, you can 
release the B button without dropping the object.  To drop the object, 
tap the R button.

Throw:  Once Rocket is holding an object, tap the B button again to 
bring up Rocket's aiming cursor.  Use the Control stick to position the 
aiming cursor and tap the B button again to throw.  If you decide you 
don't want to throw, tap the R button to cancel

Grab a handle:  Rocket can grab on to many handles in the game, usually 
over his head.  To grab a handle, jump towards it and press the B 
button.  Press the B button again to let go of the handle.  You can also 
jump from a handle with the A button.

Swing:  When rocket is holding on to a handle, moving the control stick 
back and forth will make Rocket swing.  Swinging can help you jump to 
higher places.

Slam:  pick up an object, push the A button to jump, and then the Z 
button while in mid-air.  This will cause the object in rocket's beam to 
slam to the ground, possibly breaking it open.  80 tokens

Double jump:  Press the A button to jump, the press it again while in 
mid-air to fire your rockets and help you jump further.

Triple jump:  let a mushroom or a marshmallow attach to you, then jump 3 
times.  If you time it right, you'll get a super jump.

Freeze:  Hold Z, then push A to send a frosty spray.  You can freeze 
water in this way to walk on top of it, or freeze enemies by spraying 
them also.

Grapple:  Hold Z, then push B to activate the grapple.  Aim until your 
cursor lock on something and turns green.  With this, you can reach 
handles that are up higher.

Section 2:  The Items

Tickets:  There are 12 tickets per world, including Whoopie world.  They 
are in sequence from A to through L.  As you go up the alphabet, they 
get harder to find.  You will need a certain number of tickets before 
you can advance to the next level.

Tinker tokens:   Each world has 200 tokens, including Whoopie world.  
Use tokens to activate vehicles, to buy moves from tinker, and to get 
the L ticket in each world.  The silver ones are worth one, the gold 5, 
and the purple 10.

Machine parts:  (from the manual)  on each land of Whoopie world, there 
is a Big Machine that Jojo has broken.  Each part looks different, and 
the pause screen will highlight which of the pieces Rocket has 
collected.  To restart the Big Machine, Rocket needs to find all 7 of 
the parts and then locate the Big Machine panel.  By bringing the parts 
back tot he Big Machine Panel, Rocket will repair the machine and open 
up areas in the land.

Power cells:  Replenish Rocket's life meter.  If you grab on to an enemy 
with your beam, then slam them, you will get a power cell.

Power Packs:  Will increase the number of power cells you can hold.

Ticket Switches:  These switches open up new areas in the park.  The 
number of tickets you need to open up the next area is on the ticket 

Vehicle call buttons:  Once you have found a world's vehicle, use the 
call button to summon the vehicle to where you are.

Handles:  grab on to the handles with your beam to reach higher places.  
If they're too high, try using the grapple.

Bombs:  grab on to these, and throw them at blocked entrances to make 
your way through.  

Bomb switches:  can only be activated by throwing a bomb at them.

Grapple pads:  If you see one of these, use the grapple while standing 
on it.

Section 3:  Whoopie World

This is where you start the game, and where you gain access to all the 
other levels.  Like all the other worlds, you will find 12 tickets and 
200 tokens here.  You'll also find Tinker, who will upgrade your moves, 
and some energy Stations to fill up your energy.

A ticket: Grab it on your way in.
Pretty self-explanatory

B ticket:  Get to the bottom of things
Once you learn the move from tinker, grab the key and put it in the gate 
lock to reach the other part of Whoopie world.  Go to the very bottom, 
under the right hand ramp, and you'll see a door.  Use your beam to open 
the door and get the ticket.

C ticket:  Learn a secret straight from the raccoon's mouth
Hop on top of the raccoon's head, and try jumping in his mouth, while 
using your beam.  It worked after a few tries.

D ticket:  Just keep "roman" around
By the entrance to Paint Misbehavin', stand on the ledge behind the 
entrance, and jump.  Use your beam to hang on to a handle that will help 
you reach the small cave where the ticket's sitting.

E ticket:  The secret's mine! All mine!  
Climb the little hill where the entrance to Mine Blowing is.  At the 
very top is a hole.  Jump in to find this ticket.

F ticket:  Get into the clouds and hang around
Climb up into Whoopie's mouth, and you'll be lifted to the clouds.  Zoom 
out with the camera, and you'll see some handles beneath the clouds.  
Use them to get this ticket.

G ticket:  Secrets are often veiled in clouds
Up on the cloud platform, look for a small cloud hanging in midair.  Hop 
onto it, and it will take you to a slightly larger cloud.  Hop on this 
cloud, and you'll be taken to an arena where you have to screw in the 
screws onto 4 different platforms.  To get this ticket, grab a screw and 
just throw it onto the platform, it will screw itself in.

H ticket:  Three tokens point the way
This one is a little involved.  Once you have activated the elevator, 
climb into it to go up to the next level of Whoopie world.  Stand on the 
Zebra rock, and grapple up to the entrance of Food Fright, but don't go 
in.  jump to the green ledge, and keep on jumping from ledge to ledge, 
going left.  Eventually, you'll reach the checkered ledge.  You'll see 3 
tokens in this tunnel, pointing the way into a secret tunnel.  Walk 
right through the checkered wall to find this ticket.

I ticket:  Can you handle the dome room's secret?
Go to the checkered ledge described above (where you found the H 
ticket).  Hop into the hole at the end of the checkered tunnel, and pass 
this level to get the I ticket.

J ticket:  Swingers are welcome on the ceiling
Near the entrance to the second stage to Whoopie world, at the top of 
the ramp leading down to Paint Misbehavin', look to the right.  You'll 
see a tiny platform in midair.  Hop on the platform, and use the handles 
to reach the J ticket.  (hint, when you jump from handle to handle, do a 
double jump in midair to reach the next handle easier)

K ticket:  Jojo's waiting
Beat Jojo, talk to Dr. Gavin, and the ticket will be yours.

L ticket:  200 tinker tokens are surely worth a ticket
Pretty self-explanatory

Section 4, Clowny Island

Talk to Tinker, and he'll open up the entrance to Clowny Island.  Step 
on the pad inside the clown's mouth to be teleported to the level.

A ticket:  Stop and smell the enormous flowers
Climb the giant flowers for a ticket

B ticket:  Swing into action on some floating platforms
In the water, you'll find some floating platforms.  Swing from platform 
to platform to get the ticket

C ticket:  The battle of Midway
Go into the midway tent, and solve the 3 puzzles to get the ticket

D ticket:  A hidden entrance?  Bee observant!
You can't get into Bee-ware using the front entrance.  Go down to the 
beach, and you'll find the back entrance inside a post.

E ticket:  Who's up for a race? You may need a little help
Once you find and activate the dune dog, go up the ramp, and look around 
for the racecar.  Race it and win to get the ticket

F ticket:  Pick up some rings at the drive-through
Use the dune dog to go through all the green rings on the beach.  If you 
do it fast enough, you'll get the ticket

G ticket:  Help the screws, then take a spin.  Once around is enough
Gather all the screws, and take them in front of the big empty lot.  One 
of the screws is on the beach.  Once you do, you'll be shown how to 
build your own roller coaster! Finish the coaster, and take a ride in it 
to get this ticket

H ticket:  Coast through 5 targets.  Cross the tracks if you dare
Build the roller coaster so that it goes through all five numbers.  
There's 24 squares you can build the coaster on, six going left and 
right (1 through 6), four going up and down (A through D).  You start on 
A3, but can't start building until A5. Here are the squares you have to 
go through to get all 5.  Starting at A5, go to A6, B6, C6, D6, D5, C5, 
C4, C3, B3, B4, C4, D4, D3, D2, D1, C1, B1, A1, and finally A2.  Along 
the way, you might need to hold the B button to make the roller coaster 
rise ( for numbers 1,3, and 4)

I ticket:  The dinosaur needs a few parts
Collect all the machine parts to activate the dinosaur.  One's hidden in 
the rollercoaster sandlot.

J ticket:  Check out the view from the carnosaur's cranium
Go inside the dinosaur's foot, climb up as high as you can, and you'll 
be inside his cranium.  Climb to the top to get the ticket.  There's 
also some tokens on the back of the dinosaur.

K ticket:  Get a handle on the Midway.
To the right of the midway entrance, look for a crate and a handle 
poking out of the side of the midway.  Use the crate to reach the 
handle, and explore the roof to find 2 gold tokens, and the K ticket.

L ticket:  Tokens are always useful
Yes they are.  Collect all 200 to get this ticket.

Section 5:  Paint Misbehavin'

There are small columns scattered throughout.  Slam the columns to get 
tinker tokens and other valuable items.  In the area where you start, 
you might notice the sheep stuck to the wall.  You can hop on top of it, 
and even throw more sheep on the wall, to get you up to the top.  The 
insect buzzing around can cause you a lot of damage if you don't know 
how to take care of them.  To kill them, grab onto them with your beam, 
and slam them to get a power cell.  Once you learn the freeze move, you 
can also freeze them, making them easier to grab.

A ticket:  Your true colors aren't always enough
Explore the area, until you see a statue standing in front of a pool of 
water.  The statue will be throwing rocks into the next room.  Grab onto 
one of the rocks as he throws it to be launched into this room.  You'll 
find 4 pools of water, red, blue, yellow, and clear.  The trick is to 
match the color of the uniform the guard is wearing, green head and 
orange body.  On each pool, there are 2 levels, one paints you from head 
to toe, and standing on the little ledge you only get painted from the 
neck down.  Go head to toe into the blue and yellow, to turn totally 
green.  Use the clear pool to wash just the lower part of your body, 
leaving your head green.  Now color just the lower part of your body red 
and yellow, to turn it orange.  Present yourself to the guard to get the 

B ticket:  Spruce up some statues
Once you find the Hoversplat, go to the courtyard, where you'll find 4 
statues.  Color the carrot orange, the heart green, etc. to get the 

C ticket:  More electricity! More Lightning! More!
You'll get to a cave with six colored balls floating in the air, and 
when they get over their colors, they shoot electricity.  Get in the 
hoversplat, and paint them so that they are in the same color order as 
the crystals on the ground.  I can't believe it took me days to figure 
this one out.

D ticket:  You raised it, you climb it
When you get the B ticket, a small building will rise from the ground.  
Go inside, and make your way to the top.  Once you're on top of the 
building, use the small balls on a string to swing up to the top and get 
the ticket.

E ticket:  Put some medallions together and watch the fun
Break open all the small columns you find, and you'll get the three 
medallions.  Bring them back to the gate to open it, and reach the other 
part of this world.

F ticket:  Swing through the trees.  OK, tree.
There's a tree in the meadow, guarded by a stupid gopher.  Grab onto its 
handles and swing around to reach the top of the structure guarding the 
ticket.  Step on the green switch to get the ticket

G ticket:  You're underwater, but things are looking up
Under the small dock where you first find the dolphin, use a sheep, and 
release it underwater right under the dock.  This will trigger the door 
opening, and give you the ticket.

H ticket:  Your turn to fix the machine
Find all the machine parts to start the machine and get the ticket

I ticket:  Rings + Finbot = Ticket
Go through all the green rings with the dolphin to get the ticket

J ticket:  HmmmÖ lots of water.  Why not see where it goes?
With the dolphin, follow the water as far as you can to get the ticket.

K ticket:  It's in the back
I got this ticket, but can't remember where.  Possibly in the room with 
the columns on the water, that wobble as soon as you step on them.

L ticket:  200 will get you 1
Meaning tinker tokens

Section 6  Mine Blowing

Climb up the small hill to find the entrance to Mine Blowing.  Once 
inside, use the bombs to clear the way.  In this world, you'll be 
introduced to the mushrooms, and learn how to use the triple jump.

A ticket:  There's a fungus among us
Go to the room where the Whoopie statue is pouring water down.  Go in 
the water, and follow the stream to find mushrooms.  Use the triple jump 
to hop from platform to platform, and get the ticket

B ticket:  I'm only a ticket in a gilded cage
Use the Beamlift to lift the cage and turn it upside down (bang it 
against the steps)

C ticket:  Exploding gems? You can get a ticket for that
When you touch two gems of the same color together, they make a huge 
explosion.  Collect the green, red and blue gems, throw them across the 
gap, and use the handles to get across yourself.  Touch the gems to 
their matching colors to clear the way to your ticket.

D ticket:  Get a bomb up where it'll do some good
Use the Beamlift to move a big and a medium box by the entrance to that 
area.  Hop out, and drag a small crate there as well.  Go get a bomb, 
and climb onto the small crate, the medium box, and the big box.  Once 
up there, bomb the blocked entryway for a ticket

E ticket:  Get behind Whoopie, but watch for bombs
In the room with the beamlift, use the bombs to shatter the stalagmites.  
Climb them to reach a hidden ledge.  Follow the path, and you'll 
eventually wind up on the upper platforms.  Use the lamp to get behind 
Whoopie's head.

F ticket:  Mine carts will take you to some helpful clowns
Once you get on the upper platforms, go into the entrance with the clown 
on top, and ride the mine carts.  You'll reach a door with a knob that 
you have to pull.  Pull the knob, then let the clown take the knob away 
from you, so you can go through the door and get the ticket.

G ticket:  Beware of rolling rocks
Behind Whoopie's head, you'll reach a room with a suspicious looking 
floor.  Bomb the floor and step on the switch to get the fish platform 
in motion.  (the fish is on the bottom of the area with Whoopie's head, 
and once activated, will rise up and down to help you reach the upper 
platforms faster).  Go back to the main room, with Whoopie's head, and 
at the bottom, wait for the fish platform to rise.  When it does, hop 
into the hole it leaves behind to find the rolling rocks.  Make it 
through the rocks, using bombs to clear a way through, and you'll get 
the ticket

H ticket:  Put those parts to use
Activate the machine to get this ticket.  The machine is in the room 
with the beamlift.

I ticket:  Gears and pistons and pits, oh my!
Make your way through the machine to get this ticket.

J ticket:  Feeling boxed in?  Climb the walls.
In the room with all the boxes and the beamlift, use the handles to 
climb up as far as you can to get this ticket.

K ticket:  There's never a bomb where you need it
You're not gonna believe this one.  Grab the bomb that's at the 
entrance.  Go to the fish ramp going up and down.  Take it all the way 
to the bottom (the very bottom), and look around for a wall that could 
use some blowing up.  Blow it up to get the ticket.  In this same area, 
there's a token high in the air.  Bring down the mushroom to this level, 
and use the mushroom to get the token.

L ticket:  Trade a few dingy Tinker Tokens for a nice shiny ticket
200, to be exact.  There's one high in the air in the underground room, 
where you get ticket K.  Bring down a mushroom to help you reach it.  I 
was missing a purple token, but someone helped me find it.

"I had the same problem as you finding the last purple token in Mine 
Blowing, try searching the room containing the blue crystal (its on top 
of the entrance). The blue crystal can be found in the area where you 
have to blow up 3 wall, each one with a different gem." (Bertius)  Thank 
you Bertius, that was it.

Section 7:  Arabian Flights

Take a magic carpet ride through the mystical Arabian Flights.  There 
are four colored platforms, and every time you enter the level, you 
start at a different one.  It is very easy to get disoriented and lose 
all sense of where you are in this level.  Try flying around to get 
familiar with the surroundings before you explore in depth.  To reach 
this level from Whoopie world, climb into Whoopie's mouth, to get up in 
the clouds.  Look around, the entrance to Arabian Flights is gliding 
around the giant cloud.  

Power cells: Once you activate the machine, there's one under the red 

A ticket:  Stepping stones:  can't touch just one
Fly around, and you'll find the stepping stones hanging in midair.  Hop 
off the carpet, and hop onto these stones, making sure you step on all 
of them.  Once you do, you'll get the ticket

B ticket:  Propellors aren't just for beanies
Find the propeller that you can go into, and step on the green switch.  
This will activate another propeller, and you have a limited amount of 
time to reach it with the carpet.  Once you reach it, step on the switch 
to go to the next, and so on.

C ticket:  Hit the switches, win a prize!
After flying around, you'll find a column with some bomb switches.  Step 
on the hovering platform, and hit all the switches to get the ticket

D ticket:  Enter the tower of 1,000 secrets! OK, 2 or 3 secrets
Fly around, and you'll see a little canopy covering a hole.  Dive in, 
and bomb the wall.  Get the key in the chest, go through the door, and 
complete that small level to get the ticket.

E ticket:  Fun with magnets
After flying around, you'll find a room with 2 boxes sticking to it on 
the outside.  Go in, and you'll see some curtains, a wall, a box, and a 
green switch.  Step on the green switch to activate the wall, and throw 
the box at the wall, right in the middle.  Using the box as a stepping 
stone, climb to the top and step on the second green switch, to open 
curtain number 2.  Do the same thing here, use the box to get to the top 
after you step on the switch.  For the final curtain, I found it easier 
to stack 2 boxes on top of each other before pressing the green button.  
Then I threw the third box high in the middle, and used the two stacked 
boxes to reach the third one, to reach the top.  Explore the top to find 
the tinker tokens and tickets.

F ticket:  Give us a ring sometime
Fly through the green rings with your carpet to get the ticket in the 
snake's mouth.

G ticket:  Are you ready to Roc?
Snatch the ticket from Roc the eagle (you'll find him flying around)

H ticket:  Repair the machine and meet your biggest fans
The last machine part I found was behind the entrance of "fun with 

I ticket:  Where does all that air come from?
Once you repair the machine, fly up to the very top, and go under the 
yellow crystal.  Inside, you'll need to step on 3 switches.  Fall all 
the way to the left to get the red switch.  Follow the yellow arrows to 
the right to get the yellow switch.  For the blue switch, stay in the 
middle, a little towards the left.  Hop across the red, yellow and blue 
platforms, and make your way past the fans once they stop blowing.  If 
you step in front of a fan while it's still blowing, you'll have to 
start all over.  When you get to the five fans with the steps in front, 
wait for the first fan to stop, then the second, then hop up the steps 
to the right, and finally down to get the ticket.

J ticket:  Four secret spots? Sounds good
Once you activate the machine, fly under the crystals in this order: 
Red, Purple, Blue, and Green.  The ticket will be next to the yellow 
crystal at the very top.

K ticket:  Circle around and look behind things
In one of the starting platforms (the blue one), fly around the 
structure to find this ticket behind a column.

L ticket:  Tokens always come in handy
Yes they do.  Inside the machine, look for gold tokens as you're 
stepping on the switches.

Section 8:  Pyramid Scheme

Once you activate the elevator in Whoopie world, take it to the upper 
level.  Go straight ahead, into the tunnel, to find the entrance to 
pyramid scheme.  Once you get the D ticket, you'll be able to enter the 
lava world.  Just step on the switches with the sun symbol to switch 
between lava world and normal.  The switches are activated only when you 
step on them in the lava world.  To get the machine parts, go to the 
area with the small island, where you put in the screws.  Near there is 
a mound with a switch on it.  Step on the switch to level out the 
platforms in front of you.  Hop across and hit the next switch, then 
quickly hop from column to column to reach the last switch.  This switch 
activates the handles, but you have a very short time to swing across, 
so forget the tokens until later.  Once you swing to the other side, 
you'll get a few more tokens and the last machine parts.  To handle the 
glider easier, get it going, push Z, then immediately climb as high as 
you can.  This gives you a longer glide if you push down gently while 

Tinker tokens:  there's a purple one on a ramp up high in the air, use 
the gliderbike to glide near it, then hop off and swing on a handle to 
reach it.  In the columns where you get ticket H, there's tinker tokens 
along the sides, you have to reach them from the very top, and work your 
way down (in the lava world).

A ticket:  It's absolutely the top
As you go in, find the grapple pad.  Climb up the handles to reach the 
top and get the ticket

B ticket:  Grapple with a tile-flipping problem
You have to have all the tiles facing the same way.  The game should 
start with all the tiles the same, except for the one in the upper left-
hand corner. There are nine tiles, the tiles going up and down are 
1,2,3, and the tiles going left and right are A, B, C.  The tile that's 
different should be A3.  Hit them in this order to solve the puzzle:  
A3, C2, A1, B1, and C3 

C ticket:  Return of the screws
Find the four screws, and toss them up to the small Island.  As each 
screw goes in, the platform on the island will rise, until it gets high 
enough to get the ticket.  One of the tickets is high on a ledge, use 
the floating platforms to get up there.

D ticket:  A few simple parts can transform your world
Find the machine parts, and activate the machine right by where you 
enter the level.  Now you can step on the night and day switches, to 
reach the lava world.

E ticket:  Why go to the lava when the lava will come to you?
Once you turn into the lava world, there are some steps right above the 
machine entrance.  Climb the steps, and keep double jumping back and 
forth to keep climbing higher.  Once you get to the top, hop in the hole 
under the tinker token.  Now it's a race against time and the lava to 
win the ticket, and the gliderbike.

F ticket:  A ruined circle is better than no circle at all.
Go to the area with the spinning circle (in the daylight).  Step on the 
nighttime switch to stop the circle, making sure that the arrow is 
pointing left and right, and not at the ticket.  At night, use the 
column to hop to the needle, and across.  Jump from platform to platform 
until you reach the second night/day switch.  Step on it to return to 
daylight.  Get the token, and stop the spinning disk when the arrow is 
pointing right at the ticket.  Hop across to reach the ticket.

G ticket:  Don't let a little lava stand in your way.
In the lava world, make your way around until you see lots of platforms 
on the lava.  Jump across them, to the entrance on the other side of the 
lava lake.  Jump from platform to platform to get this ticket.

H ticket:  From restful to ruined and back again.
Once you have the gliderbike, use it to climb up to the ledge in the 
lava world.  Follow the ledge until you get to an opening.  Go inside, 
and use the columns to bounce yourself up.  Keep switching between lava 
and normal to get the ticket.

I ticket:  This "rock in mouth" situation is explosive!
Go to the raccoon with a rock in its mouth.  Flip the four tiles on top 
so that they are Blue, Red, Green, and Blue from left to right.  This 
will shatter the rock in the raccoon's mouth to let you get the ticket 

J ticket:  Ring around the lava
Use the gliderbike to get all the green rings.

K ticket:  How high can you fly?
Use the gliderbike to fly from pink ramp to pink ramp.  When you get to 
the third pink ramp, look around, and you'll see an extension that you 
can hang on to.  Use the bike to get you there, hop off the bike, and 
grab on to one of the handles attached to the extension.  Swing from 
handle to handle to get the ticket.

L ticket:  Tokens, tokens everywhere! On the ground! In the air!
And you have to get all 200 of them.  Use the same technique you used to 
get the K ticket to get a purple token high up in the air.

Section 9:  Food Fright

Find all the machine parts to get the machine going.  Next, hitch a ride 
on those spiderlike arms that come down (you can grab on to the ends 
with your beam).  Let the arm take you to the green platform, and use 
the grapple pad and spiderweb platforms to reach the upper level.  Once 
inside the machine, climb as high as you can, and you'll be on a 
platform with a funnel above you.  Hop up inside the funnel to go to the 
swamp region.  Once in the swamp, find the spider rider, familiarize 
yourself with this area, and then raise the monster head.  To raise the 
head, bomb the targets on their platforms.

A ticket:  The marshmallows obviously have met the mushrooms.
Use the marshmallows to hop up to the ticket inside the cage.

B ticket:  What kind of clown would work for scale?
Go to the scale, and put in one red and white ball, two medium brown 
balls, and hop in holding a small rock.  That should give you the 

C ticket:  Get to the teeth of the problem
Collect all the machine parts to open up the mouth, activate the 
machine, and get the ticket

D ticket:  Do handles have you spinning in circles?
Look around for some handles spinning in circles.  Use them to swing 
across to the ticket.  You'll find these handles once you reach the top 

E ticket:  Ring a ding ding
Go through all the green rings

F ticket:  Troll for a ticket
Once you get inside the top level, look for a hole in one of the pipes.  
Jump in and meet troll. Feed troll whatever he wants to get the ticket.

G ticket:  Get to the top of things
Climb up the top of the machine to get this ticket

H ticket:  Those are some big flipping bugs!
In the swamp region, use the Spider rider (after you raise the monster) 
and go up the pink ramp.  Flip over the ladybugs to get this ticket.  To 
flip the bugs, just bump up to them.

I ticket:  Get inside the monster's head, literally.
In the swamp region, use the Spider rider (after you raise the monster) 
and go up the monster's tongue and inside his head.  Get past the eyes 
and tentacles to get the ticket.

J ticket:  Monsters hate having something in their eyes
Get to the level where the green lava is (climb to the very top of the 
inside of the machine, and hop up into the funnel).  Once you bomb the 
bomb target, the huge monster head will rise.  Use the monsters sticking 
their tongue out (near the entrance) to climb up to a platform with 
bombs.  Use the bombs to bomb the monster's eyes.  When both eyes are 
closed, the head will lower.  Quickly jump on top of the submerged 
monster head, and when it rises back up you'll get this ticket.

K ticket:  The eyes have it
Once you activate the machine, use the arms to take you up to the eyes, 
and the ticket will be on top.

L ticket:  Tokens: collect the whole set!
Every single one.

Section 10:  Jojo World

If you think the game's gonna let up just because you managed to 
scrounge up 65 tickets, think again.  You have to go through Jojo's 
grueling obstacle course, applying every single thing you learned in the 
game.  It's a nerve-wracking experience.  You start out swinging.  Once 
you reach the other side, use the flowers to hop up.  Make your way past 
the seesaws.  When you get to where you have to paint yourself, I found 
it easier to paint yourself at the fountains, and hopping as fast as you 
can up the columns so that the paint guns don't get you.  To paint 
yourself at the fountains, first paint yourself orange (red and yellow).  
Then, paint your head green by standing in the middle of the paint 
grates, and timing your jump so that just your head gets painted green 
(blue and yellow).  If you make it to the fan area, use the bomb to blow 
up the Jojo wall, then quickly bomb one of the propellers, and jump 
The next area is the grapple area.  Freeze the water to get across 
the small pool, and from the frozen water grapple the handle above you.  
Next, to get across the next pool, keep making frozen platforms.  Once 
you get to the bar, make a platform, wait until if floats to the other 
side of the beam, then hop over the beam and onto the platform.  Once 
you make it past the magnet platforms (it's easier if you stand in the 
middle of them, and slowly move either left or right), you'll come to a 
switch and a huge magnet.  Find the box, step on the switch, throw the 
box at the magnet, and grapple onto the box to pass this area.  Keep 
jumping to the right, and you'll come to another magnet puzzle.  This 
second one involves 2 boxes.  To pass it, throw one box on the platform, 
then use the same technique with the second box to get onto the 
platform, then quickly throw the box on the platform to the magnet.  If 
you're fast enough, you'll have time to grapple it and make it across.
If you somehow manage to get past this to the lava part, jump 
across to the column in the middle, swing up, and use the spring-loaded 
platforms to hop from platform to platform, into Whoopie's mouth.  I 
found jumping around this way easier if I jumped onto the spring, rather 
than rolling onto it.  Once you get inside Whoopie's mouth using the 
handle on his nose, you'll find a couple of platforms on the other side, 
and one of them has a mechanical arm.  The arm doesn't do anything; you 
have to make the platform spin around to reach the other side.  What 
worked for me is, I stood at the end of the platform, and kept shooting 
grapple beams at it until it started moving.  I shot the beams in the 
direction the platform was moving, and eventually it swung around to the 
other side.  

"As for Jojo's world and the lava jumps, it's best to take a short jump 
then when you land on the spring platform push forward. You'll get just 
enough momentum to move forward and make the next platform. The last 
platform is the toughest, as it's really hard to judge, just push 
forward all the way and don't let up, you'll make it just 
fine."(Philbert)  thank you!

Once you make it to the spider, you're home free.  Use the bombs 
to destroy the spider legs and make it easier for you to reach the head.  
Jump right in front of its eyes, then over them, up its back, and to the 
next platform.  Next Jojo will try to plead and bargain, don't listen to 
him.  Instead, use the handles around the green column of light to reach 
the top.  Once there, climb on top of the ball, and make it roll.  After 
it rolls for a while, that will be the end of Jojo, and the park will be 
back to normal.  After Dr Gavin talks to you, you'll get the ticket.

When you have all the tickets and all the tokens, you'll see the ending, 
which Whoopie wasn't too happy about.  This game is cool, even the 
credits are a mini game.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.   

As you can see, this walkthrough is far from complete.  I would 
appreciate any input I receive, especially the number of tokens needed 
to get each move and vehicle. I hope that this walkthrough will help 
those hopelessly stuck somewhere.  This is a fantastic game, full of fun 
challenges and clever puzzles.  It would be a shame if people got to the 
point where they don't enjoy playing it anymore because they can't get 

I want to thank:
Ubi Soft, Suckerpunch, and Nintendo, for releasing this great game.

Anyone else associated with Rocket: Robot on Wheels.  I am in no way, 
shape or form associated with Nintendo, Suckerpunch, etc., nor claim to 
be or ever have been associated with those companies and or 
organizations mentioned above.

This document copyright 2000, Jamie Aceves