Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- Banjo-Kazooie 1998 by Nintendo/Rare FAQ Version 0.2 by Suikodan ( Current release July 21th 1998 First Release July 4th 1998 This FAQ can be found at these Web Sites: GAMEFAQS at TOP GAMING at WHAT IS BANJO-KAZOOIE? ================================================================================================ Banjo-kazooie is the new game from Nintendo starring a bear named Banjo and his bird-friend Kazooie. Taking the Mario 64 genre to new heights, BK has a lot to offer! But I think that this game looks more like Donkey Kong Country than Mario 64 because if you know how RARE does its games, you should agree with me. With a lot of things to find in this game, I found useful to write a FAQ of my progress to everybody who has the game! This FAQ will explain how to get puzzle items, one up symbols, new moves, the poor jinjos and the golden combs. It might not be as complete as it should but I will update it each time I will find something new. But if you want more informations about the stages, like mambo skull, tricky note places and hive places you can always ask. As usual, you can freely distribute this FAQ as long as the credits are due to the right person. (That means me and other persons who will contribute) ================================================================================================ Updates ================================================================================================ Version 0.2 Updated contribution section Added background story and character introductions Added Freezeazy's Peek (Level 5) Added Gobi's Valley (Level 6) Added Mad Monster's Mansion (Level 7) Added Level 5 and 7's Mumbo token's locations (Thanks to BK Strategy Guide) Added rumors section Version 0.1 I just wanna thank all the people who wrote me about the FAQ and informed me about the things that were missing. I never received some much emails in one week! ;-) Thanks guys ;-) Added Bubble Gloop Swamp (Level 4) Added location to level 1 and 3's #10 jiggy (Thanks to all the people who wrote to me, it was too much! ;-) Added Level 1 and 4's Mumbo token's locations (Thanks to BK Strategy Guide) Next Update will feature levels 5 to at least 7. Version 0.0 Added Gruntilda's Lair Outside Added Gruntilda's Lair Inside Added 95% (some things are missing) of the first 3 level's solutions. Added Contributions section THE STORY ================================================================================================ Gruntilda is a vile witch that finds herself ugly. To solve this problem, she opted to steal the beauty from the most beautiful female in the world surrounding her lair. It appears she had to kidnap Tooty, the sister of Banjo. Banjo and his long-time bird friend Kazooie must embark into an adventure that will test their will and might to find the precious puzzle pieces to help them get through the witch's lair and save Tooty! THE CHARACTERS ================================================================================================ BANJO Banjo is the main hero of the game. Bearing an absolute ressemblance to the Sugar Crisp Bear, he is a bear who loves to sleep, swim and even dance when he wants to. His sister Tooty has been kidnapped by the witch Gruntilda and he must go save her with his bird friend Kazooie. KAZOOIE Kazooie is the red crested breegull that rest in Banjo's backpack. Kazooie is known for her notorious loudmouth and always seem to attract trouble like a magnet. In this adventure, Kazooie will pop up of Banjo's backpack to help him with her wings, either to fly farther or to protect Banjo from damage. TOOTY Tooty is Banjo's little sister. She likes a lot to wander around and search for new adventures to do. BOOTLES This mole is the best friend of Tooty. But when he faces the abduction of his friend, Bootles swore to help Banjo get throught the different hazards with some moves that will help both the bear and the bird. GRUNTILDA She's a selfish, spiteful and nasty witch and now she's on a roll to make herself the most attractive chick in the world. But she never learned that the ugliness that she has inside will always remain even if she's beautiful from the outside. BRENTILDA She is Gruntilda's sister and she's much better than her evil sister. But even her powers aren't strong enough to stop her sister. So she will help Banjo and Kazooie as much as she can. MUMBO JUMBO He is a former teacher of Gruntilda and he was betrayed by the witch before he could prevent her from using the magic for a bad use. Gruntilda turned Mumbo into a horrific shaman and he will remain like that until the witch is overthrown. ================================================================================================ Levels by far: ================================================================================================ Spiral Moutain Gruntilda's Lair (Inside) Mumbo 's Mountain Treasure Trove Cove Clanker's cavern Bubble Gloob Swamp ================================================================================================ Spiral Moutain ================================================================================================ You should have no troubles getting past this area. Bottles will explain the basic moves to BK and it's up to you to achieve the goals. When you first get out of the house, press B near the molehill to call Bottles, he will tell you to wander around the area to learn some new moves so follow the road to the first molehill. 1- You learn how to control the cameras in the game. Nothing spectacular here. Proceed north from here to arrive to an area where there are tree stumps. Learn the double jump (A 2 times) and the flip jump (Z then A), go to the northeast stump to get the 1st honeycomb. 2- Go left from there (assuming that the area is behind you) and talk to the next molehill and you will learn how to swim. Get in the water behind you and swim underwater around the spiral mountain to find the next honeycomb. Return to the molehill. 3- Go north from there. You should see a waterfall with platforms. Double jump the last one to get another honeycomb. Double-jump again in the big waterfall to get the 1-up. 4- From the waterfall, jump in the water and go straight to the next molehill. Notice the tree right of the bridge that you will see from there. Bottles will then teach you how to climb trees. Go across the bridge and climb the tree to find the honeycomb. 5- From the molehill, go up to find an area with giant rocks, learn how to do the slide attack (Z then B), destroy all rocks to get honeycomb. 6- Go left from there (assuming again that the area is behind Banjo) and climb in an area surrounded by fences. Learn how to attack, roll attack and the jump attack. Destroy all enemies to get the last comb piece. Go right from that area, go across the bridge to the spiral island and get ready to enter Gruntilda's Lair! Before you leave (if you want to), when you have learn the super jump (Z + A), go near Kazooie's house and jump on the roof, get on the chimney and super jump again for a 1-up. ================================================================================================ Gruntilda's Lair (Inside) ================================================================================================ Puzzle pieces ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To have access to level one, as soon as you enter, jump the platforms to reach the easy-to-get puzzle piece then you can enter in level one. The puzzle piece above the Mambo's Mountain that you activate in level one (near the big gorilla in the tree) can only be reached if you are in Ant's form. Climb up and go get that piece. BTW if you try to go further the shaman will turn you back to your original form. The second level's puzzle piece is activated once you stomp on Gruntilda's face in the Tower in level two. The cannon outside the chest (entrance to the level) will shoot a puzzle piece and you only have to climb up the "boat" to get the piece. Level three's puzzle piece is activated inside the big metal fish (near the top entrance). Once you get outside the stage go back where to the room where there's a big tile of Gruntilda. You should have seen that the eyes have been elevated, go stomp'em and the puzzle piece should appear. Level four's puzzle piece is found under an house in the swamp trees. Stomping it will destroy the Grunty statue's hat, you can then drop from the Egyptian Vase right to the statue. Level five's puzzle piece switch can be found under a snowman in the stage. Destroy them with the Beak torpedo by aiming right on the X mark on their hats. Stomping the switch will make a jiggy appear in the building of the level's entrance, just climb up until you find a switch that once you stomp it will make a flying plate appear under a spider web. If you haven't destroyed the web, go fart some eggs and it will be gone. Stomp the switch, grab the speedgin shoes, run to the flying tile, start to fly back to Freezeazy's Peek Entrance and fly way upward until you get to the jiggy. Level six's puzzle piece switch is found in the maze where you have 60 seconds to get to the end. The switch opens the pharaon tomb near the vase with the circling flying tile. You can then get the jiggy by standing in front of the tomb and spring your way up when the tile arrives and use the double jump. Level seven's puzzle piece switch is found inside the church. Jump on the flight pad located to the left of the organ's top part, that close to the window and next to the pipes. Fly all the way to the top of the building and land on the wood beams. Now stomp on the witch switch that activates a Jiggy in the stone witch's eye outside the level. You can get it by flying to the eye using the running shoes outside of Freezeezy Peak to get to the flight pad in the spiderwebbed area. ================================================================================================ Mumbo's Mountain ================================================================================================ Mumbo's Mountain is the first stage where you will learn the second part of your basic training. Feel free to train yourself! WHAT YOU NEED: 1 Puzzle piece HOW TO GET THERE: - When you first enter Gruntilda's lair, you only have two ways to choose, at your left you will have several platforms to go up and get a jiggy, go get it. Then you will see the entrance. Go to the right past Gruntilda's painting to enter a "mouth" where you will see the entrance but it is closed. Go to the right of that entrance to see the painting of Mumbo's Mountain. Place your jiggy here and enter the stage. What's missing: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The 10th puzzle piece 1-ups The 2 combs in the stage Puzzle pieces ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Find the five Jinjos 2) When you are near a big gorilla on a tree that is throwing oranges at you. There are 3 tiles with orange on them. Try to make the gorilla shoot his oranges on the three tiles to get the puzzle piece. 3) In that same area, climb the tree under the gorilla and get the orange. Bring it to the little monkey to get a puzzle piece. 4) Jump on the tree stump that the monkey activated, get on the platform and learn the egg throw move. Go to the left side of the platform where you will arrive in front of the big gorilla where he thinks he's safe. Throw 3 eggs at him and you will get another puzzle piece. Watch out! He can (and will) reply to your attacks! 5) Proceed to an area with little houses, a totem and a big skull, you should also hear some tribe-like music. Learn the stomp move around here and stomp all the houses. The nearest house to the hive has a puzzle piece. 6) This one's easy, get in front of the skull's left eye and flip jump in it. 7) The "Tribe" area is surrounded by fences. However, you can see a breach near the big hill that only Kazooie can walk on. You have two choices: get Kazooie's move and walk on the green hill to get the puzzle piece or walk in the breach and slide down to the platform. It's not that hard, you slide in front of you. 8) Northeast of the skull's entrance, you'll come across a huge tower (forget it for now) and go up to an area with aztec-like structures. You should see the jigsaw right in the center of this area. 9) Get the five skulls in Mumbo's mountain and go see the shaman inside the big skull. Transform into a termit and go to the big tower that you passed by in #8. Enter it and do some fancy jumps to find your way to the top. There are a 1-up icon and a puzzle piece here. 10) In the area near Mumbo's Hut, Banjo-Kazooie must shoot the rotating stone faces repeatedly in the mouth with eggs. After all of the stone-faces have been shot with eggs a jiggy is rewarded. Jinjos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Right in front of you when you enter the stage. 2) On the small island right of the bridge at the left of the stage's entrance. 3) When you stomp on one of the houses near the Shaman's skull. (HIDDEN ONE!) 4) On the end of a grey platform (in the aztec-like area) that you must climb with Kazooie. 5) On one of the stage's slopes. Use Kazooie to reach him or try to slide from the top. Skull (Mumbo Tokens) (Thanks to's BK Strategy Guide) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1)One of Mumbo's tokens is located behind the platform that the Pink Jingo is on near the beginning of level. 2)On the raised platforms near the mole that teaches Kazooie how to shoot eggs. 3)Directly to the right of Mumbo if you are standing on the egg-shooting platform. 4)Located behind the stone pillars at the top of the mountain. 5)Located under stair entrance to Mumbo's Hut. 6)Located inside the termite hill. You can reach it by double jumping. Combs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) On the 3rd totem's mouth near the skull. Shoot all the totem's head with eggs. 2) Hidden in a groove located in the hill directly above the pool of water where there is a Jinjo on it. Use the termite form to get there. BK's new moves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Egg throw: When you get puzzle piece #3, climb the tree stump and flip-jump to the higher platform where you will see a molehill and learn the move. 2) Stomp: Get to the Tribe-like area and search for a molehill near the big skull. 3) Kazooie's leg: You will be able to walk on steep cliffs with this move. Get to the area with an Aztec-like structure with a steep step. You should see the molehill. ================================================================================================ Treasure Trove Cove ================================================================================================ Treasure Trove Cove is a beautiful stage that place Banjo and Kazooie on a beautiful island surrounded by the sea where a shark will come bite your butt if you wander too much in its water. WHAT YOU NEED: 2 Puzzle pieces 50 Notes HOW TO GET THERE: - Return to the Gruntilda's painting room and use Kazooie to go up the steep cliff and you will come across a note door that requires you to have accumulated 50 notes or more. When it has been done, go to the next room where you will see a big tile of Gruntilda. Go northeast of that tile to the TTC puzzle painting. Place your pieces and you will see a treasure chest that opens somewhere. Return to the Grunty tile and go up to the door. Once there, you will see (from Banjo's point of view) some pipes going up to Banjo's right and a waterfall on his left. Go down the waterfall and exit from the right side and enter the cavern with two red eyes on it. You will then arrive near the treasure chest, just flip-jump in it. GENERAL TIPS: - Do not destroy the enemies when you have full energy. They are not much of a threat in this stage so save them when you have around 2 honeycombs of energy left. Same for the hives. - The crab usually takes two hits with the punch and/or the roll attack. However, if you stomp on it, it will give you two honeycombs instead of one. - You have a maximum of 50 red feathers and 100 eggs. Don't waste time picking extra stuff, they will not return until you die or exit the stage so save them because you might need them. - Get the music notes on top of the sand castle before draining the water or else it will be tough to reach them. - When in the water, swim doing the double-jump each time you land to swim farther and escape the shark. (Thanks to Joel "Anakin Solo" Bonner for this one) What's missing: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1-ups that I forgot or haven't found The 2nd honeycomb in the stage Puzzle Pieces ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) As usual, you get one jingsaw when you save the five jinjos. How to rescue them is explained below. 2) From the starting point, go straight and turn right at the junction. You will see brown boxes. Climb on them and go see Bottles. Learn the Spring move and go down the bridge to the next green tile. Spring your way to the left (with the notes, the right way has eggs) and use the double jump if you need it. Then spring your way to the alcove in the mountain. 3) From the molehill, go to the opposite side of the bridge and drop down near a bucket that says that it leaks. Turn your back to it, press Z to crouch and C down to "fart" eggs in it. It will then drain the water around the sandcastle. Enter that sandcastle and a crab will challenge you to spell BANJOKAZOOIE with the letter tiles. Stomp the letters in the right order within the allowed time. The cage will then open up and you can go get the puzzle piece. Beware of the crab that is invincible. 4) From the starting point, go left and you will see a huge crab that wants to fight with you. Use the jump attack (A then B) and hit it three times to defeat it. Enter its shell and follow the passage until you get the jingsaw. 5) Left of the crab shell there is a green plate, spring on it and jump your way to the top until you find a pool with a bomb on the surface and a puzzle piece in the bottom. Notice the jinjo and the 1-up on each sides of this place. 6) Go on the boat. Smash the hole near the ship's mast and get the gold inside. Get back and go to the side of the boat where there is a small pool of water. Dive in it and enter the hole on the side of the boat. Get the second gold piece and take both of them to the captain Blubber. 7) On the boat, go where you learn to fly and step on the red plate and fly under the arch to the left. There will be a chest with a puzzle piece inside. 8) On the boat, fly again under the arch but this time go right. There will be a staircase leading to the top of the arch. Jump your way around the spiral mountain until you reach the watch tower. Jump and attack to smash the door and enter it. You will be on top of the tower. Spring your way on the top top of the tower (finally!) to grab the puzzle piece. 9) From the boat, fly (for a third and last time) under the arch straight to the green tower and go on the top of it. You will see a red X sign. Stomp it and it will turn into an arrow. Go to the feather plate near it and start flying in the arrow's direction. Press A if you need a boost to fly higher but make sure you have enough red feathers. Land on each top where there's a X sign, stomp it and follow the arrow's direction by flight until you reach a top where the X sign turns into a ? sign and a chest that tells you that you will never find him. Go right (in the water's direction) and you should see a small island with a X on it. Stomp it and the chest will appear. Stomp the chest gently to get the jiggy. 10) From the green tower, stand besides the feather tile and face the brown staircases. Double jump your way to them and go right of the first staircase. You should be in a narrow passage. You will need to jump on boxes and double jump your way to the puzzle piece. Jinjos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Right under the starting point. Watch out for the shark. 2) On top of the ship's pole. 3) At the top of a tree around the watching tower. 4) Near the place where you learn how to jump high on the green plates, jump until you reach it. 5) Go left of the huge crab and climb your way to the top. It should be at the end of a platform near the #5 puzzle piece. Skull (Mumbo Tokens) (Thanks to's BK Strategy Guide) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1)Look behind Nipper's shell (defeat him first) 2)Break the hatch on the back of the pirate ship and jump inside. 3)Climb up the mast of the ship. 4)Check the shallow water close to the entrance pier. Next to a giant rock, you will find skull 4. 5)Learn the high jump after climbing the boxes close to the ship and jump up on the first pad. 6)Go to the tide pools and find a pond with a mine. Dive for the skull. 7)Close to the stairs, look for a munching treasure chest. Flip jump into it to get skull 7. 8)Find it in the same treasure chest as skull 7. 9)Enter the lighthouse on top of the mountain. Combs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Go left of the crab in the water and swim until you reach the junction of the brown wall (to your right) and the green wall (the one you face) and the honeycomb should be there. 2) Look out to the sea from the snapping treasure chests. The honeycomb is on top of a box floating in the water. 1-ups ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Go on the bridge leading to the green tower but instead of jumping across the gap, drop in the water, you should see it. 2) Go to the place where you find the 5th puzzle piece and go southeast. Double jump to the place where the 1-up is. 3) Southeast of the starting point there's an island with a sign "Shark Food Island" and there is a floating box with a 1-up beside it. BK's new moves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Spring jump: From the starting point, go straight up and turn right at the junction. You should see at pile of crates. Jump on top and go to the molehill. This move enables Kazooie to make a spring jump and thus make Banjo go higher in the air. this can be done only on green tiles though. 2) Flying: Go to the top of the ship and talk to Bottles. This move can make BK fly. This can only be done from tiles with red feathers on them. The take-off takes one red feathers and if you want to get higher, press A while flying, this will take 1 red feather each time you press A. ================================================================================================ Clanker's cavern ================================================================================================ WHAT YOU NEED 5 puzzle pieces 50 notes HOW TO GET THERE The CC puzzle painting is in the room with the big Grunty tile, go northwest of it and you will see a green switch. Jump high to the puzzle painting and place your jiggys here. A grate will open somewhere. Go upward the Grunty tile back to the room with pipes and a waterfall but this time go to the pipes. There is one pipe supplying water for the waterfall. Jump on it and flip jump to the next opened pipe and enter it. In the next room, go to the left side of your SCREEN and stomp on the blue tile that will bring two pipes above the water that will aid you to get across the water to enter the stage. What's missing: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The 10th puzzle piece 1-ups that I may have missed Puzzle Pieces ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Get the Jinjos as usual. 2) Swim until you face a big metal shark-like creature. Swim to its tail and behind its tail you should see a green hole underwater. Swim past it and 4 mutant crabs will challenge you. Defeat them with the stomp move and the jiggy will appear at the center of the room. Jump on the pipe to get that puzzle piece. 3) When you get #2, as soon as you exit the green passage go to your left and enter the passage here. Swim fast because it's a dead-end with a puzzle piece. 4) If you wandered under Clanker, you should have seen that it's attached to a big chain. Swim down the chain to see a key in a keyhole. Swim in the key (you'll know what I mean once there) 3 times and the chain will get loose. The reward is on Clanker's body. 5) Right after you got #4, go down to Clanker's tail and climb it. Jump to the platform with the 6 red feathers on it and a jiggy inside a cage. Smash the gate and get the prize. 6) Return on Clanker's back and go where near its eyes. You should see that the thing breaths and sometimes spits a big screw upwards. Get on that screw and wait until Clanker spits it. When it does, get on the platform and follow the air ducts to the puzzle piece. 7) Return to the screw-spitting hole but this time wait for the screw to go up and enter the hole. You will be inside Clanker. Stomp the Grunty switch and go upward, avoid the blades to get the jiggy at the end. 8) After getting #7, enter the next door, you will land on a feather tile. Watch the room with the (C up) button and notice the green circles. You need to jump and swim in each green circles within the allowed time. If you succeed, the jiggy will appear. Go back to the red feather tile and start flying across the entire room to the jiggy. 9) In #8's room, go on the red feather tile and fly across the room once again but this time fly to the spot higher than the place that the jiggy was on. You should pick up a gold feather and go to another room. Get the invincibility move and go across the blades with it to get the jiggy. 10) Climb on top of the box off the left side of Clanker and shoot eggs at his golden tooth. Jinjos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) At the beginning of the stage behind the first hive. Climb the ladder to reach. 2) In an 180 degrees underwater passage right of Clunker. 3) Enter Clanker's body from the left flank and swim down. 4) When Clanker is free, get on his left wing and wait that it goes over the water, jump to the platform that has a green plate on it. Destroy the green worm with the yellow feather move. Jump with the green plate to the pipe at your left, stomp the grating and get in the air duct to set free the jinjo. 5) Near the big key under Clanker. Swim around the area to find it. Use the fish's bubbles if you are getting short on air. Skull (Mumbo Tokens) (Thanks to IGN64.COM's BK Strategy Guide) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1)Find the first skull on top of the large pipe that leads into the level. Climb the ladder and make your way to the left. 2)After you have raised Clanker, enter through his left tooth (you need to shoot it with eggs). 3)Jump off Clanker's fin to the platform next to it. Launch yourself from the Shock Pad to reach the duct on the right. Make your way up the drain pipe, then right to grab another token. 4)Do the same thing again, but now make a left and follow the pipes all the way.You will find tons of notes and a skull close 5)The last skull is sitting tugged away in an underwater tunnel. Combs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Go right of the first 1-up (explained below) and you will see an air duct going in the water, you need to go under that duct and enter it from below. 2) Follow the instructions of the 4th jinjo but once on the air duct, take Kazooie (to avoid sliding) and jump to the air duct to the left. Stomp on the grating. 1 up symbols ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Go on Clanker's left wing and jump to the platform with a green tile on it. Use the invincibility move to get rid of the giant worm. 2) Go to the #4 jinjo in the air duct and head left, Banjo will slide andf get a 1-up in his way. 3) Go on Clanker's right wing and swim in the direction of its tail and get in the platform on your left that has a hive and a green worm hole. Jump on the air duct up to the green tile. Spring your way up to the box-sized hole in the wall and double jump your way left to the 1-up. BK's new moves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Invincibility: Go to the #8 puzzle piece's room and fly across the room to the door. Go through and get in touch with bottle at the entrance of this room. This move enables Kazooie to protect Banjo from damage. However this is done at the cost of 1 gold feather per second. ================================================================================================ BUBBLE GLOOB SWAMP ================================================================================================ WHAT YOU NEED 7 puzzle pieces 180 note symbols HOW TO GET THERE Return to the place where the entrance of level 3 was. If you haven't stump the switch near level's 3 entrance, jump on the pipes across the pool and do it. When (or if) done, jump in the pool and swim down to the left (left from where you came of course!), there will be a passage that will lead to the Bubble Gloob Swamp puzzle painting. Now head back and exit the big pipe. Walk right and you should see a steep cliff, use Kazooie and make sure you accumulated at least 180 notes to open the door. Once through, you should see a big statue of Grunty (ignore it for now) and head to the left to the steep cliff, climb it again and enter the orange pipe. Then continue and walk on the bridge to the level 4's entrance. GENERAL TIPS: - If you destroy any enemy at full or so energy, do not take the honeycomb they give. Save it for later, they don't disappear. - You will see some items in the swamp. Leave them there until you have the Wading boots. Some items are unreachable even with the wading boots so wait until you are in alligator form to be able to crawl under. What's missing: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1-ups that I may have missed Puzzle Pieces ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Get the Jinjos as usual. 2) Near the starting point, there is a golden alligator face that seems to chew something. Throw an egg or two and it will disappear and reappear in another spot in the stage. Do this 5 times for the jiggy. 3) Stomp the green puzzle piece switch and go take the jiggy within the limited time. Do not worry if you don't suceed at first. The jiggy will appear the next time you stomp it. 4) You will arrive on an island with 6 yellow frogs that will challenge you. Try to spit eggs or destroy them with the jump attack (A then B) to get the jiggy. 5) You will face a giant turtle who will complain about its cold feet. Stomp its 4 feet for a wonderful jiggy. 6) The turtle will then open its mouth. Enter it and you will see TipTop the Turtle who will challenge Banjo with a memory game. Win and you get a jiggy. 7) You will arrive in a place where a house stands. Stomp it and there will be a spring tile. Make your way to the top by stomping the other houses. One wise thing to do is to make a first spring jump to see the surroundings then jump when you are sure. 8) Near the big alligator head and past the swamp maze, you arrive arrive at the edge of the maze. There's a green puzzle piece switch, stomp on it and get the jiggy. Make sure not to fall! ;-) 9) After getting #8, head back to the switch and take the Wade boots to arrive at Mambo's skull. Make him transform you into a small alligator. Then head to the big alligator's head and enter it from its nose. Then you will meet Mr.Vile you will challenge you. Win his challenge for a jiggy. 10) At one dead end of the map, you will see a big egg lying on a very small island. Get behind it on the green tile and spring your way up on top of it. Stomp it and it will break into a smaller egg. To break it, you need to attack the X mark. When it's totally destroyed, it will hatch a small jiggy. Jinjos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Get on the ramp that is northeast of the starting point and the jinjo should be on the island left of it. 2) The second one is behind the big yellow turtle. 3) The third one is in a tree near the #3 puzzle piece. 4) The 4th one must be rescued when you are in alligator form because you can't reach it and you will take damage from the swamp. It is under a pole near jiggy #7. 5) The last one is northeast of the big alligator's head, you will need to jump pole to pole. Skull (Mumbo Tokens) (Thanks to IGN64.COM's BK Strategy Guide) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1)Located at the top of the hut platforms. 2)Near the beginning of the level and behind the Yellow Jingo. 3)Inside Mumbo's Hut. 4)Near Mumbo's Hut just beyond the maze. 5)Located in the water below the raised hut platforms. 6)There is another of Mumbo's Tokens located in the water below the raised hut platforms. 7)Inside the giant alligator. 8)In one of the grooves on the raised path near the middle of the level. 9)Near the giant pink egg. 10)Located inside the turtle. Combs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Get on TipTop's desk and jump downward your screen. 2) The second one is in Mambo's skull, jump on the pole to the left and jump on the wood floor. Then jump down to take it. 1 up symbols ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) The only one I found is the one on the top of the egg. BK's new moves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Wading boots: The molehill is right beside the starting point. Head left and talk to the molehill. This move enables Kazooie to wear the green boots to be able to walk in the swamp. ================================================================================================ FREEZEAZY'S PEEK ================================================================================================ WHAT YOU NEED 8 puzzle pieces 260 note symbols HOW TO GET THERE The tunnel that leads to the painting is behind the hut to the entrance of Bubble Gloob Swamp, so you will either need the wading boots to get there, or have Mumbo turn you into an alligator in Bubblegloop Swamp. To enter the stage, you will need to get past the 260 notes door and then get to the area where there is a face of Grunty surrounded by spiderweb (that you can destroy with eggs). Go up and left to the passage leading to the big wall with snow and enter in the opened door. GENERAL TIPS: - If you destroy any enemy at full or so energy, do not take the honeycomb they give. Save it for later, they don't disappear. Do the same for feathers if you have plenty of them. - You will see some items in the icy water. Leave them there until you transform into a walrus. - Wander around using Kazooie. She won't slide much. What's missing: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1-ups that I may have missed An hidden area (see rumors section) Puzzle Pieces ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Get the Jinjos as usual. 2) When you will climb the scarf up to the snowman's face, jump in his pipe. 3) Right in front of the snowman's face, there will be a sled, ride it and you will land on the belly of the bear that was sick. 4) Bring 3 presents to the bears in the igloo. a) the first one is on top of the snowman b) the second present is on an island around the giant snowman c) the last present is inside the christmas tree 5) Get in the form of a walrus (with the help of Mumbo!) and go inside the cavern where the other walrus is. 6) Do jiggy #3 and go race against the bear as a walrus. Win the race. 7) Help the small Xmas lights to get to the tree. When it is done, go behind the tree and shoot the star 3 times to turn on the tree's lights. Then start flying (there's a flying pad northwest of the tree's back) and fly in the top star 3 times (Use the R button to turn faster) to get the jiggy inside the tree. 8) Start flying and do the beak bomb on the three blue targets on the giant snowman. 9) Destroy all the little snowmen that are in the stage by flying and beak-bombing each of them on the X mark on their heads. 10) This one cannot be done until you get the speeding shoes in Gobi's Valley. Once you have them, go back in this stage and go see the bear that wanted to race. Beat him for the last jiggy. Jinjos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) On the snowman's broom. 2) On a pîle of gifts northwest of the Christmas tree. Near the flying pad of the #7 jiggy. 3) In Mumbo's house. Get on a pole and climb up. 4) Behind a house near the water pool facing the skull house. 5) The last jinjo is in the Walrus' house. You must have #5 jiggy and enter the cave in normal form. Skull (Mumbo Tokens) (Thanks to IGN64.COM's BK Strategy Guide) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1)Get your first skull in the igloo. 2)The Christmas tree has a little skull present for you. 3)Find another token close to the pile of presents. 4)Beak Bomb the snowman close to the pile of presents to get your hands on this one. 5)Find another one close to the bottom of the giant snowman's scarf in the water. 6)The first level of the snowman hides a skull. 7)There is another skull on the second level of the snowman. 8)Find a token on the little island to the left of the snowman. 9)Find a token on the end of the snowman's scarf when you ride the sled. 10)Search the little village close to Mumbo's hut for the last skull. Combs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) The first comb is in the Walrus cave. Get in in walrus form and follow the little cave. 2) The second comb can be obtained by killing one of the snowmen that are in the stage. Kill them by flying and beak-bombing each of them on the X mark on their heads. 1 up symbols ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) There's a trophy on top of the skull house. 2) Behind a colored ice column near the walrus' cave. BK's new moves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Beak-Bomb: The mole is near the big pile of gifts. This move will enable Kazooie to fly straight into a target and hit it with her beak. ================================================================================================ GOBI'S VALLEY ================================================================================================ WHAT YOU NEED 9 puzzle pieces 350 note symbols HOW TO GET THERE The puzzle painting of Gobi's Valley is located right behind the 350 notes door. Enter it and you will be in a volcano-like area, walk with care to avoid falling in the lava and place the 9 jiggys that you need to complete the puzzle. Then go back to the spiderwebbed area and go where you should see yellow lights. You should see a huge vase, go right behind it and there should be some stairs leading to a tree with a huge pool of hot sand, enter the tree. GENERAL TIPS: - If you destroy any enemy at full or so energy, do not take the honeycomb they give. Save it for later, they don't disappear. - You will see some items in the hot sand. Leave them there until you have the Wading boots. What's missing: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skull tokens 1-ups that I may have missed. A door that cannot be opened (yet?). (See rumor section) Puzzle Pieces ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Get the Jinjos as usual. 2) Get on the sphinx's head by jumping on its side and then on its back. Jump on one of the poles in front of it and the sphinx will tell you that is nose is full. Shoot eggs in each of the nose's holes and then enter the sphinx. Feed the faces to make the carpet go up to help you get the jiggy. 3) Start flying from the sphinx's back and pass throught the six dog statues with an honeycomb-like hole. 4) Get the running shoes move and get on top of the pyramid with a star tile on it before the time runs out. Once inside, swim down to get the jiggy and make the water go down. 5) Start flying from the sphinx's back, head left and beak-bomb the target that is on a pole with a form of Kazooie on top of it. Enter the pyramid within the allowed time and fart some eggs in the snake bucket. 6) Get the running shoes near the #4 jiggy and start running on the corner where the mommy hand holds the jiggy. You must be fast enough to grab it before the hand go back into the ground. 7) Stomp the ground where Gobi (the camel) is tied. It is left of the pyramide with the comb switch behind it. 8) Enter the pyramid that requires BK to stomp on top of it. Enter it and win at the memory game within the allowed time. 9) Go see Trunker (the tree near the starting point) when you have done the #7 jiggy. Gobi should be here taking a nap under Trunker. Stomp on Gobi's back and he will spit water into Trunker's mouth. Climb the tree behind to get on top of Trunker and get the jiggy. 10) There will be a pyramid in the center of a pool (that you will fill up with #4). Feed the heads with eggs and the entrance will be revealed. You will be challenged in a maze. You have one minute to do it. BE CAREFUL because if the time runs out, the walls will crush you and you will lose a life. Jinjos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) The first jinjo is right behind the starting point. 2) The second one is behind the first elevating carpet inside the sphinx. 3) The third one is in the pool that needs to be filled up. 4) The fourth one is in an alcove in the pyramid where the comb switch is. 5) The fifth one is inside a vase near the 10th jiggy. Combs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Hit the switch with a honeycomb on it. The comb will appear in the center of the cactus' hole. Fly in it. 2) After getting #7 and #9 jiggys. Go to the left side of the sphinx (the sphinx's left ;-) and take the carpet ride and jump where Gobi is. Stomp his back (poor Gobi!) and he will spit the honeycomb. 1 up symbols ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) There's a 1-up in the corner of the hot sand pool behind the sphinx. Use the wading boots to walk there. 2) There is an extra life on top of the star pyramid. (The one you need to race to enter it.) BK's new moves ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) The molehill is west of the sphinx (the sphinx's left, to be more precise) and around the pyramid with the Kazooie target on its top. You will learn the last move of the game. It will enable Kazooie to use the speeding shoes. You use them the same way with the wading boots but these shoes make Kazooie run much faster. ================================================================================================ MAD MONSTER'S MANSION ================================================================================================ WHAT YOU NEED 10 puzzle pieces 450 note symbols HOW TO GET THERE In the spiderwebbed room, climb up on top of the stone witch's hat. On the hat, you will find the 450 notes door. Go through and swim through the tunnels until you come to a room with alcoves in the wall. Using the double jump, get from one opening to the next until you arrive at the puzzle. Fill in 10 pieces and Mad Monster Mansion will open. Now you can return to the area where the painting of Gobi's Valley is and continue your way up. Then enter the red eyed cavern and you will find the Mad Monster Mansion's entrance here. GENERAL TIPS: - Do not go in the water or on top of the bushes, they will hurt you. Wait until you're a pumpkin. - Smash every window that has light in it, especially those on the house's roof. - Beware of the paintings in certain rooms. Snakes lurk inside. - To get on the roof of the main house as a pumpkin, find an opening in the bushes in the church area to access a ramp leading to the top. - The only way I found to get on the top in the normal form is to walk on top of the bushes from the skull house. Double jump often and use golden feathers. If someone has a better way, email me please! What's missing: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1-ups that I may have missed Puzzle Pieces ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Get the Jinjos as usual. 2) Feed the flower pots around the church to get a jiggy. Don't get me wrong, they say "Thank You!" ;-) 3) Enter the shed with lights coming out of it. Solve the puzzle by riding the glass over the letters to spell BanjoKazooie. Avoid the witch tiles and the monster that turns around the area. 4) On top of the church. Find your way by jumping on a grave beside the main door and use Kazooie to find your way to the top. Enter the clock. 5) Go to the area where the green jinjo is. Stomp the switch and use the speeding shoes to get in the church before the door closes. Once inside, get on the big piano and follow Motzand's moves on the piano. 6) Get the right side of the main house ans smash the wooden panels to enter the wine cave. Smash the wooden barrels to find the jiggy. 7) As a pumpkin, drop in the barrel get the jiggy in the bucket. I don't recommend going there in the normal form because you will get hurt by the water. 8) As a pumpkin, go on top of the house and enter the hole in the southeast corner. (East of the main door) 9) Drop in the chimney of the house in the normal form and get the jiggy under the big green monster. 10) Smash all the windows that have lights in them and return in pumpkin form. One of these rooms will have a toilet, go in it and get the jiggy here. Jinjos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) The first one is northwest of the starting point. Spring up over the moving root to get it. 2) The second one is at the northwest corner of the maze. 3) The third one is in the wine cave inside one of the barrels. 4) The fourth one is on the main house's roof. 5) The fifth one can be found on top of a bed inside the back window of the main house's roof. Skull (Mumbo Tokens) (Thanks to IGN64.COM's BK Strategy Guide) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1)Check the barrel to the right in the cellar. 2)Fall into the well and check for a token. 3)There's a skull in the far right corner of the maze. 4)Close to the ramp (at the church wall) in the hedge maze. 5)After you have landed on top of the beams in the church, get your hands on another skull. 6)Smash the large window at the top of the mansion. There's a skull behind a giant treasure box. 7)Check the outside of the Ouija shack for another one. 8)Smash another window on the second floor for one more skull. 9)On the organ seat. 10)Jump into the sink. 11)There's another one in the bathroom. 12)Make your way up to the clock tower on top of the church. There's one in the entrance. 13)The graveyard next to the church hides another skull. 14)Look at the edge close to the stairs that lead through the edge in between the shack and Mumbo's hut. 15)Fall through the chimney and find one in the fireplace. Combs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) Enter the window on the left side of the main house's roof. Go under the floor when you are a pumpkin. 2) Haven't found it yet. 1 up symbols ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) On the chandelier of Napper's room. 2) On top of the church. 3) Jump into the Banjo-Kazooie window on the left side of the church building. ================================================================================================ Rumors ================================================================================================ I got this letter from Robert Scott saying this weird trick: "My wife accidentally found a secret in Mumbo's hut in the Mad Monster Mansion. She was goofing around hitting buttons and Mumbo said something like:" Ah you've found my secret, I'll turn you into a T-REX and you'll be able to defeat the witch. But this level is too easy, I won't turn you into a T-REX here." If someone has the answer to this one... Another weird thing is the room behind the icy glass in the Walrus' cavern in Freezeazy's Peak. When you look through it, you can see a big key spinning. Another area I'd like to know if it can be opened is in Gobi's Valley where you find Gobi for the last time. There is a door here. Anybody opened it? ================================================================================================ How to contribute ================================================================================================ Banjo-Kazooie is a huge game and even if I wrote this FAQ it doesn't mean that I've found all the things the game has to offer. In this FAQ I wrote the things I haven't found but if you find them, please send me an email explaining how to get the piece that I haven't found. I will give credit to you. Same for the other ones who want to write a BK FAQ. Maybe we should give each other hints to have one complete BK FAQ instead of having several FAQs that are incomplete. These are the people who e-mailed me to submit some help, some gave me informations that maybe I already knew but I appreciate that they wanted to help me. I hope each person will recognize himself because I don't give e-mail address. Thanks guys! - Trevelyan - BLSLFS - RB - N64LordX - Brian Farley - Joel "Anakin Solo" Bonner - Don Cooper - Tim "FLUKE!" Jeffries - Tom Miller - Marie Gagnon - Jon McClellan = Donella Lay - Froggy This FAQ has the honor to be the first one accessible on the Internet. It will be completed as soon as I finish the game! ;-) Banjo-Kazooie is a game from Nintendo and RARE and is copyrighted. This FAQ has been written by Suikodan ( *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************