Mario Golf Faq 1.0
Written by: cookinwiththerock
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Last Update: July 22nd 1999

Table O' Contents
1.      Introduction
2.      Updates
3.      Characters
4.      How To Play
5.      Modes
6.      Clubs
7.      Miniature Golf
8.      Secrets and Hints
9.      Q/A
10.     Credits

1.      Introduction
I created this guide after reading an article in Nintendo Power 
magazine. While Mario Golf may not be a golf sim game, it doesn't try to 
be one either. It's just a fun, party type game where you play each 
other in golf. For those of you new to the sport you may not know how to 
play golf this game includes a "rules of golf" mode where you can learn 
to play.

2.      Updates
Version 1.0- Everything is new since it's the first version! Duh?!

3.      Characters
Nintendo has 17 different character including the ones hidden, into this 
game. It's hard not to find a character that suits your playing style.

Mario- As many would suspect he is a well-rounded (in more ways than 
one, roly-poly) golfer. He has a long drive and one of the best swings 
in the game.

Luigi- Not much is known about Luigi yet (more will be known when I get 
the game) but he is the first golfer you'll unlock in this game.

Peach- Mario's girlfriend sports average golfing skills, yet is a great 
for a beginner. One of the four golfers you start out with.

Yoshi- Everyone's favorite purple dinosaur. What? Oh GREEN dinosaur. 
Yoshi, like peach, is a very well-rounded golfer.

Wario- Wario's philosophy if I can take a quote from Minnesota's 
governor "Win if you can, Lose if you must, but always cheat." Wario is 
not out there to make any friends so he's rough.

Baby Mario- Baby Mario makes his debut on the N64. But boy is it funny 
to watch him golf. The second golfer you start out with.

Plum- A new character who is very well-rounded and is great for 
beginners. She looks like she's from an anime game. The third golfer you 
start out with.

Charlie- A well-rounded golfer who looks mean. Someone should tell him 
to comb his hair. The fourth player you start out with.

Sonny- Is coocoo for CoCo Puffs. Definitely not for beginners, once who 
get the hang of him, he is one of the best golfer's in the game.

Harry- He lives up to his name with a goatee, sideburns, and hair all 
with different colors. He puts a spin on the ball so be careful.

Bowser- A hidden character. Not much else is known.

Donkey Kong- Like Bowser, he is also a hidden character.

Plus 5 more hidden characters.

4.      How To Play

 As with any golf game you win by having the least amount of swings at a 
hole. Say it has a par 4 and you get the ball in after two hits your 
score would be -2. 

Screen Display-

Course Info- This appears in the top left hand corner of the screen and 
it displays the length of the course, what par the hole is, distance to 
the hole, and the slope of the landscape.

Wind Indicator- This is in the top right corner. Your Boo Buddy faces 
the direction the wind is blowing. There is also a number under him 
telling you how fast it's blowing.

Club Selection- This appears in the bottom left part of the screen. This 
is where it tell you what club is out.

Ball Location- This tells you where you ball is currently laying. It's 
either in the Fairway, Sand Trap, or the Rough. This indicator is 
located in the bottom right corner.

Power Meter- Found in the bottom in the middle this indicator tells you 
how far your club can hit the ball.

5. Modes

Mario Golf features 6 different modes. 

Tournament- An 18-hole tournament. You play for coins that you get for 
scoring under par.

Ring Golf- To earn a Star in this mode you must hit your ball through 
every loop while still finishing under par.

Speed Golf- The object of this mode is to reach the hole in the fastest 
amount of time possible. Go for a record!

Vs. Mode- Beat your hidden opponent to unlock that character. After 
unlocking them they will be available for any mode.

Club Slot- You start off with a wood, iron, putter, and wedge. You gain 
extra club by matching 3 of the same club on the slot machine. You get 
to play slot before each round.

Putter Golf- This mode is miniature golf. You can only use your putter 
on the miniature golf courses.

6.      Clubs

Putter- Use this club only when your about to hit it into the hole.

1 Wood- Use this as you start a new hole. This club makes the ball go 
the farthest. 

Pitching Wedge- Use this club to get out of sandtraps or to hit it into 
the air.

If you know about someother clubs E-mail me:

7.      Miniature Golf

While it may not have water traps or windmills it does add a lot to 
Mario Golf. There are many courses ranging from Letters to Numbers. You 
may only use your putter in this mode but you can launch your ball into 
the air using ramps.

8.      Secrets and Hints

To unlock the other 13 characters play Vs. Mode and defeat your opponent 
to unlock that character. Play until all 13 characters are unlocked.

9.      Q/A

Send in your Q/A to

10.     Credits

Nintendo Power magazine- For a lot of what's in this faq. Also the code 
to unlock the 13 hidden characters.