==Shenmue Part 1: Yokosuka Guide v3.5==
     By Olly Dean, at ryo_hazuki@shenmuefansite.com
     Check out my website at http://www.shenmuefansite.com
     Shenmue is (c) 1999 by Sega Enterprises Ltd.
     This document (c) 2000 Oliver Dean
     Internet Guide (c) 2000 Kel


1.(i) Introduction
  (ii) Story
  (iii) Controls
  (iv) FAQ
2.(i) Disc 1
  (ii) Disc 2
  (iii) Disc 3
  (iv) Shenmue Passport
  (v) New Moves
  (vi) Free Battle and QTE
3.(i) Credits
  (ii) Contact Me
  (iii) Revision Guide


Shenmue is a stunning new adventure game from Sega's AM2 department, in fact it 
has created a whole new genre, the FREE (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment) game. 
It is created by Yu Suzuki, the creator of Virtua Fighter and Outrun. His 
influence is prominent in it, as his touches include a Saturn on the TV, various 
Virtua Fighter references, and an arcade full of his older games.For more 
information, you can check out my website at http://www.shenmuefansite.com, 
or the official website at http://www.shenmue.com.

(ii) STORY
The story begins as Ryo witnesses a mysterious ninja/Chinese Mafia boss called 
Souryu kill his father and steal a strange, mystical mirror called the Dragon 
Mirror. Somewhere there is a twin for the Dragon Mirror called the Pheonix Mirror. 
Ryo must find the Phoenix Mirror, retrieve the Dragon Mirror, avenge his father, 
and discover why his father was killed over them. He must also get to Hong Kong 
where he will meet Shenhua Rei who he is telepathically connected with and 
constantly dreams about.

+ Pad - Moves Ryo:
UP - Walk Foward
LEFT - 90› Turn Left
DOWN - 180› Turn
RIGHT - 90› Turn Right
UP and LEFT or RIGHT - Smaller turns while going forward

LEFT TRIGGER - Hold When Walking to Run or Jog.
RIGHT TRIGGER - Hold to go into 1st Person View.


A BUTTON - Action
B BUTTON - Cancel
X BUTTON - View Notebook
Y BUTTON - Inventory and Items

(iv) FAQ
Q. When was Shenmue released?
A. It was released on Dreamcast in Japan on 29th December 1999, but if it was 
preordered you got it on Xmas Eve.

Q. How big is the game?
A. Three game discs and the Shenmue Passport disc.

Q. Shenmue Passport?
A. Here you can upload high scores onto the internet, access Shenmue.com, and 
watch all the cut-scenes and face demos from E3.

Q. Where can I get an import copy?
A. For the US use http://www.tronixweb.com, or for the UK I use       



This is mostly a step-by-step guide to the game, so I wouldn't recommend 
following it straight through, so take some time to explore the huge 
environments, otherwise you'll finish the game in under 10 hours and you would 
have wasted a fair bit of money.

NOTE: Whenever something important happens, it will be written down in your 
notebook, causing a small icon to appear next to the clock. To get rid of it, 
press X followed by B.

NOTE: If the day ends, your watch alarm will go off and you will automatically 
be home. Should this happen, just go to bed and pick up where you left off the 
next day.

Now turn on your Dreamcast, sit back, and watch the intro movies...

- Look through every drawer and cupboard in your room and take anything you can, 
especially the tape player and 'Shenmue' and 'Shenhua' tapes.

- Leave the room and get the letter with •15,000 in it from Ine-san.

- Now explore every room in the house and pick up everything you can. If you 
want to, in the TV room, get the Saturn out of the cupboard underneath. In your 
brother's room and the corridor behind your father's room are little leaflet 
things, that if you inspect, will give you new moves. Also, in your father's 
room in a box is a rusty key which will be essential in disc 2.

- Go into the kitchen and look at the table for a flashback about your father.

- Leave the house and turn left to the big tree in the garden for another 

- Enter the dojo and talk to your brother who is training.

- Leave through the front gate and walk down towards a big cat shrine where a 
cut-scene will happen with a little girl and a kitten. When you are given two 
options choose the left one to feed the kitten.

- Continue on until you get to a phone booth where you need to turn right to see 
a cut-scene with an old woman. When this finishes go right from the small shop, 
and a little further down on the right is a small garden with an old man called 
Yamagishi-san. Talk to him and then continue on through the trees to the main 
part of town.

- Talk to the man in the Happy Bear Hamburger stall at one end of the street.

- Talk to Hawasaki-san at the flower shop. She is the girl with a white sweater 
and red skirt on she will eventually become Ryo's sort-of girlfriend.

- About halfway along the street is a burger stand with a dancing man with 
dreadlocks. This is Tomo-san, and you need to talk to him next. You may be able 
to understand some of his speech as he speaks a strange English-Japanese hybrid 

- Talk to the guy in the orange-camouflage top, right opposite Tomo-san. His 
name is Kurita-san.

- In the smaller back-street there is a Chinese restaurant opposite a sports 
shop. Talk to the chef and his wife in here.

- Near to Game You (the Game Centre) is a barbers shop where you need to talk to 
the owner.

- Go to the barber's shop at the opposite end of the main street and talk to the 
barber in there.

- Go to the children's play area in the side street next to Game You and talk to 
the man in the black and white checked shirt.

- Talk to Tomo-san a his cart again.

- When it opens in the evening go to the Bar Yokosuka in the back street, and 
talk to the bartender behind the bar.

- Go to the bar up the street called MJQ. Talk to the bartender.

- Talk to the men playing pool, and when they ask you a question, select the 
left option to bet •1000 on a pool shot. I don't know what happens if you pot it 
because I missed.

- In the street is a bar opposite the bike shop, but it is hidden down a flight 
of steps. Go down the steps towards it.

- QTE with the drunk thugs. When it is over, go into the Heartbeats bar.

- QTE with the thugs in there. Notice how they insult Ryo's age by calling him 

- Talk with the guy fixing his bike opposite Heartbeats in the blue top and 
white hair.

- Go to the small restaurant a few shops away and talk to the female chef.

- You can't do anything else today so you can just go home.

- Ine-san says that she wants you home by 11pm tonight.

- Go towards the town to start a quick QTE with a soccer ball.

- In the main part of town there is a guy from a restaurant at a soda machine. 
Select the left option to buy him a drink, and buy him an Orange Fanta.

- In the same street, talk to the guy outside the jeans store (black apron on).

- Go into the previously locked door with Oriental writing on it, a symbol above 
it, and a CCTV camera on the wall.

- Talk to all the men inside.

- Go and talk to Kurita-san in the orange camouflage opposite Tomo-san again.

- After 7pm when the street lights come on, walk towards Game You.

- After you've followed the thugs into the car park, free-battle with them and 
knock them all out to find out about a Tattoo shop.

- Talk to the tough guys in Game You and select their left answer.

- Go to the apartment block opposite the Bar Yokosuka and go to the upstairs 
room with the poster on it (the tattoo shop).

- The guy in there will tell you to come back the next day.

- Get home before your curfew.

- The next day, go to the tattoo shop when it opens at 2pm.

- As Ryo puts his hand on the door, press A to start a quick QTE with a guy 
called Charlie.

- Leave the tattoo shop to trigger a cut-scene with the flower-girl from 

- There is nothing else to do today so you can just play games in Game You, get 
the collectables from the little machines, or go shopping. If you are after a 
challenge, play Darts 7 in Game You. If you get a high score you get a second 
game. If you get up to a free third game the owner gives you a toy darts arcade 

- The next day you will automatically spar with your brother in the dojo. Beat 

- Ine-san will give you a letter, but you can't read it (I don't know why but 
it might be in Chinese or something).

- Go into town and a cut-scene will start in which a little boy has had his 
soccer ball stolen by some thugs.

- Free battle with the thugs to help the boy get his ball back.

- After the battle, there is a QTE where you must kick the ball in the thugs 
face to make him let the boy go.

- Go and talk to Kurita-san in the orange camouflage again.

- Walk towards Game You to trigger a cut-scene with the boy who's soccer ball 
you got just now.

- Go to the building near to the vending machine where you bought that guy an 
Orange Fanta. It has a purple sign. Get the woman inside to read your letter.

- There is a phone number on the letter (it's recorded in the Notebook). You 
need to go to the small kiosk at the end of the street and dial the number on 
the phone (it costs •10). When the guy on the phone asks you a question, choose 
the right option, and then the left one.

- Talk to the old woman in the kiosk.

- Look at the phone book on the counter so that Ryo can look up someone.

- Go and talk to Tomo-san again.

- Go just beyond the kiosk to the bus stop and get on the bus when it arrives.

          ==END OF DISC 1==


- As you get off the bus, turn left into the docks.

- Walk forward until you trigger a cut-scene with two thugs beating up a man.

- Beat up the thugs in a QTE.

- Walk in the direction that the thugs show you and talk to a worker walking up 
on the left.

- Go right towards dock 8 and try to walk in. Talk to the guard who stops you.

- Go behind the dock and watch the cut-scene where Ryo looks up at an open 

- Push the metal crate towards the crates under the window by standing next to 
it and pressing UP.

- Climb up to the window and climb into it.

- Go around the gantry to the far office and watch the cut-scene.

- Climb down and go back around the front. Go down the road pointing toward dock 

- Talk to the three fishermen who are fishing in the harbour.

- After 7pm to the west of dock 8 you should see a homeless man being thrown out 
of a warehouse talk to him and agree to buy him a drink. Buy him a coke from the 

- It will be getting late by now, so if it gets too late and you are sent home, 
just come back the next day.

- After 7pm carry on from where you were and look for a security gate that is 
open a crack and go through.

- In the cut-scene the phone rings which causes Ryo to knock the flashlight off 
the shelf. To prevent any noise that will alert the guard, you must quickly 
press RIGHT in a QTE to
catch the torch.

- There is now a Metal Gear Solid style espionage sequence.  You must press A to 
hide behind crates and barrels to avoid the guards finding you. If they do, you 
must start again. From your starting point you must go to the right, all the way 
to the end, and then up to the lastdockhouse, which is also numbered 8.

- In there go to the open cabinet in the middle and pick up and inspect the 
plate. Watch the cut-scene. There you will meet Chin and his bodyguard, Shou. 
You will be sent home automatically afterwards.

- Head towards the town, and you can watch a cut-scene where the kitten has 
recovered and is walking around. If you don't see this, I don't think it's 
particularly important.

- Go into town and talk to the woman in the antique shop next to the Tomato 

- Return home, but on the way you will have to face Shou in a Free-battle. 
Vary your attacks as he blocks very often, and very effectively. When you 
beat him, you will see the creepy old man, Chai, who you will see later.

- Back home, walk towards the dojo to start a cut-scene with your brother and 

- After the cut-scene, go into the dojo, and use the rusty key that you got in 
your father's room in disc 1 on the long box in the top-right corner from the 
entrance to get the katana (Japanese Long Sword).

- Take the katana to the right-hand banner on the wall opposite the entrance and 
take the banner off the wall. Then slide the katana into the slit behind.

- Go down into the town, and go to the Tomato mart, and buy a lightbulb for •90. 
This isn't essential, but it helps later.

- Go into the antiques store where you were earlier, and watch the cut-scene 
where you are given a very useful item.

- Take it home and show your brother, and then when you're inside, show Ine-san.

- Put it in the hole in the dojo wall next to the katana's hole. This will open 
the secret door to the basement.

- Inside, go down the ladder and turn on your torch. Go into the main room and 
put the lightbulb in it's socket, then go to the switch by the entrance and turn 
the light on. Don't forget to turn off your torch, otherwise the batteries will 
run out.

- Get everything you can in the room. There should be a little old leaf, a new 
move, and a faded picture.

- On the floor next to the shelf there are skid marks. If you look at them you 
can move the shelf to the left. Behind them, look at the discoloured part of the 
wall, but Ryo can't break it.

- Grab the axe near the door and break open the wall to get the Phoenix Mirror.

- Take the Phoenix mirror to the antique shop, then the place with the woman who
read you your letter.

- At home after 7pm call Chin on 0468-61-5647 again and answer with the right 
option followed by the left one.

- On the way to the dock go to the antique shop, then the shop where the woman 
read your letter in disc 1 and they'll tell you about the Phoenix Mirror.

- Go to where you first met Chin in warehouse 8. In the middle of the cut-scene, 
Chai steals the Phoenix Mirror, and when Shou shouts at you, you must press LEFT 
in a quick QTE.

- You will then be sent home to bed.

- When you get up you will get all your money from your bank account, this should 
give you approximately Y32,000.

- Go and see your brother in his room, and watch the cut-scene where Ryo tells 
Ine-san that he plans to leave for Hong Kong.

- Go into town and go to the travel agent near to the Happy Bear Hamburger Bar 
and opposite Hawasaki's flower stall to get a brochure about a boat trip to Hong 

- Go to the other travel agent opposite Tomo to get another brochure.

- Go home and see your brother who will give you the money from his piggy bank. 
This will give you about •72,000.

- Go to the travel agent near Hawasaki to get a cheaper brochure and pay for a 

- Go and talk to Hawasaki-san.

- You will go back home where you should save and go to sleep.

- Go and talk to the Happy Bear Hamburger guy the next morning where he will point 
you towards the holiday place where you paid for a ticket.

- Inside, Ryo will beat up the guys.

- Now just kill time until you can go home to bed.

- The next day Chai will call you and say that you must meet him at Game You 
before noon.

- Go to Game You and he will eat your ticket to Hong Kong!! You will then Free-
battle with him. Don't worry if you don't win because he's very tough. If you 
beat him, there is a little QTE, but if you lose, your brother will come and 
save you and take you home to bed.

- The next day go to the travel agent opposite Hawasaki-san's shop after 10am 
and you will have a long chase QTE (it's the same one as the What's Shenmue 
demo chase). When you catch the guy, disc 2 will finish.

     ==END OF DISC 2==


- Watch the continuation of the cut-scene where Ryo beats up the holiday 
shop kid who he chased. The terrified kid will give you a replacement 
ticket to replace the one Chai ate.

- Walk towards Hawasaki-san and she will start talking to you.

- Go to the docks and walk somewhere between warehouses 1 and 12 until 
around noon when Goro (the guy with the Elvis hair) jumps out on you and 
arranges for you to meet him at noon outside warehouse 1 the next day. 
Now you have nothing to do for the rest of the day so you can just kill 
time until you can go home to bed. You should go and get used to the 
docks because you will have to be here for almost all of the disc.

- When Ryo is asleep he will dream about Shenhua Rei, who you won't meet 
until Shenmue Chapter 2: Hong Kong.

- Be outside warehouse 1 at noon. You can't go inside because the guard 
won't let you. Goro will show up with his girl and convince you to get 
a job. Don't ask me why!!

- Go to the office that was shown in the cut-scene to get a job as a 
forklift operator. The boss will take you to see Mark so that he can 
train you. He speaks some English so you can partially understand him.

- Here is what you have to do in Mark's training sessions:

    1) Press the + Pad or analogue LEFT then RIGHT.
    2) Drive forward (R Trigger).
    3) Reverse (L Trigger).
    4) Move the forks up and down with A.

- Move the box in front of you into Warehouse 3 as Mark shows you. Put it 
down in the white squares.

- Carry on moving the nearby boxes into the same warehouse until the horn 
at 5pm. Get paid •1,000 in the cut-scene and then talk to Mark outside.

- You can't go home until you have finished everything here, so wait until 
after 7pm and head back to the office where some of the Mad Angels gang are 
attacking the homeless man.

- You now get a QTE in a motorbike race where you have to press the buttons 
to avoid the other biker's attacks. Afterwards, go home to bed.

- The next day you should automatically be transported to the docks where 
you must participate in a forklift race with 4 other forklift operators. 
The course is fairly easy to follow, but should you get lost, press X for 
a map. Don't worry about losing - it's just a bit of fun. The annoying 
thing is that the opposition will knock you into the wall where you will 
stop dead, but you can't push them off course at all.

- Afterwards, Mark will give you a model forklift and your workmap for 
the day. Take a few minutes to study the map, as this is your assignment 
for the day.

- Today you must move the boxes in front of you into warehouse 18. Keep 
doing this until noon when you get a 2 hour lunchbreak.

- At the beginning of lunch, you will have to Free-battle two thugs from 
the Mad Angels who are about to beat up Mark.

- When you beat them, Mark will tell you about the Mad Angels gang. If 
you listen carefully, you can hear him say "Chinese Mafia"!

- Play darts or something until 2pm when you go back to work.

- Sometime in the afternoon three Mad Angels will start a fight with you 
in warehouse 18. When this happens try a roundhouse kick and knock all 3 
down at once. This should get rid of them.

- Continue loading boxes until 5pm when you will collect your pay, which 
is now •6,000.

- There will be a cut-scene outside with Goro.

- Go left to see Shou and he will teach you a new kick (BACK+A) if you 
select the left option.

- After 8pm walk onto the forecourt in front of warehouse 18 where the 
homeless guy who you helped earlier will show you a new dodge move 

- Go home and Ryo will have a dream about the Phoenix Mirror.

- Finish the forklift race in the morning.

- Look at your workmap to get an idea of where to go. You will have to 
take boxes from your starting point to warehouse 3.

- In your lunchbreak, talk to the homeless guy under the steps alongside 
the Tomato Mart.

- After lunch, load until the cutscene with the Mad Angels occurs outside 
warehouse 3.

- It's a trap!! Free-battle the first 5 thugs, then 4 more jump down and 
attack you. Free-battle all of them.

- Keep working until 5pm when you are paid •6,000 again.

- Go towards warehouse 17 and Free-battle the 5 Mad Angels who are beating 
up Mark.

- Go and see the homeless man again to learn a new move (RIGHT+Y+B, X).

- After you have learned the move, talk to him again.

- You can now go home to bed.

- You will have to do another forklift race in the morning.

- Read the workmap. You have to go from the starting point with the boxes 
to warehouse 18 again.

- During lunchbreak you will have a picture taken with Hawasaki. Afterwards, 
choose either the left or right picture.

- Work until the end of the day when you get paid.

- After 7pm go to the forecourt in front of warehouse 18. Where you get a 
QTE with more Mad Angels (these guys really don't like you!) on motorbikes.

- Afterwards, Free-battle 5 Mad Angels, then afterwards Free-battle Charlie 
(remember him from the tattoo shop?).

- Go home afterwards and go to bed where Ryo will have a dream about Souryu.

- The next day, finish the forklift race.

- Your assignment is to take boxes to warehouse 18 yet again.

- Nothing will happen until after lunch when you have a huge QTE with Mad 
Angels in the warehouse. Careful at the end when you have to press several 
buttons in quick succession.

- Work until 5pm where you get paid then watch the cut-scene with Mark.

- Outside Game You in town the woman will tell you to go to the children's 
play area near that taxi.

- Go there and a cut-scene will start where Hawasaki is crying because you're 

- The next day is your last day of employment, and at the start is the last 
forklift race.

- You now have to carry the boxes to warehouse 8 and put them in the IN area, 
and take one with red stripes from the OUT area to warehouse 18.

- At lunchbreak watch the cut-scene with Goro and his girlfriend.

- Talk to Mark.

- Talk to the third forklift operator along the line.

- After lunch continue working until a cut-scene with some Mad Angels on the 
big forecourt.

- You will now chase them both in a QTE. Whichever one you chase will tell 
you the name of the Mad Angels leader when you catch him.

- Watch the cut-scene with Chin.

- Go home after this.

- You will wake up at 11:45pm to answer a phone call. It's Chai, and he's 
got Hawasaki-san!!

- Go to the bus stop, but you can't take the bus, so go to the motorbike 
shop in the back street and knock on the door.

- Go into the smaller part of town with the small shop, the park, and the 
building site. Near the shop there should be a motorbike that wasn't there 
before. Go up to it and press A. The owner will let you borrow it.

- You now have 2 minutes (real-time) to get to the dock on the bike. To 
control it, press R TRIGGER to accelerate, L TRIGGER to brake, and either 
the analogue or + Pad to steer. It's like a 3D Hang-On.

- At the dock, Free-battle 6 bad guys, then another 5.

- They will then free Hawasaki-san. Ryo takes her home on the bike in a 
very cinematic, movie-like scene with her riding side-saddle.

- The next day watch the cut-scene in the dojo.

- Go to the docks.

- Go and talk to Tomo-san to learn a new move (RIGHT, RIGHT, A, A).

- Watch the cut-scene with Tomo-san where he tells you that he's going 
home to America, and watch the cut-scene as Tomo jets off in a plane.

- Free-battle against Shou. At fixed points in the fight, automatic moves 
will happen, such as the end move (a classic, possibly the best move in 
the game).

- When you are both down, the Mad Angel guy will swing a lead pipe at you, 
and in a QTE, you will have to press RIGHT to stop Shou meeting a nasty 

- Now is a brilliant Free-battle with 70 men (look at your VM screen to 
see how many you've KOed). You and Shou have to make your way around the 
corners, fighting the tough sub-bosses along the way. You and use your 
running jump kick to take out multiple enemies at once by running by 
holding L TRIGGER and pressing A, or pressing BACK+A to do a roundhouse 

- When all the enemies and sub-bosses are defeated, the leader of the Mad 
Angels will come down with two little henchmen. Take out the henchmen, then 
take on the leader. He uses heavy throw attacks and a lethal dropkick that 
you must avoid. His kicks are slow so you can avoid them and throw him when 
he recovers. Use Tomo's kick that he taught you to cause maximum damage as 
quickly as possible. If your energy gets low, retreat and recover, but 
careful if he charges as he'll spear you.

- Do the QTE with Terry, then Shou will beat him up for you.

- There is now a scene of you leaving home for Hong Kong. When you get to the 
dock, Chin will teach you a new reversal. To do it you have to press LEFT+X, 

- When he slow-punches you, practice the move on Shou.

- Suddenly, Chai will try and drop a girder on you, and it will just miss 
Shou's leg.

- You will now have to Free-battle Chai. He's very tough and very fast, but 
use your running jump kick (L TRIGGER+A) or your elbow thrust (LEFT, RIGHT, 
LEFT+X) to knock him away and keep him at bay.

- Watch the cut-scene of Souryu getting on a boat.

- Quick QTE where Chai jumps back up and attacks you. The sequence is DOWN, 
A, A, B.

- Now watch the ending as Ryo receives an envelope from Chin and leaves on 
the same boat as Souryu.




The top option has all the instructions given by the game characters in the E3 
face demos. They are all in Japanese except for the one called MONEY, which is 
narrated by Mark.

The left option is videos and cut-scenes. Some of them are the Japanese and E3 
promotional videos, but all the others are the games cut-scenes as you watch 
them in the game. The one called MAGIC WEATHER AND TIME CONTROL is all in English.

The right option is the jukebox which lets you listen to any of the music that 
you've heard in the main game.


The initial screen (once you're logged on) consists of the following:

  Shenmue World     Game Statistics
Network Ranking     

1.0 Shenmue World Screen
1.1 Map/Place Screen
1.1.1 Place Picture Screen
1.2 Profile Screen
1.2.1 Character Detail Screen
3.0 Network Ranking Screen
3.1 High Scores Screen
4.0 Shenmue.com
5.0 ???????
6.0 Manual
7.0 Game Info/Statistics
8.0 Chat

1.0 Shenmue World screen

This screen has 3 options:

Place           - opens map screen showing places you've been
Profile         - opens menu of people you've met
Fighting Moves - opens fighting move list

1.1 Map Screen (Place)

The map screen allows you see where you have and haven't been. It also
allows access to pictures of the places that you have been. There's a menu
on the left that lists major locations, the map occupies the remainder of
the screen. The map will display red circles over places you have been.
Moving the cursor over one of these places will open the Place Picture

House and Dojo
Cat Temple Area
Upper City
Lower City
Dock City


Analog    = Moves pointer

A Button  = Selects map if your selected map has changed
            otherwise it will open a picture of the place
            pointed to by the pointer

B Button  = Backs out

D Pad U/D = Selects map

1.1.1 Place Picture screen

Displays a picture of the place you clicked on in the Map screen. You can
hide the text with the A button. Press the B button to leave this screen.

1.2 Profile Screen

There's a menu along the left side of the screen that has the following:

All Characters
Etc. (Animals)


A Button  = Selects category when category menu is active
          = Opens Character Profile screen if character is selected

B Button  = Returns to previous screen

D Pad     = Select person category when person is active
          = Select person when person is active

1.2.1 Character Detail Screen

Displays information about and a picture of the character chosen in the
Profile screen. The following information is shown:

Blood Type



D Pad L/R   = Rotates the 3D model of the character

D Pad U/D   = Scrolls information

R/L         = Zoom 3D model in/out

B Button    = Return to previous screen


3.0 Network Ranking Screen

3.1 High Scores Screen
4.0 Shenmue.com
5.0 ???????
6.0 Manual
7.0 Game Info/Statistics
8.0 Chat


You can view all the moves that you can do on the inventory screen by selecting 
the icon that looks like an open scroll. Some of the moves are black which means 
you haven't found them yet.

The moves are found on small cards with Japanese writing on them, or are taught 
to you by various characters. By inspecting the cards from your inventory you 
learn the move.

When the move is being taught to you, it will first be shown to you, then you 
must pull off the move in a Free-battle style part. If you fail to work it out 
after a few attempts, your VMU will give you a clue until it eventually gives 
you the whole move.

I think these are the locations of all the moves in this game:

1. In your brother's room on his table.
2. In a basket in the corridor behind your father's room.
3-8. In the antiques shop on the main street. Their price ranges from •300 to 
9. Sometimes in the morning when you go towards the dojo Ryo's brother will 
   teach you a new move.
10. In your hidden basement below the dojo in the bookshelf.
11. Taught to you by Shou in disc 3.
12. Taught to you by the homeless Kung-Fu master in disc 3.
13. Also taught to you by the homeless sensei.
14. Taught to you by Tomo-san (he calls it the Tornado Kick).
15. Taught to you at the very end of the game by Chin and Shou.


Free battle and QTE are the two fighting systems in Shenmue.

Free battle is a real-time fighting system similar to Virtua Fighter. In fact, I 
wouldn't be surprised if Virtua Fighter 4 had a similar engine and Ryo as a 
hidden character. In a free-battle, when you knock down an opponent, they are 
out, and you have a life bar in the bottom-left corner. New moves that you find 
or buy can be used in a Free-battle.

QTE stands for Quick Timer Event. A button (either a + Pad direction or action 
button) appears on screen and you have about a second to press the button before 
you are hit or attacked. It generally makes a fight more interesting than Free-
battle as you do much more interesting moves.



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