*          * 
    *   ******** 
    *   *        *****  ***** ********** ***********  **********
    *   ******** *   *  *   * *        * *         *  *        *
    *          * *   *  *   * *        * *   *******  *        *
    *          * *   *  *   * *        * *     *      *        *
    ********   * *   *  *   * *   ****** *   ***      *    *****   
           *   * *   ****   * *   *      *   *        *        *
    ******     * *          * *   *      *   *******  *   *    *
    *          * *          * *   *      *         *  *   *    *
    ************ ************ *****      ***********  **********

    *          * 
    *   ******** 
    *   *        
    *   ********  ****  **** ********** *********** ****  ****
    *          *  *   **   * *        * *         * *  *  *  *
    *          *  *        * *  ***   * *   ******* *  ***   *
    ********   *  *        * *  ***   * *         * *        *
           *   *  *   **   * *        * *         * *   **   *
    ********   *  *  *  *  * *        * * ******  * *  *  *  *
    *          *  *  *  *  * *        * *         * *  *  *  *
    ************  ****  **** ****  **** **********  ****  ****

         *          *
         *          *
         *    ******* ********  *******  *********** 
         *          * *       * *     *  *         * 
         *          * *      *  * *** *  *  ******** 
         *          * * *****   * * * *  *         *
         *          * *   *  *  * * * *  *****     *
         *          * *   *  *  * *** *  *         *
         ************ ********  *******  ***********
        *    *       
       ***  ***        **********  ***         *********** ************
      **********       **********  ***         *********** ************
     ***  **  ***      ***         ***         ***         ***
    ***        ***     ******      ***         ******      ******
   ****        ****    ******      ***         ******      ******
  ******       *****   ***         ***         ***         ***
 *******       ******  **********  *********** *********** ************       
**********     ******* *********** *********** *********** ************


                                    (Dairantou Smash Brothers DX)

                    |                                                                                          |
                    |                         Super Smash Bros. MELEE                    |
                    |                                 FAQ/Move List                               |
                    |           From: Luigi202 (Slickkidd2000@aol.com)          |
                    |                                  Version: 1.0                                    |

1. Introduction

2. Version

3. Characters                                         
A) Bowser
B) Captain Falcon
D) Fox Cloud
E) Ice climbers
F) Kirby
G) Link
H) Mario
I) Ness
J) Pikachu
K) Peach
L) Samus
M) Yoshi

Secert Characters

T)Young Link
X)Mr. Game And Watch
Y)Dr. Mario

4. Moves/Basic Controls
(Lists alphabetically)

5. Combos
(Lists alphabetically)

6. Notes

7. Modes

8. Stages

9. Items





14. Comparison

15. Copyright

16. Credits     


1. Introduction____________________________________________________________

The Super Smash Bros. Melee FAQ! This is my very first FAQ ever (Im telling you this 
because it may not be up to the fellow FAQ's on the site). I know that people are saying 
that the clones are going to make the game bad, but believe what you want to think. My 
opinion is they were like this game is great but lets throw in some more characters that 
are a little bit different. So don't think of it as being like they don't care, think of it as 
more exciting new characters that are completely different. But as everyone else probably 
has thought, I'd much rather see Pit in the game. Well it's not too much else to say so you 
can just read the rest of the FAQ!

2. Version_______________________________________________________________

Version 1.0 10/17/01- My first version of my first FAQ. I still have a very long way to go 
to even complete just half of it. 

Version 2.0  11/20/01-I've added the secert characters to the move list, and I've finished 
the default characters moves.

Version 3.0  11/22/01- I put up more weapons that were contributed by Strobediablos. If 
anyon has information on Falo or Ganondorfs moves, or on Mr. Game and Watch's can, 
please e-mail me at Slickkidd2000@aol.com.  Thanks!

3. Characters_____________________________________________________________

A) ~*Bowser*~

Bowser, Also known as King Koopa, made his debut on the Nintendo game Super Mario 
Bros. In 1985.  Since then this massive villain stomped his way to 17 other game titles, 
15 of them with the name "Mario" in the title. King Koopa may be the most recognizable 
super villain in the world, which is why he has made the cut to be in this fantastic game, 
Super Smash Bros. Melee (NOTE 1).  Bowser's best performance (in my opinion) is in 
the game Super Mario 64. That's the only real time you have to fight him. In all the other 
games you jump right over him (Am I right or am I right?).  Every time you fight him in 
SM64, he gets stronger and has a different attack. That's the joy of it! Look out DK, 
Bowser's on the loose!

B) ~*Captain Falcon*~

This is Capt. Falcon's fourth appearance in a video game (F-Zero, F-Zero X, SSB, and 
SSBM). This Veteran Fighter has impressed me and many others with his speed, strength, 
and his range. His dash is one of the fastest in the two SSB games and his incredible 
strength is great for a one button move (Hmm. which is stronger? Falcon Punch or a 
Fireball?). Also the falcon punch is very effective for those non projectile fighters like 
Kirby, Yoshi, and Jigglypuff because they cant throw anything at you, unless an item.     

C) ~*Donkey Kong*~

Donkey Kong is back and still a power house. With no projectiles DK relies on his 
massive power to defeat his enemies. Better yet that annoying tantrum attack is back for 
an encore! There's not to much to say about this character, except he has his own T.V. 

D) ~*Fox Mcloud*~

Fox Mcloud, a character from SSB, makes history again by being one of the top three 
fastest. But  now he even has a move for that speed that you will find out later in the FAQ 
under his move list.This isn't Fox's only game for GCN, he has his own title, he Stars in 
Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet. His first game Star Fox, for SNES has brought 
him fame and fortune(and the chance to kick Mario's butt).

E) ~*Ice Climbers*~

F) ~*Kirby*~ 

Kirby's trademark move is back. Stealing opponents moves. This kirby seems alot 
stronger than before and his arsenal of weapons has definitely expanded(where does he 
keep his hammer?). This puff ball may be one of the strongest characters with his 
improved range of attacks. This is one pink ball you need to keep your eye on!


Link is considered to be one of the best players in the game because he is an all around 
character. He has the range, the speed, and he has a charge attack. The only real flaw 
about him is he has the hook for the grab which leaves you open to get attacked.


The most recognizable face in videogames! Mario, the nintendo mascot has been in more 
games than probably anyone else. Here's a list of only SOME:

Donkey Kong

Mario Bros.

Wrecking Crew

Mario Bros. 2

Super Mario Land


Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins


Ness is the boy genius from the game EarthBound for the SNES. Unless you're a big fan 
of games, you've probably didn't hear about Ness until he was in Super Smash Bros. 
He's a classic character (Like Mr. Game and Watch), and the youngest character in the 
game, I think (Young Link might be younger, or maybe Pichu?). 


Pikachu as EVERYBODY already knows is part of the race called Pokemon. I used to 
like Pokemon, but I was only a child back then. Pikachu's a good charcter for a beginner 
because he has the speed and the projectile attack.

Recent Games:
Pokemon Everything! Nuff said. 



Secert Characters

T)Young Link
X)Mr. Game And Watch
Y)Dr. Mario

4. Moves/Basic Controls____________________________________________________

Moves: The Basics Before the Real Stuff!
Control Stick: Move	

L Trigger: Taunt

Start: Pause

B: Special Attack

A: Attack

R Trigger: Block/ Throw 

X/Y: Jump 

Emergency Evade: Have Shield up and press down to make a quick escape.

Emergency Evade (Air Borne): Press R

Sliding: If your getting Burned by the Fire Flower or by Bowser, press the Control Stick 
backwards to slide away.

Directional Hit: If you get hit off a cliff control where you go. Press up so you have a 
better chance at getting back onto the stage.

Triangle Jump: Jump at the wall and press A or B (I'm not sure whichg one)

 Captain Falcon 
 Young Link

Smash Attacks: SA's are easy to pull off. Press A+any direction with the joystick. (Note 
2). If your Fox you might like to try his Smash Up when opponents come back down 
from the sky. With some people this attack may have a slight time delay (For instance 
DK's smash over). 

A) **Bowser (King Koopa)** 

Fire Breath:             B              Would you like them rare, or well-done?

Koopa Press:           B+Over    A powerful squashing attack

Koopa Spin:            B+Up        Very similar to DK's copter  this is Koopa's Third jump

Butt Drop:               B+Down   Hmm... I think he stole Mario's move!

B) **Captain Falcon**

Falcon Punch:           B                         It's still a slight delay, like in SSB.

Falcon Knuckle:         B+Over             NEW ATTACK  If you attack in the air, you hit 
them to the ground and on the ground, you uppercut them.

Triple Jump:                B+Up                 The same as last game, you grab 'em and blow 
em up!

Flaming Kick:              B+Down          This attack goes horizontal on the ground, and 
diagonal in the air.

C)**Donkey Kong**

Charge Punch:        B                           Same button, Same move

Head Butt:              B+Over                 NEW MOVE! This move leaves opponents in their 
Eternal resting ground

DK Helicopter       B+Up                     This is the same as SSB, but the graphics are far 

Temper Tantrum    B+Down                 That annoying attack is back for an encore  

D)**Fox Mcloud**

Blaster:                   B                             Now in SSBM, you can aim the blaster.

Illusion:                   B+Over                  NEW ATTACK Fox Teleports forward, 
damaging anyone in his way.

Fire Fox:                  B+Up                     The Triple Jump and nothing new. 

Deflector:                 B+Down                This deflects some items that aren't really solid 
(NOTE 3). 

E)**Ice climbers**

Ice Shot:                     B                          The Ice Climbers knock a two pieces of ice at 
their opponent. 

Tornado Hammer:      B+Over                The two spin around and attack you with 
hammers. It is stronger with both of them.

Rubber Jump:             B+Up                   The Ice Climbers' triple jump. 

Blizzard:                     B+Down                             


Power Absorb:           B                          Same as SSB, Kirby swallows them to take their 
power, but now you can walk around with them!

Hammer:                     B+Over               on the ground it swings horizontally but in the 
air, it swing vertically.

Final Cutter:                B+Up                  Kirby's triple jump (or seventh because he floats) 
this attack is Bio-Degradable(NOTE 4).
Brick:                          B+Down              Kirby can now transform into different kind of 
bricks to attack you, such as a rock, a brick, a 100 pound brick, and one of those big blue 
things from Mario.  

Bow and Arrow:   B               NEW MOVE! A charge attack for Link. The longer you 
hold it the farther and faster it will fly!

Boomerang          B+Over      Same as last game, not so far range, but he has the arrows 

Power Swing       B+Up         His Swing is longer in the game, which means he can jump 

Bomb                  B+Down     His trusty bombs, blowing anything up, even himself.


Fire Ball:                B               A very common move for Mario, but this time it goes 

Cape Attack:          B+Over   NEW MOVE! This new move can deflect items and hurt 

Super Coin Jump   B+Up       The same attack as it is in SSB, only inflicting as much as 
Mario Tornado      B+Down   The tornado attacks opponents and can be used to hover 
back to safety


PK Flash                 B              Ness' new charge move(Almost Everyone Has a Charge 

PK Fire                    B+Over    Ness' old move, just new buttons.

PK Thunder             B+Up       The move from last game, if you hit yourself no damage is 

Psi Magnet              B+Down   Ness will surrond himself with a magnet, absorbing 
SOME attacks. 


Thundershock           B               The B move from SSB, but graphically enhanced    
Pika Rocket              B+Over      NEW MOVE This is a new charge move, in and you can 

Quick Attack            B+Up        Pikachu's third jump without the eye sore

Thunderbolt              B+Down  A powerful move from the old game (wonder how he gets 
it inside his new stage)  


Toad Shield              B              Peach pulls out Toad (from behind her back I guess), and 
uses him as a shield. 

Exploding hip 
attack                       B+Over     Obviously she attacks them with her Exploding Hip 

Parasol                     B+Up       Helps her float to safety, or off a cliff.

Turnip                     B+Down   Peach plucks a turnip out of the ground which can be 
thrown like an item.

L) **Samus**

Charge Shot              B                Her good ole' Shot with better Graphics.

Misslie                       B+Over     A Missle attack  that has a good range.

Screw Attack             B+Up        We all know this attack too well.

Bomb                         B+Down   Samus drops down a small time bomb.  

M) **Yoshi**

Tounge Attack            B                 Yoshi's toung attack is back!

Egg Roll                      B+Over       Yoshi rumbles across the stage!

Egg Throw                  B+Up          No Triple Jump here, just his famous egg throw.

Hip Drop                     B+Down    He drops down on an opponent. Becareful not to do 
this off the edge because you can't get him out of it!



Nayru's Love            B                   A deflector shield that Link, yes Link learned in OoT.

Dins Fire                   B+Over         Hold B and release it when you want it to explode.

Faore's Wind            B+Up            A teleport that lets her go great distances.

Transform                 B+Down       Lets her transform into Shiek!


Needle Charge          B                   The longer you hold it the faster they'll fly, making 
them harder to avoid.

Iron Wire Dance       B+Over        A whip with  a fairly good range

Teleport                     B+Up         A teleport that leaves an explosion where you just were.

Transform                 B+Down     Transforms into Zelda and Vise Versa

Below are the Secret Characters. If you don't want to know about them, then don't scroll 



Fireball                  B                Same as last game.

Charge Head-Butt  B+Over     His new attack! It's a charging head-butt!

Luigi Tornado        B+Down   His tornado, similar to Mario's.

15% Coin Jump     B+Up        He can't have a 16% jump, because if you connect on the 
first hit, he sets them on fire.


Pound                     B+Over    A strong punch.

Roll                        B               Rolls in place, then at you!

Sing                        B+Up       This puts them to sleep but it's a small radius.

Rest                        B+Down   Not sure what it does.


Charge Slash            B              Marth Charges his sword and slashes you! 

Sword Combo          B+Over    A three hit sword combo.  

Sword Upper Cut     B+Up       Marth Upper-Cuts you with his sword while getting some 

Deflect                      B+Down   He deflects things and he can attack you too.                

When I get these I'll post them!

T)**Young Link**

Bow and Arrow:   B               A charge attack for Young Link. The longer you hold it the 
farther and faster it will fly!

Boomerang          B+Over      not so far range, but he has the arrows.

Power Swing       B+Up         His Swing is like Link's but Young Link can do a Combo 
On the ground.

Bomb                  B+Down     His trusty bombs, blowing anything up, even himself.


Thundershock           B                A Move from it's evolved form.

Pichu Rocket            B+Over      This is a new charge move, in and you can aim!

Quick Attack            B+Up        Pikachu's third jump without the eye sore

Thunderbolt              B+Down  A powerful move (wonder how he gets it inside his stage)  


Fire Charge Slash     B              Roy Charges his fire sword and slashes you (Note 4) 

Fire Sword Combo   B+Over    A three hit fire sword combo.  

Sword Upper Cut     B+Up       Roy Upper Cuts you with his sword while getting some 

Fire Deflect              B+Down   He deflects things and he can attack you too.                


Charge Shot              B                Similar to Samus'

Air Attack                 B+Over     He'll lift them up and toss them around

Teleport                     B+Up        Kind of like Pikachu's quick attack, but better.

Paralysis                     B+Down   A paralysis attack sorta like a shield breaker.

X)**Mr. Game And Watch**

Sausage Flip              B                He flips a sausage! Very interseting!

Hammer                     B+Over      He swings a hammer and different numbers appear over 
his head. The different numbers mean different thingsÖ

Trampoline                 B+Up         Mr. Game and Watch bounces off a trampoline for his 
third jump.

Can Attack                      B+Down   Holds out a can. Not sure what it does.

Y)**Dr. Mario**

Pill Throw:                B               The Mean old doctor chucks pills at his patients

Doctors Jacket:          B+Over     Kind of like Mario's Cape

Super Coin Jump   B+Up       The same attack as it is in SSB, only inflicting as much as 
Doctor Spin          B+Down   The spin combos opponents and can be used to hover back 
to safety


5. Combos_______________________________________________________________                

A) ***Bowser***

Name: Koopa Power
Difficulty: Medium
Creator: Luigi202

Begin this combo with the Fire Breath (B). While your opponent is wobbly from the 
attack, hit them with the Butt Drop. After this repeatedly hit them with the Koopa Spin 
until there about finished. After that, give 'em a boost off the nearest cliff!

Name: Magma
Difficulty: Way too easy
Creator: Luigi202
Damage: Infinite
Throw your opponent to the nearest corner or off a cliff. If it's off a cliff wait till they 
jump back on. Rapidly press B. It's like having an infinate Fire Flower.

B) ***Captain Falcon***

Name: Falcon Aggression
Difficulty: Medium easy
Creator: Luigi202
Damage: Good

This combo is easy to pull off. You just need the right timing for the first hit and make 
sure there not heavily damaged. Start off with the Falcon Punch (B). As your opponent 
stumbles back, chase him with your dash and attack them with your flaming kick 
(B+Down). Dash again and had hit them with the flaming fist (B+ over). 

Name: Flame Hits
Difficulty: Medium Easy
Creator: Luigi202
Damage: Great

This attack requires three moves. His third jump (B+Up), his Flaming kick (B+Over), 
and a Smash Move (A+Over). This move works extremely well when your opponent has 
about 40% Damage. First, attack them with your third jump. Both of you should hit the 
ground around the same time. Then do the flaming kick for a repeatedly about 5 times to 
soften them up. Then top it all off with a Smash Move to send them flying.   


H) ***Mario***

Name: Hyper Combo M
Difficulty: Medium Hard:
Creator: Luigi202
Damage: Excellent

To start this combo, hit your opponent with a fireball (B).When there stunned for that 
split second  move in and attack with the Mario Tornado(Down+B). This should pop 
them in the air,.and right as they come down hit them with the Super Coin Jump(Up+B), 
then make them history with another Mario Tornado(what works good is keep attacking 
them with the Mario Tornado until the desired damage :o).

6. Notes_________________________________________________________________                 

Note 1: This is Bowser's Second appearance in a game without the name Mario in the 
title (Luigi's Mansion).  

Note 2: Smash attacks are stronger than regular A attacks.

Note 3: Fox's deflector can bounce back any beam like Samus' or Mewtwo's beams, but 
won't send items back that far like Bomb-ombs.

 Note 4: Possibly the most important note ever, Roys attack is rumored to be a 1 hit KO! 
If you have information on this please contact me.                          

7. Modes________________________________________________________________
Target Test "Smash ten targets!" 
Home-Run Contest "Smash Sandbag as far as you can!" 
Multi-Man Melee "Fight for your life! Fight!" 
Multi-Man Melee 
10 Man Melee "How fast can you defeat 10 opponents?" 
100 Man Melee "100 enemies! Can you defeat them all?" 
3 Minute Melee "How many foes can you KO in 3 minutes?" 
15 Minute Melee "A 15-minute test of skill and endurance." 
Endless Melee "The enemies don't stop until you're defeated." 
Cruel Melee "The Toughest enemies around and no items?" 
VS. Mode 
Melee "A standard Smash Battle for 1 to 4 players." 
Tournament Melee " A tournament for up to 64 players." 
Special Melee "A melee with special rules. No records will be saved." 
Custom Rules "Change the melee rules here." 
Name Entry "Enter your name"

~*~Event Mode~*~

Event Mode, (obviously a new mode) sticks you in different situations and makes you do 
battle with different characters. Here are some of them:

Lv. 1 Trouble King "Fight Bowser in a classic Mushroom Kingdom clash!" 
Lv. 2 Lord of the Jungle "A duel of epic proportions! Which ape is top primate?" 
Lv. 3 Bomb-fest "Bombs are everywhere in this explosive battle." 
Lv. 4 Dino-wrangling "A giant Yoshi is on the loose! Somebody stop it!" 
Lv. 5 Spare Change "Don't stop until you get 200 coins!" 
Lv. 6 Kirbys on Parade "Look out! A rainbow of Kirbys is after you!" 
Lv. 7 Pokemon Battle "Use Poke Balls to duel with Pikachu." 
Lv. 8 Hot Date on Brinstar "You're interfering with Samus's Brinstar raid!" 
Lv. 9 Hide 'n' Sheik "Only Sheik KO's count! Wait for the change..." 
Lv. 10 All-Star Match 1 "It's the Mario Stars: Mario, DK, Yoshi, Peach and Bowser." 
Lv. 11 King of the Mountain "Ice Climbers protect their turf! Just try to survive!" 
Lv. 12 Seconds, Anyone? "Take out Capt. Falcon in less than seven seconds!" 
Lv. 13 Yoshi's Egg "Protect the single remaining Yoshi egg from being broken!" 
Lv. 14 Trophy Tussle 1 "Face off for a trophy! The prize ithis time: Goomba!" 
Lv. 15 Girl Power "A groupe of femme fatales has dropped by for a visit..."  
Lv. 16 Kirby's Air-raid "Warp Stars are everywhere! Climb aboard and hang on!" 
Lv. 17 Bounty Hunters "Fight a fellow bounty hunter for the bounty on Boswer!" 
Lv. 18 Link's Adventure "Everyone has a dark side... Link has two!" 
Lv. 19 Peach's Peril " Bowser's after Peach! Again! Guard her until time runs out." 
Lv. 20 All-Star Match 2 "Nintendo's realistic stars are out in force." 
Lv. 21 Ice Breaker "Your cold mission... is to KO both Nanas." 
Lv. 22 Super Mario 128 "Battle 128 tiny Marios in a wild endurance match!" 
Lv. 23 Slippy's Invention "Slippy: With my new device, you guys'll be invisible!" 
Lv. 24 The Yoshi Herd "Yoshis, Yoshis, everywhere! Defeat 30 within 2 minutes." 
Lv. 25 Gargantuans "Giant Bowser VS Giant DK in a spectacular war of titans!" 
Lv. 26 Trophy Tussle 2 "Another match for a prize... Who will get Entei?" 
Lv. 27 Cold Armor "These metal bounty hunters take no prisoners!" 
Lv. 28 Puffballs Unite! "Kirbys galore...each with a unique copied ability!" 
Lv. 29 Triforce Gathering "Enter Ganondorf! Team up with Zelda and fight evil!" 
Lv. 30 All-Star Match 3 "Kirby, Pikachu, Ness and Ice climbers want to fight!"  
Lv. 31 Mario Bros. Madness "A classic plumber clash in the Mushroom Kingdom!" 
Lv. 32 Target Acquired "Incoming Arwings! KO Jigglypuff more than they do!" 
Lv. 33 Lethal Marathon "Avoid the F-Zero machines and race for the finish." 
Lv. 34 Seven Years "Young Link VS. Link! How can you fight yourself?" 
Lv. 35 Time for a Checkup "Are routine physicals supposed to hurt this much?" 
Lv. 36 Space Travelers "Adventurers head for Earth: Ness is the welcome wagon." 
Lv. 37 Legendary Pokemon "A slew of legendary Pokemon are all the help you'll get!" 
Lv. 38 Super Mario Bros. 2 "The cast of the classic NES title are raring to go!" 
Lv. 39 Jigglypuff Live! "Jigglypuff nabs the spotlight on center stage." 
Lv. 40 All-Star Match 4 "Secret characters emerge to join forces." 
Lv. 41 En Garde! "The lithe Marth challenges Link in a battle of steel!" 
Lv. 42 Trouble King 2 "Hey, Mario! When did Bowser get so big, huh?" 
Lv. 43 Birds of Prey "Capt. Falcon and Falco join forces to take out Fox!" 
Lv. 44 Mewtwo Strikes! "Don't waste your time battling Zelda..." 
Lv. 45 Game & Watch Forever! "The system that started a worldwide boom lives on!" 
Lv. 46 Fire Emblem Pride "The heroes of Fire Emblem join forces to fight you!" 
Lv. 47 Trophy Tussle 3 "Want a new trophy? Here's your shot at Majora's Mask." 
Lv. 48 Pikachu and Pichu "These Pokemon are pals... but not with you!" 
Lv. 49 All-Star Match Deluxe "Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, Roy, Young Link and 
Lv. 50 Final Destination Match "Master Hand's the right hand; now meet the left!" 
Lv. 51 The Showdown "Giga Bowser, Mewtwo and Ganodorf unite!"

A)~King of the Jungle: Giant Donkey Kong~

You get to be Giant Donkey Kong, and blast all the little DKs away. It's just a good way 
to show you can bully around people

B)~I Don't Have Money..: Ness~   

Well you don't have money so you have to kick Captain Falcon's *** for his! A little kid 
bullying a grown man. Collect $200 in the allotted time to win.

C)~Pokemon Battle: Any Character~

Try touching Pikachu, because you can't! it'll go right through him. You can only use 
Poke Balls in this mode

D)~BrinStar Brawl: Any Character~

Chase the spectacular Bounty hunter, none other than Samus!!! But you'll get injured on 
the way  so you'll both be hurt when you duke it out!

E)~Battle of Seconds: Any Character~

You have 7 seconds to defeat the speedy Captain Falcon! You start at 100% each. Think 
you can do it? 

2) ~*~Special Mode~*~

F) ~Camera Mode~

The fourth controller is used for the camera angle to take pictures of your favorite poses.

G)~Vitality Match~

In this you have hit points like Master Hand did in the last game, so don't try getting a 
star finish.

H)~Super Sudden Death~

All of the characters start at 300% Damage! A quick but fun match.

I)~Big Melee~

The name says it all, a BIG Melee! Your characters are giants and get even bigger if they 
get a Super Mushroom!

J)~Small Mode~

In this mode, your tiny. You get smaller but your weapons stay big(i.e.  Fox with Giant 
Blaster and Kirby with Mega Hammer). 

K) No Peeking Mode

You wear cloaking devices ALL the time to make it harder to attack your opponent!

L) Fixed Camera Mode	

Tired of that meddling camera? This mode is for you! The fixed camera stays in position 
so no moving dizziness! Only drawback is that the characters are the size of beans.

M) 1-Button Melee!	

Only the A button and the directional pad will function in this mode. You have to press 
up on the D-pad to jump.

N) Quick Mode

Everything goes fast in this mode so the battles get intense! Don't blink, or you really 
might lose.

O)Slow Mode	

If there was a fast mode you know they had to throw in the slow mode. Here it is! This 
mode actually gives you a chance to think up a strategy to defeat your opponents(but if 
you're a master you don't really need one)

8. Stages________________________________________________________________

Princess Peach's Castle 

This time you actually fight on top of the castle, unlike in the origional game where you 
just fight on a platform in the sky and you see it in the background.

Kongo Jungle 

Great Bay

Link's new stage! If you look in the background you may actually see the Moon falling 
and Giants throwing it back up!
Yoshi's Story 

Fountain of Dreams 

Kirby's new stage. There aren't really hazards here, but the stage shows off gamecubes 

Pokemon Stadium 
Mute City 
Mushroom Kingdom 
Icicle Mountain 
Rainbow Cruise 
Jungle Japes 
Brinstar Depths 
Yoshi's Island 
Green Greens 
Poke Floats 
Big Blue 
Mushroom Kingdom II 
Flat Zone 
Final Destination

9. Items_________________________________________________________________

Beam Sword-  I find this weapon mostly good for combining it with a smash attack to 
boost it's power greatly.  

Bob-omb-  My  second favorite item, because it's fun to put this as the only item in the  

Bunny Hood

Cloaking Device

Fire Flower- Use the Flower to toss fire flames at your opponent and give them  
a nasty burn!

Flipper-Basically an upgraded version of the Bumper in SSB. A difference is  
you can place the spinning item anywhere, even in midair, where it will  
bounce away anyone who touches it

Freezie- An ice block that can be pushed into opponents.

Food- Food items can be found in many places, which includes eggs, but most  
items only heal about 1-10% of your life back. But if you see a pinata like  
paper ball, prepare to get a lot off life back! 

Green Shell- Kick or throw this item in the direction of your enemy, but be  
careful for it might bounce back and hit you.


Heart Container- Heart Container- Same as before only now this item will heal 100% 
instead of  
all the making your back to 0%. 

Home Run Bat- Just like the homerun bat in SSB, only in Melee, to hit a homerun,  
you must push the control stick away from opponent, then towards opponent,  
and then watch them fly!

Kirby Star-This let's you take to the sky, and come down smashing an opponent.

Maximum Tomato- This item is the same as before, only now it only heals 50%.


Metal Cap-makes you have the attributes like Metal Mario: hard to knock off, but super 

Motion Sensor Bomb- Motion Sensor Bomb=Set this mine on the floor and try to chase 
your opponent into it. It explodes when a player comes too close to it. This is exactly  
like proximaty mines in Golden Eye.

Mr. Saturn-Another character from Earthbound makes his appearance. Mr.  
Saturn can be thrown at enemies or set down. When set down he will walk  
around picking up items.

Mushroom- It appears that this item will make you a giant if you get it.

Paper Ball- This looks like a millenium ball pintata. Break it open and tons  
of items will come out, including a lot of food items.

Paper Fan- This item takes off a little more than it did in the old game. A  
major difference is its insane speed, about 3x as fast now. Im not sure if  
the smash over move with the fan still breaks shields in Melee...

Parasol- With this item you can fight your enemies or throw it at opponents  
above you. Another neat feature is holding this item allows you to float  
slowly back to the level.

Pokeball-Same as before,throw this down to release a pokÈmon that will fight  
your enemies for you.

Ray Gun- Fires a broad green blast that will knock your enemy backwards and  
damage them.

Red Shell- Same as green shell only, like in Mario Kart, it follows people  
around, even yourself. 

Screw Attack Power Up- If you get this black ball, you'll have samus' third jump! 

StarMan- This star makes you invincible for a short amount of time.

Star Rod-a good weapon. Can be used for clobbering and for a projectile if you combine 
it with a smash attack.

Super Scope 6- An advanced blaster which will blow your enemy backwards. This  
is a laser Machine Gun, and it is almost an exact replica of the Super Scope  
for the SNES system (yes, they actually sold this gun as an accesory).                    

10. Strategy______________________________________________________________

COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 11. Trophies_____________________________________________________________

This section isn't complete, seeing that there are 292 trophies to collect.


Balloon Fight 
Gloopey from Clu-Clu Land
Pitt from Kid Icarus
Duck From DuckHunt 

Koopa Troopa 
Plum (Mario Golf) 

Dixie Kong 
Diddy Kong 
King K. Rool 
Donkey Kong Jr. 

Majora's Mask 


King Dedede 
Waddle Dee 
Rick the Hamster 

SNES Andross 
N64 Andross 

And about a million more 

Mute City 

Starman Jr. 
Prince Poo   

Pikmin Trophy- 
If you start up SSB:M with a Pikmin save on your memory card you will get a free 
pikmin trophy.

Start as Shiek instead of Zelda-
 At the loading screen before the fight starts, hold Down and A. You have to be quick 
since loading doesn't take long. If done properly, you'll hear a chime. Now, you start the 
round as Shiek. This is mainly for Single Button mode, since you can't transform in this 
mode. Also, when you lose a life as Shiek, you return as Shiek.

Unlock Dr. Mario-
To unlock Dr. Mario, finish Simple (Classic) Mode on any difficulty setting without 
losing a life as Mario. Dr. Mario is, sadly, a Mario ''clone.''

Unlock Falco-
To unlock Falco, finish the 100 Man Spar mode (under Colesseum). You will then be 
able to play as Falco. Falco is, sadly, a Fox McCloud ''clone.''


Unlock Jigglypuff-
To unlock JigglyPuff, beat the game any character, any diffuculty, continues allowed.

Unlock Luigi-
To unlock Luigi, complete Adventure Mode as Pikachu. Pikachu's box on the select 
screen will be pushed down and will occupy a ? box. Luigi will take his place on the 
select screen. Luigi is very different from SSB, though his B moves are slightly identical.      

Unlock Mario USA Stage-
To unlock a classic stage from Super Mario Bros. 2, finish Simple (Classic) Mode on any 
difficulty setting without losing a life as Princess Peach.

Unlock More Events-
You can unlock more events in Event Mode. Unlock Falco and Luigi to gain access to 
events 30~39. Unlock all of the hidden characters to gain access to events 40~50.

Unlock Mr. Game and Watch-
To unlock Mr. Game & Watch, complete Simple (Classic) Mode with every default 
character (that's 14 of them). Mr. Game & Watch will challenge you. Defeat him to play 
as him.

Unlock Pichu-
To unlock Pichu, you must first unlock both Luigi and Falco. Now, go and complete 
Event #37. Once winning, Pichu will become playable. Pichu is, sadly, a Pikachu ''clone.''

Unlock Roy-
To unlock Roy, finish Simple (Classic) Mode on any difficulty setting without losing a 
life as Prince Marth. Roy is, sadly, a Prince Marth ''clone.''

Unlock Young Link-
To unlock Young Link, finish Simple (Classic) Mode on any difficulty setting without 
losing a life as Link. Young Link is, sadly, a Link ''clone.''
13. Extras_______________________________________________________________


Dr. Mario-He pulls out a pill and lets it roll down his shoulder. He pops it up with his 
shoulder and grabs it 
Mario-He becomes bigger 
Luigi-He puts his hands behind his back and kick. (You can actually hit someone with 
Koopa-He looks up and lets out a roar 
Peach-spins around and winks saying "Sweet" 
Yoshi-Waves at screen saying "Yoshi" 
DK-does the "I don't know" look 
C. Falcon-Does the two finger salute (Al Borland from Home Improvement) and says 
"show me your moves" 
Gannondorf-spins around laughing and floats 
Falco-spins and says either "I wont let you get away" and "Don't touch my prey" roughly 
Fox- Says, "Come on!" in English and Japanese while motioning you to come closer 
Ness-does a nod and says, "OK" 
Ice Climbers-they pull out their mallets and point it out 
Kirby-waves at screen saying "Hi~!" 
Samus-brings her gun and readies it 
Zelda-brings her hands to her heart 
Shiek-brings up her fist and gives off a "hmm" 
Link-puts his sword away and brushes back his hair with his hand 
Young Link-drinks his Lon Lon Ranch milk and wipes his mouth with his arm 
Pichu-waves his head around saying "PICHU" or lies down and wiggles a bit 
Pikachu-Waves at the people while saying "Pika Pika" 
Purin-spins around saying "puri puri" and winks 
Marth-Spins his sword then slashes down saying, "watch me everyone" 
Roy-Spins his sword and takes a low stance with a "iya~!"

Kirby Looks:

When Kirby inhales the enemy he takes on their B power. Here is a description of what 
he looks like. 
Mario-He has on Mario's hat 
Luigi-He has on Luigi's hat 
Koopa (Bowser)-He has his spiky hair and horns 
Peach-He wears her crown 
Yoshi-He has a hat looking like yoshi's head 
DK-He gets hairy 
C. Falcon- He gets his helmet 
Fox- He gets his ears and that thing on his head 
Ness- He wears his hat 
Ice Climbers- He gets their coat 
Samus-Her helmet 
Zelda-He wears the headdress she wore as a child 
Shiek-He has that turban like thing and it's covering most of his face 
Gannondorf-He gets that amulet on his had and his hair 
Falco-He gets a beak, and Falco's hair 
Marth-Gets blue hair 
Roy-Gets red hair 
Link/Young Link-The Kokori hat 
Pichu-a pichu hat 
Pikachu-a pikachu hat 
Purin-the ears and hair 
Dr. Mario-the big round thing on his head (whatever you call it)


Trophies "View Trophies" 
Gallery "View the individual trophies you've collected." 
Lottery "Use the coins you've earned to get trophies!" 
Collection "View your entire trophy collection." 
Options "Game Setup." 
Rumble "Turn the Rumble feature on or off." 
Sound "Select sound options." 
Screen Display "Adjust screen display." 
Language "Select Language Display" 
Erase Data "Erase melee records, etc." 
You can choose for controler ports to turn it off and on with, and also, individual ppl with 
their names in the records =) 
Choose Sterio or Mono and the balance between the music and sounds!! 
Screen Display  
You choose on or off for the built in Deflicker. "On: Display will be smoother and softer, 
OFF: Display will be sharper and harder." 
Data "View game records." 
Snapshots "View photo album of pictures taken in camera mode." 
Archives "View Smash Bros. movies." 
Melee Records "View various combat records." 
Special "Information on hidden elements, etc." 
Special Movie "Smash Bros. Bonus Video" Lotta funny gameplay footage, a must watch 
How to Play "Melee Manual Video." Cool, should check it out too =) 
Melee Records 
VS. Records "Records for VS. matches." 
Bonus Records "Record of all special bonuses." 
Misc. Records "Various Records kept after initial play." 
VS. Records 
Set up like the old smash bros records screen. You can view the kills by character or by 
the names used in the game during VS. that people can now put in. Very cool. In the 
character or player specific, it shows the record for the following. 
KOs - Total Scored 
Falls - Total 
Self-Destructs - Total (Team attacks included) 
Hit Percentage - Percentage that hit enemies 
Damage Given - Total done to enemies 
Damage Taken - Total taken from enemies 
Damage Recovered - Total recovered from items 
Peak Damage - Highest percentage reached 
Matches - Played start to finish 
Victories - First place finishes 
Losses - Last place finishes 
Play Time Total - time played 
Play Percentage - Share of total play time 
Average Players - Average players per match 
Ground Distance - Total distance walked 
Jump Distance - Total distance jumped 
Drop Distance - Total distance fallen 
Flight Distance - Total distance sent flying 
Coin Points - Points collected 
Swiped Coins - Points stolen 
Lost Coin - Points lost 
Most Played - Most used Character 
2nd Most Played - Second most used character 
Least Played - Least used character 
This record is kept for every player who's name is entered and can be looked up by player 
or character. Also is 1-5 listing of the following 
Hit Percentage 
Damage Given 
Damage Taken 
Damage Recovered 
Peak Damage 
Play Time 
Percentage Recieved 
Average Players 
Ground Distance 
Jump Distance 
Drop Distance 
Flight Distance 
Coin Points 
Swiped Coins 
Lost Coins 
Most Played 
2nd Most Played 
Least Played

Friendly Fire 
Off "Team members cannot damage each other." 
On "Team members can damage each other." 
ON "Players will be able to pause in mid-game." 
OFF "Players will not be able to pause in mid-game." 
Self Destructs 0-2 "Self-destructs will subtract # point/s from players' scores."


Hitodeman ñ Staryu (same as starmie from the original except that he will attack you 
while spinning a couple times.) 
Chikorita (shoots razor leafs at you) 
Hinoarashi ñ Cyndaquil (jumps up and turns upside down and shoots flames at you. 
Kireihana ñ Bellossom (It will dance and if you get near it you will fall asleep for a 
Mariru ñ Marill (Mariru will just run foward and hit anyone that it touches) 
Usottsuki ñ Sudowoodo....you know what? I think i made a mistake on this. It's only a 
trophy. Sorry. 
Sounansu ñ Wobbuffet (He will just stand there and if you touch him you will bounce 
Hassamu ñ Sizor (Its kind of like Hitmonlee from the original) 
Porigon2 ñ Polygon2 (He will dash foward and go back to a little matrix thingy) 
Togepi ( a weird bright light shines from him and anyone in that place grows a flower on 
the head) 
Fushigibana ñ Venusaur (I think its earthquake. Anyone near goes flying) 
Unknown - A storm of unknowns fly by the screen 
(Legendary Pokemon) 
Entei - Shoots huge flames out his back and if you get caught in it, it will do major 
Raikou - Does a lightning attack that goes out in a circle. 
Suikun - A hurricane like thing spins around him. 
Furiza ñ Articuno - Freezes everyone and its a good chance that you will fly off the 
Sanda ñ Zapdoes - Kind of like Raikou 
Faiya ñ Moltres - Shoots a big at one part of the screen 
Lugia - Flies in the background and shoots tornadoes at you 
Ho-oh - Flies in the background and flames shoot down from the sky.

14. Comparison___________________________________________________________

COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15. Copyright____________________________________________________________

This Document is copyright Nicholis Jones. If you wish to post it on your site, or you 
have questions or comments, email me at Nbj89@aol.com or Slickkidd2000@aol.com. 
This cannot be distributed or sold. If you do so you WILL be prosecuted. That is all. 
(Weakest Link) Goodbye!

16. Credits_______________________________________________________________

Nintendo/HAL Company------------------------------------------------- For making such a 
great game

ECWQueen920-------------------------------------------------------------For Moves for 

Me----------------------------------------------------------------------------For the comparisons, 
the modes, some of the combos, the stages, the move list, the strategy section, the 
character list, and just overall for putting this FAQ together.

Himurak23-------------------------------------------------------------------For the Secret 
Character moves.

Paper Ace Chase------------------------------------------------------------For the Trophies.

People who contributed the codes to Gamefaqs------------------------For the codes! Im not 
sure if all of them work but they were posted so I am assuming they are true.

AfghanBray-----------------------------------------------------------------Too Much Stuff to list 
but to name a few: Mewtwo and Mr. Game and Watch's moves, events, some of the 
extras etc., etc.

Strobediablos---------------------------------------------------------------For most of the Items