Bloody Roar Primal Fury FAQ/Moves List by Gary Adams.

Hey, peeps. I am Adamsguy. Welcome to my first FAQ.  If you have a Gamecube I 
defiantly recommend this game. The Copyright Law of 2002 says that no 
recreation of this FAQ will be made unless I give permission. No sales of any 
kind of this document are permitted. This is property of Adamsguy or Gary 
Adams. This document is for private and personal use only. If you have any 
questions email me but look through this FAQ first. Contact me at So let's look at the table of contents. Started 6/30 
ended 7/22. Version 2.0

I.	Version History
II.	Introduction
III.	Controller
IV.	Modes
a) Arcade
b) Versus
c) Time Attack
d) ect.
V.	Levels
VI.	Characters
VII.	Secret stuff
IX.	Conclusion
X.	Contact and what not

I. Version History

Version 1.0
Started my FAQ, started the characters' moves.


Version 1.1
Finished the characters' moves and fixed everything.


Version 1.5
Added a better starting name and redid the whole thing.


Version 1.6
Added stats. Redid everything.


Version 2.0
FAQ is FINALLY posted. Probably last version. FAQ looks really weird at the 
website. Fixed that. You can see it at Hopefully,too.

II. Introduction
     During the Age of Feuding between humans and Zoanthropes, a New Kingdom 
was born. Founded upon a dream of peace and equality for both, this new land 
attracted scores of Zoanthropes from far and wide. However, the kingdom was 
young and relied heavily upon its Zoanthrope army for security and on its 
special brigade of Zoanthrope mercenaries for income. Even more troublesome 
for the infant nation were rumors of cruel experiments being carried out on 
Zoanthropes to uncover the secret behind their mysterious ability to 
transform into fighting beasts. Though nearly everyone, Zoanthrope and human 
alike, strongly opposed these experiments, no one could prove that they were 
actually taking place, much less who was responsible for them.
     In an effort to bring the nation together and show off the power of 
their Zoanthrope army and mercenary brigade, the kingdom decided to sponsor 
the ultimate Zoanthrope fighting tournament. The winner would not only earn 
the title, "Zoanthrope Champion, " but also take home a handsome cash prize. 
If only the participants knew what was really awaiting them...

Pretty cool, heh. Ow well, the movies are a lot better.

III. Controller
You can either play one or two controllers. Here is a list of controls

Control Stick/Pad
Menu: Moves the cursor, selects the stage.
Game: Moves the character.

Menu: Starts a new game, and challenges other player in Arcade Mode.
Game: Pauses the game and displays PAUSE menu.

L Button
Menu: Not used.                                          
Game: Side step out of screen.

R Button
Menu: Not used.
Game: Side step into screen.

Y Button 
Menu: Changes character costume when selecting a character and stops music 
and sound in audio setting menu.
Game: Performs heavy block and throws.

A Button
Menu: Confirms menu selection.
Game: Performs kicks.

B Button
Menu: Exits the current menu.
Game: Performs punches.

X Button
Menu: Not used.
Game: Transforms character into beast form (beastorize) and performs beast 
attacks while in beast form.

Z Button
Menu: Not used.
Game: Transforms character into Hyper-beast form.

C stick
Menu: Not used.
Game: Resets character position and other settings in Training Mode.

IV. Modes
A) Arcade mode-

One-on-one battle with COM. If you lose you can use a continuation. It 
doesn't really effect you unless you want Kohryu. There are eight rounds in 
all. At the end, depending on the person, you get a movie and a secret thing, 
depending how many times you beat it. The secret characters do not have 
movies except for Ganesha. 
B) Versus- 

One-on-one with your friends proving whose better. You can change the costume 
using Y.
C) Time attack- 

See how long it takes you to beat the game. After you beat the game you get a 
D) Survival- 

See how many levels you can beat. It will be on Final round and no 
continuation. You also only regenerate 50% of your life if you win. It's 
everlasting so you'll get bored of it after a while. You can get one secret 
character here. You are ranked after you lose a match.
E) Team battle- 

Choose three or five characters and verse COM. Choose how many people will 
play in the GAME SETTINGS menu in the OPTIONS menu. Each time one of your 
guys loses another comes.
F) Vs Team Battle- 

Same as team battle except only people.
G) COM Battle-

See COM battle it out. Choose the characters and let the COM fight. Good for 
testing out modes and looking for combos.
H) Training- 

Train against a COM dummy. You can change its actions so it can fight you or 
so you can make up combos. You can record your dummy's actions with the 
Record & Replay Input. 
I) Options- 

You can change any options that you desire. You can change the COM game level 
or the COM and player strength. You can change the time limit or how many 
rounds you will play. You can change the controller and audio settings and 
look at the statistics or change the memory card so it can auto save. It's up 
to you.
J) Cheats- 

You can win these by beating the game. Cheats help you during the game or 
give you a laugh.

Beat the game with the characters to get their movies. The movies show you 
the story about this game.

V. Levels

Asian Gate- This stage is based on the bigging of a bride. The water is on 
two sides with a brige and a shrine on the other. 

|        |
|        |

Freeway- Pretty much a thin long area. It pretty small and its sorrunded by 
car lanes. Throw your opponent out of the ring at the right time and he gets 
hit by a car!

|            |

Chinese Temple- A little room in which you can only through your opponent out 
of the ring in two spots. If you throw your opponent out of the right wall 
you jump down there and still fight! But there is water pretty much all 
around the area.

|      |___

Aircraft Carrier- A strip of land sorrounded by planes and some biuldings. If 
you throw your opponent out of the ring at the right place it knock s one of 
the airline people over!

|      |

Midnight Rooftop- A huge arena, if you look at the bottom of the place there 
is glass. In the glass you can see the aquarium. There are fans on two sdes 
of this level.
|        |
|        |

Back Alley- You start off on top of a little area then if you hit the ground 
you fall to a place between two buildings, a railroad, and a street. If you 
time it right and knock your opponent onto the railroad then the train runs 
them over!

Upper  ____ Lower  _______
      |____|      |       |

Aquarium- An area with some water around it. Pretty boring place.

|     |

Indian Palace- A place with an elephant statue in the background and also 
people cheering. Has some water. If you knock your opponent out of the ring 
at the people it slams against the wall.
|      |

Evil Laboratory- A kind of circular place with an experiment in the 
background sorounded by water. It has a blue glow.

 /     \
(       )

Chaos Laboratory- The same as evil laboratory except it has an orange glow.

 /     \
(       )

VI. Characters Moves
I'll give you some the characters' moves then stats and then movie. 
NOTE: Ability Plus are special abilities gained whenever a character goes to 
Hyper Beast form.
Uranus and Koyhru do not have movies.
^ = Up, v = Down, --> = Right, , ( =v+/+K      Spiral Kick: KvK
Leg Slash: PP / P                 Bloody Roar: ) B
BEAST DRIVE: Spiral Fang: ) ) B   King of Breaker: ( ( B

         Human Beast Hyper 
Attack     2     6     6 
Counter    2     5     8 
Speed      6     6     6 
Jump       2     7     7 
Weight     5     5     5 
Ability Plus: 
1) Consecutive Hit Effect - When an opponent takes a hit, and stumbles back, 
it becomes easier to land combos. 
2) Any Cancel "A" - Can cancel any normal attacks.

Cronos is on his knees while Yugo says," Get up and show me what you got, 
Cronos." Then Gado and a lot of soldiers come in the room. Yugo then says," 
Thanks, Gado. Leave this to me." Gado dismisses his troops and then Cronos 
and Yugo run a t each other. Then it shows a scratched up Yugo looking at the 
Indian palace on his motorcycle. He smiles and then leaves.

Alice the Rabbit-

Blitz River Throw: PKPvK           Sway Kick Combination: B
Low Rolling Sobat: PKvK                   Double Cross Crow: ^P [To combo]
Ring Cross Crow: BBB                      Enemy Grasp Sun & Moon: ( BBBBvB
Snake Attack: ) P                         Rolling Sobat Combination: ( P
Stride Kick: ) K                          Shadowless Kick: ( K
BEAST DRIVE: Tiger Darkness Attack: ) ) B Ferocious Tiger Laceration: ( ( B

         Human Beast Hyper 
Attack     1     4     4 
Counter    3     6     6 
Speed      6     6     6 
Jump       2     3     3 
Weight     5     5     5 
Ability Plus: 
1) Power Guard - Neutral Guard has the same effectiveness as Heavy Guard. 
2) Any Cancel "B" - Can cancel any attack. 


Shenlong walks out of the temple and looks up at Long who is looking at him 
and says," Back for more Long?" Few have been able to survive more than one 
lesson...' Then Long says," Your confidence will betray you." Then Shenlong 
says," We'll see won't we!" And then both in mid-air attack!

Xion the Unborn-

C-A-I-N: PPPP                             A-B-E-L: PPvPP
Lunatic Attack: PPK                       Crimson Lunatic: PPPKKKK
Paradise Lost: -->PPB                      Moebius: \ PP
Spiral Babel: -->-->KKKKK                    Velvet Chain: KKK
Tyrant: BBB                               Darkness Baron: -->BBBB^K
Crusader: KKK                       Mystic Rink: -->KPK 
Striker: vBB                              Song to Naught: [when ducking] BB
BEAST DRIVE: Outbreak: ) ) B              Ascension to Heaven: ( ( B

         Human Beast Hyper 
Attack     1     5     3 
Counter    1     5     6 
Speed      6     6     6 
Jump       2     4     4 
Weight     5     5     5 
Ability Plus: 
1) Shave-down Effect - If the opponent is blocking, then you can whittle down 
their health. 
2) Any Cancel "A" - Common and Co-op attacks can be cancelled using Command 


Xion beats Cronos and pulls his head up. Then Long says," Do you really think 
more of these cruel experiments will help?" Then Xion turns around with a 
sword up to Long's neck. Then Long says," What will stop you of ridding the 
entire world of Zoanthropes." Then Xion says," You don't understand, I must 
solve this mystery." Then Long says," You are not alone in your quest, Xion." 
Xion says," Really?" Long answers," Practice compassion, Xion." And Xion 
walks away.

Busuzima the Chameleon-

Busuzima Kick: -->PK	                  Back Attack: \ P \ PP-->P
Busuzima Kick Combination: -->P-->P-->P-->PK
Hooligan Fake Kick Combination: -->K-->K-->P
Tongue Lash: -->BBB
Twisted Explosion: ) PKKKKKKK             Drill Talon: ( BB or P or K
Air Blast: [in the air] BBB               Spiral Talon: [in the air] -->BBB
Step Slap: PP                             Back High-heeled Kick: -->KKKKKK-->BBB             Slap & Disorder: PPBBBBB
BEAST DRIVE: Sky High Tempest: ) ) B      Crimson Glider: ( ( B

         Human Beast Hyper 
Attack     2     8     8 
Counter    1     5     7 
Speed      8     8     8 
Jump       2     7     7 
Weight     5     5     5 
Ability Plus: 
1) Energy Drain - Whenever you connect an attack on your opponent, your 
health goes up a little. Even after they are K.O.'d, any attacks after the 
fact will increase your health. 
2) Power Launch - In bat form, even attacks that miss can be linked into 
larger combos. (I need to double-check on this one) 


It shows Gado kneeling on the floor and Jenny standing ready to fight some 
more when, Stun's hand comes and grabs Jenny by the throat. Jenny then said," 
Huh? Stun!? Gado... Help! Uhhh..." Then went unconscious, a blue Gado then gets 
up. Then the next scene Jenny awakes to find Gado on beside her outside with 
holes in him. Jenny says," Wh...what happened?" Then she sees the holes and 
says," Thank you Gado."

Bakuryu the Mole-

Spiral Shadow Blade: PPPP-->                Flowing Shadow Circular Kick: \ PK
Gale Crescent Moon Drop: -->-->KKK           Poisonous Claw Machine Gun: -->BBBBB
Flying Line Drop: -->KBBBB \ P ) B
BEAST DRIVE: Double Inferno: ) ) B         Magic Spear: ( ( B

         Human Beast Hyper 
Attack     2     3     3 
Counter    1     5     5 
Speed      9     9     9 
Jump       2     5     5 
Weight     3     5     5 
Ability Plus: 
1) Shave-down Increase - Even if an opponent guards against an attack, they 
still lose health. 
2) Any Cancel "A" - Can cancel any common attack.

Yugo falls down and says," Look who's all grown up. Nice work, Bakuryu." Then 
fists together Yugo says," Just don't forget who's the boss around here!" And 
then gets Bakuryu in a headlock.

Uriko the Half Beast- another combo driver

Thunder Dance: PP-->PK
Wings of the Phoenix: ( B [then] KK
Thunder Blade: PPvP                      Rolling Punch: -->-->PP
Dance of the Cat: BBB                    Rubbing Nail Piece: ) BK
BEAST DRIVE: Surprise Cat Pounce: ) ) B  Dance of the Phoenix: ( ( B

         Human Beast Hyper 
Attack     1     4     4 
Counter    2     5     8 
Speed      6     6     6 
Jump       2     8     8 
Weight     3     3     3 
Ability Plus: 
1) Counter Hit Effect - All attacks are treated as Counter Hits, and the 
opponent's state becomes a counter state. 
2) Defense Negating Effect - Irregardless of an opponent's defense stat, all 
attacks deal normal amounts of damage. 


The laboratory is falling apart when a big piece of glass almost falls on top 
of Uriko and Cronos, when Uriko says," No!!!," and stops it with her beast 
power. Then a bright flash, then Uriko says," It's okay, Cronos. You are safe 
now." Then Cronos' hand comes out and touches her face. She falls back and 
says," Huh!?" Then Cronos says," Thank you Uriko. Your powers are even 
greater than I had imagined. You have a great destiny..."

Gado the Lion-

Shotgun Combination Drive: PP-->K          Tomahawk Basher: -->PPP
Shell Slash: \ PvK                        Trooper Comb: KKK
ShyRuncher Strike: -->KKK                  Triple Scratch: BBB
Destroy Scratch: -->BB                     Absolute Fire:P
Shotgun Combination Fire: PP-->P           Spinning Strike: KKK
Heat Capture Middle Kick: ) P[when hit]
K Heat Capture Low Kick: ) P [when hit] vK
Bloody Ridge: ^B ) B                      Heat Blaster Double Claw: KPPP
Punch a lot: ) P                           Punch Drive: ) P-->P
Jump on Over: ) P                          Handstand: [while crouching] K
Peck: BBBBBB                               Drill Up: ^B
Roll Peck: vB                              Knee Pecker: / B
Drop Kick: -->BBBBBB                         Headbutt: ) B
Rollin: [while crouching] B                 Flamer: [while hyper] \B
Fly: [while hyper] ) B                      Flame Pouncer: [while hyper] ^B
BEAST DRIVE: Snowboard: ) ) B               Absorb Power: ( ( B

         Human Beast Hyper 
Attack     3     3     6 
Counter    2     8     8 
Speed      6     2     8 
Jump       2     3     6 
Weight     5     5     5 
Ability Plus: 
1) Individual Motion - In Hyper Beast form, you can use B-button attacks 
which differ from the Beast (penguin) form. 
2) Partial Speed Up - The motion of all attacks get a bit faster. 
3) Any Cancel "B" - Can cancel any attack


Cronos is behind his father King Orion when, King Orion says," I've ordered a 
new round of experiments..." Then Cronos with a knife in hand says," That's 
insane! You'll have to do it alone!" King Orion swings around while saying," 
No!!!" and knocks the knife out of his hand. Then says," If humans and 
Zoanthropes are to live in peace, then the research must continue." Then 
Cronos on his hands and knees says," Humans...Zoanthropes...In peace..." Then him 
and his father are outside looking down on the people greeting them.

Ganesha the Elephant- Ganesha is too slow for 20 moves, but I came up with 10

Stomp: ^K                                 Low Kick: [while crouching] K
Uppercut: [while crouching] P             Come Here: ) B
Upper Trunk: ^B                           Spin Kick: \ K
Roll Away: [while crouching] B            Full Punch: K
Arm Throw: ) B                            Slice n Dice: BBB \ BBB
Driller: -->-->B                             Punch Mechagnism: -->BBBB
Concentration Blast: ) ^B                 Disappear: v \ P
Hop: ^B
BEAST DRIVE: Concealment: ) ) B           Missile Strike: ( ( B

         Human Beast Hyper 
Attack     2     4     4 
Counter    1     4     4 
Speed      9     9     9 
Jump       2     5     5 
Weight     7     8     8 
Ability Plus: 
1) Power Launch - If you strike an opponent with a launching attack, it will 
increase the chance to do lots of damage using combos. 
2) Any Cancel "B" - Cancels all attacks.

Uranus the Chimera-

Trip: [while crouching] K                  Mega Hit: PPPPKKKKKK
Electric Grab: PP-->P-->P                      Transfer: ^P
Knock Up: vBB^BBBB                         Grab: ) B
Purple Wave: ) P                           Electric Blast: ( P
Teleport: ( K                              Electric Stomp: Low Teleport: / P
BEAST DRIVE: Kicking Butt: ) ) B           Electric Pounce: ( ( B

         Human Beast Hyper 
Attack     2     5     3 
Counter    2     1     10 
Speed      10    10    10 
Jump       10    4     6 
Weight     3     8     3 
Ability Plus: 
1) Individual Motion - In Hyper Beast form, the seal is broken, and you can 
use any attack. 
2) Counter Hit Effect - All attacks are treated as Counter Hits. 
3) Any Cancel "B" - All attacks can be cancelled by Command Attacks.

VII. Secret Stuff
How to get all of the secret characters. All of the secret characters come 
with a level except Kohryu.

1.	Ganesha with Indian Palace- Beat the game once in arcade mode. Sounds 
easy, it's harder than you think.
2.	Cronos with Evil Laboratory-Beat game again in arcade mode.
3.	Kohryu- beat up to level 5 in arcade mode without using a continuation and 
then face him, then beat him.
4.	Uranus with Chaos Laboratory- Beat level 16 in survival mode. An easy way 
to do this is to put Eliminate all wall mode and maybe no blocking, then 
choose Long or Shenlong. Do your grab at the beginning and it insures an 
easy win.

Other stuff and modes. Beat the game in arcade mode with everyone to get 
Movie player-beat once.                COM battle-beat it twice.			
Cheat menu-beat it 3 times.            Kid mode-4x
Super buff mode-5x                     Eliminate all walls-6x
Weaken Walls-7x                        Break walls-8x
Low speed-9x                           High speed-10x
No blocking-11x                        Max difficulty-12x
Knock down battle-13x                  Human-14x
Beast-15x                              Hyper Beast-16x

Q. What is a "combo driver"?
A. It is what I call characters that your friends always play with and never 
let up. In other words the people that pretty much have endless combos.

Q. Who is the best character?
A. It is whoever you think it is. No one person is better than another. It 
depends on whom you're better with.

Q. Who is your favorite character?
A. Xion and Uranus.

Q. Who do you think is the hottest female character?
A.  Well, it's a tie between Jenny and Uranus.

Q. What's the difference between Hyper and Regular beast mode?
A. Hyper can do as many Beast Drives as you want but has a time limit, it 
also takes away health if your beast gauge isn't blinking red. Regular beast 
mode has no time limit and only goes away if a person takes a lot of your 
health away. You can only do one beast drive and once you do it you turn back 
to human. And can turn into it if the words beast change is above your beast 

Q. What's the difference between Primal Fury and Extreme?
A. Well, Extreme was in Japan and Primal Fury is here, and Extreme has an 
extra character, Fang. And rumors say that there was this position in Extreme 
that had a lot controversy over.

IX. Conclusion
In conclusion this game ROCKS! But seriously, if I were you I would get this 
game. If I had to rank this game it would be 8.9. It's kind of short. You'll 
get everything in less than 3 or 4 hours. (That is if you're not so good at 
this game). Have your friends over and see who's the real animal.

X. Contact and what not
     Hey, I hope you liked my FAQ it's been fun making it. If you have any 
questions e-mail me at So I'll see you in my next 
FAQ. Special thanks to everyone at bloody roar message board and Hudson and 
Activision for making this game. I did use the manual for some parts. This 
document Copyright 2002 of Adamsguy or Gary Adams. No recreation of this will 
be made unless I give permission. If your friends want to see this then have 
them go on the place where you saw it. So see you in my next FAQ.