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      - Basic Controls
      - Quick List
      - Special Abilities
      - Modes of Play
      - Adon
      - Akuma
      - Birdie
      - Blanka
      - Cammy
      - Charlie
      - Chun-Li
      - Cody
      - Dan Hibiki
      - Dhalsim
      - Edmond Honda
      - Gen
      - Guy
      - Karin Kanzuki
      - Ken Masters
      - M. Bison
      - Rainbow Mika
      - Rolento Schugerg
      - Rose
      - Ryu
      - Sagat
      - Sakura Kasugano
      - Sodom
      - Vega
      - Zangief
      - Balrog
      - Juli
      - Juni
      - Secrets and Codes
      - Boss Battle Chart
      - Special Intros
      - Endings
      - Translations / Misc. Info.
      - Revision History
      - Special Thanks

Please note that there are both beta and final versions of SFA3 that
have been distributed.  If you don't know what your machine is, check
to see if it has character introductions, endings, or boss encounters.
The beta version doesn't have any of these features.



 This section outlines the basic controls for all characters:

 (joystick directions and results)

  ub  u  uf      Jump Up-Back            Jump Up         Jump Up-Forward
    \ | /
 b -- n -- f     Walk Back / Guard       Neutral         Walk Forward
    / | \
  db  d  df      Defensive Crouch        Crouch          Offensive Crouch

 (button layout and effect)

 LP  MP  HP      Light Punch         Medium Punch        Hard Punch

 LK  MK  HK      Light Kick          Medium Kick         Hard Kick

 (FAQ abbreviations)

  qcf / qcb  -  Press d,df,f or  d,db,b on the joystick.

  hcf / hcb  -  Press b,db,d,df,f or f,df,d,db,b on the joystick.

  Rotate 360 -  Rotate the joystick in a complete circle.  You can start
                and end the circle at any point (i.e. start at uf and
                end at uf, or b to b, etc.)

  Rotate 720 -  Perform the 360 motion twice (two full rotations).

  PP / PPP   -  Press any two / all three Punch buttons.

  KK / KKK   -  Press any two / all three Kick buttons.

  (?)        -  I'm not sure if what's written is true or not.

  (air)      -  The move can be performed while on the ground, or while
                in the air (during a jump or after an air recovery).

  x~x        -  All possible ranges are allowed (for example, ub through
                uf, or MK through HP).

  A note on the "if reversed / when knocked down" moves:

  I subsituted this for the old "when reversed" term because some people
  confused it for a reversal (aka wake-up attack), which is when you do
  a special move while lying on the floor and instantly perform it.  Any
  move that can be used "when knocked down", means while you are falling
  towards the floor (after being sweeped, for example).  You need to
  finish the input for the move just before hitting the floor or it
  won't come out, in most cases.  Sodom can use one of his "knockdown"
  moves (the Tengu Walking) after an air-block, providing he's low to
  the ground at the time he blocks it.  I don't know if other characters
  can do the same with their "knockdown" moves but I wouldn't doubt it.


 If you want a brief explanation of character's special abilities and
 the differences between each mode of play, then this section is the
 one to read.  If you want this info. in more detail, read the next two


 Block                  Hold b / db  (air)
 Ground Recovery        Press KK when knocked down
 Air Recovery           Press (b / f) + PP when launched
 Taunt                  Press (b / f) + Start
 Throw                  When close, b / f + PP / KK  (air)
 Tech. Bonus            When thrown, press f + PP / KK
 Damage Reduction       Tap any button rapidly and shake the joystick
                        b / f when you're damaged by a multi-hit attack
 Guard Protection       Press b / db to block just prior to an attack
 Counter Hit            Hit someone as they're attacking you
 Alpha Counter          While blocking, f + same P + K  (ground only)
 Variable Combo         Press the same strength P + K  (air)

 ABILITIES              X-ISM           A-ISM           V-ISM

 Air Blocking           No              Yes             Yes
 Air Recovery           Yes             Yes             Yes
 Ground Recovery        No              Yes             Yes
 Taunts                 Only Dan        Yes             Yes
 Guard Power Rating     High            Varies          Varies
 SC/CC Gauge Speed      Slow            Normal          Fast
 Levels Available       1               3               2  (50% / 100%)
 Alpha Counters         No              1 SC cost       50% CC cost
 Damage Rating*         x1.2            x1.0            x0.8

 * In regards to the hidden modes (see the Secrets and Codes section),
   the damage rating is as follows (most damage to least damage): Maji,
   L-Mode, Classical, X-ism, A-ism, V-ism.
 Concerning the hidden modes, Classical mode sticks you with an X-ism
 character, and you can select your "-ism" during Maji mode or L-Mode.


 This section explains abilities and features available to each
 character.  Some of them may not be available to a character depending
 on who he / she is and what mode they're using.  More information on
 the modes of play can be found in the next section.

  BLOCKING                     (air blocking is not available in X-ism)

    COMMAND:  Hold b to block most standing attacks, jumping attacks,
              and overheads.  Hold db to block most standing and low
              attacks.  Note that you won't block unless the attack
              your opponent is using is relatively close to you.  You
              can also block in air by performing the block command
              while jumping or after an air recovery.
    NOTES:    When you block, you take no damage from normal moves, and
              reduced damage from special moves and Super Combos.

  GROUND RECOVERY                      (this is not available in X-ism)

    COMMAND:  When you're knocked down, press any two Kick buttons to
              roll forward once you hit the ground.  You can hold KK
              before you're knocked down to roll the moment you hit
              the ground, too.

    NOTES:    By using the ground recovery, you can pass through your
              opponent or simply move closer towards them.  It's
              useful for escaping from corners and so that your foe
              can't attack you as you get up.


    COMMAND:  When you're knocked up into the air, press any two Punch
              buttons to flip upright.  Or, press b / f + any two
              Punch buttons to flip and move forward or backward at the
              same time.  You can hold PP before you're knocked into
              the air to automatically flip upright, too.

    NOTES:    Normally, you can be juggled by another of your enemy's
              attacks when you're knocked into the air.  However, once
              you've flipped, you can air block (in certain modes), or
              perform an attack to prevent this from happening.  It's
              also a useful way to land on your feet rather than your

  TAUNTING                             (this is not available in X-ism)

    COMMAND:  Press Start.  Some characters have a second taunt which
              can be done with f + Start.  Birdie has a third taunt,
              which is b + Start.  Dan and Dhalsim have an air taunt
              which can be done by pressing Start while in the air.
              Dan can also taunt when he's crouching.  You can taunt
              once per round (Dan can taunt infinitely in each round).
              You can also cancel a normal move into your taunt
              animation, if that move is normally cancelable.

    NOTES:    Realistically, taunts have no practical use since they
              leave you open to attack and can't be cancelled.  Some
              characters have taunts that can hit, but they cause
              extremely minor damage and even then, you can't kill
              someone with a taunt (excluding X-ism Dan).  People with
              damaging taunts include:  Akuma, Birdie, Chun-Li, Dan
              (only in X-ism), Honda, Rolento, Sakura, and Sodom.
              Dan earns small amounts of SC energy from his crouching
              and standing taunts, as well.


    COMMAND:  Press b / f + any two Punch buttons (some characters can
              also use any two Kick buttons).  This can be done in air.

    NOTES:    If you're not close enough to your opponent, you'll go
              into a "missed throw" animation that leaves you
              vulnerable to attacks.  Your opponent can reduce the
              damage he or she takes from a throw by doing a Tech.
              Bonus (f + PP when thrown), which also makes them land
              on their feet.

  ALPHA COUNTERS                       (this is not available in X-ism)

    COMMAND:  While you're blocking an attack on the ground, press
              f + the same Punch and Kick buttons.  You need to have
              at least 1 level of your SC gauge filled (in A-ism), or
              50% or higher of your CC gauge filled (in V-ism), in
              order to do this.  You also need at least one spare
              notch in your Guard Power Gauge.  When you use an AC,
              the animation will pause briefly and you'll stop blocking
              and perform a preset attack.  The attack you use changes
              depending on what "-ism" you're using.

    NOTES:    ACs are handy if your opponent is aggressive or is trying
              to kill you via block damage and you want to get away
              from them.  ACs do little damage but can kill someone.
              However, because they shorten the length of your GPG,
              they're best saved for do-or-die situations as a small
              Guard Power gauge is not a good thing to have.  It's
              thought that at least on some machines, an AC will be
              ineffective unless you match the button strength with
              your opponent (for instance, using f + MP + MK to stop
              a standing MP or MK Dankuukyaku).  I need to look into
              this, though.

  SUPER COMBOS                         (this is not available in V-ism)

    COMMAND:  The command for a SC changes depending on the character.
              Usually it's a double motion (like qcf,qcf), plus a Punch
              or Kick button.  The button used has no purpose in X-ism;
              in A-ism, it affects the level of power used (LP / LK for
              Level 1, MP / MK for Level 2, HP / HK for Level 3).  Some
              A-ism characters have SCs that can only be used at Level
              3--in that case, the button used is unimportant.  If you
              have one level of power and use a Medium or Hard attack,
              you'll still do a Level 1 SC; the same applies to using
              HP or HK if you have only 2 levels.

    NOTES:    Super Combos share many traits: they are generally faster
              and have more priority than normal moves; they can juggle
              an opponent, and they hit multiple times and usually do
              lots of damage.  In A-ism, these traits improve depending
              on the level of SC energy expended (so a Level 3 SC costs
              more but does more damage, etc. than a Level 1 SC).
              X-ism SCs can be considered as "Level 4" SCs; they are
              generally better than even a Level 3 SC but take a longer
              amount of time to charge up.

  CUSTOM COMBOS                       (this is only available in V-ism)

    COMMAND:  Press the same strength Punch + Kick buttons together.
              You need to have at least 50% of your CC energy built
              up in order to use this.  When you activate a CC, you
              are trailed by shadows that mimic your every action.
              During a CC, the shadows that follow you can attack your
              opponent, too.  Which shadow you pick determines the
              delay between attacks; use LP + LK for the first shadow
              (short delay), MP + MK for the second shadow (moderate
              delay), or HP + HK for the third shadow (long delay).
              You can tell which shadow is the one that can hit
              because it will be shaded dark instead of blue like the
              other shadows.

    NOTES:    You still have to pause for charge moves (no instant
              charging as in SFA2).  You can't Alpha Counter during a
              Custom Combo, either.  And, unlike SFA2, you can't taunt
              infinitely, nor does your speed increase while a CC is
              active.  If you're hit while your CC is activated, it
              ends, and you lose all remaining CC power above 50% (or
              you lose it all if you started with 50%).

    COMMAND:  None.

    NOTES:    When you block or air block an attack, this gauge
              decreases slightly.  If you keep blocking attacks, it
              will keep decreasing until it empties.  If it does so,
              your character gets Guard Crushed and will become
              dizzy (and open to an attack) for a moment before it
              recharges.  However, when it recharges, it's overall
              length is reduced by a notch, making it easier for you
              to be Guard Crushed.  When not blocking, the GPG refills
              slowly, but only to the current length of the GPG and
              not any further if you've lost a notch or more.  Another
              way to lose GPG notches is to use an Alpha Counter.


    COMMAND:  Hit your opponent with an attack while they're in the
              midst of performing their own attack.

    NOTES:    When you perform a Counter Hit, the hit sound is much
              louder and the action pauses for a brief moment.
              A move that becomes a Counter Hit does more damage
              than it normally would.


    COMMAND:  When getting hit by any multi-hit attack, tap any button
              rapidly and shake the joystick back and forth.

    NOTES:    Doing this reduces any added damage you risk taking from
              the extra hits.  Your character will flash red to let
              you know if you're doing this successfully.


    COMMAND:  Try to block an attack as it comes out instead of
              blocking it in advance (like parrying in reverse).
              This works against high and low attacks, I don't know
              if you can do it in the air but I imagine it's so.

    NOTES:    Doing this reduces the amount of Guard Power you lose
              from your Guard Power Gauge.  Your character will flash
              blue if you've done this properly.

 SFA3's basic gameplay has been messed around with quite a bit since the
 last game.  So, it takes a little getting used to.  The biggest change
 is that there are now three modes of play, called "-isms", that you
 must choose from after selecting the game speed (there are two speed
 settings).  Descriptions of the "-isms" are written below:
 X-ISM  (Simple Mode)

  The name "X-ism" comes from SSFIIX, the Japanese name of our SSF2T

    Like in other modes, your Guard Power Gauge length depends on the
    character.  However, all GPGs are longer in X-ism than in other
    modes, making it harder for an X-ism character to get Guard Crushed.
    Also, your attacks (punches, kicks, special moves, etc.) do more
    damage in this mode.

    You cannot air block, use the ground recovery roll, or Alpha
    Counter.  You cannot taunt either (excluding Dan, as usual).
    X-ism characters have only one, predetermined Super Combo.

 A-ISM  (Standard Mode)

  The name "A-ism" comes from the "Alpha" title in the SFA series.

    A-ism characters have just about everything available to them that
    other modes lack: air blocking, both ground and air recoveries,
    Alpha Counters (these cost 1 level of SC power and 1 notch of your
    Guard Power Gauge), and taunting (once per round only, excluding
    Dan).  Plus, their SC gauge charges up at a decent pace, compared
    to X-ism's slow-filling Super Combo gauge.  They also have access
    to all of their Super Combos (excluding Dhalsim).

    Characters in this mode do an average amount of damage per hit, but
    this is less than in X-ism.  Each character's Guard Power Gauge
    varies depending on who you're using, which means that it's easy
    for certain characters to get Guard Crushed.  You may be slightly
    slower in A-ism than in other modes, I've been unable to confirm
    this yet.

 V-ISM  (Variation Mode)

  The name "V-ism" comes from the Variable Combos, the Japanese term
  for Custom Combos.

    Like A-ism characters, they have full access to special abilities
    such as air blocking, ground and air recoveries, Alpha Counters
    (these cost 50% of a full CC gauge and drain 1 notch from your
    Guard Power Gauge), and taunting (again, once per round only,
    excluding Dan).  Also, you can determine which range of attacks
    you'll use (close, neutral, or far), by pressing back, neutral
    (nothing), or forward when you press a Punch or Kick button for a
    standing attack (I don't think Dan or Dhalsim can do this).  The
    CC gauge also charges very quickly in this mode, giving you more
    frequent access to Custom Combos.  Most obvious is that they can
    use Custom Combos, although this works in place of Super Combos.
    You may be slightly faster in V-ism than in other modes, I've been
    unable to confirm this yet.

    All characters in this mode do less damage per hit than in any other
    mode, making this the worst mode damage-wise.  Plus, it costs half
    a CC gauge to use an Alpha Counter, which is still worse than
    A-ism's requirements, even though the CC gauge fills quickly.


 Characters are listed in alphabetical order.  Special moves come first,
 then command attacks, then Super Combos, and finally, any Level 3 SCs
 that person may have.  If I don't have the offical Capcom name for a
 move, the name is written in lowercase, in parenthesis.

 To the far left of the move list, you may see the letters X, A, or V.
 These letters indicate that the move is available only when using
 X-ism, A-ism, or V-ism.


XAV  Rising Jaguar                 f,d,df + K
 AV  Jaguar Kick                   b,d,db + K
X    Jaguar Kick                   Jump, press Kick
XAV  Jaguar Tooth                  hcb + K
XAV  Jaguar Crunch                 f + MP
X    Jutting Kick                  Standing close HK
 AV  Jutting Kick                  df + MK
XA   Jaguar Varied Assault         qcf,d,df + P
XA   J.V.A.: Jaguar Thousand       Tap P during Jaguar Varied Assault
XA   J.V.A.: Jaguar Assassin       Tap K during Jaguar Varied Assault
 A   Jaguar Revolver               qcf,qcf + K

A-ism AC:  Jaguar Thousand (hits 4 times)
V-ism AC:  MK Rising Jaguar

 - The Jaguar Crunch is an overhead attack.
 - In A-ism, you must perform the Jaguar Varied Assault at Level 3 if
   you want to use the Jaguar Thousand or Jaguar Assassin.


XAV  Gou Hadouken                  qcf + P
XAV  Zankuu Hadouken               Jump, qcf + P
XAV  Shakunetsu Hadouken           hcb + P
XAV  Gou Shouryuuken               f,d,df + P
XAV  Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku        qcb + K  (air) / qcb,ub + K
 AV  Zenpou Tenshin                qcb + P
XAV  Ashura Senkuu                 f,d,df / b,d,db + PPP / KKK
 AV  Hyakki Shuu                   qcf,uf + P
 AV  Hyakki Gou Zan                Do nothing after Hyakki Shuu
 AV  Hyakki Gou Shou               Press P after Hyakki Shuu
 AV  Hyakki Gou Sen                Press K after Hyakki Shuu
 AV  Hyakki Gou Sai                When close, P after Hyakki Shuu
 AV  Hyakki Gou Tsui               When close, K after Hyakki Shuu
XAV  Tenma Kuujinkyaku             Jump forward, d + MK
XAV  Zugai Hasatsu                 f + MP
XAV  Senpuu Kyaku                  f + MK
 A   Messatsu Gou Hadou            hcb,hcb + P
 A   Messatsu Gou Shouryuu         qcf,d,df + P
 A   Tenma Gou Zankuu              Jump, qcf,d,df + P
XA   Shun Goku Satsu               LP,LP,f,LK,HP

A-ism AC:  HP Shouryuuken
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK

 - The Zugai Hasatsu is an overhead attack.
 - In A-ism, you can only use the Shun Goku Satsu at Level 3.


XAV  Bull Head                     Charge b,f + P
XAV  Bull Horn                     Hold PP / KK and release
XAV  Murderer Chain                Rotate 360 + P
XAV  Bandit Chain                  Rotate 360 + K
XAV  Body Slam                     Jump, d + HP
XAV  Bull Drop                     f + HK
X    Bad Hammer                    If your close HP hits twice, u + P / K
XA   The Birdie                    Charge b,f,b,f + P
 A   Bull Revenger                 qcf,d,df + P / K

A-ism AC:  LP Bullhead (old SFA style Bullhead)
V-ism AC:  Side Kick (looks a bit like the end of the Bull Drop)

 - The longer you charge the Bull Horn, the more times it hits, as
   shown below:

                  01-02   timer counts  :  Level 1 Punch
                  03-04   timer counts  :  Level 2 Punch
                  05-08   timer counts  :  Level 3 Punch
                  09-16   timer counts  :  Level 4 Punch
                  17-inf. timer counts  :  Final Punch

 - One trick you can do with the Bull Horn is to charge it with PPP
   or KKK.  If you release one button, he'll do a Bull Horn, and if
   you release another one, he'll do a second one.  This means that
   you can get two uses out of one charge.
 - The Bull Drop is an overhead attack.
 - The Bad Hammer is simply Birdie's jumping HP that you can tack on
   after a close standing HP (if it hits twice).  You can use any
   button (Punch or Kick), it makes no difference.
 - When using the Bull Revenger, using Punch makes Birdie hop forward
   a short distance, while Kick makes him leap really far across the


XAV  Electric Thunder              Tap P rapidly
XAV  Rolling Attack                Charge b,f + P
XAV  Backstep Rolling              Charge b,f + K
XAV  Vertical Rolling              Charge d,u + K
XAV  Surprise Front                Press KKK
XAV  Surprise Back                 b + KKK
XAV  Amazon River Run              df + HP
XA   Rock Crush                    When close, b / f + MP
  V  Rock Crush                    When close, b + MP
XA   Ground Shave Rolling          Charge b,f,b,f + P  (hold P to delay)
 A   Tropical Hazard               Charge db,f,b,uf + K, then P / K

A-ism AC:  HK Vertical Rolling
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK

 - Blanka can use the Amazon River Run to pass under certain attacks.
 - After the Tropical Hazard, you can bounce around the fruit that is
   left behind by hitting it with an attack.


XAV  Cannon Drill                  qcf + K
XAV  Cannon Spike                  f,d,df + K
  V  Cannon Strike                 Jump forward, qcb + K
  V  Cannon Revenge                hcb + P
XA   Axle Spin Knuckle             hcb + P
XA   Hooligan Combination          qcf,uf + P  (press K early to cancel)
XA   Razor Edge Slicer             Do nothing after Hooligan Combination
XA   Fatal Leg Twister             When close, b / f + K after H.C.
XA   Cross Scissor Pressure        Do the F.L.T. when low to the ground
XA   Spin Drive Smasher            qcf,d,df + K
 A   Reverse Shaft Breaker         qcb,d,db + K, tap K rapidly
 A   Killer Bee Assault            Charge db,f,b,uf + K at Level 3

A-ism AC:  Standing far HP
V-ism AC:  MK Cannon Spike

 - In the US, Cammy's Cannon Drill is called the "Spiral Arrow".
 - The Cannon Revenge is a counter-attack.  Use it before someone
   attempts to hit you with a high or jumping attack.  This move is
   ineffective against most low attacks.


XAV  Sonic Boom                    Charge b,f + P
XAV  Somersault Shell              Charge d,u + K
 AV  Dash                          f,f  (press b to cancel)
 AV  Knee Bazooka                  Press K during Dash
X    Knee Bazooka                  b / f + LK
XAV  Jump Sobat                    b / f + MK
XAV  Step Kick                     b / f + HK
X    Spin Back Knuckle             Press HP
 AV  Spin Back Knuckle             f + HP
 A   Sonic Break                   Charge b,f,b,f + P, tap P rapidly
 A   Crossfire Blitz               Charge b,f,b,f + K
XA   Somersault Justice            Charge db,f,b,uf + K

A-ism AC:  Spin Back Knuckle
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK

 - Charlie's Jumping Sobat is no longer an overhead attack.
 - During the Sonic Break, you can tap any Punch button for an
   extra Sonic Boom: once at Level 1, twice at Level 2, and so on.


 AV  Kikouken                      hcf + P
 AV  Sen'en Shuu                   hcb + K
X    Sou Hakkei                    Charge b,f + P
X    Spinning Bird Kick            Charge b,f + K
X    Kuuchuu Spinning Bird Kick    Jump, charge b,f + K
 AV  Tenshou Kyaku                 Charge d,u + K
X    Tenshou Kyaku                 When knocked down, charge d,u + K
XAV  Hyakuretsu Kyaku              Tap Kick rapidly
XAV  Kouhou Kaiten Kyaku           df + MK
XAV  Kaku Kyaku Raku               df + HK
XAV  Yousou Kyaku                  Jump, db~df + MK  (can repeat)
XAV  Sankaku Tobi                  Jump against a wall, press f
 A   Kikoushou                     qcf,qcf + P
XA   Senretsu Kyaku                Charge b,f,b,f + K
 A   Hazan Tenshou Kyaku           Charge db,f,b,uf + K

A-ism AC:  Sou Hakkei
V-ism AC:  Crouching MK

 - In X-ism, Chun-Li appears in her original SFII outfit.
 - The Sen'en Shuu and Kaku Kyaku Raku are overhead attacks.


XAV  Bad Stone                     qcf + P  (hold P to delay)
 AV  Fake Stone                    qcf + Start
XAV  Criminal Upper                qcb + P
XAV  Ruffian Kick                  qcf + K
XAV  Bad Spray                     When knocked down, b,db,d + P
XAV  Knife Hiroi                   When near a knife, d + PP
XAV  Knife Kougeki                 Press P after getting a knife
XAV  Knife Nage                    qcf + P after getting a knife
XAV  Stomach Blow                  f + MP
XAV  Crack Kick                    f + HK
XAV  (air throw)                   Jump, when close, b / f + KK
  V  Sakeru                        Hold b / db when attacked
XA   Final Destruction             qcf,qcf + P
 A   Dead End Iron Knee            qcf,qcf + K

A-ism AC:  Throw animation
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK

 - When Cody picks up a knife, he toys with it for a moment.  You can
   cancel this by pressing P or K.
 - If Cody is hit after picking up a knife, he drops it.
 - Cody's Sakeru is an evasion move.  Cody can evade high attacks (not
   low ones), or up to five hits of an attack at one time.
 - During the X-ism Final Destruction, Cody can move around and tapping
   any Punch button makes him perform a combo.

XAV  Gadouken                      qcf + P
XAV  Kouryuuken                    f,d,df + P
XAV  Dankuu Kyaku                  qcb + K
 AV  Kuuchuu Dankuu Kyaku          Jump, qcb + K / qcb,ub + K
XAV  Zenten Chouhatsu              qcf + Start
XAV  Kouten Chouhatsu              qcb + Start
  V  Saikyou-ryuu Bougyo           While blocking, f + tap PPP rapidly
 A   Shin Kuu Gadouken             qcf,qcf + P
 A   Kouryuu Rekka                 qcf,d,df + K
XA   Hisshou Burai Ken             qcb,qcb + K
 A   Chouhatsu Densetsu            qcf,qcf + Start at Level 1 or higher
 A   Chouhatsu Shinwa              qcb,qcb + Start at Level 3

A-ism AC:  Standing Chouhatsu
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK

 - In X-ism, Dan's crouching taunt can hit his enemy for minor damage.
   It can also kill his opponent.  The stnading taunt can also hit, but
   only against a jump-in attack (it has a very strange range).  Perhaps
   the rolling taunts can hit, too, but I've had no luck with them so
 - Dan may flash during the Kouryuuken; there is a 1-in-8 chance of
   this happening.  If he does so, he is invincible until the flash
 - Truly Dan-like is the fact that Dan's qcb,ub + K version of his
   Kuuchuu Dankuukyaku goes virtually straight backwards instead of
   going upwards as well. ^^;
 - Dan is mostly invincible while rolling during the Zenten / Kouten
   Chouhatsu.  Some moves can still hit him, I think this depends on
   what "-ism" you're using.
 - Dan's Saikyou-ryuu Bougyo can be used to shrug off extra hits like
   in MSH vs. SF.  It also pushes your opponent back really far, which
   is good if someone keeps trying to trap you and lower your Guard
   Power gauge.
 - During the Chouhatsu Shinwa, all of the buttons behave like the
   Start button, and Dan does his perfect win pose if you press Start.
   He can't earn SC power, but he can use his rolling taunts (using a
   P or K button) and he can cancel his taunts into one another. :)
   Each P or K button makes him say something different, too, and he's
   trailed by shadows the entire time.  Dan stays in this "taunt mode"
   for about twelve clicks of the timer or until hit.


XAV  Yoga Fire                     qcf + P
 AV  Yoga Flame                    hcb + P
X    Yoga Flame                    hcf + P
 AV  Yoga Blast                    hcb + K
X    Yoga Blast                    hcf + K
X    Yoga Teleport                 f,d,df / b,d,db + PPP / KKK
 AV  Yoga Teleport                 f,d,df / b,d,db + PPP / KKK  (air)
 AV  Yoga Escape                   When knocked down, b,db,d + K
 A   Yoga Shock                    b + LP, hold LP until you attack
XAV  Yoga Palm                     f + LP
 AV  Kuuchuu Miyuu                 Jump, press Start
XAV  Drill Zutsuki                 Jump, d + HP
XAV  Drill Kick                    Jump, d + K
X    Yoga Tempest                  hcf,hcf + P
 A   Yoga Inferno                  qcf,qcf + P
 A   Yoga Stream                   qcb,qcb + P
 A   Yoga Strike                   qcf,d,df + K

A-ism AC:  Close standing MP
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK slide

 - Dhalsim's limbs adjust themselves automatically in X-ism.
   In A-ism, you can hold back or forward to make them come out either
   as close-range or long-range attacks.  If you don't press anything,
   they always come out as long-range attacks.  Unlike the 'range
   control' in V-ism, this applies to his standing, crouching, and
   jumping attacks.
 - Dhalsim's Yoga Shock is an overhead.
 - The Yoga Stream hits low, making it very useful for messing up
   people who are expecting a high attack.


XAV  Hyakuretsu Harite             Tap P rapidly
XAV  Super Zutsuki                 Charge b,f + P
XAV  Super Hyakkan Otoshi          Charge d,u + K
XAV  Ooichou Nage                  Rotate 360 + P
XAV  Hiza Geri                     When close, f + MK
XAV  Harai Geri                    f + HK
XA   Oni Musou                     Charge b,f,b,f + P
 A   Fuji Oroshi                   Charge b,f,b,f + K
 A   Orochi Kudaki                 Rotate 720 + P at Level 3

A-ism AC:  Standing far HP
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK

 - Using a stronger Punch for the Hyakuretsu Harite will make Honda
   move forward a little, whereas he stays still for the LP version.
 - Honda won't continue the Fuji Oroshi if the initial part is blocked.


 AV  Ansatsu Ken: Sou-ryuu         Press PPP at anytime
XAV   Hyakurenkou                  Tap P rapidly
XAV   Gekirou                      f,d,df + K, tap K
XA    Zan'ei                       qcf,qcf + P
 A    Shitenshuu                   qcb,qcb + P
 AV  Ansatsu Ken: Ki-ryuu          Press KKK at anytime
XAV   Jyasen                       Charge b,f + P
 AV   Ouga                         Charge d,ub~uf + K
XAV   Kyoutetsu                    Press MP
XAV   (low-level sweep)            Press HP
 AV   (counter punch)              d + HP
 AV   Satsu Jin                    d + LK
 AV   Saizu                        Jump, press MK
 AV   Uken                         Jump, press HK, then press HK again
 A    Jyakouha                     qcf,d,df + K
 A    Kouga                        Jump, qcb,qcb + K, press any K

A-ism AC:  (Sou-ryuu)  1-hit HK Gekirou
A-ism AC:  (Ki-ryuu)   1-hit advancing Soryuu-style HP
V-ism AC:  (Sou-ryuu)  Palm Thrust
V-ism AC:  (Ki-ryuu)   1-hit advancing Uken (second hit)

 - Gen has two different "styles" of play he can employ by pressing
   PPP or KKK.  Each style has different normal and special attacks,
   and SCs.  Gen normally starts in the PPP style (Sou-ryuu), but if
   you switch this to his KKK style (Ki-ryuu), he'll remain in it
   even if the round (or the match) ends.  You can switch Gen's styles
   at any time, while jumping, while attacking, while knocked down,
 - In X-ism, Gen cannot change styles.  He has a mix of both styles
   instead.  He cannot chain combo in this mode either.
 - In his Sou-ryuu style, Gen can chain together his normal attacks.
   The sequence is pretty loose--the only real restriction is that
   you can't chain a stronger attack into a weaker one (like HP into
   LK).  Otherwise, just about anything is possible.
 - During the Geki Rou, you need to tap the Kick button as your
   opponent goes higher and higher into the air if you want to get the
   full hits (you'll know if you did this correctly because he'll
   finish with a kick that knocks your foe away).
 - If hit by a Shitenshuu, a timer will appear over the head of Gen's
   opponent and count down.  When it reaches zero, Gen's foe falls to
   the ground and is dizzied.  You can increase the timer speed by
   hitting your foe with multiple Shitenshuus, but your opponent can
   stop the timer by hitting you with an attack.  Note that your
   opponent is damaged during the intitial hits, each time the counter
   goes down by one, and when it hits zero and he / she is dizzied.
 - During the Ouga, you can:
      * Direct your initial leap left or right by charging d,ub / uf
        instead of charging d,u (which always takes you to the wall
        behind you).
      * Do nothing when you touch a wall for a jump kick
      * Press b when you touch a wall to abort the move
      * Press f when you touch a wall for a long kick toward your foe
      * Press u when you touch a wall to move to the ceiling
      * Do nothing when you touch the ceiling to do a head stomp
      * Press ub~uf when on the ceiling to abort the move and drop
        in either direction
      * Press b / f when on the ceiling to use a dive kick in either
 - The Kyoutetsu is an overhead attack.
 - The Low-Level Sweep will hit an opponent who is blocking high.
 - The Counter Punch causes huge amounts of damage if it hits someone
   who is in the middle of an attack (3.5-4.0 times more damage).
   However, if you are Alpha Countered out of it, you will take lots
   of damage yourself.  The move also has a considerable delay.
 - The Launch Kick will knock an opponent up into the air.
 - During the Kouga you can:
      * Press LK for a jump kick off the left wall
         + Then, press MK or do nothing instead for a long kick towards
           your enemy
         + Or, press HK instead for a higher, faster long kick
      * Press MK for a head stomp off the ceiling
         + Then press LK instead to dive left
         + Or, press HK instead to dive right
      * Press HK for a jump kick off the right wall
         + Then, press MK or do nothing instead for a long kick towards
           your enemy
         + Or, press LK for a higher, faster long kick
 - It's easy to accidentally tap a button too much so that if you "do
   nothing" after using LK or HK to go to a wall, you'll end up doing
   the following LK or HK move instead.  To prevent this, pressing MK
   has the same effect as "doing nothing".  Gen can perform one extra
   attack per level.


XAV  Bushin Izuna Otoshi           qcf + P, when close, press P
XAV  Izuna no Chuu Otoshi          qcf + P, when far, press P
XAV  Houzantou                     qcb + P
XAV  Bushin Senpuu Kyaku           qcb + K
XAV  Hayagake                      qcf + K
XAV  Hayagake: Kyuuteishi          qcf + LK, then press K
XAV  Hayagake: Kage Sukui          qcf + MK, then press K
XAV  Hayagake: Kubikari            qcf + HK, then press K
XAV  Hiji Otoshi                   Jump, d + MP
XAV  Kubi Kudaki                   f + MP
XAV  Kamaitachi                    df + HK
XAV  Sankaku Tobi                  Jump against a wall, press f
XAV  Bushin Gokusa Ken             When close, press LP,MP,HP,HK
X    Bushin-ryuu Seoi Nage         When close, press LP,MP,HP,(d + HK)
 A   Bushin Hassou Ken             qcf,d,df + P
 A   Bushin Gou Rai Kyaku          qcf,d,df + K
XA   Bushin Musou Renge            hcb,hcb + P

A-ism AC:  Crouching HP
V-ism AC:  Crouching MK

 - The Kubi Kudaki is an overhead attack.
 - In A-ism, you can only use the Bushin Musourenge at Level 3.


XAV  Kourenken                     qcf + P,P,P
XAV  Kourenken: Hou Shou           After 1st or 2nd hit, f + P
XAV  Kourenken: Mujin Kyaku        After 1st or 2nd hit, press K
XAV  Kourenken: Daisoku Barai      After 1st or 2nd hit, d + K
XAV  Kourenken: Ressen Ha          After 1st or 2nd hit, u + K
XAV  Kourenken: Ressen Chou        After 1st or 2nd hit, df + P,P
XAV  Kourenken: Y. Gaeshi Uwadan   After 1st or 2nd hit, b + P
XAV  Kourenken: Y. Gaeshi Gedan    After 1st or 2nd hit, b + K
XAV  Hou Shou                      f,d,df + P
XAV  Mujin Kyaku                   f,d,df + K
XAV  Ressen Chou                   b,d,db + P,P
XAV  Ressen Ha                     qcf,uf + K
XAV  Yasha Gaeshi Uwadan           qcb + P  (counters a high attack)
XAV  Yasha Gaeshi Gedan            qcb + K  (counters a low attack)
XAV  Ara Kuma Inashi               Rotate 360 + K
XAV  Elegant Kick                  f + MK
XA   Kanzuki-ryuu Shinpikaibyaku   qcf,qcf + P
 A   Kanzuki-ryuu Kou Ou Ken       qcf,qcf + K

A-ism AC:  Standing HP
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK

 - The Yasha Gaeshi counters can be used to stop an attack (be sure
   to use the high version for jumping attacks and overheads), and
   then strike back.  You can juggle someone after a counter, too.
 - The Elegant Kick is an overhead attack.
 - Karin's Kou Ou Ken is mainly an anti-air attack, however, like
   Guy's Bushin Hassou Ken, it can hit certain characters on the
   ground if they're tall enough (like Vega, Zangief, etc.)
 - The CPU Karin can use both SCs in X-ism.  I don't know how she does
   it, though.


XAV  Hadouken                      qcf + P
XAV  Shouryuuken                   f,d,df + P
XAV  Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku        qcb + K  (air) / qcb,ub + K
XAV  Zenpou Tenshin                qcb + P
XAV  Zen Tou                       qcf + Start
XAV  Inazuma Kakato Wari           f + MK
XAV  Ushiro Mawashi Geri           f + HK
XA   Shouryuu Reppa                qcf,d,df + P
 A   Shinryuuken                   qcf,d,df + K  (tap K at Level 2 / 3)
 A   Shippuujinrai Kyaku           qcb,qcb + K at Level 3

A-ism AC:  HP Shouryuuken (without fire)
V-ism AC:  Standing HK

 - The Inazuma Kakato Wari is an overhead attack.
 - Unlike in SF3, Ken will not stop the Shippuujinrai Kyaku if the
   initial hits are blocked.


X    Psycho Crusher Attack         Charge b,f + P
 AV  Psycho Shot                   Charge b,f + P
XAV  Double Knee Press             Charge b,f + K
XAV  Head Press                    Charge d,u + K
XAV  Somersault Skull Diver        Move b / f, press P after Head Press
 AV  Somersault Skull Diver        Charge d,u + P, then press / hold P
X    Devil Reverse                 Charge d,u + P
 AV  Bison Warp                    f,d,df / b,d,db + PPP / KKK
 A   Psycho Crusher                Charge b,f,b,f + P
XA   Knee Press Nightmare          Charge b,f,b,f + K

A-ism AC:  Bison Warp (to opposite side of foe, doesn't work in corners)
V-ism AC:  Standing MP


XAV  Flying Peach                  qcb + P
XAV  Shooting Peach                qcb + K
XAV  Paradise Hold                 Rotate 360 + P
XAV  Daydream Headlock             Rotate 360 + K, tap P / K rapidly
XAV  Wingless Airplane             Jump, hcb + K
XAV  (knee press)                  Jump b / f, d + LK
XAV  (body press)                  Jump b / f, d + HP
XAV  (sliding kick)                d + HK
XAV  (moving spin kick)            b / f + MK
XAV  (rapid headbutt)              When close, db / df + PP
 A   Rainbow Hip Rush              qcf,qcf + P
 A   Heavenly Dynamite             Rotate 720 + P, tap P rapidly
XA   Thirteen's Peach Special      qcf,d,df + K
XA   T.P.S.: Hashiru               Move b / f after T.P.S.
XA   Hashiru: Dageki               Press P after Hashiru, then...
XA   Dageki: Moonsault Press       Press P when near the corner post
XA   Dageki: Missile Kick          Press K when near the corner post
XA   Dageki: Paradise Hold         f + P when near the corner post
XA   Dageki: Wingless Airplane     f + K when near the corner post
XA   Hashiru: Tobikoshi            Press K after Hashiru, then...
XA   Tobikoshi: Enzui Lariat       Press P when behind your enemy
XA   Tobikoshi: Enzui Drop Kick    Press K when behind your enemy
XA   Tobikoshi: Rainbow Suplex     f + P when behind your enemy
XA   Tobikoshi: Daydream Headlock  f + K when behind your enemy

A-ism AC:  Standing MP
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK slide

 - The Flying Peach has some lag at the beginning, whereas the
   Shooting Peach has lots of lag at the end.  Therefore, you'll
   need to try and mix them up in order to not get hit.
 - Mika moves forward a bit during the Paradise Hold, so you don't
   have to be right next to your enemy in order to make it hit.
 - The Wingless Airplane is an air-to-air move only.  It can't hit
   someone on the ground.
 - Once you perform the Thirteen's Peach Special, Mika will start
   running.  You can spend quite a while running if your enemy
   avoids you (or you just feel like running), but it will end after
   a while or if you are hit.  While running, you can press P to do
   drop kicks, or K to attempt an over-the-shoulder-hop.  I've also
   managed to do an elbow jab and a low kick against my enemy, I
   don't know how I managed it.
 - As I said above, there are variants, but in any case, after you
   connect with any P button attack (Dageki) or any K button (Tobikoshi)
   attack, you can then press P or K, or f + P or K, to end the move.


XAV  Patriot Circle                qcf + P  (perform 3 times)
XAV  Stinger                       f,d,df + K, then press P / K
XAV  Mekong Delta Attack           Press PPP, then press P
XAV  Mekong Delta Air Raid         qcb + P, then press P
XAV  Mekong Delta Escape           qcb + K, move b / f  (can attack)
XAV  Trick Landing                 Jump, as you land, press KKK
 AV  High Jump                     d,u / db~df / ub~uf
XAV  Spike Rod                     Jump, d + MK  (can repeat)
XAV  Fake Rod                      f + MK
XA   Take No Prisoner              qcf,d,df + P
 A   Steel Rain                    qcf,d,df + K
 A   Mine Sweeper                  qcb,qcb + P

A-ism AC:  Patriot Circle (final input, 1 hit)
V-ism AC:  Carnal Carry-like move (Rolento flies behind his foe)

 - Rose can now absorb Rolento's Stinger knives via the Soul Reflect.
   She can also reflect them, but they always travel horizontally.
 - In X-ism, all of Rolento's jumps are High Jumps.  He can use the
   Spike Rod while jumping, or while during the Mekong Delta Escape
   (but it won't bounce when he lands).
 - The Take No Prisoner SC must be blocked low.


XAV  Soul Spark                    hcf + P
XAV  Soul Throw                    f,d,df + P
XAV  Soul Reflect                  qcb + P
XAV  Soul Spiral                   qcf + K
XAV  Sliding                       df + MK
XAV  Soul-piette                   f + HK
 A   Aura Soul Spark               qcb,qcb + P
XA   Aura Soul Throw               qcf,d,df + P
 A   Soul Illusion                 qcf,d,df + K

A-ism AC:  Soul Catch-like throw (switches sides)
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK

 - Rose can reflect projectiles with her Soul Reflect.  She can't do this
   to SC projectiles, excluding Dan's Shinkuu Gadouken.
 - Rose can reflect SC projectiles with her Level 3 Aura Soul Spark.
 - During the Soul Illusion, the number of times an attack hits increases
   by four.


XAV  Hadouken                      qcf + P
XAV  Hadou no Kamae                qcf + Start
XAV  Shakunetsu Hadouken           hcf + P
XAV  Shouryuuken                   f,d,df + P
XAV  Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku        qcb + K  (air) / qcb,ub + K
XAV  Sakotsu Wari                  f + MP
X V  Seichuu Nidan Tsuki           f + HP
 AV  Senpuu Kyaku                  f + MK
XA   Shinkuu Hadouken              qcf,qcf + P
 A   Shinkuu Tatsumakisenpuukyaku  qcb,qcb + K
 A   Metsu Shouryuuken             qcf,d,df + K at Level 3
 A   Shin Shouryuuken              Hit w/ the M.S. from far away

A-ism AC:  HP Shouryuuken
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK

 - In X-ism, all of Ryu's projectile attacks look like they did in
 - Ryu's Sa Kotsu Wari is an overhead attack.
 - Normally, the Metsu Shouryuuken does rather weak damage and hits
   3 times.  However, you can increase the damage by doing the Shin
   Shouryuuken (on the machine I play, it goes up from 15% for the
   M.S., to 45% for the S.S.).  In order to turn the Metsu Shouryuuken
   into the Shin Shouryuuken, you need to perform the move from afar
   so that the elbow strike _just_ hits.  The distance is beyond a
   sweep distance by a bit.  If you did it correctly, the move hits
   4 times and does increased damage.


XAV  Tiger Shot                    qcf + P
XAV  Ground Tiger Shot             qcf + K
X    Tiger Uppercut                f,d,df + P
 AV  Tiger Blow                    f,d,df + P
X    Tiger Knee Crush              qcf,uf + K
 AV  Tiger Crush                   f,d,df + K
 AV  Fake Kick                     Quickly press MK twice
 A   Tiger Cannon                  qcf,qcf + P
 A   Tiger Raid                    qcb,qcb + K
XA   Tiger Genocide                qcf,d,df + K
 A   Angry Charge                  qcf + Start at Level 1

A-ism AC:  Heel Kick (looks a bit like his standing MK)
V-ism AC:  1-hit HP Tiger Blow

 - After performing the Angry Charge, Sagat's Tiger Blow will cause
   more damage when it's used (this effect only lasts for one use of
   the Tiger Blow, or for a few seconds).


XAV  Hadouken                      qcf + P  (then press P once or twice)
XAV  Shou Ou Ken                   f,d,df + P
 AV  Sakura Otoshi                 f,d,df + K, then P, tap P rapidly
X    Shunpuu Kyaku                 qcb + K  (air) / qcb,ub + K
 AV  Shunpuu Kyaku                 qcb + K
XAV  Flower Kick                   f + MK
 A   Shinkuu Hadouken              qcf,qcf + P
XA   Midare Zakura                 qcf,d,df + K
 A   Haruichiban                   qcb,qcb + K

A-ism AC:  LP Shououken
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK

 - Tapping P increases the size (and damage) of Sakura's Hadouken but
   reduces the range of the fireball.
 - Sakura is invincible during the beginning of the Sakura Otoshi.
   It's easy to mess up the extra hits on this move so try to time
   it as best as possible as Sakura hops forward and hammer punches.
 - Sakura's Flower Kick is an overhead attack.


XAV  Jigoku Scrape                 qcf + P
XAV  Butsumetsu Buster             Rotate 360 + P
XAV  Daikyou Burning               Rotate 360 + K
XAV  Shiraha Catch                 f,d,df + K
XAV  Yagura Reverse                b,d,db + K
XAV  Tengu Walking                 When knocked down, b,db,d + K
XAV  Tengu Walking                 As a wake-up, qcf + K
XAV  Kouten Okiagari               When knocked down, f,df,d + P
XA   Meido no Miyage               qcf,qcf + P
 A   Ten Chuu Satsu                Rotate 720 + P

A-ism AC:  MP Jigoku Scrape (without scrape marks)
V-ism AC:  Sliding

 - In X-ism, Sodom wields two katana instead of jittes.  They improve
   his range a bit.
 - Sodom can counter jump-in attacks and overheads with his Shiraha
   Catch.  Timing is the key.  I believe your opponent can Tech. Bonus
   out of this move, though.
 - Sodom has two types of Tengu Walking attacks.  The first is used
   when you get reversed / knocked down.  The second one can be used
   as you get up after getting knocked down.  You'll know if you did
   it instead of the normal Tengu Walking because it hits 2/3/4 and
   you'll get bonus points for using it as a reversal.
 - The Yagura Reverse is a fake Tengu Walking.  It can hit an enemy if
   they're close enough.


XAV  Rolling Crystal Flash         Charge b,f + P
  V  Scarlet Terror                Charge db,f + K
XAV  Sky High Claw                 Charge d,u + P
XAV  Flying Barcelona Attack       Charge d,u + K, b / f, P
XAV  Izuna Drop                    Charge d,u + K, b / f, dir. + P
XAV  Heki Hari Tsuki               Charge d,u + KKK (Vega's stage)
XAV  Backslash                     Press PPP
XAV  Short Backslash               Press KKK
XAV  (forward kick)                f + HK
XAV  Sankaku Tobi                  Jump against a wall, press f
XA   Rolling Izuna Drop            Charge db,f,b,uf + K, b / f, P
XA   Rolling Barcelona Attack      Charge db,f,b,uf + K, b / f, dir. + P
XA   Heki Hari Tsuki (SC)          Charge db,f,b,uf + KKK (Vega's stage)
 A   Red Impact                    Charge b,f,b,f + P at Level 3
 A   Scarlet Mirage                Charge b,f,b,f + K

A-ism AC:  Claw Stab (stabs into the air with his claw)
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK slide

 - If you wish, you can charge d,ub / uf + K instead of d,u + K for
   his Flying Barcelona Attack or Izuna Drop.  Doing so makes Vega
   jump to the wall behind him or in front of him, depending.
 - Vega can lose both his claw and mask from blocking too many attacks.
   He can pick up either one by simply walking over it.  Some of Vega's
   attacks aren't usable without his claw, such as the Red Impact.
   When Vega doesn't have his claw, he does less damage per hit.  When
   he doesn't have his mask, he takes more damage per hit.


XAV  Double Lariat                 Press PPP / KKK, move b / f
XAV  Screw Piledriver              Rotate 360 + P
XAV  Flying Powerbomb              Rotate 360 + K
XAV  Atomic Suplex                 When close, rotate 360 + K
X    Banishing Flat                f,df,d + P
 AV  Banishing Flat                f,d,df + P
XAV  Flying Body Attack            Jump b / f, d + HP
XAV  Double Knee Drop              Jump b / f, d + LK / MK
XAV  Headbutt                      Jump up, u + MP / HP
X V  Headbutt                      f + HP
XAV  Russian Kick                  db + MK
XAV  Dynamite Kick                 db + HK
XAV  (stomach claw)                When close, db / df + PP
XAV  (piledriver)                  When close, db / df + KK  (air)
XA   Final Atomic Buster           Rotate 720 + P
 A   Aerial Russian Slam           qcf,d,df + P

A-ism AC:  Standing MK
V-ism AC:  Standing HP

 - The KKK version of the Double Lariat is faster but doesn't last
   as long.
 - Zangief's Banishing Flat can cancel projectiles.
 - His Headbutt will dizzy an opponent in only a few hits.


 Characters are listed in alphabetical order.  Special moves come first,
 then command attacks, then Super Combos, and finally, any Level 3 SCs
 that person may have.  If I don't have the offical Capcom name for a
 move, the name is written in lowercase, in parenthesis.

 To the far left of the move list, you may see the letters X, A, or V.
 These letters indicate that the move is available only when using
 A-ism, X-ism, or V-ism.

XAV  Dash Straight                 Charge b,f + P
XAV  Dash Upper                    Charge b,f + K
 AV  Dash Ground Straight          Charge b,df + P
 AV  Dash Ground Upper             Charge b,df + K
 AV  Buffalo Headbutt              When knocked down, charge d,u + P
XAV  Turn Punch                    Hold PPP / KKK and release
XAV  Head Bomber                   When close, b / f + PP
XAV  Kuuchuu Head Bomber           Jump, when close, b / f + PP 
X    Crazy Buffalo                 Charge b,f,b,f + P / K
 A   Crazy Buffalo                 Charge b,f,b,f + P
 A   Gigaton Blow                  Charge b,f,b,f + K at Level 3

A-ism AC:  Buffalo Headbutt
V-ism AC:  Crouching HK punch

 - Balrog does more damage the longer his Turn Punch is charged.

JULI  (the one with long, brown hair)

XAV  Sniping Arrow                 qcf + K
XAV  Cannon Spike                  f,d,df + K
XAV  Axle Spin Knuckle             hcb + P
XAV  Falling Arc                   f + MK
XAV  Hooligan Suplex               When close, b / f + PP
XAV  Frankensteiner                When close, b / f + KK
XAV  Flying Neck Hunt              Jump, when close, b / f + PP
XAV  Air Frankensteiner            Jump, when close, b / f + KK
XA   Reverse Shaft Breaker         qcb,d,db + K, tap K rapidly
 A   Spin Drive Smasher            qcf,d,df + K

A-ism AC:  Mach Slide
V-ism AC:  Cannon Spike

JUNI  (the one with short yellow hair)

XAV  Spiral Arrow                  Charge b,f + K  (ch. ub,f + K in air)
XAV  Cannon Spike                  Charge d,u + K                  
XAV  Cannon Strike                 Jump f, qcf + K
XAV  Mach Slide                    qcf + K
XAV  Earth Direct                  Rotate 360 + P
XAV  Hooligan Combination          qcf,uf + P  (press K early to cancel)
XAV  Razor Edge Slicer             Do nothing after Hooligan Combination
XAV  Fatal Leg Twister             When close, b / f + K after H.C.
XAV  Cross Scissor Pressure        Do the F.L.T. when low to the ground
XAV  Advancing Guard               While blocking, f + tap PPP rapidly
XAV  Falling Arc                   f + MK
XAV  Hooligan Suplex               When close, b / f + PP
XAV  Frankensteiner                When close, b / f + KK
XAV  Flying Neck Hunt              Jump, when close, b / f + PP
XAV  Air Frankensteiner            Jump, when close, b / f + KK
XA   Psycho Streak                 Charge b,f,b,f + P
 A   Spin Drive Smasher            Charge db,f,b,uf + K

A-ism AC:  Mach Slide
V-ism AC:  Cannon Spike



  You can randomly pick a character by highlighting an invisible Random
  Select square and pressing any button.  Try referring to the diagram
  below if you can't find the squares:

             1R       Charlie  Chun-Li  Sagat   2R
             Dan      Guy      Mika     Birdie  Akuma
        Ryu  Honda    Cody     Karin    Vega    Blanka   Ken
             Dhalsim  Sodom    Cammy    Adon    Zangief
             2R       Rolento  Sakura   Gen     1R

  "1R" are the Random Select squares for the 1st player, while "2R"
  indicates the ones for the second player.  Special thanks goes to
  Onaje Everett and Nicholas Cheung (the guru of color), for the
  following info.:

   When on a Random Select square, the button you use to select a
   character determines not only their outfit color but also the
   "ism" they'll have.  For example:

       - Pressing LP chooses X-ism  (Punch color)
       - Pressing MP chooses A-ism  (Punch color)
       - Pressing HP chooses V-ism  (Punch color)

   The same applies to the Kick buttons (for instance, MK would
   get you an A-ism character with a Kick color outfit).  Mr. Cheung
   goes on to say that if you use the Classical Mode, then your
   character will have their X-ism button color (Punch or Kick).
   Note that this doesn't apply to using Balrog, Juni, or Juli.


  You can't use a hidden character until they are time-released.
  You'll know when this has happened because they will appear in the
  score rankings, and because the title logo will change to a slightly
  reddish color.  To use one of them, pause on Karin for 5 seconds,

   - For Balrog, move to any Random Select square, hold Start, and
     press any button.
   - For Juni, move to any Random Select square on the left side and
     press Left + any button, or go to the right side and press Right +
     any button.
   - For Juni, move to any Random Select square on the top and press
     Up + any button, or got to one on the bottom and press Down + any

  There are ways to access the hidden characters and hidden modes
  manually, too.  The only one I know anything about is the Balrog
  code; you have to go into the dip switch settings, enter 'Key
  Configuration', and then enter a command (I think it's the motion
  for the Shun Goku Satsu), which should enable Balrog.

  There are several hidden modes of play.  Like the hidden characters,
  they are time released.  You'll know when you can pick them because
  the title's background changes colors.

   Screen Color     Mode Name      Command
   Green / White?   Classical      Hold HP + HK, then start your game
   Purple           L-Mode         Hold LP + LK, then start your game
   Blue             Maji           Hold MP + MK, then start your game
  After starting your game, you can release the buttons you're holding.
  Then, just select your character like you normally would.

   The actual gameplay in this mode is sort of like SSF2's because
   the majority of additions made to the SF engine since SSF2 have
   been removed.  In Classical Mode, there is:

     - No air blocking.                 - No Damage Reduction.
     - No air recovery.                 - No Guard Power Gauge.
     - No ground recovery.              - No Guard Crush Protection.
     - No taunts (except for Dan).      - No Alpha Counters.
     - No "missed throw" animation.     - No SC or CC gauge!

   In terms of character moves, it's just like X-ism (Sodom has his
   katana, Bison has the Psycho Crusher as a normal move, etc.)
   However, the damage inflicted per hit in this mode is higher than
   in X-ism.  Another important change is that your character cannot
   be juggled much (he or she falls to the floor), making it hard to
   get in even one hit on your foe before they land.  As well, no
   "missed throw" animation makes it easier to connect a throw
   without fear of retribution, and no Guard Power Gauge means that
   you don't have to worry about getting Guard Crushed.  

   Not much is known about this mode.  In L-Mode, you have a very
   short Guard Power Gauge, making it easy for you to get Guard
   Crushed.  What's worse, you cannot interrupt normal moves with
   special moves or Super Combos (hence, no two-in-ones).  However
   the damage in this mode is much higher than in Classical Mode.

   As others have mentioned, there is a glitch in L-Mode that in
   fact greatly reduces the damage some moves inflict (Darklancer
   says that Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu does almost no damage).
   However, a few characters can inflict upwards of 90% damage with
   a single attack.  Such moves include Karin's ground and air PP
   throw, Balrog's ground and air PP throw (the Head Bomber), Vega's
   Izuna Drop SC, and Guy's Bushin Musourenge SC.  In addition to
   selecting this mode, you can also select the "-ism" you want to
   use, unlike Classical Mode.

   Not much is known about this mode, either.  In Maji mode, the

   damage you inflict is greater than in L-Mode.  However, you take
   around 3 times as much damage from your opponent.  Furthermore, you
   only need to lose one round and you will lose the entire match.

   At the bottom of the screen, after your SC / CC gauge is a small
   circle that is half red (and says "on") and half blue (and says
   "off"), with the letters "L.O." written above it.  If the other
   player is using Maji mode, it will read "on / on" instead.  In
   addition to selecting this mode, you can also select the "-ism"
   you want to use, unlike Classical Mode.

  TIME RELEASE MESSAGE                          (Japanese version only)

  Apparently, doing this will let you know if the hidden characters or
  hidden "-isms" are available for time release or not.  At the VS
  screen (prior to a battle), hold down any button + Start to get a


 SFA3's game progression has been changed significantly from SFA2.  It
 works like this:

  - After picking a character, you'll get to see a little intro
    explaining who they are and what they're up to.
  - Your 5th battle is against your mid-boss.  There are no special
    requirements to fight him / her, it's automatic.  The only thing
    notable about a mid-boss battle is that you will exchange some
    words with your opponent before the fight begins and ends.
  - Your 9th battle is against your second mid-boss.  Nothing too
    special about this, either.
  - Your 10th battle is usually against Shin Bison, a really powerful
    version of M. Bison.  Some characters will fight someone else for
    their 10th battle, in which case they will then proceed to an
    extra 11th match against Shin Bison.

  - If you beat your 10th/11th match, you beat the game and get to
    see your character's ending.  Lose to any character and the game
    ends, but lose to Shin Bison and you get to watch a bad ending
    while the credits scroll ;)

 Below is a listing of each character's mid-bosses and final boss:
  NAME       5TH ROUND       9TH ROUND       10TH ROUND       11TH ROUND
  ADON       Ken             Rose            Shin Bison
  AKUMA      Adon            Guy             Shin Bison
  BALROG     Akuma           Sagat           Ryu                
  BIRDIE     E. Honda        Blanka          Balrog           Shin Bison
  BLANKA     Dan             Zangief         Balrog           Shin Bison
  CAMMY      Dhalsim         Vega            Juni & Juli      Shin Bison
  CHARLIE    Cammy           Rolento         Shin Bison
  CHUN-LI    Birdie          Cammy           Juni & Juli      Shin Bison
  CODY       Birdie          Guy             Shin Bison
  DAN        Chun-Li         Sagat           Balrog           Shin Bison
  DHALSIM    Rose            Birdie          Juni & Juli      Shin Bison
  E. HONDA   Ryu             Sodom           Shin Bison
  GEN        Ryu             Akuma           Shin Bison
  GUY        Karin           Gen             Shin Bison
  JULI       Akuma           Sagat           Ryu
  JUNI       Akuma           Sagat           Ryu
  KARIN      Blanka          Sakura          Juni & Juli      Shin Bison
  KEN        Karin           Sakura          Shin Bison
  M. BISON   Akuma           Sagat           Ryu
  R. MIKA    Karin           Zangief
  ROLENTO    Sodom           Cody            Balrog           Shin Bison
  ROSE       Guy             Vega            Juni & Juli      Shin Bison
  RYU        Rose            Ken             Shin Bison
  SAGAT      Dan             Ryu             Shin Bison
  SAKURA     E. Honda        Ryu             Shin Bison
  SODOM      Rolento         Chun-Li         Shin Bison
  VEGA       Zangief         Cammy           Shin Bison
  ZANGIEF    Rolento         Chun-Li         Shin Bison

 Anyone with additions or corrections for the list, please send them in!


 There are more special intros between characters now.  They're listed
 below.  Anyone with descriptions or additions, feel free to fill in
 the blanks.
   - Adon and Sagat throw a couple of punches and kicks at each
     other, with lightning flashing each time they hit (just like
     when you do an AC).  Adon then lifts up an arm and laughs,
     while Sagat frowns at him.

   - Bison beckons at Cammy to come at him with his glowing hand.

  CODY vs. GUY
   - A stack of oil drums appears on both sides of the screen.
     Cody appears and bashes the drums with his Criminal Upper, and
     Guy bashes the drums near him with his Bushin Senpuu Kyaku.
     Afterwards, Guy crouches down and picks up a piece of gum that
     was in one of the drums (note that the word "Gum" will appear
     by Guy's name, similar to what happened when you picked up an
     item in Final Fight).
   - Dan stands up and taunts, crying and yelling "Oyaji!"  Sagat
     chuckles in response.
   - Sort of like Blanka's normal intro., but when fruit comes out of
     the back of the truck, Dan pops out as well and does a crouching
     taunt.  Blanka leaps out of the truck, and bounches atop Dan's
     head, dizzying him momentarily.

   - E. Honda and Sodom both do a traditional Sumo entrance pose.

   - Gen is standing on the opposite side of the screen.  Akuma tries
     to surprise Gen with a Shun Goku Satsu, but Gen counters it and
     then tries his Zan'ei, which Akuma similarily evades.

  KARIN vs. SAKURA  (CPU only)
   - Sakura rubs her forehead nervously while Karin drops down from a
     helicopter onto the ground, crouching until the 'copter flies away.

  GUY vs. KARIN  (CPU mid-boss only)
   - Karin drops down from a helicopter as in the Karin vs. Sakura

  KEN vs. RYU
  - Ken is giving Ryu a noogie; Ryu responds by throwing Ken aside,
    who lands on his feet on the other side of the screen.  This
    won't happen if you're using Ryu vs. a CPU Ken (on Stage 9).

   - Sagat's scar glows and he grabs it while smiling.

  RYU vs. SAGAT  (CPU only)
   - Sagat is standing close to Ryu, holding Dan by the head.  He
     tosses him aside and jumps back, ready to fight.

  RYU vs. SAGAT  (CPU X-ism only)
   - When the round begins, Sagat is holding Dan by the head.  You
     hear the sound of an SC beginning, and Sagat knocks Dan into
     the sky with a Tiger Uppercut, while he's being trailed by
     shadows (a Dan-only SC?  Heh, heh!)

   - Dan rolls on screen, taunting, but Sakura ignores him until he

   - Spotlights shine down on both Zangief and Rainbow Mika as they
     do their normal entrance poses.


 Just a note; I don't bother watching intros / endings for characters,
 and usually don't get a chance to since I don't care for fighting the
 CPU.  So, all the endings listed here are sent in by various people,
 thanks guys!

  Bison's on the floor and Adon gloats over him.  Bison then asks why
  Adon would like to know why he wanted to know the Shun Goku Satsu.
  While Adon is shocked by the fact that Bison knew this, he
  demonstrated the strength of his Psycho Power by hitting Adon with a
  Psycho Crusher.  As Bison stood over Adon, a mysterious figure came up
  behind Bison and did the Raging Demon on him (gee I wonder who that
  could be).  Anyway, Bison blows up as usual, and Adon gets up and
  whines at the fact that he missed the chance to observe the technique
  in action.  The "camera" then leaves Adon and shows the "mysterious
  figure" perched on a cliff.
  Great ending.  Akuma performs the Raging Demon upon Bison's sorry butt,
  destroying him (cue face-burning portrait.)  He then describes how the
  Raging Demon works; the more pain one has inflicted on others, the
  more pain one feels when his is attacked by the Raging Demon.  Gen then
  appears, and the pair decide to finish their feud once and for all,
  both performing their supers simultaneously (and in slow motion.)
  Picture fades to white before the moment of impact.  However, we also
  get the victory portrait of Akuma at the very end.

  Birdie can't find the Psycho Drive, so he decides to check out the
  strange underground base.  When he reaches the Psycho Drive, he goes
  inside it to gain Bison's power, but the machine drains him instead,
  to the point where he can't move.  Cut to Charlie, who says that the
  source of the energy has changed.  He decides to check it out, and
  Chun Li heads in on foot.  When they reach the Psycho Drive, they
  find a captive (Birdie) and free him.  (This scene is strange, Birdie
  never moves).  Birdie wonders aloud why the machine drained him
  instead of making him like Bison.  Charlie and Chun Li immediately
  chase him, noting that he knows about Bison, and Birdie claims that
  he hasn't done anything.
  All of these characters get you the bad ending if you win (you see
  Ryu get put into the Psycho Drive).

  He finds Dan and Sakura who want to destroy Bison's base.  Dan often
  refers to Sakura as his best pupil throughout this ending, and Sakura
  is often surprised because she doesn't consider herself his student.
  Dan seems rather dim as he doesn't know how to destroy something as
  big as Bison HQ, but Sakura suggests that they could blow up the
  power source or something.  They find the Psycho Drive eventually, and
  Dan gets this stroke of genius.  He asks Blanka to jump in the Drive
  and do his Electricity move as to overcharge it, causing the Drive to
  explode.  Big mushroom cloud, etc, THE END.

  After Cammy wins, the picture of Bison's face melting is shown.
  He is in disbelief that Cammy defeated him and asks "How can the
  original be beaten by a copy?"  Cammy suddenly realizes she has one
  more task to do.  Cammy goes into Psycho Drive headquarters where
  she meets Chun Li.  Chun asks who she is.  Cammy replies that she
  must save "them" and runs off, leaving Chun confused.  In the main
  room, Cammy says "We're not just dolls..." and transports Juli,
  Juni, and all the other clones out of the lair as it is exploding.
  Meanwhile, Chun reports info to Charlie as Bison's headquarters
  explodes.  INTERPOL (I think) reports that an investigation took
  place, but no one every found the mysterious girl Chun Li swore she

  Bison flies away taunting Charlie that his efforts were in vain.
  Charlie gets to his harrier jet and pursues Bison back to Shadaloo
  HQ. Bison descends into the Psycho Drive to recharge. Just as the
  security doors are closing, Charlie releases several bombs into the
  base. The Psycho Drive chamber blows up as does the entire base.
  Charlie then notices Bison emerging from the flames. Bison laughs
  proclaiming his "immortality". Charlie responds by firing the guns of
  his jet. After getting riddled with bullets, Bison explodes. Charlie
  flies away, vowing he will carry on the fight against evil.

  After Chun defeats Bison, he scoffs and says she can't stop him.
  He flies off into the sky using his Psycho Crusher.  Charlie radios
  Chun Li asking her to inform him of the situation.  Chun decides to
  sneak into Bison's lair and Charlie tries to talk her out of doing
  something foolish. She reconfigures the Psycho Drive to shoot the
  beam at Bison (still Psycho Crushing in the air) instead of the
  satellite.  Slow motion of Bison and the beam connect.  Bison
  screams, then there's a picture of Bison's face melting.
  Afterwards, Chun Li returns to a dizzying Cammy and asks if she's
  okay.  Charlie then says "Good job" or something along those lines.
  After the fight, Bison retreats to the Psycho Drive to recharge his
  power. At that moment, Guy joins Cody and suggests they stop Bison.
  Cody declines, stating that "the excitement is gone," and that he no
  longer cares about Bison. Angered, Guy dashes toward the base,
  leaving Cody behind. Bison descends into the Psycho Drive tube and
  gloats as he begins to regain his lost strength. In the corridor, Guy
  is surrounded by two Junis and a Juli. Suddenly, the dolls collapse
  and Cody reappears (think back to Final Fight when your character
  dies then returns). Guy is pleased to see that Cody changed his mind,
  and they both head toward the Psycho Drive chamber.  Once in the
  chamber, Cody and Guy come upon a shocked and helpless Bison. Cody
  destroys the Psycho Drive with his Final Fight Punch Super (Bison
  explodes). Guy notes that the base is about to explode, and they
  both run through the corridor (Guy dashes, Cody runs like he does in
  his "cop" win pose). The Shadaloo base explodes.  Outside (daytime),
  Guy asks Cody where he is going next, noting "some guys would like to
  get a piece of (him)." Cody calmly says he will "get away for a
  while." Guy bids him farewell, knowing they will one day meet again.

  Bison can't believe he lost to a kid (referring to Dan), then Dan
  rolls towards Bison and then does his Hisshou Burai Ken SC on Bison
  and then we see the standard half normal, half flame face of Bison,
  and Bison explodes, and then there are a few things that Dan says
  (such as: "I'm going to use your base for the Thailand extension of
  my Dojo!").  He also talks about his Saikyo-Ryuu style of fighting.
  He then appears at the Psycho Drive along with Blanka, who he calls
  Jimmy, and then teaches him how to roll the right way, and then they
  both roll (Jimmy doesn't get the hang of it at first, once he does,
  Dan says that he's a true student of Saikyo-ryuu).  Cut to Charlie
  and his airplanes outside Shadaloo HQ, and then Charlie says that
  this will be the last day of Shadaloo and prepares to blow up the HQ,
  except that Chun Li tells Charlie not to, as there are signs of life
  inside the base (ie Blanka and Dan) while Blanka and Dan keep rolling
  around. (and yelling "Whooohooo!").  Dan claims that Saikyo-ryuu will
  live forever.
  When you beat Bison, he is shown lying on the ground and talking to
  himself.  Ken says, "Now's my chance to use Ryu's move." and then
  Bison tries a massive Psycho Crusher on him but he uppercuts it away.
  Bison's face is shown; half of it is normal and the other half is
  covered in flame.  Then it shows Charlie in a plane and he says "What
  the....!?  We've lost track of Bison's Psycho Energy!?  ...Could he
  be!?!"  Finally, Ken is shown standing on a cliff saying that he's
  not strong enough to fight Ryu yet.

  Bison takes Ryu into his laboratory and puts him into some sort of
  tube.  A statue of Buddha is seen next, and the head of the Buddha 
  becomes skull-like before a beam made out of Ryu's power shoots
  forth from it.  The beam flies into a Shadowloo satellite and the
  satellite sends rays all across the Earth's surface, killing (or
  hypnotizing) people.  Bison says that "The world will be mine / The
  world will be under Shadowloo".

  Rolento breaks into the Secret Shadaloo HQ in search of the Psycho
  Drive.  He was prepared for a battle, but was disappointed when the
  security in the HQ was non-existent.  He then finds the Psycho Drive
  and says that is no way to lead a nation/country by brain-washing its
  people.  He then tinkers with the Psycho Drive, then leaves when dawn
  comes up.  Sodom then appears and gives Rolento a ride out.  Then the
  Psycho Drive (and the HQ also) explodes in flames, and then Rolento
  says "My comrade Sodom!"  Sodom says "Follow Me!"

  After defeating Bison, Bison believes he has found the heir to his
  over-abundant Psycho Energy.  When he tries to place it into Ryu
  (there's a scene with the Bison sprite doing his fireball move into
  Ryu's chest) Ryu fights it visibly, making his eyes go red and growling
  like a beast.  Ryu recalls all his friends (in their victory portraits)
  and rejects Bison's "gift," which somehow destroys him (it's the
  portrait where half his face burns away in blue flames.)  Chun Li and
  Charlie believe Bison finally dead.  Ken thanks Ryu (on Ryu's stage)
  for saving him from Bison's influence (when Ryu beat 7 types of crap
  out of him earlier.)  Ryu's cool about it, and the pair do some male

  After Sagat beats Bison, Bison says that Ryu's power is the ultimate
  form of the Psycho Power.  He then forces his energy into Ryu (in the
  form of numerous Psycho Shot sprites) and tells Sagat that he's next.
  Sagat tells Ryu to fight back and Ryu is shown with red eyes.  Ryu
  manages to overcome Bison's power and he sends the energy back to
  Bison who is promptly destroyed (the same old burning face shot.)
  Afterwards, Sagat and Ryu are standing together in Ryu's stage. Sagat
  tells Ryu that he is not a true master yet since Bison's power almost
  killed him.  Ryu tells Sagat to wait for him to grow stronger and
  Sagat says Ryu is the only one worthy of fighting him.

  Bison gets up and heads toward the unconscious Ryu, giving his usual
  speech about Ryu's body.  Sakura blocks him, claiming that Bison will
  have to go through her first.  Bison goes through her first, knocking
  her to the side.  Ryu gets angry at this, and Shoryukens Bison (cut
  to Shoryuken scene, cut to face burn scene, etc.)  Sakura is talking
  to Ryu, upset that she didn't get a real fight with Ryu.  Ryu says
  that they shall fight the next time they meet.

  In Sodom's ending, Chun Li and Charlie are talking about how Bison
  is invincible as long as the Psycho Drive remains.  Sodom then
  drives his semi from his Alpha 2 background into the Psycho Drive.
  He shouts about how he will finally get to use the Kamikaze
  technique.  It shows the same mushroom cloud as the other endings.
  Charlie and Chun Li talk about how brave he is then Rolento is shown
  and he says that Sodom couldn't have died in the blast.

  Bison says that his body has outgrown his use and goes inside Cammy
  (shows the face burning part).  Vega does a low fierce claw swipe to
  the psycho drive and she is free.  Vega puts his mask on her saying
  she is beautiful and takes her away.  Outside, Charlie in his jet
  getting ready to bomb the "secret" base but it explodes before he
  can do so.  Chun-Li tells him good job but Charlie doesn't know what
  happened.  Then it shows Vega with an unconcious Cammy.
  After defeating M. Bison, E. Honda showed up and told Zangief stuff
  about Psycho Drive.  Zangief decided to destroy Psycho Drive in order
  to show his loyalty to mother-Russia...Then E. Honda guided him to
  Psycho Drive.  However, Psycho Drive is operating when they reach
  there.  Bison is on progress of recovering.  Then the crazy thing
  happens.....Zangief says "Are you ready my friend?"  "Anytime",
  responded by E. Honda.  'Gief grabbed E. Honda and did SPD over and
  over to break down Psycho Drive, then Bison dies....(I think it makes
  sense because E. Honda has that headbutt move)  'Gief and Honda
  hugged like buddies and caption says something like....every one in
  Russia will remember what their hero does...and his sidekick from


 These were translated by me and so may not be correct.  Not every move
 is listed because some characters have the same move, there are only
 minor differences in the move names, or I don't have the original kanji
 and so can't make a proper translation.

  Gou Hadouken                   Great Surge Fist
  Zankuu Hadouken                Sky Slashing Surge Fist
  Shakunetsu Hadouken            Scorching Heat Surge Fist
  Gou Shouryuuken                Great Rising Dragon Fist
  Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku         Tornado Sky Slashing Leg
  Zenpou Tenshin                 Forward Roll
  Ashura Senkuu                  (God of War) Air Flash
  Hyakki Shuu                    Hundred Demons Attack
  Hyakki Gouzan                  Hundred Demons Great Slash  
  Hyakki Goushou                 Hundred Demons Great Raid
  Hyakki Gousen                  Hundred Demons Great Edge
  Hyakki Gousai                  Hundred Demons Great Smash
  Hyakki Goutsui                 Hundred Demons Great Crash
  Tenma Kuujinkyaku              Demon Air Blade Leg
  Zugai Hasatsu                  Skull Destroyer
  Senpuu Kyaku                   Whirlwind Leg
  Messatsu Gou Hadou             Great Surge of Murder and Destruction
  Messatsu Gou Shouryuu          Great Rising Dragon of Murder & Dstrct.
  Tenma Gou Zankuu               Great Demonic Sky Killing
  Shun Goku Satsu                Imprisoning Death Flash 

  Kikouken                       Chi Fist    
  Sou Hakkei                     Double Internal Power Release
  Tenshou Kyaku                  Rising Heaven Leg
  Hyakuretsu Kyaku               Hundred Rending Legs
  Sen'en Shuu                    Spinning Circle Leg
  You Sou Kyaku                  Sparrow Talon Leg
  Kouhou Kaiten Kyaku            Backward Rotating Leg 
  Kaku Kyaku Raku                Crane Leg Drop
  Sankaku Tobi                   Triangle Hop
  Kikoushou                      Chi Palm
  Senretsu Kyaku                 Thousand Rending Legs
  Hazan Tenshou Kyaku            Supreme Mountain Rising Heaven Leg

  Knife Hiroi                    Knife Pick-Up
  Knife Kougeki                  Knife Attack
  Knife Nage                     Knife Throw
  Sakeru                         Evade

  Gadouken                       Self Taught Fist
  Kouryuuken                     Shiny Dragon Fist
  Dankuu Kyaku                   Sky Cutting Leg
  Kuuchuu Dankuu Kyaku           Mid-Air Sky Cutting Leg
  Saikyou-ryuu Bougyo            Strongest Style Defense
  Zenten Chouhatsu               Forward Rolling Taunt
  Kouten Chouhatsu               Backward Rolling Taunt
  Shinkuu Gadouken               Quaking Sky Self Taught Fist
  Kouryuu Rekka                  Shiny Dragon Conflageration
  Hisshou Burai Ken              Certain Victory Trustless Fist
  Chouhatsu Densetsu             Legendary / Traditional Taunt
  Chouhatsu Shinwa               Legendary / Mythical Taunt

  "Saikyou-ryuu" is also the name of Dan's self-made fighting style.

  Drill Zutsuki                  Drill Head Thrust
  Kuuchuu Miyuu                  Mid-Air Float Play

  Hyakuretsu Harite              Hundred Violent Stretched Hands
  Super Zutsuki                  Super Headbutt
  Super Hyakkan Otoshi           Super Hundred Weight Drop
  Ooichou Nage                   Great Gingko Tree Throw
  Hiza Geri                      Knee Kick
  Harai Geri                     Sweep Kick
  Oni Musou                      Unparalleled Demon
  Fuji Oroshi                    Wind from Mt. Fuji
  Orochi Kudaki                  Great Serpent Smasher

  Ansatsu Ken: Sou-ryuu          Assassin Fist: Mourning Style
  Hyakurenkou                    Hundred Rapid Capture
  Gekirou                        Reverse Cascade
  Zan'ei                         Cruel Phantom
  Shitenshuu                     Death Point Curse
  Ansatsu Ken: Ki-ryuu           Assassin Fist: Detestable Style
  Jyasen                         Serpent Drill 
  Ouga                           Wandering Fang
  Kyoutetsu                      Cursed Chew
  Satsu Jin                      Murder Edge
  Saizu                          Head Smash
  Uken                           Wrong Blade
  Jyakouha                       Snake Bite Opening
  Kouga                          Lunatic Fang

  Bushin Izuna Otoshi            Izuna Drop
  Izuna no Chuu Otoshi           Izuna Elbow Drop
  Bushin Senpuu Kyaku            Whirlwind Leg
  Houzantou                      Demolishing Mountain Dipper
  Hayagake                       Rapid Run
  Hayagake: Kyuuteishi           Rapid Run: Sudden Stop
  Hayagake: Kage Sukui           Rapid Run: Shadow Scoop
  Hayagake: Kubikari             Rapid Run: Neck Cutting
  Hiji Otoshi                    Elbow Drop
  Kamaitachi                     (a type of weapon)
  Kubi Kudaki                    Neck Breaker
  Bushin-ryuu Seoi Nage          Bushin Style Shoulder Throw
  Bushin Gokusa Ken              Prison Fist Chain
  Bushin Gou Rai Kyaku           Strong Lighting Leg
  Bushin Hassou Ken              Eight Paired Fist
  Bushin Musou Renge             Unparalleled Rapid Reap

  Bushin translates as "god of the military arts".
  Kourenken                      Crimson Lotus Fist
  Mujin Kyaku                    Infinity Leg
  Hou Shou                       Demolishing Palm
  Ressen Chou                    Violent Sharp Recieval
  Ressen Ha                      Violent Massacre Destruction
  Yasha Gaeshi Uwadan            Demoness Return Upper Level
  Yasha Gaeshi Gedan             Demoness Return Lower Level
  Ara-kuma Inashi                Wild Bear (?)
  Daisoku Barai                  Great Leg Sweep
  Kanzuki-ryuu Shinpikaibyaku    Moon God Style Creation of God's Door
  Kanzuki-ryuu Kououken          Moon God Style Emperor King Fist

  "Kanzuki-ryuu" is also the name of Karin's fighting style.
  Hadouken                       Surge Fist
  Shouryuuken                    Rising Dragon Fist
  Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku         Tornado Whirlwind Leg
  Zentou                         Front Fall
  Inazuma Kakato Wari            Lightning Flash Heel Split
  Ushiro Mawashi-geri            Backward Turning Kick
  Shouryuu Reppa                 Rising Dragon Render
  Shinryuuken                    God Dragon Fist
  Shippuujinrai Kyaku            Kick With Lightning Speed

  Hashiru                        Running
  Dageki                         Strike
  Tobikoshi                      Hop Over
  Enzui Lariat                   Afterbrain Lariat
  Enzui Drop Kick                Afterbrain Drop Kick

  "Mekong Delta" is a real place in Vietnam.

  Hadou no Kamae                 Fake Surge 
  Sakotsu Wari                   Collarbone Split
  Seichuu Nidan Tsuki            Two-Part Mid-Level Thrust
  Shinkuu Hadouken               Vacuum Surge Fist
  Shinkuu Tatsumakisenpuukyaku   Vacuum Tornado Whirlwind Leg
  Metsu Shouryuuken              Destroying Rising Dragon Fist
  Shin Shouryuuken               True Rising Dragon Fist

  Shououken                      Cherry Blossom Fist
  Shunpuu Kyaku                  Spring Breeze Leg
  Sakura Otoshi                  Sakura's Drop
  Midare Zakura                  Cherry Riot
  Haruichiban                    First Storm of Spring

  Jigoku Scrape                  Hell Scrape
  Butsumetsu Buster              Unlucky Day Buster
  Daikyou Burning                Worst Luck Burning
  Shiraha Catch                  White Blade Catch
  Tengu Walking                  (type of demon) Walking
  Yagura Reverse                 Oar Reverse
  Kouten Okiagari                Get Up Backward
  Meido no Miyage                Present from Hades
  Ten Chuu Satsu                 Destruction of the Pillars of Heaven

  Heki Hari Tsuki                Attach to Wall Thrust



 Version 1.9  (December 9, 1998)
   - More corrections, Shin Shouryuuken stuff corrected at last.

 Version 1.8  (November 24, 1998)
   - Some minor updates and additions.

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 Version 1.6  (October 15, 1998)
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 Version 1.5  (October 4, 1998)
   - Information for the Classical and Maji Modes (formerly N-ism and
     M-ism), have been confirmed from Capcom's FAX section.  Special
     thanks goes to Ultima for discovering the properties of Gen's
     crouching HP.

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 Version 1.3  (September 13, 1998)
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     because it's exactly like X-ism in terms of moves.  The information
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     along with the other secrets and codes.

 Version 1.1  (September 2, 1998)
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     Quite a bit of unconfirmed info. has been incorporated into the
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 Version 0.5  (August 1st, 1998)
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