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UPDATES: 6/15 - Walkthrough in progress. Up to The Duke Burger: Part 2 so far.
                More sections to be added.




Duke Lives

Ego Items: 3

Pretty straight forward here. Zip up your pants and head over to the soldier by
the whiteboard. Drawing on the board is optional but go ahead and try it. Go to
the next door and head towards the alien fight. Head to the next path and pick
up the Devestator on the lift. If you played Duke Nukem 3D this next part should
be familiar.


Avoid all of its attack by simply strafing around the football field. The
soldiers will drop ammo supplies when you are about to run out. They are by
the red flares on the field. When its life is flashing red approach it and use
your USE key to finish it off. Kick its eye and you're all done here.

Dukes Pad

When you gain control, head to dukes bathroom. Here you will find some ego
points. Look in the mirror and admire yourself. Go to the next room by the
girls and examine the pool table. Hit every ball inside the pockets to get
some more ego points. Head down the hall and into the elevator. Press the
buttons inside the elevator.

Damn! Its Late...

Ego Items: 4

Go talk to everyone for some funny lines and go inside the Stage 1 doors.
Sign the kids book to get you some more ego points. Head towards the curtains
to talk to the host of the show. Afterwards head right and go up the stairs.
Find the guy using the toilet and making weird noises. Use the stalls here
to get some more Ego points. Head to the elevators to get to Duke's cave.

The elevator will stop halfway. Look for the glowing emergency hatch release
by the door and use it. Climb the ladder up and pry open the door. Head to
the museum. Look around and head to the kid sitting on Duke's throne.
Press the button next to him to get to the cave.

The Duke Cave

Ego Items: 7

Listen to the General and President then head to the door. Enter the next
door to encounter your first alien. Punch him through the door and go in.
Pick up any of the objects on the ground to throw it at the aliens. In the
next room kill off the aliens and examine some things in here for more ego
points. Punch the speed bag and punching bag for points. Grab a curl and lift
for points. Find the weights on the ground and place all of them on the bar.
There is one on the bench by itself, grab it and place it on the bar. Make
sure to have 3 on each side before lifting. Lift all the way up to get points.
Make a basket to get points too, to make a basket aim a little high above the
rim. Im not sure if the pinball machine has any ego points. The high score is
ridiculously high for me to try as im writing this FAQ. Maybe I will try it
some other time. If I had to guess you have to beat the score to get the
ego points.

When you're all done here examine the vent cover in the room. Open it and go
inside by crouching. Go right and avoid the flames. When you exit you will
find beers on the ground. Beer makes your tougher, take more damage. Melee the
aliens and go to the next room. Here you will use Duke Vision to see in the
dark. Open the door and go left, jump and crouch over the pipes to get down.
The aliens can't see in the dark so they will be easy to take out. In the next
room you will find a vent cover highlighted, punch it and go in.

Make your way around the pipes. Grab a trashcan and throw it at the aliens.
Look at the highlighted trashcans here and grab them. The pipe will slant
downwards. Jump on it to get to the next hole above. Punch the cover and fight
the aliens. Here you will get your first weapon, the AT Laser. Find the 2
Energy cells on the boxes in the room and place them in the highlighted reactor.
The lights will come back and a alien will attack you at the next door. Fight
off the next aliens and enter the next door for some RC driving.

Grab the controls to drive the car. What you have to do here is drive the car
to the reactor and push it down and through the hole. So drive the car up the
ramp, push the box to make the above platform slant. Drive up the slanted
platforms and fall down next to you. Slowly drive it to the reactor and knock
it down and into the hole. Grab the reactor and head back to the reactor room
to place it. You will find a new item here, the steroids. Pick it up and more
aliens will come out. Shoot them all and a new enemy will come out, the Pigcop.
They like to charge at you so runback while shooting it. Afterwards head inside
the corridor to pickup a new weapon, the M1911 Pistol. Pick it up and into the
next area. Fight more aliens here, there are exploding tanks you can use here
to throw at them. Head to your ride at the end to fight the mothership.

Mothership Battle

Ego Items: none

When the fight begins start shooting at the laser cannon up ahead. When you
shoot, your weapons heat meter will increase. If it fully fills up you have to
wait for the gun to cool down before shooting again. Transport ships will
also appear in front of Dukes ship. Shoot them down before they release any
aliens in the air. Continue shooting the cannon. Ships will fly over Duke.
Quickly destroy them before they get near him. They do good damage if hit.
Destroy the lower ships when the 3 flying ships approach you. Continue hitting
the cannon and its done for.

You'll be back into the cave. Melee the vent cover and go in. Crouch in and
turn on your Duke Vision. Go left and shoot the aliens down below.

The Lady Killer

Ego Items: none

Go save the girl by holding the elevator brakes. Keep holding it until you
reach the bottom. Go down the elevator hole and open the door. Duke will shrink
down to size! Push the luggage holder and head to the RC car and get on to ride
it. Boost up the ramp to get over. Work your way down the rubbled floors. When
you get to the lower level drive around to the gold statue. Drive up the
fallen statue and boost to get over the gap. Keep driving to the next areas.

The Lady Killer: Part 2

Ego Items: 1

Enemies will appear now. It is optional to kill them or just drive to the next
area. I would recommend not killing them and wait till you be back to normal
size. Get off your ride in the next area and go in. Notice the corpse on the
luggage? Jump on it and jump up the table. We have to open the door so the
RC car can get through. Jump over to the next tables. Jump the chairs to get
to the button by the door. Jump over on the plants area. Rats will attack you
here, melee them and press the button. Get back to your ride.

In the next area Pigcops will start to attack. Do not bother killing them and
just quickly drive to the next area. Boost through the Pigcops and get to the
area passed the gap. Push the luggage holder at the right to the leftside and
climb up the couch to press the button. Head to the device on the ground by
the girls to go back to normal size. Melee the glass to grab the Shotgun.
Enemies will now appear. Use the columns for cover and kill them all. New
enemy times will appear, Teleports. They like to teleport behind you when you
shoot at them. The shotgun can kill them in 1 up close hit.

Exit out through the door you came in from. Quickly backtrack back to the
previous areas. Don't hang around the Pigcop hole or they will keep spawning
out. More enemies will appear in the casino room. When you're done with them
approach a Slot machine and play it. It will give you some ego points. More
fighting in the next room. Use the steroids by the slot machine and melee
them. Head to the next area to finish here.

The Lady Killer: Part 3

Ego Items: none

Head towards the controls by the Duke statue. The goal here is to get to the
upper area. Press the controls and raise Dukes arms all the way up. Rotate
the statue so the upper arm is point near the soldier. Once thats done press
the 'Alien attack' button to lower the city blocks to jump on. Jump on Dukes
gun to get on the statue and head up. Kill the Pigcop at the door and head up
the vent.

Destroy the laser mines by shooting them or throwing something at it like a
rat or trashcan. Crouch and jump over the other lasers. Distinguish the flames
by shooting the extinguishers on the wall to get through. Grab the trip mines
on the shelfs and enter the door. Refill your ammo at the ammo box and prepare
to fight a new enemy, Assault Commander. It will fly around shooting rockets at
you. They hurt so run around the room to avoid them. Use the shotgun and get
up close to kill it faster. Talk to the General at the door to finish here.

Vegas in Ruin

Ego Items: 1

Approach the van to pick up the Ripper weapon. Head to the gunfight up ahead.
Use the turret to take out the aliens faster. Once dont head back and refill
your ammo if necessary. The alien will drop a new weapon, the Captain Laser,
during the fight. Pick it up because it has good ammo reserve, but fires kind
os slow. Follow the soldiers to the next areas. If you need Trip mines or a
shotgun look next to the area near where the soldier blew up the path. Its
inside the area with the columns.

Head up and fight more baddies. Use cover to heal as usual. Grab the RPG
on the trashcan before going downward into the crater. Head down and refill at
the ammo box, also theres a explosive cache near the ammo box on the crashed
alien aircraft. Approach the soldiers up ahead and prepare to fight. Use the
RPG to make quick work out of them. When they're all gone the big boss will


Equip the RPG and circle around him and begin to fire at it. Since you only have
limited RPG shots on him you need to lure him to the opposite side of the ammo
box to get more ammo. Get more ammo and continue shooting it. He likes to run
at you so quickly dodge and use the center part of the area for cover. Once it
gets to red life approach it and use the USE key. Humiliate him for ego points!
Head to the sewer entrance on the rocks to exit.

The Duke Dome

Ego Items: none

Head in and avoid the power line by quickly sprinting over when it disappears.
You will see a body hanging with a fire extinguisher on it. Shoot it to go
in, climb the ladder up. Approach the guys talking. Inside that storage is a
item box. Once the lift is down go and refill ammo. Equip the RPG and start
firing. Be careful of the Pigs that carry exploding barrels. You can insta kill
yourself if you fire at them with the RPG. Use the cover on the lift for

When you fall out of the lift look for a Raigun on the wire spool, by the fence.
Melee the fence with the lockpad on it. Use the Railguns scope and take out the
Pigs. Head north to the red barrel. Shoot the barrel to lower the storage unit.
Head to the back of the trailer and climb the ladder to get inside. Use the
copy machine to increase ego points. Stock up on explosives and grab the RPG
here. Press the switch by the door and a fight will begin. After the fight head
to the wooden fenced area where the pigs climbed up. Grab the RPG ammo if
needed and head towards the fence. The red storage has an item box inside.
Press the switch and open the fence.

The Duke Dome: Part 2

Ego Items: 1

Head into the storage area. Climb the blue storage box and shoot the red
barrels. Blue barrels will fall out of them. Put 3 blue barrels inside the red
storage box. Find blue barrels around this area and at the ground near the
fires. Climb the blue storage box again and jump on top of the red storage.
Jump on the scaffolding to the next area. Fight some teleporters here and jump
on top of the wrecking ball. Walk all the way to the next area across. Jump down
and find a elevated storage box that has red barrels inside. Shoot it to make a

Jump down on the red truck to find RPG's. There is a ammo box in the right
corner here. Climb the red ladder up and head up to find the wrecking ball's
battery. When you pick it up a alien aircraft will begin firing at you. Head
down and take cover behind the structure. Fire RPG's at it until it goes down,
remember there is a ammo box here. Take the battery back to the wrecking ball.
Use the machine and raise the ball upwards, then swing it left. Kill the aliens
shooting at you by ramming the ball into them. Keep the machine to the left
and raised and get out. Climb up the machine to get over. Open the door to
start falling!

The Hive

Ego Items: 1

Use Duke vision to see better here.
Head to the downward area to find weapons, trip mines and pipe bombs. Head to
the other direction and melee the tentacles in the way. Crouch in the hole and
roll the little ball creature to the monster hanging by the door to open. At
the next door go left and crouch under to find some items. Melee the eye
creatures to get to the next door. You will see a new enemy up ahead. Melee
the pulsating red objects to get through, careful you can take damage from it.
Fight your first Octabrain up ahead, the Ripper works well on it. Use the
launchpads below to jump above the gap when your at the pit section.

In the room with the crying girls there is a RPG on the rocks on the left
side, use the launchpad to grab it. Talk to your ladies for a surprise attack!
Melee or shoot the bugs that come out of them. In the next room more little
bugs will pop out of the girls. In this room there is a some ego to pick up.
Hanging by the crying girls there are 3 breast looking objects that you can
slap. Slap them for points! Melee the ball creature to form it into a ball.
Roll it all the way back to the start of this area to finish here.

The Hive: Part 2

Ego Items: none

Melee the webbed corpses to find objects. search the other corpses for railguns
and RPG's. Fight more Octabrains up ahead. In the room with the launchpad
shoot the exploding pulsating things first before useing the pad. Keep going
and jump over the rock gaps, use the tentacles to walk on. In the room with
the explosive cache, throw a pipe bomb onto the launchpad across the pit to
bounce it up ahead. Detonate and a ball creature will roll towards you.

Take it all the way back to the start of this area. A few Octabrains will
attack along the way. Roll it to the locked door and it will open. Shoot the
red pulsating thingys before using the jumppad. In the next room go left and
shoot the red things again to get through easier. In the next room you will
fight quite a few egg aliens. You can take them out easily by meleeing them,
no need to waste ammo. Clear every area and a Octabrain will come out. Kill
it and you can proceed. Now to fight the queen!

Queen Bitch

Ego Items: 5

Stock up on explosives in the room on the right. On the left side hole you
will notice a launchpad. Throw a pipe bomb to it and it will bounce to the other
side of the locked door. Detonate to get through. Go up the stairs to fight the

Alien Queen

Launch a pipe bomb at the launchpads to expose the Queens... weakspot. Hit
it with RPG's and take cover. Stay on the left side where the ammobox is at
so you can easily replenish ammo. The Queen will expose herself from time to
time, when she does fire and take cover immediately. She will throw little
bugs at your area; rocket them or melee if they are close. When her health is
near gone she will release Octabrains at you. Do not use RPG's on the
Octabrains! For some reason when you do and they hit you they can 1 shot kill
you. Use your secondary gun on them instead. When she is at red life approach
her to finish her off. You will receive ego points.

Duke Nukem's Titty City

Ego Items: 14

Now for something completely different. Find the items the girl wants you to
get her. Find the condom in the condom dispenser at the mens restroom. Also
in the restroom there is a ego point to get. Go into the stall and look at the
drawing on the wall. Examine it for some points. If you jump at the other stall
and look over the door you will notice that it's a guy!! WTF. Head to the main
area and jump on the stage to get to backstage. Find the popcorn here. Grab
the popcorn and put it in the microwave. Press USE again to microwave it. This
will also get you some ego points. The vibrator is also in this room, in the

Head to the champagne room and follow her to the room to finish here.

-- About the ego items: I missed a few the first time. I will go back to find
                        the rest.

Crash Course

Ego Items: 1

Jump over the railing and jump down the tentacle at the otherside. Shoot the
pulsating things in the way to get through. Shoot the attacking tentacles and
quickly pass them. Melee the green puss to get by the next area. Jump down to
the railing. On the left you will notice frisbee's with 3D Realms logo on them.
Throw one for ego points. Go left to fight some flyers. Finish them all and
wait for the aircraft to make a path for you. Jump over the railing to the next
area. Melee the tentacles and shoot the pulsators to get to the pads. Jump
and go left. Climb up to reach the turret inside the transport.

Destroy all incoming ships and enemies. Use zoom to see them from a far. When
the ship is about to tip over quickly get off. Go right and use the jumppad
to get over. You will find the Devestator up ahead, and a ammobox. Once picked
up a aircraft will start to attack you. Take cover and use the Devestator on it.
It will take many shots to take it out. Once its destroyed teleporters will
appear. Shoot a few and one will grab you and take you for a ride. Use the
following prompt to punch it and take control.

The Duke Burger

Ego Items: 5

Go left and go inside the 'Employees Only' door. Inside this storage room you
will find Dukes cigar on the shelf, pick it up for ego points. Go all the way
left past the tentacles to find the restroom door. Head to the stalls in the
back and find a magazine on the ground, pick it up for more ego points. Now
Duke has to shrink down for the next part. Stand on the green substance to
shrink. By the stalls theres a door with the vent hole has been opened. Go in
and go back to normal size. Press the breaker to shut off the electricity.
Melee the door to get out. The lights will be out, switch to Duke vision.
Shrink down again and jump up the box to get on to the sink area. Now you can
go into the hole in the wall. Climb up the pipe and crouch under to get through.

The Duke Burger: Part 2

Ego Items: 

..to be continued


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