SIM             CITY                22222222
   10101010010    1010110111001         222222222222    000   000   000
  10100101000    101010100101001      22222     22222  0   0 0   0 0   0
101010          11001      101001    222222   222222   0   0 0   0 0   0
 1100111011     10101                        222222    0   0 0   0 0   0
  1010100101    10001                      222222      0   0 0   0 0   0
       101010   01010      010011        222222         000   000   000
 10101010101     101001010010010        2222
10101001011       1010101001001        2222222222222222222222222222222222

Sim City 2000 FAQ v1.0
By: Jeff C. Bostick (JcbcoolX)

(c) Gamewiz, Inc. All rights reserved.
Gamewiz and Dr. Gamewiz and all titles are for the 
exclusive usage of the Gamewiz Corporation.

NOTICE: There are some differences between computer versions of SC2000, 
somethings may not be accurate...

Chapter 1: In the beginning...
a. How to get you pop. to 2,000
b. Making your city grow
Chapter 2: Advanced Features 
a. Everything on the City Toolbar
b. Menu Items
c. Awards for Mayors
d. Inventions Table
Chapter 3: Landshaper
a. Everything on the Landscaping Toolbar
Chapter 4: Easter Basket
a. Easter Eggs
b. Other great tricks 
c. Tips and Hints
Epilouge - Thanks n' stuff

Chapter 1: In the begining

A.  How to get your pop. to 2,000

Select "Start a new city". Hopefully you got a nice flat piece of land, 
if not don't worry about  it now. The 1st thing you want to do is name your 
city, name it what you want, it doesn't matter. Then choose your diffuclty 
level, take Easy. Then go and choose your starting year (1900, 1950, 2000,
2050) the farther in the future the easier.After that a newspaper will pop 
up, read it if you wish. Find a nice piece of flat ground near the edge of 
your city and place down a power plant (Use Coal Power for now). To do 
this, go to the Power Icon (Little lightning bolt icon) and hold down 
your mouse button until a submenu pops up (Many other icons are like this 
too) and choose Power Plants, and choose Coal Power. Now find another 
flat area near the center and make a nice 6x6 square of indutrial zones
(a place for your Sims to work).  
  *Sims never Build more than 3 tiles away from roads or rail*

Now, next to that make a 6x6 square or Residential zones (a place for your 
Sims to live). Hook both up with a string of Power lines from your plant. 
If something doesn't have power a little lightning bolt will flash on 
that item. Circle roads or rail around both sets of zones (if you use rail 
be sure to put in two depots[form the submenu of the rail icon both 
ajacent to the tracks). Now next to the Residential zones, make a 6x3 
Rectangle of Commercial Zones (a place for Sims to Shop). Hook that up 
with power. Wait a few SimYears for your city to grow. When your pop. 
reaches about 1,000 or 1,500, they'll ask you for a Police Dept., and 
Fire Dep., a Hospital (maybe), and a School. When or while you start 
building those, you Sims will tell you there is no water...time to use 
the Jet Method. Go to a nearby River. Go to the bulldoze item. Select 
Level Terrain from it's submenu. Go to a shoreline a hold down your mouse 
button drag it straight into the River. Now you should have a Long piece 
of land ONLY 1 tile wide, length is up to you, just don't connect shore 
lines! Now place Water Pumps (from the submenu of the water sytem icon,
the on with the drip of water on it) along your Jet of land sticking out. 
The reason for this is: The more water a Water Pump touches, the more 
water it can pump to your city. It's better than laying them across a 
shoreline and much less expensive. Make sure to power up your pumps! Now 
go back to the Water System icon and choose pipes. This will take you to 
an X-RAY view of the underground (which can also be reached also by using 
Subways from the submenu of the Rail Icon, or by clicking on the 
View-Underground icon at the very bottom by the Question Mark icon). 
You'll see where you city would be Dark Line criss-crossing each other,
those are you Sims unfilled Pipes. Connect pipes with your Water Pumps to 
the unfilled pipes or your Sims. Now your City should be at a pop. of 
2,000! Congrats...if you haven't reached that goal and you have waited 
about 10 years or so, expand your Residential Zones.

B. Making your City Grow

Making your city grow may prove to be difficult. On your Toolbar you'll 
see a Sideways oval saying "RCI",that stands for Residential Commercial 
Industrial. You'll also notice there are Beams sticking up towards the + 
sign, or down to the - sign. The Beams sticking up or down are the color 
of the zones (Green, Blue, and Yellow) If the Green Beam is sticking up that 
means Build more Residential, if it's sticking down that means there is 
no need for it. Same goes for the other Beams. For whatever computer your 
using put Newspaper on Subscription as well as Extra!!!. This will give 
you insight on whats happening and how you CitiSims feel about you. Try 
to get one with an Editors Corner or a Percentage Corner. Also look at the
place that gives you info on what your Sims demand (i.e. for DOS/PC/Mac
version, the info Box next to your toolbar, or for Windows, the Status Bar).
Most of all, have great time playing. You're gonna have to go through A
LOT of trial and error.

Chapter 2: Advanced Features

A. Everything on the City ToolBar
On the left of your map there is ToolBar with a whole lotta icons on it, 
From Left to Right, Up to Down here they are:

Bulldozer Icon: 

Demolish/Clear $1 per tile:
Simply put, you get to blow up stuff, get rid of anything in your way!!!

Level Terrain $25 per altitude change:
Place the cursor on a piece of land(Above sea level on a cliff or on 
sea level on the shore), and Click n Drag. You'll see that the altitude 
of the land you placed you cursor on expanded. This can also level moutains 
and create more land over the water, or create more water over land!

Raise Terrain $25 per altitude change:
Lets you make mountains!

Level Terrain $25 per altitude change:
Lets you lower mountains, create canyons, and lakes/ponds/etc.

De-Zone $1 per zone:
Lets you make undeveloped zones to regular terrain

Landscape Icon:

Trees $3 per bunch of trees:
Lets you make trees on undeveloped tiles, you can also create more trees 
on a tile already occupied with trees for a forest

Water $100 per tile
Lets you create ponds, lakes, and waterfalls. This is Water with NO 
DEPTH, so you can bulldoze the water if you goof

Emergency Icon (Not usable unless a disaster takes place):

Dispatch Police: 
Lets you bring out your police icons (look like chess pieces) to a 
scene of Disaster, good for Riots

Dispatch Fire Fighters: 
Lets you bring out your Fire Fighting icons to a scene or disaster, good 
for Fires

Dispatch Miltary: 
Lets you bring out your Military Services to a scene of Disaster 
ONLY if you have a Military Base!!! Good for Monsters.

Power Icon:

Power Lines $2 per tile, $10 per tile of water
Lets create Power Lines to give power to non-powered zones

Power Plant $ varies
Lets you create Power Plants:
Type                Available(-/+10 yrs)     MW      Cost   Cost per MW
Coal                      1900              200     $4,000      $20
Hydroeletric              1900               20     $400        $20
Oil                       1900              220     $6,600      $30
Gas                       1950               50     $2,000      $40
Nuclear                   1955              500     $15,000     $30
Wind                      1980                4     $100        $25
Solar                     1990               50     $1,300      $26
Microwave                 2020              1600    $28,000     $17.50
Fusion                    2050              2500    $40,000     $16

Water System Icon:

Pipes $3 per tile
Lets you connect a source of water with unwatered zones

Water Pump $100 per pump
Source of water, more tiles of water it touches, the more water it pumps 
into pipes

Water Tower $250 per Tower
Stores up to 40,000 gallons of water for shotages

Treatment Plant $500 per plant
Cleans and recycles filthy and used water for less shortages

Desalinization Plant $1,000 per plant
These plants remove salt from salt water, very useful for cities on a coast

Rewards Icon: Told later in this chapter

Roads Icon:

Roads $10 per tile
Creates roads for tranpotation so you Sims get to work and make money to 
pay taxes for you to make more roads! Also used for bridges.

   Causeway:   Cheapest but cannot allow boats to pass under
   Raised:     Lets Boats pass underneath,but there is a limit on length
   Suspension: Lets boats pass underneath and goes farther than 
               the Raised Bridge  

Roads are great for Commerce!                                   

Tunnels $150 for each tile of tunnel
Creates tunnels for underground transportation; you CANNOT crisscross 
tunnels, even at different altitudes!

Highways $100 per section (4 tiles)
Lets you create Hiways for transpotation 3x faster! These are great for 
Commerce and Industry

Onramps $25 per tile
Lets you create an entrance to Highways

Bus Depot $250 per Depot
Lessens traffic by letting commuters take a bus, build two at a time!

Rails Icon:

Rails $25 per tile
More Expensive than roads, but has better advantages such as that it 
creates hardly any pollution. You can also build Rail Bridges. These 
are excellent for industry

Subways $100 per tile
Lets you create an underground mode of transportation:SubWays, But they 
are VERY expensive!

Rail Depots $500 per Depot
Allows commuters to ride the Rails,must be adjacent to tracks, build 
two at a time, or one and a Sub to Rail Junction

Subway Depots $250 per Depot
Allows commuters to ride the subways, build two at a time... or one 
with a Sub to Rail Junction

Sub to Rail Junction $250 per Junction
Allows commuter to ride the rails, stop, and ride the subway, or vice 
versa, build two at a time or one and a Subway and Rail Depot

Ports Icon:

SeaPorts $150 per tile
SeaPorts are not set zones, you use them with the click and drag method 
to set a size according to you likings! They must be set on a Shoreline 
to work. They boost your Industry, too.

AirPorts $250 per tile
Like SeaPorts,these are not set zones. You set the size to your liking. 
You'd be smart to put these on a high altitude so the planes don't crash 
into buildings when they try to take-off or land. These will help your 
Commerce, and are invented in 1930 +/- 10 years

Residential Icon (A place to live):

Low Density $5 per tile
This causes less crime,but not as many people can move in.

High Density $10 per tile
This causes more crime,but more people can move in.

Commercial Icon (A place to Shop):

Low Density $5 per tile
This causes less crime,but less buisness can move in

High Density $10 per tile
This causes more crime,but more buisness can move in

Industry Icon (A place to work):

Low Density $5 per tile
This causes less crime and pollution, but less industries can move in

High Density $10 per tile
This causes more crime and pollution, but more industries can move in

Education Icon:

Schools $250 per school
This teaches SimKids the basics in learning and will give your city about 
an EQ (Education Quotient, Simnational average is 100) about 80. This will 
service a pop. of 15,000

Colleges $1,000 per college
These will bring up your City's EQ to about 100-140,these service a pop. 
of about 50,000

Library $500 per Library
After SimKids graduate and become older, there education drops gradually, 
a library will stop that. You should have 3 of these

Museums $500 per museums
These do the same as libraries, keep the EQ up. You should have 4 of these

City Services Icon:

Police $500 per police station
These keep down the crime in a certain radius from the station. The more 
stations you have, the more Police icons you'll have to stop things like 

Fire Station $500 per fire station
These keep the risk of fires happening, and if they do, the more stations 
you have, the more fire icons you will have too put them out

Hospital $500 per hospital
These keep you Sims alive and healthy. They also keep up your Sims LE
(Life Expectency). They sevice a pop. of about 25,000

Prison $3,000 per prison
These will help if you have a very high crime rate. Lock 'em up and throw 
away the key!

Recreational Icon (Good for tourism):

Small Park $20 per tile
These raise the Land Value, and don't need electricity

Large Park $150 per large park
These are Parks much larger than the small parks, but they do the same 
thing, but raise land value 2x as much as a small park. These don't need 

Zoo $3,000 per zoo
These provide fun and for the SimKids and boost residential growth, but 
they may lower land value because of all the poop the animals make! 
Line these with small parks with one opening for electricity

Stadiums $5,000 per stadium
These will boost Residential Growth, but whoever heard of living next to 
one? Put these in Commercial zones. You can also name your team and pick 
your sport!

Marinas $1,000 per Marina
These also boost Residential growth,but should be placed on a shoreline, 
or on a lake or pond.

Sign Tool Icon:
Makes signs

Query Tool Icon: 
Checks out status of anything on the map (Except planes, helicopters, 
and big boats. Marina Boats are OK)

Rotate Counter-Clockwise Icon: 
This rotates your city counter-clockwise 90 degrees

Rotate Clockwise Icon: 
This rotates your city clockwise 90 degrees

Zoom Out Icon: 
Gives you a bigger view of your city unless ghosted

Zoom In Icon: 
Gives you a closer, detailed view of your city unless ghosted

Centering Tool Icon:
This center your city where ever you click on the map
                                                                                                                                                                                 ~The Following are called Window Icons,these will be explained further in 
later FAQ's~        

When clicking on these 6 icons you need to hold onto the mouse button,
or they disappear. They will stay if you drag them out a little.    

Map Window Icon: 
This shows you a map of your city, and it's icons will show certain 
things about it's job. The icon at the bottom will show both the data on 
the map on your actual city too, in shades of blue...

Graphs Window Icon: 
This shows graphs by pressing one of the icons at the bottom, and they 
will show line graph on what that icon represents

Population Window Icon: 
This will show: The age of people living in your city, your city's LE, 
and your city's EQ based on the 3 icons at the bottom.

City Industries Icon:
This will show how much each industry is making, the tax rate in each 
industry, and the demand on each industry

Neighbors Window Icon:
This will show your city's pop. and your neighbors pop.

Budget Window Icon:
This will show tax rates, what your making (or losing). You can get more 
info in the books of each section, and get advice on each section. You 
can take out bonds, you can determine how much funding your putting on 
each section, and more.

Show Buildings Icon:
This will show the buildings, or make thme invisible

Show Signs Icon:
This will make the signs invisible or visible

Show Infrastructure Icon:
This will make power lines, rails, roads, etc. invisible or visible

Show Zones Icon:
When on, this shows the zone colors (Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, dotted Blue, 
and Black). It doesn't affect city-owned zones (Police, Schools, etc..)

Show Underground Icon:
This gives you an X-RAY view of the city

Help Icon: 
Shows how to Get Cheats & Help

Demand Indicator(RCI Bar): 
The colored bars here will stick up, or down. The colors represent 
certain zones(Green-Residential, Blue-Commercial, Yellow-Industry). 
When thay stick up, it means that certain zone is needed, but if it 
sticks down,it's not needed (i.e. If the green bar up, it means: Build 
more residential Zones. But if it sticks down,or you can't see it it
means: Residential Zones are not needed and some Residential buidings
are abandoned. Same for the other Zones)

B. Menu Items
On the top there is a menu for SC2000. Here are it's features:

File(or you Apple Menu)
-Load City:This lets you load one of your cities, or one of the pre-made
-New City:Lets you start a city on pre-made land
-Edit New Map:Lets you make you own map
-Load Scenerio:Let's you try out one of the city scenerio problems
-Save City:Save your City
-Save City As...: Lets you save your city with a new name
-Quit:Give-up,but do we want to do that?

-Pause:Stops Simulator
-Turtle:Very slow simulation
-Llama:medium paced simulator
-Cheetah: WHOA! So fast to make your head spin!

-Auto Budget:No more annoying budget window in your face!
-Auto GoTo:Automatically sends you to a disaster
-Sound Effects:Turn em off or on
-Music:Turn your music off or on

Disasters (now for the fun part, heh eh eh)
-Fire:Beavis's dream
-Flood:Bring out the life jackets
-Air Crash:WE'RE GOIN' DOWN!!!
-Tornado:I don't think we're in Kansas anymore
-Earthquake:Oh no! It's the big one!
-Monster:Invasion of the body snatchers(?)
-No Disasters:WIMPS ONLY

-Map:Shows the map of your city
-Budget:Opens the budget Window
-Ordinances:Shows ordinance window
-Population:Shows Population,LE,and EQ of Sims
-Industry:Show Industries,demand, and tax rate
-Graphs:Shows Graphs
-Neighbors: Shows your and your neighbors populations

-Subscription:Gives you a biannual subscription to your choosen newspaper
-Extra!!!:Choosen Newspaper will pop up for important events
-Different Newspapers:1-6 different newspapers to choose from

C. Rewards for Mayors
If your a good mayor, the city will offer you certain gifts when you reach 
a certain pop. Here they are:
Gift                              Population to reach
Mayor's House                     2,000
City Hall                         10,000
Statue                            30,000
Grant for Military Base           60,000
Braun Llama Dome                  90,000
Arcologies                        120,000

When you reach 60,000, the military wants to put a base on your soil. 
This can be good...and bad! If your built on the coast, or have alot of 
water, chances are you'll get a Naval Base. If you have pretty flat 
ground, you'll be the likely choice for an Air Force Base, if you have 
fairly hilly ground, you'll probably get an Army Base. Those certain 
Bases will offer help during a disaster, and help a whole lot when the 
monster attacks, less people get killed, and less destruction occurs. 
The last base is the Missle Silo,you only get those if you have very 
mountainous land. These give no help during a disaster, and cause very 
high crime. I have no idea what a Braun Llama Dome is. It looks like 
the Eiffel Tower with a big round room at the top(like on the rotating 
resteraunt in Seattle). Sims go there to get married and bungee jump. 
Across are those big cities within cities. They hold pop. of 300,000 or 
more to make you city's pop. skyrocket!

D. Inventions Table
This is when everything is invented... give or take a decade. Everything 
is here except the things you start out with, and Power Plants, which 
were explained earlier in the FAQ:

Inventions                                  Year +/- 10 years
Subway System                                     1910
Bus Depots                                        1920
Highways                                          1930
Treatment Plants                                  1935
Desalinization Plants                             1990
Pylmouth Arcology                                 2000
Forest Arcology                                   2050
Darco                                             2100
Launch Arco                                       2150

Chapter 3: Landshaper

A. Everything on the Landscaping Toolbar
From the Menu at the beginning,there is an option to create your own land. 
If your a beginner,try to make it as flat as possible with one river. 
After the computer "Reticulates Splines", a map will show up with yet 
another toolbar, called the Landscaping ToolBar. All this stuff is free. 
From Left to Right,Top to Bottom, here it is!

Coast Icon:
When depressed,makes a shoreline on you map

River Icon:
Makes a river on your map when depressed

The farther up the green strip is, the more of what that slider represents 
appears on your map(i.e. When the Green strip on the water slider is up, 
your whole landscape will be mostly water, but if the green strip on forest 
icon is gone, you'll have barren land):

Mountain Slider-Determines the amount of hills on the map
Water Slider   -Determines amount of water on the map(with the exception of 
                the coast and river icons, if one of those are on, you'll 
                have it no matter how low you go).
Forest Slider  -Determines how much trees you'll have on the map

Make Icon: 
When your sliders and coast and/or river icons are set, this will make 
the landscape. You can make more than one map with the same things set 
on sliders and coast and/or river icons.

Raise Terrain Icon-
Raises the land upwards. You can save money if you preset it like this now, 
instead of when you've already started your city.

Lower Terrain Icon-
Lowers lands to make lakes and canyons. Like raising terrain, it saves 
money if you do this before starting your city.

Stretch Terrain Icon- 
This lets to build a mountain straight up by holding the mouse button and 
pushing the mouse up. If your still holding down the mouse button, bring 
the mouse down to level off your mountain.

Level Terrain Icon- 
This lets you level the terrain by holding down the mouse button and 
dragging it on a certain altitude. Drag it to a higher altitude to level 
it off or expand it on a lower altitude or sea level.

Raise Sea Level Icon-
By clicking on this, you raise the water by 50 ft. You can raise it higher 
by clicking on it again.You can also get rid of trees by covering them 
with water and lowering the water again.

Lower Sea Level Icon-
Click on this to lower the sea level by 50ft. You can click it again and 
again till there is no water!

Place Water Icon-
This lets you place 1 tile of no-depth water on the ground. You can save 
money by doing this now than doing it after you start a city.

Place Stream Icon-
This lets the computer place a stream where ever you click on the land. 
It's non-depth, and it goes where the computer tells it, but only near 
where you clicked on the land.

Place Tree Icon-
This lets you put a tree on 1 tile, you can use it over and over again 
on the same tile. It also saves money by doing it now than after starting 
a city.

Place Forest Icon-
Like the Place Steram Icon,the trees go where ever the computer tells it 
to, but only in an area close to where you clicked on the land.

Zoom Out Icon-
Gives a bigger picture of the map until it's ghosted

Zoom In Icon-
Givers a closer, detailed look at the map until ghosted

Rotate Counter-
Clockwise-Turns map 90 degrees, counter-clockwise 

Rotate Clockwise Icon-
Turns map 90 degrees, clockwise

Centering Tool Icon-
Centers the map where ever you click on it

Help Icon-
Shows how to Get Cheats & Help

Done Icon-
Leaves "Edit New Map" to start your city on you land!!!

Chapter 4: Easter Basket

A. Easter Eggs
Type these in anytime after starting a city

For DOS/PC version:

Fund-Lets you take out a bond at 25% interest
Vers-Shows you version # of SC2000
Cass-Gives you $250,but money burns quickly!
Memy-Information about memory
Porn-Listen to your sound card carefully
Darn-Insult SC2000

Damn-Insult SC2000
Heck-Insult SC2000
*By typing in Darn,Damn,or Heck, your Sims build lots of churches. 
So save before doing so.

Fund Trick-After Starting a new city, don't build. Type in Fund, and take 
out the bond. Type in Fund again and take out the bond. Now go to the 
budget window and take a bond out there by clicking on the book in the 
Bonds Section,you'll notice it's at .%. Now repay your 1st two bonds and 
PRESTO! You'll receive $1.5 million a year!

For Mac version:

Joke-Tells a joke
Cass-Gives you $250, but money burns quickly!
Porn-Listen to your sound card carefully
Fund-lets you take out a bond at 25% interest
Vers-Shows your version # of SC2000
porntipsguzzardo-Gives you $500,000 and all gift available

For ver1.1 You may need to:                                          
1) Open the maps window, click inside and press PRIN 
2) Click inside Status window and type TOPSGUZZARDO

For Windows version


By King Kung:
1. Click on the icon window in the little blue strip on the top
2. Type in "Buddamus" (of course, without the quotes). You'll receive 
   $500,000 plus all gifts and future inventions become available

B. Other Great Tricks
The Magic Eraser-
Select Landscape Trees from the Toolbar
Click it on the ground and wait until some trees appear
Keep holding down the mouse button down and then hold the SHIFT key. 
Pass over whatever you want and it gets erased with no charge. This is 
for reducing building sizes and pollution,but also reduces power plant 
capavity and arco populations.

Wires on Water- 
Build wires on water and wait for the power to flow in.
Then bulldoze under them and they will become invisible.

C. Tips and Hints

Here are 25 great tips to get you started:

1. If you're a beginner, make your land flat!
2. Aways have Residentail close to Commercial and Industy, and don't make
   them walk, build roads!
3. In the beginning, have 3-to-1 ratio in favor of industry!
4. Never put your power source near the city
5. Change your power plant every now and then if you start at an early date
6. Get tough on crime(if you have the money). Listen to your Police advisor
7. The Jet Method-as mention earlier, place your pumps on pieces of land
   jetting out on 1 tile wide sections of land,length is up to you. Do this
   by leveling terrain.
8. In December, go to the budget window and raise taxes to 20%. Accept the
   taxes at the end of the year and lower them back to their original state,
   your Sims will never know what hit them!
9. Lower your taxes to engourage growth
10.Lower taxes on the industries that'll be in demand in the future,
   like electronics in 1900
11. Raise Land Values with Parks,trees,and water and then lower property
    taxes for more revenue
12. Attract tourist and buisness by going to ordinaces and clicking on
    things such as Tourist and Buisness attraction,City Beautification,
    and an annual carnival
13. Keep attractions such as Stadiums and Zoos away from Residential into
    Commerce or open areas. Line Zoos with small Parks.
14. Set Speed on Cheetah, Turn off newspaper Subscriptions and Extra!!!,
    and put No Disasters on, also put it on Auto Budget. Prepare your City
    for a stable ride, brush your teeth, put on your P.J.'s and go to
    sleep. Look at your Funds when you wake up!
15. Sims love to drive, and Highways make them get from here to there 3x
    faster than roads.
16. Sims hate Traffic, make sure you have plenty of Bus Depots! Build
    by the pairs.
17. Rails help Industry, and causes less pollution than roads, but if you
    build them...make sure you have plenty of Depots. Build them by the
18. Look at your neighbors population. Hook up Highways and roads with
    the larger cities
19. As an alternative, Level Terrain strips 1 tile wide across water
    for roads, because Bridges are very expensive to build.
20. Use the Query Tool to find out about anything
21. Listen to the people from the info box in the DOS/Mac version, or
    Status Bar in the Windows Version. In the Budget Window, you can
    always listen to your advisors by clicking on the Cartoon balloons
    in each section.
22. Watch you RCI Bar Carefully. Build whats going up!
23. When Disaster Strikes PAUSE the game so you can send in you Fire
    Fighters, Police, and Military. When everythings set, resume the game!
24. When Fires Break out, Surround them with Fire Fighters and rubble
    (Rubble stops fires, do this by blowing up thing around the fire).
25. Have Fun! Save your Game every once and a while, and pile on Disasters!
    But don't let out you City Services, watch everthing go to rubble.
    Take your centering tool, and click it on your helicpoter if you have
    one flying around. See what happens...


1. Don't issue to many bonds, or you'll pay!
2. Keep small ports, but leave room for expansion
3. Keep taxes below 8%
   -10%-20%-growth quickly drops
   -7%-9%  -gradual growth,steady funds
   -0%-6%  -rapid Growth
   When Funds are adequete tax at 7-9%
   When Funds are high tax at 0-6%
4. In the Windows Version,watch for SuperSim
5. When you get a Military Base,cause a riot, then have the military 
   quickly disperse them, this can boost your popularity.

Epilouge-Thanks n' stuff

Thanks to:

Bombos     - Easter Eggs and tricks
King Kung  - Tricks
GoalieMike - Tips
GWS Wizard - ASCII Art
GWS Codes  - POSTing Bombos stuff in Gamewiz, and Codes he might have had.

You can find more information by using 
Keyword: MAXIS

This is only my first SC2000 FAQ, my next one will have more detailed 
information and a Frequently Asked Questions Coulmn if you send in enough 
Questions! I can be reached at:

Don't despair, Version 2.0 will be here soon! 
Please don't:
-Alter this
-Copy it somewhere else,saying it's yours
-Sell this
-Use it for any Commercial use

Just use this to help you become sucsessful in being a mayor, I wish you 
                                                            ( o     o )

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