System: Sony PlayStation
  Developer/Publisher: Bandai (1998)
  Genre: 3D Action/Shooting

  FAQ by Kelvin Koh
  (18th December 1998)

  (19th December 1998)
  - Minor Update/Corrections

  1 Introduction
  2 Basic Controls & Explanation
  3 Mobile Suits Info
  4 Story Mode
  5 Secrets/Extras
  6 Gameplay Tips


    Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack is the sequel to Mobile
Suit Z Gundam. It is a 3D Action/Shooting game, which uses a vastly
improved engine over its predecessor, and this time, it is based on the
movie, Char's Counterattack.

    Char's Counterattack features many impressive cinemas containing
hand-drawn characters against rendered backgrounds. The real-time
cinemas, with characters that 'cut-in', are equally beautiful and fun
to watch.

    The graphics for the main game itself have been touched up with
more spectacular effects and a smoother look. Each MS now has many
different attacks (up to 10), which adds more variety and excitement to
the battles.

    For those who could not experience the thrills of Z Gundam's Link
Vs Mode, a split-screen Vs Mode has been included in this sequel for
hours of enjoyment with a friend.

    However, the game suffers from several flaws. There are only a few
selectable MS, which is very disappointing considering the fact that
the previous game had plenty to choose from. Furthermore, the game is
extremely short and ends way too quickly.

    Nevertheless, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack is a good
title that every Gundam fan must have.

    To celebrate Mobile Suit Gundam's 20th Anniversary, there
is a Special Box Edition of Char's Counterattack. It comes with
the game itself, a T-Shirt, and a greeting card.


    In Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, you play from a 3rd
Person's perspective and fight one-on-one with another MS most of the


 Move Towards Opponent - Press UP
 Move Away From Opponent - Press Down
 Move Left - Press LEFT
 Move Right - Press - RIGHT

 Ascend (Move Up) - Press L1
 Descend (Move Down) - Press L2

 Boost - X Button + any DIRECTION (Uses Vernier Gauge)


 1st (Primary) Weapon - Press the SQUARE Button.
 2nd (Secondary) Weapon - Press R1 + SQUARE or X or CIRCLE Button.
 3rd (Special) Weapon - Press R1 + SQUARE + X.

- Press R2.
- Switches between your Long and Short Range weapons.

- Press the TRIANGLE Button.
- Used to change your target during a battle against more than one Mobile Suit.

- Press R1 + TRIANGLE.
- Used to target a specific part on your opponent's Mobile Suit, such as 
  his Head, Arm, or Leg.

- Press SQUARE + X when close.
- Temporarily stuns your opponent.

- Hold the CIRCLE Button




---{Vernier Movement}--- Press D-Pad + X Button

    This will cause your Mobile Suit to accelerate at high speeds in
 the direction you choose. It can be used to avoid attacks, or simply
 to move around quickly.
    When you use the Boost, your Vernier Gauge (located on the bottom
 left of the screen) will start to decrease, but it will regenerate   
 slowly when it is not in use.

---{Ascend/Descend}--- Press L1 or L2

   Makes your Mobile Suit fly upward or downward.


---{1st WEAPON ATTACK}--- Press the SQUARE Button

    In this game, there are 2 types of primary (1st) attacks: Long-range
& Short-range. What you are currently using is displayed on top of the
weapons bar (on the bottom right of the screen).
    By pressing R2, you can switch between your Long-& Short-range
    Long-range weapons consist of the standard Beam Rifle, whereas a
Short-range weapon is usually a Beam Saber.
    When equipped with the Beam Saber, press the SQUARE button when you
are close to your opponent (distance about 3500-7000) to perform a
charging saber attack.

---{2nd WEAPON ATTACK}--- Press R1 + SQUARE or X or CIRCLE
    Each MS has 3 secondary (2nd) attacks, which are displayed on the
bottom row of the weapons bar. These 3 weapons on the bar are arranged
in such a way that each of them corresponds to a button on the
controller (SQUARE, X, and CIRCLE).
    Holding R1 then pressing any of these buttons will perform its
corresponding attack.
    Your Mobile Suit's secondary weapons will also change depending on
your primary weapon (whether if you are using Short or Long-range), so
use the R2 key to switch between them.
    Each MS has up to a maximum of 6 different secondary attacks.

    Here is a diagram of the weapons bar on the bottom right of the screen
Notice how each of the secondary weapons corresponds to a button on the

                    + ---------------------+
                   /      Press SQUARE     |  [Missile Launcher] x 3

  Example Combo 2 
  -> [Combination Saber Attack]
  -> [Vulcan] x 60
  -> [Beam Saber] x 2


   Once a battle begins, press R1 + TRIANGLE to target your opponent's
body part. If you know your opponent's fighting style well, then target
the part on his MS that he relies on the most, and keep attacking it
until it is destroyed.

   It is usually advisable to target your opponent's Arm first because
it removes his ability to guard, and also disables some of his weapons.
   However, for an opponent who dodges most of the time, you may want
to destroy his Legs first to lower his mobility.
   Likewise, for an opponent who seems to be real good at scoring a
direct hit on you, you may want to attack his Head first to lengthen
the time he needs to lock on your MS.

   *Note that some MS, such the Ziong, have different body parts, other
then the basic Head-Arm-Leg.


   Some MS (such as the Nu Gundam, Re-GZ, Sazabi and Jagd Doga) are
able to fire dummy balloons as one of their secondary attacks.

   Although they seem pretty useless at first, they are actually great
for confusing your opponent. This is because whenever you launch a
Dummy, your opponent will automatically lock on the dummy instead of
you. Despite their 'flat' look, it is actually difficult to tell
between a dummy and a real MS.
   Unless he realizes what is going on and press the TRIANGLE button to
switch his target back to you, he will be chasing after the Dummy. To
really confuse your opponent, launch all 3 of your dummies at once.
This makes it even harder for your opponent to spot you, as he has to
cycle through all of them before he is able to target you again.
   This is a good time to ambush your opponent while the dummies are
distracting him.

   If your opponent fires at a dummy and destroys it, it will cause a
huge explosion. Besides causing damage to your opponent, the explosion will
flood the screen temporarily, making it hard for him to see. You can then 
rush through the explosion and launch a surprise attack on him.


   A number of the MS in the game have Funnels/Bits, which chase your
opponents and fire at them repeatedly. They come in the form of a
secondary attack, or a more powerful Special Attack.
   Although this may seem cheap at first, it is actually possible to
avoid most of the beams and take as little damage as possible.
   One way is to Guard (hold CIRCLE) and use the Vernier to fly
continuously in one direction (LEFT + X or RIGHT + X), while ascending
and descending at regular periods (Press R1/R2).
   If timed right, you will be able to avoid most of the Funnel
attacks. It is sometimes possible to get away with only 2 hits.

                                 THE END

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