Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Walkthrough
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Written by: Daniel Acaba 
GameFAQS ID: Misfit119
Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com
System: PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

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1 - Update History
2 - About This FAQ
3 - Characters
4 - Gods
5 - Light Walkthrough
    5.01 - Chapter 1: Levied Taxes
    5.02 - Chapter 2: Through the Wall
    5.03 - Chapter 3: Among Orcs
    5.04 - Chapter 4: Realm of the Seraphim
    5.05 - Chapter 5: Fire, Brimstone and Dragon Scale
    5.06 - Chapter 6: Family Ties
    5.07 - Chapter 7: Throne of Conflict
    5.08 - Chapter 8: The Forgotten City
    5.09 - Chapter 9: Green Islands
    5.10 - Chapter 10: The Wasteland
6 - Shadow Walkthrough
7 - Class Quests
    7.04 - Seraphim
    7.05 - Shadow Warrior
    7.06 - Temple Guardians
8 - Side Quests
9 - Skills
    9.01 - Aspect Skills
    9.02 - Combat Art Skills
    9.03 - Defensive Skills
    9.04 - General Skills
    9.05 - Offensive Skills
10 - About the Author

1. Update History
v.0.5 - 7/26/2009 - This is the initial version of the guide. A PDF version
will be coming in the future.
 - Light Campaign Completed
 - Temple Guardian Class Quests Completed
 - Seraphim In Progress
 - Shadow Campaign In Progress
 - Parts 3, 4 and 9 fully completed.

2. About This FAQ
This guide is being created thanks to the work of a friend I met at E3. It was
decided that putting out some sort of FAQ or guide would be of great help for
the fans since the official strategy guide fell through thanks to Ascarons'
money woes. However support for this game continues thanks to the work of some
dedicated folks and this guide is my small contribution.

This guide will not include every sidequest since that'd take more time than
one person with another job can dedicate to it. However both campaigns will
be included as well as all character opening scenarios. Skill build suggestions
for each character will be included as well although these will be simple types
to aid newer players.

3. Characters
Generally speaking the Dryad will fill the role of ranged attacker. Her skill
with the bow, blowgun and just about any thrown weapon excels above any that
the other characters might hope to use. This means that she is able to hang
back and pummel her foes with attacks from a distance. By herself she can have
some difficulty dealing with large groups or individual foes but careful use of
her skills can slow down, damage and restrain foes. Exploiting these can allow
you to take out even the hardest enemies fairly easily.

High Elf
This is your basic mage type character, able to bend fire and ice to her will
while also having a variety of support skills to call upon. While immensely
powerful in her own right she suffers greatly when forced to deal with enemies
on her own. Since she relies almost entirely on the use of her skills to hurt
enemies you have to be careful how you use them, how often you use them and
what sort of equipment you're putting on her. She is definitely the hardest of
the characters to get a handle on but also among the most powerful.

A servant of pure darkness and Shadow the Inquisitor is the one character who
is seemingly meant to stand on his own. With melee combat capabilities, some
ranged combat arts and the ability to summon allies to assist him in battle he
is ready for most situations. The main problem here is that he doesn't really
excel at any one type of fighting which leaves him with issues when dealing
with some of the tougher boss type monsters. However with the right equipment
and skill useage he can actually be one of the most powerful and rounded of all
the characters in the game.

Much like the above Inquisitor the Seraphim has the tools to make herself a one
woman fighting machine. Her combat capabilities are pretty excellent and, when
paired up with her combat arts, she can be surprisingly powerful. Of course it
can be quite a trial learning how to use her properly since she is basically a
weaker version of the Shadow Warrior when you boil it all down. However she is
a fairly beginner character so learning how to use her isn't really all that
difficult, it just requires some planning before playing for too long.

Shadow Warrior
This is the primary warrior type amongst the classes. While he initially might
appear to be a brute character there are two ways you can use him. He could be
a brute, relying on power over everything else, or you could teach him skills
that have a more speed based focus. Either way he is suitable to be a tank in
most groups, able to take as much damage as he can dish out. The one problem he
can come across is that of quicker enemies. Since he isn't all that fast he
will sometimes find himself seriously outnumbered so careful use of his AOE
attacks is needed to keep him alive.

Temple Guardian
One of the stranger character types in the game, this machine man is both a
melee and ranged fighter. His arm cannon, powered by a battery, allows him to
fire at enemies from a distance with one hand while he carries a melee weapon
in the other hand. This allows him to fight at all ranges with ease but stops
him from using two handed weapons or shields. However his skills are all over
the place, from area-of-effect spells to direct damage attacks and even down to
buffs that change him into a pure melee fighter. The problem here is that all
of this variety causes a number of weaknesses, namely amongst them him being
overly reliant on socketing things into equipment. With only a few really good
skills he's one of the worst characters in the game.

4. Gods
Gods of Light
Forens - The Goddess of Philosophy seems to be something of a God of sages. Her
Divine Gift could be regarded as something peculiar seeing as how it almost
seems like hers and Lumens powers should be reversed. Regardless her Gift,
Inspiration, causes those enemies who attack you to have their attacks reflect
right back into their faces. This is a very powerful ability especially against
big and powerful bosses and is one of the best Divine Gifts in the game.

Kybele - God of Nature and Life he is known as something of a patron saint of
all living creatures. His Divine Gift, Infusion, increases the speed that your
health regenerates for a short time. This is very powerful since in most cases
you will be regenerating faster than the enemies can actually even damage you.
Paired up with potions or defensive buffs you're basically immune to attack for
the time that this lasts.

Lumen - Known as the God of Light and Good he is exclusively for those who are
on the Light Campaign. Fitting his nature as a healer his Divine Gift is fairly
passive in its offensive nature but it oddly enough isn't a healing power. The
gift, Dazzle, stuns all enemies nearby the character, rendering them dazed for
a fair duration while also dealing a fair bit of damage. Not the best of the
Gods of Light but still far better than what Ker gives.

Gods of Shadow
Ker - The goddess of Chaos and Evil is a fickle mistress. While her divine gift
is the most powerful of the lot it's also the most dangerous. Ker allows her
followers to summon upon a mighty demon of immense proportions. This beast can
cleave through enemies like no problem but it will eventually turn on you and
begin trying to murder you. This is probably one of the least useful of the
divine gifts since it's just too dangerous. She is also exclusively for those
on the Shadow Campaign.

Kuan - Know as the God of War, Kuan is regarded as the guardian of warriors. He
is an incredibly powerful warrior with cults that are literally all over the
world. His divine gift is pretty powerful and a great choice for Inquisitors,
Kuan's Breath. This causes all creatures in a large radius to be afflicted by
confusion, killing each other in an orgy of destruction. Very useful.

Testa - While he is known as the God of Science he seems to be more of a God
of the dark nature of science. Testa's Divine Gift is that of the Will-o-Wisp.
These creatures assist the summoner by healing them while simultaneously doing
damage their opponents. It's not the most powerful of skills but it can be very
useful especially for ranged characters or a High Elf.

5. Light Walkthrough
The Light Campaign really seems to begin once you've reached Sloeford. Anything
that goes on before this point is covered under the Class Quests in a later
section of the guide. The campaign isn't terribly difficult but a few of the
later bosses are somewhat difficult.

5.01 - Chapter 1: Levied Tax
The elder tells you that some thieves have stolen their tax money and if you
don't get it back then the village is doomed. So lets follow our quest marker
to the bridge north of town. From here the quest marker will move deep into the
Elven lands of Tyr Lisia so you've got a walk ahead of you. It might be a good
idea to complete a bunch of quests to help you get ready for the enemies you
will be facing.

Eventually you will find your way to Thylysia so head on over to the large
building that makes up the Senate. When you talk to the guard he mentions
something about not being able to do a bribe at the Senate building. Uh... not
a good sign. Upon arrival at the tavern you're instead greeted by Liosilath who
tasks you with delivering those gems to the teachers who are building a new
school on the outskirts of town.

Bring them to the area that looks like it was demolished and you will be
thanked for this. Now you need to head towards the quest marker to speak to
Liosilath again which will finally end this quest.

Through the Wall
Apparently we need to make our way into the Orcish territories to stop one of
the clans from getting too powerful. Well it's time to make our way over there
then, our first stop is just north of the town gates. From here the gold marker
is going to go all the freaking way over to the boundary between the Elven and
Orcish territories which is a long, long walk. It helps if you have a horse by
now to make the whole thing less tedious.

What you will want to do is head straight for Clearview, if you haven't gotten
that portal already, and from there head north towards the trading post. If you
don't know where this is pick up the "A Long Journey" quest in Clearview. This
gives you a small break from the enemies every so often. Your goal is the
ressurection stone and teleporter in Dragonmaw Pass. With those activated you
can continue to the golden marker to find Contact Person Charos.

Time to head on through the tunnel! The tunnel is very straightforward so you
can't get turned around and it's basically just a running fight against a bunch
of enemies. The rats aren't too hard but the floating enemies can be a bit
tough depending on your skills. It's easier for melee characters to get through
all of this intact but good use of skills will allow anyone to pass without you
dying a bunch of times.

To start the next stage of this quest you need to head east to the town there
so it's time to travel! This also marks the end of Chapter 1!

5.02 - Chapter 2: Through the Wall
Once you've checked out Griffinborough to your hearts content you're going to
have to make your way north to the gold marker. This can get pretty dicey. As
you head more and more north you will start encountering werewolves that are
really, really powerful. These guys can do a whole lot of damage really fast
even if you've got a high defense value and they don't go down easy. If you've
got a mount it's suggested that you don't ride it around them since this shuts
off your buffs and prevents you from using any combat arts.

Eventually you will reach Royal Honky-Tonk. What the... Talk to the guy with
the golden markers above his head to continue this bizarre game. The man you're
looking to talk to walks from Honky-Tonk to Valeview, an unmarked town to the
south of it, so you might have to fight a bit to get to him. When you do he
gives you another person to speak to and once again you're off!

Beyond the Wall
Now you're going to need to make your way to Black Oaks but this city is really
in the middle of nowhere. Plus the enemies have gotten tougher, faster moving
and they're kind of a pain to outrun even with a horse. If you're feeling
really industrious you could go get your special mount (see side quest for more
information) which will help but it's not going to solve the problem entirely.
Just be patient and try not to get overwhelmed.

When you reach Black Oaks you're looking for a dungeon that this guy you're
looking for seems to be hiding in. After a short trip we learn something kind
of interesting - Guide Jaftar is a slaver. Kill him and go into the cell to
speak to the elven woman to find out that her sister is dying and you need to
get a scroll of release for her sister. Make your way out of the dungeon to the
healers for said scroll.

The sister is in a house nearby so go talk to her to use the scroll to save her
life from her fever. She tells you that the main villain is Enadris, a slave
trader who lives in the Orcish Byway. This is good since it gives us a way to
actually harm the slave trading. Time to start heading into the orcish areas.

When you arrive in the Byway you will find the slave broker easily enough. But
there's a problem; a golem known as the Gar'Colossus is attacking the town. If
you kill it he will stop slave trading but you know this isn't going to be easy
and you are most certainly correct. To even get to the golem you're going to
have to head towards the northwestern side of the town to find some busted up
buildings. The golem lairs in the middle of a valley here so go down all of the
wooden bridges, or use the green portal, to reach the monster.

BOSS: Gar'Colossus
This is a heck of a fight especially if you're a purely melee oriented fighter.
The Gar'Colossus resists the heck out of physical and cold attacks, regenerates
very rapidly and he has a shield barrier before you can even really hurt him
directly. Top it off with him having numerous very powerful moves and you're in
for a serious world of hurt.

He has three main moves you need to watch out for:
* Ground Slam: Raising up his arms he will slam his fists into the ground and
cause a tremor. This makes rocks come falling down from above onto your face
which can stun and damage you.
* Charged Slam: With energy arcing between his hands he will slam them into the
ground causing a wave of energy to push you back. This travels in a straight
line right at you, damaging and stunning you for a bit. Try to avoid this one
especially if he is close to you.
* Rock Toss: He will fling a rock at you. This isn't so bad in and of itself 
since it's easily dodged but if you're using magic or ranged attacks this rock
will confuse your aim. So be careful.
* In addition to this the big guys hands can really rock your world with each
of his melee strikes. He also attacks you a lot quicker than you might think so
try to stay moving.

Your best bet for taking this big boy down is to use ranged attacks or combat
arts to whittle down its shield. Once the shield is gone you don't have much 
more damage to deal before the big guy goes down. However even though the
barrier will go down fairly easily he's not going to actually die so quickly. 
He regenerates at such a rapid speed that you will have problems keeping up the
damage enough to whittle him down even with a powerful mage or archer.

If you're a ranged focused character then you don't have many options; simply
keep on moving and pummel him with everything that you've got. But if you're
able to handle him in melee then this is the preferred method. Get your best
weapon out and use your skills to just go toe to toe with him. It shouldn't
take you more than ten health potions to tear this guy down and rake in a whole
lot of experience. Using a Potion of the Mentor will make this even more of a
joyous occasion.

Head on back to Enadris for some more information. It seems like Liosilath is
nearby looking for you so we need to meet up with him. Head on up to the north
to find him in the building here. It seems that the area that this colossus
might have come from is known to him. He wants us to continue towards the Gurag
Clan and find out more information on this place the creature came from. Well
we're heading deep into Orc territory now so ya know you're getting somewhere.

Looking at the map we're heading a fair ways to the west so get out that mount
and start moving. Leave town via the northwestern road and stick to it, this is
going to take you all the way to your target but it just takes some time. As 
you go you'll have to deal with numerous goblins but once you cross the border
wall into the Orcish territory you will start being attacked by the orcs. These
guys aren't too tough but they do give a nice chunk of experience so if you
need to / want to level up here's a good place to use a potion of the mentor
and just go nuts.

When you near the gold marker you will see a pit to your north where a bunch of
orcs are fighting giant, blue elementals. This is obviously that training area
that was just talked about. To reach the orc you need to talk to you will have
to go around the west side, up over the north (through Ruka) and around to the
east where you can actually reach him. However before he will talk with you
you're going to have to prove that you're a true warrior.

5.03 - Chapter 3: Among Orcs
Head on into the pit near him and look for the elementals that he mentioned. 
You will have to kill three of them but be very careful doing so. These guys do
a whole lot of damage and they can take a lot before going down. Make sure you
only fight them one at a time and use your strongest combat arts to take them
down. Let your skills recharge before tackling the next one to make the fights
yet easier. Once you've killed three of them you can head on over to the quest
giver who tells you to speak to the wise woman of the tribe.

Mosey on over to her to find out that you're now a member of the Clan (honorary
natch) and to go ahead and speak to the rest of "your" clan. You will see the
quest marker has moved on over to one Orc in particular. Speak to him to find
out that you have to kill a Troll to be proven warrior enough to speak to the
leader of the Gurag Clan. Fine... off to the west to the town of Entruag.

*NOTE: Don't go wandering off for this quest if you haven't activated the town
portal in Ruka. It'll make your life much easier since you can then activate
the town portal in Entruag so you can move around this region with ease.

Speak to the Tribal Elder here to find out that you must kill ten Trolls just
outside of town. Luckily for you there are Orc warriors out there acting as
some support so you're not entirely on your own. These Trolls deal a fair bit
of damage but they go down pretty quick to Combat Arts so make liberal use of
these here. Once you have the ten requested teeth head on back to the Elder to
have it made into a necklace. Now you must take this necklace to the leader of
the Clan as proof of your valor.

Make your way to Sloptok to the north to try to find the Clan Leader. He's not
there but there is someone else who seems willing to accept you as a member of
the clan but the problem is that they need you to do something first of course.
You need to find the leader of the Ore-Thag clan that is attacking this village
and kill him so as to intimidate the tribe into stopping its onslaught. This is
very easy. As easy as leaving the north gate, killing the orc and then coming
back to talk to the chief here. He directs you to the Gurag Clan leader who is
somewhere near the mountains to the west so lets head that way ourselves.

Your destination is the mountain pass village of Za'Zurik where the clan leader
is actually located. Upon talking to Chieftain Jurrtag you will find out that a
monster called the Octaglomus has taken over the river that all the Orc clans
share. To get it out of the water so you can kill it you will have to bring a
shaman over there and let him run the well dry. This is going to be a bit on
the rough side but not as bad as you might think. Mr. Shaman is actually fairly
competant at not running off into horrible situations.

Wet Danger
Make your way north along the river and mountains to avoid as much trouble as
possible. Soon you will reach a mountain pass that you can slip through to head
towards the gold marker. Activate the ressurection marker as you go and then
head on into the caves. Down here you will have to cut your way through some
goblins before your each the quest marker. Talk to the shaman once you reach
the location and he will perform his ritual to shut down the flow of water.

With that done head back the way you came in the tunnels to find a previously
locked door. It can now be opened to allow you access to the Octaglomus. Go
through the tunnels killing any goblins you encounter and exit out the other
tunnel here. You're now in the mountain valley that is home to the beast.

BOSS: Octaglomus
Unfortunately the Octaglomus isn't quite as easily defeated as the Gar'Colossus
was. He is far too big and has far too much reach for you to defeat him without
at least some frustration. This is doubly true if you're fighting him by your
lonesome but it is mitigated exponentially by how mnay people you bring along
into this fight with you. So with four people it's not quite as bad as it is
with two and by yourself it's just a headache.

The problem here is that all of the Octaglomus' attacks have a whole lot of
reach due to his cephalapod body. So you're going to have a hard time dodging
his attacks when he sets his sights on you. Add on the ability to reach out and
literally pull you in close so he can smash you down easier this isn't going to
be an easy one.

A list of his attacks:
* First of all you will be trying to deal with his regular attacks where he
slams the ground with his tentacles. This does a fair bit of damage.
* A spray of ink in your direction that does a fair bit of damage and seems to
be able to stun you momentarily.
* Charging himself with electricity he smashes the ground doing heavy damage to
anyone caught in the attack.
* Rushing forward he smacks into anyone in his way.

These are his primary attacks and due to them there's not a whole lot you can
do if you are by yourself. You're forced into a slugfest with him so make sure
you bring LOTS of potions especially if you're a ranged character like a Dryad
or High Elf. He will knock through barriers like the Temple Guardians shield in
a single strike and he moves too fast to actually outpace, even with a mount,
so just get in his face and lay into him. 

With a group of people let one draw aggro from him and keep his attention while
the others pummel him from a distance. This makes for a quick, easy kill on the
lower difficulties although the target of his ire should be prepared with lots
of healing items anyways. The attackers should all have some form of fire type
damage at their disposal be it through combat arts or enhanced weapons since
these attacks do more damage to the Octaglomus than any other.

As you deal damage to him he will lose some of his tentacles, reducing his
range of attack and how many people he can hit at once. Don't let up and keep
on pummeling him to finish him off when this starts happening for lots of XP
and items from the brawl.

Returning to the chieftain you will find out that he is not only immensely
grateful for your help but he's been holding the Elves captive. Set them free
as he indicates only to find out that the stupid pointy ears (as the Temple
Guardian likes to call them) is an arrogant fop. But he does tell you that you
need to go speak to the Seraphim in their Crystal Palace. This is pretty far to
the north from Sloptok so be ready for another expidition before setting out.

Before you can actually get to the Crystal Palace you're going to need a boat
that leaves from the Orcish lands. The quest marker will lead you to a Ships
Captain in the harbor town of Blulutuz. Talk to him to end this quest and then
speak to him a second time to travel to Seraphim Island. The island itself is
not that big of a deal, the enemies aren't too difficult but there are a lot of
them and this is the point of the game where you're going to see a lot of magic
being thrown at you. This is probably the point where you will want to start
looking into items that protect you from other sources of damage, not only the
physical damage.

Make your way towards the golden marker to find the Maid of the Seraphim and to
get the next quest.

5.04 - Chapter 4: Realm of the Seraphim
The Maid explains that the machine that you're looking for information from is
broken up into several pieces now. So you're going to have to get those pieces
and bring them to Mr. Giles so that the machine can be put back together. The
pieces are just lying around in the open but getting there can be a problem due
to the fact that this is where the enemies start to get thick and hard to fight
your way through. There are a lot of stronger elementals here so be ready to do
a whole lot of healing if you're not already prepared for them.

Once you have the two pieces of the machine you're going to have to head to the
settlement on the other side of the island. Head back to the little encampment
that the Maid was located in where you can find a greenish portal. Use this to
teleport instantly to the librarians location. Find him and speak to him to
find out that not only is he a pervert but you need to speak to the leader of
the Seraphim.

This isn't as hard as it might sound like it's just going to be a bit circular.
To get to Sophia you need to get into the center of the island. To do that you
have to head to the northeastern tip near the ressurection stone and then make
your way down the winding path there. This will eventually lead you to the
citadel where Sophia lairs. There's another western path but the northeastern
one, while longer, is a better choice since you get to activate the stone.

Talk to Sophia to learn a whole lot of nothing besides backstory and then it's
time to find Liosilath on the island. Head back to the area that you spoke to
the Maid and head on over to where the shop is, that's where Liosilath is
waiting for you. Talk to him to find out that you're going to have to head on
over to the Dragons to find out the information that you're looking for. 

Teleport back on over to the librarian to find out that you need a protective
amulet made out of Dragon scales. We need to make our way back to Sophias area
but we're not talking to her. Head around to the side of the tower towards the
crystals at the back and you will find the Carnach Cave. Make your way towards
the back of it where you will find a Dragon Hunter who can help  you out.

5.05 - Chapter 5: Fire, Brimstone and Dragon Scale
It seems that this hunter knows of a settled Dragon nearby and if you get to it
that it's scales are worth a lot. Well seeing as how we need those scales to
stay alive in the lands of the Dragons let's go along with him. Ignore the cave
nearby and continue moving forward through these tunnels. You're going to be
slowly but steadily making your way towards this Dragons lair.

After a bit of cutting your way through the enemies you will find a portal and
ressurection stone you should activate. If you need to leave these will make
getting back very easy. Now continue pressing your way forward. These tunnels
aren't very complicated to find your way through they are just cram packed full
of enemies. Essentially you're going to have a running brawl on your hands so
make sure you're ready for it.

When you find the Dragon you're looking for... he's already dead. His body is
surrounded by hostile Elves who will attack you the moment they see you. These
Overseers and their minions aren't too hard to take out so wipe the floor with
them and then talk to your Dragon Hunter friend. You are given the scale you
needed but you should talk to the nearby kennels to find out what they were
guarding so viciously.

NOTE: It is very hard to play a ranged attack character down here. The tunnels
are cramped, enemies get in your face with ease and when they move around you
will often find yourself having difficulty targeting the enemy that you are
trying to aim for.

It seems that the inside of these pens are living food for the Dragons, humans
and lizardmen mostly. There seems to be some sort of resistance movement to
save people from being Dragon food but they are a fair ways away so be ready to
spend quite a bit of time underground. Make your way towards the northeast from
where you are to head in the direction of the two ressurection stones. The
northern one is your first target, as well as the merchant near it.

Eventually you will reach an area called The Maze. This is named such since it
is very easy to find yourself going the wrong way here. Watch the direction you
are moving in very carefully here. First head to the east from the start, take
the eastern path again at the next intersection of tunnels and then head to the
west at the next intersection. This will lead you straight to the quest marker
which is a staircase out of the tunnels. Daylight! Yes!

Unfortunately this daylight thing isn't going to be lasting very long. This is
a very small island so reaching Blackhammer takes no time at all and he sends
you right back into the tunnels. Make your way to the south from where you are
and you will be able to proceed towards the quest marker. Soon enough you will
reach the lair of the Dragon.

BOSS: Xanthiar
This boss... pure hatred. Probably one of the most annoying fights in the game,
Xanthiar isn't necessarily hard but glitches happen very easily here. It's very
easy for you to get stuck under his belly where he can proceed to just continue
to abuse you for the longest time and there isn't too much that you can do
about this issue... except to die. Over and over.

Xanthiar isn't necessarily hard though. Oh sure his attacks might do a whole
lot of damage, he has a ridiculous amount of health and his defenses are waaay
high but you can protect yourself from a fair bit of this. Let's look at his
attacks to see what I mean.

* His primary attack is a high powered blast of energy from his mouth. This
seems like it should be fire, most every other attack in this dungeon is fire
based, but even a ridiculous amount of fire protection seems to do nothing to
stop this. Ultimately the best defense against this is to keep your health at
maximum as much as possible. This might be magic energy.
* Flame strikes from the sky will rain down on you occasionally. There's not a
whole lot you can do about this attack either. Equip things to resist fire
based attacks to reduce the amount of damage that you take.
* Basic claw and bite attacks. These are not your main concern during the fight
since they don't do all that much damage.
* Power strikes. It's hard to identify these attacks as incoming but you can
tell when they hit by your controller starting to vibrate like crazy. These do
a lot of damage and it's imperative that you start healing immediately.
* Leaping smashes. Occasionally the dragon will leap up into the air and crash
down on top of your character. This is where you get stuck under him. It does
not do all that much damage on its own but once you're trapped things get very
rough for you all around.

Now being trapped under him does seem to protect you from his fire breath type
attack but that's about it. Also take note that even if the dragon is focused
entirely on one particular person, others who enter melee with it can still be
damaged by its attacks even though it's not even facing them. Assume that the
wings and tail are battering your people.

Aggravatingly enough Xanthiar really doesn't have any weaknesses either. What
he does have is a resistance to physical, fire based and magical attacks. His
attacks deal physical, fire, magic and poison damage so that's a lot to be
preparing yourself for. The only vulnerability he has is to ice or electricity.
Generally speaking there aren't a whole lot of these that will do too much
damage to the dragon so you're going to have to tough it. Lastly the fight can
really drag so expect to see your buffs fade away so keep your eyes on that.

Defeating Xanthiar, due to all of this, really boils down to a slugfest. You're
going to just have to pummel his face in with a weapon that does a good amount
of damage and place something in it so that it does ice or at least poison type
damage. Make sure you have relics set to protect you from magic, poison and
most importantly fire and be ready to throw down. So long as you keep your HP
above half you shouldn't ever be in danger of dying - it just takes a whole lot
of potions from you.

Continue forward along the path to find some more slaves who were being held on
to for dinner. Make your way from there towards the Outpost. It's a fairly long
trek but there aren't any surprises along the way so just keep on killing the
three billion enemies until you reach the Outpost proper. Here a man will take
your dragon scales and turn it into an amulet that you should equip right away.
Every enemy you fight down here uses fire (more or less) so it's of great help
to you immediately.

The Outpost is actually something of a small town of sorts, complete with a
teleporter, ressurection stone and a side quest. Use the merchant, blacksmith
or the runemaster as you need before moving along your merry way. Fighting your
way through the next tunnels you will end up on a beach. Follow the path until
you reach the dragon Mer-Kil who promises to give you the information that you
need if you kill Carnach for him.

The Oldest of the Immortal
Go back into the tunnels that led you to Mer-Kil but head to the northwest once
you get back inside of them. This will eventually lead you to Carnach once you
go down yet more stairs. However the path there is absolutely crammed full of
enemies, the same enemies you've been fighting this whole time, so cleave right
through them and make your way to the boss.

BOSS: Carnach
As one look at this boss might have told you he is pretty much a pure physical
and fire powerhouse. Those are the only things you really need to be prepared
for in this battle so it's a lot easier to get yourself ready for it than it
was for the dragon. Take note though - this fight is pretty tough unless you're
at least in your mid-20's or so.

To start with simply equip the best armor you can get as well as the best anti-
fire and physical damage equipment you can cram on your character. If you can
deal ice damage then now's the time to get those combat arts ready for use.

Let's talk about what sort of attacks you'll be dealing with:
* To start the fight off he will almost always summon up some fire elementals
to attack you while he waits. They're easy to kill but he will heal any damage
you dealt to him while you do this so don't waste your good skills, or Divine
Gift, before this gets done.
* Slam the ground and damage all nearby characters a fair bit. Not exactly a
huge damage dealer but it can be painful to weaker characters.
* Strike far away opponents with flame attacks. This attack has only been done
once during the course of putting this guide together.

So long as you stick someone in his face who can take the beating Carnach will
stick almost exclusively to his basic melee attack. This hits hard and fast but
nothing that you can't just use potions to heal yourself from. So long as you
stick to hitting him back with everything you've got he will go down quite fast
especially if you use any form of ice attacks. These deal an incredible amount
of damage to him with even a very low level Icy Evanesence tearing his health
apart rapidly.

Make your way through the tunnels back towards Mer-Kil to be sent out on the
next stage of your journey. At least this big scary dragon honors his promises.
He's going to be sending you to the Lost City to search for the family Grackk
where you will be welcome. Apparently the High Temple here is where we will be
able to find the answers to the questions we're looking for. So be it!

Teleporting to the Lost City area ends this quest but you need to reach the
Lizardmen before you can get the next quest. So make your way south and to the
west until the quest marker shows up which you can then follow to Asui'thaz.
Speak to the Lizardman Elder to start the next quest line.

5.06 - Chapter 6: Family Ties
Unfortunately this simple task of speaking to the Shaman to get a family name
is complicated by the fact that two Lizardmen will be escorting you. Urgh. Not
much to be done about it except to move quick so start heading to the west. It
isn't a long trip so don't worry too much, just find the shaman and give him
the scroll. Speak to him again to end this quest.

Now speak to the Family Shaman who was escorting you. He asks that you deliver
a scroll full of the names of undead to the leader, Thaziz. Well, doing favors
for our new "brothers" can only lead to good things so lets head on over there
for them. Once again this isn't a terribly difficult trip, a nice change of
pace from the tunnels of the last chapter. However upon arrival you're going to
be in for a fairly rude surprise.

BOSS: Swirling Mist of Miasma
Let's get the first major detail of this fight out of the way immediately.
While the Miasma might be able to hurt you there is nothing you can do to hurt
it. It really only has one attack that can do you any harm anyways, a big ol'
wind funnel that it creates out of thin air. If you touch that then you take a
fair shake of damage otherwise you will be just fine. You should be able to win
this fight without taking any damage from him at all.

With that out of the way let's talk about how to handle this bad boy.

Notice how every so often he summons up a bunch of undead? These are the ticket
to taking him out. Apparently he is infusing these undead with a measure of his
energy because after you take out a wave of them (five or six undead summoned
at the same time) he loses about an eight of his health. To defeat him all you
need to do is stay back, draw the undead on over to you and kill them.

Honestly this is one of the easier fights in the entire game so if you die here
it's time to really evaluate how well your character spec holds up.

Head on into the village itself and speak to Thazziz. Now you're going to need
to clear a building site for a shrine to the dead to stop the undead rising up.
Oh and Thazziz is coming with you but he holds his own fairly well. The path to
the building site is somewhat long so you can shorten the trip by using the
teleporter you should have activated while coming here.

In either case when you reach the building area you will have to defeat 15
Nameless Souls. These guys are pretty tough; strong melee, powerful archers and
even some spellcasters who can paralyze or just flat out wreck your health. If
you don't have a good arcane resistance by this point you might find your
health dwindling alarmingly at times so be mindful of it. Finish off at least
fifteen of them (there are twenty or so in the area) and talk to Thazziz to be
sent to the next part of your quest. Seems that someone here knows how to get
to the desert and that's where we are going so let's go find them in Sar'thaz.

Defying the Fog
Reaching this place is most quickly done by just forgetting about the roads and
taking a shortcut through the swamplands and the million enemies in them. 
Unfortunately when you arrive there is another Swirling Mist of Miasma to deal
with. It works out just like the last fight so don't stress over it, just take
it out the same way and head on over to the person with the gold marker over
their head. 

It seems that the Marigold flowers that were mentioned earlier have become your
next goal. You have to escort the companion to the fields and gather it up to
fend off the fog beast. This is a simple enough task since your location is to
the very south of your location. All you need to do is go to the fields and
pick up 20 of the Marigolds. Talk to the Lizardmen to find out that he will now
show you the way to the desert but you will have to fight the fog again. No
matter! We have flowers!

Make your way to the south along the roads. If you feel the need to do some
shopping you can detour to the ressurectino stone to the east of the roads to
find a small settlement. In either case you will reach a ressurection stone
along the southern roads and enter the Ruins of Gazath. It is here that you are
going to have to fight the fog one last time.

BOSS: Swirling Mist of Miasma
Let's get the first major detail of this fight out of the way immediately.
While the Miasma might be able to hurt you there is nothing you can do to hurt
it. It really only has one attack that can do you any harm anyways, a big ol'
wind funnel that it creates out of thin air. If you touch that then you take a
fair shake of damage otherwise you will be just fine. You should be able to win
this fight without taking any damage from him at all.

With that out of the way let's talk about how to handle this bad boy.

Notice how every so often he summons up a bunch of undead? These are the ticket
to taking him out. Apparently he is infusing these undead with a measure of his
energy because after you take out a wave of them (five or six undead summoned
at the same time) he loses about an eight of his health. To defeat him all you
need to do is stay back, draw the undead on over to you and kill them.

HOWEVER! Things are very different this time. Not only is he a lot stronger but
he is also quite pissed off at you. Whereas before he was easily distracted by
lizardmen or he just meandered off now he wants to eat your face. This means he
will be charging you, attempting to trap you in his winds (slows you down) and
conjure up those wind funnels underneath you over and over.

What this means is that you desperately need to stay mobile while also doing
your level best to kill off the undead he is summoning. Try to use damage over
time and area of effect attacks to kill off the undead as quickly as possible,
the longer this fight drags on the more likely that you're killed by a lucky
shot or wind funnel.

Once he has been dispersed again move towards the quest marker to see what is
causing this creature, a broken T-Eng machine. While the lizardmen attempts to
fix it you're going to have to kill a whole bunch of undead, simple enough. It
will be fixed rather quickly, allowing you to follow the gold marker to the
entrance to the deserts. After a quick jaunt through the caves, there you are!

5.07 - Chapter 7: Throne of Conflict
Welcome to the desert and it's wonderland of... brown sand. The enemies here
are actually a little easier to take out than the monsters in the swamps, the
dervishes are notable in this regard. While they can surprise you with their
appearances, and do decent damage, they die easily enough. Continue past the
ressurection stone until you reach some warriors who demand you and the lizard
fight to the death to see if you can enter the desert.

However the lizardman refuses to fight and you will need to speak to the Tribal
Leader again. However he is pleased by your loyalty and you are allowed to
enter the lands as well as invited to join his tribe. The lizardman is going to
leave you at this point but he informs you that your next destination is the
oasis to the south of your location. Well fine, flat leaver. Reaching the oasis
is simple as long as you don't bother with the roads, just make a flat run to
the south, avoiding the rocks, and you will find El-Darrag in no time.

Make your way to the gold marker and speak to Uncle's Ally. If this story he
tells you sounds something like the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin you're not
alone. In either case your new destination is on the other side of a gorge that
looks like a dry river with only two places it can be reliably crossed, just
west (and a bit north) of El-Darrag and aaaalll the way to the south where you
can swing around the gorge. Obviously your best bet is to the west.

NOTE: If you're going to go do this quest now is the time to pick up the second
part of the "Attack is the Best Defense" side quest. Where you're going there
are plenty of Desert People and completing this quest here is a piece of cake.

When you head to the west you will have to swing just a bit north and then down
into the gorge proper. From here just keep moving west and you will find the
thin path up onto the other side. There are numerous Desert People here, some
riding on the back of giant beetles, and they can deplete your health in record
time if you aren't a serious powerhouse so watch your health at all times.

After cutting through an army of these guys you will find the tomb you were
sent to enter. This is a pretty easy cave to get through with only some weak
beetles as your foes. Grab the scroll from the back of the cave when you've
cleared the path. DO NOT TELEPORT OUT OF THE CAVE! If you do this then the gold
quest marker does NOT update and you will have to enter and leave the cave once
again to make it update. When you leave the cave you will see the marker move
to the big city in the canyon area in the middle of the map, this is Khorum.

Teleport on over to El-Darrag, turn in the Attack is the Best Defense mission
and start the trip to Khorum. You will find some spiders along the way, big ol'
new enemies for you to fight. This is as good a point as any to equip some
anti-poison relics to help protect you from the enemies here if you have not
done so already. Near the end of this trip, as you near the Alchemists home,
the spiders and beetles get incredibly plentiful so make sure to equip them
before you hit this point.

By following the road you will reach a narrow mountain pass that takes you to
the alchemists house. Speak to him and he will agree to follow you. DO NOT
TELEPORT AWAY, walk from this place until you reach the mouth of this pass and
you will see the quest marker is here. An Envoy from the Prince wants you to
hand over the alchemist in exchange for money. However we can't do that so when
you talk to them again you will have to kill the three of them. It's not a big
issue since they die quite easily.

Once they're dead you can teleport to Khorum and make your way on over to where
Al Sadim is standing. He is quite eager to hear what the Alchemist has to say.

Demise of a Scorpion
We now have to find this gigantic scorpion, the Garganthropod, kill it and burn
the remains so that they can't ever make the Devil's Fire. This is easier said
than done since this beast is tough and the trip is quite long so be ready for
it. If you have any weapons or enhancements that will let you do fire or ice
damage now is the time to place them in your weapons. Get your physical and
poison resistances up as high as you possibly can, you'll need it.

If you exit Khorum from the southern part of town it's a much shorter trip to
the cave that contains the Garganthropod. There is a town, Rajab, to the north-
east of the location of the beast where you can stock up. Swing around to the
west to find a ressurection stone and the path that leads to the scorpion
beasts' lair. Enter the caves and make your way to the Garganthropod.

BOSS: Garganthropod
Probably one of the toughest bosses in the whole damn game the Garganthropod is
more than capable of wiping out a whole group of adventurers in short order if
you aren't very careful about fighting it. The problem is that you're not safe
no matter where you are and all of his attacks pack a serious punch. Let's look
at how bad they are:

* Whereas most bosses basic melee attack is no big deal this scorpion packs a
mean left / right combo. With a clip of each claw your health will plummet.
This is often paired up with a stab of its stinger that can cleave even a tough
melee fighter down to size.
* It can stab its tail into the ground causing it to rise up out of the sand to
stab a target. This doesn't do as much damage as a melee combo but it's pretty
bad regardless and it can hit people in a 360 degree radius. Oh and it's also
very freaking hard to dodge.
* While it normally doesn't resist Ice all that much it can cover its body in a
sheen of Ice. This causes it to deal just a bit of Ice damage and shoots up the
beasts resistance to Ice magics.
* Last but most certainly not least is its digging ability. It will start to
move its claw like it is digging in the ground, sending dust and rocks flying
at your face. If you stand in the way of this you will lose most of your health
in one fell swoop. It's imperative that you and anyone else with you get the
heck out of the way of this or you might find yourself at that ressurection
stone you jut passed.
* Oh and just for the heck of it he will summon up two of the bigger scorpion
monsters to attack. These guys do a whole lot of damage on their own.

Unfortunately the big boy is also incredibly fast and has little problem with
keeping pace with a character who is running around. This means that the battle
is going to have to devolve into a slugfest. To increase your chances of making
it through the brawl you're going to want to do a few things:

 - Get the best armor you possibly can. Most of his attacks are physical blows
so simply raising up your defense values can help out immensely.
 - Use relics and blacksmithing to boost your defense against poison. He does a
whole lot of poison damage with that stinger and you really want to mitigate
that as much as possible.
 - Bring a weapon that does fire damage. While the boss takes more damage from
fire than ice for the most part he has no abilities that allow him to resist
the heck out of fire. This makes it a solid choice for weapon as well as being
a good idea of what skills you should be using.
 - If you are dying a lot to him bring a friend. If you're a magic user or
archer type then a tank can help you immensely (and vice versa). So long as you
work together it will die readily.
 - Kill the little scorpions as soon as they appear. These guys do a whole lot
of damage, sometimes more than the boss itself. Don't allow yourself to be hit
by a triple team or you will be dead in a flash.

Just keep flailing away until the big boy drops. When he stops being hostile
run over to him and use the action command to set him on fire, killing the big
beast off and netting you a lot of experience.

With the beast dead use the green teleporter in the previous room, near the
ressurection stone, to be teleported out of the caves. Make your way to Rajab,
the city near this place, to find Al Sadim. He will show you the way to the
jungles, your next stop, and wish you well on your travels. Off to the next
area of the game!

The roads will actually take you straight to the jungle entrance where the
Archaeologist Camp is located. Activate the ressurection stone and the portal
before doing anything else. Kill off any nearby enemies so you can talk to the
quest giver in peace and don't forget to unload any unnecessary items you've
got on your person at the shop.

5.08 - Chapter 8: The Forgotten City
Well it seems that we're going to need to kill this Kral of the Winged Daemons
before we can explore the pyramid for the information that we're looking for.
This trip is pretty damn long and fairly arduous since the enemies are very
strong here and will be a trial for most characters. Obviously you will want to
stick to the southern path so as to hit the ressurection stones. Just in case
one of the Ghost Warriors turns you inside out.

NOTE: I'm not sure if this is a glitch or what but there were several occasions
where a Garema Ghost Warrior turned partially invisible (like the Predator from
the movies) and proceed to beat the crap out of my character. It was impossible
to directly target him so area of effect attacks had to be used to whittle down
his almost 1,500 hit points. It gave a bit XP reward but was annoying as hell
so be aware of it.

The trek to the temple is absolutely bursting at the seams with jungle cats and
warriors so it might take some time but eventually you will reach the Lost City
itself. Make sure to activate the ressurection stone here and then head on in 
to meet Kral of the Winged Daemons. He's not necessarily what you might have
been expecting. Take note of the energy turrets in the room with him - it is a
good idea to bust these up before you get Kral's attention to stop them from
attacking you during the boss fight.

BOSS: Kral of the Winged Daemons
Kral isn't actually a normal creature, he's some sort of T-Eng powered flying
machine that wants to eat your face. However he's not actually as deadly as you
might initially think. He can do some serious damage and he has a whole lot of
health but by simply staying close you will be surprised at how quickly this
boss battle ends. Kral only has a few attacks you need to be worried about:

* Since he flies all over the place he will sometimes try to put some space
between you and him before firing on you with twin energy bursts. These can do
a whole lot of damage if they inflict a critical but aren't all that bad as 
long as you have some arcane resistance.
* Also performed from a distance he will sometimes let out a wave of sound /
force at you. Whereas the energy blast only hits one person this can hit more
or less everyone in one direction. This seems to be another arcane attack so it
isn't too dangerous if you're prepared.
* Lastly he will focus on a single character in melee range, tucking his body
in and starting to attack VERY rapidly. While his individual hits don't do much
damage the speed he hits you now causes damage to add up incredibly fast. It
also seems to boost up his critical hit rate so that's not going to make things
any easier on you.

Fighting him is as simple as making sure that you come into the fight with as
much physical and arcane resistance as possible. Everything that he does is
basically one of these two with a slight bit of fire damage on top of it. This
fire damage is negligable so focus on the other two. With that done you really
can try to fight him either from a distance or face to face. If you're at a
distance make sure that you try to dodge his blasts just to spare yourself some

Honestly this is another slugfest for the most part but the trick is that he is
one of the easier bosses. He should give you little to no difficulty if you're
prepared for him.

With that done you can now enter the city. Go down into the entrance indicated
and kill the three Earth Elementals. Now make your way further into the cave to
find some pillars you can activate. Do so to find out just what happened to the
Great Machine. Step over to the pedestal and activate it a few times to have a
little chat with Liosilath. Seems that we need to make our way to the Dryads
Lands to get the key to reach the Great Machine.

Take the path either to the north or west out of the Lost City (north is longer
but seems to be the easier of the two) and make your way to the coastal town of
Na-Fian to find a ships captain who will take you to the island of the Dryads,
Aerandyr. This is where you will find that key... and lots of tree huggers.

5.09 - Chapter 9: Green Islands
And the hippie stuff starts immediately. We gotta go ahead and shut down a
strip mine to make them bleeding hearts trust us. Fine, I suppose I can help a
bit with all that pollution garbage. Their tolerance for the garbage that the
Elves are pulling has worn thin apparently. Well let's handle that for them so
they will give us the information that we need to get.

Exploring this island is pretty dangerous since it can be very hard to see what
you're fighting and where they are thanks to the trees. Bushes and the like can
also make it very hard to shoot targets. If you'd like to make your life simple
you should have a weapon with fire enhancements and equip protection against
arcane, fire and poison.

Upon arrival you will see that this mine is actually pretty bad - it looks like
a volcano exploded over here or something. Go on over and talk to the guy with
the golden marker above his head. Him and his fellow guard will attack you so
kill the two of them. You can now return to hippie... concerned woodland lady
Dranaigh. You're given permission to enter the forest but they want you to
rescue a Dryad girl. Well that's a good cause so let's get right on with that.

As you make your way there you will encounter some orcs standing in the road
who wish to talk to you. These are the orcs you rescued from the strip mine
just before. They will help you get back the girl so continue along to your
objective with your buddies in tow. They're pretty good fighters so they don't
hold you back any. From the ressurection stone to the north your goal is to the
west so head on over to find the Bandit Camp.

At the camp you will have to fight three fairly tough bandits (not a whole lot
of damage but they can take FOREVER to kill off). However they give a bunch of
experience so using a mentor potion might be a good idea. When they're dead go
on over to the girl in the magical cage to free her. Dyria will teleport away
after asking you to find her so she may properly show her gratitude.

With that done head back to the ressurection stone and head north this time.
Take the long, winding path to another ressurection stone and continue forward
to find the city of Dyr-Laigh. To enter the city you're going to have to walk
into the big ol' tree and take the elevator into it. From there continue toward
the quest marker. Actually navigating around this city can be a serious pain in
the ass since things are so twisty-turvy in this city. The best thing to do is
keep moving towards the quest marker and only use elevators in your direct path
to avoid too much confusion. When you reach the main body of the city talk to
Dyria to find out what's next.

Lethal Crystal
Okay so the little girl is leader of the Dryads and we have to kill some beast
made out of crystals to find the key we need? Fair enough. We should begin to
prepare ourselves for the fight now so that we're better off when the time
comes to actually fight this guy. The boss uses cold and magic attacks so make
sure you've got some good defense against those. Also you will want to get your
weapon dealing either fire or poison damage, preferably one of each you can
swap on the fly.

With all of that done you can head onwards to the destination on your map. As
you go the road is going to get absolutely thick with hostile Dryads and other
various enemies. Watch your health bar and make a shot for the northern-most
resurrection stone. Follow the path around until you enter a cave. Now the only
thing standing between you and the boss are some minor enemies so cut through
them and find yourself at the lair of the Facetteleon.

BOSS: Facetteleon
The Facetteleon is probably one of the most annoying bosses in the game. He's
not the hardest but the way that he is designed makes fighting him an excercise
in the worst sorts of frustration. With only one really damaging attack to his
name he instead relies upon his extremely high defense and hit points as well
as a single really powerful attack to draw this one out.

* His basic attacks are quick to strike but they don't do much damage. This is
nothing to worry about and it means that staying close keeps you from taking
much in the ways of damage.
* If you stay at a distance he will fire off a burst of arcane lightning at you
that does a hefty bit of damage. However even a low HP character should be able
to survive this with little difficulty and simply heal from it.
* A radial life leeching attack. This one is the real pain in the rear. Anyone
who is nearby the beast will start having their HP drained to supply it with
health. The more people in the area the faster it heals. This means that it is
actually a BAD idea to use summoned pets, escorts or even other players against
this guy if you're not fighting carefully. You can identify this attack by him
shooting off blasts of light around the area.
* Every single attack that he does carries a chance of stunning you. This plus
his health leeching is what makes this fight so long, drawn out and annoying.

The regeneration is the serious problem here and it means you're going to have
to watch your health or you might find yourself in a bad situation suddenly. To
be honest this fight is probably one of the most frustrating battles put into a
video game if you're not playing the right sort of character. A "pure" type
character like a melee Shadow Warrior / Seraphim or a magical type like a good
High Elf can tear this boss apart. Meanwhile more ranged character types like
Dryads or certain Temple Guardian builds will probably find this to fight to
devolve into sheer frustration and aggravation by the time the boss gets down
to around 25% of his health.

Unfortunately if you're one of these people the best thing you can do is get
some friends to help you kill the thing. Just make sure that they're focused
melee types if you want to do this with the least amount of frustration.

The general strategy to beat him is to try and get off as many DPS type attacks
as you can in as short a time possible. By having a series of spells going off
like this you can whittle down his health even when he's got you stunned. If
you have a good Divine Gift like Forens' then that can help protect you from
the stunning effects but otherwise there's no real way around them. So just
keeping him losing health to fire or magic DPS is ideal although ice will work.

Amusingly enough he has absolutely no defense against physical damage. He does
have a really high defense though (warrior focused Temple Guardian only has a
30.8% chance to hit in one playthrough), so you end up struggling.

Eventually the nuisance will finally die allowing you to proceed. Fight your
way through the enemies still remaining in the cave and get the Hub Key from
the center platform. Follow the path out of the caves from the other side and
make your way towards the quest marker. You will find a ship captain who will
take you to the Wastelands. Make your way to the small basecamp and talk to the
Officer to find out what's going on.

Seems that the forces of Shadow, led by an Inquisitor, have taken the hill with
the key mechanism. We're going to have to make our way over to Liosilath on the
other side of the battlefield eh? Sounds like fun.

5.10 - Chapter 10: The Wasteland
Onward! Fighting past the enemies in this area it's heavily suggested that you
have Ice or Fire enhacements in your weapon. Many of the enemies resist these
very little, if at all, although you yourself should have protection against
magic and fire as your priorities. Now from the basecamp make your way into the
tunnels. Hang a left to find the way back outside although you might want to
kill all of the demons here for the experience.

Once you're back outside you will be fighting Nimonuil's Guards, this is the
Inquisitor that was mentioned. The guards die easily enough so help the allied
soldiers kill them all off and then enter the next tunnel. Fight your way past
the Guards here until you reach a cave, swing to the right here to find the 
exit after you've killed off all of the Demons.

You're back outside in an area called the Fortress of Storms. Make sure that
you activate the resurrection stone before proceeding forward. Enter the next
tunnels, make your way through them (killing all these damnable demons as you
go) so you can get back outside. Eventually you will move through enough indoor
and outdoor areas where you will reach the under-level. This is the area you
were walking above earlier on the bridges.

Down here is where this place starts getting hard as hell. You will have to
fight off lots of Demons, Flying Demons and then yet more powerful Demons who
can summon up Burning Skeletons to fight alongside them. Oh and they can shoot
red lightning at you which paralyzes you. Lots of fun. Make good use of your
Divine Gift and Combat Arts but always keep your finger on the health potion
trigger so you don't die suddenly.

After plenty of trials and hardships you will reach the next resurrection stone
which is inside of a basecamp. Armor up, unload your garbage and restock up on
potions before you continue forward through the new Guardian enemies. It's very
weird playing through this area as a Temple Guardian and going around, wiping
out all of these other Guardians. 

NOTE: This is a good point in the game to start stocking up on health potions.
Go around to each of the towns you have a portal for and buy up all of their
health potions in one fell swoop. Do this from town to town to town and then
continue playing. If you need more potions simply save the game, load it up and
then redo it all over again.

Cross the bridge and enter the temple, fighting your way through the Guardians
here. You will come across a teleporter on the ground - step on this to poof on
over to the temples inner workings. Now you can continue towards the marker. Be
mindful of the very strong Temple Guardians here though as well as the numerous
Fen Fire enemies. They're annoying most of the time but here they can kill you
with a lucky hit.

Make it to the end of this area and exit through the door to reach the Great
Machine itself. Fight your way forward into what looks like a bridge over some
sort of reactor core and watch as an Inquisitor kills a Seraphim and then turns
their attention to you. Kill them however you like, they're ridiculously easy
to defeat so no worries there. Continue on your way to the elevator and ride it
to reach a new resurrection stone. However you're going to have to kill a bunch
of Guardians and Fen Fires before you can be safe here.

One they're all dead speak to Liosilath to find out that he's going to come
with you to fight the Inquisitor. Uhm... okay. Follow the quest marker to reach
Nimuonil, the Inquisitor, and his two guards. Prepare for an annoying boss
fight as the Inquisitor is a vastly superior opponent in both melee and ranged
combat if you aren't well prepared.

BOSS: Nimonuil
One of the most damaging bosses you will come across Nimonuil is also one of
the more annoying bosses in the game. His damage stacks up incredibly fast even
on a pure melee build character and he can really lay it into you. This is due
to the fact that he actually casts spells as he's melee attacking you which
allows him to pile on the damage at a ridiculous rate. He also seems to be very
good at sudden kills (ie. go from near full health to dead in one shot).

* His melee attack is nothing to sneeze at, tearing through your health at a
very rapid pace with each thrust of his spear. If he scores a critical hit on
you then expect to see your health plummet insanely fast. With how much damage
he is pulling off it wouldn't be surprising to find out that he is using the
Inquisitor skill Callous Execution. Unconfirmed but it seems likely.
* While he is attacking you there will be a white wisp of sorts flitting around
through the air and through your character. This seems to eliminate your buffs
as well as doing a very minor amount of damage.
* Nimonuil also seems to make use of Purifying Chastisement since he seems to
do more damage as he loses health.
* He most definitely has the Reverse Polarity buff going at near all times.
This means that if you hit him with a ranged attack it will come back into your
face and tear through you. This can happen with magical attacks as well so you
really need to bring the battle into melee.

There are a few things to make note of in this fight. Whatever weapon he is
using he seems to only deal Arcane and Ice damage and his spells seem to mostly
do Arcane damage. There is some Poison and Fire damage in there but it is very
little compared to how much he hammers you with the other two types. So you can
accept a slight bit of weakness in those areas in exchange for the others.

On the other end of the spectrum he defends against almost every type of attack
but he doesn't have a whole lot of resistance against any one in particular.
The lowest point of his defenses are Poison with Ice taking the rear. Magic and
Fire are his strong points but his Physical is pretty high as well. What this
means is that you're going to want to have a lot of Poison damage to accompany
your Physical damage. It's possible to get your conversion to Poison damage
pretty high if you put the right items into your weapon.

To make your life a lot easier you're going to want to have your Arcane and Ice
resistances as high as possible. Put armor on you that adds to your Hit Points
because it's going to take a lot of them to survive this battle.  As for your
weapon you're going to want a weapon that does Poison damage and keep any of
your Combat Arts that do Poison, Ice or a serious amount of Physical damage.

One place where you can get a serious leg up is if you're a follower of Forens.
Using his ability to reflect damage right back into the face of this dork will
seriously cut down on the frustration of fighting him. Otherwise you're going
to have to hammer him with melee attacks to whittle him down and use a whole
lot of healing items.

Once you've killed off this nuisance you will be able to continue going deeper
into this dungeon. With what just happened to your ally you're on your own now
so it's more important than ever that you complete your goals. Fight through
the Temple Guardians and head on down the stairs to enter the Hub.

The Great Machine
Inside of the Hub all that remains is that you hit the switch that will open up
the Great Machine itself. Make use of the odd Temple Guardian merchant just
standing around before doing anything else - now is a great time to restock on
your health potions. However this area is devoid of enemies so you just need to
find those two switches.

The first switch is easily found along the outermost ring, you simply have to
enter a room and hit it once it shows up on your map. To find the second switch
you're going to have to go into the inner ring and be startled by the final
boss music starting to play. Great music by the way. Once you hit this switch
you will be ready to fight the final boss. Or should I say bosses.

BOSS: The Nameless Guardian
This is a pretty tough and well drawn out fight by virtue of the fact that you
have to kill four different Guardians before the fight ends. They don't have
all that many hit points for the most part but this fight is complicated by the
Great Machine in the center of the room.

Let's go over the machines effects for a moment. The Heart of the Machine will
alternate between recharging the Nameless Guardians' shields and attacking you.
This can easily be remedied by luring the Nameless Guardian out of the main
room and leading it into the hallways where you can kill it without the machine
interfering at all. However this can cause a bug that stops the other Guardians
from waking up, this is obviously a bad thing. If this happens you're going to
have to leave and come back, hoping that fixes the problem.

That leaves you either taking the risk of just brawling it out with them and
the Machine simultaneously or dealing with glitches. That's your call. Next up
is the actual Guardians themselves.

All four of the Nameless Guardians use the same basic attacks while fighting:
* A strong downward thrust with their preying mantis type claws. This does a
decent amount of damage but if you're hit with a critical while they're doing
this then expect to be in a world of pain.
* A one-two combo with both of their claws. This hits you from the right and
then left, cutting your health down quite immensely. If you're hit with a crit
in the middle of this it might be lights out for you should your resistances
not be up to snuff.
* Raising up their claws they will fire a shower of sparks down over you. These
do a fair bit of damage to everyone in the area but it's still one of their
weaker attacks all things considered.
* Rearing up they will stomp down and cause a shockwave in the area around them
that does light damage to everyone nearby. However this seems to stun pretty
often so you have to watch out for that.

Here's a rundown of what to expect:
Nameless Guardian (A) - It's hit points are usually in the high thousands, more
often than not in the 14,000 range or so. It attacks you with physical and
Arcane type attacks while resisting Physical (45%), Arcane (10%), Poison (45%)
and all of these resistances are usually fairly high numbers. Obviously this
means that Fire or Ice are ideal for handling him. Watch out when fighting him
though, he seems to stun you an exhorbant amount.
Nameless Guardian (B) - Ahh, here's a weak link in the chain. This guy usually
sits at around the 4,000 Hp range with a much lesser defense value than the
other two. He hits just as hard and is using Physical and Ice damage. His
resistances are along the lines of Physical (40%), Poison (20%) and Ice (20%).
Obviously Fire and Arcane are ideal but just take out the fire weapon, namely
Nameless Guardian (C) - This guy is fairly tougher than the last one. His HP is
usually in the mid 20,000 range and his armor class is even higher than the
last Nameless Guardians were. He does Physical and Fire damage while resisting
Physical (45%), Fire (25%), Poison (30%). Ice or Arcane are going to be ideal
for handling him.
The Main Nameless Guardian - Stronger than C but weaker than the other two,
this is the poison guardian who uses Physical and Poison. His resistances are
to Physical (20%), Arcane (15%), Poison (50%) and Ice (15%). This means that
Fire is your best bet. Good thing that's the previous enemies weakness as well.
However as this is the MAIN Nameless Guardian things are going to get a fair
bit uglier than they did against the other three.

With every hit that he delivers in a one-two combo there is a chance that he
will poison you. Severely. Rearing up he can also activate the Temple Guardian
skill Charged Grid, hurting everyone nearby with Arcane damage. Oh and he is
probably one of the most raw powerful enemies in the entire game. People who
can fight the other three with little difficulty have been flattened by this
one in a few hard hits. This is not a fight to take lightly.
Note that all of these numbers are estimates as the details change depending on
your difficulty level and the level of the bosses relative to yours.

This means you only need to bring along two weapons into this fight with you.
One that does Ice damage and one that does Fire, as well as abilities to do the
same sorts of damage.

Honestly due to their raw damage output and just how hard they can be to fight
if you're not of a very particularly ideal character build it's almost suicide
to try and fight them inside of the room. In three playthroughs the only one
that has been successful at this ordeal is a Shadow Warrior who was built to
tank damage no matter the source. Otherwise it's been almost impossible to do
this solo. However if you have a solid build or a good party then feel free to
give it a try. Fighting it inside of the room is much more rewarding as you do
feel a great sense of accomplishment.

If you do start dying due to running out of potions and you're fighting the
final Nameless Guardian there are a few options. Firstly you could choose to
just leave the Great Machine and bounce around between the various shops to buy
all of the potions you can get your hands on. By doing this you're going to see
the Guardian you were currently fighting return to full health.

If you don't want to see this happen (likely because it's mostly dead) then
your only option is to keep returning to the Guardian selling potions right in
front of the stairs here and keep on buying his potions. You're likely to die
by doing this but you will eventually wear the beast down.

But then again this fight can be brutally difficult if you're not prepared for
it. A Temple Guardian (level 35) on a zero death playthrough died to the final
Guardian 22 times since it was literally impossible to damage him enough to
slow down his life leeching before he took my health in full. On the other end
of the spectrum a much frailer High Elf defeated the lot of them on her first
real try so it's hard to predict how your build will hold up until you try.
just make sure to bring a whole bunch of healing potions (more than 150) and
you should survive this mess.

That's it for the main quest! Now it's either time to move to a higher level of
difficulty, try a new character or just make a Shadow character. In either case
there is still more to do!

6. Shadow Campaign

7. Class Quests
This section of the guide will include the various opening quests for each of
the characters as well as the class quests you can perform up along the way.
The first quest for each class is basically a starter quest to get them to the
city of Sloeford and then the main quest begins.

7.06 - Temple Guardian
After awakening and scaring off the two Elves you will be informed that your
destination is the nearby Elven settlement. Open the nearby chest, equip the
armor and use the combat art orbs you find. Now you can leave this mining camp
so head down the stairs and out the metal fence. There are a few enemies in the
area here but they're not too difficult so just experiment with your new skills
as you like. When you reach the bottom of the stairs you're sent back to the
area you awoke to find some of your items.

Class: Unpack
Head on back over and pick up the Teddy Bear, Cube and Ball before going back
to the "hologram" of yourself. With those in hand you can start heading for the
settlement now. You've probably noticed you now have a blue and an orange mark
on your map. The orange is the main storyline while the blue is the side quest
stuff related to your class (ex. Unpack). As you head along the path towards
the markers you will see a cave. This can be explored to level up a bit if you
feel like doing some dungeon crawling.

NOTE: If you do choose to go exploring in this cave take note of a few things.
First, the big turtles and rats are pretty tough. The turtles can stun you for
a few moments while they both do pretty good damage. Be mindful of bear traps
on the ground as well. These do so pretty big damage and can be destroyed for
XP if you see them coming.

After passing through Happy Cow Farm you will be able to make your way to the
outskirts of Sloeford at a farm and then actually enter the city. Entering the
city will end the Reactivated quest and task you with speaking to the village
elder. However we still have our class quest, Unpack to handle.

Leave town by the north exit to find a crying child outside of the town. By
speaking to her she will ask if you want to play with her and apparently she
takes the ball and teddy bear. Your quest will now update showing you the toy
maker in the village of Twainbrook. It's a pretty long trek from where you are
so be ready to deal with a lot, and that can't be emphasized enough, of Kobolds
on the walk. They're everywhere as you head that way.

When you reach the village talk to the first doll maker to be pointed towards
the second one. This one will explain that he has the red doll you're looking
for but he wants you to rescue his son first. This is pretty easily done, all
you need to do is go to where the quest marker is and cut through all of the
Kobolds there. You will fight a few undead so it's best if you have your flame
attacks ready, the flamethrower will really mess them up but if you have a
fire enhancement in your weapon that works well.

Bring the boy back to the toy maker to get the doll and a new ball. He then
reveals that the initial trader is a liar and asks you to take him to court for
his ways. Telling this to the first trader results in him attacking you which
proves that he's not a smart guy. Kill him so you can move on to the next step.
However the quest marker jumps now to a deeper point in Tyr Lisia meaning you
have quite a trip ahead of you. When you reach the next blue marker you will
be told by the hologram that you have two of the items that you need but there
is still one that you must have in the Elven settlement. Wonder what all these
toys are so important for...

Make your way to the museum and speak to the curator twice to be allowed in.
There are spiders and a ghost in there so you're going to have to take them out
but since you're "pest control" that shouldn't be a problem. Now speak to the
curator to be told to bring it to TyBosso, located along the western coast of
the town. *sigh* Time to head on over there.

When you reach TyBosso's home you will be attacked by three warriors and then
three ghosts. The warriors are fairly tough but they shouldn't be too bad if
you're well leveled (and you should be by now). Take them out and talk to
Tybosso to find out that he needs you to get him away from the city before he
will give you the item. The trek is yet longer than any you've done before and
the enemies are really tough so you're going to need a lot of health potions.
Head on over to the market and buy any improved weapons and armor before you
move out.

Along the way you will have to fight elven warriors and bandits that are out to
get you for helping TyBosso, they're a bit harder than the other enemies but
not too bad. There are however a whole lot of undead including some powerful
spellcasting melee ones that you will need to be mindful of. Keep your health
up at all times and make good use of whatever buffs you have (T-Eng Shield has
been the preferred one thusfar).

Eventually you will reach a small trading outpost in the forest. When you talk
to TyBosso he tells you he heard a noise and that you should investigate before
you two move on. However a Mage stops you to inform you that TyBoss is really a
criminal who is using the Temple Guardians gullibility against him. Follow the
mage into the house to kill TyBosso. With him dead the mage will reward you and
finally end this quest.

Class: Verification
With TyBosso dead you can search the nearby stables to find a replica wooden
ship. This will start the Verification quest. The next marker is a fair bit off
so you might wish to wait until you have the "Through the Wall" main storyline
quest since they both take you in the same direction. Once there enter the cave
and start fighting your way through the enemies. Be mindful of the strange orb
tower things in the back room. These act as turrets and will do some pretty
high damage to you if you don't tend to them and the enemies quickly.

With everything dead head on over to the terminal and use it. When you use it
it seems that the trail you're following was set by none other than you. The
items you're picking up are somehow related to this. In any case your next
destination is just a bit further ahead up the road outside of Dragonmaw Pass.

NOTE: Be careful when riding around in the area near Dragonmaw Pass. Several
times an invincible harpy was encountered. She had super speed enabling her to
keep up with the character on a Charger horse, did a lot of damage and took no
damage from any attack of any damage type. This is likely just a minor glitch
but it happens often enough you should be mindful of it. If you find it just
run to Dragonmaw Pass, activate the teleporter, teleport somewhere else and
then teleport back to get rid of it.

When you reach Dragonmaw Pass speak to the hologram standing outside of the
encampment for some more plot type information. It seems that your next goal is
fairly deep in the human lands so you've got some traveling ahead of you before
you can advance this quest.

Upon arrival in the human lands you can make your way to the northern parts of
the land to reach this destination. You will find yourself in an area called
the Whisperwood, a haunted forest populated by the ghosts of slain animals.
There is a cave you are looking for here, a staircase that leads down into what
look like ruins. Entering this cave will lead you into a fight with a bunch of
ghostly warriors that appear to be Shadow Warriors. Ghostly undead? Weird.

Just a bit deeper into this dungeon is a ghost Inquisitor with some pretty
strong attack spells but a Temple Guardian will come out of the back to help
you out so you shouldn't have too hard of a time. Now you can examine the
various consoles in this room. The first one talks about the dragons and seems
to be a recording of your character. Same thing with the second one. Now talk
to the Temple Guardian but what he is saying doesn't make a whole lot of sense
to anyone other than him.

Make your way to the back of the ruin to enter a cave containing a bunch of
Thousand Year Old Bonsai Dragons. You need to kill all of these before you can
leave and head to the next step of this mystery. Head back outside where you
will see the hologram waiting for you, speak to it. Your next step is to head
towards a signal being given off by a Temple Guardian in Trolloven so let's go
find them.

The quickest way to get there is to start either from Urthaks Moxie or the
Orcish Byway where you can simply take a short ride there. When you arrive go
down into the cave here. Inside of the dungeon swing to the east and then head
south to find an Ancient Giant Spider blocking your path. Equip some Poison
Relics so he doesn't poison you to death and killing him will be a breeze.
Continue deeper into this area where you will find a shrine to Lumen, God of
Light, that you can pray at. This will refill your Divine Gift if he is your
god of choice.

At the rearmost part of this cave you will find a terminal sitting on a desk
in what appears to be a little library of sorts. Examine the terminal and a
bunch of treasures will pop out of the ground. Pick these all up to get a lot
of experience for a quest complete reward. Double back to head out of the cave
but your trip is cut short by another Temple Guardian. When you speak to him
he accuses you of trying to find the main lab so you can destroy the serum,
something he can't allow, and then he attacks.

The TW-1359 Deluxe Edition Hunter, as he is called, is pretty powerful. He hits
hard and often if your defense value isn't really high up there and he can take
a fair bit of abuse. Defeating him allows you to pull the main labratory's
coordinates from the remains and starts the next quest.

Class: The Authorization Key
To get into the main lab you're going to have to find five keys that have been
spread all over the world in disguises. Wonderful. The first thing you need to
do is speak to Elder Grotak, located in a small secluded area of Nor Plat, the
Orc Realm. His location is easiest reached from either Entruag or Ruka, where
you can fllow the roads and basically find the place you're looking for.

When you find the road near the river simply follow it up into the mountain
camp that Grotak calls home. He has a shrunken head that seems to be one of the
items that we need but he won't hand it over for fear of "the great beast
gaining the power to destroy the entire world" or somesuch. However if you talk
to him again he will agree to hand it over if you kill the demon that's been
haunting the village. No problem!

This Demon is actually fairly powerful, resisting almost all elemental types
and doing a hefty bit of Physical and Arcane damage (about 130 per hit). Equip
some runes to protect against that so you can take him out without chugging too
many health potions. Return to Grotak and speak to him to be given the Cursed
Shrunken Head - First Key along with his thanks. Great, now we can move on to
the next one.

However this one is a bit more frustrating to get - it's located in the Realm
of the Dragons, underneath Seraphyria. If you happen to miss this when you're
going through the main quest, or choose to go back for it later, there are no
really quick ways of going about completing this quest. From the Human Outpost
is honestly the only real way of shortening down the time spent down here once
again so go there.

After some time going through the tunnels you will find the Seraphim, Heritage
Keeper Sereish. Talk to her to be promptly attacked by the headstrong ninny.
She is pretty hard to hit but not overly difficult to defeat. Upon defeating
her you apparently spare her life, thus proving yourself worthy to take the
Splinter she is holding. The Splinter of the Righteous is the second key so we
can now move on to finding the third which is apparently in the swamps.

It's not just located in the swamps it's located way the hell to the south in
the swamps. Just to the east of where you fight / fought the Miasma for the
last time you will find a cave with tangled roots near the mouth of it. Enter
the cave and fight your way to the back part of it where you will find some
Temple Guardians walking around. There is a Yellowed Dragons Tooth - Third Key
on the floor and after picking it up talk to the Guardian with the icon over
his head.

When you speak to him he reveals a bit more of what's going on. Apparently your
Guardian is planning to intervene in the war against the Dragons. This is not
in keeping with the plans of the Guardians superiors so you're going to have to
kill them all. Just keep healing yourself when needed and hammer on them, since
they resist almost everything and only do physical damage there isn't a whole
lot you can do to particularly combat them. When they all go down it's time to
head on into the desert.

This key is located to the west of the city of Rajab, near where you fight /
fought the Garganthropod. The quickest way there if you've already beaten the
boss is to teleport to the Archaeologist Camp in the mouth of the Jungle Region
and then ride your way there. Just near the entrance to this cave is a small
tribal camp with a merchant so make use of that if needed and then head on in.

Class: Trojans
Surprisingly enough the guys down here aren't hostile... yet. Once you talk to
Alibaba however they're all going to attack you. This means you're going to
have to kill Alibaba and his forty thieves. That right there, that's pretty
funny. Thanks guys! Anywho these thieves can be pretty tough to fight if you're
below level 28 or so, moving slowly and using Potions of the Mentor to help you
level up are heavily recommended here if this is the case. Once they're all
dead you can follow the quest marker back towards the entrance area of the cave
to find the Energy Source XS - Fourth Key.

The last key is located in the Jungle Region, just south of the Archaeologists
Camp so teleport on over. When you reach the location kill all of the enemies
nearby and then speak to the Android. Now you apparently get to have him follow
you to your next destination, along the road to the Temple of Tears. As you go
to cross the bridge, Ambrox, Envoy of the Dragons, waits to speak with you. He
doesn't trust that you aren't looking to wipe out the dragons so he is going to
come with you.

Now you can head on into the Temple of Tears. Climbing up the staircases you
will fight plenty of the jungle cat enemies but they shouldn't be too much of a
threat. Your destination is along the northern part of the temple, far to the
east. Here you will find a strange device, like a chair, you can use. Do so to
find out what the serum, and project, was all about. The Temple Guardian will
destroy the serum so speak to Ambrox again. He explains that the Dragons will
be willing to accept a truce now, granting you a huge experience point reward.

Class: Communication
Apparently your Guardian isn't satisfied with this outcome, he wants some more
answers. Speak to the Android now to find out that the loss of the Serum has
caused a split amongst the ranks of the Temple Guardians. Some of them wish to
see the Dragons destroyed due to them being a potential threat. Others see the
destruction of the serum as a good thing.

Leave the temple to find yourself under attack from a bunch of Flying Demon
attack drones. Kill them all and find a special one near the resurrection stone
by the name of Woosh. This one stops attacking you after you deal enough damage
and can then be spoken to. Now you have to take him to the repair unit so that
he can help expand your memory. This repair unit is located north of Na'Fian,
the port town that takes you out of the Jungle Region.

When you reach the stairway going down Woosh will tell you to expect a lot of
hostile resistance down there so be ready for it. Once down there you will be
fighting off large Flying Demons, Earth Elementals and plenty of Temple Guards
who are essentially melee only Temple Guardians. Wipe out everything that moves
down here for some hefty experience points before picking up the blueprints.

Once you have all five head to the east to find a circular room with a hologram
active. Speak to it to find out that you and the hologram must fuse, something
that can be done on the island of the Dryad. So follow the main quest or just
teleport yourself over there. Your destination is to the east of the port city
of Aerendyr, past the strip mine.

Now there is one thing to consider when going this way: there is a unique boss
monster who is fairly easy to fight but possibly one of the most annoying
enemies in the entire damn game. It's called the Forest Guardian and it's a
gigantic tree. It doesn't do all that much damage and it's very vulnerable to
fire. The only thing it has going for it are a lot of hit points and a good
regeneration rate. However the obnoxious thing will, at random, fully heal it's
hit points with a single spell. This means that defeating it requires you to
damage it hard, and fast, enough and that it doesn't choose to heal itself just
before it dies.

Unless you've got some incredible damage dealing capabilities with fire type
attacks, or a party, don't even bother fighting the thing. Just go down into
the dungeon and spare yourself the frustration. Otherwise you might find that
you've used up all of your potions. Then again it might just as quickly die off
because it didn't heal and it all be worthwhile. But it's an almost entirely
luck based battle and not worth dealing with for the most part.

Class: Creators and Destroyers
Once you step down in here the quest completes and a new one starts. When you
reach the end of this tunnel you're going to find yourself smack dab in the
middle of a fight between some Temple Guardians and a whole slew of Bionic
Flying Demon Drone type things. However these are huge and incredibly dangerous
so you will need to pull out all of the stops. If you're a follower of Forens
then this is a great place to use your Divine Gift. Also don't forget that if
you're using Battle Extension when you activate it he pulls of a very accurate
and damaging combo which can help thin the crowds. Using a Potion of the Mentor
to rake in the experience is also a good idea here.

Should you survive this your hologram is waiting to talk to you again just in
the hallway. This explains much about what is going on. You are the Guardians
of the ways to the Great Machine. Your "Mother" is the guardian of said machine
who has gone insane while the Great Machine is considered to be your "father"
of sorts. She now wants to wipe out everything in the world so that it may be
rebuilt anew. We can't allow that to happen obviously so let's get over there
as quickly as possibly.

Unfortunately getting to this last one is something of a pain in the butt if
you don't do this while completing the main quest. It requires you to travel
all the way to the presence of the Great Machine itself which is a heck of a
long and arduous trip. Talk to the Hologram when you get there to find out that
Mother is basically testing the Temple Guardians to see if she can use them as
her sacrificial lambs to gain the power she needs.

Class: A New Creation
We're not going to let that happen though. Make your way down into the core of
the Great Machine and fight the final battle, defeating Mother and destroying
Father so that the world will be safe once again. You are rewarded with a
Plasma Energy Core Battery for your troubles.

8. Side Quests
These are arranged alphabetically since the order you find them in will vary by
what class you are playing. This will allow you to simply find the area you're
looking for and search for the quest. Or, if you'd like to make your life even
easier, then just use Ctrl + F and type in the quest name as shown inside your
quest journal.

Name: A Long Journey
Giver: Lina
Location: Clearview
Effort: 1
Description: An easy enough mission it just takes a bit. Head towards the quest
marker to find the trading post. You may have passed here along the main quests
or by doing a class quest. In either case grab the package from the man and
start heading for the orcish border. This is a good mission to complete as you
are doing the main quest since it leads you in those directions anyways. You
will eventually find him far to the west, along the road leading from the city
of Black Oaks. Give him the package for a reward and a new quest.
   Name: Raiders
   Giver: Commander Elsurion
   Location: Roads west of Black Oaks
   Effort: 3
   Description: The womans son wants you to find some marauders that have been
causing trouble up in this area. So you're going to have to make your way to
Skooks Corner, a small town on an island in the middle of the river, to see if
anyone there knows anything. You will find a fisherman Arduval who tells you he
saw some people but another one, known as Meltinir, might know more. This will
take you all the way to the west to an area known as Wargfels.

If you've been to this area before you may have activated the teleporter so
that would save you time going over there. Otherwise it's the long walk for
you. Once there talk to the fisherman to find out that he does indeed know
where the raiders are so follow the road north and then veer east to find them.
Honestly after all this trouble it's somewhat anti-climactic how easy they are
to defeat. Just wipe out the lot of them, and there are a LOT of them, and the
leader Legosul and return to Elsurion for your reward. 
Name: The Alchemist
Giver: Alchemist Geroda
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 1
Description: This is a fairly simple quest and if you take it at the same time
as Good Deed and Insuring the Insurance you can save a lot of time. Simply go
to the location marked on your map and kill all of the kobolds to get the mana
stones he requested and then return to the alchemist for your reward and the
next quest he offers.
   Name: Ghost Energy
   Giver: Alchemist Geroda
   Location: Thylysium
   Effort: 2
   Description: This quest sees you sent to the Thylysium Cemetar, north of
town near the Elven Outpost, to kill five ghosts and seal their energy in the
mana jar. Once all five have been killed you can return to Geroda for a reward.
   Name: Alchemist Jacobas
   Giver: Alchemist Geroda
   Location: Thylysium
   Effort: 3
   Description: While it might look like this quest is really far off don't
worry too much. This place Jacobas is in, Griffinborough, is visited during the
course of the main quest. So wait until then and simply pay him a visit to get
your reward for this quest.
Name: Annoying Little Kobolds
Giver: Kobold Hunter Myriam
Location: Tyr Lisia, High Elf Outpost
Effort: 2
Description: This is a pretty simple quest, dunno why it's labeled as an effort
of two. All you really need to do is trawl around the wilderness near the High
Elf Outpost and kill all of the purple Kobolds with staves that you see. Once
you've done this five times you will be given a pretty nice staff as a reward.
Name: Artifact Theft
Giver: Priestess Lynryn
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 1
Description: While it seems simple enough at first there are some pretty tough
enemies between you and the artifact. Make your way towards the cave to the
north-east of the northern town entrance. You will fight a whole slew of bandit
enemies here, all of whom are pretty strong. While it's good for experience
points it can be rough on your health bar so be careful. If you can get through
them the mage will be no problem so kill him and bring the artifact back to the
temple for a small bit of money and experience.
Name: Attack is the Best Defense
Giver: Automatic
Location: El-Darrag, Oasis Town
Effort: 2
Description: As soon as you reach El-Darrag you will find it under attack by
the desert folk. Help the defenders to repel the dervishes before speaking to
Commander El-Darrags. He has a quest for you to do as well. Kill him some of 
the desert folk and bring back their insignias as proof of your deeds. This is
a good idea to pick up since it's done automatically as you progress through
the desert areas main questline. Once you return to him he will give you a nice
chunk of gold and experience as well as the next part of this quest.
   Name: Take the Initiative
   Giver: Commander El-Darrags
   Location: El-Darrag, Oasis Town
   Effort: 3
   Description: Kill the leader to disperse the army? That's a sound strategy.
It's also very simple if you've got a mount to get you to their camp quickly.
You have three men you're supposed to escort but they're fairly capable fighter
types so don't worry about them. Make a dash across the dunes to the camp and
they should survive easily which means they can help you out here. Kill the
Personal Guards and then the Camp Commander to finish this quest. They're not
the hardest but if you're a ranged character by preference stick back and let
the three fighters draw aggo from them while you just unload skills on them. It
won't take long before you're heading back for your reward.
Name: Bad Sheep
Giver: Shepherd Jacob
Location: Ulli's Potato Fields, northwest along road from Griffinborough
Effort: 2
Description: It seems that Jacob is having some problems with his sheep. So go
on over to his pen and... speak to the sheep? Oh by the Gods they're attacking.
Talking mutant sheep bent on bloodshed... it's like that B-movie Black Sheep
all over again. Kill these crazed things before heading back to Jacob to turn
in the quest.
Name: Bad Soil
Giver: Spirli
Location: Orcish Byway
Effort: 2
Description: Gotta wonder what is going on with this guys field. Teleport on
over to the Wargfels gate and then make your way to the farmers house. It seems
that poor Spirli has fallen for the old home on a cemetary thing. Well we need
to talk to a priest in the town of Wargfel about it so head on north. The
priest gives you a vial of cleansing so take that on over to the farms and it
will be used automatically in the indicated spot. Unfortunately the ghosts of
the dead are having none of this so you'll have to take them out. Once they're
down you can head back to Spirli for your reward.
Name: The Banished Man
Giver: Clarence
Location: Griffinbourough, outside town under bridge
Effort: 1
Description: This is a quick and easy quest. Go to the first house from the
bridge entrance to town to start it up. Head up the hill to behind the house
and search near the tree stump to find the gold. Now you can head back around
the hill to go into the house and speak to Methchild. When you leave another
quest will present itself.
   Name: Agitated Groom
   Giver: Carlos, Methchilds Groom
   Location: Griffinborough
   Effort: 1
   Description: Carlos will be waiting just outside the doors of the house for
you. Speak to him to start the quest, beat him and his cronies up and talk to
him again to finish it. Doofus, picking fights with armed adventurers.
Name: The Barimak Plot
Giver: Migolo Fernal
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 1
Description: After picking up the quest head on over to the quest marker to
speak to Clerk Malsen. You now have to speak to him again to start the next
part of the quest.
   Name: The Clerk's Plan
   Giver: Clerk Malsen
   Location: Griffinborough
   Effort: 1
   Description: Now you need to make your way out of the town to the southeast
find the Barimaks meeting point. Speak to Mawino Barimak once you get there and
start yet another part of this quest.
   Name: Mawino Barimak
   Giver: Mawino Barimak
   Location: Southeast outside of Griffinborough
   Effort: 1
   Description: Head to Fillgion, help him stand up and lastly give Mawino the
bag of gold you're given. Now you can teleport to the town and speak to Migolo
and Malsen.... or you would if they were there. 
   Name: The Barimaks Strike
   Giver: Officer Marpak
   Location: Griffinborough
   Effort: 1
   Description: And the the thrilling conclusion to this quest is... telling
one of the guys at the tavern the officer is about to pay off his debts. So all
of this intriuge and the end results are that we get to help one of the guys
who is part of the conspiracy pay off his debts. Ugh. It sounds like there may
be more to the quest but nothing right now.
Name: The Best Omelet of Them All
Giver: Chef Poul Brotheuse
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 1
Description: An easy one. Simply make your way towards the Temple of the Gods
to the north where you will find a bunch of undead with the herbs on them. Kill
them and return to Poul for a reward.
Name: Blacksmith
Giver: Blacksmith Juri
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 1
Description: Not particularly a hard quest it just requires you to go out of
your way. Simply wait until you've gotten the "Oh Happy Days" quest and advance
that until it has you going to the same area as this quest to save time. Bring
the horseshoes to horse trader Birek before returning to Juri. He will reward
you for your troubles and finish the quest.
Name: Blind Guardian
Giver: Hansi
Location: Clearview, southestern exit near bridge
Effort: 3
Description: This is the quest series that will let you see the Blind Guardian
concert. Out of all the side quests barring the mounts this is the one that's
asked about the most. It's also pretty difficult if you're just starting off
so it might be best to come back after leveling up a bit. In either case follow
the quest marker to find the Undead Metal Fan who took the microphone. Since
you'll be battling undead you might want to get a weapon with fire at the ready
since that will make your life much easier. Once you've killed the Undead Metal
Fan grab the mic and head back to Clearview to return it to Hansi.

Unfortunately he decides that he's going to come with you now so be mindful of
him. If he dies then... well then you've just let down Blind Guardian and you
should be very ashamed of yourself. Surprisingly enough he can throw off some
pretty wicked chain lightening spells so it's not that big of a deal having him
to escort around. The cave you're looking for is located on the riverbank so
you will have to get to that level before you can do anything else. The cave is
populated by rats so it's not hard to find the next Undead Metal Fan and kill
him dead with fire.

Speak to Hansi again to find out that the next item is north of here. Also
apparently acoustic guitars just aren't metal. Words of sage wisdom indeed. So
let's go! You'll need to head around the trees to the north of this camp to get
inside of it, it's nestled in there nicely, but once inside kill the Undead
Tribune to get Marcus' Guitar. The last location is a Legion Camp to the north
east, just a short trip from here.

When you get there all you need to do is kill five Undead Legioniaries. Once
you have done so you will be able to speak to an undead, General Delizius. He
is apparently more than happy to return the drum set to you once he realizes
that Hansi himself is there. Talk to Hansi now and agree to go with him to be
teleported to Sonnenwind. Now speak to Blind Guardian one by one and once you
speak to Hansi you will be able to see the concert cutscene.

Ya know... I don't even really like Blind Guardian but that song and cutscene
is really cool. Not only is it cool but it's really funny watching the orc in
the back at the sound controls with the goblin dancing on it. Nice.
   Name: After the Show is Before the Show
   Giver: Hansi
   Location: Sonnenwind
   Effort: 3
   Description: Before you do anything else read the journal description for
this quest. That got a good laugh. Now talk to Hansi to be given the bands gear
as your reward for completing this quest. All of this equipment is very strong
since they all have a Bronze, Silver and Gold slot as well as having pretty
good stats. It's not especially useful if you're a Temple Guardian since it's
mostly two handed stuff, or a shield, but it's still really cool. The quest is
now over but you can talk to Hansi at this spot anytime in the future to watch
the cutscene over which is a nice little extra.
Name: Books, Cows and Virgins
Giver: Farmer Walcott
Location: Pig Farm Outside of Sloeford
Effort: 1
Description: It seems that some mad mage has kidnapped a little girl. Well we
can handle that guy! The trip to this marker is a bit longer than the previous
quests but it's not really a dangerous trip, just a lot of weak wolves. When
you get to his tower things look pretty nasty outside so head on in. There is a
Festering Zombie in here who thinks you're his next meal. Just kill him however
you like, or abuse him with a Potion of Undead Death, to solve this quest. Head
on back to the Farmer to turn it in and get some money.
Name: The Brigand Camp
Giver: Hunter Kylian
Location: Sloeford, Outside Town in a Wooden Tower
Effort: 2
Description: Get the Muggers quest before doing this one. They both take place
in the same location. Some thugs have taken a Sloeford patrol hostake and it's
up to you to rescue them. The camp is a ways off but once you get there you
will find it filled with fairly easy to kill enemies. Wipe them out and then
release the prisoners. They will tell you about an enemy meeting going on with
the brigands meeting some other party. Time to head on over there and break up
the party. You may have actually been inside of this cave before. Regardless
head on inside to complete this quest and start the next one.
   Name: Punishment
   Giver: N/A
   Location: Brigands Cave
   Effort: 2
   Description: Now that you're inside of the cave it's time to punish these
highwaymen for their crimes. If you're even decently leveled by now then you
will have no problem literally walking through this place and slaughtering each
and every enemy you see. It's not a terribly hard dungeon crawl and it nets you
a contract you need to bring back to the Commander. Find him in the wilderness
north of Sloeford and turn it in, inside of the Elven Encampment. This gets you
some good equipment and experience.
Name: Bruno the Teddy Bear
Giver: Tamara
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 1
Description: The sewer system in this town is a bit confusing but so long as
you actually enter the sewer entrances and not the arena one you can find your
way wherever you need to go. Bruno is stashed far away from where the girl was
standing in a corner with rats. Nothing too hard here, just grab it so you can
return it to Tamara. 
Name: By Order of the Crown
Giver: Officer Pethyr
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 2
Description: Seems that the slave outcasts are causing no end of trouble lately
and it's up to you to put a stop to it all. This isn't all that difficult since
all you need to do is walk around outside Griffinborough and you will find 15
of these guys easily. After killing the 15 the quest marker will move and you
can speak to this outlaw to find the location of their camp.
   Name: Hideout
   Giver: Outlaw
   Location: Woods to the northwest of Griffinborough
   Effort: 2
   Description: Now that the outlaw has given us the information that we need
lets head on over to the hideout. Being around level 15 helps for this quest.
In addition to having to kill 11 slave outcasts, not too hard at this level,
you have to contend with the many rats and flying beasts inside of this cave.
Things can rapidly get overwhelming if you're not very careful about it. Try to
take it slow and get rid of enemies in groups of no more than three. Be careful
about using AOE attacks since they can draw a whole lot of enemies to you very
quickly which can be bad. Pick up the burned note off the floor and head on
back to the Officer to complete this part of the quest. Speaking to him again
will have him send you towards his commander in the stronghold about a "special
problem" of some sort. Sounds promising. Speak to the commander to finally end
this quest.
   Name: Suspicion
   Giver: Commander
   Location: Griffinborough
   Effort: 1
   Description: A simple enough quest all you really need to do is make your
way to the tavern in the middle of nowhere and talk to the man there to find
out what's going on. Simple but it leads into the next quest.
   Name: Investigations
   Giver: Informant Harol
   Location: Tavern northeast of Griffinborough
   Effort: 3
   Description: Alright so now we have to go and kill all of the robbers so we
can pretend to be them at a meeting with the dealers. Simple enough; all you
need to do is go to the slave outcast camp, kill all them and then return to
Harol in the Inn. Speak to him and you two will have to return to the campsite
to meet these men... meaning an escort mission with a melee warrior. Ugh. It's
very much suggested that you teleport back to Black Oaks and simply walk from
there since it shortens the time wherein he can get himself killed. When you
get to the camp speak to the Weapon Dealer to end this quest.
   Name: Tailing
   Giver: Weapon Dealer
   Location: Outcast Camp north of Black Oaks
   Effort: 3
   Description: Make your way over to the new quest marker just outside of town
to find the dealer. He will hand over the weapons to you without a fuss. Speak
to Harol to find out that you now have to follow him to see where he goes. The
man will make his way over to a basement entrance in Black Oaks so follow him
in. In the basement enter the secret passage in the wall and, in this new room,
kill the enemies before getting into the boat. Go talk to the Weapon Dealer 
here to be attacked by him and his two thugs. Kill the thugs and, after enough
damage is dealt, he will surrender. Talk to him to start the next quest.
   Name: Pawn Sacrifice
   Giver: Weapon Dealer
   Location: South of Black Oaks
   Effort: 3
   Description: You need to get this schmuck somewhere safe so he can testify
against the lord of the castle. An easy way to do this is to teleport straight
away to the Wargfels gate. This will give you only a very short walk until you
are at the quest marker. You could do it hte long way but this is pretty tiring
and this guy is a real idiot. With no weapons or armor he charges EVERY enemy
in sight and can die to the weakest of wolves in a matter of moments. Be very
careful and get him to Harol as quick as possible.
   Name: Crown Witness
   Giver: Informant Harol
   Location: Camp to the northwest of Black Oaks
   Effort: 3
   Description: Now you get to escort Harol and a whole bunch of warriors to
the castle you were previously in to go after the lord. Sweet. Don't worry if
the fighters die, just try to keep Harol going. Head on over to the Fortress
Reikelstein and fight through the enemies that guard the interior area to get
to the second level. Simply climb the steps to find the lord and when he finds
out that you know about his crime he kills himself. Now speak to Harol for your
reward and to finally end all this.
Name: Cat and Mouse
Giver: Alexander
Location: Road north of Tunnel from Elven Lands
Effort: 2
Description: The little boy needs your help to find his lost cat so let's go do
ourselves a good deed. While you make your way through the cave you will fight
lots of spiders so have antiode runes at the ready for this trip. You can get
some good experience from this so kill everything you see until you reach the
back of the cave. Here you will find out that the boy is working for bandits as
a piece of bait. Well we'll show them!

Take out the lot of them, they're not terribly hard if you use area of effect
attacks, and then talk to Alexander again. Now's time to get him to the nearby
village so that he doesn't end up living in a cave by himself. It's a somewhat
longer trip with lots of enemies but they almost never seem to target the boy
himself so there shouldn't be any problem with getting him to the school in
Clearview safely.
Name: The Chicken
Giver: Joseph Rooster
Location: Graveyard near Elven Capital
Effort: 2
Description: Joseph has seen his chicken go running into the graveyard but he's
too scared to go in after it. Well head on in and make your way to the map
marker to find the chicken. As you go to leave a somewhat stronger zombie known
as the Feather Covered Zombie will attack you. Once it's defeated you can go
back to Joseph for your reward. 
Name: Clearing Ship
Giver: Captain Farelan
Location: Thylysium Docks
Effort: 2
Description: An incredibly simple mission. All you really need to do is head to
the dock that the ship is moored at and start killing pirates. There are only
three of them and they're not terribly strong so this shouldn't take much time.
Speak to the hostage before returning to the Captain for your reward.
Name: Days Gone By
Giver: Ambul
Location: Elven Encampment southeast of Twainbrook
Effort: 1
Description: Ambul wants you to find some rare nameless stone for him. This is
really simple; all you need to do is head to the location and pick them up. It
almost feels too easy... Anyways return them to Ambul to find out that yes, yes
it was too easy. There's a follow-up quest just below.
   Name: Old Friends
   Giver: Ambul
   Location: Elven Encampment southeast of Twainbrook
   Effort: 2
   Description: Argh! Another escort quest! And this one is with a combative
escort who runs around with a knife... ugh. The walk can be pretty rough so be
sure you have enough healing potions to make this doable. When you reach the
ruins Ambul will work a ritual that seemingly binds the apparitions to his
service and attacks you. Defeat him and all of the apparitions to complete this
quest and net some experience.
Name: Deadly Catch
Giver: Fishers Wife
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 1
Description: This is a pretty simple mission. Head on over to the docks and get
on the indicated boat to travel to the island he went fishing at. When you get
there you will see an item on the ground, pick it up to find out that the man
has been murdered (as if his body on the ground didn't say that). Go on back to
the wife and let her know to end the quest.
   Name: An Eye for an Eye
   Giver: Fisher's Wife
   Location: Thlysium
   Effort: 1
   Description: Take the dagger on over to the guards and let them know what
happened. Unfortunately they're too short-handed / busy to do anything so they
leave it up to you. To the tavern! When you get there talk to the man and he
will attack you, kill him off before returning to the guard for a reward.
Name: Disturbance of the Peace
Giver: Mourning Lilly
Location: Derelict Manor, northwest of Clearview
Effort: 2
Description: When you talk to Lilly she mentions hearing strange sounds in the
ruins. Make your way towards the quest marker to find out that, yes indeed, it
is undead. It's a simple matter to kill the six of them roaming this place so
do so and then return to Lilly to find out that there's no reward. Bummer.
Name: Down in the Sewers
Giver: Tobias Sewer
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 2
Description: The sewer system in this town is a bit confusing but so long as
you actually enter the sewer entrances and not the arena one you can find your
way wherever you need to go. Simply follow the quest marker to find the area
with all of the Kobolds and start killing them. Once you've gotten ten of them
dead you can return to Tobias for 
Name: The Dragonslayer
Giver: Drunk Hagen
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 1
Description: Hagen claims to have trapped a dragon in his basement so let's go
investigate this. Find his house and enter the indoor cellar where you will be
attacked by three rats. Kill them before talking to the woman to find out that
the idiot locked his motormouth wife in the basement to shut her up. This will
complete the quest although you get no reward.
Name: The Eaten Cow
Giver: Hunter Apprentic Tiraen
Location: Brigand Camp, Elven Lands
Effort: 1
Description: It seems that Tiraen wants you to get revenge for his cow that
was eaten by a wolf. Sure thing! The wolf is located just outside of the east
side of the town so head on over there to kill it. It's pretty obvious as it's
the only one that is infused with T-Eng (blue lines all over it). Kill it, grab
the collar and return it to Tiraen for your reward.
Name: The Escape
Giver: Bacalio
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 2
Description: Head towards the marker to find two guards protecting the entrance
to the dungeons. You'll have to fight and kill them before you can go in. They
are pretty tough so if they give you a lot of problems it's a good sign that
you might need to come back later on. There are a lot of tough enemies down
here so you will want to make good use of your skills if you plan to get out of
this alive. Once you reach the old man talk to him so that he will follow you
and escort him out of the dungeon. Defeat the two guards and the wolf that wait
for you just outside before talking to the man again to end this quest.
Name: Fishing Stores
Giver: Gleroniwe
Location: Golden Coast
Effort: 1
Description: To complete this quest all you need to do is bring a bag of worms
to Gleroniwes brother is Sloeford. He's actually not in Sloeford but outside of
the Happy Cow Farm nearby it. Since you know where that is by now you can just
march on over there, give him the stuff and then be on your way with a bit gold
in hand.
Name: Four Yellow Feet
Giver: Galia, Mage Adept
Location: Happy Cow Farm
Effort: 1
Description: Galia needs four yellowfoot herbs for her master and shes too lazy
to go get them from the Kobolds herself. Make sure to grab this one with Rusty
Inheritance since they're both going the same direction. Once you reach the
area indicated on your map you will find about five or six Kobolds and a wolf
to deal with. This is easily done even for the weakest of characters so take
them out and get the herbs. Return to Galia for a money reward.
Name: Fresh Fruit
Giver: Fruit Seller
Location: Black Oaks
Effort: 1
Description: Once you've got the quest make your way to the womans house just
outside of town and speak to her husband. Seems his wife has a bit of a problem
with the whole "Hulk Smash!" thing going on. Regardless grab the basket from
behind the house and bring it to the woman for your reward.
Name: Glorious Twelve Pointer
Giver: Mayor Nathan
Location: Black Oaks
Effort: 2
Description: Hunting a deer? Odd little distraction but sure. He's easily found
but can be a bit hard to get to. Either use a ranged weapon or run him down
with a mount so you can kill it. Take the antlers back to Nathan for some money
and a fair bit of experience.
Name: Good Address
Giver: Captain Hank
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 3
Description: Meh, easy XP. There are a bunch of thieves on the docks but they
aren't too tough if you're above level 10. Kill all 15 of them before you head
back to the Captain for your reward. He will usually give you a pretty strong
two-handed sword so this is doubly good for melee characters.
Name: Greedy Rodents
Giver: Farmer Leonard
Location: Black Oaks, just outside of the city
Effort: 1
Description: Ya know, for a great hero you get to spend a lot of your time
killing off defenseless animals. Kill the ten rabbits as requested for a bit
of a reward.
Name: Greedy Scoundrels
Giver: Hey Highburn
Location: Valeview
Effort: 2
Description: Seems that some thieves broke into a widows house and stole some
of her stuff. You need to get it back for her so head on over to the quest
marker to find an item on the floor. Follow these items to reach a camp of
slave outcasts. Kill the three of them and pick up the rest of the goods on the
floor before heading back to the town. Turn in the quest to Hay and he will
give you a reward and offer another quest.
   Name: Hunting Scounters
   Giver: Hay Highburn
   Location: Valeview
   Effort: 2
   Description: Check on his beer supplies? Maybe we can help ourselves to some
while we're at it. Head on over to the cave to find out that there are slave
outcasts squatting inside of it. Bah! Make your way through the cave until you
have killed all twelve of them and then return to the tavernkeep for a reward.
   Name: Brother-of-One's-Brother-in-Law
   Giver: Beer Brewer Jasper
   Location: Royal Honky-Tonk
   Effort: 2
   Description: Make your way to the temple west of Griffinborough and talk to
the priest. He's had things stolen and wants you to speak to Leifhard, who is
something of an ex-rogue, and see if he can help out. Head on over to Valeview,
the small farms to the northeast of Griffinborough and speak to the man. Seems
that there is someone named Two-Eye who might have the artifacts. Head on over
to the mountains southwest of Griffinborough and find the bandit camp. Kill all
of the bandits there and grab the artifact from the ground. You can now return
to the priest for your reward.
Name: A Growing Danger
Giver: Beltario
Location: Orcish Byway, Golems Lair
Effort: 3
Description: So if they're left unattended these earth elementals could become
more giant golems? Yeesh. They're not particularly difficult especially if you
can fight the golem itself. So just travel around the upper pathway going to
the left and the right to clear them all out. Once you do return to Beltario to
get some items and gold as a reward.
Name: Henry
Giver: Henry
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 2
Description: Seems that some foul aristocrat needs a killing. If you talk to
the man crossing the bridge you will have to kill him and his guards. This man
is the wrong one, something learned too late to save his life. If you kill him
then it's up to you to speak to Henrys sister and tell her the bad news. This
is why hiring strangers to kill people is a bad idea. Make your way to the
sisters house in the middle of nowhere north of town and tell the sister. When
she is crying talk to Henrys' brother to be attacked by him. Kill him to end
this insanity. Everyone blaming you when Henry tried to hire a hitman... *sigh*
Name: The Holdup
Giver: Automatic
Location: Obtained as you near bridge connecting Twainbrook with Elven Capital
Effort: 2
Description: You will come across a woman being attacked by brigands. You have
to kill the undead that attack you and then get to the enemies quickly or they
will kill her before you can help. Once you've killed them all, no easy task
with all the boars and undead that attack you, speak to her. She will ask you
to escort her to the outskirts of the Elven city. That's no big deal! We're
going that way anyways with Melandior if we're clever. The main problem with
this quest is crossing the bridge to the elven citys area will lead to a huge
fight with boars, undead and bandits. More often than not the escort will run
TOWARDS the huge enemy group and draw a whole bucketload of aggro. Use healing
potions repeatedly to save yourself the frustration of these fools dying. Move
slowly and take out every enemy that you can and slowly make your way to the
city of Thylysium. Bringing her to her husband nets you a whole lot of XP.
Name: Honesty Pays
Giver: Kendral
Location: Black Oaks
Effort: 1
Description: Walk on over to the farm location with Kendral and then speak to
him to find out more. Seems that his business partner is giving him trouble and
you need to do something about it for a valuable artifact. Go on over and whack
the partner before returning to the inn to speak to Kendral. Turns out that he
fleeced you all along. Wonderful.
Name: The Hunter Camp
Giver: Rangald
Location: Across the river from Sergeant Henear, Outside of Twainbrook
Effort: 1
Description: This is a pretty simple task. All you need to do here is to find
ten boar and kill them for their pelts. They're found in the areas around the
camp and Twainbrook. If you've got other quests ready do those and you will get
a bunch of pelts while doing other things. When you have all ten of them head
on back to The Hunter Camp to turn them in for gold and another quest.
   Name: The Boar
   Giver: Rangald
   Location: Across the river from Sergeant Henear, Outside of Twainbrook
   Effort: 2
   Description: Now you get to fight the whole pack leader of the bars. He's
located just a bit off from an Elven Encampment out in the wilds. In all truth
he's not that hard so long as you're around level 6 or 7. When he's dead you
can return to Rangald for a dagger reward and another quest.
   Name: Secure Shipment
   Giver: Rangald
   Location: Across the river from Sergeant Henear, Outside of Twainbrook 
   Effort: 3
   Description: Another escort quest. This time you have to escort Ragna to the
town of Sloeford. So long as you stick to the coast moving south from your
starting point this isn't a very hard escort quest. Just don't let any enemies
attack Ragna and you will be fine. For your troubles you get a lot of money,
experience and some items.
Name: Illegal Gambling
Giver: Town Guard Olander
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 1
Description: Make your way to the quest marker to find the tavern. Speaking to
the innkeeper points out that while he won't allow gambling others might. This
ends this quest and starts the next part. Speak to him again to find out that
another tavern might be housing some schmo named Stan. Find him at the next
tavern indicated on the map and talk to him to start the next part.
   Name: Gotcha!
   Giver: Stan... kind of
   Location: Griffinborough
   Effort: 1
   Description: Talk to him again and you will be told that you can head down
to the gamblers den which means you need to make your way to the taverns
basement. Oddly enough this is located up on the wall and around to get to the
place. It's not very convenient for someone to store stuff in. Whatever. Get
down there and talk to Eddie to continue this. Talk to him a second time and
you will get attacked by him and his two buddies. Defeat them before talking to
Eddie, who will surrender after taking enough damage. Now escort him back to
the town guard, or just use the telporter, to complete this quest.
Name: Intercept Delyme
Giver: Lieutenant Taen Ysael
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 2
Description: Working with the Inquisitors? Oh yeah, let's get that wretch. When
you go over there you're going to need to be tough since the Inquisitor guard
she has with her is pretty damn tough. He doesn't do a lot of damage per hit
but he has a tendency of hitting you a lot and not dying like he should. Once
he's finally down speak to the Lady to end the quest.
Name: Jade Collier
Giver: Jeweler Finebond
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 3
Description: Once you've got the quest head on over to the jade mine up in the
mountains to find some outlaws guarding it. Seems that the cave is run by these
schmucks and they want you to buy the jade from their leader. Fight through
the flying creatures and elementals in the cave to reach Kurt the Cunning and
buy the Jade from him. Not exactly sure of how much gold it takes from you or
what but you will get the jade and can then head back for your ring.
Name: Judriel and Romdreal
Giver: Judriel
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 1
Description: Simple enough, bring the letter to Romdreal at the nearby temple
area. You get some experience for it and can pursue the next part of this quest
line, Friars.
   Name: Friars
   Giver: Romdreal
   Location: Thylysium
   Effort: 1
   Description: This is where it gets a bit more complicated. Romdreal wishes
to leave his priestly world behind and be with his love. But doing so means you
are going to have to fight those that pursue him for treason. As soon as you
accept this quest two temple guards will attack you with two more on the stairs
as you go down them. Get him to Judriel to start the next step.
   Name: Rescue Operation
   Giver: Romdreal
   Location: Thylysium
   Effort: 2
   Description: There are two ways to handle this, one the real way and one by
basically cheating. As you attempt to escort the two from the market area you
will be accosted by a whole lot of enemies looking for the blood of the two
lovebirds. Fighting through them really requires you use AoE attacks to draw
aggro while hitting them with everything you've got. But if you don't feel like
dealing with this just teleport to the teleporter in town. You will skip all of
the enemies and have a straight walk to the quest marker. Upon completion you
will get a bunch of experience and an amulet. If you "cheated" you will get XP
for all of the enemies you should have defeated anyways.
Name: The Kobold Chieftain
Giver: Thelal, Senate Envoy
Location: Sloeford
Effort: 2
Description: This mission is simple but it's going to take you a long ways off
from Sloeford to complete it. You're going a bit into Tyr Lisia here but you
will find the Kobold Camp eventually. When you're there you will be told you
have to kill 40 Kobolds to draw out the Chieftain so follow the path and kill
every single one that you see. Eventually you will be attacked by what appears
to be a big ol' troll type enemy. This bad boy does a lot of damage, throws big
chunks of rock at you and regenerates pretty quickly. Use your most damaging
attacks to take him down before he does too much damage to you and don't ignore
your buff type attacks. Don't use fire since he's pretty resistant to that.
With him dead return to Thelal for some gold, items and experience.
Name: The Last Drop
Giver: Wine Merchant Jacque
Location: Tyr Lisia, Near High Elf Outpost
Effort: 1
Description: A simple mission all you need to do is head down into his wine
cellar and clear it of undead and vermin. If you've got Icy Evanescence or
Fiery Ember you can damage everyone before killing them with Furious Emblazer.
It doesn't take much time and you will find The Book of the Glorious Legion as
well as getting some gold from him. The Book will matter later on.
Name: Let's Have a Drink
Giver: Melantion
Location: Twainbrook
Effort: 1
Description: Yet another easy quest thanks to arriving in a new town. Follow
your map marker to the wine makers house. She has the wine and will give it to
you if you clear her basement of vermin. These tight quarters can be a problem
for ranged attackers but so long as you bring plenty of antidoes, or relics to
help with poison, you should be able to outlast them. Return to the winemaker
to get your wine and then return to Melantion for 
Name: The Long Watch
Giver: Sentry Hicks
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 1
Description: This is a pretty simple one. Simply make your way to the house
that is indicated on your map, pick up the book and return it to Hicks. There
is a reward for this quest but it's gibberish (%0 Reward) and you don't end up
with anything in your inventory.
Name: The Lost Amulets
Giver: Mage School Graduate
Location: Resurrection Stone near Brigand Camp, Elven Lands
Effort: 1
Description: Find three lost amulets and bring them to the woodcutters who were
supposed to recieve them - simple enough. You can find the amulets to the south
east of the camp. When you find them near some stonehenge-esque ruins you will
have to fend off some Small Earth Elementals to get to them so be careful as
these are pretty powerful for your low level self. Grab all three of them and
then you can head off to the Brigand Camp and give the amulets to the lumber-
jacks to complete this quest.
Name: The Lost Letter
Giver: Emald
Location: Northwest of Black Oaks
Effort: 1
Description: This is a very quick and easy quest. Simply make your way east
along the dirt path until you reach Trelheim Manor, kill everyone that attacks
you until you get the letter and then bring it to the woman on the steps. Now
the quest is done. See, simple.
Name: Lost Thoughts
Giver: Nomad
Location: North of Valeview
Effort: 2
Description: A bunch of ne'er do wells have slaughtered a caravan and taken the
women into a nearby cave. Head on over to the marker and enter the cave to get
these good for nothings. Inside you will find some guardians and regular bandit
type enemies charging you. Kill the lot of them, destroy the two electricity
turrets and then speak to the woman on the podium. She's acting... odd to say
the least. Perhaps the other women can shed light on this.
   Name: A Strange Machine
   Giver: Nomad Woman
   Location: Cave
   Effort: 1
   Description: The woman asks you to destroy the machine that is forcing them
to act as weak-willed slave women. Walk over to the machine and pick up the
crystal - this seems to count as destroying whatever machine need be destroyed.
Now leave the unguarded, defenseless women in this cave and head to the nearby
settlement to find out what the heck this machine is. Head on over to the
village just nearby and speak to the mayor. It seems that this crystal is part
of some conspiracy here... Pfah! Bust the crystal and then speak to the mayor
again to end this quest.
Name: Make Room For New Blood
Giver: Huntress Finidral
Location: Dyr-Lain, Near Southern Ressurection Stone
Effort: 2
Description: Finidral wants you to kill off the older, especially aggressive,
wild cats to make room for younger ones. This isn't a big deal as you will be
doing this anyways so make sure to pick up the quest. The older ones usually
give you more experience than the weaker ones because they're tougher to kill
so you'll know when you kill one. Simply kill seven of them and bring their
teeth back to Finidral for your reward.
Name: Milestones
Giver: Mynhert
Location: Ulli's Potato Fields, northwest along road from Griffinborough
Effort: 1
Description: This sounds like a simple quest but it really isn't. As you go by
the milestones you're going to have to fight off a very large number of random
enemies who loiter around this road. It's pretty hectic in some places with
mages and archers firing at you while you try to deal with spiders and melee
soldiers. After the fourth you will meet a man who asks you to double check
because there are supposed to be five. 
   Name: The Missing Stone
   Giver: Employee of the Landowner
   Location: Northwest of Ulli's Potato Fields, along the road
   Effort: 1
   Description: Well since one of the stones is missing you're going to have to
go find it. It's located to the east but when you do find it you'll also find
some followers of Kuan. The crazed followers of the God of War are worshipping
it or going to use it to build a statue to him... or something. Whatever the
case is bash their faces in and return to the Employee to get a reward.
Name: The Moneylender
Giver: Moneylender Rikal
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 1 / 3
Description: When you walk up to Rikal you will basically have to pay him 100
gold to start this quest. Talk to the man nearby to find out that a neighbor
owes money as well. Talking to Thea here it seems that he scammed her out of
money and now his thugs are trying to start trouble. Take the two of them out
to protect the woman and then speak to her husband. He mentions that Rikal has
some sort of hideout. Head on over to the quest marker to find out that he is
working for an Inquisitor. Kill Rikal and his gang before heading on over to
the temple to find the elf. He's there with a number of guards so you're going
to have to kill all of them to complete this quest. Only the elf offers any
real challenge with his electricity attacks so be careful and kill him quick.
Name: Muggers
Giver: Markus the Mugged
Location: Sloeford
Effort: 3
Description: Get the Brigand Camp quest before doing this one. They both take
place in the same location. Some thugs have stolen Markus' family heirlooms
and it's up to you to get them back. The camp is a ways off but once you get
there you will find it filled with fairly easy to kill enemies. Clear it out
before picking up the heirlooms in the makeshift shelters. Returning to Markus
will net you a decent magical ring.
Name: Oh Happy Days
Giver: Isadora
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 3
Description: This mission is ridiculously annoying. For whatever reason it
seems to override other quests that you're attempting, quest markers pointing
at the out of the way guests instead of what you're actually trying to do. It's
really annoying so complete this quest as soon as you get it if you pick it up
at all. It's not terribly hard, all it requires is that you talk to all of the
people indicated by quest markers. The only problem is that often it glitches
and leaves the marker on one person instead of moving from person to person.
Keep on removing it from being the active quest and then reactivating it to
solve this problem if it comes up.

Honestly this quest isn't hard, it's just boring and somewhat annoying. You're
slowly but steadily making your way up the river, telling people about the
wedding being delayed, and avoiding enemies if you want to make this take less
than several hours. Eventually you will reach the groom north of Ulli's Potato
Fields and finally finish this thing.
Name: Orpheus
Giver: Mary Ann
Location: High Elf Outpost
Effort: 4
Description: Mary Ann wants you to accompany her to the Underworld so she can
seek out her lost love. This mission says it's pretty hard and it might not
seem that way at first. But once you get inside of the dungeon she wants you to
escort her to things get ugly. She will more than likely rush forward into two
rooms full of undead and rats. The only way to get through this reliable with
her alive is to use all of your large radius attacks over and over to draw all
of the aggro to yourself while you repeatedly use health potions so the both of
you can heal up. Going towards the mission marker will be pretty easy so talk
to Lorgamir to find out what you need to do next; kill Orpheus. Doing it by
yourself is not easy but with these two dolts it's pretty damn tough. The next
corridor you enter is full of yet more enemies so be very careful, draw all of
the aggro where possible and keep your allies healed up. Talk to Orpheus when
you get there to start the Changing Sides quest while this one continues.

If you've killed Orpheus you can talk to Mary Ann so that you can start leading
the two of them out of the dungeon. Once you get topside, talk to Lorgamir to
finish this quest off and get your reward.
   Name: Changing Sides
   Giver: Orpheus 
   Location: Underworld Dungeon
   Effort: 4
   Description: Orpheus wants you betray the mortal and spirit so that he will
actually allow you to leave. Telling him no means that you're going to have to
fight him. Killing him allows you to continue the Orpheus quest with the two
lovers in tow. You can now refer to the Orpheus quest yet again to end this
Name: Pesky Pirates
Giver: Scout Jelanthil
Location: Golden Coast, Outside of Pirates cave
Effort: 1
Description: Apparently the pirates have maps that show where all of their
possible landing points are. That means this is a perfect opportunity to stick
it to these murderous dogs. Head on into the cave and fight your way to the
back of it where you will find the map sitting out in the open. Bring this back
to the Scout Jelanthil for your reward. 
   Name: Bounty
   Giver: Scout Jelanthil
   Location: Golden Coast, Outside of Pirates cave
   Effort: 1
   Description: Unlocked after completing Pesky Pirates. Talking to the Scout
again will reveal he knows the location of a very dangerous pirate. So head on
over that way to find him standing around, very lightly guarded for someone so
important, and fight him. Be mindful that his sword attacks hit very often and
do a fair chunk of damage when they do. Keep your health up and take him down
before heading on over to the Scout for your reward. 
Name: Present for the Bride
Giver: Jocelyn
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 2
Description: Talk to Achmed after starting the quest to find out that they went
to the grave of a Dragon hunter named Caling. Seems that's where we have to
look for these two idiots. Make your way on over to the tomb to find a bunch of
goblins attacking some turrets. Kill both the goblins and turrets while making
your way to the far end of the tomb. You will fight some goblins before finding
the two idiots in a cavern area. Agree to escort them out of here but don't
forget to grab the Dragon Claw from the indicated sarcophagus on the way out.
Teleport back to town and bring the fiancee to Jocelyn for your reward.
Name: Rabbit Infestation
Giver: Gardener Murgil
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 2
Description: Obviously this isn't a difficult quest. The hard part is actually
finding all of the rabbits in the gardens to begin with. It's more of a matter
of looking for all of the red markers on your mini-map but it can still be
somewhat tedious. Kill all ten of them before returning to Murgil for money.
Name: Redemption
Giver: Lumen Priest Edoras
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 1
Description: First things first, head towards the meeting place to find out
what the priest wants. When you get there you're asked to look around as the
quest ends and starts the next one.
   Name: Kidnapped Husband
   Giver: Lumen Priest Edoras
   Location: Thylysium
   Effort: 1
   Description: Edoras asks you to speak to Heglie standing nearby about her
missing husband. This actually ends the quest but it isn't entirely the end of
what you can do about it. More on that below.
   Name: Paying the Price
   Giver: Arena Owner Nityahel
   Location: Thylysium
   Effort: 3
   Description: Now that you've spoken to Heglie you can speak to the Arena
Owner about this problem. He will set the man free if you defeat two gladiators
in the arena. No biggie! The two gladiators are hard to hit in melee but they
don't do much damage or have too many hit points. Take them both out to get
brought back to the room with Nityahel. He tries to renege on the deal and kill
you with his two guards. They're easily dispatched so get rid of them and talk
to Nityahel again. He's more reasonable now, releasing all of the prisoners he
has illegally. Escort the prisoners back to Heglie, talk to her to get her
thanks and then talk to the priest to get a weapon, some gold and experience.
Name: Research
Giver: Author Hardbush
Location: Wargfel
Effort: 1
Description: Not a particularly hard quest although it IS an escort quest. You
need to bring him a fair ways to the north to find some earth elementals and to
kill them so he can see the bodies. Unfortunately these areas are brimming with
hordes of soldiers so you're going to have to be very careful about how you get
him through this area. If you've got radius attacks use those to grab all of
the enemies attention, kill them and then move on. Eventually you will find and
kill the elementals. Talk to him to be told that it's now time to head home.
Use the teleporter to shorten travel distance and then talk to him once there
for your reward.
Name: Rivals
Giver: Priestess Lerana
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 1
Description: The first step of this quest chain is simple enough, speak to Lord
Alcander and see if you can get employed by him. All it takes is talking to the
man to do this. Let's see if we can't confirm this priestess' assertions that
the Lord is corrupt.
   Name: Exterminator
   Giver: Lord Alcander
   Location: Thylysium
   Effort: 1
   Description: This is an incredibly simple job he's asking you to do here. Go
to the house and eliminate the rats and spiders before returning to him. It's
literally that easy a quest. You will get some money and the next quest.
   Name: A Good Deed
   Giver: Lord Alcander
   Location: Thylysium
   Effort: 1
   Description: An incredibly simple request all this requires is that you go
to the vinery northeast of Thylysium and speak to the farmer there. Once you've
given him the gold return to Alcander for your reward.
   Name: A Just Man
   Giver: Lord Alcander
   Location: Thylysium
   Effort: 2
   Description: After accepting the quest you will read the private letter and
learn that Alcander has a daughter born out of wedlock. Oops. However rather
than let her suffer for his sake he wishes her sent away. Take the letter to
the ships captain marked on your map to recieve your reward and end this quest.
Name: Rust
Giver: Magnior
Location: Tyr Lisia
Effort: 1
Description: This guy really wants you to get him some oil stones... okay. This
mission is easily done if you're doing the Kobold Chieftain quest. All of the
oil stones you're looking for are on this path that leads to and away from the
chief so your best bet is to do both at once. After completing this return to
Magnior for some potions and experience.
Name: Rusty Inheritance
Giver: Trader Ryean
Location: Happy Cow Farm
Effort: 1
Description: It seems that a bunch of thieves stole some components from the
Trader that we could use. Set this as the active quest and head on over in that
direction. Make sure to grab Four Yellow Feet along with this one since you're
going to be heading in that direction anyways. There are numerous thieves in
the area so proceed slowly and just take them out one at a time, two at best.
When you've killed them all you can return to complete the quest to net some
good items for you to equip.
Name: Safe Roads
Giver: Mister Shultz
Location: Farm West of Black Oaks
Effort: 2
Description: This poor merchant had all of his friends killed by a robber and
all of his money for the month taken. You're going to have to get it back while
also making the roads safe for travel again. Head on over to the indicated spot
on your map to find the robber-knight, several of his aides and his pet dog all
needing to be killed. They tend to be split up so you shouldn't have to worry
about being horded, just be patient and they will go down easy. Now head back
to the merchant to return his gold.
Name: Scattered View
Giver: Nearsighted Man
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 1
Description: A simple enough task, simply head on over to the sewer grate that
is indicated by the quest marker and go down. The glasses are inside of a large
rat so you will have to kill it before you can return to the man for a reward.
Name: The Sick Hermit
Giver: Sick Hermit
Location: East of Twainbrook in Wilderness
Effort: 2
Description: Not a terriby difficult quest but it can be tough if you've not
been level grinding at all. When you take the key from the Hermit it allows you
to go into the big doors nearby. Inside of this mine are a bunch of flying
enemies as well as some rats. The flying creatures are ridiculously hard to hit
with ranged attacks for some reason so be careful when dealing with them. Take
it slow and you will find all eight of the herbs you need just lying around.
Now make your way back to Twainbrook to find the herbalist who offers to give
you money for the herbs. This starts a branched quest; you can either take the
money from the woman or refuse it to save the hermits life.

If you didn't give the herbs to the woman then you can talk to her again to get
her to make the medicine for him. Now you can return to the hermit for an
experience reward.
Name: The Spirit of Atherton
Giver: Spirit of Atherton
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 3
Description: Make sure you're at least level 12 before attempting this. Not
only is the path itself fairly dangerous but the enemies there aren't going to
make it any easier. When you get to the location a Horde Commander who will ask
you to reconsider your attempts to recover the lost book. This man is a tomb
robber and a thug of the highest order. Accept the fact that you're going to
have to fight him and kill him and his buddies. Now take the book to the man
in Black Oaks known as the Chronicler to finish this quest. You get some pretty
cool bracers for your trouble.
Name: Sports Can be Hazardous to your Health
Giver: Coach Hinrich
Location: Orcish Byway
Effort: 2
Description: Sounds like a good old game of sports got seriously out of hand
due to the Orcs aggressiveness. The guys you're looking for are located north
and just a bit to the west, follow the map to find them easily. The orcs aren't
too hard to kill but they are worth a good chunk of experience. Using a Potion
of the Mentor here will let you rake in a pretty good amount of experience. As
soon as you've killed them return to the coach for your reward.
Name: The Stolen Poems
Giver: Farity
Location: Thylysium
Effort: 2
Description: The quest marker will lead you to the basement under TyBoss's home
where you will fight some rats and ghosts. In the back is some sort of poetry
spouting thief who attacks you when you talk to him. Taking the poems from his
body you can now return to Farity for your reward. 
Name: Stop the Golem
Giver: Farmers Son Miklof
Location: Orcish Byway
Effort: 1
Description: Make your way over to the indicated area and grab the bucket of
water. Bringing it back to the little boy ends this quest but starts up another
one. You're going to have to do this no less than two more times before the
quest finally ends and you get your experience point award.
Name: Strange Ritual
Giver: Elrohir
Location: Tyr Lisia, Northern Camp
Effort: 3
Description: Be careful with this mission,w hat you're being asked to do here
is actually fairly dangerous if you're not well leveled. When you reach the
location on your map, up on top of the hill, you will have to fight off more
than just cultists, there is a demon up here. Well not really a demon but more
of a fire elementalis looking thing. Regardless it's called a demon and it can
do a whole lot of damage. Plus it's got alot of health making for one hell of
a brawl if you're not careful to pick off some cultists first. They're not very
hard at all but they will confuse your aim, letting the demon get in some cheap
shots while you struggle. Once they're all dead you can raid the bodies and two
chests here before returning for your reward.
Name: Swords to Plowshares
Giver: Blacksmith Gunnar
Location: Orcish Byway
Effort: 3
Description: Bring him 15 goblin swords? We're going to kill a lot more than
just fifteen goblins so this shouldn't be a problem at all! If you'd like to 
get this as quickly as possible just check the roads to the north of the Byway.
You will find considerably more than just the 15 goblins you need to complete
this request. Take the weapons back to the smith for your reward. 
Name: The Third Sacrifice
Giver: Kelsior
Location: Human Outpost, Seraphyria (Dragon Caves)
Effort: 1
Description: This is a pretty simple quest. You will find the barrel of beer in
the very next corridor, you absolutely cannot miss it. You don't even need to
bring the barrel back to the guy who asked you to get it in the first place.
   Name: The One Who Made It
   Giver: Orc Survivor
   Location: Tunnels near Human Outpost
   Effort: 3
   Description: Seems that the Orc wants you to escort him to the beach so that
he can escape to the Orc lands. Regardless of what the quest marker tells you
at this moment your destination is in the entirely other direction back the way
that you just came. Follow the paths to the west out of the human settlement
and you will find a whole new branch of paths that take eventually drop you out
onto a beach. This little fishing settlement is where the Orc wanted to go so
drop him off here for the amulet.
   Name: Victims First
   Giver: Automatic
   Location: Automatic
   Effort: 3
   Description: Teleport back to the human outpost in the caves and speak to
the man who gave you this quest line in the first place. He will finally take
the beer you went for and give you a large gold and experience point reward.
Name: Thread Rush
Giver: Lena
Location: Griffinborough
Effort: 2
Description: The womans husband is sick and she needs you to get Thread Rush.
If you're doing the Light campaign talk to her again to refuse to take the ring
and then head towards the Apothecary. However Thread Rush is rare now that the
local Count has taken it all for himself. We have to bust out his nephew and
get some Thread Rush ourselves. Make your way towards the quest marker to find
a camp full of Marauders who immediately attack you. These guys are pretty hard
to kill, having a high defense value and lots of hit points, but they aren't
too damaging so you shouldn't have much of a problem taking them out.
   Name: Turan's Findings
   Giver: Turan
   Location: Marauder Camp, north of Griffinborough
   Effort: 2
   Description: So it's a bunch of criminals is it? Time to wipe them out. Head
on over to the camps location to find out that Turan wasn't kidding - this is a
really big camp. Some schmo tries to stop you from entering but talk to him a
few times and he will attack you. Now the enemies in here are actually pretty
tough, doing fair damage and having a high defense. But if you go slow and try
to avoid engaging more than two of them at once you won't have too many
problems here. Just try to avoid the spiders ganging up on you with marauders
or you might have some problems. Once they're all dead speak to the captive,
Adrien, to resolve this part of the quest. Simply go to the apothecary, turn
in the Thread Rush to him and then go to the guard indicated on the map to end
this quest finally.
Name: Threatened Vinery
Giver: Marcus
Location: Vinery to the Northeast of Thylysium
Effort: 1
Description: Very simple quest, all you need to do is walk around the vineyard
and start killing all of the boars that you come across. They're not terribly
difficult so it shouldn't even take much effort.
   Name: Plentiful Harvest
   Giver: Marcus
   Location: Vinery to the Northeast of Thylysium
   Effort: 2
   Description: Now you have an escort quest to perform. The simple way to do
this one is to immediately teleport back to Thylysium with the farmer. Within
the city you don't have too much to worry about so simply walk on over to the
market and he will reward you for your help.
Name: The Tortured Soul
Giver: Timoch the Innkeeper
Location: Twainbrook
Effort: 1
Description: Yay for an easy quest! To complete this all you have to do is walk
up the hill in the north part of town, go into the cemetary and defeat the
undead that is shambling around. Once it's dead you can return to Timoch for
some gold as a reward.
Name: The Turtle Eggs
Giver: Ranger Mekeliel
Location: South of Temple Ruins
Effort: 1
Description: Gotta do something about the poacher who looted these nests it
would seem. This is simple enough really since he's nearby. Set this as the
active quest and follow it to the marker to find the poacher. He will attack
you so take him out to recieve the bagg of turtle eggs you need. Return this to
the ranger to recieve your money reward.
Name: Tutorial Blacksmith
Giver: Michel the Blacksmith Apprentice
Location: Sloeford
Effort: 2
Description: Once again this is simple enough; follow the quest marker on your
map to find the cave and head on inside. There's nothing particularly fearsome
in here so just carve on through the enemies and get to the back. After talking
to the "thieves" a bit you will fight them. Kill them, get the key to the chest
here and open it up to find the "stolen" goods. Return to Michel to get some
gold and a Journeymans Work Sword. Bringing this to the blacksmith you can get
it some pretty nice enhancements for free or use your own. Completing this
quest means you can use the smith at your leisure now as well.
Name: Tutorial Damage Types
Giver: Sergeant Henear
Location: Outside of Twainbrook
Effort: 2
Description: Well it seems that the Kobolds have some sort of trick up their
sleeves that lets them kill undead easily. So it's time to find out what's up
with their firearms. Head back into Twainbrook and go to the cave indicated.
You will see a Kobold with a flaming sword fighting some undead Legionnaires
and a giant spider. Kill the enemies before talking to the Kobold - as thanks
he will give you a Chunk of Lava. This allows you to add the fire element to
your weapon, something that will come in useful against the undead you will be
fighting soon. Head on back to Sergeant Henear for some gold and experience.
Name: Tutorial Hirelings
Giver: Lieutenant Niran
Location: Outside of Pig Farm Near Sloeford
Effort: 2
Description: This one takes a bit longer but it isn't especially hard. What is
hard is actually keeping Rinarn alive throughout the mission. When you speak to
him after accepting the mission there's a trick here. If you accept when he
asks you a question he will use his sword. So simply choose "close" and he will
use his bow which allows you to take the risks instead of him running off to 
fight groups of enemies by himself. Also, you don't get XP for his kills so you
have more reasons to keep him away. 

Make your way to the Golden Coast while you do most of the fighting. If he gets
hurt you can heal him by going near him and using a health potion so do your
best to keep him alive. Just outside of the cave make sure to pick up the Pesky
Pirates quest from the man outside. Now head on inside and clear the cave of
enemies. You can rescue the two fighters from the rear after you've killed the
pirate captain and the four Seamen that accompany him. 

This is where the mission gets tricky though. These two fighters are really,
really stupid and you need to keep them alive. They will gleefully rush into a
group of enemies to attack them even if you're a ranged character. Sometimes
they will near totally run off, bouncing from enemy to enemy. This is a real
problem if you haven't cleared out the cave completely. Try to stay close and
heal them if they get hurt so they can survive on their own for at least a
short while. Once you get all three outside you get your reward.
Name: Tutorial Relics
Giver: Lianara
Location: Sloeford
Effort: 1
Description: A little girl has lost her teddy bear and it's our job to rescue
it from the fiends! When you get into the cave you will be fighting bears and
you'll need to be careful about this. They're pretty strong, especially if you
aren't a melee fighter, so do not fight more than one at a time. The mother
bear guarding the relic is especially problematic so try to use ranged attacks
to weaken her before moving in. Pick up the teddy bear and speak to the baby
bear here to get it to follow you. Take it back to Lianara and she will give
you a Relic of Antidote and go running off.
Name: Tutorial Runemaster
Giver: Zamanar, Rune Master
Location: Sloeford
Effort: 1
Description: These tutorial missions in Sloeford are pretty simple. Follow the
quest marker to find where the boy is located. When you arrive you will find a
bunch of wolves and a blue Alpha Wolf. This wolf is pretty strong compared to
the other wolves but if you're around level 4 then he's a push over. Kill him
and his buddies to draw out the child and then escort him back to town.
Name: Unexpected News
Giver: Soldier
Location: Tyr Lisia / Sloeford Border - High Elven Outpost
Effort: 1
Description: Delivering a letter to his betrothed? What are we, mailmen? Fine.
However do NOT do this mission until you're done with other quests in the area.
When you talk to the man he directed you to he will attack you. One hit will
make him stop. Upon talking to her a second time he apologizes and asks you to
take him to his sister in the elven capital city. Another escort quest. The
main problem with this quest is crossing the bridge to the elven citys area
will lead to a huge fight with boars, undead and bandits. More often than not
the escort will run TOWARDS the huge enemy group and draw a whole bucketload of
aggro. Use healing potions repeatedly to save yourself the frustration of these
fools dying. Bring him to his brother 
Name: Unique Mounts
Giver: Archaeologists Sister
Location: Orcish Byway
Effort: 1
Description: You have to go speak to the girls brother located near Urthaks
Moxy about some sort of unique mounts. This is probably the most important of
the side quests in the game since this is the only way to get your mounts. So
start heading on over to Urthak's Moxie ASAP. Talk to her brother to find out
that he lost hte map to the island. Well we can't have that so lets head on
over to where the map was dropped.

There's a veritable army of orcs and goblins along your path there but they are
not too hard if you're past level 16 so blaze a path through them and grab up
that map. Now bring it back to the man so that he can show you how to read it.
Seems all that you need now is a captain. This can be found north in Urthak's
Moxie, near the harbor.

Head on over there and talk to him to be taken to the Island of Mounts. Once
there follow the quest marker to meet Hugard who sends you to fight to prove
yourself worthy of one of the mounts here. The quest marker will guide you to
a giant gate with some T-Eng infused mini-Kobolds running around on the other
side. These guys are worth a whole lot of experience, aren't too hard to kill
and don't do too much damage. Simply use your strongest attacks so that their
hits don't add up and you will be fine. 

NOTE: This is a great place to use a potion of the mentor. These guys are worth
about 700+ experience even to a near 20th level character. Using potion can
shoot your XP gain through the roof and almost guarantee a level up. Do this
for each wave of enemies and you will gain a serious amount of experience.

Upon killing them all you will return to Hugard only to find out that he wants
you to fight yet more enemies. These are simply animals that you've fought on
the mainland but they appear to be infused by T-Eng and are much harder,
stronger and do more damage. Be careful when fighting them and try not to be
overwhelmed by a group of more than three of them. After returning to Hugard
you will be told that there's one final test ahead of you. Can't be that bad
now can it?

Yes, yes it can. This last group you will fight is very dangerous. Consisting
of a big three headed dragon type creature, several minotaurs, giant spiders
and other creatuers (all infused by T-Eng) you're in for a tough brawl here.
Use your buffs to help survive the brawl and don't forget that you can always
just teleport the heck out of there, heal and return if you find yourself
having too big of a problem. When the last one is dead Hugard will finally let
you purchase one of the mounts. These hover around the 100k+ range so be ready
to drop a chunk of change on one.
Name: Wolf Pelts
Giver: Michael Ronney
Location: Farm West of Black Oaks
Effort: 1
Description: Michael wants you to get him 13 wolf pelts which really isn't all
that big of a deal. It's not picky about what pelts you get so simply pick up
this quest and complete it as you're doing other ones. Eventually you will get
thirteen pelts and can then bring it back to him for your reward.
Name: The Wolf Problem
Giver: Farmer Mahtan
Location: Wilderness East of High Elf Outpost, North of Thylysia
Effort: 3
Description: This is a simple mission but it goes on for a bit. First things
first, head on over to Herder Gildor and agree to help him fight off the wolves
who are about to attack. They're pretty easy so just take them out and talk to
him again. He asks you to go out into the wild and find where the wolves have
set up shop. It's a bit of a ride but you should find them easily. Take out the
lot of them before returning to Herder Gildor. Upon talking to him he will
change into a werewolf and need to be killed, not too difficult an enemy. With
all of that done return to the Farmer to get your reward.

9. Skills
9.01 - Aspect Skills
Aspect Lore - Raises the Critical Hit, Damage and Execution Speed of the combat
arts that fall under this Aspect. Also grants you modification points at set
intervals for Combat Arts under this Aspect.
      Mastery - Increases damage.
Available to: Each class has this for two of their skills.
 - This is a very good skill with almost no failings to it. There's no real way
to go wrong... Just do yourself one favor. If you're not using any skills from
an Aspect that do damage (all buffs and the like) then don't throw many points
into this skill. It helps with the Execution Speed but that's about it. This is
a mistake that's been done several times and it's pointless.

Aspect Focus - Decreases the regeneration time for skills in this Aspect as
well as raising the highest level you can raise your combat arts without any
penalties. It also grants you modification points for that Aspects arts.
      Mastery - Decreases regeneration time. Spell levels are raised higher.
Available to: Each class has this for two of their skills.
 - You will need to put five points into some of the Lore (or Focus) skills
before you can buy the other Focus skills. However after that point you should
invest heavily in the Aspect that you're planning to use most. With a low
enough regeneration time as well as the right equipment you can use your skills
at such a rapid fire rate as to replace your basic attacks. Very important and
useful for the right characters.

Now unless you're a spellcaster who is using Combat Arts for the majority of
your damage dealing you're not going to need more than one Lore / Focus combo
for one of your Aspects. This allows you to focus and not waste up all of your
skill slots. Just remember the key to a strong character build - focus.

9.02 - Combat Art Skills
Ancient Magic - Raises the damage of non-weapon Combat Arts. So any fireball
type attacks are boosted but a flaming sword attack would not be.
      Mastery - Lowers the opponents resistances to the 5 damage types.
Available to: Dryad, High Elf, Shadow Warrior
 - This is a very powerful skill that makes your offensive Combat Arts all the
more powerful and useful. When Mastered this allows you to use spells that are
generally useless in a situation anyways. So you could hit a fire elemental
with a fire spell successfully. Seeing as how many enemies later on have good
resistances to all types of attack this works wonders.

Combat Discipline - Increases the damage done by all Combat Arts. Improves the
regeneration time of skills that are have been placed in a combo. Allows three
skills to be used in a single combo.
      Mastery - Allows you to place four Combat Arts into a combo. Lowers the
regeneration time of skills further. Increases damage greatly.
Available to: All Classes
 - While this only sounds marginally useful it's actually quite a bit more
powerful than it lets on. By placing skills into combos and then never actually
using the combo you get to reap the benefits of this. It's not a bad place to
put some skill points if you find yourself with extra skill slots to use up.

Concentration - Lowers the regeneration time of all Combat Arts, allows one
extra buff to be activated at all times. 
      Mastery - Greatly decreases regeneration time of all Combat Arts. This
also allows you to have up to three buffs activated at the same time.
Available to: All Classes
 - This is definitely one of the most powerful skills in the entire game. Not
only does it allow you to have three buffs going (already quite powerful) but
it makes all of your Combat Arts regenerate quite rapidly. If you can get this
high enough you can really use your Combat Arts constantly. As such, increases
to this help offset raising the level of your Combat Arts.

9.03 - Defensive Skills
Armor Lore - Increase the armor bonus from armor as well as the regeneration
penalty from armor. It also allows you to use higher level items without any
penalties and unlocks armor attributes that require the Armor Lore skill.
      Mastery - Reduces the regeneration penalty.
Available to: All Classes
 - There is little reason for someone to not take this skill if they have space
in their character build. If there is no space you should consider making the
space for it. Even if you don't really care about the armor bonus the regen
penalty reduction is a real boon and the armor attributes can be very useful if
you get a good suit of armor. There is no real negatives with this skill.

Combat Reflexes - Raises the chance to evade hostile weapon attacks as well as
lowering the chance of a critical hit affecting you. 
      Mastery - Increases the chance to evade attacks.
Available to: Dryad, Inquisitor, Seraphim, Shadow Warrior, Temple Guardian
 - This is a very good skill that can be of great help to any character who
has the space to take it. The reduction in critical hit chance is of great help
when fighting bosses who can sometimes kill you in one shot with a lucky shot
that just happens to be a critical. The ability to evade attacks is just more
icing on the cake really.

Constitution - This skill increases your maximum hit points as well as your
out of combat hit point regeneration rate.
      Mastery - Allows you to regenerate within combat with your out of combat
health regeneration rate.
Available to: All Classes
 - Yet another skill that there's no reason to take if you have space for it.
This skill will allow you to live much longer without needing to use potions
thanks to speed you can regenerate. If you can bring this skill to the point of
Master then you will stand a much better chance in longer, drawn out fights
like some of the late game bosses. You will be healing as the fight goes on and
if you can avoid damage for a short time you will find yourself not needing to
use healing potions much if at all. This is incredibly helpful.

Pacifism - ONLY EFFECTIVE IN PVP. This skill reduces the damage taken when you
are attacked by hostile players.
      Mastery - Greatly reduces damage inflicted by hostile players.
Available to: All Classes
 - This is one of those skills that you shouldn't even bother ever picking up.
Even if you're planning on fighting in PVP you can do better by just going to
town on other skills and making sure to max them out. The only reason to take
Pacifism is if you're building a character specifically to fight in PVP which
is generally pointless in this game.

Shield Lore - In addition to raising the defense value of equipped shields this
also allows you to use higher level items without penalty.
      Mastery - Gives you a chance to block melee attacks with the shield.
Available to: Dryad, Seraphim, Shadow Warrior, High Elf
 - The two most effective combat forms in the game seem to be dual wielding or
using a weapon and shield. If you choose to go with the shield then you should
take this skill, raising the living heck out of it. This will allow you to have
a quite high defensive value, higher than might otherwise be possible, which
will help you survive most enemy attacks. It's a great boon if it matches the
character build you're using.

Spell Resistance - Increases the characters Spell Resistance. Also decreases
the chance of detrimental effects (burn, poison, etc.) from these skills/spells
taking effect. It also reduces the chance of Critical Hits from enemy spells.
HOWEVER the bonus to spell resistance doesn't seem to be working at the moment.
      Mastery - Reduces the duration of all detrimental effects.
Available to: All Classes
 - Honestly without the ability to actually just fully nullify spells this just
isn't that impressive a skill. Even with that trait this skill would still be
pretty mediocre in the fact that if your resistance fails then there is no
effect at all. However if you invest those points heavily in something like
Constitution or Toughness then you're increasing the chance you will survive
all attacks which is more important.

Toughness - Grants your character automatic resistance to each type of damage
as well as reducing all incoming damage.
      Mastery - Greatly increases damage reduction.
Available to: Inquisitor, Temple Guardian, Seraphim, Shadow Warrior
 - This skill will be of great use as you play the game but don't expect it to
show off too much during your first playthroughs of the game. It's very strong
but it takes some time before it actually grows into itself. This is due to the
fact that it doesn't grant that much resistance or damage reduction until you
get to a pretty high level. It's helpful early on but not strictly the most
useful of skills. Taking it as a later game skill and then boosting it up with
equipment or lots of skill points is a better way to go.

Warding Energy Lore - Increases your maximum shield energy as well as allowing
your shields to absorb more damage. This also allows you to use two special
trophy items that increase your shields effectiveness.
      Mastery - Allows your shields to regenerate faster.
Available to: Seraphim, Temple Guardian
 - This skill only affects three skills: the Temple Guardians T-Eng Shield and
the Seraphims Warding Energy and Divine Protection. It also allows you to use
the Accumulator and Mechanical Parts trophies which increase the regeneration
rate of the shields. Lastly it also unlocks any item attributes that require
Warding Energy Lore. All of this is really fantastic if you're actually going
to be making use of the buffs that use this skill. If you're not then you're
just wasting your skill points. Even then you shouldn't invest too many points
in the skill, it's just not powerful enough. Points are better placed in the
Toughness or Armor Lore if you need protection. Just put some points in and
allow any "All Skills +X" type items you get to boost this up. The results will
likely be appreciable enough.

9.04 - General Skills
Alchemy - This grants bonuses when using potions. This increases the amount
that health potions heal, amount of damage recovery elixirs neutralize and the
duration of Concentration Potions, Potions of the Mentor and Potions of Undead
Death. In addition they allow the use of special Trophy items. 
      Mastery - Increases the bonuses of potions yet further. Allows the use of
items that require Alchemy Mastery to see their effects.
Available to: Dryad, High Elf, Inquisitor, Shadow Warrior, Seraphim
 - This is a fairly good skill if you can use it and it's a damn shame that the
Temple Guardian is the only one who can't do so. This is the sort of thing you
should try to use if you can fit it into your character build especially since
the bonus items you can use are great as is the increased duration on the
Potions of the Mentor. However the trophies aren't all that great so you will
have to measure if this is a skill worth taking.

Bargaining - Raises the chance of merchants offering you better items as well
as raising the chance of merchants giving you a deal on those items.
      Mastery - Grants a boost to the quest rewards you recieve.
Available to: High Elf, Inquisitor, Dryad, Seraphim, Temple Guardian
 - This is a fantastic skill but you should wait on picking it up. The problem
here is that you're going to increase the quality, and the cost, of the items
that you're buying. So since the items are going to get better, fast, you're
not going to be able to afford them and as such this can bite you in the rear
very quickly. But do make sure to get it since it's quite useful for almost all
characters to have.

Blacksmith - Allows your character to blacksmith items without needing the
smith in towns. Allow syou to work higher level items as you increase the level
of the skill. It also allows you to forge items into lower level slots than are
normally allowed (Rings into Bronze instead of Silver).  This also decreases
the costs of Blacksmithing.
      Mastery - Allows you a chance to remove all enhancements from an item
without them breaking
Available to: Shadow Warrior, Temple Guardian, Inquisitor
NOTE: This skill is basically broken in the console version of the game! Read
the description carefully!
 - If you're playing the PC version then this is one of the best skills in the
game. On the fly it allows you change the elemental affinities of your weapons
and equipment to deal with the enemies, or bosses, you're currently fighting.
It also provides the fantastic ability to remove enhancements from a weapon
without having to think about which one you're willing to lose. This is a very
big boon.
 - Should you be playing on the consoles though... well you're screwed. None of
the effects of blacksmithing work. At all. You can't smith on your own, items
still break all of the time with mastery and there's generally no reason for
you to take this skill. Which is all the more a pity.

Divine Devotion - This skill decreases the regeneration time of your Divine
Gift as well as increasing the potency of its abilities.
      Mastery - Reduces the regeneration time of the Divine Gift yet more.
Available to: All Classes
 - While the Divine Gifts' in this game are incredibly useful this is mostly
only the case on the lowest difficulty. As you get into the higher difficulties
and raising your level their effects drop in use. That makes taking this skill
a dicey proposition. Even one of the best Gifts, that of Forens (high chance of
reflecting damage), doesn't scale the greatest with levels. Taking this will
mitigate that a bit but not a whole lot. This means that you need to make a
serious judgement call before taking this skill.

Enhanced Perception - Raises your chance to find Valuables, detect traps and
creatures using stealth. Does NOT help you find Magical Hiding Places.
      Mastery - Grants a chance to find secret compartments in chests and
hiding places (gives more rewards).
Available to: Dryad, Seraphim, Temple Guardian, High Elf, Shadow Warrior
 - This is an incredibly good skill especially if paired with Bargaining. Since
you're going to be finding more valuables you will have them to sell off and
buy the better items from the merchant. Either way this is a very good skill if
you've got the space for it, simply not a necessity.

Riding - Increases the level of the horse that can be ridden, decreases the
regeneration time of the horse based Combat Arts. It also makes the mount's
Combat Arts more effective.
      Mastery - Increase the movement speed of the mount.
Available to: All Classes
 - Honestly you shouldn't spend enough time mounted on a horse for this skill
to really matter. You want to get your special mounts which allow you to use
your classes Combat Arts and makes them better to boot. Forget this skill as it
is a space waster unless you're building a concept class (like a Paladin type
Shadow Warrior or somesuch).

9.05 - Offensive Skills
Damage Lore - Grants an increased chance to trigger secondary effects of the
weapon or art you are using (wound, burn, freeze, weaken or poison effects).
      Mastery - Increases the duration and damage / effect of the secondary
effects that are so triggered.
Available to: All Classes
 - How effective this skill is greatly depends on how much you're planning on
using combat arts or weapon enhancements. Since these secondary effects can be
used cumulatively (ie. a sword with fire and a combat art with poison both can
afflict a person at once although only one graphic will show) this can become
very powerful. If you have a High Elf using Magic Coup, for example, you will
find this to be a fairly valuable and useful skill. If you're not planning on
this, or mostly planning to use non-elemental Combat Arts, then this is pretty
much not worth picking up.

Dual Wield - This wonderful skill grants the ability to wield two one-handed
weapons at the same time. This raises the chance to hit with both weapons as
well as the attack speed. Increases the item level that can be used in your
off-hand without penalty.
      Mastery - Adds the ability for each hit to strike twice (Double Hits).
Available to: Inquisitor, Dryad, Seraphim, Shadow Warrior
 - This is probably the coolest melee skill in the entire game. Not only does
it allow you to double your damage output but when you reach mastery the pain
you can bring is incredible due to the dual hits (possibly four hits with only
two swings of the sword). When paired up with combat skills that allow for
extra hits you can strike enemies so fast they don't know what happened. The
only problem here is that this skill overrides other similar skills like Sword
or Hafted Weapons when you're using two weapons. This means the only effect of
these skills is to grant you higher level weapons to use or unlock weapon
attributes but this requires hefty investment in two skills so it's costly.

Hafted Weapons - Increases the attack value and attack speed of any weapons of
this type that you use. It also increases the item levels you can use without
any penalty. It also unlocks any weapon attributes that require this skill to
be used. Includes Axes, Clubs and Hammers, both one and two handed.
      Mastery - Adds the ability for each hit to strike twice (Double Hits).
Available to: Inquisitor, Shadow Warrior, Temple Guardian
 - The usefulness of this skill depends on what sort of character build you are
going for. Pick a type of weapon at the beginning of the game and simply stick
with it to ensure the best results. Honestly there is no "wrong" weapon type to
use in the game, each simply has its' own strengths and weaknesses.

Magic Staffs - Increases the attack value and attack speed of any weapons of
this type that you use. It also increases the item levels you can use without
any penalty. It also unlocks any weapon attributes that require this skill to
be used. Includes both one and two handed mage staffs.
      Mastery - Adds the ability for each hit to strike twice (Double Hits).
Available to: High Elf, Inquisitor
 - If you're playing a High Elf and planning on doing melee combat in between
spells or a more magic oriented Inquisitor then Magic Staffs is a good skill
choice. However you shouldn't put too many points into it since you want the
skill to go up but you don't want to raise it higher than those skills that are
more important such as Concentration. As you equip items that raise your skills
it will get more effective anyways so don't stress over it.

Pole Arms - Increases the attack value and attack speed of any weapons of this
type that you use. It also increases the item levels you can use without any
penalty. It also unlocks any weapon attributes that require this skill to be
used. Includes Halberds, Javelins and Poles.
      Mastery - Adds the ability for each hit to strike twice (Double Hits).
Available to: Dryad, Seraphim, Shadow Warrior, High Elf, Inquisitor
 - The usefulness of this skill depends on what sort of character build you are
going for. Pick a type of weapon at the beginning of the game and simply stick
with it to ensure the best results. Honestly there is no "wrong" weapon type to
use in the game, each simply has its' own strengths and weaknesses.

Ranged Weapons - Increases the attack value and attack speed of any weapons of
this type that you use. It also increases the item levels you can use without
any penalty. It also unlocks any weapon attributes that require this skill to
be used. Includes Bows, Blowguns, Energy Pistols, Energy Weapons, Throwing
Daggers and Throwing Stars.
      Mastery - Adds the ability for each hit to strike twice (Double Hits).
Available to: All Classes
 - For Dryads or ranged combat builds this is obviously an essential skill if
you're planning on being useful. The attack speed becomes quite a bit more
important when you're trying to kill an enemy off before they get right into
your face and start eating it off. If you're going this route you will probably
want Speed Lord as well as Tactics Lore to help you with rapid damage output.
They aren't totally necessary but are just a good idea.

Speed Lore - Increases your movement speed when on foot. Also increases your
attack and defense value regardless of what weapons or armor you use.
      Mastery - Increases run speed.
Available to: All Classes
 - This isn't the most important or useful of skills unless you're playing a
less damaging melee character type or ranged attack. Something like a Dryad or
High Elf melee character will benefit greatly from the ability to hit foes more
often while a ranged character definitely benefits from the further increases
to the attack speed of their weapons. For most other characters there are far
more important skills to take.

Sword Weapons - Increases the attack value and attack speed of any weapons of
this type that you use. It also increases the item levels you can use without
any penalty. It also unlocks any weapon attributes that require this skill to
be used. Includes Bastard Swords, Daggers, Sabers, Short Swords, Regular Swords
and Two-Handed Swords.
      Mastery - Adds the ability for each hit to strike twice (Double Hits).
Available to: All Classes
 - The usefulness of this skill depends on what sort of character build you are
going for. Pick a type of weapon at the beginning of the game and simply stick
with it to ensure the best results. Honestly there is no "wrong" weapon type to
use in the game, each simply has its' own strengths and weaknesses.

Tactics Lore - Increases the chance for critical hits as well as raising the
damage that you deal with all weapons. Provides you with modification points to
be used in weapon based Combat Arts (Exalted Warrior for example).
      Mastery - Increases the chance for Critical Hits.
Available to: All Classes
 - There are few skills that are as necessary in the game but there is almost
no reason for any weapon using character to not take Tactics Lore. Forgetting
about the modification points the critical hit and damage bonuses will pay for
themselves in short order. Keeping them in mind this rapidly becomes the best
of the combat skills you can get your hands on. Seeing as how any character can
take this skill immediately upon getting skill points for the first time it
becomes only stronger still. It's very possible to get a skill fully modified
by level 9 if you're persistent with putting points in Tactics Lore.

10. About the Author
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