.Hack Quarantine - Alternate Items Locations Faq, Version 1.1
Items Completion Contest
By Sister
Email: sis_cindy@hotmail.com

Copyright: April 29, 2005, Cindy Minguez.  This faq is mine.  If you have
a site where you help people for free, go ahead and use it if you like. 
You don’t have to write me.  Just don’t be trying to sell it. It’s free. 
If you’re making money from it, I expect you to send me my share.

Emails:  If you find something I haven’t or an error, I’d love for you to let 
me know.  I've been over and over this faq, but I still probably have mistakes.
Please let me know if you find one, and I'll try to get it fixed. 
Please, though, don’t email me pages and pages of locations for 
items I already have plenty of locations for.  Lots of items will be found 
over and over and over again.  Had I listed every location for every item 
I found, this faq would be 100 pages long. I’ve tried to just offer a variety 
of options between data draining, dungeon crawling (chest finding), and the 
Myst Springs. Not to be rude or anything, but I just can't list them all.
I’d still love to know where those Leather Legs are. :)

Version 1.1 Update: Removed the tabs that scrambled in the first upload 
and adjusted the spacing to make the guide easier to read. Moved the 
tips and advice to the bottom.

Version 2.1 Update: Corrected mistakes and added a few new locations/recipes. 
I found those Leather Legs! Hooray! Found Asura, too. Removed optional trades 
from the lists. Working on more armor recipes for the Myst Springs, but it's 
gonna take a while.

Version 2.2 Update: Added locations for weapons Thunderlord, Oni's Fork,
Excalibur, and Jormungand. A huge thanks to TopperCop for these locations!
According to Toppercop, you have a one in five chance (20%) of getting the 
item you're after, so just keep trying. Thanks again, TopperCop!

Version 2.5 Update: Received a long list of recipes from Peter W. Many thanks 
to him for his hard work and for sharing with me. I will include a PW with
the info he gave me. Thanks again, Peter! I also heard from toomedieval, who
pointed out that I had the data drain entries wrong for Hands of Fire and
Hands of Earth and that I skipped the Fairy Spear completely. Thank you, too,
for the help!

Thanks:  Before we get started, I have a few people to thank.  Thanks to all 
of the other faq writers for .Hack who helped me get through this game.  
Extra thanks to Gamemaster 64, Edible, Alcestis, and Slasher 900, who all 
helped me at the board.  Super humongous thanks to Captain Panda, 
VeghEsther, and Souten no Blamung for sharing their expertise with me.  
Another special thanks to Souten no Balmung for his listing of the 
Gott-only treasures in the secrets section.  Thanks, guys. :)

New Thanks: Additional thanks to Alcestis, Ringworm, TopperCop, Split 
Infinity, Masamune3, Thundaka, brian sulpher, and Sunburst for their 
encouragement and patient advice as I worked to fix this faq. They were 
a great help to me. 

Now, on to the business at hand.

This faq's purpose isn't to tell you the best way to do the Item Completion
Contest.  It’s just as its name says - a list of alternatives. You’ve been 
data draining for a while and need to do a bit of dungeon crawling while 
Data Drain cools down?  Pick an item off the list and go looking while you 
cool off.  Trying to Data Drain a Holy Night for Tenkafuubu and got eleven 
Water Beasts in a row instead? (ELEVEN!).  Maybe you’d find Star Eater 
more cooperative (he’s got Tenkafuubu, too). You’ve been dungeon crawling 
and think you’ll try the Myst Springs for a while?  I’ll give you the 
"recipe" for that Flame Leg Mail you need.  Seen Monsieur so many times that 
you want to slap him?  I’ll tell you where I found the Heavy Metal you need 
to Data Drain for those Ronin Blades and maybe save you some of the 
jillion trips into the monster Ryu book that I made.  

For tips and advice, see Section II. I'd recommend scanning through it at least
once just in case there's something there that might prove helpful.

Section I: Items List


DD = Data Drain (always use rare DD 2128 or Drain Heart unless you 
                 want Virus Cores)
R/R = Risky and/or Regular treasure
MS  = Myst Spring 
D = Delta
T = Theta
L = Lambda
S = Sigma
O = Omega
{DBD} = Data Bug Dungeon
* = I’ve only found this item once at this location.

If it says “Buy Delta (or Theta, etc.)” – buy it at the weapons 
shop in that root town.

Outside = an enemy or item was found outside in the field.  Otherwise, it’s
          inside the dungeon.

NOTE: Always double-check the server designation; I often use the same
      dungeons in different servers.

Another Note: Remember that except for specialty areas (Christmas Card) or
storyline dungeons, all Gott chests refill, so if the item you wanted wasn't
there, sprite ocarina to the top and go right back down for a new chest. The
item you're looking for will eventually appear. Thanks to rpgprincess and
Captain Panda at the board for this; apparently I hadn't made it clear.


Well Water, Burning Oil, etc. - Trade with Wiseman or Black Rose
Noble Wine - Trade with Terajima Ryoko or DD The Guardian

Everything else can be bought at the various items shops.


Soul Charm - Trade Subaru
Health Charm - Trade Subaru or Gardenia
The Moon, The Fool, etc. - Trade (Mia has several) or pick up in dungeons
Stonebane, Waterbane, etc. - Trade Mimiru

Everything else can be bought at the various magic shops.


Trade with Grunties then pick up the rest in Gott chests.

--Key Items--

Grunty Food - Sigma Abrasive False Tragedy - speak to A-20 in the 
first room of the dungeon for a full set.

--Virus Cores-- 

A	DD Swordmanoid (D Bursting Evil-eyed Aqua Field)
B	DD Dark Rider (T Discovered Distand Projection-outside)
C	DD Hammer Shark (T Discovered Distant Projection)
D	DD Nobunga Soul (L Bitter Hot-blooded Sand Trap)
E	DD Dark Horse (L Lightless Bloody Giant)
F	DD House Golem (S Noisy Sacred Ringing Ears)
G	DD Spark Maiden (S Outpouring Imprisoned Twin Hills)
H	DD Nightmare (S Greedy Gambler’s Drift)
I	DD Earthman Drill ((S Resonating False Grasslands)
J	DD Wood Maiden (O Discovered Passed Over Capsule)
K	DD Lich Lord (O Nameless Evil Haunted Land)
L	DD Drill Idol (O Discovered Passed Over Capsule)


--Twin Blade--

Amateur Blades           Buy Delta

Steel Blades             DD Magical Goblin (D Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage)
 	                 R/R - D Unmatched Darkside Virgin

Phantom Twin             Buy Delta
Assassin                 Buy Delta

Spark Blades             R/R - L Plenteous Smiling Hypha

Lath Blades              DD Hobgoblin (D Raging Passionate Melody)
                         *R/R - D Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold

Fuse Blades              Buy Theta
Shadow Blades            Buy Theta

Cats Blades              Trade: Mutsuki
                         R/R - T Raging Promised Nobleman
                         R/R - T Chatting Momentary Secret Tower

Ronin Blades             DD Heavy Metal (T Soft Solitary Tri-Pansy)
                         R/R - T Strayed Worst Night Grass

Spell Blades             DD Ochimusha (D Cracked Snaring Cabbage-outside)
                         DD Goblin Wiz (T Bursting Passed Over Twin Hills)
                         DD Goblin Night (D Raging Destroyer's Touchstone)
                         R/R - T Dreaming Light Trap Chaos
                         R/R - T Plenteous Momentary Fort Walls

Bloody Twin              R/R - T Abrasive Mythical Milestone
                         *R/R - T Chronicling Astigmatic Drift

Sotetsu                  DD General Armor (T Dog Dancing Someone's Twin Hills)
                         R/R - T Discovered Distant Projection

Enou                     DD Gladiator (T Generous Corrupted Fort Walls)

Ryokugun*                Gott - T Discovered Forbidden Sunny Demon

Raitei                   R/R - L Soaring Sky Passed Over Haunted Land
                         R/R/ - L Blooming Bounded Hanted Land-outside

Anshou                   DD Cannibal (T Rejecting Reborn Projection-outside)
                         DD Dark Rider (T Discovered Distant Projection-outside)
                         DD Metal Goblin (T Chosen Hopeless Nothingness)

Masterblades             Buy Lambda
Hell's Gate              Buy Lambda

Dante's Blades           DD Tetra Armor (T Reincarnated Purgatorial Altar)
                         *R/R - L Closed Passionate Far Thunder

Shirogane                DD Shield Devil (L Bursting Passed Over Haunted Land)

Kurogane                 DD Phalanx (L Bursting Passed Over Haunted Land)

Yosetu & Fuyou           DD Ironball Mania (L Bottomless Guffawing Raw Ore)
                         DD Skate Rat Ark (L Bottomless Guffawing Raw Ore)

Slayers                  DD Voodoo Goblin (L Dying Madness Haunted Land)
                         Gott - L Soaring Sky Passed Over Haunted Land

Homura                   *Gott - L Soaring Sky Smiling Fate Castle
                         R/R - S Unmatched Darkside Virgin
                         R/R - L Buried Worst Sacrifice

Tsumuji                  DD Nobunga Soul (L Bitter Hot-blooded Sand Trap)
                         R/R - L Scattering Fossil's Mileston

Mikazuchi                DD Starving Ogre (L Dazzling Sage's Arctic)

Mukuro                   *Gott - L Generous Corrupted Fort Walls
                         *Gott - L Generous Corrupted Great Seal

Magatsu                  DD Ironball Titan (L Lightless Bloody Giant)

Kyoura                   DD Dark Horse (L Lightless Bloody Giant)

Akatsuki                 Buy Sigma
Bloody Blades            Buy Sigma
Rashou                   Buy Sigma

Enja                     DD Napylon (S Tested Quicksilver Valkyrie)

Hachiyou                 R/R - O Cruel Vindictive Scars

Raikoumaru               R/R - S Chattering Snaring Twins
                         R/R - S Tested Quicksilver Valkyrie
                         R/R - O Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel

Ankokushiki              DD Mog Napylon (S Dying Windmill's Neigh)
                         DD Watcher (S Soaring Sky Passed Over Haunted Land)
                         R/R - S Quiet Oblivious White Devil
                         R/R - O Unmatched Darkside Virgin

Professional             DD Time Visitor-S Soaring Sky Passed Over Haunted Land
                         R/R - O Splendid Emerald Nobleman

Specter Blades           DD Death Implant (S Nameless Silent Haunted Land)
                         R/R - S Entwined Prejudiced Chaos
                         R/R - S Tested Morphean Alchemy

Kikoku                   R/R - O Muted Starving Dry Sea
                         R/R - S Screaming Wind Sand's Fate Castle

Shin                     Buy Omega
Rei                      Buy Omega
San                      Buy Omega

Stealth Blades           DD I$p^a&t (S Tested Morphean Alchemy)
                         R/R - O Hidden Darkside Holy Ground

Kurenai                  Trade: BIG, Borscht, Wing, Benkei, or Grid

Saburo                   Trade: Rachel, Hayate, Quess, Yugi, Mackey, or M-78
                         DD Conqueror (O Cruel Vindictive Scars)

Twin Mizuchi             Trade: Nekoski, NOVA, Task, Cima, or Yuckey
                         DD Alucard (O Cruel Vindictive Scars)

Black Chapter            Trade: Gardenia, Gyokuro, Nijukata, Koji, Sachiko, 
                         or Hinata

Dragon & Tiger           Trade: Osugi, Neja, A-Kichi, Hirami, or Crest
                         DD Dark Asteroid (O Discovered Forbidden Sunny Demon)

Kiki & Lala              Trade: Mayunosuke, Acerola, Cleama, Heavy, or Henako
                         DD Death Glare (O Corroded Pagan Virgin)

Sorcery Swords           Trade: Balmung
                         *Gott - O Soaring Sky Silent Valkyrie
                         Gott - O Vaguely Imprisoned Giant

Diablo Blades            Trade: Tim or M-78
                         DD Ti&e Vi^ito$ (D Reincarnated Purgatorial Altar)

Suigetsu                 DD Gob Machine (O Rotting Countless Sacrifice)
                         *Gott - O Bursting Evil-eyed Fertile Land

Kaien                    MS
Mokuren                  MS

Raian                    Gott - O Turbulent Loose Aqua Field
                         DD $nder^mo\ (O Reincarnated Elusive Lyric Poet {DBD})

Baian                    Gott - O Discovered Forbidden Sunny Demon
                         Gott - O Generous Corrupted Great Seal
                         Gott - O Generous Corrupted Fort Walls 

Miracle Twin             Trade: Mistral
                         Gott - O Soaring Sky Hopeless Cat Market
                         Gott - O Plenteous Confused Paradise
                         Gott - O Vaguely Hopeless Sunny Demon

Tiger King               Trade: Subaru
                         DD $ndermo\ (O Hidden Darkside Holy Ground {DBD})
                         Gott: O Cursed Haunted Melody

Sublimer                 Trade: Helba
                         DD I$p^a&t (O Hidden Darkside Holy Ground {DBD})
                         DD Astro King (O Lonely Fallen Valkyrie)

--Blade Master--

Basic Sword              Buy Delta

Brave Sword              MS

Rondo                    DD Disco Knife (D Bursting Evil-eyed Aqua Field)

Mizuchi                  Buy Delta

Gakaku                   DD Sword of Chaos (D Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage)
                         DD Cadet Valkyrie (D Beautiful Sacred Nobleman)
                         R/R - D Mysterious Dusk Clavicle

Strange Blade            DD Dust Curse (D Raging Passionate Melody)

Executioner              Buy Theta

Unicorn Blade            DD Cyclo Shark (T Quiet Eternal White Devil)
                         R/R - T Quiet Eternal White Devil

Corpseblade              MS
Oval Sword               MS
Grunty's Sword           MS

Fugaku                   DD Arrowfish (D Great Evil-eyed Valkyrie)

Ensui                    MS

Komura                   DD Fresh Valkyrie (T Discovered Forbidden Sunny Demon)
                         DD Lambada Knife (D Buried Pagan Fiery Sands)
                         R/R - T Clean Momentary Sunny Demon

Souleater                MS

Singing Blade            DD Armor Shogun (T Rejecting Reborn Projection)
                         DD Hammer Shark (T Rejecting Reborn Projection)
                         R/R - S Entwined Prejudiced Chaos

Dogman's Sword           R/R - L Clean His Sacrifice

Steelblade               MS

Glitter                  Buy Lambda

Seal Sword*              R/R - L Sorrowful Her Holy Ground

Patriot                  Trade: Poison Grunty (Theta root town)
                         DD Smiley Ray (L Outpouring Hard Roe Fertile Land)

Siegfried                DD Armor Evil (L Quiet Oblivious Cabbage)

Heaven & Earth           DD Star Fish (L Sorrowful Her Holy Ground)

Lake & Sea               DD Valkyrie (L Bottomless Guffawing Raw Ore)

Fire & Sky               DD Mummy Scissors (L Dying Madness Haunted Land)

Comet Blade              MS
Demon Killer             MS

6 Side Blade             DD Temple Knight (L Blooming Promised Walkway-outside)

7 Star Sword             DD Big Eyes (L Lightless Bloody Giant)

Lion's Blade             MS
Menhir Sword             MS

Matoi*                   Gott - L Clean Momentary Sunny Demon

Nataku                   Buy Sigma

Soujin                   MS
Bloody Pain              MS

Tenkafuubu               DD Star Eater (S Dying Windmill's Neigh)
                         DD Holy Night (S Dolorous Promised Clavicle)

Phantom Blade            MS

Rising Sun               R/R - O Splendid Emerald Nobleman

Oberon                   R/R - O Quiet Countless Pilgrimage

Banished Blade           R/R - O Muted Starving Dry Sea

Pegasus Comet            MS

Seventh Seal             DD Ancanthaster (S Greedy Gambler's Drift)

Fair Soul                Buy Omega

Stream Sword             DD Star Viking (L Pulsating Sea of Cloud Whale)
                         R/R - O Spun Countless Fort

Honor's Breath           Trade: Mutsuki
Scarlet Cross            Trade: Nuke Usagimaru or Oborozukiyo
Godslayer                Trade: Bell
Needleblade              Trade: Cossack Leader

Shichiyou                Trade: Alue
                         DD Dark Starfish (O Generous Corrupted Fort Walls)

Gold Sword               Trade: Alpha Ichigoro
Trickster                Trade: Tim

Saturn Sword             MS
Mercury Sword            MS
Mars Sword               MS

Phantom Pain             Trade: Mistral

Skyesweeper              MS

Rugrats Nights           Gott - O Generous Corrupted Fort Walls

Evil Eyes                Gott - O Soaring Sky Hopeless Cat Market

Jormungand               Trade: Subaru
                         Gott - O Collapsed Oblivious Sunny Demon

Eternity                 Trade: Helba
                         DD S=ar $at&r (D Reincarnated Purgatorial Altar {DBD})

--Heavy Blade--

Adventurer               Buy Delta
Kikuichimonji            Buy Delta
Earth Sword              Buy Delta

Curing Sword             R/R - D Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage

Flamberge                MS

Green Sword              DD Bee Army (D Expansive Evil-eyed Hypha)

Stun Sword               Buy Theta
Slayer                   Buy Theta

Nodachi                  R/R - D Resonating Forbidden Fate Castle

Defense Sword            DD Red Wyrm (L Generous Corrupted Great Seal)
                         R/R - D Buried Pagan Fiery Sands
                         R/R - D Detestable False Sea of Sand (outside)

Magnifier                R/R - T Bursting Forbidden Fiery Sands

Shanato                  DD Phantom Wing (D Dog Dancing Talisman March)

Absorber                 MS

Byakuen*                 Gott - D Resonating Forbidden Fate Castle

Shidan                   DD Baby Worm (T Entwined Sea of Cloud Limit)
                         R/R - T Plenteous Momentary Fort Walls

Raijin                   MS

Sharp Blade              DD Bee Assault-T Discovered Distant Projection-outside

Spiderblade              R/R - T Abrasive Mythical Milestone

Sun Fang One             MS

Devil Blade*             R/R - T Resonating Unending Twins

Claymore                 MS

Kikujyumonji             DD Lead Snakoid (T Abrasive Mythical Milestone)
                         Gott - T Plenteous Momentary Fort Walls

Earthian Sword           R/R - L Sickened Momentary Dry Sea
                         R/R - L Shapeless Illusionary Fate Castle

Life Sword               Buy Lambda
Flame Sword              Buy Lambda

Dryad's Sword            MS

Light Giver              Trade: Iron Grunty (Theta root town)

Pain Giver               MS

Horse-Killer             DD Green Wyrm (L Quiet Oblivious Cabbage)

Blessed Blade            MS

Soul Linker              R/R - L Cracked Elusive Core

Stonecrusher             DD King Snakoid (L Dying Madness Haunted Land)

Steeler                  MS
Hien                     MS

Karin                    DD Moonlighter (L Fleeting Sacred Tri-Pansy)
                         Gott - L Generous Corrupted Great Seal

Raimei                   MS

Sonic Blade              DD Dalaigon (L Lightless Bloody Giant)

Sharktooth               MS
Sun Fang Five            MS
Ghostdancer              MS
High Forger              DD Dalaigon Anec (L Lonely Worst Haunted Land)

Kikuhyakumonji           Buy Sigma
Rock 'n Roll             Buy Sigma or Trade: Rocker Grunty
Peace Blade              Buy Sigma

Corona Blade             R/R - S Tested Quick Valkyrie
                         R/R - S Dying Windmill's Neigh

Forest Sword             DD Hydrosaurus (S Turbulent Distrusting Ice Wall)

Plasma Blade*            Gott - S Soaring Sky Passed Over Haunted Land

Executer                 DD Grangon (S Rising Implacable Sipping Bug)
                         R/R - O Generous Corrupted Fort Walls

Jindachi                 R/R - S Soaring Sky Hopeless Cat Market
                         R/R - O Quiet Countless Pilgrimage

Dispeller                DD __ed^l} (S Ancient Destroyer's Battlefield {DBD})
                         R/R - O Plentous Confused Paradise
                         R/R - O Quiet Countless Pilgrimage

Smiling Blade            DD Mugai Wyvern (S Quiet Oblivious White Devil)

Destroyer                DD Bee Commando (S Noisy Sacred Ringing Ears)
                         *R/R - O Graceful Moonlit Fort Walls

Avenger                  DD Glygon (S Sorrowful Sweltering Arena)
                         R/R - O Graceful Moonlit Fort Walls

Byakuen Custom           R/R - O Reincarnated Elusive Lyric Poet

Honeyflower              Buy Omega
Shichishito              Buy Omega
Divine Speed             Buy Omega

Narukikyou               R/R - O Chosen Bloody Crack
                         R/R - O Hidden Darkside Holy Ground

Sun Fang Zero            Trade: Hinata or Sachiko

Vajra                    Trade: A-Kichi, Nega, or Nuke Usagimaru
                         DD Demon Wyvern (O Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel)

Grim Sword               Trade: Cleama, Heavy, or Rachel
Kikusenmonji             Trade: Benkei or Wing
Earthbreaker             Trade: Mackey or Hayate
Nightingale              Trade: NOVA or Task
Honokagutuchi            Trade: Micino

Azure Blade              MS
Heavy Tempest            MS
Mercy Killer             MS
Higekirimaru             MS

Guardian Blade           DD Blue Wyrm (O Rotting Countless Sacrifice)
                         DD Dryon (O Soaring Sky Hopeless Cat Market)

Claimh Solais            MS
Stonegod Sword           MS

Sword of Gain            Trade: Mistral

Asian Phoenix            MS

Asura                    Trade: Kazu
                         Gott - O Unmatched Darkside Virgin

Thunderlord              Trade: Kazu
                         Gott - O Plenteous Corrupted Sunny Demon

Excalibur                Trade: Kazu
                         Gott - O Closed Hopeless Sunny Demon

Oni's Fork               Trade: Kazu
                         Gott - O Cursed Haunted Melody

The Sun Fang             Trade: Subaru
                         DD The Guardian (O Muted Starving Dry Sea)
                         Follow Rose in the dungeon she and Terajima 
                         invite you to.

Tsumugari                Trade: Sieg or Helba
                         DD Armor General (O Lonely Fallow Valkyrie)

--Heavy Axeman--

Hatchet                  Buy Delta

Short Swing              MS

Battle Axe               DD Chicken Hand (D Beautiful Sacred Nobleman)

Water Axe                Buy Delta

Flame Axe                *R/R - D Plenteous Smiling Hypha

Wind Axe                 DD Fiend Menhir (D Detestable Hot-blooded Twin Hills)

Thunder Axe              Buy Theta

Midnight Axe             R/R - T Lonely Worst Haunted Land
                         R/R - T Soaring Sky Passed Over Haunted Land

Razor Axe                DD Guardian (D Mysterious Dusk Clavicle)
                         DD Stone Tuttle (D Mysterious Dusk Clavicle)
                         R/R - T Chatting Momentary Secret Tower

Bronze Axe               MS

Cursed Axe               R/R - T Barking Sea of Cloud Crack
                         R/R - T Dreaming Light Trap Chaos

Earth Axe                DD Metal Emperor (D Cracked Snaring Cabbage)

Water God Axe            DD Wood Harpy (D Sickened Implacable Far Thunder)

Bloody Axe               MS
Bandit's Axe             MS

Charged Axe              R/R - L Bursting Passed Over Haunted Land
                         R/R - L Soaring Sky Passed Over Haunted Land

Darkness Axe             MS

Master's Axe             DD Mu Guardian (T Resonating Unending Twins)
                         DD Goil Menhir (T Resonating Unending Twins)

Papillon Axe             Buy Lambda

Devil's Axe              DD Mystery Rock (T Reincarnated Purgatorial Altar)
                         DD Phoenix Queen (T Lonely Worst Haunted Land)
                         R/R - L Plenteous Smiling Hypha

Handyman's Axe           Trade: Poison Grunty (Theta root town)
                         DD Death Crane (L Outpouring Hard Roe Fertile Land)

Full Swing               DD Metal Eraser (L Outpouring Hard Roe Fertile Land)

Drought Axe              MS

Brook Axe                *Gott - L Soaring Sky Passed Over Haunted Land
                         *Gott - L Voluptuous Darkside New Truth

Vitality Axe             DD Statue Menhir (L Dying Madness Haunted Land)
                         *R/R - L Buried Worst Sacrifice

Sinner's Axe             DD Sand Hill (L Generous Corrupted Great Seal)

Overloaded               MS
Darkness                 MS
Golden Mean              MS

New Scythe               DD Sphinx Menhir (L Clean Momentary Sunny Demon)

Sorcery's Axe            MS

Quake Axe                DD House Golem (L Pulsating Worst Core - E-N-S-W-N)

Dragon Axe               Buy Sigma

Splatter Axe             MS

Axe of Mobs              DD Coman Goo (S Turbulent Distrusting Ice Wall)
                         DD Gaia Turtle (S Dolorous Promised Clavicle-outside)
                         R/R - O Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel

Vortex Axe               DD San=Hi/ (S Unusual Ghostly Remnant {DBD})

Alien Axe                DD Hou=Go&m (S Noisy Sacred Ringing Ears {DBD})

Artisan Axe              DD Nega Guardian (S Quiet Oblivious White Devil)
                         R/R - O Generous Corrupted Great Seal
                         R/R - O Generous Corrupted Fort Walls

Fairy Axe                DD Spin Figure (S Soaring Sky Hopeless Cat Market)

Dark God's Axe           DD Earthman Drill (S Resonating False Grasslands)
                         *R/R - O Cracked Mythical New Truth 

Lumberjack               DD Sand Mountain (S Tested Morphean Alchemy)
                         R/R - O Raging Facing Mirror's Virgin
                         R/R - O Graceful Moonlit Fort Walls

Over Swing               MS

Desert Axe               Buy Omega

Liquid Axe               MS or Trade: Rocker Grunty (optional)

Vibrant Blade            Trade: Gyokuro or Crim
                         DD Aurora Feather (O Bursting Evil-eyed Fertile Land)

Brute's Axe              Trade: Osugi, Nuke Usagimaru, or Crim
                         DD Drill Idol (O Discovered Passed Over Capsule)

Shock Axe                Trade: Acerola, Marlo, or Crim

Black Axe                Trade: Borscht or Crim

Plasma Axe               Trade: Balmung, M-78, or Crim

Miracle Axe              Trade: Yuckey or Crim
                         DD A*roxa Fe/th&r (O Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel)

Malice's Axe             Trade: Tim

Gaia's Axe               MS or DD &om