Title: Naruto, Rise of a Ninja
Date: November 5, 2007
System: Xbox 360
Author: Adenosine
E-mail: NOSPAM@classiccase@hotmail.com (Remove NOSPAM@ to contact me).
Version: 1

Table of Contents:

Part 1
- Introduction
- Main Menu

Part 2
- Game Controls
- Executing Jutsus
- Items and Training
- Memoclips

Part 3
- Characters

Part 4
- The Beginning
- A New Jutsu
- Enter Naruto Uzumaki
- Coins For The Scroll Shop
- Shadow Clone Jutsu Training
- Find Konomaharu
- Sexy Jutsu Training
- Kakashi's Test
- Trouble at The Scroll Shop
- Escort Tazuma
- Helping Out
- Battle at The Bridge
- Land of The Waves Speed Challenge
- Collect Medical Herbs
- Rescue Moegi
- Find The Spy
- Chunin Exam
- Never Give In
- Training Time
- The Lost Bag
- Forest of Death Speed Challenge
- Forest Speed Challenge
- A Day Off
- Catch The Bandits
- Working For The Farmer
- Another Precious Scroll
- The Lost Scarf
- Temple Speed Challenge
- Replenish Herb Supplies
- Waterfall Speed Challenge
- The Lost Puppy
- Coins for The Bookstore
- Coins for The Weapon Shop
- Chunin Exam Finals

Part 5
- Ramen Delivery Tips
- Ninja Race Tips
- Coin Hunting Tips
- Tree Jumping Sequence Tips
- General Fighting Tips For Naruto
- General Adventuring Tips

Part 6
- Copyright Information

       Part 1


Greetings once again! Naruto: Rise of a Ninja is the first Xbox 360 game based
on the adventures of Naruto, as he tries to capture the hearts of the people
in his village who despise him because of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed
inside his body, which caused mass destruction in the past. The game is 
beautifully cel-shaded, so it really does resemble the hit anime series, 
coupled with some unbelievable ninja action and fun!

Please also note that you can usually do the missions in this game in any
order, except the ones that make the story progress. The order by which the
missions appear on this guide is based on how I played through the game.

I hope this guide helps you out!

Main Menu:

On the main menu, you will find these choices:

Story Mode - The adventure part of the game. It lets you control Naruto as he
follows his path into becoming a well-respected ninja in his village.

Fight Mode - This lets you fight the computer or a friend. It has Tournament
and VS modes. You can change parameters in Options.

Online Xbox Live - This lets you play with other people using an internet 

Exclusive Content - Extra downloadable things for the game.

Xbox Live Marketplace - Checks the marketplace for new stuff.

       Part 2

Game Controls:

Left Stick - moves Naruto around. Hold it slightly in one direction to make
Naruto walk, hold it fully in one direction to make Naruto run.

Right Stick - moves the camera view around.

X - press this to talk to a person nearby. If you are near a trash can, Naruto
will attack it and he'll get a coin. Hold down X while in Story Mode and it
will display Naruto's current quest. Press X to attack in fighting mode.

Y - hold this to show how popular Naruto is in the village. The more smiley
faces, the more people love Naruto. Purple angry faces mean they don't like
Naruto. Press Y to attack in fighting mode.

A - press this to make Naruto jump. Later in the game, Naruto will learn to
double jump, to do this, press A to jump, then press A again before Naruto
starts to fall. Press A to block in fighting mode.

B - Cancel.

LB - the Left Button, this shows Naruto's inventory.

RB - the Right Button, during a fighting segment, this lets your character 
throw a weapon.

LT - the Left Trigger, hold this and Naruto will get ready to perform a Justu.
You will notice that there will be two circles above Naruto's head. These shows
the direction of the sticks that you just pressed to perform a Jutsu. Also, 
while sprinting, press LT to make Naruto do a powerful brake to stop himself.

RT - the Right Trigger, later in the game, Naruto will learn how to sprint, a
faster version of his normal run. Hold RT and then move Naruto to sprint real
fast. Press RT while close to an enemy to throw him.

Back Button - shows you a big version of a map. Press and hold Y to see the
legend of the map. You are the red arrow.

Rage Mode - your character enters a state of invincibility for a short amount
of time, coupled with extra powerful attacks. Press LT+RT when your character's
icon is flashing red.

Substitution Jutsu - press A just before an attack hits you. The enemy will 
instead hit a log while you reappear behind him ready for a counter attack.

Jump Dive Kick - press A to jump then press Y to make Naruto dive with a kick.

Dashing Back Attack - press UP+X or Y to make Naruto appear behind his enemy
and hit him.

Floor Sweep - press DOWN+X to make Naruto do a roundhouse floor kick that will
knock the enemy down when hit, use this opportunity to use a jutsu.

Rising Ground Uppercut - press DOWN+Y to make Naruto explode up from the ground
with a powerful uppercut to the opponent. If it hits, use the time to attack
with a jutsu.

Chakra Regeneration - chakra is the blue bar that you need to do jutsus with.
It automatically regenerates during battle, just move away from the enemy and
avoid getting hit.

Executing Jutsus:

Performing Jutsus, a form of magical ninja attack, can be quite tricky the 
first time you attempt one. A jutsu is done by holding LT, this will make 
your character go into a Jutsu stance (Naruto will put his hands together).
As you hold LT, you use the Left and Right sticks to input directions at
the same time. You will notice that there will be a curved bar above the
character's head, and there will be a blue circle that starts to grow 
bigger. When the circle reaches the bar, the bar will flash. If the bar 
flashes, let go of LT and the Jutsu will be performed.

To simplify things for you, here's an example
on how to perform a Jutsu.

Naruto's Shadow Clone Jutsu (Level 1 Version):
HOLD LT, Left Stick(Up, Left) + Right Stick (Up, Right)

Step By Step:
1. Hold LT.
2. Press UP on the LEFT STICK while you press UP on the RIGHT STICK.
3. Press LEFT on the LEFT STICK while you press RIGHT on the RIGHT STICK.
4. Wait for the bar above Naruto's head to flash.
5. Let go of LT.

After successfully performing a Jutsu, you will go into a mini-game where you
try to hit your opponent with your Jutsu. It varies from each character. For
Naruto, you will be prompted to input two buttons. Here's an example.

Naruto's Shadow Clone Jutsu (Level 1) in Motion:
1. Input two buttons when the screen shows two empty circles. Put X and Y for
this example.
2. Naruto will begin the attack. As Naruto is near the enemy, the screen will
stop for a moment and it will show you a big X button on the screen. Press this
3. After pressing the X button, Naruto will hit the enemy. If you didn't press
it in time, the enemy will block it. The next sequence will start anyway.
4. Naruto will attack again.
5. The screen will stop and show the Y button on screen. Press Y quickly.
6. Enemy will get beaten up and finally the damage is shown.

Jutsus just sound complicated to do, but it's actually very easy when you try
it a few times.

Items and Training:

Ramen - this can be bought from the noodle shop to regain your health, but
not while in battle. To eat ramen, press LB to open your inventory, select
the ramen, and then press A to eat. You can upgrade ramen at the noodle
shop to regain more health and to carry more ramen.

Weapons - you can throw weapons in battle by pressing RB. The weapon shop has
weapons that can be upgraded for more damage and different effects.

Ancient Coin - they are round coins that you can find all over the place, they
are usually hidden in trash cans. You can use Ancient Coins to trade things
at stores.

Gold Coin - they are oblong shaped gold coins that are used to upgrade scroll
effects and others.

Ryou - currency in the game, you use these to buy ramen and other stuff.

Scrolls - they give different effects while in battle, like more damage, more
defense, and others. They can be upgraded by using Ancient Coins.

Training Points - you gain these by completing missions. Training points are
represented by a star and can be used to buy new combos and jutsus from 

       Part 3


Naruto - the main character of the series. A nine-tailed demon fox was sealed
into his body during his birth, and this is why the villagers hate him.

Sakura - she is Naruto's crush, but sadly she has the hots for Sasuke. She is
very smart, but inside her mind is a very different and badass personality.

Sasuke - a rising genius ninja, he holds the powerful Sharingan eye which 
gives him superhuman reflexes and the ability to adapt quickly with his enemy's
attacks. Naruto dislikes him very much but he is actually his motivation for
training hard.

The Third Hokage - he is the leader of the Leaf Village where Naruto resides.
He is both wise and extremely powerful, but has a kind heart, even for Naruto.

Iruka - he is Naruto's teacher. He can understand Naruto's situation because
he himself is alone because his parents died. He is one of the few people who
never gave up on Naruto.

Kakashi - a very powerful and feared ninja, he tries to bring out the best
from Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. His style of training is thought of being
extreme by other teachers. He also has a Sharingan eye, which adds to his 
already powerful arsenal of Jutsu expertise.

Gaara - a boy from the Sand Village, he is very violent and never flinches
as he kills. His power comes from sand demon which protects him always. 

Orochimaru - a very powerful ninja who, after much experimentation, has managed
to acquire the art of being reborn. He takes special interest in Sasuke. He
plans to take over his body for his potential of becoming extremely powerful. 

Neji - another ninja genius, Neji has the power of the Byakugan, which is said
to rival the power of the Sharingan eyes. With the Byakugan, he can see the
chakra flow inside people, and disable them with his attacks. 

Kiba - he comes from a clan of ninjas that combine their powers with dogs. His
dog's name is Akamaru, who is also a formidable ninja dog that can transform
into Kiba to perform the devastating Fang Over Fang attack.

Zabuza - known as the Demon of the Hidden Mist, he is a famous assassin who 
uses water techniques. 

Haku - when his father found that his mother has the power to use ice, everyone
feared her so they decided to kill her. Haku also has the power of his mother,
and his father and the villagers tried to kill him, but Haku killed them out
of fear. Haku was later found by Zabuza to be used as his personal tool.

Rock Lee - a ninja who cannot use magic, he only has his physical power and
extremely strong devotion to strenghtening himself to make him one of the most
powerful ninjas in the village. 


Memoclips can be treated as "lives" in the game. When you die, you are given
by the screen a choice of memoclips, with faces of characters on each one, and
there's also a number under it. The number indicates how many seconds the
memoclip will allow you to recover health and chakra by pressing the A button
while your character gets up after being defeated. You can get these by
defeating important characters. If you use them all up, you can go to the 
Third Hokage at the north of the village and have him recharge your memoclips
for a certain fee.

       Part 4

The Beginning:

After watching the opening movie, we learn that the 4th Hokage sealed the 
nine-tailed demon fox inside the body of Naruto to save the village, yet
everyone fears Naruto because of that, so they have developed hatred towards

Iruka, Naruto's teacher will reprimand Naruto for failing the exam again, then
you are left in control of Naruto. At this time, you can't do much anything yet
except try to talk (Press X in front of a person) and walk around. From your
starting position, rotate the camera to the right and you will see from afar
a floating blue scroll. This is a ninja mission. Walk towards it. You will 
learn that orange scroll missions will increase your health, while blue ones
will increase your chakra.

Mizuki, another teacher will tell Naruto that Iruka's pushing him hard because
he wants Naruto to learn and graduate. Fortunately for Naruto, he tells him
of a way to make Iruka let him pass. Mizuki tells Naruto to steal a secret
scroll from the Hokage's building.

A New Jutsu:

The mission starts just outside the Hokage building. Press and hold X. You'll
see the current mission you are in, called "A New Jutsu", along with a 
description. Move forward and you will get a view of your path ending with 
your target destination. Follow the path up to the door. If you jump and you
hit the ledge, Naruto will grab onto it. While hanging, Naruto can pull himself
up by pressing UP on your Left Stick, or he can let go of the ledge by pressing

After you go inside the door, Naruto will grab the scroll, but now he has to
escape! Just follow the bright rings and make sure to pass through them. Reach
the golden light and cutscene showing the 3rd Hokage ordering ninjas to find
you is shown. The race will continue, just keep following the rings. Don't
forget to time your jumps when you see broken bridges or logs blocking your 

Naruto will finally reach a house and read about the Shadow Clone Jutsu. A
training mode will pop up, showing you how to do the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Just
follow it and notice the arrow on the last step. You'll notice a white line
going up to the tip of the arrow. Release LT when the arrow is fully charged.

Iruka will appear to catch Naruto, but he is shocked to hear what Naruto said.
Mizuki pops up and attacks them! Iruka saves Naruto from the initial attack. 
Naruto also learns the real reason why everybody hates him is because of the 
nine-tailed demon fox inside his body. Mizuki tries to kill Naruto again but
Iruka saves Naruto by shielding him with his own body from a giant shuriken.
Naruto escapes after learning that Iruka still believes in him and prepares
to avenge his teacher.

Naruto confronts Mizuki when he tries to deliver the final blow to Iruka. A
small combat training window pops up on the screen. Play with it until you
get the hang of it.

After beating up Mizuki, you will have a chance to do the Shadow Clone Jutsu.
Perform it. After beating Mizuki with the Shadow Clone Jutsu, go talk to 
Iruka. Iruka will let Naruto graduate and as an added bonus, treat him to
ramen as well! After the happy cutscene, information about memoclips will 
appear. Run all the way back to the village.

Enter Naruto Uzumaki:

Upon entering the gate, the 3rd Hokage will greet you. He will tell you about
helping people, and then he wishes you luck. When you gain control over Naruto
again, you will notice on the upper right side of the screen is a mini-map. It
is a good idea to save now, so press START and choose SAVE GAME.

Go to where the orange scroll is on the orange map and you will see two people
with orange scrolls on their head, Iruka and the noodle shop owner, Teuchi. 
Talk to Iruka and he'll tell you to talk to Teuchi. You will also gain some
points for talking to Iruka. Information about the inventory will also appear.

Talk to Teuchi the noodle shop owner next. He tells you that he can't open
his shop until he pays for the deliveries since he doesn't have the coins that
they need! When near a trash can, press X to kick the trash can to reveal a 
coin. Collect 10 coins and bring them back to Teuchi. 

Go try to do some Ramen Delivery missions. Talk to Teuchi the noodle shop owner
and select Deliver Ramen. This should be easy because it's the first part. Go
finish 2 delivery missions first before we head on to the next mission.

Open your map and check out where the Ramen Shop is. It's the white bowl near
the south of the map before the small river, middle of the screen. You should
also notice that there are 3 orange scrolls and one blue scroll. At the north
of the map is an icon of the 3rd Hokage.

We will next open the Scroll Shop. To get to the Scroll Shop, look at the 
map and find the Ramen Shop icon. The nearest orange scroll to it is the
Scroll Shop, just a little north and to the east of the ramen shop. 

Coins For The Scroll Shop:

The Scroll Shop is located to the north and to the east of the Ramen Shop. Run
to it and talk to the Scroll Shop owner. Get 30 coins for her to open the
Scroll Shop. After giving her the coins, you'll get information about the
scrolls. Go check out the scrolls for sale. As you progress into the game, the
more scrolls will become available. For now, we don't need any scrolls, save
your coins and let's head to the next mission. Don't forget to save your game
and get any coins and destroy trash cans along the way.

Shadow Clone Jutsu Training:

Open your map and find the blue scroll. It's on the north western part of the
map. Go to and and talk to Iruka. He'll review the Shadow Clone Jutsu with you.
Do it three times and he'll ask you to break down a wooden barricade at the
back area. Look at your mini-map and you'll notice a blue X mark. Go there.

stand in front of the wooden barricade and perform the Shadow Clone Jutsu. 
After successfully breaking down the barricade, information about Training
Points will appear. Don't forget to grab the rare coin inside.

After the mission has ended, it is time to make some money to buy some ramen. 
Go talk to Iruka and Challenge him. When you win, you earn 60 ryou.

Naruto VS Iruka Strategy:
At the start of the fight, try to jump up and press Y to make Naruto do a 
diving kick. This will serve as a practice for you to determine how to hit
an opponent with this. Also press UP+Y to make Naruto dart behind Iruka and 
hit him from behind. The most useful combo is to press