Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Game Script, Skits and Journal Entries

Created by:  ker-plop, Zxela404
Creation Date: November 21, 2008
Email: emailforlou@yahoo.com


5/11/09: First edition.  Dialogue, journal entries and transcriber analysis are

5/13/09: Second edition.  Some search bugs fixed.

5/15/09: Third edition.  Some weird text bugs fixed, 1 new skit transcribed.

5/17/09: Fourth edition.  More skits transcribed.

5/22/09: Fifth edition.  More skits transcribed.

5/28/09: Sixth edition.  More skits transcribed.

6/1/09: Seventh edition: Added a quick searching feature for Quests.

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(4) Quests (QST)
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	Avenge Us (QSTAU)
	Curse of the Monster (QSTCM)
	Defeat the Bandits (QSTDB)
	Delivery! (QSTDL)
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	Doppelganger Street (QSTDS)
	From the City Watch (QSTCW)
	Happy Birthday (QSTHB)
	I Don't Wanna Be Eaten (QSTBE)
	Legend of Spiritua (QSTLS)
	Lookin' Fer Some Help (QSTLH)
	Medicine is Benevolence (QSTME)
	Monster Forest (QSTMF)
	Monster Medicine (QSTMM)
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	Play in Asgard (QSTPA)
	Protect Our Town (QSTPT)
	Treasure Hunter's Trophy (QSTTH1)
	Treasure Hunter's Trophy Take Two (QSTTH2)
	Treasure Hunter's Trophy Take Three (QSTTH3)
	Treasure Hunter's Trophy- The Truth (QSTTH4)
	Visitor in Moonlight (QSTVM)
	Wandering Swordsman (QSTWS)
	Wanna Go Home (QSTWH)
	We're the Monster Busters (QSTMB)

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(9) - Game Script + Dialogue - (GSD)


<> Beginning of script entry.
NAME: Character's name.
(): Action.
**: Name of area the text is in.
[]: Spoken, but not written.
{}: In-battle dialogue
~: where a "heart" symbol is in the dialogue

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: At several places in this script, I simply have to write
in my own comments on the writing.  Most of these are snarky and are meant to
be insulting.  If you disagree, that's fine.  Fair warning.

MOVIES: [M0001] Movie-In Chapter #- Number #
SCENES: [T0001] Talking-in Chapter #- Number #
SKITS: [S0001] Skit-in Chapter #- Number #

(9.0) - Intro - (GS0)


NARRATOR: Long ago, the Giant Kharlan Tree, the essence of balance and order in
the world, withered and died.
	By the will of the heavens, the world was cleaved in two.
(An image of Martel meeting with Lloyd and Colette)
NARRATOR: Many years later, the Chosen of Regeneration planted a new World Tree
to take the place of the withered Giant Kharlan Tree.
(An image of a new map)
NARRATOR: The birth of the New World Tree also brought about the unification of
Sylvarant and Tethe'alla.
	The two words were now reborn as one.
(No image)
NARRATOR: The world was at the dawn of a bright new era.  Or so it seemed...


(Flames rise up from every building.  A red boot steps on a roof.  The shadowy
Lloyd looks out over the ruins, then leaps.)
(The scene switches to a maple-haired girl running for her life, clutching a
red orb.  She stops under an awning to catch her breath.  She looks down at the
orb, a curious shape floating inside it.)
???: There she is!
(The girl looks up and starts running again.)
???: Seize her.  I'll follow Lloyd.
(The girl runs as four men in strange masks pursue.)

NARRATOR: With their high level of technological prowess, the Tethe'allan
civilization looked down upon the people of Sylvarant as barbarians.
	The Sylvaranti blamed the Chosen of Regeneration for bringing this world
into being, as they turned their backs on the Church of Martel that supported
	Amidst all of this chaos, the world itself began to cry out.
(An image of a town covered in snow)
NARRATOR: Scorching hot deserts were blanketed with snow.
(An image of a barren, dried up town)
NARRATOR: Bountiful lakes dried up and withered.
(An image of a burning forest and a crashing ice mountain)
NARRATOR: Forests burned to ash, as glaciers melted into the sea.
(No image)
NARRATOR: These phenomena fanned the flames of dissatisfaction within the
hearts of the people, leading to the birth of a monster.
	A resistance organization was formed by the oppressed people of Sylvarant
to defend themselves.
(An image of the Vanguard flag)
NARRATOR: United against the perceived evils of Tethe'alla and the Church of
Martel, they called themselves the Sylvaranti Liberation Front, the Vanguard.

(The perspective of a running person looking at the cobblestones; we can hear
heavy breathing.)
???: This way!  Hurry!
(The runner looks up to see a man and a woman, also out of breath)
WOMAN: [Y-]Yes.
MAN: Emil, hurry!  We must get away or we'll all be killed by Lloyd.
(The camera switches to the people's backs)
???: Who did you say is going to kill you?
(The man and woman turn around.  Lloyd stands at the top of some nearby stairs)
MAN: Lloyd Irving!
(Lloyd leers down at them, then draws his two katanas)
LLOYD: The people of Palmacosta have aided the Vanguard and undermined the
authority of the Church of Martel and the Chosen.
	The punishment for this crime is death.
(On "death," Lloyd leaps at the couple.  The view switches to the black clouds
as the woman screams.)
???: Mom!
MAN: Emil, run!  Get away from here!

(The maple-haired girl hits a dead end, and the masked men surround her.  She
backs up against the wall, then presses the orb against her head, closing her
GIRL: Help me.  Help me, Ratatosk!
(The orb begins to glow, and white light engulfs everything.)

(The girl lies on the ground, a red glow coming from her forehead.)
???: Are you all right?
(The scene switches to a mysterious boy with blonde hair and gray eyes who
wears a lab coat.  The masked men lay nearby.)
(The girl slowly looks up, clutching at the glow.)
GIRL: Are you the one who saved me?
(The girl and the boy stare at each other for a few moments, and then a
mysterious howl echoes through town.  The boy turns and listens.)
GIRL: That's Tenebrae's howl.
BOY: I have to go.  (Starts to walk away, as if drawn by the noise)
GIRL: (Reaches out)  Wait!  What's your name?

(The boy comes across the man and woman, now slain in the street.  He looks
down at them, studying them.  He kneels over the woman, who suddenly stirs and
tries to look up.)
WOMAN: Emil, you came back.
	Oh, dear.  I can't even see your face.
	[I...]  I'm not going to last much longer.  But you, you have to live.
(She reaches up towards the boy, grabbing his knee)
WOMAN: You have to run before Lloyd comes back.
	Go to Luin.  To your Aunt Flora.
(She falls back down and grows silent.  The boy stares at her for a while, then
slowly reaches out.)
BOY: [M...] Mom...
(Screen goes black)
BOY: (Wailing) Mom!

(9.1) - Chapter 1: World In Dischord (GS1)


(The boy from before, Emil, is asleep on the bed, his clothes changed to a
plain white shirt and black shorts.)
(A howl from outside makes him stir, and he sits up, opening his green eyes.)
EMIL: That howl...
	(Looks out the window, thinking) I feel like I've heard it before.
	(Hesitates, then looks back inside)  Maybe it's just my imagination.
(Emil gets out of bed.)

EMIL: (Head low, nervous) Good morning, Aunt Flora.
(She stares at him for a moment.  The howl echoes again.)
EMIL: (Looks out the window) That howl...
FLORA: Monsters have been going down into the lakebed since dawn!
EMIL: (Hangs head) [I-]I'm sorry.
FLORA: Why are you apologizing?
EMIL: (Looks up) ...
FLORA: Despicable child.  Always so indecisive.  You're hardly like Lana at
all.  You must take after Reysol.
EMIL: (Hesitates, then slumps) I'm sorry.

(The howl echoes again)
EMIL: (Steps back, looks around) There's that howl again.
	(Looks left) It sounds like it's coming from the fountain plaza.

(Emil reaches the statue of Lloyd and watches others bow to it.  He leers at
EMIL: (Snarling) Lloyd...
(He glares again and turns away)
???: Hey, Emil, we saw that!
(The town bullies, Dida and Moll, accost him.)
MOLL: Bow to LLoyd the Great!
EMIL: (Nervous) [I...] I already did.
DIDA/MOLL: (Angrily) No you didn't!
DIDA: You don't like Lloyd the Great, do you?
MOLL: That's why you're trying to destroy our city!
	Because Lloyd restored it to its former beauty!
EMIL: [W-]What are you talking about?
DIDA/MOLL: (Angrily) Don't act dumb!
DIDA: Ever since you came here, Lake Sinoa's dried up and there're more
MOLL: You're planning on getting your monster friends to attack the town,
aren't you?!
EMIL: (Shakes head, waves his hands) [O-]Of course not!
DIDA: Okay, then prove it!
EMIL: What?
MOLL: Swear your allegiance to Lloyd the Great right now!
DIDA: If you do that, then we'll believe you!
DIDA/MOLL: (Angrily) Come on, let's hear it!

EMIL: (Glaring at the statue's plaque, flatly) I swear allegiance to Lloyd the
DIDA: (Mockingly) We can't hear you!
MOLL: What was that?  Say it a little louder!
EMIL: (A bit angrier) I swear allegiance to Lloyd the Great!
DIDA: We still can't hear you!
MOLL: Hey!  Are you trying to make a fool out of Lloyd the Great or something?!
	Have you forgotten that Lloyd is the hero who saved our town?!
(Emil writhes, then whirls around in anger)
EMIL: You think Lloyd is a hero but that's not true.  He attacked Palmacosta. 
He killed both of my parents.  He's a cold blooded murderer.

EMIL: (Glares at the statue's plaque, growls) 
DIDA: What's the matter?
MOLL: Swear it!
EMIL: (Growls again, turns around) No, I won't!
(The bullies jerk back in surprise)
EMIL: (Shaking his fists this way and that, furious) Lloyd killed my parents
and I'll never swear allegiance to that murderer!

(The bullies are stunned.  Emil hangs his head)
DIDA: (Angrily) We heard that!
MOLL: So that's how you really feel [huh?!]?
EMIL: (Growing scared) [N-]No.  That's not what I meant to say.
DIDA: Shut up, you monster!
MOLL: We'll teach you a lesson!
(Moll shoves Emil and he falls...  right in the path of a mysterious red-haired
stranger with glasses.  The newcomer looks down at him, then offers his hand.)
???: (To bullies, angrily) Get lost.
DIDA: [Wha...] Who the hell are you?!
(The stranger helps Emil up.  Emil shies away, not looking at him)
???: (Angrily) I said go!
(The bullies flinch, then take off.)
[EMIL: (Still not looking at the man) Uh...  I, um...]
(Emil finally looks at the stranger.)
???: (Surprised) You.  You are...
EMIL: [Um,m...] Yes?
(The stranger keeps staring)
EMIL: [Uh, w-](What is it?)
???: (Shakes head) Never mind.  You know, you should stand up for yourself.
(The man walks away.  Emil watches him go)
EMIL: [I...] I was too scared to even thank him for that.
	[M...] Maybe that's why I haven't been able to make any friends.  (Hangs
	[I...] (I wish I had friends.  But I guess, I guess that'll never happen.)
(Emil flashbacks to the man from just a moment ago)
???: Never mind.  You know, you should stand up for yourself.
(Back to present)
EMIL: "Stand up for myself."  He's right.
	I should thank him for helping me out the way he did.  
	That's what I'll do!

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Moll and several others are voiced by Derek Stephen
Prince, the voice of the despicable Ken Ichijouji of  the English dub of
"Digimon Adventure 02."  Uryu Ishida in "Bleach," too, I'm told.  Sounds like
he hasn't lost his touch.

???: (Notices him) What is it?
EMIL: (Shrinks back) (Maybe this was a bad idea.)
???: (Impatient) If you've got nothing to say, then I've got something to ask
EMIL: [Uh...  O-]Okay.
???: So they said that your name is Emil.
	Well, Emil, have you seen a girl around here with a red jewel on her
EMIL: What?  [Uh,] I [uh...  Mmm-mmm]--no, sir. (Shakes head)
???: What are you so nervous about?
EMIL: (Looks away) [Um,] I [uh]--
???: (Turns to Emil) Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.
[EMIL: Huh?]
???: (Looks off into the distance) They're words a human with a few screws
loose said long ago.
	When you refused to swear allegiance to Lloyd, didn't you feel courage
welling up inside of you?
	Those who would grovel and beg, or run away at the first sight of another's
anger are dogs.  Or even worse.
	Are you a dog?  Or are you really a man?
(The stranger looks at Emil.  Emil hesitates, then slowly shakes his head)
EMIL: (Looking away) [I...]  I'm-- [Uh...]
???: (Turns back to Emil, chuckles) Just try to do your best to be a man, Emil.
(The stranger walks off.  Emil watches him go, then hangs his head)
EMIL: Courage.  The magic that turns dreams into reality.
(Screen goes black)
EMIL: (I'm not a monster.  I need to stand up like a human being!)

EMIL: That guy was really amazing.  
	"Are you a dog, or are you really a man?"
	I could never say anything like that to someone.
	They'd only get angry at me.
	[Er...] Wait.  Maybe I should have gotten angry at him.

EMIL: It sounds like it's coming from the lakebed.
	(Thinking) What should I do?  I want to know what
	it is, but I'd be leaving town to go down there.
	Aunt Flora will get mad if I leave without permission.
(The howl echoes again)
EMIL: What could it be?

EMIL: Why do I feel like monsters are calling me?
	It's because of stuff like this that make people say it's my fault that
monsters keep appearing.
	I've got to ignore it! (Shakes head)  It's just my imagination!
	(Hesitates, then sighs) But it's so hard to ignore.

EMIL: If I want to go to the Sinoa lakebed I need to leave town.
	I've never gone outside town on my own.  [W-]Wonder if I'll be all right.
	Mom, please make sure I don't run into any monsters.

TOWN WATCHMAN: Alba!  What is it?  Is something wrong?!
EMIL: (Recoils in fright) Uncle Alba...
ALBA: (Notices Emil) What do you want?  Get the hell out of here, you little
EMIL: (Hangs head) I'm sorry.
ALBA: Always getting in the way!  Just go home and stay out of trouble!
	(Shakes fists) Just the sight of you puts the whole town in distress!
TOWN WATCHMAN: Forget about the Vanguard-loving brat, Alba.  Did something
ALBA: Monsters I've never seen before showed up in Lake Sinoa's lakebed! 
Several members of the city watch are down!
TOWN WATCHMAN: (Shock) What?!
ALBA: I'm going to gather reinforcements.  Go tell the mayor what happened!
(Alba and the Watchman run off.  The mysterious howl echoes again)
EMIL: (Thinking) That howl again.
	(Speaking) If I go now, I could make it down to the lakebed.
	(Thinking, hangs head) But everyone will get mad at me.
(Emil flashbacks to what the strange man told him)
???: Those who would grovel and beg, or run away at the first sight of
another's anger are dogs.  Or even worse.
(Back to present)
EMIL: (Raises head) I'll go.  I'm not a dog.  I'm a human being.

EMIL: (What should I do?  I made it this far, but...)
(He looks up and is face to face with a Lucrezia.)
[EMIL: D'aaahh!!!]
(He panics and falls back.  The Lucrezia roars.  A battle begins.)

(Emil falls back and drops his sword.  The Lucrezia towers over him, growling)
EMIL: I don't want to die like this!  Get away from me!
(The Lucrezia advances)
???: Watch out!
(The maple-haired girl leaps out of the woods and strikes the Lucrezia,
knocking it down.  She retracts her spinning blade and looks up at Emil.  She
walks over and helps him up.  He avoids her eyes.)
(The Lucrezia starts to get back up, even angrier now)
GIRL: It's not over yet!  Are you gonna fight with me or run?
[EMIL: Um...]
GIR: Come on.  You're a man!  Speak up!
(Emil looks at her, then flashbacks to the stranger)
???: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.
[EMIL: Huh?]
???: They're words a human with a few screws loose said long ago.
	When you refused to swear allegiance to Lloyd, didn't you feel courage
welling up inside of you?
(Back to present)
EMIL: [I...] I'll fight!  (Steps forward)
GIRL: Okay.  Then I'll leave the frontline to you!
(Girl whips out her blade again)

(The girl sheathes her weapon and turns to Emil with a smile)
GIRL: There, good work.  It's pretty dangerous here, so you should probably get
(The girl suddenly looks at Emil again, surprised)
GIRL: Hey, it's you!
EMIL: [Huh?  W-]What do you mean?
GIRL: (Gets closer) You don't-- you don't remember me, do you?
	Maybe I'm wrong?  But you look just like him.
EMIL: (Nervous) [W-w-]What are you talking about?
GIRL: (Shakes head) It's nothing, never mind.  I'm sorry.
	Anyway, you should leave here as soon as you can, okay?
(The girl starts to walk away)
EMIL: [Uh,] Wait a minute!
(The girl stops and turns back)
GIRL: Yes, what is it?  I'm in a hurry.
(Emil looks away, shifts his weight)
EMIL: [Uh...] I wanted to thank you for saving me.  My name's Emil.  So, um,
what's your name?
GIRL: I'm Marta.  Is that it?
EMIL: [I-]If it's dangerous here then maybe you should leave too.
MARTA: (Hesitates, then blushes) If things get dangerous will you save me
(Emil blushes, too, scratches his head and looks away)
EMIL: [Mm...] But you were the one who was kind enough to [s-]save me.
MARTA: (Laughs) You don't remember, do you?
	I'm sorry to confuse you.  But I really have to get going.
	Take care of yourself Emil!
(As Marta turns away in dreamlike slow motion, Emil catches sight of a red
shiny thing on her forehead)
EMIL: (Curious) A red jewel on her forehead.
(Emil flashbacks to the stranger again)
???: So they said that your name is Emil.  Well, Emil, have you seen a girl
around here with a red jewel on her forehead?
(Back to present)
EMIL: (Maybe Marta is the girl with the jewel that that man was looking for.)
	(I should probably let him know.)

EMIL: I wonder if that guy is still in town.  He'll probably be happy if I tell
him about that girl, Marta.
	It's strange, though.  She seemed like she knew me.
	Have I met her before? I think I'd remember a cute girl like her.
	She must be confusing me with someone else.
	Yeah, must be.

ALBA: You little--what are you doing here?!
EMIL: (Head hangs) I'm sorry.
ALBA: You just have to go out of your way to cause trouble.
	Thanks to your little grudge against Lloyd the Great, there are rumors that
our family's secretly supporting the Vanguard.
	Go home and keep your mouth shut!  When I get home, so help me...

EMIL: (Worried) What should I do?  Uncle Alba was really angry.
	[I...] I wonder if he'll hit me again.  What should I do?  I'm scared.
	I really should have just ignored that monster's howl.
	(Bitterly) If only Lloyd hadn't attacked Palmacosta, I wouldn't be going
through all of this!	


???: (Notices Emil walking up) Emil.
MAYOR OF LUIN: Oh.  Do you already know Richter?
EMIL: (Stammers) [U-um,] Well...
RICHTER: I asked him earlier if he knew of Marta's whereabouts.
MAYOR OF LUIN: [Ah,] I see.
EMIL: (Looks up) [Umm,] Richter?
RICHTER: What is it?
EMIL: (Avoiding gazes) Well, [um], the girl with the red jewel on her forehead,
RICHTER: (Grabs Emil and shakes him) You saw Marta?!
EMIL: (Shakily) Yes.  Well you see--
RICHTER: (Angrily shakes harder) Where?!
EMIL: (Still shakily) Oh.  Well--
MAYOR OF LUIN: (Richter stops shaking Emil) Just calm down and try to explain
what you saw.
EMIL: (Avoiding gazes) Lake Sinoa.  Where the monsters come out.  Just before--
RICHTER: (Angrily swats at hair) Enough!
EMIL: [Gyuh!] ...
RICHTER: (Turns to Mayor) Mayor, I'd like to take him with me.
	(Turns to Emil) Can I count on you to take me to where you saw Marta?
EMIL: (Looks up) [Y-]Yes.
(Richter nods and walks off.)
MAYOR OF LUIN: He certainly is determined.  Take him to where you saw the girl.
 Just be careful of monsters, all right?
(Emil looks at the mayor and nods weakly)

EMIL: (Shakily) I'm ready now.  I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
RICHTER: (Turns around) You apologize too much.  Of course if you want to
become a dog, I won't stop you.
EMIL: I'm sorr--oh.
RICHTER: "..."
EMIL: (Slumps) Sorry.
RICHTER: (Shakes head) Stop apologizing.  Anyway, I'm sorry for yelling at you
(Richter walks off)
EMIL: [Unh...] ...
RICHTER: What are you waiting for?  Hurry up and take me to where you saw
(Emil walks up to him.  Richter joins the party.)

(Emil trails behind Richter.)
RICHTER: Hey, don't fall behind!
EMIL: I'm sorry!
(Emil gets ahead of Richter.)
RICHTER: What do you think you're doing walking in front of me?
EMIL: [Heh...]  Sorry.
(Emil pulls back)
EMIL: [I, eh-heh...]  I'm sorry.
RICHTER: I'm not angry with you.

*Lake Sinoa Cave*

ALBA: (Turns around) You came back again?!  What's wrong with you, you demonic
little brat?!
TOWN WATCHMAN LEFT: [Hmph!] A friend of the Vanguard, indeed.
TOWN WATCHMAN RIGHT: He may be your nephew, but you sure took in a real pest.
EMIL: (Hangs head) [I'm,] I'm sorry.
RICHTER: (Walks up) The mayor's given his permission for Emil to accompany me. 
Step aside.
ALBA: The mayor?  But...
RICHTER: (Gets in Alba's face) Move!
(The three guards panic and get out of his way.  Richter walks a few steps,
then looks at Emil)
RICHTER: What are you waiting for?  Come on, let's go.
ALBA: [W-w-]Wait!  There are monsters in there.
RICHTER: Yes, and?
ALBA: I'm telling you it's dangerous!  You can go if you want, but leave him
here with us!
RICHTER: Didn't you just call him a demonic little brat?
(Alba and Richter look at Emil)
RICHTER: Emil, what do you want to do?
EMIL: (Stutters) [I-]I...
ALBA: (Angry) Emil!  You stay with us!
EMIL: I...  [um...]
RICHTER: Make up your mind.  Even dogs can think for themselves.
(Emil recoils and flashbacks to Marta...)
MARTA: Come on.  You're a man!  Speak up!
(Back to the present)
(Richter walks off into the cave)
ALBA: Who the hell does he think he is?!  Come on, let's go.
(Alba moves and grabs Emil's arm.  Suddenly, the howl echoes again; Emil looks
(Emil hesitates, then yanks his arm away, not looking at Alba)
EMIL: (Quietly) I'm going with him.
ALBA: (Angrily) Emil!
EMIL: (Faces his uncle and speaks louder) I'm going!  (Runs off after Richter)

EMIL: [Um,] Richter--
RICHTER: Let's go.
EMIL: Huh?
RICHTER: Aren't you coming with me?
EMIL: Yes!
RICHTER: Don't get in my way.  You're responsible for protecting yourself. 
I'll bail you out if things get too tough.
EMIL: Okay!

RICHTER: Alba really laid into you.  Why didn't you say anything back?
EMIL: I'm sorry.
RICHTER: You were like that with the kids in town, as well.
	Bullies like that will never leave you alone if you don't stand up to them.
 Do you understand?
	(Angrily) Nothing will change if you just take it!
EMIL: [I...] I'm sorry.
RICHTER: What did I say about over apologizing?
EMIL: Oh!  [R-]Right.
RICHTER: I'm not blaming you.  You're free to do as you choose.
	(Looking glum) Just don't be so submissive all the time.  Have more respect
for yourself.
EMIL: (I can't tell if Richter's a nice guy or not.)

(Richter stops Emil.)
RICHTER: Emil, you've fought monsters before, I assume.
EMIL: (Recoils) [Huh?!]  I mean, well--
RICHTER: Don't tell me you haven't?
EMIL: [Uh...]  I...  only a little.
RICHTER: So, then you have.
EMIL: Twice, I think?
RICHTER: You think?
(A Polwigle hops out of the darkness)
RICHTER: (Looks at it) [Huh...]  This one should do fine.
EMIL: A monster?!
(A battle begins!)
{EMIL: R-Richter!  What should I do?!
RICHTER: Stop panicking, for one.  Children hunt monsters like this for fun!
EMIL: Uh...  But I--
RICHTER: Relax.  I'll give you instructions.
EMIL: ...Okay.}
INSTRUCTIONS: Attack the enemy with "A."  Press the button again for a combo.
	If the control scheme is set to Semi-Auto, you will automatically approach
the target.
	Switch target with "-".
	Guard with "Z."
	If the control scheme is set to Semi-Auto, you will automatically guard
against attacks.
	Guard can be crushed if continuously performed.
	Tilt the control stick while pressing "Z" to freely roam the battlefield
	Any attack received during free-run will register as a critical hit.
	That is the basics of battle.  Defeat the Polwigle.

RICHTER: There, that should be enough.
	(Attacks the monster and kills it) Hah!
EMIL: What was that?
RICHTER: It's called an arte.  You learn them the more you fight and develop
your skills.
EMIL: Even I can learn them?
RICHTER: You will in time.  So, now do you understand how to fight?

EMIL: [Um,] Could you explain one more time?
RICHTER: Very well.  We'll keep at it until you feel comfortable.
(The Polwigle reappears, and the fight scene starts again.)

EMIL: [I...] I think so.
RICHTER: Don't worry.  I told you I'll back you up.
	I'm the one who asked for your help.  I won't let anything happen to you.
EMIL: [O-]Okay!

EMIL: (Head low) Um...
RICHTER: (Turns) What is it?
EMIL: (Looks up) Why are you...  [Um...] why are you looking for Marta?
RICHTER: (Pushes up glasses) Is that something you need to know in order to
EMIL: (Head low) [Um,] No, I was just wondering.
RICHTER: (Looks away) I have no need to satisfy your idle curiosity.
EMIL: (Slumps) I'm sorry.
RICHTER: (Looks at Emil again) Don't apologize so excessively.
EMIL: (Straightens up) Uh...
RICHTER: (Folds arms) I am often accused of being short with people.  I don't
intend to change my ways, but it doesn't mean I have anything against you.
EMIL: Thank you!
RICHTER: That's not something you need to thank me for.
EMIL: (Hangs head) Oh sorry.

(Emil shuffles forward, Richter grows alert)
RICHTER: Emil!  Stop!
(A Spider drops down before them.  Emil runs back to Richter)
RICHTER: Pay attention!  You almost walked right into a monster.
EMIL: (Slumps as the Spider wanders off) Sorry!
RICHTER: If you touch any monster you see walking around, you'll have to fight
them.  Got it?
	(Pushes up glasses) If you stumble into an enemy, as you almost did just
now, they're likely to get the upper hand and attack you from behind.
EMIL: (Curious) So the way you run into monsters makes a difference?
RICHTER: (Nods) That's right.
	Attacking an enemy from behind works out in your favor, but if they get
behind you, they'll have the advantage.
	It's the same for both fighting and fleeing: Be aware of the enemy's
direction and movements.  Failing to do so can get you killed.
EMIL: (Nods) Okay.  I understand.
RICHTER: (Folds arms) And one more thing.  I can't have you wandering in a daze
like that again, so listen:
	(Shakes head) It's not that I didn't appreciate your words of gratitude.
	I simply feel there's no need to give more thanks or apologies than a
situation calls for.
EMIL: (Nods) [A-]All right.
RICHTER: We must express ourselves to convey our feelings to others.
	However, I feel emotions lose their strength once they're put into words.
	(Swats hair) So I prefer to speak only what is absolutely necessary. 
That's all.
EMIL: [Nods] Okay!
RICHTER: This is the first time I've ever had to explain this much to anyone.

???: Master Richter!
EMIL: (Recoils) [W-]What was that?
RICHTER: Probably just a monster.  Don't worry about it.
EMIL: Of course I'm going to worry.
RICHTER: (Pushes up glasses) Then you can wait here.
(Richter walks up to the door)
EMIL: [W-]What about you?
RICHTER: There's a monster in there.  Probably a strong one.  Wait here until I
take it out.
EMIL: [B-]But I--
RICHTER: You'll just get in the way.  Stay here.
EMIL: (Slumps) Okay.
(Richter opens the door and disappears inside)
EMIL: (Thinks) I'm just not cut out for this sort of thing.  (Falls to his
???: Aaah!
EMIL: (Looks up fast) Was that Marta?!
	(Gets up and paces, fidgeting)  What should I do?
(Emil flashbacks to Marta's words)
MARTA: If things get dangerous, will you save me again?
(Back to present)
EMIL: (Shakes head and thinks) I don't know anything about her.
	(Speaking) But I can't just ignore it.

(Emil is shocked to see Richter pointing his sword at Marta.)
RICHTER: Now, hand over that Ratatosk's core on your forehead.
MARTA: (Shakes head) No.
RICHTER: Then I'll just have to destroy it along with you.
(Richter moves to attack.  Emil panics and runs over to them as Richter swings)
EMIL: Stop.  Stop it, please!
(Both Richter and Marta look at him)
EMIL: Richter, what are you doing?
RICHTER: I thought I told you to wait on the other side of the door.
EMIL: This is why you were looking for her?  So you could kill her?!
RICHTER: That's right.
EMIL: Why?
RICHTER: Because she is trying to awaken Ratatosk, the demon lord.
EMIL: Demon lord?  What are you talking about?
RICHTER: I agree, it's quite a foolish name, but "demon lord" is the most
appropriate term to describe what he is.
	If Ratatosk awakens, the world will be destroyed.
MARTA: (Shakes head) No, you're wrong!  Ratatosk is not a demon!  He's the lord
of all monsters.  He won't destroy the world!
RICHTER: I'm not interested in semantics.

(Emil runs to Richter and trips him up, knocking him back)
	(Angrily) What are you doing?!

(Emil tackles Marta and drags her to the floor)
MARTA: Aaah!
	[W-]What are you doing?
EMIL: [I-]I'm sorry.  I'm not strong enough to stop him.

(Emil runs between Richter and Marta)
RICHTER: Step aside.
EMIL: (Shakes head) [N-]No.
RICHTER: (Angrily) Move!
(Emil hesitates, then glares at Richter)
EMIL: I'm not a dog!  That's why I'm going to make my own decisions!
RICHTER: (Surprised) Emil...
(Marta runs out the door, then turns back)
MARTA: Thank you!
(Marta leaves.  Emil blocks the door)
RICHTER: I don't want to kill you.  Move!
EMIL: (Shakes head) [I...] I don't really understand what you two are talking
about, but you can't do things like this!  If you just talk this over--
RICHTER: (Pushes up glasses) I thought I told you not to get in my way.
	Aqua!  Show yourself!
(A mysterious woman with both cat and fishy parts appears)
AQUA: You called, Master Richter?~
(Emil looks surprised)
RICHTER: Take care of the boy.  Just don't overdo it.
EMIL: (Shocked) A talking monster?!
AQUA: (Irked) Who're you calling a monster, you human!  I am a Centurion! 
Centurion Aqua!
	Now then, my cute little minion.  Remove the boy from our presence!
(A giant turtle appears and rams Emil out of the room)
EMIL: Aah!
(Emil falls on his butt outside and slowly gets up)
EMIL: (Looks away) What was that?  I won't be able to catch up with Richter
with that thing in the way.

(A mysterious voice speaks)
???: You must forge a pact.
(Emil looks around)
EMIL: Huh?!
(A black panther-like creature appears in the air)
EMIL: Another talking monster?!
???: I am not a beast.  I, too, am a Centurion.  Centurion Tenebrae.
EMIL: Centurion Tenebrae?
TENEBRAE: You could never defeat the monster on the other side of this door as
you are now.
	Forge a pact to become a Knight of Ratatosk.
	Then you will be able to accept Lord Ratatosk's power in battle.
EMIL: [W-]What do you mean?
TENEBRAE: There is no time to explain.  Lady Marta is in danger.
EMIL: But I mean, you're just a monster-- a Centurion, I mean-- and [I...] I
don't know if--
(Emil clutches his head.  Tenebrae howls a familiar sound)
EMIL: (Looks up) That howl.  Were you the one calling me?
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta was looking for you.  You saved her life and she has
chosen you to be a knight.
EMIL: [M-]Me?
TENEBRAE: Now forge the pact!

EMIL: (Shakes head) I don't even know what you're talking about.
TENEBRAE: Well then, I suppose we'll see how long you last against the monster
by yourself.
EMIL: [B-]But--
TENEBRAE: Let me know if you change your mind.

EMIL: [I-]I'll make the pact.
TENEBRAE: Understood.
(Purple rays fly into Emil)
TENEBRAE: Emil, I command you.  Unleash the power within yourself.
	Awaken, "Hunter of Evil!"
(Emil staggers and his clothes change.  A flash of white light fills the room)

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: "Hunter of Evil?"  Keep in mind this name never comes up

AQUA: (Angrily) Spiteful Tenebrae!  What are you doing here?!
TENEBRAE: Let's go.
AQUA: What!  You wanna fight?!  You're gonna regret this!
(Emil speaks, but with a different voice)
R.EMIL: The only one who's gonna regret this is you.
(Emil opens his eyes to show blood-red eyes instead of his usual green ones)
R.EMIL: (Angrily clenches fists) Now, come on!
(Emil engages Aqua's monster in battle)
INSTRUCTIONS: Emil learned the base arte Demon Fang.  Use it with "B."
	You can register up to four artes by combining "B" and the Control Stick.
	Open the menu with "+" and select "Artes" to register.
	Artes use TP.
	Aside from items, TP will recover slightly with attacking and winning.
	Base artes can be executed after a regular attack.  This ends the
explanation of artes.

(Emil's eyes have gone back to green)
EMIL: [W-]What just happened?
TENEBRAE: (Moves in front of Emil) Lord Ratatosk's power took hold of you.
EMIL: (Hangs head) It felt like I became someone else.
TENEBRAE: Yes.  That was Lord Ratatosk's power.
EMIL: (Thinking) I'm not quite sure I understand.
	(Notices Aqua has passed out and speaks) Anyway, what happened to Aqua?  I
didn't even touch her.
TENEBRAE: Centurions themselves do not fight.  They employ monster servants to
battle in their place.
	If their monsters are defeated, the Centurion's power will also fade. 
Right now she is only unconscious.
EMIL: Oh that's good.  I didn't want to hurt her.
TENEBRAE: Come.  We must go after Lady Marta!

(Emil turns to Tenebrae)
EMIL: Did I learn something just now?
TENEBRAE: It appears you've acquired a skill.
EMIL: (Curious) A skill?
TENEBRAE: Yes, a special technique for battle.
	Skills are acquired by meeting certain requirements.
	Everyone has their own set of skills they can learn.
	Once learned, you can set which skills to use from the skill screen on the
	Select whatever skills you think will be the most useful.
	However, the number of skills you can equip at one time is limited.
	The total points of all selected skills cannot exceed a character's skill
point limit.
	So think carefully when setting your skills.
	Do you understand?

EMIL: [Um...] Could you explain again?
TENEBRAE: (Annoyed) If I must.
(Repeat skill tutorial)

EMIL: Yeah, sort of.
TENEBRAE: (Skeptical) Do you really?
EMIL: (Hangs head) I've got it.  I think.
TENEBRAE: This should be an interesting journey.

EMIL: I wonder if I can do this.
TENEBRAE: You can.  I have every confidence that you can save Lady Marta.
[EMIL: Mnnhhh...]
TENEBRAE: You must believe in your powers as a Knight of Ratatosk.
EMIL: But I--
TENEBRAE: Humans have a saying.  "Seeing is believing."
EMIL: [I-]I don't think that exactly applies here.
	Anyway, thanks, Tenebrae.  I'll give it my best shot.

EMIL: [It...] It won't open.
TENEBRAE: Richter must have sealed it off.
EMIL: (Turns) Then what should we do?
TENEBRAE: I feel a draft.  There must be another passage somewhere.
	Perhaps you should use the Sorceror's Ring to examine the walls.
EMIL: What's that?
TENEBRAE: There, on your finger.
EMIL: (Notices the new ring on his finger) Huh?!
TENEBRAE: That ring was given to you by Lord Ratatosk, as a symbol of your
pact.  Magical power dwells within it.
EMIL: But, I'm a human.  Only elves and half-elves can use magic.
TENEBRAE: Don't worry.  That ring can be used by humans as well.
EMIL: [R-]Really?  I guess I'll try it out.

INFORMATION: Aim the Wii Remote towards the screen and press "Z" to display a
	Move the cursor and press "A" to use the Sorceror's Ring on that spot.

EMIL: So, Tenebrae.  Somewhere along the way I got all new clothes.
TENEBRAE: I see you finally noticed.
	I've been wondering when you would bring it up.
EMIL: (I noticed right away, it just never seemed like a good time to ask.)
TENEBRAE: Along with the Sorceror's Ring, those clothes are a symbol of your
pact with Lord Ratatosk.
	It's vital that a Knight of Ratatosk present himself with a certain degree
of elegance.
EMIL: [R-]Right.
TENEBRAE: The outfit's fabric is prepared with a number of special incantations
and hexes that make the garment waterproof, wrinkle-free, and mold-resistant.
	The design is meant to evoke Lord Ratatosk's fierce bravery and subtle
grace.  The effect is mesmerizing.
EMIL: Wait a sec.  One other question.
EMIL: What happened to the clothes I was wearing before?
TENEBRAE: That is the darkness'-- I'm sorry, forget I said anything.
EMIL: The darkness' what?
[TENEBRAE: (Laughs to himself)]
EMIL: (Panicked) Hey, come on!  Aunt Flora's gonna skin me alive if I lose
those clothes!
TENEBRAE: (Laughs)  Only the darkness knows.

TENEBRAE: [Ah,] An imp.  It will do nicely.
	(Turns to Emil) Let us forge a pact.
EMIL: (Steps back) Pact?
TENEBRAE: Your power as a Knight of Ratatosk is granted to you by Lord Ratatosk
	However, he is currently in a deep slumber.
	As a result, the power he grants you is very weak.
EMIL: (Straightens up) This is weak?  No way.
TENEBRAE: Lord Ratatosk is very powerful.
	As you gain experience and grow your abilities, it's crucial you continue
to unlock more of his strength.
EMIL: But how am I supposed to do that?
TENEBRAE: It's simple.  We Centurions share a bond with Lord Ratatosk.
	If power is restored to the Centurions, Lord Ratatosk's strength will
return as well.  We can accomplish this by forging pacts with monsters.
EMIL: How does that work?
TENEBRAE: As I explained earlier, Centurions do not engage in battle
themselves.  We use monsters under our control.
	A Centurion's power depends upon the number and strength of the monsters it
	I am the Centurion of Darkness, so any pact you make with dark elemental
monsters will bring them under my control, and make me more powerful in the
EMIL: So the more monsters I get on my side, the stronger I'll become?
TENEBRAE: That's correct.
EMIL: But how do I make a pact?
TENEBRAE: Like this.
(Tenebrae goes and pesters the Imp, and it gets mad)
EMIL: (Panicked) What are you doing?
TENEBRAE: In order to make a pact, you must first prove you are more powerful
than your opponent.  You must force them to yield to you in battle.
EMIL: (Panicked) You didn't tell me I'd have to fight!
TENEBRAE: I just did.  [Ah,] It approaches.
EMIL: [W-]Wait!
(The Imp attacks Emil!)
INSTRUCTIONS: Some artes have elemental attributes.
	The elemental grid on the bottom left will change when you use any arte
with an elemental attribute.
	There are minor and major elements to the elemental grid.  3 identical
minor elements change the major element.
	A pact screen will be displayed when a monster is defeated when the major
and four minor elements are the same.
	This ends the explanation of elemental grids.

TENEBRAE: Well done.  You have made the imp your ally.
EMIL: (Turns to Tenebrae) Hey, Aqua is a Centurion too, right?
	Will I get stronger if she has more monsters under her control?
TENEBRAE: No, Aqua has chosen to sever her bond with Lord Ratatosk.
	As such, even if she acquires more monster servants, your powers will not
EMIL: But there are other Centurions, right?
TENEBRAE: Yes.  You will learn about the others in due time.  But you may enter
into pacts with monsters without the Centurion of the same element.
	Later, when you befriend the appropriate Centurions, your strength will
increase accordingly.
EMIL: (Slumps) That's nice and everything, but I only became a Knight of
Ratatosk because I needed to fight now.
	I'm not really interested in getting any stronger than this.
TENEBRAE: Now, now.  There's no harm in arming yourself with a little
	Also, to make pacts, you will need the pact magic appropriate for each
EMIL: (Straightens up) Really?
TENEBRAE: Yes.  When you have subdued a monster you wish to make your ally, I
will cast the pact magic.
EMIL: I'm not sure I understand, so I'll leave it to you.
TENEBRAE: That's fine.

TENEBRAE: [Ah,] Now there's a wolf-- just what we're looking for.  Try making a
pact with him.
EMIL: (Looks at Tenebrae) But I just made a pact with a monster!
TENEBRAE: Yes, but I'll teach you a way to make forming pacts easier.
EMIL: (Looks at Wolf) There's an easier way?
TENEBRAE: Yes.  You can make monsters under your control fight beside you.
	If your ally and the enemy are compatible, the pact will go smoothly.
	Add the imp you gained to your combat roster, and then try fighting the
EMIL: Okay.
(Emil adds the Imp to his party and another fight begins)
INSTRUCTIONS: Press "C" to perform a Unison Attack when the Unison
	Attack gauge at the bottom of the screen is over half full.
	Allies will join and the type of Unison Attack will depend on the attribute
of the elemental grid.
	More detailed information can be found in the Help Menu.
	Press "+" to open menu during Battle and "Z" to open the Help Menu.
	This ends the explanation of Unison Attack.

TENEBRAE: Well done.  Now the wolf has also become our ally.
EMIL: (Turns to Tenebrae) Why is making pacts easier depending on the monster
you have fighting with you?
TENEBRAE: Monsters have compatibility with each other.  The type and strength
of the monsters you befriend also have an effect on pacts.
	Make sure to experiment with this yourself.

EMIL: [T-]That monster joined us?!
EMIL: [Huh?]
TENEBRAE: Beautiful!  Fantastic!  Simply excellent!  I must admit, I am quite
EMIL: [R-]Really?
TENEBRAE: Of course, that monster is ideal for beginners.  I would be rather
concerned if you had failed.
EMIL: [Unnh...]

EMIL: (Shocked) [Th-]The wall opened!
TENEBRAE: (Turns to Emil) This may lead to where we need to go.  Let's proceed.
EMIL: (Turns to Tenebrae) Okay.

EMIL: (Runs to Richter, shocked) Richter!
EMIL: Hang on!  [H-]How did this--
RICHTER: I was careless.  Lloyd--
EMIL: Huh?
RICHTER: Lloyd Irving, he--
EMIL: Lloyd?  You mean the servant of the Chosen of Regeneration?!
RICHTER: The core.  He-- (Falls)
EMIL: (Kneels over Richter) Richter!
(Emil shakes Richter, trying to wake him)
TENEBRAE: (Walks over) It's all right.  The attack missed his vital organs.
EMIL: (Stops shaking Richter) So he'll survive?
TENEBRAE: Yes.  Just leave him here and he will be fine.  It is more important
to go after Lady Marta.
EMIL: Leave him here?  We can't do that!  We need to at least tell someone!
TENEBRAE: There's no time.  Now that Lloyd has appeared, time is of the
essence.  Lady Marta's life is in grave danger.
	After all, this man is the enemy.  Didn't you come here to protect her?
EMIL: I did, but I can't just leave him like this.
	Richter said some mean things, but he also helped me.  I can't just abandon
him now.
(Tenebrae is quiet)
EMIL: Go on ahead and find Marta.  I'll follow you as soon as I can!
TENEBRAE: I believe you will regret this decision, but it is yours to make.
(Tenebrae disappears)

EMIL: (Thinking) I need to get someone.
	I wonder if Aqua is awake?  Let's go see!

EMIL: (Angrily) Damn Lloyd.  How could he do that to Richter?!
	First he took my mother and father from me, and now he's hurt Richter!
	I won't let him get away with this!

(Aqua has woken up)
AQUA: (Turns to Emil) Oh, you!
EMIL: (Shocked) Aqua!  You have to come with me!
AQUA: [Huh!]  You expect me to just go with you after what happened?
EMIL: That doesn't matter right now!  Richter's been hurt badly!  Lloyd
attacked him and--
AQUA: (Shocked) What, Lloyd?!
EMIL: I think he'll live, but I'm still worried.  Hurry and help him!
AQUA: (Scratches her chin) You came back to tell me that?
	[Hmm...]  You're not half bad.  Nowhere near as cool as Master Richter, but
still.  [Hee hee!]
EMIL: (Sweatdrops)  Just come!

EMIL: (Turns back) I need to get back to Richter!

AQUA: (Bending over Richter, shocked) Master Richter!
EMIL: Aqua, how is he?
AQUA: He'll be fine.  He took a sword to the back, but that's not the reason he
collapsed.  It's the wound from two years ago.
EMIL: What happened?
AQUA: (Straightens up) If you weren't my enemy, I'd tell you.  Anyway, leave
Master Richter to me.
EMIL: (Nods) All right!  Time to find Marta!  Lloyd's after her.  I better

EMIL: (Turns back) I need to go after Tenebrae.  I'm worried about Marta, and
Lloyd is here.

(Marta and Lloyd are squaring off in Lumen's chamber.  Emil recoils in shock)
EMIL: Lloyd.  Lloyd Irving why are you here?!
(The two stop sparring.  Lloyd looks at him.)
LLOYD: Who're you?
EMIL: Why did you kill them?
MARTA: (Confused) Emil!
EMIL: My mother and my father, and all those people in Palmacosta...  
	Why did you have to kill all of them?!
(Marta gasps.  Lloyd stares at him silently, then closes his eyes, almost
looking pained.)
LLOYD: (Looks away, quietly) Not again with Palmacosta.
EMIL: How dare you say that!  What do you mean "again?!"  I'll never forgive
you for that!
(Emil draws his sword.  Marta strikes a fighting stance too, and a battle
starts.) (Whatever the outcome, the result is the same; before Emil blacks out,
he sees Lloyd walking up to the room's altar...)

(Emil comes to on the floor, Marta watching him worriedly)
EMIL: [Mm-nmmmgh...] I'm alive.
MARTA: I guess he decided not to kill us.
TENEBRAE: (Goes to the altar) Lady Marta! Centurion Lumen's core is...
MARTA: It's gone!
(All of them stare at the bare altar)
EMIL: [A-]Are you talking about a white jewel?  I think that Lloyd took it with
MARTA: He took it?!  Are you sure?!
EMIL: [Y-]Yeah.  Was it important?
TENEBRAE: Yes.  Centurion Lumen's core is essential to our journey.  Lady
Marta, let's hurry.
	You and I must go after them.
MARTA: [SIGH] OK, but first...  
	(Beams) Thank you so much, Emil.  I really appreciate you saving me once
EMIL: [Uh...] I didn't do anything.  I mean, I was pretty much useless.
MARTA: But you did save me.
	You became a knight, a Knight of Ratatosk.  That's why you were able to
save me, right?
	I always thought that you would make a wonderful knight!  It's true!
	That's what I thought, ever since the first time we met.
EMIL: You what?
MARTA: (Blushing) [Giggles] It's okay!  I guess that it just wasn't as
memorable for you.  
	But honestly I'm very grateful to you for saving me.  What would I have
done without you?
(Emil stutters)
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta, we must hurry.
MARTA: Yes, you're right.
	Emil, would you help us?  Just until we make it out of this place?
EMIL: [Uh...] Sure.
	(Marta is kind of a strange girl.)

EMIL: What's this?
MARTA: It looks like the mask that Lloyd was wearing.
EMIL: (Looks at it again) It's pretty tacky.
MARTA: Super tacky.
TENEBRAE: Tacky indeed.
(They pick it up anyway)

MARTA: This is Lloyd's mask.
	It's probably inspired by that play, "The Phantom of the Operetta."
EMIL: You think so?  It reminds me more of "F for Feud."
MARTA: Is that the one with the twin brothers where the one is king and at the
end they switch places?
EMIL: You're thinking of "The Man in the Aluminum Mask."
	How can you get those two mixed up?
TENEBRAE: (Slumps) I have no idea what you two are talking about.

TENEBRAE: It appears the door has been sealed from the other side.
MARTA: (Angrily) Damn!  This must be Lloyd's doing.  I'm sure he did this to
trap us in here!  [Uggh!]
TENEBRAE: (Turns to Marta) There is a draft.  There must be another way out. 
Let's have a look around.

EMIL: (Reading) "Jewel Hunter Lloyd Irving is here."  What's this?
MARTA: (Angrily) [Uggh,] That jerk!  Set it on fire!
TENEBRAE: Emil, burn it for her.
EMIL: Burn it?  Oh, you mean that.

(Emil hits the switch and another door opens, surprising them all)
EMIL: It opened!
MARTA: (Jumps for joy) Great!  Now we can go search for Lloyd!
TENEBRAE: But I'm only able to pick up a small trace of Lumen.
	It may be to late to follow them.
MARTA: (Slumps) No.
EMIL: Is this Lumen's core really so valuable that you'd fight over it?
MARTA: Oh, I guess a lot of this doesn't make sense to you.
	To put it simply, the Centurions' cores are the eggs of
	Centurions like Tenebrae.
	Lumen's core is the egg of Centurion Lumen.
TENEBRAE: You might say that cores contain Centurions in hibernation.
MARTA: And the core on my forehead is Ratatosk's core, and it's--
EMIL: (Shrinks back) [Th-]The demon lord's egg?!
MARTA: (Flustered) I told you he's not a demon!
TENEBRAE: Perhaps we should take the time to explain all of this to Emil.
MARTA: True.  But let's get out of here first.

EMIL: So, Marta, about this Ratotax.
MARTA: It's Ratatosk, not Ratotax.
EMIL: Oh, right.  So this Ratattacks.
TENEBRAE: His name is Ra-ta-tosk.
EMIL: [Sheesh!]  What's the difference?
TENEBRAE: (Angrily) "What's the difference"?!  How rude!  How would you feel if
someone were to call you Eh-mule?
MARTA: (Beam) Actually, my Eh-mule is quite the combination of strength and
servility.  (Blush)
TENEBRAE: (Laughs)  Well played, Lady Marta, well played.
EMIL: (So much for asking about Ratatosk.)

EMIL: Why do you think Lloyd is collecting Centurions' cores?
MARTA: [Hmm...]  He could be trying to exterminate anyone who resists the
Church of Martel.
	I bet it's something like that.
EMIL: [Th-]That's why he's collecting them?!
MARTA: I don't know.  But in Palmacosta--
EMIL: Palmacosta?!
MARTA: [N-]Never mind.
	(Angrily) Anyway, he's teamed up with the Church of
	Martel to oppress the people of Sylvarant.
	So he must be gathering the cores for some lousy reason or another!
	It makes me want to scream!  Lloyd stands for lousy, with a capital L!
EMIL: Yeah!  And that second L in his name stands for loser!
TENEBRAE: Or even lardaceous.
EMIL: What does that mean?
MARTA: (Sweatdrop) Beats me.

EMIL: (Looks around) [Um...] Where are we?
MARTA: (Nods) [Ugh,] Of course.
(Emil looks at her with confusion)
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) This is where the Tower of Mana used to be.  
	Lloyd and his companions came here on their journey of world regeneration.
EMIL: So it's a historical site for the Church of Martel.
MARTA: (Nods) Right.  No wonder there are hidden passages, and of course Lloyd
would show up.
EMIL: Oh, so Lloyd's friends in the Church of Martel guided him.
MARTA: (Shrugs) It's only a guess.
(Tenebrae reappears)
TENEBRAE: I am unable to sense Lumen's presence.  It appears that Lloyd has
MARTA: (Looks at Emil) I guess we'll go back to Luin for now.  That okay with
EMIL: (Nods) [Y-]Yeah.

*The road back to Luin*

MARTA: Why don't we take a break here?  It'll give us a chance to explain to
you about Ratatosk.
EMIL: Sure.  I want to know what's going on.
TENEBRAE: All right then.
(The party sits down in the grass)
TENEBRAE: How much do you know about the world before its Regeneration by the
Chosen, Colette?

EMIL: (Nods) I know the basics..
TENEBRAE: As you know, our world was divided into two by the will of the
Goddess Martel and the Hero Mithos.

EMIL: (Shakes head) Not much.
TENEBRAE: A brief explanation, then.  Long ago, the Giant Tree that sustained
our world withered, and the end of the world was upon us.
	The Goddess Martel and the Hero Mithos managed to prevent this destruction
by dividing the world into two.
	But two years ago Colette the Chosen successfully reunited the two
separated lands by sprouting the new World Tree to support the world.

	While the world was divided in two, Lord Ratatosk transformed into his core
and became dormant.
MARTA: (Pushes up her bangs to reveal the red jewel) That's this core on my
forehead-- Ratatosk's core.
EMIL: (Panicked) [Y-]You mean that's the demon lord Ratatosk's egg?!
TENEBRAE: Lord Ratatosk is not a demon lord.  He was a summon spirit of the
Great Tree of old, and is the lord of all monsters.
MARTA: In order to awaken Ratatosk, we have to first awaken all of his
servants, the Centurions, by hatching them.
	That's why we're on a journey looking for the Centurions' cores.
EMIL: Why can't Ratatosk stay asleep?
MARTA: If he's asleep, nature will be thrown off balance and destroy the world.
	For instance Ratatosk's sleep is the reason why Lake Sinoa has dried up.
	And without him around to oversee things, most monsters have cut ties with
the Centurions they serve.
	So the monsters are running wild and causing the world's mana to fall out
of balance.
TENEBRAE: Even while Lord Ratatosk is dormant, the Centurions are supposed to
form ties with monsters and maintain order.
	Yet, the Centurion of Water, Aqua, has allied with Richter, and is
neglecting her duties.
	Which is precisely the reason why we have seen one water-related disaster
after another.  It's absolutely deplorable...
EMIL: If all this is true, then why do you have to fight?
TENEBRAE: Lord Ratatosk is exceedingly powerful.
	Though they may not be as powerful as Ratatosk's core, Centurions' cores
still possess remarkable powers.
MARTA: Some people are trying to get the cores for their own selfish reasons.
TENEBRAE: Lloyd and Richter are among those people.  Lady Marta recovered
Ratatosk's core from them.
MARTA: But somehow the core managed to attach itself to my forehead.  To tell
you the truth, it's a bit frustrating.
TENEBRAE: Do you understand now?
EMIL: (Nods) [Y-]Yeah I guess.
	(Looks down, thinking) But I still can't believe Richter would do something
like that.


TENEBRAE: I'll drop out of sight since my presence may draw unwanted attention.
EMIL: (Shocked) Oh, hey!  You're not one of the monsters that attacked the
people in town, are you?
TENEBRAE: [Hmph!]  Of course not.  Those monsters were lured to the village by
Lumen's core.
	When Centurions are in their core state, they're unable to control their
	This results in the disruption of the mana balance and throws nature into
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) That's why I don't want to give the core to Lloyd or
EMIL: (Slumps) I guess Centurions' cores are nothing but trouble.
TENEBRAE: How rude.
(Tenebrae disappears)
MARTA: (Walks closer to Emil) All right.  Why don't we go to your house for
EMIL: (Shakes head) Oh.  [Um...]  We should first go tell the mayor what
happened with Richter.
MARTA: Okay.  Maybe we can ask him about Lloyd, too.  Let's go.
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah.
	(Slumps, thinks) I don't want her to see me being yelled at by my aunt and

EMIL: Hey, Tenebrae, are you here?
TENEBRAE: (Flies by) Yes, I'm right over here.
EMIL: [Huh?]  Where?
TENEBRAE: (Flies by again) Here.
EMIL: [Uh...] Over here?
TENEBRAE: (Flies by again) No, over here!
EMIL: Wait, you mean here?
MARTA: Tenebrae!  Stop teasing Emil!
TENEBRAE: How rude.  This is part of the training of a Knight of Ratatosk.
	Let's see, where am I now? [Laughs craftily]
EMIL: [SIGH] Now I know why Aqua calls you "spiteful."

MARTA: Rats!  Here I was getting all ready to visit Emil's house, introduce
myself to his family, and make our status as a wonderful new couple official!
TENEBRAE: So that's why you demanded he take you to his home so suddenly.
MARTA: (Light bulb) I get it now!  Emil's so shy, he must be too embarrassed to
return home with his girlfriend.
TENEBRAE: That sounds like wishful thinking to me.
MARTA: Quiet, Tenebrae! (Bops Tenebrae)  That settles it.  I've got to get him
to like me more!
	(Grabs Emil, beaming) Hey, Emil!  When's your birthday?
	What's your favorite food?  Do you like girls with long or short hair
EMIL: (Nervous) [H-]Hey, Marta!  Stop clinging to me!
TENEBRAE: I'm afraid this will be an unrequited love.

(Suddenly, a tall man and several masked ones come up behind them)
???: Lady Marta!  We've been looking for you!
(Marta whirls around, surprised)
MARTA: (Bitterly) Hawk.
EMIL: (Nervously) Is he a friend?
HAWK: Commander Brute says that if you return Ratatosk's core, all will be
forgiven, and you will be welcomed back into the Vanguard.
EMIL: (Recoils, shocked) You're a member of the Vanguard?!
MARTA: (To Hawk, angrily) You can tell Commander Brute that what you did--what
all of you did-- isn't something I can forget.
HAWK: Whatever do you mean?
MARTA: Don't act dumb.  I'm not giving up Ratatosk's core.
HAWK: (Points at her) [Hmph!]  Then we will show you no mercy!  Men, seize Lady
(A battle begins with the two grunts.  Emil and company beat them down)
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta, Emil!  We must leave this place at once!
MARTA: You're right.  Let's go!
EMIL: [Wh-]What?!
	(Slumps, thinking) How did I get wrapped up in this mess?!
(Marta grabs Emil's arm and drags him offscreen)

(Hawk and his men corner them)
HAWK: (Points, angrily) Get them!  Move!
(Suddenly, a fat man in bronze armor appears with a platoon of armored
soldiers.  He clocks Hawk with his giant lance)
HAWK: (Falls) What?!
(The armored soldiers clobber Hawk's men)
MARTA: Huh?!
EMIL: What?!
MARTA: (To the armored man, scared) [Y-you...] You're from the Church of
???: (Sheathes his lance) I am Magnar, Commandant of the Church of Martel.  
	By the orders of Lloyd the Great, I have come to take the demon lord
Ratatosk and the Centurion's core!
MARTA: (Angrily) [Urrgh...]  You're all the same.
MAGNAR: Hand it over and I will guarantee that none of you will be harmed.
	However, if you refuse, this town will meet the same fate as Palmacosta.
EMIL: Same as Palmacosta?  What does he mean?
MAGNAR: What, boy?  You don't know?
	The foolish Vanguard planned to use Ratatosk's core to start a rebellion in
order to destroy the Church of Martel and the Chosen.
MARTA: (To Emil) Lloyd killed all of those innocent people to steal Ratatosk's
core, and to quell the rebellion.
EMIL: (Balling fists) That's what my parents died for?
TENEBRAE: Imp, my servant!  Go!
(The Imp captured earlier appears and attacks the soldiers)
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta, Emil!  We must leave town, now!
(The three of them run off)

MARTA: (Stops) What should we do?  If we leave the town will be destroyed.
MAGNAR: (Offscreen) Foolish, barbarous Sylvaranti!  Listen well!
(The party turns back in horror)

(Magnar stands before the statue of Lloyd, several knights around him)
MAGNAR: I am Commandant Magnar, of the glorious Martel Knights.
	We have come here to arrest the vile Vanguard for their crimes: blasphemy
against the Church and inciting rebellions and discontentment across the world.
	However, we have also recently received reports from Lloyd the Great
stating that the people of Luin have been engaged in sinful cooperation with
the Vanguard.
	Therefore, this whole town, along with the Vanguard, now face charges of
treason against the Chosen!
	But I will grant one final opportunity to redeem yourselves.
	A girl named Marta is hiding in this city.  Bring her to me.
	Do so, and Lloyd the Great may very well forgive your crimes.

EMIL: (Turns to Marta) Marta, hand them the core on your forehead.
MARTA: (Turns to Emil, shakes head) But [I...] I can't.
EMIL: (Angrily) Why not?!
	If you, the Vanguard hadn't attempted a rebellion, Palmacosta never
would've been destroyed in the first place!
(Tenebrae turns.  Marta hangs her head)
EMIL: (Hangs head) I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.  But if we don't do
something, Luin will be destroyed.
	(Looks up) And if that happens, everyone will blame me since I'm the one
who brought you here.
MARTA: (Looks up) You're right.  I'm truly sorry about what happened in
(Turns and starts to leave)
EMIL: Where are you--
MARTA: I'll give them Ratatosk's core.  I'm sorry, Tenebrae.
(Marta leaves)
TENEBRAE: (Turns to Emil) Emil, Knight of Ratatosk.  You just sent Lady Marta
to her death.
	Lord Ratatosk's core on her forehead requires energy from her body.
	The core cannot be separated from her before Lord Ratatosk awakens.
	Removing it beforehand will surely cause he death.
EMIL: (Shocked) No!  We have to tell her--
TENEBRAE: (Darkly) She already knows.
	She intends to die for this town and for you.  For your petty desire to
protect yourself.
	I just wanted you to know the consequences of your words.
EMIL: (Looks after Marta) [I-]I'm going to stop Marta!
TENEBRAE: You'll be ostracized by the people in town.
EMIL: (Angrily) I don't care!
TENEBRAE: Well, then.  I shall go with you.
(Emil runs off.  Tenebrae struts after)

(Marta glares at Magnar)
MARTA: I'm here now.  Are you satisfied?
MAGNAR: Tell us where Ratatosk's core and the Centurions' cores are.
MARTA: I don't have a Centurion's core, but Ratatosk's core is right here. 
(Points to her forehead)
	If you want it that badly, you'll have to take it with my head.
MAGNAR: (Scratches chin) What a marvelous idea.  I think I will.  Seize her,
(Two soldiers grab Marta and force her to the ground)
MAGNAR: All right, we no longer have any need for this town.  Hand down the
divine punishment they deserve!
MARTA: (Wriggles, shocked) No, wait a minute!  You said that you'd--
MAGNAR: That's enough.  Silence! (Thumps his lance)  The orders of Lloyd the
Great are absolute!
	(Turns to his men) All right men the time has come!  Pillage!  Kill!  Show
them the divine punishment of the Goddess Martel! (Raises lance)
SOLDIER: Yes, sir!
(Soldiers run amok through Luin, terrorizing the populace and ravaging the
buildings.  The sounds of fires and screams fill the air)

(Emil witnesses the carnage and is horrified)
EMIL: Oh, no.  Stop it!
(An explosion goes off behind him and he's launched into the air with a scream.
 He tumbles onto the pavement before Marta and Magnar)
(A ghastly silence fills the air.  Marta stares in shock.  Suddenly, Emil's
hands twitch.  Magnar looks on with curiosity.)
(Emil's body starts to give off thick, black smoke, dark rings forming on the
ground around him.  He slowly gets to his feet, clutching at his face.  Marta
watches anxiously.)
R.  EMIL: Didn't you hear what I said?
	(Looks up and reveals his red eyes)
	(Furious) I said stop, you miserable swine!
(Emil charges the soldiers and takes out two of them with his bare hands,
thrusting one's lance into the pavement.  He turns his wild eyes on the other
troops and yanks out his sword.)
R.  EMIL: (Snarling) I'll teach you the true meaning of divine punishment!
(The remaining Martel soldiers attack.  Emil and his monsters trash the

(Emil stands over Marta and offers his hand)
R.EMIL: Stand up, Marta.  (Helps her up)
MARTA: [Unh,] Emil...
(Emil turns to Magnar, a smirk on his lips)
R.EMIL: Now the.  Time for your punishment.  You better pray to Martel one last
	Pray to her for a painless death!
(R.  Emil bares his teeth, and the party engages Magnar and creams him)

(Grinning like a psychotic demon, Emil approaches the downed Magnar and
sheathes his sword.)
MAGNAR: [I...] I don't understand.  Who are you!
R.  EMIL: The question is who the hell are you!
(Emil puts his foot on Magnar's chest)
R.  EMIL: Well?  Let's see your divine punishment now.  Go ahead.  Show it to
(Emil slugs Magnar over and over mercilessly)
R.  EMIL: Are you listening?!
MARTA: (Scared) Emil.  That's enough Emil, stop it!
(Emil recoils, then his head snaps back.  His eyes switch from red to green and
he slowly turns around, confused.)
(He quickly lets go of Magnar's throat, and Magnar crumples in a coughing fit.)
EMIL: What--what did I do?!
(Emil runs off on his own)

EMIL: (Thinking) Dida, Moll.  They didn't run away!

(Both are surprised to see him)
DIDA: (Nervous) [Oh!]  Hey.
MOLL: (Nervous) [Ho-]How are you?  You doing good?
DIDA: We're pretty busy, so...  [uh...]
MOLL: [Y-]Yeah, it's not like we're afraid of you or anything.
(The bullies run off)
EMIL: (Slumps) Oh.
(Marta walks up behind him)
MARTA: Both the Vanguard and the Martel Knights have left town.
(Emil is silent)
MARTA: The mayor wants to talk to you.  Will you come?

MARTA: Emil, thank you.
[EMIL: Mmm...]
MARTA: You saved me again.
[EMIL: N'gh...]
MARTA: [I...] I'll always be on your side.  That's a promise.
	So cheer up, okay?
EMIL: Thanks, Marta.

FLORA: (Nervous) Emil...
EMIL: (Hangs head) [A-]Aunt Flora, I--
(Alba runs in front of his wife, balling his fists)
ALBA: (Angrily) Get away from us, you monster!
MARTA: (To Alba, angrily) How could you?!
EMIL: (Shakes head) No, it's okay!  It's okay.

MAYOR OF LUIN: Emil, thank you for coming.  I have a favor to ask of you.
EMIL: [W-]What sort of favor?
MAYOR OF LUIN: I want you to go find Lloyd for me.
EMIL: (Surprised, dejected) [Is this...] Is this your way of telling me to
MAYOR OF LUIN: (Shakes head) No.  I simply cannot believe what just happened
	The Lloyd that I know would never allow this kind of slaughter and looting,
even on orders from the Church.
EMIL: But--
MAYOR OF LUIN: I didn't believe what you said about Palmacosta until today.
	But it seems that the same thing almost happened to our town.
	(Shakes head) I'm just not sure what to believe anymore.
EMIL: Mayor, it doesn't take much for people to change.
	(Thinks sadly) Like me.
MAYOR OF LUIN: (Head low) That may be so.
	(Looks up) Which is exactly why I want you to investigate this.
	Why Lloyd changed like he did, and why he's looking for Ratatosk and the
Centurions' cores.
MARTA: (Hangs head) So this is how you plan to protect Emil from the fear of
the townspeople?
(Emil is surprised)
MAYOR OF LUIN: (Hangs head) The people of our town are easily frightened. 
Please forgive them.  But I believe this is for your own good.
(Emil hangs his head in sad thought)
EMIL: (Looks up) I'll look for Lloyd.  And then I will avenge my parents.
MAYOR OF LUIN: I understand.  I won't try to stop you.
	Emil, our town may be full of people who fear you, but this is still your
	I know it may sound hard to believe now, but once things calm down, I want
you to come back.
EMIL: I'm sorry I caused so much trouble.
(Emil starts to walk away)
(Emil hangs his head)
MAYOR OF LUIN: Thank you for saving Luin.
(Emil hesitates, then walks out of the room)

(Marta runs up behind him)
MARTA: Emil, wait!
EMIL: (Turns around) [M-]Marta.
MARTA: Tenebrae and I are going with you.
EMIL: Why?
MARTA: The whole point of our journey is to find the Centurions' cores and wake
up Ratatosk.
	So Lloyd is our common enemy.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: Since we share the same objective, it would be in our best interest
to work together.
EMIL: [Mmm...] But I'm--
MARTA: You also made a pact with Ratatosk as a knight, right?
	(Folds arms behind her back) And Ratatosk is stuck on me, so that means you
have to protect me.
TENEBRAE: As I told you before, Lady Marta had been looking for you.
	She wanted the boy who saved her back in Palmacosta, you, to be a Knight of
	So please.
MARTA: (Straightens up) It's partly my fault that things ended up the way they
did.  Let us go with you.
EMIL: (Hangs head) I really don't remember meeting you before.  Are you okay
with that?
MARTA: It's okay, because I remember.  And you're brave, so I feel like I can
count on you.
EMIL: (Nervously) You think I'm brave?  I'm nothing like that.
MARTA: No, you really are.  You already saved me several times since we met
	And you wouldn't have done that if you didn't have courage.  That's why I
want to go with you.  We can start off as friends.  Right?
	(Blushes, looks down) Of course I don't mind being more than friends.
(Emil blushes and looks down, flashing back to Richter's words)
RICHTER: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.
(Back to present)
EMIL: It's just like he said.
MARTA: (Gets closer) What?
EMIL: (Shakes head) Oh, it's nothing.
TENEBRAE: Why don't we get going?
EMIL: (Nods) [R-]Right.  Okay, let's go!
(Marta beams.  Emil beams back)

(2.2) - Chapter 2: Troubled Heart (GS2)


(Emil, Marta and Tenebrae push forward against a fierce wind)
EMIL: [Th-]This is some wind.
MARTA: (Sharply) Come on!  Take it like a man!
EMIL: (Slumps) That's easy to say.
(Marta keeps walking)
TENEBRAE: (To Emil) It may be difficult to believe, but Lady Marta is depending
on you.
	So please, try to act like a man in front of her.
EMIL: (Dejected) I'm not sure if I can.
MARTA: (Turns around) What's keeping you two?  Come on, we need to ask if
anyone's seen Lloyd.  Let's hurry.
	(Jumps for joy) Wherever Lloyd is, that's where the Centurions' cores are!
	(Folds arms) So let's find the mayor and ask if Lloyd's come by.  Okay?
EMIL: (Nods) [R-]Right.

EMIL: Wow, this wind is really something.
MARTA: Right now all sorts of strange weather patterns are happening around the
world.  It's all because of the joining of the worlds two years ago.
EMIL: But everything will work out if the Centurions' cores are hatched, right?
TENEBRAE: That should be true in theory.
EMIL: Wait, what do you mean, "theory?"
TENEBRAE: (Shakes head) Things are not always as simple as they appear.
[EMIL: Wha?]
(Marta looks down)

EMIL: (Looks around) This town seems kind of desolate.
MARTA: This is weird.  The last time I came here with Daddy it wasn't like this
at all.
EMIL: Your dad?  Now that you mention it, where's your family?
MARTA: (Hangs head) [W-]Well...
(Emil starts to back up)
MARTA: Watch out!
(Emil collides with a man in a tuxedo with dark blue hair)
EMIL: (Jumping back) [Uh...] Sorry!
???: It's fine.
(The man stares at where Tenebrae is hiding)
EMIL: [Uh...] Are you--
???: (To Emil) It's all right.  You have an interesting creature with you.
(Emil looks surprised)
MARTA: (Runs up) Emil, what are you doing?  We're terribly sorry.
	Are you all right?
EMIL: Marta, this man, he--
???: This town's changed, too.
EMIL: Huh?
MARTA: Excuse me.  Are you originally from here?
???: A long time ago.  Back then, this city wasn't even called Asgard.
(Awkward silence)
???: Sorry.  This is my hometown.  It brings back memories of my friends from
back then.
	It seems they got the better of me.  Forgive me.
(The man walks away.  Emil watches him go)
EMIL: That guy--he noticed Tenebrae.
MARTA: (Surprised) Are you sure?!  I've never seen anyone who could do that.
EMIL: I wonder who he is.

MARTA: I wonder who that guy was?  He said some strange things.
	What a weirdo.  I mean it's been a long time since this town changed its
name to Asgard.
EMIL: Right.  No human alive today could've been around then.
	Could he be an elf?  Maybe that's how he noticed Tenebrae.
MARTA: Yeah, but even elves and half-elves only live about a thousand years,
	He must've been teasing us.  (Muzzy) Jerk.
TENEBRAE: He may actually be older than his youthful appearance would indicate.
EMIL: Oh, you mean like you, Tenebrae.
MARTA: Yeah, maybe that's it!
TENEBRAE: (Angry) We Centurions are ageless!  I will not be treated like a
doddering old man!

(As Emil stands on the doorstep, Marta wanders around on the lawn, holding out
her hand to sense the wind)
MARTA: I just don't get it.
EMIL: [Huh?  Wh-]What do you mean?
MARTA: The wind isn't strong enough.  There's no way a wind this weak could
damage buildings like this.
EMIL: [Hmm...]  Well maybe some days the wind is stronger.
(Almost as soon as he says it, the wind picks up fiercely.)
MARTA: [Eyaahh!!!] (Grabs at her hair ornaments)  [Wow,] What was that?
EMIL: Marta, look!
[MARTA: Huh?]
(In the dark storm clouds above, there's a swirling mass of black and purple,
like some sort of black hole.  Suddenly, the wind gets even stronger and Marta
is lifted off the ground)
[MARTA: Hunnnh?!]
EMIL: (Panicked) Marta!
MARTA: (Panicked) Emil!
(Emil runs and grabs her hand before she's blown away, and manages to drag her
back into the mayor's doorway.  They watch the storm for a moment, and then
Emil notices he's still holding Marta's hand.)
[EMIL: U'aahh!]
(Emil yanks his hand away)
EMIL: (Hanging head) [S-]Sorry.  [W-]We'd better go find some shelter
(Tenebrae appears, seemingly unaffected by the wind)
TENEBRAE: There's a cave-like area not far from here known as the Mural Cavern.
	If I may suggest, perhaps we should head there to avoid the wind.
(Tenebrae disappears)
EMIL: Sounds good.  Let's go.  (Starts to leave the doorstep)
MARTA: [W-]Wait!
(Marta clutches Emil's hand.  He stares at it.)
MARTA: It's safer if we hold hands.~
(Clutching hands, they head for the caves)

(Both Marta and Emil blush)
MARTA: Your hands are so warm, Emil.~
EMIL: [Mmph!]  You think so?
TENEBRAE: [Ah,] Two young hearts all aflutter.  How sweet.
EMIL: Aflutter?  Who says stuff like that anymore?
TENEBRAE: (Irked) I do.  You got a problem with that?
EMIL: [Laughs] You're funny, Tenebrae.
MARTA: (Irked) Way to kill the moment, you two.

(Still holding hands, Emil and Marta stop and look at the cave paintings.)
MARTA: I think we'll be safe in here.
EMIL: (Blushing) Yeah.
MARTA: What's the matter?  Your face is beet-red.
EMIL: [Y-]Your hand.
MARTA: Oh.  Do I have to let it go?
EMIL: I-- [uh-heh...]
MARTA: [Giggles] Just kidding.~ [hee!]
(Marta lets go of Emil's hand)
EMIL: (Looking away) [Um,] I wonder why the wind got so strong all of a sudden.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: I believe it's linked to Lord Ratatosk's sleep.
EMIL: (Turns to Tenebrae) Yeah, I know that's the root of the problem.  I meant
why did the wind get so strong just now.
TENEBRAE: Perhaps it changes, in a manner similar to you.
EMIL: (Turns away and slumps) I know, I'm just a weak nobody without the help
of Knight of Ratatosk.
MARTA: That's not true!  You're strong, kind, and cool.
EMIL: (Turns to Marta) Really?
MARTA: Really!  You're my prince, Emil!
EMIL: (Thinking) I wonder if she really believes all that.
TENEBRAE: I hate to interrupt this fascinating discussion, but the wind seems
to have died down a bit.
EMIL: (Turns to Tenebrae) [I-]It did?
(Marta gets irked)
TENEBRAE: Yes, but now I head voices.  There seems to be some sort of
MARTA: Let's go and have a look.  It'll also give us a chance to ask about
EMIL: [R-]Right.

(There's a gathering of people on the tier below.  Marta doesn't react well.)
MARTA: Damn!  It's Alice!
EMIL: Who?
TENEBRAE: A top officer in the Vanguard.  We better hide.
(Marta grabs Emil and shoves him away.  They hide just out of sight over the
white-dressed girl and her soldiers.)
ALICE: (Arms folded, pouty) [Awww!] I'm so disappointed you still haven't found
Colettie.  Poo!  Alice is so tired!
(One unfortunate soldier drops down and Alice lounges on his back)
HAWK: (Kneels) Ma'am!  If you'd just be a little more patient--
(Alice swats him with her swatter, knocking him over.  She beams.)
ALICE: [Giggles] I just said that I'm tired.  (Raises it again) Now, now, you
should know better than to...
(Her eyes go evil.  Emil flinches as she swats Hawk again)
ALICE: Talk...
(Marta flinches as she swats Hawk again)
ALICE: back...
(Tenebrae flinches as she swats Hawk yet agan)
ALICE: to...
(The other soldiers flinch as she swats Hawk once more)
ALICE: me!
(Hawk crashes down, clutching his nose.  Alice plays with her swatter.)
ALICE: No wonder you let Martmart slip through our fingers and failed so
spectacularly in Luin.
	(Gets off the soldier) Must I do everything myself?
(Alice places the tip of the swatter on Hawk's chin and lifts his face up, all
while smiling cutely)
ALICE: Hawkie, are you listening to me?
HAWK: (Defeated) I apologize.
(Alice withdraws the swatter and saunters off.  The soldiers bow.)
ALICE: Hurry and find that pesky Colettie.  I'll be at the mayor's house. 
HAWK: [Urgh...] (To his men as he gets back on his feet) I'll search the city's
perimeter [Ungh...] while you do a thorough sweep of the city!
	The Chosen of Regeneration is a woman with blonde hair.  Bring in anyone
that fits that description!
	And do it quickly, or Lady Alice will have all of our heads!
	Now go!
(The soldiers turn and salute stiffly)
SOLDIERS: For the liberation of Sylvarant!
(The troops spread out over town, jogging down roads and into caves)
EMIL: So that girl is a member of the Vanguard?
MARTA: That's Alice, the captain of the Vanguard's combat unit.
	(Gets up) She's a complete sadist.  Be careful around her.
EMIL: (Very puzzled as he gets up) (Be careful?  But why?  What's that supposed
to mean, "Be careful"?)
TENEBRAE: Well, we won't be able to go to the mayor's house now.
MARTA: All right, then let's go look for the Chosen Colette.
EMIL: Oh yeah!  The Chosen and Lloyd traveled together, right?
MARTA: (Nods) [Mm-hmm.]  If we can't find Lloyd, we might be able to ask about
him.  And maybe...  (Stares at the ground)
EMIL: Maybe what?
MARTA: (Shakes her head) [Mmnh,] Let's just look for the Chosen.
TENEBRAE: They said that the Chosen is a woman with blonde hair.  Let's search
the city for her.
	However, please remember to keep your distance from the Vanguard and stay
out of their sight at all times.
EMIL: (Nods) [R-]Right.  I agree.  There's no point in getting caught up with
(They set out to look for the Chosen)

EMIL: Alice looks like a harmless girl, but she makes a powerful impression. 
Maybe scary is a better word.
MARTA: Watch yourself around her.  She's a sadist.  Actually a super sadist.
EMIL: What's a "sadist?"
TENEBRAE: The term sadist is related to the concept of sadism.
	It is the deriving of pleasure by causing pain in others, physically or
EMIL: Okay.
	How exactly am I supposed to be careful around her?
MARTA: Don't go near her, don't speak to her, don't respond if she speaks to
you, and swear to love only me.  (Beams)
	Then you'll be fine!
EMIL: [Wh-]What?!  What are you talking about?!
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta's search for love is among the saddest I've seen.
TENEBRAE: It's the saddest versus the sadist.

EMIL: Why does Alice call Hawk, "Hawkie"?
	It's like she was making fun of him, or something.
MARTA: Actually, Alice only comes up with those little nicknames for people she
EMIL: So the fact that Alice calls you Martmart must mean she likes you a lot.
MARTA: No, it's the opposite for girls.  That nickname means I'm on her bad
EMIL: This is confusing.
TENEBRAE: I hate to change the subject, but do I really come across like an old
EMIL: Wow, you've been worrying about that this whole time?

MARTA: The Chosen is a woman with blonde hair.  Where can she be?
TENEBRAE: She may be the Chosen, but she is still only human.  Since I have not
met her, sensing her will prove difficult.
EMIL: I wonder what kind of person she is.  Have you met her before?
MARTA: (Angrily) I've never met the Chosen of Regeneration, and to tell you the
truth, I really don't want to meet her now!
EMIL: (Nervous) Oh.  Sorry I asked.
TENEBRAE: Why are you apologizing?
EMIL: [Um...] (Because Marta's scaring me.)

(A blonde girl in white, Colette, is talking with blue-haired Aisha.)
COLETTE: So Lloyd hasn't stopped by here either.
AISHA: (Hangs head) I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more help, Chosen One.
(The scene changes to Emil and Marta at the door.  Marta looks mad.)
COLETTE: Oh no.  It's quite all right.  Thank you.
EMIL: [Y-]You're the Chosen of Regeneration?
(Marta pushes past Emil and struts up to Colette)
MARTA: Chosen of Regeneration, I have something to ask you.
COLETTE: (Turns to Marta) [Y-]Yes?
MARTA: Two years ago the world regeneration caused the separated worlds of
Sylvarant and Tethe'alla to become one.
	And during that process, a giant, fearsome tree appeared in Palmacosta and
destroyed the city.
(Colette's eyes grow sad)
MARTA: I was told it happened because you tried to run away from your task of
world regeneration.
	Is that true?
(Colette is silent for a long while, then closes her eyes and nods sadly)
(Marta looks surprised, then boils over with rage.  She shoves Colette into the
shelves behind her)
MARTA: My mother was in Palmacosta when that giant tree attacked!
(Colette recovers and looks at her.  Marta turns her gaze to the floor, her
fists balled)
MARTA: You call yourself the "Chosen"?!  You're nothing more than a coward! 
How dare you!
	(Looks up angrily) If you hadn't run away, my mother would still be alive
(Colette doesn't look at Marta's face.  She hangs her head again)
COLETTE: (Sadly) I'm so sorry.
(Marta leers at her for another moment, then turns and runs out of the house.)
EMIL: Marta!

(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: I am worried about Lady Marta.
EMIL: Yeah.  She was really upset.
TENEBRAE: (Sits down) Lady Marta and her father wandered the world after the
death of her mother and the loss of their hometown.  It must have been hard for
EMIL: Yeah.
(Tenebrae disappears)

EMIL: Marta...
MARTA: (Calm) I'm sorry.  I didn't mean for you to see me like that.
EMIL: It's okay.
	(Hangs head) When I saw Lloyd, I got so angry I could barely control
MARTA: You're not mad at the Chosen?
EMIL: (Looks up) Hmm?
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) You were born in Palmacosta too, right?  What were you
doing when that monstrous giant tree attacked Palmacosta?
EMIL: I wasn't in the city then.
EMIL: (Thinking) Yeah, I wasn't there.
MARTA: I joined the Vanguard because I blamed the Chosen for destroying
	(Hangs head) But I do understand.
	I know that it must have been really hard for her to seal away the Desians
and regenerate the world.
	I know that there's probably a good reason why what happened in Palmacosta
was unavoidable.
	But she just admitted to the rumor she'd run away.  I just can't forgive
(Suddenly, a Vanguard soldier approaches)
VANGUARD SOLDIER: Hey, you.  You just said something about the Chosen.
EMIL: Huh?
VANGUARD SOLDIER: We're the Vanguard, the Sylvaranti Liberation Front.
	A resistance movement dedicated to punishing the Tethe'allans and the
Church of Martel for persecuting Sylvaranti as if we were half-elves.
	We are currently looking for the Chosen of Regeneration, a Sylvaranti
traitor who is sympathetic to the Tethe'allan people.
	If you have information about her whereabouts, tell us.
MARTA: (Faces him) The Chosen left the city already.
VANGUARD SOLDIER: (Angrily) What?!  Damn it.  (Takes off)
EMIL: Why did you say that?
MARTA: The Vanguard has declared the Chosen a wanted traitor who pretended to
save Sylvarant even as she betrayed it to Tethe'alla.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: If they catch her, she may be executed for propaganda.
EMIL: I didn't know the Vanguard was a group of such extremists.
MARTA: Even though I can't forgive the Chosen, the Vanguard's latest actions
are even harder to overlook.
EMIL: (Curious) Wait, you mean the Vanguard's different from what it used to
MARTA: (Nods slowly) It's because Commander Brute has changed.
TENEBRAE: I hate to interrupt, but I think we should get going.  With the
Vanguard crawling all over the city I hardly think it's prudent to dawdle.
EMIL: [Oh...  R-]Right.
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) Sorry, I didn't mean to trouble you.  Lloyd hasn't been
around here, so maybe we should set out for Palmacosta next?
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah, good idea.  Let's go.

[MARTA: (Slumps) Mmnh...]
EMIL: What's wrong?
MARTA: I made a total fool of myself back there.
	I know the Chosen was responsible for saving the world, but I couldn't stop
myself from yelling at her like that.
	I feel really stupid.
EMIL: Well you're kinder than I am.
[MARTA: (Surprised) Huh?]
EMIL: Even though he helped save the world, I could never forgive Lloyd for
killing my parents.
	I didn't think you sounded foolish at all.  (Shakes head)
	Actually, I was impressed.
MARTA: Thanks for being such a nice guy.
	You're strong, you're kind, you're the greatest!  I love you so much!~
EMIL: What?!
	(She keeps raising my pedestal higher and higher.)
[TENEBRAE: Laughs quietly to himself]

(A little boy gets in their way)
BOY: (Angrily) Hey, wait!
EMIL: What?
BOY: You're the ones who were mean to the Chosen.
(Emil looks shocked.  Marta is quiet.)
BOY: Don't pretend you weren't.  I saw you!  You shoved the Chosen in Aisha's
MARTA: (Angrily) Why not?  She deserved it!  She let Palmacosta be destroyed in
the name of world regeneration!
BOY: (Gets in Marta's face) You don't know what you're talking about!  Tell the
Chosen you're sorry!
(A faint screech is heard)
EMIL: (Listening) Hey, did you just hear something?  It sounded like a
monster's howl.
BOY: (Turns to Emil) You stay out of this!
(Suddenly the wind picks up fiercely, and the boy is blown away)
BOY: Aaah!
EMIL: Oh...
MARTA: We have to help him!

EMIL: (Shocked) Marta!  Over there!
(The kid dangles from a ledge.  They run up to it.  Marta gets down and crawls
out to him)
BOY: [Wh-]Why are you here?  Did you come to laugh at me?
MARTA: Don't be ridiculous!  And don't move!  We're here to help.
(The boy loses his grip)
BOY: Aaah!
(Marta grabs him just in time, but she can't pull him up)
MARTA: Emil!  Tenebrae!  Help!
TENEBRAE: Understood.
EMIL: (Thinking) [I-]I'm scared, but I have to do it.
(Suddenly, a flock of Harpies fly down and blow them away.  Alice appears on
the ledge near Marta.)
ALICE: [Giggle] Not so fast, darlings.~
EMIL: Oh.  You're that sadist.
(Alice looks irked.)
ALICE: (Swats at her hair) Hawkie, go get him!
(Hawk runs up and smacks Emil in the back.  Emil falls)
EMIL: Ugh!
(Alice walks up to where Marta is holding the kid)
ALICE: And look what we found while looking for Colettie!  I'm so lucky!~
	(Starts stomping on Marta's knees) Decus might not like it, but I'll be
taking Ratatosk's core!
EMIL: Stop!
ALICE: (Still stomping on Marta's knees) Well aren't you a stubborn one?
HAWK: Lady Alice!  Commander Brute gave us explicit orders that Lady Marta was
to be taken alive.
ALICE: But it's not my fault that she fell to her death because of the wind.
	I'm sure the Commander will understand that accidents can happen.~
MARTA: (Pained) I can't hold on anymore.
COLETTE: Angel Feather!
(Colette shoots rings at Alice three times, grabs Marta and the kid and flies
them to safety)
EMIL: The Chosen!
(Colette lands and puts Marta and the kid down)
MARTA: Why did you save us?  The Vanguard is after you!  You're in danger!
COLETTE: I know, but I couldn't just leave you.
ALICE: Oh, I am so lucky!  Now I can take out two little birdies with one
	(Points) Hawkie!  Athos!  Portos!  Take care of them!
(Hawk and two of Alice's monsters attack the party.  The party whups them)
ALICE: (Stamps foot) What are you all doing?!  You're so useless!
	Aramis, get us out of here!
(Alice hops on a blue balloon bear thingy and flies off)
COLETTE: Is everyone okay?
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah.
BOY: Chosen One, thank you.
COLETTE: (Turns to boy) Don't mention it.  I'm just glad you weren't hurt.
(Colette starts to leave, then turns back to Marta)
COLETTE: (Hands clasped) I know apologies can never make up for what happened,
but I want you to know I'm truly sorry.  (Walks away)
BOY: (To Marta, angrily) You have no idea what she went through!  The Chosen
was ready to give up her life to protect our world!
	My dad died in Palmacosta, too.  But it's not fair to blame the Chosen for
that!  (Runs away)
(Marta hangs her head)
EMIL: Marta?  We should leave before the Vanguard comes back.
MARTA: I'm sorry.  I'd like to see the Chosen one more time.
EMIL: Are you sure?
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) I still haven't thanked her for saving my life.
	I'm sorry, but I need to do this!
EMIL: I haven't thanked her, either.  Let's go together.
MARTA: Thank you.

MARTA: The Chosen helped us even though she knew it would get her into trouble.
	But then, why did she try to run away from her responsibilities while
regenerating the world?
	I just don't get it.

(Colette is speaking with the mayor)
MARTA: (Slowly) Thank you for saving me.
EMIL: I didn't get to thank you either.  Thank you for your help.
COLETTE: You came after me just to tell me that?  I'm so happy!  Please call me
Colette.  And you are?
MARTA: [Uh...] I'm Marta.
EMIL: I'm Emil.
COLETTE: Marta and Emil?  Great, now we can be friends.
MARTA: (Recoils) You're joking, right?
COLETTE: (Hangs head) Oh, right.  Okay.
MAYOR OF ASGARD: Excuse me, Chosen One.
COLETTE: (Turns to mayor) Oh, yes.  Please leave the matter of the stone dais
to me.  I'll have a look right now.
EMIL: Dais?
COLETTE: (Turns to Emil) Oh, well, I'm sure you noticed how the wind in this
town was strong, right?  I was wondering if the stone dais might have something
to do with it.
MAYOR OF ASGARD: A monster calling itself the Summon Spirit of Wind appeared
there in the past.
	The Chosen believes it might be connected with all the gusts we've been
MARTA: But if you stay here much longer the Vanguard will come back for you.
COLETTE: (Turns to Marta) Ever since the world regeneration, so many things are
happening throughout the world.
	Since I'm the Chosen of Regeneration-- no, even if I wasn't, I still want
to help in whatever way I can.
EMIL: (In awe) You're really amazing.
COLETTE: (Turns to Emil) No I'm not.  You both tried to save that boy, right?
	It's the same thing.
MARTA: We can't be friends, but I think I can help you.
COLETTE: (Turns to Marta) Oh?
MARTA: (Walks to Emil) She saved my life, so I owe her.
EMIL: (Nods) Then I'll help, too.  Since you're the first friend that I've ever
MARTA: (Walks back to Colette) You can refuse us, but we're still going with
you either way.
COLETTE: Not at all!  I'd love to have you come with me!  Thank you, both of
EMIL: (Curious) So we're going to the stone dais then?
COLETTE: (Nods) That's right.  Let's go!

MARTA: (Annoyed) Wow, you're really going all mushy over Colette.
EMIL: (Nervous) No I'm not.
MARTA: Are too.  It's like you can't relax.  Look at you, you're fidgeting!
EMIL: I-- [Um--]
TENEBRAE: (Enters in) Lady Marta, please calm down.
	I believe Emil was nervous, but I don't think his heart was all aflutter.
COLETTE: (Walks in) What does "all aflutter" mean?
EMIL: It's nothing!
MARTA: (Angrily) Oh my gosh, you're blushing!  You're such a jerk!

(Emil, Marta and Colette look around)
EMIL: Nothing here looks out of the ordinary.
COLETTE: Maybe your summon spirit would be able to tell.
MARTA: (Curious) Our summon spirit?
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: I believe she means me.
COLETTE: Yes, you, doggie!  I'm talking about you!
TENEBRAE: I am neither a "doggie" nor a summon spirit.  I am Centurion
Tenebrae.  You may call me Tenebrae.
COLETTE: All right, Tenebie.  So, do you notice anything strange?
TENEBRAE: No, not especially.  And my name isn't Tenebie.
EMIL: Colette doesn't miss a beat.
MARTA: Yeah.
COLETTE: [Hmm...]  Maybe it isn't related to the stone dais after all.
(Colette starts to walk, then stumbles and knocks Marta over, just as a winged
monster flies by)
EMIL: (Shocked) What was that?!
MARTA: (Sits up) A monster?!
COLETTE: (Sits up) But it disappeared.
TENEBRAE: Emil!  Above you!
EMIL: [Y-]Yeah!
(A big, black bird is flying around overhead.  It swoops down and attacks! 
It's too strong to beat, so the crew runs back down the hill>
EMIL: (Slumps) What was that?  Was that the Summon Spirit of Wind the mayor was
talking about?
COLETTE: But the summon spirit we found here was a fake.  And besides, we
defeated it.
MARTA: Either way, it seems like that creature's responsible for these gusts. 
We've got to do something.
(Tenebrae appears)
EMIL: But our attacks just bounced off of it.
TENEBRAE: Let's look for a winged dragon.
EMIL: Huh?
TENEBRAE: The winged dragon is the natural enemy of the garuda, the bird
monster we just encountered.
	The garuda is protected by a special membrane-- a barrier of sorts.  The
only thing that can pierce it is the claw of a winged dragon.
COLETTE: I might know where we can find one.  I met a man in Hima who tames
dragons.  I can take us there.
(Emil and Marta are surprised)
EMIL: (Nervous) Hima is where adventurers go, right?  Is it safe?
COLETTE: Don't worry, they're all good people.
MARTA: Excuse me, Chosen One?
COLETTE: (Looks at Marta, smiles) Please, call me Colette.
MARTA: Colette.  Thank you.
(Colette looks puzzled)
MARTA: You saved us from that flying creature on the stone dais.
COLETTE: (Plays with fingers) Oh, [uh,] no.  I just tripped.
MARTA: [Giggles] You're really strange, Colette.
COLETTE: Really?
MARTA: (Nods) Yeah.
COLETTE: Oh, I'm sorry.
MARTA: [Laughs] All right, let's go to Hima!
EMIL: Okay.
	(Thinking) Girls are strange.

MARTA: Colette, can I ask you something?
COLETTE: Of course.  [Uh...] What is it?
MARTA: Just be honest.  How do you feel about Emil?
COLETTE: Well, let's see.  He's very kind, very warm-hearted.
MARTA: Do you like him?
COLETTE: (Beams) Sure.
MARTA: (Angrily) [Agh!] Well, I'm not giving up!  I won't lose!
	Not to you, not to anybody!  (Runs off)
COLETTE: [O-]Oh, right.  [Um...]  Good luck, I guess?

COLETTE: Say, doggie--
TENEBRAE: I believe I said my name was Tenebrae.
COLETTE: Oh, [uh...] you don't like me calling you that?
TENEBRAE: No, it's just that my name is--
COLETTE: I've got it!  I'll call you Mr.  Doggy!  How does Mr.  Doggy sound?
TENEBRAE: (Angrily) I am Tenebrae!
COLETTE: Oh.  In that case, I'll have to settle for Tenebie.
TENEBRAE: (Sweatdrops) That's it.  My reputation as a Centurion is done for.

(Colette falls down again)
EMIL: Colette just collapsed.  Are you all right?
COLETTE: What?  Oh, [I-]I'm fine.
[TENEBRAE: (Chuckles)]
MARTA: What's so funny, Tenebrae?
TENEBRAE: "Co-llapsing Co-lette." [Laughs] You can be quite comical, when you
try Emil.
COLETTE: Oh, you're right!  That must explain why I trip so much!  (Beams)
Centurions are smart!
TENEBRAE: [Laughs] You flatter me.
[EMIL: Mmnnhh...]
MARTA: Those two are going to drive me insane.


(Monsters swarm all over the place)
EMIL: (Recoils) Yikes!  It's filled with monsters!
MARTA: It wasn't like this the last time I came here.  I wonder what happened
to everyone in town.
COLETTE: Maybe it's because of the world regeneration.  We have to do
EMIL: (Turns to Marta) Let's just look for that dragon tamer for now.

EMIL: Wow, there're so many monsters here.  It's creepy.
MARTA: Is this also because of the Centurion's core?
TENEBRAE: No, I doubt that is the only cause.
	Like the situation at Luin, unless a core is nearby, monsters should not
attack a human settlement in great numbers.
COLETTE: Then what could it be?
TENEBRAE: It's faint, but I sense the aura of the demonic realm.
	Maybe this area is connected to demons in some way.
EMIL: (Nervous) Demons?
TENEBRAE: Before Lord Ratatosk descended to this world, it was joined to
Niflheim, the demonic realm.
	Eventually, a door was created and the path between worlds was sealed, but
some traces of demons still remain in this world.
COLETTE: Yes.  I think I've seen some evidence of that.
MARTA: Then, should we try and do something about it?
	The demons in this realm will probably be subdued to some degree once Lord
Ratatosk awakens.
	We should concentrate on what we came here to do.
EMIL: [Th-]That's a relief.  I was afraid you were going to say we had to wipe
out the demons ourselves.

COLETTE: The man with the dragons was right around here last time.
EMIL: (Steps back) [Woah!]  This place is crawling with monsters, too.
COLETTE: I wonder what happened to the dragon tamer.  I hope he's okay.
(A gigantic imp monster, a Skirophorion, appears, startling all of them)
MARTA: (FIghting stance) I think we need to worry about ourselves right now.
(Colette's wings appear)
EMIL: [H-]Here it comes!
(The Skirophorion attacks!  The party defeats it)
(The group walks out to the summit and looks around.  The place is deserted)
MARTA: Looks like there aren't any dragons left here.  Maybe they flew away.
EMIL: (Slumps) Or maybe they got eaten by all these monsters.
(There's a silence.  Then Colette looks surprised)
COLETTE: I can hear it.
EMIL: (Turns to Colette) Hear what?
COLETTE: (Looks out into the sky) A dragon flying.
MARTA: (Curious) I don't hear anything.
(Suddenly, a little white dragon appears, flying in circles around them)
EMIL: A winged dragon!
(The dragon flaps down in the middle of the group)
TENEBRAE: She's thanking us for avenging him.
EMIL: Avenging who?
COLETTE: Are you saying that the dragon tamer is dead?!
TENEBRAE: No.  Apparently the tamer was able to get away safely.
	It seems that she's thanking us for avenging the death of her father, who
was eaten by those monsters we just fought.
COLETTE: (Sadly) The poor thing.
TENEBRAE: She says that she would like to repay us.  Even a young winged dragon
would be effective against the garuda.  How shall we proceed?
EMIL: I'm not comfortable asking her to fight in battle, but if she's okay with
TENEBRAE: She's agreed to help us.
MARTA: Great!  Thank you, little one!
EMIL: All right, let's go back to Asgard!  This place gives me the creeps.

MARTA: (Beams) The baby dragon is so adorable!  Her eyes are so big and round.
COLETTE: I wonder if you were even cuter when you were young, doggie.
TENEBRAE: (Irked) I am not a puppy.  However...
	I may not look it now, but during my childhood, the monsters in my
neighborhood often discussed my level of cuteness.
	"As a button," I believe was the consensus.
COLETTE: See!  I knew it!
EMIL: Do Centurions even have childhoods?
MARTA: Or do monsters have "neighborhoods," for that matter.
TENEBRAE: Forgive me.  I was just jealous of the baby dragon getting all the

MARTA: Emil, can I ask you a question?
EMIL: You sound serious.  What is it?
MARTA: Answer truthfully.  Who do you like more, me or Colette?
EMIL: [Wh-]What are you talking about?
MARTA: (Angrily) Just answer!
EMIL: I, well, [th-]that is-- Tenebrae, what should I say?
TENEBRAE: (Surprised) You mean to say you like me best of all?!  I must admit,
I'm stunned.
MARTA: (Angrily) [Th-]That's not fair, Tenebrae!  I won't let you steal him
from me!  (Runs off)
[TENEBRAE: (Laughs quietly)]
EMIL: (Muzzy) [Unnhhh...] This is starting to get old.


TENEBRAE: Before we go to the stone dais, I have a proposal.
COLETTE: (Turns to Tenebrae) Oh?  Well, what is it, doggie?
TENEBRAE: I am a Centurion.  Centurion Tenebrae.
COLETTE: Oh, right.  I'm sorry, Tenebie.
(Tenebrae looks irked, but continues)
TENEBRAE: Our winged friend is still too young and weak to deliver much damage
if we attack the garuda head-on.
EMIL: Then what should we do?
TENEBRAE: (Sits) We could use a decoy to lure out the garuda and distract it,
then have the dragon strike it from behind.
EMIL: Decoy?  Who's gonna do that?  I'm not really up to--
COLETTE/MARTA: I'll do it!
(Emil sweatdrops)
MARTA: (Turns to Colette) Colette, you're too clumsy.  I'll do it.
COLETTE: (Turns to Marta) [I-]I'm not clumsy!  And I'm pretty tough.
MARTA: (Cross) I'll do it.
COLETTE: No, I'll do it.
EMIL: [E-]Enough!  I'll do it!  I can't let a girl be a decoy and hide.
TENEBRAE: (Surprised) Emil, that may not be a good idea.
EMIL: [I-]I really don't want to, but there's no other choice.
MARTA: (Beaming) You'd do that for me?  Thank you!  You really are my prince!
COLETTE: I know you can do it.  Just believe in yourself!
EMIL: (Slumps, thinking) How come they don't fight when I volunteer?
TENEBRAE: All right then, Emil, please get on the stone dais to draw out the
	Make sure to give us some sort of signal when we should make our move.
MARTA: (Nods) Okay, let's go to the stone dais.

(The garuda waits for them at the top.  Emil approaches slowly)
EMIL: (Thinking) [Th-]There it is!  I have to signal!
EXPLANATION: Control Emil and avoid the garuda's wind.  When the garuda is at a
certain distance, send the signal.  Swing the Wii Remote until the gauge at the
top of the screen is full.
	-You will fail if you get hit by the wind.
	-Take the treasure chest to receive an item when you succeed.

(At the base of the dais, Emil slumps.  Marta looks concerned)
MARTA: Are you okay?  Are you hurt?
TENEBRAE: Emil.  What are you doing?
MARTA: (Turns to Tenebrae) It's not his fault.  (Turns back to Emil) He's just
a really nice person, and he feels sorry for the garuda, right?
COLETTE: Oh, I see.  Wow, you're so nice.
EMIL: (I know they're not trying to rub it in, but still--)

(At the base of the dais, Emil slumps.  Marta looks concerned)
TENEBRAE: Emil.  What are you doing?

EMIL: Tenebrae, call the winged dragon!
TENEBRAE: Go, my minion!  Strike!
(The winged dragon performs a multi-strike hit, and the shielding around the
garuda fades)
TENEBRAE: The Garuda's barrier has disappeared.  Now's your chance!
(The party fights and beats the garuda)
(Marta, Tenebrae and Colette run up to Emil)
MARTA: (Playful) That was such a dangerous enemy, but your timing was great! 
You're my hero!
COLETTE: Good job.  Now the strong gusts should die down.
EMIL: (Blush) It was nothing.
TENEBRAE: Though it's rather strange.  The garuda is not aggressive by nature.
	I thought it would flee once its protective membrane was damaged.
COLETTE: (Alert) Wait!  Something's coming!
(Another garuda swoops down from the sky)
EMIL: (Shocked) Aah!
(The party reappears at the base of the dais, along with the baby dragon)
EMIL: [W-]What happened?
MARTA: I thought we defeated it.
TENEBRAE: (Listens) One moment.  The young dragon is saying something.
	She feels like the stone dais is calling to her.
COLETTE: What does that mean?
TENEBRAE: It appears something inside the stone dais is drawing monsters to it.
	Perhaps the reason I can't perceive it myself is because it's targeting
monsters of elements other than my own.
MARTA: Inside the stone dais?  But it just looks like a normal platform to me.
COLETTE: (Turns to Marta) Aisha's brother knows a lot about the stone dais. 
Let's ask him about it.
MARTA: (Turns to Colette) Good idea.  Let's go.
(Colette and Marta walk off.  Emil looks after them)
EMIL: Those two have really hit it off, huh?
TENEBRAE: It seems that amidst all the frenzy, Lady Marta has completely
forgotten her animosity.  A rather fortunate development.
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah, definitely.  What happened in Palmacosta was terrible, but
Colette herself is a good person.

EMIL: You've been here before, right?
COLETTE: Yes.  I visited this place numerous times during the journey of world
	We had an incident with a monster called Windmaster, who was posing as the
Summon Spirit of Wind.
EMIL: (Nervous) Do you think any monsters will show up now?
COLETTE: (Beam) Oh, don't worry.  We defeated Windmaster.
EMIL: (Relieved) Oh, okay.
TENEBRAE: Are you frightened, Emil?
MARTA: Not a chance!  He just can't help but feel sorry for his opponents, no
matter what they might be.
	You were thinking it'd be better for the monsters if you didn't have to
fight them, right?  (Beam) You're so sweet, Emil.  
EMIL: [Heh heh...] Yeah.
	(Sweatdrop) (Should I say something?  She read into that way too much.)

(Aisha, Linar and red-haired Harley are waiting there)
LINAR: (Turns around) Chosen One!
COLETTE: (Nods) Linar, it's been a while.
LINAR: I heard you were investigating those strong winds.  Between that and the
incident two years ago, I'm afraid we've caused you nothing but trouble.
MARTA: (Curious) What happened?
AISHA: I was offered up as a sacrifice to the Fake Summon Spirit of Wind, but
the Chosen saved me.
EMIL: Oh yeah, the mayor mentioned that.
LINAR: That certainly brings back memories.  If Lloyd hadn't disarmed that 
HARLEY: And that teacher kicked us around.  Hey, how's Lloyd doing these days?
I heard some ugly rumours, but I'm sure they're just misunderstandings.
EMIL: (Hangs head, thinks angrily) Lloyd...
COLETTE: (Lowers head) We haven't been able to track him down, but Lloyd
wouldn't do  anything bad.
EMIL: (Angrily) That's a lie! Lloyd killed my parents!
COLETTE: (Turns to Emil) Emil...
HARLEY: Hey, let's just take it easy now.
LINAR: [Uh,] So there was something you needed?
COLETTE: (Turns back to Linar) [Ah,] Yes.  I wanted to ask you about the stone
dias.  You see...
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
LINAR: Inside the stone dias would mean underneath it.  Our studies have led us
to believe some sort of facility lies below.
AISHA: (To Linar) Linar, what if we preformed the Maiden Ritual?
HARLEY: The Maiden Ritual calls on the Summon Spirit of Wind, right?
AISHA:  It is said that the ritual signifies the opening of a door.  I'll
perform it.
HARLEY: It's too dangerous.  There are flying monsters around there.
MARTA: Then I'll do it.  Don't worry, I can take care of myself.  Please show
us how the ritual is performed.
EMIL: Marta...
AISHA: Chosen One, Emil, please wait for us at the inn.  
	Linar and Harley, you two will need to leave as well.

COLETTE: Emil, can I ask you something?
EMIL: (Steps back) [W-]What is it?
	(Head low, thinking) Is it about Lloyd?
COLETTE: Are you some sort of "maniac" too?
(Emil looks confused)
COLETTE: I mean, when you get into battle, you become a totally different
	I have a friend who's really into old ruins and she's the same way.  
	People call her a "maniac."
EMIL: (Head low) According to Tenebrae, it's because Ratatosk's power is taking
hold of me.
COLETTE: (Curious) What's Ratatosk?
EMIL: Oh right.  (To Tenebrae) Tenebrae, can you help me out here?
TENEBRAE: I'm surprised she hasn't asked about it before.  Well, shall we tell
her the story of our journey?
EMIL: Yeah.
TENEBRAE: Then we'll talk at the inn since it's rather long.

EMIL: So Colette, just what does going into "Ruin Mode" involve?
COLETTE: Well, let's see.
	(Frenzied) Oh!  It's the Asgard ruins!  Emil, state the historical
background of this ruin.
EMIL: (Shrinks back) [I...] I--
COLETTE: (Still frenzied) When Cleo III held a ritual to offer a sacrifice to
the Summon Spirit of Wind to quell a storm that had ravaged his kingdom for a
week...  he did it here!
	(Irked) [Ugh!]  Have you learned nothing at all these past five years?!
	(Beams, normal voice) I'd say that about sums it up.~
EMIL: [Th-]That was sort of terrifying.
COLETTE: Really?  It's actually quite fun.  I can't wait for you to see the
real thing.

COOL BREEZE OWNER: Linar and Harley have contacted me.  Your room is ready.
(Emil, Colette and Tenebrae hang out in the room)
TENEBRAE: It all began with the withering of the Giant Kharlan Tree.
	Lord Ratatosk was the guardian of the Otherworldly Gate, which connected
worlds through the Giant Kharlan Tree.  So he was the guardian of the Giant
Tree as well.  
	He employed Centurions to distribute mana and maintain the balance of the
Giant Tree and the world by using monsters.  
	Until the Ancient War caused the Giant Tree to wilt.
EMIL: The way I heard it, the Giant Tree dried up during the Ancient War,
causing mana to run out.
	That almost destroyed the world, so Mithos the Hero borrowed the Goddess
Martel's power to split the world into two.
COLETTE: (Hesitant) [R-]Right.  Mithos did that to protect the world.
	But then, after many years passed, he learned that a new mana-bearing tree
would be born.
	(Hangs head) And then--well, a lot of things happened, but eventually a new
World Tree was born, and the worlds became one again.
	(Looks up) That was the world regeneration.
TENEBRAE: In the time between the withering of the first tree and the birth of
the new one, Lord Ratatosk, along with the eight Centurions, became dormant.
	Now that the world had regenerated, it was finally time for us to awaken.
	However, a faction within the Vangaurd planned to abuse Lord Ratatosk's
(Marta walks in on the conversation)
MARTA: To prevent that from happening, I ran away with Ratatosk's core.
EMIL: (Surprised) Marta!
MARTA: (To Emil) You were explaining everything to Colette?
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah.  Was that a bad idea?
MARTA: (Shakes head) No, it's okay.  I mean, I still blame Colette for my
mother's death.  
	(Turns to Colette) But now I know she's not a bad person.
COLETTE: Marta...
TENEBRAE: Allow me to continue.  In order to wake Lord Ratatosk from his
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
COLETTE: I see.  So you're looking for the Centurions' cores in order to wake
Mr.  Ratatosk.
	So Ratatosk's not a maniac after all.
MARTA: (Confused) A maniac?
EMIL: (Sheepish) [Eh-heh...] Don't worry about it.
COLETTE: So what do you think Ratatosk will do when he wakes up?
MARTA: He'll put a stop to all the strange weather we've been having and
restore the balance of mana.  
COLETTE: (Nods) Right, but the World Tree we have right now already has Goddess
EMIL:  (Steps back) Oh! The tree Ratatosk protected is gone now.
MARTA: Couldn't he protect it together with the Goddess?
COLETTE: (Cheery) Good point.  They could both work together to protect it.
TENEBRAE: (Pregnant pause) Lady Marta, is the ritual ready?
MARTA: (Jumps for joy) I'm all set.  Ready to go whenever.
EMIL:  (Turns to Marta) Okay, let's head back to the stone dias, then.
COLETTE: (Nods) Okay.

MARTA: [Um...] First like that, then like this...
EMIL: (Walks up) Hey Marta.  About the ritual--
MARTA: (Angrily) Don't talk to me right now!  I'll forget it!
EMIL: Oh sorry.
MARTA: [GASP!] N-no, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean--  Don't hate me or anything,
EMIL: [N-]No, I--
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta.  How are the preparations for the ritual?
MARTA: (Sweatdrop) [Um...] I think I forgot how to do it...

(As Emil steps up, another garuda shows up)
EMIL: (Thinking) Here it comes! This time we should be okay!
	(Speaking) Tenebrae!  Call the winged dragon!
(Marta and Colette run up beside Emil)
TENEBRAE: Go, my minion! Strike!
(The winged dragon attacks again, the garuda's barrier drops again)
TENEBRAE: The garuda's barrier has disappeared.  Now's your chance!
(The party attacks and wallops the garuda)
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta, hurry and preform the ritual before another one comes.
MARTA: (Nods) Right.
(Marta kneels in the center of the dais, then stands tall with a special staff.
 She repeats the gesture at the four corners of the dais, and the symbol on the
stone glows each time)
EMIL: So that's the Maiden Ritual.
COLETTE: (To Emil) Our friend preformed the ritual the last time I was here.
EMIL: (Hangs head) Friend...
	(Thinking) (One of Lloyd's friends.)
(Suddenly, the dais begins to glow with orange and pink lights)
EMIL: (Steps back) Oh!
COLETTE: This didn't appear the last time.
EMIL: Ratatosk's core on Marta's forehead glowed.  Maybe that has something to
do with it.
TENEBRAE: A Centurion's core must be somewhere nearby if Ratatosk's core
reacted in such a way.
(The party walks up to join Marta)
TENEBRAE: It seems the combination of the ritual and the core had an effect on
the stone dias.
MARTA: (Pumps fists) Whatever.  If we can snag a Centurion's core while we're
in there, all the better.
EMIL: You sound like you're going to rob the place.
COLETTE: (Nods, giggles) She does, doesn't she?

MARTA: (To Emil) So, what did you think of my performance?
EMIL: Well, It was first ritual I've seen ever seen, so I can't really say.
MARTA: No, I mean-- 
	You're supposed to say I looked cute, or that I was mesmerizing. 
(Daydreamy) Even if you don't really mean it.  
	(Irked, muzzy) [Phhh...] Never mind.
EMIL: [Uh...] I'm sorry.  It was really cute and mesmerizing, too.
TENEBRAE: Yes, that sounded quite sincere.
EMIL: (Irked) Forget it! I didn't really want a compliment from you anyway.

EMIL: You looked relieved.
MARTA: Well, I'm through preforming that silly ritual.  I've never been good at
memorizing little details like that.  (Muzzy)
EMIL: But, you did manage to remember it.
MARTA: (Beams) Yeah, but now I've forgotten it.
EMIL: (Surprised) Already?!

*Beneath The Dais*

TENEBRAE: (Alert) I sense a Centurion's core here.  It seems to be the
Centurion Ventus.
(Everyone is surprised)
MARTA: (Pumped) Great! If you can sense Ventus, it must mean Lloyd hasn't
gotten it yet!
COLETTE: (Curious) Lloyd?  Why would Lloyd come here?
(Emil and Marta are surprised)
MARTA: Oh, right.  We still haven't told you about the atack on Luin.
COLETTE: (Shocked) What do you mean?  I've been trying to find Lloyd.  Please,
tell me!
EMIL: (Hangs head) [O-]Okay.  Here's what happened.
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
COLETTE: (Hangs head) So Lloyd is actually going around collecting Centurions'
EMIL: Colette, Lloyd was your friend, right?  You really haven't heard anything
from him?
	(Playing with her hands) And now you're both saying that Lloyd attacked you
both and ordered the Church of Martel to strike Luin.
	(Hangs head) I can't believe this.
MARTA: We wouldn't lie about this, Colette.
COLETTE: (To Marta) Yes, I know that.  That's why it's so unbelievable.
TENEBRAE: Thinking about it now won't resolve anything.  
	Right now, we are here to stop the terrible winds in town.
EMIL: And get Ventus' core if we can, right?
TENEBRAE: Exactly.
MARTA: Colette, if you still can't believe us...
COLETTE: (Shakes head) No, it's not that.  It's just I want to believe the two
of you and Lloyd as well.
	(Nods) But maybe Tenebrae's right.  What we need to do now is search this
place and help the townspeople.
	(Looks between Emil and Marta) We'll have plenty of time to think about
what's going on with Lloyd once we're done with this.
EMIL: (Steps back) Colette, you really believe us?  Even though Lloyd is your
COLETTE:  Well, both of you are my friends, too.  I believe my friends.
EMIL: (Nervous) You don't mind being my friend?
COLETTE: Why would I?  I'm your friend because I like both of you.
EMIL: (Surprised) Thank you.
	(I made another friend! I can't believe it.)
MARTA: (Irked) Hey, I never said you were my friend.
COLETTE: (Nods) Oh, that's right.  But that's okay.  I still think of you as my
TENEBRAE: Perhaps this would be a good time to ask that you start calling me by
my actual name?

COLETTE: Do you really hate being called "doggie" that much?
TENEBRAE: "Hate" might be too strong a word.  I simply feel it gives the wrong
COLETTE: And Tenebie's no good either.  Well, how about Tenby?
[TENEBRAE: Hmm...]
EMIL: What about Tennie, or maybe Trae?
MARTA: I vote for Braebrae!
COLETTE: (Beam) That's cute!
EMIL: Yeah, I like it!
TENEBRAE: In that case, let's just stick with Tenebie.

EMIL: Were you thinking about Lloyd?
COLETTE: No, it's not that.  I promised myself I'd save thinking about Lloyd
until after all this is sorted out.
EMIL: I don't think you'd need to be so strict about it.
COLETTE: (Looks down) I'm sorry.
MARTA: By the way, Colette...
	If Lloyd is that important to you, does that mean the two of you are--
COLETTE: (Flustered) No.  It's not like that, really it's not.  (Walks off)
EMIL: But how could Colette possibly like someone like Lloyd?
MARTA: (Irked) Why do you sound so heartbroken?!
[EMIL: Um...]
MARTA: (Angrily) Fine, you know what?!
	Well, I do love you, but I hate you! (Runs off)
TENEBRAE: [Laughs] I guess being a target of affection is difficult.
EMIL: (Annoyed) You're enjoying this, aren't you?

EMIL: I wonder what this spinning thing is.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: It seems to be a switch device for the Sorcerer's Ring.
EMIL: What's that?
TENEBRAE: I believe it changes the function of the Sorcerer's Ring.  Please
investigate it.
EMIL: That went way over my head.  I'll just investigate it.

(A large sign hangs on a nearby wall.  Emil notices it and reads.)
INFORMATION: Choose the truth from the two gates and proceed.  The truth is
always far and steep.

MARTA: We're below the stone dias, right?  It's so strange, going underneath
ruins only to find more ruins.
COLETTE: (Looking around) It looks similar.
EMIL: Similar to what?
COLETTE: When I was on the journey of world regeneration, I went to a place
called the Balacruf Mausoleum.
	These ruins remind me of it.
MARTA: I wonder if they are related?  Maybe we should go and have a look
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta, I admire your curiousity, but I think we should stick to
the task at hand.
MARTA: (Slouches) Tenebrae, sometimes you're just no fun at all.
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah.  He's pretty stuffy.
TENEBRAE: (Irked) Are you saying that I am a stick in the mud?
COLETTE: Don't worry, Tenebie, you don't have any mud on you.
(Everybody looks at her, silenced)

EMIL: So, where is the Balacruf Mausoleum?
TENEBRAE: If memory serves, it should be on an island to the northeast of this
EMIL: But isn't it strange how two places so far apart would be so similar?
COLETTE: When the worlds of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant were divided, the
mausoleum was located just outside of Asgard.
TENEBRAE: Actually, even before the world was split in two, a large kingdom
existed where we now stand.
	The similarities in style between the two locations demonstrate just how
vast that ancient kingdom truly was.
MARTA: So this place might be connected to the Balacruf Mausoleum somehow.
TENEBRAE: It is certainly possible.

TENEBRAE: (Dejected) Am I really that much of a stick in the mud?
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) I can't believe he's still thinking about that.
COLETTE: (Beam) I honestly don't see any mud on you.
	But what's wrong with mud, anyway? Everyone gets a little dirty now and
MARTA: (Sweatdrop) I don't think he meant that sort of mud.
COLETTE: (Puzzled) Well then, what sort of mud did he mean?
EMIL: (Shakes head) No, listen.  There was never any mud to begin with.
COLETTE: (Light bulb) Oh! So was it more of a muck?  Or maybe a slime?
TENEBRAE: (Irked) So now I'm slimy?
COLETTE: I have to say, I prefer mud to slime myself.  It's easier to clean.
TENEBRAE: Well it would depend on where the slime came from.
EMIL: Yeah, but think about your fur.  Slime would stick to it, while mud would
just wash off, no problem.
MARTA: (Sweatdrop) Someone, anyone, please, make it stop.

EMIL: (Scared) They keep on coming.  Which means we have to keep on fighting.
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) Emil, I'm counting on you.
EMIL: (Scared) [Ehh...] I'll do my best.
MARTA: (Walks back and looks around) But there sure are a lot of monsters here.
 You think it's because of Ventus' core?
EMIL: Oh yeah.  Centurions in the core state can't control their powers, so
they can attract monsters without meaning to.
TENEBRAE: Correct.  I suspect the garuda we encountered on the stone dias was
drawn by Ventus' powers.
COLETTE: (Curious) But once Marta hatches the core, Ventus would wake up and
all of that would stop, right?
TENEBRAE: Exactly.
EMIL: (Slumps) [Unh...] It's scary, but I'll do my best.  Courage is the magic
that turns dreams into reality.
COLETTE: (Looks at Emil) What's that?  Is that a Centurion oath?
EMIL: (Looks at Colette) Oh, no.  It's just sort of a mantra of mine.
MARTA: (Turns to Emil, nods) It has a nice ring to it.
EMIL: Do you want me to add "Come on, you're a man!  Speak up!" too?
MARTA: (Blushes) Hey, don't be a jerk!

COLETTE: What's the story behind "Come on, you're a man, speak up!"? 
EMIL: [Um...] Well, I'm not very manly to begin with, so when I hesitate, or
have trouble making up my mind, 
	it's something Marta says to encourage me.
MARTA: (Angrily) Emil, you're not supposed to tell other people about that!
EMIL: But it's true.
MARTA: (Angrily) That's enough!
EMIL: (Confused) What did I say?
MARTA: Never mind.  (Beams) Just try and be more like I imagine you to be,
[COLETTE: (Giggles)]

COLETTE: Okay, it's finally ready.
MARTA: Wow, it's so cute! (Beams)
COLETTE: (Giggles, blushes) I thought I'd make a fruit cake.  There's also a
fruit salad, some fruit juice and--
EMIL: [Um...]  Do you have anything with a little more substance?
COLETTE: Oh, sorry.  What would you like?
EMIL: I dunno, maybe a steak or something.
COLETTE: Okay!  Leave it to me!  One apple steak, coming right up!
EMIL: On second thought this will be fine.

EMIL: What's that?
TENEBRAE: It's Ventus' core.
(Suddenly, a big monster appears between the party and the altar.)
COLETTE: That's the fake Sylph!
EMIL: (Nervous) Didn't you all defeat it last time?
TENEBRAE: (Surprised) No, that is Ventus.
MARTA: What do you mean?  So it's not the fake Sylph?
TENEBRAE: It's form may be different, but its aura most certainly belongs to
EMIL: (Slumps) What should we do?  With that thing there, we can't get anywhere
near the Centurion's core.
TENEBRAE: We'll have to retrieve it by force.  There is no other choice.
EMIL: (Flustered) Again?  I sometimes wish Ratatosk would possess me all the
time so I wouldn't be afraid!
(The party attacks and defeats Wind Master Prime)
EMIL: (Turns to Colette) Colette, you said that was the fake Sylph you guys
defeated before, right?  I wonder why it came back to life.
TENEBRAE: Sylph's imposter must have come to life due to the dormant state of
the Centurion's core.
	(Looks at Colette) Although it lost its power when you defeated it, I
assume the core caused the beast to be reborn afer enough time had passed.
MARTA: So the winds in Asgard will die down now?
TENEBRAE: Once we hatch Ventus.
COLETTE: I'll go get it.
(Colette runs for the altar)
MARTA: Stop! It's dangerous!
(Colette plucks the core off the altar and turns around)
COLETTE: What is?
TENEBRAE: When Centurions are in a core state, they're dormant.  
	During that time their power is out of control.  They can attract monsters
and cause abnormalities in nature, even disasters
	It's impossible for human beings to maintain their sanity while in contact
with such a powerful being.
COLETTE: (Scared) What?!
(The others run to Colette)
MARTA: If a normal person holds a Centurion's core, they get drawn into its
chaos, and their mind is destroyed.  
	Which is why you shouldn't even think about touching it.
COLETTE: (Holds out the core) I see.  I'm sorry I didn't ask you first.  But
what about you, Marta?
MARTA: (Takes the core) I have Ratatosk's protection.  I'll be fine.  Anyway,
it doesn't take long to hatch.
TENEBRAE: All right, Lady Marta.  Please release the Centurions's core.
MARTA: (Nods) Right.
(Marta hatches the core, creating a green orb)
TENEBRAE: Ventus has awoken.
	As Ventus' powers return, as a Knight of Ratatosk, Emil should also awaken
to new powers.
EMIL: Don't we have to befriend some monsters to get the Centurion's power
MARTA: (Turns to Emil, nods) Right.  Ventus is the Centurion of Wind, so we
need to get wind elemental monsters to join us.
TENEBRAE: Please don't forget darkness elemental monsters as well.  I'd like
for my powers to return.
EMIL: (Annoyed) I know.
(Colette is nervously silent)

*Asgard Stone Dais*

(The sky is a peaceful blue, and the wind has stopped)
MARTA: (Pumps fists) We did it! It looks like the garudas are one.  This should
put an end to the gusts.
EMIL: (To Marta) Nice work, Marta.
MARTA: (Nods) Yes, all of our hard work paid off.
(Colette hangs her head)
MARTA: (To Colette) Colette, are you okay?  You look a bit down.
COLETTE: (Looks up) Huh?
EMIL: Are you worried about touching the core?
TENEBRAE: There's no need to worry.  Touching the core for only such a short
time shouldn't--
COLETTE: (Shakes head) That's not it!  I'm not worried about me.  It's about
	(Plays with her hands) He's collecting Centurions' cores, right?  That
would mean...
(Unpleasant silence)
EMIL: Colette, we're after Lloyd.  
	We don't know where the Centurions' cores are, but if we follow Lloyd he's
sure to take us to them.
	[Th-]That's why you should come with us.
(Colette is surprised, hangs her head)
EMIL: And when we find Lloyd, you can warn him about how dangerous it is.
COLETTE: Thank you, Emil.  But I'm going to to go my own way from here 	on
MARTA: (Turns to Colette) Why?  If you're looking for Lloyd--
COLETTE: (To Marta) Lloyd has a Rheaird, a type of machine that can fly in the
	(To Emil) So I might not be able to catch up with him on foot.
(Colette spreads her angelic wings)
COLETTE: That's why I'm going to go look for Lloyd by air, like this.
(Colette floats in the air for a moment)
MARTA: Okay.  
EMIL: Colette...
COLETTE: (To Marta, head low) So, [um...] I just wanted to say that I'm sorry
for everything.
	(Looks up) I can never make it up to you, but I want to do everything I
MARTA: (Shakes head) Don't apologize any more!
	(Hangs head) I mean, honestly, I can't forgive you for what happened to my
	(Steps toward Colette) But as soon as I saw you, I knew you never meant for
that to happen to Palmacosta.
COLETTE: (Surprised) Marta...
MARTA: I've never met anyone as kind and caring as you.
COLETTE: (Nods, happily) Thank you.
MARTA: We're friends, right?
COLETTE: (Nods) Right!
(Both beam)
TENEBRAE: What a lovely scene.
EMIL: (To Tenebrae) Not that I disagree, but things like that make you sound
(Tenebrae clams up)
COLETTE: (Hides her wings) [Um...] Do you think it's be okay if I went with you
two to see the mayor before we part?
MARTA: (Nods) Of course.  Right, Emil?
EMIL: (Nods) Sure.  Let's go.

COLETTE: Tenebie, you're a Centurion right?  What exactly makes a Centurion,
TENEBRAE: Allow me to explain.  
	We Centurions, numbering eight in total...  are the faithful servants of
Lord Ratatosk, the lord of all monsters.
	We each belong to a particular element, and with the aid of the monsters
under our control, we monitor the levels of mana in the world.  
	You might call us the guardians of the world's mana.
COLETTE: That sounds sort of like the Symphonian Eight.
EMIL: (Excited) Hey, I remember that.
	That's the story of the eight warriors blessed by the spirits, who fought
against the sinister Dark Five, right?
COLETTE: That's right!  And the Dark Five's leader turned out to be the long
lost father of Symphonia Red!
EMIL: (Beam) I used to love that story when I was young.
COLETTE: (Light bulb) So that would make Tenebie Symphonia Black.
EMIL: What? You mean that story was based on the Centurions?  Tenebrae, that's
so cool!
TENEBRAE: Does anyone else notice how the conversation gets waylaid as soon as
Colette joins?
	(Muzzy) Or is it just me?

MAYOR OF ASGARD: So the stone dias is safe once again! You have our gratitude.
COLETTE: Not at all.  I'm just happy that I could help.
MAYOR OF ASGARD: (To Marta/Emil) And you two.  Thank you for lending your
efforts along with the Chosen for our town.
EMIL: (Blush, hangs head) It was nothing.
MARTA: Excuse me, mayor?  What happened to the Vanguard?
MAYOR OF ASGARD: Most of them have left town, but it would be a good idea to
stay cautious.
	(Hangs head) I'm ashamed to admit it, but the Vanguard's extreme ideology
has begun to influence the people of our town.
	(Looks up) More and more people have turned their backs on the Chosen and
the Goddess Martel.  It's truly disgraceful.
MARTA: (Hangs head) There's too much of a gap between the technological level
of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant.
	(Looks up) The liberation of Sylvarant advocated by the Vanguard must sound
very appealing.
COLETTE: The Church of Martel has become biased toward Tethe'alla as well.  
	I'm sorry, if only I was more effective...
MAYOR OF ASGARD: (Shakes head) No, no that's not it at all.  Chosen One, you've
saved our town twice now.
	(Hangs head) Please, don't blame yourself for what has happened.

(Colette's wings appear)
COLETTE: Well then, I've got to get going.  Thank you both so much.
EMIL: (Disappointed) You're leaving already?
COLETTE: (Nods) [Mm-hmm.] I'm really worried about Lloyd.
MARTA: Watch out for the Vanguard.
COLETTE: (To Marta) You be careful, too.
TENEBRAE: I look foward to the day when we may meet again.
COLETTE: Thank you, Tenebie! See you later!
(Colette flies a distance, turns back and smiles, and flies away.  Emil and
Marta wave goodbye.)
MARTA: (To Emil) All right, we should get going, too.
EMIL: (Nods) Right!  So where to?
MARTA: Well, I was thinking we might be able to get some information if we went
to Lloyd's hometown.
EMIL: (Turns to Marta) You mean Iselia?
TENEBRAE: That will require us to find passage on a boat.
MARTA: (Nods) Right.  So I think we should head to Palmacosta.
EMIL: (Nods) Okay.  I'm fine with that.
TENEBRAE: Shall we depart then?

EMIL: Even though Colette is the Chosen of Regeneration, she didn't act aloof
at all.  She's actually pretty down to earth.
MARTA: If by down to earth you mean ditzy, then yeah.
EMIL: Okay, maybe she's a little spacey, but there's something soothing about
MARTA: (Irked) Oh, so she soothed you, did she?
EMIL: I just found it easy to relax around her.
MARTA: (Angrily) That sounds like soothing to me!
EMIL: (Shrinks back, nervous) [Wh-]Why are you getting so angry?
MARTA: (Even angrier) Who says I'm angry?!

MARTA: (Sweatdrop) It's hard to get around Hakonesia with all these hills.
EMIL: Yeah, I know.
MARTA: When you moved to Luin, didn't you pass by Hakonesia Peak?
EMIL: We did, but I was inside a carriage, so I don't really remember it.
MARTA: A carriage [huh]?  I get motion sickness, so I never ride in those.
EMIL: You mean you've done all this travelling on foot?
MARTA: Well, I started riding from time to time after I met up with Tenebrae.
EMIL: Wait, I thought you just said you got sick riding in carriages?
MARTA: No, I meant riding on Tenebrae.
[EMIL: Eh...]

MARTA: Wow, looks delicious! You're a good cook!
EMIL: I wouldn't say good.  Probably about average.
MARTA: Don't be so modest.  This is really tasty.~
EMIL: Thanks.  I had to help out in the kitchen at home.  Guess I must've
picked up a few things along the way.
TENEBRAE: I must say, you humans do eat the most peculiar things.
EMIL: (Puzzled) Well, what do you usually eat, Tenebrae?
TENEBRAE: I absorb mana naturally, so I have no need to consume food.
	We Centurions are highly refined life forms, after all.
MARTA: [Huh!]  Not being able to eat would be no fun at all.
EMIL: I agree!

*Hakonesia Peak*

(Emil and Marta see something and hide.  Alice is standing further down the
path, playing with her lash.  Hawk runs up to her.)
HAWK: A messenger has just informed us that the Chosen is headed in the
direction of Luin.
ALICE: (Disappointed) [Awww,] Decus is in charge of that area.  That's no fun! 
	Guess that means we should just concentrate on the Centurions' cores.
HAWK: Ma'am, you should also know that it appears Lady Marta is headed in this
ALICE: Oh, Martmart's coming? (Giggles) Then I'll leave the Centurions' cores
to you, Hawkie!~
	(Swishes hair) I'll go and set up a nice ambush for our sweet little
Martmart when she gets to Palmacosta!~
(They leave.  Marta is irked.)
EMIL: Marta, did you just hear that?
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) There's no choice.  We'll go to Palmacosta and just do
our best to steer clear of Alice.
EMIL: (Nods) Okay.

(Suddenly, Emil stops and shuts his eyes, making a pained gasp)
MARTA: (Turns back) Emil?
(Emil's looks skyward, his face contorts in pain, and an image of Richter
appears, looking furious and swinging his weapons)
EMIL: (Scream)
(Another image of Richter appears, also attacking with venom in his eyes)
EMIL: (Shrieking) Stop it!
(Marta runs to Emil and shakes him) 
MARTA: Emil! Are you all right?!
(Emil looks back down at her, his eyes haunted and shocked)
EMIL: [Unnnh...]  [M-]Marta...
MARTA: What just happened?
(There's a silence.  Emil looks away and moves back from Marta's clutches)
EMIL: [I...] I don't know.  I had a weird vision all of a sudden.  [M-]Maybe it
was a dream.
MARTA: (Puzzled) A dream?  While you were wide awake and walking around?  You
wanna rest a bit?
EMIL: (Turns back to her and shakes his head) No, I'm fine, let's go.
MARTA: (Worried) Are you sure?
TENEBRAE: His color seems to be mostly back.  It's probably safe to keep going.
EMIL: See?  Tenebrae thinks I'm fine too.
MARTA: (Unsure) [Hm...]  All right then.  But tell us if you aren't feeling
well again.

MARTA: (Looking down) We're finally getting close to Palmacosta.
EMIL: (Also down) [Y-]Yeah.
MARTA: It's been six months.  It's the same for you, right?
EMIL: [A-]About that, yeah.
MARTA: I'll bet you're looking forward to seeing your old friends again.
EMIL: (Unsure) My old friends.
MARTA: (Puzzled) Emil, what's wrong?
EMIL: [W-]What?  Oh, nothing.

(Inside is Koton, a hunched old collector)
KOTON: (Turns around) What is it?  You kids wanna see old Koton's collection,
MARTA: (Curious) Your collection?
KOTON: (Sharply) You don't? Then get out.
	(Turns away) What a shame.
	(Looks at Marta) That young lass is quite the looker.  Could have passed
the time showing her a thing or two until Richter got back.
(Emil and Marta look shocked)
EMIL: (Surprised) Richter's coming here?
KOTON: (Looks at Emil) You know that scoundrel?
MARTA: Scoundrel? Sounds like Richter, all right.
EMIL: (Looks at Marta) Marta...
MARTA: (To Koton) When are you expecting him?
KOTON: Should be here any minute now.  Actually he's late.  He must be having a
hell of a time finding that Tower of Mana Mirror.
EMIL: What's that?
KOTON: (Snappy) Out of my face, boy.  I have nothing to tell you.
MARTA: (Playful) You can tell me!~
KOTON: (Bouncing on his heels, talking a mile a minute) So this Richter fella
comes in and tells me to hand over this Spiritual Tome I worked so hard to get.
	I told him I'll trade it for the Mirror and the Balacruf Tombstone.
MARTA: The Spiritual Tome?  What's that?
EMIL: (To Marta) I've never heard of it.
KOTON: (Snappy again) A book that wouldn't mean a damn to a couple of ignorant
punks like you two.  I've had enough of you, so now get out.
(Emil and Marta flee in terror)


(Despite being ravaged in TOS1, Palmacosta looks pretty good now.)
EMIL: It's been six months.
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) Let's not get sentimental.  We need to find out if
Lloyd's come through here first, right?
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah, you're right.
MARTA: We both know the town, so let's split up.  We can meet at the pub.
EMIL: (Nods) But watch out for Alice.
MARTA: Oh, right.  Tenebrae, can you keep an eye on Emil?
EMIL: (Steps back, irked) That's not what I meant.
MARTA: (Nods, lighthearted) No, it's okay.  See you later!
(Marta heads off on her own)
TENEBRAE: Well then, shall we get started?
EMIL: (Turns to Tenebrae) Are you sure?  Marta is the one with Ratatosk's core.
	And I'm supposed to be protecting her, not the other way around.
TENEBRAE: (Sits down) I'm able to easily sense where Lady Marta is at any time
because she has the core.  Frankly, I'm more concerned about you.
EMIL: (Slumps, thinking) I'm so pathetic.  I need to try harder.

EMIL: Do I really scare that easily?
[TENEBRAE: (Leaps up) RARRR!
EMIL: N'AH!!!  (Jumps back)]
TENEBRAE: I'd say so.
EMIL: (Muzzy) There's that "spiteful" side again.

EMIL: (Stops, surprised) Ah!
(Richter emerges from the church)
RICHTER: (Surprised) Emil, is that you?!
EMIL: Richter!  What're you doing here?
RICHTER: I should ask you the same question.  What brings you to Palmacosta?
EMIL: (Lowers head) I'm on a journey.  I'm looking for Lloyd and the
Centurions' cores.
	(Looks up, steps forward) Anyway, are you okay?!  You were injured pretty
RICHTER: There's still some pain, but I have only myself to blame.
	The fact that I lost to such a fool pains me more.
EMIL: (Hangs head) Oh, I'm sorry.
RICHTER: It was a joke.
EMIL: What? (Hangs head again) Oh, I'm sorry.
RICHTER: (Pushing up glasses) Didn't I tell you to stop apologizing without
EMIL: (Steps back) Oh, I'm sor--I mean, yes, you did.
(Suddenly, Alice appears nearby)
ALICE: Oh, Richter!  There you are!~ 
	(Walks towards Richter) Richter, are you looking for Martmart too? Hey!
	(Notices Emil, annoyed) You're Martmart's pet!
(Alice moves towards Emil, but Richter gets in the way)
RICHTER: Alice, he is an acquaintance of mine.
ALICE: You're on his side?
	(Sweetly) You know, if you'd just let me play with him a little, I'm sure
he'd be more than happy to tell us where Martmart is.~
RICHTER: (Getting angry) I said, he's my acquaintance.  If you don't understand
what that means...  (Draws his weapons)
(Richter and Alice glare at each other)
ALICE: (Cross) [Ooh,] So scary!  Fine.  But all bets are off if I catch the
little pet with Martmart.
	(Wicked eyes, sweetly) And if you're here that means Martmart is here, too.
 (Giggles) I'm so lucky.~
(Alice walks off.  Richter sheathes his weapons)
EMIL: (Hangs head) Richter, you're a member of the Vanguard too?
RICHTER: (Not looking at Emil) I am.
EMIL: (Looks up) What are you planning to do with Ratatosk's core?
RICHTER: (Sideways glance) Revive the Sylvarant Dynasty or that's what they
EMIL: The Sylvarant Dynasty?  But I learned in school that it fell 800 years
RICHTER: You need to forget about Ratatosk's core, the Centurions' cores, about
all of this.
EMIL: Why?
RICHTER: The Vanguard isn't just looking for Ratatosk's core.  They're looking
for the Centurions' cores as well.
	I don't want to involve you in all of this.
EMIL: [Uh...]...
RICHTER: [Hmph...]  At least you no longer agree with everything I say.
	(Looks away) But I won't give up, either.  I will take Ratatosk's core from
Marta, even if it means her death.
(Richter walks away)
EMIL: (Turns to Tenebrae) I need to tell Marta about the sadist!  
TENEBRAE: Emil, her name is Alice.
EMIL: (Steps forward) Does it matter?  Anyway, where's Marta?
TENEBRAE: It seems she's in the pub.
EMIL: Got it.

EMIL: I can't believe Richter is a member of the Vanguard.  Did you know,
EMIL: [I...]I just don't know what to think.
	(Shakes head) If he's with the Vanguard, then he and Marta started out on
the same side.  
	(Looks sad) Despite that, he's trying to kill her in order to take
Ratatosk's core.
TENEBRAE: As Lady Marta mentioned, the Vanguard has changed.
	They are only concerned with gathering Ratatosk and Centurions' cores for
their own objective.  They are our enemies.
	It is as simple as that.
EMIL: (Looks up) But Richter keeps helping me out.
	I mean, he can be sort of gruff, even scary sometimes, but besides
Ratatosk's core, everything he's said to me so far makes sense.
TENEBRAE: (Irked) Emil, this is the man who is trying to kill Lady Marta!
[EMIL: (Looks upset) Mn'uhh...]

EMIL: I wonder where Marta is.
TENEBRAE: Wait a moment.
	I will try to sense the presence of the core lodged on her forehead.
	(Meditative) [Hm...]
EMIL: How's it coming?
EMIL: (Puzzled) Eh?
TENEBRAE: Teh...TeneTeneTeneTene....TeneTeneTeneTeneTene...  TENE!!]
EMIL: [Wh-]What?
TENEBRAE: (Light bulb) It would appear she is in the pub.
EMIL: Oh yeah?

(Marta is looking out the window.  Emil walks over to her.)
MARTA: (Turns around) Emil, did you find anything? I had no luck at all.  Seems
like Lloyd hasn't come through here.
EMIL: (Nervous) Forget about that.  I just ran into the sadist--I mean, Alice. 
And Richter.
(Marta recoils in surprise)
EMIL: (Hangs head) And I found out Richter is a member of the Vanguard as well.
MARTA: (Hangs head) I'm sorry.  You seemed to trust Richter so much.  I just
couldn't bring myself to tell you.
EMIL: (Hangs head again) Thanks for considering my feelings.
MARTA: (Shakes head) Not at all.  I should have told you.  I'm sorry.
EMIL: It's fine.  Right now we need to head to Iselia before Alice finds us.
MARTA: (Nods) Okay.  Let's go to the harbor.
(A sailor with a poorly-done Irish accent walks up)
SAILOR: You kids are heading to the harbor?
EMIL: (Turns to him) Yes.
SAILOR: I don't reckon you'll be going anywhere by boat.  The seas been angry
for weeks.
MARTA: (Shocked) What?! There isn't any service?
SAILOR: Well, let me think.  If you really have to go, you might try asking
Mrs.  Dorr in the Governor-General's office.
MARTA: (Quietly) Mrs.Dorr...
EMIL: (To Marta) Is something wrong?
MARTA: (Shakes head) No, it's nothing.  Let's go to the Governor-General's
EMIL: (Nods) Right.

EMIL: Marta, what is it?
MARTA: I'm not really looking forward to meeting the widow of the
EMIL: Why not?
MARTA: It's just that I've caused so much trouble for her.  
EMIL: You have?
	(Hangs head) If the Vanguard hadn't started meeting here, the Blood Purge
might never have happened.  
EMIL: The Vanguard might be the ones who lit the spark,
	(Angrily) but it was Lloyd and the Church of Martel who fanned the flames
into a raging inferno.
	Don't beat yourself up over it.  
MARTA: [Um,] Emil.  [My...]  My father was--
EMIL: What happened to your father?  Wait, did Lloyd do something to him?!
MARTA: (Shakes head) [I-]I'm sorry.  Forget I said anything, okay? Let's get
going to the Governor's Office.  
EMIL: [R-]Right.

(Mrs.  Dorr stands at the desk.)
MRS.  DORR: Oh, you're Marta Lualdi, aren't you?
MARTA: (Nods slowly) It's been a long time, Mrs.  Governor-General.
MRS.  DORR: (Nods) Yes, since the Blood Purge.
MARTA: (Hangs head) I'm sorry for all the trouble with my father back then.
MRS.  DORR: (Shakes head) You have nothing to apologize for.  But tell me,
what's brought you here today?
MARTA: (Looks up) I'd like to take a ship out of the harbor.  Emil and I are
trying to get to Izoold.
MRS.  DORR: (Thoughtful) Emil...
MARTA: [Oh,] Right.  Emil was born here, as well.  Do you know him?
MRS.  DORR: (Looks a Emil) Emil, Emil Castagnier, is it? Reysol's son.
EMIL: (Nods) Yes, that's right.
(Mrs.  Dorr stares at Emil, puzzled)
MARTA: (Curious) Is something the matter?
MRS.  DORR: (Shakes head) Oh, my.  They say eyesight is the first thing to go. 
I hardly recognized you.  I'm sorry, Emil.
EMIL: (Shakes head) [N-]Not at all.
	(Slumps, thinking) (Maybe I'm just easy to forget).
MRS.  DORR: (To Marta) Regarding the ship, there's nothing I can do with the
ocean in its current condition, but...
MARTA: Is there some other way?
MRS.  DORR: Yes.  Emil, perhaps you remember Thomas, the fisherman who lived
next to you.
EMIL: (Thoughtful) Thomas, the fisherman.
MRS.  DORR: He told me he'd figured out the source of the storms.  He set out
for the Dynasty Ruins up in the Kamisra Mountains, but no one's heard from him
	Perhaps if you found Thomas...
MARTA: So basicaly, we should go to the Kamisra Mountains to look for Thomas?
MRS.  DORR: Oh no, the Kamisra Mountains are far too dangerous.  We're sending
out a search party to look for him.  You can wait here until they return.
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) What should we do?  If we stay here, it's just a matter
of time before Alice finds us.
EMIL: (Steps back, nervously) Wait, you want to go?
MARTA: (Surprised) Don't you?
EMIL: (Slumps, muzzy) I'll go.  I just don't like scary places.
MARTA: Sorry, Emil.  (To Mrs.  Dorr) So we'll go and look for Thomas.
MRS.  DORR: I can see you've made up your mind.  I won't try and talk you out
of it.  But please, do be careful.

EMIL: So, just where are the Kamisra Mountains?
MARTA: (Shocked) What?!  You mean you didn't learn that in school?
[EMIL: Ah?]
MARTA: Anyone from Palmacosta should know where they are.
EMIL: [Um,] I--
TENEBRAE: Perhaps he wasn't paying attention in geography class.  Emil is a bit
of a dreamer, after all.  
MARTA: I see.  That's okay, Emil.
	You could be as bright as a star or dumb as a post, and it still wouldn't
matter to me.  (Beam)
EMIL: (Upset) But that's sort of like saying it's okay that I'm an idiot.
MARTA: (Sweatdrop) Oh, [Heh heh...] I suppose it is.
	So the Kamisra Mountains.  They're just south of town.  Now, let's get
going! (Walks off)
EMIL: (Down) Okay.

(As Emil and Marta step out from under the awning, Richter drops down, his axe
heading right for Marta.)
(There's a loud clang.  Emil has blocked the blow with his own sword.)
RICHTER: So you're protecting her?
MARTA: (Blush) Thanks, Emil!  Thank you so much.
EMIL: (Straining against Richter's force) I made a pact, a pact to borrow
Ratatosk's power so I would be able to protect Marta.
	[So...] So I'm not going to let anyone hurt Marta ever again!  Not even
RICHTER: (Angrily) You actually made a pact with Ratatosk?!  You fool!
EMIL: (Looks surprised) [Y-]Yes!  [Wh-]Why not?
(Suddenly, a sword comes flying in from behind.  Richter deflects it.
	The camera changes to a red-haired young man in a pink shirt with a smug
???: Sorry about that!  It looks like my hand just slipped there a bit.
(The man walks over, picks up his sword and takes Marta by one hand, twirling
her around and then clutching both of them)
???: My darling kitten, you're not hurt, are you?
(Marta is weirded out.  Emil gawks at the newcomer.)
RICHTER: Wait a minute aren't you--
???: (To Richter) Well, hello.  I don't know who you are and normally
	I could care less about some guy knowing who I am.
	But, one thing's for certain, you need to learn the proper way to treat a
true lady.
	(Smile disappears) Or perhaps you wanna go up against me and that kid? 
Doubt you'll get far with that battered body.
(Tense silence.  Emil turns to Richter)
RICHTER: No thanks.  I think I'll pass.  You two are not my concern.
(Richter turns away and sheathes his weapons.)
RICHTER: Emil, Alice is plotting something.  Be careful.
(Richter walks away.  Emil puts his own sword away.)
MARTA: (To the man) Thank you so much for helping me just now.  [What...]
	What was your name?
???: (Beams)  I'm the great Zelos Wilder!  But you can call me Zelos.
	I'd love to take you out tonight, but I have an appointment at the
Governor-General's office.  Until next time, ciao, princess!
(Zelos releases her and walks away.  Marta looks lost in thought.)
MARTA: So that was Zelos Wilder?!
EMIL: Zelos Wilder?  How do you know him?
MARTA: (Looks at Emil) A man with red hair.  He might be the Chosen of
Tethe'alla, and one of Lloyd's companions.
EMIL: (Looks after Zelos, shocked) What?!
MARTA: That's what I thought at first.  But there's no way the Chosen would act
like that.
EMIL: Yeah!  That guy couldn't be more different from Colette if he tried.
MARTA: I know.  Let's head to the Dynasty Ruins in the Kamisra Mountains,
(Marta walks off.  Emil quickly follows.)

TENEBRAE: So, Colette is not the only one who bears the title of Chosen.
MARTA: Nope.  Both Sylvarant and Tethe'alla each have their own Chosen.
	But only Colette is called the Chosen of Regeneration.
EMIL: I wonder what sort of person the Chosen from Tethe'alla is.
MARTA: From what I heard, he's good looking and has red hair.  The guy we just
met could have fit the description, if he hadn't opened his mouth.
EMIL: I don't know.  As far as redheads go, I'd say Richter is about a hundred
times cooler.
TENEBRAE: (Stern) Emil, Richter is our enemy.
EMIL: Oh, I mean, I know, but--
MARTA: (Beam) And anyway, you're a thousand times cooler than Richter.~
EMIL: [Um...] Thanks.
TENEBRAE: (Sweatdrop) Love is truly as blind as they say.

MARTA: (Beam) Here, Emil.  Try my home-made cooking.~
EMIL: (Nervous) What?  You want me to eat this?
MARTA: You're so mean!  I poured my heart into this! (Looks sad)
EMIL: Oh, I'm sorry.
MARTA: It might not look like much, but it tastes great!  Try it!
EMIL: Okay.  Here goes.
(Emil looks shocked)
MARTA: Well?  Daddy always said he loved my cooking.
[EMIL: Eh...  (Skull)]
MARTA: Emil?
TENEBRAE: He appears to have fainted.


TENEBRAE: It's the Vanguard!  Hide!
(They hide.  Richter and Alice walk past the inn)
RICHTER: No luck getting a Cruxis Crystal from one of the Chosen?
ALICE: (Turns to Richter) I've sent Hawkie out to get one, but it seems Zelos
won't give him a chance to swipe it.
	As for little Colettie, she's got some kind of crazy luck.  We haven't been
able to get the jump on her.
RICHTER: (Swats hair, scoffs) They're all useless.
ALICE: So what are you going to use the Chosen's Cruxis Crystal for? Isn't it
just a symbol to prove a Chosen was selected by the Cruxis angels?
RICHTER: (Pushes up glasses) Even if I told you, I doubt you'd understand.
ALICE: Well, that's insulting.  Oh, well, I forgive you.  You and I are
comrades in more ways than one, after all.
RICHTER: (Looks at Alice) You don't curse that fact?
ALICE: Not at all.  It's my policy to make use of anything I can.
	I'd expect you to be the one cursing.  Humans, that is, not yourself.
(Richter folds his arms, looks angry)
ALICE: Temper, temper! Looks like I hit a nerve!~ (Giggles)
(Richter walks away)
ALICE: (Running after him) Richter, wait!
(The party comes out of hiding and watches them leave)
EMIL: I wonder if they're going after Colette.
MARTA: (Looks at Emil) Most likely, but if what Alice said is true, it sounds
like she's holding her own.

*Dynasty Ruins*

(The place is lit eerily as the party looks around)
EMIL: So these are the Dynasty Ruins?
MARTA: (Nods) Yes.  They say that this was one of the palaces of the Sylvarant
Dynasty 800 years ago.
(Emil suddenly looks surprised)
EMIL: (Turns to Marta) Marta, I've been thinking about something Richter said
to me.
	He said the Vanguard wanted to use Ratatosk's core to revive the Sylvarant
(Marta looks shocked)
EMIL: (Hangs head) Before all of this happened, I used to agree a little with
what the Vanguard stood for.
	(Looks up) That they were fighting to save the Sylvaranti from the
Tethe'allans.  And that Lloyd was their sworn enemy.
	(Curious) But what does reviving an 800-year old dynasty have to do with
saving the people of Sylvarant?
MARTA: The Vanguard's commander, Brute, thinks that the people need strong
leadership in order to live in peace.
	He wants to be crowned King of Sylvarant.  (Hangs head) It's so stupid.
EMIL: So you left the Vanguard because you didn't want to be part of their
ridiculous plan.
MARTA: (Down) [Y-]Yeah.  That's right.
EMIL: (Nods) Good.  I was worried that maybe you felt the same way as the rest
of them.
MARTA: Of course not.
EMIL: (Nods) Right.  But where are they planning on doing with Ratatosk's core?
TENEBRAE: I remember them saying something about a mana cannon.
EMIL: (To Tenebrae) What's that?
MARTA: It seems to be some type of ancient weapon, but that's all I really
	Anyway, shouldn't we be looking for Thomas?
EMIL: Oh, that's right.  Sorry for getting us off track.

EMIL: So, the Vanguard is trying to revive the Sylvarant Dynasty, right?
MARTA: (Hangs head) Yes.  They say that the Tethe'allans treat Sylvaranti
poorly because we lack a unified government.
TENEBRAE: Considering the two sides' common human heritage, why is it that
Sylvarant is without a more central leadership?
MARTA: Before the Regeneration, Sylvarant was ravaged by the evil Desians.
	All the main centers of power were destroyed.
	After that, everyone lived in smaller towns and villages.
TENEBRAE: And did Tethe'alla suffer a similar fate?
EMIL: Their king apparently succeeded in keeping the country united.
MARTA: And the Church of Martel has favored Tethe'alla ever since the two
worlds became one.
	(Hangs head) Sylvarant has always ended up with the short end of the stick,
both before the regeneration, and after.
EMIL: Are the people of the Church really that bad?
MARTA: They are if you ask me.  You'll see for yourself soon enough.
	They've got a pretty twisted dedication to their religion.

(As they reach the top, Marta notices something off to her right.)
MARTA: Hey, that man!  Is that him?
(A man is sprawled out on the floor.  Emil and Marta run to him)
EMIL: (Kneels over him) Thomas!  [You're...]  You're Thomas, aren't you?
THOMAS: (Weakly) [Uhhh...]  Yeah I'm Thomas.  Who are you?
(Emil helps Thomas sit up)
EMIL: I'm Emil, Reysol's son.  We used to live next door to you!
	Are you all right?  Are you hurt?
THOMAS: (Puzzled) You're Reysol's son?  Really?  That can't be right.  (Grunts
in pain)
EMIL: (Looks annoyed) (Has it really been that long?)
MARTA: [Um...] Thomas, tell us why you came here.
THOMAS: (Looks past them at something) I found that.  I found it in the ocean. 
I think it's the reason [for the...] for the storm.
(Thomas slumps back and falls silent)
EMIL: Thomas! (Shakes him)
MARTA: [Unh...]  It's okay.  I think he just passed out.
(The camera changes to a blue, fanged fish lying nearby.  Tenebrae looks it
TENEBRAE: This appears to be a dead remora.
	Remoras are not actually sea monsters.  They live in freshwater around this
EMIL: So what does that mean?
MARTA: First things first.  Let's get Thomas back to town.
(Emil nods.)
???: Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about him.~
(They all turn in surprise.  Alice appears from the other side of the chamber,
riding on Hypnos, her big pink wolf)
ALICE: (Sweetly) These ruins will be the final resting place for you and your
pet friend, my dear Martmart.
MARTA: Alice!
(Marta and Emil get to their feet, prepared for what's about to happen.  Hypnos
growls angrily)
ALICE: And since Hawkie's away today, it'll be a special treat.  (Beams)
	I'll handle you myself.
	(Points her lash at them, wicked eyes) Okay it's time to die.~
(Alice and her two monster cronies attack!  The party beats them)
(Hypnos rears back, throwing Alice onto the floor)
[ALICE: Gyah!!!]
(Hypnos turns around, its wild eyes locking onto Alice.  She looks up in
ALICE: (Scooting back) Oh no!  Look what you've done.  You broke Hypnos!
TENEBRAE: Fitting punishment for enslaving a once proud monster with a machine.
(Hypnos glares at Alice, wheezing smoke)
ALICE: (Swatting at it with her lash, scared) No.  Stop it!  Stop it I say!
(Hypnos roars and Alice holds up her arm to protect herself...
	Suddenly, there's a slashing noise.  Alice looks up.  Hypnos falls.  Zelos
stands behind it, his sword out and that smile on his face.)
ALICE: [Who...] Who are you?
ZELOS: (Sheathes his sword) Well hey there cutie-pie!  I'll let this
misunderstanding slide, if you just run along.
ALICE: (Gets up, dusts herself off) Aren't you Tethe'alla's Chosen?!
(Emil and Marta both react with surprise)
ZELOS: That's right.  And the Chosen is saying he'll let you off this time.  So
take your cute face and scoot on back to the Vanguard, Alice.
ALICE: (Giggles) Well, since you put it that way guess I'll leave this to you.
(Saunters past Zelos, spinning playfully)
ALICE: Ta-ta, Mr.  Big Handsome Chosen.  I owe you one!~
(Alice brushes past Marta and Emil and disappears.  The two watch her go.)
ZELOS: (Walking to Marta) So, you must be Marta.  The beautiful widow Dorr sent
me here to save you my dear.
	She also said you had a fisherman and some kid tagging along.
EMIL: I'm Emil, sir.
ZELOS: (Still looking at Marta) [Uh,] Yeah right!  Whatever kid.  So Marta
darling, you're not hurt are you?
MARTA: (Head low) You're Tethe'alla's Chosen and one of Lloyd's friends.
(Zelos straightens up, his smile gone.)
EMIL: (Steps forward) Where's Lloyd?!  Please tell us if you know!
ZELOS: [Hmm?] Why are you two looking for him?
EMIL: (Getting angry) Because, he-- that bastard killed my parents!
ZELOS: So it's about revenge [huh]?
MARTA: (Also angry) Lloyd is nothing more than a thief!  He stole a very
important jewel from us!
ZELOS: (Annoyed) [Hmpf.] Well I don't have time for a couple of ignorant kids
like you.
(Zelos snaps his fingers.  Two soldiers come, pick up Thomas and carry him
ZELOS: (Walking past Emil and Marta) Sorry but I have nothing to say to people
who swear revenge on my "bastard" friends.
	If you'll excuse me, I have to go.
(Zelos struts off.  Emil and Marta watch him leave)
MARTA: I'm afraid that he trusts Lloyd, too.  Just like Colette.
EMIL: (Looks at Marta, still angry) But he's different from Colette.
	I saw it.  I saw it in his eyes.  He doesn't believe us at all.
	If Lloyd were to slaughter someone right in front of his face he'd still
worship the ground he walks on!
TENEBRAE: Emil, I understand how you must feel, but please try to calm
	Don't forget about the storm in the ocean.
	If what Thomas said is correct, then the remoras living around here are to
EMIL: (Calming down) Oh.  That's right.  So what do we do now?
MARTA: Well we've already made it this far.  Let's explore some more and see
what we find.
	Or do you wanna go back?
EMIL: (Shakes head) No.  We need to find out what's going on with the storm. 
Let's go.
MARTA: (Giggles) Okay!  Thanks so much Emil!  (Grabs his arm)
	You're the best, you know that?  Come on!
(Marta pulls Emil off towards the inner chambers)

EMIL: Alice kind of acts like a child.  How old is she, anyway?
MARTA: Eighteen.
EMIL: (Shocked) She's that old?
MARTA: And that's just what she says.  She could be even older.
	(Irked) When is she gonna grow up and ditch that creepy baby talk?
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) Sounds like it really bothers you.
TENEBRAE: You're a bit short on experience, so you may not know,
	but young ladies like Alice who flaunt their cuteness aren't generally
well-liked by their female peers.
EMIL: Oh, I see.
TENEBRAE: Be that as it may, there isn't a young lady alive who hasn't reveled
in her own cuteness from time to time.
EMIL: I'll never understand women.

(They come to a place where water can be heard)
EMIL: (Slumps) The sound of water in a dark place in really creepy.
MARTA: (Playful) Really?  I think it's rather romantic, myself?
EMIL: You do?
MARTA: Emil.  What do you think of me?
EMIL: (Steps back) [W-]What do you mean?
MARTA: A lot of people tell me I'm too stubborn.  They say I come across as too
serious, too much.  What do you think? Do you think I'm too much?
EMIL: [Um...] I think you're on the skinny side, so I don't think you're too
MARTA: (Slumps) [Th-]That's not what I meant.
	(Straightens up) Well, whatever.  I'm going to work hard to make you like
me.  If there's anything I should do better, just say the word!
(Marta walks away.  Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: Must be exhausting being such a heartbreaker.
EMIL: You can't be serious.  Marta's obviously built up this image of me in her
mind as some sort of ideal man.
TENEBRAE: (Sarcastic) Oh, you're smarter than you look.
(Emil slumps)
MARTA: (Turns around) What are you two talking about?
EMIL: Nothing at all.
TENEBRAE: Nothing at all, Lady Marta.

EMIL: (Muzzy) (SIGH) Why is this so hard?
TENEBRAE: What seems to be the trouble, Emil?
EMIL: Oh, it's Marta.  I just don't know what I'm supposed to do.
TENEBRAE: [Ah,] Love, the tender trap.
EMIL: (Irked) Don't tease me!
	No girl's ever been interested in me before.  I don't know the first thing
about "going out" with someone.  (Muzzy)
TENEBRAE: When dating a young lady, the greatest hurdle is choosing the perfect
moment to first hold hands with her.
	And I'd say you passed that test with flying colors.
EMIL: [Huh?]  No, I'm talking more about--
TENEBRAE: (Surprised) My goodness!  How bold!  So, you wish to take the
relationship to the next level.
EMIL: (Flustered) [Th-]That's now what I said!  Just forget it!  I'll figure it
out on my own!  (Runs off)
TENEBRAE: Not to worry.  I highly doubt Lady Marta's wishes will come true. 
(Grows silent)

EMIL: (Steps back) I'm surprised there's this much water this deep down.
MARTA: (Curious) Maybe it's an underground water vein?
TENEBRAE: Interesting.  I know why the ocean has been stormy.
EMIL: (Turns to Tenebrae) Really?!
TENEBRAE: Yes.  I believe the cause is a territorial between monsters.
MARTA: (Surprised) That can cause storms all the way out in the ocean?
TENEBRAE: Indeed.  Thomas said he'd found remoras in the ocean.  Remoras are
freshwater monsters, so that is unnatural.  
	Monsters hardly ever change their habitats, so an underground lake here and
the surrounding ocean must be linked somehow.  
EMIL: (Shocked) What?!
MARTA: Tenebrae, can freshwater monsters live in the ocean, too?
TENEBRAE: (Sits) I believe the family of monsters that the remora belongs to
can tolerate saltwater.
	The ocean is the domain of Centurion Aqua.
	Centurions must form connections with monsters of their own element in
order to maintain balance in the world.
	(Shakes head) However, Aqua is infatuated with that man, Richter, and is
neglecting her duties.  So all the water-elemental monsters are left to their
own devices.  
	(Shakes head) It's absolutely reprehensible.
MARTA: (Whispering to Emil) He's like an angry old lady, isn't he?
EMIL: (Nods) [Uh-huh.] Yeah.
TENEBRAE: What was that?!
MARTA: Hey, even old ladies know how to take jokes!

EMIL: So, Tenebrae, you and Aqua don't get along?
TENEBRAE: That is a difficult question.
EMIL: (Puzzled) It is?
TENEBRAE: It's true that we are currently in opposition.
	But I must not allow personal feelings to dissuade me from my task of
reawakening Lord Ratatosk.
EMIL: She didn't seem to like you all that much, considering she called you
"spiteful" and everything.
TENEBRAE: You humans have an old saying: Love and hate are two sides of the
same coin.
EMIL: (Still puzzled) Don't think I've heard that one.
TENEBRAE: It is quite true.  Being popular with the ladies is rough, let me
tell you.

EMIL: It's an underground lake.
MARTA: I wonder it's connected to the sea.
(Suddenly, a gigantic whale monster pops out of the water)
EMIL: (Shocked) Aah!
MARTA: [Tha..]That's a manitou!
TENEBRAE: That monster is the most territorial of all underwater creatures.  I
wouldn't be surprised if it's been clashing with the other ocean species.
EMIL: (Steps forward) You mean that's been causing all the storms in the ocean?

TENEBRAE: It would seem so.
EMIL: (Shocked) [Aah!] Here it comes!
(The manitou attacks, but the party manages to beach it)
(Still raring to go, the monster lunges, its mouth open)

(All of them get up, groggy)
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) Are you okay?
EMIL: (Amazed) I'm still alive.  What about you? Are you hurt?
MARTA: (Blush) I'm fine.  Thanks for worrying about me.
	(Looks around) But where are we?
TENEBRAE: (Looks and stands up) Someone's coming.  I will conceal myself. 
(A squatty, bearded man is walking along the beach, along with a strange,
green, dog thing.  Marta and Emil run over to him)
MARTA: Excuse me!  Do you mind if we ask you a question?
???: What is it?
EMIL: (Thinking) He's not human.  He's not a half-elf either.  What is he?
	(Looks at the dog) And he's even got a monster with him.  Really weird.
MARTA: [Umm...] We seem to have gotten lost.  Could you tell us where we are?
???: You're just north of Iselia.  You want me to take you to the village?
(Emil and Marta look at each other, amazed)
MARTA: (To the man) No, that's all right.  Thank you very much.
???: Sure.  Well then, take care.
(The man and the dog leave)
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) So, that would mean...
EMIL: (Shocked) We crossed the ocean?!
(Tenebrae reappears)
TENEBRAE: That would appear to be the case.
MARTA: Well, at least we saved on the boat fare.
TENEBRAE: Indeed.  And we gained some valuable experience no amount of money
could buy.
EMIL: (Weirded out) You two sure are optimistic.
MARTA: It's just we've already come this far.  Might as well make the best of
EMIL: Yeah, you're right.
TENEBRAE: Now that we've had a chance to recover our senses, shall we continue
on to Iselia?
EMIL/MARTA: (Nod) Yeah!

(9.3) - Chapter 3: Footfalls of Tomorrow (GS3)


EMIL: (Looks around) Iselia.  This is Lloyd's hometown.
(A little boy walks up, dressed in a red shirt and carrying two sticks.)
???: Did you just say Lloyd?
MARTA: Yes?  And you are?
PAUL: I'm Paul, Lloyd's number one apprentice!  I'm heading out to patrol the
haunted ranch.  You wanna come with me?
EMIL: (Looks away) Lloyd's apprentice? What kind of idiot--
PAUL: (Angrily) What did you say?!
MARTA: Emil!  He's just a kid!
PAUL: (Even angrier) I'm not a kid! I'm the great dual swordsman, Paul the
MARTA: (Giggles) My apologies, Paul the Magnificent.
PAUL: [Geez!] You outsiders have no manners.
(Paul walks away)
EMIL: (Hangs head) I can't believe kids still worship Lloyd even after what he
and the Church of Martel did to Palmacosta.
MARTA: I know you're upset, but try to calm down.
	The first thing we need to do is gather information.  Maybe the town's
mayor has an idea where Lloyd is.
EMIL: (Grunts) ...

MARTA: This village is so peaceful.  And the air is so clean.
EMIL: I don't know.  It's almost too quiet.  And the air feels charged.
TENEBRAE: This is the Village of Oracles.  Home of the Mana Lineage.
	The souls of the Chosen who perished in failed attempts at world
regeneration may still haunt these grounds.
EMIL: Yeah.  That must be it.  It's just the sort of village I'd expect Lloyd
to come from.
MARTA: (Irked) Shut up Tenebrae!

(Some kids are playing in the street)
CHILD A: (Laughs loudly) I am Forcystus, of the Five Desian Grand Cardinals!
CHILD B: (Fighting stance) Lloyd Irving is here!  Evil Desian, I will defeat
(The kids race off)
TENEBRAE: I keep hearing the word "Desian."  What does it mean?
MARTA: You don't know?  The Desians were a group of half-elves who wreaked
havoc on the world before the regeneration took place.
EMIL: They say the Desians took people to places called "human ranches," and
then did unspeakable things to them.
MARTA: (To Emil) You make it sound like you weren't affected by them.  There
was a ranch right near Palmacosta and everyone was so afraid of it.
EMIL: (Puzzled) We were?
MARTA: (Sullen) Yes.  Iselia got off easy, since the Chosen was born here. 
They entered into a non-aggression treaty with the Desians to protect the
town's people from being taken to the ranch.  Clever, huh?
TENEBRAE: It seems we Centurions missed a lot while we were dormant.
EMIL: (Hangs head, thinking) Yeah that's how it was.  Yeah, of course.

TENEBRAE: So I finally understand who the Desians were.
	But why did you sound disapproving of Iselia's non-aggression treaty with
EMIL: What did the treaty mean, anyway?
MARTA: It was an agreement that the Desians won't attack the village.
	(Down) Iselia was the only place to make such a deal.  It wasn't fair.
	All the other towns were pillaged by the Desians over and over again.
EMIL: So, how was Iselia able to make a treaty with them?
MARTA: (Shakes head) Beats me.  Whatever they did, they're lucky.  They got off
a lot easier than everyone else.

(The mayor and his dog are inside)
MARTA: Excuse me.  We're searching for Lloyd Irving--he used to live in this
EMIL: Have you seen him recently?
MAYOR OF ISELIA: (Sighs tiredly) Another one asking about Lloyd.  Let me guess:
this is about the Blood Purge in Palmacosta, right?
	It doesn't make sense.  Lloyd would never lead the Church of Martel against
(Emil's eyes go blood red)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Lloyd killed my parents!
(Marta turns in surprise)
MARTA: (Thinking) Emil?
MAYOR OF ISELIA: Before the world regeneration, a horrible massacre took place
in our town at the hands of the Desians because of Lloyd.
EMIL: See!  Just like Palmacosta.  Lloyd is nothing but a worthless murderer!
MARTA: (Turns to Mayor) [B-]But I thought Iselia had a treaty with the Desians?
MAYOR OF ISELIA: Lloyd tried to save a friend of his who was being held
prisoner at the human ranch.  It provoked the Desians into attacking.
	(Angrily) What a fool.  Even a child knows that the life of one
insignificant person in the ranch is nothing compared to the lives of everyone
in the village.
MARTA: (Shocked) One insignificant person?  What a horrible thing to say!
MAYOR OF ISELIA: Then which would you choose?  Save one person with a thousand
lives or save a thousand with one life.
MARTA: (Hangs head) Well...
R.EMIL: It's obvious.  The one person must be sacrificed for--
(Suddenly, Emil grabs at his head.  When he recovers, his eyes are green again)
EMIL: (Angrily) Wait!  That's not right!  What if you were that one person? 
Would you still feel that way?
	(Slumps) And what if there was some way you could save all thousand and one
MAYOR OF ISELIA: Yes, Lloyd thought that way as well.
(Emil and Marta look surprised)
MAYOR OF ISELIA: (Bitterly) But ultimately, he failed.  Lofty principles are
all well and good, but there's a difference between an ideal and reality.
EMIL: [Ungh] ...
MAYOR OF ISELIA: (Angrily) Lloyd is a fool.  He believes all lives are equal. 
He imagines an ideal world where those who want to live can live.
	(Calmer) But he's also a man who works tirelessly to realize his ideals. 
Of course, whether that's good or bad is a different story.
MARTA: Mayor, you believe in Lloyd.
MAYOR OF ISELIA: (To Marta) Well, I don't like him much, but yes.
EMIL: (Angrily) Why does everyone stand up for him?
	I know for a fact that he killed my mother.
MAYOR OF ISELIA: Ask the people in town.  His old teacher is back here right
now as well.
	And Lloyd's father is at the Martel Temple.  Perhaps he could shed some
light on things.
	It's possible he's been in contact with Lloyd.
MARTA: The temple?
MAYOR OF ISELIA: It's located north of here and belongs to the Church of
Martel.  Lloyd's father is a skilled craftsman--he's been doing repair work

EMIL: I wonder what Lloyd's father is like.
TENEBRAE: He contributed one half of Lloyd's genetic makeup, so
	I imagine they share similar physical characteristics.
MARTA: Well, duh.  Emil's wondering what sort of person was the man who raised
EMIL: (Bitterly) Yeah.  And I'll bet he has spiky hair, and a face just like an
older version of Lloyd.
[MARTA: ...Uh...]

EMIL: Marta, is that flower in your hair real?
MARTA: Why do you ask?
EMIL: [Um,] Well, I was just thinking, it never seems to wilt.
MARTA: Exactly.  They're just accessories.  Actually, they belonged to my
	She wore them in her hair on her first date with my father.
EMIL: Oh, I see.
MARTA: (Beam) These little flowers brought my mother and father together.  And
now they brought us together, too.~
EMIL: (There she goes again.) (Sweatdrop)

*Martel Temple*

(The strange green dog is there.)
EMIL: It's the pet monster that belongs to that strange guy we ran into at the
(The dog sweatdrops)
TENEBRAE: That is rather rude, Emil.  That man was a dwarf.
MARTA: And this guy isn't a monster, he's a dog.  You think you could move for
us, doggie?
EMIL: I don't think he's a dog.
TENEBRAE: Leave this to me.
(Tenebrae and the dog silently communicate)
(Emil and Marta sweatdrop)
EMIL: Tenebrae's laughing.
(The dog moves out of the way)
TENEBRAE: Oh!  He moved.
EMIL: Hey Tenebrae, what was so funny?
TENEBRAE: [Uh,] Perhaps some other time.  Now then, let us proceed.  (Laughs
EMIL: He's still laughing.
MARTA: It's weirding me out.

(The dwarf is standing inside)
DIRK: Oh, you're the kids that were lost.
MARTA: (Nods) Thanks for giving us directions.
EMIL: [Um...] We heard we might be able to find Lloyd Irving's father here.
DIRK: You're talking to him.  We're not linked by blood, but he's my son.
(Marta and Emil are surprised)
MARTA: Have you heard anything from Lloyd recently?  We're looking for him.
EMIL: (Angrily) You!  Aren't you ashamed of what Lloyd did in Palmacosta?! 
You're his father!
DIRK: I'm proud to call Lloyd my son.  I've got nothing to be ashamed of.
(Emil's eyes change again)
R.EMIL: (Furious) You--
DIRK: If Lloyd had anything to do with what happened in Palmacosta, he wouldn't
have just disappeared like that.
	(Nods) I didn't raise a man who runs from his own responsibilities.
	(Shakes head) My boy may be a fool, but he's not a bad person.
(Emil's eyes change back.  He hangs his head)
EMIL: [Ungh] ...
MARTA: So, have you had any contact with him?
DIRK: Nope, haven't heard a word.  He was on a journey to gather Exspheres, but
then he just suddenly came back about six months ago.
	He said he was on his way to save a friend and he had to travel light.  So
he left Noishe, that animal you saw outside.  Haven't seen him since.
MARTA: (Hangs head) I see.
DIRK: If you kids happen to see Lloyd, give him a message for me, will you?
	Tell him Noishe is getting lonely, so come home soon.

MARTA: Tenebrae, what were you and Noishe talking about?
TENEBRAE: Oh, just a humorous anecdote.  (Laughs)
	Last week, when Noishe was drinking down by the river bed...
	the most unbelievable thing came drifting down the river.  (Laughs again)
EMIL: Well, what was it?
TENEBRAE: That's just it.  You wouldn't believe me if I told you.  (Laughs
	Oh, I can't.  (Laughs) [Oh!] Oh, it almost hurts.
EMIL: What is it?!
MARTA: (Irked) Hurry up and tell us!
TENEBRAE: [Laughs] Well, you see, it was a--
	Oh no, no, it was nothing, really.  (Laughs)
EMIL/MARTA: (Angrily) Tell us!

(Emil slumps, looking downcast)
MARTA: Emil, what's wrong?
EMIL: He's not related to Lloyd by blood, and yet he really seems like he's
Lloyd's father.
	(Slumps) On the other hand, my uncle was always ashamed of everything I
MARTA: Emil...
(Suddenly, a woman with aquamarine hair and orange robes walks up to them)
???: Excuse me, do you have a moment?
(Emil and Marta turn to her)
???: Paul, one of the village children, has gone missing.  Have you seen a boy
about eight years old around here?
MARTA: Oh, we met him by the town entrance.  He said something about going to a
haunted ranch.
(The woman hesitates)
???: So he went to the human ranch.  Thank you.
(The woman departs)
MARTA: The "haunted ranch" he was talking about was a Desians' human ranch.  I
hope he's all right.
EMIL: (Sarcastically) There aren't any Desians there anymore.  I'm sure he'll
be fine.  Besides, he's an apprentice of the mighty Lloyd, remember?
MARTA: I understand your grudge against Lloyd, but Paul has nothing to do with
(Emil looks away silently)
MARTA: The Emil I like wouldn't like like that.  My Emil is better than that.
EMIL: (Angrily) Whatever!
(Marta recoils)
EMIL: (Angrily) I don't even remember you!
	Stop trying to make me into something I'm not!  I don't need you telling me
who I'm supposed to be!
MARTA: (Hangs head, defeated) I'm sorry.
(Emil pulls back, looking away silently)

[EMIL: Um...
MARTA: Um...]
EMIL/MARTA: I just--
	That is--
EMIL: What?
MARTA: What?
EMIL/MARTA: (Down) Oh, it's nothing.

EMIL: (I wonder if that was too harsh.)
MARTA: (Emil must be angry with me.)
EMIL: (But Marta refuses to see the real me.)
MARTA: (I haven't been paying attention to who Emil really is.  Of course he'd
be upset.)


(Emil and Marta stop at the gate.  There's a gathering of people nearby, one of
them being a green-haired woman.)
LILIA: (Hangs head) This is all my fault.
	If I'd just kept an eye on him, I could've stopped him before he left town.
VILLAGER (male): Lilia, it's going to be all right.  Professor Sage will find
Paul.  He'll be fine.
LILIA: Right.
VILLAGER (female 1): But Professor Sage is a half-elf.  I don't know if this is
such a good idea.
VILLAGER (female 2): Stop that nonsense!  Professor Sage saved the Chosen!
	She's a good half-elf.  She's nothing like the Desians.  She'll save Paul.
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) Hey, Emil.  Do you think Raine is that woman we saw
EMIL: Yeah, maybe.
MARTA: She's a half-elf.  I wonder if that's why no one went with her to search
for Paul.
EMIL: Huh?
MARTA: I mean, people are prejudiced against half-elves.  I even used to be
afraid of them way back when.
EMIL: (Hangs head) Half-elf.  Prejudice.
MARTA: I'm going to the human ranch.  You and Tenebrae wait here until I get
EMIL: (Steps back) Why?
MARTA: Even if the Desians are long gone, there are probably monsters.  I can't
let her go alone.
EMIL: There's no guarantee you'll meet up with her.  I'll go with you.
MARTA: But Paul is Lloyd's apprentice.
EMIL: (Shakes head) It's okay.  You don't have to keep worrying so much about
my feelings.
MARTA: (Hangs head) Sorry.
EMIL: (Nods) Come on, let's head for that ranch.

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: How did Marta know Raine's first name?

TENEBRE: What sort of places were these human ranches?
MARTA: It's where they used to make Exspheres, devices that raised a person's
abilities to their fullest potential.
EMIL: So they were like factories?
MARTA: From what I heard they were more like labs for human experiments.
	The Exspheres were apparently stones activated by human suffering.
	So they implanted Exspheres in people, then tortured them in all sorts of
TENEBRAE: The hearts of men are more terrifying than any monster.
TENEBRAE: (Shakes head) Oh, just the ramblings of a spiteful Centurion.

*On the road to the Ranch*

(The party beats the monsters, but Emil's eyes stay red after the fight is
R.EMIL: (Gruffly) Let's go.
MARTA: (Carefully) Are you still mad?
R.EMIL: (Turns to Marta) About what?
MARTA: I mean whenever you get mad, you seem to get possessed by Ratatosk, and
you're that way right now.
R.EMIL: (Shrugs) Now that you mention it, I suppose I am.
MARTA: What can I do to make you forgive me?
R.EMIL: (Shrugs again) [Hmpf.]  Why worry about this wimp's feelings?
MARTA: (Puzzled) Wimp?  Are you talking about me?
R.EMIL: I'm talking about the "normal" me.  He's a weak, coward who takes his
own insecurities out on you.  He's worse than a dog.
MARTA: (Angrily) Don't talk about yourself like that!
	(Hangs head) And sure, you might get scared sometimes, but you're one of
the nicest people I've ever met!
(Emil's eyes revert to green)
EMIL: (Surprised) Marta...
(Marta recoils)
MARTA: I mean, I'm not trying to force myself on you or anything.  I...
EMIL: (Nods) Yes.  [I-]I know.
MARTA: I'm sorry.  I just get so worked up sometimes.  I know it's annoying.
EMIL: (Slumps) No.  I shouldn't have said what I did.  I'm sorry.
MARTA: Thank you.

*Iselia Human Ranch*

(A thick fog surrounds the area)
EMIL: It's really foggy.
MARTA: We could easily get lost in this before we even find Paul.
EMIL: (Waves, yelling) Hey, Paul!  If you're out here, say something!
EMIL: (Slumps) I have a bad feeling about this.
MARTA: (Walks in front of Emil) Courage is the magic that turns dreams into
reality, right?
(Emil looks up in surprise and flashes back to Richter)
RICHTER: Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.
EMIL: Huh?
RICHTER: They're words a human with a few screws loose said long ago.
(Back to the present)
EMIL: (Thinking) I'm sure I'll see Richter again if we keep searching for the
Centurions' cores.  He'll laugh at me if I'm still a coward.
	(Turns to Marta, speaking) It's a little spooky, but let's keep moving

(They reach the massive metal gates of the ranch.  The fog is even thicker)
MARTA: This fog is really thick.
EMIL: (Slumps) Yeah, and something doesn't feel right.
(Suddenly, Emil spots something in the haze)
EMIL: (Straightens up) There's something here!
MARTA: Really?  Is it Paul?
(Marta runs over to the object and looks it over)
MARTA: (Turns back to Emil, disappointed) It's just a tree.
EMIL: (Slumps) Sorry.  I could have sworn I heard something moving.
MARTA: (Giggles) A little jumpy, are we?
EMIL: Well, it's scary!  Actually, so is fighting.
TENEBRAE: Look out, you two!
(Suddenly, the "tree" comes to life!)
EMIL: (Shocked) Aah!
MARTA: (Gasps) A monster!
(The "tree," actually a pair of hirsuta, attacks!  The crew clips them)
(The fog clears up)
TENEBRAE: It appears we can continue along this route.
EMIL: I wonder if Paul went this way too.
TENEBRAE: Hirsuta is fairly mobile, so it is possible Paul went inside before
it blocked this entrance.
MARTA: (Happily) Emil, I'm so impressed!  You sensed a monster that even
Tenebrae didn't know was there!
TENEBRAE: That was my mistake.  It is quite embarrassing.
	But what you said is correct, Lady Marta.  It seems that Emil's awakening
is coming right along.
EMIL: (Turns to Tenebrae, puzzled) Awakening?  Awake to what?
TENEBRAE: Awakening as a Knight of Ratatosk, to protect Lady Marta.
MARTA: Tenebrae, enough of this Emil protecting me stuff, okay?
TENEBRAE: [Mmm?] But being a Knight of Ratatosk means--
MARTA: He has to protect Ratatosk's core on my forehead.  We'll do it together,
right, Emil?
EMIL: (Turns to Marta) Yeah.
(Awkward silence)
EMIL: (Thinking) It makes me kind of sad when she says that.  Why?

TENEBRAE: Emil, is something wrong?  You're looking rather sad.
EMIL: [Uh,] No, I'm fine.  It's just-- Is Marta really okay with the way things
TENEBRAE: (Light bulb) I see.
	You miss hearing "I love you Emil!" all the time.
EMIL: (Flustered) [Th-]That's not it at all!  I just didn't know girls could
change their minds so quickly.
TENEBRAE: In other words, you want her to be more cuddly.
EMIL: (Flustered) No!  Just forget it!  You really are a spiteful old nag, you
know that?
TENEBRAE: (Irked) Spiteful old nag?

EMIL: So this is the human ranch.
MARTA: Don't worry, all the Desians are gone now.
EMIL: (Slumps) Yeah.
MARTA: (Irked) I guess I'll have to be the big, manly knight that's protecting
EMIL: (Turns to Marta, defensive) Hey, I can be manly.
MARTA: (Giggles) Sorry.
	But just because you're a "man" doesn't mean that a girl can't protect you.
EMIL: (Slumps) Well, I guess not, but--
TENEBRAE: Excuse me you two, but what are we doing here again?
EMIL/MARTA: (Turn to Tenebrae) Looking for Paul.
TENEBRAE: Thank you.

TENEBRAE: There doesn't seem to be any sign of young Paul.
MARTA: This place is way too dangerous for a child.  We've got to find him
EMIL: Yeah, I hope he's all right.  Well, let's hurry up and start looking.

MARTA: We keep coming out in weird places.
TENEBRAE: Well this is the only way we can go since all of the main passages
seem to be destroyed.
	There must have been a large-scale assault on this facility.
EMIL: (Steps back) The Desians were taken down by the Chosen and her friends,
right?  Did Colette do all of this?
MARTA: She didn't look like the violent type.
EMIL: (Balls fists, angrily) I bet Lloyd did it.
MARTA: It's hard to believe he's Colette's friend.
TENEBRAE: Indeed, she seemed quite the peaceful sort.
	It's difficult to associate her with Lloyd, the gleeful mass-murderer of
the Blood Purge.
MARTA: Colette didn't seem to favor Tethe'alla.  I wonder about Lloyd.
EMIL: It's pretty obvious that as far as he's concerned, anyone who's not
Tethe'allan or part of the Church of Martel is nothing.

WARNING: Violent electricity is generated and cannot be passed.
	You can eliminate the electricity in front of you by hitting it with a
monster.  Hit a monster with the Sorcerer's Ring to enrage it and have it come
after you.

(Paul is lying unconscious nearby)
EMIL: (Shocked) Paul!
(As the party goes towards him, Emil is suddenly snared by an invisible hand)
[EMIL: N'errrgh!!!]
(A gigantic tree monster bursts out of the floor)
MARTA: [Huhhh!!!] What is that?!
EMIL: [Th-]The monster's growing out of the floor!
MARTA: I think this room itself is a monster!
(Emil struggles, but the monster has him.  It starts to lift him off the
EMIL: [Eh...] You know, [th-]there's a saying...
???: "You can't see the forest for the trees."
EMIL: [M-m-]Maybe that's what this is.  Wait!  [Huh?]
(Emil turns around.  The orange-robed woman is behind him, casting a magic
???: Photon!
(A blast of light hits the monster and it drops Emil.  As he recovers, the
woman gets between the monster and the kids.)
???: Here it comes!  You two know how to fight?!
EMIL: (Gets back up) [Uh...  y-]Yes!
MARTA: We'll give this thing a taste of its own medicine!
(The party attacks the Gerichtslinde!)

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: What medicine?  That doesn't really work here...  All it
did was grab Emil.*

EMIL: (Kneels before Paul) Paul, are you all right?
PAUL: (Looks up) [Huh?  O-]Oh!  It's you.
(Paul looks at Emil and Marta, then the woman.  She stares at him,
???: Well Paul?  Would you like to thank them?  They were very kind.  They came
all the way here to look for you.
PAUL: Professor Sage!
(Emil helps Paul to his feet)
MARTA: Are you all right?
PAUL: Yes.  I'm fine.  Thank you miss.
PROFESSOR SAGE: (Hand on her hip) Now Paul, I believe I remember telling you
that the human ranch was strictly off-limits.
PAUL: (Nervously) [Y-]Yes, but you see [I...] I was patrolling while Lloyd was
PROFESSOR SAGE: You know that job belongs to the town watch.  Do you remember
what happens to children who break the rules?
(As Emil and Marta look on in surprise, Professor Sage slaps some sense into
Paul's skinny heinie)
PAUL: (Crying) I'm sorry Professor, I'm sorry!
(After things have calmed down, Paul is clutching Professor Sage's hand and
sobbing quietly)
PROFESSOR SAGE: (Sighs) Sorry, I still haven't introduced myself.
	My name is Raine Sage.  I teach in Iselia.  How do you do?
EMIL: [Uh,] Hi.  My name is Emil.
MARTA: And my name is Marta.  We're traveling together.
RAINE: There are a few things I'd like to talk to you about, but first let's
return to Iselia.
EMIL: [Uh...] Yes.

RAINE: Thank you for saving Paul.
EMIL: Oh, [heh...] I mean [we, um...] we just did what anyone else would've
	Most people wouldn't risk coming to a place like this for a child they
scarcely know.
EMIL: (Blush) [Eh...] Well--
MARTA: (To herself, irked) What's with you?  I thought you didn't care about
Lloyd's apprentice.
	And do you have to get all googly-eyed every time you meet a pretty lady?
EMIL: Did you say something?
MARTA: (Pouts) Forget it!


RAINE: I'm taking Paul home to his mother.
	Would you two wait for me at the school?
EMIL: (Nods slowly) [S-]Sure.
(Raine takes Paul away)
MARTA: I wonder what she wants to talk about.
EMIL: Yeah.  She was glaring at me.  (Slumps)
MARTA: Do you think she's Lloyd's teacher, the one the mayor told us about?
(Emil straightens up, shocked)
EMIL: Lloyd...

EMIL: So, Raine was Lloyd's teacher.
MARTA: Looks that way.
EMIL: (Bitterly) That murderer's teacher.
TENEBRAE: Calm yourself, Emil.
EMIL: (Teeth clenched) I know.

MARTA: What were you like in school?  Were you a good student?
EMIL: Well, I didn't go to school when I was in Luin.
MARTA: What about in Palmacosta?
EMIL: [I...] I don't really remember.  What about you Tenebrae?
	Do Centurions go to school?
TENEBRAE: What do you think?
MARTA: (Giggles) You really know how to change the subject, don't you?
	So you weren't a very good student.  Sorry to bring up such a sore
"subject." (Giggles)

(The walls are lined with pictures the kids have drawn, most of them involving
Lloyd somehow.  Emil and Marta look over them.)
MARTA: Wow.  These are all drawings of Lloyd.
(Emil is silent)
TENEBRAE: Humans never cease to amaze me.  Let's have a look at these.
MARTA: I never would have pegged you as an art buff, Tenebrae.
TENEBRAE: How rude.
(The party continues to stare at the drawings.  Tenebrae notices one in
TENEBRAE: This one appears to have been drawn by Paul, the boy you saved.
MARTA: (Reading) "I love Lloyd"...  [Hmm...]
EMIL: (Under his breath, bitterly) How come everyone--
TENEBRAE: (Looks away) Someone's coming!
(Tenebrae disappears, and Raine walks in)
RAINE: Sorry that took so long.  Oh.  You've been looking at the drawings.
MARTA: It looks like this one was drawn by Paul, right?  He certainly is a big
fan of Lloyd's.
(A silence hangs in the room)
RAINE: Paul's father passed away two years ago when the Desians suddenly
attacked Iselia.
	Lloyd was the one who caused the incident.  Well actually Lloyd and my
brother, that is.
(Emil and Marta turn to her)
EMIL: So then, why does he...
RAINE: When his father died he stopped smiling and closed himself in.
	Lloyd found out when he returned from the journey of world regeneration. 
He went to Paul's house every day even though Paul's mother Lilia tried to get
him to stop.
	But Lloyd was persistent.  Then one day out of the blue, he proposed to
(Emil and Marta completely whirl around)
EMIL/MARTA: Proposed?!
RAINE: (Nods) Yes.  I think Lloyd wanted to take on the role of Paul's father.
	And in order to do that he thought he needed to marry Lilia and make her
his wife.
MARTA: But that's ridiculous.
RAINE: (Chuckles, turns away) Lilia was mortified.  She was so upset she took a
tomato and threw it right at Lloyd.
	Lloyd instinctively hit it which sent it flying at Lilia...  and it hit her
right in the face.
	Before they knew it tomatoes were flying all over the place.
	When they realized what happened, Paul and Lilia began laughing for the
first time in months.
(Emil doubles over fuming, and his eyes change color.  He punches the wall)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) I don't wanna hear this crap anymore!
	Everyone's always all "Lloyd this" and "Lloyd that."  I'm sick of it!
	Why are you even telling us this stupid story in the first place?!
(Raine stares at him)
RAINE: The mayor told me all about the two of you.
	I think that you should know that I was Lloyd's teacher.  I traveled with
him for a long time.
	You wanted to know why everybody here defends Lloyd, correct?
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Enough!
	(Points angrily at Raine) I don't want to hear any more about how Lloyd is
innocent in all this!
RAINE: Oh really?  When did I say that?
MARTA: (Surprised) Wait, what do you mean?  Are you telling us that you don't
trust Lloyd?
	I thought you were supposed to be his friend.
(Another awkward silence)
RAINE: Trusting Lloyd...
	and believing the reports of what happened in Palmacosta are two entirely
different things.
	Furthermore Lloyds character and past doings...
	have no bearing on what happened in Palmacosta.
	Calm yourselves.  Otherwise, you will be blind to everything, including the
(R.Emil looks away angrily)
MARTA: But why would you even care?
RAINE: Maybe I don't care.
MARTA: Unbelievable!  (Storms off)
(Emil's eyes revert to green)
EMIL: Marta.  Marta, wait! (Runs after her)

EMIL: (Hangs head) I wonder what's wrong with Marta.
TENEBRAE: [Hmm...] Why don't we look for her?  I can still feel Lady Marta's
presence in town.  I doubt she's gone very far.
EMIL: Okay.

EMIL: Marta, why'd you run off like that?  Raine seemed like she was on our
MARTA: (Bitterly) I can't stand people like that.
EMIL: Marta...
MARTA: (Gets up) Raine was Lloyd's friend.  So how could she say such cold
things about him?
	(Turns to Emil) If it was me, and someone was saying bad things about you,
I'd defend you to the end.  I mean you're my friend.
	I'd get so mad if someone was bad-mouthing you, I'd give them a piece of my
(Emil suddenly realizes something)
EMIL: I get it now.  So that's why everyone defends Lloyd.
EMIL: There's no point in me getting mad at people just for saying they like
Lloyd.  We're the same.
	(Slumps) It's so obvious, but I didn't see it at all.  I was too busy being
TENEBRAE: Perhaps that's why Raine suggested that you calm down.
(Emil and Marta look at Tenebrae)
TENEBRAE: Anyone would become mad if someone they liked and trusted was
	With that attitude, it's unlikely she'd have told you where Lloyd was, even
if she knew.
	Am I wrong?
EMIL: You're right, Tenebrae.  Come on, Marta.  Let's go back and talk to
	Maybe she'll help us if we explain.
MARTA: All right.

TENEBRAE: What is it, Emil?  You look puzzled.
EMIL: I was just thinking about something I found strange about Raine.
TENEBRAE: Strange?
EMIL: Yeah.  I thought she'd be really scary when she was scolding Paul, but
she wasn't, at all.
	When my aunt and uncle scolded me, it was terrifying.
	I hated them for it.
TENEBRAE: Perhaps you sensed the love behind Raine's words.
EMIL: Oh.  Yeah, I guess my aunt and uncle didn't really love me.
MARTA: (Butts in crossly) Tenebrae, stop that!
	You're only going to make him more depressed, talking about things that you
don't know about, like love.
TENEBRAE: (Irked) How rude.  I will have you know that I understand love
perfectly well.
	Love is a brand of egoism that ignores the feelings of its mark, while
insisting on its own selfish demands.
[EMIL/MARTA: (Sweatdrop) (SIGH)]

EMIL: (Slumps) [Um,] About before...
RAINE: (Folds arms) You don't have to apologize.  To you, the fact is Lloyd is
the man who killed your parents.
	But you must understand there are also those who were saved by Lloyd, and
they owe him their lives.
MARTA: So do you trust Lloyd?
RAINE: (To Marta) I don't see how my opinion would aid you.
MARTA: I don't get it.  You were Lloyd's teacher and friend, right?
RAINE: That's right.  I like Lloyd.  I think that he's a person I can count on.
 Those facts haven't changed.
	(Folds arms) But people change, for better or for worse.  I don't know what
kind of person Lloyd is now.
	My faith in him is not enough reason to contradict the accounts of those
who suffered in the attack on Palmacosta.
	That's my opinion on the matter.
EMIL: I'm not sure I totally understand.  Are you saying you believe us?
RAINE: (To Emil) I'm saying that I believe the attack on Palmacosta happened,
not that I personally trust you.
MARTA: (Surprised) You don't trust us?
RAINE: (To Marta) Do the two of you trust me?  We haven't known each other for
all that long.
	I think we both have yet to prove whether we deserve each other's trust.
MARTA: (Annoyed) You're just being difficult.
RAINE: (Chuckles) Is that any way to talk to someone who might have information
about Lloyd?
EMIL: (Shocked) You know where he went?!
RAINE: (To Emil) If you tell me about your journey, specifically, about the
Centurions' cores, then I'll give you a hint.
MARTA: (Surprised) [H-]How do you know about the Centurions' cores?!
RAINE: (To Marta) Colette told me about you already.
	When you told me your names at the human ranch, I knew who you were.
EMIL: (To Marta) Marta, what should we do?
MARTA: (To Emil) Let's tell her.  Colette wasn't out to get us, and I don't
think Raine is, either.
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
RAINE: (Pensive) Very interesting.  A Knight of Ratatosk, you say.
(Raine is silent for a moment)
RAINE: That's good for now.  I'll leave the questions for later.
	Now then, regarding Lloyd's whereabouts, there's someone in town who says
he saw him recently.
EMIL: Really?!
RAINE: (To Emil) Yes.  Colette's neighbor, Pepe.  Let's go and talk to him.

PEPE: Professor Sage!
RAINE: Pepe, I'm sorry to bother you, but can you tell these two about when you
saw Lloyd?
(Pepe looks at Emil)
PEPE: But aren't they out for revenge against Lloyd?
RAINE: (Shakes head) Thats just a big misunderstanding, I assure you.
PEPE: (Nods) Well, if you say so Professor Sage...
	(Turns to Emil) Not too long ago, I saw him on a strange flying thing
headed towards the Triet Ruins.  It was definitely Lloyd.  I'd know that spiky
hair anywhere.
EMIL: (Happy) Really?  Thank you so much!
MARTA: Emil, let's hurry!  We might still be able to catch up with him.
EMIL: (Nods) Right.
RAINE: Hold on, I'd like to go with you.
MARTA: [W-]Why?
RAINE: (Folds arms) I was Lloyd's teacher.  If he really has strayed, I need to
set him back on the right path again.
	Also, the fact that he is after the Centurions' cores troubles me.
	Six months ago, he was on a quest to collect Exspheres.
	It was an important mission to him.  He promised his father he'd complete
MARTA: His father.
EMIL: (Curious) Do you mean Dirk?
(Raine is silent)
RAINE: Anyway, I'm interested to know why Lloyd would abandon his quest for
Exspheres to look for Centurions' cores.
MARTA: (To Emil) What do you think?
EMIL: (To Marta) Let's have her come with us.
	With her along, we might be able to find out more about what happened in
MARTA: Yeah.
RAINE: (Nods) Then it's settled.  I look forward to traveling with you.

[EMIL: U-um...]
RAINE: Yes, what is it?
EMIL: [Uh,] Oh, it's nothing.
RAINE: If you have nothing to say, don't call out to others.
EMIL: (Shrinks back) [S-]Sorry.
TENEBRAE: I thought you weren't afraid of Raine.
EMIL: She used her teacher voice on me.  I couldn't help it!

EMIL: Oh yeah.  Marta, we should introduce Raine to Tenebrae.
MARTA: Oh, right.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: How may I be of service?
(Raine is surprised)
RAINE: A talking animal--no, a monster?  Oh, you're the one Colette was talking
about.  Tenebie, correct?
TENEBRAE: (To Raine) It's Tenebrae.  You seem like an intelligent person.  I am
grateful for your assistance.
RAINE: (Pensive) You don't feel quite the same as a summon spirit.  Much closer
to a monster.
TENEBRAE: No doubt because I employ monsters as my servants.
RAINE: Very interesting indeed.  I'd love to learn more about it.  We must talk
TENEBRAE: It would be my pleasure.
EMIL: Wow, Raine is totally unfazed.
MARTA: (Nods) Yeah, no kidding.  I guess she's just naturally composed.

MARTA: So, Raine, you're a half-elf, right?
RAINE: (Down) Do the two of you fear half-elves as well?
MARTA: (Down) I was always taught that half-elves were evil.
	But you don't seem any different from us.
RAINE: I leave it [to] you to form your own opinions of me.
MARTA: To be honest, half-elves do sort of frighten me.
	But I don't want to think you're a bad person just because of your race.
	Some humans are bad people, too.  (Looks down)
RAINE: I see.
TENEBRAE: What complicated creatures these humanoids are.

RAINE: I thought the two of you must be getting hungry, so I decided to put
together a meal.  Here you are.
EMIL: (Hesitant) Wow.
MARTA: [Um...] What exactly is this?
RAINE: Oh, right.  I almost forgot to explain.
	These are rice-stuffed lemons.
(Emil and Marta look shocked and scoot away)
RAINE: You know how sushi rice can taste so good you sometimes forget how much
you've eaten?
	(Light bulb) Well, I thought I'd try to create that same addictive quality
in a more ordinary, everyday rice dish.
(Emil and Marta leave)
RAINE: I started by emptying out some lemons, then filled them with rice, and
cooked them just like that.
	Last but not least, I added garam masala to punch up the flavor.  (Beam) 
It's revolutionary!
TENEBRAE: [Ah...] I am thankful that we Centurions are spared the "joys" of

*Triet Ruins*

RAINE: (Clutching her head, mortified) Aah!
(Emil and Marta are surprised.  Raine runs up onto the altar) 
EMIL: [W-]What's the matter?!
RAINE: (Hyperventilating) What happened?!  I'd heard the Giant Tree destroyed
some of the area, but the precious ruins!  The polycarbonate!
	Such a terrible loss of priceless history!
MARTA: (To Emil) Maybe Raine has a split personality too.
EMIL: (Puzzled) Too?
MARTA: Well, I mean, when you're in battle, and sometimes even when you're not,
you change into a different person.
(Raine stops flailing and turns around, listening)
EMIL: Really?  I change when I'm not in battle?
MARTA: [Y-]Yeah.  I thought you knew.
RAINE: (Folds arms) You said that the Knights of Ratatosk have the ability to
change form in battle.
EMIL: (To Raine) Ah, yes.  It seems like I transform once I'm possessed by
Ratatosk's power.
RAINE: (Looks at Marta) And Ratatosk's core is living off of Marta?
MARTA: (Nods) Yes.  It's this jewel on my forehead.
RAINE: (Pensive) I see.
(Raine grows silent)
TENEBRAE: Sorry to interrupt, but I sense both humans and monsters within the
rubble.  Perhaps we should investigate?
EMIL: Really?  Raine, let's go take a look.  It might be Lloyd.
RAINE: Yes, you're right.  Let's go.

RAINE: You really are a fascinating creature, Tenebrae.  May I touch you?
TENEBRAE: If you wish.
RAINE: (Dreamy) [Oooh!] You don't feel quite like a cat, or a dog, or even
Noishe.  I've never felt anything so soft.  So this is what it's like to touch
TENEBRAE: You are too kind, really.
(Raine yanks really hard, surprising Tenebrae)
RAINE: (Pulling back) Your skin stretches this much?!
	[Aaahhh!]  This texture can only mean, you're a shape shifter!
TENEBRAE: You must be quite experienced to make such deductions from a single
RAINE: (Laughs) Your way of speaking is quite interesting as well.
TENEBRAE: Your interest is flattering.

EMIL: So, when Colette was talking about "maniacs," did she mean you, Raine?
RAINE: It's true that Colette and the others have often accused me of being an
"archeology maniac."
	But what about the term "maniac" made you think of me?
EMIL: Oh, it's just that Colette mentioned a friend of hers who seemed to act
like a totally different person near ruins.
RAINE: Like a different person?
TENEBRAE: Yes, she described her friend's transformation as...
	Berserk, crazy, insane, frightening, dangerous, monstrous, inhuman,
reckless, disturbing, and completely out of control.
	If I am not mistaken.
RAINE: (PO'd) And you're saying that's what I'm like, Emil?
EMIL: What?  She didn't-- Tenebrae, stop doing things like that!
[TENEBRAE: (Laughs quietly)]

(A giant tree monster squats in the pathway.  A silver-haired boy in blue
stands in front of it)
???: (Shrugs) Man, I give up.
(The others walk up)
RAINE: (Surprised) Genis?!
GENIS: (Whips around) Raine?!
RAINE: What are you doing here?  I thought the plan was to meet up back in
GENIS: I'm sorry.  It's just that I saw Lloyd, so I tried to follow him.
	(Notices the others) Wait, who are these people with you?
RAINE: [Ah,] Well, you see...
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
GENIS: Wow, so that's why you all came here.
EMIL: So Lloyd came through here?
GENIS: He did, but now this monster's blocking the path.  I tried attacking it,
but it won't budge.
	I wonder how Lloyd managed to move it.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: Perhaps he fed the monster.
GENIS: (Recoils) [Wh-]What the hell is that?
TENEBRAE: I am Centurion Tenebrae.  A pleasure.
GENIS: Oh right.  You're that Tenebie guy she mentioned.
TENEBRAE: It's Tenebrae.  Now then, when this particular monster is asleep, it
absorbs all attacks.
GENIS: This thing wasn't here the last time we came to the ruins.
TENEBRAE: This type of monster thrives in warm environments.  It likely fled
here in an effort to escape the oncoming cold.
MARTA: Okay, so first we need to get some food for this guy.
	What does he eat?
TENEBRAE: His diet consists primarily of freshwater fish and monsters.
RAINE: [Hmm...] If we're looking for fresh water, the Triet Oasis isn't too far
from here.
GENIS: If you're going to Triet, I'm coming with you.  I'm tired of staring at
this thing.

EMIL: Genis, you and Raine are siblings, right?  So, that would make you a
half-elf too.
GENIS: Yeah.  Though I'd think that was pretty obvious.
MARTA: Half-elf...
GENIS: What?  (Down) The two of you don't like half-elves?
MARTA: I don't mind the two I've met so far.
GENIS: (Happy) Well then, that's good enough for me.  We usually get dirty
looks when people find out what we are.
EMIL: Was it that way with Lloyd?
GENIS: Lloyd's the kind of guy who couldn't care less if you were a half-elf,
or anything else, for that matter.
EMIL: (Puzzled) He is?

RAINE: So this is what you've been up to.  No wonder you've been away from
Iselia an awfully long time.
GENIS: With everything people are saying about Lloyd these days, I figured I
should get the story straight from him.
RAINE: I see.  Well, I'm glad we ran into each other.
GENIS: Yeah.  By the way, notice anything different about me?
RAINE: [Hmm...] What could it be?
GENIS: (Irked) Come on!  Can't you see I'm taller?  Take a good look!  (Forces
voice deeper) My voice is even a little deeper.
RAINE: You don't say.  How much taller are you?
GENIS: A sixteenth of an inch.
[RAINE: (Hangs head) Hmmf...]


(Snow is falling in the desert landscape.)
MARTA: I can't believe it's snowing in Triet.  This is a desert.
EMIL: It must be related to all the strange weather we've been seeing
everywhere.  It was pretty cold in Iselia, too.
MARTA: But I was just here a few months ago and it wasn't like this at all.
RAINE: I heard it started snowing here about a month ago.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: This may be due to a dormant Centurion's core.
MARTA: But would that cause the weather to change this dramatically?
TENEBRAE: The natural balance could have been further disrupted by the
awakening of another Centurion's core.
GENIS: Man, these Centurions' cores sound like serious trouble.
TENEBRAE: (Sarcastically) My deepest apologies.

EMIL: Hey, Genis.  Why do you use a kendama as your weapon?
GENIS: Lloyd made it and gave it to me for my birthday.
	It helps me concentrate when I use magic.
EMIL: So you just started using it as a weapon after that?
GENIS: Sort of.  See, once when I was playing with it, the string broke and the
ball hit Lloyd smack in the head.
EMIL: (Surprised) Really?
GENIS: Colette took one look at Lloyd passed out on the ground, and said I'd
found the perfect weapon!
EMIL: I thought these people were supposed to be friends?

EMIL: (Sweatdrop) Aren't you cold?
MARTA: (Sweatdrop) Yeah.  It's freezing.  It's not even dark yet and it's
already this cold.  How stupid is that?
GENIS: (Sweatdrop) If we don't do something, and fast, I'm gonna freeze up
solid.  (Skull)
RAINE: Really, Genis?  I thought the cold didn't bother you all that much.
GENIS: That was just when I was a kid.
MARTA: You still pretty much look like a kid to me.
GENIS: [Who-] Who asked you?!  I'm gonna have my growth spurt any day now!

RAINE: Snow in the desert.
	I do hope the desert's ecosystem will be all right.  The majority of
creatures that make their home here should be able to weather the cold, but
TENEBRAE: (Shakes head) I hadn't expected mana would be this far out of
	Lord Ratatosk would be horribly dismayed at this state of affairs, I'm
MARTA: But it's so romantic!  Arm in arm with your significant other.
	It's the perfect place for a stroll! (Beam)
GENIS: Significant other!  Yeah!  Maybe me and Presea could--
EMIL: I think we just got a glimpse of Genis' true colors.  (Sweatdrop)

EMIL: (Amazed) It's completely frozen.
MARTA: How are we supposed to catch water monsters now?
GENIS: Do you want me to melt the ice with magic?
RAINE: No, you may fry the monsters before we can even get to them.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: Well then, how about we cut a hole in the ice and fish them out?
EMIL: Okay, we need to go get a fishing rod, then.
TENEBRAE: No need for that.  I can transform into a fishing rod and we can use
one of our monsters as bait.
EMIL: (Surprised) You can actually do that?!
TENEBRAE: Of course.
MARTA: But do you really want to use one of our monsters as bait?
TENEBRAE: Don't worry.  I won't let it get eaten.  Think of it as a lure and
nothing more.
RAINE: Let's go with Tenebrae's plan.  Lloyd could be getting away as we speak.
 We don't have time to waste.
EMIL: That's true.  Go for it, Tenebrae.
TENEBRAE: Then let's go to the lake's surface.

EMIL: The cores must be really powerful if they can freeze an oasis in the
middle of the desert like this.
RAINE: If this keeps up, it won't be long before you can hammer a nail with a
frozen banana.
EMIL: (Puzzled) A nail with a banana?
RAINE: Yes.  An experiment quite popular when I was a child.
	I wonder if they still do that sort of thing in schools these days.
EMIL: Not that I can remember.
MARTA: If you ask me, I'd rather eat the bananas than use them in experiments.
RAINE: (Chuckles) I suppose you're right.

(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: Ready for some monster fishing?

EMIL: (Shakes head) [Um,] Not quite yet.
TENEBRAE: In that case, please notify me when you're ready.

EMIL: Yeah, let's do it.
TENEBRAE: Splendid.  First, allow me to transform into a rod.
(Tenebrae morphs into a fishing rod)
TENEBRAE: Next, select a location where you'd like to fish, and cut a hole
EMIL: Right.
(Emil finds a hole)
TENEBRAE: Now, choose a monster to use for the bait.
EMIL: Okay this time...
	Let's try this one.
TENEBRAE: Now let's get started.
INSTRUCTIONS: Swing the Wii Remote like a fishing rod when the fish icon is in
the green region.

EMIL: (Struggling) Woah, I think I got a big one!
	It's heavy.
TENEBRAE: Don't you dare let go of me.
EMIL: [B-]But...
MARTA: You can do it, Emil!
(Marta, Raine and Genis all grab onto Emil, creating a train)
RAINE: Everybody, pull at the same time!
GENIS: Right!
RAINE: One...
MARTA: Two...
(They all pull, and a giant turtle pops out of the ice)
EMIL: What the heck is that?
TENEBRAE: That is a favorite of barteks, our path-blocking friend in the Triet
Ruins.  However, it's rather large.
MARTA: (Nervously) Hey guys, I think it's looking at us.
GENIS: (Shocked) Here it comes!
(The turtle, an Archelon, attacks!  The party beats it)
EMIL: [A-]Are we really going to carry this thing?  It looks pretty heavy.
RAINE: (Walks up to the turtle) It isn't dead yet.  Why don't you form a pact
with it?
GENIS: What?!  But we're going to feed it to the bartek.
RAINE: (Pensive) If we can use it as a distraction it doesn't have to actually
get eaten.
TENEBRAE: This is indeed true.  Emil, please make a pact.
EMIL: (Slumps) I'll give it a try.  But don't yell at me if I fail, okay?
(Emil walks up and successfully makes a pact with the Archelon)
MARTA: (Jumps for joy) Now we can finally make some progress in the ruins.
EMIL: Right.  Let's hurry and go after Lloyd.

MARTA: Wow, Tenebrae, that was the first time I saw you turn into a fishing
RAINE: Truly fascinating!
GENIS: What else can you change into?  A dog?
TENEBRAE: Please.  I have been called the Centurion of a thousand faces.
	I could even become a jaw-droppingly beautiful woman, if I so chose.
EMIL: A beautiful woman?
MARTA/RAINE/GENIS: (Dryly) Yeah, right.

EMIL: I'd never actually gone fishing before that.
MARTA: Oh yeah?  That's pretty rare for someone who grew up in Palmacosta.  I
mean it's right on the water and all.
EMIL: Oh yeah.
MARTA: Well, what did you think?
EMIL: It wasn't easy getting a bite, and it was tricky knowing when to reel in
and when to let out the line.
TENEBRAE: That battle of wits between hunter and hunted is fishing's greatest
	You'd never learn the thrill of the hunt fishing for Lady Marta though,
she's far too easy a catch.
MARTA: (Irked) Well excuse me!
[EMIL: (Sweatdrop) (Chuckles awkwardly)]

*Triet Ruins*

MARTA: There it is.  Emil, do it.
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) Easy for you to say.
GENIS: Tenebrae is the one that's actually doing it.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: Excellent point.  I'll lure him away.
	As soon as the monster turns its back, slip past it.
RAINE: (Folds arms) Emil, Genis.  Don't trip.
EMIL: (Turns to Raine) Huh?
GENIS: Why do you say that?
RAINE: You two worry me.
MARTA: I'm sure you'll be just fine, Emil.
(Emil blushes)
GENIS: (Defensive) I'll be just fine, too!  (Muzzy)
TENEBRAE: Well then, just let me know when you're ready.

TENEBRAE: Shall we begin?

EMIL: Not yet.
TENEBRAE: All right then.  However, we may not have much time before Lloyd gets

EMIL: Yes.
TENEBRAE: All right.
(Tenebrae disappears through the bartek and releases the Archelon.  The hungry
tree monster lumbers after it)
EMIL: Come on!  Let's go!
(The party runs into the next part of the chamber, but then the Archelon turns
the wrong way)
TENEBRAE: Archelon, not that way!
(The Archelon runs into Marta, knocking her down)
MARTA: (Shocked) Aah!
TENEBRAE: (Angrily) Archelon, I told you not to go that way!
(The bartek approaches Marta.  Emil's eyes go red and he charges out in front
of her.  Genis and Raine both look surprised)
R.EMIL: (Draws sword, angrily) You bastard!
MARTA: (Sits up) Emil...
R.EMIL: (Sideways glance at Marta) Get up and run!  Now!
MARTA: [O-]Okay!
(Marta gets up and joins Raine and Genis)
R.EMIL: (To bartek) You looking for a fight?
RAINE: That's enough, Emil!  Let's go!
(Emil shifts a bit, then turns to them with green eyes)
EMIL: [O-]Okay.

GENIS: (Sighs with relief) We should be safe now.
EMIL: (Slumps) I can't believe that monster actually attacked us.
	Of course, even the most passive monsters will become aggressive when
presented with a potential meal.
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) Emil, thanks for saving me.
EMIL: Sure.  No problem.  Actually, I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I'm
glad you're okay.
GENIS: Hey, Emil.  The way you were before, was that Ratatosk possessing you
like in battle?
EMIL: (Surprised) Did I change again?
GENIS: (Reels) It wasn't just a change, it was a full-on metamorphosis! 
Ratatosk must be really powerful!
EMIL: [Y-]Yeah.
(Raine is silent)
TENEBRAE: I sense Ignis's presence.  There is indeed a Centurion's core here. 
Shall we keep moving, before Lloyd snatches it up?
EMIL: Right, good idea.  Let's go.

MARTA: Wow.  Everything is frozen over.
EMIL: You said Ignis' core is here.  Is that the Centurion of Ice?
TENEBRAE: No, fire.
GENIS: (Confused) Wait, fire?!  But this place is freezing!
TENEBRAE: I believe the core's loss of control is having a negative effect.
	The Centurion's power is working in reverse.
EMIL: So that's why it's so cold in here.
RAINE: Fire...
GENIS: (Turns to Raine) What're you thinking, Raine?
RAINE: (Folds arms) You said that there was a Centurion of Light in the
basement of the Tower of Mana.
MARTA: That's right.  But Lloyd took it from us.
RAINE: It seems that the Centurions' cores are located in the same places where
the summon spirits used to be imprisoned.
	Tenebrae, are Centurions and summon spirits related in some way?
TENEBRAE: No, nothing of the sort.  Though Centurions' cores are located in
places with unusually high concentrations of mana.
	The Centurions use their elemental attributes to counterbalance these mana
GENIS: So wouldn't that mean we'll find Centurions' cores by visiting all the
places where the summon spirits were?  There's no need to follow Lloyd.
RAINE: I was just thinking the same thing.
MARTA: (Excited) Really?!  Maybe we can beat Lloyd to the cores now.
RAINE: I'm not sure about that.  Lloyd knows where the summon spirits were
located as well.
	If he's realized this, it doesn't give us any advantage.
EMIL: (Bitterly) There's no way I'm losing to Lloyd.
(Genis is silent)
RAINE: (Turns to Genis) Genis.
	I understand how you feel, but the only one who can erase Emil's doubts
about Lloyd is Lloyd himself.
GENIS: I know that, but it's still difficult.

(Raine races to the altar, gasping orgasmically)
RAINE: So that is Ignis' core!  Amazing!  It sparkles so magnificently! [HAH!]
(Starts dancing, little hearts flying everywhere)
MARTA: Here we go again.
GENIS: Again?  So then I guess you've already seen my sister in Ruin Mode?
EMIL: Ruin Mode?
GENIS: Raine's an absolute menace about ruins, ancient civilizations, and stuff
like that.
RAINE: (Whirls around) I'm not a maniac!  I'm a researcher!
(Genis just shrugs)
GENIS: Yeah, right, right.  Anyway, she always gets like this when she sees
MARTA: Hey, that's just like Emil when he's in his "Ratatosk Mode."
EMIL: Wait a minute I'm not sure those two things have much to do with each
RAINE: (Still wild) Marta!  I want to see the ritual for hatching a Centurion. 
Perform it!
MARTA: [R-]Right!
(Marta goes up to the altar and turns the red teardrop into a jewel.  Raine is
TENEBRAE: Ignis is now awake.
	As Ignis' powers return, Emil, as a Knight of Ratatosk..
	you should also awaken to new powers.
EMIL: So, now we need to recruit fire-elemental monsters.  That would gradually
bring back Ignis' powers.
	And I should get stronger too, right?

(Lloyd appears at the foot of the steps, removing one of his masks)
LLOYD: I guess I was too late.
(He tosses the mask.  Everyone whirls around as it clatters on the stone floor)
EMIL: (Angrily draws his sword) I knew you would show up.
MARTA: Emil, wait!
	Alright Lloyd Irving!  Tell us!
	Why are you trying to collect the Centurions' cores?
[LLOYD: Hmm...]
EMIL: Marta and I are doing all of this in order to save this world!
	We have to find all of the Centurions' cores so that we can wake up
MARTA: Please!  Give us Lumen's core!
(Lloyd draws his twin swords.  Genis and Raine look shocked)
LLOYD: All right that's enough.  Hand over Ignis' core.
EMIL: Marta, let's just take back the Centurion's core by force!
	Why even try to reason with this murderous man who killed innocent people
in Palmacosta in cold-blood?!

???: Demon Fang!
(Suddenly, a blast of energy blows Marta off the altar.  The others look up in
surprise.  Lloyd now stands at the altar, clutching the core and another of his
LLOYD: The mysterious jewel hunter, Lloyd Irving, is here.
(Lloyd tosses his mask and somersaults over the others.)
LLOYD: I'll be taking Centurion Ignis' core with me.
(Lloyd spatters several stupid posters up on the wall like silly string)
EMIL: (Gasps angrily) Who do you think you are?!
(Lloyd keeps walking, silent.  Emil angrily draws his sword)
MARTA: Wait Emil!
(Emil hesitates.  Marta looks at Lloyd)
MARTA: Lloyd Irving tell us!
	Why are you collecting the Centurions' cores?
(Lloyd backs away, facing them)
[LLOYD: Hmmm...]
EMIL: Marta and I are doing all of this in order to save this world.
	We have to find all of the Centurions' cores and wake up Ratatosk.
MARTA: Please!  Give us Ignis' core!
(Lloyd draws his twin swords.  Genis and Raine look shocked)
LLOYD: No, you hand over Ventus' core to me.
EMIL: Marta, let's just take back the Centurion's core by force!
	Why even try to reason with this murderous man who killed innocent people
in Palmacosta in cold-blood?!

GENIS: Come on Lloyd!  You have to tell them!  Tell them that you didn't attack
(Lloyd remains silent, then looks away)
GENIS: All of these rumors about you.  You didn't do any of that stuff, right?!
[LLOYD: Hmm...]
GENIS: (Desperate) Come on Lloyd!  Please answer me!
RAINE: Yes, Lloyd.  Is there something you can't tell us?  What is it?  Or
perhaps the rumors about you are true.
(Lloyd looks back at them, his expression hard to make out)
LLOYD: I don't have to answer you.  Now then hand over the Centurion's core!
	If you refuse me, I won't hesitate to take it by force!
(Another thick silence)
GENIS: But Lloyd.  Why?
(A roar echoes through the chamber.  Lloyd turns around and walks away.  Emil
doubles over and his eyes change red again)
R.EMIL: (Bloodthirsty) This is for those you killed!  Die!
(R.Emil attacks, but Lloyd blocks his slash easily, without even facing him. 
He backs up a bit so he's level with R.Emil.)
LLOYD: You still have much to learn.
(He whirls around and clocks R.Emil with the edge of his sword, knocking him
down.  With that, he sheathes his swords and runs away.)
GENIS: Wait a minute!  Lloyd, wait!
(Genis runs after, but the bartek crashes down on the path, looking more than
[GENIS: Ahhh!]
TENEBRAE: This doesn't look good.  That monster is blind with rage.
R.EMIL: (Gets up) Damn it.  Here it comes!
(The bartek attacks!  The party whomps it)
MARTA: That monster--It must have followed us all the way from the entrance.
EMIL: Yeah I think you're right.  Lloyd ran off when he heard its roar.  Damn
(Genis hangs his head, silent)
RAINE: It may be too late, but let's go after Lloyd.
GENIS: (Quietly) Right.

GENIS: Ratatosk Mode, huh?
	It can't be easy making a pact that changes your whole personality on top
of giving you new powers.
RAINE: Indeed.  I'm sure Emil has his hands full simply controlling the power
he receives from Ratatosk, which is why he often can't control his own
GENIS: (Light bulb) Then, he's just like Raine when she's in Ruin Mode, giving
in to her desires, unable to control her maniac urges--
(Raine smacks Genis)
GENIS: [OW!] That hurts!
RAINE: (Surprised) Just like me?
	Could that mean he has another self sealed away inside him?  If so...
GENIS: What's wrong?
RAINE: (Shakes head) It's nothing.  (Looks sullen)

RAINE: (Wildly) No!  Such an invaluable cultural treasure.  These poor ruins. 
MARTA: (Sweatdrop) Here comes Ruin Mode.
TENEBRAE: Raine truly is a multi-faceted individual.
EMIL: Are you really that upset that the ruins are ruined?
GENIS: [Woah!] Emil!  Careful what you--
RAINE: (Loudly) Of course I am!
	Do you mean to say you're unaware of the cultural, the historic, the
scientific value of the Triet Ruins?!
(Emil, Marta and Tenebrae gasp and pull back)
RAINE: Listen closely.
	(Reading from a book) The Triet Ruins first came to prominence two
regenerations ago, when the spirit Efreet summoned his hellfire, and--
GENIS: Oh great, we're in for it now.  (Sweatdrops)

GENIS: So I guess Emil really has it in for Lloyd, huh?
MARTA: You still believe in him even after you saw how he behaved?
GENIS: Here's what I think: Lloyd wouldn't be doing these things without some
MARTA: I guess.
GENIS: I had a friend I failed to believe in at the final moment, when it
mattered most.
	That's why I've gotta find Lloyd and hear what he has to say.  I won't give
up until I've talked with him.
	We'll see if my trust in him holds up after that.
MARTA: I'm jealous of you, Genis.
[GENIS: Huh?]
MARTA: I could never do anything like that.  Confronting someone that you know
has changed.  It's too much for me.  (Looks down)

EMIL: (Angrily) Damn that Lloyd!  He played us!
MARTA: (Angrily) I know!  And what's the deal with those stupid masks?!
TENEBRAE: I am more curious about that odd poster.  Is it something Lloyd drew
GENIS: But Lloyd always hated those portraits of himself.  I wonder what
EMIL: He did?
RAINE: (Nods) Yes.  The image resembles wanted posters of Lloyd that were
circulating during our previous journey.
	It always made him angry to see them.
EMIL: (Shakes head, angrily) But people change!
GENIS: (Sweatdrop, dejected) That's the sort of change I can do without.

(The sound of an engine starting up fills the air)
GENIS: (Shocked) Raine, did you hear that?!
RAINE: That sounded like a Rheiard.
EMIL: That's the flying thing Lloyd uses, right?
RAINE: (To Emil) Correct.  That was the sound of it taking off.  It seems he's
already gotten away.
	If only we hadn't returned the ones we had before...
EMIL: You mean Lloyd's not the only one with a Rheiard?
GENIS: We had them too, but we gave them back to their owner once the journey
of world regeneration ended.
	Though it looks like Lloyd's borrowed one again.
MARTA: The fact that Lloyd can fly anywhere puts us at a big disadvantage in
the race for the Centurions' cores.
RAINE: (Arms folded) But if he knew the cores were at the same places as the
summon spirits, he would be finding them much more quickly.
	He must not have realized it yet.  That might work to our advantage.
EMIL: (Steps forward) I won't lose to him.
GENIS: Emil, hold on.  What happened in Palmacosta that's just not Lloyd.
EMIL: (Turns to Genis) It's not just about what happened in Palmacosta.
GENIS: What do you mean?
EMIL: (Slumps) He wouldn't even explain himself to you.  He's hurting his own
	Genis, Raine, Colette, all of you are good and kind.
	Good people, who are worried about him.  He should be honored just to have
friends like you.
MARTA: Emil...
GENIS: Thanks for being concerned about us.
RAINE: Regardless, Lloyd was never the sort to turn his back on his friends.

TENEBRAE: Too small for me, I'm afraid.
TENEBRAE: A "sighs four," that is.  [Laughs]
GENIS: (Irked) Raine!
RAINE: (Irked) Ready when you are!
GENIS/RAINE: Prismic Stars!
(Tenebrae gets hammered with Prism Stars)
[TENEBRAE: Aaaahhh!!!  (Skull)]

(The snow has stopped falling)
EMIL: It's stopped snowing.
GENIS: The Centurions' cores are as powerful as summon spirits.
MARTA: I wonder if this means the weather around here will return to normal.
TENEBRAE: The snow will stop, but things won't truly return to their natural
state until Lord Ratatosk awakens.
MARTA: (Turns to Raine) Raine, can I ask you something?
RAINE: Certainly.  What is it?
MARTA: Can you tell me where all the summon spirits are located?
RAINE: (Folds arms) You're going to look for the Centurions' cores, then?
MARTA: The only way that we can stop the strange weather and avoid the
destruction of the world is by hatching the Centurions and waking Ratatosk.
	The cores are the reason we were following Lloyd in the first place.
RAINE: The closest location is the cave where we found Celsius.  It's near
	As for the others, here, I'll mark them on your map.
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) Emil, is it all right with you if we go to Flanoir
instead of following Lloyd?
EMIL: (To Marta) That's fine since in order to avenge everyone I'll need to get
a lot stronger first.
GENIS: (Turns to Raine) Raine, what about us?  Are we going to leave Lloyd like
RAINE: (Turns to Genis, pensive) Now that we're together, maybe it would be
best to see what else we can find out about Lloyd.
GENIS: (Nods) Okay.  I'm with you, Raine.
RAINE: Then we'll accompany you to the port in Izoold.
	We can figure out our next move once we arrive there.
EMIL: Then let's head for Izoold together.
GENIS: (Turns to Emil) Yep.  Looks like you won't be rid of us just yet.

EMIL: Hey Marta, what's Izoold like?
MARTA: It's a small seaside town that thrives on fishing.  They have the second
largest yearly catch in all of Sylvarant.
	The different seafood products they make there are known the world over,
and everyone who visits buys Izoold's most famous souvenir, red blowfish cakes.
	(Surprised) Wait.  Why do I know all this stuff, anyway?
TENEBRAE: [Laughs] Lady Marta, you have discovered one of the Centurion of
Darkness' seven hidden talents.
	I call it "midnight hypno-study."  It would appear my hours of whispering
random facts in your ear as you sleep have finally paid off.
EMIL: Isn't that sort of a useless "hidden talent?" (Sweatdrop)
MARTA: (Irked) Seriously!  Branwash me into knowing something useful next time!

RAINE: (Down) Izoold...
EMIL: What's wrong, Raine?  You look sort of pale.
RAINE: It's nothing.  I just have some bad memories of it.
EMIL: It may not be much, but I'll do what I can to protect you!
RAINE: Thank you.
	Though some things you can't really protect against.
MARTA: (Through teeth) Calm down Marta.  Count to ten.
EMIL: Marta?  Are you okay?
MARTA: (Through teeth) I'm fine.
	I made up my mind.  Things are different between us now.  So I'll just--
(Storms off)
GENIS: (Playful) Being popular is no cakewalk, huh?
[EMIL: (Laughs weakly, sweatdrops)]

*On the road to Izoold*

(The party walks in and stops)
RAINE: Let's take a moment to rest here.
MARTA: Good idea.  Come to think of it, I'm pretty hungry.
GENIS: Okay, I'll fix us some food.
RAINE: (Turns to Genis) Perhaps I could help?
MARTA: (Turns to Genis) I'll help, too.
GENIS: [Um...] Maybe it'd be best if you two sat this one out.  People are
going to eat this food, after all.
(Raine and Marta look irked)
RAINE: What did you say?
MARTA: Just what do you mean by that?!
GENIS: I'd say it, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
	Hey, Emil, can you get some firewood?
EMIL: (Nods) Sure.

(Just then, Richter comes up behind him.)
RICHTER: Emil...
EMIL: (Turns around, surprised) Richter!
(A Jabber comes up behind Emil)
RICHTER: (Loudly) Behind you!
EMIL: Huh?!
(The Jabber attacks, but Emil defeats it)
RICHTER: (Angrily) Stay on your guard, you fool!
	It's coming!
(Another monster, a Schizos, comes up and attacks!  With Richter's help, Emil
beats it)
EMIL: (Slumps) That was scary.
RICHTER: So that's Ratatosk's power?
EMIL: (Turns to Richter) [Uh...] Yes.
(A tiny Schizos walks up behind Emil)
RICHTER: Looks like that last monster had a kid.
(Richter raises his weapons, but Emil gets in the way)
EMIL: Wait!
RICHTER: (Annoyed) What?
EMIL: It's not attacking us.  What's the harm in letting it live?
(The little Schizos walks around Emil and looks at Richter)
RICHTER: [Ungh] ...
EMIL: (Whiny) Please!
RICHTER: (Cross) You're so naive.
(The little Schizo runs away.  Richter sheathes his weapons and turns away)
EMIL: Richter!  Ratatosk isn't a demon lord!
	If you'd just listen to what Marta and Tenebrae have to say, you'd--
RATATOSK: Ratatosk is my enemy.

EMIL: Why?  I--
(Emil doubles over, clutching at his head.  Images of a furious Richter fly
through his mind)
EMIL: What is this?  What is-- (short gasp of pain)
RICHTER: (Turns around, shocked) Emil?!
	(Runs to Emil's side, kneels) What's wrong?
EMIL: (Strained) I don't know.  I've been having these strange visions. 
RICHTER: Memories?
EMIL: Where you're trying to kill me and-- [ungh...]
RICHTER: Easy.  Don't try to talk.
EMIL: [Gasps] It's going away.
(Emil straightens up.  Richter walks a little ways off)
RICHTER: You should hurry back to Marta and get some rest.
	I'll let the two of you go for today.

EMIL: [Um...] There's something I want to ask you about.
RICHTER: Too bad.
EMIL: But...
RICHTER: [Ungh...] ...
EMIL: [Hunh] ...
RICHTER: (Turns around, angrily) Damn it!  Don't give me that pitiful look! 
Fine, I'll listen.  What is it?
EMIL: [Th-]Thank you.  You see, I've been having these strange visions lately.
RICHTER: Visions?
EMIL: They feel like memories and you're trying to kill me in them.  But
nothing like that's ever happened.
RICHTER: Maybe you're seeing the future, where someday I do actually kill you.
EMIL: (Flustered) [N-]No, that can't be it!  You saved my life just now!
RICHTER: [Hmmph.]  Things change.  You never know.
EMIL: [Ungh...] ...
RICHTER: Are you afraid now?  Then hurry back to Marta and get some rest.
	(Turns around) I'll let the two of you go for today.

EMIL: Why are you being so nice to me?
RICHTER: (Not looking at Emil) I don't recall being nice.  Now get out of my
sight before I change my mind.
EMIL: (Down) Okay.
RICHTER: And don't worry about those visions.  It was probably a dream.  They
say dreams where you die are good luck.
EMIL: (Surprised) Richter...
(Richter blushes, then gets irked)
RICHTER: (Waves Emil away) Go, already!
EMIL: [R-]Right!
(Emil runs all the way back to the others' campfire)
MARTA: (Playful) Took you long enough!
EMIL: (Turns to Marta) [Y-]Yeah.  I got attacked by this monster.
RAINE: Oh, are you hurt?
EMIL: (Turns to Raine) No.  Sorry if I made you worry.
GENIS: So, where's the firewood?
(Emil turns to Genis, realizing that he dropped whatever he managed to find)
EMIL: [Uh...] (Slumps) I'm sorry.
(Marta, Raine and Genis all get irked)

(9.4) - Chapter 4: Light and Darkness (GS4)


GENIS: Hey, do you guys smell something?  It smells sort of familiar.
EMIL: (Nods) Like someone's cooking fish or something.
RAINE: (Pensive) Izoold does have a booming fishing industry.
MARTA: (Clamps her hands over her nose) It smells like it's burning.
TENEBRAE: It smells more like someone's incinerating fish than cooking it.
GENIS: (Reels) [Ah!] I get it.  It smells like Raine's cooking!
RAINE: (Turns to Genis, arms folded) What do you mean by that?!
TENEBRAE: (To Raine) I interpret it to mean you are a poor cook, Raine.
RAINE: (Angrily) How dare you!
EMIL: Forget about that, let's go find the source of this smell.

MARTA: I thought you were perfect, but now that I know you can't cook, I
somehow feel closer to you.
RAINE: (Annoyed) I'm not really a bad cook.
GENIS: No, it's just that her curiosity gets the better of her.
EMIL: What do you mean?
GENIS: Like one time she tried to develop spicy chocolate, and another time it
was candied pickles.
RAINE: (Defensive) New discoveries are only made when we question conventional
TENEBRAE: Perhaps it would be wiser to first question your sense of taste.
RAINE: [Hmmph!]  Maybe tonight's main course should be slow-roasted Centurion.
GENIS: [S-]Sis, come on.  Calm down!

*Hakonesia Peak*

(Emil notices Richter walking into Koton's house)
EMIL: (Thinking) It's Richter.  What should I do?

EMIL: (Thinking) I'd rather not get involved.
(Marta and Tenebrae walk up behind him)
MARTA: What're you doing?
EMIL: (To Marta) [N-]Nothing.  Come on, let's go.
(The party leaves)

EMIL: (Thinking) I'll go talk to him.
(Marta and Tenebrae walk up behind him)
MARTA: What're you doing?
EMIL: (To Marta) Oh, I need to talk to Koton.  Wait here, okay?
MARTA: Why?  I'll go with you!
EMIL: (Nervous) [Eh, um...] No, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.  So--
MARTA: (Disappointed) So I can't come?  Okay.  [I-]I'll wait here, then. 
(Turns away)
TENEBRAE: Don't worry, Lady Marta.  I shall accompany Emil inside.

(Richter and Koton are in the middle of something)
KOTON: Right.  Now the Balacruf Tombstone to complete the deal.
RICHTER: I know.  You'll give up the Spiritual Tome, then?
KOTON: (Nods) Of course.
(Emil runs up to Richter, Tenebrae close behind)
EMIL: Richter!
RICHTER: (Whirls around, shocked) Emil?!
EMIL: What's the Spiritual Tome?  Does it have anything to do with Ratatosk?
RICHTER: Not directly.
EMIL: So they are related somehow?
RICHTER: (Pushes up glasses) Why should I explain this to you?
EMIL: Because you matter to me.  Richter, why are you in the Vanguard?
	You're so nice to me, except when it comes to Ratatosk's core.
RICHTER: [T'eh] ...
EMIL: (Insistent) Please, tell me!
EMIL: Then I'm going with you.
	If your plan has anything to do with killing Ratatosk, I have to stop you.
RICHTER: Is Marta here with you?
EMIL: (Steps forward) [I-]I won't let you kill her!
RICHTER: All right.  I'll let you assist me.
	But if I so much as glimpse her in the corner of my eye, she's as good as
EMIL: (Nervously) What do you want me to do?
RICHTER: Come to Asgard.  I'll explain things there.  Now go.
	Or I'll head outside now and kill Marta.
EMIL: Right.  [Um,] Thank you!

(Marta is waiting near the house)
MARTA: You're back.  What's the surprise?
EMIL: [Uh!  Um,] Well, we sort of have to go to Asgard, you see, but-- [unh...]
MARTA: What?!  Why?
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta, I believe Emil is thinking about doing something for you.
	Please, give him your support.
MARTA: [Hmm...] Well, I guess we can.  But promise you'll explain all of this.
EMIL: Sure!
(Marta walks off)
EMIL: (To Tenebrae, quietly) Thanks, Tenebrae.
TENEBRAE: To be honest, I'm not comfortable with this.  But it wouldn't hurt to
know what Richter's up to.
(Marta turns around)
MARTA: What are you two whispering about over there?
EMIL: (Turns around) Nothing!


(The mayor is waiting for them at the entrance)
MAYOR OF ASGARD: Oh!  What great timing!  I have a favor to ask of you, Marta.
MARTA: (Surprised) A favor from me?
MAYOR OF ASGARD: You see, we've been planning to hold a festival here, to
revive tourism.
	We've been wondering if you might perform the Maiden Ritual as part of the
	Please, come to my house.  I'll be happy to fully explain things there.
(The mayor gently pushes her a distance off, then runs to Emil)
MAYOR OF ASGARD: (Quietly) Richter told me what's going on.  I'll keep Marta
busy while you're out with him.  Please head to the inn.
MARTA: (Turns around) Hold on!  Emil, what're you going to do?
EMIL: (To Marta) This works out perfectly since I've got some errands to run. 
I'll just meet up with you afterwards at the mayor's house.
MARTA: (Annoyed) You're keeping a lot of secrets from me lately.
EMIL: [I-]I'm sorry.
MAYOR OF ASGARD: (Runs back to Marta) Come on, Marta!
(The mayor eases her away)
TENEBRAE: (To Emil) You should probably find something to make it up to her.
EMIL: Yeah.

EMIL: What am I going to do?
TENEBRAE: Are you referring to meeting Lady Marta in Asgard?
EMIL: You make it sound so simple.  I just know she's gonna chew me out as soon
as she sees me.  (Muzzy)
TENEBRAE: [Laughs] I can see who wears the pants in this relationship.
EMIL: This isn't a laughing matter.  I'm so screwed.  (Sweatdrop)

(Richter is waiting for him in a room)
RICHTER: There you are.
EMIL: [Um...] So where do we go first?
RICHTER: There's a researcher named Linar here who's an expert on the Balacruf
Mausoleum.  We'll see him first.
EMIL: (Excited) I know Linar.
RICHTER: (Dryly) Is that so?  Then lead the way.
EMIL: [Um,] About Marta...
RICHTER: I made arrangements with the mayor.  So long as she doesn't run into
me, I won't kill her.  At least for now.
EMIL: [Eh,] Thank you!  I knew you were a nice person!
(Richter looks away, blushing a bit)
RICHTER: (Flustered) Don't misunderstand!  I still plan on taking Ratatosk's
core from her.
	(Looks at Emil) And when I do, she will die.  Don't forget that.

[EMIL: Hmm...]
RICHTER: (Annoyed) Yes?  What do you want?
EMIL: [Um...] Nothing.
RICHTER: Then what are you staring at me for?
EMIL: [Uh...] I was just thinking, we haven't traveled together like this for a
EMIL: [Uh,] I mean--Never mind.
[RICHTER: Hmph.]

LINAR: Hey, Emil!  And who is this with you?
EMIL: THis is Richter.  [Um...] We'd like to go to the Balacruf Mausoleum.
HARLEY: I thought it was destroyed when the giant tree went out of control.
LINAR: Yes.  The entrance is completely blocked off.
RICHTER: (Swats at hair angrily) Damn it.  Now what?
EMIIL: (Lowers head) Actually, maybe we could get to the Balacruf Mausoleum
from the altar under the stone dais.
(Everyone looks at Emil in surprise)
RICHTER: (Shocked) What do you mean?!
EMIL: [Uh,] Well...
(Quickie Explanation Fade-Out)
RICHTER: It's worth a try.  Come on, Emil.
(Richter leaves)
HARLEY: Hey, Emil.  About that guy--
EMIL: You mean Richter?  [Um...] He can be a bit curt, but he's a good person.
HARLEY: You mean you don't know?  Oh, right.  Humans can't tell.
(Emil looks puzzled)
HARLEY: Sorry, forget I said anything.  Be careful out there.
EMIL: Right.
(Emil leaves)

EMIL: [Um...] Can we get in without Marta?
(Richter swats at his hair.  Aqua appears)
AQUA: Yes, Master Richter, you called?
RICHTER: It seems there's an entrance to a Centurion altar here.  Can you open
the way?
AQUA: The seal has already been broken once?  Then it's quite simple.
(Aqua opens the warp)
EMIL: Whoa.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: (Annoyed) It's nothing special.  I could've done this.
AQUA: (Angrily) What?!  Spiteful Tenebrae, you're here too?!
	[Ungahhh...] This is awful!  I feel gloomy and depressed already!  Master
Richter, if you'll excuse me...
(Aqua disappears)
TENEBRAE: My, my, only the Centurion of Water could be such a wet blanket.
EMIL: (Slumps) Come on, you're both Centurions, right?  You should be
RICHTER: Leave them be.  Let's go.
EMIL: Okay.

*Beneath the Dais*

RICHTER: (Stops) Hold on.
EMIL: (Turns around) Hmm?
RICHTER: (Looks at the statue) Something seems out of place here.  Let's
EMIL: (Curious) Out of place?  I don't see anything odd.
RICHTER: Really?  Oh, I suppose you wouldn't.
EMIL: (Hangs head) I'm sorry.
RICHTER: (Softer) No, don't apologize.  That was my mistake.
EMIL: [Huh?]  Oh, okay.
	(What was that about?  Richter seemed a little sad just now.)

[EMIL: (Tilting) Whew...]
RICHTER: (Sharply) Emil!  Don't touch the walls!
(Richter yanks Emil back)
[EMIL: Huh?!]
RICHTER: These ancient ruins are often rigged with booby traps.
	Just pay attention, and don't do anything stupid.
EMIL: [I-]I'm sorry.
[RICHTER: (Sighs angrily)]
EMIL: I really am sorry.
RICHTER: (Annoyed) I heard you the first time.
EMIL: (Shrinks back) I'm sorry.
[RICHTER: (Sighs and looks sad)]

EMIL: You really seem to know a lot about these ruins.
	Are you an archaeologist or something like that?
RICHTER: (Coldly) I believe I told you I was in the Vanguard.
EMIL: Oh, yeah.  Right.  (Looks down)
[RICHTER: (Sighs crossly)
EMIL: Mmf...]
RICHTER: A long time ago I did some work involving ruins.  That's why I know
what I know.  That's all.
EMIL: (Happy) Thank you!
RICHTER: (Surprised) What?
EMIL: I'm just happy you answered one of my questions!
RICHTER: It must have just slipped out.
EMIL: I'd love to hear more about--
RICHTER: (Sharply) I have nothing else to say.
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) Oh I--Okay.

*Balacruf Mausoleum*

AQUA: (Ecstatic) Master Richter!  I knew you'd do it!  Isn't this the Balacruf
EMIL: (Happy) Wow!  We did it!
(Richter glares at Emil)
EMIL: (Nervously) [Um...] Why are you staring at me?  Is there something on my
(Richter hesitates, then looks away)
RICHTER: (Quietly) No, I'm sorry.  It's nothing.
(Richter turns away.  Emil looks at the Centurions)
EMIL: (Slumps) Did I do something wrong?
AQUA: No, it's not you.  It's just--
TENEBRAE: (To Aqua) Aqua, what would be achieved by telling him?
AQUA: (To Tenebrae, irked) I know, I know!  [Geez,] Tenebrae, you're such a
(Aqua disappears)
EMIL: Tenebrae, is there something you're not telling me?
TENEBRAE: (Uncertain) [Ah,] Well, you see--
RICHTER: (Turns around) You look like a friend of mine.  That's all.
EMIL: What?
RICHTER: Just forget about it.  Let's get moving.  We have to find the Balacruf
Tombstone as soon as possible.

RICHTER: Looks like your fighting skills have come a long way.
EMIL: You taught me everything I know.
RICHTER: That was only when we'd first met.
EMIL: But that was enough for me to learn the basics of battle.  I consider you
my mentor.
RICHTER: Would you say the same when I kill Marta?
EMIL: Well...
RICHTER: Don't grow too fond of me.  I'm your enemy.
EMIL: (Down) [R-]Right.

(They walk up to an old tombstone)
RICHTER: That looks like the Balacruf Tombstone.
EMIL: That piece of rock is the tombstone?
(Emil walks towards it, but Richter suddenly grows alert.  A big bird monster
comes out of nowhere)
RICHTER: (Loudly) Look out!
(Richter leaps between Emil and the monster)
EMIL: Richter?!
RICHTER: Be careful!
EMIL: I'm sorry!
RICHTER: Let's get rid of this pest first.
(The monster attacks!  The party Kentucky-fries it)
TENEBRAE: Are you all right?
EMIL: Yeah.
RICHTER: Ancient structures like this often have numerous magical traps.
	If you approach without carefully checking the area first, you could wind
up dead.
EMIL: (Hangs head) I'm sorry.
RICHTER: (Looks away) I wasn't looking for an apology.
AQUA: (Scolding) Master Richter was warning you, so you wouldn't be injured or
	And if you apologize after everything, your apologies become meaningless.
RICHTER: Aqua, that's enough.
AQUA: [B-]But--
TENEBRAE: [Laughs] No one likes a chatterbox, Aqua.
AQUA: (Shakes fists) [Arrrgh!] This is why I hate you!  Just disappear into the
shadows and never come back, you jerk!
(Aqua vanishes)

EMIL: All right, Marta must be waiting for us.  Let's head back to Asgard.
TENEBRAE: (Playful) Right.  Time to face the music.
EMIL: On second thought, I'm not in such a hurry to get back.  (Sweatdrops)


EMIL: (To Richter) What will you do now?
RICHTER: (Turns to Emil) I'll give the Balacruf Tombstone to Koton.
EMIL: In exchange for the Spiritual Tome?
RICHTER: Correct.
	All right, I think you've had enough fun.  Time for you to go back to
Marta.  (Turns to go)
AQUA: See you, Emil.
(Richter and Aqua start to leave)
EMIL: Wait!  What's the Spiritual Tome?  Why do you need it?
RICHTER: The Spiritual Tome is a book on the Church of Martel.  It was lost
from the Academic Resources Building in Sybak.
	I'm recovering it for personal reasons.  That's all.
EMIL: But it's important enough that you're willing to ignore Marta to get it?
(Richter hesitates)
RICHTER: I could not have gotten the Balacruf Tombstone if not for you.  Thank
you, Emil.  I appreciate your help.
EMIL: It was nothing.  But what about--
(Richter walks back to Emil and offers him something)
RICHTER: This is the Balacruf Bracelet.  Give it to Marta.
TENEBRAE: It won't poison her or anything, will it?
RICHTER: (Swats hair) If you're worried, feel free to examine it.
	I simply thought you might satisfy Marta's curiosity by telling her you
went to the Balacruf Mausoleum to get this for her.
(Richter leaves.  Aqua turns back)
AQUA: Master Richter is working for a man named Norton, in Sybak's Academic
Resources Building.
EMIL: So it doesn't have anything to do with Ratatosk?
AQUA: Well, I wouldn't say that.
RICHTER: (Yelling offscreen) Aqua!  What are you doing?
AQUA: [C-]Coming!
	(Turns to Emil) If you want to help Master Richter, come to Triet.
TENEBRAE: Emil is not going to Triet.
AQUA: No one's talking to you, Tenebonehead!
	(To Emil) Don't forget.  It's Triet.
(Aqua disappears)
TENEBRAE: I must advise against this.  Let's forget about Richter and continue
our journey with Lady Marta.
EMIL: (Down) Yeah.
	(Looks after Richter) (I wonder why Richter won't explain anything to me.)

(Marta is at the table, waiting)
EMIL: Marta, I'm back.
MARTA: (Turns around) Finally!  What took you so long?
	(Irked) You took forever coming back, so I had to do all the festival
planning myself!
	What do you have to say for yourself?!
EMIL: (Nervously) [Um,] Well, I--
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta, Emil went to the Balacruf Mausoleum to get a gift for
EMIL: Yeah, that's right.  Here it is.  (Offers the bracelet)
MARTA: (Surprised) A present for me?
EMIL: (Nods) I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for me.
MARTA: You big dummy!  You should've just said so in the first place!  But I
love it!  I love you, Emil!~
(Marta bear-hugs Emil.  He blushes, but looks down, too)
EMIL: (I feel kind of bad lying to her.)

EMIL: Is Richter really all that bad?
MARTA: (Irked) Are you listening to yourself?
	He's out to kill Ratatosk and me in the process!
EMIL: Yeah, I know, but--
MARTA: (Irked) What got you thinking about this, anyway?
EMIL: It's just, back at the Balacruf--
TENEBRAE: (Bursts in) Lady Marta!  It's awful!  Your hair is in terrible
	It's sticking out every which way in the back!
MARTA: (Shocked) What?  Are you serious?!
TENEBRAE: There, a little to the right.  No, a little more to the left.  Yes, a
little higher.  No, a bit lower.
MARTA: (Flustered) Oh, I can't see!  A mirror, get me a mirror! (Runs off)
TENEBRAE: Emil, perhaps you'd better keep your whole Richter affair a secret.
EMIL: Oh yeah, right.  Sorry.


EMIL: Look at that.
MARTA: What do you think happened?  The smell is coming from that box.
(The party moves toward a man standing near the mess)
RAINE: Excuse me, what happened here?
FISHERMAN: There were seafood gels in there, but they all got burnt up.
EMIL: Ah, seafood gels!  That explains the fishy smell.
RAINE: (Puzzled) You say they got burnt.  How?
FISHERMAN: An arsonist.  Some punk's been lighting up the town.  We finally
managed to catch him though.
GENIS: Wait, if you caught him wouldn't you mean there's someone else?
FISHERMAN: That bastard must've broken out of jail.
MARTA: What makes you so sure it's the same person?
FISHERMAN: Whenever he sets something on fire, this strange bright light always
	Same thing happened when these seafood gels went up in flames.
	I told them that dinky prison would never hold a huge guy like that.
RAINE: (Angrily) That's horrible!  We must put a stop to this arsonist before
we leave!
GENIS: Well, we could, but I'm surprised to hear this coming from you.
	You're usually all "stay focused.  We have to find the Centurions' cores,"
and stuff.
RAINE: [W-]What's wrong with that?  It's not as if we're in a hurry.
GENIS: But we have a job to do.
	I mean, maybe not you and I, exactly, but Emil and Marta still have to
locate the Centurions' cores before Lloyd gets to them.
	Shouldn't we at least head to the harbor and find out when the next ship is
RAINE: (Under her breath) The harbor...
(Genis suddenly gets it)
GENIS: Oh, that's right.  You can't swim, so--
(Raine swats him in the face, then walks a bit away)
RAINE: (Irked) Fine!  We'll go to the harbor!

EMIL: Raine really can't swim?
GENIS: Yup.  She sinks like a lump of lead.
	It doesn't matter if it's an ocean or a stream.  She hates water.  She kind
of tries to hide it, though.
TENEBRAE: (Light bulb) Lead, you say?  I certainly wouldn't expect that to
MARTA: Right.  That's why we sometimes call people who can't swim "lead heads."
TENEBRAE: Well, that explains it then.  Who could hope to swim with a head that
EMIL: You think it's her head that causes her to sink?
TENEBRAE: Doesn't it stand to reason?  Plus, depending on where she would swim,
the lead could contaminate the local supply of drinking water.
TENEBRAE: I must admit my surprise.
	I would never have imagined Raine to be made of metal.
	If that's the case, it might be possible to classify her as a new breed of
GENIS: Well, she is like a monster when she's in Ruin Mode.

SAILOR: Sorry buddy, no ships are gonna be leaving port anytime soon.
EMIL: Why not?
SAILOR: Well, you must've heard about that last fire we had.
	That arsonist must be on the loose again.
	If we shipped out now, he might escape by pretending to be one of the
GENIS: What are we supposed to do if we're in a hurry?
SAILOR: (Looks at Genis) We just had another fire, and you're in a hurry to
leave town?  Seems a little fishy to me.
(Emil's eyes switch to red)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) What did you say?  Why don't you try saying that to my face,
smart guy?!
SAILOR: (Nervously) [W-]What?  If you're saying you're not, then...
(R.Emil grabs the sailor by the neck and hoists him up)
R.EMIL: Then what?!
SAILOR: [D'aaagghhh!!!  I...] I can't breathe.
MARTA: (Loudy) Emil, stop it!
(Emil's eyes switch back to green and he drops the sailor)
EMIL: I...  (Walks away)
SAILOR: Gha!  [Various choking noises]
(Raine stares at Emil intently)
GENIS: You can't go into Ratatosk mode here!  Apologize to the guy!
EMIL: (Turns around, slumps) [R-]Right.  I'm very sorry.
SAILOR: (Freaked out) [Y-y-]Yeah, sure.
MARTA: So back to the arsonist, let's find him.  Once we do we can leave on the
GENIS: Yeah.  Let's check out the jail first to see if we can find any clues.
EMIL: (Staring at the ground) [Y-]Yeah.
	(Shuts his eyes, thinking) (What's wrong with me?)

GENIS: Hey, Marta.  Does Emil really go into Ratatosk Mode this often?
MARTA: [Hmm...] I don't think it used to happen quite so much.
	I wonder if there's something keeping him on edge.
GENIS: (Looks glum) Maybe having my sister and me around all the time is
stressing him out.
MARTA: I don't think that's it, but I'll ask him.
GENIS: Okay, thanks.
[RAINE: (Puts down her book) Hmm...]

EMIL: Excuse me, I was wondering if you could tell us anything about the
escaped arsonist.
GUARD: [Huh?] The arsonist escaped?
	Don't be ridiculous.  He's still there.  See for yourself.
(Puzzled, Emil looks into the bars)
EMIL: [Uh!] He is.
MARTA: What's going on here?
GENIS: If the arsonist is still here then the latest fire must have been
started by someone else.
RAINE: Do you mind if we have a word with the criminal?
GUARD: Sure, but be careful.
(The guard steps aside)

(Special Trigger: Leave Izoold and go to the world map)
RAINE: Let's go see what the captured arsonist has to say.  That should prove
to be the key to this whole affair.

(The arsonist is a buff man with long, blue hair.  His hands are cuffed.  Genis
and Raine recognize him immediately)
RAINE: (Recoils, shocked) Regal?!
REGAL: (Surprised) Raine, Genis.  What are you doing here?
GENIS: That's what we should be asking you.
REGAL: I'm embarrassed for you to see me like this.
EMIL: (To Genis) Is this a friend of yours?
RAINE: (Nods) Yes, this is Regal Bryant.  He was with us in the journey of
world regeneration.
GENIS: He's also the president of the Lezareno Company.
MARTA: (Shocked) Lezareno?  But they're huge!  Why would their president be
starting fires?
GENIS: So, Regal, tell us: what happened?
REGAL: To be honest, I don't really know myself.
	I was in town on business when I happened to meet a man named Berg, a gel
maker who said he'd seen Lloyd.
	While we were speaking, I suddenly found myself engulfed by this strange
light, and just like that, I blacked out.
	When I came to, the building was in flames, and Berg was unconscious.  I
grabbed him and ran outside.
RAINE: Where you were arrested and blamed for all the fires.
REGAL: (Nods) Exactly.  But I had nothing to do with any of it.
GENIS: Of course, we would never think you would.
MARTA: So you wouldn't know anything about the most recent fire?
REGAL: (Shocked) What?  There was another fire?!
EMIL: We're looking for the person that started it.
REGAL: Arson is one of the most cowardly crimes.  If I could leave this prison,
I would gladly join you in your search.
MARTA: The man you met, Berg, he didn't vouch for you?
REGAL: Unfortunately, he's still out cold.  He may have inhaled a lot of smoke
during the fire.
EMIL: Hey, Marta.  Do you think you might be able to use healing artes to help
MARTA: [Hmm...] I'm not sure, but it's worth a shot.
EMIL: Then let's go.  If we can get him to wake up, maybe we can clear Regal's
RAINE: Good idea.  Let's do that.
EMIL: (Nods) Okay!
REGAL: I heard Berg was taken to his house.  Please do anything you can.

EMIL: Hey Genis, could you tell me a little about Regal?
GENIS: Well we got to know him when he traveled with us on the journey of world
regeneration two years ago.  He's the type of guy you can always depend on.
RAINE: And as president of the world-famous Lezareno Company, he's
well-respected wherever he goes.
GENIS: But he was a prisoner the first time we met him too.
EMIL/MARTA: (Surprised) What?
GENIS: It almost seemed like he'd started to enjoy being locked up.
RAINE: I wish you were joking, but I think you might be on to something there.
	He's mentally exhausted.  We have to do something and quickly.

(Berg lies on his bed, out cold)
EMIL: Raine, what do you think?
RAINE: From the looks of it, he might have been poisoned by a light-frog.
TENEBRAE: A light frog?  Ah, yes.  That's what you humans call it.  What
strange names you have for things.
(The others turn to Tenebrae, puzzled)
TENEBRAE: Yes, this man has been infected by the poison of the nazdrovie, the
monster your people call the light-frog.
MARTA: Nazdrovie?  Light-frog?
TENEBRAE: "Nazdrovie" is the proper term.  "Light-frog" is the term you humans
call it.
	The nazdrovie absorbs high amounts of energy and releases it in a burst of
light and heat.  It's enough to knock out any creature that touches it.
EMIL: Light and heat!  Then that must be what's causing all the fires around
MARTA: (Surprised) Of course!  It must be the light-frog!
TENEBRAE: It's called the nazdrovie.
(The others look at Tenebrae, then lose interest)
GENIS: If I remember correctly, the light-frog is a rare species that only
lives near Flanoir.
TENEBRAE: (Annoyed) Nazdrovie!
(The others look at Tenebrae, then lose interest)
RAINE: (Folds arms) Izoold has a trade route with Flanoir.  The creatures could
have arrived in cargo bound for here, then flourished due to the unusual
weather conditions.
MARTA: So assuming this is the result of light-frog poison, an antidote ought
to cure him, right?
TENEBRAE: (Irked) Nazdrovie!
(The others look at Tenebrae, then lose interest)
RAINE: Unfortunately, there's no antidote for light-frog poison.  It's more of
a viral infection rather than a venom.
TENEBRAE: [Sighs with annoyance] I believe rosemary is able to counter the
light-frog's poison.
EMIL: Tenebrae, you're giving in?
TENEBRAE: (Grouchy) Just leave me alone.  (Disappears)
MARTA: But where do we find some rosemary?
RAINE: It used to grow wild in the Camberto Caves, but I heard it became
extinct with the recent climate changes.
GENIS: (Down) Great, what do we do now?
RAINE: Well, we know what caused the fires.  Let's explain the situation so we
can leave by ship.
EMIL: (Recoils) But what about Berg?  And we can't just leave Regal in jail
like that.
RAINE: I don't like it either, but the most important thing right now is to
find the Centurions' cores as soon as possible, correct?
MARTA: (Shocked) Raine, how could you say something like that.
RAINE: It's our only choice.  We've done everything we can here.
EMIL: (Slumps) But I can't just ignore someone who's suffering right in front
of me.
RAINE: (Folds arms) Then what do you propose we do?  Keep in mind that Lloyd
could be taking the Centurions' cores as we speak.
	And what if he plans to use the cores to hurt others?
GENIS: Raine...
MARTA: (Angrily) I can't believe you!  Wasn't Lloyd your student?  Your
RAINE: I'm merely pointing out a possibility.
EMIL: (To himself) Be a man...
(The others turn, puzzled)
EMIL: (Boldly) I say we find a cure!
RAINE: (Folds arms) And how exactly do you plan on doing that?
	Please, you don't even have the means.
(Emil's eyes go red; Genis and Marta recoil)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) We just have to find it in those damn Camberto Caves!
	How can you be so sure that they're all gone?!
RAINE: (Calmly) And what about the Centurions' cores?
R.EMIL: (Loudly) Shut up!  We're the ones who need to find all the cores!  What
do you care?!
(Raine hesitates, thinking)
RAINE: All right then.  Let's go to the Camberto Caves.
(Emil slips out of Ratatosk Mode)
EMIL: Raine?
RAINE: I apologize.  Please forget everything I said.  Come on, let's go.
(Raine walks outside)
MARTA: What's up with Raine?
GENIS: I think she was trying to provoke Emil on purpose.
EMIL: (Looks down) Why would she do that?
GENIS: I don't know.

[RAINE/TENEBRAE: (Laughing)]
RAINE: I must confess, you continue to fascinate me.
	If we could only tap into your memories, the mysteries of the ancient world
would be at our disposal!
EMIL: It's incredible how dramatically Raine changes from moment to moment.
GENIS: Is it?  I barely notice anymore.
	What I thought was odd was when she was needling you with all those
questions earlier.
MARTA: Really?  The way she is now seems a lot weirder than that.
GENIS: I don't know.  There was something very curious about her interest in
MARTA: No way.  She was definitely weirder just now.
RAINE: (Irked) Genis!  Marta!
	May I ask what you find so "odd," "very curious," and "definitely weird"
about me?
GENIS/MARTA: (Shrink back) [N-]Nothing at all.  (Run off)

EMIL: Did you visit the place we're heading to right now during your journey of
GENIS: (Shakes head) No.  We did our fair share of traveling then, but there
were plenty of places we didn't see.
MARTA: (Surprised) Really?
GENIS: Well, it's not like we were sightseeing, but I'm pretty sure we passed
through all the major towns.
EMIL: Oh.  I just figured you guys had pretty much been everywhere there is to
GENIS: I'd think Tenebrae's seen more of the world than we have.  He's been
alive a really long time.
TENEBRAE: (Irked) If you insist on treating me like a senile old buffoon, I
have nothing to say to you.
MARTA: He's very sensitive about his age.
GENIS: (Playful) Still, it can't be much longer before all his fur goes white.
TENEBRAE: (Irked) How rude!  Especially coming from someone with a full head of
white hair!
GENIS: (Annoyed) It's silver!  Old people are so grouchy.

*Camberto Caves*

(Everyone looks around in search of the elusive rosemary)
RAINE: (Folds arms) There doesn't seem to be any here.  Let's keep going.
EMIL: [Um,] Raine...
GENIS: You made Emil mad on purpose earlier.
MARTA: Why did you do that?
RAINE: Oh, I wasn't lying when I said I wanted to hurry our journey along.
GENIS: Raine!
RAINE: (Chuckles) Emil, you probably won't like this, but Lloyd once said
something similar.
EMIL: (Surprised) Huh?
RAINE: "How can we go on a quest to regenerate the world if we can't even save
the people standing right in front of us?"
EMIL: (Slumps) Lloyd said that?
RAINE: Come on, let's keep moving.  (Walks off)
MARTA: Is it just me, or did she avoid the question entirely?
EMIL: (Dejected) Yeah.

GENIS: This area has a lot of herbs.
RAINE: You're right.
EMIL: Herbs.  I've never liked them much.
MARTA: Why's that?
EMIL: Well, they smell weird for one thing, and they're usually too spicy or
bitter for me.  They just don't taste good.
RAINE: I guess you're still a child in that regard.
EMIL: [I-] I am?
RAINE: As you get older, you learn to appreciate the more bitter flavors.
TENEBRAE: Yes.  Darkness and bitterness are the two principal flavors of
GENIS: (Sweatdrop) [Uh...] I don't think darkness is technically a flavor.
MARTA: In other words, since Tenebrae's the Centurion of Darkness, that means
he's old.
[TENEBRAE: (Irked) Mmmmmh...)

(A cold, blue river runs through the area)
GENIS: (Shivering) [I-]It's cold.
EMIL: Maybe it's because of the water running through here.  It's really
MARTA: But it's not frozen.  The water must not be that cold.
RAINE: It seems that way.
TENEBRAE: Too cold one minute and too hot the next.  Human beings are very
MARTA: (Irked) Tenebrae, you are insensitive in every sense of the word, you
know that?!
TENEBRAE: (Annoyed) How rude!  I have senses too, I'll have you know!
EMIL: What sort of senses?
TENEBRAE: For example, I can sense when it's dark, darker, or especially dark.
GENIS: (Unimpressed) You're the Centurion of Darkness.  That's your job.

EMIL: (Slumps) There're a lot of herbs, but I don't see any rosemary.
MARTA: (Pumps fists) Don't give up!  I'm sure we'll find some if we just go in
a bit deeper.
EMIL: (Turns to Marta) You're right.  I'm sorry for losing faith.  I'm the one
who said we should look for it, so I can't give up until the end.
MARTA: (Surprised) Emil...  
EMIL: What is it?
MARTA: (Shakes head) [N-]Nothing.  It's just, you've changed a little.
EMIL: (Puzzled) Have I?
MARTA: (Nods) Yes.  It's hard to put into words, but I think it's a good thing.
EMIL: (Blushes) [Th-]Thanks.
GENIS: (Baby talk) [Aww,] That's so sweet.
MARTA: (Defensive) It's not like that at all!  Right, Emil?
EMIL: [Ah,] hahaha...
	(Slumps, thinking) I wish she didn't deny it so strongly now.  I guess it's
my own fault.

GENIS: Okay Emil, just be straight with me.  How do you feel about Marta?
EMIL: How do I feel?  Well, I guess--
TENEBRAE: (Butts in) Don't say it!
GENIS: Are intra-party relationship's off limits?
TENEBRAE: It's not that.
	Such questions must never be answered plainly.  Any response should be
vague, so as to create intrigue and suspense.  Is this not the essence of any
good soap opera?
[EMIL/GENIS: (Annoyed groan)]
GENIS: You know, "spiteful" may be the perfect word for Tenebrae.

GENIS: Well?  What do you think of my cooking?  Though this is just kind of
so-so for me.
MARTA: It's delicious!  I can't wait for seconds!
EMIL: Yeah!  This is really great!  You're a natural chef, Genis!
GENIS: Oh, come on.  You're gonna make me blush.
RAINE: I have to agree with them.  You've gotten better.
GENIS: You think so?  I've been experimenting with some new recipes lately.
TENEBRAE: This is undeniable proof that true culinary genius is not simply
EMIL:  Right.  I almost can't believe the two of you are related.
RAINE: (Annoyed) Are you trying to pick a fight?
EMIL/MARTA/TENEBRAE: (Shrink back) I'm sorry.

MARTA: Looks like a dead end.
GENIS: I don't see anything that looks like rosemary.
RAINE: If we can't find any around here, I'm afraid we're out of luck.
(Emil slumps, silent)
EMIL: So I wasted everyone's time.
RAINE: Emil, in archaeology, researchers work by starting with a hypothesis...
(Puzzled, Emil and Marta turn to Raine)
RAINE: then they make error after error until they start to figure out the
	Even once they find their answer, it's often not the one they set out
looking for.
EMIL: Raine...
RAINE: You said it yourself.  You can't pass judgment until you know for sure. 
And you were right about that.
	Even with the odds stacked against you, as long as there's a chance you
might discover something, you have to pursue it.
MARTA: (Jumps for joy) Raine's right.
	We all came along because we agreed with you.  We came because we wanted to
and not because we had to.
	Got that?
EMIL: Thank you.
MARTA: (Pumped) All right then, let's get back to it.
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah, let's keep looking.
GENIS: I've never been much of a quitter--let's scan this place from top to

EMIL: (Recoils, shocked)  Hey!  Is that it?
RAINE: That's it!
(The party sees a browned plant)
TENEBRAE: There's no doubt about it.  That is rosemary.  However, it appears
somewhat withered.
	Its antidotal effects may be weak in this state.
RAINE: (Pensive) It must be the lack of sunlight around here that keeps all the
plans from thriving.
EMIL: Sunlight...

(The plant jumps up, green and full...  but there's something purple growing,
too; a nasty-looking mushroom with legs)
MARTA: Hey, I think something other than the rosemary is getting bigger.
EMIL: (Nervously) Yeah.  Wh-what should we do?
TENEBRAE: (Shocked) Look out!  That's an amanita!  A monster!
(The amanita leaps on the party and attacks!  The party stamps it out)
GENIS: [Whoo!]  That was a close one.
RAINE: The amanita was absorbing all the nutrients the rosemary needed.
MARTA: (Happy) Oh, it looks like the rosemary's all better now.  Great job,
TENEBRAE: Indeed, this is just what we need.
(Emil plucks some of the rosemary)
EMIL: (Turns to the others) Now we'll be able to save both Berg and Regal.
GENIS: Nice going.  Way to tough it out.
MARTA: (Playful) Thank goodness you're so stubborn.
EMIL: (Confused) Is that supposed to be a compliment?

EMIL: What are you reading, Genis?
MARTA: [Nihhh!]  There's lots of strange equations.
GENIS: Well, with all this searching for Lloyd and the Centurions, I've really
gotten behind on my studies.
MARTA: (Shocked) You mean you study this stuff on your own time?!
GENIS: Why not?  It's fun.  You should try it.
RAINE: Which reminds me, this little trip must be quite the vacation from
school for the two of you.
EMIL: [Y-]Yes.  Btu if it means saving the world, we can put off school for a
while, right?
RAINE: No, I'm afraid that won't do.  I am a teacher, after all.  I'll see to
your studies.
EMIL/MARTA: (Shocked) What?!
RAINE: (Firmly) I will see to your studies.
EMIL/MARTA: (Defeated) Yes ma'am.


MARTA: Emil, the rosemary...
EMIL: (Nods) Right.
(Emil gives the rosemary to Berg)
BERG: [Hmm-mmmph,] Uh...  uhhh...
(Berg opens his eyes and looks at them)
MARTA: (Jump for joy) You did it!
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah!
BERG: Who are you?
(Quickie explanation fade-out.  When we fade back in, Berg is standing)
BERG: So that's what happened.  Well, thanks for saving my life.
MARTA: So, we were hoping you'd help Regal.
BERG: (Nods) Of course!  I'll go and explain everything to the prison guard
right away!
EMIL: [Uh,] Wait just a second!  So, was the fire started by the light--
BERG: It was caused by this strange frog that gave off intense heat and bright
flashes.  It ate up all my seafood gels.
	Then it was surrounded by this white light, and all the surrounding crates
burst into flame!  Anyway, I'll tell you all about it later.
(Berg runs off)
EMIL: Uh...
(Awkward silence)
GENIS: Well, it looks like he made a full recovery.
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah.
MARTA: Well, let's go see Regal.
RAINE: (Nods, folds arms) Good idea.

(Berg is waiting at the entrance)
BERG: I've explained everything.  They're releasing him.  You can go see him

(Regal is out of his cell, though his hands are still handcuffed)
GENIS: Thank god you're free!
REGAL: I owe you a great debt.  Thank you.
GUARD: I'm sorry that I ever doubted you.  Let me take off those handcuffs. 
Wait, huh?
EMIL: (Turns to the guard) What's the matter?
GUARD: I can't find the key!  Maybe I dropped it somewhere?
MARTA: (Sarcastic) Graduated top of your class at guard school? [Huh?]
GUARD: (Angrily) What's that supposed to mean?
GENIS: If only Lloyd were here, he'd be able to pick the lock in no time.
REGAL: Hopefully I won't get arrested a second time for destruction of
(Everyone looks at him, puzzled.  Regal fiddles with the cuffs and then snaps
them off himself)
REGAL: The manufacturer of these handcuffs isn't exactly known for their
quality craftsmanship.
	Perhaps you should try the Lezareno Group model next time.  I'll send you a
free sample.
GUARD: [Y-]Yes, sir!
REGAL: (Turns to the party) I'm sorry, but I would like to change my clothes. 
Would you mind if I went ahead to the inn?
RAINE: Good idea.  I never thought I'd see you in a prison uniform again.
REGAL: I'm truly ashamed.  I must thank you all again for what you've done.  I
really do appreciate it.

BERG: What is it?  You want to hear more about the fire?

EMIL: No, it's all right.
BERG: Oh, really?  I was looking forward to telling you all about it.

EMIL: Yes, please.
BERG: So Regal and I were talking, and suddenly this bright ball of light
appeared in front of us.
EMIL: And that was from the light-frog?
BERG: Yeah a lit up frog.  It was really bright and Regal passed out almost as
soon as he saw it.
	I was wearing sunglasses, so I was okay at first.
RAINE: It started giving off light as soon as it appeared?  That's a bit odd.
BERG: I'm telling you the truth.  Then it started to eat my seafood gels, and
flames started shooting all over the place.
	I thought maybe I could put it out somehow, so I swung at it with my hand,
but then I felt really weak.
MARTA: You must have touched its poison when you hit the light-frog.
BERG: (Flinches) So you can get poisoned just by touching it?  Oh man, that's
some frog.

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Sunglasses?  Kind of a weird plot device, here...

RAINE: I had no idea the nazdrovie poison could be that strong.
TENEBRAE: It's called the light-frog.
GENIS: Right, the nazdrovie doesn't usually knock people out for that long.
TENEBRAE: (Annoyed) I believe you mean the light-frog.
RAINE: Maybe the nazdrovie strengthened its defenses when Berg struck it,
resulting in a stronger poison.
TENEBRAE: (Yelling) Light-frog.
MARTA: All the more reason to be extra careful around all monsters, not just
the nazdrovie.
TENEBRAE: (Irked) Fine, I see how it is.  I get it.
EMIL: Tenebrae...

(Regal is waiting near the entrance, dressed in business attire)
REGAL: I was starting to get worried for a moment.  Thank you for helping me.
	(Looks at Genis and Raine) I never imagined we would run into each other
again in this manner.  Did you come here looking for Lloyd?
EMIL: Wait, you know where Lloyd went?!
REGAL: (Turns to Emil) And just who are you?
RAINE: [Ah,] Yes, things have gotten rather complicated.  Why don't we give you
the basic rundown.  Tenebie, come out, will you?
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: (Annoyed) It's "Tenebrae."
(Regal reacts with surprise)
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
REGAL: I can't believe Lloyd would keep secrets like that from us.
	(Pensive) First Ratatosk, then the Centurions' cores.
	Just like with the summon spirits and the angels, we seem to be bound by
fate to things of this nature.
MARTA: So, [um,] what about Lloyd?
REGAL: From what I heard from Berg, Lloyd is headed for Flanoir.  Apparently,
it was very recent.
GENIS: (Turns to Raine) Raine!
RAINE: (Pensive) We might be able to catch up with him after all.
REGAL: If I may be so bold, I, too, am concerned about Lloyd.  Would it be too
much to ask that I accompany you on your journey?
GENIS: (Turns to Regal) I'm sure Raine and I wouldn't mind.
RAINE: (Turns towards the others) What about Marta and Emil?
MARTA: (Nods) I'm fine with that.
EMIL: We probably won't be of much help, but if you're okay with that.  What
about you, Tenebrae?
TENEBRAE: I will follow whatever course you and Lady Marta choose.
REGAL: Thank you.  On the name of my eternal beloved, I swear that I shall not
betray you.
RAINE: (Turns to Regal) Well then, shall we depart?
(The others start to head for the harbor, but Emil hangs back)
MARTA: What is it, Emil?
EMIL: [N-]No, it's nothing.

MARTA: Finally, we can get on the boat!
EMIL: (To himself) I hope we're doing the right thing.
MARTA: Emil?
TENEBRAE: Is something troubling you?
MARTA: Emil, come on.
TENEBRAE: (Surprised) [W-]What's Lloyd Irving doing over there?
(Emil's eyes turn red)
R.EMIL: What?!  Where?!  Show yourself, Lloyd!  (Races off)
TENEBRAE: I don't believe the problem is with his hearing.
MARTA: (Looks down) What's wrong with him?

REGAL: I never imagined we would be reunited under these circumstances.
RAINE: And we never expected to find you behind bars again.
GENIS: I know, seriously.  I thought for sure you'd be busy issuing orders from
Lezareno HQ.
REGAL: In addition to my duties as president, I'm also working as chairman on
the board of a startup company.
	We're hoping to develop this new business mainly in Sylvarant.  I was
traveling around to get a feel for the market.
GENIS: Oh that's right.  Even though it's a Tethe'alla-based company, Lezareno
is popular with Sylvaranti.
RAINE: The efforts they invested into rebuilding Palmacosta must be playing a
big role.
REGAL: (Sober) Many Tethe'allans continue to treat Sylvaranti like savages.
	If my company can help change that way of thinking, it will have served its
GENIS: But thanks to the conflict with Tethe'alla, half-elves aren't persecuted
as much as they used to be.
RAINE: Yes.  Half-elves have become valued for their knowledge.
	The overall situation is unfortunate, but perhaps it can also be an
REGAL: Looks like we both have a few problems that must be dealt with.
GENIS: But our problem right now is Lloyd.
REGAL: (Looks down) Yes.  I wonder what he's up to right now.

(The boat is rigged and ready to sail)
SAILOR: Now boarding for Flanoir!
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) What's the matter?  You look worried.
EMIL: (Slumps) Um...
GENIS: The boat's about to leave.
EMIL: Well, you see...
MARTA: You're a man!  Speak up!
EMIL: [R-]Right.
	(Looks up) I'm still worried about the fire.  The light-frog could appear
again while we're out looking for Lloyd.
	That would mean the fires won't stop.
RAINE: Yes, that's certainly true.
	Though the light-frog shouldn't produce enough heat to start fires, except
under extraordinary circumstances.
EMIL: But the fires in town have been going on for a while.  So these
"extraordinary circumstances" must be happening.
TENEBRAE: Perhaps it's another side effect of a dormant Centurion's core.
	As its vulgar, human name would suggest, the light-frog is a
light-elemental monster.  And the core of the Centurion of Light is...
MARTA: Oh, right.  Lloyd has Lumen's core.
TENEBRAE: Exactly.  Therefore, the only way that we can resolve this problem is
by finding Lloyd and hatching Lumen's core.
REGAL: (Nods) Then we must hurry and go after Lloyd.
EMIL: But I'm worried about what'll happen if we just leave the town without
doing anything.
	You said so yourself, Raine.  As long as there's a chance, you have to
pursue it.
RAINE: So you're saying that you'd like to look for a way to control the
light-frog's incendiary tendencies.
	Now that we've explained the situation to the people in town, I'm pretty
sure things should be fine for awhile.
REGAL: (Turns to Raine) How about this: Raine, you and Genis can go on ahead to
Flanoir and find out what you can about Lloyd.
	We'll stay here and try to settle this whole light-frog conundrum.
RAINE: All right.  That should be fine.
SAILOR: The ship bound for Flanoir is departing!  All aboard!
RAINE: Emil, Marta, see you soon.  You too, Tenebie.  Take care of yourselves.
TENEBRAE: I do hope you'll call me Tenebrae the next time we meet.
EMIL: Raine, thank you!  See you later, Genis!
GENIS: (Nods) Good luck, guys!  See ya!
RAINE: (Turns to Regal) Oh, before I forget.  I wanted to give this to you,
(Raine offers Regal an envelope.  He takes it, puzzled)
REGAL: What is it?
RAINE: (Chuckles secretively) I guess you could say it's a love letter.
(Emil, Marta and Genis recoil)
GENIS: Raine?!
MARTA: (In awe) Wow.  She's so bold.  I better learn from her example.
RAINE: Read it later when you're alone.  Don't show it to anyone else.
REGAL: I never thought I'd receive such a gift from someone as beautiful as
you.  I will protect it with my life.
GENIS: (Sags, deflated) This can't be happening.  What if Regal becomes my
(Raine drags Genis onto the ship and it departs)
REGAL: (Turns to Emil and Marta) So, first off, shall we check out the places
in town where fire had broken out?
EMIL: (Nods) Yes!

MARTA: (Dreamy) Regal, you seem so mature.
EMIL: Yeah.  You're incredibly polite, kind, and strong too.
REGAL: We're not all that dissimilar.  Our only difference is I've been alive a
little longer.
TENEBRAE: You would do well to follow his example, Emil.
[EMIL: (Sweatdrops) Um...]
MARTA: (Irked) You're one to talk, Tenebrae!
	You've been around way longer than Regal, and all you do is nag and
TENEBRAE: (Irked) Yes, yes, I'm an old fogey, I know.

MARTA: (Uncertain) Hey, [um...] Regal?
REGAL: What is it, Marta?
MARTA: [Um...] So you know that letter Raine gave you?  I mean, was it really
about you know.
REGAL: (Chuckles) I hardly think it would be at all proper to reveal its
contents.  Raine, like all women, is entitled to keep her secrets private.
MARTA: (Excited )Private secrets, like a confession of her love for you?
REGAL: (Chuckles again) I'll leave that to your imagination.
MARTA: (Excited) Oh my gosh now I have to read it.

(First, at the other ship at the dock)
SAILOR: Some of the cargo we were loading onto the ship was burned.
EMIL: What was in it?
SAILOR: Apple, orange, seafood, every type of gel you can think of.
	Well, our policy covers this, so we'll survive, but Lezareno Insurance is
pretty cheap.
REGAL: I'm terribly sorry about that.  I'll make sure people at the company
hear about this.
SAILOR: You work for Lezareno Insurance?  No, I mean, what an amazing insurance
company!  Lezareno's fantastic!
	Life insurance that'll cover you until the age of 108!  You can't get that
just anywhere!
(Emil looks muzzy)

(Secondly, a little boy near a shack)
BOY: My hidden treasure burned to a crisp because of that stupid flaming frog!
	Man, I should've eaten those seafood gels when I still had a chance.

(Thirdly, a burnt heap of boxes near the inn)
STORE OWNER: My entire stock was destroyed in the blaze.  It was a huge loss.
EMIL: What was in the boxes?
STORE OWNER: Lots of stuff.  You name it--bottles, gels.  One big shipment of
seafood gels had just come in.

(Lastly, Berg down by the beach)
BERG: That blasted frog burned my grandpa's old seafood gel recipe.

REGAL: It appears we've seen all the fire sites now.
TENEBRAE: However, none of the locations are places you'd expect to find a
MARTA: There must be some common threat tying them together.
(They all think for a moment.  Then Emil has an idea)
EMIL: Gels.  It's gels!
EMIL: That's what all of the fire sites have in common.  Seafood gels!
TENEBRAE: Don't be ridiculous!  Who ever heard of a light-frog with an appetite
for gels?
MARTA: (Turns to Tenebrae) But Emil's right.  All of the fires happened in
places where seafood gels were being stored.
TENEBRAE: (Irked) Now see here, I am a Centurion!  I am an expert on monster
MARTA: I guess you're right, but...
(Emil's eyes switch to red)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Quit it, Tenebrae!  You're only the Centurion of
	What the hell would you know about a light-elemental monster like the
R.EMIL: Quiet!  It's time to put our theory to the test.  Let's go!
MARTA: [G-]Go where?
R.EMIL: To get some seafood gels from Berg.
	We'll use them to lure the light-frog out of hiding.
(Emil stomps off.  Marta and Tenebrae follow, but Regal lingers)
REGAL: (To himself) So this is the Ratatosk Mode that Raine was talking about. 
Suppose I should see how things play out.

(Berg has miraculously teleported back inside)
BERG: (Turns around) What?  You think seafood gels attract the light-frog? 
[Hmph,] Don't be stupid.
R.EMIL: What do you know?!  We'll never know if we don't try, so just hand over
the damn gels.
BERG: (Recoils) [Jeez,] What happened to you?  It's like you're a completely
different person.
REGAL: Our apologies.  I'm afraid he's a bit on edge today.
BERG: (Turns to Regal) Well, I wouldn't mind giving you some, only all of my
seafood gels burned up in the fire.
MARTA: Then please make some more for us!
BERG: Sure, if you bring me the ingredients.
REGAL: What do you need?
BERG: I'm all out of jellyfish.  I need to go to Triet to catch some more.
	But I won't be heading there anytime soon.  After everything that's
happened, I need a few days rest.
REGAL: (Turns to Emil) So, what do you want to do?
(Emil snaps out of Ratatosk Mode)
EMIL: Go and get some jellyfish, of course!
BERG: Well then, you better take some of this with you.  It's the only bait the
jellyfish really respond to.
(Berg hands over a special bait)

MARTA: Regal, can I ask you something?
REGAL: Sure, what's on your mind?
MARTA: I want to know what makes men tick!
	Guys are always rejecting me, saying I'm annoying or too "serious" or
REGAL: Any man who would say such things is not worthy of your time.  You are a
charming young lady.
MARTA: But...
REGAL: I cannot claim to be much of a strategist, but I have learned that
sometimes it may be better to pull back when being assertive doesn't work.
MARTA: Pull back.
REGAL: However, if your question has anything to do with Emil, then--
MARTA: Okay, I've got it!  I'll start with the pulling!  (Runs off)
EMIL: (Offscreen, flustered) Cut it out, Marta!  Why are you yanking on my arm
all of a sudden?!


(Emil and Marta walk in from the left.  Suddenly, Alice appears from the right
with some Vanguard goons)
ALICE: Why, hello there!
MARTA: Alice!
ALICE: Just the people I wanted to see.
(Suddenly, the school door opens and another fellow walks out)
BERNIE: Alice!  You're Alice, you must be!
ALICE: (Turns to Bernie) And you are?
BERNIE: It's me, Bernie!  Don't you remember?  We were in the orphanage in Hima
(Alice looks surprised)
BERNIE: I've heard a lot about you.  You're some amazing bigwig in the Vanguard
now, right?
	Looks like you're doing really well for yourself.  We always knew you were
destined for greatness.
ALICE: (Turns back to Marta) Well, Martmart, little pet, I'll let you off for
today.  Come everyone, we're going.
BERNIE: [H...]Hey.
VANGUARD SOLDIER: Lady Alice, Sir Hawk has yet to rejoin us.
ALICE: That's fine.  We'll go and meet him ourselves.
VANGUARD SOLDIER: (Salutes) Yes, ma'am.
(Alice and her goons leave)
BERNIE: (Angrily) Get a load of her!  A half-elf acting like she's all hot
EMIL: (Looks at Bernie, surprised) Alice is a half-elf?
BERNIE: Yep.  That girl's dangerous.
	She used her magic to control some monsters and destroyed the orphanage in
Hima.  A lot of people died.
MARTA: Why would she do that?
BERNIE: Hard to say.  She got picked on a lot back at the orphanage for being a
half-elf.  Maybe it was her way of getting revenge.
(Bernie leaves)
MARTA: Wow, so Alice is a half-elf.
EMIL: (Looks at Marta) Marta, you didn't know?
	I heard that she can use magic because she uses the power of monsters,
EMIL: But that Bernie guy gave me the creeps.  More than Alice.
MARTA: (Irked) Yeah you're right!  Can you believe that guy?!  I can't stand
two-faced people like that!


REGAL: [Ah,] Fishing.  It's been a while.
MARTA: Do you fish?
REGAL: Yes.  Every now and then I take the yacht out for marlin fishing.
MARTA: (Recoils) Wow!  It must be great being the president of Lezareno!
EMIL: Marta, do you prefer rich guys like Regal?  (Slumps)
MARTA: What do you mean?
TENEBRAE: Emil, please.  I believe your petty jealousies can wait until after
we've caught some jellyfish.
EMIL: (Sweatdrops) [W-]What?  No!  I didn't--
MARTA: What?
TENEBRAE: I know you're uncomfortable witnessing the first female interested in
you complimenting another man.
EMIL: (Defensive) No, you've got it all wrong!  That's not what I meant!
MARTA: (Blush) Emil, do you have a crush on me?
EMIL: (Flustered) No, I didn't say anything like that!  Come on, Tenebrae, cut
it out!
TENEBRAE: (Dryly) Yes, yes, understood.

REGAL: That was amazing.
EMIL: (Nervously) Thank you.
MARTA: Hey, Emil.  About what you said earlier--
EMIL: (Defensive) Never mind about that!  It wasn't anything important at all!
MARTA: (Down) Not important at all?  Oh, I see.
EMIL: (Slumps) [Uh...] I'm sorry.

REGAL: That was quite a catch.  No marling I've ever caught can compare.
TENEBRAE: It certainly was enormous.  For a moment I believed I might snap in
EMIL: Fishing is really more fun than I thought it would be.  I'd like to try
it again sometime.
REGAL: I shall be happy to give you some lessons.  Ocean fishing is enjoyable
to be sure, but you simply must experience stream fishing.
EMIL: You mean it?!  That would be great!  You almost sound like you could be
my father, Regal.
REGAL: (Shocked) Your father.
EMIL: Oh, sorry!  I didn't mean--
TENEBRAE: (Laughs) Welcome to the old fogey club.

(A long line has formed all through town)
MARTA: [W-]What's going on over there?
(A man walks up)
TRIET MAN: The fortuneteller at the oasis is giving free readings!  Everyone's
lining up for tickets!
MARTA: (Excited) Let's have her predict about our love!
EMIL: [Eh...] It's not really my thing.
MARTA: [Aww,] Come on!
EMIL: If you want to go, I'll wait for you.
MARTA: Really?!  I'll go get a ticket then!
(Marta runs off.  Suddenly, a polwigle appears in front of Emil)
EMIL: (Shocked) A monster in the middle of town?!
TENEBRAE: It appears to be one of Aqua's servants.
(Tenebrae and the polwigle have a silent conversation, and then the polwigle
TENEBRAE: It's a message from Aqua.  Richter wishes to see you.
EMIL: He does?!
TENEBRAE: He's at the inn.  What will you do?

EMIL: (Thinking) It sounds like too much trouble.
(Marta runs back in)
MARTA: (Down) It looks like it'll take way too long to get a ticket.  I guess I
won't get my fortune told after all.
EMIL: I'm sorry.  Well, let's go, then.

EMIL: (Thinking) I'd like to see Richter.
(Marta runs back in)
MARTA: It looks like it'll take a while to get a ticket.  Is that okay?
EMIL: [Uh,] then would you mind if I took a walk around town in the meantime?
MARTA: Not at all.  I'll meet you back by the shape of the Chosen, okay?
EMIL: Sure.

(Richter is waiting in the ground-floor room.  Aqua appears)
RICHTER: (Turns to Emil) So you came.
EMIL: You wanted to see me?
RICHTER: I heard Aqua asked you to come to Triet.
	Normally I would never stoop to asking for help from an enemy, but I need
your assistance.
TENEBRAE: It must be convenient to have such a flexible philosophy.
AQUA: (Annoyed) Shut up, Tenebonehead!  Master Richter isn't asking you!
EMIL: What do you need me to do?
RICHTER: I understand that you found some rosemary inside the Camberto Caves.
EMIL: [Uh,] Yes.
RICHTER: I'd like you to take me there.
EMIL: Okay, but why?
RICHTER: I'm looking for an insect that lives on the rosemary plant.
EMIL: So you're a bug collector now?
RICHTER: (Nods) Indeed.  It is a fascinating hobby.
EMIL: Oh...  [Um...]
RICHTER: (Pushes up glasses, annoyed) It was a joke.  Let's go.
(Richter walks off.  Aqua vanishes)
TENEBRAE: Not much of a comedian, is he.
EMIL: (Sheepish) Hahaha.

*Camberto Caves*

RICHTER: The last time I was here, the rosemary was all withered.
EMIL: We only managed to find one plant still alive.
RICHTER: Is that so?  I didn't see any.
EMIL: I'll show you where it was.
RICHTER: (Nods) Yes, thank you.

RICHTER: I'm sorry for using you as a guide even though I insist we're enemies.
[EMIL: (Surprised gasp)]
RICHTER: What's with that face?
EMIL: Nothing.  I just don't think I've ever heard you apologize before.
RICHTER: I suppose that's true.  I can't recall apologizing to anyone but you
EMIL: (Surprised) What?!
RICHTER: I'm just kid--
EMIL: Wow!  I guess you really are perfect!
	I hope I can be like that someday.
RICHTER: (Thinking) (I meant that as a joke.)

RICHTER: There are herbs all over the place.
EMIL: Do you dislike herbs?
RICHTER: No.  I quite enjoy them, actually.
EMIL: Oh.  Okay then, I'll try to like them, too.
RICHTER: There's no need to match my tastes.  There's nothing I despise more
than someone with no individuality.
EMIL: Oh!  Then I'll go on hating herbs!
TENEBRAE: Emil, thats exactly what he's talking about.
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) Oh.

TENEBRAE: What do you intend, leading Emil out here?
RICHTER: I just needed someone to show me the way.
TENEBRAE: Emil is not him, you know.
RICHTER: I am well aware of that.
TENEBRAE: Are you?  I see the hesitation in your eyes when you look at him.
RICHTER: Emil is Emil.
TENEBRAE: Yes.  That is correct.

RICHTER: Hey.  Don't you train?
EMIL: Not really.  I enter Ratatosk Mode when I fight, so.
RICHTER: (Angrily) Stop depending on that.  Fight with your own strength!
EMIL: (Meekly) But I can't.
RICHTER: (Angrily) Yes, you can.  Learn to defend yourself at a moment's
	Don't get cocky just because you've got a special power.
EMIL: (Downcast) Okay.  I'm sorry.
RICHTER: (Quieter) Sorry, that was too harsh.
	Look, I'll teach you how to fight, so stop looking so pitiful.
EMIL: (Perks up) Okay!  Thank you!

RICHTER: Emil.  Food's ready.
EMIL: Thank you very much.
RICHTER: Go ahead and eat it, if you can.
EMIL: That sounds pretty ominous.  It looks normal enough, though.
	Let me give it a try.
(Emil takes a bite, freezes up)
EMIL: (Weakly) Mom, wait for me, I'll be joining you shortly.  (Falls down)
RICHTER: I was afraid of that.  This is the first time I've ever cooked.

EMIL: I'm really worried.
TENEBRAE: Are you referring to Lady Marta waiting in Triet?
EMIL: Yeah.
TENEBRAE: There were plenty of people waiting to have their fortunes told.  We
should have time.
EMIL: It's not that.  If she gets a bad fortune, I just know she's gonna grill
the fortuneteller with tons of questions.
	And even if her fortune's good, it's only going to end up encouraging her. 
TENEBRAE: (Laughs) Seems you've come to know Lady Marta quite well.
EMIL: (Annoyed) I've come to know that laugh of yours pretty well, too.

RICHTER: It's this deep in?
EMIL: Yes, it's at the far end of the cave.
RICHTER: You saw all these dead plants, and you still had the resolve to search
all the way to the end of the cave?  Impressive.
EMIL: Well, I had Marta and everyone with me, so--
EMIL: What's the insect you're looking for?
RICHTER: It's called the angelatops.  I'm looking for its shell.
EMIL: (Puzzled) The shell?
RICHTER: When the angelatops changes from a larva to an adult, it leaves behind
a shell.
	This shell resembles a Cruxis angel, so the Church of Martel uses it as a
EMIL: So why do you need to find it?
RICHTER: (Pushes up glasses) That doesn't concern you.
EMIL: (Irked) Of course it concerns me!  I'm the one showing you the way,
aren't I?!
(Richter is silent)
EMIL: (Slumps) [I...] I'm sorry.
RICHTER: No, you make a good point.
	I plan to give the shell to a woman named Phaidra in Iselia in exchange for
her Spiritual Apocrypha.
EMIL: Are you getting that for Norton as well?
RICHTER: (To Aqua, annoyed) Aqua, what else did you say?
AQUA: [F-]Forgive me, Master Richter.
TENEBRAE: (Playful) My, my, look at the faithful servant now.
AQUA: (Angrily) Quiet you!  Why don't you take a long walk off a short cliff,
Spiteful Tenebonehead!
RICHTER: Centurions, that is enough.  Emil, I hope you'll stay with me a bit
EMIL: Sure.

EMIL: The Spiritual Tome and the Spiritual Apocrypha.  Do they both have the
same kind of stuff written in them?
RICHTER: This book is about Spiritua.
	When the world was still split in two, she was the most famous of all the
Tethe'allan angels.
	I even heard Spiritua was once the Chosen of Sylvarant.  Is it true?
EMIL: (Uncertain) [Uh...] Yes?
TENEBRAE: (Butts in) History is not Emil's strong suit.
[RICHTER: Hmmph.]
EMIL: [Ah, ha...] I'm sorry.  I didn't study as much as I should have.
RICHTER: Well, it's not exactly essential for everyday life.
EMIL: You know a lot about history and all sorts of other stuff.  That's really
RICHTER: (Looks away) That's all they ever let me do.
EMIL: (Curious) What do you mean?
RICHTER: I mean--Forget it.  It was meaningless research, anyway.

EMIL: This is the place.
RICHTER: All right, let's dig here.
EMIL: (Turns to Richter) Right.
(The two of them dig and find an Angelatops)
RICHTER: Thank you.  If we hadn't found any rosemary here, I'd be forced to
start my search all over again.
EMIL: I guess good fortune comes to good people.
RICHTER: Was that sarcasm?
EMIL: (Laughs) Just a bit.
RICHTER: (Laughs) You got me there.
(Emil, Tenebrae and Aqua all recoil)
RICHTER: What?  Why are you all so shocked?
EMIL: You laughed.
RICHTER: (Pushes up glasses) Of course I laugh sometimes.  What do you think I
AQUA: (Excited) Master Richter, your laugh is so dreamy.~
TENEBRAE: Of course, it's nothing compared to my handsome chortle.
AQUA: (To Tenebrae) I'm about this close to killing you.
EMIL: Anyway, you're taking that to Iselia, right?
RICHTER: (Nods) Yes.
EMIL: I'll go with you.
RICHTER: (Shakes head) No thanks.
EMIL: (Irked) Why can't I go?!  I think I have a right to see this through to
the end.
RICHTER: (Turns around and swats at his hair) [Hmmph.]  Do as you like.
EMIL: I will!


EMIL: Where does Phaidra live?
RICHTER: I thought you'd know.
EMIL: Huh?
RICHTER: Phaidra is the Chosen Colette's grandmother.  She lives in the
Chosen's old home.
EMIL: Colette's grandmother?!
RICHTER: Let's go.

(Phaidra and Frank, Colette's dad, are trying to calm down three angry men, one
of which is Emil's uncle, Alba.)
PHAIDRA: We don't know anything about the attack on Luin.
ALBA: (Angrily) You expect me to believe that?  The leader of the attack said
the name Lloyd Irving himself.
	You can't deny the fact that our town was attacked by those in the service
of the Church of Martel.
	The Church has to compensate us for our losses!
EMIL: (Breathless, scared) Uncle Alba...
ALBA: (Notices Emil and Richter) [Y-]You...
(Emil hides behind Richter)
RICHTER: Don't run from him.
(Richter walks away and pushes Emil towards the mob)
ALBA: (Nastily) Now there's a real monster.
EMIL: (Nervous) [Um,] I--
ALBA: [Wha-]What is it?!  You want to kill me, do you?
EMIL: (Defensive) No.
ALBA: (Shouting) Who took you in and fed you, boy?!
EMIL: (Hangs head) ...  [G'ih...]
ALBA: I didn't come here to see your wretched face.  You're nothing but a
plague on us all.
FRANK: How can you say such things?
ALBA: (Angrily) Mind your own damn business.
	Anyway, think about what I said.
(Alba and his followers stomp past Emil and Richter)
RICHTER: (To Emil) Silent as usual?
EMIL: (Nervous) I--
RICHTER: Don't want to rock the boat, hmm?
	But if you just shy away every time and never stand up for yourself,
nothing will ever change.
	You're no better than a dog on a leash.
EMIL: (Turns to Richter, angrily) [I'm not a...] I'm not a dog.
RICHTER: (Folds arms) I'm not the one you need to tell that to.
EMIL: ...
RICHTER: As long as you waste your time worrying about making others angry,
your life will always be this way.
	If you don't speak up, nothing will change.
	Then again, if you don't mind being treated like a "monster," feel free to
ignore me.
FRANK: Richter, not everyone can live the way that you do.
	Many people in this world must make compromises to get by.
RICHTER: (Pushes up glasses) Compromises?  He's not making compromises with the
world.  He's rejecting it.
	Retreating into his shell and playing the victim is what makes him feel
	But that's not living.  It's just wasting away until you die.
PHAIDRA: I see you haven't changed a bit.  So, does your visit mean you've
found the item we discussed?
RICHTER: Yes, I brought the angelatops shell.
(Richter hands off the shell to Phaidra)
PHAIDRA: You did indeed.
FRANK: Here is the Spiritual Apocrypha.  (Hands Richter the book)
PHAIDRA: I heard that a member of the Vanguard named Hawk has the Deep Sea
Scroll you seek.
RICHTER: Thanks for the information.
(Richter turns to leave, then glances at Emil)
RICHTER: I'll take you as far as Triet.
EMIL: (Down) Okay.

*Coast near Triet*

RICHTER: You should be able to find your way back from here.  Thanks for your
(Richter turns to leave)
EMIL: Wait!
RICHTER: (Glances at Emil) What is it?
EMIL: (Hangs head) [I...] I've always been afraid of my uncle.
	And I still am.  And not just him, everyone in Luin, too.
RICHTER: (Pushes up glasses) That's not my problem.
	But from what I could tell, Alba seemed to be afraid of you, too.
EMIL: That was because I used Ratatosk's power back in Luin.
RICHTER: He's feared you long before you ever made your pact with
	Ratatosk; for as long as you've feared him.
EMIL: That's not possible!  Uncle Alba's always screaming at me, and--
RICHTER: The smaller the dog, the louder the bark.
EMIL: (Surprised) Uncle Alba's weak?
RICHTER: His actions mirror your own.
	You were afraid and retreated into your shell, so he did the same.
	You both do what comes easiest, but that won't change anything.  I was the
same, once.
EMIL: You were afraid, too?  What were you afraid of?
RICHTER: Humans.
	So I avoided and ignored them.  But then, someone taught me that nothing
would ever change if I stayed that way.
EMIL: Who taught you?
RICHTER: "Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality."
	A friend.  A foolish, naive friend with a few screws loose taught me that.
	Courage is also what you need to break out of your shell.
	That's how you got Marta to join you.  She opened up to you because you
risked your life to protect her.
EMIL: But Marta's so easy to talk to.
RICHTER: You think I'm easy to talk to, as well?
	(Turns to Emil) Get yourself together, Emil.  You already know exactly what
you need to break out of your shell.
EMIL: Courage?
RICHTER: (Nods) That's right.  (Turns and leaves)


EMIL: Okay, I guess we shouldn't keep Marta waiting.  Let's head back to Triet.
TENEBRAE: I can't wait to hear what fortune she got.  (Laughs)
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) Don't remind me.

MARTA: (Annoyed) Emil!  Where have you been?!
EMIL: I'm sorry.
MARTA: The fortuneteller told me some amazing stuff!  I've been dying to tell
you!  What've you been doing?
EMIL: [Uh...] You see--
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta, Emil was concerned about what the fortuneteller might
predict and found it difficult to return here.
EMIL: (Surprised)Huh?!
MARTA: Really?!  You're such a worrywart!
	(Playful) But you can relax.  The fortuneteller said we're a perfect match!
EMIL: Oh, we are?
MARTA: Yes.  The fortuneteller said that in the near future, you're going to
break out of your shell and become a new person!
	And then the two of us are definitely going to end up together!  Isn't that
EMIL: Break out of my shell.  Yeah, I hope that comes true.
MARTA: (Beams) I'm so happy that you agree.  I didn't know you felt so strongly
about us.
EMIL: What?  I didn't it mean it like that.  [Uh...]  Marta?  Are you
listening?  (Slumps)

EMIL: The Balacruf Mausoleum and the Camberto Caves.  I think I was able to
bridge the gap between Richter and me a little.
TENEBRAE: I wouldn't be so sure.
EMIL: He did laugh a bit this time.
TENEBRAE: That was a surprise.
EMIL: What sort of person do you think his friend is?  You know, the one he
talked about.
TENEBRAE: I was a bit shocked to hear he had any friends at all.  His friend
must have the patience of a saint.
[EMIL: (Laughs)]
TENEBRAE: If I may say so, I believe you're that way as well.
EMIL: (Dejected) I know I don't have any friends.  You don't have to rub it in.
TENEBRAE: I meant to say that you have some saint-like qualities yourself. 
[Hmmph!]  I'll never master your confounded human language.


BERG: Hey, it's you.  Did you manage to catch any jellyfish?
EMIL: Yep, here you go.
BERG: Looks like you're in a much better mood.
EMIL: Huh?
BERG: Last time we spoke, you were all stressed out.
EMIL: (Slumps) Oh, I'm sorry.
BERG: [Nahh,] Don't worry about it.  Anyway, you want those seafood gels,
right?  I'll make you some straight away.
REGAL We'd hate to put you or this place in any danger.  As soon as you're
done, could you bring them to the harbor?
BERG: Got it.  You can all go on ahead.
	Though I still find it hard to believe that my seafood gels could actually
attract that stupid frog.

EMIL: I hope this works.
MARTA: Don't worry about it!  If this doesn't work, we'll just think of
something else!
REGAL: Marta's right.
	Even if we are incorrect and discover that seafood gels are not the cause,
that is still progress.
EMIL: Yeah, you're right.  I really need to stop being discouraged so easily.
MARTA: You're doing it right now.  You've got to stop that.
	There's nothing wrong with you.  You're only worried about what'll happen
because you care about the rest of us.
	And there's nothing wrong with that.
EMIL: (Nods) Right.
REGAL: The two of you complement each other most impressively.  Marta fills in
your missing pieces, Emil.
MARTA: (Beams, giggles) Hear that?
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah.  Thanks for always looking out for me.

(With his awesome teleporting powers, Berg has dropped off a big crate of nasty
ol' seafood gels.)
BERG: Here you go!  Fresh seafood gels!
REGAL: These look delectable.
BERG: All right, now let's see you prove your silly theory about my gels
attracting the light-frog.
(There's a pause, and suddenly a bright flash comes from the top of the gel
BERG: That's it!
EMIL: (Covers his eyes) Don't look directly at the light!  You'll pass out!
(Another flash, and a giant mohawk-sporting frog appears on the gel crate)
BERG: [Th-]There it is!
EMIL: (Nervous) Wow, it's bigger than I thought.
MARTA: Maybe it mutated.
REGAL: Save your theories for later.  Here it comes!
(The nazdrovie attacks!  The party pulls its plug)
NAZDROVIE: Croak!  (Dies)
BERG: [Woah...] I can't believe it.  All those fires really were because of my
seafood gels.
REGAL: Well, it's possible the light-frogs are drawn to any type of gel.
	If you can, I'd recommend the entire town to stop dealing in gels for the
time being.
BERG: (Nods) You're right.  I'll talk it over with everyone.
	You've done so much for our town.  Thanks.  (Leaves)
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: Emil, I apologize.  It appears you were correct.
	I would have never believed the nazdr--sorry, the light-frog--would be
interested in seafood gels.
EMIL: No, I'm the one who should apologize.  I didn't mean to say all those
harsh things.
REGAL: (Folds arms) Well, hopefully this puts an end to all of the tragic frog
	Perhaps it's time we considered booking passage to Flanoir?
MARTA: (Nods) You're right.  Come on, we've gotta get those Centurions' cores
before Lloyd does.
EMIL: (Pumps fist) Yeah, let's do it!
(Marta jumps for joy)

SAILOR: This ship's bound for Flanoir.  Coming aboard?

EMIL: No thanks.

EMIL: Sure.
SAILOR: Bon Voyage!

*Out to Sea*

TENEBRAE: (Groans) I had forgotten how much boats sway.
EMIL: Tenebrae, are you seasick?
TENEBRAE: Well yes.
REGAL: I guess not even Centurions are immune to seasickness.
MARTA: (Sounding sick) It looks that way.
EMIL: What?!  Marta, not you too?!
MARTA: I told you I get motion sickness.
REGAL: If only I had some of my company's patented motion sickness medication. 
Why don't the two of you lie down in the cabin for now.
MARTA: [G...] Good idea.
TENEBRAE: (Groans, skull) Curse this awful vessel.


REGAL: (Shocked) What the--
(People lay in the smoking ruins of town, dying.  Emil runs to one man and
kneels over him)
EMIL: Are you okay?!
INJURED MAN: (Rasping) Lloyd, he...
REGAL: Did you say Lloyd?!
EMIL: Did Lloyd Irving do this to you?!
INJURED MAN: (Straining) Yes, it was Lloyd.  He came and attacked the city...
EMIL: (Grabs the man's shoulder) Hang on!  Stay with me!
REGAL: He's gone.
MARTA: (Gasps) [Th-]This is horrible.
REGAL: I must find out what happened here.

EMIL: (Bitterly) It's just like at Palmacosta.  How could he do something so
MARTA: Emil...
EMIL: (Angrily) Damn it, Lloyd!  Where are you?!
REGAL: He couldn't have gotten far.  Let's track him down before he
	can leave town.

REGAL: (Shakes head) Did Lloyd actually do all this?  I can't believe it.
EMIL: (Angrily) But you heard what those people said!  They said that Lloyd did
REGAL: That is true, but...
(Emil's eyes go red)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Face the facts!  Lloyd did all this, just like he destroyed
Palmacosta and Luin!
(Suddenly, Lloyd runs out of the doctor's house.  He notices the party, then
starts to walk the other way.)
REGAL: (Notices Lloyd) Lloyd, wait!
	Lloyd, did you really cause all of this death and destruction?
	Tell me.
(Lloyd keeps silent)
REGAL: I can't believe it.  You despised this kind of cruelty--you more than
	Answer me, Lloyd!
LLOYD: (Coldly) I'm in a hurry.
R.EMIL: (Furious) You bastard!
(Emil draws his sword and attacks.  Lloyd blocks him)
LLOYD: [Urrgh...]  You've improved.
R.EMIL: What?!
LLOYD: Looks like I'll have to speed things up.
(Lloyd leaps away, and the sound of an engine revving up fills the air)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Come back, you coward!
REGAL: (Arms folded) So that's what Lloyd's become.
MARTA: Yes.  He's like that every time we see him.
	Why does he keep doing these horrible things?!
R.EMIL: So Regal, what's it gonna be?
	We're gonna pay that bastard back for all this.  You still wanna come with
REGAL: If I recall correctly, your objective is to get all of the Centurions'
R.EMIL: (Annoyed) It's the same thing.
REGAL: (Shakes head) Not quite.  Doesn't locating the cores take priority?
(Emil is silent)
MARTA: (To Regal) But would you be able to fight against Lloyd, if it comes
down to that?
(Regal is silent for a moment)
REGAL: (Down) If necessary, yes.
(Emil looks surprised, then his eyes change back to green)
REGAL: That wasn't the Lloyd that I know.  I want to know why he's changed so
	And then, I want to save him, just like Lloyd saved me.
	I don't want to burden you, but I hope you would allow me to travel with
you a while longer.
EMIL: [I...] I trust you, Regal.
	You treat a kid like me as if I were an adult, an equal.
	I haven't met too many people like that before.
(Tenebrae appears)
MARTA: And you're no burden at all.  We'd be happy to have you along.
REGAL: (Nods) Thank you.
TENEBRAE: So how should we proceed?  Shall we follow Lloyd?
MARTA: Like Regal said, the most important thing isn't revenge--it's the
Centurions' cores.
EMIL: There's supposed to be a Centurion's core around here, it's where Celsius
used to be, right?
REGAL: [Hmm...] In that case, I'll show you the way.  But first, I think we
should do whatever we can to help the people of this city.
EMIL: Yes!  I was going to say the same thing.
MARTA: Me too!  [Heh...] I think you're rubbing off on me, Emil.  Now when I
see someone in need, my first instinct is to help them.
REGAL: Then let's split up for now--we can help more people that way.  We'll
meet back here once things have settled down.
MARTA: Right!  Emil, you take the church!
(Emil nods.  The party splits up)

EMIL: (Surprised) Regal!
REGAL: Oh, Emil.
	The city was hit hard, but they should be able to get back on their feet
with the right help.
	I'll need to contact my company's disaster recovery division for
EMIL: Your clothes.
REGAL: I gave them to one of the injured.  It gets pretty cold here at night. 
They're thin, but they're better than nothing.
EMIL: And?
REGAL: We're going after Lloyd.  There's no telling what may happen.
	Those clothes are not appropriate for fighting.  For my friend I shall
endure these clothes, this humiliation for a while.

(A strange man with blue hair is praying at the altar, and a heavy, vile stench
pervades the air)
EMIL: (Recoils, thinking) [Woah!]  What is this smell?
???: (Quietly) Please make her crazy about me.
(Emil takes a few steps forward)
EMIL: (Thinking) The smell's coming from this guy.
???: (Quietly) And then, make her say she likes me, and she'll hold my hand,
and give me a long, passionate kiss, and she'll say "Decus, I could never live
without you!" and then she'll plead with me and say "Marry me, I love you!"
(Emil gawks.  The man stands up and notices him)
???: [Hmm?]  What do you want, kid?
EMIL: [Uh,] Nothing.
(The man makes a disturbingly slow swing of his arm, pointing at Emil)
???: Don't tell me?!
EMIL: What?
???: (Strikes a flamboyant pose) You've got a crush on me too?!
EMIL: (Recoils, shocked) Huh?!
???: (Strikes another flamboyant pose) [Ah,] Yes, the mail-order catalog did
say that this "Eau de Seduction" cologne would affect men and women alike!
EMIL: (Defensive) No, I don't--
???: (Strikes yet another flamboyant pose, swaying and feeling around like he's
checking for ticks) Don't be embarrassed, kid, I understand how you feel.  But
see, I've already promised myself to another.
	(Thankfully stops moving) But perhaps this little rendezvous was meant to
happen.  I shall leave you with a gift of some of my ever-fragrant "Eau de
(Emil backs away, but the man manages to drop a vial of the pungent stuff into
his hands)
???: Farewell!  (Swaggers out of the church, doing those crazy motions again)
EMIL: (Baffled) What was that guy?
(Suddenly, another, more normal man runs in)
TOWNSMAN: Hey, young man!  If you have a free hand, we could use some help
carrying the injured!
EMIL: (Nods) Yes!

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Amazing.  Within the thirty seconds since we met him, this
guy has managed to completely out-gay Zelos.

REGAL: It looks like things have started to calm down.
MARTA: I'm glad we could help.  Though I wish they weren't needed in the first
REGAL: By the way, did you see Raine or Genis?
REGAL: I see.
EMIL: (Looks down) That worries me.  They should have gotten here before us.
MARTA: Do you think they got caught in the attack?
TENEBRAE: Fretting over that now won't accomplish anything.  Shall we depart to
retrieve the Centurion's core?
EMIL: (Annoyed) Tenebrae, you can be so cold-hearted.
TENEBRAE: Why would you say that?

CITIZEN: (Offscreen) Hey wait a moment!
(Emil turns around as the man from the church runs up)
EMIL: You're--
CITIZEN: Thanks a lot for helping out.
	Because of that foul-smelling guy, people were avoiding the church area,
but you stepped right in to help.
EMIL: Oh, it was nothing.
CITIZEN: Anyway, I wanted you to have this.
	I bought it from a merchant that just came back from Mizuho.
(The man gives Emil a Water Spider)
MARTA: (Curious) What is it?
CITIZEN: He said it allows you to walk on water!
	I have no use for it, so I want you to have it.
	Come on take it.  It's a show of our appreciation.  Well, thanks again!
(The man walks away)
MARTA: So, he just gave us something he doesn't want?  He could've given us
something better.
EMIL: True.

TENEBRAE: If I may bring up our previous discussion.
EMIL: [Huh?] Which one?
TENEBRAE: You mentioned that I was "so cold-hearted."  Though it may seem that
way, in actuality I am quite kind.
EMIL: Oh, that.
TENEBRAE: Yes.  For example, if a monster is near death and suffering, I do not
hesitate to use my powers to bring them under my control.
	And in battle, I always make sure to finish off an opponent, no matter how
much they beg, before they have a chance to regret fighting me.
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) And that's being kind?
TENEBRAE: Yes.  Among Centurions, I am known for my moderation.

REGAL: How could Lloyd not answer me?
EMIL: You still want to save him somehow, don't you?
REGAL: He is my friend.
MARTA: What kind of person was Lloyd before?
REGAL: Well, he was an optimistic, straightforward, and compassionate young
	He followed his heart, so he tended to act without thinking through his
actions, but I found that innocence to be a positive trait.
EMIL: That doesn't sound anything like the Lloyd I know.
REGAL: (Sober) That may be.
	I wish I could somehow introduce you to the Lloyd I once knew.
	Maybe then you'd understand how confused I am at this situation.
TENEBRAE: The flow of time cannot be reversed.
	No, there are those who can manage the task, but for humans it's
exceedingly difficult.
REGAL: Indeed.  And as much as I long to see the Lloyd of old, we must deal
with him as he is now.
	My apologies for having broached such a topic.

*Temple of Ice*

REGAL: This is a surprise.  Flanoir was unusually warm, but now the ice here is
EMIL: Is it normally much colder here?
REGAL: (Nods) Yes.  This whole area used to be covered in snow and ice.
(Off in the distance, a familiar figure stands staring at a large, icy vine in
the rocks)
RAINE: How unusual.  It looks like this might be a Celsius' Tear.
MARTA: That voice.  Isn't that Raine?!

GENIS: (Turns and looks at them) Hi guys!
REGAL: You're all right!
RAINE: Did something happen?
MARTA: It was terrible.  When we got to Flanoir...
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
GENIS: (Hangs head) No way.  All those poor townspeople.
RAINE: This is very strange.  Flanoir has never opposed the Church of Martel.
GENIS: (Irked) Raine, is that all you have to say?!
RAINE: This is important.  Why would Lloyd attack Flanoir?
EMIL: Maybe he just wanted to kill more people.
REGAL: No, that doesn't make sense.  You fought Lloyd before, but he chose not
to kill you.
MARTA: I see what you mean.  All the cities attacked up until now had been
opposed to the Church of Martel, or at least suspected of it.
REGAL: (To Raine) Come to think of it, why did you two come this way?
GENIS: Oh, right!  We discovered something terrible, too!  We came to look for
the Centurion's core, but--
EMIL: (Shocked) Lloyd got to it first?!
GENIS: (Smacks forehead) Not Lloyd.  An accessory seller has it.
MARTA: (Surprised) What?!
RAINE: We ran into the owner of an accessory shop just as we arrived.  He was
carrying the Centurion's core.
	When we asked him to hand it over, he said he couldn't possibly part with
such a valuable item.
TENEBRAE: Most unfortunate.  That man is in danger.
EMIL: You're right.  The core will warp the soul of any normal person who
handles it.
TENEBRAE: Affected parties are typically consumed with the desire to destroy
everything in sight.  He may become violent, or even murderous.
REGAL: If that's true, wouldn't that explain Lloyd's attack on Flanoir?
RAINE: You mean it's the Centurion's core that's making him act this way?
GENIS: We have to go after Lloyd!  Which way was his Rheiard headed?
EMIL: [Um...] To the south, I think.
RAINE: South from here.  He could be headed for Meltokio.
REGAL: We'll leave Lloyd to you two.  The rest of us will go after the
Centurion's core.
MARTA: Regal, are you sure?
REGAL: I'm the one who requested to come along, remember?
EMIL: (Disappointed) Then that means we'll be parting ways with you two again.
GENIS: You guys will go after the Centurions' cores, and we'll go after Lloyd.
RAINE: The odds are good that our paths will cross again soon.  Until then, be
EMIL: Right!
RAINE: Well then, farewell.
REGAL: (To Raine) Oh Raine, about that letter...
	I read every word.
GENIS: (Nervous) Wait, does that mean that you two are?
RAINE: Thanks, Regal.  Okay, Genis, let's go.
GENIS: Wait, but...  [but...]
(Raine drags Genis offscreen)
MARTA: (Happy) [Ah,] The passion of love.  It makes my heart race!
REGAL: Anyway, we should find that accessory shop in town.  Let's go.
(Regal and Tenebrae walk off.  Marta and Emil hang back)
MARTA: (Beams) [Aww,] He was embarrassed, how cute!  Emil, if you wrote me a
letter, I'd read every word of it, too.~
	(Snaps out of it) Oops, I'm not supposed to say things like that, right? 
EMIL: (Blushes, shakes head) No, it's fine.

MARTA: (Sighs, blushes) I'm so jealous.
EMIL: Why is that, Marta?
MARTA: I was just thinking what it would be like to be in a mature relationship
like Regal and Raine.
	I mean it's so exciting.
EMIL: A mature relationship?  You mean like having meddling in-laws,
	being so poor you have to share a tiny piece of bread between the two of
	huddling under a single blanket to ward off the cold at night.
MARTA: [Agh!]  That's so romantic!
EMIL: I was trying to be funny.

EMIL: (Shivering) It's so cold.
REGAL: Yes.  Though it's much warmer here than it was before.
MARTA: It's hard to believe things like this happen just because Ratatosk is
TENEBRAE: Lord Ratatosk brought us, the Centurions, together to command the
monsters and restore balance to the mana flow.
	It's the only way to maintain stability in a world where mana didn't
originally exist.
EMIL: What do you mean by that?
REGAL: Isn't mana the source of all life?
TENEBRAE: According to Lord Ratatosk, initially this world was without mana.
	As the mana from the comet Derris-Kharlan accumulated here, the Giant
Kharlan Tree took root, and forever changed the environment of this world.
MARTA: How long ago did that happen?
TENEBRAE: Let's see.  About 10,000 years ago, at the very least.
REGAL: That long ago.  It boggles the mind to think about it.


(A bald old man stands behind the counter)
OLD MAN: [Hmm...] Something I can help you with?
(Regal stares at the man questioningly)
MARTA: [Umm,] Yes.
	We heard the owner of this shop brought back a strange jewel with him.
OLD MAN: Oh, that.  My son couldn't find any buyers for it, so he figured he
might as well dump it back where he found it.
EMIL: (Slumps) We must have just missed him.
MARTA: Let's hurry after him!
REGAL: Excuse me, what happened to the previous owner of this shop?
OLD MAN: [Hmm?] I've always been the owner here.  Perhaps you're mistaken?
REGAL: (Surprised) Really.
MARTA: Regal, let's get going.
REGAL: (Nods) Right.

MARTA: (Irked) Are you serious?  The Temple of Ice again?
EMIL: I know.  If we'd just hung out there a bit, we might've caught the
accessory shop owner in the first place.
REGAL: This sort of inconvenience is not uncommon.  Anyway, I'm afraid we don't
have much choice.
MARTA: It just seems like a waste of time.
TENEBRAE: Hopefully we'll get an option to just quick-jump there.
EMIL/MARTA: (Puzzled) "Quick-jump?"
TENEBRAE: [Ah,] Never mind.

*Temple of Ice*

(They stare at the mysterious blue vines in the rocks)
REGAL: Didn't Raine say something about Celsius' Tear?
MARTA: I've heard of them.  Isn't it some type of rare ice flower?
REGAL: That's right.  It has the power to freeze what's around it.
EMIL: (Walks up to the vine) Then is this one of them?
	(Touches the vine and jumps back) Ouch!
REGAL: Are you all right?
EMIL: Yes.
MARTA: Be careful.  They say if you touch Celsius' Tear with your bare hands,
you'll get frostbite.
EMIL: (Slumps) Seriously?!  You could've said something before!
MARTA: But I heard that Celsius' Tear is the size of normal flowers.
(They all look at the size of the vine.  It's huge)
EMIL: (Flustered) There's no way I could lift this.
TENEBRAE: Perhaps a dormant Centurion's core is affecting the environment, and
causing it to grow at an accelerated rate.
EMIL: This thing is way too big.
TENEBRAE: Which means Glacies' core should be somewhere in the vicinity.
MARTA: Assuming that shop owner really brought it back.
TENEBRAE: Perhaps my senses are deceiving me, but I thought I detected the
presence of Solum's core.
MARTA: Solum?  That's the Centurion of Earth, right?  Isn't that a little
weird?  This is the Temple of Ice.
TENEBRAE: Yes, indeed.  I suppose it's just my imagination.

REGAL: I believe it might be time to prepare a meal.
MARTA: (Surprised) [Woah!]  Is that your own personal cooking knife?
EMIL: And you just carry it around with you?
REGAL: Don't laugh, but cooking is a bit of a hobby for me.
MARTA: I wouldn't laugh!  I think it's attractive for a man to know his way
around a kitchen.
REGAL: Thank you.  However, carrying a cooking knife does come with its own
EMIL: Like what?
REGAL: Well, for example, occasionally being mistaken for a criminal.
	I've been imprisoned numerous times because of it.
EMIL: For such a perfect gentleman, you sure seem to wind up in jail a lot.

(The inside of the temple is still coated with ice)
EMIL: There's still ice left inside here.
MARTA: (Shivers) You're right.  It's kinda chilly.  This is where Celsius used
to be, right?
REGAL: Well, perhaps it would be more accurate to say this is where she was
EMIL: Oh, really?  But why?
REGAL: Apparently it was in order to split the world in two.  Though it's a bit
of a moot point now.
EMIL: (Slumps) That's right.  The world was divided into two.
MARTA: What's wrong, Emil?  You look like you're in pain.
EMIL: No, it's nothing.  I just felt like I remembered something important.
REGAL: You remembered something?  Maybe something to do with the Centurions'
EMIL: I wonder what it was.  Well, if it really was important, I'm sure it'll
come to me eventually.
(Tenebrae is silent)

(Emil tries freezing it, but it doesn't work)
EMIL: It looks like the flow of water is too strong.  It's not freezing.
REGAL: It's just as I suspected.  The Sorcerer's Ring was unable to freeze the
entire lake the last time we were here as well.
MARTA: What?!  Then what did you do?
REGAL: We used Celsius' Tear, but I am unsure if it will have the same effect
due to the influence of the core.
MARTA: (Light Bulb) Oh, why don't we use that thing we got in Flanoir?
REGAL: By that you mean...
TENEBRAE: Oh, that thing.
EMIL: (Puzzled) Huh?
(Emil slaps on the Water Spider)

EMIL: So, Celsius was here, but now she isn't?
REGAL: I'm not sure.
	A friend of mine is a summoner who once made a pact with Celsius, and the
summon spirit hasn't been here since.
MARTA: So that means Celsius is still with that summoner?
TENEBRAE: That is the most likely explanation.
	However, summon spirits, unlike humans, are not physical entities.
	So I imagine they don't exactly stay "with" summoners in the strictest
REGAL: Do Centurions have much in common with summon spirits?
TENEBRAE: More so than we do with humans.  As I am not a spirit myself, it's
difficult to say exactly.
EMIL: Summon spirits...
	[Hmm...]  I would've liked to see Celsius, or any of the other summon

(The giant vines jut out of the walls, just like outside)
MARTA: The Celsius' Tear reaches even here.
REGAL: It's possible that these flowers wrap around the entire temple.
EMIL: (Notices Celsius's podium) What's this?
REGAL: Something that was used during the world regeneration.  I wonder if it
still works.
EMIL: Oh, you came here before with Lloyd?
REGAL (Hangs head) Yes, with Lloyd.  I still can't understand why Lloyd won't
explain his actions to us.
	Maybe he really has been affected by the dormant Centurion's core.
EMIL: If I were Lloyd, I'd never do anything to hurt the people who cared about
REGAL: (Turns to Emil) Emil...
EMIL: (Slumps) He has so many friends who believe in him, but he doesn't care. 
How could he?

(The altar is empty)
EMIL: Glacies' core isn't here.
MARTA: That's weird.  Maybe the shop owner isn't here yet.
EMIL: Yeah, if Lloyd had it, we'd probably see one of his weird posters around.
(Suddenly, everyone hears something)
TENEBRAE: (Alert) Something's coming!  Be careful!
(A giant yeti monster drops down in front of them)
MARTA: [Wh-]What is that?!
TENEBRAE: It's an ice elemental monster-- a mirka!  It must have come here to
escape the harsh climate outside.
	It seems to be extremely aggressive!
(A second mirka drops down behind the party)
REGAL: (Fighting stance) [Argh!]  We're trapped.
TENEBRAE: They must have been accidentally imprisoned within the altar. 
They're mad with hunger!
(The monsters close in from both sides)
EMIL: (Gasps) Here it comes!
(The mirka attack, but the party defeats them)
MARTA: (Exhausted) I thought we were lunch there for a sec.
EMIL: (Slumps) Yeah.
	But I kind of feel sorry for it.  It's not like they asked to be put in
REGAL: Emil, you are a mystery.  Even though you're afraid of monsters, you
still seem to sympathize with them quite readily.
EMIL: I know I sound like a wimp, but I just don't like fighting and all that.
MARTA: (Blush) No, not at all.  That's part of what I like about you.
(Awkward silence)
REGAL: By the way, something has been bothering me.
MARTA: What is it?
REGAL: I believe we may have been tricked.
EMIL: (Surprised) What do you mean?
REGAL: The owner of Flanoir's accessory shop assisted us on the journey of
world regeneration.
	He was not the old man we met today.
(Emil and Marta recoil)
EMIL: You mean he's a fake?  Then Glacies' core is...
REGAL: I'm quite sure someone from the accessory shop took Glacies' core as
witnessed by Raine and Genis.
	However, whether they are bringing it back here is another matter.
MARTA: But why lie to us about it?
TENEBRAE: Perhaps they're after your Ratatosk's core, Lady Marta.
EMIL: If you're right, we need to get out of here as fast as we can.
MARTA: (Nods) Yes.
REGAL: Let's hurry.

(As they walk, a voice calls from offscreen)
???: Marta...
(Marta turns and looks.  A bald man in a cape with a staff stands nearby)
???: Marta, I'm sorry.  (Runs off)
MARTA: (Walks after him, shocked) Daddy?!
EMIL: "Daddy?"  Marta, your father's here?
REGAL: In this place?
???: (Offscreen) Marta, come here.  I want to apologize.
MARTA: Really?!  You'll hear me out?!  (Runs around a corner)
EMIL: Marta, hold on!  Something's not right!
(The others race after her, but giant ice rocks fall down, blocking the path)
EMIL: (Calling) Marta!  Marta, are you okay?
REGAL: Damn!  We'll have to break it down.
TENEBRAE: (Turns around) Wait!  Behind you!
(A slew of Vanguard troops appears)
EMIL: (Fighting stance) The Vanguard?!
REGAL: You're after Ratatosk's core.
VANGUARD: (Angrily) We have no use for you!  Die!
(The Vanguard troops attack!, but the group drives them off)
EMIL: (Looking at the rocks again) What should we do?  Marta's in danger!
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta will die if Ratatosk's core is removed from her.
REGAL: You two, stand back.
EMIL: [O-]Okay.
(Emil and Tenebrae step back.  Regal focuses for a moment, then uses a
Hadouken-ish move to blow away the rocks)
EMIL: (Stunned) Wow!
TENEBRAE: Why don't you utilize that destructive power in battle?
REGAL I swore that I would never again use my hands as tools of death.
EMIL: "Never again," you mean...
REGAL: Long ago, the woman that I loved died by my own hands.
EMIL: ...
REGAL: Scorn me if you wish.  But right now, we have to save Marta.
EMIL: I can't imagine you ever doing something like that.  There must've been a
good reason behind what you did.
	And even if you did kill someone, I've harmed countless people under the
guise of protecting myself as well.
REGAL: Emil...

EMIL: Regal killed the one he loved with his own hands.  I wonder how it
	If I end up fighting Richter will I be able to when the time comes?
	Wait, I mean, I'm not in love with Richter or anything.  I mean, it's not
like that!
	[Uh,] Not that I don't like him or anything.  Actually I like him a lot,
	(Muzzy) [Nuhhhh...] I don't even know what I'm thinking anymore.
REGAL: (Walks in) Emil, is something wrong?
EMIL: What?  No, I'm fine.
[REGAL: Huh?]

(Richter has Marta against an ice statue, his gloved hand around her neck.  He
shoves her against the statue)
[MARTA: Unghh!]
(As he raises his sword, Emil and Regal race in)
EMIL: Richter!  Please, stop!
RICHTER: (Notices them) So you found me, Emil.  I didn't want to to see this,
but I guess I have no choice.
(Aqua appears between Emil and Richter)
AQUA: I won't let you get in Master Richter's way!  Siren, go!
(Aqua summons up a group of mermaid monsters!  The party defeats them)
(Unimpressed with the victory, Richter thrusts his blade into Marta with a
sickening THOCK.  Marta slowly sinks to the ground.  Emil shudders, then keels
over and his eyes turn red)
R.EMIL: (Screaming) Marta!
(Richter pulls the glowing Ratatosk core off of Marta's body and looks it
R.EMIL: (Wild) You bastard!  How could you?  How could you do that to Marta?!
(Emil charges, but Richter flips over him.  Emil crashes into the icy dirt as
Richter and Aqua make their getaway.
	Emil staggers to his feet and turns to his fallen friend, devastated. 
Regal joins him in staring)
R.EMIL: Damn it!  If I was more powerful, I could've stopped this!  If I was
always me, I never would've let this happen!
???: You should take a good look at her before you start crying.
(Their ears perk up.  Regal especially seems to recognize the voice)
REGAL: That voice...
(With a poof of smoke, a well-endowed girl in a purple ninja robe appears.)
???: Sheena Fujibayashi at your service.
(Marta hops out from behind her and strikes a pose)
MARTA: And Marta Lualdi, the lovely beauty who rose from the dead!~
(Emil and Regal stand up, Emil's eyes reverting to green.)
EMIL: Marta.  Marta!  Thank goodness you're safe!
(Emil grabs Marta in a big bear hug.)
MARTA: (Softly) I'm sorry for making you go through that Emil.
REGAL: (Looks at the dead Marta) Then what is that body?
(The corpse changes into a log with Marta's clothes.  Sheena beams)
SHEENA: It's an Igaguri ninja technique.  Pretty good, huh?  But not as good as
REGAL: Thank you for helping us Sheena.  But tell me, what brings you to the
Temple of Ice?
SHEENA: I came to rescue the kidnapped citizens of Flanoir and thought I'd give
you a hand.
EMIL: Kidnapped?  [W-]What do you mean, ma'am?
SHEENA: You know Flanoir was attacked, right?
EMIL: (Nods) Oh, [y...]yes.
SHEENA: During the attack, the Vanguard kidnapped the family that runs the
accessory shop and I tracked them down here.
(Everyone reacts with shock)
EMIL: So then they were imposters after all!
SHEENA: What do you mean?
REGAL: It appears the kidnapping was all part of an even bigger ruse to lure us
TENEBRAE: Perhaps we should continue this discussion elsewhere.  It would be
dangerous to stay here too long.
(Sheena notices Tenebrae and recoils)
SHEENA: [Wha...] What the heck is this thing!
TENEBRAE: (Swoops down low) I am Tenebrae.  Enchanted, I'm sure.
SHEENA: [Oh, o-o-] Okay, well, whatever you are, I suppose you're right.  We
should get going.
	That guy from before might realize the core he has is a fake.
	And I don't think we want to stay around for that.

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: There are two ways of spelling "impostor," but my
spell-check is giving me hell about the way used in the script.

SHEENA: Let's see, it's Emil, right?
EMIL: [Uh,] Yes.
SHEENA: (Scratches her head) I feel like I've met you somewhere before.  Maybe
it's just my imagination.
EMIL: I'm sorry.  I don't think I remember meeting you.
SHEENA: Oh yeah?  That's so strange.  Your face looks very familiar.
	Speaking of familiar faces, that Richter guy, I've seen him before, too.
MARTA: (Surprised) Really?!
SHEENA: Yes.  I've definitely seen him somewhere.  You don't think I'd forget
someone dumb enough to fall for the oldest trick in the book.
(The floor Sheena's on shudders)
(A trap door opens beneath Sheena and she drops down)
SHEENA: (Scream) Aaah!
(Emil, Marta and Regal stare down the hole)
REGAL: (Stands up) I apologize for this.
MARTA: [No,] Not at all.  Let's go find her.
EMIL: Right.  She saved Marta's life, after all.
TENEBRAE: How should we proceed?  Follow her down the pit ourselves?
REGAL: We lack the proper equipment to safely descend from here.
	Why don't we first try to find a path that might lead to the bottom of the
EMIL: Good idea.  Let's look for another way.

MARTA: Thanks Emil.  For before.
EMIL: (Turns to Marta) About what?
MARTA: When you thought I'd been killed, you got really furious.
	I half expected you to be relieved that this annoying girl was finally out
of your hair.
EMIL: I'd never think anything like that!  When I saw you get stabbed...
	All I could think about was how I never told you how I felt.
MARTA: (Blushes, surprised) What?
EMIL: (Blushing) I want you to forget everything I said earlier--about you
telling me who I'm supposed to be.  I don't really think that!
MARTA: [W-]Wait, do you mean that you...
EMIL: [N-]No, not that!  It's just, I know I'm not the person you think I am,
MARTA: (Shakes head) No.  You're wrong.
	Sure, when we first started out together, I had it in my head that you were
this all-powerful prince charming.
	But after a while I realized, you're actually scared of a lot of things.
EMIL: (Slumps) Yeah.  I'm sorry I'm so pathetic.
MARTA: But that timid Emil is the one fighting for me with everything he's got,
even though he never asked to get wrapped up in all this in the first place.
	(Blushes) It touches my heart far more than a hero who fights without fear.
EMIL: (Puzzled) What--
MARTA: I think the real you is much, much cooler than the fantasy I had in my
TENEBRAE: I'm glad to see the two of you so happy.
(Emil and Marta pull away quickly, not looking at each other)
REGAL: (Chuckles) After all that, don't you have anything to say to Marta?
EMIL: [Eh, um,] I...
MARTA: It's okay.  I'm going to go on loving you regardless of how you feel. 
You don't have to say anything.
(Emil blushes)
REGAL: Well, let's keep moving.  I hope Sheena's all right.
EMIL: Right.

(An overpowering funk makes everyone cover their noses)
TENEBRAE: Something smells.
REGAL: (Rasping) What is this terrible stench?
EMIL: (Choking) That smells familiar.
MARTA: That's Eau de Seduction!  That means Decus is here!
(The party runs ahead to where Sheena is holding up Alice, who looks pretty
beat up.  The weird man stands over them)
SHEENA: This is bad.  She's not waking up.
DECUS: Alice!  Alice, my darling!  Your dear Decus is here!  Now, open your
eyes for me!
SHEENA: I'm surprised she hasn't come to yet.  Your cologne could wake the
DECUS: [Ha ha!] You're entranced by my alluring scent as well.
	However!  I am pledged to my darling Alice!
MARTA: Decus?!
SHEENA: You came just in time!  This girl broke my fall!  Can you use healing
artes to help her?
DECUS: (Shoots up, pointing) Marta?!  But Richter killed you!
SHEENA: Just a minute.  You know Richter?  Are you guys friends with that
MARTA: Sheena, those two are both members of the Vanguard!
(Sheena thinks for a moment, then unceremoniously drops Alice on the ground and
runs.  This brings Alice around)
ALICE: (Gets up) [Owww....] What the--
DECUS: (Flamboyant pose) Alice, my darling!  It's your prince, Decus!
ALICE: (Runs back) What the--Why is Dumbo-Decus here?  [Uuugh,] Get away from
me, you reek!
	(Notices Marta) Martmart?  Why are you still alive?  What, Richter failed?
DECUS: Yes, my dearest Alice.  And after all that trouble I went to,
transforming to lure Marta away from her friends.
(Decus shape-shifts into the bald man)
MARTA: (Shocked) Daddy!  You--That was nothing but a disguise!
REGAL: Sheena, is that similar to your ninja technique?
SHEENA: (Surprised) No.  Even the most advanced techniques of the Igaguri-style
involve some sort of trick or device.
ALICE: Well, well.  Guess I'll just have to take care of little Martmart
myself.  I can't wait to see the look on Richter's face when I tell him.~
DECUS: Let me help, my dearest Alice.
(The party floors it away from the dastardly duo)
ALICE: (Angrily) Decus, you stink.  Stay away from me!
	Now then, be a good girl and say your prayers before I send you off to
SHEENA: Not so fast!  Celsius!
(The buxom ice warrior appears, throws up a frosty wall between the goodies and
the baddies, and vanishes)
ALICE: (Muffled) No fair!  First you fall right on me, and now you throw up
this stupid wall!
SHEENA: (To the others) This ice wall won't hold forever.  Let's get out of
here while we still can!

TENEBRAE: Does anyone else smell that?
MARTA: Yeah, something sure stinks.
REGAL: It smells like an attempt to take a masculine fragrance and strengthen
it to ludicrous levels.
TENEBRAE: (Light bulb) I think it's coming from Emil.
MARTA/REGAL: (Shocked) What?
EMIL: (Defensive) [I-]It's not me.  It's this Eau de Seduction stuff that guy
Decus forced on me.
REGAL: Eau de Seduction?
MARTA: (Irked) You put that stuff on?  That's so creepy!
EMIL: Well, I mean--
REGAL: My apologies.  I believe that is one of my company's products.
REGAL: I'll send an order to the factory to halt production immediately.  This
odor is a menace.
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) Just what sort of corporation is the Lezareno Group, anyway?

REGAL: You really have a knack for falling into pits, Sheena.
SHEENA: (Irked) Hey!  It's not like I threw myself down that thing for the fun
of it.
	By the time I realized that hole was there, it was already too late.
REGAL: I thought it might just be part of your destiny as a descendent of the
Fujibayashi line.
SHEENA: Very funny.  Besides, what kind of crummy destiny would involve falling
into holes?
TENEBRAE: Well, your ancestry could have a long history of falling into life's

EMIL: I think we lost Alice and Decus.
MARTA: Looks like it.
EMIL: (Slumps) And Richter, too.
MARTA: Emil...
EMIL: I wonder if Richter had anything to do with the kidnapping of that
SHEENA: (Scratches head) If so, he certainly has a roundabout way of doing
REGAL: Remember, he said something along the lines of not wanting Emil to see
him kill Marta.
(Emil is quiet for a moment, then realizes something)
EMIL: Oh!  Is the real shopkeeper all right?
SHEENA: (Nods) Of course.  My scouts should be escorting him back to town as we
EMIL: Thank god.
TENEBRAE: Why do humans have this tendency to stop and talk?
	Need I remind you that we are currently being pursued?
SHEENA: Come to think of it, I've been meaning to ask.  What the hell are you? 
A summon spirit or something?
TENEBRAE: (Sits) I am a Centurion.  I'd be more than happy to discuss it with
you in detail once we get away from here.
SHEENA: Are all Centurions as moody as you?

SHEENA: Man, that guy reeked to high heaven.
EMIL: Yes, that was his Eau de Sed--
TENEBRAE: (Butts in) Sorry to interrupt this fascinating discussion, but if it
continues much longer, our enemies are bound to catch up with us.
SHEENA: [O-]Okay, I get it.  [You-]You want us to stop talking, right?
TENEBRAE: Exactly.  I hereby proclaim a ban on speaking.

SHEENA: (Huffs) I can't stand it!  I just can't be so quiet for this long!
TENEBRAE: Excuse me if I'm mistaken, but as your profession is akin to that of
a spy,
	I'd imagine that silence would occasionally be essential in your line of
SHEENA: (Irked) You sure talk a lot for a dog.
TENEBRAE: (Irked) I am not a dog.  I am a Centurion.
	We Centurions are not summon spirits, nor are we animals, but rather--
SHEENA: [Shh!]  If we keep yapping like this, we'll get caught!
SHEENA: (Playful) Speaking ban in effect!

TENEBRAE: My, my, this is wonderful.  If only we could travel this quietly all
TENEBRAE: (Shrinks away) Oh right, my apologies.

SHEENA: [Whew!] I thought we'd never get out of there.
REGAL: It's just been one thing after another.  The whole situation has become
quite an ordeal.
SHEENA: Hey, Regal.  How did you end up with these kids, anyway?
REGAL: Well, you see...
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
SHEENA: (Stunned) Lloyd was responsible for that attack?!  No way, I can't
believe it.
EMIL: But if Lloyd's being affected by the Centurion's core, it's not
SHEENA: I suppose it's possible, but still...
(Awkward silence)
SHEENA: (Loudly) Argh!
(More awkward silence)
SHEENA: I give up.  There's no point in idle speculation.  Raine and
	Genis are following Lloyd right now?
MARTA: (Nods) [Uh,] Yes.
SHEENA: Then I'm going with you.
EMIL: (Recoils) Huh?!
SHEENA: If something's the matter with Lloyd, maybe I can be the one to smack
some sense back into him.
	And if I go with you, there's a chance we'll run into him, right?
MARTA: Well yes, I suppose so.
SHEENA: All right, then it's set.  You mind?
MARTA: Yeah, welcome to the group.
SHEENA: Great, now that that's settled, let's visit the Flanoir accessory shop.
	We've got to find where Glacies' core went.
EMIL: (Nods) Yes, let's go.

REGAL: Sheena, it's been far too long.
SHEENA: That's for sure.  The last time we met was...
REGAL: At the unveiling of Ozette's restoration plan.
SHEENA: Right, that's it!
REGAL: Were you on some kind of mission in Flanoir?
SHEENA: No, I didn't have any official business to attend to.
[REGAL: Hmm?]
SHEENA: I was looking for Lloyd and just happened to be there when Flanoir came
under attack.
REGAL: You've been looking for him as well.
SHEENA: Aren't you worried about him?
REGAL: Yes, I am.

MARTA: (Giggles playfully as she walks up) Emil!
EMIL: What?
MARTA: (Giggles again) Oh, nothing!  (Walks away)
[EMIL: (Sweatdrop) Huh?...]
TENEBRAE: Emil, Lady Marta is indicating she is happy.
EMIL: Yeah, but about what?
TENEBRAE: She is pleased you were genuinely concerned for her welfare.
EMIL: (Nervous) [B-]But that was--
TENEBRAE: As a man, you must now take responsibility.
[EMIL: Huh?!]
TENEBRAE: Those who carelessly spark false hope in a young lady's heart are
doomed to scorn and resentment.
EMIL: (Flustered) Who said I was trying to do anything like that?!
TENEBRAE: (Laughs darkly) The world tends to side with young ladies.  I urge
you to proceed with caution.
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) Tenebrae, you've managed to surpass "spiteful" and graduate
straight to "malicious."


(A Mizuho scout is waiting for them)
MIZUHO SCOUT: Chief, we flushed out all the Vanguard members that were holed up
in this house.
MARTA: (Puzzled) "Chief?"  Who's "chief?"
REGAL: Sheena is one of the Mizuho.  They're a secret group that serves the
Tethe'allan royal family.  Perhaps you've heard of them?
MARTA: (Nods) I have!  They're experts in intelligence gathering and combat.
SHEENA: (Strikes a pose) That's us!~
EMIL: (Recoils) Experts?!  You're joking, right?!
SHEENA: (Turns on Emil, irked) [Wh-]What's that supposed to mean?!  You
(Awkward silence)
SHEENA: (Turns to the scout) I trust the family's unharmed.
MIZUHO SCOUT: (Nods) Of course.
SHEENA: Good work.
(The scout disappears)
SHEENA: The real accessory shop owner is inside.
REGAL: I'm glad he's safe.
MARTA: Come on.  Let's go talk to him!
EMIL: Right!

PENGUIN GRANDPA: (Surprised) Oh, it's you!
SHEENA: There you are!  Thank goodness you're safe.
PENGUIN GRANDPA: When the Vanguard took me, I thought I was done for.  Anyway,
thank you.  I owe you my life.
SHEENA: Don't mention it.  There's actually something we'd like to ask you, if
you don't mind.
REGAL: We heard you discovered a strange jewel near the cave with the Celsius'
PENGUIN GRANDPA: [Ah,] Yes, the Glassies or whatever it's called.
	My son took it to Meltokio.  He said he was gonna try to sell it to some
nobles there or something.
	(Hangs head) And I thought he'd finally come to spend some quality time
with his old man.  (SIGH)
SHEENA: [Aww,] Don't be so glum.  I'll come back to visit you again soon.
EMIL: Meltokio...
MARTA: We better hurry, or who knows what'll happen.
REGAL: Yes.  We need to set out for Meltokio as soon as possible.
	Allow me to prepare my company's high-speed transport.
EMIL: (Nods) Thank you!

*Iselia Human Ranch*

(Alice can be seen through the ruined doors)
TENEBRAE: Someone's here!
MARTA: It's Alice!  Let's hide!
(They all run and hide.  Alice walks out, flanked by Decus, who is still
writhing and twitching like he's having a slow-motion seizure)
DECUS: Darling Alice, forgive me.  I couldn't find any Exspheres.
ALICE: (Jumps back) Hey, watch it, Dumbo-Decus!  What did I say about personal
DECUS: Oh Alice, go easy on the compliments!  You're embarrassing me!
ALICE: Compliments?  I don't see anyone complimenting you.
DECUS: (Flashy point) You did!
ALICE: (Puzzled) When?
DECUS: (Doing his flaming dance again) You're always calling me Dumbo-Decus.
ALICE: You think that's a compliment?
DECUS: Well, isn't it?  "Dumbo" for Dashing, Undaunted, Majestic, Brilliant,
and Oh-so-sexy!  D-U-M-B-O-Decus!
ALICE: You idiot, it's not an acronym!  I call you Dumbo-Decus because you're
D-U-M-B, dumb!
(Trumpet "Wah-Wah")
DECUS: (Shocked) What?!  I had no idea!
ALICE: Anyway, Exspheres!  The brainwashing machines that keep my little pets
so well-behaved need Exspheres to run.
	(Upset) Without Exspheres, I can't get more pets!
	I only want ten more or so.
DECUS: (Not dancing) Alice, maybe you shouldn't obsess over power so much.
ALICE: Why?  Have you forgotten how my parents died?
DECUS: They went on a pilgrimage following the teachings of the Church of
Martel, and were killed by monsters.
ALICE: Exactly.  And I don't want to end up like them.
	They were weak, so they believed in a fictional goddess.  And because they
were powerless, they were killed by monsters.
	And you, weren't you bullied back at the Hima orphanage because you were
DECUS: But I'm stronger now, too.  And I have an Exsphere.
	You don't need to do it all by yourself.  I can be your knight.
ALICE: Don't you mean my slave?
DECUS: I'd be happy with that too.
ALICE: I hate relying on others.
	And you're a human.  You might start treating me like how all humans treat
half-elves.  You could betray me at any time.
DECUS: I would never betray you.
ALICE: I'm the only one I could ever trust.  (Runs off)
DECUS: Alice, wait!  (Runs off)
(The party walks back into view)
TENEBRAE: So Alice is using Exspheres to control those "pets" of hers.
	Exploiting those proud monsters in such a vulgar way.  It's utterly
MARTA: (Hangs head) Alice...
EMIL: Marta, what's wrong?
MARTA: All that talk about need for power, it was kind of depressing.
EMIL: Yeah.
TENEBRAE: Nevertheless, those without power are helpless.
MARTA: So all you need is power?
TENEBRAE: I believe it's better to have it than not.
MARTA: (Hangs head) That might be true.
EMIL: I think everything should be in moderation.
MARTA: Yeah.

(9.5) - Chapter 5: Truth Behind the Mask (GS5)


EMIL: (Impressed) Wow, this is Meltokio?!  It's huge.
SHEENA: Is this your first time here?
EMIL: (Nods) [Uh,] Yes ma'am, it is.
SHEENA: (Scratches head) I should've said something earlier, but just drop the
formalities.  That kind of thing makes me itch.
EMIL: Yes ma--I mean, okay.
MARTA: I hope Glacies' core is still here.
SHEENA: Regal and I both know this town like the back of our hands.  I'm sure
we'll find it.
REGAL: Let's pay a visit to the item shop first.
EMIL: (Nods) All right.

EMIL: Meltokio is huge.  I bet you could get lost here pretty easily.
SHEENA: This was the capital of Tethe'alla when the world was still divided in
	So both people and goods gather here.
MARTA: (Grunts angrily) It's no wonder the people in Tethe'alla look down on
EMIL: Marta?
MARTA: No town in Sylvarant can even come close to this size.  We don't even
have a leader to unite the people as a proper country.
REGAL: But Sylvarant was ravaged by the Desians.
	The prosperity we Tethe'allans have enjoyed was at the expense of your
	If anything, we should be making every effort to repay what we've taken
from you.
	Please forgive us.  
MARTA: Oh, that's not what I meant.  I wasn't blaming the Tethe'allans.
	I was just thinking we're going to have to build a city to equal Meltokio
EMIL: You're amazing Marta.
MARTA: Hey, you're Sylvaranti, too, so we're in this together.
EMIL: [R-]Right.

(A smartly-dressed fellow walks out of the door and leaves just as your party
shows up.)
SHEENA: Wasn't that Tokunaga?
REGAL: It certainly looked like him.
MARTA: Someone you know?
REGAL: Yes.  The Chosen of Tethe'alla lives in this city and--
EMIL: Zelos.
SHEENA: Oh, right.  You met him in Palmacosta?
REGAL: Yes, you said you did.  Anyway, the man you just saw is a butler to the
Chosen's sister, Seles.
MARTA: Really?  Maybe he's running errands for her, then.
SHEENA: Yeah, probably.  All right, let's go inside and talk to the shopkeeper.

SHOPKEEPER: What can I do for you?
EMIL: [Um...] We're looking for a rare jewel that was found in Flanoir.  Did
anyone bring anything like that here?
SHOPKEEPER: [Ah,] I know the item you're talking about.
MARTA: Someone brought it then?!
SHOPKEEPER: They sure did.  But I already sold it.
(Everyone recoils)
SHEENA: Who did you sell it to?!
SHOPKEEPER: Sorry, I can't tell you.  Customer confidentiality and all that. 
You understand, don't you?
MARTA: What do you mean?
REGAL: Merchants are bound to keep their customer's information private. 
Especially where high-price items such as jewels are concerned.
	If the wrong people found out who possesses such a priceless item, the
buyer could become a target for theft.
SHOPKEEPER: It's just as the gentleman here says.  Sorry, I can't help you. 
(Walks away)
MARTA: But it's not just the person who bought it who'd be in trouble.  The
whole city would be in danger.
REGAL: I have an idea.  How about we go and ask His Majesty?
EMIL: (Shocked) His Majesty, the King?!  Why?
REGAL: Most of the customers for fine jewels are members of the nobility.
	And they tend to show off their latest purchases.
SHEENA: I see.  We'll hobnob with the local aristocracy and find out which one
has Glacies' core.
	Good idea, Regal.  You never cease to amaze me.  A duke and a scholar to
MARTA: (Shocked) Regal, you're a duke?!
REGAL: I suppose I forgot to mention it.
EMIL: This is the first I've heard of it!  Wow, president of a huge company and
a duke, too.  Amazing.
REGAL: I may have titles and rank, but under all that I'm still flesh and blood
like you.  All right, let's get going to the castle.
MARTA: (To Emil) All of Lloyd's friends are really amazing people.
EMIL: (Hangs head) It makes me wonder about the Lloyd that they believe in.
	If it wasn't for the Centurion's core, maybe he'd even be an okay guy.
MARTA: (Nods) Yeah, maybe.

(Just as they reach the castle gates, though, footsteps come from nearby.  They
turn and react with shock; it's Alice again!)
ALICE: My, my, if it isn't my slippery little friends from Flanoir.
(She swings her swatter and a magical circle appears nearby.  A huge rock
monster, a Helion, drops down from above,  roars and stomps towards them)
EMIL: (Nervous )[W-]We can't fight here!
ALICE: Why not?  I don't care if this city gets blown into tiny little pieces.~
	It's time to die!~
(The Helion attacks!  The party defeats it)
(The rockhead falls flat on its back.  Alice has changed her position and sits
cutely on the castle steps)
EMIL: Give up Alice.  You lost.
ALICE: (Giggling) Oh, I don't think so.~
(The Helion's hand rises up.  Before anyone knows what's going on, it has Emil
caught in a stony bear hug)
[EMIL: G'uahh!]
(Emil struggles, but to no avail.  The Helion flashes a dangerous red)
ALICE: I've rigged the little darling with a special collar that self-destructs
if he gets defeated.
	Pretty clever, if I say so myself.~
SHEENA: (Shocked) [Wha-] What the hell?!
ALICE: (Gets up) Bye bye, Martmart!  I'll be sure to let Commander Brute know
that you're dead.
(Laughing, she hops on her balloon-cat-thing ride and takes off.
	Emil still struggles to break free, but the big lug's just too strong)
MARTA: Let go of him right now!
(Marta swats at the Helion's back, but nothing happens)
REGAL: I'll handle this!
	(Regal grabs at Helion's arms, but can't pull them loose)
EMIL: (Panicky) No!  Please!  [I-]I don't want to die!  Let go of me!
MARTA: Emil!  [Wha-]What should we do?!
(Tenebrae, who has been watching this whole time, hesitates, thinking)
TENEBRAE: Allow me!
(Tenebrae hovers over the Helion and grabs its head with his tail.)
TENEBRAE: Servant of darkness bend to my will!
(After a tense moment, the Helion's arms part, and Emil drops to the ground,
gasping for air.  Tenebrae lifts the monster into the air and floats away. 
Everyone runs after him)
EMIL: Tenebrae!
(Tenebrae looks back)
TENEBRAE: Please stay back!
(Tenebrae takes the Helion higher and higher above Meltokio as the others
follow below.  The monster flashes much more rapidly as Tenebrae stops over the
town square...  and then, it explodes, blowing rubble every which way)
MARTA: Tenebrae!
(Only a cloud of smoke remains where Tenebrae and the Helion floated)
EMIL: Tenebrae!  Answer me, Tenebrae!  He's not dead is he?!
MARTA: (Gasps) He can't be!
SHEENA: [It...] It's just like what happened with Corrine.
EMIL: (Screaming) Tenebrae!
(Marta falls to her knees.  Suddenly, the core in her forehead starts glowing. 
The awakened cores that the party has float out and hover over her)
REGAL: (Surprised) What?!  What is this?!
EMIL: The Centurions...
(As the cores hover, a mysterious voice speaks, presumably Ventus)
VENTUS: Centurions will rise time and time again.  All that is needed is the
power of Lord Ratatosk.
(The cores dive into Emil's head, snapping him back.  When he rights himself,
his eyes are red)
R.EMIL: (Grunts angrily) This is the reason why I should be the one in control!
(Starts to walk away)
MARTA: Emil?
R.EMIL: Don't worry, the Centurion told me that Tenebrae is only asleep.
	(Looks back at the others) I'm gonna go after him.
SHEENA: What do you mean go after him?  Where?
R.EMIL: The Temple of Darkness.
	If it's the same as the other Centurions we've encountered, then there
should be an entrance to the altar in there.
MARTA: (Looks up) That's where we'll find Tenebrae!
SHEENA: Now I understand.  I'll go with you.  What about you, Regal?
REGAL: I'll meet with his majesty and advise him on the situation with the
Glacies' core first.
	After that I'll follow you.
R.EMIL: Whatever.
MARTA: All right, then we'll meet you there!

MARTA: Centurions are such mysterious creatures.
SHEENA: You got that right.  I mean they just return to their altars when
they're injured.
R.EMIL: Actually, when they are inflicted with so much damage that they revert
to their core state, they're supposed to return to Ratatosk himself.
MARTA: Then, Tenebrae is with me?
R.EMIL: But Ratatosk is also currently in core form, without his powers.
	He doesn't have the strength to heal the Centurions, so Tenebrae returned
to his altar or at least that's what they said.
MARTA: You mean, the other Centurions?
R.EMIL: (Nods) Yeah.
SHEENA: Wait, so if Ratatosk wasn't taking his nap, there would be no need to
go to the Temple of Darkness?
R.EMIL: If Ratatosk was awake, we wouldn't be on this journey in the first
SHEENA: Oh right.  (Chuckles awkwardly)

MARTA: Hey, do you think Tenebrae is really okay?
R.EMIL: (Nods) Yeah.
MARTA: He's just changed back into a core, right?  He's not dead or anything,
R.EMIL: (Angrily) No, he's not dead!
MARTA: (Irked) You don't have to yell at me, you know!
[R.EMIL/SHEENA: (Surprised) N'gh!]
MARTA: (Calm) [S-]Sorry.
R.EMIL: A Centurion can always be revived as long as their mana source doesn't
dry up.  They're like summon spirits in that way.
	The Centurions say it's not a question of his being alive or dead.
MARTA: Okay, I get it.  I'm sorry.  I shouldn't panic just because I don't
R.EMIL: No, I like you better angry than meek and apologetic.
SHEENA: (Chuckles awkwardly) Emil in Ratatosk Mode tells it straight like a

*Temple of Darkness*

R.EMIL: I can feel Tenebrae's presence.
MARTA: Really?!
SHEENA: It's bright enough to see in here without the blue candle.  Must be
because Shadow's gone.
MARTA: Blue candle?
SHEENA: When Shadow was in this temple, it was pitch black.  Without it, we
couldn't see a thing.
R.EMIL: Who cares?  Let's go.
SHEENA: (Irked) You know, I'm finding it pretty difficult to warm up to Emil in
Ratatosk Mode.
MARTA: Sheena...
SHEENA: [Uh,] Right, sorry.  I know he is Emil, but anyway, come on, let's go.

MARTA: I guess it makes sense that the Temple of Darkness would be so dark.
R.EMIL: Are you scared?
MARTA: [N-n-]Not scared, exactly.
R.EMIL: Dark places always make you wonder what might be hiding in them.
SHEENA: There isn't much that scares me though, thanks to all the training I've
been through.
R.EMIL: Sheena, there's something on your back.
SHEENA: [UAAAAAAAHHH!!!  What-]What is it?!
R.EMIL: [It-]It was just a cobweb.
SHEENA: Oh [c-]cobwebs, right.  Don't startle me like that.
MARTA: (Sweatdrop) That's some training.

MARTA: Damn Alice!  How could she do this to Tenebrae?!
	Next time I see her, I'm gonna tie her up and toss her butt into Flanoir
R.EMIL: [Hmph.]  You're too soft.  I'd sling a rope around her and hang her
from the tops of the Fooji Mountains.
SHEENA: I understand how you both feel, but I can't say I approve of your
choice of words.
	Harsh words are evidence of troubled minds.
MARTA: (Mock polite) Okay then, the next time I have the pleasure of a
rendezvous with Lady Alice,
	I would truly enjoy the opportunity to politely wrap her up with ropes and
kindly submerge her in the beautiful waters of Flanoir harbor!
[R.EMIL: (Sweatdrop, sigh)
SHEENA: (Sweatdrop, sigh)]

(They stop beside a high, flat wall)
R.EMIL: Damn it.  I have no idea where the core is without Tenebrae.
MARTA: Too bad the other Centurions don't talk to us the way that Tenebrae
R.EMIL: Bunch of useless twits.
SHEENA: By the way, Emil, you've been in Ratatosk Mode for a while now.
R.EMIL: Something wrong with that?
SHEENA: (Scratches head) Not wrong, really, just...
R.EMIL: (Looks away) [Shh!] Be quiet.
(Emil walks to the wall and kneels, listening)
SHEENA: What is it?
R.EMIL: I hear voices from inside.
(Sheena and Marta look surprised.  Marta looks at the wall too)
MARTA: (To Emil) It just looks like a normal wall.  Maybe the Sorcerer's Ring
will open this one, too.
(Emil gets up and tries it, but nothing happens)
SHEENA: Doesn't look like it.
R.EMIL: There must be a switch somewhere else.

R.EMIL: (Angrily) Damn it, what's with this hidden door crap?!  When I find it,
I'm smashing it to pieces.
MARTA: Emil.  Humans have a saying, "a wise head makes a closed mouth."
R.EMIL: And what's that supposed to mean?
SHEENA: [Uh...] I'm not sure.
MARTA: Placing the control mechanism for a secret door adjacent to that door
would be of little value.
	This can only mean that the switch is in a remote location.
R.EMIL: Oh I see, but you're using that wrong.
MARTA: My apologies.
R.EMIL: And what's with the impression of Tenebrae, anyway?!
MARTA: (Down) I miss him.
R.EMIL: Then, we'd better stop wasting time and find the real thing.
MARTA: Yeah!

MARTA: (Looking down) I wonder if Tenebrae's really here.
SHEENA: Don't worry, Marta.
	The other Centurions told us that Tenebrae would be here.  I'm sure he is.
MARTA: Okay.
R.EMIL: Relax.  I can sense his presence.
MARTA: (Runs to Emil) Really?!
R.EMIL: Yes.  Trust me.  I'm your guardian, a Knight of Ratatosk.
MARTA: Yeah.
SHEENA: Emil, you sure say some manly things when you're
	in Ratatosk Mode.
(Emil looks shocked)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Shut up!

(They approach a mysterious altar, which has a stone block on it with a glowing
MARTA: What's this?
SHEENA: I don't know.  This is where we found Shadow, the Summon Spirit of
Darkness, two years ago.  But this wasn't here then.
R.EMIL: Maybe it's some sort of switch.

SHEENA: It's open!
R.EMIL: Looks like that switch we found was linked to this wall.
MARTA: I wonder if Tenebrae's up ahead.
R.EMIL: Probably.  Though I'm sure we'll find some enemies waiting for us as
MARTA: You mean the voices we heard earlier.
SHEENA: The only people with any business in a place like this would be Lloyd
or the Vanguard.
MARTA: We can't let them take Tenebrae.  Let's go!

(As they close in on the spot, they stop.)
R.EMIL: [I sense...] I sense Aqua!
(Everyone peers forward into the darkness.  Aqua hovers near the altar, and
Richter beside her, watching the teardrop-shaped crystal)
AQUA: So that energy I felt was Tenebrae returning to core form.
RICHTER: How convenient.  If we destroy him here--
R.EMIL: Not so fast!
RICHTER: (Turns around) Emil!
MARTA: You're not taking Tenebrae!
(Emil, Marta and Sheena all ready their weapons)
RICHTER: For someone who had to resort to a cheap trick in Flanoir, you seem
pretty sure of yourself.
SHEENA: Just accept the fact you were beaten.
RICHTER: (Chuckles) Yes, you're right.
(Richter charges, surprising Sheena.  With one swift motion, he kicks her
square in the chest, knocking her back.  Emil attacks, but he blocks the blow
and swings at Marta, who blocks it with her blade)
(Neither Marta or Emil will yield to Richter's force.  He looks back at Emil)
RICHTER: Stop interfering.  I don't want to fight you.
R.EMIL: That's too bad!  Because I can't wait to kill you!
(Richter grunts.  A battle begins!... but unable to damage Richter, the party
goes down)
(Emil and Richter square off, Sheena and Marta having taken a back seat. 
Emil's sword starts to glow with a vile purple aura, and he readies it. 
Richter watches in shock as the aura creates its own wind, ruffling Emil's
R.EMIL: Ain Soph Aur!
(Emil lobs a huge ball of dark energy at Richter, who is genuinely
RICHTER: [Guh!]  That arte is--
(The energy explodes all over Richter, and we hear him cry out.  Sheena and
Marta watch, not sure whether to be amazed or horrified.  Emil watches
(The smoke clears.  Miraculously, Richter has his weapons up.  He blocked it. 
The whole temple shakes, and bits start to drop from the ceiling.)
R.EMIL: Guess you're tougher than I thought.  Looks like I'll just have to hit
you with another one!
(Emil's sword starts glowing again, and he readies himself)
RICHTER: (Stunned) Emil, you're--I just can't believe it...
R.EMIL: (Grinning wickedly) [Heh!] I don't know what the hell you're talking
RICHTER: Emil, listen to me.
	You must cease being a Knight of Ratatosk.  If you won't, [then I'll...]
then I'll have to--
R.EMIL: Quit your pointless whining!  Die!
(Suddenly, Sheena runs between Emil and Richter.  She grabs Emil's free hand)
SHEENA: Wait, Emil!  Calm down!
	Return back to normal!  You're destroying the whole temple!
R.EMIL: Shut up!  Get out of my way!
(He easily hurls Sheena to the floor, then turns his attention back to Richter,
his sword glowing even brighter now)
R.EMIL: Ain Soph Aur!
(Emil hurls the blast.  Richter crosses his swords as the sphere hits, stopping
it cold)
RICHTER: Eternal Recurrence!
(With a mighty motion, Richter hurls the blast back at Emil.  Emil gawks,
completely caught off guard)
R.EMIL: [Wh...] What?!
(The blast flies at Emil...  but at the last moment, Marta leaps in the way)
MARTA: Emil!  Look out!
(Marta takes the blow, her whole body smoking as it drops to the ground. 
Emil's eyes grow wide and horrified as he sees what's happened)
R.EMIL: Marta...
(As the temple shakes, the screen fades to black)
R.EMIL: (Roaring) Marta!

R.EMIL: [Ugh...] Where am I?
(Emil shoots up)
R.EMIL: (Looking around wildly) Marta?  Marta, where are you?!
(He looks around a bit more, but it's clear he's alone)
R.EMIL: Damn it!  Where did she go?!
(Suddenly, he notices the purple teardrop object near his feet)
R.EMIL: Tenebrae's core!  It must've fallen with me.
(He scoops it up and heads out)

R.EMIL: I need to find Marta and have her hatch Tenebrae's core fast.

(Marta is waiting for him on the first landing)
R.EMIL: (Shocked) Marta!  You're okay!
MARTA: (Walks toward him) Emil!  [Argh!]  (Falls on one knee)
R.EMIL: (Runs to her) Does it hurt?
MARTA: I treated myself, I'm okay.  (Stands back up)
R.EMIL: It's my fault.  I never meant for you to get hurt.
MARTA: (Shakes head) It's okay, but what's happening to you?
	Sheena mentioned it, too.  You've been in Ratatosk Mode for a long time.
(Emil looks surprised, then furious)
R.EMIL: (Snarling) So you're on their side.
MARTA: (Puzzled) Huh?
R.EMIL: Sheena and Richter are both on my case to return to the "normal" me,
and now you too!
MARTA: No, I didn't say--
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Why?!  Why should I?  My normal self is a pathetic weakling! 
A cowardly dog who'll never amount to anything!
MARTA: Emil...
R.EMIL: You said you wanted me to protect you, as a Knight of Ratatosk.
	And that's exactly what I'm doing!  So what's the problem!
MARTA: Emil, I didn't mean it like that.
R.EMIL: (Looks down) Maybe I should just disappear.  None of you want me
(Emil passes out)
MARTA: (Shocked) Emil!  Emil, wake up!

EMIL: (Woozy) [Huh...?  Wh...] Where am I?
(Emil gets up off Marta's lap and stands up)
MARTA: Emil, you're finally back.
EMIL: Back?
(Sheena walks in from the side)
SHEENA: Are you okay?
EMIL: Sheena!  Sheena, you're okay, too!
SHEENA: Yes.  I'm glad both you and Marta are safe.  But...  (Looks away)
EMIL: But?
MARTA: Tenebrae won't wake up.
EMIL: Tenebrae?!  So Richter didn't get him after all!
SHEENA: What are you talking about?  You grabbed the core yourself.
EMIL: Huh?
	(Thinking) I guess I did?
(Marta raises the core, but nothing happens)
MARTA: Look.  I've been trying the same thing I always do to hatch Centurions,
but Tenebrae won't wake up.
(Emil puts his hand on the core.  Suddenly, it rises up on its own)
EMIL: Whoa.
SHEENA: [Wha-] What was that?!
(A bright flash of light blinds them, and then the core turns into Tenebrae)
MARTA: Tenebrae?!
TENEBRAE: Emil, Lady Marta, my most humble apologies for worrying you so.
EMIL: Tenebrae!  Are you okay?!
TENEBRAE: Centurions do not die.  They only regress to their core state.
	Though I would not have been able to awaken had you two not come for me.
EMIL: Tenebrae, you sacrificed yourself for me.  I'm sorry.
TENEBRAE: Please, think nothing of it.
SHEENA: Thank goodness.  I can't stand saying goodbye to friends.
MARTA: Tenebrae!  (Runs to hug him)
SHEENA: All right, should we start heading back to Meltokio?
	Regal must be worried by now.
MARTA: Right.
EMIL: [Uh,] Wait.  What about Richter?  Any idea what happened to him?
SHEENA: I was caught up in the cave-in, so I can't say exactly for sure,
	but it looked like that Centurion, Aqua, rescued him before he was crushed.
EMIL: (Relieved) Then he's still alive!
SHEENA: [Uh...  Y-]Yeah, probably.
EMIL: Good.
(Awkward silence)
SHEENA: The Ratatosk Mode you and the normal you are like night and day.
(Emil sweatdrops)

EMIL: (Laughs)
MARTA: (Laughs)
TENEBRAE: [Wha-]What is it, you two?
EMIL: Tenebrae, welcome back!
MARTA: We really missed you.
TENEBRAE: Oh my, well I am sorry for causing concern.
SHEENA: Is that all you gotta say?  Show some emotion!  (Baby talk) Is old age
making us a little grumpy?
TENEBRAE: (Irked) How rude!  I would ask that you not treat me like an elderly
EMIL: Look, he's getting angry!  It's really him!
MARTA: Yep!  I wouldn't have him any other way!
TENEBRAE: (Sweatdrop) [Wha...] What happened while I was gone?

EMIL: (That's weird.)
	(When did I pick up Tenebrae's core?)
TENEBRAE: (Appears) Is something wrong, Emil?
EMIL: Well, yeah.  My memory is--
TENEBRAE: Your memory?
EMIL: No, it's okay, it's nothing.
	(My memory of when I arrived at the Temple of Darkness is really hazy. 
(Tenebrae is silent)

EMIL: Hey Mom, do you--
[SHEENA: Huh?]
EMIL: (Flustered) I'm sorry!  That just sort of came out.  I guess it's because
you seem sort of "mom-like."
SHEENA: (Irked) You think I'm motherly?  Are you implying that I'm old?!
EMIL: [N-n-] No!  Not like that.  I meant you were really kind, and grown up
and stuff, and--
	I don't know kind of like the middle-aged women who lived in my
SHEENA: (Angrier) What?!
EMIL: [Guh!]  Hey, Tenebrae, help me out here.
TENEBRAE: You see, on some level, Emil feels a sort of attachment towards you
as a mother.
	And as we know, a powerful symbol of motherhood is the breast.
	The young man is simply expressing his appreciation for your ample bosom.
SHEENA: (Way angry) [I-i-]Is that how you've been looking at me?!  [You-you-]
You creep!
MARTA: (Smacks Emil, just as angry) You jerk!  You perv!  How could you?!  I
hate you!  (Runs off)
TENEBRAE: (Laughs darkly)
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) I guess reawakening didn't change you, Tenebrae.

(Regal jogs in and greets them)
SHEENA: Regal!
REGAL: You're all right!  What about Tenebrae?
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: As you can see, I am quite well.  Terribly sorry to have worried you.
MARTA: So Regal, did you talk to His Majesty about Glacies' core?
REGAL: Actually there's been a bit of progress on that front--which is why I
came to find you.
EMIL: Progress?  You mean you know who has the core?
REGAL: That's correct.  It's one of Meltokio's nobles, just as we suspected.
SHEENA: So who?  Hopefully someone who will fork it over without too much
REGAL: I don't believe it should pose much of a problem.  The buyer was one
Seles Wilder.
SHEENA: Seles.  You mean that idiot Chosen's sister?
EMIL: The Chosen Zelos' sister.
REGAL: Indeed.  We should head to Zelos' mansion.
SHEENA: Does that sound good to you two?
MARTA: (Nods) Of course.
EMIL: (Slumps) I'm not exactly enthusiastic, but it's not like we have a
SHEENA: I'm not too eager, myself.  But let's go.

REGAL: How was the Temple of Darkness?
EMIL: It was really dark.
TENEBRAE: It is, after all, the resting place of my altar.  One should expect
some darkness.
REGAL: That's right, you're a dark elemental.
TENEBRAE: Darkness is quite pleasant.  It wraps the world in a warm, black
	It would seem though, that my altar was converted into a temple of some
sort during my sleep.
SHEENA: I think it was Cruxis that built the temples.
MARTA: Cruxis is that institution in the heavens where Goddess Martel lives,
REGAL: (Distant) Yes.  I suppose that describes it well enough.
EMIL: So the Church of Martel's followers turned the Centurions' altars into
TENEBRAE: Indeed.  It's rather rude to remodel someone's home without asking
permission.  They've ruined the bleakness of my magnificent lair.
MARTA: What's the big deal?  It's still plenty dark.
TENEBRAE: The quality of the darkness is as different as night and day!  Can
you truly not appreciate that fact?!
REGAL: I guess some differences are too subtle for we humans to perceive.

EMIL: [Um,] So who is Seles?
SHEENA: Seles is the half-sister of Zelos, the Chosen.
REGAL: She has a frail constitution.  Without the aid of an Exsphere, even
everyday activities are difficult for her.
EMIL: Exspheres.  Those stones with mysterious powers, right?
	And they were made by the Desians.
SHEENA: Yes.  They allow people to amp their abilities to their full potential.
 Both of us have one.
REGAL: The King has issued an order demanding the surrender of all Exspheres.
	So we'll have to return these as well someday.
SHEENA: At any rate, Seles didn't waste any time in giving her Exsphere back.
	And that's why Zelos has been so worried about her.
REGAL: When Seles is involved, the Chosen has a tendency to lose his composure.
SHEENA: Anyone so much as touches a hair on her head and he'd hunt them down to
the gates of Hell itself.
MARTA: (Dreamy) Wow, that's so dashing.~  I wish I had an older brother like


NOBLE A: I never thought I'd see such a lovely girl out in the savages of
AISHA: Please, just leave.
MARTA: (Notices the spectacle) Hey, isn't that Aisha?
EMIL: Yeah, that's her.
NOBLE B: Oh my, you're a feisty one, aren't you?
NOBLE C: Sylvaranti or not, with her pretty face, I think she'd make a fine
servant on my estate.
	Hurry up, girl!  Gather your things--you're coming with us!
AISHA: No thank you.
NOBLE A: What?  An uneducated Sylvaranti peasant dares to defy a noble from
glorious Tethe'alla?
NOBLE B: No matter.  I doubt anyone in these wretched slums would notice if she
went missing.
	If she won't come, we'll just take her.
(Noble B grabs Aisha.  The party runs in)
MARTA: (Angrily) Let go of her!
(Noble B drops Aisha)
NOBLE B: Who are you?
NOBLE A: Oh, I see.  This little girl is jealous.  She wants to serve at the
foot of an earl as well.
NOBLE C: So that's what it is?  I'm sure she could handle a few jobs for me. 
I'm feeling rather generous today.
MARTA: You make me sick!
SHEENA: Aren't you all ashamed of yourselves?!
REGAL: You make me embarrassed to be a Tethe'allan.
NOBLE C: Oh, Duke Bryant, as I live and breathe!  I would have never expected
to run into you in a place like this.
	Did you come to tame some Sylvaranti monkeys as well?
REGAL: Apologize to them!
NOBLE B: Why Duke Bryant, I must have misheard you.  Surely you're not saying a
proud Tethe'allan such as yourself would take the side of these savages?
(Marta rushes up and grabs Noble B)
MARTA: (Furious) That's enough!
NOBLE B: (Angrily) You're getting my clothes dirty!  Let go of me!
(Noble B swats Marta away)
EMIL: Marta!
NOBLE A: Sylvaranti scum...
(Suddenly, a fireball shoots down by the nobles.  Harley runs in)
AISHA: Harley!
NOBLE C: That was magic!  You're a half-elf?!
HARLEY: So what if I am?
NOBLE B: Associating with half-elves.  How vulgar.
(Emil's eyes turn red)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) That's enough of your crap!
NOBLE B: We are honorable nobles of Tethe'alla, and--
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Shut your mouth!  (Draws his sword)
AISHA: Please, stop it!
R.EMIL: (To Aisha) But...
NOBLE C: Well done, girl.
	I shall grant you a reward.  How much would you like?  You Sylvaranti are
quite poor, aren't you?
AISHA: That isn't necessary.  Please just leave our town.
NOBLE A: Who are you to tell us Tethe'allans what to do?
NOBLE B: Savages and half-elves...  You deserve each other!
(The nobles run off.  Emil's eyes turn green)
MARTA: What the hell was their problem?!
EMIL: I didn't know Tethe'allans were that horrible.
MARTA: Tethe'allans are always like this.  They're always insulting and
belittling us Sylvaranti.
	(Angrily) I hate them!
REGAL: As a fellow Tethe'allan, I apologize.
(Marta turns, shocked)
MARTA: Regal, I didn't mean you and Sheena.
SHEENA: We know, Marta, but it's still embarrassing for us to see people like
	(To Aisha and Harley) Aisha and Harley, I'm sorry for their treatment of
HARLEY: Well, I'm a half-elf, so I'm used to this sort of thing.
AISHA: Humans and half-elves...  Tethe'alla and Sylvarant.
	Why do people always find a way to hate each other for their differences?
EMIL: Yeah, it's really sad.


NOBLE C: O-out of the way!  We are nobles of the glorious Tethe'alla--
VILLAGER A: (Angrily) What's so glorious about Tethe'alla?!  You mock our
Chosen of Regeneration!
NOBLE B: Insolent knave!  The only Chosen in this world is the Chosen Zelos!
	You foolish Sylvaranti need to learn some humility!
NOBLE A: Indeed.  What have you trash or your primitive society ever
accomplished to make you so proud?
VILLAGER B: You're no better than common thieves, stealing food from our lands
and kidnapping our people.
	And worst of all, you deny our Chosen of Regeneration!
VILLAGER C: Kill them!  They won't leave Iselia alive!
EMIL: (To Marta) Marta, what should we do?
MARTA: (Looks away) Those noble brought this onto themselves.
EMIL: Yeah, but we can't just leave them like this!  (Runs off)
(Emil runs between the nobles and the mob)
EMIL: Stop it!
VILLAGER D: What?  You're a Tethe'allan too?!
EMIL: No, I'm not.
VILLAGER A: Then mind your own business!
VILLAGER D: Isn't he the little brat who said Lloyd killed his parents or
VILLAGER C: So you're on the Tethe'allans' side!
PHAIDRA: (Offscreen) All of you!  Stop this right now!
(Phaidra walks in, looking displeased)
VILLAGER B: Phaidra--
PHAIDRA: If you don't stop this at once you will distress Colette--distress the
Chosen One.  Go back to your homes.
VILLAGER A: Damn it.
(The mob disperses)
PHAIDRA: As for the Tethe'allan visitors, you should leave our town at once.
NOBLE C: Rescued by the likes of a Sylvaranti...  how ridiculous.
NOBLE B: If you're looking for a reward, little one, it won't work!
(The nobles leave.  Marta runs up to Emil)
MARTA: We should've just let them get what they deserved!
EMIL: But...
PHAIDRA: That is not prudent.  Imagine the problems we would've had with
Tethe'alla if it was allowed to proceed.  The Chosen would be put into a very
uncomfortable situation.
	Thank you for stopping our villagers from doing something they would
MARTA: But still, I hate people like that.
REGAL: It is because of fools such as them that Tethe'alla and Sylvarant will
never come together.  I apologize on their behalf.
MARTA: Regal...
SHEENA: We'll do everything we can to get Tethe'alla to see things the way we
	But Marta, I want you to at least understand this:
	There are people in Tethe'alla who love Sylvarant just as much as you do.
(Marta and Emil are silent)


(A creaky old butler greets the party)
SEBASTIAN: Duke Bryant, welcome back.  [Ah,] And Miss Sheena.  You grace us
with your presence.
SHEENA: It's been a while, Sebastian.
SEBASTIAN: And you would be Sir Emil, Miss Marta, and Sir Tenebrae, correct? 
Duke Bryant was good enough to send word ahead of your visit.
EMIL: [Th-]Thank you.  We've come about the Glacies' core.
SEBASTIAN: Yes.  Well, one of our servants, a man named Tokunaga, informed us
that he had come into possession of an unusual jewel.
MARTA: Isn't that the butler we saw coming out of the item shop?
REGAL: (Nods) The same.  It seems that he had just purchased the core when we
saw him.
EMIL: Could you please call Mr.  Tokunaga for us?!
(Suddenly, there are several loud thumps from upstairs)
SEBASTIAN: [Wh-]What could that be?
(Tokunaga rushes down the stairs)
TOKUNAGA: (Alarmed) [I-]It's Lady Seles!  Lady Seles has been kidnapped by Sir
(Everyone reacts with shock)
SEBASTIAN: What?!  Sir Bud kidnapped Lady Seles?!
MARTA: (Puzzled) Sir Bud?
EMIL: Are you talking about Lloyd?
SHEENA: We'll explain later!  Which way did he go?!
TOKUNAGA: Out the second floor window.
SHEENA: We have to go after him!

(Everyone looks around in different directions)
REGAL: Where is he?!
EMIL: Tenebrae!  Can you sense Glacies around here?!
TENEBRAE: I do sense a presence getting further from here.  However, energy
from another Centurion's core is causing some interference.
SHEENA: Another core?  Like Lumen's?  Lloyd has that!
TENEBRAE: No, this would be Solum's core, I believe.
	Why would Solum's core be here?
MARTA: We can wonder about that later!  Let's split up and start searching!

(Emil descends the steps and looks around.  He turns around to go back and
crashes right into Zelos)
ZELOS: [Woah,] Excuse you!  It's you!
EMIL: Zelos Wilder!
ZELOS: [Huh.]  Never expected to see you in my neck of the woods.
EMIL: We don't have time for that!  Lloyd kidnapped your sister!
ZELOS: (Annoyed) What are you talking about?
EMIL: It's true!  (Looks left) [Huh?]
(Suddenly, a red-shirted figure rushes past, the fragile under his arm)
ZELOS: (Shocked) Lloyd?!
(Lloyd stops for a moment, looking around)
EMIL: Lloyd Irving!  I--
(Emil's eyes go red)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) I've been waiting for you!
(Lloyd keeps running)
R.EMIL: (Shouting) Come back here!
(Emil and Zelos chase for a moment, but Lloyd has vanished)
R.EMIL: Damn it!  I lost him!
ZELOS: You're saying that was Lloyd?
R.EMIL: Of course!  Are you blind?
ZELOS: Don't make me laugh.  That's not Lloyd.
R.EMIL: (Angrily) You idiot!  Your sister's been kidnapped!
ZELOS: [Hmmph.] Don't get your britches in a bunch, kid.  Lloyd wouldn't do
something like that to Seles.
	That was not Lloyd.
(Zelos turns and starts walking away)
R.EMIL: Where're you going?
ZELOS: I'm going home.  If someone's gone to all the trouble of kidnapping
Seles, I'm sure they left me some sort of message.
	You come too.  You wanna see Lloyd, right?
R.EMIL: (Looks away) [Hmpf!] ...

SEBASTIAN: Master Zelos!  Lady Seles has been--
ZELOS: The kid already filled me in.
SEBASTIAN: Duke Bryant and Miss Sheena are currently out looking for Lady
ZELOS: (Surprised) Regal and Sheena?
(Marta runs back in)
MARTA: It looks like Lloyd's already skipped town.  Oh!
R.EMIL: Marta...
(Emil's eyes revert to green)
MARTA: Emil...
ZELOS: Sebastian, tell me exactly what happened.
TOKUNAGA: I was the one who witnessed it, Master Zelos.
	I had presented Lady Seles with an exceptional gem called the Glacies.  I
had just begun explaining its origins when it happened.
	Sir Lloyd suddenly came in through the window.  He grabbed Lady Seles along
with the gem, and escaped.
MARTA: (Shocked) You mean Lloyd has Glacies' Core?
EMIL: I'm sorry, Marta.  If only I caught him...
ZELOS: (To Sebastian) And there's been no word from Lloyd?
SEBASTIAN: We have yet to hear anything.
ZELOS: That's weird.
MARTA: What's so weird about it?  Lloyd's after all of the cores.
ZELOS: Then why go to the trouble of kidnapping Seles?  I'm telling you, that's
not Lloyd.
EMIL: (Angrily) You're wrong!  It was Lloyd!  I saw him with my own eyes!
ZELOS: What would you know about Lloyd, anyway?  You really think he smells
like that?
MARTA: (Puzzled) Smell?
ZELOS: Yep.  When he ran by me there was this horrible stench.  I thought I was
gonna pass out.
	Lloyd's never been the sort to wear cologne.  And even if he was, he'd
never put on something that putrid.
EMIL: Now that you mention it, it did smell a bit familiar.
MARTA: Was it Eau de Seduction?
EMIL: That's it!  Wait, that would mean Decus was disguised as Lloyd?!
ZELOS: Hey, you guys want to enlighten the rest of us as to what you're talking
MARTA: [Um,] Well, you see...
(Quickie Explanation fade-out)
ZELOS: [Hmm...] Ratatosk, huh?  I gotta say that's quite the tale.
	So anyway, there's a good chance the "Lloyd" we saw was actually this
Vanguard guy Decus in disguise.
EMIL: Judging from the smell I think so.
ZELOS: All right, come with me for an audience with His Majesty.  Let Regal and
Sheena know when they come back.
SEBASTIAN: (Bows) Understood.
MARTA: An audience?
ZELOS: The house of Wilder is second in status only to the royal family.  We
have to report this immediately.  Let's go.

(The King and Princess sit on their thrones)
TETHE'ALLAN KING: Zelos, Chosen One.  I'm told that Bud has kidnapped Seles.
ZELOS: To be more accurate, Your Majesty, she was taken by an impostor of his. 
We believe the Vanguard may be involved.
EMIL: Excuse me, why do you call him "Bud"?
ZELOS: Because he's my bud.
PRINCESS: You say those barbarians who call themselves the Sylvaranti
Liberation Front committed this crime?!  How awful.
MARTA: (Sad groan) ...
(A soldier approaches)
SOLDIER: Your Majesty, Duke Bryant and Sheena Fujibayahi of Mizuho have
TETHE'ALLAN KING: I would speak with them.
(The soldier runs off.  Regal and Sheena walk in)
TETHE'ALLAN KING: It seems matters have become quite grave.
REGAL: Your Majesty, we come bearing new information about the current
SHEENA: Scouts from my village reported seeing a Rheiard overhead, flying east.
MARTA: East of here.  That could be the Cape Fortress.
EMIL: Marta?
MARTA: The Vanguard has a base in the Cape Fortress.
ZELOS: So Marta dear, how do you know something like that?
MARTA: [W-]Well...
ZELOS: Former Vanguard, huh?
TETHE'ALLAN KING: A member of the Vanguard?
(The soldiers draw their weapons)
EMIL: Stop, please!  Marta has nothing to do with the Vanguard anymore!
ZELOS: And right now my sister's life if more important.
	(Sternly) Put away your weapons!
(The soldiers withdraw)
ZELOS: (To the King) So far, the Vanguard hasn't made any attempt to contact me
regarding my sister's kidnapping.
	Which is why I suspect they've abducted Seles in order to get to Lloyd,
rather than me.
EMIL: Why would they do that?
REGAL: Emil, the Vanguard's after the cores too, correct?  That would include
whatever cores Lloyd has.
EMIL: I see.  They took Seles so they could make a trade with Lloyd.
ZELOS: Well, it could just be coincidence.
	Seles came in possession of the core.  They set out to steal it, and ended
up grabbing her when they realized she'd be useful as well.
MARTA: Decus.  How could he?
ZELOS: (To the King) We'll need to infiltrate the Vanguard's base.
	Your Majesty, in case our plan should fail, I would request the royal army
be readied to take up the search for Seles.
TETHE'ALLAN KING: Of course.  I'll have my generals make the necessary
preparations immediately.  As for Mizuho...
SHEENA: I've already asked my people to start a search.
TETHE'ALLAN KING: Excellent.  But Chosen One, shouldn't you consider staying
behind in the city?
ZELOS: If I don't get some thrills in now and then, I'll grow old before my
	Well then, your majesty, we will take our leave.

EMIL: [Um...] I'd like to say something before we go.
REGAL: Is something the matter?
EMIL: (Slumps) I'm sorry.
SHEENA: What are you apologizing for?
EMIL: It's about Lloyd.
	I've been thinking.  What if all these terrible things I've been blaming on
Lloyd were actually done by his imposter?
MARTA: Emil...
EMIL: I don't know.
EMIL: Maybe this is the only time it's his imposter.  Of course it could turn
out that the real Lloyd is responsible for this.
	But every time I hear one of Lloyd's friends talk about him, it's hard to
believe he's the same person who did all of those terrible things.
REGAL: I appreciate what you're trying to say, but we have no idea what the
truth is.
EMIL: Yes, I know.
	It's just, I finally realized I can't jump to conclusions when there's so
much doubt about what's happened.
	That's why I wanted to say I'm sorry.
ZELOS: Then let's call a truce.
	When you gave me the evil eye, I pegged you as just some punk.  But now
that I've gotten to know you, you're a pretty decent kid.
SHEENA: Zelos!  You don't have to talk like that.
	It was probably Emil in Ratatosk Mode that gave you the evil eye.
REGAL: Indeed.  It seems that Emil gets a bit abrasive when he enters this
so-called Ratatosk Mode.
(Marta runs in front of Emil)
MARTA: (Angrily) Stop it!  Stop talking about the other Emil like that!
	That Emil is Emil, too!  And he's doing the best he can.  So please stop
talking about him like this.
SHEENA: (Scratches her head) [Uh,] Right.  I'm sorry.
REGAL: Yes, I'm afraid I went too far as well.  I'm sorry, Emil.
EMIL: [N-]No, I'm fine.
(Awkward silence)
ZELOS: Well, moving on, I think it's about time we left.
	Sorry to rush you all, but I'm worried about Seles.
EMIL: Yes, I'm sorry for delaying.  Let's get moving!

ZELOS: (Angry) Damn them!  I don't care if they're the Vanguard or what,
anybody who even looks at Seles the wrong way is gonna answer to me.
	After I string them up by their necks from the summit of Mt.  Fooji, I'll
tie them to a sack of bricks and dump them into Flanoir Harbor!
MARTA: Wow, Regal and Sheena weren't kidding!
EMIL: [Y-]Yeah.
ZELOS: What did they say?
MARTA: They said you cared a lot about your sister.
EMIL: That you'd never forgive anybody who hurt her.
TENEBRAE: Essentially, they said you seem to have a thing for your sister.
ZELOS: Regal, Sheena.  Come here a sec.
REGAL: (Nervous) No, that's not what we meant.
SHEENA: (Irked) Tenebrae!
[TENEBRAE: (Laughs darkly)]

ZELOS: Oh why hello, Miss Jubblies!  I see you're keeping that sumptuous body
of yours in top shape!
SHEENA: (Irked) Say it again and I'll smack you!  (Smacks Zelos)
ZELOS: [OW!]  You always warn me after you do it!  Nice to see you haven't
changed, Sheena.
SHEENA: Nice to see you still can't have a conversation without slobbering over
REGAL: The Chosen's personality is the picture of constancy.
ZELOS: You haven't changed a bit yourself, Duke Bryant.
REGAL: Chosen, we just saw each other the other day, at the salon of Countess
SHEENA: (Irked) He was checking out her voluptuous aristocratic curves, no
ZELOS: What's that, Sheena?  Do I detect a note of jealousy?
SHEENA: What?!
REGAL: It's almost as if they've never been apart.

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: I wonder if Zelos takes a bath with a "roobber duckie?"  I
swear, these voices sometimes...*

*Cape Fortress*

REGAL: I expected the Vanguard's base to be better guarded than this.
SHEENA: No kidding.
EMIL: (Turns to Marta) Hey, Marta.  You know this place, right?
	If there a place where they could imprison someone they've kidnapped?
MARTA: I've heard about this base, but I've never actually been here, so it's
hard to say.
ZELOS: I see.  Looks like we'll just have to search the place inside-out.  Oh
well.  Let's go.
EMIL: (Nods) Yes.
(Marta is silent)

ZELOS: So this is the Vanguard's base.  Man, what a total dump.
TENEBRAE: Making it ornate would serve little purpose.
ZELOS: But what kind of scum locks a guy's poor sister up in a diseased rat
hole like this?!
TENEBRAE: You were expecting one of those immaculate, luxurious revolutionary
soldier camps?
ZELOS: A little of you goes a long way, Tenny.
TENEBRAE: I might say the same thing about you, sir.
EMIL/MARTA/SHEENA/REGAL: You got that right.
ZELOS: Come on guys, where's the love?

(The group walks toward a square panel on the ground)
SHEENA: I hope Seles is okay.
ZELOS: If she's not, I'll make sure the Vanguard pays with their lives.
MARTA: I'm sorry.
ZELOS: I wish I could say "it's fine, don't worry about it."  But I can't.
SHEENA: Zelos!  Don't you think that's a little harsh?
(Suddenly, a wolf monster lunges at Sheena)
REGAL: (Shocked) Sheena!  Behind you!
EMIL: (Panicked) Sheena!  Look out!
(Sheena backflips over the monster and lands on the panel)
SHEENA: No sweat!
(The panel cracks underneath her)
(The panel crumbles and she plummets into the hole)
SHEENA: (Echoing) You gotta be kidding me!
MARTA: What?  Again?!
ZELOS: [Heh...] What a klutz.
REGAL: (Irked sigh) I'll go look for her.  You all keep looking for Seles.
EMIL: Right.  Good luck, Regal.

ZELOS: Sheena was an assassin right?  What's she doing falling into a low-tech
trap like that?
TENEBRAE: From what we've heard, she struggled with this a bit in your previous
journey as well.
MARTA: And this isn't the first time it's happened on this trip, either.
ZELOS: (Sweatdrop) For real?
EMIL: Yeah.  Which reminds me,
	I've seen more pitfalls on this on[e] trip than I have in my entire life.

EMIL: I'm worried about Seles, but I really hope Sheena's okay, too.
MARTA: I know.  Why do bad things always happen in pairs?
EMIL: How about you, Marta, are you doing okay?
[MARTA: Huh?]
EMIL: I mean everything that's happened with the Vanguard lately.
MARTA: It's hard to believe I used to be in a group that would do all this.
EMIL: But you're not in it anymore.  You're with us now.
MARTA: Yeah.  Thanks, Emil.

ZELOS: [Ta-daaa!]  Feast your eyes on this!  Come sample my one-of-a-kind
gourmet cuisine.~
MARTA: [Woah!] Look at it all!  Everything from appetizers to dessert!  I had
no idea you were such a talented cook!
ZELOS: Well, what did you expect?  High-class men have high-class tastes.
EMIL: This is great.  I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.  (Moves in)
ZELOS: Not so fast.  Your seat's over there.  (Pushes Emil back)
EMIL: Over there?  But there's only bread and water over there.
ZELOS: And what's wrong with that?
	(Irked) Bread is quite a luxury.  And I'm such a gentleman, I even arranged
for sparkling water.
	No need to be polite, eat as much as you like.  Marta dear, step right this
way.  (Pushes Marta the other way)
EMIL: (Sweatdrop) Isn't this taking the whole chivalry thing a little too far?

ZELOS: First Seles is abducted, then my bud gets impersonated, and now Sheena
falls through a trapdoor.
	Why do things like this keep happening around me?
EMIL: (Slumps) I'm sorry.
MARTA: I'm sorry, too.
ZELOS: Why are you two sorry?
MARTA: [Um...] Well...
(Awkward silence)
ZELOS: Come on, now you're making me feel like the bad guy here.
	Cheer up.  Lose those pitiful, depressing faces.
MARTA: But it's all our fault.  If not for us, Seles would be safe.
ZELOS: If you really want to help, the best thing you can do is focus on the
task at hand.
	None of your apologies are going to bring us any closer to saving Seles.
EMIL: Right.  I'm sorr--
ZELOS: Enough.  I just want to save my sister.  That's all.
	Making you two miserable is not my style.  Understand?
EMIL: (Bravely) We'll save Seles!
ZELOS: There, that's the spirit.
TENEBRAE: You are much kinder than one would expect.
ZELOS: (Irked) What?  How can you gaze upon this beautiful face and this
graceful figure and ever think otherwise?
TENEBRAE: Ah, you'll have to excuse me.  It would appear the standards of
beauty between monsters and humans differ greatly.
ZELOS: You might make a nice piece of steak.

ZELOS: So, fill me in.  How is dragging this tyke around with us going to help
us rescue Seles?
MARTA: (Irked) Hey!
ZELOS: No, I don't mean you, Marta sweetie.  I was talking about our little
daydreamer over here.
EMIL: [S-]Sorry.
ZELOS: I don't know how you can be such a limp noodle with this lovely little
lady fawning all over you like she does.
MARTA: (Irked) Hey!  I won't let you talk about my knight like that!
ZELOS: Whoa kid, for a dim bulb, you sure put the moves on quick!
EMIL: (Flustered) No it's not like that!
MARTA: (Disappointed) [I...]It's not?!
EMIL: (Flustered) Wait, I mean, huh?
ZELOS: [Ah,] There's nothing like young love.

(Emil, Marta and Zelos stop.  There's a heated battle going on in front of
them...  between two Lloyd Irvings.  Both are fighting as hard as they can,
swords clanging)
EMIL: (Shocked) [There...] There are two Lloyds?!
MARTA: Then one of them is really Decus!
(The two Lloyds keep slashing at each other, then notice the intruders.  One
Lloyd knocks the other away and signals to them)
LLOYD A: Come on!  Give me a hand!  Help me defeat this fake one once and for
LLOYD B: Don't let him fool you!  He's the imposter!
(Lloyd A leaps at Lloyd B and the fight resumes.  The party just stands there,
not sure what to do)
MARTA: If one of them is Decus, he should reek of that cologne.
EMIL: But the smell is overpowering everything.  I can't tell which one it's
coming from.
(Zelos stares at the dueling Lloyds silently, as if he can already tell)
LLOYD B: (Falls to one knee) Damn it!  This is ridiculous!
LLOYD A: (Signals to the party again) I trust all of you!  I know justice will
prevail and that you will make the right choice!
(Emil stares at the two Lloyds, still uncertain)
MARTA: Emil!  What should we do?

EMIL: (Draws his sword) The fake Lloyd is this one!
(Emil rushes at the fallen Lloyd, but suddenly the screen goes white)
ZELOS: Demon Fang!
(Zelos has blocked Emil's sword with his own.  Emil looks up in confusion)
EMIL: Huh?
ZELOS: Sorry, kid.  You're wrong on this one.  This guy's the imposter!
(Zelos turns on Lloyd A and sends him flying.  He crashes down on top of a
pillar and reverts to Decus)

EMIL: (Draws his sword) The imposter is this one!
(Emil swings at Lloyd A and sends him flying.  He crashes down on top of a
pillar and reverts to Decus)

(Decus slowly gets to his feet, dragging up his iron maiden)
MARTA: Decus!
	I can't believe it!
	Then you're the one responsible for attacking Palmacosta and destroying all
of those cities.
DECUS: (Looks surprised, still twitching flamboyantly) [Aww,] Crap!  So you
found me out.
	Damn it!  I was supposed to keep all of this a secret from you Marta!
MARTA: [Wha...] What are you talking about?!  So then Daddy ordered you to--
EMIL: (Puzzled) Daddy?  [W-]What do you mean, "Daddy?"
DECUS: (Smirks) Oh, I see!  So you didn't tell them, did you?
	Yes, of course!  If you did, you wouldn't be able to stay with them.
EMIL: (Looks over at Marta) What does he mean Marta?
(Marta looks sad and keeps quiet.  Suddenly, in marches Alice, dragging the
mushroom-hatted Seles along with her)
ALICE: Our dear little Martmart is the only daughter of the Vanguard's great
Commander Brute.~
ZELOS: (Shocked) Seles!
SELES: Zelos!
ALICE: (Giggles) Don't you dare take another step!~
	I just love breaking the arms of cute little girls like you.~
ZELOS: (Furious) Why you little bitch.
ALICE: Long as I win.~
DECUS: (Moving like he just got tasered) Yeah!  You better not badmouth my
precious little Alice, or you'll have to answer to me!
ALICE: (Looks away, annoyed) Decus, shut up.
	Now be good kids and hand over your cores and weapons.
	Martmart can bring them to us.
EMIL: Why are you doing this?!  What do you want with the Centurions' cores?!
DECUS: (Gyrating) We only really need Ratatosk's core.  Commander Brute wants
the rest for his little collection.
ALICE: (Irked) [Agh!]  Decus!  Stop answering their questions!
DECUS: (Harlequin bow) [Uhh!]  Sorry, my dear Alice!
ALICE: (Points her swatter at Marta) Now, Martmart.  And please be quick about
(Emil looks at Marta.  Marta hesitates, then starts to walk forward.  Alice
???: Not so fast!
(Alice looks up, surprised.  Sheena teleports in behind her and knocks her
aside with a mighty elbow thrust)
[ALICE: Eeeeehhh!!!]
(Alice lands on her butt.  Decus gyrates in surprise at the newcomer. 
Suddenly, a golden, flying ring zips in.  Decus guards with his iron maiden,
but it still knocks him off the pillar.  The ring flies back into the grasp of
Colette, who has joined Sheena.  Both strike combat poses)
COLETTE: We're not going to let you!
(Decus reels and gets back on his feet.  Suddenly, though, Regal comes rushing
in from behind, stomping on his head and knocking his eyeballs clean out)
REGAL: So sorry to disappoint you!
(Regal rushes past him and joins Sheena and Colette in blocking the escape. 
Lloyd has taken hold of Seles)
ZELOS: Lloyd!  Is Seles all right?
LLOYD: Yeah.
COLETTE: Zelos, we'll take care of Seles!  Lloyd!  This way!
LLOYD: All right!
(Lloyd leads Seles after Colette, Regal and Sheena.  Alice gets to her feet)
ALICE: You're not getting away!  (Rushes after the fleeing band)
EMIL: Wait!
DECUS: (Skids to a halt in front of the remaining group, his eyeballs back in) 
Not so fast.  Don't interfere with my Alice.  I'll protect her no matter what!
ZELOS: (Smirks) [Huh!] Oh really?  You're going to stop me?  You can't even put
on cologne without screwing it up!
(Decus attacks the party!  The party squashes him)
(Decus falls to his knees, and Glacies' core clatters onto the floor)
DECUS: That damn mail-order exercise machine must've been a scam!
(Marta picks up the core)
DECUS: Damn it!
MARTA: Decus, did daddy really order you to do all of that?  Did he order you
to attack Palmacosta?
DECUS: I was ordered to use the power of the Centurion's core to transform into
Lloyd, then attack a meeting of the Vanguard.
	That would allow us to wipe out our internal dissent and place all the
blame on the Church of Martel.
MARTA: (Shocked) [Uh!] No Decus...
(Zelos looks behind and suddenly moves, his sword out.  Richter has appeared
and locks blades with Zelos)
EMIL: Richter!
RICHTER: (To Decus) I'll handle this.  Now go!
DECUS: (Gets to his feet and grabs his iron maiden) Thank you.
(Decus grabs his iron maiden and happy-foots his way after Alice.)
MARTA: Wait a minute!
(Marta starts to go after Decus, but Aqua grabs her.  Emil moves, and Richter
turns his second sword on him.  Emil wisely backs off)
ZELOS: Man!  What is it with you people?!
RICHTER: (Raises sword) Emil, farewell!
(Richter attacks the party!)

(Richter falls to his knees.  Emil approaches him)
EMIL: Richter, why are you doing this?
(Richter rears up and grabs Emil by the throat)

(Richter already has Emil by the throat)

RICHTER: Emil, I won't ask you to forgive me.  You can curse me in hell
(Richter raises his axe)
EMIL: (Choking) [N...] No Richter...
(Richter hesitates, looking Emil over with shocked eyes.  His axe slowly
RICHTER: (Gasps) Aster...
(There's a long silence.  Zelos and Marta wait to see what Richter will do. 
Aqua flies back to him)
AQUA: Master Richter!
(Richter hesitates a bit more, then releases Emil's neck.  Emil staggers
backwards, gasping.  Richter turns and walks away)
AQUA: Master Richter!  (Follows him)
EMIL: (Between gasps) Aster?
MARTA: I guess that Richter didn't kill us after all.
ZELOS: (Turns and runs the way Decus went) Seles!
MARTA: Right!  Come on Emil, let's go after them! (Starts to follow Zelos)
(Emil stares at the way Richter left, rubbing at his neck)
EMIL: I wonder who Aster is?
MARTA: Come on Emil!
EMIL: Oh!  [Uh...] Right!  (Runs after the others)

(Alice is cornered by Lloyd, Sheena, Seles, Colette and Regal.  Still, she
isn't very freaked out)
ALICE: The heroes of world regeneration.  This isn't looking very good for me.
LLOYD: I know you have the cores as well.  Now hand them over.
ALICE: Not a chance!~
LLOYD: You don't need them for the goals that you have in mind.
(Just then, the rest of the gang rushes in.  Zelos protectively takes hold of
EMIL: Goals?  You mean their intention of reviving the Sylvarant Dynasty?
ZELOS: The Sylvarant Dynasty?  Please, you guys can't be serious.
ALICE: (Wicked face) Our commander is quite serious, I assure you.
	He is a descendant of the Sylvarant Dynasty which fell eight hundred years
REGAL: (Looks up) Someone's above us!
(Decus is lurking on the balcony overhead, twitching and gyrating like he has
termites in his undies)
DECUS: (Can't even describe it, it's so stupid-looking) Did you know that the
Sylvarant Dynasty was destroyed by the Cruxis Angels and the Church of Martel?
(Alice's balloon-panda thing comes floating down and she hops aboard, floating
up to join Captain Jibblies on the balcony)
ALICE: (Sweetly) Martmart, come back to the Vanguard.
	If you bring back Ratatosk's core, Commander Brute will forgive you.
MARTA: No way!  I'll never go back!
	I took Ratatosk's core on purpose to stop Daddy's foolish ambition once and
for all.
ALICE: (Hands on hips) Nobody likes a strong willed little girl.  All right
Decus let's go.  (Saunters off)
DECUS: (Flaming pose) I'll follow you to the end of the earth!  (Walks after
(Both get on the balloon cat and fly away.  Marta watches them, then hangs her
[MARTA: Ungh...]
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta, don't let them get to you.
MARTA: Oh, right.
REGAL: We're all wounded and tired.  Let's go back to Meltokio for now.
COLETTE: I agree.  Seles isn't looking very good either.  Is that all right
with you, Lloyd?
(Lloyd is silent)

EMIL: Richter said "Aster" while he was looking at me.
	Aster.  I guess that's someone's name.
	But why say it to me?  I don't know it really bothers me.

LLOYD: [Ugh...] I can't believe this!
ZELOS: (Angrily) You're not the only one!  How could they involve my poor
sister in this!
COLETTE: But what does this all mean?  [Ugh,] I'm so confused!
MARTA: Okay, the real Lloyd was the one gathering the cores.
	Meanwhile Decus was posing as Lloyd and committing crimes in his name.
	Right, Emil?  (Beam)
EMIL: Who is Aster?  What did he mean?
TENEBRAE: What does Brute want with the cores?
SHEENA: Is that exercise machine Decus ordered really ineffective?  Has anybody
tried it out?
REGAL: Proving which Lloyd was real and which Lloyd was fake will be difficult
with only his own word as evidence.

EMIL: [Um...] Excuse me, Lloyd?
ZELOS: Lloyd, bud.
COLETTE: Lloyd...
REGAL: Lloyd, answer us.
SHEENA: Come on, Lloyd...
LLOYD: I have nothing to say.

COLETTE: Emil, you and Marta know this Richter person, right?
MARTA: (Surprised) You know him too, Colette?
COLETTE: I think maybe we're friends?
EMIL/MARTA/TENEBRAE: (Surprised) What?!
COLETTE: Well, my Cruxis Crystal--it's this pendant-looking thing I have--
	anyway, he asked me to give it to him.
MARTA: Now that you mention it, the Vanguard has been on the lookout for the
	Maybe they need the Cruxis Crystals for some plan of theirs.
COLETTE: When I told him I couldn't give up something so important, he said
he'd have to take it from me by force.
TENEBRAE: Did he threaten to kill you?!
COLETTE: No.  But that scared me, so I tried to get away.  Except I turned
around and ran smack into the fence of a nearby house and broke it.
	The people who lived there were really angry.
	But Richter apologized with me, and even paid them for the damages.
EMIL: And?
COLETTE: He bid me farewell by saying he'd let me go this time, but he'd take
my Cruxis Crystal the next time we met.  And then he left.
MARTA: Sounds more like a threat than a farewell.
COLETTE: I think Richter's a Chosen maniac, so he's really into collecting
their memorabilia.  That must be why he wanted my Cruxis Crystal.

EMIL: [Um...] Lloyd...
(Lloyd turns around)
EMIL: (Hangs head) I'm sorry for the way I acted.
LLOYD: It's nothing you should feel bad about.  I had not intention of
explaining myself from the beginning.
COLETTE: Lloyd, why won't you tell us anything?
REGAL: Won't you talk to us?
LLOYD: [Ungh...] ...
EMIL: There is only one way we can remove Ratatosk's core from Marta.
	We have to hatch all of the cores and wake up Ratatosk himself.
	Why are you after the cores?  Maybe we can all work together.
LLOYD: Then let's work together.
	(Draws his swords) You can start by giving all of your cores to me.
MARTA: (Shocked) This isn't just about me!  If we can wake Ratatosk, all the
strange weather around the world will finally stop!
LLOYD: Maybe you didn't hear what I said.  Hand over the cores, right now!
(Marta recoils)
SHEENA: This isn't like you!
REGAL: Lloyd, why?  Surely there's some reason you've behaving this way.
COLETTE: Lloyd...
ZELOS: Talk to us!
(Lloyd hesitates, then sheathes his swords and turns away)
LLOYD: There's nothing I can say for now.  (Runs off)
EMIL: We have to go after him!
ZELOS: It's no use.  He has a Rheiard.  He's probably soaring through the wild
blue yonder by now.
EMIL: (Deflated) Not again.
ZELOS: And Seles isn't looking too good.
	Let's return to my estate for now.
SELES: (Winded) I'm sorry for putting you all through this.
EMIL: You're right.  I'm sorry, I didn't even notice.
SHEENA: Okay, let's hurry back to Meltokio!

MARTA: But I don't get it.  The Lloyd you all talked about would never act like
that, right?
	What is he thinking?  Come on Zelos, I know you can explain this.
ZELOS: I'd like nothing more than to grant your wish, Marta my angel,
	but I can't speak in Lloyd's place.
MARTA: Is that all you can say?  I trusted him because all of you did.
EMIL: But it wasn't Lloyd who attacked Palmacosta and those other towns.
	I want to believe that the real Lloyd has a good reason for what he's
MARTA: And I'm saying I want to know what that reason is.
	If he'd just talk to us instead of giving us the cold shoulder, we might
even be able to help him!
EMIL: Marta...
ZELOS: I understand you feel partly responsible for the things the Vanguard's
	But it's not a child's place to pay for the mistakes of their parents.
	And directing all that frustration at Lloyd isn't the right answer, either.
	Though I do wish Lloyd would've said something instead of just turning his
back on us.
MARTA: Zelos, I...
ZELOS: (Suave) [Hmm?]  Fallen head over heels for me, have you?  (Laughs)
MARTA: (Muzzy) You'd actually be pretty charming if you didn't say stuff like

SHEENA: Lloyd refused to talk to us.
REGAL: But he did save Seles.  We can rest assured he hasn't really changed.
COLETTE: Yes.  I'm sure he'll be able to explain all of this someday.
ZELOS: Yep, sooner or later keeping so many secrets to himself will be
impossible for a guy as trusting as Lloyd.
SHEENA: You're right.  [Ugghh,] But I just hate not knowing the truth behind
all of this!
REGAL: It looks as though all we can do now is wait.

ZELOS: Colette's still as cute as a button, Sheena's curves are as delectable
as ever, and Marta's spunky attitude just gives me goose bumps!
	I think I've died and gone to heaven!
SHEENA: (Sweatdrop) As soon as we rescued Seles, he's back to his usual self.
MARTA: Zelos is so flighty.
COLETTE: No, Marta, Zelos isn't flighty.  He's "shallow."
ZELOS: [K'eh!]  Colette, [who...] who said that about me?
COLETTE: Professor Sage.  She said you're like a wading pool.
	Professor Sage can't swim, remember?  I think she means she likes Zelos!
ZELOS: (SIGH) Fine, fine, I'm a shallow man with obvious motives, so sue me.


TOKUNAGA: [Oh,] Lady Seles!  I'm so glad to see that you're all right!
SELEA: Tokunaga, I'm sorry for worrying you.
ZELOS: Tokunaga, Sebastian, see Seles to her bed.
SEBASTIAN: (Bows) Yes, sir.
SELES: (Turns to Emil) [Oh...] Emil, my brother told me everything.
	I would be honored to give you Glacies' core.  Good luck on your quest.
EMIL: Thank you!

ZELOS: Man, this thing just gets worse and worse.  The Sylvarant Dynasty, huh.
	I've no idea what went on in Sylvarant back when the world were separated,
	but the Vanguard is dead set on getting revenge on the Church of Martel.
EMIL: Were they planning on using Ratatosk's core to restore the Dynasty?
MARTA: Yes.  They want to use it to destroy the Church of Martel and the
Tethe'allan royal family as well.
EMIL: (Steps back) Ratatosk's core can do that?!
MARTA: They plan on using it for some weapon called a mana cannon.
SHEENA: (Shocked) No way.
EMIL: Sheena, you've heard of it?
SHEENA: Yes, I've used one before.  If left in the wrong hands, it could
destroy the entire world.
ZELOS: I'll need to inform the church officials and His Majesty about this.
COLETTE: I'll head back to Iselia to tell everyone there.  Is there any way we
can get word to Professor Sage?
SHEENA: Leave that up to my Mizuho scouts.  They'll find her and let her know.
REGAL: Emil, what are you going to do next?
EMIL: I'll go after the rest of the cores with Marta.
	That way we'll free Ratatosk and also stop the Vanguard from using the mana
cannon.  Right, Marta?
MARTA: [R-]Right.
REGAL: Then I shall continue to accompany you.
	I don't pretend to understand what Lloyd is thinking.
	But perhaps I could be of help the next time you face him.
SHEENA: Good idea.  I'm going, too.  What I know about the mana cannon might
come in handy.
	And I can't throw my support to Lloyd until I know what he's about.
ZELOS: Count me out.  I'm sure Lloyd has his reasons.  He would never do
anything to put the world in danger.
	So I'm going after Lloyd.
COLETTE: I feel the same way as Zelos.  I trust Lloyd, no matter what.  I want
to find him and help him.
REGAL: I wish you two luck.  Well, I suppose we won't see each other for a
ZELOS: Yeah.  Take care.
COLETTE: Everyone, stay safe.
EMIL: Zelos, Colette, thank you.
MARTA: (Hangs head) I'm so sorry, this is all my father's fault.
ZELOS: A child shouldn't have to apologize for what their parents do.  Cheer
up, Marta.
(Zelos and Colette leave)
TENEBRAE: Well then, shall we?
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah.

SHEENA: (Scratches head) Now then, time to hunt for more Centurions' cores.
REGAL: Indeed.  The Temple of Earth isn't too far from here.
EMIL: (Lowers head) Earth, that would mean...
TENEBRAE: In theory, it would mean we should find Solum's core.
MARTA: What's the matter, Tenebrae?  You don't sound too sure.
TENEBRAE: No, it's just, recently, whenever we've been close to the Vanguard,
I've felt the presence of Solum's core.
EMIL: (Steps back) So they already have it?
TENEBRAE: I cannot be certain.  But Solum's specialty is his ability to deceive
his enemies.
	It could be connected to the effortless transformations of that
foul-smelling man.
MARTA: You think Decus is using the core?  But wait, wouldn't you have sensed
Solum's presence if he was?
TENEBRAE: I'm afraid that his Eau de Seduction interferes with my senses too
much for me to tell.
SHEENA: Well, if we go to the Temple of Earth, we'll know for sure, right?
REGAL: Indeed.  No use standing around discussing it.  Let's head to the
EMIL: (Nods) Right.

TENEBRAE: Solum's core may not be here after all.
EMIL: Oh yeah, the Vanguard might have it.
	Do you know, Marta?
MARTA: No, [I-] I'm sorry.
	[Unh...] Ever since Daddy started to change, I've been avoiding him, so...
SHEENA: Hey, don't sweat it.  Worrying about it won't help us now.  Besides,
things should clear up once we get to the Temple of Earth, right?
REGAL: That's right.  Let's hurry.

*Temple Of Earth*

TEMPLE GUARD: Halt!  This area is strictly off-limits!
EMIL: (Steps back) Why?  Did something happen?
TEMPLE GUARD: It's all those earthquakes we've been having.  The inside of the
temple collapsed.  It's a mess in there.
REGAL: So we can't go inside?
TEMPLE GUARD: Nope, don't think anyone is gonna be able to before they finish
repairs.  (Walks away)
MARTA: What should we do?
SHEENA: (Scratches head) Well, we could head to the Temple of Lightning in the
	A summon spirit used to be there, so the core could be as well, right?
REGAL: Perhaps.
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: By the way, why don't we hatch Glacies' core before we set out again?
MARTA: Oh, good idea.  I almost forgot about it.  We haven't touched it since
we got it.
(Marta hatches Glacies' core)
EMIL Now Glacies has awoken too.  That's good.  (Trails off)
(Emil collapses)
MARTA: (Shocked) Emil?!
(Regal and Marta run to him)
TENEBRAE: Perhaps he's simply exhausted from everything that's happened.
SHEENA: You may be right.  Let's take him back to town.


(Emil shoots awake, his eyes red)
R.EMIL: (Yelling) Aaaahhh!
(Marta runs in)
MARTA: Emil!  What's wrong?
R.EMIL: (Looks over) Marta, it's you.
MARTA: You're the other Emil, aren't you?
R.EMIL: You can tell?  Oh yeah, you didn't want me around.
	It's just...  ever since what happened, you only showed yourself when we
were in battle, so I was worried about you.
R.EMIL: You were?  Come to think of it, you did stand up for me.
R.EMIL: (Sideways look) Marta, do you need me?
MARTA: Of course!  You're Emil, too!
R.EMIL: So you don't mind if I show up again?
MARTA: Of course not.
R.EMIL: (Looks away) Thank you.
(Emil's eyes revert to green)
EMIL: (Looks at Marta) [Huh?]  Marta, what just happened?
MARTA: What do you mean?  We were talking.
EMIL: Really?
MARTA: I'm sorry.  It's nothing.  My mistake.
EMIL: Oh, okay.
MARTA: You should get some more rest.
EMIL: Yeah, I'll do that.  Good night, Marta.
MARTA: [Mmn...] Good night.
(Emil goes back to sleep.  Marta walks a ways, then looks back at him)
MARTA: (Hangs head, thinking) Emil, what's happening to you?

(An old woman is kneeling before a priest)
OLD WOMAN: Please!  My grandson is sick!  I heard that a doctor in Tethe'alla
might be able to cure him!
PRIEST: (Turns away) And?  What's your point, you old hag?
OLD WOMAN: If I can't get a letter of introduction from the Pope in Meltokio,
	no doctor in Tethe'alla will treat a Sylvaranti.
PRIEST: And why should I care?  Just get one of your quacks back in Sylvarant
to see the brat!  Now, get out of my way!
(The priest rams the woman and walks away.  The onlookers heckle)
NOBLE A: Just look at that old crone.  [Ha ha ha!]
NOBLE B: Surprised she wasn't swept up with all the other garbage in the
MARTA: (Looking on with the others) [Wh-]What's their problem?!
(Emil runs over to the fallen woman)
EMIL: Ma'am, are you all right?
MARTA: (To the priest, angrily) What's wrong with you?  How can you be so
PRIEST: Silence!  Or the Goddess Martel's divine punishment will rain down upon
(Suddenly, the red wolf, Hypnos, appears and knocks the priest down)
(Hypnos runs off.  Alice and Decus appear)
ALICE: Oh, look at that!~  It looks like you got some divine punishment of your
PRIEST: [W-]What do you think you're doing?!
ALICE: You talk so much about divine punishment in your rotten sham of a
religion, I thought you might like a taste yourself.~
PRIEST: [Wh-]What?!
ALICE: What'll the Church of Martel do for me?  Will it bring my parents back
to life?
	Will it bring back my mother and father killed by monsters while on a
pilgrimage forced by the church?
PRIEST: [You-]You're blaming the Church of Martel for that?  You need to learn
to fear the Goddess, you filthy girl!
(Decus runs up and kicks the priest in the face over and over again)
DECUS: (Angrily) You bastard!  No one talks to Alice like that!
ALICE: (Giggles) Don't get me wrong.  My parents were killed because they were
	Just like you'll be killed.  Because you're weak, too.  That's all.~
MARTA: Decus!  Stop it!
OLD WOMAN: [Tha-]That's enough.  Please, stop hurting him.
ALICE: My, it looks like this kind old lady saved you.  Decus, you can stop
(Decus doesn't stop)
ALICE: (Startled) [I...] I said you can stop!
SHEENA: [Y-]You heard her, Decus!  That's enough!
(Decus keeps kicking the priest.  Emil and Regal try to stop him, but fall
EMIL: [Ugh...] It stinks.
REGAL: It's the Eau de Seduction.  [Whugh...] My head hurts.
ALICE: (Freaked) Decus!  Stop it!
(Decus finally stops, looking mystified)
DECUS: [Wha...] What was I doing?
ALICE: (Calm again) Let's go, Decus.
DECUS: But Alice, what about Marta and Emil?
ALICE: Leave them for later!  Right now we need to find out what just made you
flip out.
DECUS: (Happy) Oh, Alice!  You're really worried about me?!
ALICE: I'm worried about myself!  I don't care about you.
	(Turns to the old woman, sweetly) Ma'am, if you need a doctor, you can use
me as a reference.
	Go to Flanoir and give the doctor there my name, Alice of the Vanguard. 
They should treat your grandson for free.
OLD WOMAN: [Th-]Thank you so much, Lady Alice.
(Alice, Decus and the onlookers leave)
EMIL: I can't believe Alice just helped someone.
MARTA: Well, the Vanguard's purpose is to help the Sylvaranti.
	[Ugh!] But the Church of Martel is just as horrible as ever.
REGAL: Yes, the corruption within the church only increases.  Their state must
greatly concern the Chosen and His Majesty.  

(9.6) - Chapter 6: Dark Premonition (GS6)

*Temple of Lightning*

(Two Martel Knights block the entrance with their heavy lances, and neither one
looks very friendly.)
SOLDIER A: This is a restricted area.  No one is allowed to enter!
MARTA: A restricted area?  But why?  (Moves closer)
SOLDIER B: (Pushes her back with his lance) None of your business.  Now go!
EMIL: (Catches Marta) Marta are you okay?
SHEENA: (To the soldiers, angrily) What are you doing?
(Sheena has to jerk back as Soldier A jabs his lance right at her bosom.)
EMIL: (Getting in front) [Uh!]  Excuse me but if you would just listen to--
SOLDIER A: Shut up kid!  Get out of here!
(Soldier A smacks Emil with the side of his lance.  Emil crashes into one of
the electric pillars and falls)
MARTA: Emil!
REGAL: Stop!  That's enough.
(Emil twitches, then starts to get up)
R.EMIL: Damn it.  That's why I can't let you handle anything.
SOLDIER B: [Mmn?]  What're you mumbling about?
(In one swift motion, Emil has Soldier B by the throat and dangles him over the
temple's edge, only a purple abyss below)
SOLDIER B: [N'grrrr!!!]
R.EMIL: Nobody lays a hand on Marta!  (Points his sword at Soldier A's neck)
MARTA: [W-]Wait, Emil!  Please don't hurt them!
R.EMIL: Why not?  This fool just attacked you!
MARTA: We need their help Emil, so we can get inside the temple!
R.EMIL: That won't be a problem if we kill them all!
SHEENA: Emil!  You're in Ratatosk Mode again!  Pull yourself together.
	You've got to calm down and return to your normal self.
R.EMIL: My normal self can't keep Marta safe!
REGAL: (Calmly) Acting like this won't keep Marta safe, either.
	Will it, Emil?
R.EMIL: What?!
REGAL: Just put your blade away.
	Provoking unnecessary hostilities isn't going to help our cause.
(Emil looks at the man he's dangling for a moment, then angrily tosses him back
onto the pavement and puts his sword away)
???: (Offscreen) [Wh-]What's going on here!
(An older gentleman in scholarly clothes stands behind the soldiers)
SOLDIER A: Director Schneider!
	[Um,] These people were trying to force their way into the temple!
REGAL: It's all right.
	This is only a simple misunderstanding.  We were just wondering why this
area's been sealed off.
(As Soldier B gets back on his feet, Schneider stares at Regal)
SCHNEIDER: Oh, [you...] you're Duke Bryant, aren't you?!
SOLDIER A: (Shocked) Duke Bryant?  You mean the president of the Lezareno
SOLDIER B: (Scrambling to his feet) [D'eh... uh... nuh... vuhhh...] You should
have said so in the first place!
	We're glad to help the president of such a fine establishment.
SCHNEIDER: I must apologize for this unfortunately rude welcome.
	Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Schneider, the director of Sybak's
Imperial Research Academy.
	Recently, the Temple of Lightning has become quite dangerous.
	We've restricted access to only those who have permission from the Academy.
MARTA: Oh really?  But why?  What happened here?
	We really need to get inside, it's very urgent!
SCHNEIDER: Well I can make some exceptions as long as your cause is justified.
	Once I've finished my work, I'll be glad to hear you out.
	Perhaps you could wait for me at the Imperial Research Academy until then?
MARTA: (Happy gasp) Thank you very much sir!
REGAL: Yes, thank you.  (Looks at Emil) Emil, any objections?
(Emil has been keeping quiet, staring off into space.  Schneider looks at him
and recoils)
SCHNEIDER: (Gasps) [You-] You're--
R.EMIL: (Annoyed) What?  What's wrong with you?  What's with the stupid
MARTA: Do you know Emil?
SCHNEIDER: Emil?  Of course that's impossible.  There's no way it could be him.
SHEENA: What is it?  Does he remind you of someone?
SCHNEIDER: [Uh, (chuckles weakly) Eh,] No, it's nothing, please disregard my
comment.  Now, if you'll excuse me.
(Schneider walks back inside the temple, and the soldiers block the path again)
MARTA: (Turns to Emil) I wonder who you remind him of?
R.EMIL: Who cares?  How the hell would I know?
SHEENA: Well anyway.  Why are you always so aggressive when you're in Ratatosk

SHEENA: (Irked) Who do those jerks think they are?!
	I heard the Church of Martel was up to no good.  Looks like the rumors were
	What the hell is Zelos thinking?!
REGAL: The appeal of the Chosen has dropped sharply since the system that
supported his status was abolished.
	Putting on the blame on the Chosen is unfair.
MARTA: And Sylvarant's Church of Martel is completely controlled by the Church
in Tethe'alla. 
R.EMIL: [Hmmph.]  Sounds like the Church of Martel's days are numbered.
REGAL: It would be difficult to imagine otherwise.

R.EMIL: (Sharply) Here, eat.
MARTA: (Surprised) [D...] Did you make this?
R.EMIL: Yeah.  Something wrong?
MARTA: No.  It just looks a bit different.
TENEBRAE: I believe "rough" might be the word you're looking for.
	You always did things like carve the apples into rabbit shapes, or shave
carrots into flower petals.
R.EMIL: Who the hell bothers with stuff like that?!
MARTA: But I mean is this edible?
R.EMIL: I'll throw it out if you don't want it.
MARTA: No, sorry.  I'm going to eat it.
	[Huh?]  It tastes just as good as the food you usually make.
TENEBRAE: My!  Though comparable in appearance to the disturbing products of
Lady Marta's cooking,
	it would seem the flavor is perfectly fine.
MARTA: (Irked) Hey!  Watch it!


MARTA: I wonder where the Imperial Research Academy is.
SHEENA: We've been there before.  It's towards the far end of town.
R.EMIL: (Swats at hair) With Lloyd?
SHEENA: Yes, that's right.
REGAL All right, let's head to the Imperial Research Academy and wait for
Director Schneider to return.
MARTA: Okay.

R.EMIL: Why do they all look so pale?
SHEENA: (Laughs) Well yeah...
	This town's packed to the gills with bookworms and eggheads.
MARTA: So they're the complete opposite of you.
SHEENA: (Irked) Well excuse me!  And what about you, huh?
MARTA: (Giggles) I'm in the same boat.~
REGAL: Looks like you both could stand a bit of polish at the hands of
Professor Sage.
R.EMIL: [Hmmph.]  Better hope her "Ruin Mode" disease isn't contagious.
SHEENA: Like you're one to talk.

(A chunky man stands in the way)
RESEARCHER: (Walks up to Emil, stunned) [Y...  You're...] You're Aster!
	You're alive!
	See, I told you not to get all buddy-buddy with that half-elf!
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Who are you?!  And who the hell is Aster?!
RESEARCHER: You're Aster.
	They said you died while looking for that summon spirit, Ratatosk.
MARTA: Hold on, did you say Ratatosk?  You're researching Ratatosk here?
RESEARCHER: [Huh?] Are you a friend of Aster's?
MARTA: His name is Emil.  He's not Aster.
REGAL: Settle down, everyone.
	I am Regal Bryant.  Director Schneider instructed us to wait for him here.
RESEARCHER: (Recoils) Duke Bryant!  [M...  my-] My apologies!  The director is
currently out in the field.
REGAL: Yes, I'm aware.
RESEARCHER: [Oh,] Oh, right, of course.  Please, come inside.  The director's
room is on the second floor.  It's the last room back.
REGAL: (Nods) Thank you.
(The man steps aside and the party goes into the building)
MARTA: I wonder who this Aster guy is and if he really looks like Emil.
SHEENA: Who knows.
	It sounds like they're holding on to that same old half-elf bigotry.  I
can't say I like that.
REGAL: It is difficult for people to change.  Prejudice against half-elves has
been around for over four thousand years.
	It'll be a while before it starts to fade.
SHEENA: I guess you're right, but still...
	I wouldn't be surprised if they were still locking half-elves up in the
basement and forcing them to do research.
MARTA: (Recoils) They actually did something like that?
REGAL: Perhaps we should stop by the basement and check?
MARTA: (Nervous) You mean go where half-elves might be?
SHEENA: (Irked) I don't believe it, you too?  You're friends with Raine and
Genis, aren't you?
MARTA: Yes, you're right.
	Feeling afraid like this, it isn't fair to Raine or Genis.  I'm sorry.
REGAL: Well then, shall we?

(They look around at the dingy, badly-lit lab)
SHEENA: This is where half-elves were forced to do research.  They were locked
up here their entire lives.
MARTA: Imprisoned in here?  That's horrible.  Can you imagine?
(Emil silently stares at a device)
REGAL: Emil, are you all right?
(Emil acts surprised, then turns around, his eyes green again)
EMIL: Where am I?
SHEENA: What is it?  [Y-]You look like you just woke up from a dream.
EMIL: Marta!  You're not hurt, are you?  What happened to those mean knights?
MARTA: Are you okay?
EMIL: Huh?
SHEENA: Come on, wake up already.
	The Temple of Lightning was off-limits, so we came to the Sybak Imperial
Research Academy, remember?
EMIL: (Unsure) We did?
(Awkward silence)
REGAL: Perhaps you're just tired.  Why don't you get some rest at the inn. 
I'll send a messenger as soon as the director returns.
EMIL: Okay.
MARTA: I'll go with you.
EMIL: Sure.  Thanks.

MARTA: Emil, are you sure you're okay?
EMIL: (Nods) [Uh,] Yeah, I'm fine.  I just spaced out there for a second.
MARTA: I wonder if you have a fever.  Anyway, let's get you back to the inn for
some rest.
EMIL: Okay.  I'm sorry to worry you.

(The same chunky researcher comes up to them)
RESEARCHER: You look just like him.
EMIL: Huh?
MARTA: They've been saying you look like someone named Aster.
EMIL: (Puzzled) I do?
RESEARCHER: You're a dead ringer.  You could be his twin.  But I heard Aster
was killed by Richter, so--
(Both react in shock)
EMIL: Richter?!
RESEARCHER: Oh, you've heard of Richter?  He used to be a researcher here, a
MARTA: A half-elf.  I did notice he's able to use magic.
EMIL: Was this Richter a tall man with red hair?
RESEARCHER: Yes, a redhead.
	He went off to investigate a summon spirit named Ratatosk, and ended up
killing Aster.
	They were best friends, too.  What a sick bastard.  Damn those half-elves.
EMIL: (Defensive) [Th-]That's a lie!  Richter would never do something like
(Emil runs off)
MARTA: Emil, wait!
(Marta runs to Emil, who is standing by the nearby river)
MARTA: Please, try to calm down.
EMIL: I must have reminded Richter of Aster.
MARTA: Emil...
EMIL: That's why he was so nice to me.
	If Richter really did kill Aster, it doesn't make sense why he'd be nice to
someone who looks just like him.
MARTA: Yeah.  If you trust Richter, then I do, too.  Now let's go get some rest
at the inn.  Okay?
EMIL: (Looks down) Okay.

EMIL: Marta, do you really think this Aster person was killed by Richter?
MARTA: [H-]Hey, [ha-]have you heard this story?
	Long ago, a little boy and girl lived deep in the forest.
EMIL: A little boy and girl.
MARTA: One day, while out on a stroll, they came upon a house made entirely of
	They were hungry, so they started to eat it, when suddenly this old woman--
EMIL: Why do I look so much like this Aster?  Maybe he's a distant relative or
[MARTA: (Disheartened) Uh...]
TENEBRAE: It appears you were unable to alter his troubled mood.  By the way,
I'm rather curious about the end of your story.
MARTA: [Ugh...]  Does it really matter?  They all lived happily ever after. 
The end.
[TENEBRAE: Hmm...]

(Emil shoots up in bed.  Only Tenebrae is with him)
EMIL: Aaah!
	That same dream again.
	(Thinking) Why would Richter try to kill me?
TENEBRAE: Are you awake?
EMIL: Tenebrae.  Yeah, I had a really weird dream.
TENEBRAE: A dream?
EMIL: Yeah, a dream where I'm killed by Richter.
	Hey, where's Marta?
TENEBRAE: She received word from Regal and left.  Shall we follow?
EMIL: Yeah.

(Marta, Regal and Sheena are standing nearby, seemingly talking)
MARTA: Emil isn't Emil?
(Emil sneaks out of the view)
REGAL: At the very least, that's what Raine believes.  She said as much in the
letter she wrote me.
	I've been observing him for a while, and I believe his "Ratatosk Mode"
cannot be fully explained by possession alone.
SHEENA: I think Regal may be right.  We once witnessed one of our friends being
	When Emil's in Ratatosk Mode, he's being possessed by Ratatosk's power,
	But it sure lasts a long time for a mere possession, and he recalls those
periods as part of his own memories.
MARTA: But recently, it seems like he doesn't remember what happens while he's
in Ratatosk Mode.
REGAL: In our experience, the possessed party is aware they are being
	However, here, Emil perceives the possession as a part of him.  And
recently he has no memory of the incidents.
	This is just as Raine predicted.
MARTA: What exactly did she say?
REGAL: Raine's hypothesis is that the real Emil is suffering from a form of
	She theorizes that the Emil we know is an invention of his mind, created to
fill in the holes of his missing memories.
MARTA: I don't see how that's possible.  His aunt and uncle recognized him as
their nephew.
REGAL: That puzzles me as well.
	But Raine believes that his real self lies dormant along with his memories.
	She suspects that perhaps his pact with Ratatosk stimulated his mind,
unlocking this inactive portion.
	Otherwise, I see no reason why his personality would dramatically transform
simply from borrowing Ratatosk's power.
(Suddenly, they all turn around in surprise.  Emil has been listening the whole
EMIL: (Slumps) In other words, the person I am now is a fake?
REGAL: You heard us.
EMIL: Regal!
REGAL: (Shakes head) That's not exactly right.  You're Emil, as well.
	But your personality was created as a way to face society after you lost
your memory.
EMIL: (Upset) Then what am I?
REGAL: This is nothing more than my own hypothesis.  Raine might disagree with
this but...
	perhaps this person named Aster is actually you.
EMIL: (Angrily) I'm Emil!  Aster is supposed to be dead.
	(Hesitates, then pulls back, thinking) Could this be why I remember getting
killed by Richter?  Because I'm actually Aster?
MARTA: They told us Director Schneider's back in the city.
	Let's go to the Research Academy and hear what he has to say, okay?
EMIL: But Marta...
MARTA: We can't just leave you like this.
SHEENA: Marta's right.  And there's something else you should know.
	Regal's reason for saying all that wasn't so he could call you a fake.
	He brought it up because he's worried that you'll disappear entirely.
	The you you are now is important to us.  To me, Regal, Raine--to all of us.
EMIL: (Quietly) Thank you.
REGAL: (Hangs head) I am sorry for bringing all of this up.
EMIL: (Shakes head) Please, don't apologize.  I want to know what's going on
inside me more than anyone.  Let's go to the Research Academy.

SCHNEIDER: Terribly sorry to have kept you all waiting.  Now, you wish to enter
the Temple of Lightning?
MARTA: Yes.  And there's something else we'd like to ask you.
EMIL: What can you tell us about the person named Aster?  And Richter, as well.
SCHNEIDER: [Aha...] I knew you and Aster were related the moment I saw you.  So
are you his brother?
REGAL: No, you see...
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
SCHNEIDER: Quite an interesting tale indeed.
	You may very well be Aster.  You certainly look enough like him.
	Did you meet your relatives in Luin when you were young?
EMIL: No.  I met them for the first time after Palmacosta was attacked.
SCHNEIDER: [Hmm...] Then it's certainly possible that Aster took on your name
and identity somewhere along the line.
MARTA: But isn't Emil too young to have been a researcher here?
SCHNEIDER: Aster began conducting research at our facilities when he was nine
years old.
(Everyone is shocked)
SCHNEIDER: He was brilliant.  It was hard to believe he wasn't a half-elf.
	If he were still alive, he'd be eighteen.  Emil, how old are you?
EMIL: (Slumps) I'm sixteen.  But if I really did lose my memory...
SCHNEIDER: Right, you wouldn't know how old you actually are.
SHEENA: What did Aster research when he was here?
SCHNEIDER: He was originally studying summon spirits.  I believe you may have
met him in Meltokio's Elemental Research Laboratory.
SHEENA: (Scratches head) I knew I recognized Emil from somewhere.
SCHNEIDER: While studying the relevance of summon spirits and the environments,
he theorized monsters regulate the world's mana levels.
	To prove this, he set out to perform a field test with a summon spirit
called Ratatosk.  That was roughly two years ago.
EMIL: (Straightens up) And Richter went along, too?
SCHNEIDER: (Nods) Correct.  Richter was a half-elf who worked here.
	He and Aster got along quite well, even collaborating in their research. 
The two left town to conduct the test together.
MARTA: So what happened?
SCHNEIDER: I don't know the details.  Richter told us that Aster had died, and
he subsequently left the Research Academy.
REGAL: Is there any way to find out whether Emil and Aster are the same person?
SCHNEIDER: A researcher named Rilena is currently at the Temple of Lightning. 
She started working here the same time as Aster.
	She and Aster were close friends.  She also knows quite a bit about
	I'll give you a letter of passage to go inside the temple.  Go and see her.
EMIL: Are you sure?  It seems like you've been really strict about who you'll
let inside.
SCHNEIDER: Lately, we've had an unusual number of lightning storms around here
and it seems the temple might be the source of it.
	What's more, the dimensional boundary in part of the temple has become
SHEENA: (Curious) Dimensional boundary?
SCHNEIDER: In other words--[SIGH]How should I put this.  This world and another
world are starting to mix.
	The details explanation is far too complicated, so that will have to do for
	Anyway, it's not safe, so please be careful while you're in there.
(Schneider hands Emil a letter)
EMIL: (To Marta) Right.  Let's head to the temple.
MARTA: (Nods) Okay.

EMIL: I hope those guards don't give us any more trouble.
MARTA: We've got an official okay from the Director.  We'll be fine.
EMIL: I guess.
	(But what if they attack us, and I lose my memory again?)
MARTA: Emil.  Give me your hand.
EMIL: [Huh?  Oh...] Okay.
	Hey!  [Ouch!]
MARTA: It hurts, right?  That's proof you're here right now.
EMIL: [Y-]Yeah.
MARTA: Does my hand feel warm?
EMIL: Yes.
MARTA: That means I'm here too, right beside you.  So, stop looking like you
could disappear at any moment!
EMIL: Thanks.

(Richter stands outside the library with a chubby man with brown hair)
RICHTER: It seems that Hawk had his subordinates take it to the Cape Fortress. 
I'll go and get it.  (Turns and starts walking away)
NORTON: Thanks, Richter.  You're the only one I can count on.
RICHTER: Maybe you'll finally learn your lesson this time.  (Walks away)
(Emil and the others walk onto the scene)
EMIL: Was that Richter just now?
MARTA: I wonder if he's going to the Temple of Lightning.
TENEBRAE: It sounded like he intends to visit the Cape Fortress.
MARTA: I was thinking of asking him about Aster.
EMIL: Do you think we should follow him?
SHEENA: Shouldn't we go to the temple first?  The core is more important, and
we can't just leave Rilena there.
REGAL: Indeed.  I would like to hear what Richter has to say, but approaching
him carelessly might not be wise.
EMIL: (Hangs head) I guess.
MARTA: Come on, let's go!

*Cape Fortress*

MARTA: What are we doing here?  You're not planning to go meet Richter, are
EMIL: (Turns to the others) I'll go on alone from here.  You guys head back to
Meltokio and wait for me at the inn.
SHEENA: Emil, Richter is dangerous!
EMIL: [I...] I've been meeting with Richter several times now.
MARTA: (Shocked) What?!
EMIL: I just wanted to know what he was doing.  It seemed like it had to do
with killing Ratatosk.
REGAL: But you're going alone?
EMIL: If it's just me, Richter won't attack, so please let me go!
TENEBRAE: Richter's motives concern me as well.  I shall protect Emil.
MARTA: (Worried) You'll come back safe?
EMIL: Yes.
MARTA: You promise to explain everything as soon as you get back?
EMIL: Yes.  I promise.
MARTA: All right.  I trust you and I'll wait for you.  But I'm still going to
be mad at you for keeping secrets.
EMIL: I'm sorry.
MARTA: (Shakes head) It's fine.  Just be careful.
(The others leave, and Emil heads in alone)

(Richter is walking along, Aqua trailing behind him)
RICHTER: Looks like it's further in.
AQUA: (Turns around) Master Richter!  Someone's coming!
(Richter turns around, surprised, as Emil comes down the stairs)
RICHTER: Emil...
EMIL: Richter!  I--
RICHTER: (Turns away, folds his arms) Get out of here.
EMIL: This has to do with Ratatosk, doesn't it?
RICHTER: I don't have anything to say to you.
EMIL: I'm coming with you!
RICHTER: (Sideways glance) You'll get in the way.
EMIL: I'm not going to retreat inside my shell anymore.
AQUA: "Your" shell?  You don't even know the first thing about what "you" are!
EMIL: You mean about how I look like Aster?  That I might even be him?
RICHTER: (Whirls around angrily) Shut up!
(Emil steps back.  Richter calms down and turns away again)
RICHTER: If you insist on coming, at least keep your mouth shut.
EMIL: But--
RICHTER: (Sideways glance) Understood?
EMIL: [Unh...] ...

AQUA: I haven't seen anything that looks like it at all.
	I bet Hawk knew where it was kept and just didn't tell us.
RICHTER: [Mmmnh...] ...
EMIL: You mean the Deep Sea Scroll?  I can help you look for--
RICHTER: Aqua, let's look a little further in.
AQUA: Yes!
(Richter and Aqua keep walking)
EMIL: Richter...

RICHTER: (Looks around) It's not here, either.
EMIL: Richter!
EMIL: (Louder) Richter!
EMIL: (Yelling) Richter!
RICHTER: (Angrily) I'm not deaf!
EMIL: Then why are you ignoring me?!
RICHTER: [Nghhh...] ...
EMIL: You're the one who told me I couldn't go my whole life worrying about
making people angry!
	You told me nothing would ever change if I just stayed inside my shell and
I've been thinking about those words.
	But now you're the one retreating into your shell!  You're treating me like
I don't even exist!
AQUA: (Angrily) You've got a lot of nerve for someone who doesn't even know who
he is!
EMIL: You mean the fact that I look like Aster?  I know that!
	Or the fact that I might even be him.
RICHTER: (Angrily) Enough!
(Both Emil and Aqua recoil)
RICHTER: (Turns to Emil) Emil, I'm sorry.  I was not ignoring you because you
resemble Aster.
EMIL: Then why?
RICHTER: Following me around isn't likely to help you answer your questions
about Ratatosk.
	Do you still want to come?
EMIL: Oh yes.
RICHTER: Then let's keep going.  But this will be the last time you and I work
EMIL: Why?!
RICHTER: After I've finished with this task, I'm going to take Ratatosk's core
from Marta.
	Will you allow that?
EMIL: No, of course not!
RICHTER: Then you see my point.  We will become enemies again, as before.  So
long as that's clear, let's go.
(Richter turns and walks away)
EMIL: Richter...

EMIL: Richter, you're a half-elf, right?
RICHTER: You couldn't tell?  Only elves and half-elves can use magic.  Everyone
knows that.
EMIL: I've never been clear on those things.
RICHTER: No half-elf is free from discrimination.  Well not until recently.
	We've been replaced by a new breed of outcast.
EMIL: The Sylvaranti.
RICHTER: Exactly.  And the ranks of the disenfranchised will only grow.
	People are made to fight.  With the rise of every new country, new outcasts
are born.
	Before long the outcasts may become the majority, and perhaps
discrimination will subside.
EMIL: Is that the only way for discrimination to end?
RICHTER: I never said it would end entirely.  Only that it may lose some of its
	But even that would be an improvement.
EMIL: [You...] You could be a half-elf, or anything else for that matter, and
I'd like you just the same.
RICHTER: (Disturbed) How can you say that?
[EMIL: Huh?]
RICHTER: Never mind.

EMIL: Richter.  Should I put this on?
RICHTER: What is that?
EMIL: It's the mask Lloyd was wearing.  It should hide my face a bit.
	That way, looking at me wouldn't bring up any painful memories, right?
RICHTER: Don't be ridiculous.  You are Emil, not Aster.  The two of you only
share a resemblance.
EMIL: But...
RICHTER: (Quietly) That's how it has to be.  Or I'll curse this fate.
EMIL: Richter...

RICHTER: Tenebrae, I'd like to ask you something.
TENEBRAE: I have nothing to say to you.
RICHTER: Who is Emil?
TENEBRAE: Emil is himself, Emil Castagnier.
	A young man who looks up to you, despite your faults.  Nothing more.
RICHTER: I know you're hiding something.
TENEBRAE: I speak the truth.
	It is you whom I would ask to please not confuse Emil with a certain
someone you know.
RICHTER: I've done no such thing.  I only pray that my suspicions are wrong.
	If they aren't, my hatred will be even stronger.

AQUA: Master Richter, it looks like this is it.
RICHTER: Finally.  I still can't believe that fool Norton went and sold this.
EMIL: What do you mean?
RICHTER: Norton sold off many of the Academic Resource Building's research
materials to pay off his gambling debts.
	He was worried his colleagues were beginning to catch on, so he asked me to
TENEBRAE: So what does that have to do with Lord Ratatosk?
RICHTER: I never said it was directly related to Ratatosk.
EMIL: Huh?
RICHTER: Forget it.  There's no point in telling you.  In fact, I can't tell
	Since I can't be sure what'll happen.
EMIL: (Puzzled) What'll happen?
RICHTER: Let's go.  I'll take you back to Meltokio.


RICHTER: Emil.  The next time we meet, we will be enemies again.
EMIL: I don't want to be enemies!
RICHTER: This is fate.  It was bound to be like this from the beginning.  Most
likely from the moment you were born.
EMIL: What is that supposed to mean?!
RICHTER: Farewell.
(Richter and Aqua leave)

(Marta, Regal and Sheena are waiting outside)
MARTA: Emil!  We've been waiting for you!
EMIL: I'm sorry.
SHEENA: So what happened?
EMIL: Well...
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
MARTA: So then, it didn't have anything to do with Ratatosk?
TENEBRAE: I'm not so sure of that.  I believe there may be some connection.
SHEENA: (Scratches head) Richter is a very mysterious guy.
REGAL: Yes.  But whatever he intends, all we can do is what we can.
EMIL: ...You're right.  I'm sorry for getting sidetracked and wasting time.
MARTA: It wasn't a waste.  But next time, don't keep it a secret from me.
EMIL: Right.  I'm sorry, Marta.

*Temple Of Lightning*

TENEBRAE: They appear to be dead.
MARTA: Oh no.
EMIL: Who could have done this?
REGAL: If there's a core located in this temple, it stands to reason...
EMIL: (Turns to Regal) Lloyd?
SHEENA: It couldn't be!
MARTA: Then maybe the Vanguard.
EMIL: Marta, I'm sorry if this is hard for you.
MARTA: No, its okay.  I'm opposed to what the Vanguard does, and I want to stop
	It's just such a waste.  These people's lives were just tossed away.
SHEENA: Yes.  As bad as they may have been, they didn't deserve this.
EMIL: I'd like to give these two a proper burial.  We can't just leave them
like this.
REGAL: But if the Vanguard is here, we haven't a moment to lose.  We have no
choice but to leave them for now.
EMIL: (Hangs head) Yes, you're right.  I'm sorry.


(Hawk is standing at the far end of the building with a few of his troops)
EMIL: What could Hawk be doing in a place like this?
(Emil and Marta hide and listen in)
HAWK: Ten-hut!  Commencing Division Commander Hawk's Weekly Reflection now!
HAWK: First, close your eyes and focus on the events of the past week. 
Commence meditation! (Lowers head)
VANGUARD SOLDIER A: (Lowers head) ...
VANGUARD SOLDIER B: (Lowers head) ...
VANGUARD SOLDIER C: (Lowers head) ...
(Awkward silence; the soldiers start spazzing)
HAWK: Cease meditation!
	Argh, I feel so frustrated!
VANGUARD SOLDIER A: I broke out in a cold sweat!
VANGUARD SOLDIER B: I felt a chill go down my spine!
VANGUARD SOLDIER C: I felt like I was at a loss for words!
HAWK: I see you've all had a terribly stressful week, just as I have.
	And we all know who's the source of our problems!
HAWK: I must keep advancing within the Vanguard so that you, my comrades, will
not need to endure these hardships any longer!
	And this is why I beseech you to lend me your strength.
	Help me take Ratatosk's core from Lady Marta.  Help me defeat anyone who
stands in our way.  Help me climb the Vanguard ladder all the way to the top!
HAWK: And for some reason that scoundrel Magnar sees me as his enemy, and he's
trying to interfere with our mission!  Be wary of him!
	Men, I can't do this without you.  So let's rise above the rest together!
HAWK: All right!  You're all dismissed!
EMIL: What a bizarre meeting.  I had no idea Hawk was so close to his soldiers.
	I'd better be careful...


(Magnar stands before the building nearby with some of his troops)
EMIL: What's Magnar doing in a place like this?
(Emil and Marta hide and listen in)
MAGNAR: You still haven't found her?!  How hard can it possibly be to catch a
single little girl like Marta?!
SOLDIER A: Sir, it's just that any number of deadly characters are at her side
at all times and--
MAGNAR: I'm tired of your excuses!
	That Vanguard Commander Chickenhawk is looking for Marta as well.  We won't
let him get to her first!
SOLDIER B: Chicken hawk?
MAGNAR: I'd also accept "Yellow-bellied Hawk."  Anyway, capture Marta before he
gets any more feathers in his cap!
SOLDIERS: (Salute) Yes, sir!  (They march off)
EMIL: I wonder why Magnar has such a bitter rivalry with Hawk.  Is it just
because they're enemies?

(Hawk is there with his troops)
EMIL: It's Hawk and his men.
(Emil and Marta hide and listen in)
HAWK: What?  That imbecile Magnar called me a coward?
VANGUARD SOLDIER A: Yes, sir!  I heard it from someone who says he heard it
with his own ears!
HAWK: Then it must be true.  How dare that Magnar--no, Maggotnar!
	He's making a fool of me, which is, like everything else, all her fault!
VANGUARD SOLDIERS: Very true, sir!
HAWK: She thinks she can put everyone down just because she's stronger!
	So full of herself, with that mail-order cologne nut fawning all over her
day and night.
	Trying to act all cutesy girl with her phony cutesy talk and her phony
cutesy walk!
	No good will ever come of someone who makes nicknames for everyone she
VANGUARD SOLDIERS: Very true, sir!
HAWK She claims she's only eighteen, but we all know she's much older than
that!  She must be using some sort of age-reversing facial cream!
	Argh, just thinking about it makes my skin crawl!
	It's all her fault!  Now tell me, men.  What's the name of this scourge?
HAWK: Yes, Alice.  This would would be a better place if only she were out of
the picture.
	And yet, we must tolerate her presence for now!  Surely if we leave her be,
she'll eventually meet the grisly end she truly deserves.
	Therefore, we must put up with her for just a little while longer.  Just a
bit more.
	Though she may insult us, we will stand tall and proud, so that when her
time comes, our victory will be all the more glorious!
HAWK: All right!  You're all dismissed!
EMIL: Things in the Vanguard are more complex than I thought.  They're bad
guys, but listening to Hawk almost brought a tear to my eye.


(Magnar stands with his back to the party at the door, alone)
EMIL: That's...
(Emil and Marta hide and listen in)
MAGNAR: Why?  Why must I always be in his shadow?
	I swore that I would weather any foe, endure any humiliation so that our
noble goals might be achieved, and yet...
	I cannot allow this injustice to persist.  How is it his stature surpasses
my own?
EMIL: Hierarchy structure sure are complicated.
MAGNAR: That knave Chickenhawk.  All gleeful at Lady Alice's endearment,
	Someday, I too will have Alice anoint me with a tender nickname, her soft
and sweet voice.
	"Oh, Maggy..."
(Emil gets a muzzy)

*Temple Of Lightning*

SHEENA: (Down) It looks like I'm tired to this place, whether I like it or not.
EMIL: Something seems to be bothering Sheena.
REGAL: She once failed to forge a pact with Volt, the Summon Spirit of
[EMIL: Unh?]
REGAL: It was a disaster that took the lives of a quarter of the people of
	Because of that, she has led a lonely life, even among her own people.
[EMIL: Hmm...]
REGAL: But she overcame pain, sadness, and fear in order to save this world,
and eventually succeeded in her pact with Volt.
	In that regard, Sheena may understand both of your struggles better than

TENEBRAE: What do you think that is?
(Emil picks them up)
EMIL: Looks like some research notes.
	Let's see...  "In short, restricting the dimensional boundary to a certain
level is Ratatosk's..."
MARTA: (Shocked) Ratatosk?!  Those notes are about Ratatosk?
EMIL: It looks like it.  This stuff is pretty dense.  I can hardly understand
SHEENA: Staff from the Imperial Research Academy are here, right?
REGAL: Yes, this must have been left behind.
EMIL: I'll hold onto it for now.

EMIL: Paporo popporo pippity poppity pooh.
TENEBRAE: (Laughs) And what does "paporo popporo pippity poppity pooh" mean?
	Is that some sort of new-fangled slang?
EMIL: It was written in the research notes I found.
	It's in the language of the angels, so I might not be reading it correctly.
TENEBRAE: But why would that be written in these notes?
EMIL: Here, maybe you can read it.
TENEBRAE: Let me see now.
	It says, "Some Centurions are stuffy and old fashioned."
EMIL: Whoever wrote these notes must be a really brilliant researcher.

EMIL: How come there are lightning strikes indoors?  It's really dangerous.
MARTA: We may be safe though, considering the people in our party.
TENEBRAE: Why is that?
MARTA: Well, they say lightning strikes tall objects.~
SHEENA: (Light bulb) Tall objects.  Oh yeah.
EMIL: Now that you mention it, Regal's pretty tall.
TENEBRAE: (Light bulb) Well then, we have nothing to worry about.  We're
counting on you, Mr. Lightning Rod.
[REGAL: Uh...]

(Two panicked scientists come running up to them)
RESEARCHER A: [A-]Are you with the Vanguard, too?!
EMIL: No, we're not!  We're here with permission from the Imperial Research
RESEARCHER B: Then get out of here while you still can.  The Vanguard broke in
and they're killing everyone they see.
(The party is shocked)
MARTA: We have to stop them!
EMIL: Yeah, let's go!
SHEENA: Hold on a second!  Emil, why don't you show them the notes we found?
REGAL: They appear to be regarding research on Ratatosk.
RESEARCHER B: Maybe those are the notes Rilena said she'd dropped.
EMIL: Where can we find Rilena?
RESEARCHER A: She was working deeper in the temple.  I hope she's okay.
MARTA: Let's go!
EMIL: We'll save Rilena.  The rest of you, please get out of here.
REGAL: Please request the Royal Army to be dispatched as well.
	You should deliver those notes to Rilena.  She was obsessed with finding
EMIL: I will!

TENEBRAE: I feel a presence of the core from beyond here.
EMIL: But it's giving off electricity.  I wonder how we get rid of this?

EMIL: It's really dark.  Let's be careful where we step.
INFORMATION: Rapidly press A if you are about to fall, to save yourself.

(Everyone stops in surprise)
EMIL: Lloyd!
(Lloyd is nearby.  As soon as he spots them, he takes off)
EMIL: Lloyd, wait!
VANGUARD SOLDIER: (Offscreen) Hey, this way!  Lady Marta's with them!
(A slew of Vanguard troops surround the group)
EMIL: [Wh-]What should we do?
MARTA: Looks like we don't have much of a choice.
SHEENA: Yep.  Here they come!
(The troops attack, but the party defeats them)
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: We've lost sight of Lloyd.  He could reach the core before us.
MARTA: But finding Rilena is more important than Lloyd.  If she gets caught up
in the Vanguard's attack...
EMIL: (Nods) Right!  Come on, let's hurry!

EMIL: That rope is pretty old.  It can snap at any moment.
	The Sorcerer's Ring might reach from here.

(Decus is already there, menacing a girl scientist with a ponytail)
EMIL: (Clamps his nose) That smell!
DECUS: Woman!  I can understand why a whiff of my alluring scent might cause
you to freeze up,
	but if you don't get out of the way, I'll kill you!
RILENA: (Shakes head) Don't be ridiculous!  I have no interest in someone like
	But the Centurion's core up ahead is far too dangerous!
TENEBRAE: I believe that must be Rilena.
MARTA: Decus!  Stop it!
(Decus and Rilena both look surprised)
RILENA: (Looks at Emil, shocked) Aster?!
DECUS: Marta!  Don't you dare get in my way!  (Yanks his sword out of the weird
iron maiden box nearby.  Emil shoves Marta out of the way and brandishes his
own sword)
DECUS: You sure you can survive without going all Ratatosk Mode on me, kid?
(Decus lays into Emil, slashing wildly.  Emil can only block)
EMIL: Ugh!
DECUS: (Crazily) Hahahahaha!
	How do you like this power?  How do you like this beauty?  How do you like
this aroma?
EMIL: (Thinking) Why can't I go into Ratatosk Mode?  Without it I can't--
DECUS: (Raises sword) Now die as you yearn for me!
EMIL: (Thinking) I'm gonna die!  Help me!  The other "me," you have to help me!
(Screen goes black)
R.EMIL: You always make me do your dirty work.
(Screen comes back.  Emil's eyes are red)
R.EMIL: Door to the boundary, open!
(Emil raises his hand.  A black hole opens behind Rilena, sucking her, Decus,
and his iron maiden in.  Marta gets up, horrified)
MARTA: Emil!  Emil, stop it!
R.EMIL: [Rrr...] ...
MARTA: (Grabs Emil and shakes him) Emil!
(Emil lowers his arm and the black hole disappears)
REGAL: We're saved.  But...
SHEENA: Yeah.  What was that, anyway?  It sucked Rilena right in.
MARTA: Emil, was that a power of Knight of Ratatosk?
R.EMIL: (Shrugs) I think so.
SHEENA: (Scratches head) You think so?  That's a little vague.
R.EMIL: I just said the words that popped into my head.  You can blame Ratatosk
for that.
MARTA: Can you make the rift open again?  Rilena is trapped inside.
R.EMIL: (Annoyed) How the hell should I know?!  I don't even know how I did it
in the first place!
	(Shrugs) Who cares about that woman anyway?
SHEENA: What are you saying?!  We can't just leave her like that!  Aren't you
worried about her?
R.EMIL: What do I care.  Anyway, there's nobody in our way now.  We can go look
for the Centurion's core--
(Marta, furious, slaps Emil across the face.  He looks stunned)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) What the hell?!  What was that for?!
MARTA: You're despicable.  (Turns away)
(Emil is silent)
TENEBRAE: I may have an idea where Rilena went.
MARTA: Really?!
TENEBRAE: The technique Emil just performed is reminiscent of that which Lord
Ratatosk used to return the Centurions to their altars.
	Therefore, I believe Rilena may have been sent to one of the altars.
REGAL: Ratatosk is able to transport people that easily?
TENEBRAE: No, he should only be able to do it with Centurions.
TENEBRAE: Which leads me to believe that someone inside the rift may be in
possession of a Centurion's core.
	Power reacting with the core may have pulled in those nearby as well.
SHEENA: (Scratches head) [Ugh,] That sounds complicated.  So where are you
saying Rilena is?
TENEBRAE: If my theory is correct, she would be at the altar of a Centurion
whose core neither we nor Lloyd currently possess.
MARTA: So lightning or earth?
R.EMIL: Then let's check out the altar here.  Let's go.
MARTA: (Looks away) [Unhh...] ...

SHEENA: That arte you used back there was really something.
R.EMIL: That wasn't me, it was Ratatosk.
REGAL: You said something about a boundary.  Can Ratatosk's power affect the
very fabric of space and time?
TENEBRAE: Such power can only be used to a limited degree.
SHEENA: If Raine were here, she'd be demanding a repeat performance, no doubt.
MARTA: Shouldn't we be hurrying to the altar?
R.EMIL: (Annoyed) You're that worried about this woman?
MARTA: (Angrily) Of course I am!  Not that I'd expect an insensitive jerk like
you to understand!
R.EMIL: (Angrily) What?!
[MARTA: Unghh!  (Looks away)]

(The party rushes to the altar, but Lloyd is already there, the core in his
hand.  He removes his mask and tosses it on the ground, then turns to the
LLOYD: You're too late.
R.EMIL: (Smirking wickedly) No, you are.
LLOYD: What?
R.EMIL: If you were just a little bit quicker, you wouldn't have had to deal
with me.
[LLOYD: Mnnhh...]
R.EMIL: You zip around from one place to another like a pesky flea.  But this
time you won't be getting away!
	(Angrily) Now, hand over the core!
(A bolt of lightning strikes a block near Lloyd.  He glances at it for a
moment, then looks back at them)
LLOYD: I don't have time to play with you.
R.EMIL: Oh, so you wanna fight?  That sounds good to me.  (Reaches to draw his
LLOYD: I wouldn't do that if I were you.
R.EMIL: (Enraged) Just shut up and hand it over!
(The second Emil draws his sword, a big bolt of lightning comes from above,
zapping him over and over)
MARTA/SHEENA: Eyaaaaaa!!!]
LLOYD: Don't say I didn't warn you.  Catch you later.
(Lloyd jumps away.  The lightning stops, and Emil leans heavily on his sword)
R.EMIL: (Strained) You damn bastard!
(Suddenly, a sphere of purple lightning appears before them.  It takes the
shape of a Corduroy, a devil-looking monster)
MARTA: (Gasps) What's that?!
SHEENA: Watch out!  That thing's giving off a lot of juice!
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Damn it!  Get out of my way!
(The Corduroy attacks, but the party beats it)
R.EMIL: (Wipes sweat from his brow) All right.  Now, to take care of Lloyd.
TENEBRAE: I'm afraid it will have to wait, Emil.  I am unable to sense
Tonitrus' presence right now.
R.EMIL: (Sheathes his sword, bitterly) That coward sure knows how to run away.
(The party approaches the altar)
MARTA: Then I suppose Rilena isn't here either.
TENEBRAE: Which means that she must be at Solum's altar.
SHEENA: (Folds arms) Then we need to go to the Temple of Earth, right?  It's
been closed for a while because of the shaking from the quake.
	(Looks worried) Hopefully they've reopened it by now.

(The party reaches the altar.  The core sits there, glowing peacefully amid the
wild lightning)
MARTA: Well it appears that Rilena isn't here.
TENEBRAE: [Which means] Then that means that she must be at Solum's altar.
R.EMIL: [Huh.]  Well, nevertheless we're taking Tonitrus' core, right?
TENEBRAE: Yes, of course.
(Marta stares at the core)
R.EMIL:  Come on Marta, what's wrong?  Hurry up and hatch the core.
(Marta hesitates, looking sideways at him)
R.EMIL: (Annoyed) What's the matter?  Are you still mad at me?
(Marta looks away angrily, then reaches for the core... but suddenly a big
blast of lightning knocks her away from it)
[MARTA: Hyuh!]
R.EMIL: (Panicked) Look out!
(Emil catches Marta as she falls.  The lightning arcs everywhere, zapping
everybody wildly... and then it forms into a Corduroy, a devil-like monster)
MARTA: (Gasps) What's that?!
R.EMIL: It looks like the monster was lured by Tonitrus' core.
REGAL: We have no choice, we have to get rid of it!
(The Corduroy attacks, but the party beats it)
(Emil sheathes his sword and takes the core from the altar)
R.EMIL: [Hah!]  That's what you get for getting in my way.
(He brusquely tosses the core to Marta)
R.EMIL: Here.  Now hurry up and hatch Tonitrus.
(Marta scowls at him, but hatches the core.  A lovely purple crystal orb
SHEENA: All right then.
	I guess we'd better head to the Temple of Earth and save Rilena.
	Though it's been closed off for a while due to all the shaking from the
recent earthquakes.
	(Looks worried) Hopefully they've reopened it by now.

REGAL: That would mean returning to the Meltokio region.
	But before we proceed, I suggest that we talk to Director Schneider.
MARTA: That's a good idea.
(Regal and Sheena start to leave, and Marta starts after them)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Wait a minute!
(Marta stops, not looking at him)
R.EMIL: Look, I'm sorry, all right?  So now will you stop ignoring me?
(Marta hesitates, then keeps walking)
R.EMIL: (Glare fades) Marta...

MARTA: I hope Rilena is all right.
SHEENA: I'm worried that she got sucked in with the Vanguard.
	I hope she isn't attacked by Decus.
REGAL: It's the cores they're after.  I doubt they'd harm a woman who has
nothing to do with all this.
R.EMIL: You're worrying over nothing.
MARTA: Sheena, Regal, Tenebrae, let's get going!
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Hey!  Marta!
MARTA: I make it a rule not to speak to insensitive creeps.
R.EMIL: (Angrily) What are you talking about?!  Damn it!

R.EMIL: Hey, Marta.  About that monster...
MARTA: Sheena!  I'm starving!  Aren't you?
SHEENA: (Uncertain) Yeah, I guess.
R.EMIL: Marta!  Are you listening?  Hey!
MARTA: Tenebrae!  Are you picking up anything about Rilena's whereabouts?
TENEBRAE: I'm afraid that is impossible.  She would need to have a connection
to Lord Ratatosk.
R.EMIL: Come on!  Marta!
MARTA: Regal!  We really should be getting back to see Director Schneider,
REGAL: (Uncertain) [Uh...] Yes.
R.EMIL: (Furious) Damn it!  Enough is enough!

(A soldier runs up to them)
ROYAL ARMY: Duke Bryant!  You're all right!
REGAL: Thank you for coming.
ROYAL ARMY: We received reports the Vanguard was here.
REGAL: They were, but they've left.
R.EMIL: [Hmpf.] So you're here cleaning up the corpses of wimps?  At least
you're making yourself useful.
MARTA: (Turns and grabs him) Emil!
R.EMIL: What?  Why are you so pissed off?
(He goes to push her away, then the flashbacks of an angry Richter shoot
through his mind again.  He reels back and crumples)
R.EMIL: (Screaming) Aaaah!
(The screen goes black for a moment)
R.EMIL: (Straightens up) Yeah.  I just had this weird memory again...
REGAL: Memory?
R.EMIL: The one where Richter is killing me.
(Sheena and Regal are both surprised)
R.EMIL: (Shrugs) Maybe you're right.  Maybe I am Aster, after all.
REGAL: We won't know for sure until we ask Rilena.
R.EMIL: [Huh...] ...

*On the road to Sybak*

(Suddenly, a man appears out of a puff of smoke)
MIZUHO SCOUT: (To Sheena) Chief, if I may, I have a matter to discuss with you.
SHEENA: (Scratches head) Well, we're in a bit of a rush.
REGAL: Perhaps we should take a short break here.  Even if we hurry to the
Temple of Earth, the entrance won't be cleared yet.
MARTA: I'm fine with that.
REGAL: Sheena, I hate to impose, but might I possibly relay a message to my
company via your messenger here?
SHEENA: Sure.  Come with us, then.  Emil, Marta, you two can wait here.
(Sheena and Regal leave with the scout)
(Marta is turned away from Emil)
R.EMIL: Why are you so pissed off at me?  You don't like the fact that I got
MARTA: [Uh...] ...
R.EMIL: (Angrily) It was my power that made it possible to protect you all this
	I'm sure you don't like me as much as that coward version of me, but he
can't do anything on his own!
MARTA: (Turns around) But Emil would never give up on saving Rilena.
R.EMIL: Rilena?  [Huh!]  He only cares about her because he's so desperate to
know who he is.
	Well, I don't care who I am.  I only care about protecting you.  No one
else matters.
MARTA: (Getting upset) No.  That's not the Emil that I love!  You're not Emil
at all!
	(Pounding on his chest) Give Emil back!  Let him come out!
R.EMIL: (Bitterly) So even you would choose that coward over me.
MARTA: What's so bad about being a coward?  Afraid or not, Emil tried his best
to protect me!
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Sure, then he calls me in whenever things get too rough!
	He's the one who asked me for help.  I'm not giving myself to him anymore. 
I won't do it!  (Turns away)
(Sheena and Regal come back.  Neither Marta nor Emil is looking at the other)
SHEENA: Sorry for the wait, I had a few things I needed to--hey, what's with
you two?
REGAL: Did you have a fight?
(Awkward silence)
SHEENA: If they care enough about each other to fight, they're fine.  Leave
them be, Regal.
REGAL: (Uncertain) Right.


(Quickie explanation fade-out)
SCHNEIDER: [Ah,] I see.  I'll hold onto Rilena's research notes for now.
(Emil rudely tosses Schneider the papers)
MARTA: (Crossly) Emil!
R.EMIL: (Turns away, shrugs) [Hmmpf!] I'm not really Emil, right?
MARTA: Then hurry up and let him come back out!
SHEENA: You two, calm down.  You're making a scene in front of Director
MARTA: [Uh...] I'm sorry.
R.EMIL: (Shrugs) [Hmmph.] ...  (Walks away)
REGAL: Director, just how much do you know about Ratatosk?
SCHNEIDER: I've heard that Ratatosk possesses the power to manipulate mana, the
source of all life.
	I believe that he used monsters to balance the distribution of mana in the
	It's said he was the summon spirit of the Giant Kharlan Tree, which
produced the world's mana.
REGAL: Richter refers to Ratatosk as the "demon lord."  Do you know anything
about that?
SCHNEIDER: Richter's been saying such things ever since he returned from his
field study.  But it's nonsense.
	If a demon lord were to exist, it would be a creature from Niflheim, the
demonic realm.
	But Ratatosk is a summon spirit.  He is of this world.
SHEENA: Niflheim...
MARTA: Sheena, you've been to Niflheim?!
SHEENA: Of course not!  But I did catch a glimpse of it, once.
SCHNEIDER: The researchers of the Elemental Research Laboratory in Meltokio may
know more about Ratatosk.
	Rilena is working from there nowadays and her research materials and notes
are there, as well.
REGAL: We are bound for Meltokio in any case.  It might be worth it to pay the
lab a visit.
SCHNEIDER: (Nods) Please help Rilena.

MARTA: So then, that letter from Raine wasn't a love letter after all.
	I'm a bit disappointed.
REGAL: (Chuckles) A woman of her quality deserves a far better man than I.
TENEBRAE: Perhaps Raine and Regal are both simply too attractive for the match
to ever work.
MARTA: No way.  That's exactly why they're perfect for each other.
REGAL: There is another to whom I've already pledged my heart.
MARTA: (Surprised) What?!  There is?
REGAL: (Quietly) However, she has passed on.
MARTA: Oh, I'm so sorry.
REGAL: No, there is no need to be.  I'm the one who can't seem to lay the past
to rest.
MARTA: I'm sure she's glad to have you keeping her memory alive, though.  I'm
actually a little jealous.
REGAL: Thank you.

[R.EMIL: N'grrrrhhh...
MARTA: Unnhhhh!]
SHEENA: [Ugh!]  Why don't you guys say something.
[R.EMIL/MARTA: (Angry grunts)]
SHEENA: [Uhh!]  I can't stand this sort of thing.  Do something, Regal!
REGAL: Let them be.  The problem is theirs.  They will solve it on their own.
SHEENA: (Muzzy) Yeah, I guess.  But they're driving me up the wall.


(They are greeted by a scientist at the front desk)
SCIENTIST: Sheena!  I heard you've been busy.
	(Notices Emil and freaks) Aster?!
R.EMIL: (Shrugs, angry) Damn it, not this again.  (Turns away)
SHEENA: (Scratches head) Sorry about his language.
	Actually, I'm here because there's something I need to ask you.
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
SCIENTIST: Rilena was working on research related to Ratatosk based on Aster's
research notes and continuing where he left off.
	You should be able to find all of her records downstairs.  Feel free to
browse through them.
MARTA: (Nods) Thank you very much.
SCIENTIST: (Looks at Emil) I really can't believe that you're not Aster.

(They find a stack of notes on the desk)
R.EMIL: It looks like these are Rilena's notes.
(Emil picks them up and rudely hands them off to Marta)
MARTA: (Reading) "The guardian of the Ginnungagap, the door to the demonic
realm, is named Ratatosk."
SHEENA: Tenebrae, is "demonic realm" Niflheim?
REGAL: Then can we assume this "Ginnungagap" is the door between Niflheim and
this world?
TENEBRAE: That is correct.  Lord Ratatosk is its guardian.
SHEENA: There's no way someone like that could be the demon lord.  It sounds
more like he's protecting this world.
R.EMIL: [Hmmph.]  Maybe Richter wants to use Ratatosk's power to get revenge on
this world for its prejudice against half-elves.
(Awkward silence)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) What?
SHEENA: It's just you never stand up for Richter when you're in Ratatosk Mode.
R.EMIL: [Hunh.]  If I'm really Aster, that means Richter tried to kill me.  Why
would I want to stand up for him?
(Suddenly, Emil doubles over)
EMIL: (Meekly) Richter's not that sort of person.
MARTA: Emil?!
(Emil rights himself)
R.EMIL: (Angrily) Who said you could come out?!
REGAL: Emil, what's going on inside you right now?
R.EMIL: Who cares?
SHEENA: (Angrily) We care!  Tenebrae, what's going on here?
TENEBRAE: I believe it's just his strong desire to protect Lady Marta.
SHEENA: (Scratches head) Is that really all?
R.EMIL: (Turns to the books, shrugs) Doesn't look like there's anything new in
these notes.
	Let's hurry up and get out of this place.

SCIENTIST: Are you finished?
SHEENA: (Nods) Yes, thank you.
SCIENTIST: (Notices Marta) Hey, you're Marta, right?
SCIENTIST: That on your forehead--that's Ratatosk's core?
MARTA: (Uncertain) Yes.
SCIENTIST: Do you feel all right?
SHEENA: [Wh-]What are you talking about?
SCIENTIST: I heard from Rilena that Centusions' cores have a composition very
similar to that of Exspheres.
	Of course, there are some minor differences between the two--organic vs.
inorganic, etc.
R.EMIL: (Irked) So what?
SCIENTIST: Exspheres are toxic if attached directly to the body without the
proper protection.
	Eventually, it will take over its host's body.
	If Ratatosk's core is similar to a Centurion's core, you should be careful
about it.
REGAL: Marta, do you feel a sense of emptiness anywhere?  Or have you
experienced any sort of changes?
MARTA: (Giggles awkwardly) No, I'm fine.  I don't feel anything strange at all.
	And anyway, if there was any sort of danger, I'm sure Tenebrae would let me
SHEENA: [I...] I'm sure you're right.  But maybe we should get someone to check
just to be sure?
MARTA: (Jumps for joy) I'm fine.  Seriously, I feel great.  Anyway, shouldn't
we be worrying about Rilena right now?
SCIENTIST: Oh, I heard that the path to the Temple of Earth has finally been
MARTA: Oh, then we better get going right away!
SHEENA: (Nods) All right.  But promise to tell us the minute you feel anything
out of the ordinary.
(Emil is silent)

MARTA: (So, Exspheres can hurt the people who equip them.)
	(I wonder if the same is true about Ratatosk's core?)
	(What if the core starts to affect me and I don't realize it?)
	(What will happen to me?)
TENEBRAE: Lady Marta.  You do not look well.
MARTA: Oh, no.  I'm just a bit tired.
SHEENA: Oh yeah?  Wanna take a break?
MARTA: No, I'll be fine.  We've got to get to the Temple of Earth.
(R.EMIL: [N'ehhh...])

(A soldier races up to Sheena)
SHEENA: Is something the matter?
ROYAL ARMY: We were clearing rubble in the Temple of Earth and found an injured
woman inside.
MARTA: (Gasps, recoils) That could be Rilena.
REGAL: Where is she right now?
ROYAL ARMY: She's still inside the temple.
(The soldier leaves.  Emil starts to walk away)
SHEENA: Emil!  Where are you going?
R.EMIL: (Shrugs) We're going inside to find that Rilena woman, right?
MARTA: (Gasps) ...
REGAL: (Nods) All right, let's go, then.

*On the road to the Earth Temple*

(Marta stops, seemingly thinking.  Emil runs back)
R.EMIL: Hey, are you okay?
MARTA: (Still looking down) I'm fine.
(Awkward silence)
R.EMIL: (Bitterly) I guess it has to be him.
(Emil closes his eyes, then opens them again, still red)
EMIL: Is something wrong, Marta?
MARTA: (Shoots up, shocked) Emil!  Are you really back to normal?!
EMIL: (Nods) Yeah.  But Marta, what's wrong.
MARTA: (Shakes head) It's nothing.  Nothing at all.
EMIL: (Shakes head) Don't lie.  I can tell.  You're worried about something,
aren't you?
MARTA: I guess I can't fool you.
	I've heard about Exspheres, how they eventually turn people into monsters.
	What happens if we don't free Ratatosk in time?  Will I turn into a
monster, too?
EMIL: You fool.  Tenebrae would never put you in that sort of danger.
MARTA: (Puzzled) "You fool?"
EMIL: Oops, I guess I got used to talking in Ratatosk Mode.
	Anyway, it's okay.  I'm sure of it.  I'll protect you.
	I'll protect you from the Vanguard, and from Ratatosk's core.
MARTA: Thanks.  I'll be okay.  I still don't believe that Ratatosk's dangerous,
SHEENA: (Offscreen) Come on, you two!  We're going!
MARTA: (Calling back) Okay!
	(To Emil, fidgeting) Hey, Emil, if I'm wrong, I'm sorry.
	But you're the Ratatosk Mode Emil, right?
(Emil recoils)
MARTA: I'm sorry I'm always mad at you.  You probably hate me.
	But you still tried to cheer me up.
	You're really just as nice a person as the other Emil.
R.EMIL: (Turns away, blushing) [Egh...] You've got me all wrong.
	I was just sick and tired of you getting mad all the time.
MARTA: (Blushing) You're right.  I feel bad about that.  I'm sorry.
	So you stop saying careless things about other people's lives, too, okay?
SHEENA: (Offscreen) Come on, what's the hold up?!
MARTA: (Awkward laugh) Sorry!  (Runs off)
(Tenebrae appears)
R.EMIL: (To himself) I'm not nice.  You were asking for help, so I helped you. 
That's all.
TENEBRAE: Emil, has your memory returned?
R.EMIL: I'm just going to shut up and handle the fighting.
	So if the time comes and the other Emil isn't up to the task, I'm counting
on you, Tenebrae.
TENEBRAE: Understood.

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: You know, if someone I didn't like pretended to be someone
I liked, I'd be pretty honking mad...  Marta's either really forgiving or
really stupid.

*Temple of Earth*

MARTA: I wonder where Rilena is.
EMIL: [Um,] This is the Temple of Earth, right?  Why are we here?
SHEENA: [Huh?] What?  You're out of Ratatosk Mode.
EMIL: I'm sorry.  Lately I've been having trouble remembering while I'm in that
REGAL: It does seem that way.  What's the last thing you remember?
EMIL: I remember being in the Temple of Lightning, with Decus about to kill me.
SHEENA: All right, let me bring you up to speed.
(Quickie explanation fade-out)
EMIL: Thank you.  At least now I know what happened.  I'm sorry for causing
SHEENA: Don't worry about it.
(A soldier walks by.  Regal stops him)
REGAL: Where's the woman you found here?
ROYAL ARMY: She's further in.  They're just about to carry her out.
EMIL: Let's go!  I hope she's okay.
MARTA: (Surprised) Emil.  Right, let's go.

EMIL: This is where Gnome, the Summon Spirit of Earth used to be, right?
SHEENA: Yeah.  I remember how hard it was making a pact with him.
MARTA: Was Gnome really that strong?
SHEENA: Actually, it was everything we had to do beforehand to get to him.
REGAL: That's right.  We had to make curry.
MARTA: (Puzzled) Curry?
SHEENA: Yeah, which meant we had to hunt down some spicy ingredients.
EMIL: Were you the one who made it, Regal?
REGAL: Let's see.  That time it was--
TENEBRAE: Well, like I always say, you can't "curry favor" without "curry,"
right?  Get it?  (Laughs)

SHEENA: Okay, food's ready.
EMIL: (Surprised) Wow!  It's amazing.  It almost looks too delicious to eat.
	(Choking up) And it smells incredible.  I can't believe it.
SHEENA: What's with you?  You're staring at the food like you're gonna cry.
EMIL: I, it's just, I thought women couldn't cook.
SHEENA: [Heh!] Of course we can cook!  You just happened to have poor luck in
women so far.
MARTA: (Irked) Would you two care to explain that conversation?
EMIL/SHEENA: (Shrink back) [S-]Sorry.

(Rilena is sitting on the ground, watched by a soldier)
RILENA: I'm fine.  I can walk.
(Rilena gets to her feet as the party approaches)
EMIL: Rilena!
RILENA: (Recoils) You're the ones from the Temple of Lightning.
EMIL: (Slumps) I'm sorry.  This is all my fault.
RILENA: No, it's not your fault.
	The dimensional boundary was already warped.  That's why the temple was
EMIL: But I used Ratatosk's power to--
RILENA: Seeing your face, and hearing you say the name Ratatosk brings back
MARTA: Do you mean Aster?
RILENA: Yes.  Aster and I were very close.  But he was killed by Richter.
EMIL: (Shocked) So Richter really killed Aster?!
RILENA: I still don't want to believe it, but that's the only explanation that
makes sense.
	He stole all of the research notes that Aster had left behind, and
(Everyone is shocked)
ROYAL ARMY: I'm sorry, but we really need to be moving on.
REGAL: My sincere apologies for keeping you, but there's one last thing I must
RILENA: Of course.
REGAL: Did your friend Aster have any defining features?  Any scars or moles?
RILENA: He did have a small star-shaped scar on his neck.
(Emil looks shocked)
RILENA: Why do you ask?
REGAL: Just wondering.  Thank you.
RILENA: Oh, I just remembered something I wanted to tell you.  That Vanguard
who was transported along with me.
MARTA: You mean Decus?
RILENA: Right, that was his name.  He and his followers went deeper into the
temple, past the altar.
	They seemed sure there would be an exit in that direction.
	They're your enemies, right?  I thought you might want to know.
MARTA: Thank you.
(The party steps aside and lets Rilena and the soldier leave)
REGAL: Emil, about that star-shaped scar...
EMIL: There's something like that just above my collarbone.
(The others are shocked)
SHEENA: Then that means that you're Aster after all.
EMIL: (Flustered) I don't know!  I don't feel like I'm him!
MARTA: You are who you are.
EMIL: Marta.
MARTA: Your name doesn't matter.  Even if you used to be called Aster, it
doesn't change who you are.
	Sure, you tend to get afraid, but you've kind, and you give your best.
	That's why I don't think you should worry so much about it.  Time will
clear up everything, eventually.
EMIL: Thank you.
SHEENA: Marta's right.  Sorry I've been giving you such a hard time, I guess I
got carried away.
EMIL: No, not at all.  I let myself get overwhelmed with everything.  It's my
	But I'm okay now.  I have Marta and all of you to look after me.
REGAL: Indeed.  We may not have known each other long, and there is a gap in
our ages,
	but even so, I'll happily lend all of my power to your efforts as your
EMIL: (Nods) Thank you!
(Tenebrae appears)
TENEBRAE: So everyone, how should we proceed?
MARTA: Well, Solum's core is supposed to be in this temple, right?
TENEBRAE: I doubt it.
	It would require one of the humans to be in possession of Solum's core to
be transported here.
SHEENA: Which would mean the Vanguard has it?
REGAL: It would appear so.
EMIL: Then we need to go after Decus.
MARTA: But let's head to the altar to make sure.

EMIL: What's with all the sighing, Marta?
MARTA: We've been underground for a while, and it feels like it's hard to
breathe, or like something's pressing down on me.
TENEBRAE: The air here is quite earthy and dusty.
EMIL: Yeah.  And it's so dim I can barely see.
TENEBRAE: That is most certainly bothersome as well.
MARTA: I thought you were the captain of the "hooray for darkness" brigade.
TENEBRAE: This does not come under the category of "dark."  I speak of
something much richer, much deeper, a beautiful world of ebony!
EMIL: I think Tenebrae's what you'd call a darkness maniac.

(It's empty, as most of us guessed)
MARTA: It looks like Tenebrae was right.  Solum's core is gone.
SHEENA: (Scratches head) It doesn't look like Lloyd took it, either.  None of
his weird posters are around.
REGAL: Then we can only assume the Vanguard has had the core all along.
EMIL: But look, this is a dead end.  I wonder where Decus went.
TENEBRAE: I sense monsters from somewhere nearby.
EMIL: Maybe there's a hidden passage somewhere.  Let's look around.

INFORMATION: It seems to be a trap against intruders.  It feels as though
there's something hidden.
	Activate the device?

INFORMATION: The floor is in block shapes.  Some blocks will shake violently
and then fall immediately afterwards.  Quickly move to a static block and try
not to fall until the end.

INFORMATION: There are two types of shaking to the block floors.  Those that
shake slowly will not fall immediately.
	If it shakes violently, the floor will drop immediately after.  Please move
to another block.
	The floor falls at certain intervals.  It may be good to note which floors
remain until the end.