| Cool Boarders 3 Mini FAQ 1.0   |
| by Johan Henriksson AKA crayon |

Ok, to clarify one thing; This game is made by Idol Minds and the first two games 
were made by UEP Systems. Which means that this game is totally new, built from

This wasn't made to cover every detail in the game, I just wrote this to give 
people an idea of what they are doing.

29th October 1998

| Basic controls |

D-Pad     Use this to control your boarder, left/right turns and down makes your
          boarder go faster. 
Triangle  Used for boardsliding on rails and fallen trees and such. 
          In mid-air it is used for tricks.
Circle    Does nothing on the ground.
          In mid-air it flips, if you press Up + O your boarder does a Frontflip,
          if you press Down + O he does a Backflip.
Cross     On the ground, cross makes you jump.
          In mid-air you grab with cross + a direction, see the Grabs section.
Square    It makes you do hard turns on the ground, if you hold it + a direction.
          Does nothing in mid-air.
L1        Your boarder swings to the left, if there is an opponen there he can only
          take two hits before he falls.
R1        Swings to the right.
L2        On the ground it makes you break completely, I never use it.
          In the air this makes you spin counter-clockwise.
R2        On the ground you switch sides with this.
          In air it makes you spin clockwise.


Left + X         Stalefish
Up + X           Stiffy
Right + X        Sad Air
Down + X         Tailgrab
Up/Left + X      Japan Air
Up/Right + X     Melancholy
Down/Left + X    Indy
Down/Right + X   Method


Up + Triangle     Noseslide
Down + Triangle   Noseslide
Right + Triangle  Frontside Shifty
Left + Triangle   Backside Shifty

I've seen my friends pull of some tricks like Misty, but I have no idea how 
to do them (they don't know either!).

| Boarders |

Sasha                [an overall good rider to begin with]

I haven't tried most of these, but in the beginning I liked playing with
Sasha. She's good. 

[secret characters]

Fast Eddie           [his name says it all, he's fast]
Mars                 [he's ok, but he's not very good for use in halfpipes]
Kimber               [she sucks, plain and simple]
Irving               [generally ok]
Rompin' Rodeo Bob    [overall pretty good, not a favorite of mine though]
Joshua               [very good, use him for everything!]
Cool                 [overall very good, better than joshua]
Burg                 [the fastest rider in the game]

| Boards |

You can check the boards stats in the game by pressing O when you have the
one you're interested in selected.

The general rule of boards is that once you unlock a new one, it's better 
than the old one. Just keep checking the stats and you'll know which one 
is the best.

A freestyle board needs alot of Agility, a Freeride board needs alot of 
all three and an Alpine board needs alot of MaxSpeed and Edge.

[Edge = turning capability, Agility = jumping capability]

You should use a Freestyle board in Half Pipes and Big Air levels. Use
a Freeride board in just about anything! And finally, use an Alpine board
when you feel you need to go fast, but not pull off ANY tricks.

# = Secret board, needs to be unlocked.


Special     [burton]
Chopper     [burton]
Punch       [burton]
Canyon      [burton]
Concept     [ride]
# Balance   [burton]
# Custom    [burton]
# Waara     [ride]
# Brushie   [ride]
# FL        [burton]


Charger     [burton]
Motion      [burton]
Swatch      [swatch]
Supermodel  [burton]
Mountain    [ride]
# Element   [burton]
# Timeless  [ride]
# Freedom   [burton]
# Mahaffey  [ride]
# Johan     [burton]

Alpine [all burton];

# Factory Prime 
# Ultra Prime

| Stages / Mountains |

There are 5 mountains and one bonus level. At first you only have access to three
mountains, but you can unlock them later.

To unlock a mountain, you have to beat the mountain before it in a tournament.
So to get Alps you need to beat Mt. Koji.

Each mountain has 6 events;

Downhill       [race fast and beat your opponents]
Boarder X      [sort of like a mix between downhill and slalom]
Slalom         [race with a single opponent and go zig-zag through gates]
Half Pipe      [do tricks, and lots of them to score big points]
Big Air        [more tricks]
Slope Style    [this is a mix between half pipe and downhill, sort of]

The last mountains/stages are special. The US Open only has three very very easy
events and Avalanche is only one stage.

Avalanche is like a race against the snowballs, they come after you pretty quick
and you need to dodge them. You can only take 5 or so hits before you're out.
After a few times you will get the hang of it, and beating it is pretty easy.

The very best way to beat a Half Pipe or Big Air or whatever is do as many 
different tricks as you can. One that works very well in Half Pipe and Downhill 
and such is to first do a spin and then do two grabs, this will earn you a 1000
point combo bonus!

Once you beat everything in the entire game, you get nothing. That's right, not
even a new board or boarder or anything.

| Secrets |

You unlock secrets by getting a gold cup on a level, all levels don't give 
you a secret but most do. They're in order, so no matter what level you beat
you still get Fast Eddie first, get it?

Fast Eddie
Balance [Burton]
Custom [Burton]
Rompin' Rodeo Bob
Element [Burton]
Joshua *PHD in back country
Timeless [Ride]
Waara [Ride]
Brushie [Ride]
Freedom [Burton]
FL [Burton]
Mahaffey [Ride]
Johan [Burton]
Factory Prime [Burton]
Cool *disco was his first love.
Ultra Prime [Burton]
Burg *favorite food: Burgers

| Etcetera |

This was written from scratch by Johan Henriksson AKA crayon [hson@hotmail.com]

I also wrote a big big FAQ for Metal Gear Solid, it can be obtained at:

I will probably never update this FAQ, so please don't ask me too. Hopefully
someone else will write an even bigger and better FAQ, maybe with more secrets!
(I wish! :)

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