Killzone 2: Multiplayer FAQ
by Carlo Ravelli (e-mail:

Version: MP1.6
Date: 28-APR-2009

Copyright 2009 Carlo Ravelli

|Table of contents|
-Introduction                  [INTRO]
 -Version History & Updates
-The Guide                     [GUIDE]
 -Ranks                        [RANKS]
 -Classes & Badges             [CLASS]
 -Medals and Ribbons           [MEDAL]
 -Maps                         [LEVEL]
 -Game Modes                   [MODES]
 -Valor Ranks                  [VALOR]
 -Clans                        [CLANS]
  -Managing a clan             [MANAG]
  -Matches and Tournaments     [MATCH]
  -More coming soon.....
-Additional Tips               [ADDIT]
-Final Word                    [FINAL]
-Contact                       [CONTA]

Ah, a complete guide to Warzone, Killzone 2's very own online multiplayer.
If you want to know when you unlock a certain weapon, how you unlock the Scout
class, or even if you want to know how to properly use a rocket launcher, this
guide is for you.
This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission to me, Carlo Ravelli.
If permission is given, you may NOT edit this guide in any way.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders. This guide may only be viewed and
printed from the websites listed in the Credits list.

|Version History & Updates|
 Date: 16-MAR-2009
 Info: First version
 Updates: *None

 Date: 29-MAR-2009
 Info: Second version
 Updates: *Expanded Game Modes section with strategies
          *Cured some typos, including the medic one
          *Added a host to the credits section
          *Added picture links to the maps

 Date: 28-APR-2009
 Info: Third version
 Updates: *Added 3 hardcore ranks
          *Added Clans section (not finished yet)
          *Added Valor Ranks section
          *Added two new maps that come with the first DLC

|Credits |
|--------| - For hosting my guide
-Guerrilla Games - For being Dutch, and making the best shooter I've ever 
  played in my life!
-KeineZeit - For writing the Tactician, Saboteur and Scout sections - For hosting my guide

|The Guide|
The first part of the guide will show you the several ranks unlocked in this
game's multiplayer. I'll tell you about the new badges you get, and what 
weapons the ranks bring along with them. After that, there'll be a very 
detailed part on every single badge, telling you how to properly execute one
and be a succesful teamplayer. When you're done with that, and want to start
earning ribbons and medals, read the section below. It'll tell you the easy
and effective ways of earning these tokens of worth. 

There are 12 ranks in Killzone 2 that take about 14 hours to obtain. 
See here what you are and what is yet to come. The amount of points shows you 
when you obtain that rank.

Rank                  |Points   |Unlocks                                 
Private               |0        |-
Corporal              |30       |Ability to create a squad inside  team
Sergeant              |100      |Ability to create a clan
Sergeant 1st Class    |200      |LS-13 Shotgun and StA11 SMG
Master Sergeant       |350      |Medic badge
Sergeant Major        |550      |M224-A1 and StA3 LMGs
Lieutenant            |800      |Engineer badge
Captain               |1200     |VC9 Rocket Launcher
Major                 |1450     |Tactician badge
Lieutenant Colonel    |1850     |Assault badge, M329G-launcher, M80R-launcher
Colonel               |2300     |Saboteur badge, StA14 Rifle
General               |2800     |Scout badge, VC32 Sniper Rifle
Brigade General       |5000     |-
General of the Army   |10000    |-
Commander in Chief    |100000   |-

|Classes & Badges|
Each class, like the medic and tactician, have 2 badges. One of them, the 
primary badge, is obtained when you unlock the class. The second one has to 
be unlocked by obtaining 8 ribbons by executing the primary badges, how to 
get those ribbons is further explained in the medals and ribbons section. 
The assault class is an exception, as it's secondary badge is unlocked from 
the start.

Unlocked from the start

-No badges

-None obtainable

-M82 Assault Rifle
-StA52 Assault Rifle
-LS13 Shotgun
-VC9 Rocket Launcher
-M224 LMG
-StA11 SMG
-StA18 Pistol
-M4 Revolver

Information & Tips:
This is what you will use as a first time player. A solid M82 and StA52 to
start out with, and the StA18 pistol as back-up. This isn't anything fancy,
but you'll have to use it until you unlock a new class. There's no real
tactic for this because this doesn't have any badges. The only real tip here
is Aim to Shoot, Shoot to Kill, Kill to Win.

Unlocked at 350 points

Primary - Revive wounded teammembers
Secondary - Place healthboxes

Medal : Field Medic - 8x Healing Specialist
Medal : Trauma Surgeon - 8x Revival Specialist
Ribbon: Healing Specialist - Heal 5 allies
Ribbon: Revival Specialist - Revive 5 allies

-M82 Assault Rifle
-StA52 Assault Rifle
-StA18 Pistol
-M4 Revolver

Information & Tips:
This is a class that most people abandon after getting the Engineer badge. 
You, however, like to support your team and win the battle. How to support your
team? Simple. Revive your fellow soldiers when they have a hard time staying
alive using your...revive-gun. But beware, that using this at the wrong moment
can lead to an angry team mate. If he has low ammo, it won't matter, he'll die
anyways. If you revive him when there are tons of enemies around, he'll get
killed right away. Know when to revive, know when not to. If you revive 5 
allies you'll get a ribbon, get eight of these and you'll receive a medal
and the ability to throw healthpacks. These'll up the health bars of your
comrades and give them a bigger chance to survive. In contrast with the
revive-gun, you can throw these whenever you want without second thoughts.
If you are a supportive player, you should definately use this class.

Unlocked at 800 points

Primary - Place stationary turrets
Secondary - Repair turrets or ammoboxes 

Medal : Defensive Specialist - 8x Turret Specialist
Medal : Field Mechanic - 8x Repair Specialist
Ribbon: Turret Specialist - 5 kills by Sentry Turret
Ribbon: Repair Specialist - Repair 5 Ammoboxes/Turrets

-LS13 Shotgun
-StA18 Pistol
-M4 Revolver

Information & Tips:
This class is all about mechanics. You can place turrets that support your 
team when things get a little bit hectic, and repair ammoboxes who function
as a source of ammunition for your team, and repair emplaced machineguns for 
your team's use. You get to use a shotgun, which is a very powerful weapon 
when used in small areas, but useless on open maps. This is why you shouldn't
use the engineer on open maps, it lacks power. Instead, use this on small maps
where you can benefit all that firepower. Now, the turrets. Since they are
a bit underpowered, they won't get you easy kills. To make them more effective,
place them on higher grounds so they can land headshots on enemy troops that 
walk the streets below (Blood Gracht for example). The repair-tool is very
useful, the ammoboxes have infinite ammo suplies for all of your team, and
the machineguns are extremely powerful, but they need to be used. Find and
repair them as soon as you find them, to encourage your team to use them.

Unlocked at 1450 points

Primary - Place spawn points for your team.
Secondary - Place a beacon to call in an drone.

Medal : Spawn Authority - Spawn Point Specialist x8
Medal : Aerial Supportive - Air Support Specialist x8
Ribbon: Spawn Point Specialist - Have 5 people use spawn points you placed.
Ribbon: Air Support Specialist - Kill 5 enemy players using drones

-M82 Assault Rifle
-StA52 Assault Rifle
-StA18 Pistol
-M4 Revolver

Information & Tips:
The ability to place spawn points can turn the tide of a battle by allowing
reinforcements quick entry to the front lines. The spawn points can only be 
thrown a short distance and players that spawn on them will be facing the 
opposite direction that it was thrown. If you are facing a wall and you 
throw the spawn point towards it, your teammates will spawn facing away 
from the wall. Spawn points should also be placed where they are less 
likely to be noticed or be easily camped. Do not place spawn point in open 
areas. Try to find areas that are indoors or are concealed from view in two 
or three directions. This keeps your teammates safe and allows them to 
figure out their position when they first spawn. In some places spawn points 
can be thrown off the map and your team will still spawn on the map but the 
spawn point cannot be seen by the enemy. Many players place spawn points 
near an enemy spawn point, either the enemy base or another Tactician's 
spawn point, this is a mistake. Fighting for control of an area like this
will just result in a large group of players contstantly spawning and dieing 
with little to no chance of completing the objecive.

The Tactician's secondary ability can be useful if used correctly but if it 
isn't it is generally useless. The drones are not very durable and can be 
shotdown quickly, they also don't get kills easily. It isn't because of a 
lack of power, it is because they are innacurate. If they are placed in an 
area where the enemy doesn't have a lot of room to maneuver they have a 
better chance of getting kills. Try to find places where they aren't going to
be seen from almost anywhere on the map. A lot of the time that isn't 
possible but when it is it makes them more difficult to shoot down. 

Unlocked at 1850 points

Primary - 20% extra health
Secondary - Boost pills, raising your health and speed

Medal : Front Runner - 8x Boost Specialist
Ribbon: Boost Specialist - Peform 10 Boosts

-VC9 Rocket Launcher
-M329 Grenade Launcher
-M80 Rocket Launcher
-StA18 Pistol
-M4 Revolver

Information & Tips:
This is the heaviest class in Killzone 2. It packs a grenade launcher with a
max carrying load of 12 grenades, the VC9 rocket launcher, and the never seen
before M80 rocket launcher with scope. For some obvious reason, you'll find 
rooms filled with assaults as the M80 is too powerful to be true. Fire it near
an enemy's feet and you'll get a kill. Fire it inside the enemy base and you'll
annoy lots of people. The only time when the VC9 or M80 are the proper weapons,
is during a Search & Destroy objective. If you are about to win the match when
suddenly a group of enemies tries to defuse them, you can reach the finish 
just by firing a rocket inside that group of enemies. Most of them will die
and your team can pick off the rest. Same goes for when you want to plant a 
charge, if a group of enemies is defending, throw a missile into the party.
The boost pills then are ordinary drugs. They'll speed you up and double your
health, which makes it even more attractive for the rocket spammers to go
rambo. The boost badge is great for Search & Retrieve, and if you don't like
the Assault class, you can try and get the second medal for the class you
like best, and use boost for that class. For example if you like the 
tactician and finaly got that pesky medal for the drone, take boost and you'll
turn yourself into a hyperspeed spawningpoint dropper. 

Unlocked at 2300 points

Primary - Disguise as a member of the opposing team.
Secondary - Throw proximity activated C4 charges.

Medal : Master of Disguise - Disguise Specialist x8
Medal : Explosives Expert - C4 specialist x8
Ribbon: Disguise Specialist - Kill 5 enemy players while disguised.
Ribbon: C4 Specialist - Kill 5 enemy players with C4 in a round.

-StA11 SMG
-StA14 Rifle
-StA18 Pistol
-M4 Revolver

Information & Tips:
The disguise ability gives a great stealth advantage when used properly. You 
don't have to stick to the shadows or avoid the enemies as you would 
normally,instead you need to try and blend in with the other team. Try to 
appear as if you're helping them. Their crosshairs will turn red if they're 
close by and look at you however so try and stay behind them. You also do 
not appear on the enemies radar as a friendly so they may figure out you're 
the enemy from the radar as well. If shot by an enemy, turrets and drones 
included, your disguise will be dropped. If you fire your weapon at an enemy 
your disguise will be dropped shortly after so make it count and avoid 
shooting if possible. Explosives such as grenades and C4 do not remove your

The C4 ability allows you to use up to three C4 charges at any one time.
Theybecome armed shortly after they are placed as indicated by a flashing 
green light. They are proximity activated so when an enemy passes by they 
will explode, they can also be detonated if they are shot or an explosion 
goes offclose by. C4 is best placed in stacks of two or three to ensure a 
kill. For all classes except Assault it takes two C4 charges to kill them, 
Assault classwill take three charges. Placing C4 on a player's back will 
generally only take one charge to kill them. Using C4 does not drop your 
disguise even when you get a kill, it is highly effective in enemy territory 
for this reason. It is best to place C4 charges in high traffic areas such 
as near Capture and Hold points, Search and Destroy targets, or Propaganda 
Speaker return posts. The pathways that lead into those areas are also good 
areas to place C4 because the enemy is less likely to expect danger further 
away from the objectives.

The StA11 is best used at close range. At medium range it works but accuracy
suffers and it will often lose out to weapons such as the M82 or StA52. 
Firing from the hip works well especially when aiming for the chest or head,
with a high rate of fire it is likely that you will get a headshot. Using 
the disguise ability it is easy to get up close and wreak havoc with this 

The StA14 is often not as good to use as the StA11 because it is best suited
for medium to long range combat. It kills any enemy except for Assaults in 
two hits or one shot to the head. It is highly accurate and when crouched it
is as accurate as the sniper rifle. It can be used at close range if you can
maintain your disguise until it is time to shoot. When exposed you are at a
disadvatage against fully automatic weapons. At medium range however it is 
more difficult for your enemy to tell you apart from their teammates and the
StA14 is more accurate than all the other weapons except the sniper rifle. 
Medium range is ideal for this weapon although it can be used effectively at
almost any range.

Unlocked at 2800 points

Primary - Turn almost completely invisible.
Secondary - Spot and Mark opposing players that are visible on your screen.

Medal : Shadow Marshall - Cloak Specialist x8
Medal : Hawk's Eye - Sniper Specialist x8 
Medal : Forward Observer - Spot and Mark Specialist x8
Ribbon: Cloak Specialist - Kill 5 enemy players while cloaked.
Ribbon: Sniper Specialist - Kill 10 enemy players with the sniper rifle.
Ribbon: Spot and Mark Specialist - Spot and Mark 5 enemy players.

-VC32 Sniper Rifle
-StA18 Pistol
-M4 Revolver

Information & Tips:
The Cloaking ability makes it easier to snipe from anywhere on the map. As a
Scout you no longer need to worry about cover or concealment as much as you
would without the cloak. It makes you 99% invisible when standing still, 
turrets and ATACs wil have no problem spotting you. When you move you become
more visible based on the speed at which you are moving. The enemy's 
crosshairs still turn red when they look at you so they may spot you when 
youare standing still. If you shoot an enemy, turrets, ATACs and downed 
players included, the cloak will dissapear, leaving you exposed for a period
of time while it recharges. Firing from a concealed spot or having a lot of 
cover nearby is still reccomended because of that. When cloaked your vision 
has a blue tint which can make it easier to see on some maps such as Pyrhus 

The Spot and Mark ability is very useful. When activated it marks any enemy
visible on the screen at the time with a light blue crosshair. Spot and Mark
even marks disguised Saboteurs and cloaked Scouts. It also marks them on 
your teammate's radar. This lasts until the player dies. You can see the 
mark no matter where they are, even if they are behind cover which makes 
tracking a moving target easier. The ability has a short recharge time so it
can and should be used often.

The VC32 is a one hit kill to any class except for the Assault Class. With a
headshot it will kill anyone in one hit. This means you don't have to be 
really careful with your aim, for moving targets it can be very difficult to
land a headshot. The VC32 is also capable of killing multiple people with 
one bullet, however that is mostly down to luck. From even the longest 
distances this rifle is 100% accurate so you should try to stay out of the 
action as much as possible. That doesn't mean that you should sit all the 
way across the map, avoiding any direct conflict with the enemy. Find a good
vantage point of a high traffic area and help suppress enemy movements. A 
Scout in a good position can completely stop the enemy from using certain 
pathways. Scouts also need to move to a different postion sometimes or they 
run the risk of being killed by the enemy. 

The 5x scope for the VC32 makes hitting long range targets quite a bit 
easier. The 5x scope shouldn't be used just because it is available. In 
some cases it can make it more difficult to hit a target. At close to medium
range the 2x scope should be enough to track and kill a target. 

When trying to hit a moving target there are a few techniques that work 
quite well. You can either position your crosshairs on the path that you 
think the enemy will take and fire when they pass through your crosshairs. 
That is the simple way to hit a moving target although the enemy may not 
take a predictable path. The other technique is to try to follow the enemy 
with your crosshairs centered on them. This is more dificult and can often 
result in a missed shot if the enemy isn't traveling in a straight line. The
third technique is to follow the enemy with your crosshairs slightly in 
front of them, while trying to predict their path. Stop moving the 
crosshairs and fire when you figure out their movement path or pattern. This
is the most difficult and can take a little longer to get the shot however 
it makes it easier to hit a moving target when mastered.

|Medals and Ribbons|
Ok, our rewards for being good soldiers! I'll give you some tips so you won't
have such a hard time getting all those ribbons and medals.

Aerial Supportive - 8x Air Support Specialist 
 (Unlocks Combine Tactician 2nd Ability)
Army Superior Unit Award - 50x Clan Matches Won with Clan
 (Unlocks 100,000 Valor)
Assassins League - 8x Assassination Kill Specialist
 (Unlocks Increased Points/Assassination Kills)
Black Belt - 8x Close Combat Specialist
 (Unlocks Increased Points/Melee Kill)
Bodyguard Alliance - 8x Assassination Defend Specialist
 (Unlocks Increased Points per Survival)
Bomb Squad - 8x Search and Destroy Specialist
 (Unlocks Increased Points/Returns/Disarms)
Corpse Counters - 8x Body Count Specialist
 (Unlocks Increased Points/Defensive Kills)
Defense Initiative - 8x Capture and Hold Defend Specialist
 (Unlocks Increased Points/Defensive Kills)
Defensive Specialist - 8x Turret Specialist
 (Unlocks 2nd Engineer Ability)
Example Soldier - 8x Good Conduct
 (Unlocks Increased Start Ammo Amount)
Explosives Expert - 8x C4 Specialist
 (Unlocks Combine Saboteur 2nd Ability)
Field Mechanic - 8x Repair Specialist
 (Unlocks Combine Engineer 2nd Ability)
Field Medic - 8x Healing Specialist
 (Unlocks Combine Medic 2nd Ability)
Forward Observer - 8x Spot and Mark Specialist
 (Unlocks Combine Scout 2nd Ability)
Front Runner - 8x Boost Specialist
 (Unlocks Combine Assault 2nd Ability)
Hawk's Eye - 8x Sniper Specialist
 (Unlocks Second Sniper Zoom)
Head Fetish - 8x Headshot Specialist
 (Unlocks Increased Points/Headshot)
Master of Disguise - 8x Disguise Specialist
 (Unlocks Saboteur Ability)
Meritorious Unit Award - 10x Clan Matches Won with Clan
 (Unlocks 1000 Valor)
Meritorious Unit Award - 25x Clan Matches Won with Clan
 (Unlocks 10,000 Valor)
Natural Born Killer - 8x Kill Count
 (Unlocks Increased Grenade Amount)
Quick Draw - 5x Sidearm Specialist
 (Unlocks M4 Revolver 2nd Weapon)
Retrieval Corps - 8x Search and Retrieve Specialist
 (Unlocks Increased Points/Return)
Shadow Marshall - 8x Cloak Specialist
 (Unlocks 2nd Scout Ability)
Spawn Authority - 8x Spawn Point Specialist
 (Unlocks 2nd Tactician Ability)
Trauma Surgeon - 8x Revival Specialist
 (Unlocks 2nd Medic Ability)

Air Support Specialist - 5 kills by Air Support called
-This is possibly the most hard to get ribbon out there. Basically, drones
 are meant to distract, not to kill. Just place them where lots of enemies 
 cross and you might just get a kill or two with them. But don't place them 
 too close to a sentry turret, because these fire rockets at your drones.
Assassination Defend Specialist - Stayed alive as Target
-Hide away, but stay in the green zone.
Assassination Kill Specialist - 1 Assassination Target killed
-The best way to do this is is to sneak up to the enemy base using a
 route you know is not defended well enough. You'll just have to play and kill
 as many as possible to get to the target. Grenades are a miracle.
Body Count Specialist - 10 kills made during a mission
-Just start killing!
Boost Specialist - Peform 10 Boosts
-Everytime you have the ability to use boost pills, use them.
C4 Specialist - 5 kills by placed C4 Explosives
-Place C4 in hallways during hectic battles, like Search & Destroy. One charge
 will often be enough, as the enemy will have to pass your team's defenses
 as well.
Capture and Hold Defend Specialist - 10 points earned Capturing a Point
-Try to capture as much C&H points as possible, this can however take some
 boost pills.
Cloak Specialist - Kill 5 enemies while Cloaked
-Very easy, just use your cloaking device and start killing.
Close Combat Specialist - 10 kills by Close Combat Melee
-This can be tough, as you will have to make 10 kills just knocking people
 with the back of your gun. Hectic battles are easiest.
Disguise Specialist - Kill 5 enemies while Disguised
-Disguise and kill.
Good Conduct - 0 Team-Kills/Suicides, and at least 20 points
-This shouldn't be that hard. Just try not to kill yourself and your team
 and collect enough points.
Headshot Specialist - 10 kills by Headshots
-For this one I recommend training first. If possible, use the scout class 
 for this. It is easy to disguise yourself using the saboteur class, as you can 
 then follow enemies and easily aim for their heads.
Healing Specialist - Heal 5 players
-Use your healthboxes when things get chaotic and you'll get this in no time.
Repair Specialist - Repair 5 Objects
-I say use your imagination. Hint: Wrench icons.
Revival Specialist - Successfully Revive 5 players
-Frequently use the revive-gun, but don't do it when it's inappropriate.
Search and Destroy Specialist - 2 Objectives placed/disarmed
-Place/Disarm 2 objectives, easiest is to disarm. Look for games with a limit
 of less than 20 players to make things easier.
Search and Retrieve Specialist - 2 Objectives returned
-Retrieve 2 propaganda machines, for this you should find out the spawning 
 spot of these things and get the first, and third one. Don't die.
Sidearm Specialist - 10 kills by Pistols
-Hmm...Find a pistols only match?
Sniper Specialist - 10 kills by Sniper Rifle
-Just use the scout class, cloak, Spot and Mark, and kill. 
Spawn Point Specialist - 5 players Spawn on Placed Area
-This is one ribbon that actually requires you to place the thing somewhere
 your team thinks it helps. Big games are fastest.
Spot and Mark Specialist - Spot and Mark 5 players
-This is really easy. Just take the scout class and press right on the d-pad
 untill you think you marked enough.
Turret Specialist - 5 kills by Sentry Turret Placed
-For this you will just have to know where to place these turrets. Read the
 Engineer section for more help on this.

Killzone 2 has, at this moment, 8 maps. They all have different size, theme,
and ofcourse, design. To be succesful in Warzone, there is one thing you have
to know: The Maps!!!
Learn the best spots to snipe and know where you can find propaganda machines.
I'm going to give small descriptions on these maps, the descriptions will be
improved in later versions of the guide (hopefully 2.0).

Pyrrhus Rise
Map Picture:
Often named Sniper Heaven, for its huge open space. It has a bunch of small
buildings that are used as objective points and sniping spots. Since the level
is so big, you need long range weaponry. You can take spot & mark for a big
advantage as a sniper.

Radec Academy
Map Picture:
A small map, basically a building with a central court. This map is perfect
for Capture & Hold, as there is a C&H zone in the central court, which leads to
big battles. Get ready to be kicked in the ass.

Tharsis Depot
Map Picture:
One of my favourites, just this map has intense enough battles that it'll 
addict you to Warzone. There'll be chaos, bullets, and blood all around you.
This map is good for any class, any weapon, and any game mode.

Corinth Crossing
Map Picture:
This is my personal favourite. It has multiple layers, and each match will
replace the fight to a different height and layer. Capture and hold will 
sometimes keep you on the lower layer, but next time you'll but on the top of 
the level, conquering the high platform. Since there are so many layers, 
there'll be lots of tactics you and your team can use. Perfect for clans.

Helghan Industries
Map Picture:
A dark, medium sized map with indoor areas, as well as an outdoor crossing 
underneath a skybridge (propaganda device up there). It'll always be big
on this map, plenty of action. The C&R game mode excells here.

Salamun Market
Map Picture:
This is a long stretched map with a central street, skybridge above (same as
for HI, propaganda device up on the skybridge). This won't be as intense, but
the battle moves all the time.

Blood Gracht
Map Picture:
A small map with multiple layers. Close quarters combat as well as medium 
range, and an environment that'll suck you in. This map is good for 
Assasination, and will constantly make you hope the enemy isn't around the

Visari Hammer
Map Picture:
Not my favourite map, but the setting is perfect. Visari just blew up Pyrrhus
and particles fall from the sky, combined with great colouring. There's an
inside crossing I call "Nadetrade" because of the grenades flying through 
there all the time. This map doesn't really excell on any game mode, but is
more of an allrounder.

Wasteland Bullet
Map Picture: -
Released in Killzone 2's very first DLC pack. It takes place on 2 Helghast 
freight trains, like the one in the campaign in Tharsis Refinery. The player
is able to jump across the two trains, but can be smashed by pillars the trains
pass, resulting in lots of blood and guts. I don't have this map yet, and won't
be able to get it so I may need some more information from an "outsider".

Vekta Cruiser
Map Picture: -
Released in Killzone 2's very first DLC pack. It takes place on the ISA tech 
cruiser New Sun. It has more vertical than horizontal action, much more than 
on Corinth Crossing. I don't have this map yet, and won't be able to get it 
so I may need some more information from an "outsider".

|Game Modes|
There are 5 game modes in Killzone 2's Warzone, and I'll tell you about all of

Body Count
A fancy name for Team Deathmatch, this is where you'll make the most points.
If you have the medal that'll give you one extra point per kill in Body Count,
the headshots medal, and possibly the melee medal, this'll get you to the
top of your team's point based score.

Simply learn the map, know what is your best class, and go for it. Remember
to listen to your team, and remember where you got killed last time. They may
be waiting for you there, and going past an ambush gives you a big advantage.

Capture & Hold
3 Propaganda towers that need to be taken by your team are set in the level.
Hold more towers than your enemy and you'll win the match. A tip for 
defending a tower is to place C4 at the entries to the room/area, so the enemy
that'll try to take it will get his legs blasted of him for good.

For this I'll tell you right now, that the tactician is required for this. 
Throwing a spawningpoint in, or just outside a C&H zone is critical, it may
just be your spawningpoint that delivers your team the win. Also, if you are 
defending, you should definately give Assault, with the M4 revolver and C4 
a try. Placing C4 charges at the entrance(s) and guarding the other entrances
to the zone with your M4/M80/VC9/M329 is a killer way to keep enemies at bay.

Search & Retrieve
A propaganda device is spawned in the center of the map and needs to be taken
to the collection point. Bring home 3 of these devices and you'll win the 

There are two important things you can use to get a large advantage in this.
One, get any class and combine it with boost, so that once you have the 
device, you can run like a madman. Second, wait for the device to spawn, 
which is often in the mid of the map. I once delivered all three devices 
using the Assault class on Tharsis Depot, and it was say 10vs10, without dying
once and without having an enemy deliver one device. I'm not bragging here,
but my team was being weird. They were defending the delivery point all the 
time, as if they knew I was the deliveryman. Maybe they'll defend the delivery
point for you? Who knows.

Search & Destroy
Defend your object, or destroy your foe's. This is the most intense of all,
especially when you are defending. You'll constantly feel a threat and the 
thought of being killed hypes you up! Now, don't rage out and go on a killing
spree, that isn't nice. Just wait there untill you can ambush and enemy trying
to place a charge on your object. When you are on the attacking side, the 
most convenient tool is the spawning grenade. Throw it near the area where 
you have to go, so your team can be lazy, and at the same time you'll get
a ribbon for getting 5 people spawn on your grenade.

Be there first. Being the first one to reach the target gives you a huge 
advantage. If you're a scout, you can cloak yourself and wait for an 
unsuspecting enemy to be the victim of your gun. If you're a tactician, you
can lay down a spawning grenade and a beacon for a drone to come in. But the
best class for this is the saboteur. With its disguise, it can, without 
even alerting the enemy, plant or defuse a bomb. Using the saboteur, I've 
won multiple games all by myself, just doing this. Unless someone from the 
enemy team is really close to you and happens to see a red flashing light in
the upper right corner, you're very close to planting/defusing one, or even 
two charges. If you're done, just throw some C4 at the wall and the next 
person that tries to defuse/plant a charge gets baked. 

Fancy that, a target! In this, you have to kill or defend a target the game 
randomly selects, and you'll have to make sure they don't or do stay in the 
green zone for longer than 59 seconds or you'll lose the game. The best
class for this is undefined, its all about your and the enemy's skill.

Strategies for defense:
One strategy is to pick the sniper class and go invisible. Unless you move, 
shoot, or get shot at, nobody will see you. Ofcourse, they know where you are
if they just head for the marker, but unless somebody in the opposition has
spot & mark, you won't get sniped that quickly.
Another strategy is to find a hallway, or space, that has just one or two 
entrances. Go as a saboteur, and place C4 at the entrances. The best is to 
have one or two more saboteurs to help you with replacing the just blown C4.
But the most succesful strategy in my opinion, is to just have your team 360
you. This meaning that you command and tell them where and how they should 
stand, and what class to use. 360 means full surrounding defense, meaning no
saboteurs can sneak through your team's defense.
Also important is the medic. Use or ask for healthpacks whenever you're hurt
and you'll have a higher chance to survive the round without even getting
An extra tip: When you are shot down, but not dead yet, do NOT press X. 
You can survive the round being wounded, even though you are lying on the 
ground. You're alive, and that's what counts in this game.

Strategies for attack:
Be a saboteur, that's the most helpful tip. Learn where your enemies are and
where they aren't. If they don't 360 the target, you can enter where there's 
a weak point and throw C4 on the target, then silently run away. Once the 
target is blown, he'll appear on the radar as a cross, meaning he is wounded
and can still survive the round. Now, C4 doesn't make you show up on the 
radar, which means the enemy still doesn't know where you are. Wait untill 
you can, and run for the target. Kill it any way you want to, and the round 
is yours.

|Valor Ranks|

Valor Ranks are ranks you get when you end up in a week's top 10, 6, 3, or 1 
percent. You can get four trophies, one for each valor rank (although you get
the previous trophies if you get a good rank the first time). If you want to 
know what rank you will get, you can either wait untill you receive the 
rank and trophy, or calculate it. You can calculate your percentage by doing
the following:

-Go to the leaderboards, and select "This Week";
-Look at your rank, and look at the amount of pages;
-If your rank is, for example, 2.000, and there are 20.000 pages, divide your
 rank by the amount of pages and multiply the answer with 10;
-For this calculation, the answer will be: 1, meaning you are on the edge of 
 the 1%. Ofcourse, 
You'll also get a fancy coloured ribbon to serve as a "background color" for 
your rank emblem. The colors you get are:
10%: White
6% : Black
3% : Purple
1% : Red


***Under Construction***

|Additional Tips|
A few basic tips:

-Pistols + Headshots
 Always result in one shot kills, you need some nimble fingers though.
 Experiment and train all the different classes and find which one your team
 needs most, and you which one you can execute the best.
 Try a different class once in a while, it'll give you something different
 and you can at the same time learn about that class.
-Learn the maps
 Learning maps gives you an excellent advantage, because knowing the good 
 sniping spots is always a positive.
-Grenade throwing
 Learn when to throw a grenade and when to let go of the R2 button. Throwing
 a cooked grenade into a group of enemies will give a better result than 
 throwing an uncooked grenade towards a single enemy. You'll learn how to 
 be a proper tosser.

|Final Word|

Special thanks to KeineZeit for writing the Tactician, Saboteur, and Scout 
sections, and thanks to all who, uhmm, gave me ideas to put into this. Ish.
Also: Keep going Guerrilla!


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