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                              Author - Zhang_He                            

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Table of Contents

I. Legal Stuff and Contact Info
II. About Zhang_He
III. Ultimecia, The Sorceress from the Future
IV. Ultimecia's Arsenal
    IVa) Brave Attacks
    IVb) HP Attacks
    IVc) EX Mode Breakdown
V. General Tips on Playing with Ultimecia
VI. Who Dares Face the Sorceress?
    6W) Warrior of Light
    6G) Garland
    6F) Frioniel(Firion)
    6E) The Emperor
    6O) Onion Knight
    6CD) Cloud of Darkness
    6CH) Cecil Harvey
    6GA) Golbeza(Golbez)
    6B) Butz Klauser(Bartz Klauser)
    6EX) ExDeath
    6TB) Tina Branford (Terra Branford)
    6KP) Cefca Palazzo (Kefka Palazzo)
    6CS) Cloud Strife
    6S) Sephiroth
    6SL) Squall Leonheart
    6U) Ultimecia
    6Z) Zidane Tribal
    6K) Kuja
    6T) Tidus
    6J) Jecht
    6SH) Shantotto
    6JG) Judge Gabranth
    6C) Chaos

VII. Breakdown of Stages - Where the Sorceress Shines
    7a) Chaos Shrine (FF1)
    7b) Pandemonium (FF2)
    7c) World of Darkness (FF3)
    7d) The Moon (FF4)
    7e) Dimensional Fortress (FF5)
    7f) Magicite Factory (FF6)
    7g) Northern Crater (FF7)
    7h) Ultimecia's Castle (FF8)
    7i) Crystal World (FF9)
    7j) Dream Zanarkand (FF10)
    7k) Cosmos' Throne
    7L) Chaos' Throne

VIII. Abilities to Maximize Your Sorcerous Powers

IX. Questions and Answers

IX. Credit to Where it's Due and Thank You's

v.9 - uploaded

v.95 - fixed minor translation errors and some grammatical mistakes.

| I. Legal Stuff and Contact Info                                           |
Ultima on you to deplete your
HP. Her brave attacks are simple enough to dodge out of, they all hit very
Hard however, the only one you may have to watch out for is meteor (the 
falling fireballs)although it's wildly inaccurate, it DOES break normal
guards, two well timed dodges should get you out of it. Every other brave
attack can either be guarded or reflected. Every now and then you'll run into 
someone who just LOVES to use Tornado over and over again, here's a great 
counter to their stupid face, get above just slightly and do just a tap of 
Shockwave Pulsar, it breaks the tornado guard and gives you a great deal of 
satisfaction when you do it. Then her last HP attack worth noting would be 
Meltdown (the giant Fireball with a bigger charge up time)It's VERY easy to 
dodge this however be very aware of your surroundings,a fully charged
meltdown does bounce off walls and other surfaces. There's also a quick 
charge up of Meltdown, it moves very quickly, but does not bounce, just
dodge and counter with a quick Knight's Axe to put her onthe run again!

Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5
6KP.) Cefka/Kefka Palazzo (Trickster)

How appropriate that Kefka is a clown, because fighting against him is
LAUGHABLE over how easy it is. Unlike Tina, there are only 2 HP attacks worth 
mentioning as a real threat, one is his basic air HP attack Trine, which
summons 3 Triangular energies which have SLIGHT homing capabilities while
these ARE easily dodgeable, if he catches you with them in the middle of an 
attack it is VERY hard to dodge out of. The other attack to mention is called 
Missing Zero, in which Kefka remains stationary and creates homing "portal" 
like thing which drops energy balls (looks more like static than anything) on 
your head, this one is a little trickier to dodge since the portal follows you 
around as long as kefka is stationary. The two best ways to counter this is to 
hit him before he even starts. The second is time an air dash towards him and 
Knight's Sword him out of it. None of his other attacks have the range or 
capabilities that yours do, and EVERY brave attack is blockable and
reflectable. If your opponent uses Kefka you should pretty much have this in
the bag. Be aware however, should Kefka get into EX-Mode his attacks are 
extremely deadly and barely blockable most times, in EX-Mode his attacks will 
change trajectories and have different ways of homing, attacking more than
once, or delaying the attack. 

Difficulty Level: 1.5 out of 5
6CS.) Cloud Strife (Smash and Blow)

Cloud is one of those characters Ultimecia either has extreme trouble with or
is pathetically easy to kill, it's all dependant on the other player. Don't
be fooled, Cloud is VERY dangerous up close, and players and CPU alike will
be relentless in closing distance between the two of you. Always be ready for
an Omnislash v.5 spammer both CPU and Humans do it, A LOT. Easy solution
stay the hell away, at all costs! Knight's Sword and Axe are your best
friends in fights against Cloud, forget the Arrows unless using the charged 
variation those seem to work best. Use Apocalypse when you see him dashing 
towards you, about 75% it will connect with a careless player and about 40%
will connect with a CPU. The easiest way I've found to get his HP down is
chase battles, using a quick Knight's Axe to execute the chase, and using HP 
attacks (against human players mix it up between brave and HP to keep them 
guessing.) Ultimecia's chase HP attack sends enemies FAR away, perfect time
for arrows. If Cloud should get into Ex-Mode stay the hell away more so than
you were before, there's no blocking during this time, keep him at bay by 
pressuring him with Apocalypse and Shockwave Pulsar. Cloud's attacks in
general ARE slow to execute and are easy to see coming, guarding them is the 
best way to get back at him. Stay alert, stay cautious, and win.

Difficulty Level: 4 out of 5
6S.) Sephiroth (Blade Master)

Luckily for you Sephiroth is quite a bit easier to beat than Cloud. He does
have the longest melee reach in the game (aside from people who throw weapons 
etc.). When used by someone who is skilled with his style Sephiroth is also 
considered a good "BP Rape" character. However, his HP attacks are very
easily dodged. His most dangerous HP attack to Ultimecia is the Black Materia 
attack, should you find yourself too busy firing arrows or charging a 
Shockwave Pulsar at the grounded Sephiroth he could easily knock you out of
the sky with his meteor attack that will hit you no matter where are on the 
stage. A fun tactic is to let yourself be under an aerial Sephiroth and
entice him to attack with the Prison Gate (Aeris Stab) attack and before he 
comes down just Apocalypse him out of the sky! Sephiroth isn't much of a 
challenge, stay about mid range away from him, he's got a fairly long
cooldown time for attacks especially if he misses, so make use of that
charged Axe of yours! Have fun with Sephiroth, and enjoy the other player's 
frustration of just not being able to hit you!

Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5
6SL.) Squall Leonheart (Combo Master)

The sorceress' fated enemy, Squall plays a lot like Ultimecia only at short 
range. He IS the melee champ of BP rape however his HP attacks are either
easy to avoid, or you can see coming a mile away. A great and easy strategy
to beat him is simply stay above him, rain on him with arrows and axes (if
you so choose). When you're done toying with him and his BP, comes the 
challenge, killing him. Even though you have the advantage over Squall in
terms of range you two are in the same boat when it comes to HP attacks. I'd
say if you're fighting an aerial Squall user, the tried and true Apocalypse 
would be most efficient, where as a more ground based player would be
more easily dispatched with Shockwave Pulsar and Great Attractor(should he
stay away long enough). Attacks to be wary of when against Squall, ALL of his 
ground based BP attacks, as his title implies they all combo well together
and if up against a skilled player is easily stringed into a near endless
combo. If you're aerial, be aware of his magic BP attacks as they do have
slight homing and are fairly fast to come out. HP attacks to watch out for
are Rough Divide (should you be on the ground this attack is extremely fast
and closes distance like nobody's business) as well as Blasting Zone (the
large pillar of light), Blasting Zone will knock you out of the air if you're 
mid range from Squall, good news is that it's very linear one side dodge and 
you're free to punish him as you see fit. A lot of Squall's attacks link to a 
chase so be prepared should you get caught in one of his combos! A good
exploit against Squall is that his cooldown animations for his HP moves are
very show-off poses, Perfect to hit him in the face with an axe no? 

Difficulty Level: 2.5 out of 5
6U.) Ultimecia (Magic Shooter)

The mirror match that takes AGES. As we all know by now, Ultimecia is great
at prolonging fights so there's one against the other now. This battle plays
out a lot like a thumb war, it flip flops between who's in control and who 
isn't. Be prepared for a long battle. On the bright side, you already know
what she's got to throw at you! I'll be basing this character match up off of
my experience with computer players (usually the Seifer friend card since
that one has higher level of difficulty) as I've not found another skilled 
Ultimecia player. The CPU player tends not to use the quick Knight's Arrow so 
this gives you free range in the air. Remember to block the quick Knight's
Axe, and dodge the charged one. I wont go into too much depth against
yourself, just play like you would against someone like Tina or Kefka and
you should be just fine. 

Difficulty Level: (based on CPU) 3 out of 5
Friend Code for Practice: SME4SA39SFAH (will have Seifer's picture)
6Z.) Zidane Tribal (Air Master)

Imagine if Onion Knight grew up into some kind of preteen form, sacrificed
magic for thief skills and multiplied his annoyance level to Ultimecia by 40
and you have Zidane. Probably one of your harder fights out of everyone, be
very careful when in enclosed spaces or near walls with Zidane, all of his 
attacks chain to HP attacks (all except 2). Those HP attacks are also damn
near impossible to dodge when they've been chained from brave attacks. To be 
more concise, stay the hell away from Zidane, ESPECIALLY in the air. I know as 
Ultimecia you'll be in the air most of the battle, be prepared to guard
whenever he's near you, a staggered Zidane is the best kind. Zidane has few 
projectile attacks all of which are guardable as well as reflectable.
Knight's Axe should be your attack of choice besides Knight's Sword when he's 
staggered. Again, and I can't tell you this enough, when fighting Zidane stay 
AWAY fromt the walls! Zidane's attacks have a good knockback if you're hit 
against a wall a lot of his chained HP attacks will hit you as Ultimecia is 
peeling herself off the wall, it's cheap and very abusable for Zidane players
so don't let them do it to you! In short, stay away from him, stay away from 
walls, and guard OFTEN. 

Difficulty Level: 5 out of 5
Friend Code for Practice: A3NASX6UXT7 (will have Steiner's picture)
6K.) Kuja (Range Free)

Kuja is indeed a range free magic user, however, not in the sense that
Ultimecia is. Only a select few of his attacks will hit at the range that
almost all of Ultimecia's attacks do. Most notably of these two are 2 Brave 
attacks, Holy Ring and Remote Flare, and one HP attack, Ultima. We'll get to 
these later. Kuja could be possibly one of the most dangerous characters to 
Ultimecia from afar. Kuja is deadly at melee, mid and long range, his attacks 
come out very quickly and with great accuracy (most have homing
capabilities). Many Kuja players like using Snatch Shots (two homing
fireballs which pull you into him) and then following up with either a holy
ring or flare spheres. The fireballs move fairly quickly so guarding them is 
difficult but dodging them is not however. A good strategy against Kuja is to 
stay a fair distance directly above or below him many of his attacks dont reach 
at that angle, but yours do! Knight's Arrow, and Axe again are going to be
great for this battle. About those "range free" attacks, let's start with the 
basic and easiest to get rid of, Holy Ring, Kuja will fire 3 rings at you
that make a very distinct sound, they move at a steady pace until they get to 
you, just guard and reflect them back very easy, due to their speed. Next is
the Remote Flare in which Kuja will spawn about 5-7 flares around you which
have a slight draw in effect and will explode, these cannot be blocked so
just jump or air dash out of them. The last is Ultima, the range free HP
attack, Kuja players like to use this when you're in the middle of an attack.
He'll summon an orb above you and drop many magic bullets on you and then the 
final one will do the HP
damage, if this attack slams you into the ground it's possible to chain into 
ANOTHER Ultima where you can't do anything about it. So what's the strategy? 
Simply air dash towards him and he's WIDE open for any attack you want (aside 
from Great Attractor). The biggest disadvantage you have against Kuja is that 
he's VERY fast for a mage character and will DECIMATE you if you aren't on
your toes at all times!

Difficulty Level: 4.5 out of 5
Friend Code for Practice: VTS3RAPLVKE3 (Will have Vivi's face)
6T.) Tidus (Dodge Attacker)

If Squall and Zidane had a strange lovechild, you'd get Tidus. 50% speed,
50% HP chain attacks, 100% annoying for you. Tidus is a relentless attacker,
his attacks hit fast and hard. You can block most of his attacks and dodge
most of the others, but he has almost zero cooldown time meaning he just
keeps coming. These battles will be HARD. But where there's a will there's 
always a way. The strategy against Tidus will be very much like the one 
against Zidane, guard and guard frequently! A staggered Tidus is vulnerable
to all kinds of punishment. Once again as if the creators of the game
combined Onion Knight and Zidane, just about every attack Tidus does either 
leads into a chase sequence or chains into an HP attack. More than likely
you'll be broken several times in this fight, and if you play well so will
he. Battles against Tidus are NOT ones that you want to drag on, so if you
get into a chase sequence (or initiate one with a quick Knight's Axe) try 
getting him away from you with the chase sequence's HP attack, then hail him 
with arrows and more axes, Knight's Sword would be best used sparingly in
this fight, as the range is lacking and Tidus can initiate an attack from out
of it's range and still hit you. A fairly good strategy is to flip flop
between being on the ground and in the air. If you're fighting in the air,
wait for him to attack and just let yourself drop and use a quick Apocalypse 
(it's easier said than done so be sure to practice). If on the ground jump
over one of his brave or HP attacks and punish him with arrows or a quick 
Shockwave Pulsar (this one is little bit easier to execute than the
previous). To sum up a Tidus battle, guard often, dodge often, and be one
tricky little sorceress. 

Difficulty Level: 5(6?) out of 5
Friend Code for practice against: WRKA3KUMKRA (will have Wakka's picture)
6J.) Jecht (Ultimate Infighter)

100% Man vs. 100% Woman, Suprisingly, Jecht is MUCH easier than his son! His 
attacks have significantly less range, and can be blocked much easier. What
you have to worry about as Ultimecia is Jecht's "Jecht Shield" move, it
blocks and reflects just about every brave attack you do aside from a charged 
Knight's Axe or Sword. His HP attacks are fairly easy to dodge but do cover a 
large area. The Jecht Blade attack should be dodged away from at least twice
to ensure you don't get hit. On the ground and just above it you have to
worry about True Jecht Shot where he throws a giant boulder at you and it 
explodes causing area of effect damage as well. Not much to say about Jecht's 
brave attacks, they do chain together very well and when you get hit with a
full combo expect to be in break mode or very close to it! Your Knight's
Arrows work magic in this fight as well as axes, especially charged ones
since Jecht's melee range is so short it'll be easy to throw a charged axe in 
his face before he hits you. Usually Jecht is a very ground based fighter so 
Shockwave Pulsar is your best bet for HP attacks from above and on the
ground. Use the tried and true Apocalypse attack should you need to hit him
in mid air either above you or on the same level. From most of the Jecht
players, I've fought it's entirely possible you can get through the fight 
without getting hit by a single HP attack.

Difficulty Level: 2 out of 5
6SH.) Shantotto (Level Up Magic)

The biggest difficulty with the Taru Taru Sorceress is her small size, arrows 
will hit her less unless she's standing still, charged up Knight's Sword only 
half of the swords hit. The main problem with this battle is her in general,
the best strategy against a Shantotto user is to keep her either in or around 
break state the entire battle, fairly simple, be wary of her Aero HP attack
as it does draw you in and has a fairly long range. Her BP game however is a 
joke in itself, don't expect to be near break mode in this battle unless
you're letting shantotto get too close, her attacks are blockable and 
interruptable. Her bio (green cloud) attack does stick to you for some time
and would be best to be blocked or just send some swords through the cloud to 
dissipate it. Should Shantotto get over 3000 brave points you'll have to
start fighting a lot harder, her HP attacks get bigger at 3000 and then
bigger again at 5000 brave points be sure not to let her have her taru taru
way with you, be relentless, there's only room for one sorceress in this
game! Keep in mind her HP attacks have GIGANTIC cooldowns should they miss, a 
charged Axe to the face is always the best policy against slow cooldown times!

Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5
6JG.) Judge Gabranth (EX Master)
To put this simply, out of his EX mode, the good judge is garbage. Slow,
nothing to really hurt you with so have fun kicking his armored butt across
the stage. He'll try to keep you far enough away so he can charge his EX
gauge, good luck to him with that. Non stop arrows and charged axes will keep 
him on the ropes and make the player regret choosing him. Should for some 
unknown reason Gabranth get into EX-Mode you still don't have much to worry 
about if you stay a fair distance away from him, his aerial game is 
insignificant and his newfound HP attacks are easy enough to dodge, and most 
wont even effect you from the range you should be at, however some have a
draw in effect. Fights with Gabranth are...to say it simply. He's a good step
up from ExDeath as a punching bag.

Difficulty Level: 1 out of 5
6C.) Chaos (God of Discord)
The big man on campus, right at the get go Ultimecia is at a disadvantage
small stage, with a large guy who's attacks are largely unblockable. This
battle is the hardest out of any other character. And to be honest I've only 
beaten him using the CPU exploit of Great Attractor. As I stated earlier in
the FAQ the CPU opponents do not recognize the Great Attractor attack one the 
orb has been formed, this will allow you to stop his attacks and simply just 
destroy him that way. Another good trick to beating Chaos is equipping (if
you have it) the accessory which increases your base Brave Points by 2000%,
yes 3 zeroes (be careful with these they break after the battle is over). All 
conventional methods of dispatching enemies will be too slow to hit Chaos.
Chaos is fast and cheap to say the least, his summons add even more
difficulty to the fight. Most of Chaos' attacks can be guarded however, only 
few of those attacks actually cause him to stagger. If you get him staggered 
throw a charged axe in his face, and throw some arrows, get as much in
control as you can. This battle is the toughest yet, and Ultimecia has it 
probably the hardest. The stage, the enemy, and the summons, are all gunning 
against her. When you aren't setting charged arrows or throwing axes you
should be guarding or keeping away from him. Chaos' HP attacks may seem 
unavoidable but all of them require careful timing of dodges since his HP 
attacks usually hit more than once. The funny part though is that his "Limit 
Break" attack where he grows huge is actually very simple to dodge, the
swords are slow, and the final explosion shows the area of effect and gives
you time to move before it explodes! Be very careful and kill him as fast as 
possible. If all else fails be cheap and use the Great Attractor
trick! :)

Difficulty Level: 10 out of 5

| VII. Breakdown of the Stages - Where the Sorceress Shines                 |