Dissidia Final Fantasy                         
                          Ultimecia Character Guide                          
                              Author - Zhang_He                            

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Table of Contents

I. Legal Stuff and Contact Info
II. About Zhang_He
III. Ultimecia, The Sorceress from the Future
IV. Ultimecia's Arsenal
    IVa) Brave Attacks
    IVb) HP Attacks
    IVc) EX Mode Breakdown
V. General Tips on Playing with Ultimecia
VI. Who Dares Face the Sorceress?
    6W) Warrior of Light
    6G) Garland
    6F) Frioniel(Firion)
    6E) The Emperor
    6O) Onion Knight
    6CD) Cloud of Darkness
    6CH) Cecil Harvey
    6GA) Golbeza(Golbez)
    6B) Butz Klauser(Bartz Klauser)
    6EX) ExDeath
    6TB) Tina Branford (Terra Branford)
    6KP) Cefca Palazzo (Kefka Palazzo)
    6CS) Cloud Strife
    6S) Sephiroth
    6SL) Squall Leonheart
    6U) Ultimecia
    6Z) Zidane Tribal
    6K) Kuja
    6T) Tidus
    6J) Jecht
    6SH) Shantotto
    6JG) Judge Gabranth
    6C) Chaos

VII. Breakdown of Stages - Where the Sorceress Shines
    7a) Chaos Shrine (FF1)
    7b) Pandemonium (FF2)
    7c) World of Darkness (FF3)
    7d) The Moon (FF4)
    7e) Dimensional Fortress (FF5)
    7f) Magicite Factory (FF6)
    7g) Northern Crater (FF7)
    7h) Ultimecia's Castle (FF8)
    7i) Crystal World (FF9)
    7j) Dream Zanarkand (FF10)
    7k) Cosmos' Throne
    7L) Chaos' Throne

VIII. Abilities to Maximize Your Sorcerous Powers

IX. Questions and Answers

IX. Credit to Where it's Due and Thank You's

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v.95 - fixed minor translation errors and some grammatical mistakes.