The Puzzle Bobble 2 / Bust-A-Move Again FAQ
			version 1.1
		by Carl Chavez (forego19@nwlink.com)
			with PSX codes (added by CJayC)
		last updated 4 August 1996


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PB2/BAMA is the sequel to Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move (PB/BAM), a game by 
Taito in which the famous dragons, Bub and Bob, play a puzzle game. 
PB2/BAMA is very similar to the original game. To recap:

* a group of differently-colored bubbles are above the dragons
* the dragons control a catapult
* when at least three bubbles of the same color are adjacent to each 
other, they pop and all bubbles connected to them and to no others fall

PB2/BAMA has the following play differences:

* there are stone blocks which cannot be destroyed
* there are solid bubbles which cannot be popped, only dropped
* there are two special weapons:
	* the bowling ball, which destroys all bubbles in its path up to 
	the top of the screen
	* the gem, which destroys all bubbles of the color of the bubble 
	that hit it
* certain levels have a play area twice as wide as normal
* there is a vs. computer mode
* like many Taito games, you can now pick a path to follow as you 
progress through the game
* like many Taito games, you can choose from the normal game or a special 


Like PB/BAM, each bubble is worth 10 points when it pops. There is a 
bonus for dropped bubbles as follows:

Dropped Bubbles		Pts	Dropped Bubbles		Pts
	1		20		9		5120
	2		40		10		10240
	3		80		11		20480
	4		160		12		41960
	5		320		13		81920
	6		640		14		163840
	7		1280		15		327680
	8		2560		16		655360
					17		1310720

Unlike PB/BAM, there is a way to get more than 1.31 million points. It is 
sometimes possible to get 2621440, 5242880, or even 10485760 points! To 
do this:

* (fill in)

There is also a time bonus. The faster you finish a level, the more 
points you get. The time bonus is 10x the values from PB/BAM, so