The Puzzle Bobble 2 / Bust-A-Move Again FAQ
			version 1.1
		by Carl Chavez (forego19@nwlink.com)
			with PSX codes (added by CJayC)
		last updated 4 August 1996


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PB2/BAMA is the sequel to Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move (PB/BAM), a game by 
Taito in which the famous dragons, Bub and Bob, play a puzzle game. 
PB2/BAMA is very similar to the original game. To recap:

* a group of differently-colored bubbles are above the dragons
* the dragons control a catapult
* when at least three bubbles of the same color are adjacent to each 
other, they pop and all bubbles connected to them and to no others fall

PB2/BAMA has the following play differences:

* there are stone blocks which cannot be destroyed
* there are solid bubbles which cannot be popped, only dropped
* there are two special weapons:
	* the bowling ball, which destroys all bubbles in its path up to 
	the top of the screen
	* the gem, which destroys all bubbles of the color of the bubble 
	that hit it
* certain levels have a play area twice as wide as normal
* there is a vs. computer mode
* like many Taito games, you can now pick a path to follow as you 
progress through the game
* like many Taito games, you can choose from the normal game or a special 


Like PB/BAM, each bubble is worth 10 points when it pops. There is a 
bonus for dropped bubbles as follows:

Dropped Bubbles		Pts	Dropped Bubbles		Pts
	1		20		9		5120
	2		40		10		10240
	3		80		11		20480
	4		160		12		41960
	5		320		13		81920
	6		640		14		163840
	7		1280		15		327680
	8		2560		16		655360
					17		1310720

Unlike PB/BAM, there is a way to get more than 1.31 million points. It is 
sometimes possible to get 2621440, 5242880, or even 10485760 points! To 
do this:

* (fill in)

There is also a time bonus. The faster you finish a level, the more 
points you get. The time bonus is 10x the values from PB/BAM, so <5 
seconds nets a 500000 pt bonus.


There seems to be only one code so far in PB2/BAMA.

* Fire <- -> Fire
	This will cause a Drunk to appear at the bottom of the screen in 
PB2. In BAMA, the screen will turn gray. You can now play what is called 
"Another World". The levels in this world are similar to the normal 
levels, but the differences do make the levels more difficult. 


Is anybody actually willing to make ASCII maps of all 220 normal and 
Another World boards?!


Betz Bar and Grill for being the only known place in Seattle, WA where 
BAMA is.


If you live in the Seattle metropolitan area 
then please contribute to the Seattle Coin-Op locatoR (SCOR). Its URL is 
"http://nwlink.com/~forego19/seattle.html" and it is (trying to become) a 
list of all the video games in the area.

This document copyright© (C) 1996 Carl Chavez. This document may be 
distributed freely, but may not be sold in any form. 

Addendum (from info provided by lhobbs@hubcap.clemson.edu (Wolf))
for the Playstation version of the game:

Extra 27 levels: At title screen, on controller 1 enter: R1, Up, L2,
Down. If done correctly, you'll see the little wizard from Bubble Bobble
dancing in the lower right hand corner of your screen. When you go to
the game select screen, the puzle game should read "Another World." 

30 Credits: At the option menu, press Left, Right, R1, R2, L2, L1, Up,
Down. Then quickly highlight "CREDITS" and press the X button as fast as
you can. You should be able to increase your credits up to 29 now.


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