Ape Escape Time Attack Guide
  (c) 1999 Stephen J. Rhee

0.  Version History

     v1.0 (06/29/99) - initial version.  levels up through Oceana.

1.  Introduction

     This guide is intended to help in achieving a 100% success rate in the
game by getting Golds in the time attacks for all the levels.  Once you have
completed a level by capturing all the monkeys, you can enter a time attack
mode by pressing the Start button at the level select screen.  For each
Bronze you receive, 0.5% is added to your success rate.  For each Silver, an
additional 0.2% is added, and for each Gold, an additional 0.1%.  Since there
are 19 levels, getting golds on all the time attacks is worth 15.2% of your
success rate.  Therefore, if you have completed everything else in the game
except for the time attacks, you should have an 84.8% success rate.  In the
next section, each of the levels will be listed along with how many monkeys
need to be capture to complete the time attack, the time to beat to get a
Gold, and a short strategy.  The strategy assumes since you must have
completed the level, you have some familiarity with the level and where each
of the monkeys are located.

2.  Levels

2.1.  The Lost Land

2.1.1.  Fossil Field (time: 0'32" | monkeys: 4)

     This level is pretty straightforward.  Go to your left and catch the
first monkey.  Then head towards the steps for the second monkey, making sure
you pick up the triangles on your way to gain additional time.  Next, grab
the third monkey in the middle of the area.  Finally, use the Sky Flyer to
capture the last monkey on the high ledge.

2.1.2.  Primordial Ooze (time: 0'35" | monkeys: 4)

     Since you do not have to capture all 6 monkeys on this level, it is
important to select which monkeys to go after to beat the time attack with a
Gold.  First, capture the monkey you see straight ahead over the small bridge.
I found that using the RC Car to quickly reach and stun the monkey works best;
otherwise, he will jump over the water and lead you on a time-wasting chase.
Next turn around and head back to where you started.  There is a high ledge
ahead and to the right that you can reach if you use the Sky Flyer.  Grab the
monkey on that ledge.  Next, enter the water and catch the monkey swimming
around near that ledge, and finally, head away from where you started and find
the final monkey swimming around in the water.

2.1.3.  Molten Lava (time: 1'15" | monkeys: 5)

     Go up the ramp collecting the triangles as you go.  Jump into the
waterfall to catch the first monkey.  Then jump out to the other side and grab
the monkey doing a handstand.  Next, jump onto the moving platform and wait
until it is moving on the upper level.  Jump off towards the water.  Jump over
the water and catch the monkey in the far corner.  Now, jump back over the
water and over the moving platform.  Jump up the steps, avoiding the ramp you
will slide down on.  Hit the shaking egg with your Stun Club and then grab the
monkey that crawls out.  Keep going forward through the cave.  When you come
out, avoid the T-Rex dinosaur and follow the wall until you see the monkey up
on a ledge.  Make sure to grab any triangles along the way.

2.2.  Mysterious Age

2.2.1.  Thick Jungle (time: 1'30" | monkeys: 5)

     Head towards the two beehives on the left and hit them with your club to
knock the monkey out and then grab them.  In addition, hit any man-eating
plants along the way with your club to get some triangles.  Next, grab the
machine gun-toting monkey in the look out tower.  Then, head back away from
the water towards the cave near the two beehives that were empty.  Use the Sky
Flyer to jump onto the red bouncing platform across the chasm.  Use your club
to open the gate, and then quickly grab the monkey on the statue.  Head to
your right through the vines.  Ignore the monkey that you see that jumps into
the tree.  The tree will take too long to defeat.  Instead jump down off the
edge onto the small ledge that leads into a cave beneath the monkey in the
tree, being care not to jump to far so as to miss the ledge and die.  Collect
the triangles as you enter the cave where you will find the fifth monkey.

2.2.2.  Dark Ruins (time: 1'20" | monkeys: 5)

     The enemies on this stage are a little tougher and do not die from one
hit from the Stun Club, so I suggest using the Magic Punch.  The first monkey
you see is very fast.  Chase him until you reach the giant circular cage.  He
will most likely run to the right.  Run to the left and wait for him by the
bridge and nab him when he comes by.  Cross the bridge and enter the building.
Avoid these enemies as they split into two when you hit them and take too much
time to kill.  Head forwards and grap the first monkey you see.  Then turn
around the corner to your right.  Use your slingshot to knock down the monkey
hanging avoid the sliding floor.  Nab him when he slides off.  Then, head to
your right over the first opening floor.  Use the Magic Punch on the flashing
wall to your left.  Grab the monkey that is inside and come back out.  Go over
the second opening floor and exit the building on the upper level.  Head left
and grab the last monkey.

2.2.3.  Cryptic Relics (time: 1'05" | monkeys: 3)

     Go forward and jump over the rotating wheels ignoring the path to your
left.  Follow the path until you rach the pushable box.  Push it onto the
button to open the gate.  Go forward and grab the monkey that was behind the
gate.  Use the Magic Puch to break the flashing part of the cage.  Jump down
below and head forward, punching the button to open the door.  In the cave,
go forward until you see a monkey.  Grab him and then take the exit to your
right.  Kill the spinning enemies with your Magic Punch and collect the
triangles.  Jump over the water with the Sky Flyer and climb up the pole up
onto the ledge.  Use a double jump and the Sky Flyer to reach the final monkey
on the tall column.

2.3.  Oceana

2.3.1.  Crabby Beach (time: 1'10" | monkeys: 6)

     Follow the path and quickly grab the first monkey in the hammock.  Look
towards the beach and use the Slingshot with guided bullets to stun the monkey
in the middle of the beach before you run up to him to grab him; otherwise, he
will be too fast and enter the water.  Next, grab the monkey on the beach
chair.  Then, head to the sand castles and capture the monkey there.  Enter
the passageway.  Head straight head and use a double jump and the Sky Flyer
to grab the monkey on the high platform.  Jump back down and over the two
tilting floor panels.  Head through the tunnel and do not jump over the gap
to where there are two monkeys, but instead use a double jump and the Sky
Flyer to grab the monkey that is on the high ledge to your right side just
before the gap.

2.3.2.  Coral Cave (time: 1'25" | monkeys: 4)

     Head left along the edge of the water until you come to the wall.  Use a
double jump and the Sky Flyer to get up the cliff instead of wasting time
using the ramp across the water to go up.  Don't mess with the wheel to make
the bridge lower.  Instead, go up the ramp around the where the bridge is up.
Use a running double jump and the Sky Flyer to get across to the platform on
the other side.  This may take practice but it is possible and saves alot of
time.  There are two monkeys on this platform.  The one farther away from you
will jump into the water.  It is best to try to grab this one first.  Now,
jump into the water and catch the monkey riding the shark with your Water Net
and also catch the monkey that jumped into the water if you did not catch him.
Head left in the water, avoiding the sharks and try to get the big triangle on
the water floor.  Do not use the passageway to leave the area, but instead use
the underwater tunnel to your right just before the exit passageway.  Get to
the platform to your right next to the wall right under the high platform.
Use a double jump and the Sky Flyer to reach the vine closest to the high
platform.  Climb up a bit and jump off and use the Sky Flyer to float down to
the high platform where the fourth monkey is.

2.3.3.  Dexter's Island (time: 1'10" | monkeys: 3)

     In this level, you will need only the Super Hoop, the Stun Club, and of
course the Time Net.  This is the first level where it is really necessary to
use the extra speed of the Super Hoop when running to finish the level in
time.  Equip your Super Hoop and as soon as the level begins, start spinning
and run towards the breakable wooden wall.  Spin and hit the wall three times
to break it.  Run inside and quickly capture the monkey and then hit the
button on the wall to release the turtle.  Use the Super Hoop and quickly spin
and run to the dock where the turtle is.  Jump on its back and ride it to the
ship.  Once on the ship, wait for the monkey to run around the ship and come
back to you and then nab him.  Jump into the water and head towards Dexter.
Hit him with the Stun Club and then run inside.  Once inside, head straight
ahead and jump into the water.  Swim quickly straight ahead to the small
enclave where the monkey with the gun is.  Avoid his gunfire and bombs and
grab him.