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| |\/| |/ _ \| '__| __/ _` | | |    \ / _ \| '_ ` _ \| '_ \ / _` | __|
| |  | | (_) | |  | || (_| | | | |\  \ (_) | | | | | | |_) | (_| | |_ 
\_|  |_/\___/|_|   \__\__,_|_| \_| \_/\___/|_| |_| |_|_.__/ \__,_|\__|

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                           \ V /\__ \_ 
                            \_/ |___(_)
          ______  _____   _   _       _                         
          |  _  \/  __ \ | | | |     (_)                        
          | | | || /  \/ | | | |_ __  ___   _____ _ __ ___  ___ 
          | | | || |     | | | | '_ \| \ \ / / _ \ '__/ __|/ _ \
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          |___/   \____/  \___/|_| |_|_| \_/ \___|_|  |___/\___|

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe Fatality/Heroic Brutality FAQ
Posted: 2-14-09
Last Updated: 2-17-09
FAQ Version: 1.1
Copyright 2009 GameSultan

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******************************  TABLE OF CONTENTS  ****************************

1. Basics/Control Key [FAQCON]

2. Characters [FAQCHA]

   ==Mortal Kombat Characters==
      -Baraka [MKBAR]
      -Jax [MKJAX]
      -Kano [MKKAN]
      -Kitana [MKKIT]
      -Liu Kang [MKLIU]
      -Raiden [MKRAI]
      -Scorpion [MKSCORP]
      -Shang-Tsung [MKSHA]
      -Sonya [MKSON]
      -Sub-Zero [MKSUB]
      -Shao Kahn [MKSHAO]

  ==DC Universe Characters==
      -Batman [DCBAT]
      -Captain Marvel [DCCAP]
      -Catwoman [DCCAT]
      -Deathstroke [DCDEA]
      -The Flash [DCFLA]
      -Green Lantern [DCGRE]
      -The Joker [DCJOK]
      -Lex Luthor [DCLEX]
      -Superman [DCSUP]
      -Wonder Woman [DCWON]
      -Darkseid [DCDAR]


4. Changelog [FAQLOG] 

5. Legal [FAQLEG]

6. Credits [FAQCRE]

*************************  CONTROL KEY/BASICS [FAQCON] ************************

Q: What is a fatality?
A: Well, for those of you who haven't played Mortal Kombat before/are not too
   familiar with the series, a fatality is a finishing move that is performed 
   after a player wins the final round of a match.  The winner is prompted 
   to "FINISH HIM/HER" then is given about 5 seconds to input a series of 
   button presses which will result in a short cinematic of sorts in which the
   losing character is brutally destroyed.  This is the first mainstream 
   Mortal Kombat game to feature much more tame fatalities i.e. no 
   dismemberment/very little blood.  Mortal Kombat characters
   and DC Villains have fatalities.

Q: What is a Heroic Brutality?
A: A Heroic Brutality is essentially an extremely tame fatality, but it is not
   fatal, hence "Brutality" DC didn't want its heroes killing, so they decided
   that their finishing moves would be even more tame than the tame fatalities
   and that they would make it so painfully obvious that the defeated character
   was still alive.  (The defeated character squirms exaggeratedly).


B = Back
F = Forward
D = Down
U = Up 

Button Commands:

Xbox 360:  
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B

Playstation 3:

1 = Square
2 = Triangle
3 = Cross (X)
4 = Circle

(Thanks to MetalMel for informing me that I had the systems reversed.)



(Close): Stand right next to the opponent

(1-Step Away): Stand right next to the opponent, and take 1 step back.

(Sweep): Stand just inside of your character's sweep range 
         (Varies with character)

(Far): Just get as far as you can, outside of sweep range works, but the other
       side of the screen is safest.

******************************** CHARACTERS [FAQCHA]  *************************

MORTAL KOMBAT CHARACTERS:  Mortal Kombat characters all have Fatalities, 
everyone except Shao Kahn who is an unlockable character.

*******************************    BARAKA [MKBAR]     *************************

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat II (1994)

Bio: Tarkatans are vicious mutants from the wastes of Outworld, and Baraka is
     the most brutal among them. Serving in Shao Kahn's army, he gained the
     emperor's favor and became one of his personal enforcers. Baraka's
     retractable blades have slain man of Shao Kahn's opponents, and during the
     invasion of Earthrealm, he finished many of Earthrealm's defenders. But
     when Shao Kahn was defeated by the Forces of Light, Baraka vowed to avenge
     his master and returned to Earthrealm to hunt them down.

Fatality 1 - B, F, D, F, 1 (close) 
Fatality 2 - F, F, D, D, 3 (close)

F1: Baraka slashes his opponent twice across the face with his blades, he then
    impales his opponent through his/her torso,
    and slams him/her to the ground over his shoulders.

F2: Baraka kicks his opponent onto his/her back, jumps onto his/her chest, and
    extends his blades, impaling the victim.

*******************************      JAX [MKJAX]     **************************

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat II (1994)

Bio:A decorated soldier and formidable warrior, Jax found that he could enhance
    his strength and fighting ability through technology. Replacing his arms 
    with cybernetics, he has become a juggernaut in the fight to protect 
    Earthrealm.  After the emperor Shao Kahn's invasion, Jax realized that the
    military was unprepared for threats from other realms. He and his partner,
    Sonya Blade, formed a division of the Special Forces tasked with monitoring
    threats not from this world. The Outerworld Investigation Agency will soon
    face its first crisis.

Fatality 1 - B, F, F, B, 2 (close) 
Fatality 2 - F, F, B, B, 3 (close)

F1: Jax claps the opponent’s head between his hands, flattening it.

F2: Jax delivers a mighty uppercut to his opponent sending him/her skyward.  
    On the way down, the opponent is finished off by Jax 
    firing his Sub-Machine Gun at them.

*******************************    KANO [MKKAN]    ****************************

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat (1992)

Bio: An undisciplined but dangerous thug, Kano is a killer for hire. His 
     allegiance to the Black Dragon clan has been profitable, though dangerous,
     exactly the way he likes it. Kano joined Shao Kahn's ranks during the 
     invasion of Earthrealm, forsaking his own realm for personal gain. For his
     crimes, he is constantly hunted by the Special Forces agent Sonya Blade. 
     Though he enjoys the chase, he knows that one day he will finish her in 
     Mortal Kombat. That day might soon be at hand.

Fatality 1 - B, D, B, F, 1 (close) 
Fatality 2 - D, D, F, B, 4 (1-step away)

F1: Kano turns around, takes 3 steps, and then throws both of his knives into 
    the opponent, impaling him/her.

F2: Kano grabs his opponent, rolls backwards with him/her, jumps up, and then
    lands on his/her chest.

*******************************   KITANA [MKKIT]     **************************

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat II (1994)

Bio: Princes of the realm of Edenia, Kitana fights o free her realm from the 
     oppression of Shao Kahn. Long ago, her realm was merged with Outworld when
     the emperor successfully invaded. When Earthrealm came under threat, she 
     fought beside her new allies Liu Kang, Raiden, and the Forces of Light to 
     deny the emperor yet another konquest. Returning to Outworld, she has 
     discovered a new threat and must uncover the truth behind the devastation.

Fatality 1 - B, B, F, 1 (sweep) 
Fatality 2 - F, D, D, B, 3 (sweep)

F1: Kitana throws her fans which embed themselves in her opponent’s chest.

F2: Kitana kisses her opponent who begins to inflate until he/she explodes
    into gooey blue chunks, only the skeleton remains.

*******************************  LIU KANG [MKLIU]   ***************************

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat (1992)

Bio: A Shaolin monk, Liu Kang saved Earthrealm from the forces of Outworld by 
     defeating Shang Tsung in the Mortal Kombat tournament. That peace was 
     short-lived. Shao Kahn, angered by his defeat, bypassed the rules and 
     invaded Earthrealm. Liu Kang was called back to action by Raiden, God 
     of Thunder. With the Forces of Light at his side, he again pushed back the
     invasion and defeated Shao Kahn's minions. Liu Kang returned to the Wu Shi 
     Academy to continue his martial arts training, but his time there will be 
     brief as a new threat beckons him to action.

Fatality 1 - F, B, D, D, 3 (sweep) 
Fatality 2 - D, D, F, D, 4 (1-step away)

F1: Liu Kang summons a Mortal Kombat arcade machine which falls on his opponent
    from the sky, crushing them.

F2: Liu Kang punches his opponent in the face, knocking them to the floor.  He
    jumps through the air, lands on his/her face and rapidly stomps on it.  He
    ends by jumping into the air and hurling a fireball into the opponent who 
    is still on the ground.

******************************* RAIDEN [MKRAI]  *******************************

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat (1992)

Bio: Raiden: God of Thunder, Protector of Earthrealm. Ageless and wise beyond 
     measure, he is the defender who rallies Earthrealm's mortals to fight 
     against the forces of evil. When his brother Shao Kahn, emperor of 
     Outworld, finally invaded Earthrealm, only Raiden and his Forces of Light
     stood between slavery and freedom. As Earthrealm merged with Outworld, 
     Raiden held the line and fought back against the emperor, defeating him
     and freeing Earthrealm. It had seemed that peace was finally achieved, 
     but the battle for Earthrealm has only just begun.

Fatality 1 - D, F, D, U, 2 (close) 
Fatality 2 - B, F, F, D, 4 (sweep) 

F1: Raiden grabs his opponent, flies into the air, and throws him/her 
    head-first into the ground, only the opponent’s waist and legs are sticking 
    out of the cracked ground.

F2: Raiden grabs his opponent and shocks him/her mercilessly before a lightning
    bolt from the sky reduces them into a skeleton.

******************************* SCORPION [MKSCO]  *****************************

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat (1992)

Bio:Scorpion was once a member of the Shirai Ryu clan before he was slain by 
    the elder Sub-Zero. Resurrected by the sorcerer Quan Chi, he entered the
    Mortal Kombat tournament and killed Sub-Zero to avenge the murders of his
    family and clan. But Sub-Zero's younger brother assumed his name and donned
    the familiar blue assassin's garb. Though he remains Quan Chi's enforcer, 
    Scorpion will not rest until this Sub-Zero has been slain as well.

Fatality 1 - D, D, D, 4 (sweep) 
Fatality 2 - F, F, B, D, 3 (1-step away) 

F1:  Scorpion removes his mask, revealing his flaming skull head, he then 
     breathes fire onto his opponent who falls to the ground in
     flames.  This is Scorpion's signature "Toasty" fatality.

F2: Scorpion shoots flames at the ground and disappears into the lava pool he
    creates; another lava pool opens up under his opponent who sinks into the 
    ground.  Scorpion resurfaces and so does his opponent’s skeleton.

*****************************SHANG TSUNG [MKSHA]  *****************************

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat (1992) [He was made playable in MKII (1994)]

Bio: A sorcerer who consumes the souls of his victims, Shang Tsung played 
     host to the Mortal Kombat tournament in Earthrealm, stacking the odds in
     favor of the emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn. He was finally defeated by 
     the Shaolin monk Liu Kang and has sought to regain the favor of his master,
     Shao Kahn, ever since. His hatred of Liu Kang runs deep, and he would 
     desire nothing more than to consume the soul of the one warrior who 
     denied him victory.

Fatality 1 - B, D, F, 3 (close) 
Fatality 2 - D, D, F, F, 2 (close) 

F1: Shang Tsung chokes his opponent, thrusts him to the ground, and stomps on 
    his/her back.

F2: Shang Tsung morphs into his opponent, chokes him, thrusts him to the 
    ground, and morphs back into himself.

******************************* SONYA [MKSON]**********************************

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat (1992)

Bio: The impulsive Special Forces agent Sonya Blade knew nothing of other 
     realms until she stumbled upon the Mortal Kombat tournament while 
     pursuing the Black Dragon clan member Kano. On Shang Tsung's island, she
     met Liu Kang and Raiden and her purpose in life was forever changed. She 
     convinced her partner Jax to join her in spearheading a division of the 
     Special Forces dedicated to protecting Earthrealm from outside forces. 
     Though she has defended against exotic threats from other worlds, nothing
     could have prepared her for the invasion to come.

Fatality 1 - D, D, B, F, 1 (sweep) 
Fatality 2 - D, B, F, F, 4 (1-step away) 

F1: Sonya blows a kiss that lands at her opponent’s feet, creating a pillar of 
    flame that engulfs her opponent.  Her opponent then
    falls to the ground in flames.

F2: Sonya does a backflip over her opponent with her hands on his shoulders, 
    she snaps her opponent’s neck as she does this.

*****************************SUB-ZERO [MKSUB]**********************************

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat (1992)

Bio: An assassin of the Lin Kuei clan, Sub-Zero commands the power of ice and
     cold and is skilled in the art of kombat. He assumed the mantle of 
     Sub-Zero when his brother was killed by the specter Scorpion in the same
     Mortal Kombat tournament that Liu Kang won. Though his brother succumbed
     to corruption, Sub-Zero struggles with his conscience and questions the 
     methods of his clan. He will one day have to make a choice between loyalty
     to the Lin Kuei and the safety of Earthrealm.

Fatality 1 - B, B, D, B, 4 (close) 
Fatality 2 - B, F, D, F, 2 (close) 

F1: Sub-Zero deep freezes his opponent and then delivers a mighty kick, 
    shattering the opponent into millions of icy shards.

F2: Sub-Zero hoists his dazed opponent over his head, freezes him, and 
    slams him onto the ground, again shattering him into
    millions of pieces.

*****************************SHAO KAHN [MKSHAO]********************************
First Appearance: Mortal Kombat II (1992)

Bio: Emperor Shao Kahn's lust for power is matched only by his ruthlessness.
     For ages he conquered other realms and merged them with Outworld. 
     Eventually he turned his attention to Earthrealm. To stave off invasion,
     Raiden convinced the Elder Gods to enforce the rule of the Mortal Kombat
     tournament. Only if Shao Kahn were to win the tournament could he take 
     Earthrealm. But Liu Kang defeated Outworld's champion, Shang Tsung, dashing
     any chance of Shao Kahn's victory. Enraged, Shao Kahn disregarded the Elder
     Gods' warnings and mounted an invasion. Defeated once again by Raiden and 
     his allies, he was seemingly ripped apart by his own portal. But the 
     realms are never truly safe from the evil that is Shao Kahn...

Shao Kahn has no fatalities.


DC UNIVERSE CHARACTERS: DC Universe Characters have either Fatalities or Heroic
Brutalities depending on the character's alignment.  Heroes do not kill, and
therefore have Heroic Brutalities, they are similar to fatalities, but they do
not result in the death of the opponent.  DC Universe villains have fatalities.

******************************BATMAN [DCBAT]***********************************

First Appearance: Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)

Bio: When his parents were gunned down in front of him, young Bruce Wayne
     resolved to rid Gotham City of the criminal element that took their lives.
     He trained extensively to achieve mental and physical perfection, in 
     addition to mastering martial arts, detective techniques, and criminal 
     psychology. Dressing as a bat to prey on criminals' fears, Batman fights
     crime with the aid of specialized gadgets and vehicles, operating out of
     his secret Batcave below Wayne Manor.

Heroic Brutality 1 - D, B, F, F, 4 (sweep) 
Heroic Brutality 2 - D, D, D, U, 3 (1-step away) 

HB1: Batman takes out a sonic emitter, throws it at his opponent, and stands 
     back as a swarm of bats attack his dazed foe, who then drops to the 

HB2: Batman punches his opponent in the face, puts him into a headlock; he then 
     shoots his grappling hook into the air, he and his opponent disappear and
     finally Batman falls out of the sky, landing on his opponent.

*****************************CAPTAIN MARVEL [DCCAP]****************************

First Appearance: Whiz Comics #2 (February 1940)

Bio: Young Billy Batson was an orphan who wandered into a deep cavern, where
     he encountered the ancient wizard Shazam, who granted Billy the ability
     to transform into the hero Captain Marvel. Whenever Billy speaks the name
     "SHAZAM," a mystical lightning bolt recreates him as a hero with super 
     strength, flight, speed, and other powers of mythological heroes; but in
     return, he must always fight evil in its form as the Seven Deadly Enemies
     of Man.

Heroic Brutality 1 - D, F, B, F, 1 (close) 
Heroic Brutality 2 - D, B, D, F, 2 (1-step away) 

HB1: Captain Marvel uppercuts his opponent into the air, calls down a lightning
     bolt which hits his opponent in mid-air; he then jumps onto the chest of 
     the fallen opponent, who squirms from inside the impact crater.

HB2: Captain Marvel slams his opponent head-first into the ground, only the 
     legs and waist are above ground.

*****************************CATWOMAN [DCCAT]**********************************

First Appearance: (Selina Kyle) Batman #1 (Spring 1940)

Bio: Selina Kyle operates as a costumed cat burglar in Gotham City, and has 
     a love-hate relationship with Batman. She is able to commit nearly 
     impossible crimes thanks to her athletic prowess, her skills with a whip,
     and her seductive wiles.

Fatality 1 - D, B, D, F, 2 (sweep) 
Fatality 2 - F, B, F, B, 4 (sweep) 

F1: Catwoman lashes her whip out at her opponent’s neck, strangling him/her.  
    She yanks on the whip bringing her opponent crashing to the ground; she 
    gets on her opponent’s back and yanks the whip yet again, snapping their 

F2: Catwoman impales her opponent through the stomach with her claws and slams
    them over her head onto the ground.

*****************************DEATHSTROKE [DCDEA]*******************************

First Appearance: (Slade Wilson) New Teen Titans #2 (December 1980)

Bio: Slade Wilson was given enhanced abilities as part of a military 
     experiment, and has such confidence in his skills as a mercenary and 
     assassin that his chosen costume highlights the fact that he only has one
     eye. Adept at both sword and gunplay, his superhuman physical abilities 
     are matched only by his tactical genius and his facility for manipulating
     both allies and enemies alike.

Fatality 1 - F, F, D, F, 2 (close) 
Fatality 2 - F, D, B, F, 3 (close) 

F1: Deathstroke impales his opponent with his sword, walks away, and then fires 
    his handgun at the opponent’s head, killing them.  In the North American 
    version, the camera cuts away to Deathstroke before the lethal shot.

F2: Deathstroke slashes his opponent through the torso, dropping the opponent
    to his/her knees.  Deathstroke then snaps his opponent’s neck.

*****************************THE FLASH [DCFLA]*********************************

First Appearance: Flash Comics #1 (1940)

Bio: Police chemist Barry Allen was given the power of superspeed in a freak
     laboratory accident, and took on the crimson costume of the Flash. Able
     to travel at near the speed of light, the Flash can also vibrate through
     most obstacles, and at times has been known to phase into entirely 
     different realities.

Heroic Brutality 1 - B, B, F, F, 4 (sweep) 
Heroic Brutality 2 - D, F, D, B, D, F, 3 (1-step away) 

HB1: The Flash does a series of quick punches and kicks from multiple angles, 
and ends by coming in from the air and stomping all over his opponent’s back.

HB2: The Flash runs around his opponent at such a high speed that it creates a
     vortex of wind, lifting his opponent into the air.  He then jumps up into
     the air and smashes his opponent back into the ground.

*****************************GREEN LANTERN [DCGRE]*****************************

First Appearance: (Hal Jordan) Showcase #22 (October 1959)

Bio: Fighter pilot Hal Jordan was testing an experimental aircraft when he 
     found himself transported into the desert, to the side of a dying alien
     who gifted him with a glowing ring, which is charged regularly by a green
     lantern. By taking the ring, Jordan found himself drafted into the 
     Green Lantern Corps, an interstellar police force that assigned him to
     protect Earth. Jordan can use his ring to conjure up anything he can 

Heroic Brutality 1 - F, B, D, B, 3 (sweep) 
Heroic Brutality 2 - B, F, D, D, 4 (sweep) 

HB1: The Green Lantern uses his ring to create a green energy bubble around his
     opponent; he then shrinks the bubble crushing the opponent.  The opponent
     then falls to the ground.

HB2: The Green Lantern uses his ring to create a double sided hammer which hits
     his opponent from the front and from the back.

*****************************THE JOKER [DCJOK]*********************************

First Appearance: Batman #1 (Spring 1940)

Bio: An insanely homicidal super-villain, the Joker's white skin, green hair,
     and blood-red lips belie the chaotic nature underlying his cartoonish 
     appearance. The self-styled Clown Prince of Crime has no superpowers 
     beyond a capacity for incredible violence and a skill for creating 
     deadly mayhem. He frequently concocts elaborate schemes to entrap his
     arch nemesis, Batman.

Fatality 1 - F, B, F, 1 (close) 
Fatality 2 - B, D, B, F, 2 (close)

F1: The Joker pulls out a pistol and aims it at his opponent, he pulls the 
    trigger and a flag that says “Bang!” on it pops out, frightening the 
    opponent, The Joker drops the pistol and laughs maniacally.  The Joker
    pulls out another pistol, aims it at his opponent’s head, and pulls the
    trigger.  This time the opponent is killed with a headshot.  In the 
    North American version, the camera focuses on The Joker so that you do not
    see the lethal shot.

F2: The Joker pulls out a deck of razor-edged playing cards and deals them out 
    at the opponent, impaling them with the cards before throwing a final card
    into the opponent’s head.

*****************************LEX LUTHOR [DCLEX]********************************

First Appearance: Action Comics #23 (April, 1940)

Bio: One of the richest and smartest men in the world, Lex Luthor is motivated
     by bottomless ambition, and egotistical disregard for morality, and an 
     intense hatred of Superman. Using the resources of his financial empire
     as head of LexCorp, Luthor has developed a high-tech suit to duplicate 
     some of Superman's abilities, and is obsessed with removing the man he 
     sees as the main obstacle to his rise to absolute power.

Fatality 1 - D, F, D, B, 2 (close) 
Fatality 2 - U, U, U, 1 (1-step away)

F1: Lex Luthor walks up to his opponent, and twists his/her entire torso 

F2: Lex Luthor targets his opponent with his wrist computer and calls down a 
    hail of missiles which rain down on the opponent.

*****************************SUPERMAN [DCSUP]**********************************

First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (June 1938)

Bio: As the planet Krypton braced for destruction, the infant Kal-El was placed
     on a rocket ship by his parents and sent off into space. Arriving on Earth
     as the Last Son of Krypton, he was fond and raised by Jonathan and Martha 
     Kent on their Kansas farm. Instilled with the values of right and wrong, 
     Clark Kent manifests amazing powers of super strength, flight, and 
     invulnerability under Earth's yellow sun, and has taken on the identity 
     of Superman to defend his adopted planet.

Heroic Brutality 1 - D, D, F, F, 1 (close) 
Heroic Brutality 2 - F, F, D, B, 4 (close) 

HB1: Superman pounds his opponent into the ground until only the head and
     shoulders are above ground; like Sheeva’s fatality from Mortal Kombat 3
     except the opponent squirms in an obvious attempt to prove that he/she
     is still living as per DC’s “No Killing for DC Heroes characters” rule.

HB2:  Superman uses ice breath to freeze his opponent, he then flies up into the
      air with his opponent and slams him/her to the ground, he then lands feet
      first on his opponent’s chest.

*************************WONDER WOMAN [DCWON]**********************************

First Appearance: (Diana Prince) All Star Comics #8 (Dec 1941)

Bio: Daughter of Queen Hyppolyta of the Amazons, Princess Diana journeyed from
     the mists of Greek mythology, leaving the female-only island of Themyscira
     and traveling to "Man's World" as an emissary of peace. Gifted with super 
     strength and invulnerability, her main tool in crime-fighting is her golden
     Lasso of Truth, which is unbreakable and forces all captured by it to tell 
     the truth.

Heroic Brutality 1 - U, B, D, F, 1 (sweep) 
Heroic Brutality 2 - F, B, B, F, 4 (sweep)

HB1: Wonder Woman uses her lasso to grab her opponent, she then flies into the 
     air, swings her opponent around and then releases,hurling the opponent to
     the ground.

HB2: Wonder Woman uses her lasso to catch her opponent around the waist.  She
     then pulls the lasso with great force, drilling her opponent into the 

*********************************DARKSEID [DCDAR]******************************

First Appearance: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (November 1970)

Bio: A ruthless despot, Darkseid rules over the perpetually burning planet 
     known as Apokolips. Obsessed with discovering the "Anti-Life Equation," he
     plans to use it to complete his quest for absolute power, and rule over 
     all life in the universe. Nearly invulnerable, his powers include the 
     ability to project Omega Beams from his eyes - dark rays with the power
     to alter, transport, and incinerate everything they come into contact 

Darkseid has no fatalities.

******************************FAQ: [FAQFAQ]************************************

Q: Will you update the guide when and if DLC is released?
A: Yes, I will try to update this as soon as the DLC is released.

Q: Can I add something?
A: Of course, just send me an e-mail at FAQcomments@gmail.com, please include
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A: Sure, if it bothers you that much I'll fix it, again, just send me an 
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Q: I already wrote an FAQ, can I use your fatality descriptions?
A: Um... You might be able to, but only if you obtain my permission, and only 
   if you credit me.

*****************************CHANGELOG: [FAQLOG]*******************************

2-12-09: This is the first edition of this FAQ, nothing has been changed as of 
         yet.  I might add character bios in the near future.
2-14-09: Added First Appearance and Bios for each character.
2-17-09: Fixed some minor spelling/grammar errors.

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