Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

GT Vegeta Guide
Author: TS Aneila


Table of Contents:

01: Updates
02: Introduction to GT Vegeta
03: Techniques & Management
04: GT Vegeta info
05: GT Vegeta strategy
06: GT Vegeta match-ups
07: GT Vegeta combo section
08: Conclusion
09: Special Thanks to
10: Contact & Legal info


01: Updates


02: Introduction to GT Vegeta

In what is pretty much his first appearance ever in a DBZ title, GTV is quite 
the contender. Start off by saying, this guide really isn't for beginners. GTV
takes fast cancel to execute pretty much all his cancels, and because of this
has a very steep learning curve to most the cast. Fortunately once learned he
is equipped with the tools to deal with pretty much anything people can throw 
at him, including some top tiers.


- Best defensive move in the game, period 
- Offensive lunge nullifier
- Ridiculous rushdown up close
- 2 transformations
- Shining Rage Attack deals good damage and fatigue
- 2 un-techable set-ups for SRA
- Final Shine does great damage and fatigue
- Juggle throw
- Nice ways to break guard without transformations


- Huge gap between SSJ1 and SSJ4, no transforming between those
- Difficult to combo with
- Low damage with no fast cancel
- Final Flash sucks


03: Techniques & Management


A technique that has been around since Budokai 1, the basic concept behind 
it is using a string that has a chargeable move during it, that can keep the 
opponent in the hit-stun long enough to cancel with the guard button and then 
quickly start a new string. It has many advantages, first is it helps you do 
lots of damage, while building you ki meter and makes your strings safe. Moves
that aren’t canceled are very bad and can usually be punished by opponents who
guarded or if you whiff. 

They also can be used for mix-up to keep your opponent guessing which string 
you will use next, he’ll have to constantly figure out what you’ll do next and 
when to squeeze in an attack to hit you. Whether you’ll tick a throw, side-step 
behind him, or keep the pressure on him is all what makes canceling great. 
Usually the aggressive player that’s always on the offensive can have control 
over most the match. 

Ki Management:

A very important thing to focus on during a match. You need ki for everything 
almost, deathmoves, ultimates, aura guard, transformations, and probably the 
most important, teleport-counter. You should always make sure you have at least 
3 bars to TC out of combos, aswell as make sure you have the ki advantage over 
your opponent. Players on the offense gain ki at quite a fast rate, while 
guarding opponents slowly gain a fraction of what you get. This goes back to 
being the aggressive player, it helps you stay ahead in the ki department.

There will of course be times when you will be low on ki and your opponent 
will have the advantage. Sometime you can try and get away (usually it’s not 
that effective) to charge it. A solid method of getting back in the lead is 
using anti-TC moves. Examples of this are Goku’s >P+K kick and Cell’s neutral 
P. You wanna use a poke to try and bait them behind you, as they appear you 
can hit them with an anti-TC move. It must either be a fast P most the time, 
or a nullifier to catch them.

Fatigue Management:

The fatigue meter has been taken from Burst Limit and put into Infinite World, 
whether for better or worse. Unlike Burst Limit, you cannot lower using 
transformations, so you must be careful and pay attention to it; it only 
lowers automatically over time but at a very slow rate. Fatigue raises while 
you are blocking or dodging, taking any sort of damage in general. Being 
fatigue will drop most characters into their base form state (assuming they 
can transform). While it seems bad, it can be a good thing allowing use of 
transformation guard crushes again to get in damage. Only thing to watch out 
for is juggle fatigue deathmove infinites; Adult Gohan, Goku and Bardock are 
the main people that can do this, if you get fatigued while in their juggle…
it’s pretty much game haha.


04: GT Vegeta info

Starter choices-

His >P+K P+K- lunge is quite beastly. It nullifies and can be canceled safely
on start-up then again before the second shoulder smack. It's basically alot
like Goku's P+K cancel, it can be combo'd with a VE or KKKK. It's a great
move up close and gives little to no opportunity for the opponent to attack.
KKKK is pretty much the same, however it juggles and leads to a very nice 
infinite. It will be your main source of damage as far as combo strings are
concerned. Nullifying starters that multi-hit are the only things that can get
past it, sorta. I will explain later in the match-up section as to how good
KKKK really is.

Defense, *stomp stomp* defense, *stomp stomp* defense-

P+K- is quite possibly the greatest tool DIMPS could have given to any of the
cast, and GTV recieved this lil' gem. 3 kicks, nullifies, ridiculous priority 
and can be canceled quickly into into KKKK- or PPPP-. It gives him the best
get-out-of-my-face strategy and can keep even Goku and Pikkon's rushdown at 



Shining Rage Attack (Rasengan lol)-

While flashy looking, it might seem like crap as far as its use but it 
actually has some value. It deals very nice damage and a solid amount of 
fatigue, it's even somewhat safe up close, they can TC and maybe not punish 
because of how far he dashes forward. Pretty nice when used on a fatigued 
opponent if you fully charge it to their back. It can also be canceled and 
using stun combos gives him some wacky and flashy stuff. He has two set-ups 
for this move, the first is...

>KKK P+K P+K approach like crazy and either
using PPPP or KKKK quickly to hit them or P+K if they are still blocking to 
push them away. Having this defensive tool allows you to destroy/stuff their
attempts to approach making them think twice and back away. After that you can
go back to your offensive and get in the opponents face. Watch for any Aura
Guard attempts to block then come out of it and hit you after your >P+K lunge,
be ready to cancel quickly and P+K or backdash and punish them with a SRA to 
the face.


06: GT Vegeta match-ups

Just how good does he fair? The old concensus was that he is kinda near the
bottom of High tier, well that's changed. Besides his learning curve he can
definitely hold a spot as one of the BEST characters in the game and has tools
to combat nullifying beasts ( especially since he is one himself).

GTV versus the top tiers


No need to worry too much. The main thing that makes Pikkon such a threat is 
his PPPP nullifying starter. As GTV you can keep him back with your P+K. This
move just out classes Pikkon entirely, Pikkon has a delayed/late nullifier on 
his first P starting out his PPPP, most cannot find an opening to hit him even
still...except GTV. P+K is so fast that it'll take Pikkon two P's to even break
GTV's P+K, the fact that it hits twice before Pikkon can barely get on his 
second P AND has a third knockdown hit, it will give Pikkon loads of approaching
issues. Not only this, GTV can bring the hurt on Pikkon with >P+K P+K to get in

At first this doesn't seem wise, why would you want to get in his face where he
can take advantage and nullify you up close? Well there is a reason most nobody
can deal with GTV's KKKK up close, the speed of the kicks combined with a high
speed cancel user makes it look like a lighting barrage of multiple kicks with
no opening. Pikkon could try to PPPP out of it, I mean he has the nullification
but if GTV gets that >P+K P+K lunge in and Pikkon blocks, he is screwed. 
Besides the fact that him blocking means he will eat a guard crush, up close 
KKKK pressure from GTV can out prioritize the late start-up on Pikkons first P
nullifier. However, timing and speed must be crucial for the GTV user, even 
still he has the option to P+K cancel up close to push Pikkon back. Watch for 
Pikkon getting a head start on his PPPP starter to get near you and punish with
a SRA or P+K.


No contest, >P+K P+K rips right through his spear which completely stops any 
means of zoning. Up close GTV out prioritizes Dabura with KKKK and PPPP, again
you have the option of P+K to push him back. If you are hell bent on only 
turtling with GTV don't worry, zoning characters are only effective generally
against people who need to approach to do anything, GTV can turtle all day, sit
back and bait zoners.


Tricky match, unlike Pikkon's PPPP, Yamcha's is much quicker and has instant 
nullifiers on each one. This ruins your KKKK approach up close and defensive
P+K. Yamcha luckily only has 3 baseline ki, if you can get yours up and go SSJ
it'll be much much easier. You can approach him with >P+K P+K but make sure it
connects to guard crush, if not try and dashback or get a P+K in before he 
begins his insane nullifiers.

Both Gokus-

Their main tool to break defense with transformations non-stop will give you
some trouble, as far as starters go you can match his lunge with yours. Neither
Goku's can get past your P+K which is nice, but be very careful and bait their
transformations by allowing them to get somewhat close and Aura Guard. With Z
Goku it will be your main strategy at the start since he can go kaioken but 
with GT Goku you have more leniency since he needs 4 ki like you to transform.
The matches will revolve around clashing starters and who starts transforming
first to get that edge over the other, play smart and try your best to avoid
his DF infinite.


07: GT Vegeta combo section

Again, other than stuns, all his cancels require that you can do it fast, if 
not you won't be having much fun or playing him very well.



/\ = Up on D-Pad
\/ = Down on D-Pad
< = Back on D-Pad
> = Forward on D-Pad
P = Punch ; default on Square
K = Kick ; default on Triangle
G = Guard ; default on X
E = Energy ; default on Circle
D = Aura dash ; default on R1
P+K = Punch + Kick ; default on R2
HM/AB = Hyper Mode / Aura Burn ; default on L2
C = Charge Ki ; default on L1
T = Taunt ; Guard + Downx2
\/E = Transformation
/\E = Ultimate

' = Fully Charged.
* = Stun
- = Cancel 
~ = Sidestep cancel ; same as Cancel just with a \/ or /\ + G while charging
HS = Heavy smash, Aura dash then P+K 
D~ = Aura dash sidestep 
^ = Pop up = "Juggle"
FF = Full Fatigue 
R = Reset ; can be done after a FF to make used strings available again
R^ = juggle reset , resets the person from a juggle into a grounded state
GC = Guard Crush


>P+K P+K-





>>K*, K*, >PPPP^ >E. 7 hits, 626 damage. 30% Fatigue.


>P+K P+K-, >PPPP-, VE HS, >KKK P+K P+K-, KKKK-, KKKK-, VE, E. 12 hits, 786 damage. 35% Fatigue.

Advanced (fast cancel fun stuff)-

(off a throw) KKKK-, KKKK-, KKKK-, VE, KKKK-, KKKK-, VE, >PPPP^ >E. 
24 hits, 1575 damage. 80% Fatigue.

VE, E, L1 \/. 32 hits, 1588 damage. 81% Fatigue.

Updates to come...

08: Conclusion

Range: 8/10
Juggle Ability: 7/10
Damage Potential: 7/10
Cancel Ability: 7/10
Stun Ability: 6/10
Rushdown: 9/10
Defense: 10/10

It's pretty obvious by now you know how good he is, and of course just how 
much skill he takes to learn. It isn't so much knowing when to use his defense
or offense moves ( tho it is very important) as much as his massive reliance 
on the player knowing fast cancel. Again, you won't be doing great with him
unless you learn to combo properly. You have got the tools to deal with top
tiers, shatter peoples guard constantly, and play the best defensive game, so
learn to. Your damage is pretty bleh and suffers until you can reach SSJ4. At 
times it is completely okay to go for his stun and fully charged SRA since it
will put your damage over a health bar and do good fatigue. This will allow 
you to get ahead and charge ki if need be, and of course, KKKK infinite juggle
is his main string and will help you reach SSJ4 rather quickly. 


09: Special Thanks to

DIMPS for continuing the series.

Azuro for setting up DBC for these games to have competitive discussion, 
TrollCapAmerica, DrunkenPilot, Nnamz, Escobuu, Gogetassj4666, Dizlord, 
Fog and all the vets who have worked on these games throughout the years. 


10: Contact & Legal Info:

Any questions or concerns about this guide than please feel free to email 
me at www.orien@yahoo.com.

This guide is not to be reproduced under other websites other than GameFAQS 
solely or unless with my consent, this is for personal use only and otherwise 
a violation of copyright laws. 

Copyright 2009 TS Aneila