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                              ALIEN HOMINID HD

                         Copyright (c)2009 DomZ Ninja


 Author: DomZ Ninja
 E-mail: domzninja[at]hotmail[dot]com
 Updated: 06/06/09
 Version: 1.0

 NOTE: This guide does contain spoilers!


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

See that series of numbers to the right of each section? If you want to find 
a specific section in the FAQ, press CTRL + F to open a search box. Type in 
the series of numbers for the desired section that you're trying to find and 
press Enter. Whabam! The search function will take you there in an instant.

1] - Version History.................................. [0100]
2] - Controls......................................... [0200]
3] - Walkthrough...................................... [0300]
       3.1] Urban..................................... [0310]
             3.11] Level 1-1.......................... [0311]
             3.12] Level 1-2.......................... [0312]
             3.13] Level 1-3.......................... [0313]
             3.14] Level 1-4.......................... [0314]
             3.15] Level 1-5.......................... [0315]
       3.2] Russia.................................... [0320]
             3.21] Level 2-1.......................... [0321]
             3.22] Level 2-2.......................... [0322]
             3.23] Level 2-3.......................... [0323]
             3.24] Level 2-4.......................... [0324]
             3.25] Level 2-5.......................... [0325]
             3.26] Level 2-6.......................... [0326]
       3.3] Area 51................................... [0330]
             3.31] Level 3-1.......................... [0331]
             3.32] Level 3-2.......................... [0332]
             3.33] Level 3-3.......................... [0333]
             3.34] Level 3-4.......................... [0334]
             3.35] Level 3-5.......................... [0335]
4] - Bosses........................................... [0400]
5] - Powerups......................................... [0500]
6] - Hats............................................. [0600]
7] - Minigames........................................ [0700]
8] - Achievements..................................... [0800]
9] - Thanks/Credits................................... [0900]


 1] VERSION HISTORY                                                     [0100]

FAQ/Walkthrough #36

 Version 1.0 (01/29/09) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete and submitted.


 2] CONTROLS                                                            [0200]

|  D-Pad                      |  Move                                        |
|  Left Analog Stick          |  Move                                        |
|  Right Analog Stick         |  N/A                                         |
|  Start                      |  Pause                                       |
|  Back                       |  N/A                                         |
|  X Button                   |  Shoot, Melee Attack                         |
|  Y Button                   |  Enter Vehicle                               |
|  A Button                   |  Jump                                        |
|  B Button                   |  Throw Grenade                               |
|  Right Trigger              |  Roll Right                                  |
|  Left Trigger               |  Roll Left                                   |
|  Right Bumper               |  N/A                                         |
|  Left Bumper                |  N/A                                         |


 3] WALKTHROUGH                                                         [0300]

 NOTE: This walkthrough is based on Medium difficulty.

One nice day in space, Alien Hominid is flying around space in his cute lil'
UFO. All of a sudden, FBI agents signal the alien's prescense, and what do
they do? They shoot down the UFO. The UFO with Alien Hominid in it comes on
flying down to Earth, and crashes in a city.

FBI agents rush in from all sides and take the UFO captive for further 
research. One mistake: they left Alien Hominid, enraged about his ship, all
alone. You know what that means? Mass killing! That's right, you're the alien,
and your mission is to kill those government jerks and take back your ship!

 3.1] URBAN                                                             [0310]

 3.11] LEVEL 1-1                                                        [0311]

The game starts off with you in the middle of the city. Pick up the powerup 
that the fat kid gives you, and FBI agents drop down from the top of the 
screen. Kill them, and head along once the Go screen comes up. You'll find 
another fat kid. Take his powerup, and continue to kill more baddies. The kid 
rides away in a bus.

Once you keep going right and killing agents, you'll come across a truck. Get
in the truck, and now you can run agents over! Keep running people over until
the screen stops. An FBI truck will back up and stop. Jump to the right of it
and start blasting away at it.

Keep firing at it and the oncoming agents until it's destroyed. Once the "Go"
screen pops up, and proceed right. Agents will drop from the top, so go along
killing them. Head right until you come to a building, where a giant robot
comes onscreen.

BOSS: Tin Man

Hey, he looks like the Tin Man! Kinda. This boss is incredibly predictable. To 
start things off, he will charge to the other side of the screen, arms 
flailing about. Jump on the sill of the central building; you will still have 
to leap in the air to avoid getting whacked.

Once he's back on the right side of the screen again, a cannon will emerge 
from his metallic head. Drop down onto the ground to avoid getting fried. When 
the Tin Man crouches, jump back up onto the sill before the cannon goes off. 
He then runs to the left, thus repeating the simplistic process over again. He 
will glow green and speed up his attacks once losing three quarters of his 
health, so you'll have to be more alert once the time comes.


Proceed right and kill the thugs. Pick up any dropped powerups and keep going.

There will be an agent with a flamethrower just up ahead. Jump over his fiery
blasts and blow him to smithereens. You will find another truck up ahead, so 
hop in and enjoy mauling enemies! Proceed while killing agents dropping down 
from the sky until you reach a dock. Boss time!

BOSS: Cyclops Robot

The Cyclops Robot can only be damaged by targeting its eyeball. While you try 
to focus on the eye, he will either attack with his huge arms or with a cannon 
identical to the one used by Tin Man. Just for the record: you should never 
jump on the roof of the nearby fast food joint, there's really just no need.

Instead, follow the Cyclops Robot's movements and stand right under his eye
once he stops moving. Just before he pounds his fists into your yellow mug,
fire upwards at his eye before jumping up in the air. Charged shots work
wonders (hold down B) in this battle. It's best to stand under the boss and
aim up at his eye than trying to aim at his eye from a horizontal level.

Once the Cyclops Robot is down to a quarter health, his arms will fall off and 
he'll develop a new strategy. Now the robot will jump high in the air before 
slamming down to the ground. As he jumps, walk under him by following the 
arrow on the screen and continue firing upwards at his eye. Don't forget to 
move before he drops down on top of you!

You will also have to deal with FBI agents that rush onto the scene, but they 
shouldn't be much trouble. In fact, sometimes they drop glorious powerups! 
Despite the nice reward, focus on the Cyclops Robot and his eyeball for the 
duration of the battle.


And that's a wrap! Yay for riding in a bus!

 3.12] LEVEL 1-2                                                        [0312]

This fun level entirely takes place on a highway. You will be jumping from car 
to car, slicing up agents and so on. You can hijack the cars if you want and 
smash them all together for fun.

When the level starts off, you will be on top of a car. A helicopter will drop 
a missile, and if it hits the car that you're standing on, you're history. 
Even if it hits a car that you're driving, the car will blow up and you will 
fly onto the street. Jump over the cars in front of you and attack any agents.

An FBI car will come speeding along. Jump into a random car and blast the FBI 
car so you don't take damage. Destroy the car and other agents, and keep 
heading over cars. 

The helicopter comes back, and this time you must destroy it. It will pace 
the screen, dropping missiles at you. Dodge them and make sure you're on a 
car that won't blow up. Aim up and shoot away at it, and it'll fall soon 
enough. Destroy the other FBI car that arrives shortly after.

Once you get to the point with the jetpack guy, jump in a car and aim up while 
blasting him. He will fall shortly. Proceed until the screen stops and another 
machine falls down. 

BOSS: Robo-Bee

A weird flying robot with a spike on it's behind will come down from the sky. 
Hence the name, it kinda reminds me of a bee. As a car drives under the spike, 
the robot impales the car, blowing it up. I doubt you'd want to stand on the 
car while it gets speared! The cars will be moving fast, so that means they 
will be destroyed quickly.

Jump to the car behind you and while jumping, turn around and shoot the 
mechanical menace a couple of times. Repeat the process until it uses a new 
attack. It sweeps the screen, ramming you.

When it pauses for a few moments before flying towards you, quickly press Y to
jump in a car and dodge the attack. It will pace the screen, so when he gets
back to the right side of the screen, the robot stops. Jump out of the car and
start shooting the robot before it starts impaling more cars.

A fat kid on a paraglider will constantly drop down powerups to you. Repeat
the process until the Robo-Bee is destroyed; it will speed up its the less HP
is has. The battle may take a while, so keep on your toes. I found it better
to be patient than overzealous: take your time when attacking since it is hard
to attack and leap from car to car simultaneously.


Next level, please.

 3.13] LEVEL 1-3                                                        [0313]

A fat kid on a paraglider drops you on top of a building. Drop down from the 
building and start killing. There are metal barriers with grenade-throwing 
agents on the other side; blast the wall while dodging grenades. 

When you destroy the wall, proceed to find another. Destroy it again. After 
moving forward a bit more, you'll encounter a helicopter. While fending 
against FBI agents, attack the helicopter until it's blown apart. You will 
arrive at a tank, which slowly cannonballs at you. Just jump over them and 
pelt it with blasts. Agents come on screen, so you have to deal with them too.

Destroy it, and the "Go" screen pops up. Start killing more agents that come 
your way. Plenty of hazards are thrown in your way, including two tanks and 
plenty of agents that shimmy down from who-knows-where. At least you have the 
occasional fat kid that gives you powerups.

You will come to a point where you will meet an agent who's just like the 
flamethrower one, but he shoots ice cubes at you. Use the same tactics as the 
flamethrower agent: when he raises his gun, get ready to jump. Jump over the 
cube and blast him. It's easy.

Once you've killed him, move along now. Slice and dice more baddies and you 
should soon reach a bulldozer. Hop in, and more FBI agents will come and swarm 
you. You can easily run them over, which is quite fun.

Once you reach a stone statue, run into it and smash it to pieces. Do the same 
with the building shorty after you destroy the statue. You will reach a
nuclear power plant, where two tanks will arrive on the scene.

Don't abandon your ride just yet! Instead, ram them with your bulldozer. Keep 
ramming it until they blow up your vehicle, which by then they are probably 
nearing destruction. Try to take out one at a time. You will have to dodge a 
lot of firepower, so you may die a lot.

Once those two tanks are destroyed, the power plant will blow up. Proceed a 
little farther and you will reach a pudding store. You know what's next.

BOSS: Baron Butterscotch

The pudding store will blow up, and out comes a gargantuan blob of mutated 
butterscotch pudding! And he wants to kill you! Too bad that he won't get the 

A crashed traffic signal is like a staircase leading to Baron Butterscotch's 
head. Don't even walk on it, because if you get to close to his head, he will 
stuff his face with your alien hide. The pudding beast also shoots globs of 
himself to your side of the screen, which land and turn into little pudding 
hands. Stray away from them as well before they strangle you.

Destroy the hands by ducking and firing, then aim at the fire hydrant right 
under him. The only way to hurt the pudding boss is to shoot the fire hyrant, 
which in turn shoots water at him.

Near later portions of the fight, Baron Butterscotch will smarten up and 
occasionally cover up the hydrant with his hand, so take some time to kill the 
butterscotch blobs and FBI agents when he does that.

The boss also spews pudding at a diagonal line towards you and onto the pole. 
When it looks like he's going to cough something up, that's your cue to watch 
out. Get off of the pole if you're on it and stay close to the far left side
of the screen.

This boss battle can be frustrating since you're constantly avoiding pudding 
hands, raining blobs, and agent gunfire from afar. Always stay crouched when 
firing to ensure near-perfect protection. Eventually, the water will prove to 
be too much for Baron Butterscotch and the battle will end.


Next level, please.

 3.14] LEVEL 1-4                                                        [0314]

You will end up driving a tank in the beginning of the level. Kill the agents 
by either running them over or just by shooting them with cannonballs. An 
armored vehicle soon comes on screen. FBI agents hop out and attack you by the 
numbers, so kill them and then go after the vehicle.

Go farther to reach the hotels. A helicopter will soon arrive. You should 
still have your tank. If so, aim upwards and blast it to bits with your 
cannon. If your tank blew up, well, keep dodgin' and use charged shots on it.

Once you arrive at an ice cream stand, you will be ambushed by agents dropping 
from the sky. Kill them all to proceed. Also watch out for the agent that pops 
out of the manhole! When you arrive at the park, leap over the mailbox and 
take the powerup from the fat kid. It won't be long before you come to a 
fountain, where the next boss battle takes place.

BOSS: The Rammer

This big guy likes to charge at you a lot. If The Rammer manages to grab you, 
he will punch you repeatedly until death. With that said, jump over him when 
he charges. He will quickly turn around, so get ready to leap over his head 

You will have to jump over The Rammer nearly non-stop until he finally gets 
winded and has to pause. Use this opening to pelt him with your ray gun. Shoot 
him as much as you can when he's taking a break.

The Rammer will regain composure and start to charge at you again. Make sure 
to time your jumps, because if he grabs you, you're done. Keep jumping over 
him and try to ignore the agents until he gets tired again; blast away. The 
Rammer is actually the easiest boss yet.


Jump over the hedges and kill the agents that try to take cover behind them. 
When you reach the giant gas tank blocking your progress, repeatedly shoot it 
until it explodes in a ball of flame. Dodge the blasts coming from the agents 
behind it and blow it up. Once the smoke clears, head past the destroyed tank 
to fight *gasp* another boss.

BOSS: Tank Bot

In short, this boss is a giant robot with tank treads that takes up half of 
the screen. Watch as a poor little agent gets mauled by the massive bot, and 
prepare to fight it.

Despite it's size, the Tank Bot is fairly easy. A gun that moves up and down
its body is it's only attack. Jump on top of the gun and shoot its face. I
reccommend charging up a shot, getting on the gun, and shooting the big bot's
face with a charged blast. Don't stay on the gun for too long, because the
Tank Bot will punch you if you stand on the gun too long. It's really easy to
dodge the gun fire, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Once you've dealt around half health to the Tank Bot, its face gets damaged 
and it get pissed. Now if you jump on the gun, his other fist will 
automatically punch you off. You won't get hurt by it, but now you won't be 
able to target the Tank Bot's charred face.

Instead, aim for the Tank Bot's torso. If you get close to him, he will smush 
you into the ground with his big fist. All you have to do is stand on the left 
side of the screen and dodge the slow gun fire while you shoot at his torso.


Jump past the rubble and you will see a scene where a helicopter is having 
trouble carrying away your UFO.

Jump over the wood chipper (don't fall in!) and destroy the helicopter before 
it takes away your UFO. Needless to say, also kill the agents that are 
attacking you. You are finally reunited with your ship!

Now that you're piloting your UFO again, you can abduct people with the X 
button. Once the target reaches your UFO, they will die, but you can drop them 
by releasing X. 

BOSS: Super Cannon

A giant FBI-made cannon will come onscreen. This thing shoots fireballs 
upwards, then they drop to the ground and break apart. The only way to defeat 
the Super Cannon is to abduct the fireball and drop it back into the cannon 
(where the fireballs are being fired).

Just make sure that the fireball doesn't reach the top of the beam, because it 
will destroy your ship and kill you. If that does happen, a new ship appears 
on the ground.

FBI guys are pests: if they get in your way, abduct a group of them and drop 
them into the chipper. Keep abducting the fireballs and dropping them into the 
Super Cannon, and you will soon destroy it. Easy as cake.


Next level, please.

 3.15] LEVEL 1-5                                                        [0315]

This is a really easy level where you are in your ship the whole time. Hold A 
or B to move and use the Left Analog Stick to change direction. Follow the 
blinking arrow on the screen while avoiding the jetpack agents and their 

You will reach a helicopter that's being attacked by fat kids. Ahh, I love 
those fat kids. Once they destroy it, get the part to obtain your blaster for 
your UFO. Now you can press X to fire.

Follow the arrow again to lead you to another helicopter. Destroy the 
helicopter with your blaster to get a part. Another arrow will pop up. Go to 
where it's pointing and collect the other piece from the helicopter.

The last piece is being shown by another arrow. This time, enemy helicopters 
will join the jetpack agents in an attempt to shoot you out of the sky. 
Destroy the helicopter to get your booster, which allows you to fly through 
the sky by holding down B. Once again, follow the arrow to reach a fourth 
helicopter. You know what to do.

You have to destroy six helicopters to fully repair your UFO. Once the arrow 
disappears, simply fly around and destroy any enemies that appear until the 
boss shows up.

BOSS: Ring Plane

A giant ship will come towards you and start blasting you with giant blue 
energy balls. They aren't that difficult to spot, so boost out of the way.

The Ring Plane is surrounded by a ring of brown shields. Shoot the spinning 
brown shields, then attack the exposed steel of the ship. The spinning shields 
respawn, so you may have to destroy them multiple times. Once you destroy the 
shield, attack the Ring Plane. It's not too hard. Well, that's because you'll 
have to fight another boss right after this one!

BOSS: FBI Rocket

I have to admit, this boss is actually easier than the previous one. This huge 
rocket does have the ability to fire two blue energy balls, but they are still 
easy to avoid. The FBI Rocket pretty much stays in one place the entire fight; 
all you have to do is constantly move around it and fire away.

Never stay underneath the rocket or your ship will get scorched by its giant 
boosters. Instead, stay on either side of it and hold down X to dish out the 
damage. When the FBI Rocket attacks you, press B to dodge the blasts. Yawn.


After you've destroyed the last ship, you'll be on your way. What's this? A
Soviet missile guided by Russia has been launched towards the United States!

Unfortunately for you (but fortunately for the US), your ship inadvertantly 
intercepts the missile and a collision occurs. Your UFO is destroyed, and you 
land in the middle of Russia!

 3.2] RUSSIA                                                            [0320]

 3.21] LEVEL 2-1                                                        [0321]

Not much has changed aside from the scenery. The level begins with Alien 
Hominid tearing up some Soviet troops. The leader gets away, so set chase!

Continue on foot as you kill the KGB soldiers. They act just like the FBI 
agents, so your battle strategies do not need to change. When you reach the 
soldier up in the watchtower, charge up a ray gun shot and shoot him while 
walking underneath. Soldiers will begin to repel down just ahead, so slice 'em 
up as you proceed forward.

Soviet troops will also pop out from the snow, so be careful not to get 
surrounded. Take out the next watchguard ahead and continue past the stacks of 
logs to reach the boss area.

BOSS: Rocket Frog

The Rocket Frog is a giant mechanical frog that shoots rockets out of its 
shoulders. Who woulda thunk it? You can only damage the robot by attacking its 
eyes, so run underneath the boss and begin shooting its eyes. When the Rocket 
Frog shoots two missiles out, it will jump offscreen.

Charge up a shot and get ready to blast one of the missiles as it flies about. 
The rockets fly faster the longer they stay about, making them harder to 
dodge. Take them out as fast as possible with a charged blast each.

As soon as you destroy the second rocket, jump in the air to avoid the Rocket 
Frog as he pounces back on the ground. If you are on the ground when he falls, 
the shockwave will stun you. Continue attacking the Rocket Frog's eyes until 
he sends off another pair of missiles. The battle will continue as such until 
you destroy the robotic frog.


Attack another wave of soldiers that shimmy down and eliminate the ones that 
pop out from underneath. When you reach a pile of sandbags, avoid the grenades 
fired from the soldier on the other side. You must time your jump and leap 
over the blockade and kill the grenadier from behind. Do the same with the 
second grenadier.

A brick wall lies in front of you; you cannot hurdle it, so what else is there 
to do? TEAR DOWN THIS WALL (hm, wrong country, I know) and move forward. A 
Russian fat kid (!!!) will give you a powerup, so grab it and continue. Defeat 
the grenadier up ahead and destroy the second brick wall. A boss battle will 
begin once you confront the KGB leader.


Hey, I thought it was clever. This giant floating robot wields a hammer and 
sickle and certainly knows how to use them. As the USSROBOT flies overhead, it 
will try to jab you with its giant sickle. You will be struck with the weapon 
if you are stationary while the robot is directly above you. It's best to stop 
and bait the boss into attacking, then rolling at the last minute to avoid 
certain death.

The USSROBOT has a second attack; if it stops and its boosters light up, press 
Down and Y to dig underground as the boss coats the entire ground with a wall 
of fire. Press A to resurface once the coast is clear. 

KGB soldiers will also roam the battlefield one at a time. It's hard enough 
trying to dodge the boss, but you'll also have to avoid enemy gunfire as well. 
If you try to stop and attack the soldiers, you will probably get stabbed by 
the boss, so try to quickly kill the soldiers or simply ignore them.

You can only target the USSROBOT's small head with your ray gun, so either use 
charged-up blasts or pepper him with quick shots. Once the boss is down to 
around half health, he will begin moving a lot faster, making your job of 
dodging much more difficult. The key to winning is to constantly roll, so 
implement it in your battle strategy to beat this tough boss.


Next level, please.

 3.22] LEVEL 2-2                                                        [0322]

Pass by the cute bear to confront more enemies. As an armored Soviet car 
speeds onto the screen, take note of the mortars in the background. As you try 
to destroy the car, missiles will rain down on you for a few moments. Dodge 
them, the attack the KGB troops once the mortars cease.

Next up is a jetpack soldier. Dodge his gunfire and attack with charged blasts 
as he floats back and forth. Nothin' too serious.

As you reach a cluster of buildings, hijack the nearby mortar and roll to the 
right. Press X to fire missiles onto the troops below. When you reach a trio 
of houses, an enemy mortar will attack from the background. Dodge the missiles 
and soldiers and wait for the mortars to leave.

Continue to encounter a Russian helicopter. Simply stand on the rightmost 
building and use charged shots as you jump over the gunfire. It's really easy 
to destroy.

Grab the powerup from the fat kid up ahead and continue slaying KGB troops 
until you are stopped by a stationary rocket. For whatever reason you cannot 
walk across it, so destroy it to get across. Take out the other three for 
the "Go" arrow to appear.

After destroying two armored cars in a row, head to the right to encounter an 
imprisoned yeti. Destroy its two shackles with downward gunfire to free the 
gentle creatue. As a reward, it will let you hitch a ride on its back!

Okay, maybe the yeti isn't that gentile. You can press X to punch and if you 
tilt the Left Analog Stick down first, your arm will be aimed towards the 
ground. Do this next to an enemy to turn them into a quick meal!

Move forward, destroying anything in your path. The watchtowers can be easily 
disposed of with a few punches. Just as a quick note, the yeti cannot be 
killed nor can you be damaged while riding the yeti, so take your sweet time 
and eat as many soldiers as you'd like. Don't forget to get the Hungry Yeti 
achievement here!

Once you reach a plateau, the yeti will let you go. As you traverse up the 
cliff, watch out for the indestructible turrets. Also avoid the giant bear 
robots up ahead. As they bounce up and down, sneak underneath them one by one 
to reach the other side untouched. Boss time!

BOSS: Vacuum Bear

It's the Vacuum Bear! This giant mechanical bear sucks up junk scattered on 
the ground, then fires them down at you. The junk blocks rain down from above 
two at a time, in three waves. After successfully dodging the junk, the Vacuum 
Bear will run offscreen.

The bear robots from before hop onscreen as another boss meter appears. You 
must defeat these four enemies first before the real boss comes back onscreen. 
All four share the same healthbar, so you can target one or all four if you'd 
like. The bear robots float in the air, then slam to the ground one at a time. 
Make sure you're standing in between two when you are not shooting them.

Once the bear robot's health bar disappears, they will split apart as a 
smaller bear robot pops out and flies around. It can be hard to avoid them as 
they bounce all over the place, but used fully charged laser shots to attack 
them. After one charged shot, an even smaller bear robot appears and flies 
around faster than the last. One more charged shot will destroy the robot for 

Repeat this for the other three bear robots to destroy 'em all. With that said 
and done, the Vacuum Bear will finally return and the battle will commence. He 
repeats the same attack, so resume attacking his head. If you want an easy way 
to avoid the junk blocks, simply dig underground and wait for all six to fall. 
Continue targeting the head to defeat the Vacuum Bear.


Next level, please.

 3.23] LEVEL 2-3                                                        [0323]

Ugh, this level sucks HARD. Nearly the entire level is composed of turrets 
that just happen to be positioned in incredibly strategic and annoying places. 
Plus to boot, you cannot destroy them.

After dodging the first handful of turrets, you'll reach three stationed on 
wooden pillars above you. Roll underneath each one, then continue forward to 
confront a boss.

BOSS: WTF-Mobile

I have no idea what the hell this contraption is, so I hereby dub it the "WTF-
Mobile". I know, it's hard making up creative names. This vehicle is composed 
of a tank tread and a circular hatch connected by a device that resembles an 
accordian. Continue standing on the crate and attack the tank tread as the 
vehicle sits there and does nothing.

After a lil' while, the WTF-Mobile destroys the two crates and uses the tank 
tread as a foot of sorts, stomping up and down across the arena. Before you 
get crushed, roll underneath the treads at the right time and shoot the tank 
tread as it moves about.

Once you deplete three-quarters of the boss's health, the vehicle will fall 
apart, only leaving the very top. Two lasers will shoot down below from both 
sides of the now-floating machine.

Since the lasers never stop for even a second, you must stay between the two 
lasers as the WTF-Mobile flies back and forth. While you simultaneously move 
with it, attack the vehicle with charged shots. It won't be long before you 
come on top.


Defeat the watchman up ahead and dodge the first turret. The two two are 
tricky to avoid, so try jumping on top of them instead. When you reach a large 
wall, the KGB leader will drop explosive barrels on you. Dodge them while you 
destroy the car to your right.

Once it's out of the way, continue on. Avoid the next set of turrets as you 
encounter the KGB leader again. He'll continue throwing barrels, so roll to 
the right to reach the other side of the wall. Pass it and take the powerup 
from the fat kid, then proceed to reach the KGB leader yet again. This time, 
he has another trick up his sleeve.

BOSS: Soviet Cyclops Robot

This boss slightly resembles the Cyclops Robot from Level 1-1, except he has 
totally different attacks. He will stand on one side of the screen (usually 
the right side) and hurl fireballs at you. They travel in the pattern of high, 
low, high, low, and so forth. Duck under the high fireballs and leap over the 
low ones.

Since he does this non-stop, it leaves you little room to attack. You are best 
off attacking while you jump over the low fireballs; charged shots work best 
like normal.

When the Soviet Cyclops Robot stops and rolls into a ball, dig underground. He 
will swiftly roll back and forth across the area. Resurface once he stops 
before you suffocate underground.

The boss has another attack that can only be avoided by digging. When he cups 
his hands like Ryu from Street Fighter, dig underground so you don't get 
obliterated by a giant laser beam. Hadoken!

As you damage the Soviet Cyclops Robot, his fireballs will travel a tad 
quicker and he may roll a few more times, but the fight is essentially the 
same from beginning to end. The hardest part about the battle is timing your 
movements to avoid the fireballs.


Next level, please.

 3.24] LEVEL 2-4                                                        [0324]

As the level begins, hop onto the snowmobile that's just dying to be used. The 
entire level is a giant track for your snowmobile. You can use the Left Analog 
Stick to move left and right with the vehicle and press A to jump. Of course, 
you can still use your blaster.

The ride is pretty smooth at first; roll through the KGB soldiers until you 
reach a train track. Jump over the short blue pipes in the way and duck 
underneath the tall pipes and blue walls. There will be plenty of obstacles in 
the way of your snowmobile aside from the structures, including crates and red 
explosive drums.

When you reach the train itself, kill the soldier in the caboose. Use charged 
shots to destroy the fuel canisters and pretty much anything else on the train 
cars (including more soldiers and turrets). Soon you will reach a boss.

BOSS: Crane

Yep, it's just a crane. The crane is on top of one of the train cars and will 
drop rocks onto the road in front of you. You will have to destroy the rocks 
before they crash into your snowmobile and kill you. Aside from that, you'll 
also have to keep your eyes peeled for explosive drums lying on the road.

Used charged blasts to destroy the rocks and damage the crane. When you see a 
drum, jump over it. The crane doesn't have that much health, so keep on 
assaulting it with charged shots to eventually blow it up.


The road gets pretty clogged, so keep your eyes on pipes and walls. There are 
also a lot more troops and turrets on the train cars, so you will have to 
shoot them as well. It can get a little hectic here. When you reach a train 
car filled with four red drums, destroy them and jump onto the train before it 
reaches the bridge; you will fall off and die if you fail to board.

Once on the train, continue to the right as you kill any Russian soldiers. 
More of the train cars contain explosive drums, so either destroy them to 
create some space for movement or simply travel over them.

It won't be long before you reach the front of the train. The KGB leader, who 
has your UFO, detaches the car and leaves you alone with another crane. This 
time you have to fight it on foot...

BOSS: Crane

This crane is a lot harder because you have to fight it on foot. The crane 
only has one attack: when the crane claw opens and closes several times, the 
claw will jab at you. If you are caught in the claw, you'll get chewed apart.

It's very hard to dodge the claw because you don't have a lot of room to move 
about and you cannot dig underground. I still haven't found a good strategy of 
avoiding the crane arm, so your best bet is to just keep moving and jumping 
about. Aside from staying alive, use fully-charged shots to attack the crane 
itself. Fortunately for you, the crane doesn't last very long.


The train will stop after the battle.

 3.25] LEVEL 2-5                                                        [0325]

The KGB leader scatters birdseed on the ground in front of you, attracting 
giant mutant birds! You can kill them after one charged shot plus a few normal 
hits, so they aren't that dangerous. Move to the right and hop onto the 
conveyor belt. Roll underneath the two buzzsaws onto the other side.

The birds will disappear as a flamethrower troop waltzes onscreen. After 
killing him, go to the right. The KGB leader will hoist your UFO up a large 
skyscraper, and no, there's no elevator.

As you climb up the many flights of stairs, a satellite will fire a laser beam 
on your location every second or so. You will have to avoid the laser as you 
travel up the skyscraper, avoiding flamethrower troops and soldiers lobbing 
barrels down the stairs. Keep in mind that the screen slowly scrolls up, so 
don't linger too much or else you will automatically be wiped off the screen!

Despite the size of the building, it shouldn't take too long to reach the top. 
You will corner the KGB leader, who used your own UFO against you!

BOSS: KGB Leader

The KGB leader will fly around in your UFO and use one of two weapons: a large 
energy blast or two smaller energy pellets. Neither are particularly hard to 
dodge; the real challenge is the satellite that is still aimed at you. Every 
second, the satellite will attack with the laser, so you will spend most of 
your time avoiding the UFO and the satellite's laser beam.

the UFO doesn't have too much health, so use a charged blast every once in a 
while while ducking and rolling around. The KGB leader almost always stays at 
the top of the screen, moving back and forth.

If he disappears off the screen, then get ready to jump as he flies back and 
forth across the bottom of the screen. The battle isn't that difficult, even 
with all the disadvantages in the battle. Aside from the UFO moving faster as 
you drain its health bar, the battle stays unchanged.


The KGB leader is finally dealt with as you get your UFO back!

 3.26] LEVEL 2-6                                                        [0326]

Like in Level 1-5, this level takes place entirely in your spaceship. Your 
task is to pursue and destroy the satellite that's been giving you so much 
trouble. Like in the last level, it is still targeting you with its dastardly 
Aside from that, the entire level is littered with black mines that explode on 
contact. They can be difficult to spot due to the black background of space, 
so slowly fly up while shooting in front of you.

Follow the arrow and you will eventually reach the satellite. It has no health 
bar and doesn't attack you anymore, so sit back and blow it to pieces. Once 
you do, cruise around until KGB spaceships show up. Avoid the asteroids that 
float around space and continue destroying KGB spaceships until the boss shows 

BOSS: Asteroid Crusher

This Soviet ship appears to be used solely for crushing asteroids, but it can 
certainly squash you if you're careless! Don't fly through the center of this 
long, rectangular ship unless you want to be killed immediately. It's very 
passive and will only attack if you stupidly fly into the crusher.

With that said, slowly fly away from the Asteroid Crusher while avoiding rogue 
asteroids as well. Always hold down X even when flying away from the boss 
because your rear cannons can still hit it. If you reach a safe distance, turn 
around and target the ship with your front cannons.

Once you destroy one half of the Asteroid Crusher, target the other half. 
Since you cannot be crushed by one half of a crusher, the boss will simply 
knock you away if you come in contact with it. Continue fleeing while 
shooting; it's basically a big, intergalactical game of cat and mouse.


As if you haven't had enough trouble already, your ship is swallowed by a big 
spaceship and captured by Area 51! However, you are inadvertantly freed while 
driving back through the desert.

 3.3] AREA 51                                                           [0330]

 3.31] LEVEL 3-1                                                        [0331]

Proceed to the right and kill the scorpions in your way. They're small, so you 
may have to duck to target them. After bashing a few scorpions, you will be 
attacked by a vulture. When it pauses, quickly dig in the sand before you're 
caught in its talons. Slay the vulture, then continue to the right.

Move along (keep note that most of the time you don't have to kill the 
scorpions onscreen; you can just walk past them) until the screen stops. As a 
giant sand tornado rages towards you, dig underground and wait for it to pass. 
Afterwards, move along to reach a barren tree inhabited by two vultures. They 
will attack one at a time, luckily.

Once they're toast, go forward to reach a boss.

BOSS: Antlion

As the sand becomes disturbed, a giant antlion floats above you and back down 
into the ground. Make sure you aren't underneath it as it blasts into the air, 
so pay attention to the ground to see where the boss is.

The antlion will float around in many awkward and unpredictable patterns, so 
try your best to simply stay out of its way. If it flies off the screen to the 
right or left, dig underground before you are swept off your feet. As the 
fight progresses, the antlion will begin to move around at a much faster rate, 
so always roll back and forth while firing at the beast.


Head to the right and dig underground as another whirlwind passes by. When you 
reach a tree filled with three vultures, get ready to charge up some laser 
balls in order to fend off the three birds.

As you pass by the "Roswell" sign, you can see a strange ship fly off in the 
distance. Proceed until you are confronted by the ship. An alien beams down, 
then gets really pissed off at you for an unexplained reason.

BOSS: Alien Cruiser

The Alien Cruiser will use the machinegun stationed on the front of the ship 
to attack. It fires diagonally down, so you can go essentially untouched if 
you just stand under the cruiser at all times. As the Alien Cruiser flies back 
and forth, mimic its movements while shooting at the ship.

Once the battle reaches midpoint, the Alien Cruiser will use a second weapon. 
Aside from the alien itself occasionally firing at you, the ship will use a 
green cannon in the back of the ship. Its attack method is not as predictable 
as the first, so you will have to run back and forth or dig underground to 
avoid the attack. Nevertheless, it's still a very easy boss battle.


Next level, please.

 3.32] LEVEL 3-2                                                        [0332]

An unfortunate Area 51 agent shows you firsthand how dangerous this level can 
be. You cannot dig at all during the level, so keep that in mind.

Take out the agents that parachute down to the ground before moving on. Leap 
over the silver landmines as you take down the agents. A green flying robot 
will come onscreen every so often and shoot a laser pellet before flying away. 
Weird, I know. Don't even bother trying to attack it. Continue to reach two 
strange boxes. A battle will begin once you stand between them.

BOSS: The Box

Ughhhh, I frickin hate this boss. It's actually two boxes; each covered in six 
circular lights. You can only damage the boss by shooting a light when it's 
blinking. However, a blinking light also means it's going to shoot a jolt of 
electricity in the light's direction. Soooo, either get out of the way or make 
it your priority to shoot the light before it shoots you.

If at any point a light turns pink, it means it is going to activate all the 
lights on both boxes; a nearly unavoidable attack. Since you cannot dig in 
this level, the only way to avoid the shock of your life is to stand on the 
very tip of one of the boxes.

This battle would be a heck of a lot easier if there weren't nearly eight Area 
51 agents on the screen at all times. They will try to kill you, but most of 
the time they end up getting killed by The Box.

I found the easiest way to win this battle is to stand on the very tip of 
either box (I always picked the left corner of the left box). Don't ever move 
to the left or right, only jump if you are about to get shot by agents. You 
can target the top lights of either box by crouching and shooting, so spend 
the entire battle ducking and shooting in hopes that one of the top lights 
blink so The Box takes damage. As a bonus, standing on the corner allows you 
to avoid the super electrical shock.


Continue to the right, killing more agents while avoiding landmines and green 
poison drums. It won't take long for you to encounter another boss.

BOSS: Area 51 Tank

The Area 51 Tank is a massive vehicle split up into several parts:

- the spotlights. There is a spotlight on either side of the tank. When they 
  angle down towards the ground, they will cover the entire ground in fire.
  Make sure to jump onto the tank tread when the spotlights move to save

- the main body. The main body of the tank occasionally opens up and drops a 
  small circular bomb. This bomb explodes on contact, coating the top of the 
  tank tread in flames. Once you see that compartment open, jump off onto the 

- the tank tread. The tank tread allows the tank to move, of course. The tank 
  will frequently move from one side of the screen to another.

Since each part of the tank can be destroyed separately, we have to pick a 
part to eliminate first. The main body of the tank is the most deadly, and 
taking it out first would be the most convenient because the turrets on the 
tank cannot target you when you are on the treads.

Next up, take out the spotlights. Stand on the tank tread the entire time 
after destroying the main body and you'll breeze through the spotlights 
without a scratch on you. Afterwards, finish off the boss by blowing up the 


Go to the right to encounter another... boss?!

BOSS: Gate

Okay, so this isn't a real boss. Or is it? It technically has a health bar. 
Whatever, it's still really easy! The guard stationed on top of the gate will 
shoot at you from above, while the two cannons will also fire at you. They 
usually shoot at you at the same time or in quick succession. Jump over three 
shots is difficult, so try rolling underneath them. Target the gate until it's 
eventually destroyed.


Next level, please.

 3.33] LEVEL 3-3                                                        [0333]

After killing a handful of agents, a strange blue creatue will emerge from the 
nearby canister. It will run back and forth in an attempt to maul you, so jump 
on the canister to protect yourself. Only drop down to shoot it when it's on 
the other side of the screen. The "Go" arrow will appear once it's dead.

Fight two more blue monsters along with plenty more Area 51 agents and move on 
to reach a large fuel tank. Use several charged shots to destroy it and 
continue. A large computer stands in your way, so take the time to destroy it 
and proceed to the right.

BOSS: Area 51 Walker

This thing kinda looks like an AT-ST from Star Wars. The long-legged robot 
only has one means of attacking: the big cannon on its underside. 
Coincidentally, you must also shoot the underside to damage the Area 51 Walker.

Roll away from the large energy balls that the boss shoots out and attack the 
underside. It's actually easier to keep your distance and attack the underside 
by jumping and shooting. If you stand underneath the robot, the chances of you 
getting blasted increases dramatically. Keep on pelting the bot's underside to 
win the boss battle.


Go to the right to begin another battle.

BOSS: Stanley

It's Stanley, Simon's evil brother-in-law! Remember that age-old game called 
Simon? The game would light up various colors, and you'd have to repeat the 
pattern? This is the jist of this boss battle. There four colored columns in 
front of you: orange, purple, green, and yellow.

Stanley will begin his game by lighting up a pillar. You must respond by 
shooting the same pillar. If you fail, Stanley will electrocute you. Once you 
have completed the first test, Stanley will add on to the pattern and you must 
again repeat it.

The pattern seems to be randomized every playthrough, so I can't really help 
you here. It's a game of memory, so either keep your mind sharp or record the 
colors you see on a piece of paper. Stanley gives you seven tests, and you 
will win by successfully completing all seven.


After beating Stanley at his own game, you will have to defeat a second Area 
51 Walker: look above if you need help beating the boss.

Move ahead to encounter... a third walker? Geez. This time, you can hijack and 
empty walker to combat the enemy. Once inside, press X to use the cannon. 
There's no way to lose if you constantly mash X. Go ahead with or without your 
Area 51 Walker to find a fourth one. GEEZ. Defeat it using the same strategy 
as the others, and move to the right to encounter a boss.

BOSS: Area 51 Tank Bot

This boss may bear some similarities to the Tank Bot from earlier in the game, 
but he's a heck of a lot tougher. In fact, he is without a doubt the hardest 
boss at this point. The boss is also similar to the Area 51 Tank we fought in 
Level 3-2, though this time you cannot destroy the boss, piece by piece. Lets 
just describe all of his attacks first.

If the Area 51 Tank Bot grabs you and raises you towards the spotlight, duck 
before you get scorched. To get out of his clammy grasp, shoot his head a few 
times. Aside from that, the spotlights do not directly attack you.

Like the Area 51 Tank, this boss also has turrets and compartments in the main 
body (it actually has two). The turrets can shoot normal energy balls, but 
they are tiny and hard to dodge amidst all the chaos going onscreen. The small 
compartments on the tank release bombs that engulf half of the tank treads in 
flames, so standing on the treads is dangerous.

Aside from grabbing you, the boss can also punch you with his arms. If you see 
his arms raise on either side of his body, jump onto the tank tread: he will 
ball his fists and punch the ground. However, if the boss rotates his arms in 
a circle, he will slam his fists together. 

Start firing at the Area 51 Tank Bot and see which part damages the boss. It 
is random every time you play, but it'll be either the spotlights, turrets, or 
secret compartments. After destroying the first, locate the second and take 
them out as well. Once you eliminate the third weapon, you will have depleted 
the boss's health bar...

...however, another health bar appears! Just great. Now this time, you have to 
target the Area 51 Tank Bot's head. The good news is that his health depletes 
very quickly, and he only has his hands to attack you with. Identify and avoid 
either of the two remaining attacks and target the boss's head with charged 
shots to win this long battle.


Next level, please.

 3.34] LEVEL 3-4                                                        [0334]

Enter the lab and brace yourself for more Area 51 agents. As you near the 
imposing crushers, time your jumps to avoid death. Just when the crusher opens 
back up, jump on it and roll to the other side. Bypass the others and watch as 
the idiotic enemies get splattered.

After a set of crushers, an armored vehicle drives towards you. Shoot it until 
an explosion occurs, and continue. More crushers and another armored vehicle. 
Yawn. Continue avoiding hazards and killing agents until you come across a 
gray box. Break it open to reveal a blue squirrel-alien. He'll jump around and 
disappear in a flash.

Investigate the green box as an Area 51 robot comes out! Blow him apart as he 
slowly strolls back and forth. Continue towards the next set of boxes. 
Smash 'em apart to reveal more squirrel aliens, however these lil' guys help 
you out! They will help kill the agents while you deal with the green robots.

After fighting about three more green robots, you'll come across the next 
section of the lab. You can peer through the windows in the background to 
check out all the imprisoned aliens. They even captured a fat kid! As you 
fight more Area 51 agents, watch out for blue spider bombs that suicide bomb 

Defeat the next green robot up ahead and continue onto the walkway to meet up 
with that pesky eyeball from Level 1-1!

BOSS: Cyclops

While the boss we fought in Level 1-1 was a robotic cyclops, this gargantuan 
freak is just a plain ol' Cyclops! He looks to be pretty hungry, as evidented 
by the fork and knife in his huge paws.

To avoid his big hands when they come slamming into each other, simply dig 
underground. When he slams each individual hand down in a diagonal, try to 
jump on one of his fists. Now you will be safe from the attack and you'll have 
a close shot of his eye.

When his hands disappear, the boss has two other attacks he can use. The 
Cyclops can summon spider bombs in pairs. You won't be able to defeat them 
all, so use a charged blast to destroy one immediately. Roll or jump to avoid 
the others that come charging.

If the Cyclops's eye starts to glow pink, then he will use his second attack.
He will shoot pink energy balls that move from left to right, then back again.

While it seems like a very intimidating attack, you can avoid them altogether 
by standing in the center of the screen, directly under the boss's eye. The 
energy balls should travel on either side of you as you're left without a 
scratch. The attack speeds up, but you still won't be hit.

After one of the two attacks, the Cyclops will smash his fists together again, 
so dig right beforehand. The pattern will repeat itself over again without 
hesitation. I found this battle to be surprisingly easy, especially after the 
rough fight in the previous level.


Next level, please.

 3.35] LEVEL 3-5                                                        [0335]

The Cyclops eye will help you eliminate the panicked Area 51 agents that run 
across the screen. They don't even pay attention to you, so do the same and 
follow the parade to the hatch, where the final battle begins!

BOSS: Alien Hominid Clone

This is a straight-up brawl as you are facing off against a beefed-up version 
of yourself, complete with grenades, a machete, and a giant energy ray. The 
clone has a lot of similar attacks as you, though that makes sense considering 
how you're clones.

First off, the Alien Hominid Clone can use his giant gun to fire large energy 
blasts towards you. They are very slow and can easily be dodged by jumping or 
hopping onto one of the four ledges. He also has an endless stash of grenades, 
so you should keep your eyes peeled for the green little suckers.

The key to this battle is to stay the heck away from the boss. He has a 
tendency to slice you in half if you get too close, or even hop on your head 
and knock you aside. This can be difficult since the Alien Hominid Clone moves 
and jumps around a lot. If you're on a ledge, press Down and A to drop down 
below; this technique is very useful during this fight.

If the boss hurls a giant grenade into the air, then quickly jump onto one of 
the ledges. The ground will be engulfed in flames for a few moments. The Alien 
Hominid Clone will now use an attack similar to that of the Soviet Cyclops 
Robot: he will fire shots high, then low. Naturally, duck under the high shots 
and jump over the low ones. Keep this up until the flames sizzle away.

Always used fully-charged ray gun blasts to hurt him. Keep runnin' and gunnin' 
throughout the entire fight. This boss battle will take quite a while since 
the Alien Hominid Clone has a lot of health.


Once the battle ends, another one starts right up again as the clone jumps 
into his own suped-up UFO.


This battle is incredibly similar to the WTF-Mobile fight, well, at least the 
final stage of the latter. The UFO has several cannons that will fire laser 
beams to the ground. You will have to stay between the laser beams and move 
with the UFO as it floats back and forth. The ledges shield you from the 
lasers, but they also block your own attacks.

As the UFO moves, stay under a ledge to let a laser pass while charging up 
your weapon. Once the laser passes by, step out from the ledge and shoot the 
UFO. You can essentially go untouched through the entire first half of the 

When the lasers stop and the cannons angle themselves inward, move to the 
outside of the area. The cannons will fire pink lasers that form a "W"; if you 
are on either side of the screen, you will be fine. When the cannons angle 
themselves outwards, move to the middle of the screen.

After depleting half of the Alien UFO's health, it will destroy the ledges and 
resort to a new strategy. Now it'll repeatedly fire small energy blasts out 
from tiny compartments in the UFO.

To survive, you pretty much have to roll around non-stop while charging your 
gun. When the coast is clear, sneak off a shot and continue rolling. It's 
fairly simple to understand the pattern of survival and use it to win.


After severely damaging the UFO, the Alien Hominid Clone will abduct you and 
fly off into the sky. The final battle begins... NOW!

BOSS: Alien Hominid Clone

Boy, this battle really sucks. As you fight atop the boss's UFO, the boss 
himself will run back and forth. The UFO will tilt up and down like a see-saw, 
which is fairly annoying. When the clone stays on one side of the UFO and 
shoots at you with his gun, jump over the blasts. They can be hard to see with 
the clouds flying across the sky, so try your best.

You are best off attacking with charged shots (like always) as the Alien 
Hominid Clone paces across the UFO. After you deal around half of the boss's 
health, two helicopters will arrive. Ignore them for now and continue focusing 
on the boss. 

Shortly after, the boss destroys both helicopters, which in turn break off two 
portions of the UFO. You are left alone with this freak of nature on an 
incredibly miniscule piece of aircraft.

Yeah... this is where the battle becomes incredibly unfair. You have virtually 
no room to run since the Alien Hominid Clone always stays in the center of the 
area, so all you really do is charge your gun while you hop over his gunfire 
and attack him. He shouldn't have much health left, so try to endure the 
madness and pull off a win.


Once the battle mercifully ends, the game ends. That's a wrap! d-(O_o)-b