Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People!! (Wii Version)
Episode 4: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.0
E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Hints & Tips
4. Free Country USA
   4A. The Peoples
   4B. The Places
5. Hint-throughs
   5A. Part 1: You Got Dangeresque!  Who This Is?
   5B. Part 2: Either Give Me That Tape, Or Punch Me in the Face!
   5C. Part 3: Tonight, Dying's Not on the Menu!
6. Step-by-Step Walkthrough
   6A. Part 1: You Got Dangeresque!  Who This Is?
   6B. Part 2: Either Give Me That Tape, Or Punch Me in the Face!
   6C. Part 3: Tonight, Dying's Not on the Menu!
7. Collectibles
   7A. Dangeresque 3 Merchandise
   7B. Personalized Bullets
   7C. Game Manual Pages
   7D. Costume Pieces
   7E. Other List-Completers
8. Extras
   8A. Space Circus Catastrophe
9. Standard Guide Stuff
   9A. Legal
   9B. E-mail Guidelines
   9C. Credits
   9D. Version Updates
   9E. The Final Word


Monday, 12PM.  An awesome guy with cool cool shades sits down to relay his 
dangerous exploits to the world.  Welcome, all you hot minions, to my 
FAQ/Walkthrough for the fourth episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for 
Attractive People.  In addition to a usual walkthrough and notes about all the 
extras, I've also provided hint-throughs, giving you just a little push in the 
right direction, leaving you with some small sense of actually accomplishing 
something in the game.  That said, let's begin.

2. FAQ

Q: What is SBCG4AP?

A: An episodic series for the Wii and PC, featuring the characters from the 
 popular cartoon website: homestarrunner.net (it's dot com!)

Q: Do I need to be aware of the cartoons to play this game?

A: It would certainly help, but it's not required.  A basic knowledge of how 
 everybody does their thing should suffice, which I provide you.

Q: How can I get this game thingy?

A: If on the Wii, you need to be online and have access to the Shop Channel.  
 You can purchase this from the Shop Channel for 1000 points.  If you're 
 considerably less cool and have to stoop to getting it for the PC, simply go 
 to telltalegames.com and purchase and download from there.  Ask your parents' 
 permission.  Void where prohibited.

Q: I have a problem that seems to be specific to the PC version.  Can I ask 
 you about it?

A: I'd rather you didn't, since I certainly can't be crapped to pay for 
 this game twice.  I reserve that honor only for the highest in Videlectrix 


Here's all the simple information for simpletons.  First tip: your Wii-mote 
is NOT a deadly ninja throwing weapon.

3A. Controls =

Pointer: Used to manipulate the cursor on-screen.
A Button: Used to activate pointer where it's pointing.  Will be used to 
 walk towards stuff, manipulate stuff, talk to stuff, and mash stuff.
B Button: Used as a cancel button.  Also can be used during any dialogue 
 scene to skip it.  Warning: Skipping Strong Bad's awesome dialogue is 
 considered a crime in multiple states and territories.
- Button: Access the inventory in your pants.  Most people would say 
 "pockets".  I say "pants".
+ Button: Check your game status, which includes your handy map of FC USA 
 (self-drawn), your collected extra items (self-fulfilled), and your overall 
 stats of stuff you've done (self-loathing).
2 Button: During the basic run-around gameplay, you can use this to bring up 
 Photo Mode.  In Photo Mode, you can take snapshots to save to your Wii so 
 you can annoy people by sending them.


Movement: Click a spot anywhere in the field and the big SB will shuffle his 
 tape legs over there.  If you double click, Strong Bad will pick up the 
 pace a little.  Also, holding down the A button will make Strong Bad try to 
 follow your cursor as diligently as a one-legged puppy.

Interaction: Any time your cursor comes upon a "hot spot", you'll see a small 
 text blurb describing it.  Click on it and Strong Bad will walk over and 
 talk about it, to it, or try to do something with it.

Dialogue: Click on any of the famous h*r characters to begin negotiations.  
 Sometimes the conversation will be scripted and that'll be it.  Other times, 
 you'll be given a little dialogue window with topics to talk about.  
 Furthermore, you will sometimes be given a little be-halo'd SB, or a horn-ed 
 SB to select.  These can be used to vaguely compliment or rudely berate who 
 you're talking to, respectively.  Safe to say, it's always awesome to try 

Items: Once you snag and bag an item, it will be in your inventory.  You can 
 access that item by clicking on the inventory button at the upper-left 
 corner of the screen, or by pressing the - button.  Click on whatever item 
 you wish to play with, which will be attached to your cursor.  Then, click 
 on the object or person in the field you want to use it on for maximum 

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu -

New Game: Start a game from the beginning.  Any autosave data you have from a 
 previous game will be erased, so be sure to log that.

Save/Load: You can pick any of the three files to save your current game to, 
 or you can load 'em up one of your previously saved games, including the 
 recent autosave.

Settings: Tweak-a-the-game.  I will describe this, forthwith.

Quit It: Return to the Wii Menu, you quitter.

Preview: Check out a quick preview of the next action-isode.


Settings Menu -

Give Hints: You can set this for "Low", "Medium", or "High".  The higher you 
 set it, the quicker Strong Bad (or another nearby character) will 
 occasionally interject with a hint about what you're supposed to be doing 

Subtitles: With these on, you'll be able to see and read all The Cheat's 
 "mehs", and all of Pom-Pom's "bubbles".

Pop-up Text: This is the text that lets you know of a "hotspot".  You can 
 turn it off for a serious pixel-hunting challenge.

Music/Voice/Sounds: Adjust these sliders to adjust the relative volume of 
 the auditory stuff you will experience in the game.


Main Game Display -

The top of the screen contains all the buttons you'll ever need:

The three in the top left are the Inventory, Map (and status), and Photo 

The button in the top right scrolls up the Main Menu, which won't remove you 
from the action, but let you save, or tweak the settings if you wish.

3C. Hints & Tips =

Play the tutorial for a hold-your-hand look at how your average adventure 
game works.  If you're familiar with the concept, it's not really necessary, 
but there are some elements exclusive to this series you might want to know 
about.  I don't plan on providing a walkthrough for the tutorial, as they 
really do hold your hand, and it really is as uncomfortable as it sounds.

This is a point and click adventure, which automatically means one simple 
thing: point and click on EVERYTHING.  Hunt everywhere for "hotspots" to 
interact with, use every item on everything, talk to everyone about 

Remember, if you feel you're stuck in boring dialogue (rare as it occurs in 
this game), you can always mash B to skip to the next line.

Your map is a nice easy way to warp around town.  Although you can return to 
it by walking out of the current area by any stone-marked pathway, you can 
also use the + button or Map button in the upper-left part of the screen, 
select a spot, and immediately jump there.

And hey, even though it's not required to get through the game, going to 
homestarrunner.com and viewing some of the awesome cartoons they have there 
may give you some ideas, or at least clue you in on the habits of these weird 
animal peoples.


Heretofore is a quick rundown of the encountering encounters you can expect 
while traipsing about the game.

4A. The Peoples =

Strong Bad as Dangeresque! - "So I'm gonna have to jump!"
 Private eye, crooked cop, secret agent, celebrity pharmacist.  Dangersque is 
 always at the center of every action-packed event in the world.  Largely 
 because he causes several of them.

Homestar Runner as Dangeresque, Too?? - "What is your malfunction?"
 Is this world big enough for two Dangeresques?  Whose shades are cooler?  
 Does D-Too have a secret agenda?  Where did he learn that spin kick move?

Coach Z as Renaldo - "How was that?"
 Renaldo is Dangeresque's partner (except when he's working alone, which is 
 not much of the time).  Renaldo is two weeks away from retirement, so let's 
 hope nothing bad happens to him.

Marzipan as Cutesy Buttons - "I won't watch you die, Dangeresque!"
 Meal ticket slash love interest.  Ms. Buttons tends to be the center of 
 Mr. D's exploits, whether it's working for her, saving her, or working 
 against her.  It's also rumored that she has an evil twin sister.

Pom-Pom as Professor Experimento - "Bubble bubble."
 The good doctor is a source of Dangersque's high-falootin' technology, 
 and his secret lab is chocked to the gills with awesome spy stuff.

The Cheat as Craig - "Meh?"
 Just an innocent evil guy's cute little pet.  OR IS HE?

Bubs as Baron Darin Diamonocle - "Welcome to oblivion, Danger-skyoo!"
 One of Dangeresque's past villains, the Baron has turned over a new leaf as 
 a prison snitch.

The King of Town as Perducci - "Both my greatest invention, and your doom!"
 A dignified gentleman of refined tastes.  Actually, any kind of taste is 
 good for him.  PERDUCCIIIIII! is in charge of much of the organized crime 
 element in the city.
Strong Mad as KILLINGYOUGUY! - "Dahh?"

The Poopsmith as Kidnapping Victim - "...?"
 This poor damsel sure is in distress.  Can she melt the frosty heart of 

Senor Cardgage as Dad-geresque - "Grape... soda... banked?"
 Dangeresque's long-lost estranged father.  They say that what he found in 
 the Malvies Catacombs drove him so mad that he only gambols about your 
 tired bus stamps, Helvetica.  I dunno...

Strong Sad as The Rest - "I'm not going to be in your stupid movie!"
 The world of Dangeresque is chock full of dumpy shady characters, ready at a 
 moment's notice to overplay their parts.

4B. The Places =

The Office -
 The big D operates out of this dark and smoky office, the perfect place for 
 some secret planning or emotional brooding over the missions of your life.

Strong Borneo -
 The jungle primeval is home to many dangers and natural wonders.  Be on the 
 lookout for wild bears holding feral sharks.

Brainblow City -
 The rough city is home to all kinds of unscrupulous types ready to play 
 Scruples with you at the drop of a hat:
  Brainblow Prison - The final stopping point for all the bad guys who 
   AREN'T Dangeresque.
  The Stickanee Tree - The rarest of rare flora.  It is the last of its kind, 
   and only blossoms once a movie.
  Cool Car - Ready at a moment's notice for any and all of Dangeresque's 
   high speed chases.
  Snap Snak - A picture of Dangeresque circulated amongst the villanous could 
   spell doom for our anti-hero.  Except for these, which tend to spell some 
   serious cash in autograph sessions.
  The Whale - The city does strange things to its citizens, making them 
   spout nonsense about combo meals and relinquishing their pipes.

The Secret Lab -
 Professor Experimento's domicile is home to the highest of high-tech 
 gadgetry, full of jewel-powered weaponry and space travelling simulations.

The Old Club -
 You can tell it's old and abandoned what with all the knocked-over tables.  
 Perducci is hiding out from the law here, playing card games.

The Malvies Catacombs -
 Legend has it that the father of Dangeresque lost his sanity exploring 
 these dungeons.  Can his bestranged son withstand the terror?
Cutesy's Place -
 Who knows what biological horrors lurk in the bowels of the Buttons Estate?  
 Who knows how long Dangeresque can listen to her diatribe without snapping?

Venice, Cairo, Tokyo, Ireland, Paris -
 Dangeresque is, of course, quite the jetsetter.  Sadly, you see one exotic 
 locale, you've seen them all.  The only big difference between these 
 locations seems to be the overpowering backdrops of obvious landmarks.

The Sun -
 It's not enough for some villains to take over the world.  Some have plans 
 far more diabolical, intending to exploit the warm goodness of even the 


The purpose of this section is to give you juuust enough of a push in the 
right direction, so you can at least use a small portion of that crap-heap 
you call a brain.  They're set up in the style of UHS or "Invisihints", in 
the sense that you can get vague hints at first, then scroll down to get 
more specific hints.  You won't get walkthroughs here, so go to that section 
if you need them, cheater.

Also, I won't discuss things that have to do with the Extras in this section.
So, nothing about the Metal Detector, since that's only involved in digging 
up extra stuff.

5A. Part 1: You Got Dangeresque!  Who This Is? =

How do I get Cutesy's formula?

- Never go into the dark jungle unarmed.

- Make sure you grabbed your Nunchuk Gun from the table in the Office.

- Have you used it on everything?

- Use it on the stop sign in Strong Borneo.

- You gonna take that from the Bear/Shark?

- Use the Nunchuk Gun again on the monster.


How do I restore Cutesy's formula?

- Professor Experimento needs three things.

- A bubbly drink, a Stickanee flower, and some yellow hair.

- The first two are easy if you explore.

- Take the can of Diet Brown from the Office that Renaldo brought.

- The Stickanee flower grows in its native habitat, Brainblow City.

- As for the yellow hair, you'll first need something to cut it with.

- Grab the Safety Scissors from the Secret Lab ("stuck" in the wall).

- Looks like Marzi-- Cutesy doesn't want to voluntarily sacrifice her 

- You may have to distract her.

- If only something interesting was going on outside the window.

- Something that Cutesy cares about.

- Did you take Credenza for a walk?

- Put Credenza (the plant) in the "shark pond" at Brainblow City, then 
 check the window.

- Now use the Safety Scissors on Cutesy.

5B. Part 2: Either Give Me That Tape, Or Punch Me in the Face! =

How do I rescue Cutesy Buttons?

- Start by speaking to your old nemesis, Diamonocle.

- Once you talk to the required people, you'll need two things.

- A kidnapping expert (your father), and the secret blueprints.


How do I get the Blueprints?

- You must speak to your other old nemesis.

- Talk to Perducci in the Old Club.

- He wants you to beat him in a game of cards.

- Make sure to ask him about the rules.

- Apparently, the Ace of Spades is the best card.

- Once you get it in a shuffle, play it.

- Of course, nothing beats Rock.

- Snag it while Perducci explains how he won.

- Now, play it.

- Oh, nothing beats Rock except for Paper.

- Luckily, there's only one bit of paper around.

- Snag it once it's played.


How do I convince Dad-geresque to help me?

- Well, you could try talking to him.

- I guess you have to go to the Malvies Catacombs?

- Explore the catacombs for clues.

- Looks like you've got a little puzzle to solve.

- The answer to the puzzle is in the left-hand chamber.

- It's not easy to trace the lines, but the lines are drawn from the 
 boxes to what goes in them.

- The answers to the four empty boxes are:
   Top left: Bowl of chili
   Top right: Nachos
   Bottom left: Taco
   Bottom right: Red pepper

- Ooo!  Scary monster!

- Only way to beat him is to complete the puzzle.

- Did you pick up the ancient Trinket from your office?

- Use it on the puzzle to complete the heart.

- Finish off the beast with the heart and free the kidnapped victim.


I'm in the middle of a shootout!  What do I do?

- Point your gun at various people.

- Note what happens once you point it.

- Note what Cutesy Buttons is doing.

- The object is to continually adjust the positions of your enemies so 
 Cutesy can reach Uzi Bazooka.

- If someone hops back close to her, she'll return to the left side.

- You can point your gun at Renaldo, too.

- The proper order is: Renaldo, Killingyouguy, The Cheat, and Bazooka.


Now I'm in a fast-paced car chase!  What do I do?

- You'll need to escape by helicopter.

- Unfortunately, you can't quite reach it.

- You'll need to get higher.

- Experiment with every movement and talk to the autopilot about every 

- The useful features are the oil slick, the sawblade hubcaps, and the 
 escape hatch.

- Note that you can hop to the front and back of the car.

- The escape hatch is your route to the helicopter.

- But you need to remove Killingyouguy first.

- The oil slick seems to be the only thing that works on him, but not for 

- You can take the sawblade hubcap.

- Use it on Killingyouguy while he's slipping.

- Well, you can open the hatch, now, but you can't stand on it.

- Something needs to prop it up.

- Maybe your adversary can inadvertantly help you.

- Hop to the very front of the car to "slow it down" a bit.

- Now, Killingyouguy is supporting the hatch, and you can hop onto the 

5C. Part 3: Tonight, Dying's Not on the Menu! =

How do I get Renaldo back?

- You'll need to get to the Sun to rescue him.

- Looks like you'll need Experimento's help.

- He needs two things.

- The disk with the launch codes, and the ruby power source that Sultry 
 Buttons just swiped.


How do I get to all the different "worldly" locations?

- Talk to the locals.

- Strong Sad plays multiple roles in this epic.

- Whenever you talk to Strong Sad about Perducci or Sultry Buttons, he'll 
 mention a new "area".

- You can use this to add the new "areas" to your map.


How do I get the Disk back?

- Cutesy Buttons last had it.

- Now, Perducci has it.  Where is he?

- Maybe you could find him if you had something that belonged to him.

- Have you "scoured the globe", yet?

- There might be something in "Ireland".

- Take the painting under the bridge in "Ireland".

- Now show it off to all the informants in each location.

- Have you shown it to all five, yet?

- Wait, five?  Didn't Stinky the Peev say he only had three brothers?

- One of these informants is lying.

- Show the painting to all five "brothers" and see which story doesn't 
 match up.

- The one in Tokyo is the only one who mentions an ancient temple in Japan.

- Use your Nunchuk Gun on him, then call him on the Japan aspect.


How do I get the Ruby back?

- You need to remind Sultry Buttons about the good times.

- Remember the picture she left?

- Paris, and a Stickanee flower?

- But how are you going to get a Stickanee flower after using the last one?

- Talk to Cutesy Buttons about it.

- You need a piece of the original plant.

- Go to the Stick in Brainblow City.

- The Scissors won't work.  Do you have anything sharper?

- Take the Big Knife from the Secret Lab's wall and use it on the Stick.

- Now, plant the Stick piece in Cutesy Buttons' garden.

- Have you found all the "countries", yet?

- Leave the flower in Paris, on the podium.

- But you have to "beat" Sultry Buttons to Paris.

- This is solved by going to Paris, then selecting it again from your map 
 while you're already there.


How do I defeat Uzi Bazooka and Craig?

- Have you gunned down UB, yet?

- Looks like he won't go down that easily.

- That solar drill might help a bit.

- But it's tough to get moving.

- Have you tried messing with the controls in the area, yet?

- If you hit "Orbit Right", the drill will roll away from the stopper.

- Use that opportunity to kick the stopper out of the way.

- Now, you can "Orbit Left" so the drill will hit Uzi Bazooka.

- Dang.  Not a good enough drill.

- You still have something that can help.

- Put the Diamond on the drill.

- Now, send it into Uzi Bazooka.

- As for Craig, you should know what to do.


Okay, Cheaty McFailatGames, it seems you need it all spelled out for you, 
so here's the walkthrough, from beginning to the bitter end of this 
particular episode.  I'll also bring up a few points about the Extras, but I 
won't go through them here.  That's later.

6A. Part 1: You Got Dangeresque!  Who This Is? =

The Party

The adventure begins in your awesome office.  Answer the door to let Renaldo 
and Dangeresque Too in to begin Renaldo's "two weeks from retirement" party.  
Talk to both of them, and snag the can of Diet Brown, and the Trinket and 
Nunchuck Gun from the table by the door.  Go to the door again and Cutesy 
Buttons will arrive.  She'll mention a formula missing in Strong Borneo, so 
get your cool shades on and head on out.


The Formula

After arriving in this very realistic jungle, explore around.  Specifically 
take note of the stop sign.  Blast it with your Nunchuk Gun, which will 
reveal a secret hole.  You can't fit your boxing gloves through it, but 
Renaldo will lend a hand.  This will trigger a trap and release a ravenous 
monster, so use your Nunchuk Gun to beat it into submission.  Unfortunately, 
a tragedy has befallen the formula.  You're gonna need some scientific help 
on this one, so head to Professor Experimento's Secret Lab.

Experimento needs three things to fix up the formula: a bubbly drink, 
a Stickanee flower, and some yellow hair.  Hand him the Diet Brown for the 
first item.  For the second, head to the newly revealed Brainblow City.  
There are lots of things to look at in the city, but not much you can do 
apart from heading to the Stick and taking its flower.  For the last part, 
yellow hair.  Take the Safety Scissors from the Secret Lab (the ones the 
good doctor "threw" at you).  I don't think Cutesy Buttons is hip to you 
snipping some of her hair.  At least, not with her knowledge.  You'll need a 
distraction.  Take Credenza (her potted plant) and head out to the city.  
Note that you can see the shark pond from the window of your office.  Place 
Credenza in the shark pond, then return to your office and click on the 
window.  While Cutesy is distracted, use the Scissors on her.  Now, take 
the remaining ingredients back to Experimento.  He'll restore the 
formula for you.  Unfortunately, upon your return to Cutesy, you'll find out 
that she's gone!  Check the TV and you'll find out she's been kidnapped!

6B. Part 2: Either Give Me That Tape, Or Punch Me in the Face! =

Dangeresque's first instinct is to contact one of his old foes, Baron Darin 
Diamonocle, currently serving time in Brainblow Prison.  Interrogate him and 
he'll drop the names of two people you'll need help from.  Grill him on the 
"blueprints" person and he'll tell you about your other old foe, Perducci, 
currently holed up at the Old Club.  As for the kidnapping expert, he'll 
refer you to Renaldo, who will tell you that the expert is your father, 
Dad-geresque, currently on the lam in Venice.



Head to the Old Club to find Perducci and Killingyouguy.  Perducci has the 
plans, but is unwilling to sacrifice them to you without first beating him 
at cards.  The rules are simple.  You each get two cards and play them one 
at a time.  Whoever has the highest card wins.  The first time you play, 
Perducci will bring out the Ace of Spades to win.  Ask him to shuffle, then 
keep playing until you get the Ace yourself (once he shuffles, you'll see 
the back of the top card, you want the black pattern).  Play it, and Perducci 
will counter with Rock, which beats everything.  Killingyouguy will be 
reasonably confused, so Perducci will explain to him the reasoning behind the 
move.  While he's distracted, snag the Rock, then challenge Perducci again.  
Play the Rock, and Perducci will counter with Paper, which Killingyouguy will 
supply in the form of the Blueprints.  Snag them.



Head to Venice and you'll find your long lost father.  Dangeresque will 
attempt to translate his father's ramblings, saying that they need to go to 
the Malvies Catacombs to free his last failed kidnapping rescue.  Head 
there and open the first set of doors.  The right-hand room shows a puzzle 
on the wall that you'll need to solve.  The way to solve it is in the left-
hand room; the lines go from the empty squares to the proper pictures.  The 
answer to this puzzle is as follows:
   Bowl of Chili - Burrito   -   Nachos
      Sombrero   -  Empty    -    Flan
        Taco     - Margarita - Red Pepper

Once all eight panels are set, the monster will be revealed.  If you haven't 
got it yet, return to the Office and take the Trinket from the table by the 
door.  Place it on the puzzle to make a complete heart, which you can then 
use to defeat the monster and rescue the Kidnapping Victim.  Also, take the 
Metal Detector from the wall in the last room.  You won't need it to finish 
the game, but you will need it to find extra stuff.


The Shootout

With the Blueprints and your father, you'll head to the secret hideout to 
find Cutesy Buttons at the mercy of Uzi Bazooka.  You'll be at a tense 
standoff.  The object of this standoff is to point your Nunchuk Gun at 
various people, which will get your enemies to bounce back and forth.  If 
they're in a forward position, Cutesy Buttons will attempt to walk to the 
right, one space at a time.  If someone moves back to where she's standing, 
she'll go back to the far left.  The proper order to point the gun at is 
Renaldo, Killingyouguy, The Cheat, and Bazooka.


The Car Chase

What high action movie is complete without one, am I right?  Dangersque will 
let the autopilot take over as he tries to make his escape from Killingyouguy.
From the top of your car, you can climb to the hood and front, and you can 
also talk to the autopilot to activate your car's features.  It's fun to play 
with them, but you wouldn't be here unless you wanted to be told what to do.  
First, use the sawblade hubcaps.  Hop onto the hood and take the sawblade.  
Now, use the oil slick to make Killingyouguy slip.  Throw the sawblade at him 
to knock him back.  Now, use the escape hatch.  It won't support you, though, 
so hop from the hood to the front of the car to "slow it down" a bit, which 
will allow KYG to catch up and support the hatch, leaving you able to hop on 
and grab the chopper.

6C. Part 3: Tonight, Dying's Not on the Menu! =

Now, Renaldo's been kidnapped and taken to the Sun!  The only way to get 
after him is to take Experimento's rocket.  There are only two problems, 
his disk of launch codes is missing (last seen in the possession of Cutesy 
Buttons) and the Ruby powering his rocket was just absconded with by Sultry 
Buttons!  Take the Big Knife and Picture that Sultry leaves behind.  Now, 
head to Cutesy's Place, and she'll mention that she gave the Disk to 
Perducci.  Man, him again.



Head to Venice and you'll find someone new there.  Speak to "Informant" and 
he'll identify himself and that he has three brothers.  Speak to him about 
various things (like Perducci and Sultry) and new "locations" will be added 
to your map.  Travel to these "new locations" and you'll meet "another 
brother" whom you can also question.  There are five locations in all: 
Venice, Ireland, Tokyo, Cairo, and Paris.  Having access to all these is 
pretty crucial for both of your tasks.


The Disk

Well, you'll need to find where that dumpo Perducci is hiding.  It might 
help to have something that belongs to him.  You might have noticed a 
painting under the stone bridge in "Ireland".  Snag it and show it to each 
of your informants.  In case you hadn't noticed, there are a total of five 
informants, but the first one said it's just him and his three brothers, 
meaning one's an impostor.  Show the painting to each of the informants and 
they'll mention something about when it was taken.  All their stories match 
up with each other except one: the one in Tokyo says the painting was taken 
from Japan, when others say it was taken from Cairo.  Use the Nunchuk Gun on 
him and mention the "Japan" aspect and he'll reveal himself to be Perducci and 
relinquish the Disk.


The Ruby

Sultry Buttons misses the old days of you and her, hanging out in Paris with 
a Stickanee flower.  You'll need to remind her of those days if you hope to 
get the Ruby back.  First, you'll need the flower.  Talk to Cutesy Buttons 
about it (at her place) and she'll mention that she'll need part of the 
original plant.  If you've taken the Big Knife from the Secret Lab, use it 
on the Stick in Brainblow City.  Take the piece of the Stick back to Cutesy's 
Place and stick it in her awesome garden.  Take the flower that results.  
Now, head to Paris.  Place the flower on the podium.  Note that Sultry's not 
here, and will always leave when you enter this area from somewhere else.  
What you need to do is be in Paris, then select Paris again from your map.  
Sultry will then be there and stay there, allowing you to talk to her about 
the good old times.  She'll give you the Ruby and a Diamond.


The Sun

Now, head back to the Lab and give Experimento both the Disk and the 
Ruby.  He'll power up the rocket and you'll be off to the Sun.  At this 
point, you'll have to play a level of Space Circus Catastrophe.  The rules 
for the game are described in Section 8A, so check up there.  Once you beat 
the one level, you'll reach Uzi's secret base on the Sun.  Here, you'll 
learn the truth behind Uzi and the real mastermind.  Use your Nunchuk Gun on 
Uzi and you'll learn that he's a robot.  You now need to smash him with the 
solar drill in the middle of the room.  Head to the right to find the 
orbital controls for the base.  Hit the "Orbit Right" button to send the 
drill against the far wall.  Kick the stopper out of the way.  Pushing "Orbit 
Left" will knock the drill against Uzi, but won't destroy him.  You'll need 
something a little harder.  Attack the Diamond to the drill and then send 
it into your foe to finish him.  Finally, chase after D-Too.  Click on the 
mastermind to kick him into the airlock, once again saving the solar system 
from certain doom!


In this section is a list of all the stuff only nerdcore nerdulars care 
about.  All that extra crap that gets piled on for the sole purpose of 
squeezing that last drop of fun out of the game.

7A. Dangeresque 3 Merchandise =





7B. Personalized Bullets =





7C. Game Manual Pages =





7D. Costume Pieces =

7E. Other List-Completers =

Characters Nunchuked


Celebrity Names Dropped


Out and Spit-Takes


Here's all the really fun stuff that Strong Bad does when he says he's 
doing something constructive.

8A. Space Circus Catastrophe =

Weeeheell.  Looks like someone's upgraded to a SUPER Fun Machine.  Or it 
could just be Pom-Pom's.  In this higher tech game, you'll be flying through 
space on a mission to save your circus compatriots from certain doom.


Control Pad - Move your ship away from incoming obstacles.
1 Button - Fire bubble
2 Button - Fire lasers

So, as you fly through the depths of space, you'll encounter various...
things.  If you find popcorn, cotton candy, or peanuts, they're indestructible 
obstacles, and you must avoid them.  What's important is how you avoid them.  
Note that they appear at the top, left, right, or bottom, sides of the 
screen.  You have to steer the ship directly away from them to avoid them.  
Also appearing are circus folk, and which folk appears determines what you 
should do with them.  If you see a clown, blast it with lasers.  If you see 
a ringmaster, juggler, tiger, or bear, use the bubble to rescue them.  All 
objects, if you don't react fast enough, can slam into your ship, causing 
you to lose one shield increment.  Lose all your shields and the game's 
over.  Complete a level by rescuing the required number of circus folk.  
Once you complete the level, you'll regain one increment of shields and jet 
off to the next planetary area, where everything moves faster.

Scoring is as follows:

Circus Folk: +100 for rescue, -100 for blasting
Clown: +200 for blasting, -50 for rescuing

So, in general, you can usually live with rescuing a clown if they're all 
moving too fast for you to differentiate who's what.  It's better than 
blasting a performer.

To get the green-colored score in Awesomeness, I got 16,200, which probably 
is a bit greater than the threshold.  I'll update once I find the exact 

9A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2008 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t post this on your site 
unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put a lot of time into this.  
Give me some credit.

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the Strong Bad guides, but, trying 
to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites that I 

9B. E-mail Guidelines =

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines:

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
- Make sure it has something to do with the Strong Bad game.  I don't want 
spam, chain letters, offers for friendship.  I also don't really care too much 
to discuss the h*r site itself through e-mail.  Compliment me on the FAQ all 
you want, though.
- Make sure you say "Episode Four" at one point in your e-mail.  I plan to 
have FAQs for each episode, so make sure you tell me which one you're talking 
about, since I can't always figure the question out without specifying 
what game you're asking about.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll be baleeted.

9C. Credits =

The Brothers Chaps for their whimsical and hilarious group of characters.

Telltale Games, for giving a franchise like this the proper game it 
deserves, with all the humor and setting intact.

CJayC, SBAllen, and all webmasters, for having this on their sites.

9D. Version Updates =

Version 1.0 - 11/18/08 - Walkthrough and hint-throughs are complete.  
 Collectibles will be up in short order.

9E. The Final Word =

This FAQ will self-destruct once I finish pouring gasoline on it.