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I saw no FAQs for Abe's Exxodus on gamefaqs.com, so I put this together. It
explains how to get all the mudokons in the first tunnel. I'm sorry it
doesn't cover more of the game. Updates will appear frequently.

New versions will appear at http://www.phoenix.net/~feldon/exxodus.txt

and will be submitted to GameFAQs.


Abe's Exxodus first level has to be done in a certain order. I thought this
was supposed to be easier!


Abe's Exxodus - Tunnel 1 solution

On the first screen when you drop down, there is a barrel or something in
the foreground. You can climb down here (from a standing position). This
bonus area is very challenging for a 1st level.

If you are just starting out but want to rescue all the mudokons, you can
skip the Bonus area. Halfway through the level is another opportunity to do
the Bonus area.

Explanation of Bonus area for Tunnel 1

Basically, you have to roll all the way to the right or left and hide
behind a wall so the flying slig can't throw grenades at you. Roll all the
way to the right and hide behind the wall. Say ALL YA  FOLLOW ME. Then you
need to wait for the flying slig to leave the screen. Roll or run to the
left and stop before you roll/run over the electrical field. You need to
stand up and say ALL YA  WORK (so they'll stop and ignore you)

If you don't say ALL YA, then 2 of the 3 mudokons will follow you right
into the electric field and die.

Press Start and select Quicksave to set a continue point.

Now you need to wait for the flying slig to leave the screen and then say
HELLO  FOLLOW ME and make sure you pull the lever so the mudokon gets
through. Roll to the left and the mudokon will stop over the trapdoor. Tell
the mudokon to WAIT. When the slig leaves the screen, roll to the right and
pull the lever. The mudokon will safely be dropped down to the screen
below. Repeat this for all 3 mudokons. I suggest Quicksaving after each one.

After you do this, walk over to the air vent next to the lever and press up
to jump into it. You'll end up BELOW the three mudokons you just rescued.
You need to say HELLO and FOLLOW ME to get them lined up under the wheels.
After that, say ALL YA  WORK and they will open the gate for you and you
can rescue all 3. Now go to the left and simply CHANT to rescue all 9
mudokons here.


Tunnel 1 solution (continued)

You should be on the first screen where you start the game.

Go to the right, drop down and roll through a tunnel area. Stop in front of
the explanation box and press UP. It explains differnet moods your mudokon
friends get in. 
Now climb up, jump to the left and then climb up to the next screen. One
screen to the left is a mudokon. Go left and say HELLO (L1-/\) FOLLOW ME
(L1-[]) to the mudokon, walk to the right and CHANT (L1-R1) to rescue your
friend. This unlocks a door.

The next screen to the right there's a locked door and you turn a wheel to
open it, but that releases water on the mudokon. Walk up to him and
apologize for getting him wet by saying SORRY (L2-()).

To the right, you turn a wheel which releases laughing gas and the two
mudokons there get totally stoned. You  have to walk to another screen
(They'll stumble and generally follow you) and then slap (Anger L1-(X))
each one once. If you slap one twice, apologize by saying SORRY (L2-()).

Take them to the right. They will line up underneath the wheels. Say ALL YA
(L2-/\) WORK (L1-())

Now have them follow you to the next screen and rescue them through the
birdgate L1 & R1.

Walk to the right and climb up the lift. There is an explanation on the
right of how to Quiksave. Basically, press START on ANY screen at any time
and select QuikSave. Now if you die, you continue from this point. Remember
to periodically do a real MEMORY CARD SAVE when you want to quit.

Now continue up the lift. Walk to the right and there's a sleeping slig at
the top. Keep going over to the right (You have to roll under two fans).
Pull the green lever and go through the door to the top where there are two
stoned mudokons. Walk one screen to the left. Slap em and have both of them
follow you and tiptoe to the left. 
Line them up under the wheels and tell em to WAIT. Go through the door so
you go to the lower platform. Pull the cord to unlock the door to the left.
Now say ALL YA and FOLLOW ME and have all 4 mudokons follow you to the
left. CHANT and rescue all 4.

DON'T go down where the purple arrow is pointing. If you drop down here, it
closes two doors. This will prevent you from getting a mudokon and also
prevents you from doing the Bonus level if you've put it off until now. If
you've gone down where the purple arrow pointed, you can die somehow and
you should go back to where you Quicksaved last.

Backtrack back to almost the beginning of the level until you see that a
*second* slig has appeared. This slig is NOT on a screen with a RED EYE.

CHANT and take control of the slig. Remember L2-() is "Look Out!". You
should yell this BEFORE you shoot the slig two screens to the right ().
Otherwise you might kill your mudokon friend.


Now go all the way back to the right and climb up the lift and go to the
right, and through the doors and up and to the left and past the slig. Go
down where the Purple arrow is. You will have to sneak into shadows (R2)
when the slig is not looking at you. Go 3 screens to the right and this
slig will mysteriously disappear and now you can rescue that mudokon!

To the left a screen or two are two bombs. I would suggest you Quicksave
first. You have to crouch down and hit [] to deactivate the bomb WHEN it
blinks GREEN. Sit, watch and listen to the timing for a few seconds. As
MacGyver would say, get comfortable with the bomb first. :)

You can even Quicksave after you deactivate the first bomb. Now you should
be able to get 3 mudokons following you to the birdgate on the FAR left and
CHANT to rescue em.

One screen to the right of the birdgate is a place where you can climb up.
Notice there are little rocks and dust falling off the edge. It's very
important you look for this in later levels. There are hidden entrances and
not-so-obvious places you climb up and drop down that are revealed by this
falling dust and rocks.

When you climb up here, there is an air vent to your left that is blocked
by a wall. Climb up and then jump to the right and jump into the air vent

Walk to the left. There is a Slig to the upper right. You can possess him
by chanting. I haven't found a use for him other than to kill him by
chanting. Climb up to the screen above and jump to the left.

TUNNEL 1 EXIT - You'll notice an air vent hole here. Remember this area
because you need to jump into this air vent to get to the end of Tunnel 1
(Always press UP to go into an air vent).

Walk to the left and drop down to where the Slig was before. Now walk to
the left and you find a secret area. Using the teleporter you can rescue 4
mudokons. I don't think I need to explain this. Just keep walking to the
right and using the teleporters to find mudokons. 

Tunnel 1 - part 2

Now go back to the air vent described above. It will take you to the end of
Tunnel 1 (cool animation here). You walk to the right (tiptoe) and then
drop down. There are 5 wheels. Now walk and tiptoe to the left past the
slig and climb up to the next screen. You need to say ALL YA  FOLLOW ME and
get the 5 mudokons to all follow you down. Now tiptoe to the right past the
slig and they will all tiptoe with you.

On the next screen are 5 wheels. Walk to the right and then will line up
under the wheels. Say WORK.

On to tunnel 2...


Please e-mail me if you need clarification or feel I have left something
out (besides the other 275 mudokons) of this FAQ.