MEGA MAN 
                        Xbox 360 (LIVE Arcade)
                           Full Walkthrough

By Brandon Guerrie (Brandon3000xxx)



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Version 1.0
10/05/08: Table of contents, version history, just finished up the 
basics to get it started.

Version 2.0
10/06/08: Finsished up to Magma Stage.

Version 3.0
10/07/08: Finished Faq.

Version 3.2
Added to the Tips/Stategies section.

Added the secret mode section and additional time attack tips, as well
as fixed some mistakes.

   T A B L E  of  C O N T E N T S

Game Controls.........................................[1]
Gameplay Tactics......................................[2]
Complete Boss Chart...................................[3]
Galaxy Man Stage...........{A} 
Jewel Man Stage............{B}
Plug Man Stage.............{C}
Tornado Man Stage..........{D}
Magma Man Stage............{E}
Hornet Man Stage...........{F}
Splash Women Stage.........{G}
Concrete Man Stage.........{H}
Wily's Castle Stage 1......{I}
Wily's Castle Stage 2......{J}
Wily's Castle Stage 3......{K}
Wily's Castle Stage 4......{L}
Roll's Shop..........................................[5]
Challenges Checklist.................................[6]
Xbox 360 Achievments.................................[7]
Time Attack Mode.....................................[8]
Tips/ Strategies.....................................[9]
Author's Note........................................[10]
Secrets Modes........................................[11]


Controls are pretty much the same as the previous game, however this 
is the first Mega Man game to grace the Xbox 360. They are still basic
and easy to learn.

Left Stick: Move (Up, Down, Left, Right).

D-Pad: Move (Up, Down, Left, Right).

Select: Opens Menu (weapons, items, etc.)

Start: Pause menu.

X or B: Fire's weapon.

A: Jump.


If your an old school gamer like me, then you know the good tricks of
the trade of the Mega Man games (well, old games for that matter). 
Here are some general strategies to use to "beat the system" and other

If your having trouble with a certain jump and keep landing on the 
spikes, you can always run into a nearby enemy if there is one, which
leaves you "invincible" for a few seconds, giving you a chance to walk
on some spikes or through enemies as well.

If you reach a Boss with hardly any health left, just die on purpose, 
and you will spawn back at the boss' entrace with a full life bar 
(this also depends on how much lives you have left, if you only have 
one, don't use this technique or you will have to start over). 

Roll's shop has some very helpful items (look at the Roll's Shop sec-
tion for a complete item list) that you can purchase with bolts you 
collect through the eight boss levels. Stock up on lups and Energy 
Tanks, it makes this game much easier, especially if this is your 
first time playing through.

When your run out of lives you get the game over screen, and a choice
to go back to stage select screen or continue the stage. If you are
far in the game (particular the last four levels), continuing will put
you on the level you last played, but if you go back to the stage 
menu, you will have too start over from square one. Also, continues 
give you a second chance, however no matter what you will restart the
entire level. You will start with "02" lives, which is actually three,
since zero counts. Your weapons' energy will be all maxed, but your 
E-tanks and so forth will be gone if you used them.

Mega Man's dog Rush is quite handy, making the harder levels later in
the game much easier to get through. If you can't get passed a certain 
part of the level or do not have the greatest jumping skills, use 
Rush to safely get across. You start out with the classic R.Coil, 
which allows you to jump on the dog and use the spring for a very high
elevation jump. A little later in the game you will acquire the R. Jet
that allows rush to "fly" in directions, making pits and spikes a 
thing of the past. Just remember, Rush can be used only in certain 
circumstances, but opportunities come quite often in this game.

This is a Mega Man game. Each boss you defeat you acquire a weapon 
from them, that reflects some of their power. You use the weapons
against other bosses since each one has a weakness to a particular 
one. You can start in any order you want, but using the correct guns
will make the road to victory a lot easier. Check out the next section
for each boss' weakness.


Here are all eight of the bosses in Mega Man 9, with their weakness as
well as which item you recieve from them. This is not in any special 
order. For the other bosses in the last four levels, check the walk-
BOSS          |        WEAKNESS      |          WEAPON OBTAINED      |
Galaxy Man    |      Concrete Shot   |           Black Hole Bomb     |
Concrete Man  |      Laser Trident   |           Concrete Shot       |
Jewel Man     |      Black Hole Bomb |           Jewel Satellite     |
Hornet Man    |      Magma Bazooka   |           Hornet Chaser       |
Plug Man      |      Jewel Satellite |           Plug Ball           |
Tornado Man   |      Plug Ball       |           Tornado Blow        |
Magma Man     |      Tornado Blow    |           Magma Bazooka       |
Splash Women  |      Hornet Chaser   |           Laser Trident       |

This is the order that I took my first time through. I had the least 
trouble on the Galaxy stage as well as the boss. Once again, it's up 
to you what route you want to take, and I am sure everyone has their
own taste and opinions of which order is the best. It's your call.

Important Note: 

The levels in this game are more about practice and perfection rather
than just reading a guide and expect to walk right through them. I 
try my best here to get you through the puzzles and traps, but the 
best way to actually succeed is to practice and play each one. Trust 
me, they may be some what short but a lot of them can be very diff-
icult. Learning each stage is the key to win.


 Fight your way through the small flying saucers, then climb both
ladders above. Watch out for the famous "Mettaur" (the old helmet 
enemies), then grab the small bolt to the right. Drop down the hole,
avoid the spikes and and get across to the right (the helmet may hit
you here, but just make sure you make it across).

 Make it passed more spikes by using the ladder and platforms, just
be cautious of the flying saucers. Eliminate the helmets, then ascend
the ladder in the top right corner.

 Here you will approach two wierd pink objects, which are actually
portals that let you teleport from one to the other. Jump into the 
right one so you exit out of the left one, giving you enough elevation
to reach the ladder above to the next room.

 In the next area be very careful not to be grab by the helicopter
bots, since they will pick you up and throw you right into the spikes.
The best way to avoid them is to "fake" them out, simply by walking 
just far enough so they descend, then backing up so they miss. There
much like the "hand" in the Zelda series, just much more annoying. If
they do grab you, you can still jump even when you are in their 

 After grabbing the large health and moving right, you will see a 
pit to drop down to the far right. Before you drop, make sure you hug 
the left side as you fall, since there is a spike pit directly below.
Fight off the helmet, and drop down the next hole, this time hugging
the right side to avoid the next patch of spikes. 

 Move along fighting off some enemies and climbing the ladders. Con-
tinue right to the next room with four pink portals this time around.
Here's the solution:

    B           D

A     C  

1: Jump into the firts portal (A).
2: Arrive in the second portal (B).
3: Hop into the third portal (C) to arrive in the last portal (D).
4: Here you will just have to exit the last portal to the left to
land on the platform below.

 Here be faced with the green eye enemies that multiply into three
once you shoot them. Avoid them if possible,  and climb the ladders 
above. Beware of the yellow eyes here (which multiply into four), and
if you want you can use R. Coil here to reach the free life. Climb the
ladder to the top left.

 Dodge the enemies with sheilds (shoot them from behind), as well as
the eye creatures. Take the ladders above to proceed to the next area.
Be extra careful of the helicopter bots with claws, they can throw you
in the wall of spikes. Shoot the helmets, and climb the ladder at the

 It's best to avoid the bots here, then use the ladders to get to 
the next room (don't miss the small bolt in the corner). Do not even
bother with grabbing the health or weapon energy unless you really 
need it, simply because you will be picked up and thrown in some 
spikes with out any hope. Move right into the area with all the por-
tals above a large hole. Take a sec to use the portals to get the 
large bolt (which are worth twenty), then use this as guidance below.


        H             _______(platform)                           
    B  C  D  E  F 

1: Go to A to get into B.
2: Go to C to get into E.
3: Take F to arrive at H.
4: Hop into D to take you to G.
5: Use G to reach the platform.

 Enter the doors to face Galaxy Man.

BOSS! GALAXY MAN                        
Weakness: Concrete Shot

He will teleport around the room and shoot a purple beam that slow 
downs your overall movement . Whether you have the Concrete Shot or 
not, this fight can be easily be won with the Mega Buster. Shoot at 
him when he is on the ground, just be aware you need to jump when he 
charges at you in the middle of the fight. Make sure to keep moving,
because he may teleport right on you. 



 Jump down the passage and fight off all the bad bots here. Drop 
down the next hole at the end, and fight off the three spiders here. 
Continue down and fight some more. As you move right you will see a 
large platform held by a chain. Jump on it, and run back and forth to
to swing it left and right. Use this technique to get across all of 
them, and keep a safe approach to the last one since with the spike 
wall. Enter the door. 


Watch for the rocks from ceiling that come down (move left and right 
to dodge them), then wait for him to drop down to hit the ground. You
will have to be in mid-air when he falls, or he will stun you, leaving
you helpless. Shoot him as much as possible, then jump over him as he
moves towards and back up to the ceiling. Repeat this process.


 Make your way through the door and drop down the hole. Fight some 
daimond shaped bots, continue down the next hole. Battle some more, 
and take extra care when crossing the gaps here, bots will pop out of
the holes here and either hit or shoot you, threatening you to fall 
to your death. It's best to shoot them then go for the jump. Swing
on the platform to navigate across, then fall down the hole at the end
of the hall.

 The trickiest part of the level, this may take several tries to 
succeed. The goal here is to swing the platform either left or right
while avoiding the spikes on the sides. When there is enough room,
you have to jump down below in the center.    

 When you reach the area below, shoot all your enemies that infest 
in here. The giant helmet that bounces off a spring guards the boss
door. Keep shooting him at a distance as fast as you can. Enter Jewel
Man's chamber.

BOSS! Jewel Man                           
Weakness: Black Hole Bomb

Jewel Man will have a ring of diamonds circling around him, and event-
ually he will fire them at you. Using the B. Bomb here makes this 
fight nothing but cake. Just "double tap" the fire button to have your
shot form into purple beam, and he will walk right into it. You can 
also use the weapon as a somewhat "sheild", forming it around you and 
damaging him as he walks into you. You will still take some damage, 
but his health won't have a chance once you hit him enough.



 This is one of the toughest levels, but once you learn your way 
around it, you won't have too much trouble. Shoot the bots that come
out of the pipes, then jump over the gap to the ledge (look out for 
the spikes below). Watch your step for the circle bots that swing alo-
ng the ledges, they will knock you off. 

 Once you made it passed the spikes with good timing, take the lad-
der up (the only way to grab the large bolt is if you have Hornet Cha-
ser). Make your way up the next ladder getting passed more of the 
circle bots, then take out the helmets and gun cannon. 

 Next you will be faced with a number of blocks that dissappear and
reappear above a pit of spikes. This is all about timing, and to reach
the next block in the right place at the right time. Look here below
to help you get through this in order. 

    [B]     [C]       _______ 
    [A]          [D]    


1: Jump on B, then to C.
2: From C, jump to D, and then to the ledge. Be careful of the helmet
at the end, it's best to jump right in front of him.

 The next room consists of the same blocks, just a little harder 
this time around. 

     [B]            | |  [J]       _______(ledge)
           [C]  [D] | |     
[A]                 | |         [K]
                [E] [F]  [H][I]

1: Jump on block A when it forms, then quickly jump to B, C, and D.
2: Sit on D, and let yourself fall as it dissapears right onto E.
3: From here, jump on F, H, I, K, and then to the ledge.

 You have three more block patterns left, so here's the next one.

   [B]             Boltx20   
           [D] [E]_________  [F] [G]_________