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Author: Warfreak
Version: 0.8
Day Started: 26/9/08


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History
[2] The General Plan
    [2.01] Starting Out
    [2.02] Starting Nations and Leaders
    [2.03] The Right Place
    [2.04] Building a Nation
    [2.05] Independance
[3] Colonisation
    [3.01] Setting Up
    [3.02] Import/Export
    [3.03] Building
    [3.04] Crosses and Liberty Bells
    [3.05] Natives and Other Nations
    [3.06] Native Leaders and Tribes
[4] Resources and Terrain
[5] Occupitations
[6] Colonial Units
[7] Military Units
[8] Founding Fathers
    [8.01] Founding Fathers
    [8.02] Trade
    [8.03] Political
    [8.04] Religious
    [8.05] Exploration
    [8.06] Military
[9] Buildings
[10] Improvements
[11] Military Promotions
[12] Independance
[13] Constitution

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Credits
[D] Sites FAQ is on
[E] Copyright

[1.01] Introduction

Welcome to my 41st guide, and the 4th in the Civ 4 series, behind the Civ 4
game itself, Warlords and Beyond the Sword, which is probably the best 
expansion pack I've seen in my life. Anyway, this is for Colonisation, a 
remake of the 1994 version done by Sid Meier himself. This does not require
the base game (Civ 4) to play, so don't fret there. This is going to be a 
dream for me in terms of writing, I always wanted to write for Colonisation,
the DOS version, but I'll just do the updated version now. Enjoy!

[1.02] Version History

Version 0.0 [26/9/08]
Started this guide.

Version 0.1 [27/9/08]
Started with Table of Contents.

Version 0.2 [9/10/08]
Completed Chapter 2.

Version 0.3 [10/10/08]
More on Chapter 2.

Version 0.4 [13/10/08]
Added ASCII. Completed Chapter 3. 

Version 0.5 [15/10/08]
Started on the Founding Fathers.

Version 0.6 [16/10/08]
All the Founding Fathers are complete. 

Version 0.7 [17/10/08]
Tidying up. 

Version 0.8 [19/10/08]
Completed more about the Indian leaders.

[2.01] Starting Out

Well, when you start out, you get to choose what type of map you get to play
with. I Suggest that you play on either the Western Hemisphere or the 
Caribbean map.

The Western Hemisphere Map will cover both North and South America, as well 
as the little islands in between. It will, essentially, cover, the continent 
from the north to the south pole with pretty good detail. Though you are 
taking millions of square kilometers of land in a few tiles. Imagine how much
land would be taken up by a single pixel. This is found under custom Scenarios
as you can imagine. 

The Caribbean map is there with some pretty good detail as well, featuring a
good chunk of South America as well as Cuba. No sign of North America, such as
most Golden Age based games. 

Otherwise, there isn't much that you can do. The other maps are more random
and harder to play with, but that is up to you. Thats pretty much it for 
starting out. 

[2.02] Starting Nations and Leaders

When you start, you have the choice to start from 4 large empires, the same
as last time. You get to either be in charge of the Dutch, English, French 
or Spanish colonies. People were angry because Portugal weren't included, but
to be honest, they weren't in the first Colonisation game, and this is, in
essence, a remake, so I don't see what people are whining all over about. 

Anyway, all colonies will start with a Caravel ship (the Dutch get a 
Merchantman instead), a Colonist with tools and Soldier. The English get two
free colonists instead, a pioneer and a soldier. The Spanish get a normal
pioneer and Veteran Soldiers, and the French get Hardy Pioneers and normal

There are two leaders for each nation, who each have a different trait that
will alter how their empire is run. There is also a trait for the empire in
general, the Dutch are more enterprising, while the Spanish are a bit more

--==~~The Dutch~~==--

Special Trait - Mercantile
                Market prices are less sensitive

This is a useful trait to play with because market prices, will, be a massive
source of income in the game. Once you have extremely efficient colonies, you
are able to produce more and more goods, and as you send these back to Europe
for sale, the price will drop as supply is increased and demand is furfilled.
For example, say you want 10 oranges at 2 dollars. I deliver 15. You will buy
the 10, but unless I drop the price, you don't buy any more. That will happen
in Europe. More on that later. But these prices are extremely sensitive and
if you sell too much, that price drops, and this prevents it for a while.


Peter Stuyvesant - Industrious
                   +25% Hammer Production in all Settlements

This is quite useful. Hammers are needed from your colonies to be used to 
make buildings, which is relatively important, as you can imagine, as well
as being used to generate Founding Father points. This will increase 
production by a quarter, and while that may not seem like a lot, over the
course of the game, that means 25% extra founding father points, which is 
rather useful. 

Thevenon Vivien sent in the following:

"I would just like to add to what you already said that the production bonus 
 is really great when you get founding fathers who increase hammer production 
 as well, especially Alexander Hamilton (+3 hammers in every colony), as it 
 results in all colonies having decent production even without any carpenters 
 or lumber; pretty convenient for the founding father points you mentioned 
 getting with those hammers."

Andiaen Van Der Donck - Charismatic
                        +100% Time between Tax Increases

When the King from your home nation sees that you have been doing rather well
and making a lot of money, he will decide that it is a good time to tax your
colony. The more money you make, the faster he will tax you. This will make
the time needed to tax your further even longer, which is even more useful
since taxes will slowly eat away at your profits. 10% taxes on 100,000 means 
10,000 and that could buy you several new cannons. 

--==~~The English~~==--

Special Trait - Tolerant
                -25% Crosses needed for Immigration

The problem with this trait is that while it does get you more free units at
docks at Europe, the fundamental problem is that you don't know and you don't
get to control what type of people you will have at the Docks of England. 
This is a nice method of getting free units, but no control of what type of
units they are is pretty annoying. You don't want any more criminals or 
servants, but those experts are always sought. Problem is, do you need them, 
there is no point of having an expert sitting around doing bugger all. 


George Washington - Disciplined
                    -50% Soldier Equipment required

Well, you get the founding father for the United States, what more could you
want. Well, this is extremely useful if you are going to take on Europe for
the final push of independance. You want to arm your own soldiers for starters
because it will get more and more expensive to arm them at the docks of 
Europe, and you can easily breed your own horses and make your own muskets. 
This reduces the cost of arming soldiers, normally 100 of each, by 50. 

John Adams - Libertarian
             +25% Liberty Bells Generation in all Settlements

This is one of the best traits that you can have. Rebel sentiment is harder
to generate, and there are benefits to generating more and more Liberty Bells
such as increased production. You need at least 50% Liberty Bells in order to
declare independance, no taxation without representation. These bells take a
long time to generate, so the more the better. After all, if a show about
this man can win awards, he must be important.

--==~~The French~~==--

Special Trait - Cooperative
                Natives are more tolerant towards territory encroachment
                -50% time spent Living Among Natives to Learn a new skill

Well, for a nation that has been classed as everything possible, since they
apparently can't win a war by themselves to having a dead langugage, they
do have some pretty good traits. The ability to have natives no get really
annoyed that you have taken their land as well as the ability to decrease
the time needed to learn a new skill, it is rather useful. After all, some
skills such as Fur Trapping and Cotton Farming aren't available to be
purchased in Europe. And only the Natives can teach you. 


Samuel De Champlain - Enterprising
                      +100% Conversion Rate from Missions

Well, missions are a good way to get converted natives, which are good for
field skills, such as fur trapping, but not as good as an expert. The problem
with this trait is that you don't need it when you have the experts flowing
through your colonies, and that means that you won't need this trait, the
problem with this leader is just that. 

Reader Thevenon Vivien disagrees with my opinion, here it is.

"Once again, I partly disagree. In some games, it is strictly impossible to 
 find a specific raw material expert, and in those cases, converted natives 
 come pretty handy. Also, note that all the converted natives you get first 
 appear in the indian village they come from, so you can instantly train 
 them to become whatever expert the village trains. If that particular 
 expert isn't needed, you can always turn all those trained natives into free 
 colonists, so a LOT of new soldiers with this trait and a few missions. 
 Also, they can learn a new speciality in school faster than natives."

Louis de Frontenac - Militaristic
                     Free Promotion (Grenadier I)
                      - Mounted Units
                      - Gunpowder Units

While this may be useful, after all, more damage from your units are more
than welcome, the problem is that there are other traits from other leaders
that are far more useful. Practical applications for your colonies is a far
more useful ability than the promotion of a few units. But then again, the
fight for independance requires you to pull no punches. 

---==~~The Spanish~~==--

Special Trait - Conquistador
                +25% Attack against Natives

Well, the Spanish did have a nasty history against the Aztecs and the Mayans
when they decided that a conquest of South America as in order, and I guess
that this reflects that very nature to the core. Useful, except it doesn't
say anything about killing other Spaniards when you declare independance.


Simon Bolivar - Determined
                +100% effect of Liberty Bells on Rebel Attack

Well, this means that when you attack, your units get an even bigger boost
from the generation of the Liberty Bells than before. That means, more 
Liberty Bells means even more damage, which is exceptionally useful when it
comes to Independance, since you are guaranteed to have a large generation 
of Liberty Bells then. 

Jose De San Martin - Resourceful
                     -50% XP Needed for Unit Promotions

This is useful if you are going to have a very skilled but limited ground
force. You want your ground force, when you are going to kill the mother
country, to be the best that it can be, and given that the natives are only
going to give very limited experience, so you need to make the most out of
it while you still can. 

Reader Theovenon Vivien has a slight disagreement with me on San Martin:

"Ha! Trust me, it is also extremely useful with a very large but totally 
 untrained ground force. This trait makes all your soldiers gain their 
 first promotion with only 1 experience point. Just one fight and they 
 get promoted. Even better: Use a great general in a spot where you just 
 put 20 free colonists freshly turned into soldiers. You will get 20 
 promotions. Although there are many uses for this, one of my favorites is 
 doing this right after getting the last military founding father, Dom Pedro. 
 You can then give all those new soldiers the second level of Minuteman. 
 In seconds, 20 soldiers with +45% settlement defense!

 Also, this leader trait is your best bet if you want to get the high level 
 promotions. It makes aiming for level 6 Veteran with more than one unit 
 realistic. I often end up with a group of 5 to 8 dragoons with Veteran VI, 
 4 power +75%. Extremely powerful, can take over entire empires remarkably 
 fast, as well as quickly get rid of the fearsome royal artillery (the 
 only thing that can really kick your ass even if you have one extremely 
 well defended colony)."

[2.03] The Right Place

When you start to establish your first colony, there are some things that
you want to keep an eye out for.

The first is any bonuses on the land, such as cotton, wheat, fur, anything,
and that would make a good start, since those resources will be useful for
manufactured products. Also, since the first city needs to be a port based
city, you want to have access to items such as fish or crabs so your fishermen
from Europe, with a dock, can harvest those tiles, since they provide a good
source of food. 

Also, make sure that you aren't too close to them Indians, even though they
might be nice, they will attack, sooner or later, if you aren't going to be
very nice to them. Remember, you want to be a good distance, because if you
use their tribal lands, they will fine you and you need to pay money for the
land, lest you want to fight them for it. 

Finally, look for a point where you can easily control ships to and from
England. Because odds are, ships containing men are going to land here when
you declare independance. But thats the basics, look for resources and take

[2.04] Building a Nation

When you start placing more colones, while you want secure access to food, 
you can easily send Wagon Trains to supply more and more food to those 
colonies that are in need. 

The money that you have is very important. When you trade off all your nice,
valuable goods, you will got gold for it. That gold is important, you need it
to hire specialists from Europe, to purchase new ships and cannons from 
Europe, well, it is currency, and the more you have, the better. However, the
more you sell, the more the king will tax you. Remember, if you decide to not
pay the tax and have a tea party, you will never be able to trade that 
commodity again, so be careful when you want to throw parties left, right and

Soon, you are going to look for new resources. Cotton fields need to be taken
for cloth, fur for coats, tobacco for cigars, and the like. But what you 
really want to take over are iron mines. These are important because if you
have control of Iron, you have the ability to make tools, that are very, very
useful as well as the power of Muskets, to arm your soldiers.

You want to have Pioneers to make some roads to connect the inland cities
with the port cities so you can get rid of the goods as well, that is rather
important. Improvements should be built to make your land more productive,
and that is always a good thing. Those are the basics for a big empire, how
you build it, thats up to you. 

[2.05] Independance

When all your colonies have at least 50% rebel sentiment, that is, half the
population want independance, you will be able to declare that you want 
independance. Well, this is a risky more, since the King will send in his

This is quite hard in this game to win at this point since the King will
respond with overwhelming force. To win, I'll detail how to do so in its own
section, such is the complexity. At least you get a constitution to draft,
so that is rather interesting. 

[3.01] Setting Up

When you set up your colony, you need to bear in mind that this is not like
the original game of Civ 4, you can only harvest 9 tiles in total for your
city, regardless of the culture of your city. Culture really doesn't do
much, except define how much land you control. 

This is fundamentally different in how you gather resources. First of all, you
can only gather one type of resource on a tile. Unlike Civ 4, you don't get 
to place any person to gather all. There are various resource collectors here
and they each have different abilities. Servents and criminals tend to do a 
lot worse, while colonists will be the average wherever they are placed. The
converted natives are better than colonists on the field, but worst in the
manufacturing positions, and the experts are experts in doing what their
profession requires, obtaining double productivity over a colonist, but will
act like a normal colonist when placed in a profession they are not expert

Also, unlike Civ 4, you have buildings that you can place colonists in to
refine your resources. Every turn, you will get resources from your tiles
equal to the amount that your colonist can produce. That is, if your colonist
is able to produce 5 tobacco, then you add 5 tobacco to your stockpile. There
are many buildings that will turn the raw materials from the field into 
valuable goods that will sell for more in Europe. In the case of Iron Ore, 
tools that are produced are used by your colonies as well as the muskets that
are generated by tools.

It will be in your best interest to settle near areas where there is a land
bonus for a certain resource. Seeing a resource on the map means a very good
boost to harvesting that resource, and that means a lot more money. You will
want to develop and build new buildings, but the first is going to be the 
warehouse to increase the amount of resources you can hold.

Then, depending on the type of resources that you can gather, you want to
develop more efficient and bigger buildings for processing. That is, you want
a bigger lumber mill, you want a bigger coats factory, because not only will
it suck more raw resources, which means less goes back as a waste, but you 
will transform more raw resources into final, and expensive, manufactured 

[3.02] Import/Export

At the start, you are going to be short on money, but you need to build up
money to purchase experts and more importantly, military equipment from your
mother country. Sure, they obviously don't suspect the hiring of several 
Dragoons and thousands of horses and muskets as a bold military move. Anyway,
you need to be able to purchase and sell goods to the mother country.

First, you are going to need a colony, and given the small amount of spending
money that you have to play with, you are obviously going to need to export
something for some money. This is why it is important to settle near some 
source of resources, this allows you to harvest those resources and sell them
raw back to Europe as a source of money.

When you place the items on your ship, bear in mind that it needs to be in
port in order to load up the ship, and send it back to Europe, which, 
depdning on your map, may be quite a long wait, but thats a nice amount of
time to build up your resource stockpile. 

What you want to pay attention to is the price of the goods that you are
able to sell. 

Food, Lumber, Horses, Tools and Muskets generally sell for low prices, below
5 gold per item.

Unprocessed items, Tobacco, Cotton, Fur, Sugar and Ore generally sell for just
a bit about 5 gold per item, but not too much.

The processed items such as Rum, Coats and Cigars sell for about 10 and the
rarest item of them all, Silver, sells for nearly 20 at the start.

The game has the process of supply and demand. Over time, the price of the 
goods will get higher and higher as more and more people will demand those 
types of goods. However, as more and more of your goods flood the mother
country, the price will drop and drop, but you will always be able to sell
for some amount of money. 

As you send more and more goods back, you need more ships as your colonies
expand. You have really, two choices. Ships of the Line are nice options
since they have 4 cargo slots and 4 movement, but the Galleon has slightly
more carrying capacity but less movement. A balance between the two should
be a good idea. 

[3.03] Building

You need to build more and more colonies as you expand. You can't, however, 
all have them on the coast, you are, sooner or later, going to need to
expand inland. If you do, you need two have several things.

First, you are going to need pioneers to build more and more roads for faster
travel. For what? Well you want to have wagon trains to transport goods to 
your port cities so you can send your goods back to the motherland. The best
type of colony, therefore, is Silver mining. Silver mining is only going to
be found inland, where mountains are, and that is the most profitable type
of resource. 

Roads make your units travel faster. Well, they don't give more moves, per
se, but they do reduce the amount of movement points that is required for
your units to travel across the tile. Therefore, it is important that you
expand, since you are not going to get silver near the coast. 

Also, you want to build up your colonies. You want to build up the economy
of your colonies first, because more money means that you can hurry 
production further, which will be building more and more improvements. But
after a while, you want to focus on building more and more military based
buildings. Stockades will be useful at the start to fortify your base, but
what you really want is going to be a drydock. You want to build more and
more of your ships, because when you declare your independance, you will
need to have an extremely strong navy.

Although the war, will be won on the land, control of the seas will limit
the amount of ground forces that you need to control the imperial forces. 
There is also a reason that you want to send more and more colonies inland
because you will find that the king will send forces to your port cities
and if they fall, you need something to fall back on. Inland colonies will
provide resources to fall back on, as well as production on military forces
to repel the invaders. More on that later though. 

[3.04] Crosses and Liberty Bells

There are two buildings that you need to keep an eye on, that is, the church
and the town hall. Why? They produce Crosses and Liberty Bells, that is very
important. But you can't sell them, you can't eat them, what do you do with

Crosses are important if you don't want to pay for new colonists and you 
want a lucky pick. Colonists will be generated on the docks of Europe and
if you have enough, which can be seen on the meter on the bottom of the 
Europe screen, you will get a new colonist. The problem is, you don't have a
choice on what is generated in Europe, it can be a scout, an expert farmer or
a convicted criminal, you don't have a choice. Generally, this is more or
less useful in the beginning, but in the late game time, this isn't as useful
since you get to train or hire new experts, rather than wait. 

Liberty Bells are a completely different matter, and they are the most 
important resource in the game. Why? Well, first, lets go through the basics.
Liberty Bells are generated from the town hall as well as the media buildings
such as the printing press. This is beneficial if you have the Elder Statesman
generating more Liberty Bells from the town hall, double the amount a normal
colonist can.

Liberty Bells are important, they will generate rebel sentiment and if you 
go and generate enough, you will be able to declare independance. The rule is
that as long as that there is at least half your population that supports 
the idea for independance, you can declare it.

Also, Liberty Bells will generate founding father points. These points can be
used to generate your founding fathers, special people, that will only offer
their services once to you, and to the highest bigger first, that will provide
a massive effect on the whole colony, since they effect all the colonies, not
just one. 

Finally, Liberty Bells for Rebel Sentiment is important. Low rebel sentiment
will give you a disadvantage in production, while a higher rebel sentiment
will give you more productive workers since they have an idea of you working 
for your country. Also, Liberty Wells is basically culture. The more you can
generate, the more land that you will have cultural control over, which is
quite important. 

[3.05] Natives and Other Nations

There are many people or figureheads that you are going to be meeting over
the course of the game. First, you are going to encounter the natives. There
are many native tribes here, but where they spawn appear to be random. 

Natives are going to be quite nice to you, they will trade with you as well
as head to your town to give you gifts when you start out, which is more than
helpful. However, you should send your scouts out to their burial grounds
when you have a strong military. The reason is that a strong army will be 
able to defend against anything that decides to go wrong.

Natives are useful for their trade goods, but they are even more useful for
their treasure. You can sack enemy cities and their burial mounds for treasure
units. These will require you to send a galleon or borrow one of the king's 
galleons to transport back to Europe for the money, but they do haul a lot
of cash.

Natives, if stealing horses and muskets, are going to be quite strong, so 
don't let them raid your encampments or trade those items to them, because
the last thing you want are angry natives armed with muskets that are going
to shoot at you. You need to contain them. If you plan to attack them, send
in your troops to take down their units and use Artillery to blow up their
villages if need be. Artillery is one of the better attacking units that you
will have. 

Other nations, on the other hand, are going to be harder to combat. They
will be the same as you, but they will lack the numbers in the beginning to
pose a really big threat to you, but they will build up their numbers.

It is important to figure out what happens in Europe. Wars that will happen
there will effect you since there are going to be strong odds that it will
effect wars in the colonies. That is why you should have armed forces at
all times, in case those little enemies come a knocking. 

Finally, there is your king. Your king is going to be the biggest pain that
you will ever encounter. First of all, they will tax you for making money 
till they can tax you no more, at 99%. Also, they will always demand tribute
which you can reject and they will get annoyed, so when you need those 
military forces, they won't lend them to you. 

Your king is the one that you are going to need to fight later on, so make
sure that you keep an eye on the Royal Expeditionary Force, because you
are going to have to try to match those numbers. 

[3.06] Native Leaders and Tribes

There are 8 native tribes and there are going to be 8 seperate leaders for 
those tribes. They all have some benefit to you. They have two traits each,
and they all have benefits for you. Since there is going to be a lot of 
double dipping here, I'll be rather nice to you.


Cacique of the Arawaks


 - +100% Conversion Rate from Missions

 - Free Promotion - Grenadier 1
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units


 - +100% Gold at first European contact with Native Villages
 - Free Promotion - Ranger 1
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units

This is an interesting leader. Basically, for you, you will get a higher 
conversion rate from the missions from this guy than normal missions belonging
to the other tribes. Also, the first type of European colonist that meets this
guy will give you more gold than he will give to other Europeans when they
visit his villages.


Leader of the Tupi


 - Yields +100% Treasure when villages are captured

 - Free Promotion - Minuteman I
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units


 - -50% Cost of Native Land Purchasing

 - Free Promotion - Formation
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units

This leader will be one that you want to be at peace first, then strike 
without any sort of warning. You get some cheaper land to start off, and then
when you decide to plunder them, you get double the amount of gold. What a 
life that is, so you get all the money that you spent on their land back. 

--==~~Huayna Capac~~==--

Leader of the Incan Empire


 - Yields +100% Treasure when villages are captured

 - Free Promotion - Minuteman I
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units


 - -50% time spent Living Among Natives to Learn a New Skill

 - Free Promotion - Mountaineer I
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units

This is rather interesting. Again, this is good for your colonists to live
among the natives to learn a new skill. This will be rather fast. When you 
have either enough colonists to fill the vacant positions that the tribe
can help you fill or have a developed education system and have no more use
for the Incans, you can do what the Spanish did and loot them for all they
are worth, because they are worth a lot. Double gold. 


Chief of the Mingo


 - -50% Cost of Native Land Purchasing

 - Free Promotion - Formation
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units


 - -50% time spent Living Among Natives to Learn a New Skill

 - Free Promotion - Mountaineer I
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units

Another interesting set of traits that you can use to your advantage. This 
is a tribe that you can to be peaceful with. You get relative cheap land and
you also get a nice set of skills from them as well, so this is going to be a
nice tribe to ally with, and not to plunder and loot from. 

--==~~Mangas Coloradas~~==--

War Chief of the Apache


 - +100% Conversion Rate from Missions

 - Free Promotion - Grenadier 1
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units


 - -50% Cost of Native Land Purchasing

 - Free Promotion - Formation
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units

Well, this isn't as useful as Logan is, but the Conversion Rate is rather 
useful for pumping out more colonal soldiers. This will mean that you get 
rather cheap land, as well as a nice source of converted natives, who you
can arm with guns when they are of no more use to you in the colonies on
the field, toiling away on the land.


Aztec Emperor


 - Yields +100% Treasure when villages are captured

 - Free Promotion - Minuteman I
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units


 - +100% Gold at first European contact with Native Villages
 - Free Promotion - Ranger 1
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units

Ah, the perfect type of native that you want to target in this game. What you
want to do, when you are building up your forces, is to use some scouts and
visit their village for the gifts that they will give you. Then, you can
epically betray them and steal all their nice loot. Ah, the art of 
backstabbing is surely not lost in this game.


War Chief of the Overhill Cherokee


 - +100% Conversion Rate from Missions

 - Free Promotion - Grenadier 1
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units


 - +100% Gold at first European contact with Native Villages
 - Free Promotion - Ranger 1
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units

See the leader of the Arawaks for the same comment.

--==~~Sitting Bull~~==--

War Chief of the Hukapapa Sioux


 - +100% Conversion Rate from Missions

 - Free Promotion - Grenadier 1
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units


 - -50% time spent Living Among Natives to Learn a New Skill

 - Free Promotion - Mountaineer I
   - Mounted Units
   - Melee Units
   - Gunpowder Units

Well, this is one of the most famous Indian leaders that you can get. 
Anyway this is an interesting leader, you want to seriously have missions
in his villages and then send in your own colonists for training. This is
one guy you want to keep at all costs since converted natives make good
soldiers and half the time to learn a new skill is good as well. 
[8.01] Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers are significant people in history that have contributed 
during the golden age, which is about 1400-1800. These people are quite famous
and some moreso than others, their names will give them away.

Anyway, you can generate founding father points from the production of liberty
bells. There are five types of founding father points, one for each type of
founding father, and these points are all generated from liberty bell 
production. Your cities can also set aside production to create such points
when not building buildings or creating units. 

Actions such as military actions will create extra or bonus military points,
trading will make trade points, generation of crosses will help with making
more religious points and exploration of the unknown will create more 
exploration points. There is no bonus for Political points. 

When you have acquired a set number of points required for the founding 
father, you will be able to accept or decline the offer of them joining your
colonies. If you reject them, bear in mind that you can NEVER rehire them. 
Note that the first colony to get enough points will have the opportunity to
hire them first, and if they reject, then the next person to get the points 
and so forth. 

Other than that, the founding fathers are extremely useful in the game since
they will provide a permanent boost to your colonies, and in some cases, make
your units more effective, or increase production. These are very useful so
you want to grab as many as you can. 

[8.02] Trade

Trade Founding Fathers are extremely useful for making money, they will help
you in increasing production in your colonies, even decreasing the build 
times of your buildings, extremely useful. 

--==Adam Smith==--

Requires: 5610 Trade Points
          3366 Political Points

"50% Faster Production of Textile Mill, Coat Factory, Rum Factory, Cigar

The writer of the "Wealth of Nations", the four factories will take half the
amount of time it normally requires, which really means that about half of
the production required is needed for the completion of the building, which
isn't all that bad. But it is only for those buildings, none else.

--==Alexander Hamilton==--

Requires: 7573 Trade Points
          4488 Political Points

"+3 Hammers per Town Hall"

Well, that means that when you start a colony with Alex, you will always get
three hammers produced from the town hall. Since the town hall is given to you
from the start, which isn't such a bad idea in the first place. That can be
then used to produce more founding father points.

--==Cyrus McCormick==--

Requires: 17671 Trade Points
          10659 Political Points

"+1 Food on Plots with 2 Food
 +50% Sugar Production in all Settlements"

An inventor in agriculture, this guy effectively gives you more food on the
tiles that you harvest food from, which means quite a lot. Also, he is a god-
send for the sugar plantations and rum production. 50% more sugar means quite
a fair amount in the long run, enough to get more colonies in rum production
to send back to Europe.

--==Eli Whitney==--

Requires: 13464 Trade Points
          7854 Political Points

"+50% Cotton Production in all Settlements"

Like the above founding father, this will pretty much increase all production
of cotton, which again, is extremely useful for weaving cloth, and more
cotton means more cloth, which then means more money for you, and if you have
access to cotton, this isn't a bad choice. 

--==Jan De Witt==--

Requires: 4207 Trade Points
          2524 Political Points

"-50% Tools required for buildings"

One of the more measly effects that you can have in the game, this will 
pretty much reduce the amount of tools that you need, but then again, the 
tools that are needed for the production of buildings is relatively minor,
but saving tools is good, use them to make muskets. 

--==John Jacob Aster==--

Requires: 10098 Trade Points
          5890 Political Points

"+50% Fur Production in all Settlements"

This is useful if you have settled in the polar areas of the map, where there
is plenty of Tundra to play around with that requires you to make the most out
of fur. This is quite useful since Coats is one of the more valuable resources
since they are only plentiful in the polar regions, and that means price is 
going to be higher with less demand.

--==John Rolfe==--

Requires: 2244 Trade Points
          1542 Political Points

"+25% Tobacco Production in all Settlements"

This isn't as useful as the other founding fathers since it is only a 25% 
boost instead of a 50% boost but then again, Tobacco is quite plentiful on 
the map regardless, so it isn't such a bad idea. But then again, the trading
founding fathers are all about making a lot of money. 

--==Lord Baltimore==--

Requires: 3085 Trade Points
          1963 Political Points

"Increases Cross production by the tax rate"

This pretty much means that the amount your are tax is the percentage that 
the production is increased by. But if you think about it, tax rates are only
increased when you make a lot of money, and cross production is there for 
making immigants on the shores of Europe, so this is only useful for you
if you hope for some decent immigants or you are low on experts.

--==Peter Minuit==--

Requires: 1683 Trade Points
          1122 Political Points

"-25% Cost of Recruiting Units in Europe"

Believe it or not, 25% is quite a large amount considering the average 
expert is in the thousands of gold. That means that in the long run, you can
save a lot of gold when you recruit units from Europe. Europe is really only
useful with skilled labour, since horses and muskets and free colonists you
can produce yourself. Plus, this guy was from the original DOS game. 

[8.03] Political

Political Founding Fathers are some of the most important in the game, they
are useful in all aspects as well as the points that they generate, since the
political points are needed for all other founding fathers as well. The
political points are the most important type of points that you can get, so
use them well. 

--==Alexis De Tocqueville==--

Requires: 44880 Political Points

"+50% Education Points Production in all Settlements
 +3 Liberty Bells per University"

This is extremely useful if you want to train your workers into skilled labour
with the University, as well as the Liberty Bells production since it is 
needed to generate more points for you to play with. Since by the time you are
able to acquire this guy, you will have universities everywhere, this is 
quite a useful founding father. 

--==Ben Franklin==--

Requires: 4488 Political Points

"+3 Liberty Bells per Printing Press
 +3 Liberty Bells per Newspaper"

This is an extremely useful founding father. Printing Press and the Newspaper
are the most important boosts that you can have in the terms of Liberty Bell
production. That being said, 6 extra Liberty Bells, made from such an early
point in the game, there should be a rush to get this guy into your team. At
all costs.

--==Betsy Ross==--

Requires: 25245 Political Points

"+3 Cloth Production per Weaver's House
 +3 Cloth Production per Weaver's Shop
 +3 Cloth Production per Textile Mill"

This is one of the better founding fathers, or mothers in this case, because
this will create cloth for your colony, AND DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY INPUT. That
right, you get 3 extra cloth for no input, they just come out of no where,
and while a total of 9 cloth isn't a lot, over time, that means a lot of 

--==James Madison==--

Requires: 19074 Political Points

"+3 Muskets per Armory
 +3 Muskets per Magazine
 +3 Muskets per Arsenal"

One of the best founding fathers if you do not have any access whatsoever
to iron to make muskets. This ensures that you will have muskets for your
colony all the time, regardless of whether you have access to tools because
you don't need tools to make these muskets, they're magic muskets. 

--==John Jay==--

Requires: 10659 Political Points

"+25% Liberty Bell Production in all Settlements"

This is an extremely useful effect for you to have, more liberty bells
means that you get a lot more political points to play with. That pretty
much means that this guy is a must, if you can get him, you will want to
hire him straight away. Seriously, the effect is massive. 

--==John Winthrop==--

Requires: 2524 Political Points

"+1 Cross Production per Town Hall"

In all seriousness, this is quite a useless ability to be honest. Why?
Because cross production is 1 cross for just having a Church, so this is
quite a lowsy boost. Also, you need experts for that kind of business, not
just small 1 cross production boosts. I suggest that you skip this guy and
head for Mr Jay.

--==Patrick Henry==--

Requires: 7854 Political Points

"+3 Liberty Bells per Town Hall"

A nice boost for you if you can get this guy, three liberty bells for 
several colonies will mean quite a lot, but if you decide to skip this guy
as well as John Winthrop, you will be able to get John Jay, which is one 
of the more useful Political Founding Fathers in the game.


Requires: 3366 Political Points

"Strengthens Relations with the Natives"

No, it isn't a damned Disney movie, this princess is able to improve your 
relations with the natives, which is quite useful of you don't want them to
accidently fire their weapons at your colonists, but isn't going to be too
useful if you decide that their land is perfect for a new colony and you are
going to take it using a fair bit of force. 

--==Samuel Adams==--

Requires: 5890 Political Points

"Increase Liberty Bell Production by the tax rate"

Quite useless early in the game where your tax rate is relatively low, but 
when you get more and more money in your colony, this is a very, very useful
effect since the maximum the tax rate will get up to is 99% and near double
production of liberty bells is handy in any situation. If you can get him, 
try and get him. 

--==Thomas Paine==--

Requires: 14025 Political Points

"Increases Hammer Production by the tax rate"

Another useful one since the hammer production is effectively linked to your
points production since it is an option that you can choose. This makes it a 
very useful situation so you should really hire this guy as well. Wow, so many
founding fathers you should hire, guess you really want as many founding 
father points as fast as possible. 

--==Washington Irving==--

Requires: 33660 Political Points

"+1 Liberty Bell per Schoolhouse
 +2 Liberty Bells per College
 +3 Liberty Bells per University"

Quite a useful ability, but if you think about it, Ben Franklin is a better
choice. There, you have the ability of two media buildings producing more and
more Liberty Bells, and that totals to 6. This also totals to 6, but these
don't normally produce Liberty Bells. This all depends on whether you decide
to use education buildings or not. 

[8.04] Religious

Religious Founding Fathers are all to do with the church and add on buildings
and that is all. They will have some nifty boosts, some including liberty
bells from church, which is neat. You need Religion Points for this, but 
these founding fathers are more or less, less useful than the others, in
particular, Political and Military. Political Points are what you should
be generating a lot of, no question there. 

--==Bartolome De Las Casas==--

Requires: 1262 Religion Points
          1122 Political Points

"+50% Native Conversion Rate from Missions"

This does sound like a good deal if you want more Converted Natives to take
over resource production given that you are short on experts, or want some
more colonists to be cannon fodder for your military, this is quite useful
if you use missions. I generally don't, but it is completely your choice.
Missions are quite useful, until they are expelled by the natives.

--==Gabriel Lallemant==--

Requires: 5329 Religion Points
          4488 Political Points

"50% Faster Production of Church, Cathedral"

If you want a bigger church, then this is quite useful for you, but otherwise,
this is one founding father that is quite a useless waste of points. However,
generation of immigants are quite useful if you need some workers, and on
the rare occasion, you might even get an expert that you desperately need, 
Elder Statesman are quite useful, well, not quite, they are always useful. 

--==Gregorio De Mattos E Guerra==--

Requires: 16830 Religion Points
          14025 Political Points

"+2 Liberty Bells per Church
 +3 Liberty Bells per Cathedral"

This is one of the more useful founding fathers in the religion section, shown
in the cost of the founding father. This allows for your church buildings to
generate more political points and Liberty Bells for your nation, which is
always welcome. However, if you want liberty bells, you might want to get Mr
Ben Franklin first, he is quite useful, well, extremely useful. 

--==John Harvard==--

Requires: 9537 Religion Points
          7854 Political Points

"Free Schoolhouse in Every Settlement"

This is useful if you are planning to use the Education System to educate your
colonists into skilled labour. Well, this is expected, since Mr Harvard's name
is the same copy as the name of the world's most famous University, Harvard
University. However, I don't see why he would be in the Religious section, 
they must be missing an Education Founding Father. Well, 1 isn't really a lot.

--==Juan De Sepulveda==--

Requires: 1683 Religion Points
          1542 Political Points

"Provides 2 Converted Natives"

If you have the points to play with, this isn't such a bad idea, because 2
converted natives, at the early stage in which this Founding Father can be
obtained, is quite useful. They will be useful in replacing the free colonists
on the field and holding their position until you will replace them with the
experts. Until then, this is a welcome addition to your colonies. After you
replace them, give them some Guns and make them hold their position.

--==Nathaniel Hawthorne==--

Requires: 22440 Religion Points
          19074 Political Points

"Provides 3 Elder Statesmen"

What a wonderful ability. However, this must be measured against the points
cost. If you are able to get to him first, this might be useful if you lack
Elder Statesmen. However, by the time you are able to get this founding
father, you should have a decent income and that would allow you to hire
the Elder Statesmen from Europe. So it is completely up to you if you want
this Founding Father or not. 

--==Roger Williams==--

Requires: 3927 Religion Points
          3366 Political Points

"+25% Native Conversion Rate from Missions
 Strengths Relations with the Natives"

Personally, I like killing the natives with my guns since they are a good
source of training, but if you want decent relations with the Natives, this
might be just the thing for you. Natives are better on the land than your
own untrained colonists, so that is an upside, and stronger relations means
that when the mother country comes along, you can have some extra firepower
on your side. 

--==Sor Juana==--

Requires: 12622 Religion Points
          10659 Political Points

"+3 Crosses Per Church
 +3 Crosses Per Cathedral"

In my opinion, this isn't as good. The cost is quite excessive, but increased
cross production means that you will get some extra units on the shores of 
Europe faster than before. However, my main issue is that it is completely 
random what type of unit you get, so you really need some luck. It all
depends on what type of player you are. If you need the experts, all the help
you can get is a nice idea. 

--==Thomas Hooker==--

Requires: 3085 Religion Points
          2524 Political Points

"Provides 3 Jesuit Missionaries"

No, he isn't the illicit type (You're FIRED Warfreak, worst joke all year - 
SBAllen) but he is quite useful. Jesuit Missionaries are extremely useful if
you are going to establish missions because they have a much higher success
rate in getting the Converted Natives to join you than normal colonists 
trying to be a missionary. Up to you really. 

--==William Brewster==--

Requires: 2244 Religion Points
          1963 Political Points

"-25% Cost of Native Land Purchasing"

No, he isn't bribing the natives with beer (I TOLD YOU, WORST JOKES EVER,
YOU'RE SERIOUSLY FIRED WARFREAK! - SBAllen), but rather, with gold. The 
problem here is that the natives demand this and that, but you are better
off using them boomsticks and pointing it at them and killing them, taking
their land, and that would be a better solution. I suppose if you want to be
nice and all, this might be useful, but military power always wins. 

--==William Penn==--

Requires: 7012 Religion Points
          5890 Political Points

"+3 Crosses per Town Hall
 Strengths Relations with the Natives"

Well, if you really are desperate for them crosses, then this might be a good
idea, or you have seriously pissed off those natives, then this might be a 
decent founding father. But in reality, I don't think that this is a good idea
at all, but it is up to you who you hire, I'm just babbling here to boost my
ego. Warfreak's Ego, colonization style. 

[8.05] Exploration

Exploration Founding Fathers are generally there to provide extra units for
your colonies or little bonuses relationing to your colonies your those little
burial plots that seem to be discovered and lead to war. Hey, if I decide to
pillage your graveyard where your ancestors are buried, I think you'd try to
bomb me, I would think. 

--==Alexander Von Humboldt==--

Requires: 16830 Exploration Points
          7012 Political Points

"50% Faster Production of College, University"

Well, you build your Colleges and Universities faster, but this comes pretty
late in the game, and by then, your colonies are pretty much set anyway and
don't benefit from education. However, faster production, in combination with
effects that give Liberty Bells, means more liberty bells. MOAR I SAY. MOAR!
The more liberty bells the better. 

--==Giovanni Da Verrazano==--

Requires: 5329 Exploration Points
          2244 Political Points

"Provides 1 Caravel"

Well, ships are pretty expensive and you want to have more ships so you can
trade, so this is a pretty good for a starting colony. After all, when your
colonies grow, so does the amount of material that needs to be sent back to
Europe to make a profit, and this is a surefire way to improve your abilities
to send it back to Europe. 

--==Gonzalo Jimenez De Quesada==--

Requires: 3085 Exploration Points
          1402 Political Points

"Reveals all Tiles with Burial Grounds
 Reveals all Tiles with Ancient Ruins"

This is one of the most useful exploration abilities that one person can have
because this will reveal all the plots you want to explore. This is because 
that these plots nearly always contain something nice, but may have adverse
effects, and some are downright nasty, such as making your unit disappear into
thin air, which isn't nice. The ability to see where they are is not helped
if they happen to be in spaces where your units aren't welcome. 

--==Jacques Marquette==--

Requires: 12622 Exploration Points
          5329 Political Points

"+1 Movement for Scout"

I'm not too sure about this one, the Scout is pretty fast, but more movement
at that many points isn't all that good. At that point in time, you should
have more money, more than enough to stop your reliance on the pieces of
treasure that you send home on your Galleon. It is up to you, but I'd assume
that you would, at that point, have better things to spend your points on. 

--==John Smith==--

Requires: 9537 Exploration Points
          3927 Political Points

"-50% Cost of Native Land Purchasing==--

This is just a bigger version of Mr William Brewster, so I don't think that
this is too good of an idea. I'm more for a bigger military to take what
you want, and if anyone complains, you have a massive army to take down any
person that will complain. Land purchasing, if you take the peaceful path,
can get very expensive, so you might want to consider this if you don't like
big boomsticks. 

--==Juan Ponce De Leon==--

Requires: 2244 Exploration Points
          1122 Political Points

"2 times as likely to get Treasure from Ancient Ruins"

Quite useful at the beginning of the game, where treasure means a big boost
to your colonies, it is useful in addition to Quesada who can reveal where
all the ancient ruins are. However, you might want to invest in a Galleon
straight away, you don't want all that reasure that you are obtaining to go
mainly to that arrogant windbag that they call King. 

--==Juan De Bermudez==--

Requires: 7012 Exploration Points
          3085 Political Points

"+1 Movement for Caravel
 +1 Movement for Merchantman
 +1 Movement for Galleon"

This is one of the better founding fathers for Exploraiton, since you want 
as much movement as possible. Depending on the map, your units will have 
problems moving since there is a considerable distance between Europe and
your colonies. For example, on the Huge Western Hemisphere map, if you
start where New York currently lies, there is a long, long distance from
Europe to New York. Several turns, so any help is more than welcome. 

--==Lewis and Clark==--

Requires: 22440 Exploration Points
          9537 Political Points

"-50% Pioneer Equipment Required
 +1 movement for Wagon Train"

Well, these should be Founding Fathers, since they were a pair. Anyway,
this is quite useful, but there is a problem. It is a long time before you
are able to hire these two, and by then, Wagon Trains are operating fine
and the pioneers have made roads everywhere. So, it is up to you, as the 
player, whether you want to hire these guys or not.

--==Pedro Alvares Cabral==--

Requires: 1683 Exploration Points
          841 Political Points

"-50% Travel Time to Europe"

This is one founding father that you want to hire straight away. This is
exceptionally useful, this makes it easier on your ships. Given that on
large maps, travel time back to Europe is extremely long, this is very
useful. Even on smaller maps, this is useful. This will save turns upon
turns for your ships, and you can easily turn those turns into a lot of
money, or gold. 

--==Vasco Nunez De Balboa==--

Requires: 3927 Exploration Points
          1823 Political Points

"+25% Defence in all Settlements"

This should be in military, but oh well. Anyway, this will improve the
defence of your colony, which makes the troops defending it stand more
of a chance against the invaders. But given that you can spend these 
points on actually improving the units so they can do something on the
field, this might be more or less worthless compared with the military
founding fathers. 

[8.06] Military

Finally, the military founding fathers, these guys are there for the sole
reason of boosting the raw firepower of your units, which is quite a good idea
to be quite honest. These guys are going to be more and more important as the
game ticks on and you start to build up a powerful force to keep that 
demanding piece of crap that you call a king at bay. All in all, these are
guys you ultimate are going to fight for. 

--==Chief Powhatan==--

Requires: 2244 Military Points
          4488 Political Points

"+50% Attack Power for Converted Native"

So, when you have all those experts on the fields toiling away, making more
raw resources appear out of no where than the converted natives can, this is
one person that you want on your team, this is useful since they make decent
troops. I personally don't have any problems with using the other Founding 
Fathers to get converted natives, and then making them cannon fodder. Also,
he wears a Top Hat. Come on, a Top Hat. 

--==Diego Velazquez De Cuellar==--

Requires: 1122 Military Points
          1963 Political Points

"Provides 3 Indentured Servants"

Well, the reason why this is in the military section is because the servants,
while they are more or less inefficient in production, they make good forms of
cannon fodder. Yep, like the episode in the Simpsons, they make damn good
Frontline Infantry. Frontline Infantry. Frontline Infantry. Well, that what
they are for. Any immigants in Europe you don't want. FRONTLINE INFANTRY.

--==Dom Pedro I==--

Requires: 10098 Military Points
          33660 Political Points

"+50% Great General Emergence
 Free Promotion - Veteran I, Minuteman I
  - Mounted Units
  - Gunpowder Units"

One of the most useful Founding Fathers, military wise anyway, because first
of all, more promotions means that your units have the extra edge against your
enemies which is always a good thing. Also, emergence of the Great General 
means stronger troops, and that is even better, stronger and better troops. 
Its a battle between the hardened veteran or the fresh, green recruit. No

--==Ethan Allen==--

Requires: 4207 Military Points
          10659 Political Points

"Free Promotion - Ranger I, Mountaineer II
  - Gunpowder Units"

Even more promotions, this is even better. More promotions, like I said, 
is good for your troops. They make them stronger and better, and in this 
case, better without having to do anything but to exist. The least I can 
say about this is that you want this. Your foot soldiers are going to be
the most important ground unit. Your mounted units might be powerful, but
you can't have too many of them since horses do take time. However, foot
soldiers are going to be everywhere. 

--==Francisco Pizarro==--

Requires: 841 Military Points
          1542 Political Points

"Free Promotion - Looter
  - Gunpowder Units"

This is a nice promotion, looter does give more gold for you for burning all
that crap the enemy has to the ground. This is why this unit is pretty good
in the long run. Any fight that you have with an enemy, don't forget to 
pillage their land, and make the most of your incursion in their land, here,
why don't you take some gold to remember them by?

--==Francisco De Coronado==--

Requires: 1683 Military Points
          3366 Political Points

"+1 Movement for Dragoon"

This is an interesting ability. Dragoons are the mounted troops, those with 
guns and horses. They are quite powerful, since they can move pretty damn
far, so they are going to serve as the powerhouse. If you want them to be
extremely powerful, this might be just the ticket for you. After all, you
can have all the foot soldiers you want, but it ain't special till the tanks
roll in. 

--==Hernan Cortes==--

Requires: 561 Military Points
          1122 Political Points

"Free Stockade in Every Settlement"

This is relatively useful for the small fee that you have to pay to hire
this founding father. The Stockade acts as a wall, this fortifies your 
units while they are in the settlement, so this is extremely useful. You
also save on the cost of building one, so it is, in all counts of the 
terms, win win. Small cost for such a large gain. Hey, even I can be a stock

--==Hernando De Sato==--

Requires: 1402 Military Points
          2524 Political Points

"Free Promotion - Grenadier I
  - Gunpowder Units"

Another promotion for your foot soldiers, my, if you have all these founding
fathers, your frontline infantry is going to be something to be reckoned 
with, for sure. Like I said before, any boost that you can give to your 
frontline infantry is a good one, regardless. And the points cost for this
upgrade isn't all that high, so a good choice. 

--==John Paul Jones==--

Requires: 5610 Military Points
          14025 Political Points

"Provides 1 Frigate"

Well, a Frigate is rather expensive, so this one is where you need to weigh
up the cost. If you can't afford to get a Ship of the Line, than this isn't
such a bad choice, but Frigates aren't good for anything but war, their cargo
carrying skills is poor to say the least. This is up to you, and how desperate
you are to get an extra ship. Remember, the control of the seas is EXTREMELY
important when you declare revolution. 

--==Marquis De La Fayette==--

Requires: 7293 Military Points
          25245 Political Points

"Increases Musket Production by Tax Rate"

Well, this is the Frenchman that helped the Americans. This is quite a 
powerful ability that he has there. You see, the more you get taxed, the more
you want to declare revolution. And more you want to do that, the more guns
you want to fight off the invaders. And this helps greatly. This will increase
musket production by a fair amount, and considering that you will have a high
tax rate before revolution, this means a lot more muskets than you know what
to do with. 

--==Paul Chomedey De Maisonneuve==--

Requires: 3085 Military Points
          5890 Political Points

"Free Promotion - Formation
  - Gunpowder Units
 +1 Movement for Converted Native"

Finally, the last of the founding fathers, this man is quite useful as well.
Formation is a relatively useful bonus to have, and the extra movement for 
the converted native is quite useful as well. Like I keep going on and on,
Converted Natives are extremely useful as cannon fodder, and why not give
them a good promotion to make them feel a bit safer when they go to sleep
at night.

[A] Contact Information

APPEARS IN g,a,m,e,f,a,q,s.c,o,m always. Remove the commas. Never on that
c,h,e,a,t,c,c.c,o,m. Remove the commas.

Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then
E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply.

To contact me, e-mail me at
hillsdragon13 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Replace at with @ and dot with .

Don't add me to MSN Messenger List because if I don't know you, I won't accept
you, simple as that. 

E-Mail me (and anyone else you want to e-mail) with courtesy and respect as 
we are living people like you. Have a title of what you are sending so I know
what is going on. If you try to send attachments, I won't open them so stick
the information in the E-Mail. 

Please write in English or anything close to it. It can't understand foreign
languages so please don't give me a page long quite in Mexican or Antarctic
penguin language cause I don't understand.

Don't write in sloppy English. I mean, who the hell would understand "Hwo Od 
Yoi Di Tjih Ni Cvilztin Flr?" Don't be too formal, a question is not a freakin
business agreement so don't say "Dear Sir, In accordance to your Walkthrough
to the PC Game, Civ IV, ..." it makes me wonder if I'm talking to a freak
the President of the United States of America or Bill Gates or Donald Trump.

I will credit you if your send me information about this game that is not in
the FAQ. I will also be grateful if you see this FAQ somewhere else other than
Gamefaqs or a site which has my permission. If you do, tell me so I can kick
their ass to Pluto and make them bounce off to the other side of the Universe.

I will not respond to:

* Spam
* Bill Gate's Spam (He gets spam of up to 4 million per day)
* Something not related with this
* Something already covered
* Illegal stuff, like CD-Keys and Pirated Versions
* Technical Problems

Technical Problems will not be answered as they should be sent to Firaxis not 
me. I didn't design the game so I shouldn't know what's wrong with it, its 
your game not MINE.

[B] Webmaster Information




[C] Credits

This section is where you see your name. It will be long. The names are either
Board Names from the Boards or your e-mail so if your name is Bob Rob and 
another Bob Rob posted the message, the First Bob Rob will not be credited so
in short, someone around the world who shares the same name as you will not
be credited for your work.

CJayC for the Memories
SBAllen for the administration of Gamefaqs
Thevenon Vivien for the insight on the world leaders and corrections on start
Me for writing it
Firaxis Games for developing it
2K Games for distribution
Hotmail for giving me the e-mail account
http://www.rootsecure.net/index.php?p=ascii_generator for the ascii art
You for reading it

[D] Sites FAQ is on

Current FAQ is On 
www.gamefaqs.com will always have the latest versions 

May be Outdated
www.neoseeker.com will have a version of this FAQ

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Please abide with the terms. If not, you will be facing a lawsuit you cannot

This document is copyright 2008. All Rights did not declare Independance.