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    Should I buy this dungeon?
    Do I have to beat the spire again in New Game+?
    Do I have to re-download the spire or pay for it again to use it in my
      next game?
    What level do I have to be to fight in the infinity spire?
    Does beating the Infinity Spire multiple times add to my "Dungeon's
      Completed" score at the end of the game?
    Can I level up the Spire to the level of my adventurers and then gain
      experience in it?


  The Infinity Spire is an optional dungeon available to people playing the
  WiiWare game 'Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King'.  Once
  in the game, the Infinity Spire can be bought from the Downloadable Content
  screen.  In the US, it currently costs 300 Wii Points (about $3).
  Once purchased, two areas will open up on the map of all your MLAAK games.
  One is the Infinity Spire Path, and the other is the Infinity Spire dungeon
  Unlike other dungeons, the Infinity Spire cannot be beaten.  Every time a
  floor is cleared, the dungeon resets and gets harder.  This doesn't mean 
  it's a waste of time to clear though: lots of medals and two powerful items
  await adventurers willing to brave it's heights.

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 q. Should I buy this dungeon?
 a. That's really up to you.  If you can beat the spire you'll get a powerful
    sword and accessory that can be carried over into other games, but it
    will be a while before your adventurers are high enough level to use them

 q. Do I have to beat the spire again in New Game+?
 a. Yes

 q. Do I have to re-download the spire or pay for it again to use it in my
    next game?
 a. No, once paid for it's available to all your games.  If you delete it or
    lose it, you an re-download it again for free.

 q. What level do I have to be to fight in the infinity spire?
 a. A group of adventurers of higher level than the floor level should be
    able to fight on that floor.  The exceptions are floors 50 and 99.
 q. Does beating the Infinity Spire multiple times add to my "Dungeon's
    Completed" score at the end of the game?
 a. No.  The spire can never really be beaten and it never adds anything
    to that score.

 q. Can I level up the Spire to the level of my adventurers and then gain
    experience in it?
 a. No, it can never be "beaten", so it'll never allow you to post Gain XP
QFW- Walkthrough

 Each floor follows roughly the same pattern:
  1. Explore the floor completely
  2. Defeat the three legendary bosses
  3. Defeat the floor boss
  4. Collect rare medal, repeat from step 1.

 Explore the floor completely
  It takes 3 groups of people to spend the day exploring in order to completely
  explore a floor.  One Legendary Boss will be found for roughly 1/3 of the
  floor explored.  This means you must completely explore the floor in order to
  see all 3 legendary bosses.
  Depending on how many bulletin parks you have, you may want to handle this
  step differently if you don't get 3 groups to fully explore it in one day.
  Just the Frog Board: Repeatedly post 'explore' behests till the floor has
    been 100% explored.
  Frog + Twilight Board: Post 1 'Kill Legendary Boss' request and 1 'Explore'
    behest on the second day, then on the third kill the other 2 bosses.
  3 Boards: Post 'explore' behests till it's 100% explored, then kill 3 bosses
    simultaneously if you can.

  If you can post extra behests, post it for the highest level places your
  adventurers can gain XP.

 Defeat the three legendary bosses
  Each one of these will hurt the floor boss for about 25% of it's health, but
  more importantly: each one of these gives you a chance to award a medal to
  an adventurer!
  **DO NOT** fight the legendary bosses immediately on floors 50 and 99!  Read
  the Omega (50)/Wyrm (99) specific strategies first!
  Having adventurers with tons of medals is VITAL for beating the toughest 
  floor bosses.  Focus on the primary attack stat (strength for thieves and
  warriors, int for black mages) and toughness for everyone.  Ideally, focus
  these medals on your four best adventurers, rotating group leaders as you
  need to in order for them to pick up medals.
  Additionally, since it costs Elementite and Gil to fight the floor boss, you
  save a bunch of money by fighting the legendary bosses for free first.
 Defeat the floor boss
  After killing the three legendary bosses, post the behest for killing the 
  floor boss.  This will be a life-bar boss who will prevent you from posting
  any other behests.
  Since it's down to 25% health, you can probably kill it in one day.
  It costs 100 elementite (and some gil) for a chance to fight the boss of 
  level 10, and goes up 100 elementite every 10 levels.
    (so floors 20-29 = 200 elementite, 90-99: 900 elementite)
  Once dead, you'll get a rare medal the next day and can award a medal to 
  whoever killed it.  The infinity spire's level goes up and you can start from
  step 1 again.

QFO- Omega

  Omega is the floor boss of level 50.  Up till now, you've been able to 
  clear floor bosses just by having a bunch of adventurers over the level of
  the floor.  That gravy train ends now.
  Beating Omega will pretty much require you to have a party of level 70+s,
  and hopefully a couple parties of at least 60+.  Un-medaled characters will
  do very little damage to Omega and will die like gnats in a hurricane.
  If you're less than level 70, now's where you need to spend a bunch of days
  leveling up.  Post 'Gain Experience' behests for the highest level dungeons
  your adventurers can survive.  Repeat this till you've got some high level
  teams.  Note that you don't have to play out each day: at the start of the
  day you can press [-], summon Chime and say you want to rest.  You don't
  even have to commission any adventurers (they'll accept the behest on their

  When you think you're ready, send your adventurers to fight Omega.  Don't
  attack the legendary bosses yet, you want to see how much damage you can 
  do in a single day.
 Fighting Omega
   - Omega regenerates 1000 health every day
   - Omega's special attack 'Wave Cannon' hits everyone in the infinity
     spire for 1000 damage.  This includes people not fighting Omega at
     the time.  If the adventurers were not fighting something they'll
     survive with 1 hp each, but immediately head home.
   The basic strategy for fighting Omega is to make one team your Omega
   Killing Team (OKT) and the other two teams your Wave Cannon Soak Teams.
   First thing in the morning, you'll run down to the board and immediately
   commission the two Soak Teams to kill Omega.  Then you'll wait a minute
   or two and send your OKT.
   If you wait too long the commission will automatically close and your
   OKT will rush to get ready, probably catching up with the soak teams.
   Omega won't use Wave Cannon if it can't hit a bunch of people with it,
   so your Soak Teams should have at least 2 people each.
   Ideally, Omega will waste Wave Cannon on the first Soak team to fight
   it.  This will kill everyone in that team and Soak Team 2 will turn
   around and go home.  Then the OKT will move in and really hurt Omega.
   If you have the HP shrine, praying at it when your OKT starts to fight
   Omega will help by healing the party members. [thanks Tahngarthor]
 If you can do at least 2000 damage to Omega, then you're ready to kill it.
 Now kill the 3 Legendary bosses, then finish off Omega using the tactics
 discussed.  The 3 bosses aren't hard at all.  Anyone level 65+ can probably
 kill them easily.
 Your reward for killing Omega is the Omega Symbol, a level 50 necklace that
 adds +27 to all stats for the person wearing it.  It will randomly go to
 one person that's alive at the end of the Omega fight.
 You'll also get a medal for killing a floor boss and you can now climb the
 Infinity Spire again.

QFY- The Wyrm

  The Wyrm is the floor boss of level 99 (NOT level 100).  It's an upgraded
  version of Omega and requires similar tactics.
  Again, don't attack the Legendary bosses until you're sure you can hurt
  the Wyrm for AT LEAST 3000 damage.  If you can do 5000+ you'll have a 
  much easier time.  Make sure you have at least 8000 Elementite saved up
  before you start your killing run.
 Differences from the Omega fight:
  - The Wyrm hits for over 1000 damage on un-medaled characters
  - The once-a-day attack, "Tidal Wave" hits everyone in the Infinity Spire
    for 3000 damage (again, characters not fighting will survive with 1 HP)
  - Anyone killed by the Wyrm will go home and not return to take any more
    behests until you go and talk to them.
  - It now costs 900 Elementite and 1000+ gil per attempt.
  - Only level 95+ characters with LOTS of medals stand a chance of hurting
    the Wyrm.
 Since adventurers will not automatically return the next day after being 
 killed, this means you can send your Wyrm Killing Team (WKT) in only every
 other day.  The intermediate days will be spent getting the Soak Team members
 and the WKT members to come back to fight the day after.

 If any adventurers survived the blast, send them out to Gain Experience in
 high level dungeons.  Your real goal is for them to mug things and get back
 some elementite.
 My killing team had over 1000 health, over 400 in strength/toughness and
 over 300 in dexterity/agility.
 Your reward for killing the Wyrm is "Ragnarok Prime", a level 100 sword that 
 offers +57 to all stats.

 I had a lot of problems killing the Wyrm, even with a powerful team.  I
 resorted to copying my save game to a memory card, then copying it back if 
 the day went too badly.  If your characters have been through one New Game+,
 you may be able to avoid doing this.  If it's your first run-through in
 Normal mode, then you'll have a hard time not using this method.

QFR- Rewards

  The tower hands out a medal every time a floor boss is killed.  These 
  usually boost multiple stats at once.  You can also win items (robes for
  mages, swords, armor, expendable items)

  Omega drops an accessory (+27 all stats) that randomly goes to someone that
  survived the fight with it.  The Wyrm drops a sword (+57 to all stats) that 
  will also randomly go to someone who can use it.


  Tahngarthor - pointed out that the HP shrine heals everyone, not just the
    team leader.