a) Borrow $800 from Mom
       	This is quite easy. Just keep her happy, and keep asking her whenever 
       	she's in a good mood

 b) Repair TV
Mom needs her shows! You can't buy a new TV, that won't work. When
you're in a good mood, nip over to the bookcase and catch up on your 
mechanical skills. 1 Point is fine to repair the TV, but have a read
whenever you can because those points are valuable in coming levels.
Have a read whenever you can. Cook Dinner Without Starting A Fire Self explanatory, really. Just the same as above,and read a cooking book.

Clean The Place Up
As you would normally do to clean, get all the junk up from around the
house. Don't forget the ash at the back of the house, it is easy to miss.

Fix The Broken Stuff
As I've said before, you can't just buy new stuff. Read the book to get
at least 3 Mechanical Skill Points. Then, just repair the stuff.
Upgrade Your Abode When You Go To Buy Mode. Self explanatory. But in some fencing, do a tad of decorating,whatever it takes to get your house value up from $34,561 to $35,711.

Get Promoted To Career Level 2
 Go to work in a good mood, also check you skills menu, and any more
 skill points you need will be highlighted in yellow.
  Same Getting Promoted To Career Level 3.

c -Party Animals
You've moved in with Mimi or Dudley, depending on the sex of your Sim.
You're gradually climbing the career ladder and working your way up the scale, 
or so to speak. Social elements are the main goals here, you must get promoted up two 
levels, throw a party and hopefully find a roommate via the party. 
I would suggest you work on your promotion before you throw your party and find your 

d -Hot to Trot
The ladder is nearly coming to an end! You're near the end of the game now,
no doubt you'd have guessed that.
Dudley/Mimi hates you now cause you moved out, and this level is all about
Building up all your skills here will be nice and useful. 
Nearly there now! Throw a raging party
        Self explanatory. Get some pizza, get the hot-tub going, and put on 
        some tunes.
        Upgrade you abode
        Pretty simple really. Get it up from $46,050 to $48,050. Upgrade your
        telly, stereo, stuff like that.
        Get promoted to Career Level 6 
        Go to work in good moods and check your skills bar to see what you 
        need to top up.
        Get promoted to Career Level 7
        Same as above, really.
        Get luck with someone at the party
        Try and get in their good books by giving them back rubs, telling jokes,

e -Who Loves Ya Baby
In my opinion, this is the hardest level. You are having kids and getting married 
(if divorced).
Some fun available to have though, concentrate on making babies here.
Get married 
You will only have to do this is you have had a divorce. Upgrade your abode. Pretty simple, new TV, stereo, computer, stuff like that.
Get promoted to Career Level 8
Pretty easy, just keep fit, eat and remember to talk a lot. Check your
career menu to see what you need to top up on. Get promoted to Career Level 9. Same as above, really. Take good care of your baby
Feed it, play with it and just generally keep it amused.
Keep kids in school
Do what it takes. Keep them in good moods, stuff like that.
Have two babies. Basic reproduction skills. Get comfy with your partner and get jiggy.

f -The Last Simolean
Well, you've made it my friend. The last level. 
Cool things to look out for here are the Monkey Butler, also a pretty nifty ending. Get promoted to Career Level 10
Just the same tactics as above, keep fit, and keep your social skills up. Send kids off to prep school. You must have $3000 available to do this, $1500 for each kid. Save some cash to buy a yacht for retirement These yachts are $20000, so keep tight fisted here
        Throw one last killer party before you retire
	Keep everyone in a good mood so your party can go with a bang!