The Mummy Walkthrough
Version 1.0
3 June, 2001
Lady Raven

I.  Version History
II.  Introduction
III.  Buttons and Moves
IV.  Weapons, Items, and Perfect Zones
      A. Weapons
      B. Items
      C. About Perfect Zones
V.  Enemies
VI.  Tips and Cheats
VII.  Walkthrough
      A. Ruins of Hamunaptra
      B. Ancient Vaults
      C. Caverns of the Nile
      D. Beni's Downfall
      E. Hall of Scarabs
      F. River of Blood
      G. Storm of Sand
      H. Swarm of Gadflies
      I. Anck-Su-Namun's Crypt
      J. Curse of Boils
      K. Tombs of Death
      L. Plague of Fire
      M. Chamber of Anubis
      N. Temple of Priests
      O. Imhotep's Lair
      P. Bonus Cairo Level
VIII.  Special Thanks
IX.  Disclaimers/Legal Mess
X.  Contact Info

I. Version History
      .: 1.0 :. 03 June, 2001
      This walkthrough was released.  In future versions, I plan to 
make this thing a bit more clear and provide better references, as well 
as improve organization.

II. Introduction
   First, I want to say I love The Mummy; move, game, and Brendon alike 
^^  But once you play the game, you'll notice it's quite different from 
the movie in many aspects... I won't elaborate, you'll have to see for 
yourself.  But overall, it's very Tomb Raider if you enjoyed 
that game, and The Mummy, you should love this one.  In any event, this 
guide is designed to help you get through it with a minimum of fuss.   
If you have a cry for help, feel free to contact me, but please read my 
"rules" in the contact info section first.
   I'm also aware that everything in the guide may not be 100% clear 
(there's no compass, and many things in the rooms are repeated; it's 
difficult to give any decent reference) if something needs 
clarification, let me know and if you feel the need, offer a suggestion 
as to how it can be made better.  Also, if you have developed a 
strategy not mentioned here, throw in your two cents worth and send it 

III.  Buttons and Moves
   Directional Buttons or Left Analog Stick - Move Rick.  Duh.
   X - Action/Attack
   Square - Block.  Will only work when you have certain weapons 
equipped.  Square + Left/Right on the D-pad allows Rick to roll to the 
side to dodge an attack.  When surfing, Square is used to crouch.
   O - Jump.  When doing a running jump or plain climbing, you need not 
press action to grab like in Tomb Raider.  Rick will grab the ledge 
himself.  You'll just have to play around with it to see what I mean.
   Triangle - Arm/Disarm weapon.
   L1 - 180 degree turn.
   L2 - Look.
   R1 - Selects your weapon.  Hold it down to scroll through the 
available weapons.  Holding R1 + X allows you to scroll through the 
weapons in reverse order.  When the weapon you want is "highlighted", 
let go of R1 and Rick will draw it.
   R2 - Sprint.  You can do this for as long as you want.
   Select - Shows you how many lives you have left, hieroglyphics you 
lit, and the treasure you collected (n/4, where n is a number < 4 :)
   Start - "Pauses" the game, asking if you want to quit the game or 
   NOTE:  You don't have to press any buttons to grab onto 
greenery/vines that act as a ladder.  Just walk up and Rick will grab 
   NOTE:  When you're going to climb a ledge, you don't have to disarm 
your weapon like in Tomb Raider.  Simply go up to the edge, and jump.  
Rick will automatically disarm himself and grab the ledge.  However, if 
you're doing a running jump and grab, YOU must disarm the weapon 

IV. Weapons, Items, and Perfect Zones

      A. WEAPONS
         Some weapons can block attacks, but only for a limited time 
after the Square button is pressed.  For hints on which weapons are 
effective against what, see the enemies section.  Also note, guns can't 
hurt some enemies.
         - Torch:  This can block certain attacks, and for the most 
part, is a decent weapon.  It can also be used to light hieroglyphics, 
from which you get an extra life upon lighting eight.
         - Dual Pistols: Simple guns, fire quick.  The yellow boxes are 
its ammo.
         - Machete: Sword.  Can block certain attacks.
         - Dynamite: Very useful against swarms of enemies.  However, 
if you are close when it goes off, it ain't good.
         - Shotgun: Inflicts more damage than the Dual Pistols, but has 
a slower rate of fire.  The blue boxes you find are the ammo.
         - Lewis Gun:  Strong weapon with high rate of fire.  The 
circle things are the ammo, providing 200 bullets.
         - Amulet: A magic bomb.  You throw it at mummies and stuff and 
it'll typically kill them in one hit.  You get an Amulet after every 
four pieces of treasure you collect.
         - Golden Sword: Similar to the Machete, but more powerful.  It 
can inflict damage upon any enemy, including spirit mummies.
         - Fists: Just about negligent, but you can smash urns and kill 
scarabs so you needn't waste ammo.

      B. PICK UPS
         - Star Key: Yellow diamond things.  Typically found when you 
defeat all enemies in an area.  Pick up the fragments to release the 
Star Key switch so you can press on.
         - Golden Ankhs: Pick these up for an extra life.
         - Water: The blue jugs.  Health power-ups.
         - Treasure: There are four kinds--gold box, gold urn, gold 
statue, and a gold vase.  For every four you collect, you gain an 

         Perfect zones are good.  The more you get, the more bonus 
features you can unlock (invincibility, infinite ammo, infinite 
lives...etc, without the cheats).  There are six kinds, each one is 
achieved by:
         - Lighting all hieroglyphics.
         - Killing all enemies, including scarabs.
         - Breaking all the jars and collecting the stuff inside before 
they disappear.
         - Collecting all treasure.
         - Collecting all ammunition.
         - Collecting all the health pickups.
         Each "zone" is a different area where you collect a Star-key, 
so there are typically six zones per level (i.e. The first Star-key you 
collect is in the first zone, the second key is in the second, etc...).  
Doing all the above stuff in each zone makes for a "perfect zone."
It's beneficial for you to do all this stuff anyway, so you really kill 
two birds with one stone, whether or not you care for the perfect 
         This guide tells where everything is in the game, so you can 
beat it with 100% completion.

V. Enemies
Here is a list of the enemies, their description, and a plain strategy.  
Like in all action-type games, the choice of weapon is dependant on 
what you are up against, and how many.
      - Tomb Robbers: The human enemies.  A couple of bops with the 
torch will do.
      - Scarabs: Bugs.  Your fists are good enough.
      - Slave Mummy: Your basic mummy (usually referred to as a mummy 
in this guide).  They have no weapons.  In the first level, you can use 
the torch, but once you get the Machete, you'll find it very effective 
on these guys.
      - Mallet Mummy: These dudes weren't mentioned in the instruction 
manual, but they're mummies that, well, carry big mallets.  Your 
Machete is also very effective against these guys, so use that for the 
most part.  But there are several places in the game where there will 
be TONS of these guys all at once.  In this case, use Amulets or a gun.  
The Machete will still be effective, but you risk a lot of health.
      - Archery Mummy: Mummies with a bow and arrow.  It's better to 
kill these guys with your Dual Pistols or some other long-range weapon, 
because as you would run towards them to hit them close range, they 
will be shooting at you.  Your best bet, however, is an Amulet.  Quick, 
efficient, and saves health.
      - Swordsman Mummy: Mummies with a crooked sword...more like a 
gimpy hook.  They can block your attacks.  The strategy you use against 
these guys, like all other enemies is dependant on what weapons you 
have and how many of these guys there are.  For the most part, I 
recommend Dual Pistols or the Shotgun for large groupes, or a magic 
Amulet if you're really in trouble.  If there are a couple, use the 
Machete/Golden Sword.  Remember, they can block your attacks, and with 
the Machete, it's very dangerous.  If they do that, YOU must block, 
because they'll counterattack.  After they attack, you attack, and you 
should be able to hit them several times in a row.
      - Spearman Mummy: Mummies with a spear.  I recommend guns or 
Amulets because of their longer range compared to the swordsman mummy.
      - Spirit Mummy: A flying blue ghost.  They can phase through 
walls and floors, so it's useless to try to hide.  Any use of "mortal 
weapons" is futile, so Amulets or the Golden Sword are your only hope.  
HOWEVER, please note that the Amulets GO THROUGH the spirit mummies.  
To remedy this, make sure they are next to a wall or low on the ground 
so it may explode when you throw it.  For this reason, it usually takes 
2+ Amulets.  When you get the Golden Sword, that will be all you will 
use against these guys (usually 2 strikes).
      - High Priest Mummy: These guys are VERY powerful.  They look 
kind of like the traditional pharaohs and wield a staff that shoot a 
powerful ball of energy.  Use Amulets on them to kill them ASAP as 
their rate of firing at you is somewhat high.  On one hand, they are 
only found in a couple of levels.  On the other hand, there's a ton of 
them at once to compensate for their absence.
      - Medjai Warrior: Exclusive to the Bonus Cairo Level.  You can 
use whatever you want on these guys.  Bear in mind, if you use your 
Machete or Golden Sword, they can block the attack.

VI. Tips and Cheats
      * See the wheel in the bottom-right corner?  The green dots on 
the right half are your health, and the blue are the enemies'.  Also, 
you'll see several diamond holes.  A hole will fill in every time you 
collect a Star-key, so if you want to know how much of the level is 
left, just look at that thing.  Also, the red dots signify the perfect 
zones you have achieved in that level.
      * I've heard people complain that this game is too hard.  Yes, it 
is difficult, but not impossible.  It just takes strategy and the 
ability to learn from your mistakes.  The hardest part, though, is 
probably the elusive number of enemies you'll face in comparison to the 
little ammo and health you may have.  All you have to do is make the 
best of a bad situation.  In all other cases, conserve whenever 
possible, but try to keep a balance between health and ammo.
      * On that note, notice a feature of this game in which you can 
replay levels as much as you want... why would you want to?  Well, for 
one, you can recollect stuff over and over and keep it.  So just load 
up an easy level and replay until you get 999 Dual Pistol Bullets or 
whatever (well, not THAT much).  It's time consuming, but can very 
helpful in the end as you will face TONS of enemies at once or in rapid 
succession, and you may not have the time or health to take them out 
with the Machete.  Also, since everyone's preference is different, I'm 
not really going to mention a specific weapon to equip.  To be honest, 
I managed to use the Machete a lot...but then again I've played this 
game many times over, and I can understand not everyone can master the 
Machete by the time they get this guide.  Up until you learn how to 
counterattack and block effectively, you should use your best judgment 
of the situation as to what weapon to use (if you must exclude the 
swords).  Remember, you can replay previous levels to help you restock 
on stuff.  Take advantage of that.  You'll have to do it a lot.
      * And yes, there are cheats.  You must be at the same screen for 
each one... so, during gameplay, hit start, and quit game.  Then go to 
Replay Level, Bonus Game Modes, and it will prompt you for a 
password/code.  Without further ado, here's the stuff (S = Square, T = 
           - All Weapons :: O, S, O, X, X, T, T, S.
           - Unlimited Ammunition :: X, T, X, S, O, T, S, T.
           - Unlimited Lives :: O, O, T, O, X, S, S, X.
           - Invincibility :: T, X, O, O, S, X, T, S.
           - Bonus Cairo Level :: T, X, T, O, S, T, O, X.

VII. Walkthrough


This is a bit of a training level...very easy at that.  There will be 
some messages popping up here and there that feed you the game basics.

But first things first, keep your torch handy (you needn't light it), 
run into the tunnel and jump across the pit.  When you exit, a Tomb 
Robber will come from the left, so bop him a couple of times.  After 
you kill him, look to the right of the tunnel's exit in this new room 
and you should see a blue/purplish bird on the wall.  Climb atop the 
platform across from it (a lit torch is up there, if you don't know 
what I mean.  Light your torch and then the hieroglyphics on the wall, 
then grab the treasure in the corner.  Jump down back to the ground 
level and continue.  Dive into the pit for treasure, and climb out on 
the other side.  When you exit this tunnel, a Tomb Robber will come 
from the right.  Bonk him and grab the treasure you see across from the 
tunnel's exit, as well as the bullets under the canopy.  In the next 
room, kill the worker to the left.  Light your torch and the 
hieroglyphics.  Now, see the fancy coffin/statue jutting out to the 
right of the hieroglyphics?  Push X to push it and open the door.  
Inside, you'll see a Star-key hovering over a platform.  Continue to 
the door and press the gold switch.

In this new room, climb the stairs and turn around.  Upon facing where 
you came from, you should see two switches on either side.  Press them 
both, and grab the one bit of treasure.  Now you'll be in a big room.  
A scarab will come after you, and another when you start to go up the 
steps.  A Tomb Robber is on the right side of the room, so take him out 
and grab the piece of treasure that was near his place of origin.  
Break the jugs and grab the treasure (scarabs are in one of them too, 
so kill them).  After you got the booty, climb on the wooden platform 
on the left side of the room.  Inside the mini-room is some treasure.  
Exit, and climb the rest of the stairs.  Before you go down the hall, 
move to the right-side of this elevated level for a box of bullets.  On 
the left-side is some treasure.  The Tomb Robber ahead may come for you 
as you get them, but if he does take him out.  Go down the hall.  Note 
the door on the right; two more Tomb Robbers and a scarab will attack 
from the left.  Grab the Star-key.  Now light your torch and proceed to 
go around the corner.  Light the hieroglyphics and grab the treasure 
next to them.  Now go back to the door I told you to note, and press 
the switch.

Light your torch here, then proceed down the tunnel and light the two 
hieroglyphics near its exit.  Push the switch next to the door to move 
on.  Grab the treasure in the far corner across from your entrance.  
Across from that bit, is a box of bullets next to a tunnel full of 
earth.  By this time you should've seen a collapsed part of the wall; 
now is a good time to equip your guns if you want to use them.  Two 
mummies will sprout from the ground; one from the left and another from 
the right.  You can shoot them with your guns, or run all the way to 
the right and kill them with a couple of hits with the torch.  Up to 
you.  When they're dead, look around for a bit of greenery on the wall 
you can climb up just that, and grab the Ankh.  Jump back down 
and run across the way, and climb out of the bit into a new area.  
Before you grab the treasure ahead, turn around and grab the treasure 
behind you on the ledge.  Now grab the treasure you saw when you 
climbed up.  Go straight at this T-type intersection.  As you approach 
more treasure, two more mummies will appear (one in front of you and 
the other behind).  Take them out, grab the treasure, as well as the 
water to restore any lost health.  Then go back to the intersection and 
go right for more mummies and a box of bullets.  The last mummy will 
drop a Star-key, grab it and a piece of treasure, then press the switch 
next to the door.

There're some goodies on the first ledge to the right.  On the other 
ledge, you can press a switch to open the door.  Proceed into the new 
room and make a right.  Head into the room carefully (ignore the jar 
for now), for a hammer-wielding mummy will crash through the walls.  
Take him out with your Dual Pistols, then keep going and a second one 
will crash through if it hasn't already.  Now go to where the first one 
came from and hang a left at the rubble to find hieroglyphics and a 
pit.  Hop in the pit for goodies, them climb back out on the other 
side.  You'll arrive at a torch, so light yours and move a tad further 
down to find more hieroglyphics near the drop-off.  Now go back, hop 
over the pit and light the first set of hieroglyphics you came to.  
Look at the wall opposite the hieroglyphics you just lit and approach 
it.  A mummy will bust through.  Kill him and collect the treasure 
scattered about the room.  Shoot the sarcophagus for more treasure.  
Now return to the jar you previously ignored and smash it open (use 
your torch, the amulets won't work on jars and you want to save them).  
There's a scarab inside, so take care of him and grab the loot.  Now go 
down the path across from where you originally entered this room, and 
another hammer dude will bust through.  Kill him, and proceed down the 
tunnel for another hammer mummy.  At some point, you will have ran by 
the hieroglyphics...but first, grab the Star-key our recently deceased 
friend dropped.  At the end of the tunnel is a torch and Dual Pistol 
bullets.  Grab the bullets and kill the mummy that crashes through.  
Now, light your torch and then the hieroglyphics you passed a second 
ago.  Return to where you found the bullets and jump into the pit.  
Push the switch near the door.

Climb the ledges in this area to the top.  See the blue tile?  Hit X to 
have it open the door.  Quickly equip your guns or torch, because there 
will be two Tomb Robbers.  You'll now be on what appears to be a gimpy 
bridge...carefully grab the bullets, and jump over the pit and kill the 
Tomb Robber.  If you made a lot of noise or jumped too far, the second 
guy will charge for you.  Kill him and collect the Star-key.  Now, 
before you enter the tunnel, drop off the right rectangular ledge 
that's smack at the tunnel entrance for a piece of treasure (use your 
look button if you're not sure what I mean).  Now press the switch.

In this new area, hang a left at the pile of earth to find some 
greenery.  Climb it.  At the top, turn to the left and make your way 
out on the ledge that's jutting out.  See the area across the way?  Do 
a running jump all the way over there (you may or may not have to grab 
the ledge) where treasure is waiting.  Run and jump to back to where 
you were, or drop down and climb up.  Make your way to the door, and 
press X at the tile with the down arrow.  Before you proceed to drop 
down the pit, take note of the stones on either side of the pit.  
They'll seal you up forever if you don't escape the pit in time.  The 
best way to go about this trap is to position yourself where you can 
grab both treasures at once without a struggle, and quickly get out.  
Punch jars for stuff, and move to the side of the room opposite your 
entrance.  There is a piece of treasure, as well as a statue you can 
push over to reveal a hidden hall.  There's a lot of stuff in here, and 
a switch at the end.  Press the switch, and with guns at the ready, 
charge out at full speed to the end of the hall.  There will be four 
mummies, so take them all out.  I recommend doing so with your Dual 
Pistols.  Grab the Star-key.  Before you open up the blue/purplish 
sarcophagus, SPRINT down the hall across from it to avoid the pillars 
that will fall over.  At the very end, a mummy will come out from under 
one of them.  Kill it to complete this perfect zone.  Now return to the 
sarcophagus and open it to complete the level.

Watch the cutscene.  Now, you're going to need quite a few magic 
Amulets and ammunition for the rest of the game as I noted earlier in 
this thing.  How you get what you need, is again, up to you.

When you're ready, move to the right to find the hall leading to the 
Ancient Vaults.


From the start, head a little ways around the corner and press the 
button on the wall.  A part of the wall will pop out, so climb on top, 
and then into the mini-room above for some treasure.  Make your way 
around the next corner and drop down.  Kill the Tomb Robber, and light 
the hieroglyphics here.  Smash the jar for treasure.  Drop down into 
the next area.  Kill the Tomb Robber here and collect the treasure.  
Notice how the pillars are weaving.  That's always an indication (for 
anything) that will collapse or whatnot, so sprint through here.  
Approach the next Tomb Robber, and wait for him to hammer the wall down 
before you kill him.  You can go in that area for treasure.  Across the 
huge statue in the room is a structure with two torches, of which you 
can climb inside the middle.  In there, you'll come to some treasure.  
Now, go behind the big statue in the room to kill the next Tomb Robber.  
By now, you should've seen the parts of the wall with the cat pictures 
jutting out.  Push the two on either side of the room and the Star-key 
will appear over the chest.  Press the switch at the door to proceed.

More weaving pillars!  Sprint through here.  Light the hieroglyphics on 
the wall and press the switch to proceed.  Kill the scarab at the end 
of the long hall.  As you exit the hall, two mallet mummies will bust 
through the wall.  You can easily kill them with your new Machete.  
Bust open the urn to collect water and to kill another scarab.  Move to 
the right side of the drop-off, and jump to the "steps" on the right.  
Inside the room is some treasure and Dual Pistol bullets.  Now jump 
into the pit and you'll find more Dual Pistol bullets on a block down 
here.  Sprint past the pillars and prepare to face two more mallet 
mummies.  On the other side of this room is a button.  Push it to raise 
the door and reveal more treasure.  Exit and go to the right.  Touching 
the spikes means certain death.  Approach them with caution and listen 
for their pattern.  Run by them one by one.  As soon as you run by the 
third, a mallet mummy will attack from the left.  Kill him and pick up 
the stick of dynamite.  There is also a hieroglyph here.  If you so 
wish, return to a previous torch and light it so you can light the 
hieroglyph.  Now proceed.  Don't go too far around the corner because 
two more mallet mummies will attack.  Run past more spikes and hit the 

Make your way to the ground floor.  At the bottom, jump up to the left 
ledge for two pieces of treasure.  You can make a running jump to the 
next ledge with another piece of treasure.  Drop further down and press 
the button.  Run past more spikes and kill two more mallet mummies (one 
from behind, and one in front).  Light the hieroglyphics with the 
torch.  Don't bother going where the mallet mummy bust through--there's 
nothing really to see.  Instead, ascend the stairs.  After the first 
"big" step you have to climb (the one right after the pictures), look 
up and you'll see an alcove with treasure, a torch, and hieroglyphics.  
Position yourself so you can jump and grab the ledge.  Do what you 
must.  Proceed to lower yourself down, but don't drop down.  Instead, 
shimmy to the right and climb up for more treasure.  Now drop down and 
continue up the steps.  Sprint all the way to the left.  By going all 
the way to the end, you can pick off the mallet mummies with your 
Machete one by one.  Collect the Star-key the final one drops and press 
the switch to move on.

Ascend the stairs.  Somewhere along the way, you can climb up into an 
alcove containing a piece of treasure and a stick of dynamite.  A few 
steps further on, is another alcove containing treasure and water.  Now 
jump down, and press the white switch somewhere around the door.  Don't 
go too far in the next room, because two slave mummies will attack (one 
right, one straight).  After you slice them, proceed to pick up the 
treasure in the centre of the room.  Now go to the left side of the 
room to find two alcoves...the right containing Dual Pistol bullets, 
and the left leading to a room.  Grab the bullets and enter the left 
alcove.  Climb the steps and kill two more mummies.  Approach the cat 
statues and push them into the cogs.  You'll get a cutscene of 
platforms rising in the middle of the room, with the Star-key being at 
the top.  When you turn around to go back, go to the right first and 
enter the newly revealed hall for a piece of treasure.  Go fetch the 
Star-key, wary of two mummies.  Once you have it, move to the right 
side of the room.  You'll find another alcove around here with more 
treasure.  When you have your perfect zone, press the switch.

Grab the treasure you see to the right and straight.  Press the button 
at the top of the stairs.  Sprint through here, as there are two 
weaving pillars.  Now prepare for battle with more slave mummies... 
when you enter the area that splits left and right, there will be a 
musique change at some point, meaning mummies.  Retreat to the pillars 
that fell so you won't get surrounded, and pick them all off with the 
Machete.  When you've iced them all, grab the Star-key and return to 
the area where they came from.  There's an urn in here with more junk 
and a scarab.  When you've got that, press the switch.

Scoop up the treasure.  Have your torch ready, and jump at the lit one 
so you may light yours (if you missed, that's ok).  At the bottom, 
you'll find hieroglyphics to your back (well, depending on how you 
fell, but they're right at the bottom).  Press the switch at the end of 
the hall.  Use your Machete on the two mallet mummies that appear.  
Grab the Dual Pistol bullets near the cat statue, and push X to turn 
the statue.  This will allow you to access alcoves to the left and 
right of the torches (ah, and if you missed the torch on the above 
level, you can use one of these to light the hieroglyphics).  Now, run 
down the hall, and once two mallet mummies smash through to the left 
and right, retreat.  Pick the two off with the Machete, as well as the 
hoards that follow.  Now, return to where you met the first two, and 
enter their places of origin for treasure.  At the very end of the 
hall, next to the exit, is a piece of treasure.  Grab it, and open up 
the orange sarcophagus.

After the cutscene, replay a previous level to get some'll 
need it for the next level.  Especially Amulets.  Now, look around for 
the hall leading to the next level.


Once you reach the top of the stairs, two mallet mummies will attack.  
Kill them with the Machete, then continue on.  Two more will attack, so 
kill them as well.  When you finally exit your little hall, run to the 
left, and you'll find an alcove with some treasure.  Now drop down and 
go the other way... across from the bridge, will be an urn and a tawny 
door/wall.  A mallet mummy will bust through when you get close, and 
another will come up from behind.  Kill them, then smash the urn and 
collect your reward.  Now cross the bridge (don't spend too much time 
doing it, as the tiles will fall into the water!).  You'll find 
hieroglyphics and a piece of treasure above, but you don't have time 
for that.  Two more mallet mummies (one behind, one straight) will 
attack.  Quickly kill the one ahead of you, then retreat to kill the 
one behind.  Chill out here to take out the next one.  Take the little 
bit of treasure above and proceed.  One final mallet mummy will come up 
from behind.  Grab the Star-key, and keep going to the end.  You'll 
come to a torch...use it to light the hieroglyphics you saw earlier.  
Now press the switch.

Here are those booby-trapped pits again.  Like in the first level, 
position yourself so you can grab the treasure and easily get out.  
After the second trap, pull the lever to open the door.  Once you reach 
the intersection, two mummies will attack on either side.  Kill them.  
You'll find Dual Pistol bullets to the right.  Now follow the left path 
around, killing three more mummies.  You can grab the treasure on the 
first island...very carefully jump over there (preferably from the 
wall), then return to dry land.  Ignore the treasure on the second 
island for now.  Keep going and jump across the gap at the end to kill 
two more mummies; here you can acquire water and the Star-key.  Across 
from where you found the water is another lever; pull it for a cutscene 
of a piece of rising land.  Now jump back over the gap, and return to 
where you found the second island.  Jump to the island with the 
treasure...the next part is tough, as you can very easily jump too far 
and miss the next island.  I suggest you (very carefully) back up to 
the bottom left corner of this island, and aim for the upper right 
corner of the next (you *should* make'll have to hit jump 
almost ASAP after running).

Carefully make your way around the corner, and jump over the gap for 
two pieces of treasure.  Jump down to find a torch.  Light the 
hieroglyphics somewhere to the right of the torch, and grab the piece 
of treasure.  Follow the path, grab the treasure, and climb the blocks.  
At the top, you'll face a couple of slave mummies.  When you exit this 
hall, take a moment to look around.  You'll see some weaving blocks, as 
well as a steady rock to the left of another path.  That path leads to 
a single bit of treasure, but it's nothing difficult to attain.  

If you don't want it, stay put and let me deal with these other folks 
first.  If you do want it, jump out to that rock and then into the 
"cave" type thing.  Careful...touch the quicksand and die.  Anyway, 
when you're in this new room, carefully walk up to the edge and turn 
right.  If you look up, you can see a ledge that will allow you to 
shimmy to the left.  Do so, and drop when you reach the end.  Turn 
around, then run and jump across the way.  Climb the steps to find a 
piece of treasure at the top.  Going back isn't so evil--just drop-off 
the other side of the block with the treasure and jump your way back to 
where we all split up.

Now we should all be together.  Our next obstacle is similar to that of 
the bridge at the beginning...just sprint across the weaving blocks and 
you'll be fine.  They'll only fall if you loiter about them.  When 
you've made it across, climb the block straight ahead, and then up the 
ledge to the left.  Here, you'll find some treasure and Dual Pistol 
Bullets.  Now return to ground're about to find the source 
of the banging.  Climb the steps to face two more mummies.  Light your 
torch and then the hieroglyphics... looking further, is a sliding wall.  
Pfft.  Run by it.  Now, as soon as you smash the jar and collect the 
treasure, mummies will attack.  Quickly retreat back the way you came 
and let them come to you.  The final one will drop the Star-key.  

Veer a right at the statue, and keep running because the ceiling will 
collapse behind you.  After you turn the next corner, be wary for the 
falling blocks.  Upon going to the right, you'll find another booby-
trapped pit.  Grab the treasure and climb out on the other side, then 
push the button on the left.  Turn around and climb upon the block that 
fell to reach the area above with an Ankh.  Now continue down the hall, 
wary of more blocks.  The button you pushed ceased the movement of the 
sliding wall.  Now enter the next room....I hope you have an ample 
supply of Amulets or some ammunition, by the way.  You might want to 
read the next bit too, so you know what you're doing.  When you venture 
into the room, you'll find an alcove to the upper right with a 
soon as you reach this point, three mallet mummies will attack, and 
every time you kill one, another will appear in its place.  Do whatever 
it takes to climb up into the alcove (don't smash the jar yet).  Now, 
just be sniper and throw your Amulets at them all...there're tons of 
these guys, but if you've been collecting your treasure up to this 
point, you'll be cool.  You may have to go back to ground level to get 
a couple if they aren't on the screen, but this situation is nothing 
you can't handle.  When they're gone, grab the Star-key and smash the 
jar.  Return to the ground level, and go left to the purple-highlighted 
picture on the wall.  Go left from here, and you can push a piece of 
orange wall to open up the door.  VERY CAREFULLY enter the room.  Look 
at all the weaving tiles!!  Avoid them like the plague, and make your 
way into the large area.  Smash the jar in the north area for some 
treasure.  Retrace your steps to exit this area, and continue further 
on.  You'll eventually find the switch you can press to move on.

Follow the path until it splits.  Go right.  Turn over the wall tiles 
with the hand.  Return to the intersection and go the other way this 
time.  Now you're going to surf on a log.

Stay on the left...eventually you'll have to JUMP over a branch, over 
which is an Ankh.  After that, stay in the middle and CROUCH because a 
tree will topple over.  Another tree will fall over soon after that, 
but you have to JUMP over it.  Next, you'll have to JUMP over a branch 
on the left.  Then just navigate and dodge rocks the rest of the way.

Climb the block in front of you.  Turn to the left and grab the crack.  
Shimmy to the left until you can climb up.  Climb this block, then the 
block to the left.  Drop down on the other side for an urn.  Smash it 
and collect the stuff, then climb back up and jump over the gap.  Whip 
out your torch and turn to the right.  You can probably guess what you 
have to do.  It can actually be tricky--do a running jump and land _on_ 
the hieroglyphics.  Yep!  With your back to the torch, do a "backwards 
jump" and almost immediately before your torch is lit, go forward.  You 
should light the hieroglyphics.  Make your way back up here and pull 
the lever near the door.  As soon as you do, you'll be attacked by your 
first groupe of swordsman mummies.  Just hack away with your Machete, 
as they'll come to you one by one.  When they're dead, go down the 
steps straight ahead for Dual Pistol Bullets.  Climb up and grab the 
water you see.  Jump over the gap and enter the room.  Go straight and 
take sanctuary by the pillar dead ahead, because more swordsman mummies 
will attack, this time in twos.  You can use the Machete, but it's 
risky.  However, you CAN block their attacks.  If you don't want to 
risk it, use the Dual Pistols.  When they're dead, find the torch in 
here near the piece of treasure.  Light your torch, turn around and go 
straight until you hit the pillar you were just at, and veer a left.  
Light the two hieroglyphics here and grab the treasure.  Now follow the 
edge of this drop-off and climb on the block to reach the higher level.  
As you approach the water, another swordsman mummy will come up from 
behind.  Jump the gap for Dual Pistol Bullets, and prepare to face 
another swordsman mummy.  Drop down to ground level (watch where you're 
going, so you don't fall in the water).  Two more swordsman mummies 
will attack, so take them out.  Grab the Star-key and open the pinkish 

A cut-scene will commence.


There's not much I can say about this level.  There are no perfect 
zones, but there are Ankhs.  The object of this level is basically to 
chase after Beni, avoiding obstacles such as logs and fire as you do 
so.  You can't catch him, so take your time.  Know this: if you do as 
much as graze something, you're dead.  So be careful!


As soon as you reach the split, mummies will attack from the left and 
right.  Kill them, and go left at the split.  Collect the goodies in 
the cubby here.  Then return to the split and go right for more 
treasure.  Go down the steps and collect the treasure on the banisters.  
When you approach the near-middle of the right side of the room, 
mummies will attack.  Kill them, and enter the mini-room on the right.  
Pull the lever in here.  Exit and go straight across to enter the other 
mini-room containing another lever.  Two more mummies will attack after 
you pull it.  Exit the room and go left to find a jar and 
hieroglyphics.  Collect the stuff in the jar, and find a torch to light 
yours for the hieroglyphics.  Moving to the right from this corner 
renders two more mummies.  Kill them, and keep going right for Shotgun 
Shells.  You'll arrive at the blazing flames you saw in the cut-scene.  
To remedy this problem, turn the statue to the left of the flames.  
Three mummies will attack when you enter.  Pick up the Star-key.  Press 
the switch in here to extinguish the flames and move on.

Drop down and step on the elevated tile to open the door ahead.  In the 
huge room, go left for a piece of treasure.  Return to the lit torches, 
light yours, and go right from your entrance for hieroglyphics.  Follow 
the right side of the room for treasure.  Move to the left side of the 
room for another piece of treasure.  Now step on the elevated tile in 
the middle of the room.  Now, run, run, as fast as you can!!  Try to 
avoid everything as you run....There is one Ankh to be had, so get it.

Stand on the elevated tile to raise the door.  Grab the water you may 
have been needing for quite some time.  A scarab is nearby as well...By 
the way, DON'T press the switch on the wall.  What we have to do is get 
the dots on the wall to equal in total.  So here's what you do:  Make 
your way over to the dark brown tiles and flip the left and right tiles 
over.  NOW you can press the switch.  The door will rise, and you'll be 
in a huge room similar to that in the movie.  Grab the Shotgun Shells 
on the left, then move forward a bit.  When you're about even with the 
island to the left, go right and a secret passage will open when you're 
near it.  Inside is some treasure and Dual Pistol Bullets.  Exit and 
jump to the floating island across for stuff, jump back, and do the 
same with the next island.  On the way, though, you'll face a couple of 
mummies.  At the top of the ramp will be some more mummies...retreat a 
little bit so you won't get surrounded.  Also up here is a piece of 
treasure.  Now, before you open the door to move on, drop off the left 
ledge onto a lower platform.  Jump across the gap to the jar for stuff.  
Return to the door and press the Star-key switch.

Watch out for falling blocks in this hall.  Grab the treasure you see 
and proceed.  Here's another puzzle.  For this one, the totals have to 
equal.  Go to the dark brown panels, and flip the left and middle ones.  
5-3-5...that should add up to 13.  Then press the scarab button.  Avoid 
the spikes.  Climb up the right and light the hieroglyphics.  Then jump 
across into the next hall.  Run all the way the end, you'll 
find it's a little too quiet.  Look to the'll see a piece of 
treasure on the block.  Return to the entrance and go right for more 
treasure.  When you get over here, or before, you'll trigger a 
cutscene.  I suggest you use your Dual Pistols on these guys.  When 
they're all dead, grab the Star-key and make your way to the door on 
the left side of the room.

Grab the Shotgun Shells, then approach picture of the huge scarab, and 
climb up.  Keep going and climb up the right.  A cut scene will 
commence.  Follow your way around, and at some point, mummies will 
appear in front and the rear.  Kill the one behind you first and 
retreat a bit, then hack away the rest as they come to you.  Keep going 
a ways, then head right when the path splits.  Jump the gap for 
treasure and another mummy.  Return to the split and enter the next 
room.  Take the stairs down; you'll see some treasure near the top of 
one flight.  After a few steps of reaching the bottom, more mummies 
will attack.  Take them all out, then find the scarab button on one 
side of the pyramid.  Press it to reveal an Ankh.  Kill any more 
mummies there may be, along with the scarabs that appear.  Press the 
switch to move onto the next area.

Grab the Shotgun Shells next to the pillar on the right.  If you look 
at the pictures of the people on the walls, you'll see they both have 
9.  Approach the dark brown panels and flip the left and right so they 
read 3-1-5.  Press the switch.  Go up the steps in the next room and a 
swordsman mummy will attack.  Carefully enter the room and move a tad 
bit to the right to entice the second swordsman.  Retreat and kill him, 
and do it again to entice the third, if he hasn't come out already.  
Trek to the right side of the room to find some treasure.  Almost as 
soon as you make it over there, two more swordsmen will attack.  To the 
left of the spikes is a scarab button...and no, it didn't cease the 
spikes.  It opened up a mini-room to the left of this nook...back up 
and you'll see it.  Inside is a jar.  Now this next part is difficult, 
as it can be certain death if you screw up.  Watch the pattern of the 
spikes.  Then as soon as one of them retract COMLETELY, approach the 
wall and grab the ledge.  Follow the path and a swordsman will attack.  
Climb up to face two more, one behind, one in front.  I suggest your 
pistols at this point, if they aren't equipped already.  When you reach 
the torch at the end of this hall, two swordsmen will attack from the 
left.  When you reach the second torch, another one will come up from 
behind.  At the third torch, one will jump down from an alcove to the 
left.  When he's dead, jump up to where he came from for some dynamite 
and Shotgun Shells.  Now find the door out of here.

Drop down and you'll eventually come to a pit with scarabs and some 
treasure (on both don't miss anything!).  Kill the scarabs 
and get your booty, then climb out.  Jump into another pit and climb 
out...then press the scarab button.  On the left and right sides of 
this room are booby-trapped pits with treasure.  Each time you grab the 
treasure, a block will fall to crush each sarcophagi, releasing 
scarabs.  Kill them.  Now proceed further and you'll be attacked by a 
swordsman.  Two more swordsmen will pop out of the pits.  There are 
more booby-trapped pits, and the middle one is filled with scarabs and 
a piece of treasure (you have to kill them if you want a perfect zone).  
Next, move to the right side of the drop off, and drop down onto the 
rectangle platform.  The swordsmen will appear, and you can pick them 
off with your Amulets.  On either side of the pit are a couple of 
levers.  Pull them, then climb back up.  No, you don't have to shimmy 
over the spikes.  Just jump onto the ledge to the left of them and make 
your way across.  Drop down on the other side and grab the stuff.  
There will be another swordsman...kill him, proceed, and two more will 
appear behind you.  When they're dead, collect the Star-key and press 
the switch.

In this next big area, collect the treasure from the left and right 
sides of the room.  Light the hieroglyphics on the left side, then 
press the scarab switch to the north.  A spearman will appear almost as 
soon as you enter.  Kill him, and enter the left room.  Climb the block 
and press the scarab switch.  The block will push into the wall, and 
another spearman will appear.  Now leave the room and go left, then 
left into the next room.  As you do, another spearman will appear.  
Climb the block and press the scarab switch.  Now enter the room 
directly across from you.  Do the same in here and kill the spearman.  
Leave the room, go left, and enter the next room to the left (yeah, we 
just made a big circle).  Do the same again.  Leave the room, but this 
time, go right all the way.  You'll hear more mummies, seeing a jar in 
the distance.  One spearman will come from the left and right, and two 
from straight ahead.  When they're dead, nuke the jar to kill some 
scarabs.  Proceed, and you'll soon see the pink sarcophagus.  Kill the 
two spearmen that appear, and open it.


Grab the piece of treasure ahead, and jump/climb from island to island 
to collect more stuff.  Return to dry land, and find the next hallway.  
Press the button at its beginning, and a slave mummy will crash through 
the wall.  You'll find Dual Pistol Bullets and treasure from where he 
came from.  At the end of the mini-hallway, you'll spot water and 
another mummy.  Kill the mummy, move a few more steps for more mummies, 
and grab the water if needed.  In the next big room, you'll find 
treasure and Shotgun Shells in the northeast and southeast corners, 
along with two mummies.  When you kill the mummies, the doors will 
start to open and close.  Run by.  To your immediate right will be 
Shotgun Shells.  Run by the next two sets of doors into a larger room.  
To your immediate right again, will be Dual Pistol Ammo.  Climb the 
stairs, and go left.  You can jump up into an above area for a bunch of 
loot.  Return tot he top of the stairs and flip the panels so they fit 
the picture on the wall.  Afterwards, more mummies will appear.  If you 
don't have a perfect zone, scour around for a mummy you may have 
missed.  Grab the Star-key and press the switch.

Avoid the flames and grab the treasure.  Run by the next set of flames 
and press the button to raise the door.  Time to surf again.  Almost 
immediately after beginning, move left to jump and grab the Ankh.  Then 
stick around in the middle for awhile...jump over a pillar, and squeeze 
between two structures after that.  You'll have to dodge some stuff for 
a few seconds, then stick to the left and crouch under another 
structure for another Ankh.  After that, it's just jumping.

Light your torch, grab the dynamite, light the hieroglyphics, and scoop 
up the treasure in the corner.  Run up the stairs and press the button.  
There's some water to your immediate right as you enter, but save it.  
Instead, take the Shotgun Shells in the middle of the room.  A cutscene 
will show Imhotep summoning two Archery Mummies.  Take them out with 
your pistols, then grab the water and press on.  To your immediate 
right as you exit the mini-hall is a box of Shotgun Shells.  There are 
also more archers.  In any event, climb the platform to your left for 
some goodies, as well as water in an adjacent alcove.  Back on the main 
path, keep going then grab the crack at the end and shimmy left.  
Follow the way down and kill another archer.  Pick up the Star-key and 
hit the switch.

Light the hieroglyphics on the right wall.  Climb over the rubble and 
press the button.  To the immediate right as you enter this room is 
some Dual Pistol Bullets, and dynamite on the left.  Watch out for the 
swordsmen, though.  Jump to the island, then turn right and jump on the 
weird stone/earth for treasure and water.  Go back, but instead of 
jumping on the block, jump to the right (near a pillar).  Two more 
swordsmen will appear.  When you kill them, two more will appear.  Grab 
the treasure near the gimpy picture, and go left from there, down the 
hall.  To the immediate right as you enter the room, you'll find 
Shotgun Shells.  Pick them up, and sprint all the way to the left.  
Kill them all, then nab the treasure near the torch, light the 
hieroglyph, and pick up the bit of treasure you sprinted past.  Leave 
this area.  When you're back in the one big area, stick to the left 
wall and two more swordsmen mummies will crash through.  Kill them for 
your perfect zone.  Continue along the left wall, and jump the gap.  
Press the switch to move on.

Run past that acid stuff, around the corner and past some more, and hit 
the button you come to.  To the immediate left as you enter the next 
area, an archer will attack.  Shoot him, and note the treasure and 
hieroglyphics.  Follow the path and shoot the next archer.  Grab the 
dynamite, light your torch, and make way to where you noted the stuff a 
second ago.  Return to where you shot the second archer, and climb to 
the area above to find Shotgun Shells.  After taking a few steps, 
you'll be faced with two more archers.  Kill them, then take the 
treasure you see.  While you're here, push the bird tile right there as 
if it were a button, and climb up the platform nearby for more 
treasure.  If you move to the end of the ledge, you can see another 
archer.  Bean him with an Amulet.  Now go back to where you found the 
one piece of treasure before you climbed up here, and look around a 
bit.  You'll find another place with water and Dual Pistol Bullets.  
Drop down, and continue.  Somewhere to the right, you'll see a jackal 
panel jutting out.  Do the same with the previous tile, and continue 
around this block to push the one of a cat.  Now go fetch the Star-
key!!  Drop down from there once you have it, and continue.  Kill the 
remaining archer and press the switch.

Sprint by the weaving pillars and push the button you eventually come 
to.  When you enter this area, you'll hear Imhotep summon some 
swordsmen.  Kill them, then pick up all the ammo and treasure.  
Continue, and another swordsman will come out of nowhere from your 
right.  There's also a piece of treasure from where he came from.  Upon 
going left, you must jump the gap, whence you'll face two more 
swordsmen.  Grab the treasure.  If you head right from the treasure, 
you'll see a small rectangular "path".  If you look up from here, you 
can see a place where you can shimmy to the right for stuff.  Get back 
here when you have everything and jump the gap.  As you approach the 
sarcophagus, two more swordsmen will attack.  After they're dead, jump 
the gap and two more will appear.  Kill them, collect the Star-key and 
the treasure, and get out of there.


Make your way down the stairs.  Grab the Shotgun Shells and flip the 
weaponry tile on the wall.  Carefully go left and around to the next 
wall of this "block" because you just opened the door revealing 
goodies... Now, continue on the main path, and prepare for slave 
mummies--they appear once you reach the dynamite.  Take them out with 
the Machete.  Standing at the spot where you found the dynamite (as if 
you were going straight), you can look up to see an area with treasure 
and a torch.  You can jump up there from the other side.  Anyway, enter 
the first room you come to.  More mummies will attack--if they're the 
last, one will drop the Star-key.  Grab the treasure and ammo in the 
corners.  Next, climb the platform in here.  Slice/punch the wooden 
plank, but quickly get off the platform so you won't get squished.  
Basically, you just lowered all the gates around here, and made a 
bridge in this room to another area.  Go there and collect the stuff, 
noting the Star-key door.  Smash the jar for ammo and treasure, and 
continue down the stairs for more treasure.  Now return to the Star-key 

Press the switch at the next door.  You're going to have to run again.  
There's one Ankh to pick up...but other than that, avoid's a lot more chaotic than in the previous level, so 
watch it.

Climb out of the pit and follow the long hall for a cutscene.  Grab the 
Shotgun Shells to the immediate left.  Kill the mummies; skirt around 
the perimeter of the room if needed.  To the right of your entrance is 
a doorway leading to a room with treasure.  Leave and go right into 
another area.  You'll be forced to fight more mummies coming from every 
which-a-way.  The last one will drop the Star-key.  Find the Star-key 
switch....and instead of opening a door, the platform above will lower, 
allowing you to climb over.  

Light the hieroglyphics on the left wall, and climb over the next 
structure.  Take the left path and drop down.  Turn around, and you can 
see Shotgun Shells to Rick's left and Dual Pistol Bullets on the right.  
You can push a switch in the mini-room between the ammo you found to 
lower a go right from the switch for a few paces, then right 
again to climb the block.  Turn right and jump up to the platform above 
to find treasure and water.  When you drop down, you'll be attacked by 
two spearmen.  As you approach the middle sarcophagus, two more will 
attack.  Move to the far left of the room.  On either side of the 
closed doors, are two flipable X panels.  They both reveal rooms nearby 
each one.  The left one contains hieroglyphics, and the other is a room 
with treasure, and an enprisoned Star-key--ignore this room for now.  
Instead, press the switch by the closed doors, which hide a spearman to 
kill for your perfect zone.  Now, make your way to the previously 
ignored room.  Collect the treasure in the right alcove, and go to the 
north wall to find a piece of wall you may push (part of it looks like 
the Japanese flag) to lower the yellow wall.  Go inside and stand on 
the gold "switch".  Now go fetch the's timed, so be 
quick.  Open the Star-key door.

Follow the hall and collect the treasure at the end.  Drop down and you 
should spot some hieroglyphics you can light.  Press the switch.  
Follow the path and kill a scarab, then grab the treasure to the right 
when you leave the hall.  There's also a pit containing treasure and 
water here.  As soon as you enter the pit, three archers will attack.  
Nuke them with some Amulets, and grab the treasure and ammo on the left 
and right sides of the room.  Continue, and you'll find archers on your 
immediate left and right.  Use Amulets on them as well.  Now before you 
get all green-eyed and grab everything, take a moment to flip the 
panels on either side of your entrance to this room.  Facing the 
entrance...going right takes you down a hall leading you to a room 
containing two archers (one will drop the Star-key), two jars, some 
treasure, and the Star-key door.  The left will take you to a room with 
treasure, ammo, and water.  Now grab everything else in the main room.  
One of the jars contains a scarab and Dual Pistol Ammo.  But BE CAREFUL 
as you approach the platform in the middle....acid stuff will spray 
out.  So step up there from the left or ride side.  Now make way to the 
Star-key door.

Go left and light the hieroglyphics.  Also be sure to grab the Dual 
Pistol Bullets by the lit torch.  Climb over the blocks and press the 
switch.  Follow the path and you'll be attacked by some swordsmen.  
When you enter the big area, look to the left and right to find stuff 
in a couple of alcoves.  Moving on, another swordsman will attack.  
Climb the stairs and follow the path.  Two more will attack--one 
behind, one ahead/to the left.  Keep going a bit, and three more will 
appear!  Note the sole piece of treasure to the right.  Going left will 
reveal three more guys.... That's all folks!  Grab the Star-key, and 
beat feet to the right side of the room to grab that piece of treasure 
you saw.  Now open the sarcophagus and leave.


At the start, back up a few steps and go left.  Jump the gap to find a 
couple of pieces of treasure.  Return to your starting point and go 
down the stairs, killing the archers on your way.  Once you reach the 
bloody waterfall, another one is probably behind you.  Kill them all to 
get the Star-key.  Looking at the bloody waterfall, you'll find a piece 
of treasure.  You can merely jump over to it.  On the other side of the 
waterfall is a lever to pull, releasing two more archers, and revealing 
an adjacent room of treasure and ammo.  Now find the Star-key switch.

Light your torch and ascend the stairs to find hieroglyphics.  Go up 
the next flight of stairs, and press X at the left fish statue.  Time 
to run yet again...this one is hard, so just stay alert.  There's also 
an Ankh to pick up.

Climb up the rocks straight ahead.  When you reach the split, a mummy 
will come from the right.  Go that way, and climb more rocks.  Turn 
around, and climb another ledge... you'll come to some treasure, and a 
mummy will appear behind you.  Now return to the previous area.  
Another mummy will appear--ignore him, and run run run into the next 
room.  Take refuge in one of the corners, as mummies will just keep 
sprouting as you kill them; you can pick them off this way in ones or 
twos.  After what seems to be infinity, the last one will drop the 
Star-key.  Climb up the rocks in this room.  Keep going until you reach 
an area with a drop-off and a place where you can climb up.  The drop-
off leads to the Star-key door...but let's not go there yet.  Climb up, 
and enter the room for a couple of hieroglyphics.  When you have your 
perfect zone, find the Star-key door.

Make your way around to a lever.  Pull it, and keep going.  In the 
large room, you'll face some more archers.  Pull the switch you'll 
eventually come to as you skirt the perimeter of the room.  It will 
open a door to the left.  Go left at the split for treasure, then 
right.  When you cross the bridge, archers will attack you.  Flip the 
panels they were guarding.  On your way back, two more archers will 
have appeared.  Take care of them.  Now go get the Star-key.

Light the hieroglyphics, then flip the panels on the opposite wall.  
Doing so raises a platform so you may throw the lever.  A cutscene will 
show you where you have to go.  Jump to the islands for stuff, and 
throw Amulets at the archers you come to.  Eventually you'll come to a 
drop-off point, and you'll find a ledge to the right with water.  
Continue along the path, and you'll find another island with a piece of 
treasure.  The last archer will drop the Star-key.  Grab it, along with 
the treasure nearby.  Return to the main path and climb the rock.  The 
platforms are weaving, and there is some treasure you may want.  Run to 
the middle platform and quickly jump up to the alcove with the treasure 
(you won't die if you stand there too long).  If you screw up, that's 
ok.  You can jump from a spot on solid land and grab it.  Now make way 
to the Star-key switch to lower a bridge.

Light your torch and then the hieroglyphics across the way (careful, 
avoid the flames).  You'll eventually come across a lever you can pull.  
Do so, then turn around and go straight across to another lever.  Pull 
it, then turn to the left and enter the next room.  Sprint past all the 
pillars...then sprint right back in retreat because a swarm of mummies 
will attack...usually in groupes of three.  A note about the pillars, 
since they all didn't fall--watch your back, because these can pretty 
much fall in fixed directions.  In any event, grab the Star-key, and 
proceed to the back of the room and push the statue to the side.  Turn 
around, and you'll find a secret door has opened to the left.  Climb 
the top (it's pretty self-explanatory) and grab the Ankh.  Then return 
to the main room and run to the other side.  Push the statue in here 
and climb the stairs.  You'll find a hole in the floor--drop down, jump 
the gap and grab the stuff.  Return to the previous area; continue up 
the stairs and follow the path.  You know what to do by now.


Like Beni's Downfall, not much I can say.  Overall, what you have to do 
is very easy.  The hard part is doing it without getting killed.

Basically, all you have to do is run over all the tiles so they can 
change colours, and avoid Anck-Su-Namun and her mummy friend.  There're 
also Ankhs in this level.  Additionally, note that if you touch the 
black clouds that spray from the sarcophagi, you die.  Touch Anck-Su-
Namun, you die.  Touch the mummy, he holds you for Anck-Su-Namun, and 
you die.  You can kill the mummy with an Amulet, though.  I have yet to 
hit Anck-Su-Namun with one to try to slow her down (I don't think it's 

But rejoice!!  If you die, any squares you stepped on remain so... but 
you don't want to waste your lives.

That's it for this level.


Equip your new weapon if you so wish.  You're about to face a ton of 
mallet mummies.  Grab the Lewis Gun Bullets.  As soon as you do, two 
mallet mummies will attack--one from the left, and one ahead.  Continue 
straight and you'll be attacked again from the left.  If you look to 
the left, you'll notice a couple of elevated tiles in the centre of the 
room.  Stepping on those lowers the gates (the time you have to get 
over there is limited) and allows three mallet mummies to attack.  If 
the gates rise, you can just step on the tiles and try again.  When you 
cross, well, you're on your own in killing these guys.  They just come 
from out of nowhere (also make sure you grab the Lewis Gun Bullets).  
When you've got them all in this little area, look at the intersection.  
Go right and some wall will eventually collapse ahead and to the right 
of you.  Keep going straight, and you'll enter a room with another 
mallet mummy, a jar, and a button on the wall.  Kill the mummies that 
come after you, then smash the jar and collect the contents, and push 
the button.  Now return to the intersection and go the other way.  Kill 
any mummies that get in your way, and press the button near the door.  
Kill the mallet mummies behind it and grab the *should* 
have a perfect zone.  If not, you probably missed a mummy somewhere.  
Anyway, hit the Star-key switch.

In this room, there will be hieroglyphics to the immediate left.  Light 
them and move up the stairs.  Flip the gold panels to fit the picture, 
then press the grey button.  Go through the door and two swordsmen will 
attack.  Jump over the gap and two more will attack from the left and 
right.  Retreat back to the other side and pick them off with the 
pistols.  Go up the stairs and two more will attack on either side; 
another will appear when you kill one of them (I think, or they may all 
be at once.  I never saw him 'til I killed one).  When they're gone, 
head left at the top.  You'll find a jar near the edge with Shotgun 
Shells and dynamite.  You can drop down from here to find a piece of 
treasure and hieroglyphics.  When you've taken care of business, press 
the switch on the left wall.  A door will reveal a room containing two 
swordsmen, and another will come up from Rick's left.  Kill them, then 
enter the area from which the two came from for treasure and dynamite.  
Move to the right side of the room and some more swordsmen will attack 
as you approach the jar (two from the wall, one from behind).  You can 
retreat straight across from the jar and they won't cross the 
you can pick them off with the pistols.  When they're dead, grab the 
Star-key and smash the jar for Dual Pistol Bullets.  From here, you can 
see the piece of treasure on the other side of some water.  Open the 
Star-key door when you have everything.

Run down the stairs and grab the stuff in the alcove of this room.  
Press the switch and kill the mallet mummies that appear after about 
three steps.  Drop down on the left and follow the ramp a bit to fight 
two more mallet mummies.  Drop down to ground level for the same 
effect, and you'll also find a piece of treasure in one of the far 
corners.  Cross the bridge to the other side (don't stand on it for too 
long, it's weaving and will collapse).  Kill more mallet mummies and 
pick up the Lewis Gun Bullets straight across from the bridge.  Another 
mallet mummy will attack from this spot.  Continue along this path to 
find Shotgun Shells.  Around this point, two more mallet mummies will 
attack.  After that, return to where you found the Lewis Gun Bullets.  
Look around in the area where the mallet mummy came from and you'll 
find vines you can climb.  At the top, more mallet mummies will attack.  
Kill them all, and turn around from where you climbed'll see 
hieroglyphics on the wall, as well as Shotgun Shells, and 
treasure/dynamite on separate pillars.  From the pillars, you can see 
some more Lewis Gun Bullets in the distance.  Grab the stuff (you can 
do a running jump to the pillar with the LGB's, and you can find a 
torch near the Star-key door up here to light the hieroglyphics.  We 
should all have our perfect zones now, so hit the Star-key door.

Just sprint through here, and smash the jar.  Eventually, you'll come 
to more tile to step on.  If you look to the immediate left and right 
before going too far, you'll see a couple of archers.  You can't do 
anything to them until they "awaken".  So just back up, facing them, 
and have a couple of Amulets ready.  Grab the stuff in all the alcoves 
and move on to find a booby-trapped pit with treasure and bullets.  
After you climb out, two more archers will attack.  Go down the first 
flight of stairs, and you'll hear more archers.  You can bean them from 
your vantage point with Amulets.  When they're gone, smash the jars.  
Moving on, punch/shoot the rusted chains.  Approach the new area and 
another archer will appear.  Go down the hall a bit, and Rick *might* 
aim at another one along the way.  That's the last of 'em.  Enter the 
next area.

On the other side of the big block, you'll find a button with prints of 
two hands.  Push it, and kill any scarabs in the room.  On the other 
side of a gap, you'll find Lewis Gun Bullets and treasure.  Continuing, 
simple slave mummies will attack.  Jump the gap straight ahead for 
loot, then jump back.  Return to where you fought the slave mummies and 
go right, jumping the gap here.  You'll land in the next area and will 
have to fight two more.  We'll call these two the gimps for future 
reference.  Follow the path for mummies and treasure.  Return to the 
area when you fought the gimps, and look around for a ledge you can 
jump to.  There's a jar up there, along with more mummies.  You should 
have a perfect zone upon grabbing the Star-key.  Use it when you have 

Watch the pattern of the acid.  Then press the middle switch.  Scarabs 
will appear.  Squash them and press the right switch, then left.  The 
door will open.  Entering the next room entices more scarabs.  Mummies 
will attack as soon as you reach the bullets--complete with a scarab.  
Continue through the cave, killing mummies and scarabs as you go.  
Avoid the grey flooring as they're only traps.  There's also a set of 
Lewis Gun Bullets.  Easy perfect zone.  Move on.

This zone is chaos.  Sprint past the acid (and grab the water), and 
past some more.  At the end, you'll come to a ledge with acid spraying 
at the base.  Timing is make the climb when you can.  
At the top, mummies will attack.  Go right, jump the gap (with your 
weapon unequipped, you may end up having to grab the ledge).  When you 
climb up, it's a good time to use Amulets; you have no space to really 
retreat (there's acid in the little alley) and you have a few mummies 
to deal with as well.  Now, go down the alley and face right at the 
end--climb up, smash the jar, and press the switch up here.  This turns 
off all the acid!!  Woot!  Jump across the gaps, and more mummies will 
immediately attack...kill them, grab the Star-key, and then follow your 
way around.  You'll be happy to come across water.  You'll also find a 
switch in a hollow area around here, along with a resident mummy.

Avoid the spikes, collecting the stuff as you go.  The best way to go 
about the spikes is to jump at them when they ARE out.  They should 
recede as you go over if you've timed it right.  Jump the gap you'll be 
attacked by a swordsman.  Jump the next, and you'll be attacked again.  
Jump another gap for water.  Turn right, and grab the ledge above.  In 
the middle of this strip, you'll be attacked by swordsmen.  Jump the 
gap at the end and enter the room.  I thought it was cool how they 
threw in the blood, but, that's just me *^_^*  Note the frozen 
swordsmen across from the sarcophagus.  Just sprint past them, then 
shoot to kill.  Open the sarcophagus when you have the Star-key.


Grab the treasure to the left.  Keep going for more treasure.  Now, I 
hope you have a VERY ample supply of Amulets, because Imhotep will 
introduce you to a new enemy, Spirit Mummies.  Your guns won't work on 
these guys, so hit them with your Amulets...and don't be surprised if 
it takes more than one.  When they're gone, collect the Star-key and 
enter the next room.  To the immediate right is a statue you can push 
to reveal a hidden adjacent room.  Enter, and go right at the 
intersection.  Push the right statue to reveal another room of stuff.  
Now, find the Star-key door...punch the skeleton next to it, then grab 
the hidden treasure.  Hit the Star-key switch.

Collect the goodies in the alcoves.  You can also push each sarcophagus 
to reveal treasure.  Now hit X on the left skull (near the door).  Head 
upstairs and mummies will attack from all sides.  Collect the water on 
the east side of the room, and move to the west.  To the left of a 
torch around here, is a skeleton you can push into the wall.  Do so, 
and mummies will appear behind you.  Now turn around and go straight 
until you hit the sarcophagus, then go right a few steps.  You'll find 
a hidden room nearby because of the skeleton you pushed.  Grab the 
bullets, turn around, and enter the area next to the wheel.  Jump the 
gaps to fight more mummies, then collect the Star-key inside the room.

Press X at the skeleton, then collect the treasure.  Follow the path 
and light the hieroglyphics.  In the next room, make your way to the 
jackal statue.  I dunno if you have to hit X or not...if you don't, 
Rick didn't do anything.  Kill the mummies that appear when it lowers, 
then go the opposite way of the statue into a room with treasure and 
water.  Further on, many, many mummies will attack.  Retreat to a spot 
(preferably in the doorway of the previous room...where you lit the 
hieroglyphics) so you won't get surrounded.  Return to where they 
appeared, collect the treasure and continue left.  Go right when you 
can, into another area.  To the right is water.  Go left, left again, 
then through the doorway into a dirt-room where there are Shotgun 
Shells.  Climb out and find the Star-key door nearby.

Climb the rocks.  Look to the right to find the Star-key in the middle 
of nowhere.  Ignore it for now (well, if you don't care about stuff or 
perfect zones, go ahead and get it...I guess the programmers cut us all 
a break :), and enter the room you come to, to the left for treasure.  
You can push the right statue to raise a platform out in the water, 
allowing access to stuff.  For now, enter the room between the statues 
for Shotgun Shells and water.  Spirit Mummies will attack, so be 
careful.  Return to the main area and drop down at the end; jump the 
gap for the Star-key.  More Spirit maybe they didn't cut 
us a break after all -_-  From here, jump on the rock you raised, and 
enter the last sub-area.  When you have everything, hit the Star-key 

Don't drop down yet...first, light the torch, then the hieroglyphics on 
the other platform, grab the treasure on the next, and quickly light 
the hieroglyphics next to the skeleton.  Next, hit X at the skeleton.  
Drop down for treasure before you go through the door; proceed when you 
have everything.  In the next area, spirit mummies will attack.  When 
they're gone, notice you can go straight up a couple of steps and into 
a new room, or left.  Go straight, climb the rocks in here, and grab 
the water.  Another spirit mummy will attack.  Keep going and you'll 
reach another split...enter the area with the torch.  In here, you'll 
find a U-shaped walkway, with a wheel hiding the Star-key on the right 
curve, with a small area branching on the bottom of the U.  Go right 
until you reach the piece of wall jutting out.  Now quickly retreat to 
the small area you passed on the way to this spot.  You'll find that a 
piece of wall has jutted out.  Push it, and you can now walk to the 
area the wheel previously covered.  Grab the Star-key, and you'll hear 
a little rumbling.  As it turns out, a rock has risen from the water as 
a stepping stone.  Now leave this room and continue right.  Before you 
drop off, note the path to the right...and straight ahead is some 
treasure and water on a ledge.  Grab it all.  You'll see we're now back 
at the first intersection.  But in any event, go down the path you just 
noted.  More spirit mummies will attack.  Kill them for the perfect 
zone.  Make your way across the water to the Star-key door.

Some spikes are in rapid succession of each other.  Run in a zigzag 
fashion (when running past each spike, stick to the opposite side it's 
shooting from).  On the bridge, you'll have to time yourself, and run 
past each set of spikes as they retract.  Do the same on the next 
bridge.  Drop down into the next area.  Mummies will attack, and the 
door will close above.  Kill this batch and climb the platform that 
rises.  Drop down into the new room.  Approaching the skeleton in the 
centre renders more mummies.  Kill them, and turn the skeleton if you 
haven't to climb the risen platform.  You'll find some much-needed 
water, coupled with more mummies when you drop down.  On the west and 
north walls are tiles with the palm prints.  Flip them both to raise an 
adjacent platform.  Straight ahead of you will be a skeleton statue of 
some sort.  Push it into the wall, along with the second on the same 
wall.  As you approach, more mummies will attack.  Climb the platform 
for more water.  Drop down and we're in the first room again.  Directly 
across from you, the final platform will have risen.  Climb it and 
enter the next area.  As you approach the panels, mummies will attack.  
Kill them and *finally* collect the Star-key.  Easy perfect zone.  Now 
flip the panels.  Climb the platform to reach the door out.

Follow the long path and climb the rocks at the end.  The wall will 
crumble...I sense more running.  Enter the area...ok, maybe not.  
Sprint to the right, past the weaving columns, and prepare for two 
swordsmen that immediately attack.  DON'T retreat around the corner 
yet, because two more will crash through the walls as soon as you do.  
Kill all these guys and jump the gap you come to.  As soon as you land, 
two more fools attack.  Kill these guys and go left for two more....on 
the left wall, is another mummy/skeleton to push, revealing a secret 
room to the right.  In here, you'll find Lewis Gun Ammo and some H2O.  
Jump the gap back in the main area, and two more swordsmen will attack 
from the immediate left and right.  Two more will attack after several 
other steps.  You'll find water in one of their homes, as well.  Open 
the Star-key door.

Drop down.  The wall will crumble when the time comes.  Climb the rocks 
and you'll now be in a room with huge feet, some sort of scale, and a 
piece of wall jutting out to the right of where you climbed up.  Push 
it to raise the foot, revealing a secret passage with treasure (look 
everywhere), as well as a pedestal with an urn to push.  BE SURE you 
grabbed all the treasure in this area, as a platform will rise blocking 
a room with some.  Climb the platform and flip the palm panels you 
find.  Go through the door and you'll find you're in the main room 
again.  Run around the perimeter of the room, and the flooring will pop 
up like those gopher things you hit with a mallet, releasing spirit 
mummies.  Kill the spirit mummies, but DO NOT do it around the 
platforms.  At some point in your journey around the room, you should 
have noticed a little pit (opposite the feet with the secret passage).  
Inside is water.  Now, see the jar on the scale?  Punch it (it's hard 
to hit it for some reason) and the scale will now be balanced.  You can 
enter the other pit now for more water.  Now go get the Star-key (two 
more spirit mummies will attack in the hall) and open the sarcophagus.


Grab the bullets to the left.  After a ways, mummies will appear.  Also 
in here is a clip of Lewis Gun Bullets.  In the hall, treasure.  As you 
near the end, a cut scene will commence.  Before you go back, find the 
alcove with the treasure, and return to the beginning to light your 
torch, then the hieroglyphics.  Now enter the newly revealed area.  
Collect the Lewis Bullets you come to, and mummies will appear.  
Retreat if you must.  After you've killed them, look to the area at the 
right to find treasure, hieroglyphics, and dynamite.  Get the stuff now 
if you want, and remember the location of the hieroglyphics.  You can 
return to the beginning of the level to get the fire to light them.  
Going the other way, you'll find Shotgun Shells, and a weaving bridge.  
Sprint across to fight more mummies.  The last will drop the Star-key.  
Go left to fight another mummy.  Then hit the Star-key switch.

Grab the stuff and climb the ladder to find more ammo.  Press the 
button near the door.  Go through, and Imhotep will begin a little 
meteor shower.  Before you do anything, look for the mini-room 
somewhere to the left for treasure and water.  Now, it can be tough to 
dodge them, but not impossible.  Think of them as spikes or acid...just 
watch the pattern.  At some point after passing, mummies will attack.  
Kill them, then find the mini-room somewhere to the right for more 
goodies.  There are more mummies just around the corner, coupled with 
more meteors.  Use the same tactics as you did before and hit the Star-
key switch.

Grab the stuffs and drop down for more treasure.  Jump over the lava, 
then find the Ankh to the right.  Keep going and hit the switch...kill 
the mallet mummies and go forth.  They will just keep coming once you 
reach the split.  When that batch is dead, go right to fight another 
one.  Follow your way around and grab the stuff in the corner alcove.  
Keep going to face another mummy.  Look up-left right after you went 
around the corner for Lewis Ammo.  Keep going a ways, then go right 
when you can for one last Star-key.  You know what to do.

Go right, and you'll eventually come to some hieroglyphics to light.  
Further on, is a button.  Push it, go back, and you'll have to run 
again.  There's an Ankh to pick up.... "The things I do for love..." as 
Courage the Cowardly Dog would say o0

Grab the treasure and drop-off for more treasure.  Note the 
hieroglyphics.  Push the switch on the wall, light the torch you come 
to, and then the hieroglyphics.  Continue to face a couple of archers.  
Down them and grab the Shotgun Shells.  Follow the path, then kill 
another archer.  Jump to a ledge with treasure, and continue on.  
Continue collecting treasure (there's another set of hieroglyphics) and 
killing archers until you acquire Star-key.

Go right, grabbing the Shotgun Shells and avoiding the flames.  Grab 
the stuff and push the button.  You will now be in a HUGE area with 
several intersections.  Now, when I say left, I mean Rick's left, and 
when I say right, Rick's right.  Head left to find treasure and 
Dynamite.  Now turn around and run until you hit Lewis Ammo.  Keep 
going, past a branch to the right, then around the corner.  You'll find 
the sarcophagus, but don't open it yet.  Instead, head right around the 
corner.  Press the button with the hand imprints, and prepare to face a 
new enemy--the High Priest Mummies.  These guys are powerful, so take 
them out with Amulets ASAP.  Grab the treasure that appeared in here as 
well.  Now, I have some good news and bad news... all you have to do to 
get the perfect zone here is kill the rest of the enemies...bad news 
is, they're all high priest mummies.  With Amulets in hand, retrace all 
your steps...including the areas you didn't enter.  They will appear 
wherever you saw their picture in the wall.  When it's over, open the 


Go forth and kill two mummies.  You'll find a piece of treasure and 
Shotgun Shells to the left, and a box of Dual Pistol Bullets to the 
right.  Also to the left, is a ledge you can climb up with treasure on 
one end, and a hall on the other leading to more stuff and 
hieroglyphics you can light.  On the bottom-right side of the main room 
is another ledge with a flipable panel.  Flip it, and a platform will 
rise straight behind you, allowing access to another panel.  Flip the 
second, then drop down and go through the now-open door between the big 
blue pillars.  To the immediate left and right upon entering, you'll 
find treasure slightly-hidden behind the pillars.  More mummies will 
appear, take them out and proceed.  In the next room, you'll find 
treasure on the left and right sides of the room.  Some more mummies 
will attack, kill them as well.  Again, you'll find treasure on the 
left and right sides of the room (and the Star-key on the left as 
well), and a jar on the other end.  When you have everything, open the 
Star-key door.

You are now in a room with hieroglyphics on the west wall, a jar to the 
north, and a flipable panel on the east wall.  Light the hieroglyphics, 
smash the jar, then flip the panel.  Go through the adjacent door into 
another area with loot all around.  As you approach the alcove of 
treasure, mallet mummies attack.  Deal with them, then approach the 
left side of the room.  More mallet mummies will with 
them, and enter the area one of them came from (the "doorway" is blue).  
When you enter, you will face even more.  Straight across from where 
you entered is some treasure.  The ledge to the right of the treasure 
has hieroglyphics, but we can't reach it yet because of the uneven 
terrain.  Sprint across the spikes as you hug the "block".  Grabbing 
the Dual Pistol Ammo results in more mallet mummies.  But in any event, 
we can now access the higher area.  Find a nice spot to climb up (right 
before the spikes).  Grab the Lewis Ammo and treasure up here, then 
follow the way around to find a torch and hieroglyphics.  Now return to 
the spikes and sprint by.  You'll find Shotgun Shells before you can 
climb the block.  Further on, you'll come to some treasure.  Scoop it 
all up, and travel a few more steps.  More mallet mummies will attack 
(one from behind).  The last one will drop the Star-key.  On the same 
wall as the Star-key button, if you look up, will be an alcove with 
treasure.  You know what to do from here.

Sprint past the two sets of spikes and run up the spiraling staircase.  
At the top, flip the panel on the left wall.  You'll have to fight two 
spearmen and a swordsman.  Tally forth, and to the left as you enter 
the next room, will be a four-point star/cross.  Press X to turn it, 
and three swordsmen will appear.  On the other side of the statue along 
this wall is another one along with Dual Pistol Ammo.  Do the same.  On 
the West side of this room in an alcove is a box of Shotgun Shells.  In 
an adjacent alcove, you will find a narrow drop-off.  Go down, and you 
will find Lewis Ammo in one corner and a bunch of treasure in another.  
Climb out of here and turn the star straight ahead.  Move to the other 
side of the structure on this north end and turn the last star (there's 
treasure in an alcove somewhere to the right as well).  Three groupes 
of three swordsmen appear after you do.  After killing them all, the 
Star-key will appear over the giant four-point star in the centre.  
Grab it, and locate the Star-key switch to the left of the last star 
you turned.

Go down the hall, sprinting past the spikes, and approach the dead-end.  
Back off real darn quick as some spearmen will attack.  To the 
immediate left as you enter the room will be a box of Dual Pistol 
Bullets.  Jump up the ledge on the left side of the room, light your 
torch, and follow your way around to some hieroglyphics.  Light them, 
drop down, and move on.  Carefully sprint past the first set of spikes, 
and two spearmen will attack from the left and right.  Kill them with 
your Amulets, then cross the second set.  Go left for more treasure and 
spearmen.  Continue past the torch for a scarab.  Sprint past the 
spikes.  In this room, you'll be attacked by two more spearmen and 
another scarab.  To the left is Lewis Gun Ammo, and there is treasure 
to the right.  In the far left corner are hieroglyphics to be lit.  Now 
enter the next area... it's huge, with a ledge to the right as you 
enter.  Climb it for treasure, then turn around and drop back down.  
Continue, and three spearmen attack once more (one behind, the other 
two on either side).  Grab the Star-key they drop, and enter the area 
the one on the right came from.  You can find an area up here with 
treasure and a bit of ammo.  Hit the Star-key button.

Grab the treasure, and drop down into a pick chock-full of it (look all 
around).  Climb out when you have everything, and grab the Ammo.  Press 
the orange button.  Spirit mummies will attack.  Proceed down the hall, 
keeping your eyes peeled for treasure in the alcoves.  Press the switch 
at the end of the left side of the room to reveal a room with treasure 
and water.  At the end of the right side of the room is a set of stairs 
leading down.  Go that way for A LOT of spirit mummies.  Just stand in 
one spot and hit them with your Amulets.  At the intersection, you can 
go straight past the torch, or left.  Go straight for treasure, then 
return to the intersection and go the other way.  You'll find more in 
the shadows scattered around.  Light your torch at the next one you 
come to (not for hieroglyphics, but for the sake of light).  Poke 
around in this one room to check if you missed anything before you move 
on.  Re-light your torch if need, and continue.  You'll find treasure 
among the perimeter of the room.  Climb the stairs near the torch and 
press the Star-key switch you come to.

You will now be in an area with ammo and a piece of treasure to the 
right, and a bunch of stuff on the left.  Press the switch for a cut-
scene.  You now face Anubis!  Anubis' bark is worse than his bite... he 
can only do a couple of things.  Punch you, or fall down releasing 
bugs.  You can't kill him, so we have to find another way out of this 
mess.  See the gimpy floor in the centre?  Welp, every time this mess 
ended, he fell over my guess is that's what you have to 
do...just lead him over that.  Either that, or shoot the bugs.  To be 
honest I never really ever knew what I was doing during this part...but 
it isn't hard, whatever it is.


You now have a new weapon at your disposal!  This thing is great; read 
the weapon section for more info.

Don't go down the hall yet...instead, turn right and collect the stuff 
on the block.  Now you can go down the hall.  Climb the block in here 
and grab the treasure, then climb up the ledge.  Grab the treasure in 
the alcove to the left.  As you try to go around the corner, spearmen 
will attack.  I suggest you use Amulets or guns, since there are 
several in rapid succession, and their range is longer (hence, they're 
harder to kill than swordsmen).  After going around this one corner, 
you'll find you can go straight or left.  Go left, and you will find 
treasure to the immediate left, and more treasure near a torch (you can 
climb the block next to the torch for another piece).  Further on 
(watch out for the falling rubble) will be more stuff.  Return to the 
intersection and go the other way.  Two spearmen will attack from the 
left and right.  One will drop the Star-key.  You'll find treasure will 
be in their places of origin.  When you have everything, push the Star-
key button.

Straight ahead are hieroglyphics.  Lewis Gun Ammo is on a block 
slightly further on...upon taking a few more steps, you'll arrive at a 
picture with four flipable panels.  Flip them all to advance.  Straight 
ahead (across from the torch in an alcove) is more Lewis Gun Ammo.  Now 
go down the large hall...proceed carefully, weary of falling stuff.  In 
the far right corner of the room (note the platforms nearby), is a lone 
block.  Step onto it, and platforms will slide out from the wall.  
Climb them to reach an area above with a torch and hieroglyphics.  
Continue down the room for a couple of jugs of water, Lewis Ammo, and 
LOTS of swordsmen.  I highly recommend you retreat to the giant 
platform to the east of the room or where you lit the hieroglyphics, as 
they will be coming from all sides and it can be difficult to find safe 
haven anywhere else.  From up here, you can hit them with Amulets.  
Grab the Water/Lewis Ammo if you couldn't get to it.  There's still 
some treasure to collect for our perfect zone... note the two walls 
with sphinx pictures...go to what would be the "right" wall (along the 
same wall that had the hieroglyphics)...and run to the second sphinx 
picture.  You'll see a step you can hop on, and above, some treasure.  
Now hit the Star-key door.

Grab the treasure on the right and left sides of the room....DON'T 
stand on the rubble in the centre until you do.  When you have the 
treasure, stand on the rubble and you'll fall through.  This area is 
huge with a lot of twists and turns, and you can easily get lost, so 
pay attention.  Grab the treasure in one of the corners and press on.  
Now is a good time to employ your new toy.  It's effective against 
spirit mummies, and allows you to conserve your Amulets in the process.  
With that said, move down the hall with your head up for treasure along 
the walls and oncoming spirit mummies until you come to a Y 
intersection with a jar.  After killing the resident spirits, smash the 
jar for a scarab and stuff.  Now take the right path of the 
intersection.  Pick up the treasure, hack away at spirit mummies, and 
when you come to the torch, you'll find another intersection.  To the 
left is where we just were, so continue straight.  Go left around the 
corner, and you'll soon come to another intersection, at which mummies 
will come from the right.  Go that way, collecting Dual Pistol Bullets 
and another type of ammo completely hidden in the adjacent shadow.  
Turn around and run straight across from the shadow 'til you reach a 
block on the floor, with treasure inside an alcove to the left (the 
wall crumbled to reveal it).  Grab the treasure and move on.  You'll 
now be in a room with a jar, orange pillars, and spirit mummies.  Kill 
the mummies...the last will drop the Star-key and the Star-key door 
will be revealed.  Smash the jar as can pick up an Amulet 
and kill a few scarabs.  Ignore the Star-key door for now and follow 
the path.  You'll find water and treasure to the left...once you find 
the water, you SHOULD have the perfect zone.  If you don't, think if 
you got the three pieces of treasure before you dropped down here.  If 
you did, you probably missed something down here.  In any event, return 
to the Star-key door.

Go right to find an alcove containing treasure.  In the far left 
corner, you can find a jug of water.  Hug this wall (you should hear a 
rumbling at some point) and you'll come to hieroglyphics.  Now exit via 
the right side of the room (if the door is closed, try stepping around 
the left wall again...there's a pressure pad or something that opens 
it).  Grab the treasure above the block to the right.  Continue to the 
purple area... here, gawd, are some high priest mummies.  Haven't seen 
these fools for awhile...use your Amulets or the Lewis Gun.  Going left 
at this intersection, you can find some stuff.  Go around the corner 
and you'll come to some water.  From the water, go back to the first 
intersection.  There will be more high priest mummies, and the ones 
from the left have awakened as well.  Grab the water here...kill them 
all and collect the Star-key.  When you do, the rock "bars" will 
crumble, allowing access to another area.  Grab the treasure and push 
the Star-key button.

Smash the jar in the centre for goodies.  Continue, and you can find 
treasure in a red-lit alcove.  Further on, you can see spouting flames.  
Just sprint by (don't worry about the holes on the left).  Do the same 
with the next two.  At the end, you'll find hieroglyphics to the right, 
and Lewis Ammo to the left with a torch.  Light the hieroglyphics.  
From the hieroglyphics, you can drop down to a jar full of treasure.  
Looking on, more high priest mummies to the left, and flipable tiles to 
the right.  Steer absolutely clear from the panels or the 
mummies...just run SRAIGHT from the jar, past everything for now until 
you reach a statue in the centre of an area (if the high priests came 
to life, go ahead and kill them...).  To the left is water if you need 
it now.  Going right leads you to a L-shaped block with treasure.  From 
here, you can jump up to another ledge with treasure, then drop down 
into the room with 2 Lewis Gun clips and treasure.  Leave this mini-
room and return to the high priest mummy area...approaching the panel 
awakens the mummies.  Kill them, then flip the panels.  After doing so, 
you raise a platform that was across from the water also 
awakened a final high priest mummy around the corner.  Climb the 
platform and flip the panels.  More high priest mummies have awakened, 
however they can't get you from your current position.  Pop them with 
the Amulets from your vantage point.  Now enter the newly revealed 
area, grab the Star-key, and bean anymore high priests.  Hit the Star-
key door.

If you are going for the perfect zones, or want easy treasure, please 
read this whole paragraph first so you don't make the same mistake I 
did.  Sprint by the acid.  You'll come to hieroglyphics--the torch is 
across the way by some treasure.  Grab more treasure in the next 
area...what in the world is that racket?  Approach the dead-end and the 
wall will crumble.  Ah, lava, nice.  To the left is water.  To the 
right, you will find several weaving tiles.  Simply run (don't sprint), 
weary of falling rubble.  Follow the path until you come to a place 
with a torch on the wall, steps on that same wall, and some ledges out 
in the lava.  Climb the steps and grab the stuff up here and light the 
hieroglyphics BEFORE you grab the Star-key.  The level will end as soon 
as you do.


Yeah, it's Imhotep alright.  First, dodge his energy balls until he 
spins around with the sand surrounding him.  At that time, cut the 
chains to free Evy.

This next part here can get pretty tough, and you may even lose a few 
lives the first few times...but you can find water in the corners to 
restore your health, so that's a plus.  

Imhotep will summon tons of spirit mummies, and as you hack away at 
them, the evilness incarnate will shoot energy balls at you.  You have 
to time your attacks in conjunction with Imhotep's...strike at the 
mummies when he's not going to do anything.  Don't bother attacking 
Imhotep, it's useless.  Keep killing the spirit mummies until Evy and 
Jonathan open the book and read the inscription.  Remember, there are 
jugs of water around when you need them.

Imhotep will be mortal, so just hit him with the sword a few times.

Now kick back and watch the ending and wub yourself.  You've earned it.  
Congratulations ^^


This baby is accessible once you achieve 50 perfect zones, or by 
entering the code in the cheat section.  A very VERY short level, but 
it's a pretty cool one nonetheless.  It reminds me of the Venice levels 
in TR2 for some reason.

You're in Cairo (duh) and basically you fight all the Medjai folks.

From the start, equip some gun and head into the room to the left for 
Dual Pistol Ammo.  You can retreat here if the attacks get too 
overwhelming.  Note that they'll be coming from all sides.  The last 
one will drop the Star-key.  Across from the room with the Dual Pistol 
Ammo, is another area you can enter with Lewis Gun Ammo.  Leave the 
boat, run to the end of the dock and collect the Shotgun Shells.  Yep, 
perfect zones can be achieved here too.  Pull the lever nearby to raise 
the gate.

There's some water to the immediate left.  Pull the switch in here to 
raise the gate.  Go left, and you'll find Lewis Ammo in the far corner.  
Continuing along this route, a Medjai dude will drop down when you 
reach the end.  Kill him, then turn around and nuke the rest.  The last 
will drop the Star-key, and a cut-scene will commence showing the exit.  
First, stick to the left wall in the place of your massacre and look 
for a small block you can step up on, allowing you to climb up to a 
higher area.  Follow your way around for treasure and ammo.  Now return 
to where you entered this area and go right for Shotgun Shells, then go 
through the open doors.

You can find water to the right.  On the left and right sides of the 
room, both after the two sets of hieroglyphics, are tiles you can push 
into the walls.  Go through either door, and enter the areas on either 
side of the stairs for ammo.  Go up the stairs and prepare to face more 
warriors.  They can come from all directions, so your best bet is to 
stay in the corner between the two flights of stairs.  The last one 
will drop the Star-key.  At the top of the second flight of stairs, you 
can go right, straight, or left up some steps.  Go right, and you'll 
eventually find Dual Pistol Ammo.  Now return to the intersection and 
take the straight path (not up the steps).

In the library, you will find levers on either side of the exit door.  
Entering, you'll find yourself in a HUGE area, with Lewis Gun Bullets 
in the centre, two jugs of water on the left side of the room, two 
boxes of Shotgun Shells to the north side, and Dual Pistol Ammo on the 
right side.  Grabbing the Lewis Ammo will result in another Medjai 
attack.  Finish them off to mark the end of the bonus level.

VIII. Special Thanks
 - Your smarter than the average Musk Cat, Naflign :: For keeping me 
company in the long hours of the night.
 - Sasquatch-sama