HitMan Codename 47  v.2.0
					By Gearbolt

**This is my first walkthru , sorry if its not too good. Thanks to rockman for supplying really useful info on Mission 8 and Mission 10*
~NOTE:. I only suggest the absolute necesities , with minimal amount of money used.
II.Mission 1
III.Mission 2
IV.Mission 3
V.Mission 4 
VI.Mission 5
VII.Mission 6
VIII.Mission 7
IX.Mission 8
X.Mission 9
XI.Mission 10
XII.Mission 11
XIII.Mission 12
Email me if you have any questions reguarding the missions in the faq
            -The training is fairly simple . If you have the hang of the game just grab the suit and zoom on by. At the end of
             the training you'll face up with a guy in blue clothing , take him out , grab his clothes Then head to the gate
             and the guy will let you out .
            -You start locked up on a bed , a mysterious voice starts shouting at you to wake up . When youfinally come to you
             now have control.Basically the rest is  covered in the manual , again I suggest you run through this if you are
             notfamiliar with it . Hitman has quite a different interface from other games.
            -When your done just take out the blue guy and grab his clothes and leave as stated above.
	    -Make sure you have NO weapons that are visible , mainly any guns drawn out or rifles. If you do,you fail  and you
             otta run all the way back to do it all over again
            -If you are dressed like the dude in blue youll be let out . Head out through the door.
II.Mission 1
      -Recommended inventory
	-Sniper rifle *highly suggested*
	    -Head to the elevator shaft west of the park
	    -Head up the elevator and setup your sniper rifle
	    -Wait about 20 seconds or so
	    -when he is chatting away take a shot 
	    -run !
	    -You start by you car , remember how to get back . 
	    -Continue down the street then head to the alley on left of the park
	    -start the elevator and select the roof
	    -Setup your rifle on the way up
	    -wait  about half a minute and the two should show up
	    -Your target will come from the left 
	    -Your target is in black and red
	    -Make sure you DONT shoot the blue lotus member
	    -when you have a clear shot take it 
	    -If you miss you may have about a 30% recovery chance
	    -If you read the info on the guy he is paranoid and will
		run like a little girl if you miss.
		-But of course you can always hit shift+esc to restart
	    -Once you land your shot run like hell back to your car.
	    -Its kind of fun to shoot the guy out of the helicopter ,but whenever i have
	       I always failed. So if you want to practice sniping go back to that level.
	    -Make sure you dont fight back against the guards unless you bought more than a sniper rifle.
III.Mission 2
      -Recommended inventory
	-Car bomb*HIGHLY suggested*
	-fiber wire or Obayan knife
	          -Wait by the sewer grating for about half a minute
	          -Kill limo driver (hide body in the sewers)
	          -take clothes
	          -take out bomb 
	          -go to drivers side of limo and use bomb
	          -go near your car
	          -time the bombs explosion to take out men at the end of the street
	           -The sewer grating is in the center of the area
	           -when the driver starts to take a whiz stab him or strangle him
			-Make sure that the civilian has passed by first
	           -Grab the drivers threads
			-he has a gun too but dont bother with it you wont need it
	           -take out the bom and go the the drivers side door and right click and set the bomb
	           -if you hang around too long the blue lotus member around the car will notice you so 
		     jet out back to you car
	           -once you plant the bomb the meeting finishes (no matter how long you take, unless you
		     start shooting up the place)
	           -wait about 25 - 35 seconds and the car will start driving
	           -when the car is a little before the blue lotus members on the end of the street let em have it
	           -Run back to your car
IV. Mission 3
      -Recommended inventory
	-1 handgun or if you have to the uzi
	-fiber wire or obayan knife
                   -Go through the window in the back of the restaurant
                   -Drop a GUN there
	           -go to the North East corner of the area
	           -kill the negotiator in black and red
	           -take his clothes and amulet
                   -go inside the restaurant through the front
                   -drop the amulet anywhere inside(default is num - )
                   -talk to bartender
                   -go to restroom and grab your gun
	           -open the door and kill the chief and lotus member 
                    -The restaurant is in the middle , place a gun in the bathroom by going into the window in the back. (you
                      can also ask for the key from the bartender in the beginning)
	            -The red dragon negotiator comes alone from the North easter corner of the map
                    -A police man (in a pale green) comes down east along the road while a civilian walks west.
                    -by the time the policeman and civilian are gon the negotiator should be about to turn south 
	            to the restaurant.
                    -get him before just before he turns
	            -Drag him down into the sewers nearby just north of you , do it quickly
                    -now you can take your time rummaging through his dead body getting his amulet and clothes
	            -When your done with it exit the sewers and head to the restaurant
	            -the men in the front will disarm you (but you did put the gun in the restroom right?)
                    -When you talk to the police chief dont stay in front of him too long or he will be suspicous
	            -get the key to the restroom right away and grab your weapon.
	            -to make escape a bit easier after you take the two targets out shoot open one window.
	            -run out the window going west up the road to your car and burn out
V.Mission 4
       -Recommended inventory
                -silenced beretta *not absolutely necessary but you kill alot of people in this one
		-Uzi with full ammo
                Cant really summarize this , its quite involved.
		-Start by heading into the restaurant.
	        -go straight then right into the next room then straight into the door in front of you
		-wait til you see both a yellow and green waitere go in and out of the  restroom
		-kill the body guard (guy with sun glasses just out side of the restrooms, he
		is alone) make sure you use a knife, a fiber wire has a much larger chance of
		him catching you.
		-drag him into the restroom on the right and take his clothes, the one on the left waiters go in and out of.If
                  a waiter catches you or both of them ,dont worry. Take them out with your silencer. they will run to the body
                   so you have time. It also saves you time later.
		-now go to the bartender and he will give you a flyer. 
		-You now get access into the ViP area. 
		-go to the front entrance and take the door on the right the one 
           	without a staircase.
		-they should let you in. go to the area with a fountainand look for a door 
		with a husky, rugged man in front of it.(wearing purple i think).
		-he'll let you in then go up the stairs and talk the the old lady
		-she'll let you have her best prostitute (how thoughtful).
		-follow the prostitute into the room and talk to her.
		-she'll make a deal with you by giving you the combo for the safe if you help 
		her escape
		-you'll agree and she'll lead the way.
		-when she stops at a ladder go up it.
		-youll then be behind something(I forgot) then run right to the gates
		-she'll hand you the combo on a piece of paper then give you a big smackeroo
		-you should have no problems going around as long as your still dressed as 
		a bodyguard(guys with sunglasses)
		-Dont go up the ladder again instead use on of the doors on the left. 
		-in the kitchen go left down some stairs. The red dragon guys should pay you
		no mind.
		-go through left then right. You should come to som  corridor with 3 ways.
		-take the far right and you should see a guy guarding a door. Go past him a
		bit and look around. There will be a red dragon guy patrolling around here.
		-If he is coming wait till he leaves then go back to the guy guarding the door and take him out with a
                 silencer. If you can drag his body into the room he was guarding then close the door. If not then kill
                         everyone in the basement you should be ok.
		-Talk to the captured agent and he will give you the safe location
			-the safe is in one of 3 places use your map to find out where it is
				-a large red room with two red dragon guards under the actual "guard floor"
					-If its here take the two guards out open the safe
                                          and take the green Jade dragon and run back to the
                                          main entrance,you should be clear with no hostilities
				-A warehouse type room behind the VIP room with one redragon 
					-take out the guard and 2 or 3 more will come ,take
	                                them out too , then you should be ok . Just run back
	                                to the main entrance to the whole building just in
				-by the brothel just past the room where the old lady stands.
					-Kill him quickly and quietly and you should be ok.
		-when your done go to the shop connected to the dining area of the  restaurant
		-talk to the old man and he will give you poison ( you have to pick it up ) 
		-go to the restrooms and wait inside to kill one of the waiters or both , if
		you havent already
		-take one of their clothes and go in the kitchen. 
		-put the poison in the soup and take it to your target
		-the Fat guy will insist on tasting it first ( Damn moocher ) he dies and 
		your target scampers off.
		-You are now a suspicious character and alot of people are after you.
		-Run down to the basement where you freed the agent , take the clothes of
		one of the dragon guards. run past the room where you freed the captured guy
		and go left then make a right and you should follow through to an area with a
		box with an ak and clips on it take it if you have time if not you still have
		the Uzi
		-go past the box then right , open the door then go left , another left past some guards  go across the
 		bridge and you will come to a room with a elevator in it. Go up the elevator. 
		-Dressed as a Red dragon member you should be ok. go straight up the stairs and you will see you target.
		-When you feel comfortable for a fight with about 8-10+ guards , shoot your target until hes dead and take out
 		the rest of the guards on the top floor 
		-Now wait at the top of the stairs and take the guards out as the come up its easier.
		-when its all done, go down the stairs and left thourhg a metal door
		-It goes to an elevator , go down the elevator and kill the guard or run down to your boat and your done,
VI.Mission 5
	-Kevlar vest
	-beretta *you may go over income on this mission but if you do dont worry you'll make it up later on*
		-Fight as little as possible on this map in the beginingto conserve your ammo for the end
		-head south east from your starting location
		-pick up golden statue just outside the door to the plane
		-head north east to village
		-take out golden statue before entering
		-take it to chief
		-follow river west
		-kill two soldiers
		-take clothes
		-continue following river
		-go up the outpost
		-take out man in outpost
		-kill the rest on the bridge and in the outher outpost
		-wait by the slave until you get the message he is free
		-go back to village chief 
		-wait til his brother comes
		-Use the map to ensure your going to the crash site , its the yellow circle. It should be roughly southeast
		-The statue is right outside the door of the crashed plane pick it up and continue east to the river
		-follow the river up north and you should encounter two guards kill them
		-dont take their clothes or you may be attacked when you enter the village
		-take the golden statue before you enter, then head to the center of the village where there are 4 people 		kneeling
		-go back to the place where you killed the two guards and take one of their clothes and continue west to the
		-when you get there , there are two lookout towers one accross the bridge and one on your side
		-go up the one on your side and when your ready for a fight with 7 others kill the guy in the tower with one 		shot
		-kill the first 3 below you
		-jump down and wait til 2 or 3 more come , kill them then run to the barbedwire barracade and shoot the guy in 		the other outpost
		-wait without shooting until the prisoner starts to run. he will be ok by himself 
		-run up the river back where you took the guards clothes and take back your clothes or you may be attacked 
		-wait by the village chief for about a minute and his brother should come.
		-mission completed.
VII.Mission 6
	-Same as before
		-Go south
		-avoid the druglords guards by going to the left
		-At the jaguar area goon the right side of the wall and climb the cliff and
		slowly walk to the passage way
		-The passage is the little dot south of your location
		-In the begining there will be some guards right in front of you
		-conserve your ammo by waiting until they move forward
		-go left then continue south
		-you should be ok just head to the dot
		-when you arrive at the area where the jaguar is go on th right side
		-there should be a shorter part of the wall where it meets the cliff side
		-walk up the cliff then slowly head to the passage way and you should be done

VIII.Mission 7
	-doesn't change
		-Go left kill the 3 soldiers along the way
		-take one of their clothes 
		-hide bodies
		-continue following around the gate
		-go inside base
		-go in mansion
		-kill target
		-pick up bomb 
		-run outside to drug lab
		-kill the men there or as many as possible 
		-place bomb on box of explosives
		-run away while detonating the bomb from a safe distance
		-go to airplane
		-The way I did it was not what I think it should have been , none-the-less it worked
		for me 3 times.I did die once on one of the times. This may also take you more than one try
		There definately is another way but I have yet to try one that works well.
		-You start off outside the passage
		-go left along the fence , but not too close
		-when you see the fence take a corner you should see a group of 3 men take them out 
		with a handgun (need to save M60 ammo)
		-take one of their clothes and hide the bodies in the jungle
		-continue following the fence
		-once you get into the base familiarize yourself with the locations you need to get to
		-The drug lab is past a guard post on the left of the mansion and the airplane is behind the 
		mansion. Make sure you know absolutely sure where they are before you start shooting up the 
		-When you are ready go into the mansion 
		-Go to a room upstairs on the left
			-kill the man in the room
			-more soldiers will come in 
			-take them out with your hand gun
		-when your done go into the druglords room
		-this guy is tough and will constantly taunt you
		-after you shoot him enough he will stat making fun of you
			-after the 6th taunt shoot him some more and he should die
		-take the bomb
		-when you go outside keep running and bullets should miss you
		-head to the druglab
		-kill the soldiers in there then plant the bomb (the same way you planted the carbomb) on
		the box marked explosives
		-If you entered through the rightside it will be on your left , left side it will be on the right
		-run out and when your past the guard post detonate it
		-run to the airplane
		-keep moving around dodging bullets
		-use the airplane and your off
IX.Mission 8
	*Rockman has given me some very useful info on how to kill the men in the hotel room 
	quietly and how to enter the dentist office much easier
	-Fiber wire 
	A rough map of main areas I went through

KITCHEN --->	|    
	|	|	|-|