Being the only character in the DBZ universe to have two different fighting
styles, Trunks has always had an inconsistent platform to work with. Depending
on which Budoken, Budokai, Tenkaichi, or any other DBZ fighting game out there
you play, Trunks can range from a defensive ranged fighter to a close quarters
brawler. Either way, while Goku and Vegeta always had access to all of their
signature moves, Trunks was always caught in between the swift swordsman during
the Android saga or the Cell Games bare knuckles brawler, always leaving a
section of Trunks fans disappointed in the process. Rather than combine both
of his styles into one character, Shin Budokai Another Road leaves them
separated with Future Trunks serving as the protagonist. With a user friendly
combo platform and a great set of slam starters, Future Trunks is one of the
most effective close range fighters in the game. Currently Future Trunks sits
at the bottom of the S rank tier under Sword Trunks, Bardock, and Krillin.



Since there are two versions of Trunks in this game, you may be asking what
are the differences between the two. For starters, both versions of Trunks
have completely different fighting styles. Sword Trunks is Trunks when he
first arrives in the present time line, he is a well rounded fighter who
doesn't specialize in any specific area of combat but he is proficent
in all of them. Future Trunks on the other hand, is Trunks after the Cell
Games, he is a close range bare knuckles brawler and is one of the best rush 
down characters in the game. Both characters play remarkably different from
each other,the only moves they share are R, RRS>E [Finish Buster] 14 hits, 1324 damage

3) SSS*, >>R, >RRSS*, ^E [Cyclone Buster] E(triggered at 15 hits), >>,
R, RRS-, >RRSS>E [Finish Buster] 20 hits, 1657 damage

2) >R, RRS-, >RRSS* ^E [Cyclone Buster] E(triggered at 25
hits) 35 hits, 2610 damage

3) SSS~, RRRRS-, >>R, RRS-, >RRSS*, ^E [Cyclone Buster] E(triggered
at 26 hits), >>, >R, RRRRS-, SSSS-, ^E [Cyclone
Buster] E(triggered at 31 hits), >E [Finish Buster] 42 hits, 3193 damage
Opponent gains 2.4 ki bars

2) SSS~, >RRSS*, >R, RSS*, ^E [Cyclone Buster]
E (triggered at 30 hits), >E [Finish Buster] 41 hits, 3411 damage
Opponent gains 2.4 ki bars



Finish Buster: 6/10
Decent damage but the wind up time really hurts this move. Unless it is used
as a combo ender, chances are you will never hit anything with this move. 

Burning Attack: 2/10
Okay what the hell, this is suppose to be Trunk's signature move. The start up
time on this move is horrible, THERE IS NO WAY TO COMBO INTO IT. It doesn't
connect after a stun, it doesn't even connect after an aura smash attack.
Pathetic, Future Gohan uses this move better than Trunks does. Even with the
tracking, the start up time is just asking for a free combo. This move does
serve as Future Trunk's pursuit finisher, however given the nature of pursuit
finishers (the opponent gains 3 ki bars) it isn't worth going for.

Evasive Kick: 8/10
I love this move, probably the best counter attack in the game. Perfect to 
use against Sword Trunks and Piccolo and it can be even used in mix up since 
it can be canceled. Be warned though, ki blasts and throws still break 
through and the start up time prevents this move from being used against 
quick rushing jabs.

Heat Dome Attack: 9/10
Who doesn't love super quick rushing ultimates? The only thing preventing 
this from getting a 10 is that it doesn't have a follow up and Trunks 
doesn't have any safe follow up options. This ultimate does have insanely
high priority, going through most ki blasts and all melee attacks, it makes
for both the perfect combo ender and the perfect counter attack.

Cyclone Buster: 9/10
I'm not a big fan of ki barrage ultimates but this one is something else.
Since Future Trunks is free to move before the follow up Big Bang ends, he 
has a ton of follow up options available. Trunks can either charge his ki,
or even follow up with a Finish Buster WITHOUT FEAR OF A COUNTERATTACK 
from the opponent. Hell, if the opponent can't teleport counter, you can 
even dash forward and pursuit after a clean E, just learn how to combo and you'll be able to take out
3 or 4 enemies without losing a single bar of life.  No I'm not exaggerating,
the A.I. in Budokai simply doesn't know how to deal with extended combos
from charge canceling.  Once you master combo canceling, stat boosting removes
all difficulty from Another Road since a combo that hits for 2000 damage 
normally could hit for well over 4000 damage.



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