|Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimore of the Rift                                |
|Version 0.20                                                                 |
|Start Date: June 29, 2008                                                    |
|Created By: Major_Adama (aka ligerzero459)                                   |

Table of Contents:
   #    Section Name                                                      Key
  i.    What's Left To Do ---------------------------------------------- [WTD]
1.0.    Copyright ------------------------------------------------------ [CPY]
2.0.    Introduction
    2.1.    Story ------------------------------------------------------ [STY]
    2.2.    Controls --------------------------------------------------- [CON]
3.0.    Characters ----------------------------------------------------- [CHA]
4.0.    Walkthrough ---------------------------------------------------- [WLK]
    4.1.    Missions --------------------------------------------------- [MIS]
    4.2.    Quests ----------------------------------------------------- [QST]
5.0.    Clan Info
    5.1.    Clan Privileges -------------------------------------------- [CPV]
    5.2.    Clan Trials ------------------------------------------------ [CTR]
    5.3.    Laws ------------------------------------------------------- [LAW]
6.0.    Items ---------------------------------------------------------- [ITM]
    6.1.    Weapons
        6.1.1.  Edged Weapons ------------------------------------------ [EWN]
        6.1.2.  Bludgeons ---------------------------------------------- [BLD]
        6.1.3.  Ranged Weapons ----------------------------------------- [RWN]
    6.2.    Armors
        6.2.1.  Helms -------------------------------------------------- [HLM]
        6.2.2.  Armor -------------------------------------------------- [ARM]
        6.2.3.  Shields ------------------------------------------------ [SHD]
    6.3.    Accessories
        6.3.1.  Boots -------------------------------------------------- [BOT]
    6.4.    Bazaar ----------------------------------------------------- [BZR]
    6.5.    Loot ------------------------------------------------------- [LOT]
7.0.    Jobs
    7.1.    Hume Jobs -------------------------------------------------- [HME]
    7.2.    Nu Mou Jobs ------------------------------------------------ [NMO]
    7.3.    Viera Jobs ------------------------------------------------- [VRA]
    7.4.    Moogle Jobs ------------------------------------------------ [MOG]
    7.5.    Bangaa Jobs ------------------------------------------------ [BGA]
    7.6.    Gria Jobs -------------------------------------------------- [GRA]
    7.7.    Seeq Jobs -------------------------------------------------- [SEQ]
    7.8.    Special Units ---------------------------------------------- [SPE]
    7.9.    Espers ----------------------------------------------------- [ESP]
8.0    Ending and Credits ---------------------------------------------- [END]

i.    What's Left To Do ------------------------------------------------- [WTD]

Left to Do:
    * Finish Mission and Quest sections
    * Finish Clan Info
    * Finish Items
    * Complete Job Section
    * Many, many more things

Version Updates:
    * Version 0.20
      Date: July 10, 2008
      Okay, I'm back into this thing. I should be updating pretty often now.
      * New missions
      * New quest information
      * More Laws
      * New Bazaar Info
      * Added Item Info
    * Version 0.16
      Date: July 9, 2008
      It's been a while since the last update. I got distracted temporarily by
      a Bioshock run. But I'm back to the guide now.
      * Added new missions
      * New quest information
      * New Laws
      * New Bazaar Info
      * New Item Info

    * Version 0.12
      Date: July 2, 2008
      * Added new quest information
      * Started Clan Trials section
      * Added new laws
      * And just for looks, made the quest dividers more visible
      * Decided to add the abilities to the weapons. Changed the entire
      * New update expected tomorrow

    * Version 0.1
      Date: June 29, 2008
      Okay, this is my first guide. I’ve started some
      before but never quite finished any. Added some
      basic info and the first few quests.

1.0.    Copyright ------------------------------------------------------- [CPY]

This guide is the sole work and copyright of Ryan Mottley. My email
is ligerzero459@gmail.com. Any sale of this guide is illegal, but you
can give copies to your friends. If you see this FAQ on any website
or publication other than those listed below, please tell me.

Sites that have permission to post this guide:
www.gamefaqs.com (original posting)

Before I start, if you have any inquiries about this guide, or any
information to give to me, make sure to add “FFTA2 Guide” to the
subject line in some form. Otherwise the email filters won’t pick it up
and it might get lost. I’ll answer most mail, as long as 
it’s not in the guide anywhere.

Anyways, on to the guide!

2.0.    Introduction

Welcome to the world of Ivalice and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2.
Here’s a brief look at the story of the new game.

2.1.    Story ----------------------------------------------------------- [STY]

            20th of Goldensun: The sun shines in an unfamiliar sky.
                     Today is the day my adventure begins.

                   Summer vacation’s so close I can taste it!
                     Clean the library...are you kidding?
                          That book, it looks old...

                  “One is fated to fill these barren pages.
                            Know you his name?”


2.2.    Controls -------------------------------------------------------- [CON]
The controls of FFTA2 are fairly simple and are easy to learn. Here's
the control scheme.

World Map Controls
+ Control Pad ----------- Move cursor
                          Make selections
A Button ---------------- Confirm
                          Advance to next message
B Button ---------------- Cancel
                          Move cursor to current
X Button ---------------- Main Menu
Y Button ---------------- Help Menu
L & R Button ------------ Switch units
                          Choose destination

Battle Controls
+ Control Pad ----------- Move cursor
                          Make selections
A Button ---------------- Confirm
                          Advance to next message
                          Move cursor to active unit
                          Show commands
B Button ---------------- Cancel
                          Show allies & foes
                          Show movement range
X Button ---------------- Main Menu
Y Button ---------------- Help Menu
L & R Button ------------ Switch Units

3.0.    Characters ------------------------------------------------------ [CHA]

Here are a few of the main characters that you will meet on your
journey around Ivalice:

Luso – An energetic young boy with more than enough curiosity. Fearless, which
gets him into trouble. A prankster, which also gets him into trouble. Never
abandons someone in need.

Cid – The leader of Clan Gully, Luso’s new family in Ivalice. A mentor and help
to Luso in many ways, though ties to a mysterious organization shadow his past.
Though a revgaji, Cid has mastered the jobs of the bangaa.

Adelle – An attractive, competitive headhunter with few weaknesses...save a 
love for gil. Seems cold, though it’s hard to say whether that's who she is, or
the result of some internal conflict. Known to others as “Adelle the Cat.”

Hurdy – A wandering Moogle minstrel. Younger brother to Montblanc and Nono, and
former resident of the far-away city of Rabanastre. Encounters Luso in his
travels and promises to compose a song for him.

4.0.    Walkthrough ----------------------------------------------------- [WLK]

The entire Missions walkthrough is basically one giant spoiler. If you do not
want to have the story ruined for you, read only the mission that you are stuck

As the game starts out, your character is thinking to himself just before he
gets out of school for the summer. Midway through the cutscene, you have to
take a small "quiz" about what you're going to do during the summer. Based on
your responses, you will get different bonuses once you get ingame. The bonuses
that i currently know are:

Agility Up 2: The answers to get this are A, B, and C.
Power Up 2: The answers to select are B, B, and B.

After the quiz, the bell rings and class is dismissed. Well, all except Luso.
He has to go to the library to clean it up as punishment for being late. When 
he arrives there, the librarian is nowhere to be seen, and an old book is lying
on the table. Luso goes over to look at it, but discovers that it blank halfway
through. That is, except for the last page, which reads “One is fated to fill
these barren pages. Know you his name?” As a joke, you write your name in the 
book, and suddenly, you're falling through the air...

4.1.    Missions -------------------------------------------------------- [MIS]

-----------Mission 1 – Stranger in the Woods-----------
Fee: ---
Rank: 1
Days: ---
Location: Targ Wood
Items(Required): ---
Talents(Required): ---
Quest Type: Defeat Mark

The LAW - Ranged Weapons
          Attacks with bows, greatbows, guns, hand-cannons and cards
          are forbidden
Objective: Defeat Klestra

After the beginning scene, you fall into the world of Ivalice in
the middle of a battlefield. After a short cutscene, where you join
a clan to avoid death, you are thrust into battle as a Hume Soldier.
Battling at your side are Cid, who you will find out more about
later, a random Nu Mou back mage and a Viera white mage. This is a
fairly quick mission, mostly as an introduction to battle. People
who played the original FFTA will slip easily back into the battle
system. Those who are new to the FFTA universe will discover the
system is easy to learn.

You can quickly take out Klestra, or move to attack the two
Cockatrices first. Either way, when you get Klestra down to about half
health, it will run, ending the battle.

Reward: 250 Gil
        Gikhet Lead x2
        Faren Pollen x2

CP Obtained: 2
Law Bonus: Longbow

After the battle, Cid takes you back to the pub in town, where you have
some dinner and meet the rest of Clan Gully. It's kind of a boring name,
but you can change it is you wish. After choosing a clan name, head
to the desk to grab your next quest. Right now, there's only one there.

-----------Mission 2 - A Paw Full of Feathers----------
Fee: 100 Gil
Rank: 2
Days: ---
Location: Targ Wood
Items(Required): ---
Talents(Required): ---
Quest Type: Battle

The LAW - Fire
          Weapons and abilities that use fire are forbidden
Objective: Defeat all foes!

As the mission starts, Cid and Luso walked into a field and Luso
admires the Chocobos for a few seconds. Suddenly, you hear the howl
of a wolf, and 2 wolves and a Baknamy enter the field. Time for
business! Since this will be a fairly short battle, with few hits
from the other side, you don't have to have a White Mage, so this
could be your chance to break out your thief and get a little gil
with his Steal Gil ability. Also, this is the first time you get to
choose a clan privilege. A clan privilege is a special bonus that
you select and get as long as you obey the laws the judge declares.
However, if you break the law, you lose both your clan privilege,
and the ability to revive KO'd people while in battle.

Once in battle, you should make quick work of the wolves and shift
your focus to the Baknamy. When he falls, a short cutscene will
play where you discover the first mystery that need to be solved in
your quest to return home, a magick journal.

Reward: 1050 Gil
        Snake Skin x2
        Tiny Mushrooms x2
        Fresh Water x4

CP Obtained: 4
Law Bonus: Metal Knuckles
           Silken Robe

Back at the pub, you hear a Blue Mage talking about the fact that the
highroad to Camoa is being blocked by a group of bandits. Cid had
wanted to head to Camoa to find some better jobs, so Luso suggests that
they go and clear the highroad. It's off to grab the quest and then to
defeat the bandits.

--------------Mission 3 - The Yellow Wings-------------
Fee: 100 Gil
Rank: 3
Days: ---
Items(Required): ---
Talents(Required): ---
Quest Type: Battle

The LAW - Ice
          Weapons and abilities that use ice are forbidden
Objective: Defeat all foes!

This is your first clan versus clan battle, and might be slightly
more challenging than just fighting monsters. They have a thief, an
animist, a white monk, a black mage, and an archer. The key is to
take out the black mage as soon as you can, because he does the most
damage out of everybody. After that, take whatever order you want
to in order to finish the rest of them off. Once you're done, the
highroad is open again and you can head to Camoa and new missions.

Reward: 1750 Gil
        Lamia Scale x2
        Sanative Needle x3
        Earth Stone x3

CP Obtained: 6
Law Bonus: Glass Bell
           Battle Boots

When you walk into Camoa, the first thing that you and Cid do is
head to talk to a guy named Ribs. He's a old friend of Cid's, back
from a past life. He offers to give you some information...if you
bring him a tomato stalk. As Luso and Cid walk away, Cid mentions
that these aren't normal tomatos...

---------------Mission 4 - You Say Tomato--------------
Fee: 100 Gil
Rank: 5
Days: ---
Location: Camoa
Items(Required): ---
Talents(Required): ---
Quest Type: Battle

The LAW - Lightning
          Weapons and abilities that use lightning are forbidden
Objective: Defeat all foes!

As this mission starts, Luso realizes that the tomatoes are actually monsters,
and starts considering never eating tomatoes again. As he's thinking, you hear
a voice. Out walks Adelle, the headhunter. She wants to help you with your
mission...for a price of course. You accept and offer her a four to one
split. Go ahead a beat the crap out of the Nightshades and the Alraune. After
having an entire battle to think, Luso decides that he's never going to eat
tomatoes again. That begs the question...what's he gonna eat on his hamburgers?

Reward: 560 Gil
        Fury Fragments x2
        Silk Thread x2
        Rabbit Pelt x2

CP Obtained: 10
Law Bonus: Barong
           Iron Helm
           Echo Herbs

As Luso finds the tomato stalk, Cid reminds him about the drill. Just as
Luso says he hasn't seen it, Adelle comes up to you to say goodbye. When
you ask about her cut, she says don't worry about it...and holds up the
drill. When she warps away, Cid yells, "I'll kill her...kill her! Kill!!"

When you head back to town, you give the stalk to Ribs. In exchange he gives
you some information. After a short history lesson, he tells you that the
magicker that created the Laws and the Judges is still alive. For original
FFTA players, that's a major revelation. Just before you get a list of places
that he might be, you spot Adelle. You decide to head to the pub to pick
up a new mission, hopefully beating Adelle out of the same job.

----------------Mission 5: Wanted: Ugohr---------------
Fee: 200 Gil
Rank: 8
Days: ---
Location: Baptiste Hill
Items(Required): ---
Talents(Required): ---
Quest Type: Headhunt

The LAW - Restoring MP
          Actions that restore MP are forbidden
Objective: Defeat Ugohr!

When you enter the battlefield, Adelle is nowhere to be seen. Cid makes a
good point though when he says that she'll show up when all the hard work
is done. Guess we'll have to watch out. But for now, it's down to
business. Wipe the floor with Ugohr to end the battle.

Reward: 1650 Gil
        Healing Water x4
        Holy Stone x 3
        Moonwood x3

CP Obtained: 16
Law Bonus: Danbukwood
           Phoenix Down

After the hunt, Cid and Luso are discussing the fact that they hadn't
found any rare stuff. Luso mentions the fact that Adelle hadn't shown up,
and then he and Cid decide to take what they have and head back to
town. Seconds after they leave, Adelle walks up, saying to herself that
the good stuff had been right under their noses the whole time. She walks
over to the dead corpse and suddenly she can't move her feet. Luso and Cid
walk back over, talking about the trap that they had set. The take the
bait that they had left and then demand the drill back. The problem is,
she's already sold it. And when they ask for the gil instead, they find
out that she's spent it all. So they settle for leaving her trapped there

Back in town, Luso is tired and asks if they can stay put for a while.
Cid is okay with that, saying that there's no more information to be found
anyway. He suggests heading to Graszton, to meet someone who might have some
more info. Adelle, who was sitting at a nearby table listening, proclaims
that heading to Graszton is a great idea and she'll come along to help, which
is what friends do for friends. To this Cid replies, "Since when did we
become "friends", and how do we end it?" Luso suggests that maybe she
wants to pay us back for the drill...just as she orders a Starfruit 
Surprise (this name may be wrong, writing from memory here) on your tab. So
much for paying us back.


Welcome to Graszton! The scene begins with Cid thanking someone for some
information. As he leaves the house, an assassin appears. All Cid says
is "So soon?" before he is shot. He slumps over onto the ground, seemingly
dead. The assassin says, "You had a lot of nerve coming here, Cid." before
he disappears into the night. In the next scene, Cid is lying on a bed with
Luso standing next to him. Adelle walks in, concerned for Cid. Cid wakes up
soon after and reveals that he knows the location of the mage we are looking
for. He lives in the Aldanna Range. Cid orders us to go and find him. 
Unfortunately, he won't be able to join us for this mission. He falls back to
sleep. After a little prodding by Adelle, Luso decides to head off to the
mountains...after a little monster clean-up.

--------------Mission 6: Wanted: Gilmunto--------------
Fee: 200
Rank: 12
Days: ---
Location: The Aldanna Range
Items(Required): ---
Talents(Required): ---
Quest Type: Headhunt

The LAW - Fire
          Weapons and abilities that use fire are forbidden
Objective: Defeat Gilmunto

When you enter the battlefield, it seems to be covered in some fog. Adelle
quickly corrects you and tells you that it's "Mist". "Mist" is the root of
all magick in Ivalice. When you see the monsters, Luso notices that they
look different. It turns out that Mist in high concentrations does
strange things to monsters. but as Luso says, "There's nothing to do but

Reward: 1330 Gil
        Succulent Fruit x3
        Storm Stone x5
        Quality Pelt x2

CP Obtained: 24
Law Bonus: Iron Carapace
           Gimble Stalk

When you defeat the mark, Adelle is wondering if the "Mist" makes monsters
more valuable. Just before she touches the corpse, a voice calls out, telling
her to stay away from it because the bonds holding the "Mist" are about to
break. Sure enough, seconds later the monster breaks down into "Mist". You
thank the old man for warning you and after a short conversation, you find
out that he is Lezaford, the mage you're looking for. What great luck!

Back at Lezaford's house, the mage tells you that you should be able to go
back to your world and that, indeed, the journal is the key. It turns out
that we have to do more quests to fill up the journal so that it gains power.
Eventually, it will grow powerful enough to send Luso home. Well, Luso is
all for it, so I guess back to Graszton to get Cid!

Back at town, Luso and Adelle fill Cid in on the conversation. While speaking,
Adelle brings up the ability to bid for territory at auctions. There are
certain benefits to controlling an area, like lower prices for quests at the
pub. Luso likes the sound of that, so he and Adelle head off to do a quest to
earn the Clan Points for an auction.

-------------Mission 7: Now That's a Fire!-------------
Fee: 300 Gil
Rank: 14
Days: ---
Location: Zedlei Forest
Items(Required): ---
Talents(Required): Negotiation 
Quest Type: Battle

The LAW - Restoring MP
          Actions that restore MP are forbidden
Objective: Defeat all foes!

The mission that you take on is to clear out the forest of bombs. Let them
come to you so you don't get attacked on the first turn. After that, rip
them to shreads with a few well placed Blizzards.

Reward: 2870 Gil
        Platinum x5
        Agathis x3
        Suspect Mushroom x1

CP Obtained: 28
Law Bonus: Sanative Needle
           Iron Helm

After the battle, Adelle and Luso sit down for a little rest and discuss the
clan points that you're about to recieve. Adelle says that you guys should
head to the auction house, because auctions aren't held all the time. Before
you leave, you find out a little information about auctions. That might come
in handy later. Head to Camoa or Graszton like Adelle suggests.

When you first get to the auction house, the man senses that you are a
first-timer, so he gives you the rules. Read over them quickly and learn
them. You'll most likely only be able to win one area. Choose which you might
want and save most of your tokens for that. Also try to get some bonuses,