Bianca Doesn't seem impressed with you at first, but good deeds can win her over. Does she have an axe to grind? 
Birthday: Summer 8
Locations: Mansion, Town Square, Bathhouse
 Items: None - Talk to her every day to raise FP/LP.
Liked Items: None
Description: The wealthy child of Jasper, she lives in the giant mansion in
town. As spoiled as she is, she won't like anything you give her (whatever
happened to "It's the thought that counts"!?), so you will have to gain her
love by talking to her everyday.
Felicit Mayor Goodwin's daughter has energetic ideas forKardia, but lately she hasn't felt well. Maybe you can find a cure.

Birthday: Fall 5
Locations: Mayor's House, Nuemann's Shop
Favorite Items: Eggplant Curd
Description: Felicity is the daughter of the mayor, and a very ill girl. She
will often spend her days helping Nuemann out with the work in his shop.

Lara. Dr. Edward's assistant is always concerned about your health. Do your best to keep her from being overly worried.

Birthday: Winter 1
Locations: Clinic
Favorite Items: Chocolate Cookies
 Items: Donut
Description: The doctor's assistant, she spends almost all of her time in the
clinic helping the doctor.


Mei is a proven warrior tough enough to be a match for any guy, Mei's convictions are unyiclding aas her sword.

Birthday: Fall 10
Locations: Beach, Inn, Outside Mt. Gigant
Favorite Items: Baked Riceballs
Items: Squid, Lobster, Lover Snapper
Description: A mysterious girl who tends to keep to herself and spends most of
her time along up in the mountains or out on the beach. She lives at the Inn.

Melody is a lover of magic and comfort. Melody runs the local Kardia bathouse. She respects a man who can cast a spell.

Birthday: Spring 11
Locations: Bathhouse
Favorite Items: Relax Tea
 Items: Red Grass, Green Grass, White Grass, Blue Grass, Indigo Grass,
Orange Grass
Description: Melody owns the bathhouse, and loves it when you come and take a
bath. She spends most of her time outside the bathhouse outside the Kasimir
Ruins dungeon.


Mist doesn't seem interested in anything other than you working on her farm, she might have secret motives.


Birthday: Fall 1
Locations: Her House (Below your farm), Your Farm, Your Farm House (Rainy Days)
Favorite Items: Emery Flower
 Items: Cake, Radish
Description: Mist is the first girl you happen upon when you come to Kardia,
and she gives you your hoe and watering can, and lets you live and work her
farm. She'll spend most her days staring at you on your farm, and even lets
herself into your house when the weather is bad. All the people in the town
think she is strange, and refer to her odd grasp on you when you first meet

Rosetta is Jean's daughter she doesn't appear to be interested in poets, but that could change if you don't pay any attention to her.

Birthday: Fall 21
Locations: Parts Store
Favorite Items: Baked Potato
 Items: Omlette, Hot Chocolate, Hot Milk
Description: She is the daughter of Jean, and will often help her father out at
the store and tell him how to get things done more efficiently. She also is the
girl who will stop by your farm every day at 5pm to pick up the items you have
shipped in your shipping bin.


Sharron is the girl some locals wonder if she is a ghost who haunts the Kasimir Ruins. Maybe you can make er feel alive again.

Birthday: Winter 19
Locations: Outside Kasimir Ruins, Inn
Favorite Items: Relax Tea Leaves
Items: Wind Crystal, Water Crystal, Fire Crystal
Description: A strange girl who spends most of her time investigating the
Kasimir ruins. You can find her standing outside of them each day, but she'll
tell you to stay away and let her do the investigating.

Tabatha seems destined to serve as Bianca's maid, you might be the key that unlocks a new life for her.

Birthday: Fall 12
Locations: Mansion, Outside Misty Bloom Cave
 Items: Rice Porridge
Liked Items: Grape, Flour, Apple
Description: Tabatha is the maid for Bianca and Jasper at the mansion, and
refers to herself as a country girl.

Tori is Zavier's sister. She seems shy and apparently doesn't say much, but she knows  plenty about most books in the library.

Birthday: Winter 26
Locations: Library, Inn, Bathhouse
Favorite Items: Pumpkin Pudding
Items: Grape, Strawberry
Description: Tori is Zavier's brother and the daughter of Lady Ann. She spends
most of her time in the library and loves books, just like Russell. She's a
very shy girl.