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+     Tips For Beginners               + 
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+     Author: fillet2                  + 
+     Version: 1.26 September 2005     + 
+     Email: rafterie (at) hotmail.com +
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This is a general FAQ to help you settle into the Maple Story world. It 
answers alot of FAQs that newbies are always asking in the game. And it 
contains explanations and tips on things you'll need to know for lv 1-20

I played Maple Story for about 5 months, but I've quit because I'm so busy 
with uni work and other commitments. I had a lot of fun and this guide 
should still be relevant for quite some time. I hope you find it useful.


     1.1  Statistics
     2.1  Basic Controls
     2.2  First Few Steps
     2.3  Items
     2.4  Hunting
     3.1  First Job Advancement
     4.1  Creating Parties
     4.2  Party Experience
     5.1  Sleepywood, Ant Tunnel, Ossyria And Florina Beach
     5.2  Hunting Effectively
     5.3  Return Scrolls
     5.4  Fame
     5.5  Trading
     6.1  Beginners
     6.2  Level 15+

Frequently Asked Questions                    Section
How Do You Make A Girl Char?                    1.0
Which Stats For Job Advancement?                1.1
Which Stats For Later?                          1.1
Where Did You Get That Hat? (Maple Island)      2.2
Where Did You Get That Weapon? (Maple Island)   2.2
What Are Ores For?                              2.3
How Much Are Screws?                            2.3
How Do You Get Out Of Here? (VIP Taxi)          3.1
Where Do You Go? (for job advancement)          3.1
Can Someone Spare 3k? (weapons and armour)      3.1
How Should I Spend My Skill Points?	        3.1
How Do You Use Skills?                          3.1
How Do You Throw Stars?                         3.1
What Is Fame For?                               5.4



To get the right start you have to think ahead, decide which job you will
take before creating your character. To make this FAQ compact, job 
descriptions are not included. Refer to the official Maple Story website 
for job information and skills. (http://www.mapleglobal.com)

Warriors will level fast as Beginners, but in later levels (15-27 approx)
Warriors level up slower than other jobs.

Thieves will level normally as Beginners, but in later levels (15-27 approx) 
Thieves level-up slower than other jobs (unless they have good stars).

Bowmen will level normally as Beginners.

Magicians will level slowly as Beginners, but after becoming a Magician
and learning a few skills (claw lv 9 for example) they will level quite 
fast. Magicians are quite powerful in the first and most of the second job, 
however in the third job, I've heard that the other classes are stronger 


For each account, three characters can be made in each server. These 
characters share a common storage (or bank). And so items and mesos (money) 
can be safely transferred from character to character, if the characters 
are in the same server.

Each server has the same maps and monsters, but sometimes they have 
different events (Check the website for notices). Unfortunately a character 
created in one server cannot exist in another server. However each server 
usually has 20 Channels each, and your character can easily switch from 
channel to channel within the same server.

If you want to delete a character, you have to remember the birthday that 
you put in you sign-up. To change your password, you need your last name.

How Do You Make A Girl Char?
Your character will be the same gender as what you put in your sign-up. It 
can't be changed.

1.1 Statistics

!!! TIP - It is important to know which stats to increase. Otherwise, you 
may find that you don't have the required statistics to wear your armour or
weapons in the HIGHER LEVELS. I made this mistake and wasn't able to wear 
my proper armour at level 20 because I didn't have enough STR as a Warrior. 
And at level 30 I didn't have enough LUK as a Bandit to wear my dagger.

Which Stats For Job Advancement?
Warrior         level 10 | 35 STR 
Thief           level 10 | 25 DEX 
Bowman          level 10 | 25 DEX 
Magician        level  8 | 20 INT 

Which Stats For Later?
Warrior         STR and DEX (more STR)
Thief           LUK and DEX (more LUK) **
Bowman          DEX and STR (much more DEX)
Magician        INT and LUK (much more INT)

Each job only needs to apply Ability Points (AP) to only two types of
Abilities as shown above. For example, if you are a Warrior, don't place
any AP into LUK or INT.

Magicians, if you keep missing monsters, do not put any AP into DEX,put 
it into INT to increase your accuracy.

** Thieves do not need strength, unless they are STR Bandits. LUK Bandits
use daggers that require no STR, while STR Bandits use daggers that require 
a small amount of STR. If you are unsure, you can put 10 points into STR by 
level 20 and see if you like being a STR Bandit.

AP can also be used to increase HP and MP. I suggest not doing this. HP and 
MP will increase with every level-up without you adding AP to it.

Rolling The Stats Die
!!! TIP - Before creating your character, make sure it has good stats. If 
it hasn't got stats that you are pleased with, you can click on the red die 
to get new stats.

Good stats would have 4 or 5 in the abilities that your job doesn't need. 
But if you can't get good stats, it's OK. But since you can roll the die as 
many times as you like, you may as well try a few times.


2.1 Basic controls

Switching Channels      Press Menu, Change Channels
Chat Box                Make sure you press the little '+' sign at the 
                        bottom centre of your screen to see what has 
                        been said more clearly
Healing                 Find a safe place and stand still for awhile
Recovering MP           MP regenerates automatically.
Pick up items           Press Z
World Map               Press W 
Inventory               Press I
Statistics (AP)         Press S

For more controls click on your Key Settings at the bottom right of screen.
My favourite control is F5.

2.2 First Few Steps

In the first screen, you will see two Non-Player Characters (NPCs).
Talk to Heena, she will explain BASIC MOVEMENT. She will ask you to
do something, say YES.

This is a quest, you don't have to complete it, but if you do, you will
be rewarded. In this case, the reward will be 1 experience point. It
never hurts to say YES to a quest so always say YES.

If you accepted the quest, don't press up at the portal (the place with the 
glowing light from the ground). Talk to Sera, she will give you a mirror. 
Then go talk to Heena, she will take you to the next screen/map.

In the 2nd screen, a creepy looking guy called Roger will take away some of 
your health! Press I to open your Inventory, click the USE tab, then
double-click the Apple. Talk to Roger again, he'll give you 3 Red Potions. 
You can HotKey the potions by dragging them from your Inventory into one of 
your Quick Slot keys (bottom right corner of your screen).

In the 3rd screen there's another simple quest. In the 4th screen talk to 
Peter, he'll give you some experience.

Where Did You Get That Hat?
Soon you will see Maria, she'll give you an easy quest, if you complete
her quest she'll give you a hat (a bandana or skullcap).

Where Did You Get That Weapon?
Talk to Biggs in South Perry, You'll need 30 Blue Snail Shells and 10 
Orange Mushroom Caps. If you complete this quest, you will receive a lv 5 
Razor, or a lv 8 Fruits Dagger. 

For Orange Mushroom Caps, go to the map to the right side of Amherst. At the 
top centre of this map you will be able to kill the Orange Mushrooms easily 
by standing on the centre platform, where you can attack the Mushrooms 
without being hit by them. Magicians can skip this quest if it is too hard.

2.3 Items

Pick up everything especially mesos, ores, potions, armor and weapons. Items 
such as Snail Shells, Mushroom Spores and Mushroom Caps can be sold to any 
store for mesos. Arrows are worth 0 mesos to stores, so you may as well pick 
them up and give them to an archer later when you reach Victoria Island.

What Are Ores For?
Ores are used in creating Jewels or metal Plates, which are used to create 
items later in the game. Keep all the ores you find and talk to the NPCs in 
Victoria Island to find out which ores you will need later to make items. 
All other ores you may either keep or sell to other players.

Picking Up Items
!!! When you kill a monster, YOU are the only person who can pick up the 
items that the monster drops after it dies. If you don't pick up the items 
after about 10 seconds, ANYBODY may pick up the items. And if you drop an 
item from your Inventory, anybody can pick it up and you shouldn't expect 
to get it back.

When two or more people help kill a monster, usually the person who killed 
it the most is allowed to pick up the items. The other person won't be able 
to pick up the item unless it has been left there for about 10 seconds.

When you see someone busily killing monsters and not picking up their items 
for a long time, after about 10 seconds, anyone can pick up those items, 
looting is when someone else picks up those items.

Looting is ok when a person is only interested in gaining exp. and not 
money. If you never see them picking up items, even after you have picked 
up a few of their items, then there is no problem. If you start picking up 
some items and the person killing, also begins picking up the items, then 
you should stop, and let them get their items.

Once, a Beginner accused me of looting from her when she helped me kill a 
monster. I didn't loot from her, the item belonged to me. If she had killed 
the monster completely, then I wouldn't have been able to pick up the item 
so soon after the monster died, if the item had belonged to her... NOOB

How Much Are Screws? (as of July 2005)
These prices are from what I have seen in Scania, they are the usual amount 
other players in Victoria Island are willing to pay for these items. 
NOTE: The prices may change.

Ores                    1k (1000 mesos). 
Steel Ores              1k, sometimes 1.5k or 2k.
Diamond Ores            7k sometimes 3k sometimes 10k
Gold Ores               10k 
Black Crystal Ores (BC) 13k sometimes 15k
Screws                  1.5 - 2k each
Leather                 150 - 200 mesos each

Item Library
The Item Library on the official websites don't really cut it. For a 
detailed item, monster, quest and map library, visit www.hidden-street.net

2.4 Hunting

Beginners that plan to become Magicians should hunt in the Snail Hunting 
Ground I or II on Maple island, this map is full of Green and Blue Snails. 
Probably best to stay here until you reach level 8. You can do Maria's Hat 
quest and then come back to this map to level up. I suggest not doing Biggs 
quest because it will take a long time to collect the items for someone so 
physically weak. But of course if you really want to do it, no problem.

If you find it hard to level-up, keep killing those Green and Blue Snails.

Monsters In Maple Island
Name                    HP     EXP.     Advice
Green Snails             8      3       Great for Beginners and Magicians
Blue Snails             15      4       Great for Everyone
Shroom                  20      5       Great for Everyone
Red Snails              45      8       Beginner Magicians shouldn't waste 
                                        time on these
Orange Mushrooms        80     15       These are tough for Beginners, 
                                        you'll kill 4 Blue Snails faster 
                                        for MORE exp. AND THEY MOVE FAST.
                                        You'll find a lot of these to the 
                                        right of Amherst

Other Easy Monsters In Victoria Island
Name                    HP     EXP.     Advice
Stump                   65       8      Easier to just kill 2 Blue Snails,
                                        (unless you can kill in 3-5 shots 
                                        it's not worth going for)
Slime                   50      10      They move fast
Pig                     75      15      They move fast
Dark stump             250      18      They move slow
Ribbon Pig             120      20      They move fast

Kill Stealing
Kill Stealing (KS or ksing) is when someone weak is trying to kill a 
monster to gain exp. and a stronger player will come and kill it and steal 
exp. It's not such a problem in Maple Island because everyone is a 
Beginner, so this is a good place to train.


You can leave Maple Island anytime you like. You'll need 150 mesos for the 
ship ride from South Perry. When you leave you won't be able to come back. 

Maple Island is a nice place to level-up. I suggest leveling here or near 
Lith Harbour until you are ready for your job advancement. Places near 
Henesys are also good for Beginners to train.

!!! I suggest not exploring the other towns while you are a Beginner and a 
newbie, go level up and get a job first, then go exploring. (Beginners 
wanting to become Magicians will not train as fast near Perion, Ellinia or 
Kerning, unless they stick to Green snails, because Slimes(50HP) and 
Stumps(65HP) take forever to kill when you are doing 1-3 damage).

When you die, if you have a job, you'll lose about 5-10% exp. and you'll be
transported to the nearest Town. If you have your Mini Map extended 
you'll be able to see an icon. The icon represents the nearest town.

Talk to every NPC that you see, this way you will probably find out if they 
are useful to you. For example some NPCs synthesize items, refine ores, 
store things, process wood, create screws, create arrows or give quests.

How Do You Get Out Of Here? What Is This Place?
!!! Do not take a ride in the black VIP TAXI to the Ant Tunnel. You will 
end up in a place not for Beginners at all. When you die (There's no way 
you won't die), you'll find yourself in Sleepywood, the town in the Dungeon. 
To get out of here, you'll have to buy a Return Scroll to Lith Harbour from 
someone for 500 - 1000 meso. Even if someone is nice enough to give you a 
scroll for free, you'll have wasted 1000 mesos on the VIP TAXI ... DONT 
TAKE THE TAXI. I don't know why they allow Beginners to have a discount on 
this Taxi, it just means a lot of confusion.

3.1 First Job Advancement: Where Do You Go?

After you have trained to the required level, talk to the ticket guy in 
Lith Harbour or a white Taxi in another town, he will take you to the town 
you need to go to, for 80 - 120 mesos (very cheap discount price for 
Beginners only).

---Warriors--- at Perion, go to the very top of the map and enter the 
portal talk to the NPC Dances with Balrog.

---Thieves--- at Kerning City, enter the Jazz Bar in the centre of the map, 
go down the ladder and talk to the NPC Dark Road.

---Bowmen--- at Henesys, near the centre of the map, enter the park and go 
to the far right and enter the building to talk to the NPC Athena Pierce.

---Magicians--- at Ellinia, go to the very top and enter the portal and 
talk to the NPC Grendel the Really Old.

Buying Weapons And Clothes: Can Someone Spare 3k?
!!! When you make your job advancement, you should buy new armour in your 
home town. By this level, you will probably not have enough mesos to buy 
everything you want, so deal with it :/ you have a job, go earn the money!

Firstly buy a new weapon, then topwear and bottomwear, if you have enough 
mesos, buy a hat and then shoes. If you can't afford everything, don't 
worry, you really only need the new weapon. If you can't afford that, you 
probably didn't pick up all the mesos that your monsters dropped did you? 
Well in that case, you've just got to fight some more monsters with what 
you have until you have enough mesos.

!!! Don't Beg. You are a Beginner (or were), of course you're poor! You 
have to work at your job to become rich. This game can be challenging, but 
it's not too hard, so don't be LAZY go hunt some monsters to find some 
money and gain exp. And while you're at it meet some players and have fun.

How Should I Spend My Skill Points?
!!! TIP - By the time you reach your second job advancement, you will not 
have received enough Skill Points (SP) to master all the skills available 
to you. So, you'll have to spend those points wisely. Find an In-Depth FAQ 
for your job to find out how to spend your SP.

How Do You Use Skills?
Press K to spend your skill point. If you use your Skill Point on a skill 
that uses MP, drag the Icon into one of your Hot Keys, or open your Key 
Settings and drag it into there.

How Do You Throw Stars?
You must be a Thief and you need to wear a Claw. The first claw is called 
a Garnier and can be bought from the Kerning City Weapon Store. Buy some 
Subi Throwing stars from the guy selling armour. Now you can throw stars 
using your attack button.

If you are too close to a monster, you will punch it instead of throwing 
a star at it (I find this annoying). Punching will do very little damage.


4.1 Creating Parties

Once you get a job, you will be able to create a party.
- Press R 
- click on the 'Party' tab 
- click 'Create'
- Right-Click on a person
- Select 'View Info'
- Click 'Invite Party' once

There can be up to 6 people in a party. To leave your party, click Leave. 
You will not be able to invite someone who is already in a party. They will 
have to leave their party before joining yours.

Party Chat
When you are in a party, press 2 to talk to members in you party. The chat 
text will appear in pink. You will be able to talk to members that are in 
different maps or channels. Press 1 to talk to everyone again.

4.2 Party Experience

- Experience is shared among all party members that are in the same map.
- If you kill a monster you will get more exp. than the other party members 
will get for that kill.
- Higher level members will receive more exp than the lower level members.

In parties, mesos are shared but items are not. Items can be picked up by 
anyone in a party. 
Pan2005: Mesos In A Party - For 2 Members --> 60% For Collector & 40% For
Other Member. For more than 2, the ratio will be a bit different, but still, 
the Collector will be getting most.

One problem with parties is who gets to keep that rare piece of armour worth 
50k? The person who killed the monster that dropped it? Sure, but what if 
they helped you kill it? I was once in a party where I completely killed the 
monster that dropped the rare item and I managed to pick up the item too, 
but the other party member begged me if they could have it. I personally 
don't like parties, but they are useful sometimes. You don't need to join 
parties to make friends though, just start talking to people.

Party Experience Example 1
LetÂ’s say we have a 2-person party with 2 lv 10 players.
Slimes give 10 exp. if you kill them completely by yourself.
In a party if you kill a Slime, you'll get something like 6 exp. while 
the other member in the party will get 4 exp.

Party Experience Example 2
Another 2-person party, 1 person lv 35 the other lv 8.
If the lv 35 kills a Green Mushroom, they will get the entire 26 exp. 
points and the lv 8 will get 0 exp.
If the lv 35 kills a Slime, they get 9 exp. and the lv 8 will get 1 exp.


5.1 Sleepywood, Ant Tunnel, Ossyria And Florina Beach

Sleepywood is in the Dungeon, the easiest way is to walk from Henesys. But 
I recommend being level 17-20 before visiting. Make sure you have a Return 
Scroll to Henesys or some other town before you go, just incase you find the 
place too tough for you to get out again. Sleepywood Return Scrolls can be 
bought in the Sauna in the Hotel in Sleepywood.

To walk to Sleepywood from Henesys, take the top right portal at Henesys to 
get onto Warning Street. Keep traveling right, and avoid the dangerous 
monsters at the bottom of those pits. Eventually you'll find Luke the 
Security Guy, take the portal that he's standing near. You'll enter a 
Forest, here the top portal will take you towards Kerning City and Perion, 
while the middle portal will be Sleepywood. Don't take the bottom portal 
unless you are lv 25+ because there are Curse Eyes here. Also, the bottom 
portal is one of those tricky portals, like a Pig Beach, where the only way 
to get back, is to travel through the map and reach another portal. 

Ant Tunnel is just right of Sleepywood. The monsters are tough here for low
level players.

Ossyria is another place and the website suggests that you be lv 35, this 
is a good guideline. But if you want to visit out of curiosity I recommend 
lv 25+, but the monsters will be tough! You can go there from Ellinia, it 
cost 5k and make sure you have 5k to get back. Bring lots of potions to go 
exploring. Since MP pots are slightly cheaper in Ellinia, don't forget to 
stock-up before leaving to Ossy.

Tip from lilkrndude146: The armour and weapon shop in El Nath (a town in 
Ossyria) is expensive for some items. You'll probably do better buying the 
items off other players back in Victoria Island. Hopefully by the time you 
reach the levels to be buying this stuff, you'll have some experience in 
buying and trading items off other players (at sensible prices).

Florina Beach is a little island with tough monsters. It cost 1k to get 
there from Lith Harbour. You'll need 1k to get back.

5.2 Hunting Effectively

If you like fighting in crowded places where the monsters re-spawn quickly, 
fight monsters that only need 1-2 shots to kill (maybe 3). If you take any 
longer you'll become surrounded by too many monsters.

If you like less crowded places, where there's only you or one other person, 
there will be less monsters. This will mean more walking, but you can kill 
the monsters slower, so go for monsters that die in 2-4 shots. - Warriors 
and Bandit Thieves may like to kill monsters that take up to 6 shots.

To level-up faster, use potions (pots). Less waiting will mean more killing 
and more exp. Make sure you pick up all your items and mesos if you can't 
afford pots. On the other hand, if you're using pots up like crazy, and you 
don't seem to be making a profit, you're fighting the wrong monsters 
(or you're just crap :P) - MP pots are slightly cheaper in Ellinia.

5.3 Return Scrolls: Selling All Town Scrolls 1k

Return Scrolls, are great and are much cheaper than a Taxi (unless you're 
still a Beginner). After getting your first job, and acquiring some money, 
walk around Victoria Island and visit all the towns and buy a Return scroll 
from each town. On the way, you can explore, try to find hidden portals and 
kill a few new monsters.

Return Scrolls cost 500 mesos at shops. And they can be used in almost all 
maps, so they are more convenient than taxis.

Taxis are not available in Sleepywood. So buy a Return Scroll before 
visiting, otherwise you may have to pay 1k to buy one off someone. I used 
to always be in Sleepywood selling Return Scrolls for 1k =) .

5.4 Fame: What Is Fame For?

Fame is used for higher levels. There is a quest at level 30 that requires 
10 fame, and some high-level armour requires a certain amount of fame to 
wear. If you're poor, don't bother trying to buy fame, you don't need it 
yet. Save your money for armour or potions.

from Pan2005: The kinds of equipment that use fame are usually black or
are called Dark 'something'.

You can't fame someone until you're lv 15. You can only use your fame once 
a day. And you can only fame the same person once a month.

Higher-level players like to buy fame. They may offer you 1 - 6k for your 
fame. If you need money, sell your fame. Currently the normal price for fame 
is 5k. People may also offer items for fame such as 20 leathers or 4 ores.

To fame someone for items or money, right-click them and select 'View Info', 
then press 'Request Trade'. Keep the Info box open. When they accept your 
trade, and agree to give you the money or items for your fame, you click the 
Orange Up Arrow to increase their fame, while the trade box is still open. 
Then they will give you your money. Press the Orange 'Trade' button to 
accept their money or items

Fame nor LUK has nothing to do with rare item drops.

5.5 Trading

To request a trade with someone right-click them and View Info, click on 
'Request Trade'.

If someone requests a Trade with you, be nice and say 'Hi' or 'Hello'. 
Responding with 'Yes?' or 'What?' just seems rude to me.

Good places to buy or sell items are at towns. The best town for this is
Perion. Visit Perion Channel 1 for the biggest market, here it may be hard 
to click on people, so instead type '/trade username' to trade with someone.

Visit Perion Channel 1 and just watch everybody trade. Sometimes you'll see 
the prices of various items. Occasionally these prices will be over the top. 
But just watch for a few minutes while you regain your health and you will 
learn alot about trading and prices. It's not a bad idea to do this every 
now and again after you reach lv 30. If Perion Channel 1 is too full, try 
Channel 2.


After you've done these quests, there are plenty more which are only 
accessible by reaching a certain level. Visit www.maplesea.com for more
quests (shows more quests than mapleglobal).

Strangely, all these quests are pretty hard for the level that you can begin 
them at, except John's quest. For all the others, you'll have to level-up 
alot more to finish them without help. You'll probably be lv 25+ when you 
finish all of them... :/

6.1 Quests For Beginners

Fixing Blackbull's House
Talk to Blackbull in Perion.

Items Needed: 30 Branches, 50 Firewoods.

Prize: lv 15 Steel Shield (most times) or a lv 25 Triangular Shield.

Branches will be easy to get from Stumps. Firewood can be found from Axe 
Stumps and Dark Axe Stumps. Don't go for the Dark Axe Stumps they have 550 
HP. If you're a warrior, try this quest at lv 14, so that you have a shield 
for lv 15. All other classes, don't worry about this quest until you can 
kill Axe Stumps easily.

The shields can only be used by Warriors. If you're not a warrior, you can 
sell the lv 15 shield to a shop for 3k. The lv 25 shield should be sold to 
a warrior because it can't be bought from any store in Victoria Island.

6.2 Quests For Level 15+

Maya and the Weird Medicine
Talk to Maya in the Mushroom House in Henesys

Needed: 20 Octo Legs, 50 Squishy Liquids, 50 Leaves, 40 Charms of Undead

Prize: level 25 Brown Bamboo Hat

Since you can't use the prize until lv 25, you can take your time.

You'll need to travel a lot for this quest, Maya will want you to get 
Medicine by talking to Teo in Lith Harbour, He'll tell you to go see 
someone else and so on ... :/ Octos are found near Kerning City, Leaves are 
dropped by Dark Stumps found near Perion, Squishy Liquid dropped by Slimes. 
Charms of Undead are dropped by Undead Mushrooms found in the Ant Tunnel in 
the Dungeon, they are not easy to kill by low-level players.

Luke the Security Guy
Talk to Luke at the Entrance to the Dungeon from Henesys.

Items Needed: 1 Bowl of Salad, 10 Stirge Wings, 100 Jr. Necki Skins

Prize: 1 Refined Jewel at random (Diamond if you're lucky)

This quest is tough! There is no time limit on quests. Most Magicians, 
Thieves, Bowmen can't hit the Jr. Necki until lv 27+. Warriors will have to 
wait even longer.

Jr Neckis are little green snakes, found in the Subway, Sewer, and in some 
parts of the Dungeon. Stirges are purple bats found in the Subway and Deep 
Ant Tunnel. Bowl of Salad can be bought (A Use Item) from the 24Hr Shop in 
the Deep Ant Tunnel.

John's Pink Flower Basket
Talk to John in Lith Harbour

Items Needed: at least 10 Pink Viola Flowers

Prize: 30 Screws

This is the first of MANY jumping quests. If you can become good at this 
quest, you'll be able to do all the other jumping quests. So have patience 
and practice a lot, when you get tired, take a break, fight some monsters, 
then practice some more. Pink Viola's can't be traded.

Buy a couple of Return Scrolls to Lith Harbour at Lith Harbour. Go to 
Sleepywood, then buy some Sleepywood Return Scrolls from the Sauna and talk 
to the Mysterious Statue. After getting the flowers (double-click on them), 
scroll back to Lith, give the flowers to John. If you didn't get 10 flowers, 
scroll back to Sleepywood and do it again.
NOTE: buying the Scrolls is optional, you can walk if you're too tight!

After you complete the quest, you can go to the Mysterious Statue and do 
the jumping quest again and again. Each time you reach the flowers you'll 
randomly receive 2 mineral ores (no gold).

When you reach lv 30, you'll no longer be able to receive the 2 ores from the 
Forest of Patience Stages 1 & 2. You'll have to do John's lv 30 quest instead, 
where you'll do Stages 3 & 4.

Nella and Kerning City Citizen's Requests
Talk to Nella in Kerning City

Request 1: 1000 Mesos, 50 Green Mushroom Caps, 50 Bubbling's Huge Bubbles
Request 2: 5 Processed Woods, 5 Screws
Request 3: 100 Octopus Legs, 1 Pure Water.

Prize 1: 50 Lemons
Prize 2: 100 Cakes
Prize 3: level 20 Gloves for your job

Bubblings are in the Subway in Kerning City. The Bubblings may be difficult 
to kill. Try this quest at lv 19, maybe even lv 25.

When you complete the first request, talk to Nella repeatedly, don't leave 
until she gives you the second request. (Just keep clicking on her, don't 
listen to her lies!)

Talk to JM From Tha Streetz and select 'Create Materials' to find out how 
to make Processed Wood and Screws. You probably won't have the materials 
to make screws, so either do John's Flower Quest to get 30 screws, or buy 
them off people for 1.5k or 2k each.

Talk to Nella repeatedly after completing the second request.

Pure Water can be bought at Sleepywood or 24Hr Shop in the Ant Tunnel. Octos 
can be found at both Kerning City Construction Sites and near the Kerning 
City Entrance to the Dungeon Forest.

When you reach lv 25, Nella will have 3 more requests for you.


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