Metroid Prime 3: Corruption FAQ and Walkthrough
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Current version: 0.58

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Version history {0001}
V0.02 – Began work. Very excited about writing another guide.
V0.11 – Reached partway through Planet Bryyo.
V0.16 – More Bryyo.
V0.22 – Bryyo completed.
V0.31 – Large portion of Elysia complete.
V0.33 – Better, more helpful logbook.
V0.41 – Elysia completed.
V0.53 – Pirate Homeworld completed. More logbook updates.
V0.58 – Updates.

Table of Contents {0002}

Section 0
  Copyright info {0000}
  Version history {0001}
  Table of Contents {0002}

Section 1
  Introduction to MP3 {1000}
  Introduction to this guide {1001}
  Walkthrough {1002}

Section 2
  Notes and Miscellaneous Information {2000}
  Sidequests and collectibles {2001}

Section 3
  Credits and References {3000}
  Special Thanks {3001}

Introduction to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption {1000}

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is the third and final entry in the trilogy of 
games known as the Metroid Prime series. This series was the first to bring 
Samus Aran into the third dimension, and the first two entries were tremendous 
hits.  So this game has been eagerly awaited by fans of the series, everyone 
wanting to see the conclusion of the story.

-The G.F.S. Valhalla requires five or six Energy Cells to complete. You must 
complete this area to achieve 100%.
-The Logbook does not count toward your percentage total.

Introduction to this guide {1001}

This guide is not only a walkthrough, but also contains helpful information 
such as log book entries and information on all of SamusÂ’ weapons, armors, and 
upgrades. It will provide detailed strategies for all the gameÂ’s bosses, as 
well as help you progress through the main content of the game: the actual 

-I will often refer to rooms by their given names. I will try to avoid this 
until after you find a Map Station.
-It might be wise to see the Glossary before you use this guide, especially if 
youÂ’re new to Metroid Prime. I did once receive a complaint regarding 
terminology (IÂ’ll leave that anonymous).

Walkthrough {1002}

(Cue opening scene)
---Galactic Federation Starship Olympus---
Objective: Meet Admiral Dane
Welcome aboard, Samus Aran. This starts out simple and with a distinct lack of 
combat; finish the calibration test (make sure to do it right, for your own 
sake), and just trudge on through this nicely functional and suspiciously 
friendly starship. And make sure you scan. Scanning everything you see is 
always good, especially in the beginning of the game since there are often 
one-time only scans right at the beginning. Scan every person, every terminal, 
and, well, everything else. ItÂ’s really worth it to find something you may 
have otherwise missed. Anyway, thereÂ’s not much to say about the G.F.S. 
Olympus. Once you get to the bridge, youÂ’ll notice a soldier blocking your way 
to the ready room. This guy wants you to save first, so comply with orders and 
head into the ready room. Just as your briefing is finished, the G.F.S. 
Olympus comes under attack.

Objective: Reach Norion surface to aid ground troops
 YouÂ’ll now be thrust into your first encounter with Space Pirates. Beware of 
them; their bullets are big and quick. Fortunately, they arenÂ’t very strong, 
so you should have no trouble at all dispatching the lot of them. You may come 
upon a battle between some soldiers and some Pirates. The soldiers have the 
upper hand, but a Pirate dropship crashes through the window, exposing you all 
to the vacuum of space. This calls for quick thinking; shoot the button above 
the door to seal off the area.  Now, head back the way you had originally come 
when first going to the ready room. Some Pirates will courteously blow the 
crap out of a wall for you. This allows you to access a new door, as well as a 
new area. Take advantage of this. Go through and youÂ’ll come to a room with a 
power core at the bottom. Some Pirate Militia and some Armored Militia have 
just come in to take that nice pretty power core. Naturally, you ought to stop 
them. Once you dispatch all of them, pick up the power core and return it to 
its rightful place. But unfortunately, you just cued in a massive horde of 
little crawlers to swoop from the ceiling. YouÂ’ll have to fend them and some 
Crawltanks off for a while, but eventually theyÂ’ll start bursting through the 
floor. This should be your cue to hop into Morph Ball and make a miraculous 
escape. Once youÂ’ve managed that, use the waste disposal in this new location 
to flush yourself into space. YouÂ’ll grab on to a little valve and pull 
yourself back in. Here, youÂ’ll have to fight off a few pirates and make your 
way to the top of the room to acquire your Missile Launcher. With this, you 
can blow up the debris blocking the catwalk. Sneak through the catwalk and to 
your ship. But, surprise for you, youÂ’re not getting away that easily. A big 
baddy known as a Berserker Lord is here to stop you.

0------------Berserker Lord-------------0
He looks tough, eh? Well, he really isnÂ’t. I hope I donÂ’t need to point out 
the large, glowing, red spots on his shoulders. Those are quite obviously weak 
points. Thus, you should shoot them while avoiding his sweep laser. Be careful 
to jump and not strafe; strafing wonÂ’t help in the least in terms of dodging. 
Once his shoulder pads are off, heÂ’ll start spitting large purple wads at you. 
Thus begins Metroid Prime 3Â’s first attempt at one of the strangest and most 
comedic boss tactics ever contrived: projectile ping-pong. You need to whack 
those big purple wads right back at him. They themselves cause minor damage, 
but thatÂ’s not the point. After two successful rounds of smacking him with a 
purple thing, his large, blue head cover will shatter, leaving his very 
vulnerable head completely exposed. Thus, you may smash the Berserker Lord to 
tiny pieces. The death he suffers is a fitting one: falling into space and 
being smashed by a Pirate dropship. I mourn not for the Berserker Lord.

Objective: Activate Generator C
Though you managed to make a nice dent in the forces up on the G.F.S Olympus, 
the planet Norion isnÂ’t in such good shape. You find out from one of the 
soldiers there that theyÂ’ve been relying on a massive cannon to keep them 
safe, but the whole cannon is offline. YouÂ’ll need to activate three different 
generators in order to do this. So letÂ’s start by marching on ahead, shall we? 
ThereÂ’s only one way you can go, so follow it. In a particular room, youÂ’ll 
need to yank away some debris revealing a Morph Ball tunnel. Once through the 
tunnel, youÂ’ll see four red panels. Keep this area in mind as it is the cannon 
control room. The top three panels each represent a generator, and the bottom 
will light up when all three generators are turned back on. Anyway, continuing 
down the path we were on. After a little bit of trekking, youÂ’ll come to the 
generator room. That nice circular platform in the middle should tell you 
exactly where you need to head next. Once you step into the circular area, a 
cadre of Jolly Roger sentries will pop up to attack you. These things are 
tough to hit and even tougher to scan, but donÂ’t worry; they periodically stop 
to fire at you and are extremely weak to attacks. It shouldnÂ’t take more than 
two or three well placed shots for a kill. In total, there are six Jolly 
Rogers. Once youÂ’ve dispatched them all, jump over to the other side and use 
the panel there. Then, jump back and use the panel to the left of the door. 
This will activate Generator C. Objective completed.

Objective: Activate Generator A
So now itÂ’s time to head on back. Trudge back to the control room area, and 
things are looking relatively uneventful (at least, for a meteor emergency). 
Completely without warning, two massive creatures burst out of a blast door. 
They completely ignore you and battle each other to the death. In case you 
thought youÂ’d have to fight the victor yourself, think again: itÂ’s Ghor. He 
not only blocks your old path, but he cleared you a new one. So head down this 
new path to Generator A. ItÂ’s a relatively uneventful walk down to the second 
generator as well. This time, we donÂ’t even have to fight monsters when we get 
there, as Gandrayda is kind enough to take care of that for us. Instead, we 
need to do some Morph Ball work. YouÂ’ll notice the little purple gas vents in 
the track; those launch you into the air if you jump while on them. They not 
only help you scale the track, but theyÂ’ll launch you into the switches you 
need to hit as well. Oh, did I forget to mention? Before you can leave this 
track, you need to hit three Morph Ball switches. This will raise a nice sized 
track for you to wind along, making your way to the top of the generator. 
Also, be careful to keep moving, as a Jolly Roger is trying to pick you off 
and you can do nothing about it. Anyway, once youÂ’ve hit the top of the 
generator, it seems like thereÂ’s no problem. Until...

0--------------Meta Ridley--------------0
Samus Aran sat on a generator. Samus Aran had a great, great fall. And she 
wasnÂ’t the only one to have a great fall. Meta Ridley decided to have a great 
fall with you. This boss fight is more about mechanics than about real 
strategy. Your objective is quite obvious: kill Ridley before completing the 
16000 meter fall to your certain death. Ridley, however, is only vulnerable in 
the mouth. That leaves for a lack of options, yes? No. This fight cycles in 
between various stages: top, middle, and bottom. YouÂ’ll generally switch in 
the order of top, middle, bottom, middle, top. So letÂ’s start with top. In 
this stage, Ridley is in front of you. You can basically just keep firing, as 
heÂ’ll open his mouth quite often to attack you. Do as much damage as you can 
in this stage, because it wonÂ’t last long. Now we move into the middle stage. 
YouÂ’re on equal footing with Ridley now. He has three attacks here. One is a 
breath attack. Obviously, hit his mouth before he does this. Then heÂ’s got a 
hand-based attack that looks like he might backhand you. Hit his hand when he 
does this one. The final attack is a slap attack. HeÂ’ll draw his hand pretty 
far back, making it a tough target. If you manage to damage his hand enough 
during this attack, youÂ’ll stun him and be able to damage him by hitting him 
in the mouth. Now, the bottom stage. The bottom stage isnÂ’t unlike top; just 
shoot a lot and go for the mouth. The 16000 meter distance limit shouldnÂ’t be 
very restraining, although it gets a bit shaky around 6000 meters. Once youÂ’ve 
finished Ridley, Rundas will come to save you from your great, great fall.

Ahem. Now then, letÂ’s activate that generator. Head over to the panel to the 
left of the door and activate this generator too.

Objective: Activate cannon
Now itÂ’s time to make a beeline for the control room. Rundas has already 
activated Generator B for you, so donÂ’t bother looking for it. Once you get to 
the control room, activate the bottom panel. This opens up a new door, one 
that leads to the control room. Gandrayda, Ghor, and Rundas are all here 
waiting for you, and just as youÂ’re about to activate the cannon, your old 
nemesis Dark Samus shows up to ruin the fun. After your whole team gets 
blasted into near oblivion with a burst of concentrated Phazon, Dark Samus 
flies away. Fortunately for Norion, Samus managed to muster just enough energy 
activate the cannon before passing out. Phew.

+++One month later+++

---G.F.S. Olympus---
YouÂ’re back home, but not for very long. The nurse here will tell you all 
about your awesome new PED suit, and I neednÂ’t tell you how cool you now look. 
Anyway, head back into the bridge from where you are, definitely save, and go 
to the AU room (the upper middle door in the bridge). The Aurora Unit itself 
will brief you for your mission today. It instructs you that two planets, 
Bryyo and Elysia, have come under similar attack as Norion. This time, 
however, the meteors managed to land and are infecting the worlds with Phazon. 
And, lucky for you, Ghor, Gandrayda, and Rundas are all missing. Thus, itÂ’s 
your job to go investigate. LetÂ’s start with Bryyo, shall we?

---Bryyo Cliffside---
Objective: Locate Map Station
Ahh, this place reminds me of Tallon IV. Anyway. You can do nothing but head 
straight until you reach a large, open room. YouÂ’ll see a strange lock on a 
door on the far side of said room. First off, head to that door. From there, 
turn right, onto the platforms there, then right again. Once here, Morph Ball 
up and head down the slot. Let yourself slide into place at the bottom of the 
track. This is a switch, so activate it to unlock part of the locked door. 
Once you activate this, youÂ’ll not only unlock half of the door, but youÂ’ll 
both create a new platform and summon some enemies too. The enemies you summon 
are quite strange. They live in groups of five, and are normally invulnerable. 
Eventually, theyÂ’ll start to make a circle and a large blob will appear in the 
center of them. Shoot the blob to kill all five. Simple as that. Anyway, get 
up onto the new platforms here, ignoring the door, and make your way to a new 
Morph Ball slot. This will fully unlock the door for ya. Head down this new 
path. Eventually youÂ’ll come to a room with one of those nice, massive golems 
on the floor. DonÂ’t worry, it wonÂ’t hurt you. So jump down to investigate it, 
only to be ambushed by two Reptilicus Hunters. TheyÂ’re not that hard, so just 
shoot until they fall. This will open up a little nook. Inside this nook are a 
door and a stone lock you can use to uncover some Bryyonian Lore. Anyway, head 
through the door into a seemingly empty and useless room. But wait. Look on 
the side of the lowermost step you just went down. ‘Tis a covered Morph Ball 
opening. Before you go in though, make sure to scan Snatcher and Korba. Once 
youÂ’ve done that, head through the track  You can acquire that Missile 
Expansion by using the Snatchers to float up a ways, dropping yourself 
literally atop the pickup. Once you come out the other side, yank the cover 
off the door and use a missile to open it. Inside is...the Grapple Swing! Now 
you can use those nice yellow diamonds to swing across pits and such. So head 
back to the large room and swing across (dispatch the Gel Puffers first). 
Looks like you canÂ’t get through to the door? Yank off the panels on the wall 
to reveal a Morph Ball track. Head up and out, then backtrack until you reach 
the open room. Some regular Reptilici will attack you here, but theyÂ’re still 
cake. Anyway, head back through the door we ignored last time. Along this path 
is the Map Station. Now that weÂ’ve done that, letÂ’s head back to our ship.

---Bryyo Fire---
Open Objectives:
Destroy East power source
Destroy West power source
Magmoor Caverns, anyone? This part is relatively straightforward. There are 
some mechanical issues you should know about, however. The biggest one 
involves igniting Fuel Gel, which is abundant in these caves. To ignite Fuel 
Gel, hit a spout or other concentration of Fuel Gel with a Charge Shot. DonÂ’t 
use Missiles, they donÂ’t work. Possibly the toughest room at this point is a 
very tall room where you actually get to see Rundas (though he ignores you 
utterly). After defeating some enemies, make your way to the Morph Ball slot.
To activate it, ignite the two spouts on the sides of it. This will raise the 
middle platform a bit. As you scale the platform, youÂ’ll have to repeatedly 
raise it again. Eventually, youÂ’ll reach the top. Continue on this way, and 
eventually youÂ’ll end up in a room called Bryyo Temple. Large rooms should be 
cue to you at this point that fighting will ensue. Well, it does. Sure are a 
lot of Space Pirates in that crowd. Fend ‘em off, and just when it looks like 
the second wave is headed your way, the Pirates freeze in midair. Has Rundas 
made up for blowing you off before? ‘Fraid not. That’s not what he’s here for.

I know you wanted to fight Rundas. I know you did. This is a very simple, 
though still difficult, boss, which is nowhere near as fun to fight as Meta 
Ridley was in that big pit. Start off by blasting him until he appears 
stunned. Once heÂ’s stunned, run up to him and yank his armor off. At this 
point, heÂ’s now completely vulnerable. So you just shoot him; all weapons have 
equal effectiveness. YouÂ’ll have to repeat this process multiple times. Most 
of RundasÂ’ attacks are easy to dodge projectiles. The biggest one to beware is 
one he generally only uses while in Hypermode. HeÂ’ll create a giant club of 
ice, twirl it around his head, and throw it at you. ItÂ’s big and hard to 
dodge, but strafing to the right may work well, along with destroying his 
clubs. ThereÂ’s really no sure-fire way to dodge that one. Also, heÂ’s 
invincible in Hypermode, except to Hypermode. It may be wise (depending on 
your energy tanks) to just ride the Hypermode out. Other than that, thereÂ’s 
really not much strategy.

I almost feel sorry for poor Rundas. You knew him well. Kinda. Anyway, this 
fight earns you the long-awaited ice Missiles. Guess what: you can freeze 
stuff now! Anyway, head down the nice new elevator and down to the East power 
source control room. Activate the hand terminal like you know what youÂ’re 
doing, only to find that you canÂ’t anything about the shield. Or 
at least not yet. So just head back to your ship; thereÂ’s some new shortcuts 
you can take as well.

---Bryyo Cliffside---
Open Objectives:
Destroy East power source
Destroy West power source
Now we head back to the Map Station. Why? I’m sure you noticed the room “Falls 
of Fire” directly behind the station. You also probably noticed that it was 
totally impassable. Now, though, you can freeze Fuel Gel. That means you can 
make some nice pretty platforms for yourself. Once you get to the other side, 
youÂ’ll get a transmission about some new intel.

Objective: Find Ship Upgrade station
This area is generally pretty linear. At one point, youÂ’ll come to a room with 
a war golem being tethered to a wall. The tethers are those nice flammable 
vines, so the objective should be clear. Trace each vine to its source and 
ignite. Note: youÂ’ll have to kill some Warp Hounds and get in the Morph Ball 
slot once before you can eliminate all the tethers. Once you have, the War 
Golem will open up a new space. Keep going through here until you reach the 
room in question. Note you canÂ’t land your ship just yet. Head to the control 
panel, only to trip the security alert. YouÂ’ll be hounded by some Warp Hounds 
first, then hunted by some Reptilicus Hunters. Once you finish with them, 
raise the upgrade equipment. YouÂ’ll now have to progress upward toward the new 
Morph Ball slot. You can also pull an Energy Cell to open up the red door to 
the side, but itÂ’s not really advantageous to you right now. So climb up to 
the very top of the room and open up the roof. Go back down to the control 
panel, lower the upgrade equipment, and land. At last, it is now truly time to 
raise the equipment, as it will upgrade your ship to equip it with missiles. 
Now, at certain Command Points, you can call for a missile strike.  So letÂ’s 
take advantage of this, no?

---Bryyo Fire---
Ugh, what a PAIN. We have to make the long, long trek all the way back to the 
East power source. When you get to the Temple, youÂ’ll have to destroy two 
jammers by yanking on them, then missile strike the large vessel atop the 
elevator. All while under fire from a never ending horde of Aero Pirates. Fun. 
Once youÂ’re there, you can call in your fancy new missile strike and blow that 
generator to smithereens. Now that weÂ’ve accomplished that, the shield is 
weakened. We still canÂ’t penetrate it, however. In order to penetrate it 
completely, weÂ’ll need to destroy the West power source as well. The West 
power source is in Bryyo Jungle. And by the way, thereÂ’s a neat shortcut back 
to your ship if you freeze one of those drippy Fuel Gel spouts.

---Bryyo Jungle---
Objective: Destroy West power source
Start off by...going forward. In this next room, kill off the Pirates, and 
take note of the energy shield blocking the door. Also take notice of some 
areas of the walls with yellow crystals on them. There should be two: one near 
the ceiling on the left, one near the floor on the right. You can blow these 
walls up with Charge Shots. The one near the floor leads to an energy tank. 
The one near the ceiling leads to a little chamber that not only lets you see 
into the next room, but also has a switch which turns off the energy shield. 
Now we can proceed into the next room. DonÂ’t worry about the APC in here, it 
will fly away. Just deal with the Pirates. Then, youÂ’ll notice a solid Mardium 
wall and an electronic jammer. Your new missile strike can destroy this wall, 
but the jammer is preventing you from using the Command Visor. If you yank on 
the jammer, the dish will disappear until the arm of the jammer rocks back 
into place. This should give you just enough time to call in an air strike and 
blow that wall to tiny bits. A Berserker Knight, some Pirates, and an Assault 
Trooper will come flooding out. The least of your worries is actually the 
Knight. He works just like a Berserker Lord; play some ping-pong with him and 
bash his head. The Assault Trooper is probably the deadliest, so take him out 
first. Once youÂ’ve dispatched the enemies, head through your new opening. Head 
on out into the Jousting field. Here, we take on two Aero Pirates. Nothing 
special, right?

This oneÂ’s pretty big. And heÂ’s very, very ugly. So letÂ’s put him out of his 
disgusting misery, shall we? First of all, make sure to scan the Korakk and 
his rider (I missed the rider, unfortunately). Then, kill the rider. Now comes 
the actual fighting part of the fight. When his mouth glows blue, shoot at it. 
This will stun the Korakk for a few seconds. In this time, get into Morph Ball 
and go underneath his belly. Once there, unleash a full load of Morph Ball 
Bombs; thatÂ’s right, all three of them. This will knock him to the ground. 
Now, quickly run around back and grapple onto his tail. This will send him up 
onto his hind legs. Now his belly is exposed to shooting. Blast him as much as 
you can; assuming you get enough damage in, it should only take two 
repetitions of this process to finish off the Korakk.

Ah, so much better. But do the developers give us a break? Of course not. If 
the Korakk didnÂ’t take long enough, theyÂ’ll throw you some Shield Troopers to 
make up for it. How kind of them. Anyway, Go into the next room and turn right 
for a Save Station. Once youÂ’ve saved, head the other direction. As soon as 
you enter this room we have a stone lock with a Missile Expansion and some 
lore behind it. This also happens to be the room of the West power source. But 
wait; this time they caught on and installed some AA turrets. So now we have 
to go deactivate those.
Objective: Destroy AA turrets
But it looks like the blast doors are shut. Try to leave the way you came, 
only to be attacked by two Armored Troopers. Dispatch these and the doors 
open. I started off by heading south (thatÂ’s right coming out of the original 
entrance). Immediately in this room, youÂ’ll notice a bridge with some Fuel Gel 
on the underside of it. Blow this up to gain access to a green ledge. Dispatch 
the Trooper and Armored Trooper you find up here, then continue to the door. 
Now weÂ’re in the room with the first AA. This is a never ending horde of 
enemies, so be careful. In order to destroy the AA, go directly to the 
underside and yank the plug there. Then, find the Fuel Gel canisters that 
popped out and destroy them. There should be four total. Once youÂ’ve destroyed 
all of them, the gun will explode. One down, one to go. From here, the 
progression to the next AA should be quite straightforward. But weÂ’re playing 
a new game this time. Instead of yanking the plug at the bottom, we need to 
pull levers now. There are three large levers in this room. When all three are 
pulled, the Fuel Gel canisters will pop out. Simple? Well, some Aero Troopers 
are here to pull the levers back. So hereÂ’s how to do it. When all the levers 
are in a position where you can pull them, lure both Pirates over to you. Kill 
one, but leave one alive. Immediately pull the lever and dash for the next. 
Pull that one and dash for the final one. If you do it quickly enough, youÂ’ll 
pull all the levers. Now, just head back to the floor and destroy the 
canisters. Now to get rid of that power source. ThereÂ’s a missile expansion in 
the hallway leading back to the power source room, but I donÂ’t think itÂ’s 
acquirable yet. Once we destroy the generator, head back to your ship to make 
your final flight for Bryyo.

---Bryyo Seed---
Objective: Destroy the Seed
ItÂ’s only a little creepy in here, right? Well thereÂ’s only one way you can 
go, and no enemies except for some Scorchbugs on the floor of the first room. 
Progress a ways in and weÂ’ll soon meet someone whoÂ’s very...hospitable.

HeÂ’s a biggun. And heÂ’s almost definitely the toughest enemy youÂ’ll battle for 
a long time. YouÂ’ll see heÂ’s got four orbs. One is on his back. So what you 
need to do is blow them up. ItÂ’s tougher than it looks, though. Start by 
picking an orb and shooting at it. HeÂ’ll cover it when heÂ’s attacking, and he 
may move it to a different slot. Once it looks like it exploded, go into 
Hypermode and destroy it with Phazon. Then heÂ’ll coat his body in Phazon. When 
he does this, go into Morph ball and hit each foot with 3 Bombs. This will 
destroy his Phazon coating. Keep the process up for all four orbs. HeÂ’s a 
pretty simple boss, but very difficult nonetheless.

So that was the final boss of Bryyo. Looks like beating this guy really put 
some stress on poor olÂ’ Samus. But now we get a neat little device called the 
Hyper Ball. While in Hypermode and Morph Ball, hold A to turn yourself into a 
rolling wad of electric tendrils. Pretty destructive, to say the least. 
Anyway, just press A when youÂ’re prompted to destroy the core of the 
Leviathan, officially saving Bryyo.

Objective: Repair AU 217
Well, for now anyway, Elysia Skytown seems like a nice place to be. ThereÂ’s a 
calm atmosphere reminiscent of Sanctuary Temple, but with almost no enemies. 
Head forward (make sure to scan everything you see, thereÂ’s a lot of stuff 
around). Make sure to scan Databots after you shoot them. Soon youÂ’ll come to 
a room with a grab ledge. DonÂ’t go up it just yet; instead, take the low road 
and dispatch the Tinbots you see there. Continue on that path, ignoring 
anything you might see in the piston room. Once you come to a Morph Ball 
cannon, get in. ItÂ’ll take you to a Morph Ball area, with a Missile Expansion 
you can get by double Ball jumping. Anyway, keep going along the platforms 
until you reach an elevator room. Go down the elevator and into the Morph Ball 
track you see. ThereÂ’s a missile expansion here that we canÂ’t acquire now, but 
thatÂ’s not all. Keep moving along and take the lower path when the road 
splits. This will deposit you in an odd room. Try to leave, and youÂ’ll be 
assaulted by A. Some Steambots and B. that Steamlord thatÂ’s been stalking you.

This hardly counts as a fight. Simply, youÂ’re attacked by four Steambots, 
which are more durable Tinbots. When youÂ’ve killed off three or four of them, 
the Steamlord will appear to revive one. This is your chance to hit him. ItÂ’s 
so simple, I donÂ’t think it even merits an explanation.

Anyway, the kind Steamlord gives you an Energy Tank for your troubles. The 
doors are still locked, so yank on the new targets to open them. Head outside 
to a new zipline location. Across here is your target. Walk in, go to the ice 
door for a Save Station, then activate the lift and go down to find the Aurora 
Unit. But itÂ’s been locked out by a kinetic lock, which we canÂ’t open. So head 
out the other side. Head into the room “spire dock”, then head to “security 
station”. In Security Station, go through the Morph Ball track. There will be 
a door in front of you. Instead of going through it, head to the left and jump 
to the door you see there. DonÂ’t go through that one either, itÂ’s just a 
landing site you canÂ’t use. Instead, open the lock you see there. Now that 
weÂ’ve opened up a new space, go through the door that was originally right in 
front of you. Here we can scan some Steamspiders, but thatÂ’s it. So letÂ’s head 
back to the Spire Dock. Take the only zipline not yet taken here, passing poor 
old GhorÂ’s sad and dejected armor, and head into this door. WeÂ’ll have some 
turbulence upon entering. DonÂ’t be alarmed, passengers. This is a ring-shaped 
room, as you can see. LetÂ’s take the ice door first. Through here is a bridge. 
The bridge has gates. Each time you yank a gate, youÂ’ll be confronted by some 
Dragoons, the Jolly Roger equivalent of Adult Gragnols. YouÂ’ll also see a 
Steamlord and some Steambots, but if you run past the bridge segment theyÂ’re 
on and pull the gate, the segment will fall, dropping them to the wild yellow 
yonder. Continue your trek across the bridge. WeÂ’ll come now to a large room. 
Start up the platforms, but donÂ’t use the Grapple point yet. Charge Shot the 
cracked area, then jump up to the new platform. Go inside the Morph Ball track 
here. Each time you see a switch, activate it to drop a partition preventing 
you from Grappling across. Once youÂ’ve dropped them all, swing across. Be 
careful of the Shriekbats. As weÂ’re doing this, weÂ’re told that some 
technology to help us reach AU 217 is very nearby.
Objective: Find Chozo Cache
LetÂ’s head there, shall we? In the next room, activate the lift and head on 
down. Hey look, the Boost Ball! And itÂ’! Oh, donÂ’t be so gullible.

0-------------Defense Drone-------------0
HeÂ’s not so tough. Those bouncy antennae should just scream vulnerability. 
Once all three are down, heÂ’ll have some form of seizure and you can grapple 
his eye. This will make him completely wig out and jump up to some higher 
ledges while exposing his weak point. From here, heÂ’ll shoot weird, bouncy 
vomit-bombs at you. His weak point seems a tad resistant to the plain old 
Charge Beam, but Phazon seems to do the trick quite nicely in comparison. Just 
make sure you have plenty of health before you use it; weÂ’ve learned from 
Mogenar that Hypermode at low health is more dangerous than it needs to be.

Now then. That Boost Ball is ours. Use it to activate the kinetic lock that 
appears on the floor. This will take you back up. From here, return to the 
ring shaped room. You can go through the other doors, for completionsÂ’ sake, 
but thereÂ’s nothing currently viable through either one. So keep heading back 
to the AU room. Once here, unlock the Kinetic Lock, head down the maintenance 
hatch, and get ready to play some House of the Dead. ItÂ’s just like Wave 1, 
except with Tinbots instead of zombies. Once youÂ’re done, go into one of the 
areas in the wall to upload the vaccine. Once you do it, and it looks like 
weÂ’re done, Ghor will show up to mess with you. But we donÂ’t even get to kill 
him yet! We get to watch him escape, powerless to do anything about it.
Objective: Find Ghor
Talk to the Aurora Unit, then start heading toward your ship. YouÂ’ll learn 
that weÂ’re under attack! So put on the afterburners already! Also, in the room 
with the lasers you need to Morph Ball under, thereÂ’s a Missile Expansion you 
may not have previously noticed. Also, in the room “Arrival Station”, go up 
the Grab Ledge and activate the Kinetic Lock. Fire yourself across the abyss 
for an Energy Tank. Now itÂ’s time to head back to the ship and see what the 
problem is. It should be obvious.

Bleh. Quite obviously, GhorÂ’s huge shield is invulnerable. The power unit for 
said shield, however, is on his back. ItÂ’s pretty tough to get around him, but 
itÂ’s doable. Destroying his generator will make his head vulnerable. For about 
a third of his health, youÂ’ll damage him like this. After a third, heÂ’ll 
sprout a glowy thing between his legs and start spinning around. To stun him, 
you need to run into this glowy thing with boost ball. Once heÂ’s stunned, use 
the same procedure. YouÂ’ll do this for a third of his health as well. For the 
final third, heÂ’s in Hypermode. HeÂ’s always vulnerable now. You donÂ’t need to 
match him with Hypermode, but itÂ’s much easier if you do.

You earn yourself a Plasma Beam for all this trouble. Your ship returns as 
well, though itÂ’s so damaged itÂ’s become naught more than a save station. Now 
we should go back to the Aurora Chamber. But note; a cannon that was once 
blocked by “heat susceptible material” can now be accessed. It will shoot you 
straight to the Aurora Room (almost). Boo-yah. Go downstairs to the 
maintenance area, then use your new beam to weld the busted fuses. Go back up 
and the AU will give you a map, as well as tell you to nuke the Leviathan. If 
weÂ’re gonna build a nuke, we need parts. And theyÂ’re not here. TheyÂ’re east. 
So letÂ’s head back to our ship. Be aware that in the ship room is some heat 
susceptible material with a Missile Expansion behind it. But...our shipÂ’s 
still busted. So now what? LetÂ’s head back to the Spire Dock first. Here, 
weÂ’ll receive a transmission about some cool stuff on Bryyo.
Objective: Investigate energy signature
So head to Landing Site A (or the Docking Bay, either one), and fly to Bryyo.

---Bryyo Cliffside---
You should land at the Federation Outpost. If you havenÂ’t removed the Energy 
Cell protecting the red door, do so now. Anyway, go through the red door. In 
this new room, weÂ’ll deal with some Reptilicus, and then weÂ’ll activate some 
War Golems. One will open up a door with a Ship Missile expansion in it (you 
canÂ’t get it yet). The one up top will freeze the Fuel Gel permanently. This 
will allow you to climb to the very top. Once through the door, open up the 
cage, and then head for the halfpipe. On the right side of the halfpipe is a 
Missile Expansion and a door. Go through here. Keep following your map toward 
the “strange energy signature”, until eventually we come to a room with 
nothing but a War Golem. Melt the frozen object near the ceiling, then 
activate the War Golem. Use the new spinner to put the opening in the wall 
near the huge crack. Activate the Golem again to bust through. Now we can use 
an odd little warp to take us somewhere entirely new.

---Bryyo Ice---
Bryyo Ice is very straightforward. When you see breakable ice, break it. 
YouÂ’ll end up falling quite far. Eventually weÂ’ll walk straight into the Screw 
Attack. This is the end of Bryyo Ice. Just use the Screw Attack to escape, and 
weÂ’re done with Bryyo Ice...forever.

---Bryyo Cliffside---
Now we get a transmission about the old G.F.S. Valhalla, the one that got lost 
a while back. So truck on back to your ship and fly all the freakin way too 
the G.F.S. Valhalla.

---G.F.S. Valhalla---
This place looks a tad...despondent. There isnÂ’t actually much we can do here. 
So letÂ’s take a look around. YouÂ’ll find some Energy Cell info stations, but 
no Energy Cells to speak of. ThereÂ’s an Energy Cell slot to match each 
station. This should tell you pretty clearly that we can do little else here. 
So letÂ’s slink our way back to Elysia, heads hung low.

---Elysia Skytown---
If youÂ’ve opened up Landing Site A, thatÂ’s perfect. From Landing Site A, head 
to Security Station and open the fire door. Previously this room was 
inaccessible, but with the Screw Attack we can now wall jump up to the top. At 
the top, weÂ’ll come into a room with a Spinner. Activate the Spinner to open 
up a new area.

---Elysia Skytown East---
This place certainly dwarfs Bryyo Ice. ItÂ’s pretty large, but also quite 
linear. Beware of Space Pirates, they swarm heavily around here. Continue on 
your merry way down through Eastern Skytown. YouÂ’ll pass some of the 
components of the nuke weÂ’re supposed to be making, but all of them are much 
too large for you to lift. YouÂ’ll also pass a room with a Missile Expansion 
thatÂ’s behind some gears. This is a Screw Attack oriented room. DonÂ’t try to 
get the Expansion yet. At a later time, a Pirate ATC will destroy those gears, 
allowing you access to the Expansion. So keep going...itÂ’s a long way. And at 
long, long, long last, we come to the Ship Grapple Beam. If this doesnÂ’t 
scream nuke lifting, then...well I donÂ’t know. YouÂ’ll get a transmission from 
the AU giving you coordinates for the three parts.
Open objectives:
Find first bomb component
Find second bomb component
Find third bomb component
YouÂ’ll notice that only two of them are in Eastern Skytown. One of these is 
the actual nuclear part, and one of them is...something else that IÂ’m having 
trouble identifying. LetÂ’s start with the nonnuclear one. Basically, just head 
toward it on your map. YouÂ’ll come to a room youÂ’ve been in before. ThereÂ’s a 
target on the ground, but thatÂ’s not what we need. To do this, start by 
lifting the target on the ground. This will open up a Bomb Slot. Activate the 
slot, and then put the object back down. This raises some platforms. If you 
climb up these platforms and go through the door near the top, youÂ’ll come to 
the first component. ItÂ’s guarded by a Berserker Lord, however. This guy is so 
easy I donÂ’t think I even need to bother with a strategy. HeÂ’s exactly the 
same as last time. So just wipe him out, disengage the locks, and hoist away. 
One down. If you progress toward the second component, youÂ’ll notice we end up 
in a corridor beneath the componentÂ’s room. You can activate a lift via 
welding to go up to the component room. Do this first, then try to lift the 
component. WeÂ’re told once we try that itÂ’s locked down, and we canÂ’t 
disengage the locks just yet. So head back down and go through the fire door. 
Continuing on, weÂ’ll end up in some weird and twisty research labs. DonÂ’t 
worry about the spinner you see; activate it, though it will never come back 
online. Continue up the elevator and, when it looks like all hope of progress 
is lost, look for a MB slot between some Metroids. YouÂ’ll keep finding MB 
slots, and eventually weÂ’ll progress to a solitary area with an upgrade and an 
Energy Cell in it. Pull the energy cell. This will shut off all the lights, as 
well as the tanks containing those nice Metroids. Now we can blow up that tank 
for the Seeker Missile. This will let you shoot several missiles at once, 
opening those strange yellow locks. Woot.  But thereÂ’s a sinister undertone to 
this triumph; youÂ’ve just unleashed a plague of Phazon Metroids larger than 
has ever been seen before. Before the day is done, youÂ’ll fight off 16 
Metroids. And though the strategy is the same, these are no normal parasites. 
They can phase out of the regular dimension, giving them a surefire way to 
dodge your Ice Missiles. Fun. So make a beeline for the exit, killing off 
every Metroid you see. Also, before you leave, make sure to get the Energy 
Tank in the containment unit right next to the exit. Now we can get that 
second component for our bomb. Once weÂ’re out of the lab, open the multitarget 
lock directly to your left. This will take us to a zipline with some more 
Metroids. More fun. Anyway, the zipline leads us to the second component room, 
though a different part. First, disengage the elevator lock to the right, then 
head through the MB slot on the left for a Missile Expansion. From here we can 
also disengage one of the component locks. Head down and disengage the other 
two, then hoist away. Only one component remains. We canÂ’t fly to the last 
component, so we need to hoof it.

---Elysia Skytown---
ItÂ’s not that long, but itÂ’s even shorter now that we can unlock a cannon to 
shoot us straight there. Once youÂ’re here, use Seeker Missiles to destroy a 
multitarget lock, then lift that final component up. All done.
Objective: Place bomb in Spire Pod
Back to the Spire Dock we go. Now that sheÂ’s all finished, we need to put her 
somewhere where we can launch her. And the Spire Dock is that very place. So 
what are we waiting for? Once youÂ’ve placed it, go talk to the AU. Pay 
attention to what he says. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to 
drop a bomb. It is quite likely you will die. Sound like fun?
Objective: Drop the bomb
Might be wise to save now. Once youÂ’ve saved, head to the Spire and get ready 
for a fight. YouÂ’ll be fighting off hordes of Space Pirates while attempting 
to prevent Pirate Assault Skiffs from blowing up the Spire. There are four 
skiffs in all. Once youÂ’ve destroyed the last one, itÂ’s time to escape. Head 
to the panel thatÂ’s revealed to you and press all the buttons to open the 
escape pod. Get in the pod and get ready to go when...the stupid Chozo 
technology breaks on you. Head through the maintenance hatch. Once youÂ’re down 
here, blow into the maintenance area and start welding. There are three 
panels; two need to be revealed via yanking. Once all three are welded, hop 
back into the pod and fly away. Congrats, we just nuked the Seed.
Objective: Destroy the Seed
Well, that nice escape pod left you right near a dock, so flying here 
shouldnÂ’t be particularly difficult.

---Elysia Seed---
ItÂ’s just like the Bryyo seed, eh? Well, head the only way you can head and 
get ready for the final boss of Elysia.

Honestly, heÂ’s much easier than Mogenar. Helios is surrounded by a swarm of 
Swarmbots. HeÂ’ll first attack by rolling around on the ground, using his 
Swarmbots as a wheel. This is a good chance to destroy some Swarmbots, but you 
can hurt his armor as well. HeÂ’ll then form them into a ring and start firing 
lasers at you. Shoot at the ring to destroy Swarmbots, but donÂ’t shoot him or 
the five bots in the center. HeÂ’ll then group them into clumps and have them 
fire lasers, though he should be vulnerable during this part. Once his armor 
is destroyed, his bots leave and his core is open. Blast the core with 
Hypermode to take down approximately a third of his health. Two more reps of 
this and heÂ’s finished. He does have two other attacks heÂ’ll use toward the 
end, however. One is where heÂ’ll form a tornado out of his bots and chase you. 
You can hurt him with MB bombs in this stage. Another one is where heÂ’ll make 
a giant person with his bots and try to punch or kick you. Ignore the arm 
joints here; just go for the leg joints. Once his big sumo wrestler has 
fallen, heÂ’s vulnerable.

ThatÂ’s the end of Elysia, folks.

---Pirate Homeworld Command---
The least they could do is give this place a name. Anyway, head straight, 
watch out for the Hypermode Crawltanks, and dispatch the Remorse Turret you 
find. Once all thatÂ’s done, head into the elevator and go to the third floor. 
Ignore the acid rain platform to the right; go left for a fire door. Through 
here is a heavily-rained-upon plaza.
Objective: Bypass the acid rain
ThereÂ’s a very small path heading to the right side of the room. Follow it, 
then look for a Grab Ledge. Climb up here for a Morph Ball track. ThereÂ’s a 
Missile Expansion in this track, so donÂ’t miss it. Once youÂ’ve gotten the 
expansion, head all the way through the tunnel. Here we can access a new 
tunnel. Pull the tunnel cover away and head through. ThereÂ’s a missile 
expansion here too. Once youÂ’ve gotten that one, head to the end of the tunnel 
and drop out. Disengage the multitarget lock to acquire the X-Ray Visor. Once 
you got that, turn it on and go up to the terminal. Now we can see the correct 
code for the terminal. This will make a tank full of Phazon run by on the 
ceiling. Shoot it down when itÂ’s just above the cover to the MB track; this 
will drop it, destroying the cover. Head through here to end up in a new room. 
Use the security terminal here to open up a new door. Go through it, watch 
some Pirates doing some stuff, then head back. Go through the door that was 
nearest to the tunnel. WeÂ’ve ended up on Floor 2. ThereÂ’s a practically 
mandatory Missile Expansion here. Once youÂ’ve gotten that, use the X-Ray visor 
to unlock the rotating platform, and then get in the hologram to spin it. By 
now youÂ’ll have gotten a fuzzy transmission from another trooper in a 
different part of the planet.
Objective: Find the captured trooper
Once youÂ’ve spun the platform, go to the elevator and head to Floor 1. We can 
now unlock the Map Station, which will tell us how to get to that other 

---Pirate Homeworld Research---
For the first part, at least, itÂ’s quite straightforward. When you come to the 
Scrapvault, make sure to scan the Shriekbats here. TheyÂ’re pretty tough. Once 
youÂ’ve done that, start scaling the room until you find an entrance to a Morph 
Ball area. ThereÂ’s a big track in here. ItÂ’s also quite self-explanatory; 
though watch for an Energy Tank you can get in here by double jumping. At the 
end of the tunnel (take the first exit), youÂ’ll be able to raise some stairs. 
To get to those stairs, go back to the MB area and take the second exit. 
Beware that the alarm has been triggered and youÂ’ll have a fight on your 
hands. Once youÂ’ve dealt with the Commandos, go up the new stairs, down the 
tunnel (watch for the lasers), and into the next room, where we find the 
Federation trooper. Kill off the Pirate Troopers, and follow the Federation 
TrooperÂ’s instructions on how to activate the lift. HeÂ’ll also tell you about 
a mysterious unit which protects one from acid rain.
Objective: Find Rain Shield Unit
Activate it and head up, only to discover that the trooper is actually...

SheÂ’s had this coming for quite some time. First off, scan Gandrayda. Second 
off, scan her again every time she morphs. You should be able to scan a total 
of five forms: Rundas-G, Ghor-G, Berserker-G, Samus-G, and Swarmbot-G. At 
first, the fight is very simple. It revolves around you being adaptable to her 
forms (the only one of which sheÂ’ll take now is Berserker-G or Swarmbot-G). 
Soon, sheÂ’ll drop the walls, revealing some acid rain to encroach upon you. 
ItÂ’s not a huge obstruction, but sheÂ’ll also start transforming into Rundas-G 
and Ghor-G now. This makes her a bit tougher. After another while, sheÂ’ll 
transform into Samus-G. At this point sheÂ’ll abandon her other three forms. 
Watch out when she Boost Balls and attack when she doesnÂ’t. Once sheÂ’s at 
around a quarter health, sheÂ’ll stop transforming and go into Hypermode. 
Naturally sheÂ’s only vulnerable to Phazon now, so you need to match her. Just 
hope you have enough energy tanks left, though it should only take three 
Hypermodes at the most, since sheÂ’s dodgy.

She had it coming. Defeating her earns us the Grapple Voltage, allowing us to 
have fun with those little purple switches (and get health in the process). 
Use the switch in the boss room and go through the door. This takes you to a 
transit station which, in turn, takes you right to your ship. When you get off 
the train, youÂ’ll get a message about some important technology back on 
Elysia. Shall we head there, then?

---Elysia Skytown---
Land at Landing Site A. From here weÂ’re going to head to a room called the 
Powerworks. ItÂ’s not far, though youÂ’ll have to cross the now-empty Spire Dock 
(by cannon, of course). Getting into the Powerworks is simple. What to do in 
there, however? Also simple. ThereÂ’s a large gear on the floor. You can 
grapple it, but you canÂ’t lift it from the floor. So jump up to a little ledge 
near the wall. Pull it into the air from here, and missile it just as itÂ’s at 
the top of its flight. This will knock it into place, opening access to the 
Spider Ball. Use the newly opened Spider Ball track to exit the Powerworks. 
But notice that when we get to the zipline station, our zipline is out of 
order. So Screw Attack to the nearest platform and get on the Spider Ball 
track. Somewhere along this is a little ring of track with an Energy Tank on 
it, which is only accessible via double jumping. Once youÂ’re on the other 
side, head back to your ship.

---Pirate Homeworld Research---
Where to go from here resembles where we went before. In fact, itÂ’s the same 
for a while. Traverse the same path until you reach one of the objective 
rooms, specifically the one for “find shield unit”. There’s a Spider Ball 
track here, so use it. It will take you to a rotary pillar. Rotate the bottom 
once and the top twice to reach the Hazard Protector, which will prevent acid 
rain damage. Rotate the top thrice to reach a Missile Expansion. I suggest you 
do both. Now that we have the Hazard Shield, we can go through that large 
energy shield near the beginning. The one with the objective behind it. So 
head all the way back and go through.

---Pirate Homeworld Command---
If you keep going, youÂ’ll notice that itÂ’s not long before youÂ’re locked out. 
Not much else to do here, so just kinda...turn back. If you look on your map, 
you should see a room called Transit Station 4A. ThatÂ’s our next goal, so 
follow your map to that very location. This will take you to the mines.

---Pirate Homeworld Mines---
This area, much like Bryyo Ice or Elysia Skytown East, is very much a one-
trick pony. ItÂ’s also very short and straightforward. At the far end of the 
area, youÂ’ll come to a cylindrical, two-story room with a huge mining laser in 
the middle. The Nova Beam rests atop the mining laser, comfortably out of 
reach. All you can do is activate the elevator and head downstairs to 
experience a tremendous skirmish.

0-------Commando x ?, Assault x ?-------0
I think this deserves its own boss section, since this very well may be the 
most difficult fight youÂ’ve had since Mogenar. First of all, we need to talk 
environment. The laser in the middle has two modes. The first mode is the 
green cutting mode. This is basically no more than an environmental obstacle. 
Occasionally it will switch to the white cleanup mode. Here it becomes both 
dangerous and integral. It will suck anything living--you or a Pirate--up into 
that vent. So hereÂ’s what you do. There are an infinite number of Commandos 
and Assaults, organized into waves of three. There will be one Pirate in 
Hypermode during each wave. First of all, do NOT activate Hypermode and kill 
the Hypermode Pirate. Leave him alive. Dispatch the other two as quickly as 
you possibly can, and ride out until the beam switches from green to white. 
Once the beam begins cleanup mode, all remaining pirates will panic and hold 
on to the floor to save themselves. HereÂ’s where you find a Pirate (preferably 
the Hypermode one as you conserve HP by not killing him normally) and start 
blowing him to smithereens. Just unleash every last ounce of firepower you 
have. If you dislodge him, and chances are you will, heÂ’ll be sucked into the 
vent, triggering an explosion. This lowers the command module for the laser. 
The command module has four little projections. Each one takes about three 
hits to kill, and killing one retracts the module. The rest should explain 

Congratulations, your tremendous efforts have earned you the Nova Beam. You 
can now use your amazing new Nova Beam to break yourself out of this room. 
This is the end for the Mining Facility as well, so take the tram back. And be 
sure to save before you do.

---Pirate Homeworld Command---
Coming out of Transit Station 4A, youÂ’ll notice weÂ’re right next to the 
Phazite door thatÂ’s been blocking our way for so long. Now that we have the 
Nova Beam, however, we can simply eliminate it. Through this door is the final 
switch we need to activate in order to open up the PirateÂ’s defenses. Scale 
the room, fighting off Remorse turrets and Assaults as you go, until you reach 
a rotary switch at the top. Activate it to reveal three Phazite panels, as 
well as unleash an infinite horde of Commandos. Inside each Phazite panel are 
three orbs. Break these to disengage one of the energy belts preventing you 
from accessing the Bomb Slot at the top. And make sure to fight off those 
Commandos. Once all three are done, activate the Bomb Slot to open up the 
Objective: Meet up with Dane
YouÂ’ll get another message from Admiral Dane, so go meet him at the 
coordinates he gives you. ItÂ’s quite a short walk, really. When you get there, 
heÂ’ll tell you that you need to defend some Troopers from the Pirates so they 
can blow up the blast shields.
Objective: Protect Demolition Troopers
Prepare for trouble. And make it...a massive number to which I donÂ’t wish to 
count. There are more Space Pirates of all breeds here that youÂ’ll ever see. 
And youÂ’re the only thing preventing them from blasting those poor Demolition 
Troopers to kingdom come. So get with the destruction. ThereÂ’ll be a Berserker 
Knight among their ranks at one point. HeÂ’s not tough, though heÂ’ll 
immediately pick up and slaughter one of the troopers. At the very end youÂ’ll 
come face to face with a trio of Commandos. ThereÂ’s a nice little key to this 
fight though. ItÂ’s possible to take out two of the Commandos with one 
Hypermode, and deal some damage to the third. So much for a tough fight. If 
you managed to get four or more Troopers to the end (itÂ’s pretty easy), youÂ’ll 
blow open the blast door successfully. Open up the next door (the hand 
terminal is under the bridge), and head through for an interesting boss fight.

0------------Commander Squad------------0
Hey, heÂ’s that one whoÂ’s been stalking you this whole time. HeÂ’s just like 
that Steamlord back on Elysia. Except heÂ’s much harder and heÂ’s got plenty of 
Commandos on his side. ItÂ’s probably advantageous to use Hypermode quite a bit 
in this fight, at least when youÂ’re attacking the Commander. Once you break 
his armor, he and all of his Commandos will go cloaked. X-Ray visor funtime. 
Shoot their little glowing spots for major damage (note that you canÂ’t exactly 
lock on). Once youÂ’ve eliminated them all, the fight is over.

Now then. ItÂ’s time to use some nice Ship Missiles to blow that final door to 
high heaven. WeÂ’ve made it to the Homeworld Seed.

---Pirate Homeworld Seed---
Ah, same old Seed. Looks just like the other two. Once youÂ’ve made your way 
through, get ready for a very fitting final boss to this planet.

0-------------Omega Ridley--------------0
Even the draconic lord of the Space Pirates (or something like that) is 
substantially easier than Mogenar. His weak point is exactly the same as 
before; shoot him in the mouth. After enough shots, heÂ’ll be stunned. Quickly 
(VERY quickly) run up and yank off his chest armor. This will expose a Phazon-
weak wound. Time for Hypermode. Blast away at his wound a few times, and 
eventually heÂ’ll pull on some fancy new armor. This armor seems resistant to 
everything. So what to do when you stun him? Go into X-Ray visor to see the 
weak spots near the shoulders. Blast these repeatedly to destroy this armor. 
His wound is now permanently exposed, though you wonÂ’t often get a shot at it. 
You could try one while heÂ’s flying overhead, though IÂ’ve never made it 
successfully. ItÂ’s best to just stun him again. Once you stun him this time, 
heÂ’ll basically just stay on his hind legs. Thus, you have defeated Omega 

>>Walkthrough to be continued