Hello trainers!!!!!!!!!!!! In this guide I will list all the evolving pokemon and how to get them. This guide does not include lvl. up evolutions as they are pretty straight forward. Before I get on to the guide can I just say that I would not like this FAQ to be used on any website than this, and that this FAQ should be for private use only, with no reproduction or sale intended or necessary. Oh, and one more thing: ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! ------------------------ Trade evolutions These pokemon will need to be traded by the WI-FI club, GTS or Wireless club, and should be holding the items listed. Pokemon Item ------------------------------------------- |Poliwhirl-Politoed |Kings rock | |Kadabra-Alakazam |None | |Machoke-Machamp |None | |Graveler-Golem |None | |Slowpoke-Slowking |Kings Rock | |Haunter-Gengar |None | |Onix-Steelix |Metal Coat | |Seadra-Kingdra |Dragon Scale | |Electabuzz-Electivire|Electrizer | |Magmar-Magmortar |Magmarizer | |Rhydon-Rhyperior |Protector | |Scyther-Scizor |Metal Coat | |Porygon-Porygon2 |Up-grade | |Porygon2-PorygonZ |Dubious Disc | |Dusclops-Dusknoir |Reaper Cloth | ------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- Stone Evolutions Simply go into the bag, select the stone, press use and select the pokemon to be evolved, unless otherwise stated. WATER STONE Pokemon Product ------------------------------------ |Poliwhirl |Poliwrath | |Shellder |Cloyster | |Staryu |Starmie | |Eevee |Vaporeon | ------------------------------------ LEAF STONE Pokemon Product ------------------------------------ |Gloom |Vileplume | |Weepinbell |Victreebell | |Exeggcute |Exeggutor | |Nuzleaf |Shiftry | ------------------------------------ FIRE STONE Pokemon Product ------------------------------------ |Vulpix |Ninetales | |Growlithe |Arcanine | |Eevee |Flareon | ------------------------------------ THUNDER STONE Pokemon Product ----------------------------------- |Pikachu |Raichu | |Eevee |Jolteon | ----------------------------------- MOON STONE Pokemon Product ----------------------------------- |Nidorina |Nidoqueen | |Nidorino |Nidoking | |Claefairy |Clefable | |Jigglypuff |Wigglytuff | |Skitty |Delcatty | ----------------------------------- SUN STONE Pokemon Product ---------------------------------- |Gloom |Bellossom | |Sunkern |Sunflora | ---------------------------------- DAWN STONE Pokemon Product --------------------------------- |MALE Kirlia |Gallade | |FEMALE Snorunt |Gallade | --------------------------------- DUSK STONE Pokemon Product --------------------------------- |Murkrow |Honchkrow | |Misdreavus |Mismagius | --------------------------------- SHINY STONE Pokemon Product --------------------------------- |Roselia |Roserade | |Togetic |Togekiss | --------------------------------- OVAL STONE Make pokemon hold and raise Pokemon Product --------------------------------- |Happiny |Chansey | --------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Happiness To make a pokemon evolve through happiness, use the poffin that it likes and give it massages at the house in Veilstone City. Here are the pokemon: Pokemon Product ------------------------------------------- |Golbat |Crobat | |Chansey |Blissey | |Pichu |Pikachu | |Cleffa |Clefairy | |Igglybuff |Jigglypuff | |Togepi |Togetic | |Azurill |Marill | |Buneary |Lopunny | |Munchlax |Snorlax | ------------------------------------------- DAYTIME ONLY HAPPINESS Some only evolve of happiness at day: Pokemon Product ------------------------------------------- |Eevee |Espeon | |Budew |Roselia | |Riolu |Lucario | ------------------------------------------- NIGHTTIME ONLY HAPPINESS Others will only happiness evolve at day Pokemon Product ------------------------------------------- |Eevee |Umbreon | |Chingling |Chimecho | ------------------------------------------- Other Strange Evolutions 1. Tyrogue Tyrogue will evolve into three pokemon: Hitmonchan: Lvl. 20 ATKDEF Hitmontop: ATK=DEF 2.Wurmple Silcoon:Adamant, Rash, Timid, Calm or Hasty Nature Cascoon: Any other nature 3.Nincada Ninjask: lvl. 20 With spare slot in party: Ninjask AND Shedinja 4.Gligar Gliscor: Lvl. up at night whilst holding razor fang 5.Sneasel Weavile:Lvl. up at night whilst holding razor claw 6.Magneton Magnezone: lvl. up in Mt. Coronet 7.Nosepass Probopass: Lvl. up in Mt. Coronet 8.Burmy Wormadam: Lvl. 20 Female Mothim: Lvl. 20 Male 9.Combee Vespiqueen: Lvl. 21 FEMALE ONLY 10.Bonsly Sudowoodo: Lvl. up after learning mimic 11.Mime Jr. Mr Mime: Lvl. up after learning mimic 12. Mantyke Mantine: Lvl. up with Remoraid in party 13.Lickitung Lickilly: Lvl. up after learning rollout 14.Tangela Tangrowth: Lvl. up after learning Ancient Power 15.Yanma Yanmega: Lvl. up after learning Ancient Power 16.Eevee Leafeon: Lvl up with Mossy Rock in view at Eterna Forest Glaceon:Lvl up with ice rock in view at Blizzard Zone 17.Piloswine Mamoswine: Lvl. up after learning Ancient Power 18.Kirlia Gallade: Only males will evolve into Gallade (Dawn Stone) 19.Feebas Milotic: Maximise its beauty stats by using poffins -------------------------------------- PHIONE This pokemon is not an evolved pokemon, nor does it evolve, but this is a case where a lot of questions get asked, so OI thought i may as well and probably should cover it. This Pokemon is only obtainable by breeding Ditto with Manaphy, so, although there is no direct link, you do need the Ranger game to get it (defeating a trade, obviously, on Manaphy's or Phione's part!). This pokemon is a water type and will hatch at Lvl. 1, as all eggs do. This should hatch at around 6000 paces (guessing, as I don't own one). The main "False Fact" is that Phione will evolve into Manaphy. Although they look alike, Phione is a Basic Pokemon and will NOT, I repeat, will NOT evolve at all, be it manaphy or any other Pokemon (Although if it did... HEHEHE). Thats it for this walkthrough. I hope it helped you. Thanks for reading!!!!!! And, as much as I hate to say it, this guide is copyright (well, not really, buti'd appreciate it if you treated it as such. Thanks) _________________________ / \ / _______________ \ | / \ | | / \ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | \ / | | \_______________/ | \ / \_________________________/ BYE!!!!!