Bubble Bobble Double Shot [import]

  • More Bubble Bobble
  • Backgrounds are really detailed
  • Switching between three characters
  • Level design is frustrating
  • Touch screen minigames are awful
  • Audio will make ears bleed

Trying to join in with the DS’ running gag of having a game name with the same initials, Double Shot takes on the familiar Bubble Bobble format, but has, er, three different characters to control. What?

Proving that they know nothing about Bubble Bobble, Marvelous’s latest has the two dragons, Bub and Bob, heading off with a new lizard friend, their cousin Bubu. The excited creatures go off on adventure, waving goodbye to the bearded dragon grandfather... don’t they know that Bub and Bob are humans who were briefly turned into dragons, but then got better?

However, this is a lot better than Revolution. But so is athlete’s foot. You can at least leap about trapping monsters in bubbles without feeling the urge to kill your family with a trowel. The twist is you can switch between the three dragons firing different colored bubbles, some enemies needing that color to get caught.

Thanks to dodgy level design, Double Shot often becomes frustrating, with monsters getting stuck in the scenery, deaths too frequent, and the gap between screens confusing (leading to more deaths). It’s a one-screen game people. One.

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Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Action
Published by: Ignition Entertainment
Franchise: Bubble Bobble
ESRB Rating:
Rating Pending
PEGI Rating:

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