Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway

The Great War just got better

Brothers in Arms has never been the kind of franchise that could be rolled out in yearly intervals or sequelized into oblivion. It%26rsquo;s a more personal saga of characters Matt Baker, Joe Hartstock and real-life events surrounding the 101st Airborne division. Since the gameplay is centered on the tactics carried out by you and your squad, even the supporting characters have a story to tell.

Many of you have been caught up in BiA%26rsquo;s story for years, and it should go without saying that Gearbox is continuing the tale. But they%26rsquo;re also tying up a couple of loose ends from the past. Ever wonder exactly how Allen and Garnett met their end while Leggett survived? Well, we finally found out through a flashback in Hell%26rsquo;s Highway. We won%26rsquo;t spoil it, but... heartbreaking. Look closely at the newest trailer for brief glimpses of the ordeal.

Hell's Highway has a new plot to unfold, though the timeline jumps around as if Tarantino were at the helm. You start out in the familiar role of Matt Baker. But just as he%26rsquo;s miraculously spared from an explosive shell dangling feet from his face, Nazis emerge and really put a damper on things by shooting him directly in the face. And that%26rsquo;s just the opening tutorial!


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