Blizzard wins $88 million in lawsuit against private server company

California judge rules in favor of Blizzard, Scapegaming ordered to pay for copyright infringement

Judge Margaret M. Morrow of the California Central District Court has just ruled in favor of Blizzard Entertainment in a lawsuit against Scapegaming for copyright infringement. Scapegaming had been running private World of Warcraft servers, which included a micro-transactions market before Blizzard sued them in October of 2009.

Scapegaming has been ordered to pay Blizzard a total sum of $88,594,589 for their shenanigans. According to, the total reward comes from $3,053,339 of inappropriate profits, $63,600 for attorney fees, and a whopping $85,478,600 for statutory damages. Scapegaming has the option to appeal the amount owed.

Aug 16, 2010,RFC Express