Black Friday UK deals: get 12 months of Xbox Live Gold at Amazon for £24.99

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Fed up with forking out the best part of forty quid to play games such as Gears Of War 4 online? If you're a member of team green then Amazon has come to save you on this glorious Black Friday, by offering a whole year's worth of access at a saving of more than 25%.

The best prices you'll find elsewhere are upwards of £34, so this represents one of the deals of the weekend – particularly as, if you time it right, you can supplement it with exclusive kits for FIFA 17 at no extra cost. 

To do so, look for the box marked '12 Months + FIFA 17 Special Legends kit', and if it shows as unavailable check again just after 12pm, and again just after 1: Amazon appears to be releasing a limited number of these codes at certain points throughout the day.

The code is stackable, so worth nabbing now even if your Xbox Live subscription doesn't expire until, say, March.

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